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1937 Eugene Crippen of Rutland
Diary of Eugene Crippen
Township: Rutland Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1937
Transcribed by Creig Crippen
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Photo of Eugene Crippen in 1912 sent in by Creig Crippen
Eugene M. Crippen lived 1880 to 1967, 
son of Ada Ann Redfield and Osmer Crippen of Rutland.
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In 1937, 57 year old Eugenie Crippen was living in Roseville with his children and in regular contact with relatives and neighbors. It was the midst of the Depression and Eugene was caretaker at Watson Cemetery and worked at various odd jobs in the community. His narration covers a large number of grave diggings and funerals as well as interesting coverage of events both nationally and in the immediate community. This is an excellent window into the workings and social events of the village of Roseville during the depression.

 Jan 1st Fri.- A beautiful AM,cloudy PM. We put up a building for toilet and     small tools.Creig,Osmer,Zelma,Orey and I home.Vivian in Elmira.

Jan.2nd Sat.- Snowed most all AM.Creig and I shingled one side of buildingwe built yesterday,working in the storm.Late in PM we finished shingling.Osmer worked for Archie Benson.Warmer and rainy in evening.

Jan.3rd Sun.- Warmer,windy,snow all gone.Zelma went to AM.In PM Creig,Osmer and I went for a hike across the fields and up to the Old Mill Pond.Creig's last day home.

Jan.4th Mon.- Cold and windy.Worked on building a little,but cold.Creig went to Mansfield with Roy James.There he met his Uncle Orey and they went to Harrisburg to see about the position.Left Mansfield 7:30 AM.

Jan.5th Tue.- Windy but warmer.Washed and did house work.Osmer,Zelma and Orey all in school.Their school began again yesterday after the holiday.

Jan.6th Wed.- Cold.Beautiful AM,cloudy,cold PM.Went down town in morning and stayed till the mail came at 11:00 AM.Got a letter from Creig.He has a position in Harrisburg.Pa. In PM worked on building.

Jan.7th Thu.- Warmer.Rain in evening.Washed and ironed then worked on wallin front of house. Wrote to Creig in evening.Zelma and Orey W.went to bible study.Osmer studied.

Jan.8th Fri.- Warm,springlike day.Worked on retaining wall in front of house to keep road from sliding onto lawn.School meeting at William Sweeley's in evening.

Jan.9th Sat.- Warm,rainy.Like April.Osmer and I worked on wall till mid PM.Then got and set out two small elm trees in front of house.

Jan.10th Sun.- Colder,ground covered with snow.Zelma and Orey W.went to S.S.

Jan.11th Mon.- Cold day.Worked in house all day.Patching most of time.

Jan.12th Tue.- Still cold but warmer in PM.Washed and worked about the house all day.Had a letter from Creig.He has a position as messengerin the State Dept.of Labor and Industry at $25.00 per week.

Jan.13th Wed.- Warmer.Cut a little brush,back of barn.Worked on wall,ironed etc.Mostly lonesome,wondering how Creig is getting along.

Jan.14th Thu.- Snow all gone,rainy.Finished inside of "little house".Put in door,double floor etc.In Evening children all went to Young People's meeting.I wrote to Creig and Florence.

Jan.15th Fri.- Rainy.Worked in house in AM.In PM worked on a walk by the barn.

Jan.16th Sat.- Cold and snowy.Osmer and I cut wood in AM.In PM worked on wall.Orey W,went up to Stevens' to spend weekend.Osmer,Zelma and I went to a shower for Alton Crippen who was married to Lois Palmer on Dec.27 1936.

Jan.17th Sun.- Cold AM.Warmer and rained in PM.Zelma went to S.S. in morning.In PM Rev.Knight called for a few minutes.

Jan.18th Mon.- Warm,washed.Orey W.came home in morning.

Jan.19th Tue.- Still warm,cloudy.Ironed and worked on wall.

Jan.20th Wed.- Snowed and wind blew all day.Did up work,little else,wrote letters.

Jan.21st Thu.- Rained most of last night and this AM.Cloudy,thawing.Vivian and Miss Shults called about noon.Vivian going Fri.morning(tomorrow),to Berkely Springs, become the pastor of the Pilgrim of Holiness church.In evening children went to bible study.

Jan.22nd Fri.- Rained a little all day,turning to snow in evening. Bad floods in many parts of the country. Worked on a cupboard.

Jan.23rd Sat.- Cold.About 2 inches of snow on the ground.Cloudy AM,pleasant P.M.Floods in many parts of the country.Tinkered on work shop.

Jan.24th Sun.- Cold,cloudy AM.Children all went to church and S.S.

Jan.25th Mon.- Warm.Partly pleasant.Washed.Went down town in early AM.Worked on wall in late PM.

Jan.26th Tue.- Colder.Did house work.Cut a little wood.Worked on wall a little.Did chores for John Benson at night.

Jan.27th Wed.- Cold,little snow.Ironed then worked on wall.Got card telling of Clive Bohn's death.

Jan.28th Thu.- Cold but pleasant.Worked on wall a little.Went to Aid Dinner. Children to bible study in evening.

Jan.29th Fri.- Beautiful day.Washed,worked on wall.Did chores for John Benson at night.

Jan.30th Sat.- Cloudy.Worked on wall.

Jan.31st Sun.- Cloudy.Little colder,damp.

Feb.1st Mon.- Colder,partly clear.Did little.About sick with headache.

Feb.2nd Tue.- Cold and windy.A little snow on the ground.Partly pleasant.

Feb.3rd Wed.- Beautiful day,but cold.Worked in house in AM.Cut wood in PM.

Feb.4th Thu.- Cloudy,cold.Worked on grave for Mrs.Fred Gee.Lee VanNocken helped me
Feb.5th Fri.- Warmer,cloudy.Gee funeral.

Feb.6th Sat.- Cold,windy.Helped Lee VanNocken install oil burners in a  cookstove in AM.In PM Osmer,Orey W.and I cut wood.

Feb.7th Sun.- Warmer,fine day.At home all day.In evening Zelma went to Elmira with Lester Jenkins.We didn't go to church on account of the mumps about town.

Feb.8th Mon.Cloudy,rainy,icy.Went down town in AM to see about school meeting.Worked in house in PM.Went to school board meeting at Luther Benson's in evening.

Feb.9th Tue.- Warmer,rained most of day.Ironed and in late PM worked on foundation for brooder house.Letters from Creig and Vivian.

Feb.10th Wed.- Rained a little,cold.Worked on foundation a little.Finished ironing.

Feb.11th Thu.- Cold and windy.Did house work,little else.Rev.Knight called  and stayed for supper.Children went to bible study in evening.

Feb.12th Fri.- Very high wind but warmer.Finished brooder house foundation and put on sills.Worked a little on retaining wall.

Feb.13th Sat.- A beautiful,warm springlike day.Neal Rouse gave us some old planks and trash from a barn he is repairing,to use for wood,if I would come help haul it. Of course I went,got four wagon loads.In PM washed. The boys,Osmer and Orey cut wood on the hill in AM. Zelma was sick abed all day.

Feb.14th Sun.-Colder,windy,little snow in the air in PM.Zelma better.Orey W.went to S.S.

Feb.15th Mon.- Cold,snowy,blustry,but little snow.Ironed and in late PM  began work on grave for Mrs.Gott. Zelma home but feeling better.

Feb.16th Tue.- Cloudy,cold.Worked on grave all day.Zelma back in school.

Feb.17th Wed.- A beautiful day,warm.Gott funeral.

Feb.18th Thu.- Cloudy but not very cold.Snow all gone.Sick all day.Did nothing.In bed in PM.The children went to bible study in evening.

Feb.19th Fri.- Beautiful day.One of the warmest,most pleasant days I ever saw in Feb.Washed and worked on wall.In evening Osmer went to Mansfield  and met Creig who came home for weekend.They got home about 11:30 and we had lunch and visited till after 3 AM.

