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1938 Eugene Crippen of Rutland
Diary of Eugene Crippen
Township: Rutland Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1938
Transcribed by Creig Crippen
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Photo of Eugene Crippen in 1912 sent in by Creig Crippen
Eugene M. Crippen lived 1880 to 1967, 
son of Ada Ann Redfield and Osmer Crippen of Rutland.
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In 1938, 58 year old Eugenie Crippen was living in Roseville with his children and in regular contact with relatives and neighbors. It was the midst of the Depression and Eugene was caretaker at Watson Cemetery and worked at various odd jobs in the community. After years as a single parent, Eugene was wrestling this year with what we now call Emply Nest Syndrome. His narration covers a large number of grave diggings and funerals as well as interesting coverage of events both nationally and in the immediate community. This is an excellent window into the workings and social events of the village of Roseville during the depression.

Jan.1st Sat.- Rainy,misty day.Orey and I up about 9:00 this AM and started the new year working on cupboards.In PM we cleaned the barn etc.Zelma home about noon.In evening Fred came.He and I played checkers after I made a checker board.Later had lunch,a pleasant evening.Thus starts off 1938,womder what is in store for us before 1939 rolls around?? The world is full of war and rumors of war and all nations are building defences and war materials.The western sky at sunset Dec.29th 1937 was blood red.That turned the fleecy clouds to look like blood soaked cotton.An old man came into the Post Office where I was working that day and asked if I had noticed it,remarking,"That means something,it is probably a good thing we don't know what."

Jan.2nd Sun.- Cold,cloudy.Sun shone through once or twice in PM. Didn't getup till 9:00.Zelma went to S.S. She teaches the beginners class in S.S.I hope Zelma continues to believe in church and continues to do a reasonable amount of church work. Vivian,who was all taken up for a time with church,and started to study for the ministry,has dropped it all.She goes to dances,shows on Sunday,anywhere except to church.

Jan.3rd Mon.- Cold morning,pleasant,warmer PM.My boys,Creig and Osmer are furnishing our fuel this winter,so don't have to cut much wood.They gave me orders last fall not to cut wood this winter. Today have felt mean all day,worked a little on kitchen cupboards.Zelma began school again following Christmas vacation. Yesterday William Sweeley was quite seriously hurt,playing hockey on the ice on the old mill pond.

Jan.4th Tue.- Cloudy morning,clear PM but cold wind.Worked on cupboard doors.Prof.Walter G.Clark called in AM on school business.He is Tioga County Supt.of Schools.Orey W.went skating in evening. One year ago today Creig went to Harrisburg to work for the state.I seems like a long year.

Jan.5th Wed.-Cloudy,windy. Worked on house in AM.In PM went to Rouses and helped cut some pole wood.First work I have done outdoors this winter. Don Woodworth up and studied with Orey W.this evening. I read the President's annual message to Congress.A very good liberal paper,if he can only get Congress to enact the laws he suggests.

Jan.6th Thu.- A beautiful day, and warm for Jan. About sick with my headbut worked a little finishing the kitchen.Zelma and Orey W.went to theyoung people's bible study class in evening.I believe in the church.Ido not believe in the preacher being a dictator.

Jan.7th Fri.- A good,only a little windy.Zelma,Orey W.and I called on Alton Crippen and his family.Spent a pleasant evening.Listened to a middle weight prize fight over the radio.The first social call I have made since living in Roseville.Received a letter from Creig today.

Jan.8th Sat.- Cloudy,cold.They are cuting ice on the old mill pond nearly a foot thick. Washed,cleaned the piano and worked about the house all day.Fred called on Zelma in evening.Judge Sutherland of the U.S.Supreme Court resigned a few days ago.Thus giving Pres.Roosevelt a chance to appoint another judge,and giving the liberals control of the court for the first time in many years. The first time since I can remember. Besides agreeing with the present administrations in Washington and Harrisburg in their liberal views;I believe with Roosevelt in his desire for a larger navy.I have always been a believer in a large navy, and a fairly large army.Say 250,000 enlisted men in the army and a navy second to none.With the C.C.C. maintained at 500,000 with some military training, at least till the unemployment rate drops to less than one per cent of the population. [Note from JMT - The Civilian Conservation Corps provided some employment on public projects during the Depression]

Jan.9th Sun.- A beautiful day but cold,didn't thaw even in the sun.Went to church and S.S.with Zelma in the AM.Vivian and Don called in PM.Zelma went canvassing for preacher's pay in PM,and Orey W.went skating.

Jan.10th Mon.- A good winter day.Ironed and worked around the house all day

Jan.11th Tue.- Cold morning,cloudy PM.Worked on house most of day.Osmer came in PM and brought us a load of wood.Fred here in evening.

Jan.12th Wed.- Cold,cloudy.Tinkered on house a little.

Jan.13th Thu.- Cold,snowy.Worked for Don Soper filling ice house all day. Don is a man in his thirties with a large farm,and rumor has it,an equally large debt,whose only ambition seems to be to get another quart

of liquor.His wife's only ambition seems to be to get out of work and have a man to sleep with. Don has two and sometimes three men working regular and one woman. Most of the men are boozers,a boozer neighbor hangs about most of the time.Osmer and the hired girl do the work,(Zelma Wilbur the hired girl).Why Osmer stays is beyond me.

Jan.14th Fri.- Warmer.Little snow late PM.Worked on house all day.Zelma and

Orey W.went to bible study class last night.Zelma didn't get up in time

for the bus this morning,Fred took her to school.

Jan.15th Sat.- Snowy morning,cleared about 10:30.Went down town in AM.

Called on Sweeley who was injured about two weeks ago playing hockey.In

PM oiled woodwork in living room.Fred here in evening,we all played


Jan.16th Sun.- Stormy day,snowed most all day.Zelma and I went to church

and S.S. In PM Zelma had some girl callers.I read while Orey W.went

skating with Don Woodworth.

Jan.17th Mon.- Cold,snowy.Worked about house all day.Zelma home sick with a

cold.Couldn't speak above a whisper.

Jan.18th Tue.- Cold morning.11 below zero.Coldest morning of winter.Worked

about house.Zelma better but still at home.In evening I went to a meet-

ing of the Community Church.Was elected member of the,so called,council.

A very cold night.

Jan.19th Wed.- 20 below zero this morning.Our water pipe froze,worked till

mid afternoon getting it thawed out.Zelma back in school.She is doing very poorly in her Home Ec work,owing at least partly to her teacher who does not use judgment in dealing with her. I built a sand table for Zelma's class of little tots. In evening Zelma went to a S.S.class party at the home of Charley Cook.Orey W.spent the evening with Don Woodworth.

Jan.20th Thu.- Only 10 below this morning.Worked on school Sec'y.books and went down town on school business.In evening wrote letters.Zelma studied and Orey W.went to bible study class.

Jan.21st Fri.- Warmer this morning,up to zero.Washed all AM,part of PM.In evening Lee VanNocken called,I went home with him to listen to a prize fight over the radio between Tommy Farr and Jim Braddock. Early in PM Rex Soper called to get me to open a grave for his brother,Rollin Soper who died this AM,very suddenly.Rex and Rollin were both boyhood school mates of mine.

Jan.22nd Sat.- Cloudy,warmer.Almost rain.Worked on grave all day.Lee Van Nocken helped me. In evening Zelma and Orey W.both went to a social in the church basement.I am home alone.

Jan.23rd Sun.- Warmer.A beautiful day.We all went to church in morning. Rollin Soper funeral in PM. Worked in cemetery all PM. Rollin was the youngest of the five children of Walter Soper and the first to die. The family consisted of,Roy,Rexford,Ethel,Metta and Rollin,all of whom were my boyhood playmates and school mates. Rollin was fifty last Sept.,one week after I was 57.

Jan.24th Mon.- Cloudy PM.Warmer,rainy. Did little.Worked on house,ironed a little and did some work for school board in PM.High wind at night.

Jan.25th Tue.- Cloudy,cold,windy.Worked about house.

Jan.26th Wed.- Cold and windy.Worked on sand table for Zelma's S.S.class of beginners.Wrote to Creig.

Jan.27th Thu.- Another cold day.Finished the sand table and worked a little on the house.Down town about noon for the mail.In the evening Orey W. went skating with some other boys.Zelma went to bible study class.Osmer called a few minutes in evening.

Jan.28th Fri.- Cloudy and cold. Worked for Don Soper.Changed a pantry so could put in a sink and running water,changed a window etc.Stayed up for supper.

Jan.29th Sat.- A little warmer.Worked at school house.Painted blackboard, repaired outside toilet,fixed entry floor etc.Fred at house in evening. We played checkers.Fred comes to see Zelma but we most always play games for a while,if not all evening.Asa Bement and Wayne called a few minutes in evening.

Jan.30th Sun.- Zelma,Orey W.and I all went to church and AM.Fred up for dinner.Osmer down for a couple of hours in PM.We spent a pleasant afternoon.Warmer,rainy.

Jan.31st Mon.- Last night rain changed to snow,quite cold.Did housework in AM,worked in P.O. in PM.Cudworths went to the funeral of a Mrs. Broderick,Cudworth's nephew's wife.A young woman who was one of Creig's teachers in his first high school year.

Feb.1st Tue.- Very pleasant but cold all day.Worked for Don Soper,carpenter work.Lucy Sherman died and they called me to open grave.In evening Zelma went to Mansfield to a basketball game.

Feb.2nd Wed.- Not very cold,but cloudy.Opened grave for Lucy Sherman.Fred helped me all day.Orey went skating in evening.Fred called in evening, he and Zelma sang.

Feb.3rd Thu.- Rain,sleet,a nasty day.Sherman funeral,worked in cemetery nearly all day.Orey went to a birthday party in evening.

