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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Ferguson, Jerusha, widow William C, h 357 W Sixth

Ferguson, Minor W, h 421 S Broadway

Ferguson, Sarah A, widow Charles N, bds 260 Lyon

Ferguson, Uriah, mason, h 219 Caldwell ave

FERGUSON, W H & SON, (C W) wholesale produce dealers 131 and 133 W Water

Ferguson, William, painter, bds 105 W Hudson

Ferguson, William E, laborer, h 523 S Broadway

FERGUSON, WILLIAM H, (W H Ferguson & Son) 131-133 W Water, h 600 W Gray

Fergusson, Philander, miner, h 743 W Church

Fergusson, Roy G, bds 506 Grove

Fergusson, Wesley A, publisher, h 506 Grove

Fernan, Joanna, waitress, 351 Main

Fernan, John, engineer D L & W R R, h 1316 1/2 Lake

Fernan, John J, brakeman D L & W R R, h 402 Linden pl

Fernan, Julia, waitress 2 Main St bridge

Fernan, Mary, waitress, 222 W Church

Ferris, Charles, brakeman, h 511 Mt Zoar

Ferris, Clarence J, glassworker, h 309 Orchard

Ferris, Frank, emp Erie R R, h 213 Judson

FERRIS, FRED, wines and liquors, 201 Railroad ave, h 106 W Gray

Ferris, George R, (Elmira Glass Cutting Co), h 756 E Market

Ferris, Harry E, emp Howell's box factory, h 801 E Market

Ferris, James F, laborer, h 515 Mt Zoar

Ferris, Joel E, treas Elmira Glass Cutting Co, h 309 Orchard

Ferris, John C, glass cutter, h 208 Orchard

Ferris, Judson B, clerk C M & R Tompkins, h 502 McDowell pl

Fess, Jacob, tailor, 316 E Water, rooms 115 W Water

Fessenden, Darwin L, bds 420 W Gray

Fessenden, James E, agent, h 420 W Gray

Fetter, William M, machinist, h 2 Smith

Feuchtwanger, Florence M, bds 114 Caldwell ave

Feuchtwanger, Henry J, mgr Elmira Skirt Co, h 114 Caldwell ave

Feuchtwanger, Jennie H, music teacher, bds 114 Caldwell ave

Feuchtwanger, Minnie, prop Elmira Skirt Co, 150 Fox, h 114 Caldwell ave

FIDELITY MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO of Philadelphia, Pa. George H Spring, mgr, T Dwight Spring, cashier, 206 208 Robinson bldg

Fidelman, Joseph, grocer 668 Dickinson, h do

Fidelman, Rosa, grocer, 668 Dickinson

Field, Benjamin F, machinist, bds 110 Caldwell ave

Field, Ella F, bds 546 S Main

FIELD, ERWIN M, gen agt McCormick Harvesting Machine Co, 655-664 State, h 213 1/2 W Third

Field, Hannah C, widow Benjamin F, h 546 S Main

Field, Harry L, flagman N C Ry, h 307 Baty

Field, James, h 723 Lake

Field, John, lumber supt, h 453 Franklin

Field, Minnie A, music teacher, bds 110 Caldwell ave

Field, Sarah I, widow Sero, bds 510 Herrick

Field, Vernon M, asst bookkeeper, 656 State, bds 213 1/2 W Third

Field, William F, car repairer, h 733 Kinyon

Fiester, Henry, janitor Orphans Home, h 515 Herrick

Fiester, John L, clerk Telegram, bds 515 Herrick

Fifth Ward Hotel, G W Hazelett propr, 210 W Hudson

Figles, Charles E Rev, pastor Penna Ave M E Church, h at Penna ave cor Smith

Fillingham, Frederick, supt 211 Railroad ave, bds 309 Elm

Filkins, Fred, laborer, bds 605 Magee

Fillman, Philip, blacksmith, bds 151 Baldwin

Filman, Harold C, draughtsman Elmira Bridge Co, bds 360 W Church

Finch, Amos F, emp J Richardson & Co, h 205 South ave

Finch, Frances T, bookkeeper, 319 E Market, rooms 625 Lake

Finch, Fred, agt Met Life Ins Co, h 204 E Gray

Finch, Helen B, stenographer, 656 State, bds 625 Lake

Finch, Mary E, widow Martin J, h 405 W Gray

Fincher, Mattie, physician's asst, 332 E Water, bds 310 do

Fink, J Willis, machinist, h 217 1/2 Dewitt ave

Finkel, Lena, bds 811 E Market

Finkelstein, Abraham, h 112 Orchard

Finlay, John, engineer N C Ry, h 309 Franklin

Finlay, Robert, emp N C Ry shops, h 301 Franklin

Finlay, William M, emp bridge works, h 111 Keefe

Finley, Daniel, guard N Y S Reformatory

Finley, Eva A, widow Thomas A, h 407 Dewitt ave

Finley, Francis J, bds 211 Franklin

Finley, Harriet, widow William, h 405 Dewitt ave

Finn, Abbie, domestic, 458 Riverside ave

Finn, Catherine, widow Daniel, h 81 Keefe

Finn, John, laborer, h 762 S Main

Finn, Timothy, h r 220 W Third

Finn, William D, paver, bds r 220 W Third

Finn, William K, bricklayer, bds r 220 W Third

Finnegan, Josie, dressmaker, bds 107 Harmon

Finnegan, Thomas H, emp Erie R R shops, bds 402 Magee

Finnell, Frances M, student, bds 214 Bloomer ave

Finnell, James, laborer, h 907 Railroad ave

Finnell, John, laborer, bds 214 Bloomer ave

Finnell, John J, asst military instructor N Y S Reformatory, h 214 Bloomer ave

Finnell, Mary, laundress, bds 214 Bloomer ave

Finnell, Nellie E, laundress, bds 214 Bloomer ave

Finnell, Patrick J, bds 214 Bloomer ave

Finnell, Simon, laborer, bds 235 Lake

Finnell, Simon, watchman hospital, bds 214 Bloomer ave

Finnell, Thomas J, shoemaker, bds 214 Bloomer ave

Finnell see Fennell

Fiorella, Angeline, h 363 Railroad ave

Fiorella, Michael, cigars, &c, 151 Railroad ave, bds 363 do

Fire Commissioners' Office, City Hall


FIRMAN, CHARLES H, (Firman & Moore) 300 E Water, h 317 W Clinton

FIRMAN & MOORE, (C H Firman and H A Moore) dentists, 300 E Water

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, Rev William T Henry, pastor, 113 W Church

