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Submitted by Lloyd Alvin Holly, 1424 Thomas Run Road, Bel Air, MD 21015-1224.

Transcribed as originally recorded from copies of the family record pages provided to me in October 1978 by Alvern Carl Holly (b. Jul 13,1916 - d. Jan 17, 1989), my cousin, then the last known keeper of the bible living in Ladysmith, Rusk County, WI.  Alvern Holly's notes indicate the original owner was Roswell Holly, b. May 2, 1829, d. Aug 24, 1902(?), our great grandfather. From my reconstruction and interpretation of these notes Roswell Holly was the youngest son of Joseph H. Holly and Sarah McWhorter.
I am trying to locate the original bible to verify some entries. Also, there is possibly additional information available in the bible. I have provided my interpretations based on my personal family knowledge as indicated by "My Notes" below.


Roswell Holly was born May 2n AD 1829 (original owner of the bible)

Sarah Violett Daily was born March 17th 1837

Carrie Isorie Holly was born Sep 11th 1855

Evaline Amanda Holly was born May 20th 1856  (My note: The original year  appears to be 1856 with the last digit overwritten with an 8 or 9.)

Frank R. Holly was born Jan 7th AD1864 (My note: My grandfather, Frank  Roswell Holly)

Susan Jessie Holly was born July 30th & died Aug 5th 1866

Maude Estella Holly was born Tuesday July 20th 1875

Francis Albert Holly born April 9th 1880

Infant son born July 20th 1882

Joseph Car Holly born July 2nd 1894 (?) (My note: I believe the birth year should be 1884 and middle name should be Carr.)

Maude C Germer born Aug 24th 1866 (My note: My grandmother, born in Adrian,  MI. When her parents/family continued westward by covered wagon she was very ill so was left with and raised by a family named Stewart and took the name Maude Clara Stewart prior to her marriage.)

Roswell Holly Jr born Feb 26 1888 (My note: Frank R. & Maude C. (Germer)   Holly's first child. He was not a real "junior", as he did not have the name Frank as his father did. He was referred to as junior to distinguish him from his grandfather. Interestingly evidently neither grandfather nor grandson had a middle name.)

Evaline Amanda Holly born July 4th 1880 (?) (My note: The year of birth has been questioned by many in the family. In the bible record the last
 digit has been marked over. I believe it should be 1889.  See Eva A. Holly entry below under deaths.)

Agnes V. Munroe born Jan 26th 1870

Bessie May Munroe born Feb 17th 1878

Carrie L Munroe born March 12 1880

Dora Munroe born April 1 1885


John M. Holly died August 20th AD 1821 (My note: The middle initial is  unclear. I believe it to be an "M". It could possibly be an "N",  and is definitely not a "W". In an attached group sheet Alvern refers to a John M. Holly b. Sep 8, 1814, d. Aug 20, 1821, youngest son of Joseph H. and Sarah McWhorter Holly)

Joseph Holly died February the 3rd AD 1856 (My note: Joseph H. Holly)

Sarah Holly died Dec 23rd AD 1856 (My note: Sarah McWhorter Holly)

Sally Mariah Holly died Sep 2nd AD 1857

George J. (?) Holly died Aug 1st 1866 (My note: The middle initial appears  to be a "J" overwritten with a "D". I believe "J" is correct.)

Infant son died July 23 1882

Evaline A. Munroe died Feb 6th 1888

Eva A Holly died March 24th 1890 age 9 yr, 8 mo 20 D  (My note: This is the Evaline Amanda Holly with birth date of July 4th, 1880.  I believe
 the "9 yrs" is actually a misinterpretation/transcription error and is actually "0 yrs". Family knowledge passed is down that Evaline died from falling from a chair and striking her head five days after the next sibling was born - Frank Peter Holly, b March 19, 1890, who was
 Alvern Carl Holly's father. Numerous family members have related that they were told she was very, very young, about two years old or younger when she died. If indeed she was Frank R. and Maude Holly's second child her birth date could conceivably have been July 4, 1889 - sixteen months after Roswell was born and twenty months before Frank Peter was born.
 This is a probable explanation also for someone confusing the two Evaline  Amandas and overwriting the birth year of the other Evaline Amanda Holly (b May 20, 1856) with a nine. Their birth entries are directly next to each other on the same page of the family record.)

Roswell Holly died July 24, 1829   73 yrs 3 mo 22 days (My note: My great grandfather. The year of death 1829 is obviously incorrect, since that was the year he was born. From the birth date of May 2, 1829 and the longevity, I calculate the correct date of death as August 24, 1902.
 If someone calculated or transcribed the number of months incorrectly,  that is, wrote 3 mo instead of 2 mo, that would make the date of death  July 24, 1902. The PA Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project states the  death date as September 23, 1903.)

