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1933 Eugene Crippen of Rutland
Diary of Eugene Crippen
Township: Rutland Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1933
Transcribed by Creig Crippen
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Photo of Eugene Crippen in 1912 sent in by Creig Crippen
These diaries of our Depression era reflect the difficulties faced by most in this country.
Eugene M. Crippen lived 1880 to 1967,  son of Ada Ann Redfield and Osmer Crippen of Rutland.
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Jan.1st Sun.- Cold all day,but pleasant New Years Day.5 degrees below this morning.Went to bible school and church.Began my second year as teacher of men's bible class.

Jan.2nd Mon.- Pleasant but cold.A little warmer in late PM. The Bements,Asa and his father's folks came up in evening.

Jan.3rd Tue.- Warmer.Children all in school.They began yesterday.No work.

Jan.4th Wed.- Cloudy and cold. No work. $4.20 from cemetery.

Jan.5th Thu.- Fine day.Cold wind. 3 hours on cemetery. Grading drive and on section 3.

Jan.6th Fri.- Beautiful day. Froze too much to make much headway grading. So washed at home.

Jan.7th Sat.- Cut wood.Very windy but not cold.Paid taxes in evening.John Benson sick..No work.

Jan.8th Sun.- Cold.Wrote Floss and Helen. Went to church and S.S. 8 of my class present.

Jan.9th Mon.- Snowed all day.Warm,snow melted fast.Cut wood all AM.Wet through.No work at cemetery.

Jan.10th Tue.Warmer.Thawed.Did housework.No work.

Jan.11th Wed.- Still warm.At home,washed.No work.

Jan.12th Thu.- Rainy.Ironed.Cut a little wood.No work.

Jan.13th Fri.- Beautiful day,very cold.Zero this AM.Cut wood.No work

Jan.14th Sat.- Fine day.The boys and I cut wood all day.No work.

Jan.15th Sun.- Beautiful day.About sick.Went to S.S.and church.

Jan.16th Mon.- A good day.Felt no better but cut wood a while in AM.Baked bread in PM.No work.

Jan.17th Tue.- Warm,cloudy.In bed most all day.Vivian stayed home.

Jan.18th Wed.- Not cold.Cut a little wood.At home all day.No work.

Jan.19th Thu.- Beautiful day.Went to Mansfirld on bus.Very windy night No work.

Jan.20th Fri.- Cold morning.Good day to work.Worked on grave for Adelle Soper.8 hours on grave.

Jan.21st Sat.- Fine January day.Soper funeral. 9 hours on grave and drive.

Jan.22nd Sun.- Rain all AM.Cloudy PM.Church and S.S.

Jan.23rd Mon.- A fine springlike day. Baked bread and cake. 3 hours in cemetery on main drive and resetting corner posts.

Jan.24th Tue.- A beautiful day,like spring.Cold morning.6 hour's work. Finished cleaning up gravesite and worked Ave.1 and grading Sec.2 & 3.

Jan.25th Wed.- Cloudy.Disagreeable wind.Worked grading on Sec.4,5 hours.

Jan.26th Thu.- Colder.Martha sick at Frost's.Helped Orey E.and Dr.Doane get her in car to go to Sayre Hospital.Orey W.sick at night.No work.

Jan.27th Fri.-Cold.Orey W.home all day.Up with him all night.No work.

Jan.28th Sat.- Cold.Orey W sick all day.Better at night.No work.

Jan.29th Sun.- Cold.All children except Orey W.went to S.S. I stayed home with Orey W. O.W.better in late PM.

Jan.30th Mon.- Fine day.At home with Orey W.all day. No work.

Jan.31st Tue.- A good January day.Orey W.still at home.Washed.No work

Feb.1stWed.- Cloudy.Cold southwest wind.Orey W.again in school.I about sick.No work.

Feb.2nd Thu.- A beautiful day.In bed all day.Creig also sick.

Feb.3rd Fri.- Cloudy and cold. Up part of day.Creig better.

Feb.4th Sat.- Up all day.Helped Osmer cut wood a little.Snowy in PM.Cold night.

Feb.5th Sun.- Cold all day.Blustry.Went to S.S.

Feb.6th Mon.- Very cold.Feeling some better.Cut some wood.No work.

Feb.7th Tue.- Warmer.Rained in late PM.Cut wood in AM.No work.

Feb.8th Wed.- Snowed in PM.Cut a little wood.

Feb.9th Thu.- Very cold and blustry.Zero and below.Not feeling much better.Osmer gets up and builds fires for me.

Feb.10th Fri.- 18 below this morning.Cellar and house plants,everything froze.

Feb.11th Sat.- 10 below.

Feb.12th Sun.- 8 below.Went to S.S.and church. In PM up on hill to fix window for Orey E.

Feb.13th Mon.- Feeling better.Washed.Vivian home sick.

Feb.14th Tue.- Warm.Not feeling quite so well today.Doty's chimney burned out in PM.Vivian back in school again.Orey W.'s stomach a little off he didn't go to school till noon.

Feb.15th Wed.- Colder.Washed again.Helen came up for supper.Orey sick all night.

Feb.16th Thu.- Fine day.Ironed.Orey W.home all day feeling better.

Feb.17th Fri.- Fine day.Orey W.home all day,but not sick.

Feb.18th Sat.- Fine day.Cut wood.

Feb.19th Sun.- Went to church and S.S. Florence came to dinner.

Feb.20th Mon.- Another fine day.

Feb.21st Tue.- Stormy,not cold.

Feb.22nd Wed.- Cloudy,windy.

Feb.23rd Thu.- Fine day.Cut wood.

Feb.24th Fri.- A good day.I washed.

Feb.25th Sat.- Snowed all day.

Feb.26th Sun.- Snowed and blowed.No S.S.or church.

Feb.27th Mon.- Cold and windy.