First German Evangelical Church, Rev Ernest Schmidt, pastor, Madison ave opp Carroll

FIRST METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Rev David Keppel, pastor, 318 Baldwin

First Presbyterian Church, Rev Isaac Jennings, D D, pastor, 211 E Church cor Baldwin

Fischer, Frank H, piano finisher, 207 E Church, h 808 do

Fischer, Henrietta, widow George, h 206 1/2 Orchard

Fischer see Fisher

Fish, Edwin C, musician, bds 520 W Water

Fish, Martha E, widow Horatio N, bds 325 Irvine pl

Fish, Mary A, widow Frank, bds 604 Herrick

Fish, Wilbur W, h 520 W Water

Fisher, Albert A, emp rolling mill, h 207 Front

Fisher, Ann, widow Stephen, h 207 Front

Fisher, Bessie G, student, bds 410 S Main

Fisher, Carl William, student, bds 410 S Main

Fisher, Charles, baker, 756 Linden pl, h do

Fisher, Charles R, upholsterer, 114 W Water, bds 119 Main

Fisher, Edith, bds 1019 East ave

Fisher, Ella M, student, bds 507 Spaulding

Fisher, Frank, polisher, bds American House

Fisher, Frank X, piano finisher, h 808 E Church

Fisher, Grace E, proof reader Gazette, bds 310 South ave

Fisher, Harris, junk dealer, h 119 Harriet

Fisher, Hyman M, junk dealer, h 119 Judson

Fisher, Isaac, jeweler, 107 W Water, bds 119 Judson

Fisher, Jacob F, switchman N C Ry, h 116 W Miller

Fisher, James A, painter and paperhanger, bds 839 E Second

Fisher, John C, resident physician, Gleason Sanitarium, h 1019 East ave

Fisher, Samuel S, milk dealer, 310 South ave, h do

FISHER, WILLIAM H, physician and surgeon, 410 S Main, h do, office hours 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 pm

Fisher see Fischer

FISHLER, BLANCHE, bookkeeper, 305 Carroll, bds 117 W Second

Fishler, Sarah A Mrs, h 117 W Second

FISHLER, VIOLA L, (Roach & Fisler), 305 Carroll, h 117 W Second

Fisk, Fred E, student, bds 706 W Water

Fisk, George M, laborer, bds 1125 Davis

FISK, H A & CO, (Harry A F and Wm H Lovell) lime, plaster, cements, brick, tile, &c, E Clinton and State, n D L & W freight depot

FISK, HARRY A, (H A Fisk & Co), h 713 W Water

Fisk, James, laborer, bds Patterson House

Fisk, Sanford N, emp W H Lovell, h 706 W Water

Fisk, William L, bookkeeper, 720 W Second, h 706 W Water

Fiske, Edwin, typewriter repairer, bds 720 W First

Fitch, Albert B, doors, sash & blinds, 505 Realty bldg, h Grand Central ave beyond limits

FITCH, ALDRICH & BUSH CO, THE (Townsend B F, Charles D A, & John J Bush) manufrs sash, doors & blinds, 557 E Clinton

Fitch, Allen F, teamster, h 663 Dickinson

FITCH, ARTHUR S, (Mc Dowell & Fitch), 323 Carroll asst postmaster, h 356 W First

Fitch, Charles, laborer, bds 663 Dickinson

Fitch, Charles B, carpenter, h 304 E Second

Fitch, Clara E, teacher school No 2 bds 506 E Market

Fitch, Cornelia, widow Dr Erastus bds 108 Harmon

Fitch, Daniel K, h 506 E Market

Fitch, Francis A, widow Orson, h 353 W 6th

Fitch, Francis E, trainmaster N C Ry, h 256 W Fifth

Fitch, George, laborer, bds 663 Dickinson

FITCH, HARRY E, dentist, 145 W Water, h 451 Franklin

Fitch, Hattie W, bookkeeper, 505 Realty bldg, bds 506 E Market

Fitch, Hester M, bds 111 Davis

Fitch, Jennie B, bds 506 E Market

Fitch, Lucina M, widow Stephen, bds 256 W Fifth

Fitch, Lyman M, sign painter, 374 and 376 Railroad ave, h 312 Orchard

Fitch, Margaret, bds 111 Davis

Fitch, Nellie G, bds 256 W Fifth

Fitch, Sarah J Mrs, bds 451 Franklin

Fitch, Susan, domestic, 118 W Second

Fitch, Sue B, organist, bds 50 Harmon

Fitch, Susie, clerk, 105 W Water, bds 304 E Second

FITCH, TOWNSEND B, (Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co), 557 E Clinton, h 417 Euclid ave

Fitch, Walter L, laborer, rooms 652 Dickinson

Fitten, Alice L, teacher school No 2, bds 407 Davis

Fitten, Anna L, teacher school No 2, bds 407 Davis

Fitten, Elizabeth, widow Michael, h 407 Davis

Fitten, Elizabeth, dressmaker, bds 407 Davis

Fitten, Margaret I, teacher school No 7, bds 407 Davis

Fitten, Mary F, clerk, 112 W Water, bds 407 Davis

Fitten, Sarah V, bds 407 Davis

Fitz, Harris Margaret, domestic, 356 Maple ave

Fitzgerald, Anna Mrs, h 217 E Seventh

Fitzgerald, Annie S, laundress, bds 518 Gradwell

Fitzgerald, Bertha P, teacher school No 8, bds 552 E Third

Fitzgerald, Carrie Mrs, bds 456 Sullivan

Fitzgerald, Catherine, widow John, h 100 Chestnut

Fitzgerald, Catherine, cook, 359 W Church

Fitzgerald, Catherine, dressmaker, bds 518 Gradwell

Fitzgerald, Catherine M, bookkeeper, Main cor Park pl, bds 501 Oak

Fitzgerald, Charles T, cigarmaker, bds 159 High
Fitzgerald, Daniel, laborer, h 1015 Oak

