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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice


Britton, Frederick, sign writer 416 Carroll, h do

Britton, Kittie, dressmaker 416 Carroll, bds do

Broadman, Frank, puddler, h 414 Standish

Broas, George W, carriagemaker 110 E Church, h 361 Columbia

Brock, Fred, clerk Bradstreet commercial agency, rooms 126 E Chemung pl

Brock, John C, laborer, h 564 Thompson

Brock, Joseph W, reporter The Bradstreet Co, rooms 126 E Chemung pl

Brockway, Hugh B, transfer officer N Y S Reformatory, bds do

BROCKWAY, Z REED, general supt N Y S Reformatory, h do

Broderick, Ella, bds 357 W Third

Broderick, John W, fireman Erie R R, h 357 W Third

Broderick, Lizzie, bds 357 W Third

Brodie, Bridget M, teacher, h 102 Harmon

Brodie, Emma, laundress, bds 116 Ferris

Brodie, John W, laborer, bds 458 High

Brodie, Mary E, milliner, bds 102 Harmon

Brodie, Mary J, cook, bds 224 W First

Brody, John, laborer, bds 458 High

Broich, Cornelius, laborer, h 1026 Oak

Broich, Frank, laborer, bds 1026 Oak

Broich, Herbert W, clerk 305 E Water, bds 1026 Oak

Broich, Jacob, laborer, bds 1026 Oak

Brokaw, Myra H, widow William W, bds 618 1/2 Winsor ave

Brokaw, William B, printer Star, bds 618 1/2 Winsor ave

Bromley, Arthur R, clerk 336 E Water, bds 721 W Water

Bromley, Charles F, clerk 336 E Water, h 721 W Water

Bronson, Mary A, widow Henry L, bds 316 W Gray

Brook, Hariet R, bds 518 W Gray

Brook, Jennie B, prin school No 4, h 518 W Gray

Brook, Lillian B, music teacher, bds 315 West ave

Brook, William W, expressman, h 315 West ave

Brooker, Harry J, bds 657 Dickinson

Brooker, John B, restaurant 657 Dickinson, h do

Brookman, Edwin S, laborer, bds 114 Brand

Brookman, Jacob, clerk 115 E Water, bds 750 E Fifth

Brookman, Nicholas, teamster, h 750 E Fifth

Brookman, Thomas M, carpenter, h 114 Brand

Brooks, Addison H, carpenter, bds 958 Main

Brooks, Amanda S, widow William A, bds 861 W Clinton

Brooks, Andrew M, cabinet maker, h 721 Carpenter

Brooks, Carrie Mrs, h 123 W Water

Brooks, Charles B, sec Elmira Savings Bank 126 E Water, h 118 W Market

Brooks, Charles M, prop White House Cafe, h 900 W Gray

Brooks, Clara B, bds 1047 Walnut

Brooks, Cora L, student, bds 1047 Walnut

Brooks, Edith L, emp silk mill, bds 958 Main

Brooks, Edith S, bds 413 Lake

Brooks, Edward A U, lawyer, bds 517 Gradwell

Brooks, Eliza J, widow Jerome F, h 413 Columbia

Brooks, Ella J, emp silk mill, bds 958 Main

Brooks, Elmora L, clerk 1051 Walnut, h 1047 do

Brooks, Erdene, stenographer 503 Robinson bldg, bds 51 S Main

Brooks, Fannie E, widow George, h 517 Gradwell

Brooks, Frank H, salesman, bds 855 E Market

Brooks, George B, (Crandal & Brooks) 305 E Water, h 532 W Gray

Brooks, George F, janitor Robinson bldg, h 417 High

Brooks, Henry, laborer, bds 517 Gradwell

Brooks, Harry J, machinist, h 413 Columbia

BROOKS, HARRY S, pres and genl mgr Telegram Printing Co, h 413 Lake

Brooks, Harry, check room attendant Hotel Rathbun

Brooks, Herbert H, merchant at Ovid, NY, h 738 W Gray

Brooks, Homer, stair builder, h 741 W Church

Brooks, James L, emp bridge works, h 122 Partridge

Brooks, James R, mail carrier, h 610 W Gray

Brooks, M Alice, bds 68 W Clinton

Brooks, Nelson C, (Brooks & Co) bds 429 Standish

Brooks, Nettie F, music teacher 1216 Lackawanna ave, bds do

Brooks, Oscar, laborer, bds 600 Jay

Brooks, Phoebe L, widow Henry S, bds 510 Lake

Brooks, Porter D, carpenter, h 958 Main

Brooks, Robert C, emp bridge works, h 515 Erie

Brooks, Sarah, bds 664 Lake

Brooks, Selah, yardman 115 E Gray, bds 600 Jay

Brooks, Solon H, foreman carpenter, h 1216 Lackawanna ave

BROOKS, WILLIAM T, (J E Swarthout & Co) 215 E Water h 518 W Gray

Brooks & Co, (N C Brooks and E F McCarthy) locksmiths 157 Baldwin

Brophey, Emily H, widow Patrick, h 407 W Fifth

Brophey, Sidney P, supply clerk Erie shops, h 407 W Fifth

Brophy, Claire, bds 361 W Clinton

Brophy, John, (Brophy & MacMahon) 101-103 E Water, h 361 W Clinton

Brophy & MacMahon, (J Brophy and J E MacMahon) clothiers and furnishers 101-103 E Water

Brosman, Eugene, laborer 121 E Second, bds 156 W Third

Bross, Mary, widow Wells P, rooms 700 E Market

Brothers, William, fireman Erie R R, bds 425 Railroad ave

Broughton, Mary Selina, teacher Elmira College, bds do

BROWN, A GRANT, (Leask & Brown) 115 E Water, h 311 Madison ave

Brown, Adda V, clerk N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds 308 W Church

