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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History
Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
This is One of Eighty Township Pages in Three Counties on this Site
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Elk Run Area of Sullivan about 1898
Sullivan Township
Present day Sullivan was in the larger Tioga from 1808 to Feb 1815 when Covington was formed. Sullivan Township was formed in Feb 1816 from Covington and it was mother to Rutland, Union, and Ward
Mainesburg was formed as a borough from Sullivan in 1859  and rejoined Sullivan in the 1890s
If you are descended from any Sullivan Township pioneers or residents, please contact me to particpate in Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project -Joyce M. Tice
Sullivan Township Histories
Sullivan Township History 1873
Sullivan Township History 1885
Sullivan Township History 1883
Sullivan Township Biographies 1883
Sullivan Township History 1897
Sullivan Township History 1925 (Redfield)
Sullivan Township Chronology by JMT
Sullivan Township History 2004 (Tice)
The AMAZING Sullivan Township Photo Gallery
Tioga County Post Offices
Sullivan Resources
Sullivan - Rutland Genealogy Project by Joyce M. Tice
Sullivan Township Articles
Building the Infrastructure Why They Named it Mainesburg
The Horse Thieves at Elk Run Really Old News from Mainesburg (1880s-1890s)
2006 - Chemung County Historians Visit Sullivan Township Museum
1885 Sylvester Bailey - Local Paul Bunyan or Phychotic Whacko?? You decide where the truth ends and the tall tale begins 
1875 Sullivan Township Elected Officers
Township Postcards & Photos
Caulkins Mainesburg Postcards
Then and Now
Mainesburg Store 1920s-2002
I.O.O.F. Hall 
Post Offices 
Sullivan PO 1818-1904
Corey Creek PO 1830-1830 became Mainesburgh 1830
Mainesburgh PO 1830-1894
Mainesburg PO 1894 - present 16932
Elk Run PO 1854 - 1871 & 1872 -1895
Elkrun PO 1895 - 1904
Gray's Valley PO 1834 - 1871
Voltus PO  1892 - 1894 & 1900-1904
Villages Past & Present
Chandlersburg / Elk Run
Township Census Records
1800 Census, Tyoga Township, Lycoming County
1820 Sullivan Census ALSO SEE Family Histories
1830 Sullivan Census
1840 Sullivan Township Census (Soon)
1850 Sullivan Township Census (REL))
1850 Sullivan Census (FM)
1860 Sullivan Township Census
1870 Sullivan Township Census [have spreadsheet EH- need to format]
1870 Mainesburg Census  [have spreadsheet EH- need to format]
1880 Sullivan Township Census
1900. 1910, 1920, 1930 Volunteer Needed
1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 Mortality Schedules
Sullivan Township Directories
1899 Tioga County Directory
1908 Tioga County Directory - Sullivan Township Section
1908  Biographical Detail of Listed Residents
1946 Voter Registration List
1958 Voter Registration List
Sullivan Township Tax Records
Tax Rolls with Analysis
1812 Tioga Township Taxables
1818 and 1819 Sullivan Tax Lists
1820 Sullivan Tax Assessment [Fragment]
Presently unable to locate Sullivan tax books prior to 1832
1832 Sullivan Tax List
1833 Sullivan Tax List
1834 *
1835 Sullivan Tax List
1837 *
1838 *
1839 *
1840 *
1830-1849 Sullivan Tax Summary
Comparative Statistics from Tax Rolls
1946 Sullivan Township Tax Bills
Tax Chart by Year through 1840s
Sullivan Township Cemetery Records
GPS coordinates are included in the top title of each cemetery page
Ames Hill Cemetery List
Ames Hill Cemetery Obituaries
Brewster Cemetery Brewster Cemetery Obituaries
Bakersburg Cemetery Bakerburg Cemetery Obituaries
Sally BURMAN Andrus Burial Bristol Burial Ground
Dodge Cemetery (Reported Jan 04 - Not Yet located) Baker Family Burials(Destroyed)
Elk Run Cemetery (Smith & Chandler Families)[1970s & 2010] Elk Run Cemetery Obituaries
Frost Settlement Cemetery
Just Over line in Covington Township
Frost Settlement Cemetery Obituaries
Gafford Burials on Armenia Mountain Gray Family Burial Ground
Gitchell Cemetery Gitchell Cemetery Obituaries
Gray Valley Cemetery (f.k.a. Squires Cemetery) 1999 Update to Gray Valley Cemetery
