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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice


Reagan, Mary, domestic, 364 W Gray

Reagan, Mary, domestic, 304 E Church

Reagan, Mary A, widow Jeremiah, h 723 1/2 S Main

Reagan, Nora, domestic, 612 W Water

Reagan, Patrick, laborer, bds 156 W Third

Reagan, Timothy, bds 473 South ave

Reagan see Ragan and Regan

Reardon, Agnes M, musician, bds 106 E Henry

Reardon, Anna, seamstress, bds 106 E Henry

Reardon, Anna, domestic, 405 Columbia

Reardon, Anna, domestic, 414 Main

REARDON, D H, physician and surgeon, 53 S Main, h do, office hours until 9 am, 1 to 3 pm, evenings after 7
Reardon, Daniel, bds 708 Spaulding

Reardon, Hannah, bds 106 E Henry

Reardon, James J, grocer, 381 W Second, h 375 do

Reardon, Jennie, teacher school No 7, bds 465 W Third

Reardon, Thomas, engineer, h 106 E Henry

Reber, George W, stone cutter, h 427 Partridge

Reckerk, Charles, cigarmaker, 654 N Main, h 331 Broadway

Recker, Charles, cigarmaker, 654 N Main, h 331 Broadway

RECORDER'S OFFICE, Michael Danaher recorder, City Hall

Redding, Annie E, emp silk mill, bds 1327 College ave

Reddy, Sophronia G, h 507 Columbia

Redeman, Hattie C, emp knitting mill, bds 510 E Church

Redfield, Cynthia Mrs, bds Carr n limits

Redfield, Stella M, h 668 Park pl

Redfield, William, farmer, Carr's Corners n limits

Redner, Catharine Mrs, emp Gleason Sanitarium

REDNER, FRANK, prop Eagle Hotel, 315 Railroad ave

REDNER, HENRY B, mgr Eagle Hotel, 315 Railroad ave, bds do

Reed, Burt, emp steel mill, bds 105 Chestnut

Reed, Burton W, student, h 112 Hoffman

Reed, Charles, laborer, h 120 Washington

Reed, Charlotte, housekeeper, 628 Penna ave

Reed, Christopher, clerk, h 120 Washington

Reed, Eldridge G, agt Met Life Ins Co, h 110 W Second

Reed, Ella R Mrs, dressmaker, 452 Oak

Reed, Fanny Mrs, h 105 Chestnut

Reed, Fred W, emp Doane & Jones, h 452 Oak

Reed, James, cook, rooms 400 E Water

Reed, James, porter Hotel Langwell, bds do

Reed, Julia Mrs, h 759 1/2 Carpenter

Reed, Samuel H, carpenter, h 373 Penna ave

Reed, Smith W, barber, 478 S Broadway, bds 373 Penna ave

Reed, William F, buffer, bds 452 Oak

Reed, Winnie, bds 823 E Second

Reed see Read see Reid

Reedy, George E, barber, 437 Railroad ave, h 963 Walnut

Reedy, Mary, widow James, h 412 Elm

Reedy, Nora, domestic, bds 412 Elm

Reedy, Patrick F, butcher, h 605 E Church

Reedy, Terrence, porter Frazier House, bds do

Reedy see Ready see Reidy

Reeily, Ella C, widow Frank, dressmaker, h 438 1/2 W Clinton

Reeily see Reilly see Riley

Rees, Bird LeGrand, engineering draughtsman City Engineer's office, bds 517 Euclid ave

REES, FRED H, watchmaker & propr Elmira School of Engraving, 335 E Water, h 612 W Church

Rees, Jennie R, widow David H, bds 620 Oak

Rees, Mary E, bds 517 Euclid ave

Rees, Milton S, Rev evangelist, bds 517 Euclid ave

Rees, Thomas D, carpenter & builder, 517 Euclid ave, h do

Rees, William H, tinsmith, h 227 Franklin

Reese, Clinton M, switchman N C R R, h 712 Holdridge

Reese, Mary A, clerk N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds 607 Euclid ave

