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1934 Eugene Crippen of Rutland
Diary of Eugene Crippen
Township: Rutland Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1934
Transcribed by Creig Crippen
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Photo of Eugene Crippen in 1912 sent in by Creig Crippen
These diaries of our Depression era reflect the difficulties faced by most in this country.
Eugene M. Crippen lived 1880 to 1967,  son of Ada Ann Redfield and Osmer Crippen of Rutland.
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Jan.1st 1934 - Warm and rainy,rain most of the day.Began work on Ross  Lawrence grave.Lawrence hung himself.Creig cut wood in AM. Creek flood high.Zelma home till mid PM.Ironed in evening.

Jan.2nd 1934 - Cold.Below freezing all day,but bright and pleasant.Worked on Lawrence grave all day.

Jan.3rd 1934 - Cloudy AM.Pleasent,cold wind in PM.Worked in cemetery. Lawrence funeral.Helen and Zelma up a few minutes in evening.Creig and Osmer went back to school Tue.Jan.2nd after having been home ten days,Christmas vacation.Creig in Senior High,Osmer in Junior High at Mansfield,Pa.They go and come on school bus.

Jan.4th 1934 - Warmer,cloudy.Cut wood at home.Cemetery directors meeting  in evening,only 3 present.

Jan.5th 1934 - Cloudy,warm.Helped Archie (Benson) cut wood.Had a letter from Florence.

Jan.6th 1934 - Warm and cloudy.Helped Archie cut wood.In evening washed boy's shirts,8 of them.Zelma and Osmer went to an entertainment at church.Since Nov.13th 1933 Helen has been keeping house for Fred Wilcox, having Zelma and Orey W.with her.Wilcox got mad at Zelma and said she must get out so she came home today.Helen still stays with Wilcox who is older than her father.

Jan.7th 1934 - Rained most all day.Went to Sunday School.Wrote to Florence and Vivian.

Jan.8th 1934 - Cloudy,not cold.Washed in AM.In PM Mark McClure and I took  music lesson.

Jan.9th 1934 - Cloudy,a little snow in the air.Washed in AM.Worked for Archie in PM.Ironed in evening.Vetter children came for a while in evening.

Jan.10th 1934 - Cloudy,cold, windy.Worked in cemetery all day on grave for Tim Sherman.In evening Mark McClure and I fixed church furnace pipe.

Jan.11th 1934 - Cold cloudy AM,warmer and pleasent PM.First half day of sunshine thus far in 1934.Sherman funeral.Worked in cemetery all day.

Jan.12th 1934 - Warmer but cloudy all day.Ironed and cleaned up the house a little.When Zelma came home from school she said Alton Crippen, my nephew,one of the teachers,has scarlet fever,so school will be closed for a week.

Jan.13th 1934 - Warm,cloudy AM.About noon began to snow,soon changed to rain.Sick headache all day.Orey W.came up for a few minutes in AM.

Jan.14th 1934 - Cooler,cloudy.Orey W.home several hours,stayed for supper.No church service or Sunday School on account of scarlet fever.Osmer and Zelma took turns reading aloud in evening.

Jan.15th 1934 - Not cold,just about freezing all day.Cloudy.Washed clothing,curtains,bed blankets. Down town in PM to see about cemetery pay.

Jan.16th 1934 - Colder but pleasent. First pleasent day this year.Ironed and mended in AM.In PM cut wood.Helen and Vivian called in evening.

Jan.17th 1934 - Colder and snowy.Cut a little wood,worked in the house most of day.Vivian home in PM,after supper baked some cakes for us.She began working for the people across the street while the lady is in the hospital.

Jan.18th 1934 - Cold morning,6 below zero.Clear,pleasent most of day.Cut wood for Vivian at noon.Then the boys from up there,(Vetter boys) helped me.

Jan.19th 1934 - Warm,cloudy morning.Cleared about 9 AM from then beautiful day.Worked in house most of day.We all called on Vivian and her charges in evening.

Jan.20th 1934 - Cold morning.Pleasent day,yet thawed but little.Creig, Osmer and I cut wood for ourselves in AM.In PM worked for Archie Benson.

Jan.21st 1934 - Cold but pleasent most of the day.Went to Sunday School in AM.Small attendence account of the scarlet fever scare.Wrote Florence.

Jan.22nd 1934 - Warmer but cloudy.Went up to Roy James'in AM to get  cemetery pay.In PM went to Mansfield,walked most of the way.

Jan.23rd 1934 - Rained most of AM.Very windy and colder in PM.Washed, Zelma helped,no school yet this week.Orey W.up a few minutes this is his tenth birthday.

Jan.24th 1934 - A beautiful day,cold but very pleasent all day.Cut wood. We cut brush and wood from John Benson's pasture below where we live.Have the wood for cutting the brush,thorn,willow etc.

Jan.25th 1934 - Warmer,cloudy.Worked at wood all day.

Jan.26th 1934 - Pleasent,cool.Worked in house in AM.Worked at wood in PM.Orey W.up for supper and for a while in evening.

Jan.27th 1934 - Cloudy,windy. Worked in house in AM,and for Archie Benson in PM.

Jan.28th 1934 - Cloudy,rained a little in PM.Went to Sunday School,where I teach the men's class.Lesson in Math.5.Orey W.home nearly all day. Cold in evening.

Jan. 29th 1934 - Cold and blustery.Below zero all day.Cut wood enough to keep warm in living room;didn't use kitchen.Wrote "Joe,Bob and Bill".Kids all in school again.

Jan.30th 1934 - Very cold.10 below in the morning,not warmer than 2 below all day.Wrote or read all day.

Jan.31st 1934 - Cold,4 below this morning.Warmer in PM.Cut wood in PM.

Feb.1st 1934 - Warmer,about 32 above all day,cloudy.Worked for Archie Benson all day.

Feb.2nd 1934 - Very cold.About 2 below in morning.8 above at noon.Beautiful day,sun bright all day.Worked for Archie Benson in AM.In PM began work on "Nick" Sherman's grave.Orey W.home a few minutes in evening.

Feb.3rd 1934 - Cold,8 below in morning,beautiful day.Worked in cemetery  all day.Creig and Osmer helped in AM,and in PM Osmer helped me while Creig cut wood.

Feb.4th 1934 - Cold and Snowy,2 above this morning.Osmer and I worked in cemetery all day.Sherman funeral.Creig cut wood in PM.

