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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Diaries & Letters of Tri-Counties
From Joyce M. Tice's Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project
1903 Emerson Smith of Rutland - Age 41
Diary of Emerson Smith
Township: Rutland Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1903
Transcribed by Joyce M. Tice
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Roseville Postcard sent in by Creig Crippen
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This diary was in the possession of Roland Smith of Roseville, son of Emerson. Roland died recently and his son, J. Harlo SMITH, loaned this and other diaries of Emerson to Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project. Emerson was also father of Erma SMITH who married Lee D. TICE and was step-grandmother of Joyce.
1903 - Emerson Smith
Age 41

Thursday, Jan. 1, 1903 -  Went up & Hauled Wood for Daniel Reynolds  Hauled Six Loads Wood from over Back of the Hill.  Addie & the Children went up in the P.M.  Stayed to Supper.

Friday 2 - Hauled 1 Load Wood from the Boiling Place. C. B. Hanyen Came up & Read the Will. Father left Ross & Emmeline $150 Each & the Others 150 Each to be Paid after Mothers Death   they were all present but Ross & Emmeline        it Rained at 4 o’clock   guess it will Rain all Night

Saturday, Jan. 3, 1903 - Went to Mansfield to Mill took 3 Bags for Feed & took 2 Bags for Daniel & One for Will Reynolds. Had the Rockwell Check Given  through Blood & Avery    Cashed & Paid Sam McConnell $7.90  Thresh Bill.

Sunday 4 - Went over to J. W. Styres to take the money that Mother Makeley Loaned me to pay the Undertaker for Fathers Funeral. So that he could take it to Sylvania to Waldo $45.00. Went over to Makeleys at night to take some Outing Flannel for Mother night dresses to get Mother Makeley to cut out as Addie was on a Pout.

Monday, January 5, 1903 - Cut up Some Poles at the Door that Was Left over from Last Seasons  Hauling & Helped Mother Wash Some Bed Quilts. It snowed a Little Sprinkle at night

Tuesday 6 - Went down to Jerome Bryants with the folks & came Back & Watered the Cows & then Went down there again & Stayed a Little While & Brought the folks Home again. My Birthday 41 to day.

Wednesday, Jan. 7, 1903 - Went up to Bert Tears  & Bought 200 feet of Hemlock Boards at One Dollar Hundred Paid him 1.50 & 50 cts for threshing. Went up & Hauled it Home. Mother Makeley Came over  & Brought Mother’s new Night Dress She had  made & Father Makeley Came after her with his Team he Wanted Draper  could not get him

Thursday 8 - Put the Board Roof on the Old Shop   George Garrison Came to Buy a Veal Calf. the calfs was only a Little over 2 Weeks Old but he Begged so Hard to get me to fill his contract i let him have one  it Weighed 113 # @ 5 1/2 cts = $6.21.

Friday, Jan. 9, 1903 -   Pretty Cold  Cleaned out the Old Shop some & tore out the floor in the Back end to get it Ready for the Pigs.

Saturday 10 - Pretty Cold. Worked on the Old Shop to get it Ready for the pigs but as it was Cold Couldn’t do Much & also Ran out of Nails.  Everet Nash Called in on his Way Home from school & i Paid Him for Digging Fathers Grave $2.00

Sunday, Jan. 11, 1903  -  Stayed at home all Day

Monday 12 - Went down  to Roseville  on foot to  see about why the doctor did not Come up  to see Mother & to Get  some Nails.   Pretty Cold.

Tuesday, Jan. 13, 1903 - Fixed up 3 Cross Cut Saws & done the Chores   Pretty Cold

Wednesday 14 - Put in a Partition in the Old Shop for the Pigs  & Hauled in  2 Loads of Stones.  C. B. Hanyen Came up to see how Mother was & if she needed it to have Lavinnia Lawrence Come up & Care for Her.

Thursday, Jan. 15, 1903 -  Leveled down the Stone & Broke them up with the Post Hammer & Out in Some Horse Manure & Straw  & Built the Fence  so that they could go in under the Window on the side next the House  Mcintosh Came to Float the horses Teeth   but did    not have him do  it.

Friday 16 - Daniel Came down & Helped me  cut Wood  Cut up  one Little maple by the Boiling Place   it was blown down & cut Part  of one up in the woods  across the creek that was blown   down 1 year ago.

Saturday, Jan. 17, 1903 - Hauled up one Load of Wood from the left of the Boiling Place &  Went up    & Helped     Daniel Cut Wood. Quite Warm.

Sunday 18  - Stayed Home all day Ross  Came over from Menzo Richmonds.

Monday,  Jan. 19, 1903 - Split  some  Wood at the Door   &  Went over to Father Makeleys   with the Old Sow to get her Mated with his Boar  so that she could Raise Some Pigs  Loaded her into the Sleigh and hauled her over. Left her over there a little While. Rith went over & Stayed there.

Tuesday 20 - Went down in the Woods & cut the top of an Ash tree & Cut up 1 Maple in Drags & Trimmed some on the Elm that Blown down one year ago.

Wednesday, Jan. 21, 1903 - Went over to Father Makeleys to get the Old Sow & Brought her home in the Sleigh as i took the horses. Ruth stayed over there. Addie sent over a Red Quilt to Have her Mother   quilt for her.

Thursday 22 - Went down to Roseville to Mill & took  a Veal Calf down to George Garrison it Weighed # @ 5 1/2 cts = 6.43. & found the mill not Running on account of Low Water & the Steam Engine out of repair on account of the Cold Freezing weather so had  to Leave the Grist. Borrowed 70# of them to Last until could  Get it Ground. Nice sleighing.

Friday, January 23, 1903 - Fixed the pig Pen a Little to Make it Warmer & Cut a Part of the Big Elm  just above the Boiling Place.

Saturday 24 - Hauled up one Maple Tree 2 drags  &   a Load of the Elm Tops & Fixed  the old Plank Box a Little & as  it  Was snowing did not go after any More    Nice Sleighing

Sunday, Jan. 25, 1903 - Dug the Old Democrat Cutter out of the straw Mow on the top of the Granary & Went over to  Father Makeleys  after Ruth           Owen went along but Addie was on a sulky spell  & Would not go - Father talked about giving me some Hemlock trees.

Monday 26 - Hauled one Load of Wood that Daniel Helped me Saw & Went down to Roseville after the Doctor for Ruth & to get the Grist that Left up to the Mill

Tuesday, Jan. 27, 1903 - Daniel Helped me Saw Wood Cut some at the door & Finished Cutting the Maples that Left the other day & Trimmed another Small Tree

Wednesday 28 - Went over to Father Makeleys & Looked at some Trees that he gave us stayed to Dinner & HElped Daniel Saw up the small Maple that Trimmed yesterday.

Thursday, Jan. 29, 1903 - Went over to Father Makeleys to Cut Saw Logs  Daniel Went along to Help me & got Archie to help also.

Friday 30 - Went over to Makeleys to Cut logs done up the Chores & as it snowed a little Squall in the Morning Daniel was so Late in Coming down to go that i went off & Left him   Had Archie to Help  did not get them all Cut

Saturday Jan. 31, 1903 - Trimmed out some Maple trees & Hauled one Load of Slab Wood that Daniel Had Helped  me Cut   Built a Bridge across the Spring Brook at the Entrance to the Woods  did not  get it  quite done.

Sunday, Feb. 1, 1903 - Started up theRoad after the Doctor for Ruth & Met him a coming down the  Road so did not have to go any further   went up to Daniels to see if he could go over on the   Morrow to Help Cut Logs  as Hattie was sick he did not know whether he could go or not

Monday, Feb. 2, 1903 - A Rainy Day    Filed ? & Set 2 Cross Cut Saws  the Borden Saw & Daniels Old Saw  & Chored about the Barn

Tuesday 3 - Went up to Father Makeleys to Cut Logs  Expected Daniel would come down & go so Addie put up our Dinners but he did not come & Archie had the teeth ache  so he did not want to Work. So Borrowed their whiffletree    and Grabs and Skidded Logs. Father Makeley pulled the Bark off the Logs as I hauled them out. A Warm Pleasant Day.

Wednesday, Feb. 4, 1903 - Went up to Daniels at Half past Eleven to Help him Cut Wood it Being so near Noon that we got our Dinners at his House Before Going into the Woods & as Hattie Was about sick we had to wait a quite a while for it. Cut some Wood  & a few Saw Logs for Daniel     it was warm & thawy but got coder at night.

Thursday 5 - Daniel  Came  down to go with me over to Makeleys  to  cut Logs  but as it was Cold & Windy & Getting so  Late Half past Nine when we got Ready. that we Went up in the Woods to Cutting Wood   Cut up one Maple Tree  &  a Part of another one    Had to Pry them up with  a Lever to get them  up high Enough to saw.

Friday, Feb. 6,1903 - Went over to Makeleys   & Cut Logs  Daniel Went with me & got Archie to Help also but did not get them all Cut as we was Hopeing we could  there was a  Pedler stopping with Makeleys folks  He had stayed all the day  thursday & the night before went away that Morning.

Saturday 7 - Went over to Makeleys to Cut Logs   Daniel Helping   Archie Helped in  Afternoon

Sunday Feb. 8, 1903 - Stayed at Home All Day.

