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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Business Classified Directory
Milk Dealers KEENAN, JAMES T, 403 W Second
(See also Creamcries) (See adv page 314)
Atwater, W G & Sons, 1199 Grand Central ave Mallette, W Smith, 372 S Main
Zimmerman, John C, 117 Lormore
Collin, James E, 371 Thurston Music Teachers
Dense, George W, 601 Tuttle ave Beckwith, Gertrude A, 740 Maple ave
Fisher, Samuel S, 310 South ave Beckwith, Harriet L, 434 Penna ave
Fuller, C G, 250 Crete ave Bennett, Ira W, 315 William
Fuller, C N, S Broadway n Bulkhead Bosworth, Evelyn H, 500 Franklin
Knapp, Orley P, 333 S Broadway Brooks, Nettie F, 1216 Lackawanna ave
May, Frank P, 702 Tuttle ave Brown, Kittie G Mrs, 221 W Church
Mills, Edward B, 1215 Grand Central ave Cole, Frank K, r Court House, Lake
Prechtl, Henry A, 1351 Lake Cullinan, Mary C, 108 W Washington ave
Roy, Albert, 1890 Davis Delo, J Moore, Mechanic’s bldg, Carroll
Stannard, Augustus, 513 E Third ESTABROOK, FRED T, 519 W Gray
Tobey, Martin A, 708 S Broadway (See adv page 215)
Volker, Herman, 902 Sullivan Feuchtwanger, Jennie H, 114 Caldwell ave
Wilmot, James A, 73 Penna ave
Milliners Field, Minnie A, 110 Caldwell ave
Brady, Rose, 208 S Main Fitch, Sue B, 50 Harmon
Chase, Lillian, 112 Main Geer, Glen L, 243 W Water
Darmstadt, Christien, 320 S Main Gerould, Grace, 354 ½ S Main
Doolittle, F E, 132 W Water Goff, Florence, 112 Catharine
Drew, E D, 128 W Water Griffes, Catharine, 422 W First
Frisbie, C C Mrs, 361 W First Hauver, Frank E, 359 W Second
Goodwin, Lida, 129 Penna ave Hobbs, Emma L, 366 ½ W Gray
Hagadorn, M B Mrs, 306 E Water Hogan, Anna C, 222 Baldwin
Hartnett, Mary E Mrs, 218 ½ W Third Johnson, Anna L, 320 Lake
Landy & Fitzgerald, 108 Main Krug, Albert, 328 W First
Leask & Brown, 115 E Water MacHenry, W Preston, r 402 W Church
Neef, M Mrs, 316 E Water Mallette, Frederica, 207 Boardman
O’Connor, M J, 122 E Water Mathews, Elizabeth D, 122 W Hudson
Roseman, Levi, 410 ½ Main Matison, Mildred, 7 Aspen Ridge
Rosenbaum, L & Sons, 201 E Water McElevey, Anna L, 635 W Water
Walsh, Margaret Mrs, 130 E Water Metzger, Jeannie Palmer Mrs, 362 W Gray
Whitley, E M Mrs, 135 E Water
Mineral Waters Mueller, Robert, 312 Madison ave
McINERNEY & LONERGAN, 532 Main Murphy, M Agnes, 522 W Clinton
(See adv page 374) Nichols, M Ethel, 369 W Fifth
MEAD, E H, 114 W Hudson (See Park, Louise Mrs, 605 Magee
adv page 379) Purcell, H Libbie, 718 Walnut
Seely, Absalom, 115 E Hudson Purtell, M Fannie, 207 Walnut
Model Makers Putnam, Emmett E, 328 W First
Elmira Model Works, 122 Railroad ave Qua, W H Mrs, 511 E Church
Reardon, Agnes M, 106 E Henry
Moulding and Frame Manufacturers Roberts, Alice J, 406 Union pl
BROWN BROTHERS, 319-325 E Roosa, Frances E, 811 ½ W Clinton
Market (See adv page 125 and 341) Roosa, John K, 323 Carroll
Music and Musical Instruments Slocum, Ione A, 716 W Water
Andrus, D S & Co, 114 Baldwin and Sullivan, Anna H, 1014 Hall
326 E Water Swartz, Etta M, 1015 Lake
Bacorn, Olive A, 407 W Sixth Warlich, Reinhold I, 406 Union pl
ESTABROOK, FRED T, 519 W Gray Wiseman, Margaret E, 721 Columbia
(See adv page 215) Musicians
GREENER, JACOB, 209 E Church (See Bands and Orchestras)
(See adv page 258) Nervous Specialist
Harris, Harvey R, 115 W Water Taber, Alfred B, 376 W Water
Newsdealers Manwaring, Ina, 373 W Gray
Adams, Jeannette, Lake cor E Market Martin, Adelia C Mrs, 919 Grand Central ave
Andrus, Fred B, 313 W Water
Baker Bros, 317 E Market Merrill, Albin L, 820 W Water
BILLINGS, HOSMER H, 112 Baldwin Mitchell, Emma A Mrs, 711 Spaulding
(See adv center lines) Morrison, Eleanor C, 418 William
Sullivan, Florence, 321 E Water Neuer, Elizabeth Mrs, 711 E Market
Union News Co, Erie R R depot and Nimmo, Elizabeth K, 637 W Church