Feb.5th 1934.- Cold,below zero.Washed and cut wood.Children in school. Creig stayed overnight at Watson's,above Mansfield,where he helped hay last summer.

Feb.6th 1934 - Cold and windy,6 below.Cut wood and worked about the house all day.Creig,Osmer and Zelma all home tonight.

Feb.7th 1934 - Pleasent but cold in PM,morning cold and blustery.6 below  in morning.Wrote Florence and went down town in AM,in PM ironed and cut wood.

Feb.8th 1934 - Very cold.24 below this morning.Beautiful day but not warmer than 4 above any time during the day.Cut wood enough for night.Worked a little in house but not much.

Feb.9th 1934 - Very cold.38 below this morning.The coldest morning in more  than 25 years.A beautiful day,but not warmer than zero all day. Copied "Joe,Bob and Bill",then cut night wood.

Feb.10th 1934 - Very pleasent all day,but 30 below at 6 this AM.Cut wood in AM,and washed clothes and swept the church ready for Sunday.  Letter from Floss with $5 received today.Boys went skating in PM.

Feb.11th 1934 - Warmer,only 3 below at 6 this AM.Went to Sunday School. Vivian home for dinner and supper.Orey W.up while in PM.I went down and skated with the boys for an hour in PM.

Feb.12th 1934 - Warmer,cloudy most of day.Stormed a little in late PM. Ironed and cut wood at home in AM.Worked for Archie Benson in PM.Attended school meeting in evening,board organized.I was elected president.Creig went  to music class.

Feb.13th 1934 - Cold and windy all day.Zero in mid-afternoon.Worked in house most of day.

Feb.14th 1934 - Cold day,12 below in morning.Washed and cut wood.

Feb.15th 1934 - Warmer in AM,cold PM.Beautiful AM.In PM cold north wind snowy.Snowed in evening.Boys went to Scout meeting in evening.

Feb.16th 1934 - Cold,8 below.Very pleasent but cold PM.Ironed and cut wood at home.

Feb.17th 1934 - 22 below this morning.Went up to Archie's in PM to work at wood 2 hours.Came home and helped the boys at wood.Baked pies.

Feb.18th 1934 - Only 12 below this morning.Beautiful day till late PM,  then a little cloudy.Went to Sunday School.Vivian and Orey W.home for dinner.Vivian went,late this PM,to Elmira to work at house work  for Mrs.Lagonegro,972 Hoffman St.

Feb.19th 1934 - Warmer,cloudy AM.Began snowing about noon,grew colder all  PM.Snowed a little and windy.Washed about all day.Mr.Sargeant came  paid $10.00 on rent.

Feb.20th 1934 - Very cold,sub-zero again.Zelma sick with cold,home in PM.  Cut a little wood in PM.

Feb.21st 1934 - Very cold morning,beautiful day.Warmer late PM and evening.Ironed and Cut wood.Zelma in school again.

Feb.22nd 1934 - Warmer,cloudy.Ironed in AM,cut wood in PM.Creig home with bad cold.Went to Boy Scout meeting in evening.Washington's Birthday.

Feb.23rd 1934 - Cold,10 below.Creig still home with that cold.Cut a little wood in PM.

Feb.24th 1934 - Again,10 below.About sick with a cold.In evening Deputy Sheriff McClure arrested our neighbor,the German,(Bodefeld),for selling liquor without a license.

Feb.25th 1934 - 12 below.Pleasant AM,snowed in PM.Went to Sunday School.  Not feeling good at all,bad cold.Wind changed to east about noon and began snowing,snowed all night.

Feb.26th 1934 - Snowed all day.Wind changed to west about noon.By night  more than a foot of snow.Children all in school.I did nothing only try to keep warm.

Feb.27th 1934 - 14 below this morning.Pleasent and very cold all day.Beautiful moonlight evening,but cold.

Feb.28th 1934 - 41 below this morning.One of the coldest,if not the coldest morning this region ever experienced.A beautiful morning,frost almost thick as fog.Pleasent most all day.Washed a little.

Mar.1st 1934 - Warmer,pleasent AM,cloudy PM.Ironed and washed a little. Cut a little wood.Boys went to Scout meeting in evening.

Mar.2nd 1934 - 2 below.Beautiful day.Worked for Archie Benson in AM.Came  home at noon and cut wood at home.

Mar.3rd 1934 - Warmer,snow went fast.Rained in early morning and again in evening.Creek high.About sick all day.Mailed Montgomery Ward order and application for Veteran's markers for cemetery.

Mar.4th 1934 - Warm and rainy.Went to Sunday School.Orey W.home a few  minutes in PM.Rained hard in evening.

Mar.5th 1934 - A pleasent,warm,spring like day.Washed all day.Children  all in school.

Mar.6th 1934 - Colder and very windy.Ironed a little and cut wood.

Mar.7th 1934 - Not so cold.Finished ironing in AM.Vivian home in PM and for supper. Montgomery order came.

Mar.8th 1934 - Cold.Began snowing in PM.Very cold evening but clear.Cut wood in AM.

Mar.9th 1934 - 3 below this morning.Windy,cold all day.Wrote Orey E. Letter from Aunt Lottie and Floss.

Mar.10th 1934 - Zero in morning,cold and snowy all day.Creig and I worked at wood.Osmer went up to Conley's to spend the night with Marshall and Richard Valentine,boys about his age.

Mar.11th 1934 - Cold.Zero morning.Went to Church and Sunday School.Orey W.  up in late PM and evening.Osmer came home about 9 PM.

Mar.12th 1934 - 24 below this AM.Children all in school.

Mar.13th 1934 - Warmer,snow went fast in PM.Went up to Mertie Frost's in  AM with some church stuff;she is to have a church dinner tomorrow.  In PM cut wood.In evening sowed some Bonny Best tomato seed.

Mar.14th 1934 - Colder,snowed all AM.Pleasant PM.Washed.Zelma went up to Mertie Frost's to a church dinner.

Mar.15th 1934 - A beautiful day.Cut wood in AM,worked in house in PM.Two  boys,Marshall Conley and Richard Valentine,were here for supper with Creig and Osmer.They all went to Scout meeting and Richard stayed all night with us.

Mar.16th 1934 - Warm,Washed a little.Ironed.Mr.Sargeant came for some  things he had stored in one room up stairs.