Feb.20th Sat.- Cloudy,not cold.Up late.Visited and worked on wall. Took down and burned old toilet. [Note from JMT: For those of you too young to recognize this, he was burning the old "outhouse".]

Feb.21st Sun.- Warm,cloudy day,windy,rained.Hard thunder and lightening storm turning to snow.Creig,Osmer and I went to church in AM.In PM Creig and I went down to John Wilcox's.I got haircut.In evening Creig and Osmer went up to Alton's.

Feb.22nd Mon.- About 6 inches of snow,cold.Creig and I home,children in school.Had a good visit with Creig. Am so glad to have him home,if only for a few days. My children are all good children but I came to depend on Creig. He seemed always to know a way around any common trouble that came up. In that he was much older than his years. In evening Creig and Osmer went down to Wilcox's(their mother's)for supper.

Feb.23rd Tue.- Cold,zero morning.Creig started back to Harrisburg. Going with the mail to Columbia X roads,where he took the train for Harrisburg,150 miles to the south. Left Roseville at 8:50 AM,a lonesome day.Little did I think,30 and 35 years ago when I took the train from C.X.R. that I would have a son doing the same in 1937. And Creig is so young to be out in the big man's world alone,he is only 18. Children all in school.

Feb.24th Wed.- Cold,cloudy,snowed in evening.Cut a little wood,worked in house.

Feb.25th Thu.- Cold,cloudy,windy.Mailed order for nursery stuff. Did but  little.In evening Osmer and Zelma went to bible study class.Orey W. went riding down hill.

Feb.26th Fri.- Cold,snowed a little.Worked in house and read all day.

Feb.27th Sat.- Cloudy till late PM,cold all day.Worked cleaning up the store room.Osmer fixed bob sleds for riding down hill.

Feb.28th Sun.- Zero morning,beautiful day.Zelma and Orey W.went to S.S. I stayed home and wrote letters.

Mar.1st Mon.- 4 below this morning.A beautiful day but cold wind.I washed most of day and about froze my hands putting out clothes. Orey E.called about 11.Stayed for lunch,we had a good visit.

Mar.2nd Tue.- Cloudy,cold.Ironed all day.

Mar.3rd Wed.- Warmer.A beautiful day,snow still on.Washed bed blankets, mopped and worked about house all day.

Mar.4th Thu.- Cold wind.Rained in late PM.Butchered our pig in AM.Irwin Austin helped.

Mar.5th Fri.- Colder,snowed a little.Made sausage and canned meat.

Mar.6th Sat.- Cold and snowy.Finished taking care of the meat.

Mar.7th Sun.- Beautiful day.Wrote letters.Zelma went to S.S.

Mar.8th Mon.- Warmer,cloudy.Went to Mansfield in AM with John Benson.Cemetery meeting this evening.Only a few out,no business.

Mar.9th Tue.- Cold.Worked about house and read.

Mar.10th Wed.- Cold.Zero morning.Worked about house.Went down to Jack Woodworth's in evening on school business.

Mar.11th Thu.- Warmer,partly pleasant.Cut wood and brush on Rouse's  hill. Went to see Sweeley in evening on school business. Children went to  bible study class.

Mar.12th Fri.- Fine day.Cold wind.Finished cutting brush then worked on  brooder house.

Mar.13th Sat.- Cloudy,cold.Washed,ironed.

Mar.14th Sun.- Cloudy,snowed a little.At home all day.Osmer went for a ride  with one of his Mansfield friends.Zelma and Orey W.went to S.S.

Mar.15th Mon.- About 4 inches snow on the ground in morning and snowed slowly all day.Could do nothing except house work,and little of that.

Mar.16th Tue.- Snowed and wind blew all day. A regular blizzard.Hill roads full.Snow plows run night and day,hard work to keep main roads open. Children all in school.

Mar.17th Wed.- Another snowy,windy day.Children all in school.

Mar.18th Thu.- Cold,snowy morning,but cleared up in PM and wind went down some.In evening children went to bible study class.

Mar.19th Fri.- Warmer.Sick all day.Didn't get up till children home from school.

Mar.20th Sat.- Snowed a little in morning.Washed and ironed,Zelma helped. In PM Osmer and I worked on wall a little.Saw first of season's flocks of wild geese going north.

Mar.21st Sun.- Cold,windy.Children all went to church.I was about sick all day.Orey W.went up to Stevens' in PM.

Mar.22nd Mon.- Pleasant part of day.Cold wind.Worked in house.

Mar.23rd Tue.- Pleasant,cold.Worked in PM. Florence came.

Mar.24th Wed.- Cold wind.Warmer in late PM.Creig came home in evening. Former Governor Staurt died.Funeral Thu.So Creig has Thu.and Good Fri. off,along with Sat.and Sun.will make him a nice long visit home.

Mar.25th Thu.- Warm,rainy morning.Soon turned cold.Visited with Creig.Osmer and Zelma home at noon.Home for Easter vacation.

Mar.26th Fri.- Cold,windy,spit snow.Regular

Mar.27th Sat.Weather about as yesterday,warmer in late PM.Zelma and I washed and ironed.Creig and Osmer went to Wilcox's for dinner.

Mar.28th Sun.- Easter Day.Cold and cloudy.Zelma and Orey went to S.S. Creig  started back for Harrisburg.Walked to Mansfield and took bus.Orey W. went for a walk.

Mar.29th Mon.- Pleasant.Cold wind.Went to Mansfield.Ordered some windows and stuff to fix house.

Mar.30th Tue.- Pleasant.Cold wind.Washed and ironed.Worked on buildings. Osmer and Zelma back in school.

Mar.31st Wed.- A beautiful day.Cold,light wind.Worked in cemetery in PM.

Apr.1st Thu.- Warmer.Beautiful day.Worked about home all day.Attended school board meeting at William Sweeley's in evening.

Apr.2nd Fri.- Cold wind.Worked in cemetery in PM,but some frost in ground yet.

Apr.3rd Sat.- Cold morning.A little snow and windy. Osmer and I did some digging for the foundation to a chicken house.

Apr.4th Sun.- Cold wind.Went to church with Zelma in morning.Wrote letters in PM.

Apr.5th Mon.- Cold,misty.Rained hard in night.Worked digging for chicken house foundation.

Apr.6th Tue.- Very windy.Warm AM.Colder in PM.Worked at home in AM.In PM  worked in cemetery.Took cemetery job for another year today.Osmer and  Zelma went to Mansfield in evening to Senior class play."Seven Keys to Baldpate".

Apr.7th Wed.- Cold,windy AM.Warmer,pleasant PM.Worked on foundation to chicken house.

Apr.8th Thu.- Cloudy,misty.Rained in evening.Spaded garden in AM.Worked in   cemetery in PM.Zelma went to bible study class in evening.Osmer sick with a cold.

Apr.9th Fri.- Snowed all day.Worked in house all day.Osmer better,went to school. Orey W.went down to Wilcox's in evening.

Apr.10th Sat.- Snow flurries.Washed.Worked about house all day.

Apr.11th Sun.- Snow flurries.Went to church and S.S. in AM.The Young People's Bible Study Class had charge of the morning service.Osmer and Zelma both had part.

Apr.12th Mon.- Warmer,cool wind.Ironed in AM.Worked in Cemetery in PM.

Apr.13th Tue.- Beautiful day. Worked in cemetery all day.Osmer and Orey W.  went down to Wilcox's after supper.

Apr.14th Wed.- Warm,cloudy.Thunder shower in late PM.Worked in cemetery  all day.

Apr.15th Thu.- Colder.Rainy.Worked about home in AM.In PM in cemetery.Rained in evening.In evening Osmer went up to Leon Reynolds' to eat warm

Apr.16th Fri.- Cold wind.Washed and spaded garden.Creig came home in evening.Orey W.went to a school party.

Apr.17th Sat.- Cloudy.Spaded garden and cut wood.Osmer went to Painted Post N.Y.with a member of his school class,William Baker,to see about a job after school is out in June. No luck.We had warm sugar in evening.