Monday 9 - Hauled up 2 Loads Wood from the Woods & Went up & Hauled 3 Loads for Daniel.

Tuesday, Feb. 10, 1903 - Went over to Makeleys & Skidded Logs  Mother Went along as far  as Will VanNess & stayed until  Night  Owen  Went over to his Gramma Makeleys & stayed until Night   Makeleys Killed a Beef.  Merritt Stone Butchered

Wednesday 11 - Went over to Makeleys & Skidded Logs  & Archie helped me Cut Logs  in the   Afternoon it was a Cloudy Drissely Rainy Day  it Rained a Hard Shower at Night as i was  Coming Home

Thursday, Feb. 12, 1903 - Went to Mansfield to Mill  & to trade   Addie & Owen went  along. Sold 13 1/2 dozen Eggs @ 20 cts & 18 #  Butter  @ 24  cts = 4.32  the Roads  was  quite Muddy Dropped  a Sack  flour into the Road & Broke it open   Went to John Van Ness &  Borrowed a Bag to gather it up in

Friday 13 - Went over to Makeleys & Finished Cutting Logs   Archie Helping  Took the team up & Pulled down some L? trees to cut up & Skidded a few Logs   Warm & Thawy

Saturday, Feb. 14, 1903 -  Went up to Makeleys & Built a Skidway Below the Woods & Skidded out a few Logs on it.

Sunday 15 - Stayed at Home  Put some Lard & Kerosene Oil on the Calves & 2 Year olds to Kill the Lice   Snowed very fine & Rained & snowed together all Day  guess Can haul Logs on the Morrow

Monday, Feb. 16, 1903 - Went over to Makeleys & Hauled 2 Loads of Logs as it snowed Last night but not very good Sleighing it not being Packed down much

Tuesday 17 - Went up to Makeleys & Hauled 1 Load Logs  Could not Haul Much as there Was a fall of snow Last night & the Roads not Broken & then went down to Roseville to Elections  Voted for W. H. Benson for Supervisor

Wednesday, Feb. 18, 1903 - A Cold Windy day  Snow Drifting Badly  Split a little Wood at the Door & Started for Makeleys & got to the 4 Corners & found the Road over the Knoll full of Snow & Came Back Home   The Thermometer was Below Zero.

Thursday 19 - Shoveled out Road to the Corners & Started down the Creek but as there was so much snow in the road could not throw it out.  Started oput with the Team & as there had been other Teams over the Road, Went through the Orchard & Brought Back 2 Little Logs & Broke out the Road.

Friday, Feb. 20, 1903 - Hauled 2 Loads Logs from the Makeleys   Burt Tears Came down last Night Looking for a Man that had Broken into his House & Stolen his Watch & Other things that he could find that he Wanted.

Saturday 21 - Hauled 3 Loads Logs from Makeleys & did not get the last one unloaded till after dark   Rosina Smith Came over & Stopped While  Bill & Orin Went over to Roseville  to L. M. & J. G. Davis Sale   they Bought Some Cows  & did not go by with them until it Was Dark

Sunday, Feb. 22, 1903 - Stayed at Home     Draper came down & Brought the soldering Iron home

Monday 23 - Hauled 3 Loads Logs from Makeleys   Cleaned the Upper Skidway   The snow is thawing some But the Logs Haul good yet.

Tuesday, Feb. 24, 1903 - Skidded out the Tree that was Left on the Hill in the upper Right hand Corner of the Woods & Hauled it to the Banking ground 2 Loads of  2 Logs Each   The thaw continues but does not thaw very fast & it freezes at night so that the Logs will Run good in the Morning.

Wednesday 25 - Went down the Road to Makeleys House & up  the Cow Lane to the Lower Skidway the snow was Deep in the Cow Lane next  the Woods &  the Road was most Bare above the House toward Wills so that Went up through Wills corn field again & Loaded one Load of 2 Logs  from where the tree Fell had to Load it  with the horses  Partly   it is still Warm & thawy but not very fast

Thursday, Feb. 26, 1903 - Went over to Makeleys to Haul Logs & took  over a Churn of Buttermilk Hauled the       Logsfrom the  Woods where they was cut up  the Thaw Continues & Snow going so fast hard Hauling Logs

Friday 27 - Hauled 3 Loads Logs from Makeleys the snow thawing so rapidly that Could not Haul Much to a Load  Hauled 2 Loads from the Lower Skidway up through the Woods as the Snow most gone on the road above Makeleys House as we go to Bed it is Raining

Saturday, Feb. 28,1903 - A Rainy day the snow all Went off. Chored around the House  Built a Shelf across the end of the addition Part of the kitchen next the Cellar & Trimmed a few Apple Trees

Sunday, Mar 1 - Stayed at Home

Monday, Mar. 2, 1903 - Went up to Makeleys & Skidded Logs & Broke a Whiffletree & Went downt to Makeleys & Borrowed  one & a Wrench. Dug out the spring up in the Woods & as i had Brought my dinner Along ate it there drove up through the field   Warm & Pleasant

Tuesday 3 - Went up to Makeleys & skidded Logs   Carried my DInner & ate it in the Woods again  Warm & Pleasant

Wednesday, Mar. 4, 1903 - Went up to Makeleys & Skidded Logs Carried my dinner & ate it in the Woods by the Ash Rail Cut Again   Warm & Pleasant

Thursday 5 - Chored about the House & Barn  Made a Whiffletree   it Rained all the Forenoon about

Friday, Mar. 6, 1903 -  Sap Weather - Went up to Makeleys & Finished Skidding Logs & Made 2 Skidways one in the lower edge next House on the Middle Road &   one on the Lower Edge up on the Hill   Carried my dinner & ate it up in the Woods   Went down to the House on my way Home & got Ruth’s doll that they had made for her   Warm & Pleasant

Saturday 7 - Went down to Roseville to Mill   Mother Went along & Stayed down there on a Visit

Sunday, Mar. 8, 1903 - Stayed at Home A Rainy Day

Monday 9 - Trimmed

Tuesday, Mar 10, 1903 - Sorted & Shelled Corn

Wednesday 11 - Finished Shelling  Corn & Covered up the seed corn in Barrels   Warm & Muddy

Thursday, Mar. 12, 1903 - Cut up a Little Wood at the Door  & Took a Veal Calf down to Roseville to George Garrison but as the Roads so bad to Elmira he did not want it so Brought it Home   Mother did not want to Come Back Home yet  Warm & Muddy  too warm for sugaring much

Friday 13 - Went to Mansfield to Mill  the Roads so bad could Hardly get through with the Democrat Wagon

Saturday, Mar 14, 1903 - Hauled the sugar Dishes down in the Wood & Brought Back a drag of Wood & Tapped the Flat Part  of the Bush & Went down to Roseville to a Drama at the Baptist Church called the Deestrick Skule   Addie & the Babies went along.

Sunday 15 - Stayed at Hime  Warm & Pleasant

Monday, Mar. 16, 1903 - Laid over the Old Sap Arch Some & Gathered The sap from the trees on the Flat  all that was Tapped *& Boiled it down   Warm & Pleasant

Tuesday 17 - Carried up the syrup & Finished Fixing the Arch & Chimney   Put the Sotrage tubs to Soak & Cut a Little Wood   Warm & Pleasant too Warm for the Sap to Run Much

Wednesday, Mar. 18, 1903 -  Tapped a Part of the Trees in the upper Woods Part of the Bush   Too Warm for the Sap to Run much

Thursday 19 - Finished Tappingthe Bush & Gathered & Boiled the Flat but did not Syrup it down.    Too warm for Sugaring almost like Summer time

Friday, Mar. 20, 1903 -  Hauled a Load of Sap Wood down to the Sap Arch &  One up to the House & Syruped down the yesterday’s Boil & Went down to Roseville after Mother   Too Warm for the sap to Run much

Saturday 21 - Hauled one Load Wood up to the Door then Daniel Came down to Help Cut Wood & as it was about Eleven we Cut some at the Door & Went in the Woods & Cut a LIttle then it Rained us off so that we had to quit.

