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A Catalog of Carpenter & Pierce Postcards 

Carpenter & Pierce Ad Shows at left on building next to its successor, Cooke's Pharmacy, 
that still operates in that location.
Carpenter & Pierce was one of several predecessors to the Cookes Pharmacy that remains in Troy to this day. Like so many other Drug Stores of the era, they sold Penny Postcards showing local scenes for many years. I have quite a few here. Some I own personally and others I have only scanned images that guests have sent in. Some do not have an identification number, and I will show those first. There may be others that do not say Carpenter & Pierce on them, but unless they have that  designation on the back, I would not be able to associate them with that business. The A1335 series shows us many villages in the near part of the county to Troy. I do not know if that number was of importance to C&P or just to their printer who may have been printing cards for many businesses. I suspect the latter. The order of the cards shows us the photographer's route, but we do not know his name. The 1907 Troy Register might give us some information, but a fire in the newspaper office destryed all issues from 1905 through 1908. A Google search on "Carpenter & Pierce" yields only two pages on our own site. "Carpenter and Pierce" brings us back to this site again and to an Indiana Law Case that has nothing whatever to do with the local pharmacy.
January 1904 Ad - Papers from 1905 through 1908 are missing. We might have found some information about the A1335 series if we could locate them. 
A 1914 Advertisement

About Mr. Carpenter & Mr. Pierce

If you locate other C&P published cards please send in at HIGH resolution .jpg format. You may even find others already on the site that I have not tracked down yet. Let me know. Many of these cards have already appeared on the site. This is just  a way of arranging them a different way and of including some I may not have published earlier.

Canton Street Looking North toward Main Street Intersection
Canton Street Looking south
1909 Postmark on back of this one.
Canton Street, Troy- Need higher resolution scan of this one
This one is later than the one above. Some buildings have changed. 
Grange National Bank on Canton Street
First National Bank on Main Street
Bradford County Home
Long's Pond Road
West Main Street looking West
Waldo Store in Sylvania
Need higher resolution scan of this.
Troy House in Troy PA
Residence of Mrs. A. P. Holcomb, Troy PA
Anne E. Pomeroy
Carpenter & Pierce also owned Carpenter & Pierce Garage and automobile agency, starting this phase of their business venture in 1924. The business was owned later by John Hall.
Elmira Street in Troy
Postmark 1914
High School, Troy
# 34909
Insignia on reverse
Roosevelt Trail At the Elms below Long's Pond - Troy
Carpenter & Pierce A1335 Series
Several of these below have postmarks in 1908, as early as January, so we can assume that is the approximate time they came to the market. The photos would have been taken summer of 1907. It would be nice if we could complete the collection this year of 2007, the centennial of their creation. I also intend to retake these same views when the weather improves, a century from the originals.
There must be a  J, K, P, Q, R, W, Z & others in the double letter sequence in this series.
Do you have them??? Send if you do. It would be nice to fill in our gaps.
Carpenter & Pierce Pharmacy.
Own Copy
Gillett PA
Need higher resolution image
Gillett PA
Own Copy
Gillett PA
Own Copy 
As above by Joyce M. Tice 1999
A1335F70wn Copy on order
Snedeker PA
Joyce has own copy
Snedeker PA
Grover PA
Springfield PA
JMT own copy on order June 2011
As above in 1999 by Joyce M. Tice
Vegetation and Wire obscure much of what was seen in 1907. 
Springfield PA
Leona PA
Joyce has own copy
Leona PA
Wetona PA
Own Copy 
Windfall PA
Joyce has own copy
Windfall PA
Need Much Higher Resolution scan
A1335P70 ???
Windfall PA
This card from the Kies Book Vol 1 was postmarked 1910. Other A1335 series cards in the book have the bottom identifying logo cropped off. I suspect this MAY BE the missing card "P"  in this series. 

No, it is not. The A1335P is the train depot at Cowley PA - 1024x660 image form Dick Makse
The A1335 Q is also of the Depot at Cowley- a different view that Dick also sent. 1040x658

Street Scene in Alba
Own Copy
Alba PA
Own Copy Feb 2011
Bentley Creek PA
own copy
Bentley Creek PA
Columbia Cross Roads PA
Have own copy
As above by Joyce M. Tice 1999
A1335W70 View of Columbia Cross Roads from Railroad track
1024x666 image from Dick Makse
East Smithfield PA
East Smithfield PA
Own Copy
As above in 1999 by Joyce M . Tice
East Smithfield PA
Own Copy
East Smithfield PA
As above by Joyce M. Tice in 2001
Since then the old hotel at left has been razed.
The Baptist church and feed store burned in 1912
Brick Mill & Coal Chutes at Ralston
image 1024x666 from Dick Makse
Looking North, Ralston PA
Looking West, Ralston PA
East Troy PA
Joyce has own copy from Lena Hakes Collection
East Troy PA
Postmark 1908 - March
Own two copies
West Burlington PA
[Own Copy  Feb 2011]
West Burlington PA
Need Higher reslution scan. This one is fuzzy - apparently someone tried to expand a low resolution image. 
Old Church West Burlington PA

