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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Diaries & Letters of Tri-Counties
From Joyce M. Tice's Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project
1895 - Emerson Smith of Rutland - Age 34
Diary of Emerson Smith
Township: Rutland Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1895
Transcribed by Joyce M. Tice
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This diary was in the possession of Roland Smith of Roseville, son of Emerson. Roland died recently and his son, J. Harlo SMITH, loaned this and other diaries of Emerson to Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project. Emerson was also father of Erma SMITH who married Lee D. TICE and was step-grandmother of Joyce.
1895 - Emerson SMITH
of Rutland Hill
Age  34

Wed. Jan 9, 1895 - Went down to Sam Frosts after a load of lumber finished the Elm Planks for Crate Stuff   Came home at Night  Father Had his Cow Dehorned

Thursday 10 - A Stormy day at Home  Snow and Sleet fell 6 inches deep

Fri. Jan 11, 1895 -  Went down to Lawrence Grovers on the Goodwin farm to Look at some farming tools and over to W. B. Reynolds for the same Purpose and then down to Roseville

Saturday 12 - Went over to Elk Run to Get Jim Shod and then over to J. W. Styres and Stayed over night

Sun. Jan. 13, 1895 - Stayed over to Johns all day it was cold and windy  Stayed over night again

Monday 14 - Sat by the fire in the forenoon and went to a Sheriff Sale at Ruel Richmonds at 1 P.M. and Bought a Set of Keary Harness for Eleven 11 Dollars  John Paying for it to apply on the Note

Tues. Jan. 15, 1895- Went with father and mother to Roseville to visit C. B. Hanyen  Nice Sleighing   People Busy Packing Ice

Wednesday 16 - Went to Andrew Squires and Orson Williams to buy Hay but did not find any   Went with mother to meeting in the Evening   fine Sleighing

Thurs. Jan. 17, 1895 - Attended the Farmers Institut in the Opera House  Mansfield    Excellent Sleighing

Friday 18 - Attended the Institute again went to Meeting  Alonzo took up the Contract for the place from Lisher   Snowed a Couple of inches

 Sat. Jan. 19, 1895 - Went over to Lons in the forenoon and up to Canoe Camp to See a Span of Horses owned by Jim Burton found them a nice pair of Black Colts 4 Part Price 150 Dollars did not buy

Sunday 20 - Stayed Home through the day and went to church at night   Mother went   Had a Crowded House

Mon. Jan. 21, 1895 - Went over to Fred Websters the tax collector to see About the taxes on the Old Place    Fine Sleighing

Tuesday 22 - Went down to John Stebbins Place where Charles Reynolds was a going to live to look at a Horse found the Horse Balky Stayed over night with Jesse Smith

Wed. Jan. 23, 1895 -  Came Home from Jesses and Returned wills Cutter and Went with Mother to the Meetings   Sleighing still Fine

Thursday 24 - Stayed at Home went up to wills and Daniels a little while in the afternoon

Fri. Jan. 25, 1895 - Borrowed Daniels Horse and wills Sleigh and Hauled up a few Loads of wood and Traded Cutters with Daniel Allowing him 2 Dollars on his Note

Saturday 26 - Went with John Van ness over to Lons and thence down to J. M. Clarks Sale

Sun. Jan. 27, 1895 - Stayed at Home through the day and went to Church in the Evening there were 13 Conversions  Northrup Smith  Eldridge Munroe and wife and wives sister Ray Card and Wife

Monday 28 - Daniel Reynolds Helped me saw Wood a little While worked By the hour Calling 10 hours for a day and keep account of the number of hours. worked 3 1/2 hours

Tues. Jan. 29, 1895 - Daniel Helped again Worked 2 hours in the forenoon and 3 in the afternoon   Went with Mother to Church 2 Conversions  Newberry McConnell and a Lady name not known

Wednesday 30 - Went over to Lons and Moved Home my Democrat Wagon and Drag and Returned his Horse and Harness and Helped him Break his Colt to Work on his Tread Power

Thurs. Jan. 31, 1895 - Went up to John Halls and Bought a Mow of hay at 8 dollars per ton 2 1/4 tons 17 Dollars and went over to Lons and Hauled him a load of wood got his Gray Horse and my sleds to Haul the hay with

Friday, Feb. 1 - Went up to Daniels got his Hay Rack he himself and Hauled home the Hay it was Very Nice with the Exception of a little in the Bottom that was Poor John ought to throw off on the Price a little Father and Mother went down to Lewis Roblyers a Visiting

Sat. Feb. 2, 1895 - Went with Father and Mother over to Lons  Returned the Horse and Settled up my account for my Summer Work found him owing me $105.45  plus $147.15 = $252.60 Minus $20.50 = $232.10 the Amount Still Due. talked about the Place they Decided to make a Will

Sunday 3 - Stayed at Home during the day  and Went over to Meeting with mother in the Evening it being the Close of the Revival

 Mon. Feb. 4, 1895 - Went over to Ira Smiths and Borrowed Limons 2 Seated Cutter to take Father and Mother to Roseville to have C. B. Hanyen Draw up a Will for the farm. stayed to dinner with Hanyens folks. Lon came over in the morning and Rode with me over to Limes to see about fixing a drum Wheel for the creamery

Tuesday 5 - Cold and Windy Ther 7 Below zero. Went over to Johns to see about Taking his Horse the Tan Mare. Decided to take her for $50.00 he to keep her till the first of march  had a very Cold Blustering time to Come home

Wed. Feb. 6, 1895 - still Cold and Windy ther 14 below zero Went over to Lons and got one of his Cows and brought her home the Cow that he Called Henry. Consideration $25.00 the same to Apply on my summers Work

Thursday 7 - Went up to Wesley Reynolds to Look at Some Pails and Boiling Pans for the sugar Bush the Pails at 10 cts apiece the Pans Cast Iron $ 5.00 apiece. thought i would take them if i Could Buy on Time   Cold and Windy Ther 12 degrees Below  at 7 A.M. Snowed at night

Fri. Feb. 8, 1895 - A Very Windy very Cold day the Thermometer standing at 6 to 8 degrees Below zero all day. and the Wind Blew a hurricane all day almost impossible to be out at all had hard Work to keep warm in the house. wind blowing fierce at Bedtime. Sat in the Parlor in the evening

Saturday 9 - The Wind Continued to blow without Cessation ther standing at zero in the morning and at 7 above in the Evening Stayed in the Parlor the Most of the day and in the evening Wind blew Very Hard at bedtime Wood Pile Running Low

