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Patrons of Husbandry No. 821 East Sullivan Grange

Photo by Joan NASH O'Dell June 1995
East Sullivan Grange - P.O.H. No. 821
Township: Elk Run, Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Photos and Clippings
Photos and clippings submitted by Joyce M. Tice from the newspaper collection and scrapbook collection in Sullivan Township Museum .
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Founded in 1887, the East Sullivan Grange was a hub of community acitivity until it eventually closed in 1996. I will present here the clippings and photos that come in associated with it. A section of my Sullivan Township Museum is devoted to the Sullivan Grange in Mainesburg and the East Sullivan Grange in Elk Run. Both the Jobs Corners Grange and the Sullivan Grange (No. 84) at Mainesburg had merged with East Sullivan. I need exact dates of those mergers. I have the Jobs Corners records, but am still trying to track down others.

GRANGE STAFFS TAKE OFFICE  - 1945 Mansfield Advertiser ( I have added the birth surnames of married women in caps - JMT)
 Mainesburg--Following dinner served by the home economics committees of Sullivan Grange, 84, and East Sullivan Grange, 821, State Deputy Lynn A. Williams installed the officers of the two Granges in open session in Grange Hall here Jan. 1.  Officers are: East Sullivan, master, Warren Nash; overseer, Edson Shaw; lecturer, Velma Mae BENSON Nash; steward, Elmer Van Horn; assistant, Harold Huslander; chaplain, Molly COLEMAN Beardslee; treasurer, Glenn Brace; secretary, Charlotte UPDYKE Brace; gatekeeper, Rolland Smith; Ceres, Shirley BEARSLEE Smith; Pomona, Joan Nash; Flora, Helen MONROE Worden; lady assistant steward, Helena TICE Van Horn.  The executive committee: Tom Smith, Harold Huslander, Bayard Bradford; legislative committee, Elmer Updyke, Walter Robbins, Lee Tice; home economics committee, Ella E. RYAN Smith, Mary Lay, Carrie McCONNELL Beardslee.

EAST SULLIVAN GRANGE - 1945 Mansfield Advertiser
 East Sullivan Grange No. 821 has elected the following officers for the next year: Master, Edson Shaw; Overseer, Henry Clark; Lecturer, Nellie SMITH Shaw; Steward, Warren Nash; Ass't Steward, Roland Smith; Chaplain, Ella RYAN Smith; Treasurer, Glenn Brace; Secretary, Charlotte UPDYKE Brace; Gatekeeper, Lee Tice; Ceres, Lois Rumsey; Pomona, Helena TICE Van Horn; Flora; Marie Clark; Lady Ass't Steward, Joan Nash.  The next meeting of the Grange will be Friday night, Dec. 6, at the Elk Run Church basement.

Note from Joyce - Prior to building its own edifice in 1950, members met in the basement of the Elk Run Methodist Church. In earlier years they had met at the homes of members.

Taken from The Grange News, April 1950, p.16
Tioga County Grange Lays a Cornerstone
East Sullivan Grange No.821, located in the valley formerly known as Chandlersburg, in Sullivan Township, Tioga county, was the scene of a public Grange ceremony April 5, 1950, State Master W. Sharp Fullerton of New Castle, assisted by Jennie Bartholomew, State Ceres of Northampton; Pomona Master Wallace Spencer, Wellsboro; Fordyce Hagar, Pomona Overseer of Mansfield, and Pomona Secretary Doris Williams of Mansfield, laid the corner stone for the new Sullivan Grange Hall at 9 a.m. The Sullivan Grange has a membership of 106 and was organized in 1887 over 60 years ago.
Officers of East Sullivan Grange present were:-
Master - Harold Hulslander
Overseer - Warren York
Lecturer - Mildred Bryant
Assistant Steward - Edson Shaw
Lady Assistant Steward - Nellie Shaw
Chaplain - Rev. Paul Fattaruso
Secretary - Charlotte Brace
Treasurer - Glenn Brace
Building Committee - Edson Shaw, Warren Nash, Ralph York, Glenn Brace

Elk Run Methodist Church in background across the road.
In the corner stone were placed the Constitution and by-laws of National, State and Pomona Granges. These were deposited by Master Harold Hulslander. The Lecturer, Mildred Bryant, placed a copy of the Grange song book and register of officers of all granges of Pennsylvania. Secretary Charlotte Brace deposited the list of officers of East Sullivan Grange and the building committee. State Ceres Jennie Bartholomew, representing the Court of State Grange, deposited grain, extract of fruit and nectars of flowers. Approximately 50 persons attended the very impressive Grange ceremony.

 The following have been elected as officers of East Sullivan Juvenile Grange for 1953:  Master, Wayne Beardslee.  Overseer, Bruce Furman. Lecturer, Sharon VanZile. Steward---Lannie Simpson. Assistant Steward---Harlo Smith.   Chaplain, Nancy Shaw.  Treasurer, Donna Jean Hulslander.  Secretary, Joan Shaw. Gate Keeper, Gary York.  Ceres, Phyllis Sweeley. Pomona, Judy Furman.  Flora, Janet Furman.  L.A.S., Maxine Smith. Juvenile Matron, Ruth VAN HORN Hulslander.  Assistant, Katherine BROWN Furman.