John Roswell Maury (?) died Feb 11 - 1920 (My note: Spelling of the surname is unclear. The first four letters are clear, but the "y" is unclear and there may be additional following letters.)

Perry W. Holly died March 18th 1933  age 40 yrs 7 months

Carrie Isora Thompson nee Holly died Nov 20 1934 age 79 yrs 3 mo 7 days

Roswell Holly Jr. died December 28/ 194? Age 55 10 mo 2 days (My note: The  last digit is truncated on my copy, but I calculate it to be 1943.)

Frank R Holly died April 16, 1952 (My note: My grandfather, Frank Roswell Holly)

Deacon H. Holly, died June 28th, 1974

Family groups provided by Alvern C. Holly  and Lloyd Alvin Holly

Family Group of Joseph H. Holly and Sarah McWhorter Holly

Notes in the bible mention Amherst, Portage and Crivitz, Wisconsin.

Joseph Holly born Feb 7, 1787, died Feb 3, 1856, married Dec 18, 1813 to   Sarah McWhorter, born Sep 2, 1789, died Dec 23, 1856. (My note: This
 would be Joseph H. Holly)

John M. Holly born Sep 8, 1814, died Aug 20, 1821 (My Note: Could this  eldest child be named after his grandfather?)

Silas Holly born Jul 17, 1817, married  Sappia Smith, Mar 2, 1842  (My Note: I believe this is most probably a transcription error and  is Sophia Smith, b. Dec 29, 1820, d. Dec 11, 1868)

Joseph W. Holly born Sep 26, 1820, died Aug 11, 1894  (My note: Evidently someone confused "Joseph Wilson Holly" with his  father "Joseph H." and incorrectly wrote the date of death as  Feb 3, 1856.  From the PA Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project site  files Joseph Wilson Holly died Aug 11, 1894)

William C. Holly born Aug 2, 1822  (My note: The brother Bill in Portage,   Wisconsin that Joseph W. Holly visits in his 1880 yearly diary.)

George J. (?) Holly born Aug 1, 1824, died Aug 1, 1866. Married Amelia Dan,   Feb 11, 1846. (My note: See note under family bible deaths. I believe
 the middle initial should be a "J". I believe this Amelia Dan Holly to  be the Amelia M. Holly, born Jul 22, 1826, died Mar 7, 1895, buried in  the Webb Mills Cemetery, Southport, Chemung Co, NY.)

Margaret Jane Holly born Jul 22, 1826. Married Sheldon Hill, Jul 27, 1851.

Roswell Holly born May 2, 1829 (original owner of the bible). Married Sarah  Violett Daily Sep 3, 1854. She was born Mar 17, 1837. He remarried Nizza
 Hibbard Aug 9, 1874. (My Note: Some records show her name to be Nizzie  Hubbard/Hibard/Hibbard. But my father and others were positive the name was
 Nizza Hibbard.)

Sally Maria Holly born Sep 23, 1832, died Sep 2, 1857

Family Group of Roswell Holly and Sarah Violett Daily  married Sep 3, 1854

Carrie Isora Holly Thompson, born Sep 11, 1855 , died Nov 20, 1934

Evaline Amanda Holly Munroe, born May 20, 1856, died Feb 6, 1888

Frank Roswell Holly, born Jan 7, 1864, died Apr 16, 1952

Susan Jessie Holly, born Jul 30, 1866, died Aug 5, 1866

Family Group of Roswell Holly and second wife Nizza Hibbard  married Aug 7, 1874

Maude Estella Holly, born Jul 20, 1875, died Feb 27, 1904

Francis Albert Holly, born Apr 9, 1880, died May 30, 1963

Infant son born Jul 20, 1882, died Jul 23, 1882

Joseph Carr Holly, born Jul 21, 1884, (Jul 2, 1894 in bible record)

Family Group of Frank Roswell Holly and Maude Clara Germer  married Feb 19, 1887

Roswell Holly (known as Roswell Jr. or Roz), born Feb 26, 1888, died Dec 28, 1943

Evaline Amanda Holly, born Jul 4, 1889, died Mar 24, 1890

Frank Peter Holly, born Mar 19, 1891, died Sep 21, 1968

Perry William Holly, born Aug, 1893, died Mar 18, 1933

Carrie Isora Holly Lundgren, born Nov 21, 1894, died Feb 16, 1979

Maude Clara Holly Vander Velde, born Jan 23, 1898, died Apr 1941

Deacon Hudson Holly, born Jan 21, 1899, died Jun 28, 1974

Dorinda (Dora/Dorothy) Holly, born Mar 13, 1901 (can't recall married name)

John Albert Holly, born Oct 6, 1904, died May 1981

Lloyd Emerson Holly, born Apr 2, 1907, died Nov 16, 1975

Ethel Mae Holly Carlton, born Jul 1, 1909, died Sep 21, 1968

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