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(Congregational, Presbyterian, Methodist, Federated)


Victor Charles Detty, Pastor Federated Church

Copyright, 1955
Printed in the United States of America

Retyped & Submitted by Carol Jacobs 
Reprinted on this site 1999 with permission of Victor Charles Detty, Jr.



The Presbyterian Church

Earliest Beginnings 1.

Chapter I The Warren and Orwell Congregational Church  Pages 5-13  Pages 14 - 22  Pages 23 - 33

Chapter II The Warren and Orwell Presbyterian Church 34.

Chapter III The Orwell Presbyterian Church Meeting House (1828 - 1850 ) 39.

Chapter IV. Presbyterian Members (1830-1850) 59.

Chapter V. The Orwell Presbyterian Church Division - 1856 Erection of Second Church 67.

Chapter VI. The Orwell Presbyterian Church (1856 - 1897) 77.

Chapter VII. The Orwell Presbyterian Church (1897 - 1926) 113.

Chapter VIII The Orwell Presbyterian Church (1926 - 1951) 129.


Orwell Methodist Church

Chapter IX. Beginnings and Incorporation 143.

Chapter X. Years 1838 - 1874 165 - 179
            North Orwell Union Church  Page 180 - 185

Chapter XI. Pastorate of Rev. Rodney S. Rose (1874 -1875) 189.

Chapter XII. Rev. D. C. Barnes and Rev. W. R. Netherton 201.

Chapter XIII. Ministry of Rev. Loring P. Howard and Rev. M. R. Kerr 209.

Chapter XIV. Period of 1891 - 1899 (Rev. Cornelius Sweet) 219

Chapter XV. Years 1900 - 1906 Rev. D. H. Gridley and Rev. N. W. Barnes 229.

Chapter XVI. Service of Rev. L. L. Vought (1907 - 1914) 245

Chapter XVII Years 1914 - 1930 257

Chapter XVIII. Only Yesterday (1930 - 1950) 267

Chapter XIX. Summary and Conclusions 273

Allis Hollow Burials - Page 281

Appendix B - Orwell Valley Burials - Page 282

Bibliography 293

List of Advance Subscribers 295

Index to Names 297


ReverendVictorCharlesDetty Frontpiece

Early Map of Bradford County, Pa. Opposite Page

Map of Orwell Village from Beers' Atlas Bradford County 32.

Map of Warren Township 33.

Rev. Thomas Thomas and Family 84.

Map of Orwell Township from Beer's Atlas 85.

Orwell and North Orwell Bands 88.

Brown and Green Families: and Old People 89.

Warren Presbyterian Congregation, 1900; Tyrrel Reunion 96.

Mrs. George C. Frisbie and Sons 97.

Charles Coburn; Mr. and Mrs. Albert True, Rev. and Mrs. Clark

Salmon, Select School of Mrs. Salmon 108.

North Orwell, 1898; Wedding of Estella Moore and Leo Edsel;

Mrs. Nellie French and three generations 109.

Frank I.Champlin, Charlotte Brown Champlin, and Alice Kennedy Champlin 132.

Orwell Methodist, Presbyterian and North Orwell Churches 133.

Carrie Coburn Eastman

Orwell Federated Church Congregation, 1938 142.

"Peak Sisters", Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Pitcher, Mr. and Mrs. Eliab Farrar, 143.

Frank Shoemaker Home.

James Fisher, E. B. Miner, Frank N. Moore, Frank Robertson, Horace Cleveland, 208.

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Frisbie, O. J. Chubbuck

Jillson Family, Rev. and Mrs. N. W. Barnes, Rev. and Mrs. Delos Gridley and Family 209.

Boardman Reunion, 1890; Tyrrell Hill Group, 1903 228

Orwell Schools, 1886; School of Miss Gertrude Barnes 229

North Orwell Ladies Aid, 1899; North Orwell School, 1899 244

North Orwell School of Miss Hazel Barnes; Alger Family 245.

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/01/1999
By Joyce M. Tice

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