Reese, Sarah V, bds 607 Euclid ave

Reeser, Francis A, agt Met Life Ins Co, h 669 Columbia

Reeves, Julian C, emp bridge works, bds 503 W Church

Reeves, Samuel J, supt bridge works, Elmira Heights, h 503 W Church

Regan, Anna B, milliner, bds 914 Walnut

Regan, Ellen, widow Patrick, h 473 South ave

Regan, Jeremiah J, printer, bds 914 Walnut

Regan, Josephine F, bds 110 W Gray

Regan, Mame C, bds 914 Walnut

Regan, Nellie A, bookkeeper, 419 Main, bds 914 Walnut

Regan, Timothy, contractor & builder, h 914 Walnut

Rehwinkle, Edward, tanner, h 5 Hanover

Rehwinkle, William, blacksmith, h 317 Tuttle ave

Reichardt, Gustav, stone cutter, h 711 Harper

Reid, Clara G, bds 243 Lake

Reid, James B, janitor, 150 Lake, h 801 Magee

REID, JAMES D S, (Reid & Winner), 104 W Water, h 116 W First

Reid, James R, h 243 Lake

Reid, Margaret, widow Andrew F, bds r 217 Franklin

Reid, Nettie, domestic, 207 Walnut

Reid, Mortimer M, laborer, h 404 Walnut

Reid, William D, taxidermist, 212 Baldwin, h do

Reid, William H, com trav, 182 State, h 377 W Water

REID & WINNER, (J D S Reid & Seth Winner), Clothiers & Furnishers, 104 W Water

Reid see Read see Reed

Reidsena, Samuel Jr, clerk, 101 Robinson bldg, h 761 1/2 E Church

Reidy, Agnes, domestic, 356 W Sixth

Reidy, Agnes, widow Timothy, h 700 1/2 Oak

Reidy, Anna K, bds 209 Thurston

Reidy, Anna L, emp silk mill, bds 700 1/2 Oak

Reidy, Anna L, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 463 Franklin

Reidy, Bridget, widow John, boarding house, 207 South ave

Reidy, Bridget E, maid, 357 Main

Reidy, Catharine, emp knitting mill, bds 751 Harper

Reidy, Catharine, cook, 269 Baldwin

Reidy, Cornelius, clerk, 117 E Water, bds 700 1/2 Oak

Reidy, Ellen, widow Michael, h 702 Linden pl

Reidy, Harry, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 702 Linden pl

Reidy, James, clerk, bds 151 Baldwin

Reidy, James, clerk, 504 Main, bds 708 Elm

Reidy, James, emp N C shops, h 776 S Main

Reidy, James, emp N Y S Reformatory, h 500 E Water

Reidy, James E, deliveryman, bds 708 Elm

Reidy, Jennie, emp silk mill, bds 751 Harper

Reidy, John, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 751 Harper

Reidy, John, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1018 Hall

Reidy, John, tel messenger, 150 Baldwin, bds 962 N Main

Reidy, John Jr, fireman D L & W R R, h 337 Diven ave

Reidy, John J, clerk Erie freight office, bds 706 Magee

Reidy, John J, emp N C Ry shops, bds 110 W Miller

Reidy, John J, laborer, h 10 Burdick

Reidy, Joseph, engineer L V R R, bds 59 Liberty

Reidy, Josephine, stenographer Bundy Lamp Co, bds 706 Magee

Reidy, Kate, emp knitting mill, bds 702 Linden pl

Reidy, Margaret M, dressmaker, bds 702 Linden pl

Reidy, Margaret, bds 59 Liberty

Reidy, Margaret, bds 209 Thurston

Reidy, Margaret, domestic, 258 Baldwin

Reidy, Mary, widow Michael, bds 916 N Main

Reidy, Mary E, dressmaker, 201 E Water, bds 706 Magee

Reidy, Mary M, domestic, 415 W Church

Reidy, Michael, emp D L & W R R, h 209 Roe ave

Reidy, Michael, laborer, h 708 Elm

Reidy, Michael, blacksmith N C Ry shops, h 83 Keefe

Reidy, Michael H, farmer, h 59 Liberty

Reidy, Nellie F, clerk, 112 W Water, bds 120 W Miller

Reidy, Nellie, domestic, 514 Lake

Reidy, Nora, caterer, bds 412 Elm

Reidy, Patrick, bds 904 Walnut

Reidy, Patrick, laborer, emp rolling mill, h 806 N Main

Reidy, Patrick, blacksmith, h 217 O'Gorman

Reidy, Patrick, section foreman D L & W R R, h 751 Harper

Reidy, Patrick J, gatetender, h 706 Magee

Reidy, Patrick T, h 120 W Miller

Reidy, Terrence, engineer, h 962 Main

Reidy, Thomas H, conductor D L & W R R, h 209 Thurston

Reidy see Ready and Reedy

Reilly, Alice, widow Edmund, grocer, 804 Lake, h do

Reilly, Alice, widow Edmund, grocer, 804 Lake, h do

Reilly, Anna, stenographer, bds 851 E Market

REILLY, EDMUND A, physician and surgeon, 518 Lake, h do, office hours until 9 am, 1 to 3 and 6 to 8 pm

Reilly, Joseph, transfer clerk D L & W R R freight house, bds 851 E Market

Reilly, Roe, bds 804 Lake

Reilly, Thomas, car inspector, h 305 Sutton

Reilly see Reeily and Riley

Rein, Annie, emp knitting mill, bds 611 Sullivan

Rein, Barbara, cigar packer, bds 611 Sullivan

Rein, George, shoemaker, bds 611 Sullivan

Rein, Leopold, shoemaker, h 611 Sullivan

Reinhart, Edward F, fireman D L & W R R, h 1000 1/2 Hall

Relyea, Eliza, widow John, bds 512 Ivy

Rennie, Bessie, bds 428 W Fifth

Rennin, Abbie, boarding, 405 Railroad ave

Renton, Paul A, bicycles and bicycles repairs, 303-309 E Market, h 509 W Clinton

Reppard, John, emp rolling mill, h 112 E Second

Rescue Mission, 237 W Water

Retruvard, Frank, laborer, h 364 Railroad ave

Reul, Andrew A C, emp knitting mill, h 814 1/2 W Gray

REUL, CHARLES L, painter, decorator, upholsterer and hardwood finisher, r 621 W Gray, bds 719 do

Reul, Florence, bds 719 W Gray

Reul, Frederick, painter, bds 719 W Gray

Reul, Fredericka, widow William, h 719 W Gray

Reul, Louise H, bds 719 W Gray

Reuss, Edward, laborer, h 212 O'Gorman

Reuss, Julia, domestic, 108 Catherine

Reuss, Lewis, cigarmaker, bds 212 O'Gorman

Rew, James, h 56 Orchard

Rew, James R, printer, bds 56 Orchard

Rew, Samuel, barber, 601 E Church, bds 56 Orchard

Rewolinski, Thomas, shoemaker, 303 Division, h 766 E Fifth

Reynolds, Archie, printer, bds 204 Penna ave

Reynolds, Arthur G, printer Telegram, h 393 W Water

Reynolds, Augusta B Mrs, bds 320 E Fourth

Reynolds, Blanche E, teacher school No 11, bds 363 1/2 W Second

REYNOLDS BROTHERS, (H F and W H), dry goods, carpets and men's furnishings, 301-303 E Water

Reynolds, Charles R, physician, bds 318 William

Reynolds, Cornelius H, carpenter, h 412 Herrick

Reynolds, Edwin E, gardener, h 743 Southport

Reynolds, Ellen, widow John

Reynolds, Emma J, dressmaker, Main cor W Market, h do

Reynolds, Emma M, widow Samuel H, h 363 1/2 W Second

Reynolds, Frances R, bds 352 Main

Reynolds, Francis W Rev, pastor Southside Baptist Church, h 477 South ave

Reynolds, Frederick, emp S W Hall, h 2 Apple

Reynolds, Frederick B, engineer Elmira Illuminating Co, h 1053 Walnut

Reynolds, Frederick P, surgone U S A, bds 318 William

Reynolds, Gardiner, bds Homestead Hotel

Reynolds, George G, law clerk, 415 E Water, h 318 William

Reynolds, George W, clerk, 110 Baldwin, h 308 Penna ave

Reynolds, Grace P, tel opr, 205 E Gray, bds 393 W Water

Reynolds, Harry E, collector Gazette, bds 113 W Second

Reynolds, Henri, clerk, bds 202 Penna ave

Reynolds, Herbert, laborer, bds 1187 Penna ave

REYNOLDS, HERBERT F, (Reynolds Brothers), 301-303 E Water, bds 455 Maple ave

Reynolds, J Archie, printer, bds 202 Penna ave

Reynolds, James R, bds 352 Main

REYNOLDS, JOHN A, (Reynolds, Stanchfield & Collin), 415 E Water, h 352 Main

REYNOLDS, JULIA S MRS, 306 Carroll, h at New York City

Reynolds, Lapet, bds 320 E Fourth

Reynolds, Lelia R, bds 210 W Fifth

REYNOLDS, M D, groceries and provisions, 500 Walnut, h 411 W Clinton

Reynolds, Mary E, bds 210 W Fifth

Reynolds, Merton P, photographer, bds 393 W Water

Reynolds, Millicent L, clerk N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds 393 W Water

