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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Rowland, Michael J, fireman N C Ry, h 18 Home

Rowlee, Mary A, h 927 Penna ave

Rowley, Alice C, stenographer N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds 210 College ave

Rowley, Annie E, bds 410 Grove

Rowley, Bertie L, bds 117 Partridge

Rowley, Frank, mason, h 117 Partridge

Rowley, Joanna, widow James, h 410 Grove

Rowley, Samuel R, waiter, h 319 High

Rowley, W Seward, printer, h 616 College ave

Rowley, Walter H, clerk, 244 W Water, h 616 College ave

Rowley, William, driver, bds 317 W Fourth

ROY, ALBERT, milk dealer, h 1890 Davis

Roy, Albert Jr, milk dealer, h 711 Spaulding

Roy, Anna M, bds 1890 Davis

Roy, Edward D, farmer, bds N s plank road n Bulkhead

ROY, MILTON I, milk peddler, bds 1890 Davis

Roy, Wisner J, farmer, h N s plank road n Bulkhead

Rubin, David, teamster, h 157 Harriet

Rubin, Harris, peddler, h 812 John

Rubin, Harry, peddler, 161 Harriet

Rubin, Louis, peddler, h 162 Harriet

Rubin, Manville, teamster, h 859 John

Rubin, Moses, laborer, h 859 John

Rubin, Nathan, peddler, h 759 John

Rubin, Simon, peddler, h 812 John

Rubinowitz, Gertrude, bds 150 Washington

Rubinowitz, Herman, trav salesman, h 150 Washington

Rubinowitz, Isadore, bookkeeper, bds 150 Washington

Rubinowitz, Laverne, com trav, bds 154 Washington

Rubinowitz, Morris, piano tuner, bds 150 Washington

Rubright, Rutherford D, bookkeeper, Elmira Municipal Improvement Co, bds 404 Lake

Rucker, William, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Co, bds 717 Dickinson

Rudd, Charles, brakeman D L & W R R, h 1554 Lake

Ruddick, James H, tailor, 202 E Water, h 155 Dewitt ave

Ruddy, David R, emp N C Ry, bds 370 S Main

Rudy, John B, gardener Strathmont, h 848 Hoffman

Ruedenvich, Jacob, emp Kertscher & Co, bds 331 Thurston

Ruf, William, mgr, 100 E Gray, h 423 Herrick

Ruff, Stewart, engineer rolling mill, h 358 E Fifth

Ruger, Harry D, clerk, 144 W Water, bds 107 Sly

RUGER, MORGAN A, jeweler and optician, 144 E Water, h 107 Sly

Ruggles, Charles S, painter, bds 106 Chestnut

Ruhmmel, Andrew, laborer, h 811 East ave

Ruhmmel, Annie, bds 811 East ave

Ruhmmel, John, laborer, bds 811 East ave

Rulapaugh, Beulah B, bds 407 Dewitt ave

Rulapaugh, Daniel C, driver, 561 E Church, bds 407 Dewitt ave

Rulapaugh, Gilbert H, h 407 Dewitt ave

Rulapaugh, Jane, widow John, h 509 High

Rulapaugh, John, laborer, bds Sullivan cor Matthews

Rumsey, Anna, widow Jay, bds 351 E Fifth

Rumsey, Annis Mrs, bds Home for Aged

Rumsey, Theodore P, carpenter, h 426 Pleasant

Rundell, Bert B, repair clerk, 656 State, bds 401 Madison ave

Rundell, Edward A, bookkeeper, 656 State, h 401 Madison ave

Rundell, Ann, widow Charles, h 313 W Fifth

RUNDLE, F & G & CO, (Frank R, George A, R and T A Hilliker) blacksmiths, repairing, horseshoeing and carriage makers, 602 Madison ave

RUNDLE, FRANK, (F & G Rundle & Co), h 102 Fox

RUNDLE, GEORGE A, (F & G Rundle & Co), carriage painter, h 702 W First

RUNDLE, ISAAC L, agt F & G Rundle & Co, h 102 Fox

Rundle, William, laborer, bds 400 Railroad ave

Ruppersberger, Emma E, domestic, 312 S Broadway

Ruppersberger, John O, printer Star, h 617 West Hill

Ruppersberger, Mary Mrs, bds 237 Kingsbury ave

Rusch, Carl, laborer, h 219 O'Gorman

Rusch, Charles, laborer, bds 219 O'Gorman

Rusco, Belle, widow Philip, h 79 Walnut

Rush, Joseph F, engineer N C Ry, h 443 S Main

Rush, May, milliner, bds 543 S Main

Russell, Alfred, laborer, h 125 Gridley la

Russell, Bessie, housekeeper, 349 W Sixth

Russell, Frank N, clerk, 117 Main, h 353 Spaulding

Russell, John, laborer, h 806 Oak

Russell, L Effie, bds 821 E Second

Russell, Mary, bds 113 W Water

Russell, P B, mgr Queen City Carpet Cleaning Co, h 821 E Second

Russell, Peter W, h 821 E Second

Russell, Robinson R, laborer, bds 106 Washington

Russell, Thomas, bds 115 West Side ave

Russell, Vera M, stenographer, bds 821 E Second

Rutan, Archie N, air brake inspector N C Ry, h 355 Grove

Rutan, Enos W, carpenter, h 336 S Broadway

Rutan, Jay S, student, bds 623 W Water

Rutan, Jennie M, dressmaker, bds 334 S Broadway

Rutan, Mary E, tel opr, 205 E Gray, bds 336 S Broadway

Rutan, Minnie H, student, bds 334 S Broadway

RUTAN, PETER B, bicycles, bicycle sundries and repairing, 124 Penna ave, h 334 S Broadway