Mar.17th 1934 - A beautiful spring day.Creig and I cut wood in AM.Osmer went down and watched Walter Herrington test milk at milk station  Osmer is taking "Ag" at High School.In PM I cleaned church.

Mar.18th 1934 - Dark,cloudy day.Rain,turning to snow in PM.Went to   Sunday School.Cold night.

Mar.19th 1934 - Only 4 above this morning.Went up to Roy James' in AM  to get cemetery pay.Orey E.called a few minutes about noon.Washed  in PM.Got haircut in late PM.

Mar.20th 1934 - Cold morning,fine but cold northeast wind all day.Cleaned  garrett all day.D.E.Watson called in evening about school business.  Ross' (our neighbor)moved today.

Mar.21st 1934 - First day of spring.Warmer,strong SW wind till mid  PM,then rain.Went up to Mertie Frost's in AM to see about garden. Wrote to Bohn's.

Mar.22nd 1934 - Cold,cold wind,northeast turning to west,grew colder in  PM.Went up in cemetery in PM,too cold to work.Boys went to Scout  meetimg in evening.

Mar.23rd 1934 - Cold east wind.4 below this morning.Cut a little wood.

Mar.24th 1934 - Cold day.Cut wood in AM.Boys started for Scout hike but  scout master went and left them.Orey W.home in PM,stayed for supper.

Mar.25th 1934 - Pleasent day but cold air.Went to Sunday School.99 in  attendance.Baked pies & pudding in PM.Orey W.home for dinner and  supper.

Mar.26th 1934 - Warmer,rainy.Went over to Uncle Rush Crippen's with Armstrong in AM.Armstrong going to Elmira for goods.

Mar.27th 1934 - Began raining about 9,rained all day.Went up to Archie   Benson's to cut wood but came back about 10 AM.Wrote to Floss.

Mar.28th 1934 - Cold morning, a little snow on the ground,pleasent PM. Worked for Archie,helped Westling in AM.In PM drawed off an old
cow,got some wood etc.

Mar.29th 1934 - Fine day.Washed and cut wood.Orey W.  and Vivian home for supper.Richard Valentine stayed overnight with Osmer.Went to scout meeting in evening.Boys home from Mansfield at noon for Easter Vacation.Osmer and Creig visited school.

Mar.30th 1934 - Another fine day.Creig and I cut wood all day.Finished  cutting the thorns in the creek lot.Osmer helped in AM.In PM  he visited school.Orey W.up after school & evening.Sugared off in evening.

Mar.31st 1934 - Rained nearly all day.Had sick headache,in bed most of day.Colby came for potatoes.Orey W.home all day.

Apr.1st 1934 - Cloudy morning,then fine day.Went to Sunday School then    baked pies.Boys went for a walk after dinner,up on the hill where we used to live.Zelma and I went down town and then up to the cemetery.Orey W.home for evening and stayed all night.

Apr.2nd 1934 - Fine day.Worked for Benson.Westling and I piled wood for  buzz saw.Osmer went to school.Zelma and Creig  have vacation,one day.Orey W.home all day.

Apr.3rd 1934 - A beautiful day.Worked in cemetery,cleaning up all AM,but  frost not out enough.In PM worked about the house and yard.In evening went to Mansfield with Alton Crippen to see Prof.Morgan regarding Boy Scout Troop,but didn't find him.Children all in school again.

Apr.4th 1934 - Rained nearly all day.I mended and ironed,etc.about the house.

Apr.5th 1934 - Cool,cloudy AM,pleasent and warm in PM.Down at church,over in cemetery AM.In PM washed.Orey E.and Prof.Walter called in PM.Walter is a candidate for county superintendant of schools.In evening went to Boy Scout meeting.

Apr.6th 1934 - Cloudy,rainy in AM.In PM windy and warm.Ironed and cut wood.Wrote to Floss in evening.

Apr.7th 1934 - Cloudy AM.Pleasent PM.Washed nearly all day.Heard the first  peepers this evening.

Apr.8th 1934 - Beautiful day.Went to Sunday School.In PM went to Mansfield  with D,and Nellie Watson to the funeral of Helen McConnell and Enos Watson,brother and sister.They were 2nd cousins of mine,a double funeral.

Apr.9th 1934 - A fine day.Worked for Mrs.Frost,cleaned up lawn and  repaired stone wall.

Apr.10th 1934 - Beautiful day.In PM went to Wellsboro with Jack Woodworth. Made a speech before  the   School Director's Convention nominating Prof.Walter for County Superintendant of Schools.Stayed in Mansfield for supper with Mr.and Mrs.Longwell.

Apr.11th 1934 - Rainy.Had sick headache all day.Mr.Sargeant here for dinner.

Apr.12th 1934 - Stormy,rainy and snow;a little of each.In evening the Cemetery Assoc.held a meeting in the church basement."Hot Dog" lunch.

Apr.13th 1934 - Still stormy.Washed clothes.

Apr.14th 1934 - Stormy day.Began work on grave for Bert Worden.

Apr.15th 1934 - Fine day.Pleasant most of the day.Worden funeral in PM.  Began work on grave for Anna Rose,Austin helped me.

Apr.16th 1934 - Rained all AM.Cloudy in PM.Rose funeral in PM.

Apr.17th 1934 - Beautiful day.Worked in cemetery all day,moving earth piles and grading.

Apr.18th 1934 -Rained a little all AM.Cloudy in PM.Worked in cemetery  all day.

Apr.19th 1934 - Another misty,cold day.Worked at earth piles in cemetery all day.

Apr.20th 1934 - Pleasant AM.Cold and rainy in PM.Helped Archie Benson cut wood all day.Went to Church Supper in evening.

Apr.21st 1934 - Cold and cloudy all day.Washed in AM.In PM finished moving earth piles in cemetery.Vivian came home for a vacation.The cemetery job is all in the air. I asked for more money.

Apr.22nd 1934 - Cold,cloudy.Went to Sunday School.Tom White house burned in PM. Had dandelion greens for dinner.

Apr.23rd 1934 - Pleasant day.Went up to James' in AM to get cemetery pay.In PM went to Mansfield with Walter Herrington.Back on school bus.

Apr.24th 1934 -Pleasant,but a cool wind blew hard.Cleaned house,Vivian helped.In evening they had meeting of cemetery trustees and my bid for caretaker was turned down, and Charlie Hill appointed  for less money.I asked for $300 plus $5.00 for each grave opened.They gave Hill $276 to do all the work.

