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School: Tioga County PA Schools
Provisional Teaching Certificate
Year: 1863
Submitted by: Clarice STILWELL Evans
The Provisional Teaching Certificate of Eunice Sophia Brewster of Sullivan Township was issued 18 APR 1863, signed by Hiram C. Johns, County School Superintendent. Sophie, as she was called then, had to pass a test. The scale is hard to read on this photocopy of the faded certificate, but 1 was very good, 2 was good, 3 was middling ( a term we no longer use), 4 was poor, and 5 was very poor. 
This excerpt from the May 1863 letter of Emma DOTY to her husband Lemuel WOOD mentions Sophie. "Lizzie is well and goes to school every day she has not missed a day yet Miss Sophie Brewster is the teacher and the children like her very much Lizzie says She Shall go to school every day untill she learns to write a letter to you and then she shall stop going but she like to go pretty well if She dont I shant send her for she is most to young to go yet." This would have been in the Holly School District of Sullivan Township - the North East corner of the township.
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