Apr.18th Sun.- Pleasant morning,cloudy PM.Warm spring day.Creig,Zelma,Orey W.and I went to church in morning.Zelma and Orey W.went with other young people to Alder Run and Jackson Summit for meetings at noon and in evening.Creig started back to Harrisburg about noon.Walked to Mansfield where he took the bus.Osmer went with him far as Mansfield.

Apr.19th Mon.- Pleasant,cool wind.Spaded garden all day.

Apr.20th Tue.- Pleasant,cold wind.Worked in cemetery all day.

Apr.21st Wed.- Rained all day.Cold northeastern storm.

Apr.22nd Thu.- Rained all day.Wind changed to west and southwest.Colder at night.

Apr.23rd Fri.- Cloudy.Rained a little.Worked for Armstrong in store and laying floor in store room.Zelma home cleaning house.

Apr.24th Sat.- Pleasant,cold wind.Osmer and I began work on grave for Morris StJames, an old man,88 years old.

Apr.25th Sun.- Cloudy,cold.Rained a little.Zelma and Orey W.went to church and S.S. I finished grave.Zelma went to see Emily Cook in PM.

Apr.26th Mon.- High,northest wind.Cold.StJames funeral 11 AM.

Apr.27th Tue.- Cold,cloudy.East and northeast winds steady now for a week. Worked a little about garden,putting out nursery stock etc.In evening Osmer went to practice a play some young people are giving soon.Orey W.  went down to Wilcox's.I worked on school budget in evening.

Apr.28th Wed.- Cold west wind,cloudy AM,rained nearly all PM. Worked a  little in cemetery in morning.Then went to Mansfield with Blaine Eltringham,a marble man,and home before noon.Spent most of PM visiting  in the store.

Apr.29th Thu.- Partly cloudy.Little warmer.Worked in cemetery in AM.Washed in PM.and set blackberry bushes.Orey W.had no school,went to Mansfield on bus.Zelma and Orey went to bible study in evening.

Apr.30th Fri.- Fine day.Worked in cemetery all day.Cow freshened at noon. A heifer calf. Last day of school for Orey W.He finished 7th grade,going into 8th in Sept.

May 1st Sat.- A beautiful day.Osmer and I both worked in cemetery in AM, then set apple trees in PM.

May 2nd Sun.- Beautiful day. Zelma and Orey W.went to S.S. We all went to church in evening.the church service having changed to evening.

May 3rd Mon.- And still another beautiful day.Worked in cemetery all day. Went to a meeting of the Roseville Boro School Board in evening at William Sweeley's.

May 4th Tue.- Fine AM,little cloudy in late PM.Worked in cemetery in AM. Set fruit trees in PM,Orey W.helped.

May 5th Wed.- Cloudy.Rained a little in PM and nearly all night.Orey W.and  I finished setting trees in AM. In PM worked in cemetery.Orey E.called in late PM.

May 6th Thu.- Cloudy.Everything soaked.John Benson and his hired man,Charley Austin,came over and we built line fence.I set strawberry plants after supper.Chikdren all went to bible study class in evening.

May.7th Fri.- Pleasant till evening,then thunder storm.Built fence in AM.Worked in cemetery in PM.The Young People's Bible class entertained theAlder Run young people in evening.The children all went.

May 8th Sat.- Fine day.Osmer and I worked in cemetery all day.

May 9th Sun.- Windy,pleasant.Worked about house most all day.

May 10th Mon.- Cold and windy.Worked in cemetery in AM.In PM Wallace Porter came with Jerome Benson's team and plowed for us.

May 11th Tue.- Warmer.Pleasant.Porter finished the plowing up by the house.  I worked in cemetery all day.

May 12th Wed.- Very good day,only a little windy.Worked in cemetery. The Mansfield bus  broke down,children went in cars.Rained in evening.

May 13th Thu.- Cloudy.Warm AM.Rained all PM and evening.Washed in AM.Ironed last week's wash in PM. Zelma and Orey W.went to bible study class in  evening.

May 14th Fri.- Rained all day.Zelma at home with a cold.Worked about the house in AM.In PM worked in cemetery.

May 15th Sat.- Rainy AM.In PM Osmer and I worked in cemetery.

May 16th Sun.- Pleasant but cold wind.Florence came about 8:30 AM.and spent the day.Zelma and Orey W.went to the AM. Zelma went for a ride in PM.

May 17th Mon.- Cold and windy.Worked in cemetery all day.

May 18th Tue.- Windy.Worked in cemetery.

May 19th Wed.- Rained in morning.Windy in PM.Began work on Fred Metcalf grave.Charles Austin helped.

May 20th Thu.- Cold AM.Pleasant PM. Metcalf funeral.Osmer went with his class in school on a picnic to Mountain Lake.

May 21st Fri.- A good day.Worked in cemetery all day.Osmer and Zelma went  to a party at Minor Cook's in evening.

May 22nd Sat.- Pleasant AM.Thunder shower and a little hail in PM.Osmer and I worked in cemetery.

May 23rd Sun.- Cloudy,cool AM.Pleasant,warm PM.Orey and Zelma went to S.S.Orey went home with his S.S.teacher and spent PM.Took pictures of Osmer  in his cap and gown.Osmer's Baccalaurate service in evening.He went  with Furman. Zelma and I went to church in Roseville.

May 24th Mon.- A fine day.Worked in cemetery all day.Orey W.put up our lunch,brought it over and then helped me.

May 25th Tue.- A beautiful day.Worked in cemetery all day.Orey W.again brought our lunch to cemetery and helped in PM.Osmer went to Mansfield  in evening to practice for commencement. Prof.Clark,County Supt.of Schools,called to see me in AM.

May 26th Wed.- Hot AM.Rained in PM.Orey W.and I worked in cemetery all day.  Osmer had his class(exercises)in evening.(Graduation practice,I guess?)

May 27th Thu.- Beautiful day.Worked in cemetery all day.Osmer was graduated from Mansfield Senior High School in evening. Zelma,Orey W.and I went over with Wallace Porter. Osmer went with Gilbert Furman.

May 28th Fri.- Quite warm.Worked in cemetery all day.Osmer home to help in PM. Creig came home for weekend in evening.

May 29th Sat.- Another fine day.Creig,Osmer and I all worked in the cemetery all day.

May 30th Sun.- A beautiful day.Went to church in evening with Creig,Osmer, Zelma and Orey W.

May 31st Mon.- A little cooler in AM,hot PM.Planted potatoes and hoed garden in AM.Creig and Osmer went to Mansfield in PM. but didn't get there in time for bus,so Creig was home for one more night.

Jun.1st Tue.- Very warm. Worked in garden in AM.In PM got Ross Watkins to take Creig and I to Mansfield,so Creig could get the bus for Harrisburg.It seems harder each time Creig comes home to have him go.

Jun.2nd Wed.- Very hot.Osmer and I worked in cemetery all day.Went to meeting of Roseville Borough School Board in evening,at home of William Sweeley.

Jun.3rd Thu.- Rained nearly all day.Worked on school reports etc.most of day.I am secretary of school board.

Jun.4th Fri.- Hot day.Osmer and I worked in the cemetery all day.

Jun.5th Sat.- Another hot day.Worked in cemetery all day.Osmer with me in AM.In PM Osmer went to Mansfield.

Jun.6th Sun.- Rained last night,hot today.We all went to AM,all except Osmer.Zelma's friend Fred,with us for dinner.

Jun.7th Mon.- Beautiful day.Helped Zelma wash and planted potatoes and corn in AM.Worked in cemetery in PM.Set tomatoes and planted beans in evening.

Jun.8th Tue.- Fine day.Osmer and I worked in cemetery all day.Orey planted some potatoes in AM.

Jun.9th Wed.- A good day.Osmer and I worked in cemetery in AM.In PM we began taking down the old back kitchen.

Jun.10th Thu.- Rained in AM,cloudy PM.Set some tomato and cabbage plants in AM.In PM worked taking down the old kitchen.

Jun.11th Fri.- Windy,cool AM.In AM Osmer and I worked in cemetery.In PM we finished the old kitchen.