Apr. 25th 1934 - Cold and windy,a little snow in the air at times.Had taken the heating stove down,so we were cooped up in the kitchen all day and evening.

Apr.26th 1934 - A little warmer but very windy.Cleaned my desk.Washed a little.Boys went to Scout meeting in evening.Valentine boy stayed  with Osmer.

Apr.27th 1934 - Cold.A little snow in the air most all day.Didn't do much of anything.Richard Valentine stayed over again.He and Osmer went out in evening,down to Rouse's.

Apr.28th 1934 - Beautiful day,but cold wind.Washed.Built fire in church  for funeral.Finished taking up floor covering in living room and  mopped.Osmer went home with Richard and Betty,she had been staying  with Rouse for a night or two.Vivian went back to Elmira in PM, so Creig,Zelma and I were alone for supper and the night.A little  lonesome.Played cards.

Apr.29th 1934 - Pleasant day,a little cool.Went to Sunday School in AM. Went for a walk in PM with Creig and Zelma.Bohn's folks,friends  from PineCity,N.Y.,called in late PM.Our dog bit Mrs.Bohn's hand.  Osmer home in evening.

Apr.30th 1934 - A beautiful day.Creig and I went down to Wilcox's in the  morning and paid the taxes.Cleaned house all day.

May 1st 1934 - A warm beautiful day.I had ordered,through the U.S.War Department,some markers for Civil War Veteran's graves.They came  today.Went to Mansfield with Lee VanOcken,with John Benson's  truck,and a load of hay and brought back markers.Cleaned house in PM.Planted a little garden after supper.

May 2nd 1934 - Warm day.Washed.

May 3rd 1934 - Fine,warm day.Papered livingroom.Richard Valentine stayed  with Osmer.

May 4th 1934 - Beautiful day.Papered boy's room.Richard stayed with Osmer  again tonight.

May 5th 1934 - Another fine day.Settled livingroom and boy's room.Zelma  ironed.Osmer went home with Richard.

May 6th 1934 - A very warm and beautiful day,but dry,rain much needed.  Went to Sunday School.Took a nap in PM.Russel Watson and wife   called in PM and engaged Creig and I to help him in haying.

May 7th 1934 - Windy,warm,colder in late PM.Began working on the road for  the State Highway Dept.

May 8th 1934 - Cold morning,cool wind all day.Worked helping build north  and south hard road through Roseville.Last day of local school.

May 9th 1934 - Cold,cloudy.Worked on road all day.

May 10th 1934 - Fine AM.Washed clothes all day.Rained in PM.First thunder-storm of the season.Boys went to Scout meeting.Richard stayed with Osmer.

May 11th 1934 - A good day.Worked in garden in AM.In PM worked for Mrs. Frost.Richard went to schoolwith Osmer.

May 12th 1934 - Beautiful day,cold morning.Worked in garden all day.Creig cut Mrs.Frost's lawn in AM.In PM Creig went fishing.Osmer and Richard went down to Rouse's to see the girls.

May 13th 1934 - Mother's Day.Very cold morning,hard frost.Coolwind all  day.Children went to Sunday School.Richard went home about noon.

May 14th 1934 - Cold morning.Worked on road all day.Zelma home alone.

May 15th 1934 -  Primary election.Very dry.Washed and worked about the  house all day.

May 16th 1934 - Very cold,froze water.Worked on road again.

May 17th 1934 - Warmer,very dry.Began working on earth roads,raking stone.Began on Perrytown Road.

May 18th 1934 - Still warm and dry.Raked stone.

May 19th 1934 - Light shower in late PM.Raked stone all day.

May 20th 1934 - Hot and pleasant all day.Went to Sunday School.

May 21st 1934 - Beautiful day till mid PM,then half hour of rain.Raked  stone.In evening Zelma and I took flowers to cemetery.

May 22nd 1934 - Cloudy,rained about noon for half an hour.Raked on Pumpkin  Hill state road and Aldrich-Chamberlain road.About sick with   cold.

May 23rd 1934 - Cold,windy.Frost in morning.Worked on Aldrich-Chamberlain road,south end all day.Cold no better.

May 24th 1934 - Warm AM.Rainy PM.Didn't work.Zelma and I planted a few   peas in AM.

May 25th 1934 - Cold,windy.Worked all day on Bailey Creek road.Boys had Scout meeting in evening.

May 26th 1934 - Partly cloudy,cold.Worked raking Bailey Creek road.Creig   and I planted a little garden after work.

May 27th 1934 - A beautiful day.Florence came in morning.Spent the day  with us.Orey home.Did not attend Sunday School.

May 28th 1934 - Warmer,fine day.Planted garden all day.

May 29th 1934 - Warm.Worked constructing road through Roseville.

May 30th 1934 - Memorial Day.Hot and dry.Worked on road all day.Senior  High at Mansfield out for summer vacation.Creig made his year.

May 31st 1934 - Hot and dry.Went to Mansfield to Junior High Commencement.Osmer graduated,he will be in Senior High next year.

Jun. 1st 1934 - Very hot.Worked on road all day.

Jun.2nd 1934 - Very hot and dry.Worked on road in AM.In PM finished wall at Mertie Frost's.Creig and Osmer worked for Alton in PM, then went with Boy Scouts on overnight hike.Leaving Zelma and I  alone.

Jun.3rd 1934 - Very hot all day.Thundershower in evening.Went to Sunday School at 10:30 AM.Zelma and I walked up to Evert Nash's in PM to see about some church business for Orey E.Boys came home in PM,then Creig went over to Watson's to work.Marshall Conley stayed over night with Osmer.

Jun.4th 1934 - Hot day.Planted potatoes and beans.

Jun.5th 1934 - Hot day.Planted potatoes in AM.In PM hoed garden.Osmer and Marshall went to the pond swimming.In the evening went to school meeting.I am president of Roseville School Board.

Jun.6th 1934 - Hot all day.In the evening,two heavy showers.Our drouth is broken,I guess.Finished planting potatoes.Osmer went home with Marshall in PM to stay over night.Orey W.came for supper and stayed over night with Zelma and I.

Jun.7th 1934 - Cooler.Hoed garden,set tomatoes,planted a little pop corn, washed a little,worked about the yard.