Sun. Feb. 10, 1895 - the Weather began to Moderate a little Toward Night the wind went down With the Sun and was a little Warmer the Ther 11 above at Sundown Stayed in the Parlor the most of the day and the Evening

Monday 11 - Went down to Mr. Beardslees after a Pail of Buttermilk and found the Road Drifted full the Largest Part of the Way as the most of the Roads are   Shoveled Snow the Rest of the Day    Jerome Bryant Came up Breaking Road   He had to go through the Fields the most of the way

Tues. Feb. 12, 1895 - Shoveled snow all Day to get to the Woods after Wood  Lisher came down and Measured out the Hay to Finish Wintering Fathers Cow   Weather Warmer the ther at night stood 16 above  4 Below in the Morning

Wednesday 13  - Went over to Lons after the Horses his and mine Went down to Mansfield after some Feed and 1 Bag Meal and Hauled up 1 Load Wood. Broke a track to the Woods snow was Deep  Hard Hauling. the snow on Ashley Hill above Orange Ashleys was Drifted 8 to 10 feet Deep. Fathers Cow come in

Thurs. Feb. 14, 1895 - Hauled Wood all Day. the snow in the Woods was deep it was hard hauling   the Weather was Warmer the ther standing at 16 above zero

Friday 15 - A Very fine Day  Drawed Wood all Day

Sat. Feb 16, 1895 - A Pleasant day Went down to Roseville to attend a Sale at Will Furmans on Pat Longwells Farm 12 Cows sold did not buy any too old and Poor and high Priced. Charles Reynolds Bought 2

Sunday 17 - Warm and Pleasant  Stayed at Home  Welland and Jennie came over and Brought my Horse home and i took to the top of the Hill at night

 Mon. Feb. 18, 1895 - Went to Mansfield to see uncle Peter Van ness about the Sugar Dishes  Found that I could Buy on time   Concluded to take them Provided that they Fulfilled the Recommend   a Pleasant day

Tuesday 19 - Went with Father down to Roseville and then down to Elections  Bought a new Chain for the Pump   C.B. Hanyen was to have an auction Sale in afternoon at 2 o’clock   Cut a little Wood in  the Woods in the afternoon    A Pleasant day

Wed. Feb. 20, 1895 - Cut Wood in the Forenoon and Had Daniels Horse and Wills Sleigh and Went up to W.B. Reynolds after the Sugar dishes that i bought of P. V. Van ness got 2 Hundred Pails but did not get the boiling Pans the snow so deep could not go to the Woods after them

Thursday 21 - Went up to Daniels and got his Horse and took my Sleds and got my new box      Hauled Daniel 2 Loads Wood and got his Old tiger Horse Rake and his Planet Jr. Cultivator the Rake $5.00 the Cultivator $6.00 Provided he Finds the Sweep hoes teeth. if not then $5.00 there to apply on his note

Fri. Feb. 22, 1895 - Went up to Lishers to Look at a Cow he Wanted to sell me Found the Sheriff there  Looked at the Cows but did not buy any for i did not have the Cash to Pay down With. The Sheriff Came there to Levy on some Property for a note at troy

Saturday 23 - Went down to Roseville and thence down to Lawrence Grovers Sale on the Goodwin farm  Bought a Chain for 30 cents and 2 Pitch forks for 41 Cents did not pay for them

Sun. Feb. 24, 1895 - Went with Mother to Church and S. S.  weather Pleasant   Nice Sleighing

Monday 25 - Went with Father to Mansfield to [buy] him a suit of clothes. Bought them at Pitts for  $8.00 got a Plush Cap also

Tues. Feb. 26, 1895 - Went down to Mansfield with Abbie Palmer to find her a place to Work went to Doctor Vedder. but did not Want her at Present might want her after a while. She came back with me and Stayed awhile  tipped over coming home by O. N. Richmonds   Father sent his Clothes Back and changed them for a Black Suit Had to Pay Two Dollars More

Wednesday 27 - Cut Wood in the Woods Draper Helped Me some O. A. came at night and got my Horse   Warm and Pleasant thawed

Thurs. Feb. 28, 1895 - Went up and Helped Daniel saw wood in the Afternoon   Warm and Pleasant  Snow going Rapidly

Friday, Mar. 1- Rainy and thawy Worked on the Wood Pile and Making a Bolster for the Bob sleighs. Went up to Wills and got a couple of yearling allowing him 20 Dollars for them and his Hay Rack the 20 to apply to his note

Sat. Mar 2, 1895 - Went down to Roseville to W. H. Bensons Sale  C. B. Hanyen had an auction

Sunday 3 - Stayed at home   Burt, Nora, Cora and Effie came down from Lishers where they had stayed over night being on a visit   Lon Brought my Horse Home

 Mon. Mar. 4, 1895 - Fixed a Pair of Bolsters for my bob Sleds and went over to Johns after my horse but did not get her as he wanted to use her the next day to take his hog to Mansfield

Tuesday 5 - Helped Daniel Saw Wood

Wed. Mar. 6, 1895 - went to chandlersburgh to get a shoe set   John Came over and brought my horse home and Helped hitch him up to try him  hauled a little Wood   gave my note for $22.50 for the balance on the Horse

Thursday 7 - Went down to Will Sopers Sale but did not buy any Cows there so high could not afford to   Ward Soper bought 11 Paid over $400 for them or about $38 Per Head

Fri. Mar. 8, 1895 - Went up to Johnnie Halls after some Hay but did not get much as we did not have any thing to weigh it with  Daniel went with me and he helped me cut a Little wood in the afternoon

Saturday 9 - Went over to Mansfield after some feed  left wills note with Lawyer Channell to send to Wellsboro to have the Sheriff Collect it

Sun. Mar. 10, 1895 - Went with Mother to Quarterly Meeting at Chandlersburg  Rosengrant from Mansfield Preached

Monday 11 - Worked in the Woods Cutting Sugar Wood and Went to Mansfield  Sheriff business   Sleighing gone from Powers down  went on foot from there

Tues. Mar. 12, 1895 - Went down to Mary Jane Bryants to try and Hire some Money and thence to B. Monroes but did not get any

Wednesday 13 - Made some feed Boxes for the Horses. Tapped a few trees in the Bush   got a little Hay from Charleys Barn   Rained at night