Feb.28th Tue.- Another cold,windy day.

Mar.1st Wed.- Warmer,but cloudy and windy.Creig home with a cold.

Mar.2nd Thu.- Warm.Thawed and snowed all day.Creig home.

Mar.3rd Fri.- Snowy.Creig still home.Worked in house all day.

Mar.4th Sat.- Snowy AM.Cloudy PM.Franklin D.Roosevelt became President of Banks in 40 states closed today and Monday by order of the Governor's of the states. Helen home for supper.

Mar.5th Sun.- Hazy,cold air.Went to church and S.S.

Mar.6th Mon.- Pleasant.Cold air.Worked in house.The Pres.ordered all banks closed until Fri.

Mar.7th Tue.- Warm.Rained all PM and night.I washed in AM.Clothes out in rain.

Mar.8th Wed.- Rainy,nasty day.Vivian stayed over in Mansfield last night for a party.

Mar.9th Thu.- Windy.Cold.

Mar.10th Fri.- Colder.

Mar.11th Sat.- Cold and blustry.

Mar.12th Sun.- Not so cold.Went to S.S.and church. Our family Literary Society met in PM.

Mar.13th Mon.- Fine day.Washed.

Mar.14th Tue.- Fine day.Cut wood in AM. In PM cut brush around Longwell's pond.

Mar.15th Wed.- Snowed all day.Colder at night.

Mar.16th.Thu.- Pleasant,but cold.

Mar.17th Fri.- Warmer.Helen home for supper.

Mar.18th Sat.- Pleasant AM.We cut wood.Rainy PM.

Mar.19th Sun.- A rainy day.Went to S.S.

Mar.20th Mon.- Rained all day.Heated church for Mrs.Harris' funeral.

Mar.21st Tue.- Rainy all day.

Mar.22nd Wed.- Colder cloudy.

Mar.23rd Thu.- Pleasant.

Mar.24th Fri.- Cold.Snowy.Began work on grave for Helen Wilcox.John Wilcox's 15 year old daughter,who died last night.

Mar.25th Sat,- Worked in cemetery all day.Pleasant till PM then snowed hard.

Mar.26th Sun.- Snow 2 inches deep.Funeral this PM.Worked in cemetery all day.

Mar.27th Mon.- Fine day.Snow all gone by noon.Worked in cemetery all day.

Mar.28th Tue.- Snowy,cold.Worked but little.Washed.

Mar.29th Wed.- Warmer.Ironed.Worked a little.

Mar.30th Thu.- Schools here closed on account of scarlet fever.Vivian at home with a cold.Osmer and I worked in the cemetery all day.

Mar.31st Fri.-Osmer and I worked in Am.Rained a little in PM.Worked a while then swept out church.Vivian better but still home.

Apr.1st Sat.- Cut wood in AM.In PM worked in cemetery on Crippen lot till it rained me off.

Apr.2nd Sun.- Went to church and S.S. Russel Watson,wife and baby called in PM.

Apr.3rd Mon.- Zelma washed.I cleaned my bedroom in AM.In PM spaded garden and planted 24 hills of potatoes.Osmer cut wood in AM.Went fishing in PM.

Apr. 4th Tue.- Rained all AM.Ironed in PM.Spaded garden late PM.

Apr.5th Wed.- Beautiful day.Osmer and I cut willows and built footbridge across creek in AM.Then went up to cemetery and worked till noon and 4 hours in PM.After work sowed peas.

Apr.6th Thu.- Warm.Rained a little all day after 10 AM.Finished sowing peas in morning.Creig and Osmer's first long pants came in the mail from Wards this AM.(Note from Creig - For my graduation from Jr.High.)

Apr.7th Fri.- Rained most of the day.

Apr.8th Sat.- Colder.Windy.Washed in AM.Boys and I cut wood in PM.

Apr.9th Sun.- Fine day.Went to S.S.and church.In PM Zelma,Osmer,Orey and I went for a walk down to the creek and over to the cemetery.Took pictures of the children.

Apr.10th Mon.- A good day.Washed in AM.Worked on cemetery in PM,digging out hedge row.

Apr.11th Tue.- Cloudy,cold wind.Worked on cemetery all day,on drive and digging out hedge row.Held Cemetery Assoc.meeting in evening.

Apr.12th Wed.- Snow about three inches deep and continued till about 10 AM. Warm,by night snow nearly gone.

Apr.13th Thu.- Foggy morning,fine day.Worked on cemetery all day,digging out hedge.

Apr.14th Fri.- Beautiful day.Creig home,no school.Worked in cemetery all day,on entrance drive.

Apr.15th Sat.- Partly cloudy,rained a little in PM,not enough to stop our work in the cemetery.

Apr.16th Sun.- Rainy all day.Went to church.

Apr 17th Mon.- A rainy AM.Vivian home,washed.I raked yard between showers in PM. Cemetery Directors met in evening.I was elected caretaker for one year.

Apr.18th Tue.Rainy morning and showers in PM.Worked from 10 till 5.Children all in school.

Apr.19th Wed.- Wet AM.Worked on cemetery in PM grading lots in Sec.4 and 5 south end.Vivian sick,home all day.Helen up for supper.

Apr.20th Thu.- Cold AM.Fine PM.Worked all day.Vivian's 16th birthday.Vivian home all day.Other children in school.

Apr.21st Fri.- Fine day.Bad headache but worked all day.Vivian still home.

Apr.22nd Sat.- Cold day.Head a little better.Worked all day.

Apr.23rd Sun.- Pleasant but cold wind.Went to church and S.S.Had 7 in my class of men.

Apr.24th Mon.- Fine day.Vivian went to Elmira to see a doctor.I worked all day,but not feeling the best.

Apr.25th Tue.- Pleasant AM.Rained a little about 2:30.Worked in cemetery 8 hours.Mowed on green till 6.Washed in evening.

