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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Carlin, Margaret, domestic, 306 Lake

Carlisa, John W, switchman N C Ry, bds 716 S Main

Carlson, Albert, janitor, bds 380 W First

Carlson, Alma, domestic, 311 Baldwin

Carlson, August G, organ builder 208 College ave, bds 380 W First

Carlson, Carl J, plumber, bds 380 W First

Carlson, Johanna, widow Gustavus, h 380 W First

Carlson, Josephine, maid, 317 W Clinton

Carlson, Lars J, clerk 140 W Water, bds 380 W First

Carlton, Kate, waitress Frazier House

Carman, J Fred, clerk, h 215 Dewitt ave

Carman, Nellie M, bds 427 W Fourth

Carman, Patrick, laborer, h 821 Hatch

Carman, Stephen A, deliveryman, h 814 Walnut

Carman, William H, carriage maker 359 E Washington ave, h 427 W Fourth

Carmer, Henry K, templet maker, h 342 S Broadway

Carmody, Anna, bds 433 W Fifth

Carmody, Ann, widow Michael, h 912 Johnson

Carmody, Catharine, widow Thomas, h 710 Magee

Carmody, Charles F, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 912 Johnson

Carmody, Edward, carpenter, h 433 W Fifth

Carmody, Frank, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 912 Johnson

Carmody, Gertrude M, clerk, bds 912 Johnson

Carmody, Henry, tinsmith, bds 912 Johnson

Carmody, Hugh, car service clerk Erie yard office, bds 433 W Fifth

Carmody, Margaret, domestic 407 W Water

Carmody, Mary Mrs, h 711 German

Carmody, Mary, cook, 351 Main

Carmody, Patrick, fireman L V R R, h 467 W Sixth

Carner, Ella, widow Fred, dressmaker, h 624 Penna ave

Carner, William M, mason, h 510 Baldwin

Carney, Martin, laborer, h 257 W Henry

Carney, Mary F, seamstress, bds 257 W Henry

Carnrike, Frances, widow John H, h 710 Benjamin

Carpenter, Ada, nurse, bds 964 East ave

Carpenter, Ada L, bds 398 Roe ave

Carpenter, Benjamin F, gate tender Erie R R, h 506 W Gray

CARPENTER BROS, (J M and William) livery and sale stables 219 E Market, tel 304B, and 153 W Clinton, tel 481

Carpenter, Charles E, bookkeeper 211 Baldwin, bds 108 College ave

Carpenter, Charles E, emp silk mill, bds 714 German

Carpenter, D Vernon, emp Elmira skirt factory, bds 316 Orchard

Carpenter, Edward A, emp 603 W Fourth, h 398 Roe ave

Carpenter, Edward G, wood turner, h 1398 College ave

Carpenter, Emma F, teacher school No 5, bds Horseheads

Carpenter, Ernest S, laborer, h 964 Oak

Carpenter, Estella S, emp knitting mill, h Kingsbury ave

Carpenter, Etta, widow Amos G, trained nurse, bds 435 W Fifth

Carpenter, Eugene, farmer, h 215 Austin la

Carpenter, Floyd J, painter, bds 260 W Henry

Carpenter, Frederick T, emp Erie shops, h 507 Walnut

Carpenter, George C, engineer Hygeia Refrigerating Co, h 210 Sullivan

Carpenter, George H, barber, bds 1398 College ave

Carpenter, George H, emp steel mill, h 161 Washington

Carpenter, George M, agt Southport Station Erie R R, h 117 Sly

Carpenter, Harry M, emp Harris, McHenry & Baker, rooms 2 Magnolia

Carpenter, Herman, foreman, bds Patterson House

Carpenter, Hiram, bds Patterson House

Carpenter, James E, emp Kertscher & Co, bds 1398 College ave

Carpenter, James E, cooper, h 418 Carroll

Carpenter, James W, machinist, bds 418 Carroll

Carpenter, John B, fireman D L & W R R, h 714 German

Carpenter, John L, bds 718 Southport

CARPENTER, JOHN M, (Carpenter Bros)153 W Clinton, h 108 College ave

Carpenter, John S, student, bds 108 College ave

Carpenter, Lawrence, carpenter, bds 718 Southport

Carpenter, Lottie J, emp Armstrong, Mather & Wood, rooms 637 Winsor ave

Carpenter, Louisa, agt, rooms 637 Winsor ave

Carpenter, Lynn, emp table factory, bds Kingsbury ave

Carpenter, Mabel C, bds 112 Lormore

Carpenter, Milton G, painter, bds 215 Austin la

Carpenter, Minnie T Mrs, asst supt carriers P O, h 260 Baldwin

Carpenter, Nancy E, widow George H, h 316 Orchard

Carpenter, Silas P, bds 260 Baldwin

Carpenter, Walter M, emp LaFrance Engine Co, h 614 Beecher

CARPENTER, WILLIAM, (Carpenter Bros) 219 E Market, h 316 W Gray

Carpenter, William L, clerk 301 E Water, h 121 Lormore

Carpenter, William P, foreman job room Gazette Co, h 260 Baldwin

Carr, Albert C, clerk N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co 513 Realty bldg, bds 1159 Hoffman

Carr, Betsey, widow Austin, h 411 Baldwin

Carr, Bernard, h 726 Hatch

Carr, Elizabeth, widow Austin, h 411 Baldwin

Carr, Ella, dressmaker 726 Hatch, bds do

Carr, Esther J, h 705 Jay

Carr, Frederick J, bds 370 S Main

CARR, HENRY A, physician, medical director S T Masonic Relief Association 15 Masonic Temple, h 409 W Gray

Carr, Isaac W, brakeman D L & W R R, h 359 Diven ave

Carr, Jane L, student, bds 409 W Gray

Carr, Kate, clerk 104 W Second, bds 713 Davis

Carr, LeGrand, farmer, h 1159 Hoffman

Carr, Margaret, domestic Frazier House

Carr, Marjorie, waitress Hotel Langwell, bds do

Carr, Mary A, bds 726 Hatch

Carr, Mary A, housekeeper 713 Davis

CARR, THOMAS, prop Elmira Tea Store, groceries, fine teas, coffees and spices, 104 W Second, h 713 Davis

Carr, Walter A, tel operator, bds 909 W Water

CARR, WILLIAM S, asst cashier and paying teller Chemung Canal Bank 415 E Water, h 909 W Water

Carrier, Charles W, laborer, h 724 German

CARRIER, COURTLAND F, treas Cronk Hanger Co and Carrier Cutlery Co, 206 Steele Memorial bldg, h 511 Union pl