Gray Valley Obituaries Gray Valley Cemetery Association
Hodges Family Burial Ground [Listing & Obits] Ensminger Family (proposed)
Hulslander Cemetery -Photos Hulslander Cemetery Obituaries
King Hill Cemetery [2010] King Hill Cemetery Obituaries
King Hill Cemetery [SRGP Supplemental 2001]
Mainesburg Cemetery from SRGP Database 1998 Mainesburg Cemetery Listing
Mainesburg Cemetery Obituaries 2009 Mainesburg Cemetery [ca 700 burials]
Palmer Burials
Rumsey-Doud Cemetery Rumsey-Doud Obituaries
Seeley Family Burials
Chandlersburg Cemetery -
Smith Family Farm Plot (Elk Run Cemetery)[1970s & 2010]
Elk Run Cemetery Obituaries
State Road Cemetery Listing (Soon I Hope) State Road Cemetery Obituaries
Wood Cemetery & Photos Wood Cemetery Obituaries
Unmarked Burial Locations  in Sullivan Township Unnamed Women Buried in Sullivan
Sullivan Township Schools
1900 Sullivan Teachers & Directors 1901 Sullivan Teachers & Directors
1902 Sullivan Teachers & Directors 1903 Sullivan Teachers & Directors
1904 Sullivan Teachers & Directors 1905 Sullivan Teachers & Directors
1906 Sullivan Teachers & Directors 1907 Sullivan Teachers & Directors
Some confusionon aboe. The 1900 and  1906 lists seem to be identical - Need to figure out what went wrong. 
1908 Sullivan Teachers & Directors 1909 Sullivan Teachers & Directors 1910 Sullivan Teachers & Directors
1912 Sullivan Teachers & Directors 1917 Sullivan Teachers & Directors
Sullivan Schools
1863 Teaching Certificate
School Souvenirs & Photos arranged by School District 1875 Mainesburg School Summary
Sullivan Township School Board Minutes 1936-1951 (JMT has them in her Sullivan Township Museum) Also School Board Records 1866-1930s, 1911 - School Prophecy
Attendance Records 1891-1900 for five districts in Sullivan - Museum 
Sullivan Township Business Histories & Photos
Rose Store in Mainesburg 1893 1899 Sullivan Township Business Directory
Store at Elk Run - Advertisement Reuben Squires Store at Elk Run
West Sullivan Creamery The Smith Family Sanitarium
Henry Card Papers - 1851 to 1870s Fred Bryan Blacksmith
Wellsboro Agitator, January 19, 1916 
The Citizens' Mutual Telephone Co., have elected the following officers: T.F. Hotchkiss of Mainesburg, President; Harry B. Corey of Troy, Secretary; W.H. Boughton of Fassett, Treasurer; Directors: Mr. Varner of Columbia township; C.A. Horning, Archbald Robbins, Sullivan; G.H. Woodworth of Troy 
Joyce has the following items
1826-1936 John Packard, Tanner - Ledger  1893-1897 L. B. Lucas, Blacksmith Ledger
1833-1846 Mainesburg Store Ledger 1901-1904 L. B. Lucas, Blacksmith Ledger
1841 - 1861 Rodney Shaw Ledger 1890s Mainesburg Store Ledgers
1874-1886 Milliner's Ledger Several (Many)Farm Ledgers
Hotels in Sullivan Township
Mainesburg Hotel
Sullivan Township Houses & Farmsteads
This Farm on Sanitarium Hill in Sullivan Township was established in 1853 by Mary Wood and her husband, Joe Holly. Photo May 2006 by Joyce M. Tice
Holly-Hulslander Districts (NE)
The Bateman Monroe House on North Road
The York Homestead
YorkHolo Century Farm since 1861
Scouten Hill / Seymour Hill area (West)
Harmon Scouten Farm
Elk Run Area (North)
The Roblyer House
Longwell - Ashley Place
The Bryant House
The Justus McConnell / Permelia Squires House
The Brewster House & Family 1870s
The Lucretia Welch / D. T. Smith House History
The Jeanette McCONNELL Beach House
The McConnell House
The Caroline McCONNELL Gray House
Palmer - Fethers Place 1902
Allie & Horace Hulslander Farm
The Mudge Farm
Robbins Hill - Ames Hill Area
Billy Robbins Memorial
Gray Valley Area
Nash Home Built by Elmer Welch
The Squires Houses on Route 6 - Gray Valley
Lafayette Gray  - Amanda Haven House
Bakerburg Area
Lester Palmer/Adaline Provin House
Mainesburg Street Scenes
Mainesburg Post Cards by Caulkins
The Windmill at Mainesburg
South of Mainesburg - Doud District
Ashley Farm
Luther Webster Farm
Sullivan Township Organizations
1897 Sullivan Societies 1899 Sullivan Societies
(1887) East Sullivan Grange, Elk Run, No. 821 Grange Plays (Grace Folder). 