Feb.4th Fri.- Partly cloudy.Washed in AM.Ironed in PM.Fred called in evening,he and I played checkers while Zelma studied.Orey went to Sunday School class party.

Feb.5th Sat.- Partly cloudy.Washed,cleaned barn,ironed,cut wood etc.all day. Zelma cleaned and straightened up rooms and ironed.Orey dressed about 1:30 PM.In evening Zelma and Orey W.went up to Alton's.

Feb.6th Sun.- A fairly good day,but cold.Went to morning with Orey and Zelma.

Feb.7th Mon.- A beautiful day.Worked on house all day.

Feb.8th Tue.- Another nice day.Worked on house.In evening went to Sweeley's on school business.Orey W.up at Alton's.

Feb.9th Wed.- Rained nearly all day.Lumber all outside and wet,so I did little on house.Wrote letters most of the time and read.In evening the Roseville Borough and Rutland Township School Boards held a joint meet ing at Minor Cook's.I am still Sec'y.of the Borough board but not a director.The two districts merge July 1st 1938,then I will be out of the school business. Orey W.down at Rouse's to play basketball in evening.

Feb.10th Thu.- Colder,cleared up late PM.Worked in AM,and worked on house in PM.Saw Mark McClure at noon,had a long visit. Mark and I agree on many things.In evening Zelma and Orey went to bible study and a S.S. social following,in the church basement.

Feb.11th Fri.- Cold.Worked on house.Hung door from hall into kitchen.In the evening Creig came home,so he and I sat up and visited till 2:30. That is about our usual hour when Creig comes home for a weekend.

Feb.12th Sat.- A good winter day,cloudy.Did nothing except visit with Creig.In evening Zelma and Orey W.went to a social in church basement. While Creig and I stayed home.About 9:30 Osmer came home and we three sure did enjoy the evening.Warmer in evening,rainy.

Feb.13th Sun.- Warmer.Rained nearly all night.Creek high.Zelma and Orey W. went to church and S.S. Osmer had stayed over night with us so we enjoyed another day together. Fred came home with Zelma from S.S. so there were six of us at dinner.Dinner over,we enjoyed an afternoon of singing,games and visiting.Fred and Osmer left about 9:30.It seems so good to have the boys both home again,if only for a few hours.It is better than nothing,can't expect to always keep them.

Feb.14th Mon.- Warm,cloudy.About 40 above this morning.Roy James came for me to open a grave for Georgia,his wife,who had died very suddenly yesterday morning.Creig stayed and helped me dig all day.For several years Georgia James had taught the lower grades in the Rutland schools. Osmer,Zelma and Orey W.had all been in her classes and were very fond of her.She was a very good teacher. [Note form JMT - Georgia AUSTIN James was originally from Mainesburg]

Feb.15th Tue.- Colder.30 degrees colder this morning and cold wind all day.Creig went back to Harrisburg this morning and I went to work on thegrave.Finished about noon.Funeral in PM.Worked filling grave untilafter dark. Shaw of Mansfield was the undertaker,he is slow and bigheaded.Also pig headed and very scotch.

Feb.16th Wed.- Very cold.Partly pleasant.At home.Did little or nothing but rest.Took cold waiting for Shaw to swing himself yesterday.So I'm lame and lazy today.Zelma went to her S.S.class meeting at Copps in evening

Feb.17th Thu.- Cold,partly cloudy and rainy.Washed clothing and bedding all day.Zelma went to bible study class in evening.

Feb.18th Fri.- Cloudy,cold.Went to Mansfield with John Benson in AM.Worked on house in PM.

Feb.19th Sat.- Rainy,sleety,roads a glare of ice. I ordered some materials for the house yesterday,it was delivered this AM.Worked on house in PM. The Men's Bible Class of the Sunday School served a pancake supper in church basement in evening.I mixed the pancakes.Zelma and Orey W.went. Orey W.called on his girl friend afterwards,he seems to be starting out early.

Feb.20th Sun.- About 2 inches of snow this morning to cover the ice.Cold all day.Went to S.S.with Zelma and Orey AM.Taught men's class.In late PM went down to Sweeley's on a matter of school business.

Feb.21st Mon.- A beautiful day,but cold.Worked on house,putting up wall board in AM.About noon Osmer came to talk with me regarding his plans for the coming summer and his life work.Osmer has about made up his mind to become a farmer.Creig thinks he will go in with him.I believe that is their best bet.The industrial world is all upset and nothing today is more secure than farming.A boy need not expect to become rich but will have a living,a home and if he looks ahead a little he will have something for his old age.The industrial world does not promise as much for the average worker.Even the extra skilled worker is often left with nothing in his old age.Or if sickness comes in his early or middle years he is on the public.Osmer had dinner with me and stayed till chore time at night.I was so glad to have him home again,if only for a few hours.I am so lonesome with both the boys gone.

Feb.22nd Tue.- A little warmer,cloudy.Worked on house most of day.

Feb.23rd Wed.- Warmer,windy.Worked on house in AM. In PM Prof.Clark,Tioga County Supt.of Schools,called and I went with him on school business.

Feb.24th Thu.- Cloudy,snow flurries.Worked on house all day.

Feb.25th Fri.- Cold March wind.Went with our Pastor Rev,C.R.Knight and a young preacher,Smith, and a Mr.Skinner,to Marsh Creek to help ordain a young preacher,Merle Fuller.We stopped in Tioga and Orey E.went along with us.We had a good time and a good dinner.I was not entirely in sympathy with the method of procedure,but it may be OK.Home about 5 PM.

Feb.26th Sat.- Pleasant AM,cold PM.Worked a little on house,but only a little.Orey W.down at Sweeley's in evening.Fred here to see Zelma.I wrote a letter.

Feb.27th Sun.- Not cold,but snowed all day.Went to AM.Read and slept in PM.Zelma and Orey at Alton's in evening.I home alone.Made candy.

Feb.28th Mon.- Cold.5 below zero,wind blew a gale.Cut wood and washed dishes.That is about all I did all day.

Mar.1st Tue.- Wind blew hard,but 12 degrees warmer than yesterday.Worked on house.Putting up wall board.

Mar.2nd Wed.- Still windy,but warmer.Worked on house.Zelma served at a church supper in church basement in evening.Orey at Woodworth's so I am alone again.I have many lonesome evenings since the boys are not at home.They wouldn't go and leave Daddy alone.

Mar.3rd Thu.- Cold,snowy.Worked on house.

Mar.4th Fri.- Pleasant morning.6 below zero.Washed clothes all day.

Mar.5th Sat.- Rained all day,snow all gone.Mark McClure called soon after I got up to get me to open a grave for his father-in-law,Nate Benson. Worked about house all day,did but little.

Mar.6th Sun.- Colder this morning,ground frozen again.Began working on the grave. 10 inches of frost in the ground.Osmer home for dinner.I didn't go back to work till he went back to Soper's about 4:00 PM.Fred down to see Zelma in evening.Zelma and Orey W.went to church and AM.

Mar.7th Mon.- Cold and windy.Worked on Benson grave all day.

Mar.8th Tue.- Still cold and windy.Benson funeral.Worked in cemetery all day.

Mar.9th Wed.- Worked on house.A little warmer but cloudy.

Mar.10th Thu.- A beautiful day.Worked in house,cleaning living room and cleaning and settling Orey's and my bedroom.

Mar.11th Fri.- Cold but not a bad March day.Orey E.called in AM.Stayed for dinner.Left about 3 PM,so that is all I did,visit.

Mar.12th Sat.- A fine day.Washed in AM. Spent the PM getting signers for petitions to place the names of,C.A.Jones for Gov.,Mundy for Lt.Gov., George H.Earle for U.S.Senator on the Democrat ballot for the May Primary.

Mar.13th Sun.- A beautiful AM.Went to AM.Osmer home for dinner.I got up late this morning and felt disagreeable all day.Whether getting up late had anything to do with my feelings I don't know.I wish Osmer would leave Sopers.Fred and Zelma made candy in evening.

Mar.14th Mon.- Cloudy,disagreeable day.Orey E.called in AM and again in PM. Out with my petition a while at noon.Orey E.took them with him in PM.

Mar.15th Tue.Rained,cloudy all day.Worked on porch post.Finished ironing.

Mar.16th Wed.- Was down town on school business most of AM.To school meet ing at Sweeley's in evening.Worked in house in PM.Cloudy,rainy day.

Mar.17th Thu.- Cloudy,colder.Sick all day.In bed most of day.

Mar.18th Fri-Warmer,a very good day.Worked in cemetery in AM and on back porch in PM.Creig came home for weekend in evening.I was glad to see him.It seems ages since he was home a month ago.

Mar.19th Sat.- A beautiful day and real warm.Worked on porch in AM.In PM began work on grave for a Bump child.In evening Osmer came down and took Creig back to Soper's with him. A long lonesome evening.If Osmer gets away from Soper's without becoming a bum,I will be surprised.

Mar.20th Sun.- A little cooler,windy.Wild geese going north,saw two flocks today.Creig and Osmer came home about 10 this morning.Fred came up to the house while Zelma was at church,he came home with Zelma after S.S. The children had dinner together.I went to the cemetery about 10:30 to finish grave ready for funeral in PM.Didn't get home till 3:30.Boys came up about 3:00. Charles Cudworth took Creig to Mansfield to meet a friend of Creig's at 7 in the evening for his return to Harrisburg. Osmer went back to Soper's and Fred went home at 4:00 PM.I went down to Cudworth's for a visit,otherwise would have been a long lonesome evening.