Fitzgerald, Edward L, fireman D L & W R R, bds 1015 Oak

Fitzgerald, Frank, cigarmaker, h 322 Penna ave

Fitzgerald, Frank, cigarmaker, bds 401 Railroad ave

Fitzgerald, Frank P, trainman, h 814 N Main

Fitzgerald, James, laborer, h 238 E Miller

Fitzgerald, James, storekeeper Hotel Rathbun, bds do

Fitzgerald, John, laborer, bds 217 E Seventh

Fitzgerald, John J, emp Water Co, h 501 Oak

Fitzgerald, Katharine, domestic Frasier House

Fitzgerald, Katherine, domestic, 415 W Church

Fitzgerald, Katie, cook, 218 W First

Fitzgerald, Katie M, bookkeeper Main cor Park pl, bds 501 Oak

Fitzgerald, Margaret E, dressmaker, bds 518 Gradwell

Fitzgerald, Mary, widow David, h 518 Gradwell

Fitzgerald, Mary, widow John, h 209 Front

Fitzgerald, Mary, widow Patrick, h 552 E Third

Fitzgerald, Mary Mrs, laundress, Elmira College

Fitzgerald, Mary, emp C M & R Tompkins, bds 518 Gradwell

Fitzgerald, Mary A, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 1015 Oak

Fitzgerald, Mary L, dressmaker, bds 552 E Third

Fitzgerald, Michael J, cellarman, 121 E Second, h 159 High

Fitzgerald, Patrick, laborer, bds 217 E Seventh

Fitzgerald, Patrick, laborer, h 323 Webber pl

Fitzgerald, Sarah E, school teacher, bds 1015 Oak

Fitzgerald, T B Mrs, (Landy & Fitzgerald) 108 Main, h 125 Madison ave

Fitzgerald, Thomas, (Gradwell & Fitzgerald), 107 E Church, h 701 Jay

FITZGERALD, THOMAS B, furniture, 114 and 116 W Water, h 125 Madison ave

Fitzgerald, Thomas T, car inspector Erie R R, h 210 Mechanic

Fitzgerald, William K, com trav, h 106 W Second

Fitzgibbons, Catherine, widow James, h 216 Front

Fitzgibbons, Catharine, widow Michael, bds 715 Railroad ave

Fitzgibbons, Frank E, associated press opr Advertiser, h 715 Railroad ave

Fitzgibbons, Maggie, clerk, 201 E Water, bds 715 Railroad ave

Fitzmartin, John, laborer, h 159 Woodlawn ave

FITZMARTIN, MICHAEL F, grocer, wines, liquors, cigars, &c, 380 W First, h 354 Davis

Fitzmartin, John J, propr Excelsior Bottling Works, 209 1/2 W Water, h 360 College ave

Fitzmaurice, Herman, conductor W S R R, bds Bancroft road near the Reformatory

Fitzpatrick, Allen, cook American House

Fitzpatrick, Bridget, bds 569 E Water

Fitzpatrick, Catharine, bds 104 Bloomer ave

Fitzpatrick, Charles F, emp N C Ry shops, bds 408 1/2 High

Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth, emp Elmira knitting mill, bds 408 Welles

Fitzpatrick, Frank, cigarmaker, h 711 Johnson

Fitzpatrick, Hugh, laborer, bds 326 E Water

Fitzpatrick, James B, engineer Erie R R, h 107 High

Fitzpatrick, James H, gen agt Norris Bros Circus, bds 408 1/2 High

Fitzpatrick, John B, com trav, bds 408 1/2 High

Fitzpatrick, John B, printer, h 106 Fox

Fitzpatrick, Margaret, tailoress, bds 408 1/2 High

Fitzpatrick, Mary, bds 408 1/2 High

Fitzpatrick, Mary, dressmaker, h 800 Main

Fitzpatrick, Mary Mrs, h 710 Baldwin

Fitzpatrick, Mary A, widow Patrick, h 408 1/2 High

Fitzpatrick, Michael, emp rolling mill, bds 104 Bloomer ave

Fitzpatrick, Nora, laundress, bds 104 Bloomer ave

Fitzpatrick, John J, compositor, h 106 Fox

Fitzpatrick, Thomas, h 104 Bloomer ave

Fitzpatrick, Thomas, mason, bds Patterson House

Fitzpatrick, Thomas J, ironworker, h 408 Welles

Fitzsimmons, Ellen, bds 1315 Lake

Fix, George A, conductor N C R R, bds 356 Lyon

Flagler, Chester J, fireman N C R R, bds 462 South ave

Flahive, James, laborer, h 808 Magee

Flahive, John E, bds 616 Lake

Flahive, John J, policeman, h 561 E Third

Flahive, Julia, widow John, h 616 Lake

Flahive, Mary, widow James, cook, 360 W Church

Flahive, Mary J, bds 616 Lake

Flahive, Michael J, train agt, h 521 Baldwin

Flahive, Patrick J, plumber, bds 616 Lake

Flanagan, Anna Mrs, dry goods, 112 W Water, h 719 do

Flanagan, Edward, clerk, 112 W Water, bds 719 do

Flanagan, Elizabeth F, clerk, 112 W Water, bds 719 do

Flanagan, Ina, bds 719 W Water

Flanagan, J J Mrs, dry goods, 112 W Water, h 719 do

Flanagan, James, brakeman, bds 319 Norton

Flanagan, Lizzie, waitress Hotel Langwell

Flanagan, Margaret, bds 915 N Main

Flanagan, Martin J, boots and shoes, 319 E Water, h 208 Washington

Flanagan, Mary, widow Austin, h 753 Harper

Flanagan, Mary A, cashier, 122 W Water, bds 719 do

Flanagan, Michael M, puddler, h 915 N Main

Flanagan, Mary, pastry cook, Frazier House

Flanagan, Patrick, emp bridge works, bds 319 Norton

Flanagan, Theresa, cook Rathbun House

Flannery, Delia E, emp knitting mill, h 514 College ave

Flannery, James, foreman rolling mill, bds Franklin Hotel

Flannery, Martin J, com trav, h 110 W Gray

Flannery, Martin J, (Murray & Flannery), h 507 Railroad ave

Flannery, M J Mrs, furnished rooms, 110 W Gray

Fleming, Edith Mrs, dressmaker, h 624 Baldwin

Flesh, Esther H, bds 379 Fulton

Flesh, John, blacksmith, h 379 Fulton

Flesh, Walter R, clerk, 102 W Water, bds 379 Fulton

Fletcher, Emma Mrs, collector, 113 W Water, h 706 Delaware

Fletcher, Eugene D, com trav, h 705 W Gray

Fletcher, Frank M, prop Imperial Wine Co, 218 W Water, h 613 Lake

Fletcher, Frederic M, com trav, Lovell Shirt Co, h 409 Herrick

Fletcher, Glenice L, clerk, 218 W Water, bds 613 Lake

Fletcher, Grant B, flagman, N C R R, h 706 Delaware

Fletcher, Mary Mrs, domestic, 355 Davis

Fletcher, Pollard S, conductor, N C R R, h 789 Penna ave

Flett, George, bds 102 Harmon

Flett, James A, conductor E & H R R, bds 102 Harmon

Flett, Susan, widow James C, h 102 Harmon

Flinsbach, Gottlob, bakery, 855 E Church, h do

Flinsbach, Margaret J, milliner, 132 W Water, bds 855 E Church

FLOOD, FRANK H, mayor, City Hall, physician and surgeon, 160 Main, h do; office hours 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 pm