Sunday, Mar. 22, 1903 - Stayed at Home

Monday 23 - Rained almost all day  Tapped my felt Rubbers & tried to fix Owens but as did not have Enough short nails had to stop & Split a Little Wood at the Door

Tuesday, Mar. 24, 1903 - Went up to Daniels to get him to help Cut Wood but as he Was Working with Leon did not get him  Split Wood at the door  Lisher Came down to see about having me help straighten the Creek.  Sent 4 Dollars to Dr. J. H. Dye Buffalo N.Y. for Medicine for Addie   Warm & Pleasant

Wednesday 25 - Went up & Helped Lisher Straighten the Creek & Emptied the Water out of the Sap Dishes

Thursday, Mar. 26, 1903 - Went up & helped Cut Wood for Daniel   Warm & Pleasant

Friday 27 - Cut Wood in the Woods  Daniel Helping  Sold Daniel One Pork Ham = 19# @ 10 cts    it was not sugar Weather & Wont be this year i guess

Saturday, Mar. 28, 1903 - Cut Wood in the Woods   Daniel Heloing me

Sunday 29 - Stayed at Home   Cut over the Trees on the Flat Part of the Sap Bush

Monday, Mar. 30, 1903 - Went to Mansfield with a Veal Calf  weighed 150# @ 5 1/2 = 8.25         Mother Went along to Make some Visits & Stopped at John N. VanNess    it Rained at 3 OClock & Rained the Rest of the day  & guess Will all Night  Had a New Main Spring put in my Watch at -?- warranted 1 year

Tuesday 31 - Gathered the Sap in the Flat   The Dishes were most all Running over with Rainwater & Sap

Wednesday, April 1, 1903 - Cut the Trees Over across the Creek in the upper Part of the Wood that I Gathered with the Team  there was a Little freeze last night  5º below the freezing point but i guess will not Freeze to NIght as it looks so much like Rain

Thursday 2 - Put a Hoop on the Old Drawing Tub & gathered the Flat & Boiled it in & Gathered the Upper Part of the Woods but as the South Wind was Blowing & the sap not Running much didn’t get much   Broke the Harness & Barn Door in Running the Wagon out of the Barn

Friday, April 3, 1903 - Boiled the Sap

Saturday 4  - Went  up to Daniels  & Plowed His Orchard for Him   it Froze at night

Sunday, April 5, 1903 -  Went over to Makeleys & Addie & the CHildren & Hattie Nash Went along. it Froze at night

Monday 6 - Sowed some Grass Seed on the Wheat before Breakfast but as the Wind Raised had to Stop & then Cut over the Sugar Bush

Tuesday, April 7, 1903 - Cut Some Wood for the Sap Arch & Hauled  it down & Hauled  up to the Door & Gathered the Flat over with the Team & the most of the upper Part of the Woods Boiled a Little

Wednesday 8 -  Finished Sowing Seed on the Wheat & Boiled Sap  it Rained a Long Shower   Gathered   the Flat over by Hand

Thursday, April 9, 1903 - Gathered the Sap Bush over but did not get it quite all Boiled   The sap about stopped Running not Freezing much

Friday 10 - Turned over the Dishes on the Flat & Finished Boiling the Sap & Put up a Grist to Have Ground for the Cows  a nice day     no more Sugar Weather i guess

Saturday, April 11, 1903 - Went down to Roseville to Mill but as there was so much grain in before me had to stay from 15 min after Ten until about 2 to get my grist  it was warm & Pleasant but it is Raining at 9 o’clock in the Evening as i write & i guess will all night

Sunday 12 - Stayed at Home

Monday, April 13, 1903 - Went to Mansfield with a Veal Calf   Weighed 120 @ 5 c = 6.00  & 31 # Butter @ 24 = 7.44  Had the democrat neck yoke Fixed with a Iron Ring in Place of the old Leather one   a nice Day but Cloudy & threatening Rain  & as I go to bed is Sprinkling

Tuesday 14 - A Rainy Day  Cleaned the Cream Seperator & Chored about the House & Barn  O. A. Smith Came at Dark to Settle up Accounts & We Settled up Calling it Square With his Share in the Old Place & I Gave him the Balance that he Owed me

Wednesday, April 15, 1903 - Put a Plank Floor in the Old Shop Pig Pen for the Old Saw   A Rainy Day

Thursday 16 - Mended Harness Put some Loops on the Bully girts to Hold the Side Hold Back Straps to the same it is so Wet & Rainy that Can not do much Out Door Work

Friday, April 17, 1903 - Finished Fixing Harness & Trimmed Two Apple Trees & Done a Churning   A Nice Pleasant day

Saturday 18 - Put the Old Democrat Cutter on the Top of the Granary & then Gatheres the Sugar Pails from the Woods   it was a Clear Sunny day  the Ground direid out quite good

Sunday, April 19, 1903 - Went up on the Hill in Will Reynolds Wood & got Some Leeks  Addie & the Children Went along & Gertie Came over as we had got on the top of the Hill so She Came up & Helped us Dig Leeks Too. Welland Came over & Brought Mother Home.

Monday 20 - Packed up the Storage tubs & Covered them up Hauled up Wood from the Woods it was in the Block as Daniel & i Sawed it    Pretty Heavy Lifting but Could Handle it faster the Wood was Wet & Muddy Hauling Wood    Nice Weather guess i Can Sow Oats

Tuesday, April 21, 1903 - Went over Back of the Hill & Plowed on the Rye stubble

Wednesday 22 - Dragged on the side Hill where Raised sowed Corn but did not get it done so as to sow oats

Thursday, April 23, 1903 - Finished Dragging the side Hill & Cleaned up some Oats & Sowed a Part of it but as it was getting Late & Run out of Grass Seed had to stop  guess i will go down to Roseville on the Morrow to get some

Friday 24 - Went down to Roseville & Bought of Henry Blood 3 Bushels timothy seed & 1 1/2 Bushels Clover = $17   Addie went along  Hanyen told me that Mother was Dissatisfied with the Will & Was not going to abide by it & showed me the Paper She had gotten drawn up by a Lawyer to that Effect . Sowed a few oats on the hill  Had the horses Shod at Stouts

Saturday, April 25, 1903 - Dragged a Little more ground on the HIll & sowed it next the other

Sunday 26 - Went over to Makeleys   Mother & Addie & the Children went along. Asked Mother about the change She had made in the Will & she said she did nnnot Know what she was signing & that Lon that asked her to Sign it & Said she did not want to go over to John Styres to Live if she could Help it .

Monday, April 27, 1903 - Built a Smoothing Harrow & Run it over the Oats i had Sowed. Shut the old Sow in the Pen for to Have her Pigs   Draper Worked   Hauled the Saw dust away from the House & Cleared out the Cellar Some & Cleaned out the Cow stables   a nice day

Tuesday 28 - Plowed on the Rye Stubble on the Back side of the HIll   Shot a Black Cat that i thought was Sucking Eggs

Wednesday, April 29, 1903 - Went to Mansfield to Buy some Feed for the Cows  Bought of the Sun Milking Co. 1/2 Ton of Corn & Oats Chop @ 1.25 Hundred = 12.50

Thursday 30 - Plowed on the back side of th Hill   Draper Worked Fixing fence around the Cow Pasture   it was a nice day the smoke was so thick towards night that Could Hardly see

Friday, May 1, 1903 A Cool night last night   Plowed on the Back side of the Hill  Wore Coat all day to Keep Warm   Draper Worked at Living fence

Saturday 2 - Finished Plowing the Rye Stubble on the back side of the Hlll & thennn Picked up old Boards & Rubbish Arounnd the House & Yard & Hauled the Apple Brush on the Garden to Burn from the HOuse Lot    Draper Worked at Fixing Fence  did not get around the Pasture only to the Potatoe Patch & Last night it was a cold one the Ther Run down  - 20 Below the Freezing Point

Sunday, May 3, 1903 - Stayed at Home  Straightened up the Fence a lIttle along the Potato Patch Beyond the Barn & Turned the Cows out A Little While to get Drink from the Creek as the Barn well had Run Dry   had a Little Shower at night

Monday 4 -  Burnt up the Apple Bursh in the Garden & Trimmed out the Apple tree that Split down & the Rambo tree By the Bees & the Struck Tree Below the Split one & Cleaned out the Hen House; Archie Makeley & Gertie Brought over 2 Bushels Early SUnrise Potatoes for Seed. Jason Watkins Came along selling Medicine   Bought 1 Bottle of Huffs Blood Purifier & some Extracts
Tuesday, May 5, 1903 -  Went up to Daniels with the Horses & Drag on Stone Boat & Hauled Out Manure & Sowed his Orchard & part of his Garden to Oats & Cow Peas & Dragged them in    Had Lishers Wagon to haul Manure on    Sowed Grass Seed on ahead of the Drag  did not get his Garden Dragged so Will have to go up again on the Morrow   Draper Worked in the forenoon. Paid him 1 Dollar on Work  Had Heifer lose her Calf  Draper Buried the Calf

Wednesday 6 - Went up to Daniels & finished Dragging his Garden & Plowed a Little strip Below the Road & Dragged it & Dragged Drapers garden & Went down & Dragged a Part of the Rye Ground for Oats & Potatoes  Ruth & Owen Went up to Lishers a While   Gertie Makeley came over to Help Addie Clean House

Thursday, May 7, 1903 - Dragged in the Back side of the Hill for oats.  Gertie & Addie Papered on the Big Room up Stairs & Painted the Ceiling overhead One Coat   Gertie went Home at night

Friday 8 - Churned in the Morning & While the Horse was Churning Cleaned over Some Oats to Sow & done up the Chores & When got them done Ready to go in the Field it was noon   Loaded the oats on & in the Drill & Went over Back of the hill & sowed 2 1/2 acres & as it was night & Run out of Grass Seed could not finish the Piece. will have to go to Roseville & get more seed in the Morning

Saturday, May 9, 1903 - Went to Roseville after a little Grass Seed to Finish Sowing the Oat Ground & a Little Kow Krise for a Sick cow   Bought 1 Can of Paint for the Chamber Ceiling & then finished Sowing the Oats   did not Have quite Enough Seed but let it go as it was getting dry & late in the season for oats at Seeding    Floated a Part of the Piece  it was a Warm dry day

Sunday 10 - Went over to the Elk Run Church to Preaching   Mother & Ruth Went Along

Monday, May 12, 1903 - Finished Floating the Oat Ground & Dragged the Potatoe Patch & Hauled off the Stones & Marked a Part of it with the Shovel Plow & Both Horses  Draper Worked   Cut some Seed Potatoes & Planted a few & Moved a few Rails off Wells Ashleys field so that he Could Plow

Tuesday 12 - Finished Furrowing the Potatoe Ground & Dropped  & Covered the Biggest Part of them  covered with the Horses  Draper Worked   Hattie Nash came down & Helped Mother a Little While in Cleaning her Bedroom

Wednesday, May 13, 1903 - Finished Planting Potatoes on the Hill   Draper Worked   Hauled Manure int he  Garden   Draper Finished Moving the Rails out of Ashleys way  so he could Plow for Corn    set up the Leach and Mother Commenced Putting Water on it.   Addie got a Mess of Horseradish Greens

Thursday 14 - Draper Came down to Work but did not want to Work as he had 3 doz. Eggs at Home that he Wanted to Market  So he Went Home as he wanted to go to Roseville    Plowed the Garden   Mother Worked at her Soap but did not get it done.