Mar.21st Mon.- Spring is here.A beautiful spring day. Washed in AM.In PM worked on back porch. Fred came in evening.Brought his aladdin lamp for us to use.They have electric lights where he lives now,Archie Benson's

Mar.22nd Tue.- A beautiful warm day.About 80 in the shade.Worked for A.E. Benson cutting wood. Benson set a brush fire and we had to fight right good to keep fire from woods.

Mar.23rd Wed.- Cloudy AM,pleasant PM.Set out berry bushes and worked on porch.The peepers have been making music all this week.

Mar.24th Thu.- Colder,windy.Set berries and spaded garden.

Mar.25th Fri.- Cold wind,but pleasant.Finished porch roof.Worked about trees and berry bushes.

Mar.26th Sat.- Rainy,windy,cold.Orey W.went to Elmira with Alton in AM. I cleaned barn and spaded a little in garden.Florence stopped for dinner on her way to Tioga to spend the weekend.

Mar.27th Sun.-Cold wind.Went to AM.A long lonesome PM.Zelma,Orey W and I home alone.Orey W.had to go down to Woodworths to study in the evening.He just won't stay at home only to eat and sleep.He does a few night chores.

Mar.28th Mon.- A beautiful day.Washed in AM.In PM spaded garden.

Mar.29th Tue.- Cloudy,but not cold.Worked in cemetery moving dirt piles, and filling drives in AM.In PM spaded around grape vines.

Mar.30th Wed.- Pleasant AM,cloudy PM.Helped Orey E.put large barn doors back on track in AM. In PM spaded garden.John Benson called at noon and wanted I should paint his house.Also wanted I should take the job as cemetery caretaker for 1938.He is Pres.of the Cemetery Assoc.

Mar.31st Thu.- Partly cloudy. Finished spading about berries and vines in garden by house.We have had two weeks of very fine spring weather.The earliest spring has begun in years.Buds are opening,grass is getting green. The peepers have been out for 10 days,and the last two nights the frogs have croaked a chorus in the swamp down by the creek.This all seems good after a long lonesome winter.

Apr.1st Fri.- Almost a perfect April day,except for a little wind.Planted potatoes,peas,lettuce and cabbage.In evening Fred came. Orey W.went to Alton's to play Monopoly and about 10 I went to Alton's and we listened to a couple of prize fights.One at 10 the other at 11.The radio not clear,indicating a storm.

Apr.2nd Sat.- Cold,cloudy.Spaded a little for strawberries,but not much.A cold night.

Apr.3rd Sun.- Quite cold this morning.Zelma and Orey W.went to S.S. in AM. Beginning today we have 10 and church in the evening.Osmer and Fred here for dinner. Zelma and Orey church in evening.Cow fresh this morning.

Apr.4th Mon.- Cold and windy.Worked about the house.Went down town about noon.Worked in cemetery an hour or so.In PM went with John Benson to get some hay for our cow.

Apr.5th Tue.- Cold,windy,snow flurries.Went down town.Worked about the house and yard a bit.

Apr.6th Wed.- Cold.Began snowing about 9 AM.Snowed all day and part of night.Worked in P.O. all day.

Apr.7th Thu.- About 4 inches of snow this morning.Cold,cloudy,thawed little.Osmer down few minutes in evening.Zelma and Orey W.went to bible study class in evening.

Apr.8th Fri.- Rained,snowed by turns all day.No warmer.Worked about house a little.About sick with a cold.Zelma went to school with Anita Evert.

Apr.9th Sat.- Rained hard in AM.After 3 PM snowed rest of day.Harry  Hilfiger came about 10 AM for me to open a grave for his brother,Floyd.In PM Lee VanNocken and I began work on grave.It snowed so hard we quit early.I went home and doctored for cold,it did but little good.

Apr.10th Sun.- Pleasant but cold.High wind,snow drifted all day.Went towork on grave in morning but quit about 11 and went home and to bed.Lee worked till noon.Osmer was down for dinner.He helped Lee finish grave and Orey W.helped him fill it.The funeral was at 3 PM.Orey E. called a few minutes on his way home.He had preached at the funeral.

Apr.11th Mon.- Warmer.Pleasant.The snow went fast.Peepers peeping again in evening.I was in bed all day.Zelma stayed home from school.It wasn't necessary but she insisted on staying.

Apr.12th Tue.- Not so warm,cloudy.Thaws but little.Spring may be here again before long.Feeling better.Would be OK only cough so much can't sleep nights.Zelma went to school again today.Was up most of day.Alton called in evening.Zelma went to Mansfield to a show with Fred in evening.Some of the pictures were taken about Mansfield.

Apr.13th Wed.- Warmer,partly pleasant.Worked in cemetery in AM.In PM was about used up.In bed all PM.

Apr.14th Thu.- A beautiful day.Worked a little about house.Set strawberry plants in PM. In evening Zelma and Orey went to bible study class.Creig came home in late evening for Easter.

Apr.15th Fri.- Warm day,partly pleasant.Creig and I worked in cemetery in AM.In PM we built a little fence.I was feeling better but Creig did most of the work.

Apr.16th Sat.- Cloudy.Disagreeable east wind.Went with John Benson in AM and got a little hay.In PM set strawberry plants and visited.Osmer home in evening.We played cards. Zelma home Thu.PM and Fri.for Easter vacation.

Apr.17th Sun.- Easter - Cloudy,cold.Zelma and Orey W.went to morning and church in evening.Creig and Osmer home for dinner,Fred also here.In PM Vivian and her boy friend called a few minutes.So the children were all home again for a short time,long enough to say Hello.Creig left about 7:30 PM for Harrisburg again,and so it goes,come and are gone.

Apr.18th Mon.- Pleasant AM,rainy PM.Worked in cemetery in AM.About house in PM.In evening went to Minor Cook's to see Mrs.Cook on school business.

Apr.19th Tue.- A fine day.Zelma back in school.Orey W finished the grades today,the last day of our local school.Worked in cemetery all day.

Apr.20th Wed.- Cloudy.rained a little.Worked in cemetery all day.In evening Zelma went down to Rouse's to S.S.class party. Orey W.went to bed and I wrote to Creig. This is Vivian's 21st birthday.What a change in these 21 years.

Apr.21st Thu.- Worked in cemetery.Began mowing.

Apr.22nd Fri.- Run lawn mower all day.

Apr.23rd Sat.- Orey W.and I built fence in AM.In PM worked in cemetery.

Apr.24th Sun.- Pleasant day. At home all day.

Apr.25th Mon.- A beautiful day. Having been drawn on the jury,I went to Mansfield with Alton,who works in Mansfield for Charles Loomis.Then got a ride in a truck to Wellsboro.Spent the day in Wellsboro.Came back to Mansfield by bus and home with Alton.Orey Wellsboro and we had dinner together.

Apr.26th Tue.- Another beautiful day.Went to Wellsboro again,going the same as yesterday except took bus in Mansfield in morning.Court busin ess nearly finished today,and all jurors except those on a case were excused.

Apr.27th Wed.- A very fine day,very warm.Worked in cemetery all day.

Apr.28th Thu.- Colder,windy,cloudy.Worked in cemetery.Burton finished fitting garden.

Apr.29th Fri.- Cloudy.Rained a little.Cold.Worked in cemetery all day.

Apr.30th Sat.- Cloudy,cold,windy.Worked in cemetery all day.

May 1st Sun.- Cloudy AM,pleasant PM.Zelma and Orey W.went to AM and church in evening.Osmer home for dinner and most of PM.Rev.Knight and wife called a few minutes in late PM.

May 2nd Mon.- Pleasant day.A little windy.Worked in cemetery.Orey W.planted pop corn and potatoes..I churned and wrote to Creig in evening.

May 3rd Tue.- Rained a little all day.Worked in cemetery in AM.

May 4th Wed.- Windy,cool.Worked in cemetery all day.Orey W.planted sweet corn and potatoes.

May 5th Thu.- Real warm.Thunder showers in PM. It rained me off from work about 4 PM.Attended school meeting at Sweeley's in evening.Zelma went to bible class meeting in evening.

May.6th Fri.- A beautiful day.Worked in cemetery all day. This has been one of God's beautiful days. John Benson came to cemetery in PM for a visit. Fred was at the house in evening and he and Zelma popped corn and made candy.

May 7th Sat.- Cooler and windy.Built pasture fence to enlarge our pasture. Orey went up to Jake Holton's in PM.Jake's son Merle,is in Orey's class in school.The whole 8th grade class was at Alton's in evening to brush up for the 8th grade test next Tuesday. The 8th grade test is the high school entrance test.The Holton boy stayed over night with Orey.Osmer came home for the evening.Went back to Soper's about 11:30.

May 8th Sun.- Rainy day.Zelma went to S.S. Osmer home for dinner and spent most of the PM.Orey and young Holton went fishing and dog roast. Sweeley's calves got fence down and I had to tinker line fence in late PM.Zelma and Orey W.went to church in evening.

May 9th Mon.- Rainy AM. Cold PM.Worked about the house in AM.In cemetery in PM.

May 10th Tue.- Rained in AM.Cold,cloudy PM.Mowed in cemetery in PM.Orey passed the 8th grade today.

May 11th Wed.- Cold,cloudy AM. Clear PM.Worked in cemetery all day.Real cold night.

May 12th Thu.- Very heavy frost this morning,froze water. Cold and cloudy all day.Worked in cemetery all day.Orey W.helped in cemetery in PM.

May 13th Fri.- Another cold,frosty morning.Worked in cemetery all day.Orey W.helped me again.Orey much better this spring than usual.Does chores,plants garden and helps in cemetery.Creig came home in evening.

May 14th Sat.- Little warmer,but cloudy.Creig and I worked in cemetery in AM.Hung an inside door in PM.Osmer came home in evening.Orey W.went to spend the weekend with the Holton boy.Creig,Osmer and I played cards in evening.It does seem good to have the boys home again.It doesn't seem like home with the boys gone.But such is life.It won't be long now before Zelma and Orey W.will be gone and I will be alone.And then what?

