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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

GRUBER, PHILIP, shoemaker, 202 Hoffman cor W Gray, h 514 W Second

Grumme, Henry, h 121 W Hudson

Grumme, Joseph W, h 805 1/2 W Water

Gruver, Harry T, brakeman N C Ry, h 317 1/2 Baty

Gucker, G Albert, clerk N C Ry shop office, h 312 Madison ave

Guernsey, Julia, widow John, housekeeper, 1215 Grand Central ave

Guglielmino, Joseph, fruit vender, h 113 E First

Guild, Avery B, bds 270 W Chemung pl

Guild, Ruth, emp woolen mill, bds 405 Fulton

Guilford, Franklin P, cigarmaker, 654 N Main, bds Frazier House

Guinane, Bridget, widow Patrick, h 765 E Water

Guinane, John, emp bridge works, h 760 S Main

Guinnip, Guinn, h 902 W Water

Guinnip, Mary A, widow Hartson, h 902 W Water

Guion, Frances D, teacher, bds 362 Columbia

Guion, Gertrude F, music teacher, bds 362 Columbia

Guion, Richard L, electrician, 604 Robinson bldg, h 362 Columbia

Guirey, Edward, carpenter, bds 724 Benjamin

Guirey, Jeremiah, carpenter, bds 724 Benjamin

Gulick, Esther, widow John P, bds 1004 Hall

Gulick, Harry R, machinist, h 764 Spaulding

Gulick, James M, machinist, h 115 Caldwell ave

Gulick, Nelson J Rev, pastor St Luke's Congregational Church, h 1004 Hall

Gunderman, Archie H, clerk, 1051 Walnut, bds 1845 Davis

Gunderman, Frederick, farmer, bds 750 Penna ave

Gunderman, James H, keeper, h 1845 Davis

Guptill, Mabel M, bds 404 Dewitt ave

Guptill, Mary R, widow Daniel, h 404 Dewitt ave

Gurnsey, Julia, widow John, housekeeper, 1215 Grand Central ave

Gustin, Frank, machinist, h 405 Fulton

Gustin, N Irene, bds 514 W Gray

Gustin, Percy, machinist, bds 405 Fulton

Gustin, William, h 416 Jefferson

Guthrie, Andrew, laborer, h 328 Webber pl

Guthrie, Andrew M, machinist, bds 160 E Washington ave

Guthrie, Catharine, domestic, 508 Main

Guthrie, John, laborer, 160 E Washington ave

Guthrie, Margaret, emp shoe factory, bds 160 E Washington ave

Guthrie, Thomas, foreman Elmira rolling mill, h 328 Webber pl

Guy, Sadie, domestic, bds 558 E Second


Haag, Frederick W, tailor, h 212 W Water

Haak, George, conductor N C R R, h 327 Soper

Haas, Anna M, bds 201 Columbia

Haas, Elizabeth, bds 201 Columbia

Haas, Frank J, (Romer & Haas), 216 E Water, bds 210 Columbia

Haas, Magdalene, widow John, h 201 Columbia

Haase, Emma K, bds 211 Penna ave

Haase, Charles, student, bds 211 Penna ave

Haase, Ferdinand, h 211 Penna ave

Haase, Ferdinand Jr, student, bds 211 Penna ave

Haase, Henry J, bookkeeper, 413 Carroll, bds 211 Penna ave

Haase, Minnie E, bds 211 Penna ave

Haase, William, bookbinder, bds 211 Penna ave

Habeck, August, laborer, h 412 E Fifth

Habeck, Charles, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 412 E Fifth