Friday, May 15, 1903 - Draper Worked   set up the Cultivator Drag & Dragged the Gardens all that was dry enough    as a  Part of the one next the Road was not dry Enough   & Floated it with the Plank Drag to Mash up the Lumps & Marked it with the Bob Sled and Planted a Part of it covered the Potatoes next the Road witht he Horses. Draper Hauled Manure on the Hill in the afternoon

Saturday 16 - the Old Sow had 11 Piglets Last night  2 dead ones  9 left but she is so ugly guess that she will kill some more yet   Draper Worked hauling Manure on the hill. Planted some Beans & Corn in the  Garden & done a Churning in the Morning & FInished Painting the Room up stairs where we Sleep and the Ceiling over head

Sunday, May 17, 1903 - Went over to the Ridge of hills by Jimmie Searls House to see how they Looked with the Rocks on them. John Styres and Jane came over & got Mother & took her home with them.

Monday 18 - Draper Worked   Hauled Manure on the Hill in the A.M.  it Rained in the P.M.  so he had to  quit & so he Went up home   Planted a little  Sweet Corn in the Garden & Sorted & Sprouted Potatoes in the Cellar

Tuesday, May 19, 1903 - Hauled Manure on the HIll

Wednesday 20 - Went  over to Makeleys & got a little yearling Bull & Led him home & Dragged on the Corn ground   Draper Worked   he Hauled Manure & Sorted & Sprouted Potatoes  Archie and Daniel was planting corn back of Makeleys Barn

Thursday, May 21, 1903 -  Finished Dragging a Part of the Corn Ground & Marked it off so that Draper could  be Planting it    Draper Worked  Sorted Potatoes & Planted a little Corn    it Rained a Shower at night & thunders as i Write at 9 o’clock  guess it will rain more.

Friday 22 - Went up in the  Corn Patch on the hill & Planted some Pumpkin seeds & Corn  it was a Little wet but not Bad Planting   Sent Ruth  after Draper as he did not come & he came  at Noon & Planted in  the  P. M.    Hauled one Load of Manure on the Cornground & Dragged the Rest of the Patch Over Once in a Place   Worked until 8 o’clock   Draper Worked to Day

Saturday, May 23, 1903 - Finished Dragging & Marking the  Corn Ground & Planted some   Draper Worked at Planting   Went up after supper  & Planted until Dark  did not finish Planting

Sunday 24 - Stayed at Home  got Ready to fo to Mansfield to Market

Monday, May 25, 1903  - Went  to Mansfield with  Veal Calf & Butter, Eggs & Six  bushels @ 50 c Potatoes  58# @ .18 =10.44 &  20 8/12 doz Eggs @ 15c =  3.08 & Veal Calf 122 @ 5c=6.10   Brought Home 400#  Phosphate for the Cucumber Crop   Draper  went Along  Paid him Five Dollars on Work

Tuesday 26 - Finished Planting Corn    Draper Worked   Will Reynolds came & got  his old Corn Planter as he wanted it to use so i had to Plant with the hoe   draper finished it with the Planter & then stuck Pumpkin Seeds. i Cut the  Cherry trees & Brush along the Road Opposite the House & Burned them. Gertie Came after the Swifts & Harness & Reed

Wednesday, May 27, 1903 - Went up to Lishers after the Old Reed (or Reel) & Swifts for Gertie & Addie went  & took her Back  Home   Commenced Plowing  the Old Potatoe Patch again back of the Barn for Cucumbers

Thursday  28 - Plowed on the Potatoe Patch for Pickles but did not get it done    Plowed extra deep & as it was getting dry was hard Plowing    Young Mr. Copp Stopped with his horses as he was going by & tried Tan & as She seemed to be Horsing he Raked her & Put her to his horse

Friday, May 29, 1903 - Finished Plowing  the Patch for Pickles & Hauled off the Stone &  Floated it with the Smoothing Harrow

Saturday 30 - Dragged the Pickle Patch & Dragged the Potatoes on the Hill   Hauled the Stone off  the Pickle  Patch  again    John Styres folks Brought Mother Home on their Return from  Roseville being  decoration day

Sunday, May 31, 1903  - Stayed at Home   Put up some Shelves in the  Sleeping Room up Stairs  from the  old Chimney Cupboard stand to the Corner next the  Hallway Partition    A Cool Clear Day

Monday, June 1 - Draper Worked in the Afternoon    Furrowed the Pickle Ground & Commenced Putting in the Manure  Hauled 4 Loads on the  Pickles & 2 Across the  Road

Tuesday, June 2, 1903 - Hauled Manure on the Pickle Ground    Draper Worked   Will Reynolds Cattle got out in  my Oats on  the Hill    Went And  drove them  Back & told him about Fixing his fence to Keep them in & Went down to the shingle mill on Manly Smiths while driving the Cattle

Wednesday  3 - Finished Manuring the Pickle Ground & OPut in the Phosphate & Covered it with Dirt &  Cultivated a little in the Garden    Draper Worked

Thursday 4,  1903 - Worked on the Road    went down to Clark Colby and got the Big  Wheel Scraper &  brought it up from the  Corners & as the others was Planning to Fill up the  Ditches i came up home & got Some axle grease & greased the scraper  then Helped Hold Plow till noon & then tried to scrape with the big scraper but it wouldn’t work so went down to Manly Smith’s and got his scraper and we  used that   Broke a wiffletree and had to Borrow Lishers

Friday 5 - Worked on the Road   Worked on the A Scraper & the Big Road Machine

Saturday, June 6, 1903 -  Draper Worked   Paid him One Dollar in $1.00 in Butter  5 1/2 # @ 18c   Worked on the Road   Finished Fixing the Road Below & Went up to Wesleys & on the Cross Road  next Daniels    Daniel Worked in the forenoon

 Sunday 7 - Stayed at Home    it Rained a Little last night &  a little more again today &   is Raining a little as i Write at 9 o’clock  guess it will Rain again and Shower before Morning

Monday, June 8, 1903 - Commenced Plowing across the Road from the Barn for Sweet Corn    Myron Ripley came to sow Cucumber Seed for Vedder  at a quarter Past Six o’clock at night & I Levelled down the  Ridges for him   with his garden drill but did not get it quite done

Tuesday 9  - Myron  Ripley finished Sowing   the Pickle Patch Before Breakfast    Went  to Roseville with  Mother & the Children   Mother Bought  some Wall Paper for  the sitting Room    Henry Makeley &  Archie Came after the Pigs   took 6  of them & wanted  one More for  the little yearling Bull. Paif Draper $1.25  on Work as he wanted to buy a  Watch of Ben Mix for  1.10

Wednesday, June 10, 1903 -  Brinny Cow Calved   it  is a Heifer   Churned & Plowed for  Sowed Cirn across the  Road from the   Barn     Gertie Came  over & Helped Addie & i am afrain she  got wet going Home as it Rained a  Heavy Shower Just  after she had  started    guess she  will stop at the Milk House

Thursday 11 - Went to Mansfield with 2 50# tubs Butter @ 19cts      Bought 3 Pairs Shoes   RUth   Owen & myself   bought 2 bu Leaming Seed  Corn . Som Coal Tar   Plowed a Little on the Corn Ground till   it Rained me off  it is  Raining at 9 o’clock   guess will Rain all Night

Friday, June 12, 1903 - A Rainy Day    Split some Wood at the Door & Made a  Ring Butte to Split Wood  with & Tapped my Rubber Boots & Chored around the House & Barn  Caught the Barn Well  full of  Water off the Barn

Saturday 13 - Plowed on the Patch for Sowed Corn

Sunday, June 14,  1903 -  Stayed at Home    it Rained nearly all day

Monday 15 - Plowed  for  Corn   Pretty  Wet but  Had to Plow as it is getting late in  the season   Draper Helped.  Mother Paper the Sitting Toom but did not finish    Emma helped Some also

Tuesday, June 16, 1903 - Finished Plowing for Sowed Corn & Hoed in the Garden & Split  some Wood & Went up in Wesleys field & Picked a few Strawberries   Draper Helped   Mother Finish Paper the Sitting Room    worked all Day  at it  did  not finish until Dark

Wednesday 17 - Worked in the  Garden & Chored about the House  & Barn

Thursday, June 18, 1891 - Went up on the Hill to see if the crows had Pulled  on Corn & found that they had Pulled  it  most all up so that will have to sow  it to Buckwheat  i guess & then went up  to Will  Reynolds & got my Corn Planter    Hoed  in the Garden