Brown, Addie Mrs, bds 310 1/2 W Fourth

Brown, Albert, h 404 Madison ave

Brown, Albert, baggageman L V depot, h 769 Harper

Brown, Albert N, carpenter, h 1123 Ovid

Brown, Amanda N, widow Oscar Z, h 667 College ave

Brown, Andrew J, clerk 102 E Market, h 800 do

Brown, Anna, domestic 306 Spaulding

Brown, Anna, domestic, rooms 667 Dickinson

Brown, Anna M Mrs, dressmaker, rooms 110 W Market

Brown, Antoinette M, widow James L, h 422 W Church

Brown, August, gardener, h r 939 E Church

BROWN, BENJAMIN, (Brown Bros) 319 E Market, h 404 Madison ave

Brown, Benjamin F, h 365 W Fourth

Brown, Bert P, shipping clerk, bds 226 LaFrance

Brown, Bertha E, bds 100 Penna ave

Brown, Bessie, domestic 600 Penna ave

Brown, Bessie M, stenographer 206 Steele Mem bldg, bds 1325 Lake

BROWN BROTHERS, (M, J and B) mouldings and frames, 319-325 E Market

BROWN, C F & CO, grocers, 700 German

Brown, Carl C, salesman 508 State, bds Hotel Langwell

Brown, Charles, hostler 425 Carroll

Brown, Charles, laborer, h 107 E First

BROWN, CHARLES F, (C F Brown & Co) 700 German, h do

Brown, Charles H, barber 373 Railroad ave, h 501 Madison ave

Brown, Charles W, carpenter N C Ry, h 256 South ave

BROWN, CHARLES W M, physician and surgeon 311 Baldwin, h do; Office hours 1 to 3 and 6:30 to 8 pm

Brown, Clarence G, emp Standard Account Co, bds 744 W Church

Brown, Claude, clerk 320 Carroll, bds 718 W First

Brown, Cora M, teacher school No 4, rooms 555 E Church

Brown, Cora M, dressmaker 363 Diven ave

Brown, Daniel, laborer, bds 107 E First

Brown, Delia S, widow Franklin, h 460 W Second

Brown, DeWitt C, janitor Masonic Temple, h 555 E Water

Brown, E Mabel, stenographer 13 Advertiser bldg, bds at Horseheads

Brown, Edgar, hackman, h 604 N Main

Brown, Edgar Jr, expressman, bds 604 N Main

Brown, Edmund, bds 517 W First

Brown, Edmund S, com trav Standard Oil Co, rooms 403 W Water

Brown, Edward, tinsmith, bds 1005 Lincoln

Brown, Edward J, salesman, h 518 Catharine

Brown, Edward, carpenter, rooms 11 Lyceum Theatre

Brown, Edward J, emp Erie freight house, h 507 Harper

Brown, Elizabeth, bds 373 Railroad ave

Brown, Elizabeth B, widow William A, h 309 Davis

Brown, Elizabeth S, bds 409 E Church

Brown, Esther, widow Anthony, bds 464 Franklin

Brown, Fannie C, student, bds 306 Dewitt ave

Brown, Frank, emp knitting mill, bds 706 E Second

Brown, Frank E, carpenter, h 708 Holdridge

Brown, Frank J, clerk 700 German, h 705 E Fifth

Brown, Frank L, conductor D L & W R R, h 418 Mathews

Brown, Fred, emp bridge works, h 517 W Third

Brown, Fred A, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 309 Davis

Brown, Gardner, gas fitter, h 306 Dewitt ave

Brown, George, carpenter, h 804 W Church

Brown, George, laborer, h r 656 1/2 Dickinson

Brown, George A, mason, h Caton ave n Penna ave

Brown, Grace, stenographer 501 Robinson bldg, bds 1409 Grand Central ave

Brown, Guy, emp W H Lovell, bds 518 Dewitt ave

Brown, Guy P, butcher, h 518 Dewitt ave

Brown, Hamilton B, clerk Erie freight office, h 409 E Church

Brown, Harriet E, bds 226 E LaFrance

Brown, Harriet M, bds 800 E Market

Brown, Harriet M, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 515 High

Brown, Harry C, plumber, h 111 Dewitt ave

Brown, Henry J, switchman Erie yard, bds 313 W Fourth

Brown, Henry L, h 700 E Fifth

Brown, Henry W, h 601 W Hill

Brown, Hugh C, foreman telephone Co, h 100 Penna ave

Brown, Ida A, clerk, bds 708 Winsor ave

Brown, Isaac M, com trav, h 52 Harmon

Brown, J May, bds 1409 Grand Central ave

BROWN, JACOB, (Brown Bros) 319 E Market, h 404 Madison ave

Brown, Jacob, yardman Delavan House, bds do

Brown, Jacob A, insurance, h 718 W First

Brown, Jacob C, carpenter, h 204 High

Brown, James, laborer, h 714 Baldwin

Brown, James, moulder, bds 302 E Miller

Brown, James, porter Hotel Langwell, rooms 100 W Gray

Brown, James H, emp rolling mill, h 123 Judson

Brown, James T, switchman D L & W R R, h 1409 Grand Central ave

Brown, Jeremiah B, laborer, h 153 Lake

Brown, Joanna, domestic 235 Lake

Brown, John, h 219 W Church

Brown, John, freight handler L V R R depot, h 705 E Fifth

Brown, John C, emp Erie shops, h 515 High

Brown, John F, motorman, h 722 Erie

Brown, John G, emp rolling mill, bds 515 High

Brown, John H, machinist, h 517 W First

Brown, John P, collector, bds 501 Baldwin

Brown, John W, tobacco packer, bds 705 E Fifth

Brown, Joseph, laborer, h 813 East ave

Brown, Joseph, emp rolling mill, h 671 Sullivan

Brown, Joseph H, shoemaker, h 313 W Fourth

Brown, Joseph K, conductor Erie R R, h 657 Davis

Brown, Kate, clerk 140 W Water, bds 423 E Washington ave

Brown, Kittie G, widow Everett A, music teacher, h 221 W Church

Brown, Lafayette D, car builder, h 363 Division

Brown, Lelia M, bds 306 Dewitt ave

Brown, Lena, bds 254 Crete ave

Brown, Lena, bds 404 Madison ave

Brown, Lena, dressmaker 418 Mathews, bds do

Brown, Leonard W, cashier 508 State, bds 459 E Church

Brown, Leroy E, bottler, h 374 W Third

Brown, Leroy H, switchman, h 254 Crete ave

Brown, Lewis, coachman 628 W Third

Brown, Lucy A, widow Augustus, h 519 W Second

Brown, M Alice, bds 309 Davis

Brown, M Elizabeth, widow Henry E, h 308 W Church

Brown, Mertie, h 609 E Fifth

Brown, Mamie, domestic 503 Railroad ave

Brown, Margaret, widow Thomas, h 302 E Miller

Brown, Margaret A, bds 110 W LaFrance

Brown, Margaret A, bds 804 W Church

Brown, Mariah, widow Henry H, bds 709 E Market

Brown, M J Mrs, dressmaker 303 W Clinton, h do

Brown, Marvin J, (Brown & Seaman) 103 State, h 303 W Clinton

Brown, Mary, dressmaker, bds 705 E Fifth

Brown, Mary, emp tobacco factory, bds 1409 Grand Central ave

Brown, Mary, sorter, bds 105 E Market

Brown, Mary, widow John, h 964 East ave

Brown, Mary, widow Thomas, h 110 W LaFrance

Brown, Mary A, dressmaker, bds 110 W LaFrance

Brown, Mary E, bds 601 West Hill

Brown, Mary E Mrs, h 656 Baldwin

Brown, Mary E Mrs, massage, h 805 Johnson

Brown, Mary G, bds 365 W Fourth

Brown, Mary J, widow Jefferson, janitress Erie depot, h 964 East ave

Brown, Mary T, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 515 High

Brown, Mary W, clerk N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds 308 W Church