Reynolds, Miriam A, bds 393 W Water

Reynolds, Olive Mrs, h 204 Penna ave

Reynolds, Oscar N, clerk Second Natl Bank, rooms 210 S Main

Reynolds, Peter, laborer, h 312 E Fifth

Reynolds, Ray G, student, bds 411 W Clinton

Reynolds, Robert, student, bds 318 William

Reynolds, Royal, student, bds 318 William

Reynolds, Samuel N, trav salesman, bds 347 W Sixth

Reynolds, Sophia Mrs, dressmaker, bds 713 W Water

REYNOLDS, STANCHFIELD & COLLIN, (J A Reynolds, J B Stanchfield, Frederick Collin, R H Thurston and Ross M Lovell), lawyers, 415 E Water

Reynolds, Thomas J, clerk, 140 W Water, h 370 Fulton

Reynolds, Walter B, M D medical examiner N C Ry, h 210 W Fifth

Reynolds, Welch, emp bridge works, bds 310 S Main

Reynolds, William B, foreman Steamer No 1, h 650 E Market

REYNOLDS, WILLIAM D, mgr grocery, 500 Walnut, h 411 W Clinton

REYNOLDS, WILLIAM H, (Reynolds Brothers), 301 E Water, h 455 Maple ave

Rezeau, Annie, cook Elmira House

Rezeau, Harry G, clerk Elmira House, bds do

Rhoades, Ann E, widow Nathaniel, bds 332 Irvine pl

Rhodes, C G & F U, draymen, 923 and 929 E Church

Rhoades, Christian G, (C G & F U), h 929 E Church

Rhoades, Dwight, drayman, bds 929 E Church

Rhoades, Eliza C, widow William B, h 532 Penna ave

Rhoades, Frank U, (C G & F U), h 923 E Church

Rhoades, Isaac E, emp N C Ry shops, bds 532 Penna ave

Rhoades, Lillian, bds 929 E Church

Rhoades, Mannettie, bds 532 Penna ave

Rhoades, Nathaniel, driver, h 209 Harriet

Rhoades, Stephen G, drayman, h 805 Sullivan

Rhoda, Anna, cook, 210 College ave

Rhode, O F, barber, bds Patterson House

Rhodes, Alfred S, foreman G A Goff, h 459 Spaulding

Rhodes, Amelia A, widow Silas R, h 633 W Water

Rhodes, Benjamin, h 804 W First

Rhodes, G Dana, bicycle repairer, 340 E Market, h 613 Walnut

RHODES, JOHN F, bicycles, bicycle sundries and repairing, 340 E Market, bds 358 W Water

Rhodes, Joseph A, tobacco grower, bds 452 Maple ave

Rhodes, Mary E, bds 804 W First

Rhodes, Thomas H, h W First bey limits

Rhodes, Walter, clerk, 148 W Water, h 804 W First

Rhymer, Henry T, laborer, h 850 E Market

Rhymer, Hiram B, letter carrier, h 615 Lake

Rhymer, Nellie M, dressmaker, bds 615 Lake

Ribble, Eugene H, grocer, 356 Franklin, h 354 do

Rible, Jacob, bartender, 329 Carroll, rooms 206 William

Rice, Addie, widow Reuben, h 71 Penna ave

Rice, Alfred T, florist, h 358 Hoffman

Rice, Anna B Mrs, dressmaker, 358 Hoffman, h do

Rice, Charles, manuf flavoring extracts, 147 W Water, h do

Rice, Clarence W, driver, h 433 W Fourth

Rice, Claude, laborer, h 71 Penna ave

Rice, Daniel E, (The Rice-Darby Co), h 312 Columbia

Rice, Daniel O, h 112 W Church

Rice, Daniel T, doormaker, h 963 Lincoln

Rice, Darby Co, (Daniel E Rice & Frank B Darby) manufrs Darby's Rose Cerate, 101 E Church

Rice, Edgar N, trainman, bds 147 W Water

Rice, Edward, machinist, h 215 O'Gorman

Rice, Edward N, bridge builder, h 51 Orchard

Rice, Edward N, barkeeper, 506 E Water, h 452 Spaulding

Rice, Edwin W, baggagemaster N C Ry, h 716 Kinyon

Rice, Elijah J, carpenter, h 530 Perine

Rice, Fannie L, bds 112 W Church

Rice, George L, brakeman N C Ry, h 702 Delaware

Rice, George M, emp Erie R R, h 550 Spaulding

Rice, Henry J, emp Rathbun House, bds 215 O'Gorman

Rice, Irving F, bottler, bds 530 Perine

Rice, Jennie C, dressmaker, bds 215 O'Gorman

Rice, John, emp Bancher's Cafe, bds 147 W Water

Rice, John A, clerk, bds 147 W Water

Rice, John H, laborer, bds 215 O'Gorman

Rice, John J, conductor Maple Ave R R, bds 765 E Water

Rice, John M, laborer, h 215 O'Gorman

Rice, Johnson D, emp foundry, h 702 Oak

Rice, Lawrence J, scaldhouse man, 121 E Second, also grocer, 765 E Water, h 765 E Water

Rice, Lawrence J Jr, emp J Brand & Co, bds 765 E Water

Rice, Lena E, student, bds rear 119 Main

Rice, Lewis E, driver, 117 Main, h rear 119 do

Rice, Louie, bds 112 W Church

Rice, Louis, cigarmaker, bds 212 O'Gorman

Rice, Mary, waitress Hotel Smith, bds do

Rice, Mary E, waitress, bds 215 O'Gorman

Rice, Minnie, widow Frank S, bds 316 W Washington ave

Rice, Samuel F, salesman, 243 W Water, h 807 do

Rice, Thomas F, bartender Hotel Langwell, bds 765 E Water

Rice, Timothy, emp Kertscher & Co, bds 765 E Water

Rice, William, deliveryman, bds 126 W Water

Rice, William C, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co, h 125 Sly