Thurs. Mar. 14, 1895 - Went down to Roseville and Hired some Money  gave my Note to John Benson for Fifty Dollars %$50.00 on One year time   Went to Elk Run and got my Mare Shod  charge 50 cts  Had it Charged
 Friday 15 - Went up to John Halls and got 2 loads Hay 1/2 ton to the Load  Paid Him for the Hay  3  tons a little over. $24.75   A Cold Rainy day

Sat. Mar. 16, 1895 - Went to Mansfield with my Fan  Mare and cutter   Poor sledding from Power   Elmer Welch had a Law suit with Ann Soper   A Cold Raw Blustering day

Suday 17 - Stayed Home all day

 Mon. Mar. 18, 1895 - Overhauled the Old Wooden Sap Buckets   they was old and Weather beaten musty filthy the Hoops off a larg portion of them  not worth the time and expense of Rigging up

Tuesday 19 - Draper Helped me cut wood   Cut down a maple tree and Cut it up tapped a few trees but the sap did not run   too Cold   A Pleasant day but too Cold Air for the sap to run

Wed. Mar. 20, 1895 - Went up to W. B. Reynolds on P. V. Van ness Place after a couple of boiling Pans Cast Iron Pans and attended the Sheriff  Sale at E. L. Nashs. Bought his democrat Cutter for Six dollars  $6.00. Every thing Sold. Charley Ross bidding the most of it

Thursday 21 -  Went up to Wills and got the Lumber Wagon and went to Mansfield and Bought a half ton of Feed  Meal  Oats and Bran at $1.05 Per Hundred  Went up and [gave] my note to P. V. Van ness for $30.00 on the Sugar dishes   Note due on One years time

Fri. Mar. 22, 1895 - Hauled Pole Wood for Draper from Garrisons Woods Hauled a Part with Sleighs the Rest with the Wagon bad hauling  bare ground and Snow 2 feet deep in Places   Draper to Help me in Return

Saturday 23 - A warm Pleasant day. Draper helped me get my Sap from Iras . cut a little sap wood some stove Wood and tapped some trees the sap beginning to flow quite a little

Sun. Mar. 24, 1895 - Warm and thawy  Stayed at Home all day

Monday 25 - Gathered the Sap and Boiled it down. Gathered by hand  Rained a little in the Morning so Warm the sap did not flow much  Snow went off Rapidly

Tues. Mar. 26, 1895 - Draper helped me Cut Wood. Squalls and Rather Windy  Sap did not flow much

Wednesday 27 -  Hauled up Wood in the forenoon and tapped more trees in the Sap Bush   Mary Jane Bryant came up for a Visit
Thurs. Mar. 28, 1895 - Worked in the Sugar Bush trying to Cork up the Old Drawing tub but i guess will not make it hold. Gathered a little Sap     A Cold Raw Air not Sap weather

Friday 29 - Gathered the rest of the Bush over with the team. and Boiled it down had one Pail and a half. Lewis Cleveland Came at noon and Stayed over night   A Cold raw day the sap not flowing much

Sat. Mar. 30, 1895 - Went down to Roseville and got new tubing to the Barn Pump sold 1 Gallon of syrup for 76 Cents 10 Pounds Butter at 15 cts  2 doz eggs at 12 cts   Lewis went down with me he was Looking for a wife

Sunday 31 - Went to Meeting with mother   A Warm Pleasant day sap ran Pretty Well

Mon. April 1, 1895 - Worked in the Sugar Bush Repaired the Arch and Gathered the Sap gathered a part with the horses the sap Flowed Freely   Elmer Welch Paid me the Fifty Dollars on his note and took up the Note

Tuesday 2 - Worked in the sugar Bush gathered the Bush over and Boiled it nearly in Syrup down. getting Six Pails the sap Flowed well

Wed. April 3, 1895 - Worked in the Bush   Washed up Sixty of the Old wooden Buckets and Hauled them around to the trees and Hauled a Load of sap wood. Gathered a few pails of sap
 Thursday 4 - Worked in the Bush tapped Sixty more trees using the Old tubs. Gathered the Flat and Boiled a Little. Cleaned up the big Store tub  the sap ran Pretty Well

Fri. April 5, 1895 - Worked in the bush a Very good sap day. Gathered all day and boiled what i Could. got both storage tubs full and the [sap] not all gathered.  Had 250 trees tapped

Saturday 6 - Worked  in the bush boiled in the forenoon  Syruped down getting 3 Pails Gathered in the afternoon boiled in the evening the sap running well  did not freeze

Sun. April 7, 1895 - At Home   Boiled in a Little sap  Lons family Came over to Warm Sugar   the Sap Running yet   did not freeze

Monday 8 - Worked in the bush  Hauled Wood in the forenoon and sap in the afternoon   Syruped off in the morning Had 8 Pails and again at night  Had 2 pails. did not freeze at night  the sap does not run quite so Well. Welland smith came over and helped me sugar make

Tues. April 9, 1895 - worked in the bush sap not running much. Gathered sap in the forenoon. boiled in the Afternoon. Welland helped   had 3 Pails syrup   Rained in the Afternoon the Creek up high and still Raining at bedtime

Wednesday 10 - Worked in the bush   Emptied the Rain water out of the dishes and Boiled in the Rest of the Sap. Syruped down getting 3 Pails  Warm the sap not flowing scarcely any  No More sugar weather till it Freezes  Welland went home

Thurs.- April 11, 1895 - Cut some Sugar Wood in the forenoon and went to Elk Run to get Jim shod  got 8 Syrup Cans for 1 gallon and sold O. Ide 4 gallons on Blacksmith Bill  Delivered 2 and he to have 2 more

Friday 12 - Went to Mansfield to Market some sugar sold 6 Gallons of Syrup and 37 pounds sugar to G. L. Strait the Syrup at 75 cts Sugar = 8 cts bought 50 lbs nails 1 Manure Fork 1 Hoe Balance 67 cts my due   Matilda went with me

Sat. April 13, 1895 - Worked in the bush  Gathered Sap Had the 2 storage tubs full and drawing tubs full and Boiling Pans. did not have up much wood so did not boil much till night Hauled up one Load and Boiled in the Evening. Sap not Running

Sunday 14 - Went over to Elk Run to Meeting and S.S.   Hattie Nash went along it was Easter Sunday

Mon. April 15, 1895 - Worked in the bush   Cut and Hauled sap Wood and boiled Sap  the Sap not Running much

Tuesday 16 - Syruped down the sap  Had 5 Pails. Cut some Sap wood and fixed some fence to keep Beardslees Sheep out of my fields

Wed. April 17, 1895 - Went to Mansfield after some Grass seed and got my Plow from Oscar Richmonds and got Lons A  scraper to fix the Old Dug-way Road with