(1873) Sullivan Grange, Mainesburg, No. 84  (1871) Mainesburg I.O.O.F. # 754 An 1872 Meeting
1910-1912 The Wildflower Society Phone Company Organizers 1890s 4 H Club
1954 Civil Defense Observation Post 1935-38 Friendship Quilt (1892) Washington Camp No. 637 P.O.S. of A
Voltus Cornet Band

Mainesburg's Fourth of July committee of arrangement has completed plans for a rousing celebration to end with a display of fireworks in the evening. Prizes will be given to the winner of each of the following contests: Horse running race, 9:30 a.m.; baseball game, 10 a.m.; bicycle races; sack race, greased pole, climbing, slippery pig, 2 p.m.; ball game 3:30 p.m. Thomas F. Hotchkiss will be president of the day with the following vice-presidents: J.C. Cudworth, Chas. DeWitt, Herbert Goodall, C.B. Krise, Otis Cook, Rex Soper, E.J. Wood, D.D. Welch, W.H. Kilgore, C.R. Miller, S.A. Cleveland. Wellsboro Agitator, July 1, 1908, p.\

Sullivan Township Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
Gray Valley (East Sullivan) Baptist Church State Road Baptist Church
1897  M. E. Church Directory - Mainesburg Charge 1934 Baptism at State Road
1899 Church List From County Directory 1883 Churches & Schools
1897 - Churches
Old School Baptist Church 1816-extinct
Free Will Baptist Church 1830- became Bakerburg Community Church
Elk Run M. E. Baptisms 1857-1877
Elk Run Methodist Church 1964 History
Elk Run & Mainesburg Methodist Directory 1939
Elk Run Methodist Centennial Brochure1864-1964
Elk Run Methodist W.S.C.S.
Regular Independent Baptists-
Minutes of Formation & Meetings 1866-1870
Disciple Church, Mainesburg (Burned 1917) 
16 FEB 1880 (W.Ag.) R. F. Delmont is new pastor at Disciples church at Mainesburg
Oct. 5, 1870  The Wellsboro Agitator 
Mainesburg—Elder Myron Rockwell preached his closing sermon to the State Road Baptist Church on the 25 inst.