FLOOD, HENRY, physician and surgeon, 311 E Second, h 403 Lake; office hours 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 pm

Flood, J Robley, com trav, 146 W Water, bds 513 W First

Flood, James, brakeman D L & W R R, h 865 Lake

Flood, John C, carpenter, h 311 Baty

Flood, Robert A, emp bridge works, h 412 Jefferson

Flood, Thomas S, h 501 E Water

Floyd, Frank, laborer, bds 310 Woodlawn ave

Floyd, H Frank, carpenter, bds 310 Woodlawn ave

Floyd, John B, emp rolling mill, h 703 Lake

Floyd, Martha Mrs, bds Home for Aged

Flynn, Adrew, tobacco, cigars and notions, 1130 Lackawanna ave, h do

Flynn, Anna, widow Thomas, h 915 Lake

Flynn, Anna F, emp Elmira knitting mill, bds 915 Lake

Flynn, Catherine, student, bds 372 W Third

Flynn, Catherine Mrs, h 503 Erie

Flynn, David, conductor D L & W R R, h 306 E Washington ave

Flynn, Dennis J, (Snyder & Flynn), 110 Lake, h do

Flynn, E W & Co, (E W & Patrick), shoemakers r 606 and 608 Jay

Flynn, Edward W, (E Flynn & Co), fireman D L & W R R, h 606 Jay

Flynn, Francis, gardner, bds 608 Jay

Flynn, Hannah, emp knitting mill, bds 501 Sullivan

Flynn, James, shoemaker, h 516 Oak

Flynn, Jeremiah, laborer, rooms 656 Baldwin

Flynn, John, bds 503 Erie

Flynn, John, bds 516 Oak

Flynn, John, laborer, h 501 Sullivan

Flynn, John E, engineer D L & W R R, h 372 Diven ave

Flynn, John F, fireman D L & W R R, bds 372 W Third

FLYNN, JOHN R, mgr Palace Baths, 167 Lake, h 503 Erie

Flynn, Joseph, conductor D L & W R R, bds 863 Lake

Flynn, Josephine B, teacher school No 2, bds 372 W Third

Flynn, Kate, chambermaid Elmira College

Flynn, Margaret, bds 863 Lake

Flynn, Martin F, helper Erie R R, h 372 W Third

Flynn, Mary, bds 863 Lake

Flynn, Mary, bds 915 Lake

Flynn, Mary, head waitress Hotel Langwell

Flynn, Michael Jr, bds 863 Lake

Flynn, Michael, h 863 Lake

Flynn, Michael J, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 106 Madison ave

Flynn, Michael P, bds 372 Diven ave

Flynn, Nellie, tailoress, bds 501 Sullivan

Flynn, Nellie M, milliner, 201 E Water, bds 372 W Third

Flynn, Patrick, laborer, bds 654 E Clinton

Flynn, Patrick, (E Flynn & Co), 608 Jay, h do

Flynn, Patrick, machinist, h 344 Irvine pl

Flynn, Patrick R, emp bridge works, h 209 Front

Flynn, Timothy, painter, h 456 Oak

Flynn, Valentine, conductor D L & W R R, h 384 Warren

Flynn, William, guard N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Flynn, William, section foreman Erie R R, bds 425 Railroad ave

Flynn, William E, brakeman D L & W R R, h 652 Oak

Flynn, William F, laborer, h 753 E Washington ave

Flynn, William Jr, mgr Hotel Rathbun cigar stand, bds do

Fogarty, Julia Mrs, bds 309 S Broadway

Fogay, Bessie M, emp knitting mill, bds 361 Division

Fogay, Frank, laborer, h 361 Division

Fogay, Jerome L, cigarmaker, bds 361 Division

Fogay, Kate, domestic, bds 361 Division

Fogay, Mattie, emp knitting mill, bds 361 Division

Fogay, Mary, emp knitting mill, bds 361 Division

Fogle, Violetta, chambermaid Rathbun House

Foley, Adelaide, emp silk mill, rooms 408 E Clinton

Foley, Alida, shipping clerk, Read & Lovatt Co, bds 454 E Clinton

Foley, Anna, domestic, 614 Park pl

Foley, Cassie, domestic, 318 William

Foley, E Wayne, student, bds 517 Roe ave

Foley, Joanna, bds 408 Magee

Foley, John R, cigar maker, rooms 105 Main

Foley, Josephine, stenographer, bds 210 College ave

Foley, Mary E, domestic, 408 Union pl

Foley, Sarah J, dressmaker, bds 164 Dewitt ave

Foley, Stewart F, telegrapher, bds 953 Lincoln

Foley, Patrick F, bicycles, sporting goods &c, 312 E Water, h 164 Dewitt ave

Foley, Patrick T, emp bridge works, h 460 W Hudson

Foley, Thomas F, instructor Reformatory, h 517 Roe ave

Foley, William, agent, rooms 105 Main

Foltz, Eliza J, widow Christian, h 209 W Second

Foody, Michael, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 319 Norton

Foody, William, brakeman D L & W R R, bds Franklin Hotel

Foote, Chauncey, janitor Franklin St Presbyterian church, h 614 Lewis

Foote, Charles E, deliveryman, h 510 Herrick

Foran, James P, student, bds 650 E Clinton

Foran, John, cabinet maker, bds 650 E Clinton

Foran, John J, clerk, 114 W Water, bds 650 E Clinton

Foran, Michael J, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 650 E Clinton

