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1932 Eugene Crippen of Rutland
Diary of Eugene Crippen
Township: Rutland Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1932
Transcribed by Creig Crippen
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Photo of Eugene Crippen in 1912 sent in by Creig Crippen
Eugene M. Crippen lived 1880 to 1967, 
son of Ada Ann Redfield and Osmer Crippen of Rutland.
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Nov.7th Mon.- Began working as caretaker in cemetery (Watson Cemetery in Roseville). Worked on Button,Len Hall and Lumbard lots. 4 hours time.

Nov.8th Tue.- 6 hours in cemetery.Worked on drive Ave.A at Watson plot.Also on Mills,Roswell Crippen,Hattie Crippen,Ezra Wood and E.E.Wood lots.

Nov.9th Wed.- Stormed all day Southeast rain and high wind.Didn't work. F.D.Roosevelt elected Pres.yesterday.

Nov.10th Thu.- Stormy morning.Cleared at noon.Worked in cemetery in PM,on Holloway Wood,Aaron Wood,James lots in Sec.1.Unknown lot and Lanterman lot in Sec.II. 4 hours.

Nov.11th Fri.- Worked in PM on,Lanterman,Hess and S.Kennedy lots. 4 hrs.

Nov.12th Sat.- Worked on same lots as yesterday,also Avery and Van Ness. Cold day.First snow of season in late PM. 7 hrs work.Total for week 25 hours.

Nov.13th Sun.- Snowy.Started to open grave for Mrs.Emma Wood.Then went to S.S. Then finished grave.Len Wood helped me. 6 hrs on grave.

Nov.14th Mon.- Cold morning.Beautiful PM.The Wood funeral in PM.Worked on grave and tended the church.6 cemetery,3 on grave and 3 grading.

Nov.15th Tue.- Pleasant AM,cool wind.Cleared away dirt from Wood grave. Worked on several lots in Sec.1 and 2.In late PM began work on C.Longwell section.7 cemetery.

Nov.16th Wed.- Worked on Longwell lot all day,when not helping to line up stakes for post holes.Had two men digging post holes. 7

Nov.17th Thu.- Rained last night,cold and windy today.Worked on C.Longwell's,Wheeler's and Bill Benson's lots in cemetery.Had two men digging post holes.8

Nov.18th Fri.- Very cold morning.Warmer and cloudy in late PM.Worked on Bill Benson lot and other lots in south end of Sec.3.Finished post holes on south side.8 Paid $13.40

Nov.19th Sat.- Rained till late PM,turned to snow. No work.

Nov.20th Sun.- No work.

Nov.21st Mon.- Worked on Bill Benson lot,Sec.3. 8

Nov.22nd Tue.- Quite cold.Graded a little and reset markers. 5

Nov.23rd Wed.- Real cold.Began opening grave for Mrs.French at 11 AM. 5

Nov.24th Thu.- Thanksgiving - Warmer.Pleasant PM.Helen home a while in PM. Worked on grave. 5

Nov.25th Fri.- Beautiful day.Funeral of Mrs.Henry French.Worked in cemetery setting posts,grading in Sec.3 and on grave.8 Total for week 31 Hrs.

Nov.26th Sat.- Cold and blustry.No work

Nov.27th Sun.- Cold.Zero.Went to S.S.and church.

Nov.28th Mon.- Cold.Below zero.Cleared away dirt from grave.Set posts for cemetery fence.7

Nov.29th Tue.- A cold and frosty morning.At work at 9:00.Had two men setting and triming posts.7

Nov.30th Wed.- A beautiful day.Worked on the fence job.Graded a little on Hall lot Sec.3.

Dec.1st Thu.- A wonderful December day.Worked on fence and on George Gott grave and graded a little on Hall lot Sec.3. 7

Dec.2nd Fri.- Another fine two men working on grave.I worked on Wilcox and Kennedy lots.8

Dec.3rd Sat.- Warm AM worked on drive and graded around monuments in Sec.2 and 3.In PM closed grave.8 for 2 weeks 75 Hrs. $15.00

Dec.4th Sun.- Vivian spent weekend with Helen in Elmira.

Dec.5th Mon.- Windy.Not cold.Cleaned away dirt from Gott grave.Worked on Ave.B. 7

Dec.6th Tue.- Partly cloudy.Warm for Dec. Graded Ave.D and G.W.Reynold's lot and lots on upper Sec.7. 8

Dec.7th Wed.- Beautiful AM.Cloudy,rained a little in PM.Windy evening. Worked on King,Smith and H.Soper lots. Some of the men tried to blow some stumps west of the cemetery. 8

Dec.8th Thu.- Cold and windy.No work.Class in evening.

Dec.9th Fri.- Cold.Snowy.Washed.No work.

Dec.10th Sat.- Very cold.Snowed in PM.Banked house and cut wood.No work.

Dec.11th Sun.- Church and S.S.

Dec.12th Mon.- Cold.Windy.Worked cutting posts. 2 Hrs.

Dec.13th Tue.- Cold.Stormy.No work.

Dec.14th Wed.- 4 below.Pleasant AM,cloudy PM.Cold and windy all day. No work.

Dec.15th Thu.-8 below zero this AM.Cold all day.No work.

Dec.16th Fri.- Another sub-zero morning.Our house is very cold.No work.

Dec.17th Sat.- Below zero. No work. 25 hours in 2 weeks,$5.00 .

Dec.18th Sun.- A little warmer.Went to S.S. Teach men's bible class.

Dec.19th Mon.- Cold.No work.

Dec.20th Tue.- Cold.Washed.No work.

Dec.21st Wed.- Warmer,but snow still on ground.No work.

Dec.22nd Thu.- Windy.Beautiful day.No work.

Dec.23rd Fri.- Warmer.Christmas Tree tonight.Acted the part of Santa Claus. No work.

Dec.24th Sat.- Cloudy,warm.Baked pies and cake for tomorrow.Helen came home. 3 hrs work in cemetery.

Dec.25th Sun.- Christmas - One of the most beautiful Christmas days I ever saw.Helen went back to Elmira at night.

Dec.26th Mon.- A good day.In PM worked on road.Leveling and keeping time for a bunch of men on State Relief.

Dec.27th Tue.Colder.Worked on road in AM,and until 2 PM.Then began on grave for little June Phillips.Charlie Hill helped me.3 hrs.on grave

Dec.28th Wed.- Rainy,foggy AM.Pleasant PM. Phillips funeral.Kept time on road job and 8 hrs on grave.

Dec.29th Thu.- Osmer's birthday - Foggy,frosty morning.Beautiful frost crystals when the sun came through the fog.Bright,warm,beautiful day. Cleared away from grave and worked on drive.Creig helped. 7 hrs work.

Dec.30th Fri.- Rainy all day.No work.Visited school in PM.Swept out church in AM.

Dec.31st Sat.- Warm.Rainy till late PM,then windy and colder.Cut wood in PM No work.