Apr.26th Wed.- Cold,high wind.Worked all day.Finished mowing green for first time.Orey E.called this morning and told me my daughter Anna was married and was living near Knoxville,Pa.and wanted to see me.Plan to go up next Mon.Vivian came home on evening bus,feeling about the same, only cross.

Apr.27th Thu.- Cold and snowy.No work.

Apr.28th Fri.- Fine day.Worked all day on cemetery.Stanley Longwell has scarlet fever.

Apr.29th Sat.- A beautiful day.Worked all day.Our wedding anniversary.The 17th one.

Apr.30th Sun.- A fine day,but a long one.Went to S.S.and church.After dinner Zelma and I went for a walk,then to a ball game.Boys went to ball game. May.1st Mon.- A beautiful day.Went to Mansfield 6 AM,on milk truck.Got a ride to Tioga.Then Orey E.and I went to Knoxville,through the Tioga gas field.Near Knoxville we stopped at Howard King's.Mrs.King is Anna Crippen,my daughter by my first wife.From whom I was divorced 20 years ago, and I had not seen Anna since.She is a very nice appearing woman,that any man would be proud to own as daughter.Had dinner with Anna,supper at Orey's,then he brought me home.A May Day long to be remembered.

May 2nd Tue.- Fine day.Worked in cemetery all day.Rained in evening.

May 3rd Wed.- Rained nearly all day.Washed and mopped in AM.Sowed grass seed and set trees in cemetery in PM. Vivian 169 lbs.-Orey W.68.

May 4th Thu.- Cold wind.Cloudy.Worked in cemetery 6 hrs.

May 5th Fri.- Pleasant,cold wind.An unusual circle about the sun at noon.Worked in cemetery 9 hrs.

May 6th Sat.- Rained all day.

May 7th Sun.- Cool wind.Pleasant most of day.Went to AM.And for a walk in PM.

May 8th Mon.- Cold,cloudy.Mowed all day in cemetery,village green and church lawn.

May 9th Tue.- Cloudy.Rained a little in PM.Worked on cemetery 7 hrs.Fixed fence at noon with John Benson.Hicks plowed garden and potatoe patch. Osmer took 8th grade exam at Mainsburg. Kennedy baby buried.

May 10th Wed.- Last day of school in Roseville.Rainy day.I washed clothes and blankets all day.

May 11th Thu.- Cloudy.Worked in cemetery all day.Osmer worked in PM.Vivian did not come home from school tonight.Florence telephoned to Longwell that Vivian was with her.

May 12th Fri.- Partly cloudy.Warm.Worked in cemetery all day.Vivian not home yet.Osmer worked with me in PM.

May 13th Sat.- Rained from 10 AM till 1 PM.Worked rest of time.Helen home for supper,brought Vivian with her.She was with her mother and not Florence.

May 14th Sun.- Mother's Day.Partly cloudy.Went to church then for a walk with Zelma after dinner.

May 15th Mon.- Beautiful day,rainy evening.Worked in cemetery AM,part of PM.Mowed green and church lawn.Vivian worked for Dietz in PM.School meeting in evening at Cook's.Orey W.went to school with Creig.Vivian quit school for this year.Osmer passed his 8th grade examination.

May 16th Tue.- Worked AM.Rained in PM.Received cemetery pay,$25.00.

May 17th Wed.- Beautiful day.Worked in cemetery all day.About sick with headache.

May 18th Thu.- Fine day.Worked in cemetery all day,grading.

May 19th Fri.- Nice day.Worked in cemetery all day.Had 7 men working for me on state relief.Helen home for the night.

May 20th Sat.-Fine day till 3 PM,then showers and hail.Still warm at night. Worked till it rained.Helen went back on the bus.

May 21st Sun.- Beautiful day.Went to church and S.S..For walk in PM.Zelma hurt her arm.

May 22nd Mon.- Fine day.Worked in cemetery in AM.and mowed green in PM.

May 23rd Tue.- Good day.Worked in cemetery all day.

May 24th Wed.- Showers in AM,hard shower 11:30 to 1:30.Zelma's arm worse.Lew Longwell took she and I to Elmira.Zelma remained,with a sprained wrist.Came home and worked 2 hrs.

May 25th Thu.- Rainy AM,beautiful PM.Run lawn mower all day.

May 26th Fri.- Hot day.Worked all day.Osmer with me.Planted two rows of corn after supper.

May 27th Sat. Warm.Rained a little several times.Worked all day.

May 28th Sun.- Cloudy till about 4 PM.Went to S.S. Over in cemetery in PM.

May 29th Mon.- Rainy PM.Worked all day.

May 30th Tue.- Decoration. Rainy AM,pleasant PM.Worked in AM.Had a part in program at cemetery at 2 PM. Planted corn later.

May 31st Wed.- Nice day.Creig graduated from Junior High at Mansfield in AM. Went,then worked in PM.Zelma came home. (Wore my new long pants.)

Jun.1st Thu.- Cool,windy.Worked till five.Planted beans and potatoes till 8:30 PM.Orey hurt his leg.Zelma's arm a little better.Creig ran a thorn in his ankle.

Jun.2nd Fri.- A beautiful June day.Worked in cemetery all day.Creig and Orey OK.Planted potatoes after 5 PM.

Jun.3rd Sat.- Beautiful June day.Worked in cemetery in AM.In PM the boys and I planted potatoes.

Jun.4th Sun.- Another fine day.Went to S.S.In evening had picnic supper under the old beech tree.

Jun.5th Mon.- Fine,hot day.Rained a little in late PM.Heavy showers in evening and fore part of night.Worked all day.Osmer mowed the green.

Jun.6th Tue.- Hot all day.Worked in cemetery.John Benson and I made out lists of those who should pay.Planted corn in evening.

Jun.7th Wed.- Hot till mid PM.Then wind and rain storm.Some more showers during night.