Jun.8th 1934 - Cool.Osmer came home last night.Osmer and I worked about Mrs.Frost's lawn and yard all day.We all went to an ice cream  social in evening.

Jun.9th 1934 - Cool.I planted some of Mrs.Frost's garden.We have the use of  the garden for mowing the lawn.Osmer worked for D.Watson,planting garden. Creig came home at night.

Jun.10th 1934 - Warmer,showers in PM.Went to Sunday school in AM.Richard Valentine up to see Osmer.

Jun.11th 1934 - Warm.Washed and planted corn and beans in Frost garden.Creig hoed in garden at home and Osmer planted potatoes forWoodworth.

Jun.12th 1934 - Warm.Shower at noon and again about 6 PM.Began work for Armstrong.Creig worked for Alton.Osmer worked at home and cut church lawn.

Jun.13th 1934 - Cool and cloudy.Began raining about 9 in evening.Worked  for Armstrong all day.Creig worked for Alton.Osmer planted beans in PM.

Jun.14th 1934 - Cool.Cloudy and pleasant by turns all day.Worked for Armstrong all day.Creig worked for Alton.Osmer helped Zelma. Orey W.up for supper.Marshall Conley staid overnight with  Osmer.Boys went to scout meeting.

Jun.15th 1934 - A beautiful day.Worked for Armstrong,getting house ready to paint.Osmer mowed lawns.Creig worked for Alton.Received letter from Vivian.

Jun.16th 1934 - Another beautiful day.Worked for Armstrong.Creig worked for Alton.Osmer mowed lawn and finished planting beans.Creig and I hoed  squash and cucumbers after supper.

Jun.17th 1934 - Beautiful day.Went to Sunday School.

Jun. 18th 1934 - Fine day.Worked for Armstrong in AM.In PM hoed garden  Began raining in evening.

Jun.19th 1934 - Rained nearly all day.Cut church lawn in late PM.

Jun.20th 1934 - Beautiful day.Worked for Armstrong,painted all day.Zelma went to stay with Betty Sweeley overnight.

Jun.21st 1934 - Warm day.Shower in early evening.Painted for Armstrong all day.

Jun.22nd 1934 - Beautiful day.Helped build porch for Armstrong.31 years ago today was graduated from Keuka Institute.

Jun.23rd 1934 - Hot day.Worked on Armstrong's porch all day.Came near being  overcome by heat.

Jun.24th 1934 - Hot but quite a breeze.Went to Children's Day program at 10:30.We had dinner down by the boy's shack.Osmer has built an arch  there,makes a fine picnic place.

Jun.25th 1934 - A beautiful day.Painted on Will Armstrong house.Creig went  to Watson's for the week to work.The first electric wires came to Roseville today.

Jun.26th 1934 - Beautiful AM,cloudy PM.Rained a little late PM.Worked for Armstrong till rain,then hoed garden till dark.

Jun.27th 1934 - Cloudy.Hot,muggy all day.Hoed potatoes in AM.In PM worked for Armstrong till 5,then hoed potatoes till dark.Then washed till 10.Osmer stayed in his shack all night.

Jun. 28th 1934 - Very hot.Pleasant.Hoed potatoes till 10 AM.Then worked for  Armstrong.Received letters from Creig and Vivian,also road checks.  Osmer went to scout meeting in evening.Electric"juice"first time.

Jun.29th 1934 - Very hot.97 in shade.Painted for Armstrong.Had dinner and supper under the old beech tree by the boy's shack,cooked on a small arch built by Osmer.

Jun.30th 1934 - Hot.Painted in AM.In PM,had Neal Rouse's horse and Osmer  and I cultivated potatoes and garden.

Jul.1st 1934 - Very hot.Went to Sunday School in AM.Zelma and I had picnic  Creig and Osmer went with Boy Scouts.

Jul.2nd 1934 - Hot and dry.Painted for Armstrong all day.School meeting in evening.

Jul.3rd 1934 - Hot weather in AM.Shower in PM.Painted till noon,then hoed potatoes till shower.Creig went back to Watsons.

Jul.4th 1934 - Cloudy AM.Hot PM.Washed and hoed garden.In evening Osmer,  Zelma and I had picnic by boy's shack.

Jul.5th 1934 - Hot,cloudy,little rain.Painted in AM.Sick headache in PM, in bed most of time.

Jul 6th 1934 - Very hot.Hottest day to date this season.Showers in evening  Painted in AM.Helped put up eaves troughs in PM.Hoed potatoes after work

Jul.7th 1934 - Muggy morning.Painted 2 hours,then rain nearly all day. Creig home about 10 AM.Asa Bement,wife,Wayne and Orey W.called  in evening.

Jul.8th 1934 - Cloudy,cool.Cleared up a little in late PM.Went to Sunday School in AM.In PM Osmer went to Mosherville to a ball game.

Jul.9th 1934 - A beautiful day.Painted all day.Hoed potatoes in morning  and evening.Creig went back to Watson's in morning.

Jul.10th 1934 - Fine day,hot in PM.Painted all day.

Jul.11th 1934 - Hot day.Painted for Armstrong.Hoed garden morning and evening.

Jul.12th 1934 - Beautiful day.Worked all day.Hoed morning and evening  as usual.

Jul.13th 1934 - A good breeze.Went over to Watson's,where Creig is,to  help in haying.Patched barn roof in AM.

Jul.14th 1934 - A good day.We finished all the hay we had down and Watson brought us home in evening.

Jul.15th 1934 - Hot.Showers all about us.Went to Sunday School.

Jul.16th 1934 - Hot.Hoed garden.

Jul.17th 1934 - Hot.Went to Watson's,worked in hay all week with Creig. Came home Sat.noon.Fanny brought us home.

Jul.22nd 1934 - Very warm and dry.Worked at home all day.

Jul.23rd 1934 - Went back to Watson's.Worked in hay till Friday it rained. Helped Russell clean up about buildings.Russell brought us home in evening Friday.

Jul.28th 1934 - Rained all AM.Washed in PM.Children went to a social in evening.

Jul.29th 1934 - Cloudy,warm.Osmer sick.Worked about house all day.

Jul.30th 1934 - Hot.Hayed all day.Rained at night.We went to Mansfield with Don Soper on milk truck.

Jul.31st 1934 - Cloudy.Did odd jobs all day.

Aug.2nd 1934 - Fine day.Finished haying and Russell brought us home in evening.