523 Railroad ave Owen, Margaret T, 504 E Third
Hotel Langwell News Stand, State or Palmer, Sarah Mrs, 110 W Chemung pl
E Market Plummer, Martha Mrs, 466 W Second
Hotel Rathbun News Stand, E Water Pray, Lillian A, 308 Columbia
cor Baldwin Quantic, Gertrude E, 313 E Center
Newspapers Richards, Ada, 322 W Church
(See page 42) Rinker, Amelia M Mrs, 305 W Clinton
Notaries Rockwell, Isabella Mrs, 410 High
(See page 26) Salmon, Jeannette B, 505 Magee
Novelty Works Spaulding, Kate, 457 High
Ensign, Frederick V, 68 Sly Spaulding, Rosa Mrs, 61 George
Nurseries Stevenson, Nett, 451 South ave
Thompson, Della, 428 W Fourth
Hoffman, E M & H N Hoffman cor W Clinton Van Tassel, Eva Mrs, 515 Walnut
Voorhees, Catherine, 417 Madison ave
Nurses Webber, Harriet M Mrs, 700 Perine
Baldwin, Jennie E Mrs, 304 College ave Wright, Hattie A Mrs, 209 W Third
Ballard, Louisa J, 353 Columbia Oculists and Aurists
Batterson, G H, 311 Mt Zoar
Benedict, Anna D Mrs, 410 Perry CAREY, CHAUNCEY S, 312 Lake
Boardman, Martha D Mrs 804 John (See adv inside back cover)
Cady, E Louise, 637 W Church Case, George M, 154 Main
Carpenter, Etta Mrs, 435 W Fifth Flood, Henry, 311 E Second
Clare, Frances M, 214 College ave Orton, G E, 104 W Water
Cottle, Florence, 112 College ave Ritter, F Horace S, 308 E Church
DeLoff, H Augustus, 236 Lake Oil Dealers
Denmark, Catherine E Mrs, 376 W Gray Merchants Oil Co, 101 La France
Standard Oil Co of N Y, Elmira Oil
Denton, Agnes, 411 W Sixth Works head of Stowell
Doherty, Rosella F, 206 W Washington ave Optical Goods and Watchmakers’ Supplies
DuBois, Chloe O, 354 ½ Grove Freudenheim, Levy & Lande, 118 Lake
Earl, Mary Mrs, 1201 Lake Opticians
Eaton, Florence Mrs, 319 South ave Ayres, Frederick S, 136-138 W Water
Francis, Eliza D Mrs, 507 Roe ave Cheyney, Willis, Steele Mem Bldg
Garrison, A R Mrs, 624 Penna ave French, Arthur G, 154 Main
Gillard, Amy E, 361 Hoffman Brunning, Benjamin, 247 Crete ave
Green, Daisy, 118 W Second Hopkins, Isaac N, 115 W Water
Griswold, Belle S, 603 W Second Routledge, Thomas J, 1134 Lake
Hughes, Edith S, 411 W Sixth Ruger, M A, 144 E Water
Janosky, Augusta, 1 Symonds pl Orchestras
Jarvis, Annie E, 112 College ave (See page 51)
Jarvis, Laura M, 112 College ave Osteopath
Johnson, Amanda S, 333 S Broadway Underwood, E B, 202 Steele Mem bldg
Johnson, Emma J, 736 W First Paint Manufacturers
JOYAL, MARY A MRS, 258 South ave Elmira Oxide Paint Co, 722 Baldwin
(See adv page 309) Painters, Carriage
Lee, Carrie E, 361 Hoffman Brownlow, James, 357 E Fifth
Lewis, Edna G, 613 Walnut Evans, Lloyd B, 452 E Water
Lytle, Jennie Mrs, 216 W Third Haight, Joseph K, 209 S Main
La Fever, Engene S, r 211 W Gray ELMENDORF, V, 320 Carroll (See
RUNDLE, F & G CO, 602 Madison ave adv opp page 209)
(See adv page 463) JESSEN, CARL I, 120 Railroad ave
Sauvey, Alexis, 950 Lincoln (See adv back cover)
Smythe, F L & Son, 110 E Church Parker, Stephen H, 10 Eldridge pl
Snyder, Aloyse, 228 William Sauter & Otto, 374 Railroad ave
Schweppe F & H, 158 Fox
Painters and Paper Hangers SLINGERLAND, WALTER D, Laurel
Anderson, John A, 720 Delaware cor Leland (See adv page 488)
Bien, Edward M, 158 Baldwin Painters, Sign
Blauvelt, Archie, 317 W Fifth Banks, Samuel, Opera House blk
Briggs, Charles T, 507 W Third Bien, Edward M, 158 Baldwin
Budd, Oscar H, 207 S Main Bogardus, L E, 166 Exchange pl
Carey, W R & Co, 230 William Briggs, Charles T, 507 W Third
Crowell, George P, 211 Lormore Britton, Frederick, 416 Carroll
Darmstadt & Johnson, 304 S Main Budd, Oscar H, 207 S Main
Denson, William L, 766 Linden pl Fitch, Lyman M, 374 Railroad ave
Elmendorf, George, 450 Riverside ave Schweppe, F & H, 158 Fox
Elmendorf, Milton M, 659 W Third Smythe, F L & Son, 110 E Church
ELMENDORF, V, 320 Carroll (See adv
opp page 209) Paints, Oils, &c.