Jun.8th Thu.- Very hot,wet morning.Washed.In PM worked in cemetery.After supper Creig and I planted garden down by the creek.Amos (Sargeant) came at noon to change some of his trash.

Jun.9th Fri.- Very hot.Worked all day.As hot a day as ever worked.In evening washed,made lemonade.Vivian went to Elmira with Dietz girl.

Jun.10th Sat.- Another hot day.Worked in cemetery till 3:30 then mowed church lawn.Mr.Dietz brought me a hundred tomato plants,set out plants after supper.Florence came.In evening the kids and Dietz children had a "dog roast" down by the old beech.

Jun.11th Sun.- Very hot.Went to S.S.Florence and children went to church as well.Florence went home in evening.Osmer and I finished setting tomatos in evening.Vivian got a job to work for Stella Soper.Begins tomorrow morning.

Jun.12th Mon.- Cooler,but still warm.Creig and I mowed green and worked in garden till noon.Worked in cemetery in PM.Vivian began working for Estella Soper,doing house work.

Jun.13th Tue.- Cold and windy.Worked all day in cemetery.

Jun.14th Wed.- Cold,cloudy.Fred Griffin and I went to Elmira in AM.I got a lawn mower to use in cemetery.Worked in PM.

Jun.15th Thu.- A beautiful day.Worked all day in cemetery.Rained in evening

Jun.16th Fri.- Cold and cloudy.Worked all day.Bad headache.

Jun.17th Sat.- A beautiful day.Cool.Cold night.Worked in cemetery all day. Osmer worked with me.Creig worked for Dietz in store.Washed in evening.

Jun.18th Sun.- Beautiful day.Went to morning.Anna King and Howard called in morning,but stayed only a few minutes.Helen and Vivian came home in PM and stayed for supper and went to children's day program in evening.

Jun.19th Mon.- Cool AM,hot PM.Lewis Longwell came up and built a chimney on back kitchen in AM.Boys and I hoed corn in PM.Had green peas out of the garden for dinner.

Jun.20th Tue.- Hot.Worked in cemetery all day.Moved stove into back room in evening.

Jun.21st Wed.- Very hot day.Worked in cemetery all day.Hoed potatoes in evening till dark. Then went to ice cream sale,benefit of church.Dipped cream till 10:30. First day of summer.

Jun.22nd Thu.- Cloudy AM.Set a few cabbage plants,then moved old car from Longwell's barn to our back yard.In PM worked in cemetery.Fred White called for a few minutes in evening.

Jun.23rd Fri.- Hot.Worked in cemetery all day.

Jun.24th Sat.- Hot again.Worked in cemetery in AM.In PM Creig and I mowed the green.In evening hoed garden.

Jun.25th Sun.- Hot AM.Rainy PM. Went to S.S.,but preacher late so they had preaching instead of S.S.Helen up a few minutes in evening.Vivian quit Sopers over some foolishness of hers.Canned 7 pts of peas,have enough picked and shelled for 4 more.

Jun.26th Mon.- Very warm.Cloudy,rained a little in PM.Set cabbage,canned peas and hoed garden.Vivian went to work at Leon Pratt's for a week.

Jun.27th Tue.- Hot.Worked in cemetery all day.Hoed beans after work.

Jun.28th Wed.- Hot.Worked in cemetery all day.Last day for the relief workers.Zelma took music lesson.Bohn's called in evening. (Note from JMT - See 1932 diary. Men on welfare during depression worked at cemetery)

Jun.29th Thu.- Very hot.Worked in cemetery in AM.Washed and hoed garden in PM.

Jun.30th Fri.- Very hot.Hoed garden in AM.About sick from heat in PM,did nothing.Rained a little late PM.June is gone,taken all in all it has been as fine a month as I ever saw.

Jul.1st Sat.- Warm.Shower in PM.Hot at night.Worked in cemetery all day.

Jul.2nd Sun.- Cloudy AM.Rained all PM.Went to church and S.S.

Jul.3rd Mon.- Cloudy,wet AM.Mowed yard at home.In PM worked in cemetery. School meeting in evening.

Jul.4th Tue.- Beautiful day.Moon light evening.Worked in cemetery in AM. Hoed potatoes in PM.

Jul.5th Wed.-Fine day.Worked in cemetery all day.

Jul.6th Thu.- Beautiful day.Worked in cemetery in AM.Mowed green in PM. Creig went over to Watson's,near Mansfield,work in haying.Fannie Watson came for him.His first work away from home where he stayed over night.It is lonesome about the place this PM and evening.

Jul.7th Fri.- Beautiful day.Worked in cemetery all day.

Jul.8th Sat.- Fine day.A little windy.Worked in cemetery in AM.Hoed in garden in PM.Helen came home for weekend on bus.

Jul.9th Sun.- A beautiful day.Coolmorning but just ideal all day.Went to church and S.S. Helen went back on 5 PM bus.

Jul.10th Mon.- Another beautiful day.Worked in cemetery on the old Rose section all day.Painted kitchen table and some of the woodwork in evening.Osmer not feeling well today.

Jul.11th Tue.- Fine day.Worked in cemetery all day.Old Home Day meeting in evening.I was elected president.

Jul.12th Wed.- Another fine day.Worked in cemetery all day.Painted more in evening. Helen,Dorothy and Dorothy's husband came up a little while late in evening.Brought 12 qts of berries.

Jul.13th Thu.- Beautiful day.Worked in cemetery all day.Went to school meeting in evening.

Jul.14th Fri.- Beautiful day.Worked in cemetery all day.Washed dishes in evening.

Jul.15th Sat.- Beautiful day.Worked at home all day.Old Home Day meeting in evening.Committees appointed etc.Mostly etc.

Jul.16th Sun.- Rained early morning.Cloudy and warm all day.Went to church and S.S. Continued Old Home arrangements.Many kicks regarding Committees and arrangements.