Richards, Ada, nurse, 322 W Church

Richards, Charles C, machinist, bds 449 W Fifth

Richards, Emma C, nurse, bds 56 Luce

Richards, Fred H, linotype machinist, bds 123 Lormore

RICHARDS, GEORGE A, dentist, 100 W Water, h 856 Hoffman

Richards, Hanora, widow Clarence, h 450 High

Richards, John W, (Campbell & Richards), 217 Railroad ave, rooms 110 W Gray

Richards, Josias H, linotype machinist, h 123 Lormore

Richards, Lillian L, widow W A, dressmaker, h 449 W Fifth

Richards, Sarah A, widow Richard, bds 123 Lormore

Richardson, A Frank, vice-pres and advertising mgr, Telegram Printing Co, h at New York City

Richardson, Catherine S, agent, h 728 Delaware

Richardson, Charles A, bds 607 Magee

Richardson, Daniel, h 368 Fulton

RICHARDSON, DANIEL JR, (Sheehan, Dean & Co), 140 and 142 W Water, bds 368 Fulton

RICHARDSON, FREDERIC H, (J Richardson & Co), 121 Railroad ave, h 359 W Church

Richardson, J Delos, market gardener, h 451 South ave

Richardson, James P, clerk, bds 607 Magee

RICHARDSON, J & CO, (F H Richardson), shoe manufrs, 121 to 125 Railroad ave

Richardson, John, mason, h 372 Fulton

Richardson, Julia, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 368 Fulton

Richardson, Margaret, widow Charles A, h 607 Magee

Richardson, Matthew D, reporter Advertiser, bds 110 Elm

RICHARDSON SHOE STORE, C P Goodrich mgr, 105 W Water

Richardson, William J, com trav, h 110 Elm

Richardt, Anna O Mrs, seamstress, bds 215 Penna ave

Richardt, Hattie L Mrs, bds 265 W Clinton

RICHFORD, JOHN J, (Richford & Shaffer), 101 W Water, h 355 W Clinton

RICHFORD & SHAFFER, (J J Richford and E M Shaffer), merchant tailors, 101 W Water

Richmond, Francis A, teacher Elmira College, bds 710 Park pl

Richter, Mabel, bds 204 Madison ave

Richter, Margaret Helen, domestic Frazier House

Richter, Myrtle, clerk, 301 W Water, bds 204 Madison ave

Rickard, Anna, widow George, h 56 Luce

Rickard, Daniel P, car repairer, h 359 Hoffman

Rickard, Frederick, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 56 Luce

Rickard, William, emp J Richardson & Co, h 114 Liberty

Rickard, William, shoemaker, h 752 E Fifth

Rickard, William A, seal clerk Erie yard office, bds 359 Hoffman

Ridall, Frank A, electrician, 620 Madison ave, bds 204 do

Riddle, Charles F, h 355 W Church

Rider, Sarah A, h 614 Lewis

Ridge, Clarence, shoemaker, h 856 Magee

Ridge, Mary, widow Warren, h 856 Magee

Ridgway, Oscar F, carpenter Erie R R, h 709 Main

Ridgway, S Helen, bds 709 Main

Ridley, Barzella, carpenter, h 718 Walnut

Riebeck, Valentine, laborer, h 761 E Fifth

Riebel, Anna, widow Jacob, h 459 Spaulding

Riebel, Jacob, bartender, bds 459 Spaulding

Riedinger, Ora A, bds 608 W Gray

Riedinger, Philip E, com trav, h 608 W Gray

Rielly, Michael, mason, h 455 Mt Zoar

Rietmann, Albert J, barber, h 314 Penna ave

Rietmann, Albert J Jr, barber, 651 1/2 E Water, bds 314 Penna ave

Rietmann, Mary, widow Alfred J, bds 314 Penna ave

Rietz, Edward J, bookkeeper, h 311 High

Rife, John M, clerk, 124 W Water, h 1019 1/2 Lake

Rife, William, painter, bds 404 W Hudson

Riffe, Celia, teacher school No 4, bds 623 Franklin

Riffe, Henry M, emp Reformatory, bds 623 Franklin

Riffe, Henry P, operator, h 320 West ave

Riffe, James, emp Reformatory, bds 623 Franklin

Riffe, John, shoemaker, h 313 College ave

Riffe, Mary A, student, bds 623 Franklin

Riffe, Nellie, teacher school No 9, bds 623 Franklin

Riffe, Patrick, sexton SS Peter & Paul cemetery, h 623 Franklin

Riffe, William, teamster, bds 623 Franklin

Rigby, Samuel, switchman N C Ry, bds 521 Penna ave

Riggs, Bertha B, bds 702 Jay

Riggs, Charles H, fireman E F D, h 502 E Church

Riggs, Edith T, teacher school No 7, bds 113 Partridge

Riggs, Edward H, engineer N C Ry, h 113 Partridge

Riggs, Floyd F, bookkeeper, h 423 S Broadway

Riggs, Louis J, electrician, bds 113 Partridge

Riggs, Margaret, widow William C, h 702 Jay

Rightmire, Harry, drayman, h 1235 Pratt

Rigney, Henry J, machinist, bds Patterson House

Rikeldifer, Augustus, driver, 419 Main, bds 415 Euclid ave

Rikeldifer, Frederick, fireman Erie R R, bds 510 College ave

Rikeldifer, Lewis, bicycle maker, bds 510 College ave

Rikeldifer, Lewis H, brakeman Erie R R, h 415 Euclid ave

Rikeldifer, Lloyd, fireman Erie R R, h 510 College ave

Riker, Abram H, clerk, bds 308 W Water

Riker, George H, moulder, h 1113 Abbott

Riker, John K, h 760 Linden pl

Riley, Ann E, widow John, h 50 Harmon

Riley, Anna, stenographer, bds 851 E Market

Riley, Austin, emp bridge works, h 431 S Broadway

Riley, Catharine Mrs, bds 401 Fulton

Riley, Edward P, cigarmaker, h 150 E Washington ave

Riley, Frances, domestic, 454 Riverside ave

Riley, Henry W, shipping clerk, bds 4 Eldridge pl

Riley, Irene M, emp knitting mill, bds 510 E Church

Riley, J Edwin, stock broker, 112 Baldwin, h 250 W Chemung pl

Riley, James A, blacksmith N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Riley, John, mgr, 125 W Water, h 4 Eldridge pl
Riley, John J, prop American House, 113-115 W Third, h do
Riley, Joseph, car tracer D L & W R R, bds 851 E Market