CARRIER CUTLERY CO, C R Pratt pres, C F Carrier treas, G H Carrier sec, 206 Steele Memorial bldg

CARRIER, GEORGE H, sec Cronk Hanger Co 206 Steele Memorial bldg, bds 511 Union pl

Carrier, Julia N, h 719 College ave

Carrier, William H, barber 223 W Water, h do

Carrigan, James, emp rolling mill, h 924 Lackawanna ave

Carrigan, James Jr, emp rolling mill, bds 924 Lackawanna ave

Carrigan, James J, emp rolling mill, bds 917 Grand Central ave

Carrigan, Miles, emp rolling mill, bds 924 Lackawanna ave

Carrigan, Thaddeus, clerk 201 E Water, bds 924 Lackawanna ave

Carrigan, Thomas, emp rolling mill, h 917 Grand Central ave

Carrigan, Thomas T, emp D L & W round house, bds 924 Lackawanna ave

Carroll, Anna E, cashier Elmira Advertiser, bds 502 College ave

Carroll, Bessie, bds 312 Euclid ave

Carroll, Bridget, widow Patrick, h 259 W Hudson

CARROLL, CHARLES C, (J W Carroll & Sons) 111-115 Railroad ave, h W Water bey limits

Carroll, Charles H, h 312 Euclid ave

CARROLL, EUGENE B, (J W Carroll & Sons) 111-115 Railroad ave, bds 913 W Water

Carroll, Frank T, h 356 W Water

Carroll, Harry, driver, bds 259 W Hudson

Carroll, James, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 863 Lake

Carroll, James A, emp bridge works, bds 521 Perine

Carroll, James E, clerk 111 Railroad ave, h 413 Main

Carroll, John F, com trav 182 State, bds 502 College ave

CARROLL, JOHN W, (J W Carroll & Sons) 111-115 Railroad ave, h W Water bey limits

Carroll, John W Jr, cutter, bds W Water bey limits

CARROLL, J W & SONS, (E B & C C) merchant tailors, clothiers and furnishers 111-115 Railroad ave

Carroll, Josie G, clerk 128 W Water, bds 259 W Hudson

Carroll, J C Mrs, laundress Rathbun House

Carroll, Margaret M, bds 412 Spaulding

Carroll, Mary Mrs, h 502 College ave

Carroll, Mary F, bds W Water bey limits

Carroll, Mary V, dressmaker, bds 259 W Hudson

Carroll, Mollie, bds 139 W Water

Carroll, Patrick J, clerk 182 State, bds 259 W Hudson

Carroll, William J, clerk 301 E Water, bds 521 Perrine

Carruthers, Harriet A, bds 207 Kingsbury ave

Carruthers, Robert, blacksmith, h r 703 E Water

Carrthers see Corrothers

Carter, Alvah S, bds 950 Walnut

CARTER, ALVAH S JR, bookkeeper 101 Robinson bldg, h 954 Walnut

Carter, Francis D, mason, h 116 Catharine

Carter, Frank, puddler, bds 656 Lake

Carter, George, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Co, h 518 Gradwell

Carter, Jennie, bds 455 W Third

CARTER, JOSEPH F, foreman engraving department Telegram, h 950 Walnut

Carter, Thornton, teamster, h 515 Partridge

Carter, Thomas H, laborer, bds 515 Partridge

Cartledge, Frank C, clerk H A Fisk & Co, h 354 1/2 Grove

Cartledge, James C, granite letterer, h 222 Lormore

Cartledge, Joseph, foreman 446 E Water, h 417 W Water

Carver, Ira A, blacksmith, h 624 W Gray

Case, Eugene B, carpenter, h 803 Holdridge

Case, Frank A, cabinet maker, h 915 Lincoln

Case, Fred H, clerk 246 W Water, h 803 Holdridge

CASE, GEORGE M, physician, specialist eye, ear, nose and throat 154 Main, h do, office hours 9 to 12 am, 1:30 to 4 pm, Wednesday and Saturday evenings 7 to 8 pm, Sundays 2 to 4 pm, tel 966