Habel, Albert, heater, h 509 Oak

Habel, Alfredia, bds 509 Oak

Haberg, Frank A, tailor, h 715 W Second

Hable, Albert, heater, h 509 Oak

Hable, Alfreda, bds 509 Oak

Hackett, Clara M, bookkeeper, bds 115 W Hudson

Hackett, Joseph H, laborer, h 805 E Market

Hackett, Joseph W, machinist, bds 115 W Hudson

Hackett, Mary A, bookkeeper, 115 E Gray, bds 115 W Hudson

Hackett, Mary E, widow Matthew, h 759 E Church

Hackett, William F, machinist, h 115 W Hudson

Hackley, Fred D, insurance, bds 509 Lake

Hade, Charles S, laborer, bds 1128 Oak

Hade, George W, painter, h 602 Dickinson

Hade, Justis, h 1128 Oak

Hade, Minnie, bds 1128 Oak

Hadley, Judson A, baggagemaster Erie R R, h 422 Pleasant

Hadlock, Harry L (Hadlock & Clark), 850 Lake, h 1008 Oak

Hadlock, Leon, emp bridge works, h 538 Penna ave

Hadlock, Putnan J, laborer, h 745 Southport

Hadlock, Willis E, templet maker, h 574 Thompson

Hadlock & Clark, (Harry L H & David D C), meat market, 850 Lake

Hagadorn, Charles A, bds 510 Columbia

Hagadorn, David B, city express Erie depot, h 510 Columbia

Hagadorn, Horace J, postal clerk, h 514 Davis

HAGADORN, MARY B MRS, milliner, 306 E Water, h 128 E Chemung pl

Hagen, Catherine, widow Lawrence, h 166 Dewitt ave

Hagen, Frederick, market gardener, h 1017 College ave

Hagen, Henry, laborer, h 562 E Water

Hagen, Joseph, cabinetmaker, h 318 West Side ave

Hagen, Wilhelmina, widow George, bds 1017 College ave

Hager, Arnold, emp Reformatory, bds 450 Carroll

Hager, Emma A, clerk, 124 W Water, bds 450 Carroll

Hager, Ida, widow Fred, h 450 Carroll

Hager, Joseph E, emp silk mill, h r 904 Oak

Haggerty, Celia F, maid, 215 W Church

Haggerty, Maggie, emp silk mill, bds 956 Main

Haggerty, Nellie, domestic, bds 210 Sullivan

HAGUE, JAMES B, blacksmith and horse shoer, 157 Falck, h 208 Brand

Hagquist, Nils, pattern maker, 120 Railroad ave

Haight, Charles A, clerk dispatcher's office Erie R R, bds 2 Main st bridge

Haight, Emma S, teacher school No 8, bds 119 W Chemung pl

Haight, Erwin F, clerk, bds 323 South ave

Haight, Frances, widow Maxwell, h 107 W Hudson

Haight, George H, grocer Herrick cor South ave, h 323 South ave

Haight, Helen E, stenographer, bds 323 South ave

Haight, I & Co, (K Cronk), barbers, 130 W Water

Haight, Ira, (I Haight & Co), 130 Water, h 118 Ferris

Haight, Joanna, widow Silas, h 119 W Chemung pl

Haight, Joseph K, carriage painter, 209 S Main, h 428 Penna ave

Haight, M Olin, clerk, 110 E Water, bds 323 South ave

Haight, Maria, widow William, h 927 Penna ave

Haight, William L, butcher, bds 706 Spaulding

Haight, William R, law student, bds 323 South ave

Hailstock, Emeline, widow David, h 666 Dickinson

Hakes, Marcia E, widow Samuel, bds 561 E Church

Halbert, Frank A, laborer, bds 456 W Second

Hale, Anna, waitress American House

Hale, Lydia A, bds 114 W Chemung pl

Hale, William, laborer, h 59 Monroe

Haley, David B, bottler, 418 E Water, rooms 64 Penna ave

Haley, Dennis, bottler, rooms 64 Penna ave

Haley, Edward, laborer, bds 724 S Main

Haley, Elizabeth A, bds 375 W Clinton

Haley, John, bds 724 S Main

Haley, Margaret, waitress Delavan House

Haley, Mary, laundress Delavan House

Haley, Michael, clerk, bds 459 E Water

Haley, Michael, com trav, bds Palace Hotel

Haley, Thomas, laborer, bds 724 S Main

Haley, William, bottler, rooms 418 E Water

Haley see Healey

Hall, Adelaide A, bds 315 W Church

Hall, Andrew, h 109 Harmon

Hall, Andrew P, pattern maker, h 627 W Gray

Hall, Arthur E, emp Kertscher & Co, h 321 Roe ave

Hall, Benjamin F, foreman Evening Star, h 802 E Market

Hall, Bradley M, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush, h 626 Winsor ave

Hall, Caroline A, pres Southern Tier Orphan's Home, h 213 College ave

Hall, Carolyn A, bds 315 W Church

Hall, Catharine D, bds 1300 Lake

Hall, Charles J, bds 580 Maple ave

Hall, Charles W, emp Kertscher & Co, h 412 Tompkins

Hall, Dickinson, order clerk Fitch, Aldrich & Bush, bds 1219 Lake

Hall, Eliza, widow Bray, h 1201 Lake

Hall, Esther S, teacher school No 7, bds 109 Harmon

Hall, Eugene A, laborer, h 321 Roe ave

Hall, Fanny F, widow Henry M, h 1219 Lake

Hall, Francis, 316 E Water, bds 213 College ave

Hall, Frank, coachman, 370 W Church

Hall, Frank, driver, bds 111 W First

Hall, Frank J, printer, bds 714 W First

HALL, FRED A, mgr 134 W Water, rooms 356 W Gray

Hall, Frederic, h 213 College ave

Hall, Frederick J, draughtsman, h 168 Boardman

Hall, George, messenger Wells Fargo & Co's Ex, h 714 W First

Hall, Isaac W, emp bridge works, h 554 S Main

Hall, James A, plasterer, h 804 E Market

Hall, Llewellyn D, motorman W S R R, h 1317 College ave

Hall, Lucinda Mrs, nurse, h 440 W Fourth

Hall, M Foster, physician, bds 1219 Lake

Hall, Marian I, bds 109 Harmon

Hall, Minnie B, bds 714 W First

Hall, Robert A, ins agt, 323 Carroll, h 315 W Church

Hall, Robert A jr, clerk, 110 Baldwin, bds 315 W Church

HALL, SAM J, (LeValley McLeod & Co), 165 Lake, h 1300 do

HALL, SYLVESTER W, civil engineer and real estate, 580 Maple ave, h do

Hall, Theodore H, clerk, Second National Bank, bds 627 W Gray

Hall, Wayland F, draughtsman, bds 627 W Gray

Hall, William C, teamster, h 516 High

Hall, Willie L, laborer, h 756 E Fifth

Hallahan, Richard, motorman, bds 207 South ave

Haller, Edward, candymaker, h 125 W Water

Halliday, Charles S, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 116 W First

Halliday, Fred H, boilermaker, bds 615 Coburn
Halliday, Harry L, clerk, 151 Lake, rooms 305 S Main

Halliday, James G, emp Erie R R, h 204 Brand

Halliday, Jennie M, bds 165 Sullivan

Halliday, Jesse E, baker, bds 615 Coburn

Halliday, Jesse Z, brass and nickel polisher, bds 380 W Sixth

Halliday, Martha A, widow Charles, bds 116 W First

Halliday, Sarah A, bds 165 Sullivan

Halliday, Selah, mason, h 165 Sullivan

Halliday, William H, brass polisher, h 615 Coburn

Halliday, William H, tinsmith, h 110 Columbia

Halliday see Holiday

Hallo, Julia, bds 461 E Water

Hallock, Alice L, widow Horace R, h 314 W Clinton

Hallock, Alice L, widow Horace R, h 314 W Clinton

HALLOCK, HOWARD H, (W B Hallock & Bro), 113 E Water, sec Elmira Industrial Association, New Orange Industrial Association, and treas West Side R R Co, h 521 W Water

Hallock, Mary A, widow William, h 383 S Main

HALLOCK, W B & BRO, (Howard H) clothiers, furnishers and hatters, 111 and 113 E Water

Halloran, Daniel, printer, bds 719 E Washington ave

Halloran, John, hostler, Erie R R, h 717 E Washington ave

Halloran, John Jr, laborer, bds 717 E Washington ave

Halloran, Lawrence, laborer, bds 717 E Washington ave

Halloran, Patrick, laborer, h 719 E Washington ave

Halloran, Sarah, emp silk mill, bds 719 E Washington ave

Halloran, Thomas, laborer, bds 717 E Washington ave

Halloran see Holoran

Halpin, Patrick, teamster, h 607 West Hill

Ham, Claude D, clerk N C R R office, bds 306 Harmon

Ham, Crowell A, nurseyman, h 306 Harmon

Ham, George R, baker, 210 E Water, bds 2 Main St bridge
Ham see Hamm

Hamberger, Adolph, carpenter, h 218 Sullivan

Hamer, Mary L, widow Howard S, h 512 Madison ave

HAMILTON, ADELBERT S, druggist, 155 W Third, h 418 Main

Hamilton, Andrew B, clerk, bds 382 Fulton

HAMILTON BROS, (Robert D and H Walter) grocers, 200 Penna ave and meat market 66 do