Foran, Patrick J, fireman D L & W R R, bds 650 E Clinton

Foran, Simon, gate tender D L & W R R, h 650 E Clinton

Foran, Simon R, student, bds 650 E Clinton

Foran, Thomas M, engine inspector N C Ry shops, bds 650 E Clinton

Forbes, Harry N, com trav, bds 310 Grove

Forbes, John F, glass cutter, h 310 Grove

Force, Henry D, constable, h 517 W Second

Ford, Anna, widow Peter, bds 511 Lake

Ford, Anna V, teacher, bds 654 E Church

Ford, Annie F, domestic, 861 College ave

Ford, Anthony, laborer, h r 309 E Washington ave

Ford, Bridget, widow Thomas, h 654 E Church

Ford, D Wilmot, trav salesman, h 651 Lake

Ford, Darius R, D D, prof Elmira College, h 903 N Main

Ford, Elizabeth, bds 319 Norton

Ford, Francis, bookkeeper, 618 State, bds 511 Lake

FORD, FRANK R, vice pres Elmira Municipal Co Corporations, Realty bldg, h at New York City

Ford, Frederick R, student, bds 905 Main

Ford, Gard W, wholesale clerk, 132 W Water, h 331 W Clinton

Ford, George, clerk, bds 376 W Clinton

FORD, HARRY HALE, physician and surgeon, 303 E Church, h do, office hours until 9 am, 1 to 4 and 6 to 8 pm

Ford, Helen, chambermaid Rathbun House

Ford, Helen E, bookkeeper, bds 905 Main

Ford, Horace E, blacksmith, h 301 Penna ave

Ford, James, emp D L & W R R, bds 319 Norton

Ford, Jessie L, bds 905 N Main

Ford, John J, emp Armstrong, Mather & Wood, bds 557 E Third

Ford, Kate, domestic Rathbun House

Ford, Lewis T, asst engineer N C Ry, h 608 Park pl

Ford, Margaret, bds 376 W Clinton

Ford, Margaret G, bds 654 E Church

Ford, Martin, bds 402 Magee

Ford, Martin, saloon, 167 Baldwin, h 376 W Clinton

Ford, Martin Jr, barber, bds 376 W Clinton

Ford, Mary, widow Edward, h 319 Norton

Ford, Mary E, tailoress, bds 654 E Church

Ford, Melvin C, teamster, h 507 Mt Zoar

Ford, Richard P, engineer Elmira knitting mill, h 1005 Lincoln

Ford, Robert J, bds 301 Penna ave

Ford, Robert W, com trav, h 905 N Main

Ford, Rose A, tailoress, bds 654 E Church

Ford, Samuel, emp N C Ry shops, h 104 W Second

Ford, Thomas, saloon, 401 Railroad ave, h 402 Magee

Ford, Thomas H, cigarmaker, bds 500 High

Ford, Thomas J, civil engineer, bds 376 W Clinton

FORD, VERNON P, dentist, 511 Lake, h do, office hours 9 to 12 am and 1 to 5 pm

Ford, Walter S, student, bds 905 Main

Ford, Wells J, laborer, bds 507 Mt Zoar

Foreman, Herman, laborer, h 759 Linden pl

Foreman, Samuel W, farmer, h 705 Maple ave

Foreman see Forman

Foresberg, Hulda, domestic, 308 William

Forker, Samuel P, patrolman, h 409 Pleasant

Forman, Martha, domestic, 720 W Water

Forman, Martha M, bds 759 Linden pl

Forman see Foreman

Forrest, Alfred H, carpenter, h 1125 Ovid

Forrest, Edwin A, carpenter, h 100 E Second

Forrest, Frank, bds Elmira House

Forrest, Mark D, glass cutter, bds 514 Madison ave

Forshee, Alice Mrs, h Spaulding cor Brand

Forshee, Andrew J, bds Spaulding cor Brand

Forsyth, Barclay C, wood turner, h W First bey limits

Forsyth, Err, mechanic, bds 495 Crescent ave

Forsyth, John G, mechanic, h 495 Crescent ave

Foss, Charles A, emp rolling mill, h 759 E Fifth

Foss, Levi, stationary engineer, h 376 E Center

Foss, Lillian V, housekeeper, 365 E Center

Fossman, Frank, laborer, h 200 E Washington ave

Foster, Ann, domestic, 318 W Washington ave

Foster Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, Foster ave cor W First

Foster, Belle Mrs, dressmaker, h 107 S Main

Foster, Carrie M, dressmaker, bds 618 W Gray

Foster, Edith M, bds 119 Lormore

Foster, Eugene, chair caner, h 270 W Hudson

Foster, Florence, dressmaker, bds 618 W Gray

Foster, Frank B, mgr Barker, Rose & Clinton, h 108 Elm

FOSTER, JESSE, h 722 W Water

Foster, Jessie A, clerk, 116 Baldwin, bds 722 W Water

Foster, Lillian A, bds 119 Lormore

Foster, Lynn H, emp Eclipse bicycle factory, bds 378 Norton

Foster, Marian, widow William, bds 661 Grove

FOSTER, MARY E, h 722 W Water

Foster, Oliver F, emp Kertscher & Co, h 205 Reformatory

Foster, William, laborer, bds 253 Warren

Foster, William C Wey, clerk, 325 E Water, bds 119 Lormore

Foster, William W, printer Advertiser, h 618 W Gray

Foster, Winfield S, foreman composing room Advertiser, h 119 Lormore

Fothergill, Huldah, widow Henry, bds 754 1/2 Pattinson

Fountain, Allen H, agt Met Life Ins Co, h 633 W Gray

Fountain, Emma, widow Peter, bds 112 High

Fowler, Bert, machinist, bds 134 E Water

Fowler, Fred W, oyster opener, bds 134 E Water

Fowler, Harry, saloon, 122 W Water, h 736 W Gray

Fowler, Harry C, machinist, bds 134 E Water

Fowler, Harry M, student, bds 260 W Hudson

Fowler, Jay W, carpenter, h 260 W Hudson

Fowler, John E, h 413 W Fourth

Fowler, Joseph, fireman E F D, h 134 E Water

Fowler, Martha, nurse A O Hospital

Fowler, Matthew, laborer, h 322 W Seventh

Fox, Alexander, laborer, bds 377 Railroad ave

Fox, Alvin P, emp N C shops, h 631 Penna ave

Fox, Charles A, clerk, 121 Railroad ave, h 409 Walnut

Fox, Clarence, carpenter, h r 315 Railroad ave

Fox, Clarence E, emp Harris, McHenry & Baker, h 202 Falck

Fox, Hannah D, teacher school No 4, bds 513 E Third

Fox, John, laborer, bds 124 S Main

Fox, Lucy C, widow Orbert, bds 410 Elm

Fox, Mamie J, stenographer, 104 State, bds 258 W Henry

Fox, Simeon D, h 415 Elm

Foy, Esther, domestic, 122 Caldwell ave

Foy, John W, carpenter E & H Ry, h 258 Lyon

Frace, Charles R, cigars and tobacco, 204 E Water, h do
Fraleigh, James A, harnessmaker, h 454 E Water, h do

