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1939 Eugene Crippen of Rutland
Diary of Eugene Crippen
Township: Rutland Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1939
Transcribed by Creig Crippen
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Photo of Eugene Crippen in 1912 sent in by Creig Crippen
Eugene M. Crippen lived 1880 to 1967,  son of Ada Ann Redfield and Osmer Crippen of Rutland.
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In 1939, 59 year old Eugenie Crippen was living in Roseville with his children and in regular contact with relatives and neighbors. It was the midst of the Depression and Eugene was caretaker at Watson Cemetery and worked at various odd jobs in the community. After years as a single parent, Eugene was wrestling this year with what we now call Emply Nest Syndrome. His narration covers a large number of grave diggings and funerals as well as interesting coverage of events both nationally and in the immediate community. This is an excellent window into the workings and social events of the village of Roseville during the depression.

Jan.1st Sun.- Partly cloudy,windy,warmer.Worked on grave all day.Creig helped me all day,Osmer and Fred in PM. The boys all home for supper. It does seem good to have Creig and Osmer both home again,how I wish they could be home all the time.But,of course,never again.

Jan.2nd Mon.- Partly pleasant,warmer,thawed in PM,but raw south wind.In morning went up to John Wilcox's for a haircut. Home about 8:30.Fred came about 9 and we finished grave. At noon Creig and Osmer came,also Florence.We all had dinner together.That I enjoyed very much,but after dinner we all went to Uncle Rush's funeral.Florence with Orey E.and Martha,while Albert Armstrong took Creig,Osmer Zelma and I.Fred staid to help in cemetery.Guss,Orey E.,myself and three of O.B.Cook's boys were pall bearers.This world will never seem the same with Uncle Rush gone.He has always been a friend when I needed one most. - Florence had to go back to Roaring Branch,but the boys were all here for supper They left and Zelma went with Anita Evert.I am alone and lonesome,God only knows how lonesome.Thus begins a new year.

Jan.3rd Tue.- East wind,cloudy and cold.Zelma went back to school this morning after Christmas vacation. Don Fuller called a few minutes in morning before going back to the city.He and Vivian have been staying with the "Queen"in her new quarters. Washed bed blankets and did house work all day.

Jan.4th Wed.- Warmer,cloudy,windy. Cut and packed pork,made sausage etc.

Jan.5th Thu.- Almost rain all day,rained a little in evening,strong east wind.Finished taking care of pork.Split wood.

Jan.6th Fri.- Cloudy,warm.Worked in cemetery most of day cleaning up lots. Osmer called a few minutes in evening.

Jan.7th Sat.- Pleasant most of day.Worked in cemetery in afternoon.Helped Zelma about the house in forenoon.In evening Creig came home,Fred came we three played cards till after midnight,then had a lunch.Fred went home,Zelma went to bed and Creig and I visited till four in the morning before going to bed.

Jan.8th Sun.- Cloudy,windy.Up about 9:30.Zelma went to S.S. then up to Archie Benson's for dinner.and over to Millerton to a singing meet in afternoon.Didn't get home till about midnight. Creig and I alone for dinner.Creig went back to Whites about 4:00,then I was alone and lonesome.To bed about 9,tired.

Jan.9th Mon.- Beautiful forenoon,partly cloudy in afternoon.Worked on tool shack in cemetery. Rex Soper came in late PM to arrange for a grave for a 10 year old Wright boy who had drowned up in New York State.

Jan.10th Tue.- Cloudy,warm,windy day. In PM began work on grave for the Wright boy.Creig called a while in evening. Had a bad headache all day.

Jan.11th Wed.- Windy,cloudy,colder.Worked on Wright grave all day.

Jan.12th Thu.- Colder,little snow in AM,pleasant PM.Wright funeral at noon. While I was at dinner,Creig came to cemetery and filled grave.In PM I cleaned up lot.

Jan.13th Fri.- Cloudy,cold forenoon.Began snowing shortly after noon.Snowed all PM and into night.Worked in cemetery in AM.Did chores and little else in PM. Ed Smith,a friend of mine from Canton,Pa.,called in PM.We visited for more than an hour.The first time had seen him in ten years. In evening Zelma went to a social in church basement. The Roseville church and I have not been getting along so good. I do not like the preacher as a preacher,and do not like the way things are run either in the church or S.S. So on Jan.1st 1939 I resigned as member of the advisory council.

Jan.14th Sat.- Still snowing this morning,stopped about noon.Cloudy,cold PM Moved the kitchen pump near the dining room door.Creig came in evening Fred also called in evening.

Jan.15th Sun.- 16 below this morning.A beautiful,cold day.Osmer came home about 9:30 AM and spent the day.Fred here about noon.The three boys staid for supper.Left about 9:30 PM.Vivian and Don home most of PM. Zelma went to church and S.S. in forenoon.

Jan.16th Mon.- 8 below this morning.Cloudy,warmer through day,snowed a little in PM.The bus went and left Zelma this morning.She rode to Mansfield with Walter Burton and his daughter,Donna. I washed a few clothes.

Jan.17th Tue.- Not so cold this morning,but cloudy.Thawed a very little on the south side of house. In afternoon went up to Orey E.'s,he was not at home. Had a visit with his mother-in-law,Mertie Frost. Fred called in evening. Arthur H.James became Governor of the state of He is a Republican,having defeated Alvin Jones,Democrat,last Nov. after the Democrats had spent a year fighting among themselves in Pa. It seems a shame that the liberal ideas shared by a majority of Pennsylvanians must be betrayed by a gang of selfish politicians.

Jan.18th Wed.- Cold morning,snowing hard.Up at 4:00 AM to get Zelma started for Harrisburg with a bunch of her Mansfield school friends to visit the state farm show. She had made a mess of getting a way to get to Mansfield at 6:00 AM to meet the others.So as a last resort she called Fred at 5:30 AM and he took her to Mansfield.Zelma goes with a group of eight girls. Stormed all day,not hard but kept at it.There was a good body of snow by night.I worked a little about the house,but read and did some sleeping.Wrote some in notes on my life.Was alone all day and evening.

Jan.19th Thu.- A stormy morning,but soon cleared up and by noon was plea sant but cold. Zelma reached home about 7:30 PM,had a grand time she reported. Orey E.called in PM for a visit.In evening went down to Doty's and played cards with Mr.& Mrs.Doty and Mertie Frost.A very clear,cold night.

Jan.20th Fri.- 18 below this morning,but a beautiful,cold day.Did some writing.Finished notes on my life from 1880 to 1934,left these pages of my diary to tell the rest. Hope to do some more writing before my journey on earth is done. In evening Zelma went to Byron Benedict's birthday party with Fred and the Benson's. (See ECBIOG)

Jan.21st Sat.- Not so cold.Partly cloudy.Did chores,that's about all.Zelma did some washing.Not feeling so good.I slept most of afternoon.Fred here in evening.Creig came for the weekend. Snowed hard late in even ing,so Fred staid overnight with Creig.

Jan.22nd Sun.- Pleasant morning,began snowing about 9:00 AM,a blizzard for the rest of the day.Fred went home for chores,did not come back.Osmer called a few minutes in forenoon.Vivian and Don called a while late in afternoon.Four boys out skiing stopped to get warm.Creig went back to Whites late afternoon.Zelma and I alone all evening.The boys(Creig and Osmer)are talking of joining the army.

Jan.23rd Mon.- A zero morning.Cold,partly pleasant day.I did chores and read all day.As lazy a day as I have put in this winter.I wish those boys would get the army out of their minds;and yet the international outlook is war.Germany is again out to rule the world as she was in 1914.It seems that if the German is not kept a serf he becomes a bully.Why the other nations allow the Hun to get above serfdom I can't understand. At present the Huns,Prussians or Aryan Germans,as you please to call them,are driving the German Jews out of Germany.The German Jews are the most decent Germans I ever happened to meet.Hitler is now building a war machine equal,he says,to all his enemies and is defying the world to stop him.War is sure to come.I hope it can be deferred till Pres.Roosevelt's defense program is completed or at least well under way. So,if war comes my boys will be the first to be called,so maybe if they are already in the army they would have a better place and not have quite so hard a time. That one little,bright thought is all I have now.

Jan.24th Tue.- Cold,stormy morning.Partly clear and a little warmer in PM. Temperature about 30 above all PM.In evening wind began to blow.Went down town a couple of times,wanted to go to Mansfield but didn't find a way and a bit cold to walk. The paper today is full of the rescue at sea by the oil tanker Baytown,of 10 survivors of the plane Cavalier. The Cavalier,a British plane,flying on a regular run from New York to Bermuda,came down in a storm 250 miles from land Sat.PM with 13 people on board. 10 were taken out of the water Sat.night by the Baytown.The Cavalier was making it's 280th trip and this is the first time it had been forced down. We had heard all this over the radio,but the news paper gave the details. In evening I did the supper work while Zelma began work on a white dress for summer.

Jan.25th Wed.- This morning the wind blows a gale and cold.The wind blew all night.The hill roads are full of drifted snow.Listened to radio and read nearly all day.Fred here a while in evening.

Jan.26th Thu.- 12 below zero.Not warmer than 12 above all day.Went to Mansfield.Walked to Lawrence Corners then rode over the hill with Mack Sweeley,to Power's Corners,walked on in. Rode back with Lee VanNocken and Bill Hill on coal truck. Ordered some more stuff of the Mansfield Novelty Co.,to finish the inside of the house.I reached home about 4:45 The lumber came about the same time. Our water pipes are frozen.Frozen in the cellar.

Jan.27th Fri.- 22 below this morning.Busy all day.Melting snow,washing dishes and moving lumber out of the hall where we piled it last night. A little warmer today than yesterday,but cold all day.Zelma went riding down hill in the evening. Lee VanNocken called in evening,so he and I played cards.

Jan.28th Sat.- 5 below this morning.A little warmer today.Partly pleasant.  About sick with my head all day.Creig and Fred here in evening,Creig for the weekend.

Jan.29th Sun.- Cloudy,warmer,thawed a little nearly all day.Zelma went to church and the morning.Fred here for dinner. Creig and Fred got a blow torch and thawed our water pipes. Was sick all day,but got about. My back,just over my right kidney,nearly killed me all evening and part of night.The boys went back to work about 4 in the afternoon.

Jan.30th Mon.- Warmer.It began snowing sometime in the night so this morning we have about 6 inches more snow and still coming.Wind blowing a gale.About 8 AM the snow changed to rain. The school buss,due here at 8 reached here at 9:00.Colder at night.Snowed again.I did chores but little else.

Jan.31st Tue.- Cold. Snowed and the wind blew most of the forenoon,then storm stopped but wind continued. The school bus got through but came back early for fear it could not get through if waited longer.The mail  from Rutland to Columbia X Roads could not get through. I washed a few clothes and began finishing the stairway.