Hamilton, Charles, laborer, h 1239 Pratt

Hamilton, Elizabeth, widow William, housekeeper, 708 W Second

Hamilton, Frederick, painter, h 558 E Water

HAMILTON, H WALTER, (Hamilton Bros), 200 Penna ave, h 100 E Hudson

Hamilton, Henry C, clerk, 200 Penna ave, bds 109 E Hudson

Hamilton, Hiram B, painter and paper hanger, h 815 1/2 East ave

Hamilton, J Max, clerk, 200 Penna ave, h 109 E Hudson

Hamilton, Jane, bds 222 Harriet

Hamilton, Joseph, tailor, h 218 High

HAMILTON, JOSEPH W, (Hamilton & Hervey), 104 Robinson bldg, h 509 William

Hamilton, M Fillmore, painter, h 214 W Water

Hamilton, Maggie, domestic, 400 William

Hamilton, Mary A, widow Charles, bds 403 Madison ave

Hamilton, Olion, h 382 Fulton

Hamilton, Peter, h 222 Harriet

Hamilton, Peter, turnkey county jail, h 214 Judson

Hamilton, Robert, lineotype opr Advertiser, bds 222 Harriet

HAMILTON, ROBERT D, (Hamilton Bros), h 200 Penna ave

Hamilton, Samuel, mail carrier, h 854 E Market

Hamilton, Susan, widow Walter, bds 707 E Water

Hamilton, William J, foreman, 900 E Church, bds 222 Harriet

Hamilton, William S, conductor W S R R, h 318 Woodlawn ave

HAMILTON & HERVEY, (J W Hamilton and W W Hervey) real estate, loans and insurance, 104 Robinson bldg

Hamlin, Lydia T, widow John H, h 411 W Water

Hamm, Chauncey Y, clerk, 104 E Water, h 213 Connelly ave

Hamm, Crowell A, nurseyman, h 306 Harmon

Hamm, Elmer, laborer, bds 807 Laurel

Hamm, Lorinda M, widow Jacob, h 213 Connelly ave

Hamm see Ham

Hammond, A Dewitt, carpenter N C Ry shops, h 455 South ave

Hammond, Alice, cook, 417 E Market

Hammond, Alvira Mrs, h 650 State

Hammond, Charles C, blacksmith, bds 122 Lormore

Hammond, Charles H, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush, h 411 High

Hammond, Della B, bds 503 S Broadway

Hammond, Edmund E, emp N C Ry shops, h 457 South ave

Hammond, Elvira Mrs, h 650 State

Hammond, Frank, painter, rooms 509 E Church

Hammond, Fred B, flour and feed, 664 Lake, h 360 E Fifth

Hammond, Glen W, blacksmith, h 714 Hopkins

Hammond, George, laborer, rooms 669 Dickinson

Hammond, Hiram D, teamster, h 235 Mt Zoar

Hammond, Jane, widow Robert, rooms 358 Main

Hammond, Jason, carpenter, bds 422 W Gray

Hammond, John, h 422 W Gray

Hammond, John H, sash and door maker, bds 714 Hopkins

Hammond, Leslie V, fireman N C Ry, h 378 Baty

Hammond, Mary A, bookkeeper, 138 W Water, bds 420 W Gray

Hammond, Miner B, clerk, 664 Lake, bds 360 E Fifth

Hammond, Minnie, bds 358 Main

Hammond, Nellie M, student, bds 411 High

Hammond, Uriah S, fireman pump station, h 503 S Broadway

Hammond, Walter, laborer, bds 503 S Broadway

Hammond, Werden F, engineer D L & W R R, h 1022 Lake

Hammond, William R, gauger U S Internal Revenue office, h 122 Lormore

Hancock, Anna M, baker, 210 E Water, h 308 Madison ave

Hancock, Charles J, mgr, 210 E Water, h 308 Madison ave

Handly, Mary, h 109 Catherine

Handly see Hanley

Handy, Clara E, widow Jasper, h 310 S Main

Handy, Francis, carpenter, h 308 1/2 S Main

Handy, Mandane, widow Charles, bds 107 W Hudson

Hanford, Avis, domestic, 114 W Hudson

HANFORD, GEORGE, directory publisher, 412 Realty bldg, h 415 W Gray

HANFORD, MAIBELLE B, stenographer, 201 E Water, rooms 315 William

Hanifen, Anna T, h 310 E Washington ave

Hanifen, Hanora, bds 310 E Washington ave

Hanifen, Jerry, laborer, bds 1023 Oak

Hanifen, Johanna, bds 308 E Washington ave

Hanifen, John, laborer, h 308 E Washington ave

Hanifen, Margaret M, stenographer, 121 Railroad ave, bds 310 E Washington ave

Hanifen, Maurice, laborer, bds 310 E Washington ave

Hanifen, Michael, laborer, bds 308 E Washington ave

Hanifen, Timothy, h 851 Lake

Hanifen, Timothy J, bds 310 E Washington ave

Hanley, Dennis, foreman N C shops, h 806 S Main

Hanley, Jennie, emp knitting mill, bds 708 Pattinson

Hanley, Margaret, dressmaker, bds 806 S Main

Hanley, William J, laborer, h 708 Pattinson

Hanley see Handley

Hanmore, Harry, painter, h 103 Partridge

Hanmore, Luzerne, laborer, h 103 Partridge

Hanna, James H, tailor N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Hanna, Mary, student, bds 360 W Water