Friday 19  - Hoed in the Garden    Had a Swarm of Bees

Saturday, June 20, 1903 - Chored about the House & Churn House   A Rainy Afternoon & a Part of the forenon

Sunday 21 - Stayed at Home   got the Lumber Wagon Ready to go to Market with Veal Calves

Monday, June 22, 1903 -Went to Mansfield with Veal  Calves = $17.67 & 52 # Butter @ 19=9.88  Went to Herbert Hagers to try to  Hire His Wife  to  help  us if i  could but  he did not want her to  go  a nice day but guess will Rain on the Morrow as the wind is in the south & East

Tuesday 23 - A Rainy Day   it Rained all the Forenoon   Chored about  the  House  Hanging Pictures & Fixing a Place to set the Canned Fruit in the Cellar

Wednesday, June  24, 1903 - Finished Making the Shelves for the  Canned Fruit in the Cellar & Helped Addie put the Cans in it & took the Old Milk Rack out   it Rained a good Shower in the Morning   Byron Smith came after Money to Repair the Church Sheds  Paid him 4 Dollars

Thursday 25  - it Rained a Heavy Shower in the Forenoon & Almost all Last  night    Split wood at the Door & Chored about the House    Gertie Makeley came over & Brought some Straw Berries

Friday, June 26, 1903 - A Nice Day  Hoed the 5 Rows of Potatoes next the Road

Saturday 27 - A Nice Day  Planted  over 3 Rows  Cucumbers in ther Patch & as it was too Wet to Sow any more had to Stop & then Hoed in the Garden

Sunday, June 28, 1903 - Stayed at Home  &  Slept a good part of the  Day   a nice Pleasant Day

Monday 29 - it Rained a fine Shower in the Morning so that it was too Wet to  do much at Farming   so i went up  to Daniels & Bought a Calf  of him it  114# @ 3 1/2 cts = $3.99 he to  have  his pay when  the Calf  was put on the Market  & then i made a trough  for the old Sow &  Pigs out of a Hickory plank

Tuesday, June 30, 1903 -A warm Pleasant day the Warmest Day in a long while Mowed the  Door  Yard & Made  a Spout for the Sow’s trough    Will VanNess came to Borrow the Cultivator again    Had a  Swarm Bees   Burt Tears came & Bought the 2 Veal Calves @ 6 cts  Pound & Paid One Dollar down. they to be Delivered at Nelson Tears on the 20th of July. Paid Draper One Dollar on Work.

 Wednesday, July 1 - Went up to Wills to see when they would be Ready to  saw my logs   found them sawing Will Reynolds  they finished them & then Will VanNess Came & Put on  his i helped him a little with getting his logs on & he helped me Roll mine down a little   they finished sawing VanNess & Jed Seeley’s will be  Ready for mine  in the Morning  i got them Rolled down Partly. Leon Borrowed my lumber Wagon

Thursday, July 2, 1903 - Went up to Wills and Rolled down some more Logs & got Leon Reynolds & Draper & Daniel  to Help   carried the Boards to  the Piles awhile & then sent Draper down & got the Horses & Wagon  got the logs all sawed   had  5430 @ 2.25 per thousand  12.21 Paid Leon  70 cts    Copp  came and  Turned Tan again   a nice day.

Friday 3 - Went up to the Mill & finished fixing  the Lumber Piles & Paid McConnell for Sawing 5430 @ $2.25 per M = 12.21 & Went down to Roseville & had the Horses shod  it Rained a heavy Shower & as it stopped i went up to the Mill & Bought 2 Bushels Seed corn & got the team & then got the corn & came Home

Saturday, July 4, 1903 - Had a Headache Slept a Part of the day & Fixed the stable Floor under Tans Stall & got in the Hay in the Door yard

Sunday 5 - Stayed at Home. Picked a few Cherries it Rained a good Shower in the Middle of the afternoon & another Long one before Milking & another after & after Dark & i guess will Rain all Night by Showers it is too wet to do much at farming

Monday, July 6, 1903 - Went to Mansfield with 2 tubs Butter @18 cts = 18.72  Went up to Burt Vedders & got one monre Pound Cucumber seed to Replant the Pickle Patch the Seed at 1.75 Per Pound  got Shaved at Mead Danns   sold Reuben Dan my Butter Bowl hat for 25 cts & Bought one a straw at 15 cts.

Tuesday 7 - Went to Rosevblle after a Hired girl but did not  find any as Luella Jones Perry was gone Somewhere & i did not find any other one   Hoed up some Weeds in the Pickle Patch to get it Ready to Replant   Tried to get Draper or Daniel to Help but they would not come   a nice day

Wednesday, July 8, 1903 - Worked on the Pickle Ground  Hoing the Weeds out of the Rows & Planting in More Cucumbers   Draper Worked  he Hoed in the Garden  he Set out some Cabbage Plants in the Garden. A Warm Day

Thursday 9 -  Addie gave Birth to a Baby girl   Draper Worked he went down to Roseville & Told the Doctor to Come up & got Luella Jones Perry & Brought her up & Went over & got Mother Makeley & Brought her over & left Ruth over there   the Baby was Born about 6 o’clock in the afternoon  Matilda Came down & Helped out

Friday, Julu 10, 1903 - Finished Replanting Cucumbers all but 2 Rows where it was too Wet   Eugene Perry came & Stayed over night

Saturday 11 -Went up on the Hill & Cultivated Potatoes until it Rained at half Past Ten   Went down to Roseville with Luella Jones Perry & her Man   Paid her one Dollar on her Work 2 Days @ 2 Dollars Per Week   & She is coming Back Sunday Night  Went over the hill to Makeleys & got Gertie to Stay overnight until Mrs. Perry Returns

Sunday, July 12, 1903 - Churned & Picked a Few Cherries & Went over to Will Vanness with Gertie, Owen went over Home with her & Went over to Roseville & got Luella & Eugene Perry & Brought them Home with me   Ruth went along.

Monday 13 - Eugene Perry Worked   He cut the grass back of the Barn next the Pickle Patch & Went to cut around the Wheat but as it was wet did not cut  then Went up on the hill & finished Cultivating Potaotes & Cultivated out the Pickles awhile & Dragged the Sowed Corn Patch across the Road & Dragged it Partly in  i sowed the Bag of corn that Bought at the Roseville Mill & Hoed in the Garden & on the Pickles & Ground the Reaper

Tuesday, July 14, 1903 - Eugene Perry Worked   finished Dragging in the Corn & Drgged the Rest of it to Buckwheat & Dregged on the Corn on the Hill for Buckwheat   Draper came up in the afternoon & Dragged & gene Helped me Hoe Potatoes  i Hoed on the Pickles in the Morning   Luella picked a five quart pail Red Raspberries

Wednesday 15 - Eugene Perry Worked   Dragged on the Corn Ground for Buckwheat   i Hoed Potatoes on the Hill   a Cool Day With Little Scuals  of Rain

Thursday, July 16, 1903 -  Gene Perry Worked   he finished Hoeing the Potatoes on the Hill & Dragging the corn ground for Buckwheat   Churned  i Worked & Packed the Butter   Packed 5 # for George Austin   Cleaned over the Seed Buckwheat and Sowed the cornground to Buckwheat  there is almost 6 acres of it  thought it only 4 1/2

Friday 17 - Paid Gene  Perry & Wife 5 1/2 $   Gene Perry Worked finished the Potatoes  Shovel Plowed them  Hoed them again & Cut the Wheat with the Reaper  Gene Hoed in the Garden but he did not do much  Paid him 4 1/2 $ & Luella one & they Went home at night.  Bought of Underwood & Underwood 1 Stereoscope & 24 Pictures . Paid Draper one Dollar.

Saturday,  July 18, 1903 -  A Rainy Day Commenced at 7 in the morning & Rained Steady & Hard all Day & guess will all night   i set up the Mower & Pitched a Load of Straw in the Horse & Cow Stables for Bedding & to get it out of the way for the Wheat Harvest

Sunday 19 -  Stayed at Home  harnessed the Horses to go up to Makeleys after Owen & to take up the other Pig that L:eft to R... the Sow a little  Longer    got him  in a Box & then Archie & his Mother Came so did not have to go.   Addie went down Stairs for the first time since Baby was Born

Monday, July 20, 1903 - too Wet to Draw Wheat or Mow or any thing  else much   Gene Perry Mowed the Road the Whole Length & helped me Draw a Little Straw out of the Barn on the Hill   Churned &  Ground the Mower  Knives    Paid Luella one Dollar for Patent Medicine Bought of a Peddler at the Door  Bought Mother one Dollar worth of the same

Tuesday 21 - Gene Perry Worked  finished Drawing the Old Straw up on the Hill & Cleaned off the Barn floor & turned over a Part of the Wheat & Hauled in 5 Loads  of Wheat   i sent Ruth after Draper but he Wouldnt come but Bennie came & Leaded for us & Helped Mow Away    Gene went up on the Hill next to Wells oats & Mowed one acre with the Machine after Supper