Sullivan Township Family Bible Records
Elizabeth Wilson -Seth Wood Bible Hodges - Shearman Bible
Monro - Cole Bible Monro - Card Bible
Elizabeth Frost - Elias Baity Bible
Ruggles-Beardsley-Lay Bible
Annis WORDEN - Jesse SMITH Bible
Smith - Nichols Bible
Smith - Gaylord Bible
Squires - York  Bible
Palmer - Smith Bible
Willson - Predmore Bible
Wilson - Burton Bible
Hart - Purvis - Brown Bible Records
Roblyer - Sanford - Gates - Wood Bible Records
Klinger - Dewey Bible Records
Klinger - Ritta Bible [JMT Klinger File]
Hubbard - Burley Bible
Watkins - Rumsey Bible
Taylor - Hulslander Bible
Soper - Purvis Bible
Pollock - Wells Bible
Bixby - Button -Fisher Bible
Emma WOOD - Horace JOHNS Bible
Hannah SMITH - Burr WOOD Bible
Amanda HAVEN - Lafayette GRAY Bible
Lura J. MILLER - James E. GRAY Bible
Nora STONE - Walter SMITH Bible 
(Sarah MAKELEY - Horace SMITH)
Rumsey - Warren Bible
Fellows - Backer Bible
Frost - Vandemark Bible
Susanna Rumsey-Simeon Ford Bible
Lydia Ames-Benjamin Knowlton Bible (V2#p113)
Gray - Harvey - Ripley Bible (V.1)
Bessie SMITH - Tom CHAMBERLAIN Bible (V1-20)
Palmer Family Records
Lunn - Swan - Fellows Bible
Moore - Barber Bible
Beach - Blundell Bible
Orvis - Clark Family Record
Colegrove - Hulslander Bible Records
Township Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos
Welch Reunion 1905
Welch Reunion Notes 1914-1946
Hulslander Reunion Records 1900-1902
York Reunion Records 1932 - 1936
Webster Reunion Records [JMT Webster File]
Tracking the Pioneer Wood Line of Sullivan to the Class of 1962 at Mansfield
Descendants of Eunice Northrup & Thomas Wilson Roblyer Family Notes
Sarah STYRES Smith Birthday Book Finding Jonathan Wood
Eugene Dewey 1933 Autobiography of Philip H. Dewey
The Legend of Santa Claus Hollow - Clark Orvis Story Elias Baity - Alice Whittaker Family
Joyce M. Tice Ahnentafel Ainsley McConnell Ahnentafel Joan NASH O'Dell Ahnentafel

Weddings & Special Anniversaries
1878 Marriage Rosebell York & Edgar Jones
1885 Effie Haven - Samuel Egbert Judson Marriage
1886 Cora Smith & Harvey Tice Marriage
1897 Ethel Harvey & Hubert Hagar married
1899 GertrudeClark & Horace Hagar
Marriage Clippings
1908 Edna Lewis & Walter Shaw Marriage
1914 - Mildred Mudge & Lee Tice Marriage
1984 Pearl VanDusen - Boyd W. Smith 50th Anniversary
2001 Marcella Miller / Leslie Tice 58th Anniversary
2003 Marcella Miller / Leslie Tice 60th Anniversary
Sullivan Township's Centenarians
Rebekah ROSE "Packard" - 1795-1901
Polly BALLARD "Fellows" 1806-1904 (A mere 97)
Julius Rumsey 1856-1956
Lucinda ? "Schermerhorn " 1790-1890
Frances DOUD "Ruggles" 1874-1975
Vera PALMER "Garthwaite"  1897 -2007
Grace RHINEBOLD "Robbins" 1881-1983 Dora HOWE "Roblyer" 1882-1981 Fannie HULSLANDER "Wilson" 1883-1983
Nina MUDGE "Sills" 1885-1993 Winifred SMITH "Reynolds" 1889-1990 Grace ROGERS "Hill" 1889-1989
Mary Hannah LAY 1890-1993 Lura CONNELLY "Maine" 1895-1995 Addie WELCH "Prince" 1895-1998
Marion WILCOX "Wright" 1898-1999 Helena DEWEY "Green" 1903-2005 Burnice DIXON "Bovier" 1907-2008
Sullivan Township Resident Photo Album
The AMAZING Sullivan Township Photo Gallery
More Family Histories in the Today section of the site
Migrations - Where did they come from and where did  they go - Tracking our people
I will be developing this section of the site further and adding both the names of the women that the history books seldom considered, and the place of origin and family histories. For now, I am just trying to get the order of who came when established. Some of the tax records, that would demonstrate that, are missing. This immigrant section is in draft mode subject to change.