Eschenburg, Henry T, 908 Oak Barker, Rose & Clinton Co, 109-113 Lake
Fisher, James A, 839 E Second
Fralley, Robert, 1426 Caton ave Darmstadt & Johnson, 304 S Main
Goebel, Joseph, 260 Partridge ELMENDORF, V, 320 Carroll (See
Hamilton, Hiram B, 815 ½ East ave adv opp page 209)
Holden, Ralph K, 528 Main FRISBIE BROS, 103 La France
Holmes, George M, 54 S Main (See adv front cover)
HORTON, G W, 362 Fulton (See adv GRIDLEY, G A & SON, 118 and 119
back cover) E Water (See adv page 4)
JESSEN, C I, 120 Railroad ave (See GRISWOLD, MALONEY & CO, 323
adv back cover) E Water (See adv page 261
Joralemon, Olin B, 213 Brand Plowman Hardware store, 206 S Main
McDuffee, Charles F, 354 W Fourth Roll’s Paint Store, 158 Baldwin
Miller, Henry C, 808 W Gray Paper Box Manufacturers
Mosher, Frank E, 710 Davis Howell, F M & Co, 79-87 Penna ave
Packard, Allen, 759 East ave
Parker, Stephen H, 10 Eldridge pl Paper Dealers
Reagan, Jeremiah J, 215 W Water Brown & Mahar, 801 ½ Lake
REUL, CHARLES L, r 621 W Gray Elmira Paper Co, 120 W Water
(See adv page 446) Patent Law, and Patent Solicitor
Rutan, Wilbur R, 623 W Water Diven, Eugene, 212 E Water
Sauter & Otto, 374-376 Railroad ave Pattern Maker
Schweppe, F & H, 158 Fox Hagquist, N, 120 Railroad ave
SLINGERLAND, WALTER D, Laurel Pawn Brokers
cor Leland (See adv page 488)
Smiler, William V, 703 E Fifth Gladke, Henry J, 136 E Water
Smith, Andrew L, 202 E Water Samuels, Aaron, 101 W Water
Smith, Lewis H, Fred cor Southport Waxman, Barney, 116 E Water
Tallman, Willard G, 1 Lemon Peanut Venders
Thomas, Fred S, 758 S Main Ely, S V R, Lake n Market
WELLS, JAMES H, 224 William (See Freeman, James B, 310 Lake
adv page 549) Pension Agents
White, Richard G, 268 Wallace pl Pierce, J C, 322 E Water
Willison, Newlove, 138 E Water
Painters, Frescoers & Decorators Photo Engravers
Bien, Edward M, 158 Baldwin Telegram Printing Co, E Market cor
Briggs, Charles T, 507 W Third Exchange pl
Photographers Merchant, Louis H, 525 Union pl
ELMIRA PORTRAIT CO THE, 603 Merrill, George V R, 126 E Water
W Fourth (See adv bottom lines) Merritt, D Prescott, 313 W Clinton
Hurley, Lottie Mrs, 220 W Water Messenger, N Sanford, 555 E Church
KIMMICH, W S, 110 W Water (See Noble, Ellsworth H, 410 E Church
adv top lines) O’Brien, John C 504 Penna ave
McFARLIN, ABRAM, 126 Main (See Orton, George E, 104 W Water
adv page 371 Palmer, Stephen E, 116 S Main
Miller, A P, 103 E Water Palmer, William A, 116 S Main
Personius, G A, 137 E Water Parke, Floyd B, 215 High
Sartor, Henry, 317 E Water Parkhurst, G Harrison, 358 Main
STAMP, DeFOREST, 116 Baldwin Potts, Mary, 616 Columbia
(See adv center lines) Pratt, R B, 201 State
Sylvester, C H, 110 E Water Pratt, Sarah E Mrs, 367 W Gray
Van Aken, Elisha, 120 W Water Reardon, D H, 53 South Main
Wilbur, Cora A, 303 Railroad ave Reilly, Edmund A, 518 Lake
Physicians and Surgeons Reynolds, Walter B, 210 W Fifth
Adriance & Howland, 306 Lake Ritter, F Horace S, 308 E Church
Annabel, Frederick C, 127 E Hudson Ross, Frank W, 106-108 Main
Baker, Asbury H, 313 Baldwin Shartle, Mary, 118 W Water
Booth, Arthur W, 150 Main Smith, Delphine, 454 E Church
Bowlby, Frederick E, 201 Baldwin Smith, Gideon D, 505 E Water
Brown, Charles W M, 311 Baldwin Soble, Naman H, 468 E Church
Butler, Marshall C, 516 College ave Soelkey, Margretta, 133 W Water
Byrne, Walter C, 106 W Market Squire, Charles L, 409 E Church
CAREY, CHAUNCEY S, 312 Lake Stiles, Charles B, 311 Grove