Aug.3rd 1934 - Washed and worked at home.

Aug.4th 1934 - Worked at home.

Aug.5th 1934 - Went to Sunday School.

Aug.6th 1934 - Painted for Armstrong.

Aug.9th 1934 - Warm day.Children went to Sunday School Picnic at Eldridge Park,Elmira,N.Y.I worked for Armstrong,grading lawn.

Aug.17th 1934 - Washed.

Aug.19th 1934 - Beautiful day.Florence came up and Zelma and Orey W.went home with her for a week or so.

Aug.20th 1934 - Creig,Osmer and I went to Elmira with Albert Armstrong. Spent the day and came home with William Sweeley.Took dinner with Grace Mandeville.

Aug.25th 1934 - Cloudy AM and cold,but warm PM.Went to Elmira again.With Bill Sweeley who works for bread company and leaves Roseville about 3:30 AM.We(Creig,Osmer & I)looked over the town,went to a show and came home with Sweeley.Reached Roseville about 6:45 PM.

Aug.26th 1934 - A beautiful day.Went to Sunday School.

Aug.27th 1934 - Beautiful AM.Cloudy PM.Rainy late PM.Worked about home making pickles and canning tomatoes.Rained all evening.

Aug.28th 1934 - Rainy AM.Partly cleared in PM.Rain again in early evening and colder.Ironed,worked about house.

Aug.29th 1934 - Cloudy.Cooler.Creig,Osmer and I went up to the old Crippen farm for blackberries.Got about 18 qts.Canned berries till midnight.

Aug 30th 1934 - Beautiful day.Cold night.Canned tomatoes,pickles and took care of the headache.

Aug.31st 1934 - A beautiful day.In bed most of day with sick headache.

Sep.1st 1934 - Warmer.Fine  day.Feeling better.The boys cut Frost's lawn, church lawn and our lawn at home.I helped them trim,swept church. Washed,gathered a little garden stuff.Cleaned up house a little. Ironed in evening.

Sep.2nd 1934 - Beautiful day.Went to Church and Sunday School.Florence came up and brought Zelma and Orey W.home for school.Went down to Sweeley's in evening about school business.

Sep.3rd 1934 - Beautiful day.Cut wood in AM.In PM worked for Neal Rouse  filling silo.Children all went to school.Creig and Osmer at Mansfield Senior High ,Zelma and Orey Rutland school.

Sep.4th 1934 - Rain all the morning till about 8:00,then cleared up but rained again in the evening.Canned tomatoes and pickles in AM.Helped Rouse again in PM.

Sep.5th 1934 - Fine day.Worked for Rouse,finished about 2 PM.About 9:30 PM Frank Williams ran off the road near our house.He cut off a  telephone pole,dug up one lilac bush and part of another and came to a stop under Zelma's bed room window.Cause,too much booze.

Sep.6th 1934 - A beautiful day.Dug potatoes for John Benson in AM.In PM washed.In evening boys and I cut wood and burned brush down by the creek till dark.Then I ironed,boys went to Scout meeting.

Sep.7th 1934 - Cloudy,warm,rained in evening.Dug potatoes for Benson in AM.Washed and gathered garden stuff in PM.In evening ironed and canned tomatoes.

Sep.8th 1934 - Rained a little most all day.Shelled beans,picked cucumbers and tomatoes,stewed pumpkin etc.all day.

Sep.9th 1934 - A beautiful day.Went to church and AM.After dinner cold packed 3 qts of shell beans.Creig went down to Cook's in PM.

Sep.10th 1934 - Foggy morning,beautiful day,quite warm.Dug potatoes for  Benson all day.Canned tomatoes in evening.Children all in school.

Sep.11th 1934 - Zelma's Birthday.13 years old.Beautiful day.Worked for Benson all day.Archie Benson called in evening to get me to work for him.Zelma went down to Sweeley's in evening.

Sep.12th 1934 - Another beautiful day.Worked for John Benson all day. Cloudy in evening.

Sep.13th 1934 - Cloudy all day.Worked for John Benson all day.Creig and Osmer went to scout meeting in evening.

Sep.14th 1934 - Cloudy,rained about 9:30 for an hour or so and again in evening.Worked for Benson till 10:00 AM,then came home and washed. Ironed in evening.Benson's cows out.

 Sep.15th 1934 - Cloudy all day.Shelled beans.Creig and I milked for  Benson at night.Osmer cut church lawn.Fixed fence between Benson  and I where cows got out through last night.Creig cut Benson's lawn in PM.Canned tomatoes in evening.Florence stopped on her way   to Tioga and stayed for dinner.

 Sep.16th 1934 - Rained all day,most times hard.Went to church and S.S.  in AM.Read in PM.

 Sep.17th 1934 - Cloudy.Washed and ironed.

 Sep.18th 1934 - Cloudy in AM,cleared up in mid PM.Worked for John Benson, digging potatoes and mowing lawn.

 Sep.19th 1934 - Cold morning,beautiful day.Cut buckwheat for John Benson on Orey E's farm.First I had craddled in more than 20 years. Orey E.and Florence came up in PM.Very tired and lame tonight.

 Sep.20th 1934 - Beautiful day.Finished cutting buckwheat and set up some. Creig and Osmer up in PM,their school out for the Fair.

 Sep.21st 1934 - A good day.Creig and Osmer went to the Fair on the school bus.Florence came up and got Zelma,Orey W.and I and took us to the Fair.First time I had attended the Fair since 1910.

 Sep.22nd 1934 - Rained all morning till about 9.Florence,Zelma and  Orey W.went to Tioga for the day.I ironed,gathered a little garden stuff.Creig cut John Benson's lawn in PM.We did John's chores at night.

 Sep.23rd 1934 - My 54th birthday.Very cloudy and damp in morning,cleared  up,a beautiful day.Went to church and S.S.In PM Florence and I  went to Big Pond to the funeral of Lucinda Smith,an own cousin of Father's.Aged 83.

 Sep.24th 1934 - Weather about same as yesterday.Went with Florence to visit Father's brother,Uncle Rush who is 89 years of age.Mort  Crippen was there.Florence went home after supper,her vacation  ended.

  Sep.25th 1934 - Weather same as yesterday.Worked for Benson all day.

  Sep.26th 1934 - Very cloudy,foggy and damp in morning,but warm.Washed  in AM.Set up buckwheat for John Benson in PM.A beautiful PM.