Jun.12th Sat.- A fine day again.Worked in cemetery in AM. I was about sick, in fact have been for two days,and Osmer did most of the work.In PM looked about sills and foundation of the house.

Jun.13th Sun.- Cool morning,rain in evening.Beautiful day.Went to AM.In evening went to Children's Day services.Osmer started this morn ing for Harrisburg to spend a week with Creig,and Zelma spent the day at Archie Benson's,so Orey W.and I were home alone.

Jun.14th Mon.- Rained nearly all night last night and most of the AM.Worked in cemetery when it didn't rain. Received summons to serve at special session of court the first week in July 1937.It is lonesome with Osmer gone.This has been a long lonesome day.

Jun.15th Tue.- A fine day.Worked in cemetery all day.

Jun.16th Wed.- A beautiful day,and hot.Worked in cemetery all day.Got card from Osmer.

Jun.17th Thu.- Hot.Rain in PM and evening.Worked in cemetery till rain.Set cabbage plants in evening.

Jun.18th Fri.- Hot,muggy.Showers in PM.Worked in cemetery when it didn't  rain.Went to see Sweeley on school business in evening. Zelma and Orey went to bible class meeting in evening.

Jun.19th Sat.Cloudy,cooler.Worked in cemetery all day.

Jun.20th Sun.- Beautiful day.Went to morning.In PM both Zelma and Orey went away.In late PM I went strawberrying.Osmer came home about  7:00 PM.Others not home till after church,about 10 PM.

Jun.21st Mon.- Rained nearly all day.I began work remodeling the house,by cutting a window in south end upstairs.

Jun.22nd Tue.- A very good day.Worked,painting,for Armstrong.Osmer worked  in cemetery.

Jun.23rd Wed.- A beautiful day.Worked in cemetery in AM.In PM cut grass on  Mertie Frost's lawn. Jonah Stout broke his arm this morning.

Jun.24th  Thu.- Beautiful day.Worked for Armstrong again,all day.

Jun.25th Fri.- Fine day.Worked in cemetery all day.

Jun.26th Sat.- Beautiful day.The first day of registration for Pa. voters. I worked as Democrat watcher.Osmer went to Mansfield in AM.

Jun.27th Sun.- A little cloudy,rained in evening.At home all day.Zelma had company in PM.Fred Woodmansee.

Jun.28th Mon.- Rainy day.Worked at house all day.

Jun.29th Tue.- Pleasant.Worked in cemetery all day.

Jun.30th Wed.- Cloudy AM,rainy PM.Worked in cemetery in AM,and at the house in PM.

Jul.1st.Thu.- Rainy.Worked at house and hoed garden.

Jul.2nd Fri.- A good day.Worked in cemetery and hoed potatoes.

Jul.3rd Sat.- Cloudy AM.Osmer went to Mansfield.I hoed garden.In PM worked on house.In PM Osmer went to hot dog roast at Seeley's.Creig came home for vacation.Fred came down,the boys and Zelma sang.

Jul.4th Sun.- A beautiful day.Zelma went with Fred Woodmansee,Mr.and Mrs. A.E.Benson and two other couples.Others had dinner at home.

Jul.5th Mon.- Beautiful day.Got John Benson's small truck and drew hay from Mrs.Frost's and from the cemetery.Also got some posts.Creig drove the  truck.In evening Zelma went with some young folks to Troy to see fire works.The boys and I had a little fun at home.

Jul.6th Tue.- Beautiful but hot day.Creig and I went to Wellsboro with Mrs.  John Wilcox,Mrs.Cudworth and Mrs.Doty. Mrs.Cudworth,Mrs.Doty and I were called as jurors for a special term of court to try the County Commissioners. The case was settled by commissioners resigning and pleading guilty. The commissioners were:Mark J.Sullivan,Charles Warren and E.D.Stull.We reached home about 5:00 PM.Orey W.went to Elmira to visit Alton Crippen.

Jul.7th Wed.- Another hot beautiful day.Painted for Armstrong.In evening  Jerome Benson and I fixed out a list of officers to be elected to local offices this fall.Creig and Osmer hoed corn and beans.

Jul.8th Thu.- Hot day.Painted for Armstrong again.At noon Osmer went to work for Furman in haying.

Jul.9th Fri.- Very hot.Creig and I began shingling house.So hot we did but little.

Jul.10th Sat.- Very hot.Shingled part of day.Osmer home in evening.

Jul.11th Sun.- Very hot.Zelma and Orey went to AM.In PM we all went to Lawrence Corners to a baptismal service at the creek. Osmer,Zelma and Orey W.were baptised.Osmer went back to Furman's after the service.

Jul.12th Mon.- Very hot.Worked for Armstrong.School board meeting at  Sweeley's in evening.Annual settlement.

Jul.13th Tue.- Hot.Shingled a little.Rainy in PM.

Jul.14th Wed.- Cooler.Rainy.Worked on house,inside.

Jul.15th Thu.- Hot again.Showers.Shingled a little.Split fence posts.Cut  weeds.

Jul.16th Fri.- Cooler again.Shingled a little.Rain in PM and Evening.

Jul.17th Sat.- About sick,worked but little.Creig hunted woodchucks in PM Rained little all day.

Jul.18th Sun.- A good day.Rained a little in PM.Creig and I went to church in AM.In PM Wallace Porter took Creig,Osmer and I to Mansfield, where Creig took bus for Harrisburg,his vacation over.It is good he has a job but oh!how I miss him. Is life worth the living with he and Osmer both  gone? Osmer went back to Furman's in the evening.

Jul.19th Mon.- Hot,cloudy.Painted for Armstrong in AM. In PM tried to help Orey E. patch house roof on his farm, but bees prevented our doing much. Mrs.Dee Stevens wanted Orey W. to go home with her for two or three  weeks, but I need him at home and he,at last,decided to stay home until Osmer comes back after haying.Was about sick all day with headache.

Jul.20th Tue.- Very hot.About sick,just dragged about.Split and sharpened a few fence posts but was on the couch most of the time.Creig's birthday

Jul.21st Wed.- Hot.Finished spliting fence posts and cut a little hay.

Jul.22nd Thu.- Very hot and dry.Finished shingling south side of house and  helped Zelma clean house.Went to church meeting in evening.

Jul.23rd Fri.- Very hot.Helped Zelma clean house all day.

Jul.24th Sat.- Hot day.Showers in PM.I worked at registration polling place all day for the Democrats.Osmer home in evening.

Jul.25th Sun.- Beautiful day.Rained at night.Zelma and Orey W.went to S.S. Then Zelma went on picnic with the Benson's.Osmer back to Furman's in evening.

Jul.26th Mon.- Cloudy AM,windy PM.Went to Mansfield in AM.Shingled in PM.

Jul.27th Tue.- Cold and cloudy.Went to Mansfield with Mr.and Mrs.Archie Benson.

Jul.28th Wed.- Warmer.Shingled in AM.Worked for Rouse in PM,drawing hay.

Jul.29th Thu.- Warm.Sick in AM.Worked for Rouse again in PM. Colie Sherman called in evening to get me to open grave for Harry Crane,who shot himself. Osmer came home in evening having finished haying at Furman's. Zelma and Orey went to bible class in evening.

Jul.30th Fri.- Pleasant and warm.Osmer and I worked on grave all day.

Jul.31st Sat.- Cloudy,hot.Crane funeral in AM.We cleaned up lot in PM.

Aug.1st Sun.- Beautiful warm day.Zelma and Orey went to morning. Osmer and I went up to old Crippen farm in afternoon for a walk.The place is vacant and grown up to brush and weeds.Osmer would like to have the old farm.

Aug.2nd Mon.- Hot day.Osmer and I built fence in AM. In PM I helped Rouse draw hay.Creig came home  about noon with a sprained ankle and a torn  ligament.

Aug.3rd Tue.- Hot day.Built fence in AM.Worked for Rouse in PM.