Sullivan Township Immigrants - Where our people came from and when 
Seven Families Pre 1807
Allen Lane & Susanna
Ira Mudge & Asenath Crissey - Otsego County NY
Ensign Mitchell - Isaac Westcott - Abram West - Oliver Jennings - Samuel Reynolds
1807 - Gardner Seaman - James Gray - Jeremiah Rumsey -  1808 - Noah Rumsey - Simon Briggs
Sullivan Township Emigrants - Where our people went and when
1838 Levi Weed and family to Ohio
1838 Eleanor Wood & Eli Gray to Ohio
1840s Ames Family to Illinois
1853 Doud-Hayden family to Iowa
1862- 1920 Letters from the Crippen - Hodges folks in Illinois to family back home in Rutland & Sullivan
1865 Margaret Smith & Welch Ashley - Sullivan to Minnesota
1909 John W. DeWitt updates Uncle Paul Cudworth in Michigan on Troy and Mainesburg
1883 Esther Squires & Ephraim McConnell - to Nebraska
Ben E. Calkins to Butte, Montana
Sullivan Township Diaries & Letters, & Poetry
The people of Sullivan Talk Directly to You and Tell You of Thier Lives and Times
Letters & Diaries Letters of the Frost, Walker and Allied Families 1856-1949
1840s Daniel Doud to parents in Mainesburg
Rosina Smith Diary Collection
The Squires Diaries The Emerson Smith Diaries
Scraps From the Past
1850s - Maria L. Doud, Unsung Poet of Sullivan Township and Iowa
1908 - People I saw at the Mansfield Fair 1944 - Quilt Tops left by Ruth HOLLY Mudge
1909 - People I saw at the Shadow Social My Neighbor by Loretta HEYLER Welch
1910-1911 _ People I Saw That I Knew
Sullivan Township Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
1838 Deed to Wood Cemetery
1828 Isaac Baker Will (In 7188 record)
1838 Thomas Rexford Estate
1849 Margaret LEE "Baker" Will
Sullivan Township Supervisors' Meeting minutes - 1845-1897- Road Surveys, Care of the Poor, Oaths of Office - A treasure trove of information on  township government in  the very early days. [Joyce will transcribe and publish]
1847 Property Sale Calvin Reynolds to Moses Crawford - Also 1864 Transfer of Same Property - Lease
1849 - Indenture Marcus Strange & Orr Palmer (To Do)
1849 Deed - Rowena Soper & Benjamin Parshall to Susannah KEENEY Parshall
Henry Card Papers - 1851 to 1870s Local Justice of the Peace
1854 Deed - Heirs of E. Bryant, Dec'd. to W. W. Bryant (To Do)
1854 Deed Molly WOOD Bryant to W. W. Bryant (To Do)
1867 & 1874 - Receipts on contract BT Abe Westbrook & Arad Smith (To Do)
1877 Agreement on Timber Rights - E. L. Nash to J. McConnell
1869 - Deed - Parshall Heirs to Peter Hulslander
1892 - Indenture BT Phoeba Palmer & Minnie Fethers (To Do) Also Bond of Obligation
1897 - Estate of Justus McConnell
1909 Will of Benjamin Ashley of Shippen
1917 Will of Thomas E. Ashley of Delmar
1918 Will of Hosea Kennedy of Delmar
1923 - Indenture BT Sherman & Bentley (To Do - GF File)
1928 - Indenture BT Bentley & Fethers
1928  Indenture Minnie Fethers and Phoebe Palmer (To Do)
1931 Deed -Tracy VanCurren to Minnie Fethers (To Do)
Sullivan Township Military Records
World War I Listing
Who Is Overseas - WW1
Sullivan Township World War 2 Honor Roll
World War II Listing
John L. Horton Civil War file
Sullivan Rifle Card - Camp Curtin Roll Call - Civil War
Abijah Reynolds Remembers Andersonville Prison
World War One Veterans
Lee G. & Jesse L. Austin
Gerald N. & Homer R. Austin
Edward F. Bolt - 1895-1981
Ross E. Bryan - WW1
Howard B. Connelly 1893 - 1957
Homer J. Dewitt 1895-