Feb.1st Wed.- 6 below zero this morning.Pleasant and cold.Clouded in mid afternoon and warmer.Worked on stairway.In evening Creig,Osmer and Fred all called.Had a pleasant evening,popped corn etc. About 11:00 after the boys were gone I listened to a speech over the radio by former Pres Hoover,speaking in Chicago,Ill. Hoover spoke in favor of a large navy, but somewhat opposed to Roosevelt's foreign policy. I believe we should have a navy second to none and superior to any two navies that might be brought against us.Because of the fact that we have two sea coasts to defend. Then build another canal across Panama,spend a few hundred million on coast defenses.Raise our army to about a quarter of one percent of our population,with a national guard of equal size.Build a few hundred more planes,with airfields and trained pilots given attention. Then suggest quite strongly that those nations still owing World War debts and owning islands near our coast or on the sea lanes leading to Panama or South America;suggest to those nations that they exchange those islands for the war debts.Do this to make sure that no European air or naval bases will be established within strikeing distance of the United States.When this is done,or well under way,I would have America say to the old world,"We want none of your lands,and none of your quarrels,we are going to stay at home and mind our own business and you are going to do the same."

Feb.2nd Thu.- A little warmer this morning.Cloudy all day and snowed most of PM.The old groundhog sure didn't see his shadow in this part of the country today. I worked on house most of day. Donna Burton spent the evening with Zelma.

Feb.3rd Fri.- Pleasant morning,but stormed most of PM.Zelma and Fred went to see,"Jimmy and Jane",a show in the church by Elmira people.I went to bed early,about 8:30.

Feb.4th Sat.- Cold,pleasant and snowy by turns all day.Snowed about 4 inches last night. Worked on house a little. Creig and Fred here in evening and we played monopoly.

Feb.5th Sun.- A pleasant but cold day.Zelma went to S.S. Osmer came home about 10:30 AM.The four of us home for dinner,seemed a little like old times.Creig and Osmer staid for supper,went back to work about 8:00. Creig and Osmer intend to leave their jobs Feb.25th and join the army. I just dread to see them join the army,I also dislike to see them kicked about on a farm. I wish they could be content to settle down on one of these old farm,or rather adjoining farms,improve them, fix them to their own taste and have homes.Zelma went to spend the evening with Donna Burton.

Feb.6th Mon.- Slightly warmer,thawed a little,snow and rain in evening. Worked on house.Fred called a few minutes in evening.It is enough warmer in southern there is danger of floods in the Ohio valley.

Feb.7th Tue.- About four inches more snow on the ground this morning,and snowing slowly.Stopped storming about noon. Still warmer and thawing some.Put on a little more wallboard today.Zelma and Fred went to a Rod and Gun Club pancake supper in evening. Fred sang,he is quite a good singer.

Feb.8th Wed.- A little snow in AM,but only a little.Pleasant,just about freezing all day.Again worked at the wallboard.

Feb.9th Thu.- Pleasant most of AM but cloudy.Colder in PM.Worked about house doing odd jobs most of day. There is a great deal of discussion in the U.S.about national defence. There are,however,several unamerican groups within our own country that should be taken care of,and if they are not taken care of,they will bore from within and our country will fall regardless of it's defences.

Feb.10th Fri.- A strong southeast wind with rain and sleet this morning. Cleared before noon and was quite pleasant in PM. Have my first cold of the season,not bad but disagreeable. Finished wall board and trim on the sewing room. Heard over the radio that Pope Pius XI died this morning. Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

Feb.11th Sat.- Pleasant and cold. Winfred Hall called about 7:30 this AM to get me to open a grave for his father,George Hall.Worked on grave all day. Creig and Fred here in evening.Both have colds,but Fred made candy and we had a fine evening. I sure enjoy these Sat.evenings when Creig comes home and Fred comes down,it is then home with a little life.

Feb.12th Sun.- 8 below.A beautiful day but cold. Creig and Fred insisted on finishing the grave for me so I shoveled snow.There is not over eight or ten inches of snow in the cemetery,but it is frozen hard,so just can't put a car through it.In evening Osmer came home for a couple of hours.Creig and Osmer are still talking army.The boys all left about 10 PM and Zelma and I alone again. Wallace Porter's house burned this morning.

Feb.13th Mon.- Warmer,a beautiful day,thawed all day. The George Hall funeral,worked in cemetery all day. Water and mud in cemetery where we had shoveled away the snow.

Feb.14th Tue.- Cloudy most of day,but warmer,thawed.Snow going slowly.Worked on tool shack in cemetery.In evening Creig,Osmer and Fred called, bringing a small,white hound pup for us to take care of for them.

Feb.15th Wed.- Rainy,nasty morning.Rain changed to snow about noon,snowed but little,a cold night.Worked about house a little.

Feb.16th Thu.- A cold,windy day.Finished putting up wall board downstairs

Feb.17th Fri.- Another cold day,a little warmer at night.About sick with a cold.Did almost nothing except chores.Fred called on Zelma in evening.

Feb.18th Sat.- Warmer,rainy.Creig and Osmer both came home for evening and staid all night.I finished trim in hall and bedroom downstairs.

Feb.19th Sun.- A little cooler in morning but began raining about 11:00 AM. Rained most of afternoon and night.Osmer and Fred went back to work early in morning but Creig staid home till about 4:00 PM.Zelma went to AM.In evening I got out a story I wrote some seven or eight years ago and Zelma started reading it.

Feb.20th Mon.- Warm,cloudy day.Snow going fast.Water high,floods in some places.Zelma had bad cold,didn't go to school.Zelma finished reading my story,"Bogo",called it good.I washed in PM.

Feb.21st Tue.- Colder.A little rain or sleet fell most all day.Did a little writing.Zelma went over to see Anita Evert in evening.

Feb.22nd Wed.- Cold and blustry.2 above this morning,with about 3 inches of new snow.Cold all day.Did some writing.

Feb.23rd Thu.- About zero this morning.Cold all day.Washed a few clothes again today.Did some writing.

Feb.24th Fri.- Cold all day.Did more writing.Fred here a few minutes in evening.

Feb.25th Sat.- Not so cold.Partly pleasant.Mended some of my old pants.Did this and that about the house Creig home in evening,having left Whites. Going to see about joining army.

Feb.26th Sun.- Rained most of day.Fred came about noon.Zelma went to AM.Creig and Fred here for dinner.Osmer came in late PM,he having left Sopers to go with Creig.

Feb.27th Mon.- Partly clear,not cold.Creig and Osmer both home all day.and Oh! how good it seems to have them both here,if they could only stay. We started laying kitchen floor.The school bus came near going over the bank at the approach to the Jr.High School in Mansfield.Zelma so scared she didn't dare ride home,got a ride part way and then walked. In evening Zelma and Anita Evert called at Harris' to make notes on children for their child care in Home Ec.

Feb.28th Tue.- Rained nearly all day.Finished the new kitchen floor.Zelma went to school,had a new bus driver.Creig and Osmer went to Elmira.In evening Zelma went to her S.S.Class social meeting.

Mar.1st Wed.- Pleasant most of day but cold wind.Boys home in late PM,tired.They had supper Tue.and breakfast this morning with Vivian.

Mar.2nd Thu.- A beautiful day but still a cold wind.Worked a little on dining room floor.In PM our new stove came .A present from Creig and Osmer. They bought it in Elmira and it was delivered today by Sears Roebuck.It is a dandy.Those boys would spend their last cent for Daddy. In late PM Osmer went to Soper's to get some things he had left,staid overnight.Fred here in evening.

Mar.3rd Fri.- Cold,windy AM.Warmer in PM.Worked some on dining room floor. Zelma sick,didn't go to school.Creig and Osmer went to Williamsport and made application to enlist in the United States Army Air Corps.They came home and will be called soon as there is an opening for them.

Mar.4th Sat.- A beautiful day.I washed in forenoon. Creig painted woodwork in clothes room off dining room. In PM and evening finished floor in dining room.

Mar.5th Sun.- Rained in morning and a little through the day.Fred here with us for dinner.In evening Creig,Osmer and Fred went up to Alton's.

Mar.6th Mon.- Warm and cloudy in morning.Wind came up in mid-forenoon.By night colder and wind blew a gale.The boys and I tinkered about the house a little.In evening Zelma went to Mansfield.

Mar.7th Tue.- Wind blew hard and cold all day.Painted a little,worked about house all day. In evening Fred came down.He and Creig oiled their gunstocks.

Mar.8th Wed.- A little warmer.Mostly pleasant,yet thawed but little.Worked some finishing hall.Zelma went to spend night with Harris' hired girl, Mae Lawson.

Mar.9th Thu.- Colder,windy.Did some painting,put in shelf in sewing room.

Mar.10th Fri.- Cold,stormy AM.Cloudy PM.Painted woodwork in downstairs hall. Zelma spent the night with Anita Evert at Anita's grandfather's, Neal Rouse.Fred came down.He and the boys played cards.I worked on desk in hall.

Mar.11th Sat.- Cold,windy,snowed a little. Orey E.,Martha,Ada and Florence came down for dinner. We had a fine visit.

Mar.12th Sun.- Rain,sleet,snow all day and most of night.One of the worst storms that some parts of the country have had for years,and bad enough here.All at home all day.

Mar.13th Mon.- Cold,cloudy,windy,some sleet. Worked on desk and files all day.

Mar.14th Tue.- Cold and snowy AM.Pleasant,cold PM.Creig,Osmer and I went up to Orey E.'s in PM.

Mar.15th Wed.- Pleasant AM.Rain in PM.Washed in AM.Creig worked for Rouse in PM. Mrs.Harris and maid called in evening.

Mar.16th Thu.- Cold,windy.Mopped floors in AM.In PM we put on some wall board upstairs. In evening Lee VanNocken and Fred came,they and Creig and Osmer played 500.

Mar.17th Fri.- Cold,windy,snow flurries.Worked on house.Osmer went back to Soper's to work till called for service in the army. Creig and I listened to a speech by Prime Minister Chamberlain of Great Britain in PM. Speaking in Birmingham,Eng.In evening Zelma went to a social with Fred.

Mar.18th Sat.- Real cold.Not warmer than 25 above all day,dropping to zero in early evening.Worked putting up wallboard upstairs all day.Zelma staid the night with the Harris children and their maid.

Mar.19th Sun.- Sub zero morning.(15 below).Beautiful day. Zelma went to S.S. in AM. Europe is again on the brink of war.The germans have again set out to rule the world.It is only a question now,whether the Germans under Hitler will be allowed to rule the world by force,or will the rest of the world fight.

Mar.20th Mon.- Cold,snow flurries.Worked in house all day.Cemetery meeting in evening,but not enough present to do business.Anita Evert staid the night with Zelma. In evening the girls went to Mansfield to a show with a Benedict fellow. Creig went with me.

Mar.21st Tue.- The first day of spring,but cold. Thawed but little.Creig and I went over to the cemetery but ground frozen hard.Finished floor in entrance hall.

Mar.22nd Wed.- About 2 inches of snow this morning.A little warmer today, only partly clear.Painted a little in AM. In PM trimed grape vines etc. In evening wrote on "Bogo".Fred here.

Mar.23rd Thu.- A beautiful day,warmer.Washed in AM.

Mar.24th Fri.- Warmer.Fine day.A little windy.Painted window sash inside and put up shades.Osmer called few minutes in evening.Went to cemetery meeting in evening.Again appointed caretaker for one year beginning

Apr.1st 1939. The war scare still frying in Europe and the U.S.making haste to arm.

Mar.25th Sat.- A beautiful warm spring day.Rained a little during the night.Creig and I began work on grave for Mrs.Hogan,the mother of Natie Bump. In evening Zelma went to a birthday party for a Wilbur fellow near Tioga.She went with Fred and Osmer. Creig and I home alone.We sugared off.Creig has tapped three maples near the house.

Mar.26th Sun.- Another beautiful warm day.We worked on the Hogan grave all day.