Fraley, Mary J, widow Charles, h 458 W Third

FRALEY, TRACY C, The Printer, 116 and 118 E Water, h 116 Brand

Fralley, Robert D, painter, h 1426 Caton ave

Francis, Anna D, emp knitting mill, bds 507 Roe ave

Francis, Clayton L, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Co, h 661 Grove

Francis, Eliza D, widow Thomas, nurse, bds 507 Roe ave

Francis, Mabel E, emp knitting mill, bds 507 Roe ave

Frank, Harris, cigarmaker, h 156 Orchard

Frank, Julius, peddler, bds 208 High

Frankenstein, Aaron, clothier, 130 E Water, h 709 do

Frankenstein, Augusta, dressmaker, 714 John, h do

Frankenstein, Etta, milliner, bds 714 John

Frankenstein, Eva, bds 709 E Water

Frankenstein, Hannah, widow Benjamin, h 714 John

Franklin, Clarence, emp bridge works, h 527 Mt Zoar

Franklin, Grace L, bds 527 Mt Zoar

FRANKLIN HOTEL, Bryan Moylan propr, 360 E Washington ave

Franklin, John M, barber and musician, h 106 Sullivan

Franklin Street Presbyterian Church, 210 Franklin

Frantz, Frederick W, clerk, River Side View, bds 155 E Fifth

Frantz, John P, mgr River Side View, summer resort Fitch's bridge, h 155 E Fifth

Fraser, Daniel, com trav, h 113 Grove

Fraser, Emma, teacher French, Spanish and Italian Elmira College, bds do

Fraser, George D, plumber, h 339 Irvine pl

Fraser, John E, bookkeeper, h 551 Grove

Fraser, Laura, student, bds 955 Davis

Fraser, Nellie, dressmaker, 203 State, bds Lake bey limits
Fraser, Sarah E, widow William, h 955 Davis

Fraser see Frazier

Frawley, Anna, clerk, 201 E Water, bds 322 Penna ave

Frawley, Catharine, clerk, bds 322 Penna ave

Frawley, Frank, laborer, h 1100 N Main

Frawley, James, emp Elmira steel rolling mill, bds 1100 N Main

Frawley, Jennie, bds 1100 N Main

Frawley, Kate, bds 1100 N Main

Frawley, Kate, clerk, 201 E Water, bds 322 Penna ave

Frawley, Maggie, domestic, 357 Main

Frawley, Margaret, bds 1100 Main

Frawley, Michael, h 317 Baty

FRAZIER, EDWIN, commercial printer, designing, engraving, color printing, embossing, &c, 448 E Water cor Fox, h 504 1/2 E Church

FRAZIER HOUSE, W T Chadbourne propr, Railroad ave cor W Third

Frazier see Fraser

Fredenburg, Frank, brakeman D L & W R R, h 408 Mathews

Frederick, Samuel, emp N C Ry shops, h 511 Perine

Free Baptist Church, Rev Hiram G Schoonover, pastor, Grand Central ave cor Division

Freeborn, Belle, bds 217 Washington

Freeborn, Mary, bds 217 Washington

Freedman, Amelia, widow Charles, bds 1206 Grand Central ave

Freedman, Charles, meat cutter, h 1206 Grand Central ave

Freedman, Frank C, clerk, 164 Lake, bds 1206 Grand Central ave

Freedman, Joseph, laborer, h 1025 Oak

Freedman, Katie, bds 1206 Grand Central ave

Freedman, Lawrence H, meat market, 162 Washington, h 213 Gregg

Freedman, Louisa, domestic, 509 William

Freedman, Nettie, emp silk mill, bds 1206 Grand Central ave

Freedman, Raymond, bds 765 E Washington ave

Freedman see Freidman

Freeman, Adaline, dressmaker, bds 705 College ave

Freeman, Charles H, salesman, 209 E Church, h 115 Sullivan

Freeman, James B, peanut stand, 340 Lake, bds 413 Baldwin

Freeman, Kate L, widow Lewis C, h 1425 Caton ave

Freeman, Louise V, teacher school No 3, h 115 Sullivan

Freeman, Minnie M, domestic, 415 W Water

Freeman, William C, bds 625 Lake

Freidman, Joseph H, laborer, h 1025 Oak

Freidman, Kate, widow Frank, h 750 John

Freidman see Freedman

Freidrich, Jacob, clerk, bds 331 Thurston

Freligh, Peter, steward Hotel Rathbun, bds do

Fremburg, Charles, emp N C R R shops, bds 219 South ave

French, Alonzo B, clerk, bds 725 W First

FRENCH, ARTHUR G, optician with Dr George M Case 154 Main, bds 509 Perine

French, Charles H, emp N C freight house, h 316 Washington

French, Clarence J, emp bridge works, h 509 W Second

French, Freeman, emp bridge works, bds 701 Erie
French, Freeman W, emp bridge works, h 701 Rathbun

French, George W, coachman, h 309 W Second

French, Helen M, widow Seward, bds 628 William

French, Henry T, clerk, 182 State, bds 372 W Clinton

French, Hester A, widow Robert, h 52 Harmon

FRENCH, HORACE C, freight agent N C R Y, h 318 W Clinton

French, John H, meat cutter, 311 Carroll, h 806 E Church

French, John M, storekeeper N C R R shops, h 509 Perine

French, LeRoy W, blacksmith, 206 Maple ave, h 208 do

French, Mabel E, bds 317 Dewitt ave

French, Mabel E, emp knitting mill, bds 623 William

French, Norman B, mason, h 725 W First

French, Otis, laborer, h 363 W Fifth

French, Peter P, h 372 W Clinton

French, Robert C, civil engineer, bds Hotel Smith

FRENCH, SYLVESTER B, chief clerk N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, 513 Realty bldg, h 655 Davis

French, Uri S, buyer, 182 State, h 372 W Clinton

French, William E, quarry foreman, h 317 Dewitt ave

French, William S, laborer, h 409 W Second

Freudenheim, Abe, trav salesman, bds 710 E Market

FREUDENHEIM, HARRY W, (Freudenheim, Levy & Lande), 118 Lake, h at New York city

Freudenheim, Jacob, clerk, 111 Railroad ave, bds 710 E Market

Freudenheim, Jacob S, clerk, bds 710 E Market

Freudenheim, L & Bro, (Marx) dry goods, 124 Lake and skirt mfrs, 111-115 Railroad ave