Case, Jennie, chocolate roller, bds 110 High

Case, Willie E, shoemaker, bds 110 High

Casey, Ann M, widow Michael, h 655 Columbia

Casey, Daniel, laborer, bds 411 S Main

Casey, Ella, domestic, 412 W Gray

Casey, James J, waiter City Club rooms, 222 W Henry

Casey, James S, restaurant Erie depot, h 656 Park pl

Casey, Katherine, dressmaker, bds 908 Walnut

Casey, Mary, widow Daniel, h 908 Walnut

Casey, Michael, laborer, bds 222 W Hudson

Casey, Michael, grocer 222 W Henry, h do

Casey, Morgan, motorman, h 707 1/2 Magee

Casey, Patrick P, emp Elmira rolling mill, bds 655 Columbia

Casey, Thomas, clerk 140 W Water, bds 222 W Henry

Casey, William, motorman E & H R R, bds 656 Lake

Casey, William, emp Elmira rolling mill, bds 656 Columbia

CASSADA, FRANK J, chief of police City Hall, h 105 Elm

Cassada, Ida F, bds 105 Elm

Cassidy, George, musician, h 106 E Water

Cassidy, Rose, emp knitting mill, bds 507 Walnut

Cassell, George W, carpenter, h 121 E Hudson

Cassell, John L, glazier, bds 121 E Hudson

Cassell, Sadie L, bds 121 E Hudson

Casterline, Benjamin C, gardener, h 619 W Gray

Casterline, Jacob C, cigar manuf 450 E Market, bds 805 E Water

Casterline, Matilda Mrs, h 754 John

Castle, George E, carpenter, h 409 Falck

Castle, Glenn R, printer, bds 409 Falck

Castner, Grace, bds 1202 Lackawanna ave

Castner, John, engineer D L & W R R, h 1202 Lackawanna ave

Catchpole, Edward, carpenter N C Ry, bds 310 Harmon

Catlin, Adelia C, widow John H, bds 502 Columbia

Catlin, Jane W, widow Lucius, h 506 Columbia

Catterson, Hattie Mrs, housekeeper 716 Baldwin

Caughy, J Harry, insurance, h 360 Walnut

Caulking, E Isadore, bookkeeper 109 E Second, bds 154 W Third

Caulking, Mollie, widow Willard A, h 154 W Third

Caulkins, Frank P, bookkeeper 152 Baldwin, bds 204 Madison ave

Causer, Bernie, clerk Buckbee House

Causer, Fred W, clerk 117 Main, bds Buckbee House

CAUSER, JAMES A, (J A and J H Causer) h Hotel Langwell

CAUSER, J A & J H, proprs Hotel Langwell State cor E Market

CAUSER, JOHN H, (J A and J H Causer) props Hotel Langwell State cor E Market

CAUSER, JOSEPH, propr Buckbee house 429 E Water

Causer, Joseph Jr, clerk Buckbee House

Cavalluzzo, Nicola, laborer, h 83 1/2 Canal

Cavanaugh, James, paper dealer, h 316 Roe ave

Cavanaugh see Kavanaugh

Caverly, Hannah, widow Andrew, domestic 1001 N Main

Caverly, Kate, waitress Elmira College, bds do

Caverly, Richard, salesman, h 816 N Main

Caywood, Mary, domestic 503 Union pl

Cedarholm, Andrew J, car inspector N C Ry shops, h 517 Fulton

Central Railroad of New Jersey, Newton Benjamin agt, Railroad ave opp Erie depot

Centenary, M E Church, Rev D D Campbell pastor, 424 S Main

Century Club, C B Brooks secy and treas, 509 Robinson bldg

Cerio, Charles, laborer, bds 801 Hatch

CHADBOURNE, DEAN K, clerk Frazier House, bds do

CHADBOURNE, WILLIAM T, propr Frazier House, Railroad ave cor W Third

Chalmers, John, plumber, bds 462 Riverside ave

Chamberlain, Catherine, widow George, h S Broadway

CHAMBERLAIN, CHARLES E, mgr Merchants Parcel Delivery Co and Junk Dealer, 154 Exchange pl, h 332 W Seventh

Chamberlain, Charles F, market gardener, h S Broadway n limits

Chamberlain, Elijah, farmer, h S s plank road n Bulkhead

Chamberlain, George T, farmer, bds 515 S Broadway

Chamberlain, Julia C, h S Broadway

Chamberlain, Lillian Mrs, bds 950 Penna ave

Chamberlain, Lucy, widow William, nurse, h 213 Thurston

Chamberlain, Martha Mrs, corset agent, h 332 W Seventh

Chamberlain, William, h 332 W Seventh

CHAMBERLAIN, BURTON S, (King & Chamberlin) 306 E Water, h 308 W Gray

Chamberlin, Fred, clerk, bds 608 E Miller

Chambers, Belle Mrs, bds 768 E Fifth

CHAMBERS, HERMAN O, mgr Elmira Oxide Paint Co, 722 Baldwin, h 418 Jefferson

Champion, Amanda, dressmaking, h 705 Davis

Champlaine, William, baggageman Erie R R, rooms 217 W First

Chancellor, Josephine J, widow Joseph, h 115 E First

Chaplain, Johanna, domestic 160 Main

Chaple, George W, laborer, bds 356 E Fourth

Chaple, Harriet E, widow Leonard, bds 356 E Fourth

Chapman, Andrew F, flour and feed 355 E Washington ave, h 858 Lake

Chapman, Benjamin, machinist, h 723 Kinyon

CHAPMAN, BURT O, (Goddard & Chapman) 310 E Water, h 222 Penna ave

CHAPMAN, CHARLES E, (Mosher & Chapman) 208 W Water, h 113 W Second

Chapman, Clara Louise, bds 113 W Second

Chapman, Elizabeth J, bds 651 College ave

Chapman, Harriet A, teacher, bds 1004 College ave

Chapman, Isaac K, tinner 206 S Main, h 400 Jefferson

Chapman, James T J, electrician 216 Railroad ave, h 165 1/2 DeWitt ave

Chapman, Jennie E, kindergartner, bds 1004 College ave

Chapman, J Orr, bds 113 W Second

Chapman, Kittiebel, bds 651 College ave

Chapman, Laura A, bds 651 College ave

Chapman, Mabel, bds 724 Kinyon

Chapman, Martha, h 110 W Henry

Chapman, Mary A, maid 118 W Market

Chapman, Samuel A, bds 409 Walnut

Chapman, Sarah E, widow William, bds 1004 College ave

Chapman, Seely P, bds 510 1/2 Grove

Chapman, Wilber N, salesman Doane & Jones Lumber Co, bds 1998 Davis

Chapman, William, baker, bds 661 Lake

Chapman, William H Rev, lecturer N Y S Reformatory, h 1004 College ave

Chapman, William P, railroad contractor, h 651 College ave

Chapman, Willis, carpenter, h 724 Kinyon

Chappell, Fannie F Mrs, emp knitting mill, bds 252 South ave

Chappell, Florence A, emp knitting mill, bds 252 South ave

Charles, I Ray, freight handler, bds 716 Dickinson

Chase, Amanda M, widow Henry B, h 505 E Water

Chase, Carolyn B, bds 609 Lewis

Chase, Carnelius B, foreman N C Ry machine shops, h 609 Lewis

Chase, Debbie, widow Henry, bds 108 Partridge

CHASE-HIBBARD MILLING CO, (H D Stone pres, M Hibbard vice pres, A R Butcher sec and treas, merchant millers 301 to 307 W Water

Chase, Ira T, emp bridge works, bds 424 E Water

Chase, Lillian, milliner 112 Main, h 505 E Water

Chase, M Abbott, agent, h 79 Walnut

Chase, Minnie J, milliner 112 Main, bds 505 E Water

Chase, Percy W, bds 214 1/2 W Chemung pl

Chase, Sarah T, widow Dudley M, agent, bds 79 Walnut

Chase, Walter P, clerk 307 E Water, h 214 1/2 W Chemung pl

Chatfield, Richard S, keeper N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Chatham, Myron L, dentist, bds 114 E Chemung pl

CHEF S DUTCH KITCHEN, E Schmidt prop, 110 E Water

Cheklemizki, Frank, laborer, bds 612 Baldwin

CHEMUNG CANAL BANK, M H Arnot pres, M C Arnot 1st vice pres, J B Rathbone 2d vice pres, W S Carr asst cashier, E J Dunn asst cashier, 415 E Water

CHEMUNG COAL CO, sole agts for D L & W coal, T J Houlihan mgr, 299 E Washington ave

Chemung County Jail, 211 William

CHEMUNG COUNTY LOAN ASSOCIATION, incorporated, F C Pratt treas, 160 Lake


CHEMUNG VALLEY MUTUAL LOAN ASSOCIATION, Seymour Dexter pres, W N Eastabrook vice pres, Granville D Parsons treas, J N Ward Sec, C A Phillips atty, 153 Lake

