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Partial List of Boys of This Vicinity On Overseas Service. – Give Us the Names of Others.

The following is a partial list of the Mansfield boys, including Covington, Sullivan, Rutland, and Richmond townships, who are on overseas duty in France, England, Italy, or some other country. If you know the names of any others please send them in. This list does not include the names of those who are on their way across, as these cannot be published until after their safe arrival overseas is reported.

Will those who know the company and regiment addresses of any of the following, please give us any address that we do not have listed correctly.

Serg. Leigh W. Allen, Motor Truck Co., 207, Supply Train 402.

J. O. W. Bailey, son of H. C. Bailey, Co. H, 23rd Eng.

Leo Bailey, Co. M, 9th U. S. Inf.

Raymond Bailey, U. S. Hospital Corp.

Victor Bartlett, Base Hospital, Sec. 9; son of Mary E. Bartlett.

Harry Briggs, U. S. Army Hospital No. 8.

Prof Edgar Brandt, Co. A, 155th Machine Gun Battalion.

Lynn Burton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Burton.

Arthur Brion, Co. B, 315th Inf.

Edward F. Bolt, 492d Construction Squadron.

Frank Bedenk, Hdgr. Co., 311 F. A.

Lieut, Raymand Bogardus, Co. I, 310th M. G. Bat.

Malcolm V. Clark, Eshelon American, Convois Auto, Par. B. C. M., Parc. Z. I

Lee Clark, son of J. B. Clark.

Andrew E. Cook, Bat. D, 5th Field Art.

Lieut. J. Bryce Cogswell, Headquarters Co., 313th Reg.

Robert Crossley, 15th Field Art.

Corporal Howard Connelly, Headquarters Troop, 79 Division

Elmer Conklin.

Capt. Ernest Dorsett.

Howard Dorsett, Hdq. Detach, 331, Labor Bat.

Percy Earley, 3rd Field At., Bat. C.

Serg. Auguste B. Finke, Bat. B, 17th Field Artillery.

Grant Feathers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Feathers, of Elk Run, 4th Motor Supply Train.

Harry Hyman, Co. I, 108th Reg.

Colie L. Jenkins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Solon Jenkins, of Rutland.

Wilfred Jupenlaz, Co. A, 15th Eng. Corp.

Wade W. Judge, Co. F, 304th Motor Supply Train.

Fred G. Kinney, Co. C, 23rd Eng.

Fred B. Lamb, 20th Co. 4th Regt., M. M., D.M.A.

Sergeant Walter Leach, Headquarters Co., 314th Div.

Harry Love, Amb. Co. No. 310.

Kenneth Marvin, Co. A, 304 Machine Gun Bat.

Raymond W. Miller, Co., I, 315th Inf.

Lester McConnell, 364th Inf. Suply Company.

George McCann, 38th Infantry.

2nd Lieut Wm. A. McEntee, U.S. A., P.O. 718.

Herman McNeal, Co., C, 60th U.S. Infantry.

Sylvene Nye, daughter of Dr. O. S. Nye, Red Cross Nurse.

Kenneth Odell, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Odell, M.G. Co., 355th Inf.

Wey Olver, Co. C, 316 Reg. Inf.

Mrs. Isabelle Power, sister of Geo. Abernathy, formerly of Charleston, Red Cross nurse.

Corporal Harry A. Redfield, Co. E, 127th Inf., 32nd Div.

George W. Seymour, 3rd Prov. Co., Eng. Repl. Troops, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Seymour.

David H. Sweeley, Supply Co., 111th Infantry.

Anson J. Smith, 165th Aero Squadron.

Rayburn Smith, Co. C, 304 Eng.

Colie Smith, Amb Corps. Son of Ralph Smith.

L. Roe Smith, First Class Private, Co., D, 7th U. S. Eng.

Jay Sigsbee, Eng. Corps.

Albert Stilwell, 481 Aero Construction Squadron.

Corp. Floyd Tomlinson.

Corporal Roy Thomas.

Wentworth Vedder and Sanford Vedder, U. of P Base Hospital; sons of Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Vedder.

Harry Walsh, Co. C, 63rd Eng.

William Welch, 481 aero squadron, Son of Mrs. Ellen A. Welch, of Mainesburg.

Harold E. Welch, Bat. C, 59 Art. C. A. C. Son of Mrs. Ellen A. Welch, of Mainesburg

Maurice O. Woodrow, 3rd Co., 4th O. T. C.

Walter F. Wilson, Bat. C, 311 F. A.

Corp. Lewis D. Foster, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Foster, 305th Eng., Co. C.

First Lieut. Harry B. Fralic, 504 Engineers Brigade.

Eldred Frost, Bat. A, 56gh Reg. C. A. C. Son of Frank A. Frost, of Covington.

Sergeant Casper Gillette, Co. B, 56th Eng.

Townsend Gillette, Bat. B, 10th Field Art.

Russell Hitchcock, son of L. W. Hitchcock, Co., F 9th U. S. Inf.

Donald Hoard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Hoard, Co. M., 145th Reg.

Richard Hayes, Co, M, 314 Inf.

Private Ralph W. Wilson, Bat. A, Regt. 56, C. A. C.

Floyd Wood, formerly of Mainesburg, nephew of Dallas Wood.

Colonel B. Mart Bailey, 15th

Lewis Dorsett, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Dorsett.

Howard Harvey, Co. K, 305 Inf., son of A. R. Harvey.

Scott Comfort, Co. D. 16th Inf.

Ross C. Kiley, 36 P. O. D. Co. 1st P. O. D. Regt.

John E. Kiley, 1st M. C., 339 Inf., 337 Amb. Corps, England.

Earl L. Maynard, U. S. S. Melville, U. S. Naval Forces, Europe.

Lewis L. Palmer, Co, A, 304 Eng. 79th Div.

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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