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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History
Covington Township & Covington Borough, Tioga County PA
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Covington Township & Borough
Covington Township Was Formed 1815 from Tioga Township
Covington Borough was Formed 1831 from Covington Township. The Former Covington Borough is now called Putnam Township
Covington Township Histories
Covington Township History 1875
Covington Borough History 1875
Covington Borough History 1883
Covington Biographies 1883
Covington Township History 1885
Covington Borough History 1885
Covington Township History 1897
Covington Borough History 1897
Covington Biographies 1897
Covington Township Articles
Covington Diner in the 1940s
1874 Sexton - Covington History
Township Postcards & Photos
Covington Railroad Depot Covington Postcards
Covington Photos - Lenny Gee Collection
Post Offices
Covington PO
West Covington PO
Cherry Flats PO
Villages Past & Present
Covington Township Census Records
1800 Census, Tyoga Township, Lycoming County 1860 Covington Census
1810 1870 Covington Borough Census
1820 Covington Census 1870 Covington Township Census
1830 Covington Census (KK) 1880 Covington Census (CW)
1830 Covington Census (MB) 1890 Veterans Census
1840 Covington Census
1850 Covington Census (FM)
1850 Covington Census (REL)
Covington Township Directories
1899 Covington Borough Listing 1899 Covington Township Listing
Tioga County Directory 1908-09
Covington Township Tax Records
1812 Tioga Township Taxables
Covington Township Cemetery Records and Obituaries
GPS Coordinates Included
Gray Cemetery (2005)
41.73373 -77.08558
Gray Cemetery (1970s) Gray Cemetery Obituaries
Lewis Farm Cemetery (2005)
41.75488 -77.13743
Lewis Farm Cemetery (a.k.a. Elk Run)(1970s) Lewis Farm Obituaries
Old Settlers Cemetery (2007)
41.73470 -77.07825
Riverside Cemetery a.k.a. Glass Factory Cemetery a.k.a. Old Settlers
Deeded as Wilson Cemetery
Old Settlers Cemetery (1970s) Glass Factory (Old Settlers)  Cemetery Obituaries
Cherry Flats (Methodist) Cemetery(1969)
41.73105 -77.17384
Cherry Flats Methodist Cemetery Obituaries (Combined with Baptist)
Cherry Flats (Methodist) Cemetery (2005) NOTE: There are TWO Cherry Flats Cemeteries
The Cherry Flats Baptist Cemetery is just over the line in Charleston Township
Frost Settlement Cemetery (2005)
41.74612 -77.03280
Frost Settlement Cemetery (1970s)
Deeded as Wilcox Cemetery
Frost Settlement Obituaries
Reuben Copp Burial Ground (2007)
41.72210 -77.12436
Copp - Smith Burial Ground (2007)
41.74720 -77.16160
Henry Bolerman Tombstone (2005
41.73484   -77.14725
Ford Burial Ground [2009]
Weeks Burial Ground
41.76033 -77.03148
Whittaker / Jaquish Cemetery (1970s) (In Richmond Township Close to Covington)
Covington Township Schools
1849 - Poem on the Dewath of Elizabeth Miller of Covington School
1859 Contract - Julia Frost & Covington School Board
1902 Frost Settlement School
1901 East Covington School Covington School
1900 Covington Borough  Teachers & Directors 1900 Covington Township Teachers & Directors
1901 Covington Borough  Teachers & Directors 1901 Covington Township Teachers & Directors
1902 Covington Borough  Teachers & Directors 1902 Covington Township Teachers & Directors
1903 Covington Borough  Teachers & Directors 1903 Covington Township Teachers & Directors
1904 Covington Borough  Teachers & Directors 1904 Covington Township Teachers & Directors
1905 Covington Borough  Teachers & Directors 1905 Covington Township Teachers & Directors
1907 Covington Borough  Teachers & Directors 1907 Covington Township Teachers & Directors
1908 Covington Borough  Teachers & Directors 1908 Covington Township Teachers & Directors
1909 Covington Borough  Teachers & Directors 1909 Covington Township Teachers & Directors
1910 Covington Borough  Teachers & Directors 1910 Covington Township Teachers & Directors
1913 Covington Borough  Teachers & Directors 1913 Covington Township Teachers & Directors
1917 Covington Borough  Teachers & Directors 1917 Covington Township Teachers & Directors
1907 East Creek School EPC 1908 Covington Borough School (Cov Folder - JR)
1909 Covington School Photos 1911 Copp Hollow School 1893-2000 Graduates and Alumni of Covington High School
1920s Covington School 1925 Covington School 1925 Graduation
1928 & 1929 Covington High School 1938 Covington School Bus 1957 Covington School
2007 Covington High School Alumni
1875 School Districts
1. Frost District 2. Copp Hollow District 3. Cherry Flats District
4. Beckwith District 5. Rockwell District 6. District 6
7. District 7 8. District 8 9. Watkins District
Covington Borough 10. Cleveland School (1899) 1. Frost Settlement School (1899)
13. Jelliff School (1899) 4. West Covnigton (1899)
Covington Township Business Histories & Photos
Glass Factory Postcard {JSM} 1910 Hay Press Gang at Copp Hollow
1899 Covington Township Business Directory
Hotels in Township
Covington Township Organizations
1899 Covington Societies Covington Girls Band (EMH)
Covington Rebeccas - Need Chapter name and ID of women. Both birth name and married alias. The following list provided by Esther MAYS Harer lists mostly married aliases only. 

Back row: Lottie Youmans, Fleata OWLETT Greer, Grace Weiskopf, Marguerite Munson, Luva CLEVELAND Brion, Helen Youmans, 
Front Row: (Leora Frost's Mother), Nada Wilson, Louise Frost, Hazel Hunsinger..

Covington Township Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
Church of Christ 1899 Church List From Directory
1940 Centennial of Covington Baptist Church
Covington Township Family Bible Records
Elizabeth FROST & Elias BAITY Bible Lamkin Bible
West-Johnson Bible
Covington Township Families & Individuals,
Lucinda Welch Family
Lucinda Robbins - John Harley Packard Family
Larcom Family Reunion Notes 1899 - 1935
1934 Mailing List for Larcom Reunion
Graves Family Reunion Souvenir
Covington Township Diaries & Letters 
Letters of the Frost, Walker and Allied Families 1856-1949
1878 Diary of Houston Frost Walker, age 10
1907 Whittaker Letters
Migrations - Where did they come from and where did  they go - Tracking our people
I will be developing this section of the site further and adding both the names of the women that the history books seldom considered, and the place of origin and family histories. For now, I am just trying to get the order of who came when established. Some of the tax records, that would demonstrate that, are missing. This immigrant section is in draft mode subject to change.
Covington Township Immigrants - Where our people came from and when 
Covington Township Emigrants - Where our people went and when
Letters of the Frost, Walker and Allied Families Who Went West 1856-1949
Covington Township Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
1872 Deed Welton - Howland
1881 Deed - Gaskell - Dyer
1884 Deed - Robbins to Schultz
Will of James Soper 1911 1911 Deed Howland to Gaskell 1935 Deed Gaskell - Schultz
Covington Township Military Records
World War I Listing
Who Is Overseas - WW1
Covington World War Two Honor Roll
World War I Wall
World War II Listing
Covington Township Sports 
1925 Basketball Team
Population Statistics of Covington
1887 Covington Borough = 343
1887 Covington Township = 1314
1890 Covington Borough = 496
1890 Covington Township = 1122
1891 Covington Township Including Covington Borough = 1618
1900 Covington Borough = 450
1900 Covington Township = 1067
County Population Statistics 1810 - 1992
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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