Mar.27th Mon.- Rained a little most of AM.Colder.Heard peepers for the first time last night.The Hogan funeral about 11:00 AM.

Mar.28th Tue.- Rained nearly all last night and froze. Today everything is covered with ice,trees,wires everything. Thawed but little.Worked cleaning house all day.Osmer called few minutes about noon.Zelma went to S.S.class meeting in church basement in evening.

Mar.29th Wed.- Cloudy,cold.Ice still on the trees.A lazy day,that is I was lazy,did about nothing.Fred here in evening.

Mar.30th Thu.- Pleasant morning,cold wind,clouded up about noon. Painted floors and woodwork.

Mar.31st Fri.- Cloudy,windy,cold.Painted a little more and worked about the house.

Apr.1st Sat.- Pleasant morning,soon clouded over.Rained in PM and evening. Cleaned out trash from the barn.Fred here in evening and we sugared off,Creig,Fred,Zelma and I.

Apr.2nd Sun.- Cold and windy all day.Osmer came home about 9:30 AM for the day,went back to Soper's in the evening.Zelma went to church in the evening.They are having church service twice each Sunday,beginning today.

Apr.3rd Mon.- Cold and blustry all day.Sick with headache all day.

Apr.4th Tue.- Cold and blustry all day.Not feeling any too good.About 8:30 Mrs.Leland Soper came to have grave opened for an infant grandchild,so Creig and I opened that.In evening Creig went with Orey see about fixing a radio.Orey E.called a few minutes in morning.

Apr.5th Wed.- Cold,cloudy morning.Cleared in mid AM,warmer,a beautiful day. Feeling better.Creig and I worked in cemetery in PM.In evening Creig went to help Orey W.on a radio,while Zelma went to Mansfield and I took a bath and went to bed.

Apr.6th Thu.- Rained nearly all day. Twenty two years ago today the U.S. declared war on Germany and entered the World War.Zelma's school out at noon for the Easter vacation.Zelma went to bible study in evening. Orey W.home in evening.

Apr.7th Fri.- Cold,snow flurries. Hung out clothes in morning,then worked about house.Cleaning,fixed electric lamp etc. Good Friday. Italian troops began invasion of Albania in an effort to head off a "Stop Hitler" movement by England and France.In evening Creig went to Elmira to a show with Orey W.and Lee VanNocken.

Apr.8th Sat.- Cold and windy.Snowed about two inches in evening.Creig and I went to Mansfield.Fred called a few minutes in evening. He and Zelma seem to be a little on the "outs" now.

Apr.9th Sun.- EASTER - Partly pleasant,cold wind.Most of snow went.Zelma went to S.S. in AM and church in evening.Creig and I home all day. Sugared off in evening.

Apr.10th Mon.- Snowed in early morning,warmer toward noon.PM warm but mostly cloudy.In PM Creig began work on a chicken house. In evening Zelma went down to VanNocken's with Donna Burton to play cards.Fred met her there and came home with her. Owing to a change in state administration,the Republicans being now in power,with Arthur James as governor;Henry Oldroyd,who has been road supervisor for the past four years, has been replaced by Jack Woodworth,and all Democrats lose their road jobs.

Apr.11th Tue.- Rainy AM,cooler PM,snow in evening.Worked about house.Strung wires for electric door bell,helped Creig build a dog house etc.

Apr.12th Wed.- Windy.Snow flurries every few minutes all day.About sick,did very little.

Apr.13th Thu.- A little warmer.Real windy.Partly clear.Feeling better.Creig and I finished foundation for chicken house in PM.In evening Zelma went to prayer meeting.

Apr.14th Fri.- Cold and cloudy.Worked in Post Office all day.Creig worked boiling sap at Soper's,for Leon Welch.

Apr.15th Sat.- High,cold wind.Creig and I put down rough sub floor for chicken house.Don and Vivian came about 6:00 PM and staid over night.

Apr.16th Sun.- Little warmer,partly clear.Zelma went to church and S.S. in morning.Don,Creig and I went in Don's car and got Osmer,brought him down for dinner with us.In PM Creig went fishing,Osmer went back to Soper's,Don and Vivian went home.In evening Zelma went to church.

Apr.17th Mon.- Cold,cloudy AM.Began raining about noon,rained nearly all PM Worked in cemetery in AM. In PM slept and read. Creig went to Williamsport to see about his and Osmer's enlistment. In evening Zelma's new boy friend and his mother called and Oh Dear! such a mess! Creig didn't get home until after midnight.

Apr.18th Tue.- Cold,cloudy,rained in AM.In PM I worked in cemetery.Osmer home a few minutes in evening.

Apr.19th Wed.- Cold,misty AM.Pleasant PM.Washed in AM.Late in afternoon Creig and I began work on grave for Mrs.Eva Brown.The widow of Thomas Brown and the mother of William,Fay,Howard,Clarence,Fred,Evert and Mrs. Earl Jenkins.In evening Zelma went to see Alton about some of her lessons.

Apr.20th Thu.- Cloudy but warmer.This is Vivian's 22nd birthday.Creig and I worked in the cemetery all day.Creig worked on the grave,while I moved dirt piles and graded drives.

Apr.21st Fri.- Partly cloudy,high wind,rain in evening.Creig and I worked in cemetery all day.

Apr.22nd Sat.- Cold,cloudy.Brown funeral.We worked in cemetery all day. Osmer called a few minutes in evening.Zelma went to Elmira to a show with Lewis Jenkins in evening.

Apr.23rd Sun.- Pleasant but high wind.Osmer home about 9:00 AM for the day.The boys played ball in afternoon.Zelma went to morning andchurch in evening.

Apr.24th Mon.- Real warm,spring day but high wind.Creig and I planted a few potatoes between the grape rows in garden,then worked a while on the chicken house in AM.In afternoon began work on Fred Gee grave.Fred Gee was a former Roseville resident.

Apr.25th Tue.- Real warm and beautiful AM.Cloudy PM.Creig and I worked in cemetery all day.Zelma went to S.S.class meeting in evening with Anita Evert.

Apr.26th Wed.- Warm but only partly pleasant.Worked in cemetery all day. The Fred Gee funeral.After supper Creig went to practice baseball.Zelma went for a ride with Lewis Jenkins. Osmer called a few minutes after ball practice.

Apr.27th Thu.- Warm,pleasant AM.Cloudy PM.Creig and I worked in cemetery in AM.In PM we helped Orey fence.He came down for us at noon.We had dinner and supper with he and Martha.

Apr.28th Fri.- Foggy,misty,some cooler.Rained in evening.Creig and I worked in cemetery in AM.In PM we worked about the lawn and house at home.

Apr.29th Sat.- Partly pleasant and cool.I worked in garden all day,spading. Creig worked in cemetery mowing.In evening Zelma went to a dance with Lewis Jenkins. Twenty three years ago today Helen and I were married. By Dr.Henry,at his home,where the Bell Telephone building now stands. Then we came to Roseville to spend a week with Mother and Florence.

Apr.30th Sun.- Cold,only partly pleasant.The New York Worlds Fair opened today.Rained some in late PM and cold.Zelma went to morning.In PM Zelma and Creig went down to the ball field,but the rain shortened the game.Vivian and Don here for supper.

May 1st Mon.- Cold,heavy frost this morning.Mostly cloudy with cold NW wind all day.Creig and I worked in cemetery in AM. In PM Creig about sick with a cold,so I worked alone.Creig got supper. Zelma not home till 9:30 on account of helping with some show or other.

May 2nd Tue.- Cold,heavy frost this morning.Cloudy,rained a little about 1:00 PM.Worked in cemetery all day.After supper spaded garden.Creig still has the cold.He staid home and played the cook. In evening Zelma went to Mansfield again.The schools now-a-days seem to work overtime to find something to keep the children out nights.In my school days we were expected to study evenings and not allowed to have any school affairs on school days or nights of school days.

May 3rd Wed.- Another heavy frost this morning.Pleasant forenoon,cloudy PM, cold north wind.Worked in garden in AM.In PM Creig and I worked in cemetery.In early evening helped clean up baseball diamond. Osmer home in evening.Staid until midnight when Fred came along and took him back to Soper's.

May 4th Thu.- Warmer.Only a light frost this morning.Pleasant AM with cold north wind.Wind shifted to west in PM,warmer but cloudy.Creig and I worked in cemetery in AM on the entrance drive. In PM I washed,Creig did up the work then we both worked in garden.In the evening Creig went fishing.

May 5th Fri.- Warmer,cloudy most of day.Creig spaded and I planted garden in forenoon. In afternoon Creig continued to work in garden.I worked for Armstrong,building a dog kennel.In evening I went to a play given by the Millerton High School senior class at Roseville. Part of the proceeds are for the Cemetery Assoc. Zelma staid overnight with a girl friend in Mansfield.

May 6th Sat.- A beautiful,real warm day,except for a five minute,dry weath er shower in afternoon. Worked for Armstrong in AM.In PM worked in cemetery.Creig worked in cemetery all day.Osmer called a few minutes in evening.

May 7th Sun.- Real warm.Beautiful day,but dry,we need rain very bad. Creig went to church in morning then up to pond with some boys for a picnic dinner.Zelma went to S.S. in AM and church in evening.Osmer home about 11:00 AM,had dinner with Zelma and I.The boys and Zelma went to the ball game in PM. Osmer pitched.Won the game for Roseville 12 to 5.Don and Vivian came about 6:00 PM,had supper with us.

May 8th Mon.- A beautiful,hot day.Cut lawn and worked in garden and about house all day.Creig worked in cemetery.Orey E.,Martha and Ada called in evening. Zelma announced at the supper table that tomorrow night she was going to take her mother to a girls meeting at Mansfield. Zelma also declared she wasn't going to stay home after school is out. Of course both would be OK under normal conditions.But Zelma's mother dragged her away from home five years ago last fall and then kicked her outdoors so that the girl had to come back and beg to be allowed to come back home. Of course she didn't have to beg long.I was only too glad to have her come home. Her mother has paid no attention to her since,and now it hurts a little to have her take up with the Wilcox combine. I have for several years planned on having Zelma home to keep house for me when she finished school,for a year or two at least.

May 9th Tue.- Beautiful forenoon.High wind and showers in afternoon and evening that were badly needed.I worked in cemetery in forenoon.In PM went to Mansfield.Walked most of the way over and rode back with Dee Stevens.Creig worked for Neal Rouse. Osmer called a few minutes in evening. Zelma in Mansfield in evening.

May 10th Wed.- Cool,partly pleasant,high wind,a very light shower in early evening.Planted a little garden in morning. Material I ordered from the Mansfield Novelty Co. yesterday,delivered about 10:00 AM. In PM worked in cemetery on marker bases.Creig at Rouses again.Zelma at Wilcox's in evening.

May 11th Thu.- A pleasant day.Cooler toward night.High wind in PM.Worked in cemetery all day. Creig at Rouse's.

May 12th Fri.- Partly cloudy.Cold and windy.Creig and I worked in cemetery all day.Osmer came down in evening,staid till after 11:00.Things are not going so well for Osmer at Soper's.The goings on are getting "under his skin",so to speak. The hired girl seems to have the run of things at Soper's.

May 13th Sat.- Cloudy,cold and windy. Creig and I worked in cemetery till about 3:30,when our mower broke down and we came home to get warm, calling it a week. In evening Creig went up to Alton's.