May 15th Sun.- Rained nearly all day.Zelma went to S.S.Creig and Osmer home all day.Fred here for dinner.Had a good time.The three boys seem to have a good time together.I enjoy having them all here.Creig and Osmer went up to Alton's in evening.Fred here to see Zelma in evening.

May.16th Mon.- Cloudy,windy.Finished shingling north end of house.Osmer went back to Soper's at noon.Creig went to Mansfield in morning, back about 8:30.Then he went with me to cemetery where Rouse's team and man helped us move a small building to be made into a tool house.

May 17th Tue.- Primary election day. Quite a nice day.Osmer came home in morning.He and Soper couldn't agree on wages.We worked on house.Went down to church for dinner. In evening Creig and Osmer went fishing at the pond.Fred came down and spent the evening.I went down to get election returns.After we all got home Zelma got a lunch.A pleasant time.

May 18th Wed.- Warmer but windy.In AM I worked in garden.In PM the boys and I cut wood and then built line fence between Sweeley and us.In evening Zelma and Osmer went to a S.S.class meeting,while Creig and Orey W. went fishing.

May 19th Thu.- A rainy morning.Worked in garden in PM and on porch.Creig and Osmer home.It seems like living again.

May 20th Fri.- Cloudy AM.I washed and in PM ironed.Creig and Osmer went to Elmira with Wilcox in PM.Orey W.about sick all day.Zelma went to a show in the church in the evening.

May 21st Sat.- A beautiful day.Began work on a grave for Addie Stout.Creig and Osmer worked on grave,while I ran the lawn mower.Rained in late evening.

May 22nd Sun.- Warm day.Osmer and I worked on grave in AM. Asa Bement,wife and Wayne called a few minutes in early PM.About 3:00 PM Creig and Osmer started for Harrisburg.Creig going back to work and Osmer going to look for a job.I enjoy having Creig home but it is like pulling teeth have him go back & now have lost both boys.This is a lonesome place now.I went back to the cemetery and worked a little,and visited with some of the people who came to the cemetery with flowers etc. In evening Zelma and Orey W.went to church.I spent most of the evening in the store,too tired and blue to change my clothes for church.What is the use of fixing up the place if no one is to be here to enjoy it? I don't need or want it fixed if I am to be alone.

May 23rd Mon.- Warm,cloudy,rainy.Addie Stout funeral.Worked in cemetery all day.Zelma went to Mansfield to a show in evening.Orey W.went fishing.I was alone.The other boys never would go and leave Daddy alone unless I insisted on their going.A lonesome evening,went to bed early.

May 24th Tue.- Cloudy.Worked in the cemetery all day.

May 25th Wed.- Cloudy,rained a little.Worked in the cemetery all day.Orey W.helped me.

May 26th Thu.- Partly cloudy.Worked in cemetery.Orey W.with me.Orey is my only boy now,at home that is.Helps a lot though not as strong as Creig or Osmer.He does the chores,cooks and helps in anything he can.

May 27th Fri.- A fine day.Worked in cemetery till dark.Zelma and Orey went to a young peoples meeting in evening.

May 28th Sat.- Beautiful,hot AM.Cooler,cloudy PM.Began raining about 5:30 rained all the evening.Worked in cemetery till it rained.Lee VanNocken worked with us.Zelma went with her class in school to Mt.Lake for a picnic.

May 29th Sun.- Cloudy.wet,pleasant PM.Zelma went to S.S.,then home with Mrs.A.E.Benson for dinner,spent the afternoon,till church in evening. Then went to spend the night with another girl.I worked about the house in AM.In PM went to cemetery.Saw Guss and many others had not seen since last year.Vivian and her friend came up and I came home.She soon left and wrote to Creig and Osmer.In evening I went to church.Orey W. spent PM and evening at Sweeley's.

May 30th Mon.- Memorial Day.- A fine day.In cemetery all AM,visiting etc. In PM worked in garden.Zelma in school till noon.In late PM Vivian and Don Fuller came looking for a farm.I went up to the old Crippen farm with them.Didn't find anything they wanted,and could get.

May 31st Tue.- Rainy morning,only partly cleared up.Worked in garden and about the house all day.

Jun.1st Wed.- A beautiful morning,soon clouded up.Worked in cemetery all day.Hoed corn and potatoes early morning and after supper.

Jun.2nd Thu.- A beautiful day.Worked in cemetery all day.

Jun.3rd Fri.- A fine AM,cloudy PM.Rained me off from work in cemetery soon after 4 PM.Zelma's last day of school. She passed her Junior year with no final mark lower that a B. Osmer came home in evening.Had to give up,couldn't find a job in Harrisburg.

Jun.4th Sat.- Quite warm and pleasant day.Worked in cemetery part of day and in garden part.In evening,Fred down and we all played cards.Fred stayed all night with Osmer.

Jun.5th Sun.- Pleasant but windy.Zelma went to morning.Didn't get up till about 9.Fred had been home,done chores,and come back.In PM Osmer went for a ride with Gilbert Furman.Fred went to play ball Orey W.went down to Sweeley's.Zelma and I took naps.

Jun.6th Mon.- Partly pleasant,cool wind,warmer in evening.Worked in ceme tery all day with Osmer.

Jun.7th Tue.- Pleasant,warm AM.Worked in cemetery with Orey W. Rained in PM. I worked on Roseville School District books in PM.In evening Osmer, Zelma and I played cards.

Jun.8th Wed.- A fine day. Finished building wall under back porch in AM. Worked in garden in PM.In evening Fred came and he,Osmer,Zelma and I played cards till midnight.

Jun.9th Thu.- One of Gods near perfect days.We are having very cool nights for June.Worked in cemetery all day.Zelma went to bible study in evening.

Jun.10th Fri.- Cloudy,warmer.Planted beans and hoed in garden all day.

Jun.11th Sat.- Pleasant day.Warm evening.The first warm evening this spring Worked in garden all day.About sick with headache.Washed a little in PM

Jun.12th Sun.- A rainy day.Wrote letters in PM,did little else.Osmer went and helped Fred do Benson's chores in evening.They both came down and we played cards in evening.

Jun.13th Mon.- Cloudy,rained a little.Osmer put door in south end of living room.

Jun.14th Tue.- A fine,pleasant day.Worked in cemetery all day.Zelma's wrist lame.

Jun.15th Wed.- A beautiful day.Osmer and I both worked in cemetery all day. Zelma went to help Mrs.Benson. Orey W.did our dinner and supper work. Osmer and Zelma up at Benson's in evening to S.S.class party.

Jun.16th Thu.- Another good day.Osmer and I worked in cemetery all day.Orey W.helped Zelma with work in house,because of her lame and sore wrist. Zelma's wrist that she hurt five years ago has given her trouble once or twice a year since.

Jun.17th Fri.- Cloudy most of day.Cut grass about the garden and barn with scythe.

Jun.18th Sat.- Partly pleasant,warm. Up at 4:45 AM to pack Osmer's lunch. He went to work for the Highway Dept.,on the road.Began work at 6. I worked about the house and garden all AM.Florence came about 1 PM. Visited most of PM. Osmer home about 5.We had a dog roast under the old beech,where we've had so many good times in the past.In evening Orey E. and his daughter Ada, called just as we were finishing.Orey E.invited us to his house for dinner Sunday.Fred called a few minutes in evening Zelma's arm about the same.

Jun.19th Sun.- Partly pleasant,warm.Spent the day at Orey E.'s,on his farm. He has moved back on the farm and preaches at Coryland. Florence went home in late PM. She appears to be none too satisfied with what I have done here or am doing here. Though she says little. Wish I was loose from the place,or could buy it. Zelma and Orey W.went to Children's Day program at the church in evening.Osmer went to Mt.Lake with Gilbert Furman,to the picnic of his class. Mansfield Senior High 1937.

Jun.20th Mon.- Pleasant hot.Osmer worked on road.Orey W.hoed in garden, while I worked in cemetery.

Jun.21st Tue.- Another hot day.Worked in cemetery all day.

Jun.22nd Wed.- Hot and dry. Orey W.and I worked in cemetery all day.In late PM began work on grave for Myron Webster.Zelma went to Mansfield to a show with Mrs.Harris and her maid.

Jun.23rd Thu.- Very hot.Worked on grave in AM and again after supper.

Jun.24th Fri.- Another day at work on grave. At 5 AM,after breakfast,Orey W.came over and mowed.Webster funeral in PM.I worked a while,then finished filling grave after supper. About dark,when I reached home, found Zelma had gone to a social at Lawrence Corners and Alton Crippen with his wife and baby,were making a call on Osmer and Orey W. Alton is my only nephew who acts as if he wants to be friendly. And Alton seems a friend of mine.

Jun.25th Sat.- Quite windy but hot till late PM,then we had a good shower. Took in some hay from orchard in AM. In PM washed then hoed garden till rain.Orey W.went to Holton's to spend the weekend.Osmer didn't work today.They have a five day week on the road.In evening Fred came down and we played cards.Fred stayed over night with Osmer. Had first peas from garden.

Jun.26th Sun.- Rained steady all day.Got up late.Fred went home early to do chores.Alton called about 9:30 for a few minutes to give us some grass he has on the lot where he lives.We talked a little about a job I am thinking of taking in Mansfield. Zelma went to S.S.

Jun.27th Mon.- Rained all day till early evening.Worked on tax duplicates for school board nearly all day.Orey W.not home yet.

Jun.28th Tue.- Partly pleasant,cool.Worked in cemetery all day.Osmer on the road.Orey W.came home in the AM.