Cheney, Emmett C, linotype opr, bds 819 E Second

Cheney, Frederick A, h 451 Maple ave

CHENEY, HAROLD L, sec and treas Elmira Steel Co, rooms W Church cor Elm

Cheney, Mary F, widow Salathiel, h 819 E Second

Cheney, Merritt O, telegrapher opr, bds 819 E Second

Cherry, Charles K, paper hanger, bds 360 E Washington ave

Cherry, Clarence P, constable, h 508 E Third

Cherry, George, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1104 Lake

Cherry, John, trainman, h 863 Magee

Cherry, Nellie, dressmaker, bds 111 E Miller

Cherry, S Frances, widow Patrick L, bds 408 E Clinton

Cherry, Thomas, conductor D L & W R R, h 1015 N Main

Chesbrough, Mollie, widow Charles, clerk 362 W Second, bds do

Chesley, Frank A, conductor N C Ry, h 810 Holdridge

Chicochiski, Andrew, laborer, h 667 Sullivan

Chidsey, Blossom N, emp knitting mill, bds 511 W Second

Chidsey, George W, clerk 214 W Water, h 511 W Second

Chidsey, Lucy, dressmaker, h 308 E Water

Child, Ernest M, law student 403 Realty bldg, bds 701 Grove

Childs, Clayton A, laborer, h 8 Burdick

Childs, John, emp bridge works, h 564 E Water

Childs, Wilber, laborer, bds 707 Kinyon

CHILSON, RUFUS R, physician and surgeon 610 W Church, h do; office hours 1 to 2:30 and 7 to 8 pm