Riley, Joseph J, lather, h 166 Harriet

Riley, Michael, brakeman D L & W R R, h 851 E Market

Riley, Sarah, widow John, bds 166 Harriet

Riley, Sarah J, h 422 Balsam

Riley, William, h 150 E Washington ave

Riley, William E, machinist, bds 50 Harmon

Riley see Reilly

Rill, Felix, emp lumber yard, h 1009 Lincoln

Ring, Frederick, mason, h 911 E Market

Ring, George D, carpenter, h 509 Logan

Ring, John, mason contractor, h 163 Harriet

Rinker, Amelia M Mrs, nurse, 305 W Clinton, rooms do

Ripley, Elmer E, grocer, 362 W Second, h do

Rising, Charles M, h 256 Crete ave

Rising, Elmer M, telegrapher, bds 256 Crete ave

Rising, Everett, stenographer & bookkeeper, 1100 Walnut, bds 1007 do

Ritchie, Charles H, foreman, 121 Railroad ave, h 510 Logan

Ritchie, Nellie A, bds 510 Logan

Ritter, Anna, emp Superior Knitting Mill Co, bds 969 East ave

RITTER, F HORACE S, M D specialist eye, ear, nose and throat, glasses prescribed, 308 E Church, h do, office hours 9 to 12 am, 1 to 5 pm, Wed and Sat 6 to 8, Sunday 3 to 6 pm

Ritz, Anton, painter, bds 656 Lake

Rivers, Henry, laborer, h 812 Oak

Riverside M E Church, Rev Eli Pittman pastor, Spaulding between Horner & Magnolia

Rixford, William U, principal school No 2, h 404 Euclid ave

ROACH, CHARLES H, (Roach & Fishler), 305 Carroll, h 311 Columbia

Roach, John, polisher, bds American House

Roach, Kate, dressmaker, bds 314 High

Roach, Margaret, widow Patrick, bds 206 South ave
Roach, Mary, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 314 High

Roach, Mary, widow John, h 314 High

ROACH & FISHLER, (C H Roach & Viola Fishler Barber), general insurance and proprs Elmira Steam Carpet Cleaner, 305 Carroll

Roadmaster's Office Erie R R, Railroad ave cor W Third

Roake, Stephen A, draughtsman, bds 322 W Church

Roat, Ruth, widow Andrew, dressmaker, h 904 Lake

Roat, Walter H, clerk, 204 E Water, bds 904 Lake

Robb, Henry, emp N C R R, h 407 S Main

Robbins, Frank E, optician, 136 W Water, h 118 W Hudson

Robbins, Jennie, teacher, h 1414 Caton ave

Robbins, Olga P, emp knitting mill, bds 373 Warren

Roberts, A Ernest, cigar manuf, 228 S Main, bds 131 W Henry

Roberts, A H, com trav, 326 E Water, bds 459 W Water

Roberts, Addie, laundress, bds 311 Orchard

Roberts, Alice G, widow Phineas S, h 131 W Henry

Roberts, Alice J, music teacher, bds 406 Union pl

Roberts, Amaziah H, laborer, bds 416 E Water

Roberts, Anna S, teacher school No 7, bds Maple ave bey limits
Roberts, Annie S, bds 718 Grove

Roberts, Arthur H, canvasser, bds 459 W Water

Roberts, Benjamin F, clerk, 717 Walnut, bds 718 Grove

Roberts, Charles, rooms, 517 1/2 Baldwin

Roberts, Charles F, teamster, h 415 High

Roberts, D May, teacher Elmira Free Academy, bds 718 Grove

Roberts, David A, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 304 Penna ave

ROBERT'S DYE HOUSE, N Abrahamson propr, 434-436 E Water

Roberts, Edith M, student, bds 706 Washington

Roberts, Eliza J, widow Seth F, h 406 Union pl

Roberts, Ethan V, shipping clerk, h 106 Orchard

Roberts, Ethel A, music teacher, bds 406 Union pl

Roberts, Fanny, student, bds 800 John

Roberts, Frank G, clerk, 627 Lake, h 159 1/2 Orchard

Roberts, Harriet A, grocer, 717 Walnut, h 718 Grove

Roberts, Henry S, expressman, h 125 Harriet

Roberts, Jesse, brakeman D L & W R R, h 708 Carpenter

Roberts, John I, blacksmith rolling mill, h 307 Washington

ROBERTS, JOHN W, principal short hand department Warner's Business and Shorthand School, 219 W Gray, h 105 Columbia

Roberts, Joseph, clothier, h 800 John

Roberts, Leon A, blacksmith N C Ry, h 504 Pleasant

Roberts, Lydia A Mrs, laundress, h 215 W Water
Roberts, Lyman, laborer, h 150 Dewitt ave

Roberts, Lyman S, com trav, h 531 W Gray

Roberts, Margaret Mrs, h 373 Railroad ave

Roberts, Margaret, widow William, h 601 John

Roberts, Orselous B, laborer, bds r 716 Baldwin

Roberts, Samuel, clerk, bds 800 John

Roberts, Sarah, widow Harold, h 921 E Church

Roberts, Sarah E, widow James, h 311 Orchard

Roberts, Stephen T, boiler maker, h 331 Carroll

Roberts, Susan B, widow Ezra, h 364 Diven ave

Roberts, Thomas C, bds 718 Grove

Roberts, William, lineman, bds 309 S Main

Roberts, William H, teamster, h 401 Powell

Robertshaw, Clement, messenger U S Ex Co, h Maple ave cor Home

Robertshaw, John, cook Frazier House

Robertshaw, John C, bds Maple ave cor Home

Robertson, Archibald L, machinist, h 100 E Hudson

Robertson, Arthur W, clerk, 123 Baldwin, h 317 West ave

Robertson, Edward, hostler, h 154 Dewitt ave

Robertson, Frank, brakeman N C Ry h 529 S Broadway

Robertson, Henry B, carpenter, h 712 1/2 Winsor ave

Robertson, Lewis H, machinist, bds 712 1/2 Winsor ave

Robertson, Wesley A, salesman, h 317 West ave

Robertson, William B Mrs, rooms 115 Main

Robinson, Amelia, widow Melvin, h 207 1/2 Dewitt ave

Robinson, Bertha M, emp Frostilla factory, bds 311 West ave

Robinson, Carl S, clerk, 526 Main, bds 205 Hoffman

Robinson, Charles H, laborer, h 414 Mathews

Robinson, Chauncey N, carpenter, bds 803 W Church

Robinson, Clayton C, fireman Erie R R, h 254 W Hudson

Robinson, Cora B, widow John M, laundress, h 360 Pomeroy pl

ROBINSON, DAVID C, lawyer, 201-202 Robinson bldg, h Maple ave cor Horner

Robinson, Della Mrs, domestic, 311 Euclid ave

Robinson, Emma D, student, bds 311 West ave

Robinson, Frank, laborer, h r 656 Baldwin
Robinson, Frank P, mgr Union News Co, 523 Railroad ave, h 420 W Clinton