Own Copy  Feb 2011

Big Pond PA
Roaring Branch PA
Looking South - Railroad Tracks
Own Copy April 2011
Roaring Branch PA
M. E. Church & Graded School
Sacnned by Don S. from Roaring Branch book.
We need color version if anyone has it "out there."
A. E. Backer House, Troy PA
Joyce has own copy
Main Street Looking East, Troy PA
As above 2001
See Then and Now Page for this view
Canton Street Looking North, Troy PA
Own Copy
Williams House, McClellan's Grocery, R.C. Kendall residence, Troy PA
Own Copy
Franklindale PA
County Bridge
Postmark 1910
Franklindale PA
Jyce has own copy
Sayles PA
Joyce has own copy
Granville Center PA
Need better resolution scan-
OK I own a copy of this - will scan - has writing in white space
Granville Center PA
Granville Center PA
Own card on order - ebu July 2011
Luther's Mills PA
Luther's Mills PA
Own copy in Lena Hakes Album
Mountain Lake PA
Own Copy
East Canton PA
Joyce has own copy
East Canton PA
East Canton PA
Residence of W. T. Lawrence
East Canton PA
JMT has Own copy Apr 2011
West Franklin PA
Need better scanof this issue
If you have one, please send HIGH resolution .jpg file
West Franklin PA
Own Copy
Ordered ebay 17 JAN 2011
Leroy PA
Own Copy
A1335rr70 [found jan 2011]

Possibly Missing Cards in this series
A1335RR70 - Hotel at Franklin PA - JMT has own copy
A1335UU70 is hotel at LeRoy - Have 1024x660  image from Dick Makse
Burlington PA
Burlington PA
Methodist Church
Own Copy
As at left by JMT - 2005
Overview of Ralston - 1024x666 image from Dick Makse
About Mr. Carpenter & Mr. Pierce

Both Harold Carpenter & Herman Pierce are buried at Glenwood Cemetery in Troy. Both obituaries are included on our Obituary by Cemetery pages, but I will also include them here. Both died in 1946.  Their obituaries tell the story of the business they founded and operated and which still remains in the community as Cooke's Pharmacy.

After along period of failing health, Harold C CARPENTER died Thursday evening, August 29, 1946, in Troy Community Hospital, where he had been a patient for several weeks. He graduated from Troy High School and the Buffalo College of Pharmacy and became a clerk in the B B Mitchell Drug Store in the present location of the Shook Barber Shop and the Band Box Theatre. Mr. Carpenter and the late Percy Maxwell bought out Mr. Mitchell, the firm being Carpenter & Maxwell. When the late H J Pierce was graduated from Pharmacy school he purchased Mr. Maxwell’s interest, the firm becoming Carpenter & Pierce.

CARPENTER, Harold C-Troy, Aug 29- Hal C Carpenter, well known Troy business man and former county official, passed away this Thursday evening following a long illness.  Mr. carpenter was born at Dansville, NY, Aug 31,1869, the son of Merritt and Margaret Baldwin Carpenter. He came to Troy as a child, making his home with Dr. and Mrs. P.S. Carpenter, his uncle and aunt. He graduated from Troy High School and the Buffalo College of Pharmacy and then became a clerk in the B B Mitchell Sr drug store. Some years later he went into business with the later Herman J Pierce, the two operating the drug store of Carpenter and Pierce. This firm was in existence for 50 years. The two partners also conducted the Carpenter & Pierce Garage and automobile agency, starting this phase of their business venture in 1924. For twelve years, Mr. Carpenter was postmaster in Troy Borough. He was very active in the Republican Party and was Republican chairman in Bradford county over a long period of time. For eight years he served as prothonotary of the county. Since retiring as prothonotary about six years ago, he has lived quietly here, greatly handicapped by failing health. The deceased was past master of Trojan Masonic lodge and vice president of the First Bank of Troy over a long period of time. He was also a member of the Troy Rotary Club for years and was a member of the First Presbyterian church. His circle of acquaintances was very wide and he took great delight in being of assistance to his host of friends. Genial, kindly, he will be sorely missed by many. He is survived by his wife, the former Lalia Drake; a nephew, Dr H C Carpenter of Berkeley, Calif., and an aunt., Mrs. P S Carpenter of Brockport, NY. The remains were taken to the Soper chapel and will be moved to the family home Friday afternoon. Funeral services will be held Saturday morning at 10:30 o’clock with the Rev. Edward P Morse officiating. Burial will be in Glenwood cemetery.