May 14th Sun.- Pleasant and a little warmer.Zelma went to AM.Osmer home for dinner and supper. In PM we all went to ball game between Roseville and Sayre on the Roseville grounds. Osmer played a few innings,Creig scored.It was a small league game. Score - Sayre 25 Roseville 0. The boys were badly outclassed.

May 15th Mon.- Pleasant but a cold wind.Washed in AM.In PM Creig and I worked in the cemetery,the mower having been repaired.In evening I cut grass on the lawn at home.

May 16th Tue.- Cold morning,a little frost.Pleasant day,warm PM.Very dry, need rain very much.Creig and I worked in cemetery all day.Zelma and I played ball and planted glads after supper.Creig went to Ball practice

May 17th Wed.- A fine day,quite warm.Creig and I worked in cemetery in AM and in PM we worked on the new chicken house.Zelma didn't come home on the bus and Creig and I were much worried because we heard nothing from her.The girls who went on the school bus knew nothing about her.Orey W. came up late in the evening and brought Zelma's books and jacket that she had left on the bus while it was parked during the day in Mansfield Zelma reached home about 12:30.

May 18th Thu.- A beautiful day,but cold wind.Creig and I worked on chicken house in AM.In PM I worked for Armstrong,painting inside of store,while Creig worked in cemetery. Creig helped Rouse milk at night.

May 19th Fri.- A beautiful day,real warm.Worked on chicken house in AM.In PM painted store for Armstrong.Creig worked for Rouse.Osmer home in evening. Orey E.,Martha and Ada called a few minutes after supper.

May 20th Sat.- Beautiful,real warm AM.Showers in PM beginning about 3:00 slow rain till night,a very much needed rain.Worked on chicken house in AM and painted for Armstrong again in afternoon.Creig worked for Rouse.Osmer called again in evening. Zelma went out in evening with Lewis Jenkins.

May 21st Sun.- Real warm.Showers every few minutes most of day,but no real hard showers.Zelma went to AM.Creig and Osmer went up into York State to a ball game at Cayuta.

May 22nd Mon.- Warm,rainy. Painted for Armstrong all day.Creig cut the lawn between showers. The boys received a letter from the recruiting office asking them to make new applications at once if they wished to be sent to the Air Corps in Hawaii.In evening Creig went to see Osmer.They accepted.

May 23rd Tue.- Warm,foggy morning.Pleasant,hot AM.Showers in PM.Creig and I worked in the cemetery in AM.In PM I painted for Armstrong,while Creig worked in cemetery,when it didn't rain. Creig went to ball practice in evening.

May 24th Wed.- A beautiful day,hot.Creig and I worked in cemetery in AM. In PM Creig worked in cemetery while I painted for Armstrong.

May 25th Thu.- Another beautiful hot day.Creig and I both worked in the cemetery all day.

May 26th Fri.- Beautiful day,very hot for May.Creig and I both worked in the cemetery all day. Creig received blanks from Recruiting office for me to sign,giving my consent for he and Osmer to join the Army,since they are under 21.Osmer home a few minutes in evening.

May 27th Sat.- Very hot.Windy.Shower about 6:00 PM.Creig and I worked in cemetery all day. Zelma went to Elmira in morning with Bill Sweeley. Going to spend the day and night with Vivian. Orey E.called at the cemetery in PM and we made arrangements for him to take the boys to Williamsport next week Thursday,June 1st.

May 28th Sun.- Warm and windy.A light shower 5:30 PM,again in evening.Creig and I alone all AM and for dinner. In PM we went to a ball game, Roseville Vs Breesport.Roseville 9 - Breesport 16.They put Osmer in to pitch after the game was lost. Don and Vivian came out in late PM, brought Zelma home. Osmer came home after the game to stay till he and Creig go to join the Army June 1st. In evening Creig and Osmer went up to see Alton.

May 29th Mon.- A fine day.Worked in cemetery all day.The boys home,did work at house. Zelma went on her class picnic. Fred Woodmansee came in evening and Fred,Creig,Osmer and I played 500. Zelma home late.Only two more days before the boys go.

May 30th Tue.- DECORATION DAY - A beautiful day.Zelma went to school in AM. The boys and I went over to the cemetery in AM,worked a little,visited much.In afternoon the boys went to Millport, play ball.I went over to the cemetery to work,but instead visited with John Benson,Clark Furman,Mr.and Mrs.A.F.Mandeville,Fred Tenyke, Phyllis,Martha,Mertie and others.Only one day more before the boys go.Then??? Osmer seems so much more sure of himself,so much more grown up than he did a year ago.I have to look at him and admire and think,if such a change in one year, what will three years do to him,and what will be the change in Creig? Zelma went to a dance at night with Wilson Smith.

May 31st Wed.- Real hot.90 in the shade. Tomorrow the boys go. I worked in the cemetery in AM,while Creig got dinner and Osmer went up to Soper's to get some things he had forgotten and to get his pay. In PM the boys and I went to Mansfield to get our hair cut but the barber shops were all closed.So we looked at cars,the outside of the new school building the armory,then we came home.We went with Alton.He went on to Wellsboro and on his way back we rode home with him. In the evening the boys and I were alone for the last time.Osmer got a quart of ice cream.Fred down for a few minutes.Zelma had some kind of a show to attend in Mansfield,home some time in the night. Osmer has given Zelma $20 and she treats him more like a dog than like a brother whom she may never see again.

Jun.1st Thu.- Mostly cloudy but warm.I got up about 4:30.Went down to Rouse's for some milk for the boys last breakfast at home.Then to the store for some bacon and eggs. After breakfast Orey E.took us Creig,Osmer and I to Williamsport where the boys enlisted in the U.S.Army Air Corps for three years.They left Williamsport on the 11:15 train for Harrisburg.After they had gone Orey E.and I went to Wellsboro where he had some business. In Wellsboro we had dinner about 2:00,about 4:00 we left for home. I had supper with Orey E.and Martha.I reached the house about 8:00,it isn't a home any more.I try to make myself believe that the boys will make good and advance to amount to something.But for me it seems about the end.Zelma came in about 4:00 AM.

Jun.2nd Fri.- Cloudy,cooler.Worked in cemetery 10 hours.Got cards from the boys.They spent last night in Harrisburg,Pa. Zelma got in sometime in the night. Lee VanNocken and Fred Woodmansee called in evening,so I was not quite so lonesome.

Jun.3rd Sat.- Cloudy,windy,cool,almost cold.Worked 10 hours in the cemetery again today.Saw Zelma about five minutes this morning.She went to Elmira,home about 7:30 in evening. Another card from Creig.Written at 10:00 yesterday morning in the railway station in Harrisburg,while they were waiting for a train to take them to New York,where they are to report at Ft.Slocum. In evening I washed dishes till 9:30.Dishes had not been washed since Wed.night.

Jun.4th Sun.- A beautiful day.I washed clothes in AM.In PM hoed a little garden,did but little else.Went down town town three or four times looking for a way for Zelma to get to Mansfield to her Baccalaureate Sermon.She went with Will McClure and family. One of her boy friends brought her back,then they went to Elmira.I wrote letters to the boys in evening,but had no address to send them to so will send them later on.

Jun.5th Mon.- A fine day.Worked in cemetery all day.In evening went to Mansfield with Fred Woodmansee. Zelma was graduated tonight from the Mansfield Senior High School. After the graduation Fred and I came back,had a lunch and visited. Fred and Zelma have been having trouble and Fred is all broken up about it.But I can't help him for there are other fellows just as good as Fred. And anyway Zelma is going to have a free hand in this boy business,unless she goes too low.

Jun.6th Tue.- Another good day,but very dry.We need rain so bad.Hoed garden planted a few potatoes.Had a letter from Osmer,the boys are at Fort Slocum,on David's Island,in Long Island Sound.Not far from New Rochelle N.Y. Where they expect to drill for about three months before going to Hawaii.

Jun.7th Wed.- A beautiful day.Cold morning,almost a frost.Cut weeds and grass about house,garden and along the road in AM.Worked on chicken house in PM.After supper Zelma and I walked up to Orey E.'s,but they were going to a prayer meeting so we came right home.I believe the next time we go we will ride or have business whereby we gain.Had a card from Osmer this noon and a card from the Red Cross at Governor's Island. The boys are sailing for Hawaii tomorrow,June 8th 1939.We had hopes of seeing them again before they sailed,but now they are gone for three years.Long years - telling years for an old man.

Jun.8th Thu.- Pleasant but a hot wind.Worked in cemetery.Orey E.called about noon.Lee McClure came and wanted I should help him paint his house.Was sick in evening.

Jun.9th Fri.- Beautiful day,but hot and dry. Painted for Lee McClure all day,outside of house.I passed many happy years in that old house of Lee's,and some not so happy.It was my home from about 1889 to 1910,with the exception of two years.Zelma went out with Wilson Smith at night and came home near morning. Had cards from Creig telling when they were sailing.Noon June 8th 1939 on the U.S.A.T. Hunter-Liggett,via Panama Canal to San Francisco,where they expected to arrive June 23rd.Stay there for the weekend,then go on to Honolulu where they would arrive July 3rd.

Jun.10th Sat.- Rained about noon for an hour or more,cloudy all PM.Painted for McClure till it rained me off,did little in PM.Zelma went with Smith,delivering pop.Home in evening.

Jun.11th Sun.- Hot,light shower in PM.Zelma went to S.S. Fred here for dinner. In evening Zelma left for Towanda,Pa. Jesse Dierstein took her. At Towanda she will meet the rest of her graduating class and go to New York to the Worlds Fair.To be gone till Fri.morning.I am staying alone.

Jun.12th Mon.- Cool wind,partly cloudy.warmer in evening.Worked in cemetery all day.Not feeling so good.All alone,as will be my lot from now on for some time.

Jun.13th Tue.- Cool,cloudy AM.Rained most of the time during PM and evening Worked for McClure.Too wet to paint so we repaired porch floor and built window and porch boxes.Home in evening,wet and lonesome.

Jun.14th Wed.- Cool and cloudy.Washed,cut weeds,worked in house. Wally,our heifer,had her first calf this morning. Picked and canned strawberries in evening.Had a card from Zelma.Written Mon.PM from the Worlds Fair at New York.

Jun.15th Thu.- Beautiful AM,after a cold foggy morning.Afternoon cloudy and windy.Worked in cemetery all day,mowing.Orey E.and Ada called a few minutes about noon.Received letter from Zelma,she is having a fine time.Letter written Wed.morning. Now if could only have a letter or even a card from the boys.

Jun.16th Fri.- Beautiful AM,hot cloudy PM.Zelma home from her New York trip  2:30 this morning.About tired out,slept till noon.I worked about the yard and on chicken house in AM.In cemetery in PM.Zelma picked strawberries in garden in PM.Zelma left for a dance at Mountain Lake,leaving the supper work,berries and all.

Jun.17th Sat.- Hot,muggy AM.Turned cool in PM. Cleaned boy's room a bit in AM,changed bed,cleaned floor etc.In PM worked in cemetery,left home about 1:30 PM.Zelma not up till after I left. Florence came about 6:30 PM to spend the night.Zelma went out with Jesse Dierstein in evening. I canned strawberries,we now have eight pints canned.