Brown, Matilda, domestic Hotel Snyder

Brown, Maude, bds 254 Crete ave

BROWN, MAX, (Brown Bros) 319 E Market, h 404 Madison ave

Brown, Melissa, widow John R, seamstress, h r 659 College ave

Brown, M H Mrs, dressmaker, h 1315 Hall

Brown, Menzo H, keeper Reformatory, h 1315 Hall

Brown, Micajah, bds 106 Sullivan

Brown, Michael, machinist N C Ry shops, bds 110 W LaFrance

Brown, Michael S, (Brown & Maher) h 423 E Washington ave

Brown, Myrtle, bds 310 E Fifth

Brown, N Amanda, widow Oscar Z, h 667 College ave

Brown, Nicholas, laborer, h 611 Dickinson

Brown, Nina, bds 418 Mathews

Brown, Olie, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush, bds 304 Orchard

Brown, Orson, com trav, h 262 Baldwin

BROWN, OSCAR M, (Hunt & Brown)h 744 W Church

Brown, Oscar M, janitor No 5 school, h 805 Johnson

Brown, Paul, h 404 Madison ave

Brown, Reuben L, painter 120 Main, h 373 Railroad ave

Brown, Robert D, painter, h 762 Carpenter

Brown, Robert O, emp bicycle works, bds 422 E Washington ave

Brown, Samuel M, shoemaker, h 54 Orchard

BROWN SALICYLINE CO, manufr Brown's Salicyline, 519 Railroad ave

Brown, Sarah, bds 605 Beach

Brown, Theodore, emp bridge works, bds 114 W Miller

BROWN, THURBER A, (T A Brown & Co) rooms 416 E Church

BROWN, THURBER A & CO, wholesale and retail tobacconists, 153 Lake

Brown, Ulysses H, emp Doane & Jones, h 1559 Pratt

Brown, Walter R, machinist LaFrance shops, h 226 E LaFrance

Brown, Walter R Jr, draughtsman, bds 226 E LaFrance

Brown, William, brakeman, bds 254 Crete ave

Brown, William, laborer, bds 373 Railroad ave

Brown, William, waiter, h 604 Baldwin

Brown, William A, emp Kertscher & Co, h 520 Logan

Brown, William J, h 214 W Chemung pl

Brown, William J, laborer, bds 705 E Fifth

Brown, William N, brakeman D L & W R R, h 914 Grand Central ave

Brown, William P, tobacco sorter, bds 518 Dewitt ave

Brown & Maher, (Michael B & James M) wrapping paper, twine, &c, 801 1/2 Lake

Brown & Seaman, (M J Brown and C W Seaman) liquors, cigars and tobacco, 103 State

BROWNE, FRANK P, gen sec D L & W R R Y M C A, h 962 College ave

BROWNE, GEORGE H, coal dealer 100 W Fourth, h 154 do

Browne, Hattie L, bookkeeper Advertiser, bds 312 College ave

Browne, John L, flagman Erie R R, h 671 Columbia

Browne, Maud Pauline, bds 303 W Clinton

Browne, William H, h 312 College ave

Brownell, Elias J, engineer N C Ry, h 203 W Miller

Brownell, Jessie C, stenographer, bds 114 W First

BROWNLOW, JAMES, carriage making and repairing of all kinds 357-359 E Fifth, h 458 E Church

Brownlow, James G, carriage hardware 456 E Church, bds 458 do

Brownlow, Robert, clerk 103 W Water, bds 360 Franklin

Brownlow, Sarah M, bds 360 Franklin

Brownyard, William H, emp J Richardson & Co, h 214 Brand

Bruce, Charles E, pres Superior Knitting Mills Co, h 412 E Church

Bruen, John H, carpet cleaner 369 W Fourth, h do

Brunner, Jennie M Mrs, h 402 W Gray

Brunning, Benjamin Rev, optician, bds 247 Crete ave

Bruno, Dominick, h 311 Railroad ave

Bruppacher, Arnold, emp silk mill, bds 1412 Baldwin

Bruso, Stephen, laborer, h 856 E Market

Bryan, Aaron G, blacksmith, h 716 Erie

Bryan, Abigail M, widow Allen, bds 218 Franklin

Bryan, Burt, carpenter, h 509 Partridge

Bryan, E Mabel, reporter Star, bds 404 S Main

Bryan, Hamlin S, ticket clerk D L & W depot, bds 653 Park pl

Bryan, Hiram R, carpenter, bds 404 S Main

Bryan, John, clerk 429 Railroad ave, bds 408 Magee

BRYAN, PLATT V, treas Junction Canal and Railroad Co, treas Elmira Glass Co, director Chemung Canal Bank, 413 E Water, h 653 Park pl

Bryan, Ward E, stenographer, h 79 Walnut

Bryan, Willard C, carpenter, bds 404 S Main

Bryan, William O, trainman, bds 513 College ave

Bryant, Bert, mason, h 603 E Church

BRYANT, HENRY L, h 1867 Davis

BRYANT, MARTHA MRS, grocer 1867 Davis cor Bancroft

Buchanan, Catherine M, teacher, bds 408 Hoffman

Buchanan, E Everett, sec Elmira Bridge Co, h 407 W Church

Buchanan, Emma A, boarding house 200 West Side ave

Buchanan, Frank D, salesman Barton & Wheadon, h 467 W Third

Buchanan, George, bds 150 E Washington ave

Buchanan, Lawrence H, lawyer 415 E Water, h 408 Hoffman

Buchanan, Theodore R, fire insurance, h 408 Hoffman

Bucher, Jennie, waitress 360 W Church

Buchenholtz, Paul, emp Kertscher's hardwood works, bds 707 Sullivan

Buchholtz, Albert, laborer, bds 809 Linden pl

Buchholz, Albert, laborer, h 714 Baldwin

Buchholz, Charles, painter, h 569 E Water

Buchholz, Frank, laborer, h 809 Linden pl

Buchmuller, Henry, cabinetmaker, h 1345 College ave

BUCK, GEORGE W, lawyer 409 and 411 Realty bldg, h 439 W Clinton

Buck, Mary J, widow Abner, bds 714 Spaulding

BUCK, ORRIN C, mgr Mutual Mercantile Agency 510 Robinson bldg, rooms 416 E Church

