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Mansfield Boasts Largest Tioga Co. Group of Boy Scouts
Legion-Backed Troop Achieving Enviable Plane in Scoutdom
By Anne Baldwin Kayzer - Sunday Telegram Correspondent

In these days of unrest and disquieting fears of world wide embroilment, the Boy Scouts of America, where-ever they may be, stand out as a mighty justification of peace.

Their motto “Be Prepared.” is a symbol of preparedness for life, in pursuits that motivate the world and make for unanimity of purpose. Chivalry, and high ideals and all the splendid forces that Scouting engenders in boyhood and youth is ever an inspiration to those who watch it work. It is significant, too, that it attracts gentlemen of caliber and resourcefulness to be its leaders.

The largest group of Boy Scouts in Tioga County is found in Mansfield. Here also one finds unusual and interesting features about this lively Troop 1 which make it one of the most outstanding troops for any town of its size in the country.

There were originally two troops of Boy Scouts in Mansfield, one organized in 1928 and the other in 1931. In 1936 these troops were re-registered and became Troop 1. There were 15 Scouts and 6 Scouters at that time, but by the end of the first year of re-organization Troop 1 had 49 registered Boy Scouts.

Sponsored by Austin-Cox Post 478, American Legion, Troop 1 has moved forward steadily and many boys have passed through its ranks to become Eagle Scouts and Scoutmasters.

With 25 Cubs actively interested, Troop 1 seems assured of a healthy and promising future  many years to come. Besides there are at present about the same number of advanced Scouts, in addition to the Explorers Club composed of eight older youths.

The scouts are fortunate in being able to draw upon Mansfield State Teachers College as well as  men of the town for leadership, and so among the Scoutmasters one fins these two forces - the town and the college - combining and contributing so largely to making Troop 1 an ideal and outstanding Scout troop.

Among the Scoutmasters and committee members of Troop 1 are the following who comprise a representative group; Max Gannon, Kenneth Swift, Maurice Rumsey, William M. Swan, K.M. Marvin, John F. Myers, Robert R. Palmer, Robert Crossley, Ben Weeks and H.G. Peterson. A newcomer to Scouting here is the Rev. J. Perry Cox, who since his short time here has already closely identifie4d himself with Scouting in all of its phases.

Max Gannon, Scoutmaster of Troop 1 is a native of Wyalusing and a senior at MSTC, has made a splendid and very able leader during this past year. Another outstanding leader whose interest has long been felt in Mansfield Scouting is Mr. Myers, Cubmaster of Troop 1. His ability to be “one of the boys” makes him a popular and valuable leader.

The “father” of Scouting in Mansfield is said to be James G. Morgan, a former resident of Mansfield, now residing in Ann Arbor, Mich. Mr. Morgan was instrumental in getting the Boy Scouts off to a good start in Mansfield.

Troop 1 belongs to General Sullivan Council of Boy Scouts comprising three counties - Bradford, Tioga and Potter Counties. Mansfield holds the distinction at present of having more Eagle Scouts to its credit than any other troop within the Council. These Scouts are Clark Judge, Gerhard Peterson, Joseph Doane, William Case and Charles Young.

Last year when 35 member of General Sullivan Council were chosen to spend the important week at the World’s Fair, when the King and Queen made their visitations there, four of these Eagle Scouts were selected to help form the Guard of Honor for the King and Queen.

Telling of this thrilling experience Eagle Scout Joseph Doane, son of Dr. & Mrs. John H. Doane, said the boys had the time of their life. Each week during the Fair several troops of picked Boy Scouts chosen for their rank in Scouting occupied the Boy Scouts area at the Fair. The week the General Sullivan Council was chosen happened to be the week of the visit of King George and Queen Elizabeth. A Guard of Honor of Boy Scouts on one side and Girl Scouts on the other, lined the plaza of the United States building through which their Majesties passed. There were 30 boys and 30 girls in the two lines, Scout Doane relates, and they saluted and held the salute while the band played “The Star Spangled Banner” and “God Save the King.”

During the week at the Fair the Boy Scouts were assigned detail work escorting people about the grounds, etc. “We walked an awful lot, but it was a great chance to really see the Fair,” declared Scout Doane. Besides the General Sullivan Council troop, there was a troop from North Carolina and one from New Jersey on the Fair Grounds. The Scouts from Mansfield chosen for the Guard of Honor included besides young Doane, William Case, Gerhard Peterson and Clark Judge.