(See adv inside back cover) Stuart, Anna M, 418 William
Carey, D O, 206 E Water Turck, Joseph H, 207 E Church
Carey, Joshua M, 321 Madison ave Von Spiegel, James C, 117 Main
Carr, Henry A, 15 Masonic Temple Voorhees, Sherman, 414 Main
Case, George M, 154 Main Wales, Theron A, 403 William
Chilson, Rufus R, 610 W Church Wales, Zippie Brooks, 403 William
Davis, E Howe, 109 W Water Wey, Hamilton D, 359 Main
DeCamp, F H, 332 E Water Williamson, Oscar S, 228 S Main
Doane, W C, 507 Realty bldg Woodhouse, Floyd E, 315 Baldwin
Donavan, Patrick G, 54 S Main
Drake, Emory G, 312 W Church Piano Manufacturers
Dundas, Thomas A, 257 Baldwin GREENER, JACOB, 207-209 E
Easton, James D, 1006 Lake Church (See adv page 258)
Eddy, Ermina C, 500 William Pianos and Organs
Fisher, William H, 110 S Main (See Music and Musical Instruments)
Flood, Frank H, 160 Main Piano Tuners
Flood, Henry, 311 E Second
Ford, Harry Hale, 303 E Church Atwater, Charles M, 505 Magee
Fudge, Herbert W, 353 S Main Brace, Edward E, 209 E Church
Green, Frederick B, 921 Lake Dartt, Lafayette M, 417 Walnut
Gregory, George W, 370 W Church ESTABROOK, FRED T, 519 W Gray
Hill, J Stewart, 171 Baldwin (See adv page 215)
Herrick, Jessie L, 408 Union pl Greener, Augustus, 209 E Church
Hooper, Elizabeth M, 467 W Second Qua, William H, 511 E Church
Jacobs, Jonas, 251 Baldwin Zimmerman, John C, 117 Lormore
Jenks, Robert B, 300 W Church Pictures and Picture Frames
Jennings, Charles G R, 304 E Church ELMIRA PORTRAIT CO THE 603
Kinsman, H T, 454 Spaulding W Fourth (See adv bottom lines)
LeFevre, Emma C, 558 E Church Howe, Charles J, 144 E Water
Loop, Ross G, 379 S Main Litchard, M K, 161 Baldwin
Love, Nathaniel, 120 W Hudson Queen City Portrait Co, 820-820 ½ W Gray
Lucy, Thomas F, 215 Mt Zoar
Pile Driver Produce Dealers
Tidd, Grant N, 217 W Henry (See also Commission Merchants)
Planning Mills Anhalt, A, 119 W Water
DOANE & JONES LUMBER CO Ayres, Decker E, 201 W Water
THE, Eldridge Park (See adv back cover) Cleveland & Post, 316-318 Carroll
Dixon, J G, 127 W Water
Elmira Lumber Co, 199 E Washington ave Ferguson, W H & Son, 131-133 W Water
Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co, 557 E Clinton Jennings, F L, 110 State
Harris, McHenry & Baker, Penna ave cor Erie Pumps & Windmills
Spaulding, H C Co The, E Fifth cor State (See adv bottom lines)
Plow Manufacturers Railroad Ticket Brokers
Clipper Chilled Plow Co, 550 William Mc Alpine & Kendrick, 511 Railroad ave
Plumbers, Steam and Gas Fitters Young, Samuel, Hotel Langwell
Bell, Harry, 165 Baldwin
Burt & Knurr, 518 Main Real Estate
Huntington, C E, 129 W Water Allen, John J, 101 E Market
Krowl, George W, 321 Carroll Baldwin, Isaac, 330 E Water
LeValley, McLeod & Co, 165 Lake Beach, Joseph H, 410 Main
SADDLER, JOHN T & Co, 336 E Water Beadle, Chauncey M, 214 E Water
(See adv page 12) BULLARD & CO, 112 Main (See adv page 131)
Walker, James, 334 E Water
Walker, John, 126 S Main COMPTON & HURLBUT, 170 Lake
Walker, John A, 334 E Water (See adv back cover and page 160)
Walker, R H, 112 Lake Conroy, P P, 322 E Water
Weldner, Henry J, 221 S Main ELMIRA BUILDING CO, 205 Robinson
bdg (See adv front cover)
Pork Packers Elmira Industrial Association, 120 E Water
Metzger, S X & Son Co, 419 Main
Pretzels Everett, J L, 308 E Water
Henry, John B, 507 E Church GALATIAN, A B, 120 Lake (See adv page 8)
Printers, Book and Job
Copeland & Woodford, Nicks cor Exchange pl Gladke, Morris J, 101 E Water