  Sep.27th 1934 - Warm.Beautiful morning,rained about 10 AM and again at noon.Colder PM,quite cool evening.Worked for Benson about 2  hours before rain.Ironed and dug potatoes at home rest of day. Went to Scout meeting with boys in evening.The scout master away.

  Sep.28th 1934 - Pleasant day.Dug potatoes and cut lawn for Benson all day.

  Sep.29th 1934 - Rained all day,not cold.Canned tomato juice and apple sauce.Went over to John Benson's in PM and bought a cow.

  Sep.30th 1934 - Cloudy,rained a little several times,cooler towards night.Went to S.S.,my last day as teacher of men's class.About 8:15 PM Henry Bodefeld's house burned.He has been running a "bootleg joint",so there are few who care much.

  Oct.1st 1934 - Quite cold this morning.Cool air all day,but pleasant.Worked for Armstrong,building part of the garage adjoining the store into an addition to the sales room.After the boys came home from school they went over to Bensons and brought our cow home.The first cow I have owned since 1910.

  Oct.2nd 1934 - A beautiful day.Very cold morning.Our firsl killing frost.Froze ice on our well platform.Worked for Armstrong.Sick at night - sick headache.

  Oct.3rd 1934 - Warmer,no frost,pleasant day.Boys up and got breakfast for me,but I went to work,worked all day.

  Oct.4th 1934 - Beautiful day for October.Worked for Armstrong all day.Went to school meeting in evening.Creig and Osmer went to scout meetimg.

  Oct.5th 1934 - Cool and cloudy.Worked for Armstrong all day.Children in school as usual.

  Oct.6th 1934 - Cold,rainy.Worked for Armstrong.Boys picked apples in PM.

  Oct.7th 1934 - Cold,windy.Creig and Osmer went with Boy Scouts to Watkin's Glen.Didn't go to church or S.S.Canned applesauce and packed apples most all day.

Oct.8th 1934 - A beautiful day.Worked for Armstrong all day.Boys and I did John Benson's chores in evening.

Oct.9th 1934 - Another beautiful day.Worked for Armstrong all day.Children all in school.The St.Louis Nat.won the World's Baseball Series today.Stella Soper died this morning.

Oct.10th 1934 - Fine day.Worked for Armstrong all day.

Oct.11th 1934 - Beautiful day,only windy.Worked for Armstrong all day.Orey W.and I dug potatoes after work.Boys went to scout meeting in evening.

Oct.12th 1934 - Quite cool.Very cold at night.Worked for Armstrong all day.

Oct.13th 1934 - Cloudy,cold and windy.We pulled beans and dug potatoes in Frost's garden in AM.In PM the boys finished gathering apples.I dug potatoes.

Oct.14th 1934 - Pleasant but cold.Went to AM.Boys went for nuts in PM.

Oct.15th 1934 - Beautiful day.Washed and dug potatoes.

Oct.16th 1934 - Beautiful day,warm.Worked for Armstrong in AM.Creig stayed  home from school to dig potatoes,I helped him in PM.

Oct.17th 1934 - Beautiful day,warm.Dug potatoes all day,Creig in school.

Oct.18th 1934 - Fine day.Dug potatoes all day.Vivian came home on the bus  in the evening.

Oct.19th 1934 - Beautiful day.Worked at potatoes.

Oct.20th 1934 - Cloudy but warm.Finished potatoes,have about 90 bushels. Creig and Osmer went to school in AM;special for teacher's convention.

Oct.21st 1934 - Rainy.Sick in PM and all night.Sick headache.

Oct.22nd 1934 - Cloudy and rainy.Sick about all day.Creig and Osmer at home no school on account of school Saturday.

Oct.23rd 1934 - Cloudy and rainy,but warm.Feeling better.Worked for Armstrong all day.

Oct.24th 1934 - Cleared up in PM,warm.Worked for Armstrong.

Oct.25th 1934 - Fine day.Worked for Armstrong all day.Vivian went back to Elmira in PM.

Oct.26th 1934 - Rainy AM,cloudy,cold PM.Worked about house all day.Creig and I did John Benson's chores in evening.Creig and Osmer went to social in evening.

Oct.27th 1934 - Cloudy,cold AM.Warmer,rainy PM.Turned colder in evening and snowed.Helped A.E.Benson pick up apples in AM.Went to cider mill with him in early PM.Got a gallon of cider came home and banked house in rain in late PM.In evening made a black walnut cake.

Oct.28th 1934 - Cold.Snowed every few minutes all day.Built fire and rung bell at church for the last time.Today completes two year's janitor service for the community church.The community church is at an end;it is an now,and I am out of it.We set up our heating stove in PM.

Oct.29th 1934 - Cold,windy.Cut wood for self all day.

Oct.30th 1934 - Pleasant.Worked at home in AM.Worked for John Benson and did his chores in PM.Children went to school social in evening.

Oct.31st 1934 -  Pleasant.Worked for Armstrong.

Nov.1st 1934 - Snowed about two hours in morning then partly cleared.Worked for Armstrong.

Nov.2nd 1934 - Quite cold.Worked for Archie Benson all day.

Nov.3rd 1934 - Pleasant and warmer.The boys and I cut wood all day.

Nov.4th 1934 - Rained most of AM.Pleasant PM.Windy,rainy evening,warm. Zelma and Orey went to S.S.Creig and Osmer went for a walk.I baked and got meals.

Nov.5th 1934 - Beautiful warm home in AM.Worked for Armstrong  in PM.

Nov.6th 1934 - Cold,cloudy.Worked for Armstrong. Election day.Pennsylvania elected a Democratic Governor,Earle.The first Dem.Governor in 40 years and a Dem.U.S.Senator,Guffey,the first Dem.Senator in 60 years.

Nov.7th 1934 - Cold,rainy.Worked at home all day.

Nov.8th 1934 - Pleasant AM.Rained in PM.Tried to wash.

Nov.9th 1934 - Cold wind,cloudy.Worked for A.E.Benson in AM.In PM went to John Stout's funeral.

Nov.10th 1934 - A little warmer,but cloudy.Rained in evening.Worked for Benson,cutting wood all day.

Nov.11th 1934 - Armistice Day.Cloudy,cold all day.Ironed and mended all day.Zelma went to S.S.

Nov.12th 1934 - Cold and snowy.At home till late PM.Then went up to Mrs. Frost's and did a few chores.She is sick and Martha is there.