Rutan, Wilbur R, trainman, bds 334 S Broadway

Rutan, Wilbur R, painter and paperhanger, h 623 W Water

Ruth, Harry, switchman D L & W R R, h 818 Lincoln

Ruth, Louisa, domestic Buckbee House

Ruthowski, Anthony, laborer, h 960 E Clinton

Ruthowski, Michael, laborer, h 960 E Clinton

Rutledge, Fannie, widow Thomas, h 955 Michigan

Rutledge, Frances L, bds 955 Michigan

Rutledge, Frank H, carpenter, h 905 E Market

Rutledge, James T, shipping clerk, bds 955 Michigan

Rutledge, William V, polisher, bds 955 Michigan

Rutledge see Routledge

Ruttenberg, Eva, widow Harris, grocer, 701 E Water

Rutty, David, flagman N C Ry, bds 370 S Main

Rutzke, Frank, shoemaker, 403 Lake, h 708 Sullivan

Rutzke, John, laborer, h 414 Taylor

Rutzke, Thomas, cobbler, 703 Lake, h E Fifth

Ryan, Ada, bds 723 Lake

Ryan, Alice, bds 756 Walnut

Ryan, Alice, domestic Frazier House

Ryan, Anna E, bds 907 Lake

Ryan, Anthony, car inspector Erie R R depot, h 853 Railroad ave

Ryan, Catherine Mrs, bds 758 E Church

Ryan, Catharine L, brushmaker, bds 410 Welles

Ryan, Cornelius, laborer, bds 863 Lake

Ryan, Daniel, h 758 E Church

Ryan, Daniel W, clerk, 124 W Water, bds at Horseheads

Ryan, Edward, h 205 Orchard

Ryan, Edward, farmer, h 918 Davis

Ryan, Edward, engineer N C R R, h 634 Penna ave

Ryan, Edward, bell boy, Rathbun House, bds do

Ryan, Elizabeth, teacher school No 5, bds 705 Davis

Ryan, Ellen, widow Patrick, h 1014 Magee

Ryan, Eugene, emp bridge works, bds 309 S Main

Ryan, Frank A, barber, 424 E Water, h do

Ryan, George L, clerk, 101 E Water, bds 309 S Main

Ryan, Helen M, musician, bds 404 Maple ave

Ryan, James, laborer, h 255 Lyon

Ryan, James A, instructor N Y S Reformatory, h 707 E Market

Ryan, James M, draughtsman, bds 416 E Church

RYAN, JAMES T, fine wines, also liquors & cigars, 756 Walnut, h do

Ryan, Jeremiah, engineer N C Ry, bds 619 Lewis

Ryan, John, emp D L & W R R, h 100 Rose pl

Ryan, John J, clerk P O, h 414 Grove

Ryan, John J, student, bds 907 Lake

Ryan, John J, laborer, h 355 E Washington ave

Ryan, John K, saloon, 60 Penna ave, h 404 Maple ave

Ryan, Josephine, emp tobacco shop, bds 1014 Magee

Ryan, Kate, domestic, 580 Maple ave

Ryan, L John, conductor N C Ry, h 502 Lyon

Ryan, Maggie, dining room girl, Elmira College, bds do

Ryan, Margaret, domestic, 312 W Church

Ryan, Margaret, cook, 464 W Church

Ryan, Mary, cook, 305 College ave

Ryan, Mary A, bds 1104 Lake

Ryan, Mary A, widow Martin, bds 910 Lackawanna ave

Ryan, Mary C, bds 907 Lake

Ryan, Mary E, bds 758 E Church

Ryan, Mary F, housekeeper, 724 Harper

Ryan, Mary P, widow John, h 1104 Lake

Ryan, Mary W, widow John, bds 408 E Clinton

Ryan, Michael, laborer, h 448 Welles cor Lincoln

Ryan, Michael E, engineer D L & W R R, h 907 Lake

Ryan, Michael J, engine hostler, bds 1014 Magee

Ryan, Minnie E, bds 205 Orchard

Ryan, Minnie T, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 360 W Clinton

Ryan, Patrick, h 756 Walnut

Ryan, Patrick, laborer, h 653 Erie

Ryan, Patrick, brakeman D L & W R R, h 1018 Oak

Ryan, Patrick J, emp N C Ry shops, h 381 Baty
Ryan, Peter A, milk dealer, bds 907 Lake

Ryan, Thomas, bds 448 Welles cor Lincoln

Ryan, Thomas, laborer, bds 853 Railroad ave

Ryan, Thomas, polisher, h 158 Dewitt ave

Ryan, William, engine hostler, bds 1014 Magee

Ryan, William J, laundryman, bds 148 W Water

Ryan, William P, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1104 Lake

Rybak, Valentine, h 751 E Fifth

Ryniker, John M, emp Eclipse bicycle works, h 60 1/2 Monroe

Rynn, Margaret, widow Michael, h 709 Railroad ave

Ryon, Cora G Mrs, h 413 W Water


Sabin, Charles, printer, bds 2 Main st bridge

Sabin, Fred A, printer, bds 2 Main st bridge

Sabin, Myron E, machinist, bds 804 John

Sabins, Edna, bds 551 E Second

Sabins, Fred A, foreman, 154 Baldwin, bds 2 Main st bridge

Sabins, Mabel A, emp Bimberg tobacco shop, bds 503 1/2 Sullivan

Sabins, Mary L Mrs, h 551 E Second

Sackett, Eleanor M, bds 612 Maple ave

Sackett, Frank H, note clerk Chemung Canal Bank, h 415 E Water, h 612 Maple ave

Sackett, John H, carpenter, h 958 Walnut

Sadler, Elizabeth A, dressmaker, h 121 Brand

Sadler, Edward P, shoemaker, 162 Baldwin, h 735 W Water

SADLER, ENOCH B, mgr People's Ice Co, Masonic Temple, h 113 Hoffman

Sadler, H Winifred, bds 127 Horner

Sadler, Harriet, widow Timothy, bds 121 Brand

Sadler, Henry J, lawyer, 164 Lake, bds 735 W Water

Sadler, John, emp N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds 121 Brand

SADLER, JOHN T, (John T Sadler & Co), 336 E Water, h 112 Lormore

SADLER, JOHN T & CO, steam and hot water heating and plumbing, 336 E Water

Sadler, Melissa C, widow George S, rooms 112 Lormore

Sadler, Robert T, machinist, 160 Exchange pl, h 217 Lormore

Sadler, William H, steam fitter, h 127 Horner

Sadler, William S, bds 127 Horner

Saengerbund Hall, 414 Madison ave

Safe, William, emp rolling mill, h 317 W Fourth

Sage, Cora, clerk N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds at Elmira Heights

Sage, Hiram G, com trav, h 231 Lormore

Sagorski, Joseph, laborer, bds 1123 Magee

ST AGNES CHAPEL, Grace Parish, 722 Madison ave

ST CASSIMER ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, Rev Ignatius J Klejna rector, 1000 Davis cor Roe ave