Aug.4th Wed.-Very hot.Last 1937 registration day.At polls in AM.Worked for Rouse in PM.

Aug.5th Thu.- Very hot.Shingled in AM.Worked for Rouse in PM.In evening  Osmer.Zelma and Orey W.went up to Lewis Seeley's to a meeting of their bible class.

Aug.6th Fri.- Very hot and dry.Garden all drying up for want of rain.Measured house for more material in AM.Worked for Rouse in PM. In evening Creig, Osmer and I sat out on the lawn and watched the stars.It was too  hot to sleep.

Aug.7th Sat.- Rained last night and part of AM.Light showers in PM.Worked in garden a little in AM.Zelma and Orey W.went to S.S.picnic.Florence came about noon.She,Osmer and I went to Troy and ordered building  material.Florence stayed over night.

Aug.8th Sun.- Hot,cloudy.Zelma and Orey W.went to AM. Osmer went  with some other boys on a trip to World's End and other places in Sullivan County.In late PM Florence went home taking Orey W.with her. In evening Zelma went to Jackson Summit with the Bensons.

Aug.9th Mon.- Hot,cloudy AM.Rained late PM.The building materials were delivered about noon.Worked for Rouse in hay in PM.

Aug.10th Tue.- Rained hard most of AM. Piped water into house in AM,so  pump is in kitchen.In PM worked finishing part of the 2nd story.

Aug.11th Wed.- Rainy all day.Osmer and I worked on house.

Aug.12th Thu.- Cloudy,warm.Worked on house all day.Rained in PM.

Aug.13th Fri.- Cloudy AM,beautiful PM.Worked on house in AM and helpedRouse in hay in PM.Osmer worked in garden in PM.

Aug.14th Sat.- A beautiful day.Helped Rouse finish haying in PM.Osmer took siding off north side of house. In evening Zelma went to a social.

Aug.15th Sun.- Beautiful day. Zelma went to AM. We had a picnic dinner under the old beech tree,Osmer,Zelma and I.In PM Zelma had company.

Aug.16th Mon.- Beautiful day.Osmer and I worked on house all day. I smacked the end of my finger.In morning we took down stove pipe in school house.

Aug.17th Tue.- Hot day.Rained in evening.Osmer and I worked on house. In evening Zelma went with Fred Woodmansee to a birthday party at Willard Straws. Mrs.Austin Prutsman was killed about noon today in an auto accident near Campbell,N.Y.

Aug.18th Wed.- Hot.Osmer and I worked on grave for Mrs.Prutsman.

Aug.19th Thu.- Very hot.Prutsman funeral.The largest funeral we have had since we were working cemetery.Zelma went down to Roaring Branch for a visit,leaving Osmer and I alone.

Aug.20th Fri.- Hot.In AM we cleaned up Prutsman lot in cemetery. In PM began work fixing school house for school.

Aug.21st Sat.- Hot AM,rainy PM. Worked at school house in AM.Finished  inside,began chimney.Rained in PM so we worked on house at home.

Aug.22nd Sun.- Rainy,cooler.Osmer and I at home all day.

Aug 23rd Mon.- Cloudy,warm. Worked on house all day,except about an hour. Went down to school house to see Township Director,and watch the school bus inspection by the State Trooper.

Aug.24th Tue.- Cloudy.Worked on house in AM. In PM in P.O.for Mrs.Cudworth. Rouse cut some hay on Mrs.Frost's lot for us.Don Rouse and Osmer put the hay in the barn.Zelma and Orey W.came home in AM.

Aug.25th Wed.- Pleasant.Orey E.,Osmer and I went up on the old Crippen farm  blackberrying. Had a good time,got a nice lot of berries.

Aug.26th Thu.- Rained all day.We worked finishing rooms up stairs.Orey W.,  Zelma and Osmer went to bible study class in evening.Creig came home in evening,having walked most of the way from Mansfield in the rain.Creig  had come up to Williamsprot to take civil service examination and came on home for weekend.

Aug.27th Fri.- Rained most of day.We visited and put shelves closets in new rooms upstairs.Orey E.,Phyllis and Ada called in early evening. Osmer, Zelma and Orey W.went to Young Peoples Meeting.

Aug.28th Sat.- Pleasant day.Osmer and I worked mowing weeds,fixing chimney, door and windows etc. about school house.Getting it ready for school. Creig helped some.

Aug.29th Sun.- Hot day.Wallace Porter took Creig and I to Mansfield,where Creig boarded bus for Harrisburg. Creig is beginning to like Harrisburg and will not be home so often from now on. It is hard to lose Creig but  it is good for him, I am proud of Creig. Osmer spent the day with a bunch of boys on a trip to the oil country.

Aug.30th Mon.- Very warm.We began work building a block chimney for our  kitchen. Orey W.began school.His 8th or last year in the grades.

Aug.31st Tue.- Very hot.Finished building chimney.

Sep.1st Wed.- Another very hot day.Osmer and I helped Neal Rouse thrash  oats.

Sep.2nd Thu.- Still hot.Hung doors,fitted windows and closet shelves. Finished the bedrooms for Osmer and Zelma.In evening the children all  went to bible class.

Sep.3rd Fri.- Very hot till mid-PM,when a shower cooled the air.Worked in P.O.all day.

Sep.4th Sat.- Cooler.Washed bedding and helped Osmer arrange his new room a  little.

Sep.5th Sun.- Rained nearly all night last night.Quite cool all day.We all attended church in morning,and children all went in evening.Special meetings began this morning.

Sep.6th Mon.- Labor Day. Cool morning,hot in PM.Osmer and I dug ditch and worked on wall for back porch.The children went to meeting in evening.

Sep.7th Tue.- Beautiful day.Worked on wall for back porch.Zelma started school.

Sep.8th Wed.- Fine day.Worked on wall again in AM.In PM I patched house  roof for Armstrong and Osmer took down remains of old east porch.

Sep.9th Thu.- Cool morning,pleasant day.Finished foundation and sub floor  to south porch along east wing of house.Went to church in evening,Osmer and I.

Sep.10th Fri.- Warmer,little cloudy in PM.Osmer and I finished wall for south porch along upright part of house.Creig came home in evening to spend a weeks vacation.

Sep.11th Sat.- Rainy.Zelma was 16 years old today.We put in two new windows and window frames in west side of house.

Sep.12th Sun.- Cool but pleasant.Zelma spent the day with Archie Benson's people.Creig,Osmer and I went for a walk in PM,around the hill where we used to live.

Sep.13th Mon.- Cloudy,rainy.Began siding west side of house,with green strip shingles.

Sep.14th Tue.- Cold,cloudy AM.Pleasant PM. Primary election today.I received the Dem.nomination for school director.William McClure was a candidate for the Republican nomination for Sheriff of Tioga county.Was  about town most of the day.Children all went to church in evening.

Sep.15th Wed.- Warmer,rainy.Worked on siding until rained off.Mansfield Fair this week.Zelma's school out for remainder of the week for Fair.

Sep.16th Thu.- Beautiful fall day.Cool wind.Worked on siding in AM.In PM in P.O.for Mrs.Cudworth.McClure was defeated for Rep.nomination for  Sheriff by about 500 votes.

Sep.17th Fri.- Cold wind.Creig and Osmer went to the Mansfield  Fair.Zelma went to the Fair with Fred Woodmansee,with Mr.and Mrs.A.E.Benson. I  finished siding west side of house in AM.In PM Orey W.and I gathered garden stuff. In evening Orey E.called a few minutes.

Sep.18th Sat.- Beautiful day,but cold.Had our first frost last night.Creig, Osmer and I went to Elmira with Billie Sweeley who works at Sears Roebuck store.We had a fine time.

Sep.19th Sun.- Cold and windy all day.Wallace Porter took Creig,Osmer and I  to Mansfield in PM.Where Creig got bus for Harrisburg,and back to work. Fred Woodmansee,Zelma's friend,had dinner with us.In evening Zelma and Orey W.went to church.

Sep.20th Mon.- Cold.Osmer and I dug potatoes at home in AM. In PM we both  helped Rouse fill silo.