Hall, Sylvester W, 580 Maple ave
ELMIRA ADVERTISER ASSOCIATION Hamilton & Hervey, 104 Robinson bldg
100 and 102 Lake (See adv page 570) Higgins, James E, 501 Euclid ave
Elmira Gazette Co, 104-106 Lake Holly, Robert F, 335 E Water
Fraley, Tracy C, 116-118 E Water King & Chamberlin, 306 E Water
Frazier, Edwin, 448 E Water Knapp, Ford R, 119 College ave
HARRISON, CHARLES J, 325 Carroll New Orange Industrial Association, 
(See adv page 6) 120 E Water
Howell, F M & Co, 79-87 Penna ave Perry & Herrick, 164-166 Lake
Mattocks, Walter A, 206 E Water Pratt, Lycurgus D, 752 Park pl
Queen City Printing Co, 115 E Henry Rathbun, William R, 155 Lake
Seaman, W M, 307 E Market Robinson, George, M, 302 William
Slauson Bros, 122 E Water Robinson, Joseph, 419 W Fourth
Smith Payne Co, 326 E Water Smith, George F, 507 College ave
Snyder Bros, 100-104 W Water SWAN & SONS, 355 E Water (See
The Facts Printing Co, 13 Advertiser bldg Adv front cover)
Thornton, E E, 153 Lake
The Telegram Printing Co, E Market Willison, Potter & Smith, 138 E Water
Cor Exchange pl Referee in Bankruptcy
VEILE & BEACH, 116 Baldwin Moss, Roswell R, 210 E Water
Rendering Works Bradley, John J Mrs, 961 Davis
Stadelmaier, Frank, S Braodway n Bulkhead Brickwedde, Henry J, S Main cor South ave
Restaurants Burke, William J, 500 E Clinton
BAILEY, FREDERICK, 204 E Gray Burns, Joseph, 502 S Main
(See adv page 92) Cady, Samuel R, 143 W Water
Bancher, B, 329 Carroll Campbell, Z Orson, 501 Erie
Bourgeois, D, 135 W Water Carey, Wesley M, 406 E Water
Brooker, John B, 657 Dickinson Christen, Joseph, 151 Baldwin
Caleff, E C, 422 E Market Collins, Michael, 420 Davis
Casey, James S, Erie depot Counelly, Cornelius, 318 E Water
Christen, Joseph, 151 Baldwin Connelly, Timothy J, 124 S Main
Connelly, C, 318 E Water Cooklin, Thomas, 202 S Main
Dutch Kitchen, E Schmidt prop, 109 E Water Crowley, Anna Mrs, 515 S Broadway
Crowley, Thomas, Grand Central ave
Fowler, Harry, 122 W Water cor Diven ave
Hughes, Edward Jr, D L & W depot Cullinan, Margaret Mrs, 108 W Washington ave
Keough, Charles G, 505 Railroad ave
Klapproth, Charles, 162 Lake Cunningham, Andrew, 307 Fulton
Mack, Daniel, 617 S Main Cusick, Patrick, 201 W Miller
Maurer, William F, 140 E Water Del Papa, Michael, 827-829 Canal
McConnell, Frank W, 160 Baldwin Dempsey, John F, 801 Walnut
McCRONE BROS, 405 Railroad ave Dodema, John, 233 W Water
(See adv page 369) Dolan, Thomas, 600 E Clinton
McLain, Clark, 412 E Water Donohue, Daniel J, 622 S Main
Mowry, F J, 338 E Water Donovan, Mame, 118 W Fifth
New England Kitchen, Masonic Temple Dunne, John J, 209 W Miller
Enright, J J, 160 Lake
Palace Dining Hall, 169 Baldwin Flannery, Martin J, 507 Magee
Palace Hotel, John Bertram prop, Ford, Thomas, 401 Railroad ave
115-117 Lake Ford, Martin, 167 Baldwin
Perrault, Mitchell G, 171 Baldwin Fowler, Harry, 122 W Water
Schmidt Brothers, 412 Carroll Gaughan, Patrick, 508 Main
Shidlen, E, 132 E Water Gerard, Jacob, 851 E Church
Sperl, W M, 158 Lake Gerber, Charles, 600 E Church
Struppler, George L C, 105 West Side ave Gilmore, John, 114 E Water
Gilmore, Lewis, 437 E Water
The Arbour, 110 Lake Grady, Michael, 319 Railroad ave
Van’s Inn, I J Ven Demark prop, 401 E Water Graham, Joseph F, 559 E Church
Haley, David, 416 E Water
Webb, G F Mrs, 2 Main St bridge Hendy, Jud, 143 E Water
Webb, Henry A, 119 Lake Holloran, John, 701 Lake