Jul.17th Mon.- Fine day.Mowed green in AM.Sick in PM,sick all night.Creig went back to work in morning.

Jul.18th Tue.- Beautiful day.In bed all day,sick headache.

Jul.19th Wed.- Hot day.Up and about most all day,but could not do anything.

Jul.20th Thu.- Hot.Worked all day in cemetery.Osmer worked in PM.A small shower in PM.Creig's 15th birthday,he away working.

Jul.21st Fri.- Hot day.Worked all day.Old Home Day committee meeting in evening.

Jul.22nd Sat.- Hot.Worked at home all day.Rained in PM.Florence came and got Orey stay a week or so with her.Creig came home for the weekend.Vivian worked for Dietz in store.We went down(Creig and I)and waited till midnight for her.

Jul.23rd Sun.- Very hot.Went to S.S..Mr.Sargeant and son Royal called in PM.

Jul.24th Mon.- Very hot.Worked in cemetery all day,Osmer and I.Zelma came up with our lunch.We three had a picnic.Rained a little in evening.

Jul.25th Tue.- Rained till after noon,fine rain.Worked at home all day. Down to D.E.Watson's in evening to see about Old Home Day music.

Jul.26th Wed.- Not so hot.Fine day to work.Worked in cemetery all day. Trimmed in AM.Worked on Rose plot in PM.

Jul.27th Thu.- Fine day.Worked on Rose plot all day.

Jul.28th Fri.- Beautiful AM.Rained a few showers in PM.Worked in cemetery on Rose plot.John Benson cut some hay below the house.

Jul.29th Sat.- Fine day.Hoed garden in AM.In PM Osmer and I got in hay.Creig home 10 PM.Vivian mad as usual.

Jul.30th Sun.- Very hot day.Zelma and I went to church and S.S.Dinner down by the old beech.Vivian still mad.God only knows what I am to do.

Jul.31st Mon.- As hot a day as I ever saw.Worked in cemetery all day.Did only a little in PM.Went down town on Old Home business in evening.Had letter from Helen saying she would be home Sun.Aug.6th.

Aug.1st Tue.- Very hot.Worked all day.Went to Evelyn Cook's to an Old Home Committee meeting in evening. Light showers in evening.

Aug.2nd Wed.- A good breeze.Worked all day.Osmer and Dietz boy started camping in evening.

Aug.3rd Thu.- Rained till about 2 PM.The boys came back from camping about noon,wet to the skin.Mowed weeds in late PM.

Aug.4th Fri.- Cool.Worked all day.

Aug.5th Sat.- Beautiful day,cool morning.Worked in cemetery in AM.In garden in PM.Ordered stuff for Old Home Day stand.Creig home in evening.

Aug.6th Sun.- A fine day.Went to S.S.,no church.Creig and I went for black berries and in PM I made three pies.Creig,Zelma and I went for a walk in late PM.Helen came home in evening to stay.Brought me a fountain pen for a birthday present.

Aug.7th Mon.-Fine day.Mowed green in AM.Worked in garden in PM.Went to see about lumber for Old Home stand in evening.

Aug.8th Tue.- Rained nearly all day.Went to Elmira to see about music for Old Home Day.Went with D.E.Watson and Nellie.

Aug.9th Wed.- Beautiful day.Ford Cook and I got lumber for Old Home Day stand in AM.Kermit Bond and I worked on stand in PM.

Aug.10th Thu.- Rained all PM.Worked in cemetery in AM.

Aug.11th Fri.- Rainy AM.Worked on stand in PM.

Aug.12th Sat.- Cloudy morning.Beautiful day.Old Home Day.

Aug.13th Sun.- Showers all day.S.S. in AM.Before S.S.Ford Cook and I,with Creig and Osmer,cleaned away about the stand.In evening first Old Home Sunday service,Orey E.spoke.

Aug.14th Mon.- Fine day.Worked in cemetery part of day.Paid Old Home Day bills etc.

Aug.15th Tue.- Beautiful day.Helped Neal Rouse draw hay.The boys worked in cemetery.

Aug.16th Wed.- Fine day.Worked in cemetery all day.

Aug.17th Thu.- Beautiful day,after an early morning rain.Worked in cemetery all day.Osmer with me in PM.Amos Sargeant came up and talked about selling me the place.

Aug.18th Fri.- Fine day.Worked in milk station in AM,one of the men sick. In PM helped Rouse draw hay till it rained.

Aug.19th Sat.- Rainy morning.Worked in cemetery.After 6 the boys and I took down the Old Home Day stand.

Aug.20th Sun.- Fine day.Went to S.S.In PM we all went with Fred Wilcox for a ride to Canton,Morris Run,Fall Brook,Blossburg and back home.

Aug.21st Mon.- Cloudy,fine day to work.Worked in cemetery all day.

Aug.22nd Tue.- Rained early,then began an east,misty rain.Part of time real hard.Creig and Osmer went to spend a few days with their Uncle Asa Bement.Helen went to Elmira with Fred Wilcox.

Aug.23rd Wed.A few minutes during AM it didn't rain,otherwise rained all day and all night.Had one of my headaches yesterday and today.Helen home about noon.

Aug.24th Thu.- Rained a little most all day,not hard.Head worse till late PM then began to ease up a bit.

Aug.25th Fri.- Fine day.Worked in cemetery all day.

Aug.26th Sat.- Beautiful day till late PM,then a shower.Asa's folks brought the boys home in evening.

Aug.27th Sun.- Fine weather till about 4 PM,then rain.Sunday School picnic on Smythe Park,Mansfield.Good crowd.Fine time.I went with Mark McClure and family.The rest of the family with Fred Wilcox.Wilcox up to supper.

Aug.28th Mon.- Cloudy,but no rain.Worked in cemetery all day.Creig with me half a day.The small children brought our dinner.