Chinelli, Mateo, laborer, h 111 W Fifth

Chivers, Harry, carpenter, h 262 Wallace

Chivers, Richard, carpenter, bds 262 Wallace

Chouvelou, Alphonse, emp Stearns silk mill, bds 331 Thurston

Chrisjohn, Melvin W, bds 656 Columbia

Chrisjohn, Samuel W, emp Elmira rolling mill, h 656 Columbia

Chrisler, Celia L, milliner 132 W Water, h 409 Walnut

Chrisler, John E, h 409 Walnut

Chrisler, Maud E, bds 409 Walnut

Chrisler, Monroe R, machinist, h 112 S Main

Christastia, Agnes J, domestic, 408 Main

Christastia, John, laborer N C Ry yard, h 327 Webber pl

Christastia, John T Jr, switchman rolling mill, bds 327 Webber pl

Christastia, Frank, car inspector N C Ry, h 1138 Magee

Christastia, Mary K, bds 327 Webber pl

Christen, Charles, barber, h 218 Gregg

Christen, Charles J, cook White House Cafe, bds 218 Gregg

Christen, Edward L, laundryman 75 Penna ave, h 203 Brand

Christen, George C, upholsterer, h 122 Harriet

CHRISTEN, JOSEPH, hotel and restaurant 151 Baldwin, h do

Christen, Josephine, dressmaker, bds 122 Harriet

Christie, Emily, widow Peter, h 385 W Water

Christle, Adelia, domestic, 111 W Market

Christle, Opal C, maid, 328 W First

Chubbuck, Antoinette Mrs, dressmaker 307 W Second, h do

Chumber, Fred, emp Rolling Mills, bds Franklin Hotel

Church of Christ, Rev C C Crawford pastor, 321 S Main

Church of Christ, (Disciples) Reformatory n West Side ave

Churchill, Belle, widow Leroy, bds 280 Home

Churchill, Minnie N, bds 807 W First

Churchill, William, laborer, h 223 W Henry

Cilley, Frank, carpenter, bds 1201 Lake

Cilley, Henry E, foreman J Allington & Son, h 357 Hoffman

Cilley, Joseph G, machinist, h 705 Kinyon

Cilley, S Irene, bds 357 Hoffman

Cieri, James, laborer, h 801 Hatch

Cinelli, Matteo, shoemaker W Clinton cor Magee, h 112 E Fifth

Ciscoe, Milton S, clerk 200 W Water, h 557 Grove




CITY CLUB, E Church cor Lake


CITY HALL, E Church cor Lake



Claire, Daniel, hostler D L & W R R, h W Center cor Magee

Clancey, Bridget M, h 508 E Third

Clancey, Clara E, bookkeeper 126 E Water, bds 372 W First

Clancey, Emma M, stenographer 126 E Water, bds 372 W First

Clancey, James, cigarmaker, h 372 W First

Clancey, James Jr, cigarmaker, h 668 Columbia

Clancey, James M, cigarmaker, bds 369 W Second

Clancey, Maggie, cook 322 W Church

Clancey, Martin, emp bridge works, h 156 W Washington ave

Clancey, Susan, widow Patrick, h 369 W Second

Clancey, Thomas, bricklayer, bds 372 W First

Clapp, George M, foreman 122 Railroad ave, h 116 Orchard

Clapp, Jennie T, dressmaker, bds 116 Orchard

Clapp, Josephine M, student, bds 116 Orchard

Clapp, Kate M, dressmaker, bds 116 Orchard

Clapp, Michael M, operative J Richardson & Co, bds 116 Orchard

Clare, Frances M, nurse, bds 214 College ave

Clark, Albert B, barber, h 728 Dickinson

Clark, Albert T, emp Telephone Co, bds 372 Penna ave

Clark, Alfred E, deliveryman, 212 Gregg

Clark, Allen H, dry goods and notions, 502 Main, h 219 Franklin

Clark, Almon B, bds 422 E Washington ave

Clark, Andrew, emp rolling mill, h 667 Sullivan

Clark, Arthur W, emp bridge works, bds 551 Coburn

Clark, Benjamin R, conductor N C Ry, h 523 Penna ave

Clark, Bertha, domestic 115 West Side ave

Clark, Catharine, widow Charles W, bds 200 Dewitt ave

Clark, Charles, emp Bridge works, bds 810 Oak

Clark, Charles D, pavement inspector, h 200 Dewitt ave

Clark, Charles H, bookkeeper 112 Lake, h 760 E Market

Clark, Charles J H, student, bds Maple ave

Clark, Claud B, bds 108 Chestnut

Clark, C Watkins, draughtsman, bds 200 Dewitt ave

Clark, David D, (Hadlock & Clark) clerk 852 Lake, h Horseheads

Clark, Dean, tobacco sorter, bds 108 Chestnut

Clark, Dora J, bds 722 W Gray

Clark, Edward E, mechanical engineer, bds 722 W Gray

Clark, Emma Mrs, bds 234 Mt Zoar

Clark, Emma T Mrs, dressmaker, bds 108 Chesnut

Clark, Eugene B, brakeman Erie R R, h 511 W Third

Clark, Frances J, widow George, bds 728 Dickinson

Clark, Frederick, elevator boy Robinson bldg, bds 652 Baldwin

Clark, Frederick F, electrician, h 372 Penna ave

CLARK, FRED S, station and ticket agt D L & W depot, h 653 Lake

Clark, George W, farmer, h N s Penna ave n Bulkhead

Clark, Harry H, emp D L & W freight house, h 162 W Third

Clark, Heman N, carpenter, h 855 Grove

Clark, Henry A Rev, h 219 Franklin

Clark, Henry S, car repairer, h 507 Dewitt ave

Clark, Isabelle, bds 371 1/2 W Gray

Clark, Jacob, teamster, h 1309 Hall

Clark, James F, polisher, bds American House

Clark, James J, bricklayer, h 727 Casey

Clark, Jane D, widow Joel N, bds 655 Grove

Clark, Jasper, machinist, h 722 W Gray

Clark, Jennie L, teacher No 1 school, bds 707 John

Clark, J Henry, ties and lumber 308 E Water, h 354 Maple ave

Clark, John, laborer, h 707 John

Clark, John D, cigar manuf 110 W Second, h do

Clark, John T, clerk 106 W Water, bds 751 John

Clark, John S, mason, h 707 Casey

Clark, John W S, supt Superior Knitting Mills Co, h 371 1/2 W Gray

Clark, Joseph, bds 423 W Fourth

Clark, Joseph G, building mover, h 108 Chestnut

Clark, Josephine F, widow George, h 422 E Washington ave

Clark, Judson H, propr Gensee stock farm, h Maple ave

Clark, Lewis R, bartender 151 Baldwin, h 306 E Water

Clark, Mary, housekeeper, 707 John

Clark, Mary H, bds 371 1/2 W Gray

Clark, Mary J, widow James, h 751 E Market

Clark, Maud, tobacco sorter, bds 108 Chestnut

Clark, Maud E, bds Maple ave

Clark, Raymond D, farmer, bds N s Penna ave n Bulkhead

CLARK, SAMUEL W, grain dealer, wholesale, 139 Nicks, h 352 Maple ave, long distance telephone No 17

Clark, Sarah E, widow John, bds 709 Park pl

Clark, S Juddena, bds Maple ave

Clark, Stephen A, clerk 126 Lake, h 652 Baldwin

Clark, Susan, widow James, bds 457 Penna ave

Clark, Susan, widow Jefferson, h 810 Oak

Clark, Squire, farmer and gardner, h 1031 Hoffman

Clark, Walter E, clerk 305 E Water, bds 1839 Davis

Clark, Walter G, clerk 105 W Water, rooms 559 Grove

Clark, Walter G, shoemaker, bds 220 E Water

Clark, Walter L, clerk 112 W Water, bds 217 Franklin

Clark, Ward W, blacksmith, h 810 Oak

Clark, Warren, farmer, bds N s Penna ave n Bulkhead

Clark, Willard J, clerk, h 611 W Gray

Clark, William, emp rolling mill, bds American House

Clark, William, horseman, rooms 105 Main

Clark, William, hostler, bds 662 Columbia

Clark, William J, mason, bds Patterson House

Clark, William J, emp N C Ry shops, h 381 1/2 Baty

Clark, William R, machinist, h 132 Luce

Clarke, E Romaine, bookkeeper Second National Bank, bds 615 Euclid ave

Clarke, Fanny G, widow Maurice C, bds 323 Sullivan

Clarke, Frances J, treas Lyceum Theatre 154 Lake, bds 380 W Clinton

CLARKE, HARRY M, lawyer 307 Robinson bldg, h 615 Euclid ave

Clarke, Will R, scene painter, rooms 2 Magnolia

Clarkson, John C, canvasser, bds 151 Baldwin

Clatworthy, Elizabeth, widow James, h 903 W Water

Clatworthy, James H, real estate, h 905 W Water

Clawson, Ollie, clerk 201 E Water, bds 415 N Main

Clay, Thomas, horseman, bds 202 E Gray

Clearwater, Frank L, student, bds 614 Euclid ave

Clearwater, Max, student, bds 360 W Water

Clearwater, William F, farmer, h 1469 Caton ave

Cleary, Laura, emp Reformatory, bds 446 Reformatory
Clemens, Nicholas S, carpenter, h 716 Dickinson

Clements, Jacob, emp hosiery mill, h 709 German

Clements, William W, h 112 Luce

Clemons, Margaret, domestic 866 Magee

Clendenin, Mary E, widow Henry H, h 700 Delaware

Clendenin, Robert H, carpenter, bds 700 Delaware

Clendenney, Harriet A, widow Theodore, music teacher, bds 120 Walnut

Cleveland, Chauncey, h 513 Mt Zoar

Cleveland, Edward, laborer, h 209 Judson

Cleveland, Edward P, clerk 316 Carroll, bds 114 Lormore

Cleveland, Frank, laborer, h 771 John

Cleveland, Frank E, baggage agt Erie depot, h 357 Spaulding

Cleveland, Harriet B, teacher school No 5, bds 326 Irvine pl

Cleveland, Harry B, stenographer 513 Railroad ave, bds 357 Spaulding

Cleveland, Herbert E, h 506 1/2 E Church

Cleveland, Philo P, blind maker, h 326 Irvine pl

Cleveland, James V, night clerk Hotel Langwell, bds do

CLEVELAND, THURLOW W, (Cleveland & Post) 316 Carroll

CLEVELAND & POST, (T W Cleveland and M G Post) fruit, produce, butter & eggs, commission merchants, 316 and 318 Carroll

Clifford, Jerry C, bartender 503 Railroad ave, h 1104 Grand Central ave

CLIFFORD, JOSEPH C, prop Bijou Hotel 503 Railroad ave h 1104 Grand Central ave

Clifford, Patrick A, mgr dining room Hotel Rathbun, bds do

Cline, Frederick, bell man Hotel Langwell, bds do

CLINTON, ARTHUR, (Barker, Rose & Clinton Co) 109-113 Lake, h 530 W Water

Clinton, Edith K, bds 530 W Water

CLIPPER CHILLED PLOW CO, (William Strait, H G Mix and J C Green) manufr bicycles, plows, harrows, cultivators, horserakes, &c, 550 William

