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Mildred R. Mudge & Lee D. Tice of Sullivan

     Mildred was born on Gray Valley Road in the Mudge house.  She attended school at Elk Run. I can picture her herding her younger siblings, Harold and Helen down Gray Valley Road and up the steep hill to the school through all kinds of weather. She liked to write and kept various notebooks, including a list of all the people she saw that she knew in 1910. She also wrote a school prophecy which has survived and the minutes of three years of the Wild Flower Society which was a group of neighborhood children who gathered for an annual summer picnic in the woods of one of the families. 
     She played the organ or piano or both and was church pianist at the Elk Run Methodist Church in which her grandparents Lucy Bronson and Amos Mudge had been among the founders. The congregation took up a collection of $4.00 and bought her the oak rocking chair I now have that my parents had refinished for me. When she and Lee first married they lived near the Bakerburg Church where Phil Tice later lived. One day Millie lost her engagement ring in the yard while feeding chickens. Years later John Arthur Tice found it and gave it to his father who recognized it and gave it to Lee. She started getting ill from a brain tumor not long after her last child was born when she was 26. She always sent for aspirin whenever anyone in the neighborhood went into town. Lee's ledgers of the period show frequent purchases of medicine for Mildred. By the time she died she was blind from the pressure of the tumor. Lee had built a railing around the porch for her to hold as she walked there, so that she could find her way. She died at age 30 of a brain tumor in the house she and Lee had purchased in 1917 and moved to in 1918. This is the house built by D.T. Smith and Lucretia Welch in 1858.
  Obituary: Mrs Mildred R. Tice died at the family home in Elk Run, Pa. Saturday morning at 11:40 o'clock. She is survived by her husband, Lee Tice; two sons, Homer and Leslie, both at home; her mother, Mrs Ruth Mudge of Elkrun; two brothers, Leland Welch of Elmira Heights and Harold Mudge of Elk Run; a sister Mrs Helen Hilfiger of Grover,Pa. Funeral services were held at the Elk Run Church Monday afternoon at 2 o,clock. Burial in the State Road cemetery. Rev. William Hall of Maineburg, Pa. officiated. 
   Lee was so poor at the time of Mildred's death, that he had to dig her grave himself.
Photos: Edna Lewis & Walter Shaw
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Married  May 1914
Year:   1913 engagement photo 
Photo submitted to SRGP by Joyce M. Tice 
Photos scanned  by JMT
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Name Mildred Ruth Mudge
Birth date and place 24 APR 1895
Sullivan Township
Death date and place 04 SEP 1925
Sullivan Township
Cemetery State Road Cemetery
Parents Ruth M. Holly
Menzo A. Mudge
Spouses Lee D. Tice
Name Lee D. Tice
Birth date and place 17 JUL 1892
Sullivan Township
Death date and place 26 AUG 1960
Wellsboro Hospital
Cemetery State Road Cemetery 
Parents Cora May Smith
Harvey L. Tice
Spouses Mildred R. Mudge
Ella Marshall
Erma Smith
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 06 JUL 2001
By Joyce M. Tice

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