Wednesday, July 22, 1903 - Went over to Nelson Tears with the 2 Veal Calves  the Daniel one  weighed 172 = $10.32  the little one 115 = 6.90   Gene Perry Went along but did not work   Went up on the Hill & Picked a few Red & Black Raspberries  it was pretty wet work though as it rained & Made the Briars Wet   Gene Perry went up to Drapers awhile   Gene Perry & Wife went Home at night on foot pretty Mad

Thursday 23 - Churned & Chored about the house & Turned over a Little Wheat & Hauled in 1 Load & 1 Jag   sent Ruth after Draper but she could not find him  then sent her again after  Bennie & he came as i had got the first Load Loaded & Helped until night. Put a Box on top of the Rack   Fred Wilcox came at night as i was Milking with a Summons for me   Eugene & Luella Perry for the 29

Friday, July 24, 1903 - A nice Day  Bennie Helped  Finished Turning & Hauling the Wheat   Draper Came down but as he did not feel Well Enough to Work went down to Roseville to see the Doctor & didn’t come Back  Bennie Came at half Past nine & helped Draw   Paid Bennie 25 Cents

Saturday 25 - Bennie helped   Finished the Wheat  Raked the stubble with the Horse Rake & Hauled it is & Raked the hay along the Road that Gene Perry Mowed & Hauled it in & Raked the Piece that he Mowed with the Machine & Hauled it in    Bennie Helped   did not get it is till  Dark     Bennie went Home & had to Haul 2 Loads alone

Sunday, July 26, 1903 - Stayed at Home

Monday 27 - Settled with Bennie owing him 80 cts  Paid him $1.00 by Daniel board on calf Deal as he could not make change   Mowed a Piece of Grass across the Road from the house & Raked & Bunched a Part of it with the horse Rake  Went down to Roseville & Settled up the Perry acct. Paid Josephus Stout 8.17 the acct  with the Mr. & Mrs. Perry was $4.95  3.75 to Gene & 1.20 to Luella

Tuesday, July 28, 1903 - Draper & Bennie Helped Finished Mowing the Piece of new Seeding across the Road from the House & Hauled the Piece above & a Part of the new seeding  Hauled 5 Loads & unloaded the Load in the Wagon Left 1 Load on the Wagon on the floor & Put the Rest in the Cow Loft

Wednesday 29 - Draper  Worked 1/2 day   Mowed   away the hay in the Cow Loft & Pitched off the Load on the Wagon & Hauled in the Load in the field & Mowed it away & Raked after & hauled them in   it Rained a heavy Shower in the afternoon    Lisher Came down in the Evening to settle up accts owing him $4.81.

Thursday, July 30 ,1903 -  A Cloudy Lowry Day   Ground the Mower Knives both sets & the Scythes & Mowed a Part of the House Lot   Draper & Bennie did not Work

Friday 31 - Cloudy in the forenoon & a Part of the P.M. but the Grass Cured Slowly  Finished Mowing by hand the Piece that Mowed yesterday with Machine & Mowed the Berry Patch in the Garden & partly around the other piece along the Garden & Raked the hay Rather green some of it  did not Bunch it only with the Horse Rake

Saturday Aug. 1, 1903 - Draper & Bennie Worked  Finished Mowing the House Lot & Hauled in the Piece that i Mowed thursday & Raked the stalks & Hauled it & Raked the Rest & Hauled One Load of it in & the Rest is in the field but guess will not Rain tonight

Sunday 2 - HHauled in 2 Loads Hay from the House Lot to finish the field all but the Scatterings   Draper  Came down & helped in the forenoon   a nice Day but guess it wil Rain before Monday night

Monday, Aug. 3, 1903 - Draper Worked   Mowed the Barn Lot & Raked after the House Lot & Hauled in the Rakings & Stirred the clover in the Barn Lot & Raked a Part of it & Buc;kwheat it was too green to Haul in & So Left a Part of it Hoping it would dry enough to draw  without having to Bunch &  Open again

Tuesday 4 - Churned & as it was getting Ready to Rain finished Raking the Barn Lot & Bunched it but it Commenced Raining before got it done & Rained Hard the Rest of the  Day so the  field ws afloat with water   C. B. Hanyen Came up to see me about having the Will Recorded arrainged to go to Mansfield on the Morrow & have the Register Come there.

Wednesday, Aug. 5, 1903 - Went to Mansfield   C. B. Hanyen & Wife Came up with his Horse & Democrat wagon to go but as his horse was Lame they Rode over with me   Babcock came to Mansfield & took the papers Home with him to Record them   Lou Hanyen was over there and came back with us   babcock charged me Ten Dollars $10.00.

Thursday 6 - a Cloudy Rainy Lowry Day  Went over in Frank Argetsingers Field after Blackberries but we did  not  get many  it Rained a Heavy Shower in the afternoon   Fixed the Mower Knives some   a night Rainbow at night   guess it will be better Weather

Friday, Aug. 7, 1903 - went to Roseville after some Knives for the Mower Addie & Owen Went along  Put some of the Knives on the Mower Bars & Ground 1 set & Put them in the Mower.  Sold the Old Alexander Smith Buggy to Lee Reynolds for $5.00  he took it home.

Saturday 8 - Draper Worked   Stirred out the Hay in the Barn Lot a Part of it & Hauled in 3 Loads thought it might Rain as it was Cloudy so did  not stir all out so could not get it dry to Haul as it was getting Late for drying

Sunday, Aug. 9, 1903 - Went over to John Styres with Mother so that she could attend the Smith Reunion  i did not want to go as i had som much work to do   it Rained a Hard Shower as we went by Bird yorks but as we had the umbrellas did not get much wet Ruth & Owen went along for a Ride    Met Arba and Helen  going there as i was going home.

Monday 10 - Mowed the Piece above the Sap Bush & Below the Wheat & Stirred the  Rest of the heaps in the Barn  Lot that we Left & hauled then in & Stirred the Grass that i mowed   Draper Came down at Half  Past 2 & Helped stir the Grass & Haul the Heaps  Paid him One Dollar

Tuesday, Aug. 11, 1903 - Mowed the Grass & Briars around the Wheat & Grass next the Sugar Bush & Went with the folks up to Will Reynolds to a Picnic there was only a few there it Rained so could not Rake Hay   Paid Draper $3.00 on Work

Wednesday 12 - Draper Worked in the P. M. Mowed the Piece By the Sugar Bush &  Hauled 4 Loads did not get it quite all as the Ground was quite soft could not Load very heavy but had Pretty good sized Loads though  Dean Nash helped Pitch on the last Load

Thursday, Aug. 13, 1903 -  Draper Worked in  the P. M.  Everett Nash Worked at $1.50 day  Paid him one Dollar   owe him 50 cts    Mowed the Orchard & Hauled  in the Piece Below & finished the Piece Below the  Wheat.

Friday 14 - Draper Worked in the P. M. Finished mowing the Grass on the hill & Raked & Cocked it up so as to Stack it in the Morrow if the Weather will Permit

Saturday,  Aug. 15, 1903 - Draper  worked  3/4  day for 75¢ Millard Nash Worked  did not Pay his as   could  not  make Change  Stacked the Hay on the Hill & topped it up with Straw  from the Stack on the hill that had Hauled out of the Barn to make Room for the Wheat    Millard Cradled around the Oats to geth  them Ready for the Reaper   & Draper  fixed the Brush fence next  Lishers Rye field

Sunday 16 - Went over to  Makeleys   Mother & Addie  & the Children   he had not got done Haying yet  Had about  10 acres yet  &  Oats  all Ripe   Ready   for the  Reaper   had  Buree Haynes & Lew Longwell to   Help

Monday,  August 17, 1903  -  Finished Grinding the Reaper knives & put a tooth in the Reaper Rake & Cut a Part of the first sowing of Oats  on the side hill above the Orchard.

Tuesday 18 -   Draper Worked in the  P.M.  Finished cutting  the oats above the Orchard & Put the Box on the Hay Rack & Hauled in 3 Loads Oats did not get the Last one down till Dark     Nora & Cora Styres  came over on their Wheels  & stayed a Little  While & then went up to Lishers

Wednesday, Aug. 19, 1903  - Draper worked at Hauling oats  Hauled  Oats above the Orchard & Mowed away some Hay in the Cow Barn Loft to Make Room for Oats di dnot get the Piece of oats Quite done   Part of a Load left   guess it Will Rain

Thursday 20 - Went to Mansfield to the Old Peoples Picnic   Mother & Addie & the children went along  a nice Day   there was quite a Large Company of old Folks there   Walter T. Merrick of Wellsboro Spoke to the People

Friday, Aug. 21, 1903 - Went up & Helped Daniel do his Haying  took the Horses & Wagon it held the Oats Rack on but we set it off s we Commenced Hauling Hay    Helped him Mow with the Scythes & got Wills Horse Rake & Raked it up & Helped him haul it in his Barn   Everet & Dean Helped Haul some   Lisher helped Mow with Scythes  worked until dark  Will helped get chores done

Saturday 22 - Hauled in One Small Load of oats on the Side Hill above the Orchard it being the Last one & Split up a Little Wood at the Door & Slept a Little While as it was Raining

Sunday, Aug. 23, 1903 - Churned & Went over in Manly Smiths Woods a Berrying & after had got the 5 quart pail full went over to Father Makeleys to see if he wanted help in his Oat Harvest & finish Haying  found him in need of help  thought would go over in Morning but it is Raining as i Write at 9 o.clock  guess will be wet