 Thursday 18 - Worked on the dug Road in forenoon awhile and Gathered sap in the afternoon  boiled awhile in the Evening   Bought a side Hill Plow of Daniel for 2.00  weather warm and Pleasant mud drying fast

Fri. April 19, 1895 - Worked on the Dug-way Road a scraping it out making it wider  Father Rode on the scraper a while till he fell off and Hurt his arm  finished boiling in the sap had 2 1/2 Pails Syrup  Gathered a few of the sugar Pails

Saturday 20 - Gathered the sugar Dishes and Hauled Manure on the Garden   Warm and Pleasant  Very nice Drying Growing time   turned the Cows and yearling out to Graze

Sun. April 21, 1895 - Stayed Home got Partly Ready for Church when uncle tristram and wife came A Very Pleasant day

Monday 22 - Plowed the Gardens   Rained a Spell. Finished Packing away the Old sap tubs. Plowed on the Corn stubble between the Barn and woods  Beardslee Came up to see about getting Pasture for his sheep

Tues. April 23, 1895 - Finished Plowing the Corn stubble and Commenced Plowing the buckwheat ground next between the corn ground and the Road

Wednesday 24 - Finished Plowing the Barn Lot a stony Hard Piece  glad to get it Plowed   Warm and Pleasant

Thurs. April 25, 1895 - Hauled Stone off the Barn lot in the forenoon and went to Mansfield. Father went over to Lons with me. got 8 1/2 bushels Oats for Seed of Lon  the Road dry and dusty. the Air Smoky like Indian Summer

Friday 26 - Dragged down Sowed and Dragged in the Barn Lot to Oats. used Lishers Seeder  Sowed all the Oats i Had

Sat. April 27, 1895 - Sowed the grass on the Barn lot and Rolled it and Rolled a Part of  Lishers Rye. it was so big did not Roll much  Rolled a Part of the big Meadow above the Road

Sunday 28  - Started for Church with Mother and met John Styres and his folks Coming to my house and came back   a very nice day  Cloudy with signs of Rain but did not

Mon. Apriil 29, 1895 - Rolled in the big Meadow above the Road till Lisher came after his Roller.

Tuesday 30 - Commenced Plowing for Corn and Potatoes in the old Pasture across the Creek. Planted a bed to onions in the Garden  Nice Weather but no Showers to make the grass grow

Wed. May 1, 1895 -  Plowed in the Corn Ground across the Creek, Dehorned the 2 yearlings. Cut them off with the hand saw   Warm and dry

Thursday 2 - Plowed on the corn ground   Went up to Lishers after the Pig  Paid 2 Dollars for him  Hauled Stone and Rails of the Corn ground. Burr Soper and an agent came to Sell a Mowing Machine

Fri. May 3, 1895 - Hauled a Load of Stone of the side hill above the Corn ground and then Built Brush fence on the Line East of the Sugar Bush. had a hard Job. Hauled some Logs and Poles with the team got another Pig from Lishers  $2.00

 Saturday 4, 1895 - Plowed on the Corn Patch getting dry and Stoney Hauled a few Load of Stone

Sun. May 5, 1895 - Went to S. S. and Meeting at Elk Run father Mother and Hattie Went along   Dry and Warm

Monday 6 - Plowed Hauled Rails stone and Dragged in the Corn ground   dry and Warm

Tues. May 7, 1895 - Hauled stone in the A. M. and dragged in the P. M. till it Rained at about 4 O’clock and Rained at intervals till Dark  Raining at bedtime

Wednesday 8 - too Wet to drag Fixed the fence below the Road by the side of the Sugar Bush tried to finish dragging the Corn ground but it Rained me off   Started a fence across the lower end of the Pasture to Straighten it keeping on the bank

Thurs. May 9, 1895 - Finished Building the Board Part of the Meadow fence by the Sap Bush and Cut and Hauled some Hemlock Poles for fence Posts to fence the old Pasture across the Creek

Friday 10 - Marked the Corn and Potato ground and Planted a Part of it

Sat. May 11, 1895 - Went down to Roseville after some Groceries. got 1 Peck corn at Mrs. Watson for 19 cts or 75 cts a bu   Finished planting Corn and marked the Part for Potatoes   Rained at night

Sunday 12 - Went with Father Mother and Matilda up to the Mansfield Church to Matilda Frosts funeral. A Cold Raw day  Wore overcoats and Shawls and then Was Cold

Mon. May 13, 1895 - Built Brush fence along the West side of the sap bush next the Corn and Buckwheat ground   Elder Heineman and Wife came and Staid to supper   Pleasant but Rather Cool

Tuesday 14 - Rained all the forenoon. sat and Lazed around the house   Went to Mainesburg after DInner with a Load of Lumber from Jerome Bryants for Elder Heineman at the Methodist Parsonage

Wednesday May 15, 1895 - Went to Mansfield   Father went along so far as Lons. Bought of G. L. Strait 1 Bale of Barbed wire 10.3 Pounds at 2 1/4 cts per pound  1 Clothes wringer 2.00 1 Bushel seed corn and Bag 1.05 a few staples in all $5.35  had it charged. Worked on the fence in the afternoon

Thursday 16 - Built the Wire fence set the rest of the Posts and stretched the wire on them about 50 Rods of it   a Heavy Frost last night Killed the beans and corn in the Garden   Cold and clear again at night

Fri. May 17, 1895 - Finished Fixing the fence and furrowed the Patch for Potatoes but too wet could not plant yet  Hauled a few stone a  few Rails and Plowed a little   Had a Heavy frost Last night   Harder that the other. Clear and Cold with prospects of another

Saturday 18 - Finished Hauling Stone off the Stony Patch next the Woods and then Plowed on the same  Warm and Pleasant after the frosts with Prospects of more Rain

Sun. May 19, 1895 - Went with Father Mother Matilda over to uncle Peters to see aunt Celia   Had a fine Shower of Rain   Started for Home a little to soon got Sprinkled a Little warm after shower

Monday 20 - Plowed on the Corn and Buckwheat ground a nasty Drizzling Rainy afternoon and Evening

 Tues. May 21, 1895 - Plowed on the Buckwheat ground next the Woods Cold and Raw. Corn not up yet   guess it is rotten think will have to be planted over

Wednesday 22 - Finished Plowing the Piece next the Woods and Dragged it  and the others once over. Daniel came down to see me and i got him to Promise to Come down the next day and help me Plant Potatoes. A Pleasant day

Thurs. May 23, 1895 - Dragged the Piece for the fodder corn and Marked a Part of it. Daniel helped me. Planted a Patch Potatoes next the Woods. Hattie Daniel Came down. Went over to Reuben Squires after Sarah Jane Reynolds

Friday 24 - Daniel helped me and we Planted the fodder corn and i Plowed a little for Buckwheaat  Daniel Bought my Old Democrat Wagon

Sat. May 25, 1895 - Plowed on the Buckwheat ground   Cool and Cloudy with signs of Rain.