Grant Fethers 1893-1955
James A. McConnell 1891-1974
Warren L. Miller 1899-1982
Roy Nash 1892-1990
Robert Palmer 1892-1968
Morris G. Schucker 1894-1972
Oscar R.Sherman 1900-1990
Glenn I. Smith 1887-
Myron E. Webster 1892-1987
Gus Welch 1896-1968
Sullivan Township Sports 
1944 Mainesburg Baseball Team
190? - Lynn G. Soper at First Base
Sullivan Township Population Statistics
1887 Mainesburg Borough = 239
1887 Sullivan Township = 1345
 Mainesburg & Sullivan   1880 - 1,345 
1890 - 1,800 
1891 Sullivan Township incl. Mainesburg = 1405
1900 Sullivan Township = 1290
Mainesburg rejoined Sullivan before 1900
2001 Property Parcels = 909
2001 Per Capita Taxpayers BT age 18 & 65 = 723
County Population Statistics 1810 - 1992
Sullivan's Pioneer Families in 1820
Early Families of Sullivan Township from the Database of Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project
If you have additional information or facts, or stories, letters, diaries about any of these families, please submit them to Joyce for inclusion. The SRGP can only grow and fulfill its misson of tracking all our Sullivan Families, if all of you descended from them are willing to share the results of your own work in exchange for ours. You are ON YOUR HONOR not to use these materials if you are unwilling to submit your family  updates to the present day in good genealogical format and any additonal information you have.   1820 Census Transcription
Hannah DOYNE & Samuel WELCH Rebecca ?? & Joseph DEWEY Polly REED & Eli GITCHELL
Polly PITTS & Timothy KNOWLTON Almeda CLEVELAND & David FELLOWS Lydia ORVIS & Russell ROSE
Sally ELLIOTT & Daniel ROSE V Betsey FORD & Smith RUMSEY Susannah CUDWORTH & Noah RUMSEY
Anna DOUD & James CUDWORTH, Sr. Isabella RUMSEY & Peleg DOUD Sally HAMLIN & Ziney DOUD
Omira Tate WILSON & Silas GRAY Rebecca PITTS & Simeon BRIGGS, Jr. Mollie CUDWORTH & Hanover PITTS
Sophronia ROSE & John WATSON Achsah ROSE & Simeon KING Betsey DOUD & Roswell WEBSTER
Asenath CRISSEY  & Ira MUDGE Anna BENSON & Henry REW Anna MANN & Samuel REYNOLDS
Hannah BABCOCK & Josiah DEWEY Nancy HAKES & Nathaniel WELCH, Jr. Lura DICKINSON & Nathaniel WELCH
Susannah HOLDEN & Jesse ORVIS Sophia WELCH & John KING Love MAYHEW & Samuel HARDING
Delilah CASE & Stephen PALMER Sally HARDING & Elijah GAYLORD Sophia TAYLOR & David PALMER
Eunice HOWE & John LUDINGTON Ruth MINOR & William LUDINGTON Parthenia WHITE & James GRAY, Sr.
Sarah HOWE & George GRAY Margaret LEE & Isaac BAKER George DIVEN
Elizabeth ?? & Thomas LEWIS Lydia DRINKWATER & Samuel CUDWORTH Asenath DOUD & Jermemiah RUMSEY
Lydia WHIPPLE & Jonathan Carver AMES Malinda HOTCHKISS & Robert BAILEY, Jr. Abigail ?? & Constant BAILEY
Asenath WILSON & Robert BAILEY Polly LAWRENCE & Griffin BAILEY Asenath BAILEY & Benjamin LAWRENCE
Annis WORDEN & Jesse SMITH Elizabeth WORDEN & David CRIPPEN Milly WOOD & Silas B. SMITH
Abigail ROSE & Avery SMITH Sarah WOOD & James DANN Eleanor WOOD & Eli GRAY
Joseph FLETCHER Molly WOOD & Ephraim BRYANT Catherine SHERIDAN & Samuel VanGORDER
The Amazing Sullivan Township Photo Gallery
Photos with Biographies and Obituaries
Note: Women are listed by their birth name to show them the same respect we show the men.
All Pages of SRGP are presented with the expectation of RECIPROCITY. If you are descended from these people, Joyce needs your family updates to the PRESENT.
