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Rutland Township & Roseville Borough, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Rutland Township
Hannah Peet, 1772 to aft 1850, was an early pioneer
of Rutland. She is the foremother of many people on 
the Watkins line. 
Rutland Township was Formed 1828 from Sullivan and Jackson Townships
Roseville Borough was formed from Rutland Township in 1876 & rejoined the township in 1909
 If you are descended from any person who ever lived in Rutland Township, please contact Joyce M. Tice
to include yourself and your connections in Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project
Rutland Township - Roseville Borough Histories
History of Rutland Township and Roseville 1883
Rutland History 1885
Rutland History 1897
1933 - 1935 Rutland News
1947 Roseville News
1948 Roseville News
Roseville History - 1949 Old Home Days Speech
1949 Roseville News
1965 Roseville 150th Anniversary
2003 Roseville & Rutland History (JMT)
Rutland Township Articles
Life in Roseville, 1973
Rutland Clippings 1880s-1890s
1886 Sylvester Bailey - Local Paul Bunyan or Phychotic Whacko?? You decide where the truth ends and the tall tale begins 
1935 Comparison of  the Lifetsyles of Eleanor Roosevelt and Nora STONE Smith
Township Postcards & Photos
Post Offices
Mill Creek
Roseville Borough
Rutland (Closed 195?)
Ingham PO
Roseville, MI., Roseville CA., Roseville OH, Roseville IL
Rutland VT, Rutland IA, Rutland IL, Rutland MA, Rutland ND, Rutland OH, Rutland SD, 
Villages & Neighborhoods
Past & Present
Rutland Township Census Records
1800 Census, Tyoga Township, Lycoming County
1820 Sullivan Township Census
1820 Jackson Township Census
1830 Rutland Township Census
1840 Rutland Township Census
1850 Rutland Township Census (REL)
1850 Rutland Census (FM)
1860 Rutland Township Census
1870 Rutland Township Census
1880 Rutland Township Census
1850-1880 Mortality Scedules
1900 (Volunteer Needed)
1910  (Volunteer Needed)
1920  (Volunteer Needed)
1960  (Volunteer Needed)
Rutland Township Directories
1899 Roseville Borough
1899 Rutland Township
1908-09 Tioga County Directory - Rutland Township Section
1908-09 Tioga County Directory - Roseville Borough Section
Rutland Township Tax Records
1812 Tioga Township Taxables 1841 Rutland Taxables
Rutland Township Cemetery Records
GPS coordinates are included in the top title of each cemetery page
Watson Cemetery  (1970s reading)  Watson Cemetery Biographies
Watson Cemetery Burial Records (1998) Watson Cemetery  - Obituary Notices
Watson Cemetery [2010]
Alternative Names for Watson Cemetery seen in obituaries: 
Evergreen Cemetery, Roseville Cemetery, Benson Cemetery, Rutland Cemetery
Roseville Knoll (moved To Watson)
Old Roseville (moved to Watson)
Mansfield Family on Harris Soper Farm
(moved To Watson)
Pumpkin Hill Cemetery [1983]
Pumpkin Hill Biographies
Bentley Cemetery
Griffin Cemetery
Reynolds Cemetery at Van Ness Corners
Reynolds Cemetery Obituaries
Lawrence Corners Cemetery (1969)
Lawrence Corners Cemetery (KJ 1982)
Lawrence Corners Cemetery (LCR 2009)
Lawrence Corners Cemetery Obituaries
Bailey Family Burial Ground
Crippen Cemetery
Harris Family Cemetery
Clark Family Burial Ground (FTM)
Clark Family Burial Ground (KJ)
Howland Cemetery
Watkins Cemetery
Newbry Cemetery
O. J. Furman Farm Cemetery
Wood Cemetery -Actually in Sullivan 
Township near boundary. Sometimes 
incorrectly called Rutland Hill Cemetery
Unmarked Burials in Rutland Township
Old Roseville Cemetery
Rutland Township Schools
Pumpkin Hill School About 1880 or 1881 Oldroyd School 1890 Photo
Roseville School 1883 Painter Run School Photos
Rutland Teacher's Institute 1888 Pumpkin Hill School 1898
1900 Roseville Teachers & Directors 1900 Rutland Teachers & Directors
1901 Roseville Teachers & Directors 1901 Rutland Teachers & Directors
1902 Roseville Teachers & Directors 1902 Rutland Teachers & Directors
1903 Roseville Teachers & Directors 1903 Rutland Teachers & Directors
1904 Roseville Teachers & Directors 1904 Rutland Teachers & Directors
1905 Roseville Teachers & Directors 1905 Rutland Teachers & Directors
1907 Roseville Teachers & Directors 1907 Rutland Teachers & Directors
Burton Hill School 1899
Pumpkin Hill School 1904
Pumpkin Hill School 1906
Painter Run School 1907
Pumpkin Hill School 1908
Roseville School 1908
Pumpkin Hill School 1909
East Rutland School
See booklets in Barbara Sterling folder
inside Rutland folder
Pumpkin Hill School 1910
Pumpkin Hill School 1911
Pumpkin Hill School 1912
Pumpkin Hill School 1913
Lawrence Corners School 1913
Pumpkin Hill School 1914
Pumpkin Hill School 1915
Pumpkin Hill School 1916
Pumpkin Hill School 1917
Oldroyd School 1920
Van Ness Hill School 1924
Lawrence Corners School 1929
Lawrence Corners School 1938
1935 Honor Roll - Lawrence Corners
1875 Rutland School Districts
1. Lawrence Corners School
2. Roseville School
3. Pumpkin Hill School
4. Bailey School
5. Van Ness Hill School
6. Oldroyd School
7. Prutsman School
8. Sherman School (Later Burton Hill) 
9. Bartlett Hill School
10. Horton School
Rutland Township - Roseville Borough  Business Histories & Photos
Frost & Cook Store C. B. Hanyen Store 1889
1899 Rutland / Roseville Business Directory
Filling Station at Lawrence Corners Creamery Station

Troy, Pa., Nov. 9 - Fire Sunday destroyed the large general store owned by Fred White.  White’s home, some adjoining sheds and a barn at Roseville, with a loss of approximately $25,000.  Fire companies were summoned from Mansfield and Columbia Cross Roads to fight the flames. 