FREUDENHEIM, LEVY & LANDE, (M Freudenheim, H Freudenheim, M G Levy and T Lande) mfg and wholesale jewelers, 118 Lake

Freudenheim, Louis (L Freudenheim & Bro), 111 Railroad ave and 124 Lake, h 501 Lake

Freudenheim, Marx (L Freudenheim & Bro), 124 Lake and 111 Railroad ave, h 710 E Market

Freudenheim, Mollie, clerk, bds 710 E Market

FREUDENHEIM, MORRIS, (Freudenheim, Levy & Lande), 118 Lake, h at New York city

Frey, Anna, dressmaker, bds 813 E Market

Frey, Hans, draughtsman, 120 Lake, bds 204 Madison ave

Frey, Max, fireman Erie R R, bds 813 E Market

Frey, Solomon R, cigar manufr, 813 E Market

Frey see Fry and Frye

Fritchette, Charles H, machinist, bds 370 S Main

Friday, Louise, emp hosiery mill, bds 719 German

Friday, William M, emp box factory, h 719 German

Fridie, William, finisher, 101 Robinson bldg, h 609 E Second

Fridie, William J, tinner, bds 609 E Second

FRIEDHOLD, CHARLES F, mgr R G Dun & Co, 204 E Water, h 655 Pearl pl

Friedman, Adolph, cutter, 113 Railroad ave, h 159 Sullivan

Friedman, Helen, domestic, 125 Caldwell ave

Friedman, Louis, wholesale dry goods, 800 John, h 710 do

Friedman, Minnie I, dressmaker, bds 159 Orchard

Friedman, Solomon H, peddler, h 159 Orchard

Friend, Alber J, meat cutter, 164 Lake, bds 219 Penna ave

FRIEND, JOHN, (Friend, Metzger & Co), 164 Lake, h 219 Penna ave

FRIEND, METZGER & CO, (J Friend, J Metzger and J W Roof), meat market 164-166 Lake

Friend see Friends

Friendly, Abraham, bookkeeper, 251 W Water, bds 424 W Church

Friendly Boot & Shoe Co, (M H and S H Friendly), 216 Baldwin

Friendly, Henry, h 753 E Church

Friendly, Myer, agricultural implements 104-106 State, h 510 W Church

Friendly, Myer H, (Friendly Boot & Shoe Co), h 423 W Church

Friendly, Samson J, wholesale shoes, 239 W Water, h 456 do

Friendly, Solomon H, (Friendly Boot & Shoe Co), h 406 William

Friendly, Theodore, carriages 251-257 W Water, h 424 W Church

Friends, Bertha M, milliner, bds 218 High

Friends, Willis, com trav, 104 State, h 218 High

Friends see Friend

Fries, Mary C, widow Jacob, housekeeper, 119 Horner

Frisbey, Russell, com trav, h 107 Hoffman

Frisbey, Waldo E, com trav, bds 107 Hoffman

FRISBIE BROS, (Stewart G and Levi A), coal, wood and Longman & Martinez paints, 103 La France cor Erie

Frisbie, C C Mrs, dressmaker and milliner, 361 W First, h do

Frisbie, Chester C, insurance agt, h 361 W First

FRISBIE, G W & H E, props Park Coal Yard, coal and wood, 1334 College ave cor Reformatory

FRISBIE, GEORGE W, (G W & H E Frisbie), h 1309 College ave

FRISBIE, HELEN E, (G W & H E Frisbie), h 1309 College ave

FRISBIE, LEVI A, (Frisbie Bros), 103 La France, h 312 E Miller

Frisbie, Miles P, student, bds 361 W Third

FRISBIE, RALPH M, coal and bicycles, 301 E Clinton cor State, bds 1309 College ave

FRISBIE, STEWART G, (Frisbie Bros), 103 La France, h DuBois n Herrick

Frisby, J William, emp J Richardson & Co, h 207 Brand

Frisk, James H, bartender, 143 E Water, h 725 Casey

Frisk, Joseph, laborer, h 725 Casey

Frisk, Joseph Jr, bds 725 Casey

Fromer, LeRoy E, com trav, h 213 Caldwell ave

Fromming, Amelia, domestic, 108 College ave

Fross, Levi J, emp rolling mill, h 365 E Center

Frost, Elizabeth E, bds 521 Elizabeth

Frost, Eva, bds 504 E Church

Frost, Fannie M, artist rooms, 459 W Church

Frost, Frank, h 112 E Henry

Frost, Henry A, helper Wells Fargo & Co's Ex, bds 521 Elizabeth

FRUCHT, WILLIAM, upholstering and finishing, 113 E Church, h do

Fry, Edward, laborer, bds 725 Casey

Frydenborg, Arthur, tinsmith, bds 1010 1/2 Walnut

Frydenborg, Caroline A, widow Christian, h 917 Davis

Frydenborg, Charles E, linotype opr Star, h 1010 1/2 Walnut

Frye, Joel E, shoemaker, 1000 Sullivan, h do

Frye, Mary E Mrs, bds 107 S Main

Frye see Frey see Fry

Frymire, Jennie M, widow Samuel O, h 308 Baty

Fudge, Albert W, machinist, h 210 Brand

Fudge, Albert W Jr, student, bds 210 Brand

Fudge, Charles F, photographer, bds 214 Mt Zoar

Fudge, Elizabeth, bds 405 Franklin

Fudge, Fred H, cigarmaker, bds 405 Franklin

Fudge, Harrison W, clerk N C R R shop office, h 315 Baty

FUDGE, HERBERT W, physician and surgeon, 353 S Main, h do, office hours 1 to 3, 7 to 8 pm

Fudge, James R, machinist N C R R shops, h 315 Baty

Fudge, James T, machinist LaFrance shops, h 511 Herrick

Fudge, Virtue T, widow Luke, h 405 Franklin

Fudge, Wilbur G, janitor N C R R shops, bds 315 Baty

Fudge, William, machinist, h 214 Mt Zoar

Fuery, Dennis, laborer, h 208 Front

Fuery, Mary, bds 208 Front

Fuery, Nora, bds 208 Front

Fuery, Patrick J, emp D L & W R R, bds 208 Front

Fuery see Furey

Fuhrman, Bessie, dressmaker, bds 521 Jefferson

FUHRMAN, HARRY K, prop Plowman hardware store, 206 Main, bookkeeper, 110 Baldwin, h 469 Franklin