Rebekah Rose 1795-1901
Hannah Burt & Marcus Strange
Eunice Northrup Wilson & Rufus Smith
Arad Smith 1800-1889
Aurelia Gray 1802 - 1880
George Seeley 1805 - 1879
Polly BALLARD "Fellows" 1806-1904
Elizabeth Schoolcraft Rose 1807-1898
Loretta HARDING 1810-1861
Alma Bryant & James McConnell Jr
Elizabeth Frost - Elias Baity
Nancy Mosher & Charles McConnell
Sallie Chandler 1824-1872
Ellen M. Seymour & George W. Seymour
Almira Wood & Hiram Roblyer
Ephriam Smith 1827 - 1909
Roxie Scouten & Philetus Smith
Ira Brown Scouten 1828-1893
Mary A. Bradford & Alexander C. Smith
1866 - The Family of Lydia Jane Dewey & Richard F. Ashley
Mollie Mary McConnell & William Welch
Lufannia Smith & Solomon Smith
Mary Ann Bryant and William H. Squires
Polly Jelliff & Daniel Rumsey Doud
Julia Ann Crippen and Aaron Squires
Sally Scouten 1830-1904 
& Son Jehiel Richmond b. 1858
Mary Jane Smith & George Squires
Huldah Smith & Isaac Squires
Elizabeth (Betsey) Richmond 1830-
Melissa Richmond 1831 - 1911
Philena Wheeler & Lloyd Squires
Matilda Richmond 1835 - 1891
Charles Milton Shaw 1836 - 1909
Melissa R. Mabie 1838 - 1904
Lois Tice & Lewis Lucas
Hannah Strange 1839-1898
Mary Jane Squires & Thomas O. Doud
Sterne Addison Ashley 1839-1920
Caroline McConnell & Alvah Gray
Hannah C. Watkins & Jesse W. Austin
Mary Amanda Moore (1841 - 1910)
John Ellis Welch 1841-1902
Polly Comfort & Matthew Richard Smith
Olive Updyke & Isaac Nelson Tears
Charlotte Welch & Lyman Smith
Perceptor & Arba Wood
Fannie Shelton & Leander C. Gardner
Mary J. Wilson & Lafayette Squires
Lucinda Welch Family
Diadama F. Smith 1845-1871
Viola E. Squires 1846-1908
Jennie Smith & John Styres
Dr. Mary Elizabeth Smith 1848 - 1926
Maria Smith / Byron Smith Family
Margery Smith / Isaac Richmond Family
Jerome W. Bryant 1850 - 1926
Alpharetta Bixby 1851-1881
Addie Ruggles, Ida Goodrich, Alice Evans
Addis E. Gardner 1853-1907
Leda Brewster & Philo Brewster
Harmon Scouten 1854 - 1919
Melissa Smith & Leander R. Austin
Smith Sisters
Electa Scouten & Julius Rumsey
Rose Belle Smith & Levi Roblyer
Ella Irene Smith  1857 - 1932
Ida R. Gardener 1857-
Emma E. Cook & George J. Gardner
Elizabeth Wilkins & Thomas Bolt
Helena Shelton & David W. Bryan
Frank & Ella Seeley
Sarah Styres 1859-1938
Lydia Sands & Philo Sumner
The Ruth Holly, Menzo Mudge Family
The Shelton Sisters - Stella & Fanny
Newbury McConnell 1860-1919
Ida Cora Robbins & Alvin Butler Austin
Josephine Squires & Bert Palmer
Jennie Smith 1861 - 1901
Frances L. Rockwell & Colie J. Beach
Minnie Rumsey & Leander Emory Austin
The Tice Siblings (Surviving Children of Phil & Amanda)
Mary L. Richmond & Ernest Seymour
Minnie Smith & Samuel W. Sherman Married 1886
Ida Cora Robbins & Alvin Austin
Lucinda Robbins - John Harley Packard Family
Heess - McKay Family Photos
Mattie Card & Frank Beardslee
Blanche & Lettie Austin - 1899 Schoolteachers
Emily Squires & Orrin Lay Family 1898
Mildred & Ward Gardener
Addie Mudge & Harry F. Garrison
Dorcas Monro - Orris Mudge Family 1900
Ada Smith & Elmer Updyke
Edwin Maine and the Cyclone Cultivator
Nellie Strange & Her Siblings ca. 1877
William G. Lay 1873 - 1931
The Robbins Children ca. 1885
Estella Page & Bird Bell York
Nora, Bert, and Cora Styres
Alice Gray & John C. Strange
Bertha Nellie Welch 1879-1924
Minnie Roblyer 1881 - 1937
Dora Howe & Grant Roblyer
Bessie, Nellie, Lillian Smith ca 1898
Bartlett Children of Mainesburg
Mildred Bailey, Cora Stone, Emma Brace
Florence Mudge - Stephen Smith Marriage 1905
Bertha Welch & Clarence Klinger
The York Children 1907
The Wood Brothers
Goldie Griffin & Harry Tice 1909
Nancy RIPLEY Bullard Funeral Book 1911
Omar Doud, Charlotte - Fiftieth Anniversary {JSM}
Lavina Hogancamp and brothers & Si Florey
Lee D. Tice Church Furniture - 1961
.If you have photos of people with Sullivan Township connections, please submit them for this section
Don't be a Squirrel - Share your historic artifacts and information with us. When is the last time you sent something in to add to the site? How to Submit
Your Family and  Historical materials need to be submitted to make this site grow and develop
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Joe McConnell honored - May 2008 Wellsboro Gazette
Well known musician Joe McConnell has been named the Max Colegrove Citizen of the Year for 2008 by the Mansfield Chamber.