Jun.18th Sun.- Cloudy and cool all day.Visited with Florence.Zelma went to AM.Soon after noon Don and Vivian called for a few minutes,then they went to the ball game.Zelma went to the game with some of the players.Florence and I went up to see Guss.Back about 5:00 and then Florence went home.Guss sure had some bunch hanging around today. Tonight is a lonesome old night.I am going to read,Gone With The Wind. Mort Crippen was buried today in Mansfield.Florence and I didn't go to the funeral.I detest funerals.Hope they don't have one when I pass on. No use of my worrying,the boys are gone and everyone else will want to get me out of the way soon as possible.One of Zelma's boy friends called in evening bringing me a few cigars for Father's Day.

Jun.19th Mon.- Cool and cloudy all day.Painted for McClure all day.In evening Zelma at Harris',taking care of kids,while I got my own supper.Lee VanNocken up and spent most of evening.

Jun,20th Tue.- Hot,muggy AM.Rained most of PM.I picked strawberries in garden in AM.In PM slept and worked about house a little.

Jun.21st Wed.- A beautiful day.Worked in cemetery all day.Quite tired at night.

Jun.22nd Thu.- Partly cloudy.Rained in evening.Painted at McClure's all day.

Jun.23rd Fri.- Partly cloudy.Rained several times in AM.Worked in cemetery between showers.We had a card from Creig,written in Balboa,Panama.I am quite tired tonight.

Jun.24th Sat.- A beautiful AM.Partly cloudy PM.Finished painting McClure's house today.Zelma went out in evening.While I canned strawberries in evening.We now have 40 pints of strawberries canned.

Jun.25th Sun.- A beautiful cool day.Worked about house in AM.Slept most of PM.A long day.It seems as if I miss the boys more each day,and three long years before I see them. Will I ever see them again? I can see Creig climbing on the train and Osmer standing and waving from the car window.

Jun.26th Mon.- A fine day,but cool.Worked in cemetery all day.Zelma not up till I was eating dinner.Don and Vivian called a few minutes in evening We picked them about 4 qts of strawberries.

Jun.27th Tue.- Cold,foggy morning,but fine day.Very dry,we need rain very bad.Worked for Armstrong on store porch in AM.In PM began work on grave for Harriette Benson.

Jun.28th Wed.- A fine day,little cloudy in PM.Had a letter from Osmer and Creig. They reached San Francisco June 23rd.Osmer wrote a very interesting letter,describing their voyage from New York,through the Panama Canal and on to San Francisco.They are stationed at Fort McDowell on Angel Island in San Francisco bay.Earl Kennedy worked for me today,the Hattie Benson funeral.

Jun 29th Thu- Cloudy.Low clouds all day.Looked like rain.Rained in evening. I ground scythe and helped Armstrong finish the roof on store porch in AM. In PM worked in garden a little,worked on chicken house,washed etc. Helped Zelma can peas in evening.

Jun.30th Fri.- Cloudy,hot AM.Rained a little most of PM.Worked in cemetery in AM.In PM painted inside of house.Orey E.came about noon to get an old mowing machine we had here.Well,June is going at last.All my life I have enjoyed the month of June.June is always a fine month.I have seen many happy Junes,but not this one in 1939.It has been cool and dry but many cloudy days.In fact only one or two really beautiful June days like we often have.And My boys have left home for good,joined the Air Corps and gone to Hawaii for three years.Will I ever see them again? A big question.

Jul.1st Sat.- Cool and partly cloudy.Worked in garden in AM.In PM in cemetery.Got another letter from Osmer,written Monday.They were to sail from San Francisco for Honolulu,Tuesday June 27 1939.

Jul.2nd Sun.- A beautiful day,but cool morning and evening.Zelma went to church and morning.Vivian and Don out for dinner.Zelma left about noon with her Jesse for Harrison Lookout.Fred came,also Orey W. while Vivian,Don and I were eating dinner.After dinner Fred took the puppy,Micky,home with him.The boys gave their interest in Micky to Fred before they left home.I will miss the puppy,he has been about the only company I have had since June 1st.He has gone to the cemetery with me every day and staid with me.Orey W.staid but a few minutes,of course.About 6:00 Vivian and Don left and I spent a lonesome evening as usual.

Jul.3rd Mon.- Cold morning,but a beautiful day and beautiful moonlight evening.Worked in cemetery in AM.In PM worked on chicken house and cut a little grass in the young orchard on the hill back of the house.

Jul.4th Tue.- Very hot,pleasant.Worked in garden most of AM.In PM worked on chicken house.Zelma went to the ball game in afternoon,a double header. Roseville and Millport.First game, Roseville 7 - Millport 6.Second game Roseville 5 - Millport 6. Every year before,since we have lived here,we have had a family picnic under the old beech,but this year Zelma and I are alone.

Jul.5th Wed.- Hot day.Worked in cemetery in AM.In PM helped Rouse draw hay.

Jul.6th Thu.- Very hot.Worked in cemetery all day.

Jul.7th Fri- Another hot day.Still very dry.Worked in cemetery in AM.About sick with headache,too much hot sun I guess.In afternoon painted inside and wrote to boys.

Jul.8th Sat.- Hot morning and AM.Rained for about half an hour about noon, then cloudy.Worked in cemetery in AM.In PM went up to John Wilcox's and he cut my hair.Cut some of the grass in the orchard after supper.

Jul.9th Sun.- A beautiful day and beautifully hot. I wrote to Florence then read Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell.Part of it that is, for there are 1037 pages,some book in more ways than one.

Jul.10th Mon.- Cooler,windy.A light rain about noon.These light showers help but little.Worked in cemetery in AM,cut grass and weeds around fences.In PM helped Rouse put in a couple of loads of hay.Poor old fellow can do but little.His grandson has left him and he has no help at all. Zelma sick with a bad sore throat.I got the meals and washed the dishes.Cut more grass about orchard and garden after supper.

Jul.11th Tue.- Cold morning,pleasant most of day,a little windy.Worked in cemetery all day.Zelma's throat no better.

Jul.12th Wed.- Hot and dry,windy. While doing a few things around the house before going to work,a man came along with sour cherries. I bought 10 qts,then went to canning cherries.Had 15 pint cans.After the cherries were done washed the line full of clothes.Zelma's throat a little better.Her boy friend here in evening.

Jul.13th Thu.- Rained a little in morning.Zelma's throat worse today.In AM cut grass in and above orchard.In PM got Lee VanNocken to take Zelma and I to Mansfield to see a Dr. We went to Dr.Neal.

Jul.14th Fri.- Thunder showers in later part of last night.Partly cloudy day,cool in evening.Worked in cemetery in AM.In PM worked in house and at hay at home.Zelma's throat some better.We had letters from the boys, their address is now:17th Air Base Sqdn.,Luke Field,Pearl Harbor,TH.

Jul.15th Sat.- Cold morning and evening,pleasant day.Worked about home in AM.Sold calf,brought in hay etc.In PM worked in cemetery.In evening carried in hay at home. Zelma better.Dressed and got supper.

Jul.16th Sun.- Cloudy and cold.Read and slept most all day.Zelma's boy friend here in PM and again in evening.Very dry,we need rain real bad.

Jul.17th Mon.- Cold morning.Hot during day.Worked in cemetery all day.Cut grass at home in evening.

Jul.18th Tue.- Cold morning,hot day.Worked at home in AM.In cemetery in PM. After supper took in hay at home.

Jul.19th Wed.- Not so cold this morning.Hot dry day.Cut grass at home in AM.In PM worked in cemetery.After supper took in hay at home.

Jul.20th Thu.- Cool morning.Hot dry day.Creig's 21st birthday.I worked in cemetery till mid afternoon,finished mowing the bank.Zelma brought over a lunch and we had a picnic lunch.About 4:00 PM Zelma went with a magazine guy to sell magazines.Home in evening.I began mowing grass at home when she left.Think can finish cutting and getting in my hay tomorrow.

Jul.21st Fri.- Hot and dry,looked like rain.At night hot and muggy.Finished my haying at home today.Have cut all my hay by hand with a scythe and carried it in. Think I have enough to winter my cow,if it is not so dry have to feed early.

Jul.22nd Sat.- Another hot,dry day.Worked a little around home,not much.Got a letter from the boys,they like the Army fine.

Jul.23rd Sun.- Hot,dry.Shower in late PM.The most rain have had in two months.Lee VanNocken came up and we listened to a ball game over the radio.In evening wrote to the boys.

Jul.24th Mon.- A hot day.Lee VanNocken and I drew stone with his truck and I worked on a drive down into our place.Fred came down in the evening and we visited till 11:00.Fred is a good guy for a farm laborer,much ahead of Zelma's present boy friend.But that is her business not mine.

Jul.25th Tue.- Hot and dry.Orey E.came down about 8:00 AM and wanted Zelma and I to go home with him.He said Florence phoned the night before and said Flora and Clayton Thomas were down to Roaring Branch and they were coming up to Orey's today.So,of course went home with Orey. Flora, Clayton and Florence came up.We all staid for dinner and supper.And did we visit? It is the first time have seen Clayton since June 1911 and I sure like Clayton a lot.Zelma and I came home in the evening,while Orey took the Thomases to Tioga to visit friends there. Clayton has to be back in St.Paul, go to work Aug.1st.

Jul.26th Wed.- Hot.96 in the shade.Cloudy in late PM and evening.Worked on the drive and chicken house.

Jul.27th Thu.- Cloudy.Showers both north and south but hot and dry here.In Am worked on drive and in PM on chicken house.

Jul.28th Fri.- Cloudy,hot,muggy AM.Rained a little in early PM.Worked on drive in AM.In PM,after shower,worked on chicken house and odd chores about the house.

Jul.29th Sat.- Partly cloudy.Hot,dry,muggy.About sick with my head.Nights so hot do not get much rest.Tinkered a bit on chicken house.Orey W.home a few minutes in evening.

Jul.30th Sun.- Rained nearly all the AM,beginning about 4:00 in the morning. Afternoon pleasant and hot.About noon Don and Vivian and Katherine Fuller,Don's daughter,came.Then Orey W.came.The six of us had dinner the Fullers staid for supper,had a very good time.The Fullers brought rolls,dogs and a watermellon all ready for a dog roast,but the grass was too wet.We staid inside.

Jul.31st Mon.- Pleasant and hot.The rain did a lot of good but should have more.I worked in the cemetery in AM.In PM helped Neal Rouse set up oats.Had a letter from the boys on the noon mail,they still like Army life.

Aug.1st Tue.- A beautiful day,hot with a little breeze.Worked in cemetery all day.In PM raked the weeds and stuff off the bank,that I cut some time ago,and burned them.

Aug.2nd Wed.- Cloudy AM,clear and hot PM.Lee VanNocken drew some more stone for me in AM.In PM I worked in cemetery.

Aug.3rd Thu.- Hot.A light shower shortly after noon.Worked in cemetery in AM.In PM worked on drive and in garden. Zelma went to a dance at night. I wrote to the boys in evening.

Aug.4th Fri.- Rained all later part of last night and a light shower again about noon.I worked on drive most all day.Did a little in garden in late PM.

Aug.5th Sat.- Cooler.Beautiful day.Worked in cemetery in AM.Worked on chicken house in PM.Zelma got in this morning about 4:30 and went to a home play in the M.E.Church in evening.