Sunday 26 - Went over to Elk Run to Church with Father and Mother   Lon and his family Came over in the afternoon   Brought me some Seed  Potatoes and got a little Leaming Seed Corn   Had a Heavy Rain Storm at night

Mon. May 27, 1895 - Plowed on the Buckwheat ground   Daniel Brought down an old Fanning Mill and traded for my old R. R. Monroe Cutter

Tuesday 28 - Plowed on the buckwheat ground

Wed. May 29, 1895 - Plowed on the buckwheat ground went to Elk Run to get the mare Shod  Oliver Ide gone to Mansfield  went on over to Roseville and got the shoeing done

Thursday 30 - Planted over the Corn some had been pulled by crows some had rotted   Plowed on the buckwheat ground

Fri. May 31, 1895 - Finished planting Potatoes and Planted a little more Corn a piece that was left for potatoes  and Went to Mansfield after a side hill Plow Point and some Feed   Warm and dry

Saturday, June 1, 1895 - Plowed on the Buckwheat ground   Daniel Commenced Planting Beans on Shares   Went over to Oliver Ides with my Platform Wagon to have the tire set and lieft it over there. Sarah Jane went over to Alvy Grays

Sun. June 2, 1895 - Went over to John Styres after Cora to help Mother a few days but they had gone to Church thinking there was Preaching but as it was quarterly Meeting on the State Road they came on over and brought the girl along

Monday 3 - Dragged and Marked another Piece of Bean ground for Daniel and Plowed on the Buckwheat ground  Daniel Planted Beans   Hot and dry

Tues. June 4, 1895 - Plowed on the Buckwheat ground   Daniel FInished Planting Beans and Planted a few Potatoes  Father Furnished him the seed

Wednesday 5 - Went to Roseville after a Bag Meal and Sack flour. flour 1.10 per sack Meal 1.30 per C  sold 1 tub butter 18-14  Plowed on the Buckwheat ground   Daniel Finished Planting Potatoes   Rained at night
 Thursday, June 6, 1895 - Went up to John Halls after a jag hay   found John gone to troy and no Hay to Spare  Came back empty. Mowed grass for the Horses   Plowed on the buckwheat ground   Cool and Cloudy

Friday 7 - Plowed on the Buckwheat ground   Cool and Clear

Sat. June  8, 1895 - Plowed on the B wheat ground   Went over to Oliver Ides after my democrat   Had the Tires set $7.50   and Hung rhe springs under the axle 1.50 carried him 2 gals syrup = 1.50

Sunday 9 - Went over to S.S. and Preaching  Father, Mother and Cora went over Home   went up to Orange Ashleys in the evening to see about getting a little Hay for the Horses

Mon. June 10, 1895 - Went up to Orange Ashleys after some Hay  got Seven Hundred and seventy Pounds at 8 Dollars Per Ton   Plowed in the Buckwheat ground

Tuesday 11 - Plowed on the Buckwheat ground   Father went over to Johns  walked over  going to stay over night

Wed. June 12, 1895 - Plowed on the Buckwheat ground   Had a light sprinkle Rain

Thursday 13 - Plowed on the Buckwheat ground

Fri. June 14, 1895 - Plowed on the Buckwheat ground   finished Plowing the Buckwheat ground and Commenced Cultivating the Corn and Potatoes   got a sick Horse   Jim going to have the heaves i guess

Saturday 15 - Cultivated Corn the Fan Mare about Played out Could not do much

Sun. June 16, 1895 - Went down to the Cheese Factory to see them make Cheese

Monday 17- Cultivated Corn in the Forenoon and went down to Roseville to see a Horse doctor to get medicine fot the Horses. Had their Mouths Floated and got a little medicine tor Fan,   got the quinsy

Tues. June 18, 1895 - Went over to Griffin Bailey to see about getting seed Buckwheat   but did not get any

Wednesday 19 - went over to Roswell Ripleys to get some seed Buckwheat of warren Rumsey. had to go over to jule Rumseys Place by Harmon Scoutens After it got 20 bushels at 70 cts Per bu = $14.00  Hot and Dry Roads very dusty

Thursday, June 20, 1895 - Finished Cultivating Corn and Beans and Commenced Dragging Buckwheat ground   Had a Sprinkle of Rain at 5 o’clock
 Friday 21 - A rainy Day   Repaired the Old Horse Hay Rake. Put in a new Tongue  Took the brake off the Democrat Wagon

Sat. June 22, 1895 - Dragged on the Buckwheat ground

Sunday 23 - Went with Father Mother and Millard over to S.S. and Meeting

Mon. June 24, 1895 - Dragged on the Buckwheat ground  Dry and Warm

Tuesday 25 - Dragged on the buckwheat ground

Wed. June 26, 1895 - Dragged on the Buckwheat ground Had a shower of Rain at 5 0’clock

Thursday 27 -Went up to Lishers and got his old Seeder to sow the buckwheat with. but it Rained so that i could not Sow   Rosina Smith and Liza Reynolds Came on a Visit

Fri. June 28, 1895 - Sowed Buckwheat with the seeder and Dragged it over again.

Saturday 29 - Sowed with the Seeder and Dragged with the Drag   Tan Mare taken sick  Had to quit at 5 o’clock

Sun. June 30, 1895 - Stayed Home all day

Monday, July 1 - Worked in the Buckwheat  Sowed and Dragged What i Could. Tan sick  Could not do much.