Buck, Orrin L, clerk 206 W Water, h 383 W Water

Buck, Robert S, draughtsman Elmira Bridge Co, bds 360 W Church

BUCK, WILLIAM C. div freight agent Erie R R, rooms 4 and 5 Erie depot, h 412 W Clinton

Buckbee, Alanson, h West Hill bey limits

Buckbee, Eli, clerk 210 W Water, h 109 W First

Buckbee, Frank A. paperhanger, bds 433 E Water

BUCKBEE HOUSE, Joseph Causer propr, 429 E Water

Buckbee, John, wall paner 433 E Water, h do

Buckbee, Lillian, widow Eli, h 111 W First

Buckhout, Merritt M, bds 108 E Chemung pl

Buckley, Albert, mason, h 119 Judson

Buckley, Daniel D, com trav, h 803 Magee

Buckley, Edward P, machinist, bds 200 Harmon

Buckley, James J, machinist, bds 200 Harmon

Buckley, Jeremiah H, fireman N C Ry, bds 619 Lewis

Buckley, Julia, widow Patrick, h 200 Harmon

Buckley, Julia C, milliner, bds 200 Harmon

Buckley, Mary A, domestic, 316 Lake

Buckley, Nellie Z, bookkeeper 126 W Water, bds 200 Harmon
Buckley, Newman, clerk 104 State, h 708 Winsor ave

Bucklin, Edna F, bds 454 E Church

Bucklin, Nellie E, widow Bradford S, bds 454 E Church

Budd, Clayton A, carpenter, bds 454 Mt Zoar

Budd, Clayton B, h 454 Mt Zoar

Budd, Elijah, carpenter 119 E Church, h 70 Cleveland ave

Budd, Helon D, carpenter, bds 454 Mt Zoar

Budd, Oscar H, painter 207 S Main, h 710 Kenyon

Budwick, Frank, laborer, h 818 East ave

Budzikowski, John, driver Adams Express, bds 266 W Hudson

Budzikowski, Michael, shoemaker 354 Railroad ave, h 266 W Hudson

Buell, Margaret, widow Alonzo, bds 456 Franklin

Buell, Merton, emp bridge works, h 456 Franklin

Bulger, John H, news agent L V R R, bds 673 E Fifth

Bull, Charles, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 703 E Market

BULL, JOHN JR, lawyer 114 Lake, h 368 W Fourth

Bull, Laverne M, emp 508 State, bds 51 S Main

Bullard, Almon B, h 501 W Water

Bullard, Charles A, emp Doane & Jones, h 336 Diven ave

BULLARD, CHARLES F, (The Doane & Jones Lumber Co) bds 501 W Water

Bullard, Ellen E, bds 531 W Water

Bullard, Frank C, barber 315 Railroad ave, h 169 Baldwin

BULLARD, GEORGE A, (Bullard & Co) 112 Main, h 531 W Water

BULLARD, GEORGE W, (Bullard & Co) 112 Main, h 531 W Water

Bullard, Helen H, widow Almon, bds 374 W First

Bullard, Mary E, bds 501 W Water

Bullard, Mary O, teacher Park Place school, bds 531 W Water

BULLARD & CO, (G W and G A Bullard) insurance and real estate and typewriters 112 Main

Bullock, Florence L, bds 1105 Davis

Bullock, Gerald E, ladies' tailor, h 354 1/2 S Main

Bullock, Helen L Mrs, national organizer W C T U, h 1105 Davis

Bump, Willis H, carpenter, h Hazel n Penna ave

BUMPUS, OLIN W, mgr Elmira Wall Paper Co 325 E Water, h 551 do

Bundy, Albert, clerk 125 Lake, h 217 Washington

Bundy, Alice H, bds 267 Baldwin

BUNDY BROTHERS, (O F and J A) grocers 125-127 Lake

Bundy, Carblat Mfg Co, workroom 261 Baldwin

BUNDY, FRANK E LAMP AND SUNDRY CO, John B Stanchfield pres, J W Bowman vice pres, J L Bacon sec, H C Durland treas, Advertiser bldg E Market