Aug.6th Sun.- Cool morning,beautiful day.I loafed all day.Zelma went to the morning, and to a ball game in PM. Roseville lost two more ball games. Elmira Independents 4 Roseville 2 - First game.Elmira 5 Rose. 1 - second game.

Aug.7th Mon.- A beautiful day.Hot,sultry at night.In AM helped Lee McClure move a stone in cemetery,then tightened the hoops on his silo.Home about 4:30 PM.Had letters from the boys.They like Hawaii but I believe they are a little homesick.

Aug.8th Tue.- Pleasant,hot.Worked for Armstrong all day,painting front of store,porch etc.Wrote to the boys in evening.

Aug.9th Wed.- Hot.Several light showers.Nothing to amount to much.Worked about house,cleaning,painting etc.Fred Woodmansee came in evening,staid all night.He and I both wrote to the boys in evening. Zelma's boy friend also came in evening.Fred has quit Benson's.

Aug.10th Thu.- A beautiful day.Worked for Armstrong all day.

Aug.11th Fri.- A beautiful,hot day.Worked for Armstrong in AM.In PM tinkered a little about home.In evening went up to A.E.Benson's to see about cemetery pay.

Aug.12th Sat.- A fine,hot day.Helped Minor Cook thrash in forenoon.In PM repaired porch roof and tinkered about the house.In evening wrote to the boys.

Aug.13th Sun.- Hot with quite a breeze.A fine shower in late PM but only a fraction of what we need.Muggy in evening.Zelma went to AM. Rose Knowldon and Florence came up in PM and we enjoyed a picnic supper.Fred with us.Zelma's boy friend came in evening.

Aug.14th Mon.- Foggy morning,hot day. Worked in cemetery a while in AM.Then went to Mansfield at 10:30 with feed store man. Hitched back in PM.In late PM and evening worked on chicken house. Fred dug potatoes for John Benson.

Aug.15th Tue.- Another foggy morning,followed by a hot day.Worked on chicken house in morning and helped Neal Rouse thrash in PM.

Aug.16th Wed.- Clear,hot morning.Hot all day.Went with Orey E.on a trip through Tioga, Lawrenceville ,Nelson, Elkland, Knoxville,Westfield and other smaller places. Orey on a trip investigating inheritance tax cases,a job he has had for the past two years. I went along for the trip.

Aug.17th Thu.- Fine day.Very hot and dry.96 in the shade.Worked on chicken house all day.

Aug.18th Fri.- Weather about the same as yesterday.Worked a little,but only a little on chicken house.Not feeling good.Had letters from boys.

Aug.19th Sat.- Cloudy,cooler.Rained hard in the night.About sick with my head and eyes all day. Fred Woodmansee,who has been staying with us for ten days,left tonight. He is going to work in the store for Armstrong and board there.Fred seems about like one of the family.

Aug.20th Sun.- Cool morning,hot afternoon and night.Sick all day.Zelma went to morning and to ball game in PM.Roseville 14 Mainsburg 9.

Aug.21st Mon.- Hot and dry.Worked in cemetery in AM.About noon a man came along with peaches.We bought a bushel for $1.25.Then Zelma and I began canning peaches,worked till near midnight.

Aug.22nd Tue.- A little cooler.We finished our peaches about noon.I worked on chicken house in PM.

Aug.23rd Wed.- Cool morning.Very hot day.Washed for Zelma in AM.In PM tinkered about house.

Aug.24th Thu.- Cloudy morning.Rained a little about 8:00,but before noon had cleared and a hot,dry PM.Cloudy again in PM,light showers.Made a piece for a table for Mable Wilson in AM.Worked on chicken house in PM. Zelma worked all day for Harris',and used Mrs.Harris'sewing machine to make a dress.

Aug.25th Fri.- Foggy morning,beautiful,hot day.Worked on chicken house all day.Zelma went to Lawrence Corners to a social in evening.

Aug.26th Sat.- A beautiful day.Finished door to chicken house.Did some grading,a little painting etc. A beautiful evening,almost a full moon. Still,warm,a great evening for romance,if I were only back to 20.Had letters from the boys in Honolulu,one by airmail.

Aug.27th Sun.- A beautiful day after a cool foggy morning.I went with Zelma and her boy friend Jesse to Roaring Branch to see Florence. Took a picnic lunch.Florence,Rose,Jesse,Zelma and I had a picnic.A fine day and a fine time.Left home about 10:00 AM,returned about 7:00 PM.

Aug.28th Mon.- Another beautiful day,a little cloudy in evening.Worked about at odd jobs around home.In evening Orey E.and I went to Elmira to a ball game.Elmira vs Scranton,the first game I ever saw under lights.Scranton won 7 to 0.Zelma staid with Martha while we were gone and remained over night.

Aug.29th Tue.- Still another beautiful,hot,dry day.With a beautiful full moon in evening.Did very little.Painted some.Fred came up in PM a few minutes.Zelma came home in morning and washed.I wrote to the boys in PM,finished the letter in evening.

Aug.30th Wed.- Another beautiful day.Cloudy in evening.Worked around home all day.Sold a calf in AM. Europe is on the verge of war,as she has been for a year.Hitler has taken over first one country then another till now it looks as if they were going to fight. The U.S. should keep out of this war.Our Army,Navy and Air Force should be increased,also Navy and Air bases built. Our facilities for manufacturing war supplies should be increased.It would be well,I believe,for the insist that France and Britain exchange some of the islands they own along the coast of North America for the World War debts. This move would help keep us from being drawn into the European mess.

Aug.31st Thu.- Foggy morning but beautiful and hot,dry,day.It rained within ten miles of us last night,but not here.I repaired fence for Billie Sweeley in AM.After dinner did a little painting of door and window frames and porch posts. Thus ends August 1939.The boys have been gone only three months,that seems like three years. Europe is still on the brink of war.The air over there is full of war talk and millions of men have been called to service.

Sep.1st Fri.- A beautiful,hot,dry,day.Helped Minor Cook fill silo,finished in mid afternoon.Germany began war on Poland this morning,which means a general European war before many days.

Sep.2nd Sat.- Hot Forenoon,a small shower in PM.Worked putting shingles, strip shingles,on south side of house.Lacked about two thousand of having enough to finish.Rex Crippen brought us a load of wood in late PM.Great Britain and France each sent Germany an ultimatum,giving her until tomorrow to withdraw her troops from Poland or they would declare war.

Sep.3rd Sun.- Pleasant,hot AM.Two light showers in PM.Home all day. Zelma went to morning. Britain and France each declared war on Germany today.Orey W.called a few minutes in PM.Warren Smith,a friend of the boys,called in PM to inquire what we heard from the boys. Zelma's boy friend came in evening.

Sep.4th Mon.- Hot AM.Had a nice little shower in PM.Went to Post Office in morning,had a visit with Mrs.Cudworth.Then to the cemetery and looked over the place.Everything pretty well dried up.In PM worked for Billie Sweeley till the shower came up.In evening Lee VanNocken came up and we listened for war news over the radio.

Sep.5th Tue.- Cooler.Cloudy.I built a new outer door for the outside cellar eating ripe pineapples.They are so much ahead of pineapples sold at home that he says,"can't see how anyone can eat those hard dry things sold in the States."

Sep.6th Wed.- Cool,pleasant day.I cleaned the cellar in the forenoon.After dinner worked on a drain for the cesspool.Lee VanNocken's children, Bobbie and his sister were here all PM.Zelma took care of them while the VanNockens went to Elmira. Dug the last of our early potatoes this morning.

Sep.7th Thu.- Cold morning,warm,pleasant AM.PM cloudy.Warmer in evening. Rainy evening.Worked on drive and the ditch leading from cesspool. Mailed a letter to the boys this morning.

Sep.8th Fri.- Hot.One of the hottest days we have had this summer.Strong, hot wind all day.Helped Zelma rearrange living room,moved wood pile, did odd jobs about the place.Orey W.called a few minutes in evening.

Sep.9th Sat.- Hot,pleasant day.I went to Elmira with Billie Sweeley in the morning.Got some information for Florence regarding trains and time tables etc.Florence is going to spend her vacation in St.Paul,Minn. Spent most of day with Vivian. She and Don brought me home in evening Zelma and her boy friend,Jesse,went to the Mansfield Fair in evening. Rained a little in evening.

Sep.10th Sun.- Cooler in morning.Rained about half an hour in PM,then much cooler.Florence came about 10:30 and spent the day. Jesse here in evening.

Sep.11th Mon.- Quite cool,beautiful day.Tinkered about,did almost nothing. Zelma's 18th birthday.Zelma helped Mrs.Harris most of day.In evening Fred,Donna Burton and Jesse were here.The four young folks made candy, popped corn,played cards etc.Had a general good time,I believe.

Sep.12th Tue.- Cold,rainy.Didn't rain much,but a little several times. Painted inside and did several odd jobs.In evening Lee VanNocken came up and we visited till after mid night.

Sep.13th Wed.- Warmer,a beautiful September day.About sick all day.Helped Zelma wash in AM.Took nap in PM.Zelma and Jesse went over to Dierstein's in evening.

Sep.14th Thu.- Warm,beautiful day.Sick with my head and eyes all day.In bed most of day.

Sep.15th Fri.- Hot all day.110 in the shade in Roseville. Helped Rouse fill silo.I believe it was the hottest day I ever worked.All in at night.

Sep.16th Sat.- A warmer day than yesterday,but I didn't do much of anything Built a small book cupboard for Osmer's Popular Educators. Zelma went to Mansfield to a show in evening.I am alone as usual.

Sep.17th Sun.- A good shower with some thunder early this morning.Cooler today,quite cold in evening.Cleaned my room and wrote letters.Orey W. here in late PM for a few minutes.Zelma's boy friend Jesse here in evening.

Sep.18th Mon.- Cold morning.Our first frost.Pleasant day,cool.Began painting John Benson's house.Received letter from the boys.

Sep.19th Tue.- Cold morning,again a light frost.Cool wind all day,warmer at night. Painted all day at Benson's.Orey W.home a few minutes in evening.

Sep.20th Wed.- Warmer,rainy.Rained just enough to stop me from painting. Wrote to boys,made some applesauce,worked little on drive etc.Fred Woodmansee went to Sayre hospital for hernia operation.Jesse here in evening.Listened to Joe Lewis - Bob Pastor fight in evening. Lewis won in the eleventh round on a knockout.

Sep.21st Thu.- Cold north wind all day.Painted on Benson's house most of day.Had a bad throat and a headache all day.In PM listened to Pres.F.D. Roosevelt's speech before Congress.A special session of Congress called on account of the war in Europe.

Sep.22nd Fri.- Foggy morning but a very beautiful day.Painted on Benson's house.Orey W.home a few minutes in evening.A big fight in Congress over the foreign policy of the U.S.,in respect to the European war.Received a check for $18.00 for a birthday present from Florence.

Sep.23rd Sat.- My 59th birthday - A beautiful day.Cloudied a little in PM and windy,but clear moonlight evening.Warm for Sept. In evening Zelma's boy friend came over.Orey home and Mr.and Mrs.Charles Cudworth came for the evening.We played cards and spent a very enjoyable evening.Zelma served cake and coffee,candy and popcorn.On the whole I really enjoyed myself the most I have in a long time.If Creig and Osmer had only been here.

Sep.24th Sun.- Warmer,partly cloudy,but no rain.Being up late last night I slept several hours.Zelma went to morning and to church in evening.Lee VanNocken up in evening for a visit.