Monday 24 - Mowed some Weeds in the house Lot & Pulled weeds in the Pickle Patch

Tuesday, Aug. 25, 1903 - Pulled Weeds in the Pickle Patch & took a Nap after Dinner   Henry Van Ness came along Peddling & i Paid Draper $2.00 on Work so that he could Buy some flour of Henry

Wednesday 26 - Finished Pulling Weeds in the Pickle patch & picked the Pickles again  got most a Pailful of Vedder Pickles   guess will get a Bushel in a Week  more maybe

Thursday, Aug. 27, 1903 - Went up on the hill & Cradled around the Oats Back side of hill & found them Lodged Some & as it is noon came down to Dinner Expecting to Reap them in the afternoon But it Rained all afternoon so Laid down on the couch in Parlor & Slept until Cow time  guess will Rain all night

Friday 28 - A Rainy Day   Went down to Oliver Ides & got the Horses Shod & then went up to Roseville & got a Butter Tub & tried to sell the Butter on hand  5 tubs but as could not get any more than at Mansfield guess will take it there

Saturday, Aug. 29, 1903 - Churned & Mowed some Weeds in the Hog  Lot next the Barn Where had hogs last year  picked up 2 Pails Apples in the orchard & Picked the Pickle Patch over  got about 1 Peck of cucumbers

Sunday 30 - A Cloudy Gloomy Day  Stayed at Home   Gertie came over a Little While

Monday, Aug. 30, 1903 - went to Mansfield with 6 Tubs Butter 306 # @ .17 = 52.02  Bought 1 Cow Bull & 1 Bush Scythe @ 75 ¢  Mother went Along

Tuesday, Sept. 1 - Cleaned up the Cream Seperator & Split some Wood at the Door & Out a new Handle in the ax & Cut the Balm of Gilead Sprouts along the Road

Wednesday,  Sept. 2, 1903 - Went over to Makeleys to Drag in his Oats but as they was wet Helped Archie Stir them out  guess they will be Dry enough to Morrow   Left the Big Wagon over there & Drove their Democrat wagon home   Addie & the Babies went along   met Mother Makeley coming over by Ashleys Barn  she went Back with us

Thursday 3 - Went up after Draper to Help Makeleys but he is going to help Lisher so went up on the hill after Jimmie Longwells boys but as they was helping Thresh on the Lon Hall farm could not come so we had to work alone  Archie & Myself Hauled 5 Loads of oats  it was a nice day  guess will finish them on the Morrow

Friday, Sept. 4, 1903 - Went over to Makeleys & helped Archie Finish hauling oats  Makeley paid me $2.50 on Work

Saturday 5 -Picked the Cucumbers in the Pickle Patch beyond the Barn  got about 4 Bushels  A Cool Cloudy Day   Looked like Rain but did not until Evening when it Sprinkled a few Drops not enough to Call Rain then turned Cooler

Sunday, Sept. 6, 1903 - Stayed at Home  Slept a good Nap & Lifted up the Hay Rack off the Wagon to get it Ready to go to Mansfield after Shingles to put on the old House & to take down the Cucumbers that had on hand & take down one tub Butter a nice Clear Day

Monday 7 - Went to Mansfield took 4 bu  Cucumbers & 1 tub Butter 51# @ 17cts = 8.77  Bought 1 thousand cedar  Shingles @ $4.00 & 5 M @ 3.15 = 19.75 & 50 # of cut Shingle nails $1.75  Picked the Pickle Patch over in the Morning did not go until after Dinner it Commenced Raining before i got to town & it Rained all the way Home

Tuesday, Sept. 8, 1903 - A Cloudy Gloomy Day  Churned & Chored around the House & Picked up a few Apples in the Orchard

Wednesday 9 - took the Axles from the old Buggy Springs that was  lyinf side of the fence (it was the old one that i bought of Queal) & took them down to Roseville & had them Cut in two one for a Hand Cart & one for a truck for Building & taking up Barb wire fences . mother Went up to Matildas & Stayed she to stay until she wants to come home

Thursday, Sept. 10, 1903 - Put a tongue in the Barb wire cart & Went up on the Hill with the Reaper to Cut the Oats but as it was so late had could not finish  Left the Reaper up there & came down to do chores for the night  it Rained a Heavy Thunder Shower at night & there was a bright Light south of us  guess it was a building burning

Friday 11 - Picked  few Pickles & finished Cutting Oats on the Hill with the Reaper the ground was so soft that cound Hardly work the Reaper & got stuck finally before  got quite done
 Saturday, Sept. 12, 1903 - Picked the Pickle Patch over the Rest of it & i unloaded the Cedar Shingles in the Wood house & Moved the Drill over & Took off the Box & Put in the Rack & went over Back of the hill & Hauled One Load of Oats

Sunday 13 - Partly fixed a frame on the axle for a Hand Cart  Gertie Came over a Little While & Asa  Harvey & his little girl Came after Her to go home with him to go to Watkins N. Y. on a visit to his Brother & Daughter but he Did not stay any as he was in a hurry to go Home

Monday, Sept. 14, 1903 -  Draper Worked   Ruth went up & got Draper to Come down to Help get in Oats  finished Picking the Pickles & Hauled 2 Loads oats & unloaded one of them & unloaded the one that was on the Wagon   Gertie came over again to see if she Could Ride to Mansfield on the Morrow  guess will go & take her & the Pickles

Thursday 15 - Went to Mansfield with the Pickles & Addie & Gertie went along   Addie Bought a Baby Carriage for $10.50  Had some strap bolts made for the Hand cart     done an Errand for Lee Reynolds with lawyer Frank Clark & it took a Long time for him to site the answer & did not get home until most night

Wednesday, Sept. 16, 1903 - Commenced Picking Pickles   Picked one Row & Leon, Draper, & Lee Reynolds came down & Leon wanted Work so Hired him to Help Haul Oats   Hauled 5 Loads but did not get quite done   guess can Haul the Rest at 2 Loads

Thursday 17 - it Rained in the forenoon so to stop Hauling Oats so Picked Cucumbers all Day in the Rain & all got about Six Bushels but as they had not been Picked since Monday they had got too large for Market many of them  it is cold tonight  guess there will be a frost

Friday, Sept. 18, 1903 - Had a frost at night  Paid Leon Reynolds 75¢ on Work  Picked up a few Apples in the Orchard & Went up on the Hill & finished Cutting the Oats with the Scythe   Lee Reynolds came down to Help Haul them but as it Rained a Little Could not Haul them.   Maggie Norwood & her man came down a Little While as he was going Home next Day

Saturday 19 - Unloaded the oats off the Wagon & Mowed them away alone & Hauled the Rest of them   Had 2 Loads. Draper Helped in the afternoon  Paid him One Dolllar   Had a Frost at night

Sunday, Sept. 20, 1903 - Went down to Horace Smiths  Addie & the children went along   Ross came over a Little While from Menzo Richmonds   had a Frost at night

Tuesday, Sept. 22, 1903 - Picked up Apples in the Orchard in the forenoon & Went up to Will Reynolds in the afternoon & Helped them Thresh  he had Emmet Woods Machine

Wednesday 23 - Helped Will Reynolds     Thresh  did not finish as the Engine did not Work good  Worked till MNoon  he will finish them with his Buckwheat   Picked the Pickle Patch over & got 1 Bushel  all but -- Hauled down 10 Bushels Apples from the Orchard for the Hogs   guess will go to the fair on the Morrow if it dont Rain

Thursday, Sept. 24, 1903 - Went to the Fair  Mother, Addie, & the Children went along  it was a Cool Clear Day so cool that i needed my Overcoat along to Keep warm going over & coming Home   Matilda went over with us     Addie used her new Baby Carriage for the first time    there was a very big crown there

 Friday 25 - Went over to the Fair Again went alone    Cool going down  wore Overcoat but it got warm soon   had a nice day the crowd was not Half so large as yesterday   Bought some Spoons & a Fountain Pen & Indelible Pencil & a Couple of Emery Stones

Saturday, Sept. 20, 1903 -  Commenced Cutting Buckwheat  Cut the Piece by the Orchard

Monday, Sept. 28, 1903 - Got some Posts for a fence Across the House Lot for a temporary fence for the Cows fall feed & Took up one Wire of the old fence across the Creek along the Bank & Put it on the Posts from the old Maple tree to the Hog Pen  there was a Frost at night

Tuesday 29 - finished Stringing the Wire from the Hog Pen to the Road & turned the Cows in & Cut the  Buckwheat on the Hill    there was a Heavy Frost at night

Wednesday, Sept. 30, 1903 - Cut the Sowed Corn with the Reaper & Set up a Little Buckwheat on the Hill

Thursday, Oct. 1 - Set up the Piece of Buckwheat by the sowed Corn & a Little on the Hill   it Rained at 3 o’clock & the Rest of the Day

Friday, Oct. 2, 1903 - Set up Buckwheat on the Hill   it was a Cloudy Gloomy Day  didn’t Dry off in all Day

Saturday 3 - Fixed the Wire fence across the House Lot from the Old Maple Tree to the Hog Pen as the Black Bell Heifer Crawled through & Pulled the Beans in the Garden & Stacked them   & Hauled Some   Sowed Corn for the Cows & for the Horses  Hauled it on the Stone Boat