Weeks, Ernest J E, Water cor Lake Horigan, T J, 102 E Water
and 413 Railroad ave Hummell, C G, 309 Carroll
Rolling Mills Hurley, Timothy, 1001 Main
Elmira Steel Co, 722 Hatch Imperial Wine Co, 218 W Water
Roofing Materials James, William R, 429 Railroad ave
LOSIE BROS, 305 E Market (See adv Janowsky, Julius F, 814 E Market
front cover) Johnson, James, 1132 Lake
Safe Deposit Vaults Kavanaugh, Michael, 722 ½ Oak
Chemung Canal Bank, 413 E Water Keefe, J & Co, 610 S Main
Merchants National Bank, 109 W Water Keefe, Nora, 440 S Broadway
Keller, William, 408 E Water
Kelley, James, 361 Railroad ave
SECOND NATIONAL BANK, 150 Klapproth, Charles, 162 Lake
Lake (See adv front cover) Leary, Arthur agent, 210 Penna ave
Saloons Leary, Katharine, 200 Fulton
Berner, A & Son, 603 E Water Leiby, Ella Mrs, 315 Carroll
Lepere, Angelo, 417 Railroad ave Sanitarium
Liddy, Michael J, 671 Baldwin Gleason Sanitarium, 1019 East ave
Lingenfelter, Adonijah, 422 E Water Sash, Door and Blinds
Lynch, Edward, 714 Davis ALLINGTON, J & SON, Railroad ave
Lyons, Peter, 523 Baldwin cor W Seventh (See adv back cover)
Mack, Daniel C, 617 S Main DOANE & JONES LUMBER CO
Mahon, Thomas, 365 Railroad ave THE, Eldridge Park (See adv back cover)
Maurer, W F, 140 E Water
Maxwell, Joseph, 660 Baldwin Fitch, Albert B, 505 Realty bldg
McCann, Francis J, 569 E Water Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co The, 557 E Clinton
McCarthy, Dennis, 551 E Third
McCarthy, Pierce, 212 Delaware Spaulding, H C Oo The, E Fifth cor State
McClain, Jacob A, 107 E Washington ave Saw Manufacturers
McConnell, F W, 160 Baldwin ELMIRA SAW WORKS, 114-120 E
McFarland, Andrew H, 450 E Market Church (See adv page 211)
McGough, Patrick W, 763 E Market Scrap Iron
McGrath, Thomas F, 703 Railroad ave Doxey, N D Co, 199 E Washington ave
McMahon, Michael J, 419 Railroad Second Hand Stores
Murphy, Elizabeth Mrs 105 Miller Amdur, Max, 417 Carroll
Murray, Henry, 600 Baldwin Prentice, Malcolm U, 206 W Water
Murray & Flannery, 507 Railroad ave Simon, Morris, 375 Railroad ave
Murtaugh, Patrick, 400 S Broadway Seedsmen
Newman, Samuel, 905 Grand Central ave Ayres, Decker E, 201 W Water
Connelly, Thomas F, 176 State
Newson, Thomas H, 151 E Washington ave GRIDLEY, G A & SON, 118 & 119 E
Water (See adv page 4)
O’Brien, Daniel, 409 High GRISWOLD, MALONEY & CO, 323
O’Connell, Timothy, 703 S Main E Water (See adv page 261)
Ollivetti, M G, 220 E Water Hoffman, E M & H N, 116 Baldwin &
O’Neill, T J, 149 W Water W Clinton cor Hoffman
O’Shea, John, 727 ½ S Main Jennings, F L, 110 State
Pelbrough, Gaymer S, 103 E Church Taylor, Eugene, 430 E Water
Rodney, A E, 313 E Market Sewer Pipe
Ross, Dominick, 800 Hatch ELMIRA SEWER PIPE & FIRE
Ryan, James T, 756 Walnut BRICK CO, Railroad ave cor E
Ryan, John K, 60 Penna ave First (See adv front cover)
Schornsteimer & Stampp, 524 Lake Queen City Sewer Pipe Co, Baldwin
Shannon, Martin, 202 W Fifth cor E Second
Shappe, Fred A, 905 ½ Grand Central ave Sewing Machines
Sheehe, James W, 910 Oak Butcher, Edward, 110 Main
Sheehe, T, 141 W Water Crandal & Brooks, 305 E Water
Sickels, Charles, 810 Madison ave Singer Mfg Co, 113 W Water
Sperl, W M, 158 Lake SLAUSON, G W, 108 W Water
Sullivan, Ann Mrs, 1412 Baldwin Tallman, Edwin E, 131 S Main
Thompson, Charles F, 212 Penna ave Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine Co 104 Lake
Tschan, Philip, 605 Lake Shirt Manufacturers
Turner, William H, 103 E Miller