Jun.29th Wed.- Cloudy most of day.Worked in cemetery.

Jun.30th Thu.- Cloudy.Cool morning and evening.Worked in cemetery in AM. In PM helped Orey fence about his barnyard.

Jul.1st Fri.- Cloudy.Rained several times.Cut grass about garden.Worked around home all day. Creig came home in evening.Having resigned his Harrisburg job one day before the politicians fired him. Fred down in evening.

Jul.2nd Sat.- A little cloudy,cool.Worked in cemetery in AM.Creig and Osmer hoed beans in PM,while I slept most of PM.Fred down in evening and we played cards.

Jul.3rd Sun.- A fine day,cool.Went to ball game in PM.In evening Vivian came home,bringing Donald Fuller,whom she announced to be her husband. They having been married March 30th 1938.Zelma,Fred,Lee VanNocken and wife went to Elmira in PM.

Jul.4th Mon.- A beautiful day,only a little cool.Worked in cemetery in AM. In PM worked a little about the house. Vivian and Don(Don works for Dee Stevens on the farm),went to Big Flats, auto races in PM.Osmer went to Troy to play ball,was gone all day.In evening Creig,Osmer,Zelma Orey W. and I had a dog roast under the old beech.Where we have celebrated the Fourth since we lived here,6 years now.Fred came later in evening.

Jul.5th Tue.- Cool.Worked in cemetery.

Jul.6th Wed.- Warmer.Worked in cemetery.

Jul.7th Thu.- Real warm. Creig and I repaired Neal Rouse's hay track in AM. In PM worked in cemetery.

Jul.8th Fri.- Hot.Worked part of day in cemetery,but could not stand heat of sun for long at a time.Osmer began working for Malcolm Kingsley in haying.

Jul.9th Sat.- Rainy.Warm.In PM Creig got Don's car,(Vivian's husband) and Creig,Vivian and I went to Elmira.

Jul.10th Sun.- Cloudy,warm. Zelma went to church and S.S. Fred came down in evening.Brought 15 qts of cherries.He had been up on Seneca Lake and picked them,so we all pitted cherries till late.In PM Zelma went to Harrison Lookout with the Harris's.

Jul.11th Mon.- Rained several times.Put up screen doors and painted inside.

Jul.12th Tue.- Cleared up about noon.Then beautiful day.Worked in cemetery all day.Creig worked with me.

Jul.13th Wed.- A beautiful day.Worked in cemetery.Creig helped in AM.In PM Creig worked for John Benson.In evening Creig,Osmer,Orey W.and Fred went swimming.Zelma went down to Harris's.

Jul.14th Thu.- Warm,partly cloudy.Creig and I worked in cemetery all day. Creig mowed in AM,burned weeds and hay in PM.I put in base for Prutsman marker. In evening Zelma went to bible study and prayer meeting. The boys went to practice ball.Vivian and Don called a few minutes.

Jul.15th Fri.- A fine day.Worked in cemetery all day with Creig.Prutsman, Nate Benson and Gould markers came. In evening went to Belle Cook's to a school board meeting.

Jul.16th Sat.- A beautiful day.Creig painted outside window frames,while I added more shingles to outside of house.In AM I washed,Zelma having more trouble with her hand.Fred here in the evening so he and the other boys played Monopoly.

Jul.17th Sun.- Very warm.Zelma went to S.S.and then to Archie Benson's to a picnic.In AM Creig varnished a table and repaired a chair.In PM Osmer and Orey W.went to a ball game,while Creig and I tried to take naps. Florence and Rose Knolden called.Rose works with Florence at the Green Home.Before they left Tom Urell came to bring Creig an insurance policy he (Creig )had bought nearly a year ago.Tom stayed to explain the policy.Before he left Florence and Rose went.Then Alton came to get the boys for a picnic supper and a swim.I was alone in evening.

Jul.18th Mon.- Rained till mid PM. Creig and I worked laying living room floor.

Jul.19th Tue.- Cleared up in AM.A hot day.Creig and I worked on house all day. Finished floor then painted and did several little odds and ends. In evening Fred White called and we talked about wiring for electric lights.

Jul.20th Wed.- A hot day.Creig's 20th birthday.Creig and I worked in cemetery all day.

Jul.21st Thu.- Very warm.Creig worked in cemetery and I put shingles on east end of house. Went up to Alton's in evening to help him on school audit.

Jul.22nd Fri.- Very hot.Worked on shingles.Finished east end of house.Creig painted window frames.

Jul.23rd Sat.- Partly cloudy.Hot.Worked in cemetery all day.Creig and Orey W.took off front porch and Creig painted some.Osmer home in PM.Mowed hay at Alton's.

Jul.24th Sun.- A beautiful hot day.At home all day.Zelma went on a picnic with Bensons at Benedict's.Orey Sweeley's in PM and evening.Osmer played ball in PM.Creig home with Daddy.

Jul.25th Mon.- Very hot.In AM put ridge roll on John Benson's granary. Then worked in cemetery till noon.In PM worked on house.In evening Vivian and Don called a few minutes.Osmer,Zelma and Orey W.went swimming.

Jul.26th Tue.- Very hot.Creig and I worked in cemetery in AM.In PM put new window in front hall.

Jul.27th Wed.Another hot day.Worked in cemetery all day.

Jul.28th Thu.- Hot,partly cloudy.Creig worked in cemetery in AM while I put in other hall window.In PM we both worked in cemetery.Zelma went to prayer meeting in evening.

Jul.29th Fri.- Creig,Osmer and I went by mail car to Columbia X Roads then by train to Elmira,N.Y.It was a cloudy muggy day.Our train ran through a rain storm near Gillet.In Elmira we called on the boy's grand parents, then attended a show,went to a park etc. Spent the night at the Park Hotel.

Jul.30th Sat.- Very hot and muggy,94 at noon. Did the town in AM.In PM we attended the Watson Reunion,held in Hoffman Park,Elmira.Came home with William Sweeley,left Elmira about 7:00 PM.Had a fine time.For several years the boys and I have made a trip to Elmira and spent the day,this year we made it two. Zelma and Orey stayed home.Rather reluctantly.

Jul.31st Sun.- Another hot day.At home all day.Fred here for dinner.Zelma went to church in evening.

Aug.1st Mon.- Hot and rainy.Worked in cemetery all day.Creig with me.

Aug.2nd Tue.- Very hot.Worked in cemetery most of day with Creig.

Aug.3rd Wed.- Another hot day.Creig worked in cemetery all day.I worked on back porch in PM.

Aug.4th Thu.- Hot and dry.Washed in AM.Creig worked in cemetery all day.

Aug.5th Fri.- Hot again.Worked on porch most of day.Creig worked in ceme tery in AM. Saw Orey E.and made arrangements to go blackberrying Sat.

Aug.6th Sat.- Hot,cloudy.Creig,Orey W.,Orey E.and I went to old Crippen farm blackberrying. Creig,Orey W.and I got about 24 qts of berries. In the evening the boys and I canned about 19 qts of berries.Zelma went to a dance at Austinville. Osmer has been working for Rouse PMs all the week.

Aug 7th Sun.- Hot day.Zelma went to S.S.then home with the preacher,home about midnight.Don and Vivian called in AM.Don has finished at Stevens. In the PM boys went to ball game,went swimming etc.

Aug.8th Mon.- Cloudy,cool AM.Hot PM,showers late PM.Washed in AM.Creig worked in cemetery. In PM Creig,Osmer and I mowed hay at Alton's. In evening Don and Vivian came and stayed over night. I called at Alton's in evening to see about auditor's report for school district.

Aug.9th Tue.- Hot day. Creig,Osmer,Don and I cut hay on Alton's lot in AM. In PM worked on house.In evening they all went for a swim.After supper the boys got Rex Crippen's truck,Alton drove,and drew the hay.

Aug.10th Wed.- Hot.Worked on house.Creig worked in cemetery in AM.Rained all evening.

Aug.11th Thu.- Hard thundershower early morning.Cooler.Osmer worked in cemetery in AM. I worked in house.Don took Creig to Mansfield in AM to get a tooth filled.In PM Don,Osmer,Vivian and Orey W. went blackberrying.Vivian and I canned berries in evening.

Aug.12th Fri.- Cool.Graded around house.In PM Creig and Osmer started on a camping trip,hiking.Don went to Elmira looking for a job.

Aug.13th Sat.- A beautiful day.Worked in AM. Graded in PM.Orey W. went to "sleep out"with some other boys.Fred and Zelma went to a social on village green in evening. Don came back and reported he had a truck driving job. Our yearling ran into me while was watering the cow this noon and hurt my side.

Aug.14th Sun.- A beautiful,hot day.At home all day till early evening,then milked for John Benson. Don started in the evening for his job near Groton,N.Y.

Aug.15th Mon.- A very hot day.Worked in cemetery all day.Creig and Osmer came home in AM and in PM Creig helped me in cemetery.In evening Fred White came to see about wiring for electric lights.

Aug.16th Tue.- Another hot day.Worked about house in AM. In PM Florence came.Creig took her up to Orey E.'s,then Creig,Zelma and I took her car and went to Troy and ordered a little material for the house. Orey W.went back with Florence to spend a week or two as he usually does in summers.

Aug.17th Wed.- Very hot till late PM,then showers. The material came from Case's in AM,then we began work. In PM Creig worked in cemetery.Vivian made pickles.In PM I went to see Alton about auditor's report for Borough School Board.

Aug.18th Thu.- The hottest day of the summer thus far.Worked on house all day.

Aug.19th Fri.- Hot.Cool night.Worked on house in morning. Then Osmer and I went berrying with Lee VanNocken till noon.In PM worked in cemetery.