Tues. July 2, 1895 - Sowed and Dragged Buckwheat   Had Merritt Smiths Mare to work  Paid him 50 cts  could not do much with her

Wednesday 3 - Finished Seeding the big field  B wheat and then went to Roseville to S. K. Longwells Funeral  Father and Mother Went along

Thurs. July 4, 1895 - Went with Father and Mother over to a Picnic in the Nelson Tiers Grove   Dragged a Little while in the Buckwheat at Night

Friday 5 - Finished Dragging the Large Part of the B-wheat ground   took the Seeder home and Went down to Roseville to Burr Sopers and got the new McCormick Mower that i had Signed for  brought it in a wagon  had to Load it Alone

Sat. July 6, 1895 - Went to Mansfield after some feed for the Horses   Mother went over to see Aunt Celia VanNess found her a little better but not much hope of Recovering    Mowed a Little at NIght

Sunday 7 - Stayed at Home   Matilda Came down and Wrote a Letter to Uncle Georges folks to Missouri. John and Jennie and Roy came and got a few bee hives   Raked the Hay

Mon. July 8, 1895 - Mowed Grass for Daniel   Hauled in my Hay   Daniel helping   Mowed Grass again   Had a Rain at Night

Tuesday 9 - Sowed the Piece next the Woods to B-wheat and Dragged it in and Raked and Mowed for Daniel

Wed. July 10, 1895 - Went to Oliver Ides and got my Horses Shod  New Shoes all around  Charge $2.00 had it charged   Mowed Grass for Daniel in the afternoon
 Thursday 11 - Mowed Grass for Daniel and Raked Hay

Fri. July 12, 1895 - Hauled Hay for Daniel. Finished Mowing   mowed the Orchard  built a Stack.

Saturday 13 - Raked and Hauled Hay for Daniel

Sun. July 14, 1895 - Went with Father and Mother over to Mansfield to see Aunt Celia VanNess found her about the same.

Monday 15 - Mowed a small Piece above the Road then went up to Daniels at 9 o’clock and Finished his Haying built another Stack and Raked after   finished his all up. he to help me on the Morrow
Tues. July 16, 1895 - Mowed andother Land above the Road and Raked a little then it Rained a Little Mowed a little more then Raked and Started to draw it but it Rained again  Had to quit haying  Hunted potato bugs

Wednesday 17 - Fixed the Horse Rake a little and the Brush fence on the line whre the bull got Through into lishers Field and Stirred the Hay out and Raked the Rest  Hauled a Part and Mowed a Spell at night   Daniel Helped

Thurs. July 18, 1895 - Mowed the side Hill above the Orchard and a Part of the top Hill and Hauled a Couple of Loads   Daniel Helping

Friday 19 - Mowed on the top of the HIll and Hauled Some   Daniel Helping

Sat. July 20, 1895 - Raked the top Hill and Hauled it in Raked after and Mowed a Little cleaned up  Daniel Helping

Sunday 21 - Went down to Roseville to Meeting  Mrs. Watsons Grove Salvation Army from Elmira Conducted it Had a Large Crowd of People   Rained Long and Hard  Broke up the Meeting

Mon. July 22, 1895 - Finished Mowing the top Hill and Mowed a little below Orchard Raked and bunched a little on the HIll   Daniel Helping

Tuesday 23 - Mowed a Part of the Orchard and Raked over the Hill and Hauled it in   Daniel Helping

Wed. July 24, 1895 - Finished Mowing Orchard and Hauled in the Hay

Thursday 25 - Mowed the field below the Road above sap bush   Raked some   Daniel tumbled it up Ready Pitch  Raked off the Orchard

Fri. July 26, 1895 - Hauled in the Hay from the field next the bush and Raked after and Finished all up haying   Daniel helping

Saturday 27 - A Rainy Day Made a Poke for the yearling Bull and turned him out and went up to Lishers with Daniel to tear down the Old Barn that he had bought   Rained us off before finishing

Sun. July 28, 1895 - Went over to S. S. and Preaching at Elk Run

Monday 29 - Cultivated the late potatoes and Hoed a Part of them   Daniel Hoed on his potatoes

Tues. July 30, 1895 - A Rainy day  Mowed briars along the fence
 Wednesday 31 - Went to Mansfield   Matilda went along  got a new Cradle to cut the oats with and some more feed for the Horses  Went up and Hauled an Old Barn for Daniel from Lishers

Thurs. Aug. 1, 1895 - Worked on the Road. went down to Roseville after a Small Scraper but did not find any had to go over to Lons after his

Friday 2 - Worked on the Road. Lisher and Daniel working with me  worked down above the corners  Hard and dry  hard time to plow
Sat. Aug. 3, 1895 - Worked on the Road   Lisher and Daniel working   Lisher Plowing and i Scraped

Sunday 4 - went over to E.R. to S.S. and Preaching

Mon. Aug. 5, 1895 - Cradled Oats in the Barn Lot   Daniel Helping me   Alfred Hammond brought Ross over

Tuesday 6 - Cradled oats for Daniel  it Rained Hard in the Afternoon Just as we finished the Piece and Rained again in the Evening

Wed. Aug. 7, 1895 - Finished Working the Road Tax   Daniel Working in the forenoon  Sally R. and Louise Hanyen came and Will stopped for dinner  they went on down to Mary Janes after dinner

Thursday 8 - Went to Mansfield to  the County S. S. Picnic  Father Mother and Ross went along  Carried a bag of Rye to Mill for Daniel   Had a Large Crowd and a very nice day

Fri. Aug. 9, 1895 - Raked and Hauled a Part of the Oats   Daniel helping  Had a Shower in the night

Saturday 10 - Finished Hauling the Oats   Daniel Helping

Sun. Aug. 11, 1895 - Went to S. S. and Class Meeting   Jonathan Leiby Leading

Monday 12 - Went with Ross and Father over to John S  they both stayed   Effie came Home with me

Tues. Aug. 13, 1895 - Hauled Daniels Oats for him

Wednesday 14 - Went up on the Mountain black berrying  Effie  Matilda and Daniel went along  did not find many berries   Called at Burr Woods

THurs. Aug 15, 1895 - Worked on the dug Road with Plow and Scraper

Friday 16 - Finished Fixing the dugway Road and hauled some gravel on the Creek Crossing   Put up a Swing in the Balsam trees

Sat. Aug. 17, 1895 - Fixed brush fence between the Sugar bush and Joe McConnells woods   Had a Gathering Home   Jennie, Matilda and their Children came and Lons Children   Lon came a Little while

Sunday 18 - Went over to S. S. and Preaching at E. R.   Father Mother and Effie and Ross went along

Mon. Aug. 19, 1895 - Went with Ross up to Albert Boughtons  Father Mother and Hattie Nash went along   Planted some Flowers on Franks Grave  and Stayed to Boughtons to Dinner

Tuesday 20 - Commenced Digging on a Hatchway to the Cellar
 Wed. Aug. 21, 1895 - Dug on the Hatchway and went over to Leons to see about getting stone For Steps