Hannon, Bridget, widow Michael, bds 337 Diven ave

Hanny, Mary, domestic, 461 W Church

Hanrahan, Anna L, dressmaker, bds 808 S Main

Hanrahan, Charles, gate tender D L & W R R, h 513 Sullivan

Hanrahan, Charles E, flagman D L & W R R, h 329 Roe

Hanrahan, Charles J, laborer, bds 962 Johnson

Hanrahan, Cornelius, laborer, h 959 Davis

Hanrahan, James, emp bridge works, h 552 S Main

Hanrahan, James W, emp bridge works, bds 552 S Main

Hanrahan, John, conductor D L & W R R, h 808 Jay

Hanrahan, John, laborer, h 761 Jay

Hanrahan, John, laborer, h 722 S Main

Hanrahan, John A, bds 808 Jay

Hanrahan, John P, hoseman Steamer No 1, h 606 E Clinton

Hanrahan, Maggie, tobacco sorter, bds 962 Johnson

Hanrahan, Mary, waitress Hotel Rathbun

Hanrahan, Mary, tailoress, bds 549 S Main

Hanrahan, Mary, clerk, 300 E Water, bds 542 S Main

Hanrahan, Mary E, emp Elmira cotton mill, bds 962 Johnson

Hanrahan, Michael, laborer, h 614 E Third

Hanrahan, Michael, laborer, h 962 Johnson

Hanrahan, Michael F, watchman D L & W R R, h 508 Oak

Hanrahan, Michael J, clerk, bds 552 S Main

Hanrahan, Michael J, laborer, h 614 E Third

Hanrahan, Thomas H, laborer, h 608 S Main

Hanson, Andrew, emp Stearns & Co silk mill, h 1408 Baldwin

Hanson, William, clerk, 115 W Water, bds 311 Madison ave

Hanyen, Cornelius S, carpenter, h 620 Oak

Hanyen, M Louise, teacher school No 4, rooms 419 W Second

Hapeman, Edyth M, stenographer, 112 Main, bds 640 W Water
Hapeman, Emma, dressmaker, bds 314 S Main

Hapeman, Jennie L I, bookkeeper, 111 Railroad ave, bds 640 W Water

Hapeman, Nelson, carpenter, h 314 S Main

Hapeman, Waterman, bds 314 S Main

Haradon, Anita, bds 375 E Center

Haradon, Mary A, widow Isaac C, h 375 E Center

Harbot, David H, fireman N C Ry, h 708 Hopkins

Hardeman, James M, lineman, h 515 Sullivan

Hardeman, Samuel, clipper, h 603 Taylor

Hardeman see Hardiman

Harden, Benjamin, farmer S s plank road, n Bulkhead

Harden, Elmira, bds S s plank road n Bulkhead

Harden, Jenny, bds S s plank road n Bulkhead

Hardenburg, James H, mason, bds 204 E Gray

Hardenstine, Jennie, bds 326 E Water

Hardenbrook, Anna M, housekeeper, 914 Main

Hardenbrook, William D, emp D L & W R R shops, h 914 Main

Hardie, George, laborer, h 214 Harriet

Hardie see Hardy

Hardiman, James, machinist, bds 1013 Lake

Hardiman, Peter J, clerk D L & W R R, bds 360 W Fifth

Hardiman, William P, carpenter, D L & W, h 659 Lake

Hardiman Hardeman

Harding, Anna J, emp knitting mill, h 1046 Walnut

Harding, Charles H, cigarmaker, bds 326 W Fifth

Harding, Edna S, clerk, 132 W Water, bds 370 Baty

Harding, Edward S, train dispatcher N C R R, h 505 Grove

Harding, Elisha C, h 326 W Fifth

Harding, Frank, carpenter N C R R shops, h 370 Baty

Harding, Isabella, bds 365 Davis

Harding, Isabella S Mrs, clerk, 132 E Water, h 365 Davis

Harding, Nettie E, widow Corydon, h 504 Main

Hardy, Daisy M, stenographer, bds 419 Partridge

Hardy, James H, lawyer, h 305 West ave

Hardy, Marion, stenographer Bundy Lamp Co, bds 419 Partridge

Hardy, Catherine M, h 419 Partridge

Hardy, Tracey, bds 419 Partridge

Hardy see Hardie

Hare, Hattie, h 227 to 231 W Water

Harford, Blanche M, seamstress, bds 515 Erie

Hargrave, Charles H, driver, 611 Railroad ave, h 355 E Fifth

Harin, Joseph, guard N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Harlow, Bertha J Mrs, grocer, 431 W Fourth, h do

Harlow, David S, marble polisher, h 431 W Fourth

Harlow, Eva L, bds 431 W Fourth

Harman, Charles, bds 410 Penna ave

Harmon, Frank, paper hanger, bds 510 E Church

Harner, George W, switchman, h 703 Delaware

Harnett, Stephen A, stenographer, 50 Penna ave, h 202 Caldwell ave

Harold, Ann, widow Edward, bds 156 W Third

Harold, John, ins agt, h 215 Harriet

Harper, Bertha, cook, 503 Railroad ave

Harper, Charles C, engineer, h 512 Jefferson

Harper, Frank C, engineer N C Ry, h 382 Baty

Harper, H Van F, clerk, engineer's office N C Ry, h 661 Davis

Harper, Henry M, clerk engineer's office N C Ry, bds 661 Davis

Harper, Kittie Mrs, forewoman knitting mill, h 357 W Second

Harper, Ralph R, clerk N C R R shops, bds 515 Jefferson

Harries, William A, physician, h 220 W Second

Harriger, Elihu M, iron moulder, h 207 W Miller

Harriger, William J, machinist, bds 207 W Miller

Harrington, Bartholomew, laborer, h 511 High

Harrington, Bartholomew W, painter, bds 511 High

HARRINGTON, BERT H, mason contractor, 1015 N Main, h do

Harrington, Catharine, widow Harry, school supplies, h Lyon opp No 9 school

Harrington, Cornelius W, h 105 Dewitt ave

Harrington, Daniel H, bds 511 High

Harrington, Delia, housekeeper, 1215 Lackawanna ave

Harrington, Esther L, dressmaker, bds 105 Dewitt ave

Harrington, Frances L, bds 105 Dewitt ave

Harrington, George F, emp D L & W R R freight house, h 760 Jay

Harrington, Harry M, brakeman Erie R R, h 107 Harmon

Harrington, Jane, widow Thomas B, h 941 E Church

Harrington, Jennie K, clerk, 200 E Water, bds 307 Dewitt ave

Harrington, John P, printer, bds 511 High

Harrington, Kate, widow Patrick, h 657 Columbia

Harrington, La Fayette, clerk, 305 E Water, h 405 W First

Harrington, Lawrence, insurance collector, h 120 Brand

Harrington, Lillus R, dressmaker, bds 521 Union pl

Harrington, Margaret, cook, 300 W Church

Harrington, Margaret H, emp J Richardson & Co, h 164 Orchard

Harrington, Margaret L, emp J Richardson & Co, h 164 Orchard

Harrington, Myra, nurse, h 808 E Market

Harrington, Nellie, clerk, bds 115 Washington

Harrington, Patrick, bartender, h 115 Washington

Harrington, Patrick, bartender, bds 509 Railroad ave

Harrington, Peter, laborer, bds 762 S Main

Harrington, Phena, bds 521 Union pl

Harrington, Thomas J, bds 941 E Church

Harrington, Timothy, telegrapher, bds American House

Harrington, Timothy W, mgr Erie telegraph office, Erie depot, rooms 218 1/2 W Third