Robinson, Frank P Jr, student, bds 420 W Clinton

Robinson, George, laborer, bds 414 Mathews

Robinson, George L, student, bds 302 William

Robinson, George M, real estate, h 302 William

Robinson, Gertrude, widow William, bds 402 W Church

Robinson, Henry J, emp bridge works, h 551 Coburn

Robinson, James, bds 207 1/2 Dewitt ave

Robinson, James, bus driver, bds 315 E Washington ave

Robinson, John, laborer, h 129 Judson

Robinson, John A, carpenter, h 121 Judson
Robinson, John R, bookkeeper N Y S Reformatory, h 516 Davis

Robinson, John S, teamster, h 530 Partridge

Robinson, Joseph, real estate, 419 W Fourth, h do

Robinson, Joseph, laborer, h 917 John

Robinson, Martha, widow John, h 420 W Third

Robinson, Mary, bds 305 William

Robinson, Nellie E, boarding, h 1331 College ave

Robinson, Nellie E, student, bds 205 Hoffman

Robinson, Norman H, machinist, h 311 West ave

Robinson, Ruth, bds 302 William

Robinson, William A, meat cutter, 419 Main, h 372 W Fourth

Robinson, William G, brakeman D L & W R R, h 101 Stephens

Roblyer, John, bds 309 Orchard

Roby, Clarence R, clerk, 182 State, h 217 South ave

Roby, Esther L, widow Shedrick C, bds 217 South ave

Roche, Mary E, widow Michael, boarding, h 351 Railroad ave

Roche, Mary T, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 314 High

Roche see Roach

ROCHESTER DYE WORKS, M J Lewis propr, 428 E Water

Rochford, Katharine, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 402 E Church

Rochford, William, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 420 E Market

Rockwell, Abram B, baggagemaster L V R R, h 1014 Oak

Rockwell, Arthur J, clerk, 206 W Water, bds 230 W Miller

Rockwell, Bennett, emp Kertscher & Co, h Carr's Corners n limits

Rockwell, Carrie B, bds 1845 Davis
Rockwell, Charles A, teamster N Y S Reformatory, h Bancroft

Rockwell, Charles D, h 1845 Davis
Rockwell, Ezra, bds 1159 Hoffman

Rockwell, Fay G, emp N Y S Reformatory, bds 1845 Davis

Rockwell, Fred M, machinist, bds 157 W LaFrance

Rockwell, Harry M, student, bds 410 High

ROCKWELL, HOSEA H, (Rockwell & McCann) Masonic Temple, h 364 W Clinton

Rockwell, Isabella Mrs, nurse, h 410 High

Rockwell, James A, conductor N C Ry, h 513 Herrick

Rockwell, John B, city express, h 1021 Oak

Rockwell, Jonathan, emp Kertscher & Co, bds 1021 Oak

Rockwell, Julia, widow Andrew, h 157 W LaFrance

Rockwell, L Ruby, bds 108 Lormore

Rockwell, Martha Mrs, h 407 W Sixth

ROCKWELL, REUBEN, agt Economy Collar & Cuff Co, 214 Washington, h do

Rockwell, Mary, bds 1004 Oak

Rockwell, Ruby D, widow Albert E, h 462 South ave

Rockwell, Samuel W, emp Empire Laundry, bds 410 High

Rockwell, Tillie, waitress, 214 College ave

Rockwell, Wealthy A Mrs, boarding, 214 Washington

Rockwell, William B, (Griswold & Rockwell), h 410 High

ROCKWELL & McCANN, (H H Rockwell & George McCann), lawyers, Masonic Temple

Rodgers, Ella M, bds 1124 Walnut

Rodgers, Daniel, brakeman N C Ry, bds 613 S Main

Rodgers, William P, bakery, 536 Penna ave, h 615 do

Rodgers see Rogers

Rodney, Albert E, saloon, 313 E Market, h do

Roe, Charles F, h 305 College ave

ROE, DELBERT, blacksmith, 405 Balsam, h do

Roe, Edward D Jr, h 1151 College ave

Roe, Eleanor J, widow Edward D, bds 1151 College ave

Roe, Elizabeth, bds 305 College ave

Roe, Eva G, bds 1151 College ave

Roe, Frances, widow George, h 432 Pleasant

Roe, Joseph M, 401 Main

Roe, Lenna, bds 305 College ave

Roehrer, Joseph T, tailor, h 121 1/2 Sullivan

Roemmelt, Anna, milliner, bds 361 E Fifth

Roemmelt, Charles, polisher, bds American House

Roemmelt, Frank, bottling works, 304 E Clinton, h 709 Magee

Roemmelt, Fred J, clerk, bds 361 E Fifth

Roemmelt, M J & Co, (M J R & Jacob J Prechtl), meat market, 901 1/2 Lake

Roemmelt, Michael J, (M J Roemmelt & Co), h 715 E Washington ave

Roemmelt, Sophia, widow Frank, h 361 E Fifth

Roerick, James, mason, bds 371 W Third

Roerick, Mary, widow James, h 371 W Third

Roessell, Casper, florist, h 427 W Washington ave

Roff, Charles, telegrapher, h 256 Crete ave

Roff, Harry E, jeweler, bds Buckbee House

Rogers, Edgar D, (Rogers & Phipps), 110 E Water, h 114 1/2 Hoffman

ROGERS, EDWARD B, asst genl mgr N Y & P Pa Tel & Tel Co, 513 Realty bldg, h 322 W Church