Cloak, Bridget, widow John, h 950 Magee

Cloak, Elizabeth, seamstress, bds 950 Magee

Cloak, Mary F, dressmaker 950 Magee, bds do

Cloak, Nellie W, seamstress, bds 950 Magee

Cloak, Thomas M, puddler, bds 950 Magee

Clohessy, Anna, waitress American House

Clohessy, Michael J, prop Windsor Hotel, 509 Railroad ave, h 507 Magee

Closson, Ollie, clerk, rooms 415 Main

Clough, Fred B, student, bds 210 College ave

Clough, William J, emp Elmira rolling mill, bds 703 College ave

Cluery, George H, stenographer supt's office Erie R R, bds 614 S Main

Cluery, John, car inspector Erie R R, h 614 S Main

Coakley, Catherine, widow Cornelius, bds 902 Lake

Coakley, John, saloon keeper, h 805 1/2 Oak

Coakley, Julia, dressmaker, bds 902 Lake

Coakley, Timothy, teamster, h 953 Oak

COATE, ALBERT E W, ensign Salvation Army, 153 Baldwin, h do

Coats, Hattie, rooms 225 W Water

Coats, Jennie, laundress, bds 212 W Chemung pl

Coats, John, bds 212 W Chemung pl

Coats, Maud, bookkeeper, bds 116 Catherine

Coats, William A, carpenter, h 212 W Chemung pl

Coble, Mary, bds 117 Brand

Coburn, Emily Mrs, bds 223 Gregg

Coburn, Jabin, student, bds 621 Lake

Coburn, Margaret, widow Parley, bds 621 Lake

Cocoman, Catherine, boarding house and bakery 268 W Hudson

Cocoman, Frank J, emp bridge works, h 213 Austin Lake

Cocoman, Laurence, laborer, bds 268 W Hudson

Coddington, Libbie Mrs, bds 753 Carpenter

Cody, Ira L, painter, h 209 Mechanic

Cody, Minnie M, bds 209 Mechanic

Coe, Elizabeth A, laundress, h 605 W First

Coe, Emily Mrs, matron School of Commerce 115 W Water, bds do

Coe, Frank, clerk 550 Spaulding, bds 109 Home

Coe, Scott E, brakeman, h 354 E Fourth

Coe, Thomas J, photographer, bds 605 W First

Coe, Walter, laborer, bds 1340 College ave

Coe, Walter A, painter, h 1340 College ave

Coe, William D, conductor D L & W R R, h 1005 Oak

Coffey, John J, grocer 415 High, h do

Coffey, John T, clerk 415 High, bds do

Cohen, Anna B, bds 708 E Church

Cohen, Gottleib, clerk, bds 763 E Water

Cohen, Hyman, peddler, h 763 E Water

Cohen, Ida, cook 351 W Church

Cohen, Joseph, peddler, h 157 Sullivan

Cohen, Levi, optician, h 208 High

Cohen, Louis, peddler, h 815 John

Cohen, Max, peddler, h 708 E Church

Cohn, David, clerk 111 Railroad ave, bds 113 Orchard

Cohn, Julius S, peddler, h 113 Orchard

Coke, Charles L, printer, h 513 W Clinton

Coke, Frederick, h 1207 Hall

Coke, Levi, baker 210 E Water, h 361 Walnut

Colbert, Ella H Mrs, housekeeper 509 Main

Colbert, James, com trav, bds 509 Main

Colbert, James, com trav, bds 509 Main

Colburn, Cora A, bds 105 Hoffman

COLBURN, EDWARD H, bookkeeper 182 State, also pres Lovell Shirt Co, bds 468 W Gray

COLBURN, JAMES R, sec and gen mgr Elmira Advertiser Association, h 415 W Water

Colburn, Mary J, widow Eugene A, dressmaker, h 105 Hoffman

Cole, Arthur S, upholsterer 203 E Church, h 900 Lake

Cole, Edward H, clerk, h 600 Penna ave

Cole, Elanson, blacksmith, h 563 Coburn

Cole, Francis G, clerk 333 E Water, h 405 Perry

Cole, J Frank, emp bridge works, h 369 Penna ave

Cole, Frank K, music teacher, rooms r Court House, Lake

Cole, Hattie, artist 603 W Fourth, bds 701 Grove

Cole, Ira, laborer, h 426 Balsam

Cole, Ira B, conductor Erie R R, h 657 Grove

Cole, John A, h 1201 Hoffman

Cole, Joseph, butcher, bds 425 Railroad ave

Cole, Lorena G, bds 657 Grove

Cole, Lucy M, cook 240 Lake

Cole, Mae H Mrs, bds 804 John

Cole, Mary, widow Henry, h 113 E First

Cole, Merton D, carpenter, bds 369 Wallace

Cole, Richard D, carpenter, h 218 W Chemung pl

COLE, VICTOR L, (Cole & Mathews) 135 E Water, h at Corning

COLE, WEBSTER J, general merchandise, sub-station No 1 Elmira Post-office 600 Penna ave, h 602 do

Cole, William P, asst yard master N C Ry, h 804 Herrick

COLE, WILLIAM W, gen mgr West Side Railroad Co, supt Elmira Heights Water Co 120 E Water, h 219 W First

COLE & MATHEWS, (V L Cole & L N Mathews) druggists 135 E Water

Colegrove, H Lee, clerk 176 State, h Serpentine ave

Colegrove, Lena M, stenographer, bds Serpentine ave

Colegrove, William N, carpenter, h Serpentine ave

Coleman, Almeda, widow Robert, bds 664 Dickinson

Coleman, Catharine, bds 215 Bloomer ave

Coleman, Edna, emp J Richardson & Co, rooms 602 E Water

Coleman, Elliott, train dispatcher Erie R R, bds 504 Columbia

Coleman, Eliza, bds 861 Lake

Coleman, Fred, marine engineer, bds 861 Lake

Coleman, Harriet, bds 504 Columbia

Coleman, Hugh J, engineer, h 374 Thurston

Coleman, Isaac A, carpenter, h 308 W Third

COLEMAN, ISAIAH B, propr Elmira Brass and Iron works 210-214 Railroad ave, h 353 W Seventh