St Clair, Carrie E, emp Jno N Stearns Co, bds 436 W Fifth

St Clair, William J, painter, bds 436 W Fifth

St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church, Rev Francis J Trautlein, rector, 327 Lake

St John, Katie, cook, 509 Lake

St John, Nellie, widow Preston, emp Bimberg tobacco shop, h 503 1/2 Sullivan

St Joseph Convent, 220 Franklin

St Luke's Congregational Church, Lake cor Division

ST MARY'S ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, Rev M J O'Dwyer, rector, 228 Franklin

St Mary's Parochial School, 421 Fulton

St Patrick's Parochial School , 517 Park pl

St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Rev James J Bloomer, pastor, 200 W Clinton

St Paula's Hospital, Florence C Cottle and Anna E Jarvis, props, 112 College ave

SS PETER AND PAUL ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, Rev John C Long, rector, E Market cor High

SS Peter and Paul School, High cor E Market

Salmon, Eva Louise, rooms 505 Magee

Salmon, Frances A, bds 306 E Church

Salmon, Jeannette B, graduate nurse, rooms 505 Magee

Salmon, Stephen, h 611 Penna ave

Salomito, Andrea, laborer, h 859 Railroad ave

Salvadore, Joseph, laborer, h 905 1/2 Stowell

Salvage, Charles, bds 214 Mt Zoar

Salvation Army, dist headquarters, 310 E Church

Salvi, Joseph, barber, 353 and grocer 357 Railroad ave, h 355 do

Salzman, Morris, (Salzman & Siegelman), bds Hotel Langwell

Salzman & Siegelman, (M S & S S), wholesale wines and liquors, 108 E Water

Sample, Lottie, domestic, 464 Franklin

Sample, Samuel D, principal keeper N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Sampsell, George H, clerk, 601 E Water, h 606 1/2 do

Sampsell, James D, brakeman D L & W R R, h 1122 Oak

Sampson, Azuba W, widow Joseph, bds 300 W Clinton

SAMPSON, WILLIAM L, treas J Langdon & Co, 110 Baldwin, h 300 W Clinton

Samuel, Albert, carpets, draperies &c, 139 E Water, h 110 Madison ave

Samuel, Minnie, bookkeeper, 139 E Water, bds 110 Madison ave

Samuel, Saidee, teacher school No 4, bds 110 Madison ave

Samuels, Aaron, broker, 101 W Water, h 111 Orchard

Samuels, Isaac, clerk, 101 W Water, bds 111 Orchard

Samuels, Isadore, clerk, bds 111 Orchard

Samuels, Joseph, violinist, bds 111 Orchard

Samuels, Mary, bds 111 Orchard

SANBORNE, JOHN P, boarding stables, 305-307 W Second, h 363 College ave

SANBORNE, LEWIS W, (Sanborne & McClave), 519 Railroad ave, h 906 College ave

SANBORNE & McCLAVE, (Lewis W S and Charles R McC), merchandise brokers and manufacturers agents, 519 Railroad ave

Sanders, Charles R, trav salesman, h 657 Pearl pl

Sanders, Marcia, bds 561 E Church

Sanders, Milford D, laborer, bds 1010 Hoffman

Sanders see Saunders

Saderson, Beatrice, widow William C, domestic, 1313 Grand Central ave

Sanderson, Charles F, emp hosiery mill, h 453 Oak

Sanderson, Kate, stenographer, 111 W Water, bds 415 Main

Sandstrom, Amy, cook, 109 Columbia

Sanford, Clara S, bds 619 W Water

Sanford, Edwin L, clerk, 112 W Water, bds 259 W Clinton

Sanford, G E Mrs, furnished rooms, 223 Baldwin

Sanford, Grant E, clerk, 354 State, h 223 Baldwin

Sanford, Ida M, widow James H, dressmaker, 259 W Clinton

Sanford, Percil L, auger maker, h 424 W Fourth

Sanford, Rodell D, engineer N C Ry, h 250 South ave

Sangennario, Joanna, h 821 1/2 Canal

Sanitary Inspector's Office, City Hall

Sanly, Jennie C, widow William H, dressmaker, h 1132 Lackawanna ave

Santone, Michael, laborer, h 101 E Seventh

Sargeant, George P, emp N C Ry shops, h 318 Baty

Sargent, Frank, machinist, h 432 Pleasant

Sargent see Sergeant

Sarine, Fred, porter Palace Hotel, bds do

Sarsfield, Frances, bds 216 Orchard

Sarsfield, Frederick A, funeral director, 203 W Water, bds 216 Orchard

Sarsfield, Margaret, clerk, 300 E Water, bds 216 Orchard

Sarsfield, Michael, foreman city street department 4th ward, h 216 Orchard

Sarsfield, William H, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 216 Orchard

