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Elk Run School District # 12, Sullivan Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
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Elk Run School District from 1875 Atlas
School: Elk Run School
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Teacher -  Miss DeWitt (1910) - Edna Williams (1911)
Year: 1910-1912 School Prophecy
Submitted by: Joyce M. Tice
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THis poor quality photocopy of a newspaper photo is the best I have
available for Elk Run in 1911. [Actually, though labelled about 1911, this photo is fron the 1908-09 school year. See its partners and a clearer version on the 1909 page.  The only people I can recognize are
1. Mildred Mudge (The woman who gave it to me said so).
2. Gus Welch
3. Harold Mudge
4. Helen Mudge

See below for the prophecy Mildred Mudge wrote in 1910 about where
some of these people would be in fifteen years. 

1910 - 1912 - Mildred Ruth MUDGE
of Sullivan Township
Grays Valley Road

1910 - School Prophecy

By Mildred Ruth Mudge

One more year of school has passed. And I am sure we all have enjoyed it and have benefited by it. I know I have. And now it is the last day of school.

Perhaps you would like to know the future of some of you.

One Saturday I went for a walk in the woods. I met a nice little fairy who asked me if I wouldn’t like to see some of my school mates as they would be fifteen years from now. I told her I should. She waved her wand before me, and I immediately grew smaller and we both had wings. We soared up in the air and flew away to a small town in Mass.

As we came nearer we saw the streets were filled with people all going the same way. “Why are they all going the same way?” I asked. “Oh there is a circus down the street” answered my companion.

As we came nearer I saw a large sign which said “Augustus Welches Great Show of Wild Animals.” The fairy told me he sometimes receives as much as $150 a day.

We went on into the country. In a little red school-house we found Miss Mildred Gray teaching the young ideas how to shoot.

When we came to New York we found Colie Stone who is inclined to be an artist just leaving for Europe to study art. After that he returned to the United States and became noted as one of the great artists of America.

I found Fern and Maysel Hulslander leaders in New York society where their great beauty and many charming ways attracted many to their side.

In Washington, D.C. Lee Richmond was a very active member of Congress. He was supporting a bill proposing to send some of the people to Mars because the world was too thickly peopled.

The fairy and I were getting tired of the city so we went into the country. Near Baltimore Md. I noticed a very nice looking farm. I asked the fairy if I had ever known its owner. “Oh yes,” she said, “that belongs to Rex and Roy Garrison. You also know Rexe’s wife. He married Eva Hulslander. Roy never married.
 Not far from there in a small valley lived Helen Mudge and her husband. They are very rich, her husband owning two large farms.

In a town somewhat larger than Elkrun we found the preacher to be Harry Makely. His brother Frank lived with him and worked in a store owned by Lamont Monro#

Miss Lillian Smith married a rich farmer and has two beautiful little children.

As we were flying along we bumped our heads against something. We were so scared we fell stunned to the ground. When we came to, we saw it was an airship owned by Grant Feathers. He was one of the successful balloonists of the world.

We were getting tired of going so we stopped to rest. The fairy told me about the rest and I think I’ll tell you.

You may believe I was surprised to hear that Ruhl Dann would be the champion boxer of the United States.

But I wasn’t surprised a bit to learn that William Smith would become a public speaker. I had expected it all along.

Edward and Elmer Smith after leaving our school moved to Texas and settled on a ranch.

Harold Mudge will be a brakeman on the Erie Railroad.

Theron Hulslander lives on a farm near here and is a poultry fancier.

Irene Smith became a teacher of mathematics in Elk Run school.

Lydia Stevens attended Williamsport Commercial College and after graduating there became a book-keeper for a firm in Mansfield.

Our teacher, Miss Dewitt will marry a merchant and live not far from here.

As for myself, I will be an old maid, and keep a farm for homeless cats.
(Note: Fortunately for my uncle, father, and me, she did not adhere to this plan. Unfortunately, she died at age 30 of a brain tumor. My father was only four and barely remembers her. I never met her. - JMT)

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