Fuhrman, Isabella, bookkeeper, 206 S Main, bds 521 Jefferson

Fuhrman, John E, salesman, 508 State, bds 310 Baldwin

Fuhrman, Martin, clerk, 206 S Main, bds 521 Jefferson

Fuhrman see Furman

FULCROD, ALONZO D, propr Eastern Hotel, 511 Railroad ave

Fulcrod, Robert, clerk Eastern Hotel, bds do

Fulford, Charles, teamster, h 73 Penna ave

Fulford, Thomas, lineman, bds 73 Penna ave

Fulford, William, teamster, bds 73 Penna ave

Fulkerson, Lou, stenographer, The Bradstreet Co, bds 308 S Main

Fuller, Abram, h 250 Crete ave

Fuller, Asa B, milk peddler, bds 250 Crete ave

Fuller, Beakes D, guard N Y S Reformatory, h 1847 Davis

Fuller, Charles D, baggagemaster, D L & W R R, h 339 W Seventh

Fuller, Charles E, carpenter, h 664 Columbia

Fuller, Charles N, milk dealer, h S Broadway n Bulkhead

Fuller, Constantine G, milk dealer, h 250 Crete ave

Fuller, Daniel, h 114 W First

Fuller, Emory B, ladderman H & L Co No 1, 822 W Gray

Fuller, Emma, dressmaker, bds 110 W Second

Fuller, George W, carpenter, h 1112 1/2 Lake

Fuller, John A, milk dealer, h 313 Roe ave

Fuller, Mary B Mrs, dressmaker, bds 514 Herrick

Fuller, Minnie E, clerk, 114 Main, bds 514 Herrick

Fuller, Thomas W, clerk Erie freight office, h 1112 1/2 Lake

Fuller, William, rooms 217 W Chemung pl

Fulton, Fred H, trav salesman, bds 666 Park pl

Fulton, Harmon H, pres Eclipse Bicycle Co, h 666 Park pl

Furey, Bridget, laundress Gleason Sanitarium, rooms 761 Jay

Furey, Emma, widow George, h 713 Dickinson

Furey, James J, emp Merchants parcel delivery Co, bds 917 N Main

Furey, John T, bookkeeper, 414 Carroll, bds 917 N Main

Furey, Mary T, teacher school No 1, bds 917 N Main

Furey, Patrick, laborer, bds 702 Jay

Furey, Patrick J, emp D L & W R R, h 917 N Main

Furey see Fuery

Furman, Eva, emp knitting mill, bds 250 Crete ave

Furman, John, emp Armors meat house, bds 310 Baldwin

Furman, John F, shoemaker, 364 S Main, h do

Furman, Susan C, widow Edgar, h 908 Grand Central ave

Furman, Walter P, emp A W Wyckoff & Son, bds 519 Fulton

Furman see Fuhrman

Fybush, Casper, optician, h 108 Orchard

Fybush, Joseph C, bds 108 Orchard

Fybush, Moses, com trav, 251 W Water, bds 424 W Church


Gagan, Elizabeth B, emp knitting mill, bds 313 S Broadway

Gage, Moses R, mason, h 154 Fox

Gager, Anna, bds Home for Aged

Gahan, Edward W, emp bridge works, h 410 S Broadway

Gahan, Ellen, emp box factory, h 410 S Broadway

Gahan, Michael, boilermaker, h 410 S Broadway

Gaige, Earl D, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 118 W Second

Gaines, Delphine, dressmaker, bds 1316 Baldwin

Gaiser, Charles F, meat cutter, 226 S Main, h 451 Mt Zoar

Gaiser, Charles F Jr, fireman Erie R R, bds 451 Mt Zoar

Gaiser, George F, driver, 100 E Gray, h 453 Mt Zoar

Galate, Lawrence, laborer, h 811 E Washington ave

GALATIAN, ANDREW B, real estate, loans and conveyancing, 120 Lake, h 413 Standish

Galatian, Frances C, milliner, bds 413 Standish

Galatian, Frances J, h 610 N Main

Galatian, John A, deputy sheriff and constable, bds 413 Standish

Galavan, John P, plumber, 129 W Water, bds 210 Fulton

Galavan see Gallavan see Gallivan

Gallagher, Catherine, bds 808 Walnut

Gallagher, Charles M, bds 808 Walnut

Gallagher, James, laborer, bds 377 Railroad ave

Gallagher, John C, bicycle dealer, 102 Exchange pl, engineer Rathbun House, bds do

Gallagher, John F, emp Erie freight house, bds 808 Walnut

Gallagher, Michael, printer, h 808 Walnut

Gallagher, Susie Mrs, dressmaker, bds 208 Dewitt ave

Gallagher, Thomas, emp silk mill, h 704 E Fifth

Galligher, Mary, milliner, 201 E Water, bds 551 do

Gallavan, Anna, bookkeeper, bds 115 Harmon

Gallavan, Anna M, bds 374 Fulton

Gallavan Bros, grocers, 374 S Main

Gallavan, Edward, (Gallavan Bros), h 378 S Main

Gallavan, Edward, janitor school No 3, h 115 Harmon

Gallavan, James, bookkeeper, h 262 W Hudson

Gallavan, James, mason, bds 374 Fulton

Gallavan, Kate, bds 115 Harmon

Gallavan, Kate, bds 262 W Hudson

Gallavan, Mary E, stenographer, bds 115 Harmon

Gallavan, Matthew J Jr, bds 574 Fulton

Gallavan, Matthew J, stationery engineer, h 374 Fulton

Gallavan, Nora, bds 374 Fulton

Gallavan, Teresa, dressmaker, bds 374 Fulton

Galligan, John F, blacksmith, bds 433 E Water

Gallivan, Edward, laborer, h 219 E Miller

Gallivan, John, clerk, bds 115 Harmon

Gallivan, Patrick H, grocer, 217 Fulton, h do

Gallivan, John, mason, h 208 Fulton

Gallivan, John P, plumber, bds 210 Fulton

Gallivan, Julia, emp box factory, bds 210 Fulton

Gallivan, Mary E, emp box factory, bds 210 Fulton

Gallivan, Michael, blacksmith, h 210 Fulton

Gallivan, Nellie, dressmaker, bds 210 Fulton