Bundy, H Ross, cigar maker, bds 112 Fox

Bundy, Herman S, com trav, h 112 Fox

BUNDY, JABIN A, (Bundy Bros) 125 Lake, h 269 Baldwin

Bundy, Myra M, widow Fred, bds 760 1/2 E Church

BUNDY, OSCAR F, (Bundy Bros) 125 Lake, h 267 Baldwin

Bunnell, Caroline M, widow Daniel K, h 512 John

Bunnell, Cora M, teacher school No 1, bds 512 John

Bunnell, Esther A, bds 512 John

Bunting, Nelson W, supt filter plant, bds 218 W Chemung pl

Bunto, Alberta, dressmaker 604 E Water, h do

Bunto, Almira C, widow Aaron K, h 626 W Gray

Bunto, Burt, bds 626 W Gray

Bunto, Harrison N, clerk 146 W Water, bds 626 W Gray

Bunto, Julia A, widow John T, h 604 E Water

BURBAGE, C EDWARD, meat market Lewis cor South ave, h do

Burbage, Edward J, tinsmith, bds 379 W Water

Burbage, Elizabeth, widow Joseph, h 379 W Water

Burbage, John, shoemaker, h Lewis cor South ave

Burbage, John Jr, deliveryman, bds Lewis cor South ave

Burbage, Joseph W, clerk, bds Lewis cor South ave

Burbage, Robert, machinist, h 657 Beecher

Burbank, Roland A, laborer, h 213 O'Gorman

Burch, Mary, bds 310 Dewitt ave

Burdick, Amos A, janitor Realty bldg, h 311 Penna ave

Burdick, Clark, brakeman Erie R R, bds 425 Railroad ave

Burdick, Elisha J, piano salesman, h 412 W First

Burdick, Flora V, widow Uria T, h 914 Pratt

Burdick, Frances J, widow Henry R, h 305 South ave

Burdick, Mary E, widow William P, h 210 Miller

Bure, Fred G, fireman D L & W R R, bds r 1207 Hall

Burgess, Charles, engineer Hose Co No 2, h 108 Howard

Burgess, Charles H, machinist LaFrance shops, bds 512 Falck

BURGESS, EDWIN G, deputy county clerk, h 767 Linden pl

Burgess, Frank, emp Doane & Jones Lumber Co, h 831 E Second

Burgess, Frederick S, tinsmith, h 457 Spaulding

Burgess, Helen, widow Edward, bds 311 Madison ave

Burgess, Ivy, waitress Buckbee House

Burgess, J Howard, managing clerk 401 Robinson bldg, h 102 E Hudson

Burgess, Lorette F, bds 457 Spaulding

Burgess, Millard F, mason, h 123 1/2 Horner

Burgess, Rebecca, seamstress, bds 512 Falck

Burgess, William C, bookkeeper 131 W Water, h 367 W Fourth

Burgett, Lillie H, widow Alvin R, h 401 Sullivan

Burgher, Frank D, emp Kertscher & Co, bds 471 Roe ave

Burgher, William C, bottler, h 471 Roe ave

Burk, Eli S, carpenter, h 365 Thurston

Burk, Herman L, druggist, h 108 Fox

Burk, Leonard F, fireman D L & W R R, bds 365 Thurston
Burk, Lottie M, emp Queen City knitting mill, bds 365 Thurston

BURK, W LEVIS, mgr Elmira Telephone Co 406 Realty bldg, rooms 417 E Market

Burke, Elizabeth, waitress Rathbun House, bds do

Burke, John, engineer N C Ry, h 708 Herrick

Burke, John A, policeman, h 751 S Main

Burke, Lizzie, waitress Hotel Rathbun

Burke, Maggie J, cook 371 W First

Burke, Mary, domestic 451 Penna ave

Burke, Mary A, stenographer, bds 708 Herrick

Burke, Michael J, emp N C shops, h Lyon cor Collin

Burke, Nettie, domestic 356 W First

Burke, Sarah, domestic 412 Euclid ave

Burke, William J, saloon 500 E Clinton, h do

Burlew, Alfred O, carpenter, h 328 S Broadway

Burley, Charlie E, shoemaker, bds 704 Holdridge

Burley, George A, pressman Gazette, bds 704 Holdridge

Burley, Levi, shoemaker, h 704 Holdridge

Burley, Lulu E, dressmaker, h 705 Hopkins

Burley, Reamer, teamster, h 705 Hopkins

Burley, Thomas E, emp J Richardson & Co, h 570 Coburn

Burlingame, Albert C, clerk 204 E Water, bds 1004 Pratt

Burlingame, Edgar, gate tender, h 724 Harper

Burlingame, Fannie S, dressmaker, bds 724 Harper

Burlingame, Frances C, widow Velorius, h 1004 Pratt

Burlingame, Orson, h 967 E Clinton

Burlingame, Ray V, clerk D L & W yard office, bds 1004 Pratt

Burnett, Rae, widow George W, nurse, h 413 Locust

Burnett, Thomas, mason, h 515 High

Burnett, Willard W, physician 118 W Water, h do

Burnette, Charles R, printer, h 517 W Fourth

Burnette, LeRoy D, draughtsman Horseheads Bridge Co, bds 517 W Fourth

Burnham, Floyd J, bds 210 W Hudson

Burnham, James, clerk 210 E Water, bds 714 W Water

Burnham, Mary, widow James, h 166 Dewitt ave

Burnoy, William, carpenter, h 1307 Hall

Burns, Ann, widow Martin, h 964 Magee

Burns, Anna, widow James, h 613 Flood

Burns, Bridget, h 501 Penna ave

Burns, Catharine, widow Andrew, bds 118 W Hudson

Burns, Daniel, propr hotel, Diven ave cor Grand Central ave

Burns, Dennis, emp N Y S Reformatory, h 202 West Side ave

Burns, Elizabeth A, stenographer 305 Robinson bldg, bds 507 High

Burns, Ellen, dressmaker, bds 507 High

Burns, Felix, laborer, bds Columbia Hotel cor Diven and Grand Central ave

Burns, J Frank, motorman West Side R R, bds 728 S Main

Burns, George H, com trav, h 209 Dewitt ave

Burns, Hattie, bds 352 S Main

Burns, John, station master D L & W depot, h 159 Falck

Burns, John, emp Bundy Lamp Co, h 159 Falck

Burns, Joseph, grocer 500 S Main, saloon 502 do, h 501 Penna ave

Burns, Lizzie, domestic, 510 William

Burns, M Nettie, milliner, bds 728 S Main

Burns, Margaret, widow Joseph, tailoress, rooms 608 John

Burns, Mary, dressmaker, bds 507 High

Burns, Michael, engineer and grocer 728 S Main, h do

Burns, Michael, laborer, h 507 High

BURNS, MYRON T, clerk 109 E Water, h 566 do

Burns, Nellie, dressmaker, bds 507 High

Burns, Patrick, teamster, bds 606 E Clinton

Burns, Rosanna, emp F M Howell & Co, bds 507 High

Burns, Sarah, widow Patrick, h 500 S Main

Burns, T Allen, clerk, bds 728 S Main

Burns, Thomas W, h 352 S Main

Burns, Thomas J, carpenter, bds 361 Division

Burns see Byrne see Byrnes

Burr, Charles H, cashier 121 Baldwin, h 700 Delaware

Burr, Esther F, widow Timothy E, seamstress, 303 Main

Burr, Fred, fireman D L & W R R, bds r 1027 Hall

Burr, Mary, widow William, h 51 George

Burr, Sarah E, dressmaker 506 Columbia, bds do

Burr, William E, carriage maker, h 51 George

Burris, Joseph P, laborer, bds 640 W Gray

Burroughs, Georgie A, student, bds 160 Main

Burrows, Charles H, conductor N C Ry, h 706 Spaulding

Burrows, Clyde R, brakeman N C Ry, bds 469 South ave

Burrows, Jabez T, barber 217 W Water, h 216 do

Burrows, Lucinda, h 315 William

Burrows, Lula, bds 703 Lake

BURT, ALPHA R, (Burt & Knurr) 518 Main, h 622 Penna ave

Burt, Anna H, widow George, dressmaker, bds 250 W Hudson

Burt, Arthur H, drug clerk 438 Penna ave, bds 622 do

Burt, Ellen F, bds 412 Main

Burt, Grace, teacher school No 3, bds 122 W Chemung pl

Burt, Henry J, conductor N C Ry, h 622 Penna ave

Burt, James, h 412 Main

Burt, Sarah, widow Ransom K, bds S s plank road n Bulkhead

BURT & KNURR, (Alpha R B & Fred H K) plumbers and gas fitters 518 Main

Burton, Fred, emp W H Lovell, bds 432 W Fourth

Bush, Caroline U, widow Robert W, h 756 Park pl

Bush, Chalres W, engineer N C Ry, h 212 W Miller

Bush, Estella L, bds 212 W Miller

Bush, H Foster, chief clerk N Y S Reformatory, h 361 Elm

BUSH, JOHN J, (Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co) h 815 College ave