Sartor, Henry, photographer, 317 E Water, h 63 Liberty

Sarvey, Bertram G, train dispatcher N C Ry, h 385 S Main

Sarvey, Hattie, domestic, 500 Franklin

Sarvey, Wesley M, fireman, h 52 Franklin

Sarvey, William, engineer N C Ry, h 306 South ave

Sarwatze, Martin, laborer, h 705 Sullivan

Satersfield, Charles, laborer, h 516 1/2 Perry

Satterlee, Albert S, bookkeeper, 307 E Water, bds 223 Baldwin

Satterlee, Esther E, teacher school No 2, bds 321 1/2 W Clinton

Satterlee, Henry T, billing clerk, 318 W Market, h 111 Columbia

Saunders, George G, bridge builder, rooms 322 W Church

Saunders, H Delbert, brakeman D L & W R R, h 664 Lake

Saunders, Hollis Bert, brakeman D L & W R R, h 612 William

Saunders see Sanders

SAUTER, JACOB, (Sauter & Otto), 374 Railroad ave, h 60 Monroe

SAUTER & OTTO, (Jacob Sauter and Fred Otto), painters, 374-376 Railroad ave

Sauvey, Alexis, carriagemaker and painter, 950 Lincoln, h do

Savage, Michael, laborer, h r 851 Dickinson

Savercool, Albert L, clerk, bds 704 E Market

Savy, Fanny E, bds 905 Grand Central ave

Savy, Sarah L, widow Paul, h 905 Grand Central ave

Sawatzke, Martin W, carpenter, h 705 Sullivan

Sawdy, Catharine, widow Hiram, bds 334 S Broadway

Sawyer, Almon, laborer, h 924 Penna ave

SAWYER, ANDREW J, grocer, 563 E Church, h do

Sawyer, Cora M, stenographer, 309 Realty bldg, rooms 450 W Gray

Sawyer, Edward N, laborer, h r 366 Reformatory

Sawyer, Jack, advance agt, rooms 218 William

Sawyer, Luther D, grocer, 1414 Grand Central ave, h do

Saxton, Thomas P, emp ladder factory, h 223 Kingsbury ave

Saxton, William, laborer, bds 514 Perry

Sayers, David, meat market, bds 750 E Water, h do

Sayles, Adolphus, laborer, bds 158 Baldwin

Sayles, Arthur, bicycle maker, bds 513 College ave

Sayles, Arthur, mgr laundry, Hotel Rathbun, bds do

Sayles, Clarence R, student, bds 607 W Church

Sayles, Eleanor, bds 407 Main

SAYLES, ELLEN B S, widow Henry Halsey, h 407 Main

Sayles, George A, conductor D L & W R R, h 103 Columbia

Sayles, George W, air brake inspector N C Ry, h 320 S Broadway

Sayles, Guy, whole grocer, 211-213 Baldwin, bds 417 E Market

SAYLES, HALSEY, confidential clerk to Judge Walter Lloyd Smith, Court House Annex, bds 407 Main

Sayles, Henry Boardman, bds 407 Main

Sayles, Jennie, h 158 Baldwin

Sayles, Louis P, carriage trimmer, 450 E Water, h 218 Lormore

Sayles, Olivia A, widow Charles G, h 607 W Church

Sayles, Philip H, conductor N C Ry, h 403 Franklin

Sayre, Cornelia J, stenographer, 170 Lake, bds 708 Park pl

Sayre, Frank G, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 708 Park pl

Sayre, Julia M, emp Elmira skirt factory, bds 708 Park pl

Sayre, Mary, widow Purdy D, h 708 Park pl

Sayre, Purdy G, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Co, bds 708 Park pl