HARRINGTON, WILLIAM C, funeral director, 421 Carroll, h 406 Madison ave

Harrington see Herrington

Harris, Adelaide M, bds 361 Maple ave

Harris, Albert A, foreman press room Star, h 510 Ivy

Harris, Ann J Mrs, h 528 W First

HARRIS, BARNEY, bicycles, sundries and repairing, 360 S Main, h 93 Soper

Harris, Bertha, bds 528 W First

Harris, Celia Mrs, bds r 560 E Clinton

Harris, Charles, laborer, h 614 Baldwin

Harris, Charles B, bookkeeper, 611 Railroad ave, h 403 Hoffman

Harris, Elisha, stove repairer, h 103 W First

Harris, Ella E, teacher school No 5, bds 528 W First
Harris, Frank B, clerk, 320 E Water, bds 528 W First

Harris, Fred, laborer, h 653 Baldwin

Harris, George E, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Co, h 601 Hart

Harris, Giles M, h 528 W First

Harris, Harvey R, musical instruments, 115 W Water, h 360 W Gray

Harris, Helena, teacher, bds 601 Hart

Harris, John H, fireman N C R R, bds 254 South ave

Harris, John L, brakeman N C R R, h 1429 Caton ave

Harris, Julia A, bds 601 Hart

HARRINGTON, JUSTUS H, (Harris, McHenry & Baker), h 361 Maple ave

Harris, M Duke, bookkeeper Merchants' Oil Co, h 254 South ave
Harris, Mary Mrs, h 618 Baldwin

Harris, Mary J, widow John H, bds 254 South ave

Harris, Max, peddler, h 222 Gregg

HARRIS, McHENRY & BAKER, (J H Harris, A McHenry and H E Baker) lumber dealers and planing mill, Penna ave cor Erie

Harris, Nellie, widow Lon, boarding house, 613 S Main

Harris, Pearl, domestic, 711 Columbia

Harris, Percial P, shipping clerk, 314 Carroll, bds 222 Gregg

Harris, Samuel, clerk, Lake cor E Market, bds 222 Gregg

Harris, Samuel F, patternmaker N C Ry shops, h 510 Penna ave

Harris, Thaddeus, laborer, h 319 Railroad ave

Harris, Tracy A, mechanic, h 509 1/2 Fulton

Harris, William F, painter, h 423 Pleasant

Harris, William H, expressman, h 603 Taylor

HARRISON, CHARLES J, mercantile job printer, 325 Carroll, h 309 Penna ave

Harrison, Charles M, hostler, bds 223 W Water

Harrison, George H, printer, bds 363 Roe ave

Harrison, Hugh P, conductor D L & R R, h 654 E Clinton

Harrison, J Harland, com trav, h 609 College ave

Harrison, John W, printer Telegram, bds 363 Roe ave

Harrison, Margaret A, bds 609 College ave

Harrison, Mary, widow John, h 666 Davis

Harrison, Mary, widow Thomas, h 363 Roe ave

Harrison, Mary A, stenographer, bds 363 Roe ave

Harrison, Michael J, conductor D L & W R R, h 1008 Lake

Harrison, Sarah, domestic Strathmont, Hoffman

Harrison, Sarah, nurse Strathmont, Hoffman

Harrison, William, hoseman steamer No 1, h 769 Harper

Harrower, Emily C, widow D Porter, bds 359 1/2 W Second

Harrower, Jane, bds Home for Aged

Harrower, Lettie M, widow James B, h 359 1/2 W Second

Harrower, May S, widow Samuel L, matron Home for Aged, Grand Central ave

Harrower, Nettie Mrs, bds 109 College ave

Hart, Almira, widow Sterling, bds 521 Logan

Hart, Barbara E, teacher school No 4, bds 1116 Lake

Hart, C Earle, bds 325 W Clinton

Hart, Carrie S, h 215 Penna ave

Hart, Charles, steamship agent, h 459 E Market

Hart, Charles F, cigar manuf r, 853 Lake, bds 853 do

HART, CHARLES L, receiving teller Chemung Canal Bank, h 415 E Water, h 325 W Clinton

Hart, Anna Mrs, h 268 W Chemung pl

Hart, Edith E, bds 1116 Lake

Hart, Edward E, fireman D L & W R R, h 1303 Pratt

Hart, Eliza, widow Erastus P, h 395 W Water

Hart, Esther H, primary school, 306 E Church, bds do

Hart, Eva S Mrs, h 223 Franklin

Hart, Frank P, com trav, h 407 W Gray

Hart, Fred C, bookkeeper, 164 Lake, h 459 E Market

Hart, George C, clerk Erie freight office, h 311 Davis

Hart, Ira F, physician, h 306 E Church

Hart, Jacob, shoemaker, 314 E Washington ave, h 853 Lake

Hart, James F, machinist, h 375 Baty

Hart, John J, coremaker, bds 268 W Chemung pl

Hart, Kate A, bds 375 Baty

Hart, Kathryn, bds 853 Lake

Hart, Lewis D, clerk, h 130 S Main

Hart, Louise B, clerk, 132 W Water, bds 459 E Market

Hart, Lydia M, bds 459 E Market

Hart, Mamie, widow William, h 604 Jay

Hart, Margaret, widow Henry, h 1116 Lake

Hart, Mary, dressmaker, bds 268 W Chemung pl

Hart, Mary, milliner, bds 1116 Lake

Hart, Mary A, bds 853 Lake

Hart, Michael, shoemaker, 223 W Henry, b 268 W Chemung pl

Hart, Robert, laborer, bds 604 Jay

Hart, Solomon, h 110 College ave

Hart, Sarah G, h 521 Logan

Hart, Thomas, laborer, bds 500 Lake

Hart, William E, h 517 W Clinton

Hart, William H, com trav, h 859 Lake

Harter, Lewis, laborer, h Lake

Hartgrove, Louise, widow Linus, mattress maker, h 701 E Clinton

Hartigan, James H, machinist, bds 409 Powell

Hartigan, John M, stenographer, 334 E Water, bds 409 Powell

Hartigan, Patrick, police captain, h 409 Powell

Hartigan, Roger, lineman, bds 409 Powell

Hartman, Charles H, polisher, h 716 Baldwin

Hartman, Louise, bds 120 Washington

Hartman, Mayme, forewoman silk mill, bds 958 College ave

Hartman, Peter, driver Main cor Park pl, h 618 E Water

Hartnett, Benjamin, flagman D L & W R R, h 1101 Grand Central ave

Hartnett, Benjamin F, engineer D L & W R R, bds 1101 Grand Central ave

Harnett, Daniel F, brakeman D L & W R R, h 1206 Hall

Hartnett, Frank D, clerk supt office Erie R R, bds 218 1/2 W Third

Hartnett, Harry E, salesman, bds 218 1/2 W Third

Hartnett, Margaret E, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 1101 Grand Central ave