Vallely, Mary Mrs, 211 O’Gorman LOVELL SHIRT CO THE, 111-115
VanNess, Harry, 423 Railroad ave Railroad ave (See adv page 347)
Walsh, Thomas, 359 Railroad ave Cushing, John, 309 E Water
Williams, Lewis A, 672 Baldwin Sign Painters & Decorators
Williams, Thomas, 301 E Fifth (See Painters, Sign)
Zywicki, Joseph, 712 Baldwin Silk Manufacturers
Sand Dealers Read & Lovatt Co The, E Fifth cor
Scranton Sand Co and East Chemung Madison ave
Sand Co, 865 Lake Stearns, John N Co, 116 Reformatory
Skirt Manufacturers Tailors
Elmira Skirt Co, 150 Fox (See also Merchant Tailors and Clothiers)
Freudenheim L & Bro, 111-115 Railroad ave Black, F S, 128 W Water
Slate Roofers Blum, J, 331 Carroll
LOSIE BROTHERS, 305 E Market Brinkman, Henry, 153 Lake
(See adv front cover) Fess, J, 316 E Water
Soap Manufacturers Gartenschlager, Charles, 609 Dickinson
White, J Frank, Madison avec or E Fifth Geiger, Frederick, 653 ½ Lake
Glankoskie, Frank, 112 S Main
Sporting Goods Gohring, George H, 112 E Chemung pl
Foley, P F, 312 E Water Hamilton, Joseph, 218 High
Willys, J N, 113 ½ W Water Herchiskel, F J, 914 Johnson
Spring Bed Manufacturers Herchiskel, John L, 914 Johnson
EMPIRE SPRING BED WORKS, C Konieczny, J, 100 E Water
F Lilley mgr, 112 ½ W First (See adv page 213) Koush, George, 155 W Clinton
Kowall, J W, 102 E Water
Holmes, Horace H, 659 College ave Landers, Garrett, 256 W Hudson
Lariew, John R, 1026 Lake LEWIS, M J MRS, 428 E Water (See
Steam & Gas Fitters adv page 339)
(See also Plumbers) Linker, A, 104 E Water
Huntington, Charles E, 127 W Water Morrell, Andrew, 355 Railroad ave
Krowl, George W, 321 Carroll Morrell, Louis, 110 State
Le Valley, Mc Leod & Co, 165 Lake Muccigrosso, Frank, 110 W Fifth
Walker, John A, 334 E Water Nagle Brothers, 328 E Water
Walker, Robert H, 112 Lake Ruddick, J H, 202 E Water
SADLER, JOHN T & Co, 336 E Water Swanson, Bengt Hockens, 225 W Water
(See adv page 12) Tooker, Hyman S, 211 W Second
Tvrdik J, 120 E Water
Steamship Tickets Unterberger T, 157 Lake
Bowman, C A, 115 E Water Walker, George, 365 S Main
Butcher, Edward, 110 Main Weaver, G E, 163 Baldwin
Hart, Charles, 459 E Market
Stenographers Tanneries
Roberts, John W, 210 W Gray Sheely, William T, 105-125 Tuttle ave
Rose, Theodore C, Court House Annex Taxidermists
Stone Dealers Reid, W D, 212 Baldwin
ALLEN, CHARLES A, 301-312 State Tea Stores
(See adv back bone and front colored page) Elmira Tea Store, Thomas Carr prop,
330 W Fifth
Pratt Stone Quarries, J M Lucy mgr, East Hill Grand Union Tea Co, 146 W Water
Great A and P Tea Co, 117 E Water
Ward, W A, 108 W Church and 413 E Water Telegraph and Telephone Companies
Elmira Telephone Co, 406 Realty bldg
L & W R R (See adv bottom lines) 513 Realty bldg
Stone Ware Postal Telegraph-Cable Co, 119 Baldwin
Farrington, E Ward, 900 E Church Western Union Tel Co, 150 Baldwin
Storage Tents, Awnings, &c
Hathorn, John, 102 W Fourth Compton, Zera, 411 Carroll
Stoves Ties and Lumber
(See Hardware) Clark, J Henry, 308 E Water
Street Railways Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper &c
(See page 52) (See also Hardware)
Surgical Instruments, Druggists’ Sundries, &c Bernstein, Mary R, 126 Sullivan
Gerity Bros, 126 Lake Brickwedde, Joseph, 201 E Church
Chapman, Isaac K, 206 S Main Veterinary Surgeons
Ells, George F, 712 Lake Bacorn, Ezra G, 407 W Sixth
Hughson, Frank W, 304 S Main Hill, Charles A, 807 East ave
Sullivan J & Co, 241 W Water Jeffrey, George P, 232 W Water