Sayre, William H, bookkeeper, bds 313 Baldwin

Scales, Daniel B, cigar maker, bds 105 Connelly ave

Scales, Eugene, yardman Hotel Rathbun, bds do

Scales, James P, shoemaker, bds 105 Connelly ave

Scales, Joseph, shoemaker, h 105 Connelly ave

Scales, Joseph Jr, mason, bds 105 Connelly ave

Schaefer, Louise Mrs, cook, 236 Lake

Schaffer, Zyopha, domestic, 118 Caldwell ave

Schaffner, George J, fireman D L & W R R, h 1210 Hall

Schaffner, Jennie E, stenographer, bds 1210 Hall

Schalkhaenser, Anna, domestic, 418 W Church

Schall, Julius, rooms 53 George

Schamberger, Alois, laborer, h 911 E Market

SCHAPLE, EMIL, grocer, 714 Linden pl, h do

Schaple, Lizzie, bds 714 Linden pl

Scharf, Edward, butcher, 66 Penna ave, h 55 Sullivan

Schatzle, C Lizzie, domestic, 410 College ave

Schaub, Gertrude, widow Martin, bds 510 Balsam

Schonpski, Joseph, laborer, bds 612 Lake

Scheirer, James W, cigar manuf and dealer, 117 Baldwin, h 109 W Gray

Schell, Absalom, hostler L V R R, h 416 Perry

Schell, Frederick, emp J Richardson & Co, h 424 W Fourth

Schell, Jacob, shoemaker, bds 416 Perry

Schell, William, puddler, bds 416 Perry

Schenck, Henry M, switchman D L & W R R, h 711 Lindon pl

Schepper, Lizzie C, domestic, 307 Euclid ave

Schidt, Mary, widow John, h 753 E Water

Schied, Charles, emp N C Ry shops, h 359 Lyon

Schiefen, Jennie, student, bds 112 Elm

Schiefen, Peter, brakeman D L & W R R, h 409 Standish

Scheffelin, Elizabeth, bds 376 W Gray

Schiller, Charles, painter and paper hanger, bds 219 Harriet

Schiller, Christian, h 219 Harriet

Schiller, John, painter and paper hanger, bds 219 Harriet

Schiller, Martin, deliveryman, bds 219 Harriet

Schimpf, Francis A, laborer, h 518 Herrick

Schimpf, Mary, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 518 Herrick

Schlesier, Albert, emp N C shops, h 730 Kinyon

Schlick, Charles F, bartender, 109 E Water, bds 205 W Miller

Schlick, Stewart M, fireman N C Ry, h 205 W Miller

Schmelzer, John D, clerk Elmira bridge works, bds 55 Orchard

Schmelzer, Kate, widow John, h 55 Orchard

Schmelzer, Lizzie M, dressmaker, bds 55 Orchard

Schmelzer, Mary E, dressmaker, bds 55 Orchard

Schmidt Brothers, (T J and J R), restaurant, 412 Carroll

Schmidt, Charles H, plumber, bds 356 Maple ave

Schmidt, Christian A, clerk, 413 E Water, h 163 Dewitt ave

SCHMIDT, EMIL, prop The Dutch Kitchen, 109 E Water, rooms 215 Penna ave

Schmidt, Ernest Rev, pastor First German Evangelical Church, h 158 Madison ave

Schmidt, Frederick, foreman Kertscher & Co, h 303 Reformatory

Schmidt, James R, (Schmidt Bros), 412 Carroll, h 356 Maple ave

Schmidt, John, h r 1216 Baldwin

Schmidt, Katie, bds 303 Reformatory

Schmidt, Lawrence, missionary, h 609 Lake

Schmidt, Louis, cabinetmaker, bds 303 Reformatory

Schmidt, Mary, widow Charles, h 356 Maple ave

Schmidt, Mary B, stenographer, The Read & Lovatt Co, bds 356 Maple ave

Schmidt, Thomas J, (Schmidt Bros), 412 Carroll, h 356 Maple ave

Schmidt see Smith

Schmucker, C Joseph, laborer, bds 713 Benjamin

Schmucker, Mary, widow Joseph, h 713 Benjamin

Schnell, Samuel S, clock repairer, h 324 E Center

Schoenfeldt, Charles E, clerk Erie R R, rooms 351 1/2 Columbia

Schoepper, Lizzie C, domestic, 307 Euclid ave

Schofield, Charles S, emp N C Ry shops, h 370 S Main

Schofield, Martha J Mrs, boarding, 370 S Main

Schonemann, Fred, tailor, bds 414 Spaulding

Schonemann, Louis, tailor, h 414 Spaulding

Schonemann, Louis E, tailor, h 53 Orchard

Schonemann, Minnie F, bds 414 Spaulding

Schonemann, William H, clerk, 160 Lake, bds 414 Spaulding

SCHOOL OF COMMERCE, S C Estey principal, 115-119 W Water

Schoonmaker, Theodore F, clerk, 112 Main, bds 531 W Water

Schoonover, Hiram G, clergyman, h 385 Warren

Schoonover, Joseph, watchmaker, h 716 John

Schornstheimer, Blanche Mrs, dressmaker, bds 501 Walnut

Schornstheimer, Charles C, farmer, bds W Church cor Wall

Schornstheimer, Conrad, farmer, h W Church cor Wall

Schornstheimer, Edward H, farmer, bds W Church cor Wall

Schornstheimer, Ella C, bds W Church cor Wall

SCHORNSTHEIMER, FRED, (Schornstheimer & Stampp), 524-526 Lake, bds 526 do

Schornstheimer, Harry W, farmer, bds W Church cor Wall

Schornstheimer, Katharine, bookkeeper, 526 Lake, bds do

SCHORNSTHEIMER, PETER, (Schornstheimer & Stampp), 524-526 Lake, h 526 do

SCHORNSTHEIMER, PETER JR, groceries and provisions, 601 Lake, h 501 Walnut

SCHORNSTHEIMER & STAMPP, (Peter Schornstheimer, Fred Schornstheimer and Adam Stampp), grocers, 526 Lake, also saloon, 524 do

Schriever, Ferdinand, emp tannery, h r 807 E Water

Schroeder, Louis, cooper, 121 E Second, h 604 Franklin

Schroeder, William H, engineer D L & W R R, h 1355 Lake

Schuh, Rudolph (Weber & Co), 435 E Water, h 115 Washington

Schuld, Jacob, tailor, h 859 E Church

Schultz, Albert E, polisher, h 865 Magee

Schultz, Ida, domestic, 209 E Church

Schusler, Amelia C, bds 808 W Water

Schusler, Ella A, bds 213 Lormore

Schusler, Fred V, tinner N C Ry shops, h 379 1/2 Baty

Schusler, George A, clerk, 114 W Water, h 808 do

Schusler, George F, tile layer, h 123 Catherine

Schusler, George H, meat cutter, 164 Lake, h 521 Union pl

Schusler, Joseph A, emp Swift Lubricator Co, bds 808 W Water

Schusler, William J, switchman Erie R R, 333 1/2 Roe ave

Schuyler, Albert V, druggist, bds 109 Lormore

Schuyler, Herman, bds 109 Lormore

Schuyler, John, h 109 Lormore

Schuyler, Oren A, farmer, h 730 Maple ave

Schwartz, Charles, wood carver, 1355 College ave

Schwartz, Fabian, hides, 141 W Water, h 411 W Church

Schwartz, Rhyda, bds 411 W Church

Schwartz, Theresa, bds 411 W Church

Schwenke, Nettie S, widow Fred V, h 302 W Water

Schwenke, Rachel E, widow Frederick, h 213 Madison ave

SCHWEPPE, F & H, (F & H Schweppe), painters & decortors, 158 Fox

SCHWEPPE, FREDERICK J, (F & H Schweppe), 158 Fox, h 216 1/2 Madison ave

SCHWEPPE, HENRY C, (F & H Schweppe), 158 Fox, h 118 do

Schweppe, Laura C, bds 456 Carroll

Schweppe, Lenora, widow Frederick, h 456 Carroll

Schwing, Julius, cigarmaker, h 318 E Water

Sciorra, Joseph, bartender, 827 Canal, bds do

Scopes, Charles, freight handler, h Carr's Corners outside City

Scopes, Charles N, engine hostler Erie R R, h 521 W Second

Scopes, John A, plumber, h 356 Grove

Scott, Alexander, laborer, h 621 E Third

Scott, Alfred, laborer, h 514 Oak

Scott, Anna, domestic, 501 Baldwin

Scott, Edward, laborer, h 312 E Fifth

Scott, Elizabeth, bds 605 W First

Scott, Emma H, widow David I, bds 395 W Water

Scott, Frank W, emp bridge works, h 409 Baldwin

Scott, Fred A, painter & paper hanger, h 1008 Walnut

Scott, Helen L Mrs, massage, h 426 W Fourth

Scott, Isabel G, bds 395 W Water

Scott, John W, chef Hotel Langwell, rooms 100 W Gray

Scott, Mary, nurse A O Hospital

Scott, Mary E, widow William, bds 108 Horner

Scott, Mary J, widow Henry, h 376 S Main

Scott, Samuel W, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush, h 459 Oak

Scott, William D, draughtsman, 160 Exchange pl, h 395 W Water

Scott, William H, letter carrier, h 108 Horner

Scott, Willis M, lineman, bds 459 Oak

SCRANTON SAND CO, (Wynne Bros proprs), 865 Lake

Scudder, Anna B, widow Clarence, bds 718 W Church

Scudder, Benjamin O, clerk, bds 373 W Clinton

Scudder, Sarah, widow Abram, h 373 W Clinton

Scudder, Willis, clerk, 140 W Water, h 373 W Clinton

Seaburg, Jessie, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 112 Columbia

Seaburg, Sarah C Mrs, h 112 Columbia

Seafuse, Frank S, carpenter, h 566 Thompson

Seaman, Alfred S, moulder, h 663 Grove

Seaman, Alfred V, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 214 Sullivan

Seaman, Catherine E, widow Clinton, dressmaker, bds 303 W Clinton

Seaman, Charles W, (Brown & Seaman), 103 State, h 711 E Church

Seaman, Claude D, bds 303 W Clinton

Seaman, Foster M, carpenter, h 78 Penna ave

Seaman, Franklin P, painter N C Ry, h 414 Locust

Seaman, Martin, foreman silk mill, h 704 Linden pl

Seaman, Meda, bds 707 E Market

Seaman, Ruth C Mrs, h 214 Sullivan

Seaman, William, emp Kertscher & Co, h 904 Oak

Seaman, Willis M, job printer, 307 E Market, h 507 Baldwin

Seamans, Charles R, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush, h 216 Dewitt ave