Sep.25th Mon.- A beautiful day.Painted all day,but my head bothered me a lot.Heavy thunder late in evening,but no rain.

Sep.26th Tue.- Cold and rainy all day.Painted blinds 3 hours in the morning had them stacked in a garage where they were dry.Wrote to the boys in evening.

Sep.27th Wed.- Rained nearly all day,some of the time quite hard.The first rain we have had since April to amount to anything.Started to clean trash room.Don and Vivian came in late PM,staid for supper.May Lawson called in evening.Zelma and her boy friend Jesse went out in evening. I am alone again.This being alone is getting to be a "chestnut." It will be worse than that before spring,I'm afraid.

Sep.28th Thu.- Foggy,nasty morning,but a beautiful fall day after it cleared.Painted on Benson house in PM.

Sep.29th Fri.- Cloudy.Rained a little several times.Painted inside of porches at Benson's.

Sep.30th Sat.- Cool and rainy most of day.Did very little today.In the evening Zelma and I played cards a while.The first time Zelma and I ever played cards unless someone was here.The war in Europe still going on. Little fighting except that Germany and Russia have crushed Poland.

Oct.1st Sun.- Cold and cloudy till mid PM,then cleared.Wrote to the boys. They have been gone four months today.I did John Benson's milking at night.Zelma went over with me.Zelma went to morning and church in evening.

Oct.2nd Mon.- Cloudy and cold.Worked in cemetery in AM.In PM Zelma and I went to Mansfield with Archie Benson.I had my eves tested for new glasses.We received letters from the boys,also a box containing many interesting things from Honolulu.A beautifully turned wooden ash tray with glass tray for my birthday,and a Hawaiian bracelet for Zelma's birthday.The boys sent pictures they had taken of themselves etc.

Oct.3rd Tue.- Cloudy,rained just a little.Was around home all day.Wrote to the boys.

Oct.4th Wed.- Cloudy AM.Cleared about noon.A beautiful warm PM.Worked in cemetery in AM.Painted at Benson's in PM.Zelma down at Harris'all afternoon till 7:00 in evening.

Oct.5th Thu.- A little cloudy but mostly pleasant,warm,fine October day. Painted all day.My new glasses came at noon.They are quite an improvement on my old ones.But they should be,they cost $20.00 cash.Zelma went to a dance in evening.Rex Soper called me to open a grave for John Perry,funeral to be Saturday PM.

Oct.6th Fri.- A thunder shower in early morning hours.Soon after sunup it cleared and except for a little wind was a beautiful day.Worked on grave all day.Earl Kennedy helped me.Letter from the boys came on the mail at noon.

Oct.7th Sat.- A beautiful autumn day.The Perry funeral.Worked in cemetery all day.

Oct.8th Sun.- Cold,cloudy,hazy morning.Began raining about 11:00 AM.In PM thunder began.One thunder shower followed another all afternoon and evening.Home all day.Wrote to the boys and took a nap.Zelma went to morning and to young peoples meeting in evening.

Oct.9th Mon.- Warmer,partly cloudy.A beautiful sunset.Felt quite lazy so did little in forenoon.In afternoon painted at Benson's.

Oct.10th Tue.- Beautiful,warm October day.A little windy.Rained in evening. Painted most all day.Orey W.home a few minutes in evening.

Oct.11th Wed.-Cool,cloudy day.Worked in cemetery.Had letter from Florence. She has returned from St.Paul.In evening Zelma went to Mansfield to a show. I wrote to Florence and canned applesauce.

Oct.12th Thu.- Cold and cloudy.Painted porch floor and doors at Benson's in AM.In PM painted Armstrongs store porch.

Oct.13th Fri.- Pleasant but cold.Painted woodwork in hall at home.In mid PM Vivian and Don came and we picked a few apples,gave Don a bushel. They staid for supper.Orey W.and Fred called in evening.Jesse here in evening.

Oct.14th Sat.- A cold,windy,little rainy,partly clear day.Worked about the house and garden,went down town etc.

Oct.15th Sun.- Beautiful day,but cold.Cold,light wind.Zelma went to S.S. in morning and young people's meeting in evening.I wrote letters and worked on "Bogo"most all day.Fred here a few minutes in PM.Orey W. called about 6:00 PM.Orey tells me he is going to live in Mansfield. His mother is going over there.

Oct.16th Mon.- A beautiful day,warmer than yesterday.Spaded about the grape vines.In PM painted Benson's front porch floor.

Oct.17th Tue.- Cloudy,cold,windy day.Spaded about grape vines most of day.  In PM Zelma went down to Harris'home,about 10:00 in evening. Letter from Creig.

Oct.18th Wed.- A beautiful day.Very cold morning.Ground froze almost enough to bare my weight. Spaded in AM. In PM worked in cemetery.

Oct.19th Thu.- A beautiful,warm day,with thunder showers in evening.Sick all day.In bed all PM,my head again.Was in hopes my new glasses would remove the cause of such awful headaches but they don't seem to,for this is about the worst one have had.

Oct.20th Fri.- Another beautiful day,and real warm.My head a little better but not much.In evening head better.Wrote to Creig.Zelma went to Lawrence Corners to a social.

Oct.21st Sat.- Warm,partly cloudy.Rained a little about noon and a hard thunder shower about 4:30 PM.I went over to Benson's and patched the house roof in morning,then picked a few apples before the rain.VanNocken brought us a load of coal.Vivian and Don called late in afternoon.In evening I wrote on "Bogo".

Oct.22nd Sun.- Warm,partly cloudy.A little rain and hail in late PM and cooler. In the forenoon helped John Wilcox(of Batavia,N.Y.),set a small marker in cemetery.Took a bath and nap in PM.Zelma went to AM. In evening she went to Mansfield with Jesse.Orey W.called in late PM. Again in evening and went to Mansfield with Zelma and Jesse. Orey and his mother live in Mansfield but she had to come over and spend the weekend with Wilcox,left Orey alone in Mansfield.

Oct.23rd Mon.- Cold,windy,several snow squalls.Repaired fence for Billie Sweeley in AM.Picked apples in PM.A letter came from Osmer.

Oct.24th Tue.- Partly pleasant but cold wind.Gathered beets,carrots,cabbage from garden and did some spading.Finished spading about the grape vines and the asparagus bed.

Oct.25th Wed.- Not so cold but rainy,disagreeable all day.Mailed a letter to Osmer this morning. Wrote a little in AM.In PM went to see A.E. Benson about cemetery money.Stopped on way back and helped Rex Crippen change a wheel on his new tractor.

Oct.26th Thu.- Warm.Rained a little in morning.Clouds lifted and cleared off before evening.A beautiful moonlight evening.I went to Mansfield in AM.Rode most of the way over with Fred Webster and his wife.In the afternoon picked a few apples and gathered a few black walnuts.

Oct.27th Fri.- Warm,cloudy AM.Rained hard all PM,some of the time with thunder.Rainy evening.I wrote a little,did but little else.In late PM Don came and Zelma went home with him for the weekend.Jesse,Zelma's boy friend,came in evening and we visited two or three hours.

Oct.28th Sat.- Cooler in morning and grew colder all day.Several hard snow squalls in PM. I sit by the fire nearly all day. Orey E.called a few minutes in forenoon. Orey E.has lost his job with the state and now wonders what he is going to do for cash.

Oct.29th Sun.- Warmer.A beautiful day.Up late,did chores. Swept and mopped kitchen,dining room and hall.Expected Florence but she didn't come. In early evening Don and Vivian brought Zelma home.It was a long lonesome day for me.

Oct.30th Mon.- A cold,windy day. Filled the cellar windows and banked the house a bit on the east and west sides. Warmer in evening and began raining.

Oct.31st Tue.- Rained most of last night and all day today.Not hard,but a good steady rain. Zelma sick last night and today.I worked in house and wrote most of day. Had letters from the boys,Monday Oct.30th.They seem to be OK only a little lonesome for home and home folks.Wrote to boys in evening.

Nov.1st Wed.- Cold and windy.Zelma still not feeling good.Worked about the house.Jesse came in evening.

Nov.2nd Thu.- Cold and rainy all day.Mopped and cleaned up house for Zelma. About sick myself.

Nov.3rd Fri.- Cold and windy all day.Finished spading garden back of the house.Received letter from Creig.

Nov.4th Sat.- A real cold morning,but a beautiful day with a cold east wind. Began spading around trees in orchard.

Nov.5th Sun.- A little warmer.Dark,cloudy morning.Began storming about 10:00 AM and stormed all day and evening.Partly snow and partly rain. Florence came about 11:30,staid for dinner.I wrote to Creig.

Nov.6th Mon.- Bright morning but soon clouded over and light rain in PM. Up late,did little in forenoon. Henry Oldroyd called to talk politics. In evening I spaded in orchard.

Nov.7th Tue.- Pleasant day but cold wind. Election day.Worked about town for Lugg for County Commissioner about all day. In morning when I went to vote,found my name on ballot for school director in a three cornered fight.But I didn't fight,just kept still and let come what would,so of course,but little came my way.

Nov.8th Wed.- Partly pleasant.Three or four snow squalls,quite a high wind.Colder at night.Archie Benson brought me a little cemetery money in AM. Spaded a little in orchard.Down town most of forenoon.Zelma's boy friend here in evening.

Nov.9th Thu.- A pleasant but cold day. Cold west wind.Worked about the house in AM.In PM spaded in orchard.

Nov.10th Fri.- A beautiful day,warm and pleasant.Clouded a little in late PM.In late evening colder and rained.Spaded in AM.In PM helped John Benson thrash buckwheat.In evening Zelma and her Jesse went out.

Nov.11th Sat.- High wind,partly cloudy,cold.Orey W.came in morning a few minutes,then went hunting.Called again on his way back.Did a little spading. ARMISTICE DAY. 21 years ago today the World War closed by signing of the armistice.At that time we lived in Elmira,N.Y. at 1235 Pratt St.Orey E.and Martha had come to our place to spend Sunday and remained over till Monday morning. Early Monday morning word came of the armistice and Orey and Martha spent the day helping us celebrate.Mother,who had been spending a week with us,returned home with Orey's folks.

Nov.12th Sun.- Pleasant but cold.Cloudy in late PM and warmer.Read and wrote all day.Zelma went to morning.Jesse here in evening and before he left for home he asked me to go to Wellsboro with he and Zelma to get a marriage license.

Nov.13th Mon.- Snowed most all day.Jesse came about 8:00 AM and again asked me to go with he and Zelma so they could get a marriage license. Zelma is not 21 so it would be necessary for me to sign the application.I do not approve of Jesse for a son-in-law,but on the other hand,I do not believe in interfering too much in such affairs.Therefor I went to Wellsboro with them and signed the application.Jesse staid for dinner. We didn't get home till 12:30 PM. In PM I finished spading in orchard in the snow. Nov.13th is not lucky for me.6 years ago today Helen left home to go live with Wilcox.One year ago(Nov.13 1938)Orey W.left home. And today (Nov.13 1939)Zelma plans to leave me.Received letter from the boys,that is the bright spot in the day.

Nov.14th Tue.- Pleasant but cold.The ground white with snow.Did very little today.Helped Zelma a little about the washing.Wrote to the boys. Nov.15th Wed.- A beautiful,bright day,a little warmer.Cleaned the floors downstairs,that was about all.