Nov.13th 1934 - Cold,snowy.Did work at home.

Nov.14th 1934 - Cold and snowy.Washed and cut wood.

Nov.15th 1934 - Cold morning.Pleasant,warmer in late PM.Mended clothing in AM.In PM went to Mose VanOcken's funeral.

Nov.16th 1934 - Warmer.Worked at home all day.

Nov.17th 1934 - Fine day,warm.Fixed Mertie Frost's barn roof in AM.Florence came at noon,brought us about $10 worth of groceries.Boys cut wood.

Nov.18th 1934 - Beautiful day.Home all day.

Nov.19th 1934 - Rained in morning,then partly cleared.Washed in PM.

Nov.20th 1934 - A beautiful warm day.Worked for Armstrong all day.

Nov.21st 1934 - Cloudy,warm.At home all day.

Nov.22nd 1934 - Another warm,cloudy day.At home all day.

Nov.23rd 1934 - Rained all day.Creig and Osmer home.Teacher's Institute

Nov.24th 1934 - Cloudy,cooler.Sick all day.Boys cut wood.Benson called,said preacher had promised to support Boy Scout movement if I and boys would come back to Sunday School.

Nov.25th 1934 - Cloudy and cold.Still under the weather,so to speak.Boys went to Sunday School.

Nov.26th 1934 - Warmer,pleasant.Washed.Orey E.called toward night.

Nov.27th 1934 - Rainy,warm.Worked on steps in front of house.Ironed a  little.

Nov.28th 1934 - Still cloudy,rainy,warm.Ironed and worked about home all day.Creig and Osmer home at noon for Thanksgiving Vacation.Orey E. called in AM and invited us to Thanksgiving dinner..

Nov.29th 1934 - Rainy,warm,cloudy all day.Went to Tioga in AM with Orey E. to a Thanksgiving church service. Orey E.,Martha and little Ada Ann are staying in Mertie Frost's house,and Mertie is down toTioga,caring for Phyllis,who has the measles.The children went up Orey E.'s for dinner,fine time.The first time have been invited out for Thanksgiving dinner in years and years.

Nov.30th 1934 - Cloudy,warm,rainy.Warm enough so we had the doors open. We cut wood a while in AM,then it rained us off and I worked in house.

Dec.1st 1934 - Rained till mid afternoon,then high wind.The creek is bank high.Warm,many frogs along the creek bank.Worked about house all day.

Dec.2nd 1934 - Cold and windy but pleasant most all day.Home all day.

Dec.3rd 1934 - Cold and cloudy.Washed,cut wood and worked about house all day.

Dec.4th 1934 - Cold,windy.Worked for Archie Benson all day.

Dec.5th 1934 - Cold and snowy.Had John Benson's team and drawed a load of wood in PM.In evening went to school meeting.Was elected president of the schoolboard for the second term.

Dec.6th 1934 - Clouds heavy,windy but cold.Washed.A little snow late in PM.Very cold night.

Dec.7th 1934 - Cold all day.Worked in house all day.Zero this morning.

Dec.8th 1934 - 4 below zero this morning.Boys cut wood.I ironed all AM. Very cold night.

Dec.9th 1934 - Very cold.10 below zero.Up late.Zelma went to S.S.Tommy,  Zelma's large yellow cat 5 years old,got caught in a trap a few days ago,died this noon.

Dec.10th 1934 - Cold but pleasant.Wrote to Florence.Did but little else.

Dec.11th 1934 -Below zero.Cold,windy,snowy.At home all day.Nine years ago today,little Asa,Orey W.s' twin brother died.

Dec.12th 1934 - A little warmer.At home all day.

Dec.13th 1934 - Warmer,high wind.Snowed a little most of day.Cut a little  wood.Creig home.Bad head ache.

Dec.14th 1934 - Windy,stormy late PM.Washed all day.Creig home again today.

Dec.15th 1934 - Pleasant,cold.Worked for Archie Benson all day.Boys cut  wood at home.

Dec.16th 1934 - Cold,windy.Home all day.

Dec.17th 1934 - Cloudy,snowy.Children all in school.Ironed in AM,cut wood  in PM.

Dec.18th 1934 - A beautiful for Archie Benson all day.

Dec.19th 1934 - Stormed all day.Snow in morning,turning to rain about 9:30 AM.High wind at night.Cecil Crippen,Guss' second boy,killed in auto smashup near Millerton,Pa.,between 12 and 1 this morning.  Cecil was married and had one son,Richard.I went down town.Did little of nothing all day.

Dec.20th 1934 - Cold,stormed a little.Cut wood and worked in house.

Dec.21st 1934 - Beautiful day.Went to Cecil's funeral in PM.The fourth funeral I have attended in 3 months.

Dec.22nd 1934 - Warmer,cloudy.Boys cut wood.I was sick with headache all  day and night.

Dec.23rd 1934 - Pleasant,partly cloudy.Feeling some better.Christmas tree  in church in evening.Zelma and Orey W.attended.

Dec.24th 1934 - Not cold,cloudy snow in air.Worked in house,baking,getting ready for christmas.Vivian came home in evening.

Dec.25th 1934 - Two or three inches of snow on the ground this morning.At home all day with the children.Vivian,Creig,Osmer,Zelma,Orey W. and I at home.A good time all day.A rabbit dinner.

Dec.26th 1934 - Warmer.Rained a little in AM.Turned colder  and high wind in PM and night.Cut a little wood.

Dec.27th 1934 - A beautiful day,very cold.Up late.Worked for Archie Benson cutting wood in PM.Vivian and Orey W.had supper with their mother and Wilcox.Zelma and Osmer made popcorn balls in evening.

Dec.28th 1934 - Warmer.A good day.Pleasant AM,cloudy PM.Vivian and I  washed.The boys cut wood.

Dec.29th 1934 - Fairly warm,windy.Helped the girls with house work and the boys with wood. Osmer's 15th birthday.

Dec.30th 1934 - Cold but pleasant.Vivian and Zelma went to Sunday School. At home all day.

Dec.31st 1934 - 6 below zero this morning.A beautiful day,quite cold.Cut  wood all day.We have been cutting wood on John Benson's creek lot, have the wood for clearing the brush etc. Vivian went back this AM. As the old year dies the outlook for us is very discouraging.  No income and no prospects of any.