Aug.20th Sat.- Hot day.Creig,Osmer and I went to Blossburg with Lee Van Nocken and wife to a Democratic picnic.In evening Zelma and Fred went to show in the church.Creig and Osmer went to see Alton.I am alone. This is my mother's birthday she would have been 84 if she were alive today. Mother died in July 1923. Don came late evening.

Aug.21st Sun.- Hot day.At home all day.Fred and Don both here for dinner. Don went back in mid afternoon.Osmer went to Mosherville to play ball in PM.Creig and Fred went swimming in forenoon.

Aug.22nd Mon.- Quite warm,cool night.Washed in AM. Fred White came in PM to begin wiring for electric lights.Creig and Osmer worked in cemetery all day.

Aug.23rd Tue.- Warm,again cool night. Worked at wiring.Creig and Osmer with Alton and a gang of boys started for a camping trip at Sodus Point,N.Y.

Aug.24th Wed.- Cooler,pleasant.Worked at house. White here about two hours. Fred and Zelma went to a S.S.class meeting in evening.

Aug.25th Thu.- A beautiful but hot day. White worked at wiring part of day.

Aug.26th Fri.- Fine day.Cool morning. White worked at wiring again part of day,took all of my time but did little. The boys came home in PM.

Aug.27th Sat.- Beautiful day,warm. Went to Elmira with White in AM to get fixtures for house. In PM White hung fixtures as far as he had wired and we had electric lights and could run radio.

Aug.28th Sun.- Another fine day.Worked about house most of day.Zelma went to AM.Fred here for dinner.

Aug.29th Mon.- Cooler,pleasant.Finished trim in dining room.

Aug.30th Tue.- Hot and dry.Worked on house.Painted living room floor etc. Fred here.He and the boys played cards.I washed in PM.

Aug.31st Wed.- Real warm.Muggy. Rained little in late PM.We need rain badly. Put in last new window in house.Creig finished putting the green shingles on front of house.

Sep.1st Thu.- A beautiful day.Put in new front door and corner trim.

Sep.2nd Fri.- Beautiful day.White came to finish wiring,did a little. Finished putting up the wallboard had on hand. Florence came in PM, stayed only a few minutes.Brought Orey W.home.In evening children all went to a show in church.

Sep.3rd Sat.- Another beautiful day.In evening rained a little.Creig and I gathered beans. In evening Alton came up and he and I,Fred and Creig played 500 till after midnight.

Sep.4th Sun.- A fine day.Real warm. Osmer home.He has been working for D.L. Soper for three days.Went back again in late PM.Zelma went to S.S.then with Fred and the Bensons for a picnic.

Sep.5th Mon.- Labor Day.- As beautiful a day as man could ask for,but hot and dry. Creig and I worked in cemetery in AM. In PM we listened to an address by Pres.Roosevelt over the radio.The address was delivered in Maryland. Zelma and Orey W.began school in Mansfield. Zelma is a Senior in High School,while Orey just beginning his last year in Junior High. They are building a new Senior High School building in Mansfield and school is being held in houses and the

Sep.6th Tue.- A beautiful day.Worked in cemetery about 2 hours then Creig got John Benson's light truck and Creig and I went to Mansfield.Creig had a tooth filled. In PM gathered garden stuff.

Sep.7th Wed.- A fine day.Worked about house and garden all day.

Sep.8th Thu.- Another beautiful day. Creig and I helped Orey E.take down part of an old house. A very dirty job.

Sep.9th Fri.- Pleasant AM.PM a little cloudy.Washed and ironed all day. In evening went to A.E.Benson's to a meeting of the Church Advisory Board.

Sep.10th Sat.- Cloudy,cool.A nice day to work.Creig and I helped Neal Rouse fill silo.

Sep.11th Sun.- Cloudy,rained about 2 hours,beginning 9:30 AM.Zelma,with Fred and the Bensons went to D.L.Soper's to a birthday dinner. Zelma is 17 today. Zelma Wilbur,Soper's hired girl is 21 today.Mrs.A.E.Benson, Soper's mother in law will be 56 tomorrow. Fred Woodmansee will be 24 Wednesday. Osmer in working for Soper. Vivian and Don called a few minutes in evening.They are now rooming at 119 High St. Elmira,N.Y.

Sep.12th Mon.- Cloudy,rained a little in AM.Creig and I worked for Rouse, finished filling silo about noon. Cleaned and painted cupboards in PM. Orey E.called in PM to get us to shingle the side of his house.

Sep.13th Tue.- Partly cloudy.Fine day to work. Creig and I worked for Orey E.,shingling the south end of his house.

Sep.14th Wed.- Cloudy AM,rained nearly all PM and evening. We worked on Orey's house till noon,then were rained off.Fred down in evening his 24th birthday.Zelma had a cake for him. Orey W.sick all day,his stomach.

Sep.15th Thu.- Rainy AM,partly pleasant in PM. I washed in PM.Creig gathered beans.Orey W.went to school. Zelma went down to Rouse's in evening to study with Anita Evert.

Sep.16th Fri.- Cooler,cloudy,misty early PM. Creig worked for John Wilcox. I helped Orey E.on house. Orey W.not able to go to school.He went with me to Orey E.'s for the day. In evening Creig,Fred and I went to Alton's and played cards.

Sep.17th Sat.- Wet and Rainy.Sick all day with sick headache.

Sep.18th Sun.- Cloudy,warm.Feeling better.Up and about.Archie and Manley Benson came in tha AM to get me to open a grave for Vern Benson,their brother.Creig and Fred worked on grave most of day.Osmer home for dinner and part of PM. Don and Vivian called in late PM.Stayed for supper.

Sep.19th Mon.- Cloudy,warm and muggy. Worked on grave all day. Creig worked for John Wilcox again cutting buckwheat.

Sep.20th Tue.- Rained all day.Vern Benson funeral,got wet through. Orey E. called a few minutes in late PM.He and Creig planned a trip to Wells boro for Thursday. In evening listened to a speach from London,England on the war scare in Europe.The speach over the radio.In PM Creig and I listened to a radio description of the Legion parade in Los Angeles, California.

Sep. 21st Wed.- Cloudy AM.Rained all PM and Evening.Washed and worked about the house all day.

Sep.22nd Thu.- Weather about the same as yesterday. Worked about house all day.

Sep.23rd Fri.- A beautiful day.Worked about house in AM and in cemetery in PM. My 58th birthday.- Creig went to the Mansfield Fair and home with Sopers.Stayed over night with Osmer. Zelma and Orey W.came home at noon their school out for the fair.

Sep.24th Sat.- Windy,partly pleasant,warm.In P.O.all day. Creig,Zelma and Orey W.went to the fair. Orey went home with a Holton boy. Fred came home with Creig,stayed over night.

Sep.25th Sun.- A beautiful fall day.Fred here for dinner.A fall day like this brings to my mind memories of happy fall days at Keuka.Nearly 40 years ago. Such days are also reminders of the winter to follow in just a few weeks.

Sep.26th Mon.- Another fine day.Worked in cemetery in AM.In PM washed.In evening Creig and I went to Wellsboro with Orey E.and Martha to a Democratic meeting.Gov.Earle was one of the speakers.

Sep.27th Tue.- Partly cloudy.Worked in cemetery,putting down a marker base.

Sep.28th Wed.- A little windy,but pleasant. Patched John Benson's house roof in AM.Gathered beans in PM. Zelma went with her High School class to Towanda,to a Shakespeare play in PM.Home about 7 PM.Osmer home a few minutes in evening.

Sep.29th Thu.- A beautiful day.Creig and I finished gathering beans and digging potatoes.

Sep.30th Fri.- Cool but pleasant.Worked in cemetery all day. Creig went to Wellsboro with Orey E.,to see about getting back to Harrisburg.Fred here in evening and we had a game of 500.Osmer home a few minutes.

Oct.1st Sat.- Worked in cemetery,mowing.Creig again went to Wellsboro today. By bus from Mansfield,went to Mansfield on milk truck.Zelma stayed over night at Harris' with the children and hired girl. Cold windy day.

Oct.2nd Sun.- A heavy frost this morning.Zelma went to church and S.S. then to Harris'for dinner.Orey W.away all day.Creig and I went for a walk in PM. A reminder of the old days,only Osmer was not along.I miss these walks with the boys,only I am not as keen for walking as 5 or 6 years ago. A beautiful day,but cold.

Oct.3rd Mon.- Cold,foggy morning.But cleared to a beautiful day by noon. Creig and I worked in cemetery in AM.In the PM washed and worked about the house.In evening Zelma went to Mansfield with Anita Evert.Alton called a few minutes in evening.

Oct.4th Tue.- Cold morning.Beautiful day.I worked in cemetery all day.Creig worked for Fritz White,filling silo.

Oct.5th Wed.- Another cold morning.But beautiful day,clouding toward evening. I worked in cemetery in morning,then helped Orey E.thrash.

Oct.6th Thu.- Rained all AM,cleared in PM. Florence came about noon and she and I went to see Uncle Rush. Uncle Rush is 93 years of age and in fair health for a man of his age.

Oct.7th Fri.- A cold,beautiful day.About 20 above this morning.Creig and I worked in cemetery all day. In evening Florence and I went to call on Guss.When we got home found that Zelma had no school today. Osmer and Fred both here.

Oct.8th Sat.- Little warmer.Worked a little about home. Creig worked for Will McClure at Frank Williams',filling silo. Today Creig hired out to Fritz White,to work by the month.Florence went to Orey E.'s

Oct.9th Sun.- Cold,cloudy day.Zelma went to church in AM.then to a singing meet at Coryland.Orey went to church in AM,then away somewhere in PM. Creig and I home alone.Listened to the last of the World Series ball games for 1938.New York Yankees won four straight games.3-1,6-4,5-2 and today's game 8-3.Chicago Cubs were the losers.