Thursday 22 - Went over and got the steps and finished digging

Fri. Aug. 23, 1895 - Went to Mansfield after some Lime   Sold a tub Butter at 16 cts    Mother went along to See aunt Celia

Saturday 24 - Hauled some Stone for the Hatchway

Sun. Aug. 25, 1895 - Went with Father Mother and Effie over to S.S. and Preaching at E. R.   Elder King Preaching

Monday 26 - Started the Hatchway wall  Set the door frame  went after Ira Smith to Lay some of the wall

Tues. Aug. 27., 1895 - Went down to the Creek on the Longwell flat and got some Loam for Mortar and helped Ira Lay Wall

Wednesday 28 - Fixed brush fence on the line next to lisher   Mother had a birthday Gathering. Orwell Lovelace and wife and 2 girls  Henry VanNess and wife Kate VanKeuren and Thu  Nettie Richmond  Mary Jane B   John Styres and family  Lon and his folks  John VanNess and Wife Lisher and family  Will Reynolds and family  Lija Reynolds  Horace Reynolds

Thurs. Aug. 29, 1895 - Helped Lisher thresh  Threshed 68 bushels Barley and 114 bushels Rye

Friday 30 - Helped Lisher Finish Threshed wheat had 102 Bushels  Helped will

Sat. Aug. 31, 1895 - Sick with Bowel trouble  Lay in bed nearly all day

Sunday Sept. 1 - Stayed at Home

Mon. Sept. 2, 1895 - Went up to Lishers Stone quarry and Got some Stone for steps and wall to the Hatchway

Tuesday 3 - Beardslees Cows Lay in my Buckwheat and Corn all night   Worked at the Hatchway

Wed. Sept. 4, 1895 - Worked on the Hatchway

Thursday 5 - Cut some Sowed Corn for the Cows  Beardslees Prized the Damage at $10.00   Commenced Cutting the field Corn

Fri. Sept. 6, 1895 - Hauled Rails to Fix Beardslees Part of the Line fence and Commenced Repairing it

Saturday 7 - Worked on the fence all day and til 8 o’clock at night

Sun. Sept 8, 1895 - Went to Church and S. S.  Father and Mother going also

Monday 9 - Commenced Cutting Buckwheat   Daniel Helping a while in the afternoon  Had a heavy Shower towards night Stopping work

Tues. Sept. 10, 1895 - Worked at the Buckwheat

Wednesday 11 - Worked at the Buckwheat
 Thurs. Sept. 12, 1895 - Worked at the Buckwheat

Friday 13 - Worked at the Buckwheat  Will Reynolds Reaped the Lower Part with his Reaper

Sat. Sept. 14, 1895 - Worked at the Buckwheat  Had a Heavy Frost at Night

Sunday 15 - Went with Father and Mother over to S. S. and Preaching

Mon. Sept. 16, 1895 - Worked at the Buckwheat  Had Daniel to Help   Rained the Most Part of the Afternoon

Tuesday 17 - Worked at the Buckwheat  Daniel Helping

Wed. Sept. 18, 1895 - Worked at the Buckwheat  Daniel Helping

Thursday 19 - Worked at the Buckwheat

Fri. Sept 20, 1895 - Set up B-wheat   Hauled in a Load of fodder Corn  Went to the Black Smiths to get the horses Shod  had their shoes all Reset  Charged

Saturday 21 - Sat up Buckwheat after the Reaper finished that Part  Daniel Helping  Father Had a Birthday Party  Morris and Warren and Tristam Hiram Wilson and Mrs. Ira Smith the John Styres Alonzo and Matilda

Sun. Sept 22, 1895 - Went over to S. S. and Preaching   Father and Mother and Matilda Went

Monday 23 - Raked Buckwheat and Cut Corn  Daniel Pulled a few Beans

Tues. Sept. 24, 1895 - Raked Buckwheat while the dew was on and then Cut Corn  Daniel Pulled some more Beans and hauled in a jag

Wednesday 25 - Cutting Corn

Thurs. Sept 26, 1895 - finished Raking Buckwheat

Friday 27 - Went to the Fair  Father and Mother and Matilda and Hattie went along

Sat. Sept. 28, 1895 - Cut some Sowed Corn and helped Daniel haul in the Rest of the beans

Sunday 29 - Went to S. S. and Preaching  Father and Mother went over  Till walked over and then Rode back

Mon. Sept. 30, 1895 - Cut Sowed Corn   Gathered the beans through the corn

Tuesday, Oct. 1 - Finished Cutting Sowed Corn  Commenced Hauling Buckwheat

Wed. Oct. 2, 1895 - Hauled B-wheat

Thursday 3 - Hauled Buckwheat   Daniel Helping

Fri. Oct. 4, 1895 - Hauled Buckwheat   Samuel Helping

 Saturday 5 - Finished hauling Buckwheat   Hellped Daniel Dig and Haul his Potatoes   Had 14 bushels 7 back

Sun. Oct 6, 1895 - Stayed Home   Nora and Cora Styres down from Lishers  a litle while in the Evening

Monday 7 - Commenced Digging Potatoes   dug the Rural New Yorkers and Some of the others

Tues. Oct. 8, 1895 - Dug Potatoes

Wednesday 9 - Dug Potatoes Matilda and the Griswolds went over to Lons  Had my team

Thurs. Oct. 10, 1895 - Finished Digging Potatoes  and Gathered Apples

Friday 11 - Went down to Roseville with Father and Mother went to Washington Reynolds on a Visit and get Shoemaking done

Sat. Oct. 12, 1895 - Sat up the Sowed Corn

Sunday 13 - Went over to Hear the New Minister. Elder Hyde  Father Mother Matilda and Hattie went along

Mon. Oct. 14, 1895 - Commenced Plowing on the hill for Rye on the buckwheat stubble

Tuesday 15 - Plowed for Rye and Hauled a Load of Corn in the barn to Husk

Wed. Oct. 16, 1895 - Plowed on the Hill for Rye

Thursday 17 - Finished Plowing for Rye

Fri. Oct. 18, 1895 - Dragged down the Rye ground and Went down to Beardslees after Seed Rye. got 10 Bushels for damage by cattle on Buckwheat and Corn  and Sowed the Piece to Rye

Saturday 19, 1895 - Dragged in the Rye  and went down to Jerome Bryants to see about getting Threshers

Sun. Oct. 20, 1895 - Went over to E. R. to S. S. there was no Preaching  the Elder had no Furniture to Keep House with

Monday 21 - Went to Mansfield to Mill   had a Bag Corn and a Bushel Rye ground   Buckwheat Selling at 85 cts for 50 lbs.