The award dinner is set for Thursday, June 5 at the Mansfield Fire Hall. Tickets at $15 are available at The Pennysaver, Photos by Dart, Northwest Savings Bank and First Citizens Bank.
McConnell was an amateur big band leader for many years, with appearances throughout New York State and Pennsylvania. He is also well known as a keyboard player for "Spare Parts" and trumpet player with the "X-Ray Big Band." He is a member of the "Catlin Hollow Brass."

Born in Buffalo, NY, McConnell attended Cornell University for two years, studying mechanical engineering, before leaving in March of 1943 to join the U.S. Army Air Corps as an aviation cadet. Graduating as a second lieutenant, McConnell went overseas as a bomber pilot, flying B-25s on 23 combat missions. 

County Commissioner Candidate [Spring 1959]
Mr. Barry O. Hafer of Sullivan Township, Mansfield Star Route, has announced his candidacy for nomination for the office of County Commissioner, subject to the will of the Democratic voters in the May 19th Primary. After concluding his High School course and graduation, Mr. Hafer served 2 years as an enlisted man in the U.S. Navy in the Pacific Theater of Operations, and then enrolled at Lycoming College in 1947, where he majored in Business Administration. Mr. Hafer has been a resident of Tioga County since 1949, and in 1951 purchased a small farm in Sullivan Twp., which he has expanded and developed into a large and successful dairy operation consisting of seventy [70] head of Holstein cattle. He has interested himself in Soil Conservation activity and his 325 acres of productive farm lands comprise a model project in soil and water conservation. He was one of the originators of the Corey Creek Watershed Assn., and he has served as a Director and Vice President of the Assn. He has been most active in  civic affairs, and is believed to be the first Democrat ever elected to office in Sullivan Township, where he now serves as Auditor, an office he won in 1957. Mr. Hafer, as well, has been employed by the Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture in the Tioga County Bureau of Animal Industry. He is a member of the Grange, the Mainesburg Methodist Church and has been a most active worker in the Democratic Party for many years. His wide knowledge of the general subjects that are allied to the duties of County Commissioner well quality him for the position he seeks. 
Mansfield Advertiser, 1954
McConnell offered Assistant Secretary
Press notices have reported that Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Benson wants James McConnell to stay in the Agriculture Department and would like to have him as Assistant Secretary of Agriculture. McConnell went to Washington in the first place for a short time only as Chief of the Commodity Stabilization service. He has put that branch on a better basis and had intended to come home. He has, as his friends here know, trouble with his vocal chords and hesitated to take a job that requires him to make speeches. Also, he would like to get away from the headaches of administration jobs. He has done a good job in the department and the people there seem to agree with what some of his friends up here say, the "if Eisenhower had more men like McConnell, we would have better government."  McConnell's job when he was called to Washington was to find some way of disposing of the huge stocks of food products that the government has on hand. For several years those surpluses have been a threat to the farmers. The surplus has been growing from year to year and if disposed of in one season, or suddenly in great quantities, would see farm prices way down. The program established by McConnell seems to be one that meets with the least objection by all.