Oct.10th Mon.- A beautiful day,warm and clear.Worked in cemetery all day. Grading main drive into cemetery. Creig went this morning to begin work on a farm for Fritz White by the month. At this date it looks as if the Democrats had doublecrossed Creig. We will see what next.

Oct.11th Tue.- Fine day.Helped Neal Rouse thrash buckwheat in AM. In PM painted the gutters on Will Armstrong's house and did other odd jobs.

Oct.12th Wed.- Very hot,pleasant day.Worked in cemetery all day,grading drives.

Oct.13th Thu.- Another warm,beautiful day.Worked in cemetery in AM.In PM worked about house and grading yard. In evening hung door in dining room.

Oct.14th Fri.- Warm,beautiful day.Partly cloudy in PM.Worked in cemetery in AM.Finished grading entrance drive.In PM graded about back yard.Fred came to see Zelma in evening. Orey W.went to Lawrence Corners to a social.

Oct.15th Sat.- Hot,beautiful day.Went to Mansfield in AM. Rode over with the G.L.F.Feed Store manager,and back with Ford Crippen and family.In PM washed.Creig came home in evening.Fred here.Alton and his young brother-in-law came and the boys played cards. I called at Cudworth's and talked politics.

Oct.16th Sun.- Another hot,beautiful day.Creig and Osmer both here for dinner,went back to work mid afternoon. Don and Vivian called a few minutes in late PM.Zelma went to church and S.S.

Oct.17th Mon.- Weather about like yesterday.Washed windows and worked about house all day.Creig sent a load of wood.

Oct.18th Tue.- Another beautiful day.Piled wood and gathered leaves for bedding of cow during winter.In evening Mr.and Mrs.George Wilson brought Uncle Rush and Aunt Lottie for a call.The first time they have been to our house since we lived on Orey E.'s place.

Oct.19th Wed.- Warm,beautiful AM.Cloudy PM.Rained in evening.Worked in cemetery in AM.In PM worked about the house.

Oct.20th Thu.- Cloudy,cooler.Worked in cemetery in AM.In PM about sick with headache,did little. Rained in evening.In evening I went to prayer meeting and to meeting of the Church Council afterwards.

Oct.21st Fri.- Cooler.Cloudy all day.Loafed around all day with headache.

Orey W.went to Lawrence Corners to social in evening.Fred here.

Oct.22nd Sat.- Pleasant day.A little cooler.Washed and graded west of house Creig came home in evening for the weekend. Wild geese were going south today.Several flocks went over.

Oct.23rd Sun.- A fine day.Zelma went to S.S.then up to Benson's for the day.Creig,Orey W.and I alone for dinner.Creig went back to White's about 3:30.Orey W.went with him,then on to see Osmer.Home about 7:00

Oct.24th Mon.- Cool and cloudy.Rained in AM.Zelma and Orey in school as usual.They went to a party at the preacher's in the evening,the preacher is Rev.C.R.Knight.During day I worked in and about the house.

Oct.25th Tue.- Cold,cloudy AM.Pleasant PM.Graded back of house.Creig and Osmer called in evening.

Oct.26th Wed.- A fine October day. Graded west side of house.Went to Mansfield in PM.

Oct.27th Thu.- Fine AM.Clouding in PM.Did more grading and worked in house. Creig called in evening.Zelma and Fred went to call at Harris'.Willis Soper called to see about my acting as his clerk on the election board. Politics has raised hob with the Roseville election board.

Oct.28th Fri.- Cloudy,cold,foggy.Worked in P.O.all day,while Mrs.Cudworth went to Elmira.

Oct.29th Sat.- Cold AM.Pleasant,warmer PM.Began work on Ed Chamberlain grave.Creig came in evening for weekend.Fred here in evening.Willis called again about election board business.

Oct.30th Sun.- Partly pleasant.Cold NE wind. Fred came while we were at breakfast. Then Creig and Fred went to help me on the grave. What would I do without Creig? Whatever I have done for him has been more than repaid.I only wish could see more of Osmer.He is just as good a boy as Creig but thoughtless,and home doesn"t mean as much to him.Orey W.has been babied by his mother and his aunt Florence until he has an idea he is about the only one to be considered. For that and other reasons he does little to help at home and is not easy to get along with.

Oct.31st Mon.- The first day of hunting season. The Chamberlain funeral. Cold morning.Beautiful warm PM.

Nov.1st Tue.- Cold morning.Beautiful PM.Worked about house in AM.In PM worked in cemetery.In evening worked on cupboards in dining room.

Nov.2nd Wed.- Cold morning.Beautiful PM.That seems to be a habit of the weather man.Worked on cupboards,painted etc.about the house.Wonder if the time will ever come when I don't have work to do about the house.I doubt it.

Nov.3rd Thu.- Cold morning.Beautiful day.Graded west of house,and built retaining wall.Zelma home all day,no school.Teachers of Tioga County have a two day meeting in Wellsboro.Today and tomorrow. In evening went  up to Henry Oldroyd's to a political meet,with Mr.and Mrs,Cudworth.

Nov.4th Fri.- Still another beautiful,warm day. Finished the wall and grading west of the house.

Nov.5th Sat.- Warm,cloudy morning.Rained near noon.Worked in cemetery in AM. In PM helped Zelma wash.Creig came home in evening.Fred also here. The boys made candy.

Nov.6th Sun.- A beautiful day.Zelma went to S.S. Don and Vivian came while we were eating dinner.Fred came in PM. Towards evening Don and Vivian insisted that I go home with them,so I did. Don drives truck for a freight line.When we reached Elmira there was a call for him to go to Hartford,Conn.with a load of freight,so he went,leaving Vivian and I alone.He hadn't expected to have to go before Tue. Vivian and I went to movie.Don and Vivian have furnished rooms at 551 E.Church St.Elmira,N.Y

Nov.7th Mon.- Rained a little in morning. Then very warm.The warmest Nov.7 ever recorded,above 70 degrees.Vivian and I went shopping in AM,had dinner down town.Came back to her rooms and visited till supper.After supper,about 6:00 PM,Vivian got another roomer and his wife to bring us back to Roseville,because I thought I had to be back for Tuesday. Vivian has a very nice room with a small kitchenette.Being there makes me almost homesick for the old days when I used to have just such a room in Elmira. Almost homesick for the city. But I am too old for work in the city,and duty brings me back to Zelma. After I reached home,I found that through the objection of the Republican Committeeman and the indifference of the Democrat I was bared from the election board.

Nov.8th Tue.- Election Day - Warm,pleasant AM.Cloudy,rainy PM.Worked around trees in young orchard in AM. Creig,Fred and I went to dinner in church basement at noon. In PM began work on grave for Mrs.Dix. Zelma and Orey went to Mansfield in evening with Anita Evert,to a show.At home alone all evening.Listened to election returns over the radio,but didn't get much.

Nov.9th Wed.- Clear,cool.Cold N and NW wind. Dora Dix funeral. Orey W.home all day to help me. Election over.James.the Republican elected Gov.of Pa. The Republicans gained about 80 in the national house and 8 in the Senate.But Democrats still have a 2/3 majority in both houses,but many Dems do not vote with Pres.Roosevelt.

Nov.10th Thu.- A beautiful cold morning.Worked in cemetery in PM,cleaning up Dix lot.Zelma went to Young People's Meeting in evening.

Nov.11th Fri.- A fine 20 years ago today the World War ended.I can't make it seem possible it was so long ago.And yet what a difference? How much has happened! Zelma and Fred went to Mansfield to a  movie in evening. Worked in cemetery all day,on the main drive.

Nov.12th Sat.- Another fine day.Worked in cemetery all day.Creig came home for weekend in evening.

Nov.13th Sun.- Cool.Partly cloudy.Zelma went to church and AM.Creig, Osmer and Fred all here for dinner. Five years ago today Helen left home to live with Fred Wilcox. Now she has gone to live with Alton Crippen and his wife. Tonight Orey W.leaves home to go with her.(His mother). Orey getting old enough,he should know. So I only tried to make him understand he was leaving home,and leaving home for good. Orey is not as much to blame as his mother and Alton.

Nov.14th Mon.- Cold and windy.Our first snow squalls of the season.I did little except the chores.

Nov.15th Tue.- Another cold day.Snowed hard in late PM.Finished cupboards in dining room.In evening Zelma and Fred called on some other young people down town.

Nov.16th Wed.- A real cold morning.Ground white with snow.Warmed up but little during day. Cleaned cupboards and worked about house all day.

Nov.17th Thu.- Cold morning,a little warmer in PM. Cleaned and painted cupboards and did house work.Zelma went to young peoples meeting in evening. Wayne 11 years old today.

Nov.18th Fri.- Warmer.Rainy morning,pleasant PM.Sick all day with my head. Did little except chores.Fred here in evening.

Nov.19th Sat.- A rainy day.Snowed a little in late PM.Sick all day.Did chores and nothing else.Creig came home in evening for the weekend. In evening Creig,Fred and I played 500.

Nov.20th Sun.- A fine day.Cool morning and evening but pleasant day.Creig, Osmer and Fred all here for dinner.A good time.The boys left about 4 and Don and Vivian called a few minutes about 5:00 PM.Zelma and I alone for supper and during evening.

Nov.21st Mon.- Cold morning,real warm and pleasant PM. Worked in house and spaded in orchard all day.In evening Zelma went to Mansfield with Anita Evert,to some school doings.I was alone all evening.

Nov.22nd Tue.- A beautiful day,warm.Worked in cemetery all day,grading drives. Picked dandelion blossoms in cemetery. Zelma and Fred went to a S.S.class meeting at O.J.Furman's in evening.I was alone all evening again.