Bush, Julia S, h 756 Park pl

Bush, Louisa N, dressmaker, bds 409 Baldwin

Bush, Maud G, nurse Arnot-Ogden Hospital

Bush, Robert B, clerk Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co, bds 815 College ave

Bush, Thomas W, machinist, bds 212 W Miller

Bush, Thomas W, sawyer, h 226 O'Gorman

Bushman, Burton A, shoemaker, h 369 W Water

Bushnell, Agnes V, bds 809 W Water

Bushnell, Albert, supt Anti-Saloon League 308 Realty bldg, h 809 W Water

Bushnell, Albert C, student, bds 809 W Water

Buss, Peter W, cigar maker, h 771 Harper

BUTCHER, ALFRED R, sec and treas Chase-Hibbard Milling Co, h 704 W Water

Butcher, Catharine, domestic, 566 E Water

Butcher, Edward, sewing machine agt 110 Main, h do

Butcher, George, tailor, h 206 Dewitt ave

Butcher, Jessie, domestic, 463 E Water

Butcher, Kittie, chief opr N Y & Penn Tel & Tel Co, bds 206 Dewitt ave

Butcher, Sarah, emp Gleason Sanitarium, bds 1019 East ave

Butler, Anna T, clerk 140 W Water, bds 926 Lackawanna ave

Butler, Bridget, h 661 Columbia

Butler, Bridget, widow Edward, h 611 S Main

Butler, Catherine, h 314 W Fourth

Butler, Edward, bds 611 S Main

Butler, Edward D, postal clerk, h 359 W Fifth

Butler, Emanuel J, barber 616 Dickinson, h do

Butler, Francis, carpenter N C Ry shops, h 374 Baty

Butler, James J, clerk 104 E Water, h 926 Lackawanna ave

Butler, James J Jr, clerk, bds 926 Lackawanna ave

BUTLER, JOHN J, (Butler & Co) 309 W Fourth, h 314 do

Butler, Katherine, housekeeper 314 W Fourth

Butler, Laura, tailoress, bds 400 S Main

BUTLER, MARSHALL C, physician and surgeon 516 College ave, h do, office hours 10 to 12 am, 1 to 3 and 7 to 9 pm

Butler, Mary, widow Patrick, bds 1105 Lake

Butler, Mary E, widow Hezekiah, h 616 Dickinson

Butler, Nellie, dressmaker, bds 314 W Fourth

Butler, Patrick J, fireman D L & W R R, h 304 E Washington ave

Butler, Rebecca A, widow James, bds 612 William

Butler, Thomas W, fireman D L & W R R, h 1557 Lake

Butler, William, farmer and milk dealer, h Sullivan cor Mathews

Butler, William P, motorman W S R R, h 1322 Pratt

BUTLER & CO, fancy table supplies, teas, coffes and spices, 309 W Fourth

Butman, Abraham L, emp LaFrance shops, h 211 Home

Butman, George W, laborer, bds 511 Partridge

Butman, William J, motorman E & H R R, h 6 Sylvester pl

Butterfield, George I, foreman 412 E Market, rooms 110 W Market

Butterfuss, Jacob, guard N Y S Reformatory, h 801 Johnson

Butters, Amanda E, widow William, houskeeper 619 W Gray

Butters, Ellsworth H, mason, h 227 E LaFrance

Butters, Isaac, laborer, h Kingsbury ave

Butters, Isaac H, machinist, h 256 South ave

Butters, Isaac H, laborer, h 1880 College ave

Butters, Lewis H, janitor No 8 school, h 221 Dewitt ave

Butterworth, Bertha E, teleph opr 205 E Gray, bds 120 Lormore

Buzzerd, William L, brakeman N C Ry, h 522 Penna ave

Byer, Mary, domestic 930 W Water

Bynon, William, hostler, bds 118 W Fifth

Byrne, Anna E, timekeeper 121 Railroad ave, bds 856 John

Byrne, Anna F, teacher school No 2, bds 111 W Gray

Byrne, Ella, maid 209 College ave

BYRNE, FRANCIS J, (Lowman & Byrne) 305 Realty bldg, h 502 Union pl

Byrne, Mary A C Mrs, teacher school No 4, h 754 Jay

Byrne, Mary E, stenographer Elmira Advertiser, bds 856 John

Byrne, Theodore, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, h 837 E Second
Byrne, Thomas G, horseshoer, h 856 John

BYRNE, WALTER C, physician and surgeon 106 W Market, h 754 Jay, Office hours 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 pm; tel 85