Hartnett, Mary E Mrs, milliner, 218 1/2 W Third, h do

Hartnett, Timothy J, engineer D L & W R R, bds 1007 Grand Central ave

Hartnett, William, fireman D L & W R R, bds 1101 Grand Central ave

Hartwell, William G, student, bds 523 Union pl

Harvey, Frank, bartender, bds 113 West Side ave

Haskell, Abagail E, bds Carr's Corners

Haskell, Ellen C, bds 1250 Hofffman

HASKELL, MYRON C, (Thurston & Haskell), 208 College ave, h Carr's Corners

Haskett, Thomas, machinist N C Ry shops, h 314 South ave

Haskin, Henry, student, bds 380 W Gray

Haskins, Archie Z, stenographer, bds 407 Sullivan

Haskins, Eleanor Rae, bds 380 W Gray

Haskins, Elizabeth Mrs, modiste, 380 W Gray, h do

Haskins, George, laborer, h 367 Railroad ave

Haskins, Osman, metal worker, h 407 Sullivan

HASSETT, J JOHN, lawyer, notary public, 301 to 304 Robinson bldg, h 812 Main

Hassett, Mary E, bds 812 Main

Hassett, Patrick, bottling works, 809 Magee, h 812 Main

Hassett, Thomas S, student, bds 812 Main

Hastings, Benjamin A, h 635 W Church

HASTINGS STEAM LAUNDRY, Custard & Kistler props, 312 Carroll

Hatch, Arilla, widow William B, h 700 E Market

Hatch, Hannah D, bds 235 Mt Zoar

Hatch, Mary E, widow Revillo, bds 511 Union pl

Hatch, William N, real estate, h 365 W Second

Hatfield, Harry, electrician, h 562 E Church

Hathaway, George, coachman, h 515 Madison ave

Hathaway, Huldah A, bds 400 Maple ave

Hathaway, Jennie, bds 370 1/2 Fulton

Hathaway, Jerome W, coal and wood, kitchen cabinets, 101 LaFrance, h 400 Maple ave

Hathaway, William W, contractor, h 370 1/2 Fulton

Hathorn, John, storage and commission house, 102 W Fourth, h 356 W Sixth

Hathorn, Laura E, bds 1329 College ave

Hathorn see Hawthorn

Hatton, George H, puddler, h 906 Grand Central ave

Hatton, Joseph, peddler, h 906 Grand Central ave

Hatton, John L, puddler, bds 807 Lake

Hauenstein, Charles A, engineer Steamer No 2, h 306 E Miller

Hauenstein, Maud A, bds 306 E Miller

Hauenstein, Minnie M, dressmaker, bds 231 E LaFrance

Hauenstein, Olga, teacher, h 231 E LaFrance

Hauenstein, Werner, teamster, h 231 E LaFrance

Haughowout, Elizabeth, bds 410 Linden pl

Haughowout, Grace E, bds 1353 1/2 Lake

Haughowout, Jane, bds 410 Linden pl

Haughowout, John, fireman, h 410 Linden pl

Haughowout, William P, engineer D L & W R R, h 1353 1/2 Lake

Haupt, Catharine, widow Andrew, h 109 Dewitt ave

Haupt, Charles A, pharmacist, 210 S Main, h 412 Spaulding

Haupt, Hattie L, domestic, 708 E Second

Haupt, Henry, tailor, h 109 Dewitt ave

Haupt, Minnie, bds 109 Dewitt ave

Hauser, Christian, cabinetmaker, h r 957 Oak

Hauver, Charles L, salesman, 109 E Church, bds 457 W Second

Hauver, Charles W, engineer Erie R R, h 457 W Second

Hauver, Cora, bds 457 W Second

Hauver, Frank E, musician, h 359 W Second

Hauver, John H, clerk, 109 E Church, h 361 W Gray

Hauver see Hawver

Haven, Charles O, farmer, h 1315 Lake

Havens, Albert T, painter, bds 252 South ave

Havens, Edgar B, printer, bds 456 1/2 Spaulding

Havens, Edward A, carpenter, h 452 South ave

Havens, George E, carpenter, h 259 Partridge

Havens, James S, blacksmith Penna ave cor S Broadway, h S s Penna ave n Bulkhead

Havens, John E, driver, h 533 W Hudson

Havens, Lucy, widow George, bds 710 Davis

Havens, Mary, widow Ezra B, h 456 1/2 Spaulding

Havens, Marshal, junk dealer, h 156 Judson

Havens, Robert C, sawyer, h 522 W Hudson

Havens, Robert W, plumber, h 603 W Hudson

Havens, Rutherford C, clerk, bds 345 1/2 Spaulding

Havens, Sarah, widow Newell, h 250 W Hudson

Havens, Thomas J, cutter Elmira knitting mills, bds 250 W Hudson

Havens, William H, blacksmith, Southport n Penna ave, h do

Haviland, Albert P, rooms 338 E Water

Haviland, Emma E, bds 460 Spaulding

Haviland, George L, tinner, 363 1/2 Davis, h do

Haviland, Harriet M, bds 116 Caldwell ave

Haviland, Harry, h 551 E Second

Haviland, Henry L, laborer, h 424 E Water

Haviland, John W, machinist, h 460 Spaulding

Haviland, Laura J, widow Addison T, bds 116 Caldwell ave

Hawes, Judson E, harnessmaker, h 402 Partridge

Hawes, Thomas, laborer, h 418 Walnut

Hawkes, Abner C, clerk, 110 Main, bds 967 E Clinton

Hawkes, Carlton H, com trav, h 317 W Gray

Hawkes, Donald C, student, bds 317 W Gray

Hawkes, Max J, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 967 E Clinton

