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Letters of the Frost, Walker and Allied Families 

Delos Hazleton Walker 1835-
Letters: Frost, Walker Family
Year: 1856 to 1949
Transcribed & Submitted by Wendell Evans
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice

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Numbers in parentheses are the SRGP ID from Joyce's Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project to identfy the individual. Joyce has also added the real and/or full names of some of the people in the remarks column. Joyce's additions to Wendell's chart are in red,

These  letters are to and from various members of the Walker and Frost family which resided in Sullivan and Covington Townships, Tioga County PA. The collection includes letters back from migrants in the West and letters to each other more locally. It is an incredible collection spanning more than half a century. Wendell Evans has trancribed them  for us and I have identified the people from my own Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project of which these families are a part. The collection includes nearly 500 leters of varying length. I am adding them as time permits. I have arranged them more or less chronologically in this Table of Contents, but they are not necessarily in perfect order on the pages where the letters are shown. If you follow the links below, you will be able to read them in sequence. It is a very great privilege for me to publish these, and I thank Wendell for making them available to us. - Joyce M. Tice
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My # Letter from Letter to Month Day Year On letter Head Place letter from Transcribe Date Additional Remarks In Book
fwl-0047     April 20 1827     31-Dec-03 Poem by Maria Louisa Hamilton 1
fwl-0054     June 3 1847   Covington, PA 31-Dec-03 Article of agreement 1
fwl-0062 J. G. Nobles Poem Death of Elizabeth Miller of Covington School 1849 Jan  1 1849   Covington, PA 03-Jan-04 Poem, copied By D. H. Walker 1
fwl-0059   Copied Poems  Feb 14 1850   Covington, PA 31-Dec-03 Poem, By D. H. Walker 1
fwl-0083 Henry Weeks Cousin Feb 27 1855   East James 06-Jan-04 Three letters in one  2
fwl-0082 Esther Ufford Cousin Sep 23 1855   Spencer 05-Mar-03   2
fwl-0087 R. A. Walker, Mary Walker, Melissa ? D. H. Walker (13539) Jan 18 1856   Covington, PA 21-Feb-04 Roswell & Mary are Siblings to Delos. Melissa may be Melissa Everts 2
fwl-0001 Frost (49659) Jule (13538) Feb 24 1856   Wakeshma 18-Jan-04 Asahel V. Frost and wife Rosetta Newell to Julia FROST "Walker" 1
fwl-0086 S. H. Hazelton D. H. Walker (13539) Aug 5 1856   Lansing, Mich 21-Feb-04   2
fwl-0002 Melissa D. H. Walker (13539) Oct 13 1856   Canoe Camp, PA 01-Feb-04 Delos H. Walker 1
fwl-0454 Delos H Walker (13539) Julia Frost 13538) Nov 2 1856   Canton, PA 13-Nov-03   6
fwl-0084 James Everte (80198) Delos (13539) Nov 30 1856   Covington, PA 06-Jan-04   2
fwl-0461 Delos H Walker Absent Friend (Julia) Nov 25 1856   Canton, PA 12-Nov-03   6
fwl-0085 Taphath Cousin Eliza Walker (13541) Dec 28 1856   Granville 21-Feb-04 Eliza Hazleton, mother of Delos Walker 2
fwl-0455 Julia Frost 13538) Delos H. Walker(13539) Dec 21 1856     07-Dec-03   6
fwl-0089 S. H. Hazelton D. H. Walker (13539) March 15 1857   Canton, PA 21-Feb-04 Cousin of Delos 2
fwl-0458 Melisa Delos H. Walker Jan 31 1857   Covington, PA 09-Nov-03   6
fwl-0465 Julia Frost Friend Delos Feb 3 1857   Covington, PA 14-Dec-03   6
fwl-0088 S. H. Hazelton D. H. Walker (13539) Nov 28 1857   Covington, PA 21-Feb-04   2
fwl-0459 Nathanial Frost Jula A Frost June 20 1858   Jackson, MN 12-Sep-03   6
fwl-0463 Delos H Walker Friend (Julia) Sept 26 1858   Covington, PA 14-Nov-03   6
fwl-0456 Elmina R. Packard (08995) Julia Frost (13538) Oct 1 1859   Mainsburg, PA 17-Sep-03   6
fwl-0457   Copied poem  ? ? ?     17-Sep-03 Poem - by Julia Walker 6
fwl-0460 Julia ? Friend Delos ? ? ?     26-Nov-03   6
fwl-0466 Delos H Walker Friend Julia (Delos) Dec 7 1856   Canton, PA 17-Dec-03   6
fwl-0468 Melissa & Julia Absent Friend (Delos) ? ? ?   Covington, PA 13-Dec-03   6
fwl-0469 Julia Frost Delos H. Walker Nov 20 1856   Covington, PA 12-Dec-03   6
fwl-0470 S.L.  Hazleton My Cousin Jan 8 1856   Canton, PA 15-Nov-03   6
fwl-0480 Delos H Walker Friend Julia Jan 13 1857   Canton, PA 07-Dec-03   6
fwl-0467 Laura Absent Cousin (Julia) Feb 7 1857   Albion, NY 28-Nov-03   6
fwl-0472 Delos H Walker Friend Julia Feb 22 1857   Canton, PA 20-Nov-03   6
fwl-0485 Mary A Walker Delos H Walker Feb 22 1857     04-Dec-03   6
fwl-0473   Julia Frost May 11 1857   Covington, PA 13-Nov-03 Contract bet. Julia & school board 6
fwl-0471 Lois Mafill Julia Frost Aug 11 1858     21-Nov-03   6
fwl-0474 Delos H Walker Dear Friend (Julia) Oct  27 1858   Covington, PA 19-Nov-03   6
fwl-0475 Delos H Walker Dear Julia Oct 17 1858     30-Nov-03   6
fwl-0476 Delos H Walker Dear Friend (Julia) Sept 12 ?   Covington, PA 12-Dec-03   6
fwl-0477 Delos H Walker Absent Friend (Julia) Dec 6 1859   Richmond 15-Sep-03   6
fwl-0478   Julia A. Frost May 1 1859   Covington, PA 13-Nov-03 Contract bet. Julia & school board 6
fwl-0486 Julia Remembered Friend Oct 29 1858   Tioga Centre, PA 05-Dec-03   6
fwl-0090 Mary Frost, & ?? Julia & Sarah Frost  Sep 26 1858   Covington, PA 21-Feb-04 To sisters  2
fwl-0091 Delos(13539) Julia  (13538) Oct 3 1858   Covington, PA 21-Feb-04   2
fwl-0003 Elias Frost (49770) Friend (Lyman Frost) (11723) March 17 1858   Ludlow, MA 18-Jan-04   1
fwl-0092   Friend Feb 16 1859   Covington, PA 21-Feb-04 part of letter was cut off 2
fwl-0093 Me (Houston) D. H. Walker (13539) April 10 1859   Lansing, Mich 21-Feb-04   2
fwl-0481 Delos H Walker Dear Friend (Julia) Dec 18 1859     03-Dec-03   6
fwl-0483     ? ? ?     21-Nov-03 Poem - by Julia Walker 6
fwl-0484 Julia Delos H Walker ? 12 1859   Roseville 13-Sep-03   6
fwl-0094 Houston D. H. Walker (13539) March 11 1859   Lansing, Mich 21-Feb-04   2

Contents 1857 1860 1870 1889 1900 1904 1907
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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