Byrnes, Eliza M, emp knitting mill, bds 964 Magee

Byrnes, Felix, puddler, bds 964 Magee

Byrnes, Martin, barber, bds 964 Magee

Byrnes, see Burns


Caback, Benjamin, laborer, bds 603 Tuttle ave

Caback, Frank, laborer, h 603 Tuttle ave

Cable, Ella Mrs, h 551 E Second

Cable, Walter B, laborer, h 718 German

Cadek, Frank, laborer, h 966 E Clinton

Cadek, Thomas, laborer, bds 966 E Clinton

Cadigan, Bartholomew, puddler, bds 461 W Hudson

Cadigan, Helen, domestic 113 E Chemung pl

Cadigan, John, puddler, h 461 W Hudson

Cadigan, Margaret, widow Patrick, h 214 Front

Cadigan, Thomas, iron worker, h 916 Stowell

Cadoo, Asenath M, bds 312 South ave

Cadoo, James H, contractor and builder, h 312 South ave

Cady, E Louise, nurse, bds 637 W Church

Cady, Jane Mrs, bds 637 W Church

Cady, Samuel R, saloon 143 W Water, h 158 W Washington ave

Cady, William H, emp F M Howell & Co, bds 654 Pearl pl

Cahaley, Anna E, dressmaker, bds 376 W First

Cahaley, Catherine T, school teacher, bds 376 W First

Cahaley, Daniel, freight handler, h 376 W First

Cahill, Anna, domestic 957 Lake

Cahill, Ann, widow Michael, h 302 E Washington ave

Cahill, Catherine, widow Patrick, bds 608 S Main

Cahill, Delia, waitress Rathbun House, bds do

Cahill, Edward, laborer, bds 712 Columbia

Cahill, Elizabeth, domestic 403 Columbia

Cahill, Ellen, widow John C, bds 375 W Second

Cahill, Eugene, carpenter, h 717 Railroad ave

Cahill, Henry, clerk 218 E Water, bds 415 Brady

Cahill, Henry W, clerk, bds 375 W Second

Cahill, James, janitor St Marys school, h 419 Brady

Cahill, James H, tinsmith, h 755 Walnut

Cahill, John, clerk, h 422 Fulton

Cahill, John, truckman, h 462 W Sixth

Cahill, Katie, domestic 235 Lake

Cahill, Madge A, domestic 303 Penna ave

Cahill, Margaret, dressmaker, rooms 208 Washington

Cahill, Margaret R, clerk 301 E Water, bds 715 W Second

Cahill, Nellie, maid Strathmont, Hoffman

Cahill, Susie, waitress Strathmont, Hoffman

Cahill, Thomas, laborer, bds 302 E Washington ave

Cahill, William H, clerk 101 Robinson bldg, bds 375 W Second

Cain, Anna, domestic 518 William

Cain, James L, emp N C Ry shops, h 712 Erie

Cain, John M, clerk 318 Carroll, h 420 College ave

Cain, Margaret, widow Patrick, bds 313 W Hudson

Cain, Mary, widow James, h 413 Magee

Cain, Mary E, domestic 214 W First

Cain, Michael T, grocer 68 Penna ave, h do

Cain, Patrick, blacksmith, h 153 Washington

Cain, Patrick, lineman, bds 377 Railroad ave

Cain, Patrick W, blacksmith, bds 313 W Hudson

Cain see Kain and Kane

Cairns, John Rev, pastor Wells Presbyterian church, h 781 Penna ave

Cairns, Mary E, bds 781 Penna ave

Caldwell, Louis D, letter carrier, h 302 W Water

Caldwell, Luther S, fireman E F D, h 227 Lormore

Cale, John, yardmaster N C Ry, h 610 E Second

Califf, Della, student, bds 112 Elm

Califf, Elbertus C, restaurant 422 E Market, h 105 Penna ave

Calkins, Charles E, emp N C Ry, bds 371 Baty

CALKINS, CLIFFORD H, (C H Calkins & Co) 333 E Water, h 458 Maple ave

CALKINS, C H & CO, druggists 333 E Water
Calkins, Edwin B, com trav, h 505 Euclid ave

Calkins, Frank C, bookkeeper, bds 204 Madison ave

Calkins, George, brakeman N C Ry, bds 613 S Main

Calkins, George N, meat cutter 1206 Grand Central ave, h 386 1/2 Warren

Calkins, William H, emp N C Ry, h 371 Baty

CALKINS, WILLIAM H, (C H Calkins & Co) 333 E Water, h 700 W Water

Calkins see Caulking

Callahan, Bridget, widow Cornelius, bds 608 Howard

Callahan, Catharine, bookkeeper 106 W Water, bds 457 S Main

Callahan, Grace V, bds 105 Liberty

Callahan, James F, polisher, h 613 1/2 Lake

Callahan, James H, mgr Binghamton edition Elmira Telegram, h 105 Liberty

Callahan, James H jr, emp Bundy Lamp Co, bds 105 Liberty

CALLAHAN, JOHN, merchant tailor, furnisher and furrier 106 W Water, h 457 S Main

Callahan, John, lineman, bds 377 Railroad ave

Callahan, Neil, emp John Brand & Co, bds 105 Liberty

Callahan, Nellie, bds 105 Liberty

Callahan, Thomas, bds 100 Fox

Calligan, Catherine H, bds 527 W Gray

Calligan, Eliza E, private school, h 527 W Gray, h do

Cameron, Peter, master mechanic bridge works, h 118 Caldwell ave

Cameron, Philip H, emp bridge works, bds 620 Lewis

Campbell, Adelbert E, insurance 202 E Water, h 303 W Henry

Campbell, Agnes, bds 103 W Washington ave

Campbell, Anna, clerk 139 E Water, bds 118 W Chemung pl

Campbell, Anna, emp tobacco factory, bds 703 Lake

Campbell, Anna Mrs, bds 103 W Washington ave

Campbell, Archie S, asst undertaker S B Hubbell, h 121 Madison ave

Campbell, Arthur J, shoemaker and grocer 665 Magee, h do

Campbell, Barney, h 957 Main

Campbell, Catharine, dressmaker, bds 704 Magee

Campbell, Charles, laborer, bds 351 E Fifth

Campbell, Charles E, painter, h 761 E Market

Campbell, Charles W, laborer, bds 113 Harriet

Campbell, Charles W, laborer, bds 221 Mt Zoar

Campbell, Chauncey C, h 627 W Water

Campbell, Daniel J, stenographer, h 919 Davis

Campbell, David, coachman, h 507 Gradwell

Campbell, David D Rev, pastor Centenary M E Church, h 466 Franklin

Campbell, Dell, widow Charles, h 1312 Baldwin

Campbell, Dell, widow John, dressmaker, h 311 W Clinton

Campbell, DeWitt S, bookkeeper 208 College ave, h 474 Roe ave

Campbell, Dollie, emp knitting mill, bds 1125 Ovid

Campbell, Edgar D, blacksmith La France shops, h 117 W La France

Campbell, Edna, stenographer 301 Realty bldg, bds 466 Franklin

Campbell, Edward, knitter, bds 311 W Clinton

Campbell, Elizabeth, laundress, bds 957 Main

Campbell, Elmer E, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush, bds 607 E Second

