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Now's Your Chance to Honor Your Female Ancestors by Restoring Their  Place in Recorded History

Introduction by Joyce M. Tice

It wasn't until I became involved in genealogy that I understood the need for Women's History as a separate discipline. I had always believed that since women were a part of history from the very beginning, that developing a separate study was condescending and demeaning.  However, when I started researching my own family and the families of the community of my study area, I discovered a lot of information about the men and very little, or more often nothing, about the women. It was an eye opener.

In earlier times women were blocked from participating in many of the public institutions and processes which would have created records for them. Early historians tended to dscount their contributions and simply left them out of the histories altogether or hid them in the shadows of their husbands or fathers. At marriage, any identity they might have had as an individual was taken from them in the form of a name change. A married woman did not even have a legal identity in the earliest days of our government. Her econominc contributions in the farm or small business partnership were attributed to her husband. In extreme cases, and we have all seen these in the history books, even childbirth was attributed to her husband.

We can't go back and change history. We can't rewrite the old history books to include the half of the population that was left out when they were first written. However, we can write those histories now and bring the women of our past out from the shadows and record their lives and contributions now. I find that even in the present day, many of the family histories that are submited to this site are written following the old examples, with a male centered focus. To bring this issue and this continued discounting of the role of women to the forefront, I am creating the Women's Page here at Tri-Counties. This will give all of us the opportunity to focus on women and show our ancestors the respect they have long been denied. They live only through us now and only we can right the wrong done to them. This defecit in the knowledge base will not fill itself in. We must do it. It is up to us. We have a long way to go to fill in those massive blanks, but one woman at a time, we can do it.

Entirely different research methods and sources have to be tapped to learn about the women who were partners in founding the society we live in. Diaries and letters, when they can be found are invaluable. Please submit your ancestral women's histories to me at Microsoft Word or rtf files preferred. These can be attached to your email. Do NOT use a lot of tabs or spacing in your write-ups as they will all collapse together in conversion to HTML. If you have to use columnar sections, insert a table for them.

This will be fun - Include photos where you can. I am looking forward to them all and I have a lot I want to do also. I am going to use this opportunity to display a lot of the photographs I have collected of these people for my Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project.

Queen Esther Montour
The Montour Sisters - Queen Esther and  Queen Catherine
Women of the Wyoming Valley
Hannah GORE Durkee Story
Queen Esther - Indian Friend
or Fiend?
Maryett HOWLAND 1859-1860 Diary - Columbia Township
Jane Strope Narrative of her Captivity by the Indians
Julia Anna SHEPARD - Biography
Aunt Nellie's Button Box
Sally MONRO, 1830 Columbia Township letter
Sarah MONROE 1870 Diary
Temperance NILES of Rutland Township
Lydia ORVIS, A Connecticut Yankee in the unbroken forest
Hannah PEET, Rutland Pioneer
Will of Margaret LEE Baker of Sullivan 1849
Rebekah ROSE - A Woman of Three Centuries
Ida Clarissa Decker
Chattie Fuller of Ridgebury, 1870 Diary
 Blanche Frasier's Memories
Elizabeth Shoolcraft ROSE - Sullivan Township Pioneer
Cemetery Markers for Women's Relief Corps
Dolly FOX & Eliza HILL
Eileen Collins, Astronaut & Pilot
Kate Warne, Pinkerton's First Female Detective
Mara SARGEANT - Hero of Bunker Hill
Lester Frank Ward of Myersburg
Early Suffragist
Growing up in Clymer 1920s - Melva HESS Calaman
Addie CHILSON Knapp Welch, Southport's First Woman Supervisor
1836 Sampler of F. O. Wilcox
Fanny BEEBE "Culver," Pioneer
Bradford County's First Woman Sheriff
Melissa MALLORY "Hummer"
Tri-County Women's Name Restoration Project
Unnamed Women buried in Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA Fannie Helen HARRIS, School Teacher Octogenarian Annie VIELE Lloyd is Feminst at Heart
The Hair Wreath - Mementos of the 1850-1875 Era Pauline BURROWS Hurst Hannah WHITAKER Bowen - How I Came to Deerfield in 1819
Elizabeth OAKLEY Holcomb Memorial 1932 Deaths of Widows of Civil War Veterans, Bradford County 1935 Comparing he Lifestyles of Eleanor Roosevelt and Nora STONE Smith of Rutland
Phoebe WINANS Place, Patriot Woman Memoirs of Three Pioneer Women of Beecher's Island (Nelson) Phyllis Priest 1932-1943 - A Tri-County Hero Nellie Rockwell, Mansfield Milliner
Polly BALLARD "Fellows", Physician of Sullivan Township Two Elmira Doctors First to Serve in an American Woman's Hospital Uniform - WW1 Dr Edith Irene Flower "Wheeler" Alice Catherine Evans 1881 - 1975 Bacteriologist
Mazie SEARS Bodine, naturalist, poet, author Maria Louisa Doud 1828 - 1870: Unsung Poet born in Sullivan Township Lydia Jane WHEELER "Pierson". Poet and Suffragist Talitha Botsford 1901-2002, Poet, Musician
Mary Emily Jackson, Poet
Mary GODBEY Bailey, Mansfield's News Reporter Clara "Babe" Cook - Elmira Sports Hall of Fame. 1868 - Law Maxims - A married woman is considered a reliable witness IF her husband says she's telling the truth. Recipes from Grandma
A BRIEF History of Knitting A BRIEF History of Canning Jars Care of Clothing - 1910 1906 Ladies Home Journal Advertisements and Fashions
1912 / 1915 - Womens Suffrage Events 1915-1930s - Recipes fromLambs Creek Women Remembering Myra Kingsbury; “but half expressing it.” Marguerite Murphy 1891-1992.  55 Years a Teacher
Wellsboro Agitator 17 MAR 1910
Favors Woman Suffrage.

Bishop James H. Darlington of this Episcopal Diocese, told the Pennsylvania Suffrage League at a meeting in Philadelphia one day last week why he favored woman suffrage. Bishop Darlington urged from the ground of giving womankind a chance. Because women are less busy than men and are often better posted on the topics of the day, he believed that they would improve matters if given a hand in the government.
“Be patient,” was his advice, “not too patient, but just reasonably so. Be good-natured, and above all things don’t become hysterical, and you will get what you want.”

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