Sep.21st Tue.- Pleasant,cool.We helped Rouse fill silo all day.

Sep.22nd Wed.- A beautiful day.We helped Rouse finish silo filling in AM.In PM I helped Lewis Copp and Osmer helped Don Soper thrash.Florence,Orey   E.and Martha called as I came home from work.In the evening Zelma,Fred  and Anita Evert went to Millerton.

Sep.23rd Thu.- A beautiful day. My 57th birthday. Worked for Lewis Copp  filling silo.Osmer again at Soper's.Zelma and Orey W.went to bible  class meeting in evening.

Sep.24th Fri.- A fine day.Washed all day.About 5 PM Orey E.came along and invited us up on the farm for a dog roast.Osmer didn't come home so  there were Zelma.Orey W.and myself. Florence was along,she is on her vacation.We spent a pleasant evening.Florence stayed overnight with us.

Sep.25th Sat.- A beautiful day.Cold night. I washed some more and ironed  and visited with Florence.Osmer home at night.Vivian home for the day.

Sep.26th Sun.- Cold wind.At home all day.Visiting with Florence or Osmer. Zelma's friend Fred here in PM.

Sep.27th Mon.- Pleasant day,cold wind.Worked for Frank Williams at Ted Dunkleburger's .Drove team to draw corn for silo filling.Osmer worked  at Soper's.

Sep.28th Tue.- Rainy,cold morning.Pleasant,warmer in PM.Florence and I went to Troy in AM and bought more material for house.In PM Florence started back home.Our stuff came from Troy.Was about sick with my head in PM.

Sep.29th Wed.- Pleasant but cold AM.Warmer in PM.About sick but tried to work.Put in one new window on north side of house.

Sep.30th Thu.- A fine day.Worked for Frank Williams cutting corn.

Oct.1st Fri.- A beautiful day.Worked for Williams all day.

Oct.2nd Sat.-Cloudy.Mist in morning,almost rain.Worked for Williams again, digging potatoes and cutting corn.Creig came home for two week vacation  that he had earned by overtime. Osmer home for weekend.

Oct.3rd Sun.- Cold,cloudy,rainy day.At home all day.Osmer went back toSoper's in late PM. Zelma went to Alder Run with the preacher where she preached a short sermon.Creig went down to Wilcox's for supper.

Oct.4th Mon.- A good day.Worked for Williams.Creig at home,dug potatoes and worked some on house.Osmer working at Soper's. Zelma spent the night  with her mother in the telephone office.William McClure called in evening to get help at silo filling,stayed to talk politics.Vivian and some of her Elmira friends called for about 20 minutes.

Oct.5th Tue.- Cloudy.Rained a little in PM.Worked for Williams filling silo  all day.Creig worked for McClure at A.E.Benson's.Rained in evening.

Oct.6th Wed.- Cold,windy.Worked for Williams.

Oct.7th Thu.- Pleasant,cold.Finished working for Williams about 3 PM.Creig and I put in a window on north side of house after I reached home.

Oct.8th Fri.- Cold.Rainy most of day.Worked in PM.Went down to William Sweeley's in evening on school business.

Oct.9th Sat.- Cold,cloudy.Dug potatoes in AM.In PM put window in south side  of kitchen. Fixed pen for pig.Creig and I did John Benson's milking in evening.Fred Woodmansee at house in evening.

Oct.10th Sun.- Rained and snowed nearly all night last night.A little snow on the ground in morning.About 2 inches on hills.Zelma went to church in AM. Fred up for dinner.Will McClure called few minutes in evening.

Oct.11th Mon.- Cold,cloudy AM.Pleasant PM.Creig and I finished digging potatoes in AM.Worked on house in PM.

Oct.12th Tue.- Cold day.Worked on house till it rained us off in late PM.Rained all evening,warmer in evening.

Oct.13th Wed.- Cool,cloudy.Colder in PM.Worked on house.

Oct.14th Thu.- Cold day.Pleasant morning.Washed in AM. Gathered garden stuff in PM,when it didn't snow too hard.Creig fixed cow stable.Zelma and Orey W.went to young people's meeting in evening.

Oct.15th Fri.- Cold day.Creig and I finished gathering garden stuff.

Oct.16th Sat.- Pleasant,cold.Sick all day.In bed till afternoon.Osmer home in evening.

Oct.17th Sun.- Warmer. Zelma went to church then to Job's Corners to help in a young people's service. She did the preaching.Ross Watkins took Creig Osmer and I to Mansfield where Creig took bus for Harrisburg.

Oct.18th Mon.- Warm October day. Put in base for marker in cemetery. Don  Soper brought wood.

Oct.19th Tue.- Real warm for October.Rainy AM,worked in house.In PM worked for Armstrong.Another load of wood came.Osmer is paying for two loads of wood for us.I wheeled and ranked up wood after supper.

Oct.20th Wed.- Rained nearly all AM,went down town.In PM worked for  Armstrong.Zelma sick in evening.

Oct.21st Thu.- Cold wind,cloudy.Worked on house in AM.In PM helped Armstrong pump oil out of well.Their oil line had broken and allowed oil to flow into well.In evening Zelma and Orey W.went to young people's meeting.

Oct.22nd Fri.- Little warmer.Put in a small marker base in AM.In PM worked  on house.Put in door in south side of kitchen.Zelma went to Lawrence Corners to a social.

Oct.23rd Sat.- Rained nearly all night last night and all day today.Cold. Did little in morning.In PM worked in P.O. In evening Zelma and Orey helped decorate church for Rally Day.

Oct.24th Sun.- Cold and windy all day.Zelma went to church in AM.Osmer home for dinner.

Oct.25th Mon.- Cold,windy.Worked on house all day.

Oct.26th Tue.- Cold,stormy. Worked on house.

Oct.27th Wed.- Rainy.Worked in house all day.

Oct.28th Thu.- Rained all day.Streams bank full.Went to Wellsboro with Jack Woodworth to a School Director's Convention.

Oct.29th Fri.- Cloudy AM.Fairly good day.Went to Wellsboro again with Jack Woodworth.This time to attend Institute.Zelma and Orey at home both  Thu.and Fri.All teachers were attending Institute in Wellsboro.

Oct.30th Sat.- A good day.Worked for Armstrong in AM.In PM fixed Mel Doty's porch roof.Creig came home for election.

Oct.31st Sun.- Cold,cloudy,at home all day.Zelma's friend,Fred,brought some oysters and we had an oyster dinner.Osmer home for dinner.Creig going  to stay up two weeks to finish up his 1937 vacation,earned by working overtime.In evening Creig got Alton's car and he and I went to Mosherville for his hunting license.Stopped and saw Uncle Rush on our way   home.Rush is 92 years old.

Nov.1st Mon.- Cold.Worked on house most of day.Creig went hunting,got two  rabbits.

Nov.2nd Tue.- Cold.Pleasant.Election day, was Democrat watcher.Was defeated for School Director, made no fight.The Republicans carried the county as usual. Tioga is a strong Republican county.

Nov.3rd Wed.- Cold wind.Washed in AM.Sick headache in PM.

Nov.4th Thu.- Warm,cloudy.Sick all day.Creig went hunting,got 3 squirrels.

Nov.5th Fri.- Rainy.Worked on house a little.Creig got a ringneck,shot him on the wing with a 22 rifle.

Nov.6th Sat.- A good day,cold wind.Zelma went to Sunday School Convention in PM and evening.Florence came in PM,stayed about 3 hours.Orey E.called a few minutes in PM.Creig went up to Don Soper's and hunted with Osmer.Orey W.helped Alton fix barn roof.

Nov.7th Sun.- A beautiful day.Up late.Zelma went to S.S. In PM Creig and I went for a long walk across fields onto Pumpkin Hill.

Nov.8th Mon.- Pleasant,cold.Creig and I began building a chimney.

Nov.9th Tue.- Not so cold,but very windy.Worked on chimney all day.