Seamans, Herma P, widow Franklin S, h 724 Spaulding

Seamans, Lillian C, bds 724 Spaulding

Seamans, Mabel, bds 216 Dewitt ave

Searles, Albert A, carpenter, bds 331 Soper

Searles, Charles H, polisher, bds 523 Baldwin

Searles, Delia, housekeeper, 523 Baldwin

Searles, Fannie L, bds 10 Pine
Searles, Frank E, emp Eclipse bicycle works, bds 523 Baldwin

Searles, Frank V, carpenter, h 10 Pine

Searles, Fred A, motorman E & H R R, h 715 Spaulding

Searles, Harry H, emp N C shops, bds 331 Soper

Searles, Howard, shoecutter, h 502 Columbia

Searles, J Edward, carpenter, h 331 Soper

Seaver, Lewis H, porter Hotel Langwell, bds do

Sechler, Jacob E, grocer, 751 1/2 E Second, h do

SECOND NATIONAL BANK THE, Seymour Dexter pres, J Sloat Fassett vice-pres, D M Pratt, cashier, M Y Smith, asst cashier, 150 Lake cor Carroll

Secor, Charles A, bookkeeper, 125 Lake, h 217 Maple ave

Secor, Clarissa, widow David R, bds 217 Maple ave

Secor, Isabella A, bds 217 Maple ave

Secor, Jabin A, clerk, 125 Lake, h 110 Caldwell ave

Secor, L Elizabeth, bds 217 Maple ave

SECURITY MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO, T J McLaughlin, genl agt, 306 Robinson bldg

See, James L, bds 410 W First

Seeley, Arthur, mgr billiard room, Hotel Rathbun

Seeley, Bert, tobacco sorter, bds 40 Jefferson

Seeley, Carrie I Mrs, h 331 E Water

Seeley, George F, conductor N C Ry, h 234 Mt Zoar

Seeley, Gertrude M, clerk, 301 E Water, bd 353 Davis

Seeley, Joseph E, car inspector N C Ry, h 219 Sutton

Seeley, Moses, bds 234 Mt Zoar

Seeley, Wallace W, lawyer, clerk surrogate's court, Court House, h 358 Elm

Seely, A G, keeper N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Seely, Absalom, bottler, 115 E Hudson, h do

Seely, Charles F, foreman, 115 E Hudson, h 158 Boardman

Seely, Charles W, laborer, bds 465 E Market

Seely, David W, h 165 Baldwin

Seely, Ford, clerk, bds 158 Boardman

Seely, Harriet L, widow John C, h 311 E Second

Seely, Helen M, bds 657 Park pl

Seely, Hiram A, emp Rathbun House, h 118 E Water

Seely, Jennie Mrs, h 203 Baldwin

Seely, John R, bottler, bds 115 E Hudson
Seely, Jonas S, city express, h 465 E Market

Seely, Luman D, bartender, h 431 E Water

Seely, Nannie E, bds 311 E Second

Seely, Rollin S, clerk, 316 Carroll, h 716 W First

SEELY, TRUMAN, mgr Truman Seely Co, 221 Railroad ave, 362 Euclid ave

SEELY, TRUMAN CO, bicycles and repairs, 221 Railroad ave
Seem, Catherine E, dressmaker, bds 538 S Main

