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The Jones - Lines Family Bible

The Jones Family Bible is in the possession of Ronald Jones. My e-mail address is

The Jones Family Bible was presented to Edward N. Jones "E. N. Jones" by his mother Hannah (Johnson) Jones of Pompton Plains, New Jersey on September 1, 1847. The Bible was handed down to various family members. Four different styles of handwriting appear in the Bible.

E. N. Jones moved his family from New York, in about 1849, to Rutland, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, where he purchased a farm. The value of the farm as stated on the 1850 Federal census was $800.00. After "E. N. Jones died in 1900, the Bible moved with the family members, first to Seattle, Washington and then to Portland, Oregon.

Information about the Bible:

Troy Edition: The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments:

Translated out of the Original Tongues;

And with the Former Translations Diligently Compared And Revised.

With Canne’s Marginal References, together with the

Apocrypha and the Concordance.

To which are added, an index and references, and a key sheet of questions, geographical, historical, practical, and experimental.

The text corrected according to the standard of the American Bible Society.

Published by W. & H. Merriam

Troy, New York 1846

Transcription of the Jones Family Bible by Ron Jones January 15, 2008

Edward N. Jones b: 16 Mar 1808 NJ d: 16 Apr 1900 Covington, PA

(E. N. Jones)

Married: 26 Nov 1835

Emeline Lines b: 15 Jan 1812 NY d: 10 Apr 1866 Rutland, PA


Anonymous b: 31 Mar 1837 d:

William Edgar b: 18 Nov 1839 d: Mar 1865, in the Army of the Potomac

James Alonzo b: 3 Jun 1844 d: 24 Feb 1905 Binghamton, New York

Sarah Francis b: 12 Sept 1848 d: 4 Feb 1930 Redmond, Washington

Marriages and Children:

James Alonzo married 31 Dec 1864

Julia M. Beach b: 8 Mar 1844 New York d: 2 Apr 1907 Seattle, Washington

Sarah Francis married 31 Dec 1868

John H. Benson b: 2 Jun 1846 PA d: 29 May 1925 Blossburg, PA

Children of James Alonzo and Julia M. Beach

Jennie Jones b: 6 Feb 1866 d: 11 Aug 1942 Seattle Washington

Ollie A. Jones b: 20 Jul 1867 d: 4 Mar 1934 Spokane Washington

Morris Emery Jones b: 13 May 1871 d: 2 Dec 1945

Fred W. Jones b: 23 May 1872

Edward N. Jones b: 21 Apr 1879 d: 15 Sept 1953 Portland, Oregon

Ella Jones b: 28 Jun 1883 Adopted

Jennie Jones married

1. Date unknown Isaac T. Griffiths b: d: 6 Jul 1883

2. 20 Jul 1884 Elmer E. Gilbert b: Feb 1863 d: 5 Jun 1935 Redmond, Washington

Children of Jennie Jones and Elmer E. Gilbert

Charles Gilbert b: Sept 1885

Thresia Gilbert b: Nov 1886

Frank Gilbert b: May 1889

Ray Gilbert b: Jul 1890

Ollie Jones married 21 Dec 1887

1. Clarence E. Slade b: d: 10 Jul 1919 Seattle, Washington

Children of Ollie Jones and Clarence E. Slade

Philip Clinton b: 17 Dec 1888

Martha Ellen b: 30 Apr 1890

James A. b: 22 Jan 1896

Julia M. b: 15 Jun 1898

Clarence E. Jr. b: 28 Jul 1906

2. Mr. Long

Philip Clinton Slade married 20 Apr 1913

Wilma A. Whitaker

Children of Philip Clinton Slade and Wilma A. Whitaker

Robert James b: 4 Jan 1914

Philip C. Slade Jr. b: 19 Feb 1915

Olive Marion b: 18 Apr 1916

Martha Ellen Slade married 27 Sept 1908

Benjamin D. Chestnut

Children of Martha Ellen Slade and Ben Chestnut

Dorothy Gray Marylyn b: 16 Nov 1909

Olive Marben b: September 1916 d: 25 Sept 1916 Seattle, Washington

Martha Ellen Slade married 17 Oct 1918

Andrew Oliver Erickson

James Alonzo Slade married 4 Feb 1916

Lois M. Wilkens

Children of James Alonzo Slade and Lois M. Wilkens

Harold Milton b: 6 Dec 1916

Ethel Lois b: 21 May 1918

Julia M. Slade married 12 May 1918

Harry B. Boyd

Maurice (Morris) Jones married 7 Dec 1896

Rachel Bolt b: 25 Jan 1878

Children of Maurice Jones and Rachel Bolt

Julia b: 4 Jan 1897

Edward William b: 26 Feb 1898

Clarence b: 1899

Edward N. Jones married 20 Nov 1901 Troy, Pennsylvania

Charlotte June Palmer b: 21 May 1882 Carmel, PA d: 10 Aug 1962 Portland, OR

Children of Edward Jones and Charlotte June Palmer

Lewis Wilber b: 13Jul 1903 Sullivan, Pennsylvania d: 30 Nov 1969 Portland, OR

Olive Mildred b: 13May 1905 Elmira, New York d: 12Aug 1997 Portland, OR

Edward N. Jr. b: 15Sept 1907 Seattle, Washington d: 19 Apr 1968 Portland, OR

Mildred May b: 24Apr 1912 Newcastle, Washington d: 18Nov 2000 Ventura, CA

Charlotte May b: 20Sept 1915 Newcastle, Washington d: 1Apr 1997 Portland, OR

Julia Evelyn b: 5Jul 1918 Newcastle, Washington d: 13Jun 1990LincolnCity, OR

Thomas Donald b: 30Jan 1920 Newcastle, Washington d: 8Jul 1972 Bellflower, CA

Milton Eugene b: 21Feb 1921 Newcastle, Washington d:12Apr 1986 Milwaukie, OR

Maxine Myrtle b: 15Jan 1923 Renton, Washington d: 4Jul 2002 Portland, OR


Lewis 22 Nov 1930 Portland, Oregon

Mildred Anderson b: 14 Aug 1908 d: 13 Jul 1976 Portland, OR

Olive 28 Jun 1924 Renton, Kings, Washington

Carl Morris Pollack b: 9 Jul 1903 Norway d: 19 May 1997 Portland, OR

Edward N. Jr. Never Married

Mildred 23 May 1936 Vancouver, Washington

Edward Victor Burmeister b: 11 Jun 1912 Hubbard, MN d: 30 Jan 1996 Downey, CA

Charlotte 9 Mar 1934 Stevenson, Washington

Allen N. Barker b: 16 Dec 1900 Lund, ID d: 17 Jun 1984 Portland, OR

Julia Oct 1934

1. Wendell Storer b. 11 Feb 1918 d:

20 Feb 1946 Stevenson, Washington

2. Clarence Albert Spence b: 4 Jun 1912 d: 17 Aug 1988 Lincoln, OR

Thomas 25 Sept 1943 Los Angeles, California

Helen M. Tower b: 12 Sept 1916 d: 3 Dec 1974 Bellflower,CA

Milton 28 Mar 1942 Vancouver, Washington

Violet Harriet Howard b: 31 Jul 1923 Werner, ND d:10Aug1994 Milwaukie,OR

Maxine Mar 1946

Wesley J. Chitwood b: 28 Mar 1922

Ella Jones married 3 Apr 1901

John S. Frost

Hi Joyce,

There isn’t anything in the Bible about the migration of the families in the Bible.  I have followed them through census records and the following is what I found:

Olive (Jones) Slade and Clarence Slade moved to Clinton, Indiana about 1899, they are listed in the 1900 census.
Jennie (Jones) Gilbert and Elmer E. Gilbert moved to Kirkland, Washington before the 1900 census. He is listed as owning a Hotel.
Morris Jones moved to Elmira, New York and was a Mason.
Edward N. Jones moved to the Seattle area before September of 1907, at that time Edward N. Jr. was born.

Their Mother
Julia M. (Beach) Jones died in Seattle 2 Apr 1907.  This was after her husband James A. Jones died in NY 24 Feb 1905.
The Slade’s moved to Seattle, from Clinton, Indiana, before the 1910 census.
Sarah Francis (Jones) Benson died 4 Feb 1930 in Redmond, Washington. This was after her husband, John H. Benson died in Pennsylvania in 1925.
I hope this has helped you with the migration.  If you have any questions, just ask.


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