Coleman, James, Switchman D L & W R R, h 755 1/2 Harper

Coleman, John, laborer Erie R R, h 215 Bloomer ave

Coleman, John M, emp Erie R R, h 432 W Fourth

Coleman, Joseph F, engineer D L & W R R, h 1353 Lake

Coleman, Lewis S, clerk, h 1016 Hoffman

Coleman, Lizzie, bds 861 Lake

Coleman, Lillian Mrs, h 360 S Main

Coleman, Mary, dressmaker, bds 215 Bloomer ave

Coleman, Maude, emp knitting mill, rooms 602 E Water

Coleman, Peter, carpenter, h 504 Columbia

PAGE 157

Coleman, Robert C, preacher and farmer, h 716 Dickinson

Coleman, Selina I Mrs, dressmaker, bds 505 Pleasant

Coleman, William, emp knitting mill, bds 861 Lake

COLEMAN, WILLIAM T, grocer 400 W Church, h 363 Davis

Collier, Fred M, conductor D L & W R R, h 325 E Center

Collier, George, laborer, bds 200 Connelly ave

Colligan, Joseph, carpenter, bds 267 W Henry

Colligan, Margaret, bds 519 W Clinton

Colligan, Mary, student, bds 267 W Henry

Colligan, Michael, wood worker, h 267 W Henry

Collin, Charles H, laborer, bds 371 Thurston

Collin, Ella M, domestic 202 Lormore

COLLIN, FREDERICK, (Reynolds, Stanchfield & Collin) h 524 W Water

Collin, James E, milk dealer, h 371 Thurston

Collins, Agnes M, bds 160 Harriet

Collins, Anna, tailoress, bds 306 S Broadway

Collins, Bridget, h 228 O'Corman

Collins, Catherine, bds 261 W Hudson

Collins, Charles, laborer, bds 220 Tuttle ave

Collins, Clara V, bookkeeper 210 Railroad ave, bds 207 Sullivan

Collins, Cornelius, laborer, h 400 W Hudson

Collins, Cornelius C, clerk 182 State, bds 261 W Hudson

Collins, Daniel, laborer, bds 324 West Side ave

Collins, Dennis, carpenter, bds 107 South ave

Collins, Dennis, laborer, bds 324 West Side ave

Collins, Dennis, h 220 Tuttle ave

Collins, Dennis Jr, laborer, h 220 Tuttle ave

Collins, Dorn D, student, bds 702 Holdridge

Collins, Ella, domestic, 220 William

Collins, Ellen, widow Patrick, h 406 Partridge

Collins, Emily A, emp Superior Knitting Mill Co, bds 160 Harriet

Collins, Emma L, bookkeeper, bds 602 Winsor ave

Collins, Francis R, lineman, bds 527 W Washington ave
Collins, Frank J, machinist, h 350 W Fourth

Collins, George A, carpenter, h 702 Holdridge

Collins, Hannah, domestic 466 Franklin

Collins, Isaac H, laborer, h 703 Dickinson

Collins, James, laborer, bds 220 Tuttle ave

Collins, James C, h 324 West Side ave

Collins, James Jr, laborer, bds 324 West Side ave

Collins, James H, fireman D L & W R R, h 311 E Center

Collins, Jared N, conductor N C Ry, h 474 South ave

Collins, Jennie, widow Edwin, h 350 W Fourth

Collins, Jennie V, dressmaker, bds 340 W Seventh

Collins, Jeremiah, laborer, h 306 S Broadway

Collins, Jerry, barkeeper Hotel Rathbun, h 118 Spring

Collins, Jessie, cook 112 College ave

Collins, John, h 615 Lewis

Collins, John, bds 508 John

Collins, John, h 420 Standish

Collins, John D, laborer, h 340 W Seventh

Collins, John J, car inspector N C Ry, h 610 Beecher

Collins, John Jr, sash maker, bds 420 Standish

Collins, John H, guard N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Collins, John M, fireman D L & W R R, bds 340 W Seventh