Aug.29th Tue.- Cool but pleasant most of day.Creig and I worked in cemetery all day.

Aug.30th Wed.- A beautiful day.Osmer and I worked in the cemetery all day. Florence stopped in cemetery a few minutes about 5.

Aug.31st Thu.- Fine day.Worked in cemetery all day.In PM began a grave for George Eighmey.Florence stopped for supper on her way home.

Sep.1st Fri.- Rainy morning,but cleared up and a beautiful PM.Worked on grave and trimming 10 hrs.Wilcox and Helen took the children for a ride --- somewhere? Started about 9:30 this morning and aren't back yet 8:30 PM.

Sep.2nd Sat.- A wonderful day.Folks home last night about 10:00.Eighmey funeral.10 hrs in cemetery.

Sep.3rd Sun.- Rained nearly all day.Went to church and S.S.At home all PM and evening.

Sep.4th Mon.- Rained very hard in early morning.Worked in cemetery in AM. Amos down.Worked on kitchen and east porch in PM.Creig began his second year in High School today.Vivian has quit school.Zelma began her 7th grade and Orey his 4th.Osmer will begin his senior year in Jr.High next week.

Sep.5th Tue.- A fine day.Worked in cemetery all day.Osmer with me in PM. Helen washed in AM.Went to S.S.class meeting in PM.

Sep.6th Wed.- Fine day.Worked in cemetery till mid-afternoon then John Benson and I went out to get signers for a "dry"petition.

Sep.7th Thu.- Fine day.Worked in cemetery in AM.Helped John Benson thrash in PM.

Sep.8th Fri.- A good day.Worked in cemetery all day.

Sep.9th Sat.- Hot day.Worked in cemetery in AM,boys with me.In PM we all worked at wood.Wilcox up to dinner,I worked.Helen and Wilcox went to Elmira in evening for over Sunday.

Sep.10th Sun.- Cooler.A little windy.Went to S.S. in AM.Read and took nap in PM.Helen home midnight.

Sep.11th Mon.- Coolwind.Worked in cemetery all day.Helen brought my lunch over and eat with me.Zelma's 12th birthday.All children except Vivian in school.

Sep.12th Tue.- A beautiful day after a cold foggy morning.Worked on east porch in AM. In cemetery in PM.Cold night.

Sep.13th Wed.- Beautiful Am.Cloudy PM.Rained in evening.Worked in cemetery all day,mowing.Mr.Russell,of Mansfield,called in evening to see Creig's stamp collection.

Sep.14th Thu.- Rained all day.Helped Helen get vegetables for canning.

Sep.15th Fri.- Rained a little all day.Helped Helen can corn.

Sep.16th Sat.- Rainy,cloudy AM.Pleasant in PM.Cleaned up church for sunday in AM.Boys and I pulled beans in PM.

Sep.17th Sun.- Cloudy and bright by turns all day.Went to S.S. in AM.shelled beans in PM.Wrote Florence in evening.

Sep.18th Mon.- Windy,cool,cloudy.Worked in cemetery all day.Began grave for George StJames.Mowed part of day.

Sep.19th Tue.- Fine day.Worked in cemetery all day.Primary election.

Sep.20th Wed.- Fine day.Worked in cemetery all day.StJames'funeral.Helen went to Elmira with Wilcox today.

Sep.21st Thu.- Rainy AM.Cloudy,windy PM.Worked in cemetery all day.

Sep.22nd Fri.- Cool,windy day.Worked all day.Helen and children went to the Mansfield Fair.Creig and Osmer on the schoolbus.Orey W.with a Mr.Holton Helen and the girls with Fred Wilcox.

Sep.23rd Sat.- Rained nearly all day.My 53rd birthday.Did almost nothing. All except Creig went with Wilcox to see fireworks at Mansfield in evening.Creig stayed home to study.

Sep.24th Sun.- Beautiful day.Quite warm.Went to S.S. in AM.In PM Helen and I with Creig and Osmer went up to Pumpkin Hill cemetery for a walk.

Sep.25th Mon.-Beautiful day,but hot for time of year.Mowed in cemetery all day.

Sep.26th Tue.- Another hot day.Worked in cemetery all day.Began on Soper grave.

Sep.27th Wed.- Beautiful AM.Several small showers in PM.Worked on grave all day. When got home at night Helen had gone for the day with Wilcox.

Sep.28th Thu.- Beautiful day.Lewellyn Soper funeral.Worked in cemetery all day.

Sep.29th Fri.- Beautiful day.Worked in cemetery all day,mowing.

Sep.30th Sat.- Beautiful day.Worked in cemetery in AM.Gathered garden stuff in PM.

Oct.1st Sun.- Fine AM.Rainy PM.Went to AM.Talked on Saul of Tarsus. Helen went to Harry Garrison's to take care of an old lady.Doty kids were at our house to dinner.

Oct.2nd Mon.- Beautiful day.Worked in cemetery in AM.In PM dug potatoes and banked west side of house wall.Vivian went to Elmira to see about a job at house work.Got it and went again in evening to work.

Oct.3rd Tue.- Beautiful day.Cold morning but fog saved a frost.Alone again with the kids,that are in school.Washed and worked about the house all day.

Oct.4th Wed.- A beautiful day.Ironed and dug potatoes.Potatoes a very good crop.

Oct.5th Thu.- Fine day.Dug potatoes and cut wood.

Oct.6th Fri.- Beautiful day.Washed.Helen came home at noon.Dug potatoes in PM.

Oct.7th Sat.- Another fine day.Boys home.Cut wood in AM.Dug potatoes in PM.

Oct.8th Sun.- Rained about noon and again early evening.Went to S.S. in AM. In PM we all went to Elmira with Fred Wilcox to see Vivian.

Oct.9th Mon.- Partly cloudy.Cold wind.Finished digging potatoes,had about 40 bu.Buried some potatoes,carrots and beets.