Rogers, Elizabeth, domestic, 460 W Gray

Rogers, Emma A Mrs, dressmaker, bds 410 Jefferson

Rogers, Frank W, meat market, 404 E Water, h 406 Sullivan

Rogers, George H, grocer, 410 Main, h 359 College ave

Rogers, Grace, student, bds 1110 Lake

Rogers, Harry, gymnasium, 12 Lyceum Theater, h do

Rogers, J Fred, com trav, h 410 Jefferson

Rogers, Leatha A, tel opr, 205 E Gray, bds 410 Jefferson

Rogers, Michael, shoemaker, h 805 Magee

Rogers, Milford E, clerk, 410 Main, bds 359 College ave

Rogers, N Cordelia, dressmaker, rooms 637 Winsor ave

Rogers, Nathaniel C, bookkeeper, 308 Carroll, h 310 Dewitt ave

Rogers, Orlando, carriage maker, bds 458 E Church

Rogers, Sylvester B, grocer, 1130 Lake, h 1110 do

Rogers, William D, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, h 308 Harmon

Rogers, William J, clerk E Water cor Railroad ave, bds 339 Irvine pl

Rogers, William J, machinist, h 1019 College ave

Rogers, William J Jr, clerk, 101 E Water, bds 1019 College ave

Rogers & Phipps, (E D Rogers and P Phipps) hats and gloves, 111 E Water

Rogers see Rodgers

Rohal, Stephen, barber, rooms 210 1/2 W Second

Rohan, Bridget, widow John, h 808 Johnson

Rohan, Bridget, widow Martin, bds 375 Penna ave

Rohan, Catherine, cook, 254 W Clinton

Rohan, John F, emp Richardson & Co, bds 381 Penna ave

Rohan, John J, tinner, h 381 Penna ave

Rohan, George W, laborer, bds 381 Penna ave

Rohan, Mary, maid, 399 W Water

Rohan, Nora M, bds 381 Penna ave

Rohan, William E, laborer, bds 381 Penna ave

Rohde, Albert, laborer, h 720 Sullivan

Rohde, Christian, grocer, 650 Sullivan, h do

Rohde, Gottleib, emp tannery, h 707 Sullivan

Rohde, Gottleib, laborer, h 852 East ave

Rohde, Gus, bds 720 Sullivan

Rohde, Gustave, laborer, h 711 Sullivan

Rohde, John, laborer, h 958 E Clinton

ROHDE, OTTO F, barber, 651 E Water, h do

Rohver, Frederick P, student, bds 510 Madison ave

Rohver, Henry F, flour and feed, Main cor Park pl, h 510 Madison ave

Rolfe, John F, telegraph editor Advertiser, bds 411 W Gray

Roll, Edward M, mgr Roll's paint store, 158 Baldwin, h 455 W Third

Roll, John, laborer, bds 100 Stowell pl

Roll, Martin L, h 218 William

Roll, Nancy E, widow Manning R, h 455 W Third

Roll's Paint Store, M R Roll's estate propr, 158 Baldwin

Rollett, Arthur W, coachman, h 357 Pomeroy pl

Rolph, Simon G, teamster C M & R Tompkins, h E Second

Romer, Antoine, h 115 College ave

Romer, Charles B, (Romer & Haas), 216 E Water, h 117 College ave

Romer, Harriet S, bds 115 College ave

Romer & Haas, (C B Romer and F J Haas), merchant tailors, 216 E Water

Ronan, Frances E, bds 569 E Water

Ronan, James E, blacksmith, h 414 Elm

Ronan, John, motorman W S R R, h 612 Robinson

Ronan, Kate M, dressmaker and dealer in hair goods, 117 E Water, h do

Ronan, Lillian L, bds 569 E Water

Ronan, Mary A, widow Patrick, h 569 E Water

Ronan, Michael H, creamery, 158 W Third, bds 316 Alexander pl

Ronan, Michael W, fireman, bds 113 W Miller

Ronan, Roger, h 113 E Miller

Ronan, William H, lawyer, bds 569 E Water

Ronan, William J, butter maker, 158 W Third, h 360 Alexander pl

Roof, John, h 566 E Water

ROOF, JOHN W, (Friend, Metzger & Co), 164 Lake, h 566 E Water

Rook, Andrew, (Andrew Rook & Son), h 1117 Abbott

Rook, Andrew & Son, (Louis E) mason contractors, 1117 Abbott

Rook, Augusta, domestic, 114 Lormore

Rook, Harriet G, bds 1117 Abbott

Rook, Louis E, (Andrew Rook & Son), bds 1117 Abbott

Rooney, May, waitress, 214 College ave

Roosa, Augustus P, salesman, h 311 1/2 W Clinton

Roosa, Frances E, music teacher, 311 1/2 W Clinton, bds do

Roosa, James, laborer, h 100 Boardman

Roosa, John H, shoemaker, h Yale

Roosa, John K, teacher violin Elmira College, bds 117 Horner

Roosa, Lizzie, domestic, 129 W Market

Roosa Violin School, J K Roosa, director, 323 Carroll

Roosa, William P, letter carrier, h 117 Horner

Root, Charles H, com trav, bds 360 W Church

ROOT, EUGENE, livery, 210 Mt Zoar, h do

ROOT, HELEN, art needle work, bds 210 Mt Zoar

Root, Howard M, student, bds 600 S Broadway

Root, Julius S, h 504 E Water

ROOT, MARY L MRS, dressmaker, 210 Mt Zoar, h do

ROPER, EDWIN K, lawyer, 320 E Water, h 357 W Second

Roper, May, bookkeeper, 87 Penna ave, bds 313 do

Rorick, Charles E, teamster, h 509 Magee

Rorick, Charles J, emp tobacco factory, h 462 W Second

Rorick, George, barnman, h 600 W Hudson

Rorick, Gilbert E, tobacco packer, h 528 W Hudson

Rorick, Henry A, emp tobacco factory, bds 462 W Second

Rorick, Verna, domestic, 509 W Clinton

Rosar, Anna, domestic, 319 William

Rosar, Josephine, domestic, 354 Maple ave

Rosar, Matilda, maid, 308 W Gray

Rose, C Mabel, bds 866 Magee

Rose, Charles F, plumber, h 102 West ave

Rose, Ellen, bds 118 W Second

Rose, George, blacksmith, 1323 Lake

Rose, James, machinist, bds 408 Baldwin

Rose, Lee E, emp Payne shops, h 320 Penna ave

Rose, S Edward, clerk, 109-113 Lake, bds 866 Magee

ROSE, STEPHEN, (Barker, Rose & Clinton Co), 109-113 Lake, h 866 Magee

Rose, Susan A, bds 866 Magee

Rose, Theodore C, Supreme Court, stenographer, Court House Annex, h 353 W Church