Roseville is a small town just across the Bradford County line from Columbia cross Roads into Tioga County.  White’s store carried a large stock of many kinds of merchandise, the building having a 40-foot front and being 60 feet in depth. 
On the second floor Mr. and Mrs. White made their home.  Their household furnishings went up in smoke along with the contents of the store. 
The only explanation Mr. White can find for the fire is that it must have started from an electric lightening plant he had in the store.  The flames are said to have started in that section of the building.  The fire was at first noticed about 8:30 o’clock. 
For a time it was feared that Roseville church and some of the houses might burn but they were saved by firemen. 

Hotels in Rutland Township
Backer Hotel
Rutland Township Organizations
1899 Roseville Societies Roseville Rinky Dinks
Rutland Township Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
Rutland Methodist Episcopal Church 1899 Church List From Directory
1929 Roseville Baptist Church Membership
Lawrence Corners Methodist Church 
(As late as 1927 see obit SRGP 17160)
Lawrence Corners Baptist Church 
(as late as 1937 see obit SRGP 2134)
Methodist Records Wells, Jackson, Rutland, Southport 1868-1896
100th Anniversary Rutland Baptist Church of Roseville 1972
100th Anniversary of the Roseville U. Methodist Church Building 1991
Township Family Bible Records
Sophia Smith & Silas Holly Bible Jennie B. Reynolds & Cornelius Hanyen
Violetta Dailey & Roswell Holly Bible Abigail Weeks & William Hanyen Bible
Ada Redfield & Osmer Crippen Bible
Nancy Whittaker & Thomas Harris Bible
Agnes Pinfield & Thomas R. Harris Bible
Phebe Button, Phebe Updyke, Abel Sisson
Sisson Bible 2
Betsey Backer, Asa Crippen Bible
Annis Worden & Jesse Smith Bible
Smith - Gaylord Bible
Smith - Nichols Bible
Hodges - Shearman Bible
Willson  - Predmore
Wilson - Burton Bible
Howland - Gilbert Bible
Adams-Swartout Bible
Rouse-Scribner - Griffen Bible
Howland - Gilbert Bible
Emma WOOD - Horace JOHNS Bible
Hannah SMITH - Burr WOOD Bible
McClure - Wright Bible
Millious - Paris Family Records
Wheeler - Smith Bible
Frost - Vandemark Bible
Fellows - Backer Bible
Bailey - Holden Bible TCHS Vol. 2
Carrie WOOD - Oscar JAMES Bible
Catherine HALE - Aaron WOOD Bible
Prustman - Brewer Bible
Oldroyd-Beckwith Bible
Jones - Lines Family Bible
Rose-Bailey-Watson Family Bible
Township Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos
Crippen Ancestry
Thomas SEARLES -Catherine PATRICK
Rutland Township Marriage Clippings
Eugene CRIPPEN Biography
Jerome Utley's Notes on Backer Family
Roblyer Family Notes
Crumb /Holton /Mitchell
Caroline DRURY - Solomon WOOD Descendants
Families of Rutland Township to 1820
Brace Family Notes
A Poem
Before It's Too Late - Nora STONE Smith
Migrations - Where did they come from and where did  they go - Tracking our people
I will be developing this section of the site further and adding both the names of the women that the history books seldom considered, and the place of origin and family histories. For now, I am just trying to get the order of who came when established. Some of the tax records, that would demonstrate that, are missing. This immigrant section is in draft mode subject to change.