Oct.10th Tue.- Beautiful day.Graded along east end of house.

Oct.11th Wed.- Fine day.Worked in cemetery all day.Worked on Wilcox lot, Sec.8,Ave.I,in AM.In PM mowed.Florence came in late PM.

Oct.12th Thu.- Pleasant but colder.Helen and Fred went to Elmira.Florence and I went to Big Pond to see Iva Leonard and Lucinda Smith,cousins of ours.Mrs.Smith is 82 years old.

Oct.13th Fri.- Cold and windy.First frost of the season.Worked at home puttying windows.

Oct.14th Sat.- Beautiful day.Puttyed windows in AM. In PM boys and I cut wood.In late PM Asa Bement and Helen's father and step-mother came out. I gave them some potatoes,carrots,beets and apples.Florence went over to Uncle Rush's.Helen and Fred went to Elmira for Vivian.

Oct.15th Sun.- A fine day,went to AM.In PM visited with Florence and Vivian.In evening Helen and Fred took Vivian back to Elmira.

Oct.16th Mon.- Beautiful day.Cut wood most of day when not visiting.

Oct.17th Tue.- Cool.Rained from about 10 AM till noon.Went up to James'in AM to get my pay for cemetery work.Then Florence took me to Mansfield. Orey W.sick. In PM Florence left for Orey E.'s in Tioga.I worked on windows in PM.

Oct.18th Wed.- Cold.Rained a while about noon.Worked in cemetery all AM and again in late PM.Helen and Fred went to Elmira again.Orey school again today.

Oct.19th Thu.- Cold.Cut wood in AM.Worked in cemetery in PM.

Oct.20th Fri.- Cold.Ladies had a church fair in church basement today and tomorrow afternoon and evening,Helen helped.I cut wood part of day.

Oct.21st Sat.- Cold,cloudy.Went to church fair in evening.Had an Old Home meeting at 8,lots of fun.Refused to act as president again.Manley Benson elected president.

Oct.22nd Sun.- Went to Sunday School.

Oct.23rd Mon.- Cloudy and cold.Cut wood in AM.Worked in cemetery in PM.

Oct.24th Tue.- Pleasant morning.Rainy PM.Cut wood in AM.Am cutting poles and thorns on John Bensons creek lot.Have the wood for the cutting.

Oct.25th Wed.- Real cold.Cut a little wood in PM.

Oct.26th Thu.- Not so cold.Cut wood in AM.Worked in cemetery in PM.

Oct.27th Fri.- Fine day.Cut wood and worked in cemetery.Went to Tioga to Boy Scout meeting with teacher.

Oct.28th Sat.- Beautiful day.The boys helped me with the wood in AM.They worked at wood and brought in the corn stalks in PM,while I worked in cemetery.Helen went to Elmira.

Oct.29th Sun.- Partly cloudy.Went to AM,and for walk in PM with Creig and Zelma.Osmer and Orey went to ball game.Helen came home in evening.

Oct.30th Mon.- A beautiful day.Cut wood in AM and worked grading in cemetery in PM.

Oct.31st Tue.- A beautiful day.Worked in cemetery all day.Creig and Osmer went down town in evening.

Nov.1st Wed.- One beautiful day.Worked in cemetery in AM.In PM helped John Benson dig potatoes on the Layton farm,up Hibbard Run. Helen and Wilcox went to Elmira so a note told me,that I found on the kitchen table at noon.

Nov.2nd Thu.- Fine day.Worked in cemetery all day.Our bible class had a pancake supper in church basement in evening.Mr.Nearing,of Towanda, spoke to us on the Boy Scouts of America.After his speach the class voted to sponser a Boy Scout troop in Roseville.The following committee appointed:John Benson,Archie Benson.Mark McClure,Will McClure and Evert Nash.Archie Benson elected chairman and Delancy Hotalen,Scout Master.I acted as chairman for the evening, introduced the speaker,etc.

Nov.3rd Fri.- Cold,cloudy.Amos Sargeant called in morning.Washed dishes at church basement in PM.Helen and Alton helped dry them.School Social in evening.I came home early and went to bed.

Nov.4th Sat.- Windy,cold.Worked in cemetery a while.Helped Creig build a box trap in AM.In PM cleaned up church.Creig worked for Alton.Helen and Fred went for Vivian in evening.

Nov.5th Sun.- Cold.Began snowing in late PM.Went to S.S. Helen and Fred took Vivian back to Elmira in evening.I did up supper work.

Nov.6th Mon.- Snowed most of AM,about 4 inches.Went down town a while then cut a little wood.In PM puttyed windows.

Nov.7th Tue.- Cold rain most of day.Election day.In AM down town,voted and helped ladies build fires and get church basement ready for their election dinner.In PM I worked on windows and cut wood.

Nov.8th Wed.- Cold and snowy.Was down town. Cut wood.

Nov.9th Thu.- Cold and blustry.Banked house and cut wood.

Nov.10th Fri.- Snowy and cold.

Nov.11th Sat.- Warmer,yet snow in air most of PM.Boys and I worked at wood in PM.

Nov.12th Sun.- Cold.Went to church and S.S.Helen and Wilcox took Orey W.and Zelma to Elmira and Wellsburg in PM.Home about 9:30.

Nov.13th Mon.- Rained hard between 11 AM and 2 PM,then turned colder. Helen left home this AM to live with Wilcox taking Orey W.and Zelma with her. Creig and Osmer stayed with me. Helen and Wilcox want us all to come,or say they do.The older boys don't want to go,the younger children don't understand.-- What next? Troubles end only with the grave.

Nov.14th Tue.- Cold and snowy.Cut a little wood and washed.Orey W.and Zelma home a few minutes in evening.

Nov.15th Wed.- A very cold morning.Snow and blustry in PM.Worked in the house all day.