Roseberry, Nathan G, emp La France Engine Co, h 124 Horner

Roseberry, Susan, widow Joseph, bds 124 Horner

Roseman, Jacob, jeweler, 105 W Water, rooms 109 W Gray

Roseman, Levi, millinery, 410 1/2 Main, h do

Rosenbaum, Hannah, widow Martin, h 215 W Church

ROSENBAUM, HENRY L, (L Rosenbaum & Sons), 201 E Water, h 224 W First

ROSENBAUM, L & SONS, (Henry L), millinery and cloaks, 201 E Water

Rosenberg, Max, com trav, bds Patterson House

Rosenberg, Max, butcher, bds 763 E Water

Rosenblatt, Charles, peddler, h 166 Harriet

Rosenblatt, David, peddler, bds 166 Harriet

Rosenblatt, Harry D, peddler, bds 166 Harriet

Rosenblatt, Solomon, peddler, bds 166 Harriet

Rosenbloom, Charles A, traveling optician, h 810 John

Rosencranse, Edward, conductor Erie R R, h 353 1/2 W Clinton

Rosencrantz, Theodore, peddler, h 159 Harriet

Rosenfield, Benjamin, (National Cigar Leaf Co), h 206 1/2 Madison ave

Rosenfield, Julius, clerk, 112 E Water, bds 421 W Church

Rosenfield, Moses, boots & shoes, 112 E Water, h 421 W Church

Rosinski, Andrew, shoemaker, h 620 Baldwin
Rosinski, Anna M, emp cotton mill, bds 1127 Magee

Rosinski, Anthony, laborer, h 1127 Magee

Rosinski, August, laborer, h 600 Sullivan

Rosinski, Frank, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Co, h 704 Dickinson

Rosinski, Frank, laborer, bds 620 Baldwin

Rosinski, John, butcher, bds 620 Baldwin

Rosinski, John, laborer, h 518 Madison ave

Rosinski, Katharine, emp, 720 W Second, bds 518 Madison ave

Rosinski, Leo, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 620 Baldwin

Rosinski, Lucy, emp silk mill, bds 518 Madison ave

Rosinski, Stephen, laborer, h 912 Sullivan

Rosinski, Veronica, bds 600 Sullivan

Ross, Albert T, iron worker, bds 819 Hatch

Ross, Alonzo D, h 458 Franklin

Ross, Beverly W, paper hanger, h 760 Spaulding

Ross, Dominick, grocer, 812 Hatch also hotel, 800 do, h 810 do

Ross, Elizabeth Mrs, h 715 Erie

Ross, Francis W, student, bds 230 Chestnut

Ross, Frank, laborer, h 801 Hatch

ROSS, FRANK W, physician and medical electrician, 106 to 108 Main, h do, Office hours 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 pm, Sundays 12 to 1 pm, Consulting surgeon, Westfield, Pa Sanitarium Wednesdays

Ross, Fred B, conductor D L & W R R, h 353 Division

Ross, George M, clerk, 152 Baldwin, h 432 W Fourth
Ross, George W, bds 703 E Market

Ross, Harriet A Mrs, h 358 Pomeroy pl

Ross, Isabella, music teacher, bds 715 Erie

Ross, James A, carpenter, bds 760 Spaulding

Ross, Jennie A, widow Frank M, h 230 Chestnut

ROSS, JENNIE C, stenographer, 205 Robinson bldg, bds 230 Chestnut

Ross, John, bartender, 800 Hatch, bds do

Ross, Joseph, clerk, rooms 501 Union pl

Ross, Joseph, barber, Hotel Langwell, bds 810 Hatch

Ross, Joseph N, bookkeeper, 827 Canal, h 501 Union pl

Ross, Joseph W, emp rolling mill, h 318 Orchard

Ross, Lena B, clerk N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds 507 Franklin

Ross, Mabel M, bds 819 Hatch

Ross, Michael, shoemaker, h 107 W Fifth

Ross, Milton L, com trav, 182 State, h 357 Columbia

Ross, Pearl E, clerk, 550 Spaulding, bds 760 do

Ross, Peter, baker, 812 Hatch, bds do

Ross, Samuel, cigarmaker, bds 810 Hatch

Ross, Smith, emp bridge works, h 377 Baldwin

Ross, Thomas, laborer, h 819 Hatch

Ross, Tony, clerk, 800 Hatch, bds do

Ross, William, wood turner, bds 508 Sullivan

Ross, William C, iron worker, bds 819 Hatch

Ross, Wilson C, letter carrier, rooms 407 Jefferson

Rossi, Domenico, shoemaker, 163 Railroad ave, h 1076 Fifth

Rossi, Domenico, laborer, h 823 Canal

Rossi, John E, clerk, 800 Hatch, bds 810 do

Rossiter, Lawrence P, conductor N C Ry, h 216 Franklin

Roth, George, chef Hotel Rathbun, bds do

Rothe, Lizzie S Mrs, asst matron Orphans Home, bds do

Rothschild, Abraham, clothier, 320 E Water, h 202 Lormore

Rothschild, Max, bds 202 Lormore

Rothschild, Mendel, jeweler, 128 E Water, h 206 High

Rothstein, Annie, emp tobacco factory, bds 763 John

Rothwell, Edwin, cooper, h 306 Sullivan

Rothwell, James A, conductor N C Ry, h 513 Herrick

Rothwell, Nellie, widow Chester F, h 153 Madison ave

Rothwell, William H, carpenter, h 712 Delaware

Round, Edward J, moulder, h 377 Norton

Round, Robert J, superintendent schools and secy Board of Education city hall, h 713 Park pl

ROUPP, WARREN G, livery, sale and boarding stable, 360 W Church, h 253 Baldwin

Rourke, Ellen, widow Michael, bds 100 Fulton

Rourke, James, mason, emp Erie R R, bds 371 W Third

Rourke, Mary, widow James, h 371 W Third

Rourke, Michael, emp Telephone Co, h 100 Fulton

Rourke see O'Rourke

Routledge, Thomas J, jeweler, 1134 Lake, h 158 W Clinton

Routledge see Rutledge

Rowan, Helen M, bds 361 Reformatory

Rowan, John T, carpenter, h 102 South ave

Rowan, Joseph, bds 106 South ave

Rowan, Mary, widow John, h 106 South ave

Rowan, Michael, farmer, h 361 Reformatory

Rowan, Nellie, bds 361 Reformatory

Rowe, Mary E, widow Reuben G, bds 651 Grove

Rowland, James F, emp bridge works, h 763 Erie

Rowland, Mary A, widow William, h 1047 Hoffman