Seem, James W, boilermaker N C Ry shops, h 508 Jefferson

Seem, Mame, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 538 S Main

Seem, Thomas F, boilermaker LaFrance shops, h 538 S Main

Segar, B A Prince, bookkeeper John N Stearns & Co's mill, bds 1242 N Main

Segar, Polly A, h 1242 N Main

Seibel, Elizabeth A, bds 769 Spaulding

Seibel, Harry G, bds 769 Spaulding

Seibel, Jacob, florist, h 769 Spaulding

Seibel, Wilhelmina, bds 769 Spaulding

Seibel, William J, machinist, bds 769 Spaulding

Seigel, David, tinsmith, 116 Lake, h 115 Orchard

Sellen, Charles S, bds 929 College ave

Sellen, Julia I, widow Amos S, h 929 College ave

Seller, Jay, porter, bds 507 Columbia

Sellner, Ascher, shipping clerk, 316 Hathaway, h 400 1/2 Sullivan

Sellner, Augustus, jobber in cigars, 400 1/2 Sullivan

Sellner, Bonem, tailor, bds 219 High

Sellner, Henry, bds 400 1/2 Sullivan

Sellner, James, conductor D L & W R R, h 1010 Hall

Sellner, Joseph, conductor E & H R R, bds 400 1/2 Sullivan

Sellner, Louie H, clerk, 136 E Water, bds 400 1/2 Sullivan

Sellner, Rebecca, bds 400 1/2 Sullivan

Selover, William J, emp D L & W R R, h 321 Orchard

Sempski, Anthony, emp rolling mill, h 1130 Main

Sempski, Victor, emp rolling mill, bds 1130 Main

Sennick, Mary Mrs, h 702 Dickinson

Sensel, John, tobacconist, h 414 Madison ave

Sergeant, Elizabeth E, bds 258 1/2 W Hudson

Sergeant, Fannie M, clerk, 450 Spaulding, bds 117 Caldwell ave

SERGEANT, FRANCES E, widow Daniel N, grocer, 450 Spaulding, h 117 Caldwell ave

Sergeant, George Jr, roadmaster Erie R R, h 312 E Church

Sergeant, Henry W, car inspector N C Ry, h 258 1/2 W Hudson

Sergeant, Jennie S Mrs, teacher school No 5, bds 110 Bloomer ave

Sergeant, Judd G, clerk, 450 Spaulding, bds 117 Caldwell ave

Sergeant, Louis H, clerk, 450 Spaulding, bds 117 Caldwell ave

Sergeant, Nathan J, fireman N C Ry, bds 217 Mt Zoar

Sergeant see Sargeant and Sargent

Serrine, George, clerk, 415 Carroll, h 414 E Water

Settle, James, coachman, h 618 Winsor ave

Sevaly, Henry, gardener, h 802 1/2 Penna ave

Seventh Day Aventist Mission, C F Nash, supt, 207 W Water

Sexsmith, George, bds 1013 Lake

Sexsmith, Helena A, dressmaker, bds 1013 Lake

Sexsmith, Mary R, bds 1013 Lake

Sexsmith, Winifred, widow Thomas, boarding house, 1013 Lake

Sexton, Frank, engineer power house, h 1891 College ave

Sexton, Lydia Mrs, bds Home for Aged

Shacker, Fred, laborer, bds 1115 Abbott

Shacker, Xaver, junk dealer, h 1115 Abbott

Shacter, Frank, peddler, bds 763 John

Shacter, Philip, peddler, bds 763 John

Shafer, John, engineer D L & W R R, h 1301 Main

Shaffer, Alice M, stenographer, bds 613 West Hill

Shaffer, Charles F, engineer, h 613 West Hill

SHAFFER, EDWARD M, (Richford & Shaffer), 101 W Water, h 452 Riverside ave

Schaffer, Hannah K, widow Charles D, h 361 Grove

Shaffer, Harry, hostler, bds 160 Baldwin

Shaffer, Lee, publisher, h 520 W Church

Shaffer, Mary E, machine opr, bds 613 West Hill

Schaffer, Rebecca, bds 613 West Hill

Shaffner, George E, emp Standard Oil Co, bds 1408 Baldwin

Shaffner, Jacob, fireman D L & W R R, h 1210 Hall

Shaffner, Jennie E, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 1210 Hall

Shakespeare, Sarah, bds 1410 Caton ave

Shaljian, Stephen V, crockery, 310 E Water, h 709 W Gray

Shaljian, Vertanes, bds 827 Lincoln

Shalliday, Bert, bootblack, h 608 Baldwin

Shanahan, Ann, widow Patrick, bds 801 E Market

Shanley, Mary J, housekeeper, 408 W Fourth

Shannon, Birdie M, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 415 W Fifth

Shannon, Jane, widow Patrick, h 717 Railroad ave

Shannon, John J, clerk, 200 W Fifth, bds 717 Railroad ave

Shannon, Martin, grocer, 200 W Fifth, h do

Shannon, Michael M, train dispatcher N C Ry, h 512 Davis

Shannon, Nellie B, clerk, 115 E Water, bds 415 W Fifth

Shannon, Thomas O, cigar manuf and dealer, 159 Railroad ave, h do

Shannon, Timothy, emp Erie car shops, h 415 W Fifth

Shannon, Timothy J, emp Elmira rolling mill, bds 415 W Fifth

Shappee, Clara E, bds 409 1/2 W Fifth

Shappee, Cooley D, carpenter and builder, 814 W Gray, h do

Shappee, Fred A, saloon, 905 1/2 Grand Central ave, h do

Shappee, G Clark, clerk West End Hotel, bds do

Shappee, George P, bds 402 William

Shappee, Guy M, bds 409 1/2 W Fifth

Shappee, Isaac, laborer, h 560 E Water

Shappee, Jacob V, insurance agt, notary public, h 516 Sullivan

Shappee, James E, milk dealer, bds 814 W Gray

Shappee, Joseph K, bell boy Hotel Rathbun, bds do

Shappee, Lewis, laborer, h 420 W Third

Shappee, Lizzie, emp Brown Bros, bds 402 William

Shappee, Louis, bus driver, bds 315 E Washington ave

Shappee, Mary A Mrs, bds 1322 Pratt

Shappee, Maxwell G, laborer, h 945 E Church

Shappee, William R, bds West End Hotel

Sharp, Charles, moulder, h 114 Partridge

Sharp, Charles F, painter, h 306 W Third

Sharp, Eva J, milliner, bds 306 W Third

Sharp, George, emp Kertscher & Co, bds 306 W Third

Sharp, James M, conductor Erie R R, h 415 Magee

Sharp, John, emp Home for Aged, h do

Sharpe, John, emp bridge works, h 109 Partridge

Shartle, Sarah, physician, 118 W Water, h do

Shattuck, Charles L, gen'l secy Railway Y M C A, 301 Railroad ave, h 464 W Gray

Shattuck, Sarah L, widow Levi H, bds 464 W Gray

Shaub, Gertrude Mrs, housekeeper, 212 Caldwell ave

Shaughnessy, Augusta, clerk, 201 E Water, bds 315 W Second

Shaughnessy, John, patrolman, h 315 W Second

Shaughnessy, John J, trainman D L & W R R, bds 315 W Second

Shaughnessy, Leo J, clerk, 380 W First, bds 315 W Second

Shaughnessy, Mary M, milliner, bds 315 W Second

Shaughnessy, Nellie, stenographer, 143 1/2 W Water, bds 315 W Second

Shaver, Frank J, clerk, 140 W Water, h 364 Diven ave

Shaw, Alexander, express messenger, h 208 W Sixth

Shaw, Ann, widow John, h 826 Johnson

Shaw, Anna, domestic, 507 Perine

Shaw, Belle Mrs, carpet sewer, h 361 Davis

Shaw, Benjamin B, emp rolling mill

Shaw, C Wellington, brakeman, h 315 E Center

Shaw, Charles, tinsmith, 116 Lake, bds 672 Magee

Shaw, Charles D, traveling salesman, h 122 E Chemung pl

Shaw, Charles D Jr, civil engineer, bds 122 E Chemung pl

Shaw, Charles H, laborer, h 709 Hopkins

Shaw, Chris, clerk, bds 809 E Second

Shaw, Emma J, dressmaker, 124 W Water, bds 358 Hoffman

Shaw, George A, h 101 Penna ave

Shaw, Grace A, student, bds 122 E Chemung pl

Shaw, Harris W, machinist, bds 118 Caldwell ave

Shaw, Harry, pressman Telegram, h 519 W Third

Shaw, Harry J, tinsmith, 116 Lake, bds 672 Magee

Shaw, Harry W, printer, h 361 Davis

Shaw, Hattie L, bds 208 W Sixth

Shaw, Isabella, widow Cornelius, bds 361 Davis

Shaw, James R, carpenter, h 514 Perine

Shaw, Jeremiah, brewer, 121 E Second, h 321 Madison ave

Shaw, John, carpenter, h 369 Wallace pl

Shaw, John, tel messenger, 150 Baldwin, bds 514 Perine
Shaw, John H, tinner, 323 E Water, bds 672 Magee