Nov.23rd Wed.- Cold morning.Snowed a little middle of day.Saw John Benson and Archie Benson in AM about cemetery pay.In PM helped Zelma about  house getting ready for Thanksgiving.Zelma home at noon for Thanksgiving vacation. Osmer came in evening and brought a duck,all dressed.Fred brought three wild ducks for us to dress.So we were busy in the evening

Nov.24th Thu.- Thanksgiving Day - Cold cloudy morning.Began snowing about noon,a young blizzard by evening.Osmer came about 9:30 AM and Creig and Fred about noon. Creig,Osmer,Fred,Zelma and I home for Thanksgiving dinner. The first time Orey W.has not been home for Thanksgiving. Creig went back to White's about 4:30 PM.Soper came for Osmer about 7:30.By time Fred was ready for home the snow and wind blew so that he stayed all night.Zelma and I are home alone now except Sunday and holidays and it is lonesome.

Nov.25th Fri.- Cold.Mostly pleasant.About 8 inches of snow.Did little except chores.

Nov.26th Sat.- Cold morning.10 below zero.Cloudy and cold all day.Did chores and worked about house.Went down town in AM.Fred came to see Zelma in evening. Creig didn't come home.I was alone reading in evening.

Nov.27th Sun.- About zero this morning.Creig and Fred here all PM.Creig home for dinner. Deer hunting season opens tomorrow.Osmer stopped on his way to hunting camp with Sopers.

Nov.28th Mon.- Cold and blustry.Did little but chores.In evening Creig came and brought us a deer.Fred came along and the boys skinned it.Creig's first deer,and is he proud? And so is his Dad.Years ago when I was in Wisconsin I ate some deer meat,this is the first have had since.

Nov.29th Tue.- A little warmer.Worked in house all day.Zelma's Home Ec teacher called a few minutes about 5:00 PM. She is a traveling windbag who has the idea that all,or nearly all,the brains in this world worth having,are under her hat. Zelma and I had roast deer for supper.

Nov.30th Wed.- Warmer.Thawed quite a little.Worked for Harris all day helping jack up his kitchen floor. Osmer called a few minutes in evening.He and his crowd returned from camp in late PM,each with a deer.Anita Evert came in evening to study with Zelma. Fred came a little later and studying halted. I washed dishes and canned meat.

Dec.1st Thu.- Cloudy but thawed a little. Cut up meat and worked about house.

Dec.2nd Fri.- Cold and cloudy AM.In PM warmer. Worked about house.Spaded in garden.

Dec.3rd Sat.- Snowy morning. Rained in PM and nearly all night. Helped Zelma wash and worked about house. Creig came in evening for the week end. Fred here in evening.Creig,Fred and I played cards.

Dec.4th Sun.- A fine warm day.Osmer came in AM and brought us another deer. What will we do with it all? Zelma went to church and S.S. in AM.About noon Vivian and Don came and stayed for dinner.Had a venison dinner. Vivian,Don,Zelma,Fred,Creig and I here for dinner.Had a fine time. Vivian and Don left about 4:30 and took Creig back to White's on their way home. Fred stayed for supper.When I went to do chores Fred went with me and asked if he might buy a ring for Zelma. I have been expecting that for some time,but it was a blow just the same. I said that it was up to Zelma.I do not believe in interfering in the plans of young people too much,since they have their lives to live. In the spring I will be alone.Alone. What will I do?

Dec.5th Mon.- Cloudy,rainy.Rained in evening.Canned meat most of day. Dec.6th Tue.- Rainy,foggy morning.Windy ,cooler PM. Spaded in orchard.Sold our old cow this noon.It seemed almost like parting with one of the family.We had her over 4 years,a very good Jersey. But she was getting old and I needed the money.With only Zelma and I home we don't need a cow,since neither of us use milk. We still have a heifer to take her place.Wally,we call her. She will be a cow next summer. The old cow has paid for herself,her keep,paid for raising Wally and about $50 besides with extra milk for the pigs.

Dec.7th Wed.- Windy but warmer.Spaded in garden around grape vines.Fred called in evening.

Dec.8th Thu.- Cloudy,warm.About 45 above.Canned meat and spaded in orchard.

Dec.9th Fri.- A very foggy,but not cold morning. Rained late PM and nearly all night.Finished spadeing about fruit trees in AM.Washed in PM.Fred came in evening and stayed all night on account of the rain.

Dec.10th Sat-Rained a little nearly all day.Creig came in evening for weekend. Fred came and stayed overnight with him.We played cards till mid night.

Dec.11th Sun.- Cloudy,mild day.Zelma went to church and S.S.She teaches the sub-school age group in S.S.Fred went home for chores,came again for dinner.Osmer also came.All three boys stayed all day and over night. Creig and Fred went back to their jobs for chores but came home again for supper.We had another card game after supper.Fred is an orphan boy who has no relatives. Ten years ago today we moved from Canton to Orey E.'s farm on the hill. 1 1/2 miles south west of Roseville.

Dec.12th Mon.- Cold and windy.Spit snow a little.The boys got up and went back to work about 5:00 this morning. I went back to sleep after they left and didn't wake up in time to get Zelma up and ready for the school bus.So Zelma was home all day. I hung the last new door downstairs.

Dec.13th Tue.- Cold and windy.Worked about house.Did nothing else.

Dec.14th Wed.- Windy.Cold south wind.Will and Lee McClure called this morning to see about a grave for Mark McClure. Will's brother and Lee's father. 13 years ago today we buried our little boy Asa,Orey W.'s twin. Snowed in late PM and evening.

Dec.15th Thu.- Cold,windy.Began work on grave for Mark McClure.Zelma and Fred went to a dance in Austin Prutsman's new barn. Prutsman built a barn to replace the one that burned last Jan.

Dec.16th Fri.- Cold but very pleasant.A fine day to work.Finished McClure grave.

Dec 17th Sat.- Cloudy,light wind.A good winter day.The McClure funeral.It was a hard task,burying Mark. He was one of my best friends. Mark's father had bought my old home for Mark. He lived there 20 years and had given the farm to his son,Lee.In evening Creig came home for the weekend.Zelma went to Mansfield to a show with the Harris's.

Dec.18th Sun.- Cloudy,warmer.Zelma went to AM.Creig,Zelma and I alone for dinner.Vivian and Don came in mid PM.Creig went back to White's about 4:30. Vivian and Don went soon after.Zelma spent the evening at Harris',so I was alone again.

Dec.19th Mon.- Cloudy,cold,snowed a little.At home all day.Wrote and mailed some Christmas cards.

Dec.20th Tue.- A still,pleasant day but quite cold.Began work on grave for John C.Davis.

Dec.21st Wed.- Snowed most all day.Finished Davis grave.

Dec.22nd Thu.- Cold and windy.Davis funeral. In evening Zelma went to christmas tree in the church.

Dec,23rd Fri.- Cold and cloudy.Helped Zelma clean living room and put up a Christmas tree etc.

Dec,24th Sat.- Cold and stormy.Helped Zelma about the house in forenoon.In PM Orey E.and I went to see Uncle Rush,who lives near Mosherville.He is 93 years of age and very ill.In evening Creig and Fred were here.Vivian and Don called for a few minutes.

Dec.25th Sun.- Christmas - Pleasant AM.Cloudy but not so cold PM.Zelma went to church and S.S..Had baked ham for dinner.Creig,Osmer,Zelma,Fred and I home for dinner. Had a fine time. I got a pair of boots from Creig,a fine table lamp from Osmer,a box of cigars from each Don and Fred,two dollars cash from Florence. The first Christmas Orey W.ever spent from home.

Dec.26th Mon.- Cloudy,windy and cold.Did very little all day.Zelma and I alone,except for a few minutes in PM when Creig called.Creig got himself a new pair of skates.While the people where he works(Fritz White) were celebrating Christmas Creig went to the pond to try out his new skates,then came home for a few minutes. In the evening May Lawson came up from Harris'.Lee VanNocken and Fred came and we three played cards till midnight.

Dec.27th Tue.- Warm and rainy morning.Wind came up,got colder.Cold night. Evert Nash came to butcher but wind blew so hard we couldn't heat the water.Don called a few minutes in early evening.Fred and Zelma went to a S.S.class meeting at Prutsman's.I was alone all evening.

Dec.28th Wed.- Cold and windy all day.Too cold to butcher again today.

Dec.29th Thu.- Osmer's 19th birthday - Not quite so cold but still windy. In evening went to a meeting of the church advisory council.Was a lone objecter.Fred here in evening.Orey E.and I called on Uncle Rush.

Dec.30th Fri.- Cold day.Cloudy.NW wind in AM.PM pleasant but cold.Nash came and we butchered our two pigs in PM. One ours and one belongs to Don and Vivian.Ford Crippen,my cousin,called in PM to say that Uncle Rush died at two this afternoon.Zelma stayed all night at the Harris',with the hired girl and the children.Harris'were away for the night.

Dec.31st Sat.- Cold and windy.Began work on Uncle Rush Crippen's grave. Creig came home in evening for the weekend.Fred came,played cards till the New Year. Fred stayed all night with Creig.

Thus ends 1938.This old year has had it's ups and downs for me.I thank God for health for myself and family.Orey W.has left me. Vivian has become distant,though cannot help but like her husband.Wish she might have married a man neared her own age.But Don seems like a good fellow. Creig lost his Harrisburg job through no fault of his,just politics. Osmer is back at Soper's,I regret that very much.I wish he would get away from there.Am afraid it will ruin him.Osmer is a number one good boy,no better than Creig,but just as good. Zelma is doing good in school.

Goodbye old year - 1938. May 1939 bring nothing worse.We pray for better things,but with Zelma through High School my work will be about finished.