Hawkes, R V, baker, bds 967 E Clinton

Hawkins, Alice A, cook, bds 604 Baldwin

Hawkins, Anna M, student, bds 306 Madison ave

Hawkins, Charles S, waiter, bds 604 Baldwin

Hawkins, Daniel, clerk, 133 E Water, h 306 Madison ave

Hawkins, Edith V, domestic, bds 604 Baldwin

Hawkins, Effie A, bds 604 Baldwin

Hawkins, John W, coachman, h 361 Pomeroy pl

Hawkins, Lena, bds 604 Baldwin

Hawkins, Joseph E, whitewasher, h 604 Baldwin

Hawkins, William R, hack driver, h 405 Railroad ave

Hawley, Ann S, widow David, bds 307 Diven ave

Hawley, George H, watchmaker, 332 E Water, bds 628 Winsor ave

Hawley, Grove D, brakeman N C Ry, bds 475 1/2 South ave

Hawley, Hattie A, bds 507 Columbia

Hawley, Henry J, carpenter, h 628 Winsor ave

Hawley, Miles J, yard clerk Erie R R, h 225 1/2 Mt Zoar

Hawthorne, George, laborer, bds 215 Mt Zoar

Hawthorne, George W, carpenter, h 604 Beecher

Hawthorne, James R, guard N Y S Reformatory, h 246 Crete ave

Hawthorne see Hathorn

Hawver, Walter J, asst baggagemaster Erie R R depot, h 463 Riverside ave

Hawver see Hauver

Hay, Ferdinand F, gardener, h r 360 W Third

Hay, Michael M, bds rear 360 W Thisd

Hayard, George W, laborer, h 366 Railroad ave

Haycook, Annie Mrs, h 127 Judson

Haycook, Catherine, widow John, h 127 Judson

Hayden, William, cabinet maker, bds 1319 Lackawanna ave

Hayes, Anna B, bookkeeper, bds 402 Cresent ave

Hayes, Floyd J, mason, bds 720 W Gray

Hayes, Henry O, fireplace manuf, 750 W Gray, h do

Hayes, Hugh, emp D L & W round house, h 717 Johnson

Hayes, Jerry J, store keeper D L & W R R, bds 1101 Grand Central ave

Hayes, John, laborer, h 727 Casey

Hayes, Martin, bds 717 Davis

Hayes, Mary, waiteress Elmira College

Hayes, Mary A, widow Thomas M, h 402 Crescent

Hayes, Mary F, student, bds 717 Davis

Hayes, Michael, plumber, h 717 Davis

Hayes, Minnie, bds 419 Jefferson
Hayes, Nellie, domestic, 218 W First

Hayes, William, clerk American hotel, rooms 210 W Second

Hayes, Patrick, laborer, h 254 W Hudson

Haeys see Hays

Hayner, Martin M, conductor D L & W R R, h 1130 Hall

Haynes, Addie E, dressmaker, 366 W Third, bds do

Haynes, Sanford D, upholster, h 205 W Hudson

Hays, Daniel S, butcher, h 419 Jefferson

Hays, Harry H, law clerk & notary public, 503 Robinson bldg, h 873 College ave

Hays, Hattie E, dressmaker, bds 419 Jefferson

Hays, Lulu M, bds 419 Jefferson

Hays see Hayes

Hayton, Charles T, laborer, h 309 W Hudson

Hayton, David T, laborer, bds 309 W Hudson

Hazelett, Alice B, bookkeeper, 108 W Water, bds 210 W Hudson

Hazelett, George W, propr Fifth Ward hotel, h do

Hazen, Afred B, porter Buckbee House

Hazen, Edward J, teamster, h 106 Connelly ave

Head, Cassie, bds 602 Dickinson

Head, Estella, h 602 Dickinson

Head, Jack, bell boy Hotel Rathbun, bds 602 Dickinson

Headley, Myra, housekeeper, bds 214 High

Healey, James A, chief train dispatcher Erie R R, h 604 W Clinton

Healey, James P, stenographer N Y S Reformatory, bds 357 W Fourth

Healy, Johanna F, bds 357 W Fourth

Healy, Katherine M, bds 357 W Fourth

Healy, Mary A, bds 357 W Fourth

Healy, Phillip, h 357 W Fourth

Healy see Haley

Heater, James H, clerk, h 411 S Main

Heath, Chanucey G, express messenger L V R R, bds 1010 Oak

Heavey, John B, emp N C R R shops, h 250 E Miller

Heaxt, John A, carpenter, h 616 Robinson

Heaxt, Martin E, carpenter, 211 Railroad ave, h 406 Roe ave

Heaxt, Mary A, widow Washington S, h 403 Dewitt ave

Heaxt, Mary E, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 403 Dewitt ave

Hebbe, B Franklin, engineer Erie R R, h 152 W Clinton

Hebbe, Edward, mattrass maker, bds 902 East ave

Hebbe, Emma, domestic, 852 Lake

Hebbe, Julius, laborer, h 1303 Sullivan

Hebbe, Kate, domestic, 1006 Lake

Hebeck, August, laborer, h 151 High

Heckman, Sophia, bds 312 Euclid ave


Hedges, Charles, tailor, h 511 Lake

Hedges, Frank L, flagman N C Ry, h Fred

Hedges, Phineas, bds 410 Perry

Heebner, William V, brakeman N C Ry, h 206 Vine

Heed, William, motorman W S R R, h 1400 College ave

Heeney, Bridget, widow James, h r 206 Madison ave

Hefferman, Delia, fancy goods, 1118 Lake, rooms 405 Crescent ave

Hefferman, Patrick J, bartender, h r 206 Madison ave

Heichemer, Charles E, laborer, bds 665 Baldwin

Heichemer, Harriet, widow Frederick, h 665 Baldwin

Heichemer, Margaret C, bds 665 Baldwin

Heifoit, Frank T, cabinetmaker, h 1317 Lackawanna ave

Heine, Anna E, dressmaker, bds 813 John

Heine, Charles A, woodworker, bds 330 Irvine pl

Heine, George, woodworker, bds 330 Irvine pl

Heine, Helene, widow Herman A, h 813 John

Heine, Henry, upholsterer, 101 Robinson bldg, h 600 W Washington ave

Heine, Jacob, pastry chef Hotel Langwell, rooms Buckbee House

Heine, Johanna, widow Henry, bds 330 Irvine pl

Heine, Walter, emp John Brand & Co, bds 813 John

Heine, William C, emp Armstrong, Mather & Wood, bds 813 John

Heine, William C, emp John Brand & Co, h 330 Irvine pl

Heintz, John, fireman, h 313 Tuttle ave

Heist, Henry, bathman Gleason Sanitarium, bds 1019 East ave

Heivly, Margaret, knitter, bds 428 E Water

Heller, C Israel, carpenter, h 616 Lewis

HELLER, DAVID N, (M B Heller & Co), 124 W Water, (Taylor, Heller & O'Connor), 203 Steele Memorial bldg, h 220 Bancroft road n Carr's Corners