An activity relatively new in Scouting which has attracted a group of the older boys in Troop 1 is the Explorers Club. This group makes a study of various countries and the individual members report on their finds at their meetings. The boys have become very much interested in this particular club and have made rapid strides in this phase of work. This group composed of Scouts over 15 years of age includes John Farrer, Joseph Doane, Melvin Rauscher, Gordon Palmer, Gerhard Peterson, Wilton Doane, Richard Baynes and Clark Judge.

Scouts are taught to promote Scouting, and so in line with this aim, Scoutmasters and committee members of Troop 1 have lent a willing and helpful hand to others in getting troops organized and registered. One of these is the Boy Scout Troop at Mainesburg. This group frequently meets with Troop 1 at Mansfield, and is included in their gatherings on various occasions.

Mainesburg’s Troop 1 was first registered in October, 1938 with 13 Scouts and 7 Scouters. The troop is sponsored by the Men’s Brotherhood of Sullivan Township and the present Scout leaders and Committeemen are: Stanley Seymour, John Rice, Ernest Chamberlain, Howard Connelly and Harold Chamberlain.

“They are as fine a group of boys, as I have ever seen,” declared Scoutmaster Gannon, speaking of the Scouts in Troop 1. Mr. Gannon finds his training for the teaching profession an invaluable aid in his work with the Scouts. And his work with the Scouts puts his training to work. Several other students at MSTC are acting as Cubmasters for Troop 1 and find it pleasant and engaging work.

Left picture
The Explorers Club of Troop 1. Front row, from left: John Farrer, Joseph Doane with “Butch” the mascot and Melvin Rauscher. Second row: Gordon Palmer, Gerhard Peterson and Clark Judge. Last row: Wilton Doane and Richard Baynes.
Center picture
The Cubs, younger beginners element in Troop 1. Front row: Donald Longley, Dale Austin, Merle Stillwell, Robert Precit and Ivan Smith. Second Row: Richard Ritter, Arthur Stillwell, Leo Soporowsky, Arthur Barker and Donald Wolfe. Third row: Edward Swingle, Robert Swingle, Robert Wilson and Alden Smith. Fourth row: Richard Doughton, John Taylor, Richard Longley and L. Frost. Fifth row: Skippey Edgarton, Bryce Shaw, Arthur Johnson and Lewis Garrison. Last row: Cubmaster, John S. Myers, Ben Garrison, Morgan Doughton and Glen Bastian, Den Chiefs; and Cubmaster Benjamin Gwinn.
Right picture
Mansfield has sponsored a “suburban” group at Mainesburg whose Troop 1 is pictured above. Front row: Clayton Bolt, Robert Webster and Charles Goodrich. Second row: LeRoy Heib, Robert Welch and Donald McConnell. Last row: Assistant Scoutmaster, John Rice; Clifford Rice and Scoutmaster Stanley Seymour, all of Mainesburg. 
Left picture
Second section of boys learning to be First Class Scouts. Front row, from the left: Ben Garrison, Lane Dorsett and Charles Johnson. Second row: Glen Bastian, Leslie Wilbur and Morgan Doughton, Scribe and Bugler. Third row: Melvin Rauscher, Patrol Leader; William Taylor, Patrol Leader; Scoutmaster, Max Gannon and Charles Young, Junior Assistant Scoutmaster.
Center picture
First section includes front row from the left: Lyle Austin, Wayne English, Donald Besanceney and Harold Besanceney. Second row: John Rauscher, Carl Rawieigh, Leland Shaw and Gordon Bailey. Third row: Charles Boyce, Cassius Cole, Ted Raleigh and Robert Matteson.
Right picture
Among this Eagle Scout group were several who helped to form the Boy Scout Guard of Honor for King George and Queen Elizabeth at the World’s Fair last June. Front row from the left: Gordon Palmer, Gerhard Peterson and Joseph Doane. Second row: Wilton Doane, Richard Baynes and Clark Judge.
A group of Mansfield Scouting officials, whose efforts have been so felt in Troop 1 that it is not only the largest troop in Tioga County, but one of the most important and active troops in General Sullivan Council. Front row, left to right: Stanley Seymour, Mainesburg Scoutmaster whose troop is sponsored by Mansfield; John S. Myers, Cubmaster, and William Swan, member of the troop committee. Second row: the Rev. J. Perry Cox, member of the committee, and Max Gannon, Scoutmaster of Troop 1.
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