Nov.10th Wed.- A fine day.Finished chimney in AM.Orey E.came for dinner.In PM he,Creig and I went up to the old Crippen farm and got small oak  trees.Set 6 on Orey E.'s farm,brought 4 home.On the way up to the old  farm Creig shot a ringneck.In evening Creig and I got Alton's car and went down to Lawrenceville to see Mr.J.T.King,the Democrat County Chairman for Tioga County.

Nov.11th Thu.- A beautiful day.Worked in house in AM.In PM worked for  Armstrong.Zelma and Orey went to bible study class in evening.

Nov.12th Fri.- Cold,pleasant day.Went over to John Benson's to roof his granary ,but he felt it too cold.came home.In PM worked at home finishing roof on house.

Nov.13th Sat.- Rained nearly all day,began last evening early.Worked in  P.O.all day.Creig did chores.In evening Tom Urell,of Tioga,stopped and  sold Creig some life insurance.Fred up and played dominoes with Creig and Zelma.

Nov.14th Sun.- Pleasant AM,cloudy PM.Zelma went to church and AM.  Osmer came home for dinner.Urell and Dr.Meeker called in PM to examine  Creig for insurance.In evening Fred came and he,Creig,Zelma and I  played Monopoly until 10:30. Then Fred took us to Troy,where Creig took  the 11:46 train for Harrisburg. Bringing to an end his vacation till  next year.Creig is as good a boy as a man ever had,and it is tough to lose him,but under our present ideas of life ,families must scatter.

Nov.15th Mon.- Cold,rainy AM.Cold in PM.Washed and worked on house.

Nov.16th Tue.- Cold and cloudy.Worked on house.

Nov.17th Wed.- Cold,rain and snow.Worked in house in AM.At PM.

Nov.18th Thu.- Cold,snowy.Built cupboard.Zelma went to bible study in evening.Orey W,stayed all night with Alton. Had letter from Creig.

Nov.19th Fri.- Cold,cloudy.Snowed a little.Worked on house.

Nov.20th Sat.- Cold,snowy.Worked on house.Orey W.took down old chimney.I hung kitchen door to new living room.Zelma got up at noon,went up to Benson's to spend the evening with her boy friend,Fred Woodmansee.

Nov.21st Sun.- Cold,cloudy.About 3 inches of snow.This morning Zelma went to church and S.S.I wrote letters.Orey W.studied.In PM Zelma went down to Rouse's to a young people's meeting.

Nov.22nd Mon.- Cold.Worked on house.

Nov.23rd Tue.- Cloudy and cold.Washed.

Nov.24th Wed.- Warmer.Snow began to leave.Worked on house.Zelma home at noon for Thanksgiving vacation.

Nov.25th Thu.- Thanksgiving. A beautiful day.Light,cool,wind. Worked on house in AM. Creig came home about noon and surprised us,we did not expect him. Had roast pork for dinner. Only four of us Creig,Zelma,Orey W.and I home.The first Thanksgiving Osmer was away from home.Creig went hunting in PM.

Nov.26th Fri.- A fine day.Warmer,snow all gone.Worked on house,putting in  windows.In evening went to Mansfield to a School Directors meeting. It  included directors from all districts in this part of the county.I went  with Jack Woodworth.

Nov.27th Sat.- Warm,cloudy.Rained a little.Worked on house.Took out inside of pantry and put in a new window in east end of house,in PM. In AM  fixed furnace in the Rutland school house.In evening Creig went to call on his mother.The others,Zelma and Orey w.,went to a social in church. All came home about 11 PM.Fred,Zelma's boy friend,came home with her and we all played Monopoly till about 1:00.At that time it was raining and Fred stayed for the night with Creig.

Nov.28th Sun.-Warm,cloudy,rainy day. Zelma and Orey W.went to church and AM.Creig and I were not up in time.Osmer came home about 12:30.  Fred came home from S.S.with Zelma and Orey.We all had dinner together. Then Fred and Zelma went with the preacher,Rev.C.R.Knight,to a young people's meeting.Creig and Osmer called on Alton for a few minutes to see his new baby boy.At about 2:30 Creig and I started for Mansfield with Wallace Porter.Creig boarded the bus for Harrisburg at 3:30. Am  writing this in the evening,it is a lonsome house tonight.It seems as  if I am so much more alone with Creig gone than with any of the others gone.When Creig is home he and I sit up nights and visit after the  others are in bed.Some nights till one or two o'clock in the morning.

Nov.29th Mon.- Worked on house.On outside.Too cold,did but little.

Nov.30th Tue.- Pleasant but cold all day.Did but little,a long lonesome  day.In evening Zelma and Orey W.went to Job's Corners to a young people's meeting and I am home alone.During one of our evening visits  while Creig was home for Thanksgiving,Creig remarked how interesting  it would be if one would write his ideas of events each day and look  them over in after years. I resolved then to follow that remark and in after years let him read what I had written. Write,not each day,but as   often as time will permit.
       The December Christian Herald came in the mail today,and in looking it over earlier this evening,two or three questions came to my mind. One,our duty to vote at each and every election; another,do we owe our  greatest duty to our family or to the community or society at large? What should be done with a man who drinks liquor aand drives a car?  Or again,should a minister run for public office? I believe that each of these questions,excepting possibly the first,have a pro and a con.
    There is no question in my mind that every man and woman over 21 should  be compelled to vote. But I also believe noone should be allowed to vote who is unable to read and write English,and to understand something about what he or she reads.Those coming from a foreign land should be in America at least 20 years before being allowed the ballot and never to hold office of any kind.
       I believe in God,Christ and the church but God has given us children and the greatest service we owe God is to care for those children. To prepare them the best we can to face the world and to fill the little corner in the world that God has for them,and to fill that little nook  as He would that they should.
       I believe that no person that drinks liquor should be allowed to  have a driver's permit.It is not the man who is drunk who causes so  many deaths on the highways,but the man who has had a few drinks and  thinks he knows everything and can do anything. He is the man to fear on the highway and the man who ought not to be on the same road with the  sane citizen.
       Lets let the minister decide for himself whether or not he should hold office.

Dec.1st Wed.- Pleasant,cold.Set a few raspberry roots.Worked on house a  little.A cold lonesome day. I just seem lost with the older boys away from home.Can't seem to make home seem like home without their happy voices when the school bus comes at night.

Dec.2nd Thu.- Pleasant cold day.Washed and worked about house all day.Orey W.cut his hand on a broken bottle. Zelma went to bible study in evening  Had a letter from Creig.

Dec.3rd Fri.- A beautiful day but cold.Zelma home.Did little.Worked about house while Zelma studied.Made several calls on school business. Am about out of material to work more on house except outside,and it is pretty cold to work at siding this weather.

Dec.4th Sat.- Cloudy,cold. Set up heating stove and worked about house all day. Zelma went with the preacher and some young folks to Williamsport

Dec.5th Sun.- Warmer.Stormy.Snow and rain in turns all day.Zelma's boy friend up for dinner.  Osmer,who had promised to come for dinner,sent word he couldn't come.Osmer seems to care little for his home and less  for his old Dad.I can't understand what has come over Osmer since he began working at Soper's.

Dec.6th Mon.- Stormed.Rain and snow,grew colder all day. Worked about house  Cleaned out desk.Stowed away old papers etc.

Dec.7th Tue.- Cold,snow and wind,a blizzard.Sat by the fire most all day. Shelled a few beans,baked cookies.

Dec.8th Wed.- Cold.Snow.Windy late PM.A wild old night. Washed nearly all  day.Had some trouble drying the clothes.Orey W.went riding down hill  with some other boys in evening. Zelma spilled some boiling water on her  foot while washing dishes in evening. - This is a fine evening to sit by the fire and dream, and thank God for our blessings.I am dreaming, for one thing,when Creig and Osmer as small boys helped me carry wood over the hill on Orey E.'s farm. And a few years later how they would  work till after dark some nights,after return from school,bringing wood  from Benson's pasture so Daddy wouldn't have to get wood in the cold  next day.  Tonight,besides thanking God for a warm place to stay these cold days,I thank Him Creig doesn't have to be out carrying wood in the  cold and wind these days.I wish Osmer would come home.He is in a rough place.