The Agitator, Wellsboro PA, 14 November 1957
E. Sullivan Grange seats Officers
 Officers of East Sullivan Grange #821 were installed by Past State Deputy Lynn Williams assisted by Mrs. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Foster Zenger and Miss Evelyn Bartlett.
 They were: Master, Keith Sweeley; overseer, Wilbur Smith; lecturer, Mrs. Loretta Welch; steward, Bruce Furman; assistant steward, Harold Hulslander; chaplain, Mrs. Helen Worden; treasurer, Warren Nash; secretary, Mrs. Charlotte Brace; gatekeeper, Herman Tears; Ceres, Mrs. Emily Sweely; Pomona, Mrs. Emily Hulslander; Flora, Mrs. Mildred Sherman; L.A.S., Mrs. Ruth Hulslander; executive committee for three years, Roland Smith.
 Juvenile officers are: Matron, Mrs. Winifred Tears; master, Eddie Furman; overseer, Clarice Smith; lecturer, Phyllis Sweely; steward, Roland Hulslander; assistant steward, Dale Tears; chaplain, Judy Furman; treasurer, Harlo Smith; secretary, Phyllis Brace; gatekeeper, Eldon Nash; Ceres, Donna Jean Hulslander; Pomona, Barbara Brace; Flora, Janet Furman; L.A.S., Sharon VanZile.

 (Mansfield Advertiser, 21 Dec. 1960)  At a recent meeting of the East Sullivan Grange No. 821 of Elk Run, State Deputy Emmett Jones presented fifty year pins to seven members and twenty-five year pins to seven members.  Pictured left to right are: Emmett Jones; Oscar Sherman, twenty-five year member; Arthur Hager, Bert Holcomb, Charlotte UPDYKE Brace and James McConnell, fifty year members.  Those who received pins but were not present were Olin and Cora Jackson who are now deceased and Katherine Richmond, all for fifty year membership.  Twenty-five years members who were not present were Ray and Myrtle GRIFFIN Cook, Boyd Brace, M.A. Welch, Rex and Grace TICE Chamberlain. Gold and silver decorated cakes made it a festive occasion and anecdotes by older members enlivened the evening.

East Sullivan Grange - GRANGE BURNS MORTGAGE [I have added the real names of the married women. It was fashionable in that era to identify women only by the name of their husband - reflecting their low status in society at that time - JMT]
 Participating in mortgage-burning ceremony at East Sullivan Grange of Chandlersburg, Pa., were from left:  Mrs. John Toothaker{Hazel Butcher], chaplain; Mrs. Wilbur Smith [Irene Genoung] , assistant lady steward; George F. Ruth, executive committee; Mrs. Glenn Brace,[Charlotte Updyke] secretary; Mrs. Oscar Sherman, [Mildred Weinman]  lecturer; Lawrence Button, district state deputy; Raymond Van Zile, past master; Stuart Ream, Pomona master; Roland Smith, master; Warren Nash, past master; Gilbert Furman, past master; Harold Hulslander, treasurer; Wilbur Smith, assistant steward; Glenn Brace, past master. (Erma Scrapbook)

December 1996 - The End of an Era.

With the closing of East Sullivan Grange in 1996, the final element of the community that once was Elk Run came to an end. The last vestiges were auctioned off, many to impersonal dealers who had no connection or attachment to or love for this remnant of a once intact community.

Built in the late 1940s, the grange hall was the center for community activities for members and non-members alike. It was across the road from the Elk Run Methodist Church and many church events were held in its buildings. The W.S.C.S. held its annual dinner and bazaar there every autumn. Meals were served at long tables in the basement, and booths were set up in the main hall to display the craft items for sale to benefit the church. The Grange made money to pay for the building by presenting plays that were well attended on its stage. The M.Y.F. played shuffleboard on its painted floor layout. Even anniversary celebrations were held in it hall. It was truly a community center. 

Photo by Joan NASH O'Dell December 1996
Looking from stage area to back of main hall. 
1903 - With the implementation of Rural Free Delivery, the Elk Run Post Office closed and the area became part of Mansfield R. D. 3. It remains so today. This was one of the first rural routes established in the area, so Elk Run was among the earliest post offices to close because of it.

1952 - Elk Run School Closes as part of the school consolidation process. Students attend Mansfield Schools. The building remains as a vacation home. Now painted red, it is sometimes incorrectly called the little red schoolhouse which it NEVER was. It was always white.

1992 - Elk Run Methodist Church closes its doors. Remaining members go either to Mainesburg or Roseville Methodist churches. The baptismal font, built by Lee Tice, is now in the Roseville Church. Other church furniture built by Lee Tice in 1960 was taken by the Methodist Conference for use elsewhere,

1996 - East Sullivan Grange ceases to be. Building sold at auction to Ben Jones next door to it. He put a new roof on it in 2004.