PIERCE Herman Judson
Death of H. J. Pierce Saddens Troy - Was Prominent Business Man and Fine Citizen
Herman Judson Pierce, born in Alba on September 8, 1870, died in his home on High Street, Troy, on Thursday, January 10, 1946, at 4 p.m.  Although his health had not been of the best for some time, he had been seriously ill only four weeks.  He suffered a stroke on Sunday, December 23, 1945.  Dr. Pierce was the only son of the late Franklin G. and Harriet Garrison Pierce and came to Troy with them in early boyhood.  He was graduated from Troy High School in 1888 and from the Philadelphia School of Pharmacy.  In 1897, he formed a partnership with H. C. Carpenter under the firm name of Carpenter & Pierce.  At that time, they were located in the rooms now occupied by Shook’s Barber Shop and the Band Box Theatre.  The firm prospered from the first and, in 1901, moved into the spacious quarters now in use.  In the early days of the automobile, Carpenter & Pierce became agents for a nationally known car, occupying the present quarters of the Red & White store.  In 1924, the attractive sales room and repair shop on West Main Street were built. Dr. Pierce was a member of Trojan Lodge, No. 306, F. & A. M., for 30 years and Troy Royal Arch Chapter, No. 261, for 26 years.  He was a Trustee of the Oak Hill Cemetery Association, affiliated with the Baptist church, a member of the Troy Business Men’s Club, Troy Rod and Gun Club and other minor organizations.  Since early manhood, he was interested in the various band and orchestras that have given music to Troy, playing the drums and giving freely of his courage and enthusiasm to young musicians.  The Carpenter & Pierce store was more that a business to Dr. Pierce.  There he met his friends, there many of his quiet philanthropies started.  He was one of Troy’s outstanding citizens.  His death is very real loss to the community.  He is survived by his wife, the former Miss Cora Robinson, one son, Col. J. R. Pierce, Pentagon Bldg., Washington, D. C., three grandchildren.  The funeral was held from his late home at 2:30 Sunday afternoon, Rev. Herbert T. Punchard and Rev. S. D. Regester officiating, with burial in the family plot in Glenwood cemetery.

The First - Carpenter & Maxwell Bought the business from : Hon. B. B. MITCHELL. (SRGP 77150) Death of One of Troy’s Most Prominent and Respected Citizens. Funeral Services Held at His Late Home This Afternoon.  The Hon. Benjamin B. Mitchell was born in Tioga Co., Pa., January 14, 1839. His father, Richard Mitchell, who was of Scotch Irish descent, was one of the first settlers of Tioga county. Mr. Mitchell’s education was obtained in the schools of his native county, supplemented by studies at Lewisburg University, and at the Bryant and Stratton Business college in Buffalo, N.Y. At the age of 21 he came to Troy, Pa., and began his business life by establishing a drug and book store. The following year, in August 1862, in response to President Lincoln’s call for men to defend the Union he assisted in recruiting and organizing the first cavalry company in Bradford Co., was chosen first lieutenant, and with his company joined the Eleventh Pennsylvania Cavalry. The next year he was promoted to Captain. Having served beyond the three years for which he enlisted, and his health having become seriously impaired, he declined the offer of promotion to the rank of Major, and returned to his home in Troy in the autumn of ’64. May 29, 1865, Captain Mitchell was united in marriage to Miss Ellen E., only daughter of the late Samuel W. Pomeroy of this village. To this union were born seven children, two sons and five daughters. Two of the daughters died in infancy. The oldest son, Pomeroy Mitchell, died at the age of twelve. The other four children together with his wife, and four of his sisters survive him. After disposing of his drug and book business he entered into partnership with his father-in-law in the banking business under the firm name of Pomeroy & Mitchell, successors to Pomeroy Brothers. He continued in this business after the death of Mr. Pomeroy, until this bank was consolidated with the First National Bank of Troy a few years ago. He also had extensive business interests in the west. Capt. Mitchell held various local offices in Troy borough at different times. He was especially interested in the public schools, and served for many years on the Board of Education. To stimulate excellence in English spelling he established the B. B. Mitchell Gold Medal Prize, to be awarded each year to the student of the Troy high school sustaining the highest average in spelling contest. From 1882 to 1884 he was a member of the lower house of the state legislature. In 1892 he was elected to the state Senate, and reelected in 1896 serving altogether ten years in the two houses. Besides serving on many other important committees he was chairman of the Com. On Mines and Mining during his first term to the senate, and of the Com. On Banks and Loan Associations during his second term. Capt. Mitchell was a member of the Gustin Post G.A.R., taking an active part in the annual memorial services. He was also a member of the Loyal Legion, and of the Masonic order. He united with the Presbyterian church on confession of his faith in Christ, May 5, 1871. In 1873 he was elected to the office of deacon for the term of three years. By successive re-elections he held that office continuously until the time of his death, acting also as treasurer of the deacons’ fund. He was also actively identified with the Sunday school. In this he served for a time as a teacher, and also as superintendent. As a member of the Bible class he was especially noted for the regularity of his attendance. For more than a year immediately preceding his last illness he did not miss a single Sabbath. For some years past Capt. Mitchell’s health had at times been a cause of anxiety to his family. Last fall a change for the worse led him to go to Philadelphia for medical advice. After spending considerable time there he and his wife went to Florida, stopping at Palm Beach and later at St. Augustine. The temporary benefit of the change having passed away they returned to Philadelphia early in April. His condition soon became so alarming that it was decided to return at once to his home. Here the last month was spent in much suffering, and in a steady decline, broken now and then by brief intervals of apparent improvement followed by a speedy relapse, until the end came peacefully, after a night of unconsciousness, at 9 o’clock Tuesday morning, May 24. The funeral services were held at his late home on Thursday afternoon, May 26, conducted by his pastor, Rev. E. P. Morse, assisted by Rev. T. A. Hughes of the Baptist church; and the burial services were conducted by the Grand Army Post at the family vault in Glenwood cemetery. TGR 1904