Campbell, Everett, painter, h 106 Chestnut

Campbell, Flora, dressmaker, bds 311 W Clinton

Campbell, Frank, hostler, bds 151 Baldwin

Campbell, Fred, hostler 311 State, bds 151 Baldwin

Campbell, Fred, teamster, bds 414 E Washington ave

Campbell, George T, emp Payne shops, bds 221 Mt Zoar

CAMPBELL, GROVE E REV, pastor Hedding M E Church, h 313 Columbia

Campbell, Harry, emp Howell's box factory, bds 117 W La France

Campbell, Henry L, laborer, h 221 Mt Zoar

Campbell, Henry L, laborer, h 414 E Washington ave

Campbell, Horace, coachman, bds 269 W Henry

Campbell, Howard, farmer N s Penna ave n Bulkhead

Campbell, Wm Horace, janitor 246 Lake, h do

Campbell, James, emp rolling mill, bds 313 Webber pl

Campbell, James A, sanitary inspector, h 419 W Gray

Campbell, James E, bds 607 E Second

Campbell, J Bradford, organist Park Church, rooms 324 W Gray

Campbell, J Harry, clerk 202 E Water, bds 303 W Henry

Campbell, John, emp bridge works, h 605 E Second

Campbell, John, (Campbell & Richards) 217 Railroad ave, bds 118 W Second

Campbell, John A, carpenter, bds 113 Harriet

Campbell, John H, emp Elmira rolling mill, h 324 Webber pl

Campbell, John Jr, musician, bds 103 W Washington ave

Campbell, John R, emp Elmira Bridge Co, h 105 Main

CAMPBELL, JOSEPH A, chief engineer fire department, h 611 William

Campbell, Joseph J, electrician, bds 419 W Gray

Campbell, Judson H, bds 1312 Baldwin

Campbell, Julia A, widow Ira J, h 1125 Ovid

Campbell Knitting Mill Co, 104 Clark

Campbell, Lena T, teacher, bds 419 W Gray

Campbell, Lucius B, delivery clerk Erie freight house, h 607 E Second

Campbell, Mabel, emp knitting mill, bds 1327 College ave

Campbell, Margaret, laundress, bds 957 N Main

Campbell, Margaret G, dressmaker, bds 627 W Water

Campbell, Mary, laundress, h 313 Webber pl

Campbell, Mary R, widow Henry J, h 474 Roe ave

Campbell, Mattie G, dressmaker, bds 627 W Water

Campbell, Maurice, stereotyper, h 362 W Third

Campbell, Patrick, shoemaker 114 W Fifth, h 704 Magee

Campbell, Patrick J, emp J Richardson & Co, h 500 Grove

Campbell & Richards (J Campbell and J W Richards) Elmira Boiler Works, 213-217 Railroad ave

Campbell, Rose, widow John, h 103 W Washington ave

Campbell, Seraphine Mrs, bds 508 E Clinton

Campbell, Susie A, emp cotton mill, bds 957 Main

Campbell, William, h 654 Baldwin

Campbell, William A, laborer, h 771 John

Campbell, William A, h 414 1/2 S Broadway

Campbell, William H, plumber, h 113 Harriet

CAMPBELL, WILLIAM T, sec and mgr Elmira Building Co, 205 Robinson bldg, h 464 W First

CAMPBELL, Z ORSON, saloon 501 Erie, h do

Canavan, Michael, farmer, h S s Penna ave n Bulkhead

Canavan see Cannovan

Canfield, Alfred A, insurance, h 524 William

Canfield, Fannie A, artist, h 363 Elm

Canfield, Susie, bds 363 Elm

Canfield, William A, h 363 Etm

Cannan, Anna, clerk, bds 265 W Henry

Cannan, John T, clerk Elmira bridge works, bds 265 W Henry

Cannan, Mary, dressmaker, h 265 W Henry

Cannan, Patrick H, timekeeper Elmira bridge works, h 507 Oak

Cannan, Stephen, student, bds 265 W Henry

Canney, Mary, bds 310 Sutton

Cannon, Charles J, emp Erie R R, bds 717 Columbia

Cannon, Hadley T, student, bds 717 Columbia

Cannon, Hugh, emp Erie R R, h 717 Columbia

Cannovan, William, grocer 362 E Church, h do

Cannovan see Canavan

Cantlin, Richard, engineer D L & W R R, h 355 Division

Caplan, Aaron, peddler, bds 911 John

Caplan, Moses, peddler, bds 911 John

Caplan, Samuel, cabinetmaker, h 550 E Second

Caplin, Morris, cabinetmaker, h 153 High

Capozzi, Cosmo, laborer, h 821 Canal

Caprarulo, George, emp rolling mill, h 113 W Fifth

Card, Abraham, machinist, bds 1855 Davis

Card, Alfred J, blacksmith, h r 1318 Lake

Card, Alice B Mrs, bds 421 W Third

Card, Harry, motorman W S R R, h 1367 College ave

Card, Lee W, laborer, bds 1367 College ave

Card, Mary E, domestic, 500 Union pl

Carder, Prescott C, bds 321 Madison ave

Carezo, Rocco, laborer, bds 219 E Seventh

Carey, Alice, dressmaker, bds 363 W Third

Carey, Annie, bds 363 W Third

CAREY, CHAUNCEY S, oculist and aurist 312 Lake, h do; office hours 10 am to 4 pm

Carey, Daniel G, physician and surgeon 206 E Water, h 100 Brand

Carey, Daniel J, clerk 140 W Water, h 429 W Fourth

Carey, Ellis C, umbrella maker 119 E Church, bds do

Carey, Frank, bartender 412 Carroll

Carey, Harriet D, widow Francis, bds 360 W Third

Carey, James, polisher, bds American House

Carey, Jennie B, emp mattress factory, bds 515 Harper

Carey, John A, painter, h 657 Johnson

Carey, Joshua M, physician and surgeon, 321 Madison ave, h do

Carey, Kate T, draughtslady 323 Carroll, bds 363 W Third

Carey, Margaret, housekeeper, 352 W Clinton

Carey, Mathew J, janitor No 7 school, h 418 E Washington ave

Carey, Michael, car builder, h 363 W Third

Carey, Thomas F, fireman D L & W round house, bds 1327 College ave

Carey, Walter H, stenographer, bds 210 College ave

Carey, Wesley M, saloon 406 E Water, h do

Carey, William E, engineer D L & W R R, h 1108 1/2 Lake

Carey, William R, (W R C & Co) h 460 E Church

Carey, W R & Co, (W R C & O W Mathews) painters 230 William

Carey, Willis M, laborer, h 219 W Henry

Carl, Robert H, conductor E & H R R, h 719 Erie

Carland, Catharine, domestic, 403 Lake