Rutland Township Immigrants - Where our people came from and when 
Rutland Township Emigrants - Where our people went and when
1835 Malinda Hotchikiss & Robert W. Bailey to Michigan
1870  Letter from Wisconsin emigrant
1862- 1920 Letters from the Crippen - Hodges folks in Illinois to family back home in Rutland
Township Resident Photo Album
Temperance Niles & Timothy Brace Mary Hannah Howland & Rev. Jacob Ingerick
Weltha Jaqua & Otis S. Benson  Patience BENSON "Gould" 1815-1880
Rutland Pioneer & Resident photos
All Pages of SRGP are presented with the expectation of RECIPROCITY. If you are descended from these people or any people with ties to Rutland, Joyce needs your family updates to the PRESENT.
Lewis Seeley 1821-1900
Jane Mansfield & George Tanner (AS)
Harriet Mariah Hakes & Melvin Updyke
Julia Davies & Warren Smith
Constant Bailey Family
Rosetta A. Benson 1849-1927
Mary Burr 1832-1919
Annis Worden & Jesse Smith (AO)
The Tice Siblings (b. Rutland)
Theresa Morehouse & Hiram Johns
Eleanor Benson & Gamaliel J. Cook
Georgianna Cook & Lyman Benson
Rosanna Sophronia Benson & Charles Hayward
Almira Wood & Hiram Roblyer (IR)
Polly Burton & Isaac Wheeler
The Shepard Family  of Rutland (PS)
Lois Tice (b.Rutland) and Lewis Lucas
Emma Brace & David Stone
Lettie Seeley & Otis Benson Cook
Ada Redfield & Osmer Crippen
Cora Stone & Fred Bailey
Helen Newbry & Anthony H. Benson
Helen Martha Benson & Judson Oldroyd
Rosetta Benson & Peter R. Stout
Sarah Frances Jones & John Henry Benson (AO)
Almira Benson & Laselle Rockwell (AO)
Clara Benson & George Eighmey Family (AO)
Sophia Smith & Silas Holly
Addie Mudge & Harry F. Garrison
Matilda Caroline Smith & Elisha L. Nash
Minnie Smith & Samuel W. Sherman
Addie Makeley and Emerson Smith
and Children
Anna May Smth & Orville C. Brace
Bertha C. Crippen & Fred E. Webster
Ella Stone & James Searles (RB)
Olive Stone & Edgar Allen (RB)
Blanche Hanyen & Lewis M. Palmer
Roseville Folks, July 1912
Mildred Bailey, Emma Brace, Cora Stone
Eugene Crippen 1880-1967 (CC)
Ora Crippen 1889-1979 (Rev. Orey)
Rutland Township Emigrants
Rutland Township Diaries & Letters 
Haswell Civil War Letters
James VanZile Civil War Letters
Letters from Western Migrants to the Folks at Home
1872 Royal Gould to his sister Harriet
1880 - E. R. Backer Visits Kansas
Daniel Burton Diary 1873
Rev. Will Walker Memories
Emerson Smith Diary 1886
Emerson Smith Diary 1887
Emerson Smith Diary 1888
Emerson Smith Diary 1889
Emerson Smith Diary 1895
Emerson Smith Diary 1900
Emerson Smith Diary 1901
Emerson Smith Diary 1903
Emerson Smith Diary 1904
Eugene Crippen Diary 1927
Eugene Crippen Diary 1928
Eugene Crippen Diary 1929
Dorothy S. Smith Diary 1929
Eugene Crippen Diary 1930
Eugene Crippen Diary 1931
Eugene Crippen Diary 1932
Eugene Crippen Diary 1933
Eugene Crippen Diary 1934
Eugene Crippen Diary 1935
Eugene Crippen Diary 1936
Eugene Crippen Diary 1937
Eugene Crippen Diary 1938
Eugene Crippen Diary 1939
Eugene Crippen Diary 1940
Ada STEELE "Thorp" 1941
Ada STEELE "Thorp" 1942
Ada STEELE "Thorp" 1943
Township Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
1817 Deed - Nichols to Keyes
Will - Frank Stout 1880
Will-George Smith 1887/1896
Will - Hallock Kennedy 1921
Estate - Ray Kennedy 1922
Deed - Bingham Estate to Welch Ashley 1864
Property Sale - John Smith to E. L. Nash 1882
Will- Mary Cummings 1897
Deed - Harriet & Daniel Reynolds to Herman T. Nash
Agreement on Timber Rights - E. L. Nash to J. McConnell
1900 - Deed - Williams Estate to Herman T. Nash
1903 - Will - Will McClure
Rutland Township Military Records
George GOULD Military Records (Civil War)
World War I Listing
Who Is Overseas - WW1
Ray Allen - WW1
1918 Lewis Burton Draft Notice
Sylvene Nye 1880-1923
Myron E. Webster 1892-1987
Lewis V. Seeley WW1 1894 - 1964
Oley Johns - 1895-1918
Colie L. Jenkins 1898-1983
World War II Listing
Rutland Township Sports 
1948 Roseville Baseball Team
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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