Nov.16th Thu.- Cold.8 below zero.In evening went up to Mark McClure's to a Boy Scout meeting.Was elected chairman on Scouters Committee.

Nov.17th Fri.- Another cold day.

Nov.18th Sat.- A little warmer.Orey W.came home and stayed over night.Creig and Osmer got haircut at John Wilcox's.

Nov.19th Sun.- Not so cold.Snowed a little all PM.Roads very slippery.Went to S.S. Orey W.stayed with us all day.Wrote Florence,she has been sick.

Nov.20th Mon.- About an hour's sun today,not so cold.Washed.Boys in school.

Nov.21st Tue.- Colder.

Nov.22nd Wed.- Weather about like yesterday,only more wind.

Nov.23rd Thu.- Cold.Worked for A.E.Benson.

Nov.24th Fri.- Pleasant.Worked for Archie Benson again today.Cut wood.

Nov.25th Sat.- Fine day.Washed and baked cookies.

Nov.26th Sun.- Warm.Went to S.S. Two boys,Marshall Conley and Richard Valentine,came home with Osmer for dinner.Then Osmer went home with them.Zelma home in PM.

Nov.27th Mon.- Very cold and windy.

Nov.28th Tue.- A very good day.Worked for Benson again.

Nov.29th Wed.- Baked.Dressed chicken etc.,getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Nov.30th Thu.- Nice day only cold wind.Zelma home for dinner and supper.The first Thanksgiving children not all home.Only Creig,Osmer and Zelma home with me.We had a good time.Late PM began work on a grave for Curt Sweeley.

Dec.1st Fri.- Very windy,cold.Worked on the grave all day.Creig helped me. Zelma home a few minutes at noon.

Dec.2nd Sat.- A beautiful day.Curt Sweeley's funeral.Worked in cemetery all day.

Dec.3rd Sun.- Cloudy,warm,rained in PM and evening.Went to AM.Vivian Helen and Zelma called about 10 minutes in PM.

Dec.4th Mon.- Cloudy part of the time.Misty all day.Washed.Creig went in evening to take music lesson.

Dec.5th Tue.- Mild.Pleasant PM.Ironed.

Dec.6th Wed.- Mild AM.Cold,windy PM.Helped D.Watson survey Archie Benson's farm.

Dec.7th Thu.- Cold and windy.We finished the surveying about dark.In evening went to D.'s house to help him write up his notes.

Dec.8th Fri.- Cold.Cut wood in AM.Began work on Ellis Soper grave in after noon.

Dec.9th Sat.- Cold and windy.Worked on grave all day.Very cold in cemetery.

Dec.10th Sun.- Very cold.Finished Ellis Soper's grave.Funeral in PM.

Dec.11th Mon.- A bad blustry day.Zero morning.

Dec.12th Tue.- Very cold.10 below.

Dec.13th Wed.- Cold.Cut wood.

Dec.14th Thu.- Pleasant day.The clothes that I washed yesterday dried while I cut wood.Went to Scout meeting in evening.

Dec.15th Fri.- Warmer but cloudy.Rained in evening.Cut wood in PM.

Dec.16th Sat.- Warm.A spring day.Foggy AM,fine PM.Orey home a few minutes in AM.Zelma came up about 10 and stayed till 5 PM.Creig,Osmer and I went to work on wood.The boys and Zelma got a christmas tree,I helped her set it up.We felled one tree across the creek and while working in the creek,got a fish which Zelma had for her dinner.All together we enjoyed the day very much.Jim Longwell died last night.

Dec.17th Sun.- A warm,rainy day.Went to S.S. Rained all PM.Zelma and Orey W.home a few minutes in morning.Zelma came home for dinner. Dec.18th Mon.- Cooler but pleasant.Creig had no school today on account of a teacher's conference.Creig and I went to Mansfield,where I got the boys some needed clothing,footwear mostly,and myself some glasses(for which Florence had sent me money.) In evening Zelma and Orey W.were up. Creig went to take music lesson.

Dec.19th Tue.- Warmer.Helped Archie Benson cut wood.In evening old man Sargeant came up.

Dec.20th Wed.- Rainy all day.Went down town in AM to get pay from Cemetery could pay rent.Then washed,hung clothes upstairs.Got only part of cemetery pay.

Dec.21st Thu.- Windy.Not cold.Worked for Archie Benson.

Dec.22nd Fri.- Windy.Mansfield school out at noon for Christmas vacation. Cut wood at home

Dec.23rd Sat.- A nice warm day.Creig,Osmer and I worked at wood in AM.In PM Zelma home and we baked for Christmas.

Dec.24th Sun.- A beautiful day till late PM,then rainy.In early evening a hard thunder shower.Christmas Tree(at church) in evening.I acted as Santa Claus. Zelma home and stayed all night with us.

Dec.25th Mon.- CHRISTMAS. Windy,cold.Helen with Vivian and Orey W.came up about 9:30 AM aand stayed till 4 PM,then they all went,leaving the boys and I alone.We had baked ham for dinner. Will McClure called in evening and talked politics. Will had been appointed Dep.Sheriff.

Dec.26th Tue.- Ground white this morning,snowed all day.Zelma and Orey W.came about 7:30 to stay till school time.Zelma had had no breakfast.Helen and Wilcox had gone to Elmira to take Vivian back.The boys got the wood and I built a small cupboard.

Dec.27th Wed.- Very cold.8 below.Helped Archie cut wood in PM.

Dec.28th Thu.- Cold.12 below.Kept fires,that was all.

Dec,29th Fri.- 24 below zero this morning.Not warmer than 2 below all day.Washed,that was all.Osmer 14 today.

Dec.30th Sat.- Warmer.12 below this morning.The boys and I cut wood.

Dec.31st Sun.- Warmer.32 above this AM at 7,and got warmer all day.Regular spring weather by night.