Heller, George A, trainmaster Erie R R, h 601 College ave

Heller, Grant C, emp bridge works, h 531 Mt Zoar

Heller, Horatio, mason, h 811 1/2 W Gray

HELLER, M B & CO, (D N Heller) hardware, stoves, furnaces &c, h 126 W Water

Heller, Mary, widow Charles, h 220 Bancroft

HELLER, MICHAEL B, (M B Heller & Co), 126 W Water, h 470 do

Heller, Samuel W, emp bridge works, h 106 1/2 Holdridge

Hellerich, Matilda L, maid, 325 W Clinton

Helme, Martha J, widow Phineas, h 360 W Second

Helmes, William O, laborer, h 1118 Ovid

Hemenway, Charles T, laborer, h 410 Main

Hemenway, Charles W, com trav C M & R Tompkins, h 472 Roe ave

Hemenway, George R, law student, 301 Realty bldg, bds 503 Mathews

HEMENWAY, GEORGE W, cider and vinegar manuf, 505 Mathews, h 503 do

Hemenway, Rosa C, housekeeper Eagle Hotel, rooms 314 E Water

Hemingway, Martha E, widow Andrew J, h 330 1/2 S Broadway

Hemingway, Judson C, meat cutter, 148 W Water, h 314 Washington

Hemmingway, Mark S, painter, bds 703 E Market

Hemmingway, Sarah M, widow Charles L, h 703 E Market

Hemicher, George, emp silk mill, bds 1331 College ave

Hemstrot, Allison N, conductor D L & W R R, h 925 College ave

Hemstrot, Mullen K, bds 925 College ave

Henderson, Arthur M, laborer, h 617 E Third

Henderson, Della M, cigarmaker, bds 114 West Side ave

Hendler, Nathan, butcher, h 704 John

Hendrick, Belle, widow Orva, h 412 W Fourth

Hendrick, Charles H, com trav, bds 412 W Fourth

Hendrick, Joe C, blacksmith, bds 424 W Fourth

Hendricks, Benjamin, bds 363 W Fourth

Hendricks, Elizabeth, bds 363 W Fourth

Hendricks, Elmer B, emp N C Ry, h 407 W Fourth

Hendrickson, Joseph W, carpenter N C R R, h 459 South ave

Hendy, Andy, barkeeper, bds 76 Luce

HENDY, JUD, wines, liquors and cigars, 143 E Water, h 139 E Hudson

Hendy, Matt, emp D L & W R R, bds 107 W Hudson

Hennessy, Edward, clerk, 381 W Second, bds 371 do

Hennessy, Edward, engine tender, h 371 W Second

Hennessy, Elizabeth, cook, 505 Railroad ave

Hennessy, Ellen F, student, bds 430 W Fourth

Hennessy, James, emp Elmira rolling mill, bds 527 W Washington ave

Hennessy, John J, clerk, 107 W Market, bds 371 W Second

Hennessy, Lizzie, cook, 505 Railroad ave

Hennessy, Margaret, domestic Franklin Hotel

Hennessy, Martin, laborer, h 1122 N Main

Hennessy, Mary A, widow Daniel, h 218 W Third

Hennessy, Michael, engineer, h 708 Johnson

Hennessy, Michael, laborer, bds 316 E Washington ave

Hennessy, Richard J, emp McNevin & Danahar, bds 359 Grove

Hennessy, Sarah, widow Patrick, bds 316 E Washington ave

Hennessy, William D, (Hough & Hennessy), 204 Dewitt ave, bds 371 W Second

Hennessy, William P, driver, 419 Main, bds 359 Grove

Hennigan, James, brick mason, h 732 Harper

Hennigan, Margaret, bds 372 Harper

Hennigan, Patrick J, mason, h 119 W Miller

Hennigan, Thomas, laborer, bds 732 Harper

Henry, A Louise, bds 114 W Gray

HENRY, JOHN B, German bakery and headquarters for pretzels, 507 E Church, h do

HENRY, WILLIAM T REV, D D, pastor First Baptist Church, h 114 W Gray

Henry, William T Jr, student, bds 114 W Gray

Herbert, Catherine, widow Bartholomew, h 367 W Sixth

Herbert, James J, meat cutter, 419 Main, bds 367 W Sixth

Herbert, John B, clerk, bds 367 W Sixth

Herbert, John H, machinist, h 422 W Second

Herbert, Mary L, clerk, bds 367 W Sixth

Herchiskel, Francis J, tailor, bds 914 Johnson

Herchiskel, Hattie E, forewoman Read & Lovatt, bds 914 Johnson

Herchiskel, John L, tailor, bds 914 Johnson

Herchiskel, Josephine, widow Florance, h 914 Johnson

Herchiskel, Peter J, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 914 Johnson

Herchiskel, Rose C, operative silk mill, bds 914 Johnson

HERENDEEN, EDWARD G, (Herendeen & Mandeville) 401 to 404 Robinson bldg, h 414 W Church

HERENDEEN & MANDEVILLE, (E G Herendeen and H C Mandeville), lawyers, 401 to 404 Robinson bldg

Herkimer, Dell B, engineer D L & W R R, h 1122 Lake

Herman, Fred J, driver, h 313 W Fourth

Herman, Levi, shoemaker, 601 John, bds 119 Harriet

Herman, Mary, widow Edwin B, h 111 E Hudson

Herold, Cora, emp knitting mill, bds 756 E Market

Herold, John, agt Met Life Ins Co, h 414 Madison ave

Herold, Katharine, widow Joseph, h 756 E Market

Herold, Minnie, domestic, 530 W Gray

HERRICK, FRED D, (Perry & Herrick), 164 Lake, h 408 Union pl

Herrick, Jessie L, physician and surgeon, 408 Union pl, h do, office hours until 10 am, 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 pm

Herrick, Lillian B, instructor in sciences Academy, bds 408 Union pl

Herrick, Ray D, com trav C M & R Tompkins, h 638 W Gray

Herrick, Sophia, widow William H, dressmaker, 239 Mt Zoar, h do

Herrington, Bert, laborer, bds 959 Sullivan