Nov.16th Thu.- Warmer and a beautiful day.Painted woodwork in dining room and some chairs.In PM began spading in lower garden.In evening Fred Woodmansee and May Lawson called a few minutes.

Nov.17th Fri.- A warm beautiful day,as fine an Indian Summer day as one could ask for.I spaded a little,washed Zelma's hair and washed dinner dishes.Zelma burned her hand getting dinner. This is Wayne's 12th birthday. Twelve years ago today (Nov.17 1927) it rained all day. In evening Jesse came with his father,mother and brother and we all went up to Orey E.'s and Zelma and Jesse were married. I didn't want to go but Zelma insisted. My home is broken up now,I am all alone once more.

Nov.18th Sat.- Another beautiful day.Cold morning and evening.Spaded a while in morning,then Ed.Russell called and wanted I should put in two marker bases for him. So I worked in the cemetery till about dark on marker bases. In evening churned and washed dishes.Fred and young Leo Swain called a while in evening. Orey E.came about noon and wanted I should go to Tioga with him,but I had to put in those bases,for the weather can't be depended on to stay good long.

Nov.19th Sun.- A very pleasant day.Went over to the cemetery,then spaded a little garden.Late in PM Zelma and Jesse came and wanted I should go over to Dierstein's for supper.I went.Enjoyed the supper and evening. They brought me home about 11:30.

Nov.20th Mon.- Partly cloudy and cold.Spaded most all day.

Nov.21st Tue.- Cold and cloudy.Churned and cleaned up in AM.In PM went up to John Wilcox's,took my cow with me,to spend a few days doing chores while John and Leda went to Norristown to spend Thanksgiving.

Nov.22nd Wed.- A little warmer and only partly cloudy.Did chores and split a little wood.About 9:00 PM Zelma and Jesse came to spend Thanksgiving with me.

Nov.23rd Thu.- Thanksgiving - Just a beautiful day,but a cold NE wind.Zelma Jesse and I had a fine Thanksgiving dinner and a good time,which I enjoyed more than words can express.I hope and pray Zelma and Jesse may always be as happy as they are now.Jesse helped me with the chores.In evening I wrote to the boys.How different from Thanksgiving 1938.

Nov.24th Fri.- Another beautiful day.I did up the morning and noon chores then went down town to get the mail and some clean clothes from home.

Nov.25th Sat.- A fine day.Pleasant,cold wind.In evening Zelma and Jesse left me.Went to a party then to Dierstein's to stay overnight.

Nov.26th Sun.- Just a beautiful day.Zelma and Jesse came about noon and staid for dinner,going again about 2:30. John and Leda came home about 8:00 in the evening.They reported having a fine time.

Nov.27th Mon.- Cold and cloudy all day.I came home in forenoon.Got letters from the boys at noon.We have two kittens who seemed very pleased to see me,although I had arranged to have them fed each day while I was away.Home is a lonesome place.Will I ever get used to being all alone all the time? Two weeks ago today I went with Zelma and Jesse to Wellsboro.

Nov.28th Tue.- Warmer.A beautiful day.Washed clothes in AM.In PM spaded in lower garden.In evening wrote to Florence and Creig.One year ago tonight Creig brought home a deer.Tonight I am alone. Creig and Osmer in Hawaii and Zelma married and living near Mansfield.

Nov.29th Wed.- Another beautiful day.Cold morning.The ground froze real hard.But soon warmed and by 10:00 I was spading garden.Did little but dream in the afternoon.In evening wrote to Osmer.

Nov.30th Thu.- Another cold morning followed by a beautiful day,and warm for the last day of November.I mailed a letter to the boys in the morning,then went to the cemetery.Looked at some marker bases I had put down about ten days ago.Then went on up to Orey E.'s.Staid for dinner had a good visit with Orey and Martha.Anna Nash was there hanging wallpaper. Looked at an old history of Bradford County that Orey had borrowed.Reached home about 4:00 PM. This year Pres.Roosevelt proclaimed the fourth Thursday in Nov.,the 23rd day as Thanksgiving Day. Instead of the last Thu.,as has been the custom for Presidents to do since about the time of our Civil War.Many of the Rebublicans are quite angry about it.

Dec.1st Fri.- Cold,low sky.Warmer and rained a little in evening.Worked a little in house,spaded garden a little,spent some time down town about noon,read some etc.

Dec.2nd Sat.- Warm.Low hanging clouds all day.A little rain in evening. Washed windows etc.about house in forenoon. In afternoon spaded a little,baked a cake.In evening.Wrote a little Bogo.

Dec.3rd Sun.- Snowed all AM,but warm and thawed.Colder in PM and evening. Orey W.came soon after noon and had a late dinner with me.Zelma and Jesse came for the evening.Fred and May called a few minutes.

Dec.4th Mon.- Cloudy,cold,windy.Worked about house in AM.In PM began work on a grave for Vern Wilcox.

Dec.5th Tue.- Cold,windy.Worked on grave all day.Zelma and Jesse called a few minutes in evening.

Dec.6th Wed.- Not quite so cold but more wind.Worked in cemetery all day. Wilcox funeral in PM.Late and didn't get grave all filled.

Dec.7th Thu.- Cloudy,High wind but warmer.Worked in cemetery in AM,finished filling grave.In PM went to Lee McClure's and put register in ceiling.In evening Zelma and Jesse called and wanted I should go to the Dierstein's to a party.But I didn,t go.

Dec.8th Fri.- Cold,cloudy,high wind.Went down town for mail about noon.Met Mrs.Frost,Orey E.'s mother-in-law.She told me Orey hurt. So after a lunch went up to Orey's.It seems that Wed.,late PM Orey was carrying water and fell on one of the pails,hurt his left side.I did a few chores for them and came home.

Dec.9th Sat.- Very windy,but warmer.Worked about the house,sweeping,mopping etc.all AM.In PM again went up to Orey's.Orey feeling much better thinks he will be able to preach tomorrow.In evening washed dishes, churned and baked cookies.

Dec.10th Sun.- Warmer,low sky,misty PM.Wrote letters to Florence,Mr.and Mrs Bement,Helen's father and step mother and a short letter to the boys. Haven't had a letter from the boys in two weeks.Alone all day.

Dec.11th Mon.- Cold,snowed a little in morning.Grew colder steadily all day.I wrote a little Bogo and kept warm.Orey W.called about 5 minutes late PM.

Dec.12th Tue.- Cold and still.Creek frozen over first time this season. Painted a bedstead and springs,churned etc.This being alone with little or nothing to do is getting me down.

Dec.13th Wed.- Cloudy.Snowed a little in morning.Warmer in PM.A little rain in evening.About 9:00 this morning Orey E.came down and wanted I should go home with him and do a few little odd jobs that his side would not yet allow him to do.I went.Cleaned stable,carried a little water etc. Had dinner and came back home about 3:00 PM.Did a few things about the house and went for the mail.Found a Christmas present from the boys.A new Vacumatic, Parker fountain pen.One of the very best pens money can buy.When everyone else fails me,Creig and Osmer remember their old Dad.

Dec.14th Thu.- Snowy,cold and windy.Just zero this morning.I worked for Armstrong nearly all day.Digging so their new well can be connected to their water system.

Dec.15th Fri.- Cold,but warmer than yesterday.In PM worked for Armstrong again.

Dec.16th Sat.- Warmer and partly pleasant.Worked about house in forenoon.In PM worked for Armstrong.These are lonesome days but better times may be ahead,I hope so. Zelma and Jesse and Mr.and Mrs.Dierstein called in evening.Zelma and Jesse staid overnight.

Dec.17th Sun.- Warm,partly cloudy.Zelma and Jesse home all day.Went back to Dierstein's in evening.I wrote to Creig in evening.

Dec.18th Mon.- Warmer,pleasant in afternoon.I spaded in garden in afternoon.Went to A.E.Benson's at noon to see about the balance of cemetery pay.In evening I wrote to Florence.

Dec,19th Tue.- A fine day.Warm as spring.Went to Mansfield.Rode over with Don Soper,came back with Lee VanNocken.Got a few things for Christmas In evening wrote cards.

Dec.20th Wed.- Rainy and foggy.Rained all day.Did a few things about the house,baked cookies etc.Received letters from the boys.The first since Nov.27.There also came from the boys,a package for Zelma and a souvenir pack of playing cards for me.A Christmas card came last week.Today a box came from Florence.

Dec.21st Thu.- Cloudy,cold,windy.At night very cold and high wind.Worked for Armstrong in AM,hugged the stove in afternoon.

Dec.22nd Fri.- Cold and blustry.Wind blew a gale but only a little snow. Got Christmas tree,churned,worked about the house getting ready for Christmas.Zelma and Jesse are to be home for Christmas and Fred is coming.Zelma wanted I should get a tree.In evening Lee VanNocken called  a few minutes.

Dec.23rd Sat.- Real cold and windy.Cleaned about house. In late PM Vivian and Don came and wanted I should go home with them for Sunday dinner and come home Sunday evening.But I couldn't go because Zelma and Jesse are coming Sunday,tomorrow. Vivian very disappointed and so was I. Only Vivian has not been here before since Oct.Has been by but didn't stop.So I didn't care as much as would otherwise. Orey W.came about the time Vivian and Don did.Orey and his pup staid all night.It seems good to have someone here.

Dec.24th Sun.- Cold and windy.A zero morning.Zelma and Jesse came about 1:00 PM.Orey W.went skating in PM and went with a Clark guy to Elmira to a show in evening.Came home to stay over night.In evening Zelma, Jesse and I visited and eat nuts aand oranges.But it didn't seem a bit like Christmas eve.

Dec.25th Mon.- Cold and blustry,snowed a little all day,till about dark. In evening a beautiful moon but windy.Zelma,Jesse,Orey W.,Fred and I here for dinner.We had some nice presents but it was a lonesome Xmas. Didn't seem like Christmas at all.Zelma and Jesse left about 2:00 and Fred and Orey W.fifteen or twenty minutes later.I wrote to Creig and Osmer in afternoon and to Florence in evening. Florence sent me 150 sheets of writing paper and 150 envelopes with my name and address printed.The pen and Hawaiian souvenirs from Creig and Osmer.A leather tobacco pouch from Zelma.

Dec.26th Tue.- Cloudy,cold,some wind.Zero morning.Did almost nothing only keep fire.

Dec.27th Wed.- Very cold morning.Cold all day.Not warmer than 10 above all day.Worked a little in house,wrote some Bogo.Went for mail,visited in store.Orey W.called a few minutes in early evening.

Dec.28th Thu.- A very cold morning,10 below.Bright beautiful forenoon.PM cloudy and warmer.Washed. Finished about noon.Haven't washed but once before since Zelma left.Orey E.called a few minutes in evening.

Dec.29th Fri.- Cloudy all day,dark,looked like storm,but didn't.I did very little today.Ironed a few clothes in evening.Osmer is twenty years old today.

Dec.30th Sat.- Cold,cloudy,snowed a little.Went to Mansfield.Paid electric bills and ordered some material to finish off another room upstairs.On my way home stopped at Dierstein's and gave Wally to Zelma. Theyare coming for her tomorrow.Got letters from the boys.

Dec.31st Sun.- Very cold and windy.About 12 above this morning.Zelma andJesse came this morning and got Wally,so the last of my family has gone.1939 has not been good to me.It has taken my two boys and Zelma and thus taken my home away.