B.B.  MITCHELL dead.  Former Senator Passes Away at his Home in Troy Tuesday.  Hon. Benjamin B. Mitchell died at his home in Troy boro on Tuesday morning, May 29, 1904, after a long period of poor health in his 66th year.  Senator B. B. Mitchell was born on a farm in Tioga County on Jan. 14, 1859, the son of Richard and Harriet Dartt Mitchell, formerly of Vermont and among the settlers of Tioga Co.  In August, 1881 he helped recruit the first cavalry company organized in Bradford Co. was elected its first lieutenant and with his company joined the Harlan Independent Cavalry at Philadelphia.  On May 29, 1895 he married Ellen E. Pomeroy, only child of Samuel W. and Melvina Pomeroy of Troy, who with these children survive him:  Mrs. Robert Van Syckle, Benjamin B. Mitchell, Jr. and Miss Nan Mitchell.  In 1882 he was elected a member of the legislature on the Republican ticket, and in 1892 was elected State senator and re-elected in 1896.  Funeral services were held on Thursday afternoon and interment was made in the family vault in Glenwood Cemetery.

COOKE, ARLAND B., (SRGP 14237)   Private services for Arland B. Cooke, 72, Troy, were held at the convenience of the family, with Rev. Garry Zuber officiating.  Interment was in the Glenwood Cemetery.  Mr. Cooke died Saturday, June 30, 1984 at the Robert Packer Hospital.  He was born Oct. 14, 1911, in Rutland, Pa., the son of Otis and Lettie Seeley Cooke.  He was a member of the Troy United Methodist Church, member and past president of the Troy Lions’ Club.  He was a very active Mason, belonging to the following groups; Trojan Masonic Lodge 306 F & AM, Troy Royal Arch Chapter 261, Towanda Scottish Rite, Northern Commandery 16, Knights Templar Towanda, Williamsport Consistory.  He was also a member of the Pedigraft Club, Sayre.  Arland was an avid traveler and enjoyed photography. He has a keen interest in history and geography.  Mr. Cooke was a pharmacist owning and operating Cooke’s Drug Store in Troy for 43 years until his retirement in 1975.  He is survived by his wife of 44 years, Dorothy Brown Cooke; sons and daughters-in-law, Jeffery and Judy Cooke, Queensland, Australia and James and Joanne Cooke, Fort Meade, Maryland; grandson, Christopher; granddaughters, Jamie Lee and Katie Lou; sisters, Erma Crumm, Millerton, Evelyn Guardino, Elmira; brother, Rexford, Westfield; sister-in-law, Anne, Louisianna; several nieces and nephews.  Memorials may be directed to the American Heart Association.  (TGR July 5, 1984)
See 1961 Business Biography
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