Tobacco Manufacturers Krowl, F C, 418 E Market
Dick, Lewis T, 160 Washington POTTER, CHARLES B, 103 W
Nicks Tobacco Co, 615 Railroad ave Church (See adv page 433)
Stack, Edward E, 114 Fox
Tobacconists Wilson, Thomas, 264 W Henry
(See Cigars and Tobacco) Voting Machines
Toilet Preparation Manufacturers Davis, Daniel, 115 E Henry
Holmes, Clay W, r 410 W Gray Wagon Makers
Truckmen (See Carriage, Wagon and Sleigh
(See Draymen) Makers and Repairers)
Trunks and Traveling Bags Wall Papers
(See also Clothiers and Furnishers) Buckbee, John, 433 E Water
Brophy & MacMahon, 101-103 E Water Darmstadt & Johnson, 304 S Main
Dumars, James H, 118 Main
Kelly-Keefe Shoe Co, 108 W Water ELMENDORF V, 320 Carroll (See
Thompson, N J & Co (wholesale) 178-182 State adv facing page 209)
Elmira Wall Paper Co, 325 E Water
Tillman, J Mont, 214 E Water Pease, Williston, 122 S Main
Reynolds Brothers, 301-303 E Water
Truss Manufacturers SLINGERLAND, WALTER D, Laurel cor Leland
Doan Royal, 202 E Water (See adv page 488)
Trusses Taylor & Wade, 315 E Water
(See Druggists) Warming and Ventilating Apparatus
Typewriters and Typewriter Supplies Northcott Warming and Ventilating Co,
BULLARD & CO, 112 Main (See adv page 131) 112 Railroad ave
Washing Machine Manufacturer
Umbrella Maker and Repairer BALDWIN, GEORGE E, 212 Franklin
Doyle, George H, 119 E Church (See adv page 4)
Undertakers Watchmakers
(See Jewelers and Watchmakers)
(See Funeral Directors) Watchmakers’ Supplies
Undertakers Supplies, Wholesale Freudenheim, Levy & Lande, 118 Lake
Connelly, J J, 203 W Water Water-Proof Collars and Cuffs
Upholsterers Rockwell, Reuben, 214 Washington
Booth, Hibbard W, 228 William Weavers
Cole, Arthur S, 203 E Church Perkins, Jacob D, 223 Maple ave
Frucht, William, 113 E Church Viele, Nicholas D, 525 Harper
Graner, Charles H & Son, 1 Advertiser Webster, Martha, 1216 Baldwin
bldg E Market Well Drillers
Lariew, John R, 1026 Lake BARDEEN, THOMAS J, 201 E Market
Odell, Isaac, 312 W Fifth (See adv bottom lines)
REUL, CHARLES L, r 621 W Gray Window and Door Frame Manufacturers
(See adv page 446)
STRYKER, SIMEON S, 346 E Market NEILY, GEORGE W, 116 Partridge
(See adv page 508) (See adv page 5)
Variety Stores Wines and Liquors
Coykendall, Emma A, 350 S Main (See also Hotels, Restaurants and Saloons)
Ferguson, Henry H, 322 S Main
Higby, Rogy, 369 Railroad ave Berner, A & Son, 601-603 E Water
Vickery, Julia Mrs, 713 Lake Brown & Seaman, 103 State
Woolworth, C S & Co, 134 W Water Connelly, J M, 413-415 Carroll
Earle, Boardman B, 204 W Water Wood Carpet Manufacturers
Ferris, Fred, 201 Railroad ave DOANE & JONES LUMBER CO
Ford, Martin, 167 Baldwn The, Eldridge Park and Partridge
Hendy, Jud, 143 E Water cor Harmon (See adv back cover)
Imperial Wine Co, 218 W Water
Lynch, J B, 200 Baldwin Wood Water Pipe Manufacturers
McINERNEY & LONERGAN, 532 Main Wyckoff, A & Son, 101 E Chemung pl
(See adv page 374) Wood Yards
Murtaugh, Patrick, 400 S Broadway (See Coal and Wood)
O’Connor, J J, 414 Carroll
O’Neill, Timothy J, 149 W Water Wrapping Paper
Salzman & Siegelman, 108 E Water Brown & Maher, 801 ½ Lake
Vinton, C E, 102 E Market Wringers
Wire Goods Manufacturers Dann, A V, 550 E Water
Bantley, Constantine, 527 E Fifth Gould, Orange P, 510 W Second
D i r e c t o r y P u b l i s h e r ,
412 Realty Building, Elmira, N Y
Directories and Maps for Sale.
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