Collins, John T, tinsmith, bds 822 Lincoln

Collins, John W, harnessmaker 212 W Water and 434 Water, h 602 Winsor ave

Collins, Kate, domestic 507 W Water

Collins, Katie, maid 902 College ave

Collins, Lester E, mason, h 366 W Seventh

Collins, Margaret, laundress Delavan House

Collins, Margaret, bds 527 W Washington ave

Collins, Margaret, waitress Rathbun House, bds do

Collins, Margaret, bds 340 W Seventh

Collins, Mary, widow John, h 822 Lincoln

Collins, Mary, dressmaker, bds 340 W Seventh

Collins, Mary Mrs, h 460 W Hudson

Collins, Mary C, bookkeeper 314 Carroll, bds 227 O'Gorman

Collins, Mary L, milliner, bds 306 S Broadway

Collins, Michael, hostler D L & W R R, bds 420 Standish

Collins, Michael, saloon 420 Davis, h 527 W Washington ave

Collins, Nellie Mrs, bds 709 Railroad ave

Collins, Nellie F, h 160 Harriet

Collins, Patrick, emp bridge works, h 718 Erie

Collins, Patrick, fireman D L & W R R, bds 340 W Seventh

Collins, Patrick, moulder, h 414 Davis

Collins, Prudence, domestic 723 Benjamin

Collins, Richard F, emp bridge works, h 511 Fulton

Collins, Sadie J, cashier Elmira Telegram, bds 602 Winsor ave

Collins, Sarah Mrs, candy store 527 W Washington ave, h do

Collins, Stephen B, laborer N C Ry, h 227 O'Gorman

Collins, Theresa M, emp Superior Knitting Mill Co, bds 160 Harriet

Collins, Thomas, fireman D L & W R R, bds 340 W Seventh

Collins, Thomas H, tel opr, bds 306 S Broadway

Collins, Timothy, capenter, h 261 W Hudson

Collins, Timothy J, iron moulder, bds 306 S Broadway

Collins, Wilfred P, clerk 104 E Water, bds 264 W Hudson

Collins, William, tailor, h 207 Sullivan

Collins, William, laborer, h 508 John

Collins, William D, tailor, h 209 Washington

Collins, William P, clerk, bds 261 W Hudson

COLLSON, ANTHONY, (Collson & Spencer) mail carrier, h 1348 College ave

Collson, Forest C, picture framer, h 939 E Church

Collson, Jane, widow Warren, bds 966 Walnut

Collson, U Sidney, glazier, h 526 William

Collson, William P, shipping clerk, h 261 S Walnut

Collson, William, glazier 557 E Clinton, h 526 William

COLLSON & SPENCER, (Anthony C and N Ernest S) coal and wood 407 State

Colony, Albert B, bicycle repairer, bds 635 1/2 W Church

Colony, Charles E, h 635 1/2 W Church

Colson, Frank B, engineer, bds 108 Harmon

Colson, George W, switchman, h 500 Walnut

Colton, Albert E, painter, bds 450 Tompkins

Colton, Charles M, painter, h 58 Orchard

Colton, Hannah, widow Stephen, h 450 Tompkins

Columbia Gold Mining and Milling Co, A J Vickery secy, 415 Realty bldg

Columbus, Elias Henry, laborer, h 557 E Water

Columbus, Elmer L, shoemaker, bds 557 E Water

Columbus, Ida, bds 557 E Water

Columbus, Lizzie, bds 557 E Water

Columbus, Sam M, shoemaker 557 E Water, bds do

Colvin, Benjamin W, clerk 218 E Water, bds 423 W Water

Colvin, Davis, machinist, bds 121 E Hudson

Colvin, Grace E, teacher, bds 409 Sullivan

Colvin, Marvin C, gunsmith, bds 409 Sullivan

Colvin, Marvin S, gunsmith 150 Baldwin, h 409 Sullivan

Colvin, Oliver A, h 423 W Water

COLVIN'S PHARMACY, W P Colvin propr, 218 E Water

COLVIN, WILLIAM P, propr Colvin's Pharmacy 218 E Water, h 423 W Water

Combs, Charles, mason, h 918 Penn ave

Comfort, C Louise, student, bds 306 W First

Comfort, Louise M, widow Dr Eli C, h 750 John

COMFORT'S HOTEL, Patrick Comfort propr, 1331 College ave

Comfort, Ola B, dentist Realty bldg, h 306 W First

COMFORT, PATRICK, propr Comfort's Hotel 1331 College ave

COMMERCIAL HOTEL, T McCarthy Fennell propr, 601 Railroad ave

Compton, A Elizabeth, housekeeper, Carr n Carrs Corners

Compton, Carmy, mechanic, h 1157 Hoffman

Compton, Carmy Mrs, florist 1157 Hoffman, h do

Compton, Edwin R, bds 1157 Hoffman

COMPTON & HURLBUT, (W R Compton & C F Hurlbut) real estate and loans 170 Lake

COMPTON, HURLBUT & BABCOCK, (W R Compton, C F Hurlbut and H N Babcock) fire insurance 170 Lake

Compton, John W, farmer, h Carr n Carrs Corners

COMPTON, WILLIAM R, (Compton & Hurlbut) (Compton, Hurlbut & Babcock) (E W Andrews & Co) (LaFrance Jewelry Co), United States Marshal, 170 Lake, h at Horseheads

COMPTON, ZERA, awnings, tents, &c, 411 Carroll, h 1250 Hoffman

Comstock, C Louise, bds 409 W Fifth

Comstock, Elizabeth, widow Samuel G, h 210 High

Comstock, John A, extracts and perfumes 409 W Fifth, h do

Comstock, Mary E, h 520 W Clinton

Comstock, S Ernest, driver Adams Express, h 210 High

Conant, Oel F, postal clerk, h 420 Pleasant

Condol, William, H, teamster, h 525 Penna ave

Condol, William H, waiter, h 711 Dickinson

Condon, Charles B, brakeman N C Ry, h 209 Austins lane

Condon, John, quarryman, h 720 German

Condon, Lemuel K, clerk car dept N C Ry, h 508 Penna ave

Condon, Maurice, boots and shoes, 224 S Main, h do

Condon, M Edward, boots and shoes, 205 Railroad ave, h do

Condon, Mary, bds 720 German

Condon, Mary G Mrs, teacher, bds 203 Railroad ave

Cone, Martha, tailoress, h 505 Penna ave

Coneckie, Andrew, emp bridge works, h r 705 Dickinson

Conevery, Elizabeth, bds 1211 Hall

Conevery, Helen, clerk 201 E Water, bds 1211 Hall

Conevery, James, engineer D L & W R R, h 1211 Hall

Conevery, Sarah L, stenographer city chamberlain's office, bds 1211 Hall

Conevery, William, machinist, bds 1211 Hall

Coney, Anna, dressmaker, rooms 327 Baldwin

Congalton, Elizabeth L Mrs, bds 112 Walnut

Congdon, Albert D, laborer, h 1018 Bonview cor Tenienti

Congdon, Anna, h 100 W Water

Congdon, Burdett, drayman, h 757 E Market

Congdon, Charles T, bds 1018 Bonview cor Tenienti

Congdon, Claude S, emp Kertscher & Co, bds 757 E Market

Congdon, Mortimer C, com trav, bds 208 Partridge

Congdon, Richmond h, bds 100 W Water

Conklin, Anna, h 726 Harper

Conklin, Burt P, emp L V R R, bds 160 Boardman

Conklin, Charles M, conductor L V R R, h 160 Boardman

Conklin, Daniel, laborer, bds Elmira House

Conklin, Dennis, foreman Costello & Neagle, h 708 Davis

Conklin, Eliza, widow Walter W, h 141 E Water

Conklin, Floyd R, laborer, h East ave

Conklin, Frank S, laundry 103 E Second, h 105 do

Conklin, Mary A, bds 605 E Second

CONKLIN, MELVIN M, postmaster, grocer 110 Main, crackers at wholesale 322 Carroll, h 657 Main

Conklin, Murray T, clerk 160 Exchange pl, h 509 Partridge

Conklin, Nathaniel J, laborer, h 507 Columbia

Conklin, Paul F, fireman N C Ry, bds 547 S Main

Conkling, Earl, laborer, bds 603 Hoffman

Conkling, Leon D, civil engineer, bds 613 W Water

Conkling, Stoddard H, inspector of excavations, h 613 W Water

Conley, Bridget, laundress 2 Main St bridge

Conley, Catherine, widow Dennis, h 718 Junction

Conley, Catherine F, clerk, bds 718 Junction

Conley, Cornelius, emp bridge works, bds 718 Junction

Conley, Donald, h 308 W Hudson

Conley, John, bds 308 W Hudson

Conley, John, emp bridge works, h 309 S Broadway

Conley, Maria, housekeeper Rathbun House, bds do

Conley, Mary, domestic, 312 E Church

Conley, Mary G, teacher No 9 school, bds 718 Junction

Conley see Connelly

Conlon, Arthur, machinist, h 213 W Miller

Conlon, Arthur B, machinist, bds 213 W Miller

Conlon, Elizabeth, student, bds 770 S Main

Conlon, Francis G, bds 213 W Miller

Conlon, Helen C, bds 213 W Miler

Conlon, John C, cigar manuf 376 S Main, h 374 do

Conlon, Margaret, bds 770 S Main