Sunday, Oct. 4, 1903 - Gathered the Chestnuts on the trees on the Bank by the House  got about 2 quarts   Uncle Peter VanNess came to Dinner & Stayed till Seymour Squires came along & went with him back to Mansfield

Monday 5 - it Rained a Heavy Shower in the Morning & forenoon worked on the Hand Cart   Made a Box for it but did not get it quite Ground off   Draper came Down to get Some Money as he was going away   Paid him One Dollar on Work

Tuesday, Oct. 6, 1903 - Split up some Chunks of Wood & Some Old timbers for Wood at the Door & Set up Sowed Corn   Draper Came down at 3 o’clock & Helped Set up corn fodder  it Rained a Little in the Evening

Wednesday 7 - Draper Worked   Finished Setting up the Sowed Corn & Set up Some Buckwheat on the Hill   Hauled in One Load of Sowed Corn on the Stone Boat for the Cows   the South Wind Blew Very Hard all P.M. & Evening   guess will Rain to Morrow still

Thursday, Oct. 8, 1903 - A Rainy Day. Hoed out the Road Ditch a Little by the Wheat Patch & in the field Across the Road where corn down from the Hill & took a Nap & Fixed a Little on the Fence Between the House & Barn Lot by the Hen House next the Big Balsam Tree

 Friday 9 - Set up Buckwheat on the Hill   a Cool Cloudy Windy Day

Saturday, Oct. 10, 1903 - A Rainy Day   Hoed out the Ditch by the Barn to Drain the Water away from the Manure Piles & Fixed a Little on the Fence around the Barn Lot.

Sunday 11 - Set up a Little Buckwheat on the Hill & Burt Styres Came up on the Hill & We went down to Manly Smiths Shingle Mill & then Around the Road Home   Burts Woman came with him  Asa Harvey Wife & Daughter Came to see us & Stayed  a Little While but Went Home at night

Monday, Oct. 12, 1903 - Set up Buckwheat on the Hill  Finished setting it up

Tuesday 13 - Finished Fixing the fence around the Barn Lot so could turn the Cows in & turned them in & Commenced Digging Potatoes on the Hill Draper Worked   Paid Draper on Work 5.00 Five Dollars  he Charges 60 ¢ per Day

Wednesday, Oct. 14, 1903 - Draper Worked   Dug Potatoes on the Hill  Hauled them down & Put them in the Cellar  Had 13 bushels  a nice sunshiny Day  the Potatoes Rotting Badly & a Very Light Yield

Thursday 15 - Draper Worked   Dug Potatoes on the Hill   Dug 14 Bushels & Put them in the Cellar a nice Day

Friday, Oct. 16, 1903 - Dug Potatoes on the hill   Ruth & Owen & Addie Picked them up  Had 9 Bushels   a nice Day but Cloudy in the Afternoon

Saturday 17 - A Rainy Day   Cut up a Little Wood at the Door & Chored about the House    Lisher Came down to see About getting Help to Thresh if it did not Rain too hard But it Did   Lisher Paid me for the  Bull  14 Dollars

Sunday, Oct. 18, 1903 -  Picked up some Apples for the Hogs & Hauled some Sowed Corn for the Cows &  a Little Wood up from the Woods on the Stone Boat

Monday 19 - Dug Potatoes on the Hill until Dean Came after me to Help them Thresh   Dug 4 Bushels then Went up & Helped Thresh Oats at Lishers  threshed 100 bushels & he had a Big Upright Press & they Pressed the Straw as fast as it was threshed  it took 4 men to Run it

Thursday, Oct. 20, 1903 - Helped Lisher Thresh   He has got Orin Mudge with his Machine to thresh  they are going to thresh his Rye with their Rye thresher  they have got it there Ready

Wednesday 21 - Helped Lisher Thresh  finished threshing Oats & i came down & got my Horse & Wagon & Helped him haul Buckwheat   they got the Buckwheat done & Went up to Lloyd Wheelers to Thresh his Buckwheat while the Pressers was Pressing the Rest of the Straw & Hay for him

Thursday, Oct. 22, 1903 - Went up & Helped Lisher Press  Hay  got it Done at quarter to 4 o’clock then Draper Came down & Helped me Haul Buckwheat   Hauled the Patch by the Orchard & One Load off the Top of the Hill

Friday 23 - Went to Roseville & got 10 gal of oil  had Raised  had ti Pay 12 cts per gal - Stead of 8 cts last Winter   went up to Lishers & Helped him thresh Rye  did not get it done
 Saturday, Oct, 24, 1903 - Went up to Lishers & Helped finish Threshing  & Hauled one Load of Buckwheat from on the Hill   Lisher & Draper Came down & Helped pitch on a few Bunches of it & helped Unload it just at night

Sunday 25 - Went over to Makeleys    Addie & Owen & the Baby went along  Ruth was over there   went Home with Gertie Saturday   got a few Pumpkins to Make Pies of

Monday, Oct. 27, 1903 - Lisher Came down & Helped me & we Hauled in the Rest of the Buckwheat   2 Loads got it down at Noon & i went down to Roseville with Some Chickens & Old Hens  they came to 4.18 net the young @ 8 & the Old 7.00

Wednesday, Oct. 28, 1903 - Finished Digging Potatoes on the Hill    Archie Makeley Helped in the Afternoon & Draper Helped a Little While   Dug Eight Bushels   Went down to see Manly Smith Move his house a few minutes at noon.

Thursday 29 - Draper Worked   Picked Apples up in the Orchard   got them amost gathered  had about 20 Bushels & a Part of them was hog apples  there will be a few more Hog apples left

Friday, Oct. 30, 1903 - Picked the Apples in the House Lot  what few there  was left after all the Hard Winds  did not get many

Saturday 31 - Picked up the Hog apples in both Orchards & Gathered in the Beets, Carrots & Turnips in the garden  had one Bushel Beets  One Bushel Beggies  & 4 1/2 Carrots & they was Very Large & Smooth

Sunday, Nov. 1, 1903 - Went over to Bill Smiths & found them gone so went over to Gene Clevelands on the Joe Dewitt farm & got Dinner & Came Back to Bills & as they had got Home Mother Stopped there as she had intended to do & is to stay until Sunday when we will go after her

Monday 2 - Gathered the Cabbage ub tge Garden & Hauled a Lozad of Rails to fix the Line fence by the Woods next Lishers Corn as my Cown had been in his Corn   nice Pleasant weather

Tuesday, Nov. 3, 1903 - husked a Little Pop Corn in the Garden & Went down to watch Manly Smith Move House a Little While  Warm & Pleasant

Wednesday 4 - Went over to Gene Baileys to see about Getting him to do my  threshing but Could not find out much about when he could come as he had so many Jobs Awaiting him
Thursday, Nov. 5, 1903 - it Rained last night & almost all forenoon by showers   Threshed out the Beans that Grew in the Garden

Friday 6 - Went up to Wills & Lishers & down to Ashleys to find the calf as she had Wandered away & gone Went over in Joe  McConnels field & found her there & Brought her Home & Hauled Load Wood from the Woods & some Old Pieces of Rails from the Ashley fence

Saturday, Nov. 7, 1903 - Went down to Roseville to Mill & got a few Oats  6 Bushels & One of corn ground for the Hogs
 Sunday 8 - Stayed at Home

Monday, Nov. 9, 1903 - Commenced Plowing across the Road where had Sowed Corn & Cut down the Little Maples & the Water Beach in the Lower side of Corn Patch next the Road so that could Plow & not go around them   a nice Day

Sunday 8 - Stayed at Home

Monday, Nov. 9, 1903 - Commenced plowing across the Road where had Sowed Corn & Cut fown the Little Maples & the Water Beach in the Lower side of Corn Patch next the Road so that could Plow & ---around them. A nice Day

Tuesday 10 - Plowed on the sowed corn Patch   Bought a Pair Mittens of Henry Van Ness for 20 cts A nice Day

Wednesday, Nov. 11, 1903 - Plowed on the corn stubble   Holton came $\& took the Assessment   A nice Pleasant Day but guess will Rain to Morrow   Wind in East & Blowing strong

Thursday 13 - Finished Plowing the Sowed Corn Stubble & a Part of the Buckwheat ground above    A nice Pleasant Day

Friday, Nov. 13, 1903 - finished Plowing the Buckwheat stubble next the Orchard & Went down to Roseville to Pay the Taxes    Had Justice Kelty make out a Paper on the timber Lot for Rebate on the taxes it amounted to $2.20   Drove up to Hatfields & Paid the taxes $22.49 in full mine was 2.61 Farm $19.88

Saturday 14- Plowed on the Potato Ground on the Hill     A nice Clear Day

Sunday, Nov. 15, 1903 - Built a fence around the Hay Stack on the Hill so Cows Could Pasture in the field.

Monday 16 - A Rainy Gloomy Fay   Churned & Chored about the House and Barn   Millard Came down a Little While

Tuesday, Nov. 17, 1903 - A Rainy Day   Rained almost all Day

Wednesday 18 - Hauled some Wood down from Wills & Went down & seen the Threshers about their coming to thresh

Thursday, Nov. 19, 1903 - Gene Bailey Threshing Machine Came up
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