2003 - In September the Elk Run Methodist Church building was razed by Ken Powlinson, and he built a residence on its foundation. Part of the original flooring remains but is covered by a newer floor layer. Part of the Sunday School rooms remain in the basement. Even the newest addition,. the front foyer, was torn off this past winter and replaced with a garage. Knowing of all the fund raisers and volunteer labor and community unity  that created it, it is sad and tragic to see it destroyed. The church windows and front door are in my Sullivan Township Museum as are a few of its other fixtures. While the house sits on the original footprint, it is still a hole in the memory of those who grew up in this area. Time marches on and all things come to an end.

Now that all of the formerly existing institutions of Elk Run have been disbanded, even the name Elk Run is scarcely recognized in the area. It is more commonly called by the disrespectful name of Bungy which came into use as a joke in the late nineteenth century. Even people who claim some fondness for the area use the unkind name, but I am not among them. It may have followed the way so many rural communities have, but I at least like to leave it with a little bit of the diginity it deserves out of of respect for those who lived here before us. 

Bradford County PA
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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
History of the Grange
Sullivan Grange No. 84
Sullivan Grange - Patrons of Husbandry No. 84. (Mainesburg)
Sullivan Grange - P.O.H. No. 84
Township: Mainesburg, Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Photos and Clippings
Photos and clippings submitted by Joyce M. Tice from the newspaper collection and scrapbook collection in Sullivan Township Museum .
 The original Grange building shown at left burned in 1917. After that the grange met on the second floor of the Odd Fellows building across the street.
When this grange closed, it merged with East Sullivan as had the Jobs Corners Grange.
Wellsboro Agitator 05  June 1888 reports that the new grange hall at Mainesburg is nearly completed, so this building only stood for 29 years. 
This photo shows the staircase on the west of the IOOF Hall that lead to the second floor meeting rooms used by the Grange No. 84. I have some internal photos that are in the museum that I will add later. 

The Agitator, Wellsboro PA, 14 November 1957
Penna Grange Wins Honor
 Sullivan Grange 84 was honored recently at the annual meeting of the Pennsylvania State Grange at Reading.
 Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Williams of the Grange were presented with a check for $40 and a plaque for placing among 36 honorable mention Granges in the state in a community Service Contest sponsored jointly by the National Grange and the Sears-Roebuck Foundation.
 Sullivan Grange projects were the third year of work on clearing and restoring Ames Hill Cemetery, agitation against the removal of the old Dairymen’s League Milk receiving station at the entrance to town, making of quilts for emergency aid to unfortunate, donation to organizations, donating the use of Grange hall to Dairymen’s League and Soil Conservation District, and the furnishing of health, wind and fire insurance to many members not attending meetings.

 The Mainesburg Observation Post is ideally located on a hill one-half mile south of Mainesburg, overlooking the beautiful countryside along Corey Creek, with a visibility of 15 to 20 miles in every direction.  It has been operating on a 24-hour basis since April 23, 1953. Many obstacles and much hard work were encountered and overcome in the establishing of their post by the community prior to its actual operation. It is heated and comfortably furnished with good visibility from the inside so that the spotters may perform their duty in detecting airplanes while inside the building---this making it unnecessary to remain outside. H.G. Peterson, Director of Civil Defense, commends the community of Mainesburg for the magnificent manner in which their people have organized and operated the Air Observation Post as a part of the Civil Defense System. 
Under the leadership of Stanley Seymour and with the cooperation of the Grange, Church groups and individuals the Mainesburg Observation Post is one of the outstanding posts in Pennsylvania.  Congratulations are due the individuals who serve so faithfully and freely give their time to carry on this most important Civil Defense activity.  Their loyalty should be an inspiration to other air observation posts, Mr. Peterson said. During one period last summer, it was one of six in the entire state operating on a 24-hour basis. Mr. Stanley Seymour, director of the post, feels that every American should be alert to the danger and ready to take part in the defense of our nation. "Each American has a place in National Defense and if every one mans his or her post, that fact alone might deter the enemy from launching a sneak attack. In an interview with the observers as to their viewpoint of this phase of defense for our country, they said that while at times it was a little inconvienient, generally they really enjoyed it--especially the ladies, since it gave them a feeling of satisfaction in doing their part in giving a few hours of time each week to help insure against a surprise attack on our country, knowing that every volunteer makes our air defense system stronger.  The following churches and Granges are furnishing their quota of spotters: Chief Observer:  Robert Welch.  Monday: Mainesburg Church, Robert Welch, Assistant Chief Observer.  Tuesday: Bakersburg Church, Harold Hulslander, Assistant Chief Observer.  Wednesday, Elk Run Church, Glenor Brace, Assistant Chief Observer.  Thursday: East Sullivan Grange, Warren Nash, Assistant Chief Observer. Friday:  Sullivan Grange, Edna Rich Chamberlain, Assistant Chief Observer. Saturday: Lee Tice, Assistant Chief Observer.  (Mr. Tice has served 134 hours as an observer.)  Sunday: State Road Church.  (Mansfield Advertiser, 20 Jan 1954)

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