Dec.9th Thu.- A sub-zero morning,but pleasant.The wind came up about 10:00 AM and blew hard.I finished drying the clothes by the stove and ironed some.Orey W.went to bible study class in the evening.Zelma's foot too sore,she couldn't walk so far.Had letter from Florence and one from Creig today.I like to write.Wish my children liked to write as well as I do,then we could enjoy writing letters.For years had several people  with whom I carried on a regular corespondence. But Helen never seemed to want me to write even to other men and I found something else to do  evenings.Always had to help care for the children when they were small  so got out of the habit.Then I wrote things not intended for letters that more than once got me in trouble with a jealous wife.I wrote   several short stories.Some of them written as letters sent to my  friends.Some were read to the children winter evenings.They seemed to make a hit with the children,also with my friends,but never offered any of them for publication.

Dec.10th Fri.- Pleasant but cold all day.Finished ironing.Built window box for flowers,and other little odds and ends about the house.In evening  addressed Christmas cards.It doesn't seem possible that it is as near  Christmas again.How time seems to fly when one gets along in years.

Dec.11th Sat.- At least three times in the past Dec.11th has meant much to  me,Dec.11th 1924,moved from Troy, Canton,Pa. Dec.11th 1925,Asa Eugene,one of my twin sons died. Dec.11th 1928,moved from Canton onto  Orey E.'s farm on the hill from Roseville.
Beautiful day to look out,but cold.Didn't thaw even in protected places  Up late.Archie Benson came just as I was getting up.He finished paying for cemetery work due last July 1st. Worked a little on house.Zelma's  boy friend, Fred,called in evening.Orey W.went riding down hill in evening. Today noticed in the paper that Congress has passed a farm bill. To a certain extent it controls crops and production of certain farm commodities,such as wheat,corn,tobacco,cotton and rice. Is this a wise move? It does not seem that way to me.The need is not for less food,but for better and cheaper distribution of the products of the soil.

Dec.12th Sun.- A beautiful day,but cold.Zelma and Orey W.went to Church and AM.Osmer called a while in PM.Vivian and her boy friend,Don  Fuller,from Elmira called.Fred,Zelma's boy friend,came and Phyllis,Orey  E.'s daughter called.So for a while had nearly a house full. Orey W.  went skating in PM.

Dec.13th Mon.- Pleasant day,but real cold.Wallace Porter took me to Troy in AM, where ordered some more building materials for fixing inside of house.In PM worked on house a little.In evening went down to Sweeley's  to school meeting.The new school board was organized.I resigned as  Secretary and the new board reelected me and insisted that I accept which I did at last. When came home at 10:30 it was 2 below zero.  After school meeting the men listened to the radio report of a prize  fight between Max Schmelling and Harry Thomas.Schmelling won in the   eighth round.The fight was held in Madison Square Garden in New York   City. There is quite a little excitement today because the Japanese bombed and sank a U.S.gunboat near Nanking,China.

Dec.14th Tue.- Very cold,but pleasant day.We buried little Asa's body here  in the cemetery 12 years ago today. The material I ordered yesterday came this AM. Worked on house in PM.In evening Orey W. went skating   with Alton and some other boys.

Dec.15th Wed.- Cold.Partly cloudy.Worked on house all day,hanging stair door and cutting hole for stairs.The stairs are about completed.

Dec.16th Thu.- Turned warmer in the night and rained a little.Then froze,  the roads are a glare of ice this morning.About sick,but worked all day.Zelma and Orey W.went to bible study class in evening.

Dec.17th Fri.- Foggy,rainy,disagreeable day.Worked on house all day.

Dec.18th Sat.- Another rainy,foggy day. Went down town in AM to see about  repairs to be made at school house.  In PM Orey W. and I worked at home,also in evening. In evening Zelma's boy friend,Fred,came.

Dec.19th Sun.- Little colder,cloudy.Worked at school house part of day.In  PM Orey W.went for a walk with a Woodworth boy.

Dec.20th Mon.- Cold.Spit snow a little most of day.Worked at fitting and  hanging doors all day.

Dec.21st Tue.- Cold,windy.Worked putting wallboard on living room.Lee Van-Nocken helped me.In a hurry to get it near enough finished so can use  it Christmas time.Osmer called in evening.

Dec.22nd Wed.- Warmer,windy.Colder at night.Worked on house all day alone.  Zelma went to a S.S.class party at Mark McClure's in evening.Alton  called in evening to get me to act the part of Santa Claus at Sunday  School Christmas.

Dec.23rd Thu.- Cold,cloudy.Worked on house all day.Mrs.Dell Berry died this  morning,and her children came for me to open grave.Creig came home for Christmas in evening.

Dec.24th Fri.- Very good winter day.Creig and I worked on Berry grave in AM  and late PM.From 1 to 4 PM we finished living room and moved stove etc.  In evening Vivian came with her boy friend Don Fuller.Osmer also came  down from Don Soper's for the evening.Soper was to call for him at 12 o'clock and never showed up till 3:20 AM.We played games and enjoyed a  good visit.

Dec.25th Sat.- Christmas. Another good winter day.Osmer came just as we were getting up,9:30.Vivian had brought a turkey,all roasted,we had potatoes, cabbage, peas, turnips, cranberries, cream pie ,fruit, nuts and  candy. Fred,Zelma's friend,came shortly after noon. We played games,  sang and enjoyed the day.I enjoyed Christmas more than any Christmas  in years.Vivian,Creig,Osmer,Zelma and Orey W. all home once more.

Dec.26th Sun.- Not so cold but windy.Don Fuller came again this morning.  Then he took Vivian and Orey Elmira,back again for supper.Creig   and I worked in cemetery in PM, Berry funeral. Osmer and Fred came in  evening. Enjoyed another evening. About 11:00 PM Don and Vivian and Osmer and Fred left.And another Christmas about past.

Dec.27th Mon.- A good winter day.Not up till late.John Wilcox took Creig to Mansfield to the bus in PM.The first time Creig has been home that I  didn't go to the bus with him. A very lonesome afternoon and evening. Sunday evening there were eight of us here and 24 hours later,only 3.

Dec.28th Tue.- Warmer,cloudy.Washed. In evening Zelma went up to Soper's to spend the night with Zelma Wilbur,Soper's hired girl.Orey W.went back to school.The trouble with Japan has quieted down a bit.Japan has  promised to pay damages for the distruction of American property,both  government and private.

Dec.29th Wed.- A beautiful day.But quite cool.Worked in P.O.all day.Was glad of an oppurtunity to get away from home.Orey W was in school.Zelma at Soper's leaving me alone and lonesome.In evening Orey went to a show at church,put on by by Mosherville young people.Zelma home late in  evening.

Dec.30th Thu.- Cloudy,cold.Worked at cupboards and washed.Zelma up late. Then went to church to practice for a show the preacher is putting on  this evening.In evening Zelma and Orey W.went to the church.Zelma is  much interested in church,with which I am pleased. Only she spends so much time at it that she has only a little time for anything else. I have only a little use for the preacher.He talks and talks and saysnothing that amounts to anything,only his Republican politics. I don't care how much a preacher is in politics,only I want him to keep his politics out of his sermons.

Dec.31st Fri.- Cold and cloudy.Snow and freezing rain.Went down town in AM.  Zelma up at noon.In PM worked on flour bin.In evening Zelma went to    Soper's to take care of the baby while they went to show.Orey W.and  Woodworth boy went to Alton's to build toy planes,I was alone.Fred came about 8:30.We had lunch and about 9:30 Zelma sent for him to come to   Soper's.Orey W.came home 10:30,we had coffee and I worked on cupboards  till 12:30 and the new year.  1937 has been very good to me in some respects and not so good in others.I thank God for health and a fair amount of work and for a sister and sons who have helped me.

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 01/09/2002
By Joyce M. Tice