Tues. Oct. 22, 1895 - Hauled a Load of wood and cleaned out the Granary for threshers

Wednesday 23 - Went down to Orange Ashleys to see Mark Smiths Machine would not Thresh less than 8 cts  B-wheat   Went up to S. Squires to see John Frost and All Walker. they to come down to Will Reynolds and to my Barn at night. Came at Dark
Thurs. Oct. 24, 1895 - Thrreshed Buckwheat had Lisher  Millard  Leon Durfee  and Daniel  not help enough   did not finish
 Friday 25 - Finished Threshing  Had 94 Bags Oats  124 Bags Buckwheat   Hauled their thresher and tank down to George Smiths  Jr. for them. Cleaned up the floor and Pitched in Straw  had Daniel to help

Sat. Oct. 26, 1895 - Finished Pitching in the straw. had Daniel Settled with him owing me 50 cents  Hauled in the Rest of the Ear Corn

Sunday 27 - Went over to S. S. and Preaching Till and Millard with Mother and myself

Mon. Oct. 28, 1895 - Worked on the Cellar Doors

Tuesday 29 - Worked on the Doors

Wed. Oct. 30, 1895 - Hauled corn and Sowed Corn

Thursday 31 - Went down to Beardslees and got some Corn on the damage by  his Cows   hauled a Load of manure on the Rye  hauled a Load of stone  Rained in the afternoon and all night   Husked Corn in the Barn

Monday, Nov. 11, 1895 - Hauled Stone

Tuesday 12 - Hauled Stone off the Buckwheat Ground and Went over to Hec. Thomas to see the Hay Pressers

Wed. Nov. 13, 1895 - Plowed in the forenoon on the Hill above the Rye  Husked Corn after

Thursday 14 - Finished Husking the Corn and Cribbed it and Cleared the Floor   Jim Burton Came at night with his Hay Press with Cleveland and Baker his helpers

Fri. Nov. 15, 1895 - Pressed the Hay had 6 Tons  840 Pounds  Finished a Little after Dinner   Daniel Helping

Saturday 16 - Hauled a Load of the Hay to Mansfield  Thu VanNess and Family came on a visit

Sun. Nov. 17,1895 - Went to S. S. and Preaching   Mother and Sarah Jane Reynolds went  Sarah Jane as far as Alva Grays

Sunday 24 - Went over to S. S. and Preaching  Mother went along

Mon. Nov. 25, 1897 - finished Plowing the top of the Hill next the Rye

Tuesday 26 - Plowed  Had a Heavy Shower  got wet

Wed, Nov. 27, 1895 - Plowed on the corn stubble

Thursday 28 - Plowed on the Corn stubble  the ground frozen a little but soon thawed

Sat. Dec. 21, 1895 - tryed to Plow ground Frozen  Split Wood at the door

Sunday 22 - Went over to S. S. and Preaching  Had a Heavy Fall of Rain at night

Mon. Dec. 23, 1895 - Plowed all day  Rather Wet   had to Plow Narrow Lands

 Tuesday 24 - Plowed all day

Wed. Dec. 25, 1895 - Repaired the Dugway  Road going to the Sugar Bush   Plowed on the Buckwheat stubble

Thursday 26 - Plowed untill about 4 o’clock  it began to Rain and Rained a long time

Fri. Dec. 27, 1895 - Pumped the Barn Well Dry and chored around the Barn  Paid John Frost $5.00 on Thresh Bill

Saturday 28 - Hauled Some Lumber from the Woods to Build a Shed for the Hens

Sun. Dec. 29, 1895 - Lons folks came over and Matildas came down to go to Church but did not go

Monday 30 -  Went with Mother to Mansfield   Paid the first Mowing Machine Note of 25.00   It began Raining about 11 o’clock and Rained the Rest of the day Raining at 9 o’clock

Tues. Dec. 31, 1895 - Built a Shed for the hens  Cut some stalks for the cows


Saturday Feb 2 Settled with O. A. Smith found him owing me in full $232.10
Old Note given Mar 16, 1891 $118.83 with interest up to the Present $147.15
Summer Work 8 Months at $13.00 Per Month $105.45 Plus 147.16 the old note

= $252.60 minus $20.50 = $232.10 Full amount

Got the Pails 2 hundred of them from P. V. VanNess Place  The Pails to be Ten Dollars a Hundred. Feb. 20

Wednesday Feb. 6  Bought a Cow of O. A. Smith for 25 Dollars the one that he called Henry

Thursday Feb. 21 got a Horse Rake and Cultivator to Apply on his note
Daniel Reynolds his note of $14.00 and interest

Feb. 21 got my new Wagon box from Wills

Friday Mar. 1 Bought of W. H. Reynolds 2 yearlings 1 a Hiefer the other a Bull and His Hay Rack allowing Him 20 Dollars on His note

Wednesday March 6  Gave my bnote to J. W. Styres for $22.50 for a Horse the Mare Called Fan

Wednesday Mar 14  Gave my Note to John Benson for Fifty Dollars on one years time

Tuesday Mar. 20  Bid of E. L. Nash Democrat Cutter for $ 6.00 at his Sheriff Sale

Thursday mar 21 Gave my note to P. V. Van Ness for Thirty Dollars on One year time

 April 18  Bought of Daniel his Side Hill Plow for $2.00

May 15 owing to G. L. Strait for a wringer barbed wire and seed Corn $5.35  Paid

Grain Crop  1897
Oats  Bags 166  x 2  Bushels 332
Buckwheat Bags 12 1/2 x 2   Bushels 25

Jan 10 1896
Sold Doctor Nye 20 1/2 Pounds of Pork Ham and 16 1/2 Pounds Suasage Meat

friday Mar 26, 1897 - Bought a Grain Drill a the Steve Horton Sale $24.50 a Grain Cradle .75 cts. Gave my Note for $25.00 on Nine Months time

Sat March 25 1899  Bought of J. W. Styres  His old 2 Horse Tread Power for ten Dollars

April 14  Bought of Reese and Farrer Bros 1 Set of Small Scales for 3 Dollars

Sat May 13, 1899  Bought on trial 1 Hunts Ventilated Cream Seperator

Aug. 24, 99  gave my note 175.00 to C. J. Beach on one years time for a DeLaval Cream Seperator

Sept 16 Paid 35.00 on Seperator to C. J. Beaches wife and took her Receipt for same

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