Shaw, William, barnman, rooms 200 E Gray

Shaw, William E, bartender, 158 Lake, h 154 Fox

Shaw, William H, clerk, 323 E Water, bds 616 College ave

Shay, David T, instructor N Y S Reformatory, h 655 E Water

Shay, Emma, stenographer and notary public, 334 E Water, bds 811 Johnson

Shay, John B, clerk, 334 E Water, bds 811 Johnson

Shay, Margaret, widow John, h 811 Johnson

Shay, Robert M, barber, 530 Main, bds 655 E Water

Shay, William, mason, bds 811 Johnson

Shaylor, Edward L, cigarmaker, bds 356 S Main

Shaylor, Harry H, machinist, bds 356 S Main

Shays, Benjamin H, painter and paperhanger, 209 Mechanic

Shays, Emily F, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 202 Falck

Shays, Robert, carpenter, h 202 Falck

Shays, William R, carpenter, bds 202 Falck

Shea, Daniel, laborer, bds 762 S Main

Shea, Fannie, bds 273 W Chemung pl

Shea, Frank P, machinist, bds 273 W Chemung pl

Shea, John L, plumber, bds 273 W Chemung pl

Shea, Katie, bds 273 W Chemung pl

Shea, Margaret, domestic, 1006 Hall

Shea, Margaret, widow John, h 905 Michigan

Shea, Mary, widow John H, h 273 W Chemung pl

Shea, Patrick, rooms 500 E Church

Shea, Patrick M, asst supt Prudential Ins Co, bds 551 E Chemung pl

Sheahan, George W, emp H C Spaulding Co, bds 802 Oak

Sheahan, John, teamster, h 802 Oak

Sheahan, John jr, laborer, bds 802 Oak

Sheahan, Patrick, cigar manfr, 731 Harper, h do

Sheahan, Thomas H, glazier, h 557 E Third

Sheahan see Sheehan

Shear, Alzada J, widow David W, h 432 Herrick

Shear, Glenn, conductor N C Ry, h 518 Balsam

Shear, Lydia A, widow Philip, bds 711 Casey

Shearer, Albert E, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 109 Caldwell ave

Shearer, Alexander E, painter, h 558 John

Shearer, Charles, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 558 John

Shearer, Fannie, clerk, 136 W Water, rooms 310 Maple ave

Shearer, John H, asst trainmaster, division opr N C Ry, h 503 Union pl

Shearer, Vance, dentist, 300 E Water, rooms 310 Maple ave

Shearer, William W, clerk, h 109 Caldwell ave

Shearer see Sheerer

Sheckels, Flora, laundress, h 669 Dickinson

Sheehan, Bridget E, dressmaker, 122 E Water, bds 855 Railroad ave

Sheehan, Catharine, widow Peter, h 855 Railroad ave

SHEEHAN, DANIEL, (Sheehan Dean & Co), 140 and 142 W Water, h 408 Partridge

Sheehan, Daniel, h 915 Railroad ave

SHEEHAN, DEAN & CO, (D Sheehan, E Dean & D Richardson), dry goods, cloaks, draperies and furnishing goods wholesale and retail, 140 and 142 W Water

Sheehan, Dennis, salesman, 121 E Second, h 514 Elizabeth

Sheehan, Elizabeth A, widow Patrick, h 100 West ave

Sheehan, Ella, domestic, 112 Lormore

Sheehan, Ellen, widow John, h 408 Partridge

Sheehan, Helen, dressmaker, bds 855 Railroad ave

Sheehan, John, machinist, h 612 Franklin

Sheehan, Lena, domestic, 311 Columbia

Sheehan, Mary J, widow William, h 406 Partridge

Sheehan, Patrick, emp Erie R R, h 666 Columbia

Sheehan, Thomas, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 408 Partridge

Sheehan, Timothy, check boy, bds 515 Elizabeth

Sheehan, William, laborer, h 515 Elizabeth

Sheehan see Sheahan

Sheehe, Edward, emp D L & W R R, h 1212 Baldwin

Sheehe, James W, grocer and saloon, 910 Oak, h do

Sheehe, John, emp D L & W R R, bds 1212 Baldwin

Sheehe, Thomas B, saloon, 141 W Water, h 205 Rathbun

SHEELY, E & J, (E V and John), hides, leather, saddlery, harness, horse clothing and shoe store supplies, 243 to 249 W Water

SHEELY, EDWARD V, (E and J Sheely), 243 W Water, h 113 W Chemung pl

Sheely, Elfie, widow Charles, bds Caton ave cor Penna ave

Sheely, Frederick C, h W s S Broadway n Bulkhead

Sheely, George K, com trav, 243 W Water, h 500 W Hudson

Sheely, George W, salesman, 243 W Water, h S Broadway n Bulkhead

Sheely, Henry B, farmer, h W s S Broadway n limits

SHEELY, JOHN, (E & J Sheely), 243 W Water, h 514 W Hudson

Sheely, William T, propr Sheely tannery, 105-125 Tuttle ave, res New York City

Sheely's Tannery, William T Sheely, propr, 105-125 Tuttle ave

Sheerer, Floyd N, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 327 Irvine pl

Sheerer, John D, laborer, h 327 Irvine pl

Sheeher see Shearer

Sheffer, Frank, laborer, bds 706 E Fifth

Sheffer, Harry G, shipping clerk, 656 State, h 604 Park pl

Sheive, Blanche, clerk, 327 Carroll, bds 366 Penna ave

Sheive, Charles, bds 107 Sly

Sheive, Fred L, bds 366 Penna ave

Sheive, Gertrude G, dressmaker, 366 Penna ave, bds do

SHEIVE, HAMMOND M, supt The Bradstreet Co, 406 and 407 Robinson bldg, h 735 W First

Sheive, Lovina, widow Leman, dressmaker, 366 Penna ave, h do

Sheive, Rose E, dressmaker, 366 Penna ave, bds do

Sheive, William E, builder, h 505 Lake

Sheldon, Charles L, tinner, bds 267 W Chemung pl

Sheldon, Emma L, finisher Lovell shirt factory, bds 611 Magee

Sheldon, George A, tinner, h 267 W Chemung pl

Sheldon, Roland L, blacksmith, bds 463 Maple ave

Sheldon, William H, printer, bds 203 Dewitt ave

Shelford, Durward R, machinist, bds 630 Winsor ave

Shelford, Helen A Mrs, h 630 Winsor ave

Shelford, Kate E, student, bds 630 Winsor ave

Shelley, Albert, carpenter, bds 154 Fox

Shelton, Charles, letter carrier, h 629 W Water

Shelton, Don O, bds 629 W Water