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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Dullin, Laura, teacher school No 8, bds 304 Washington

Dullin, Lillian M, bds 304 Washington

DUMARS, JAS H, books stationary and wall paper, 118 Main, h 733 W Water

Dumond, George P, fireman N C R R, h 402 1/2 Baty

DUN, R G & CO, mercantile agency, C F Friedholdt mgr, 204 and 206 E Water

Dunbar, Archie L, flagman N C R R, h 809 Laurel

Dunbar, Chauncey, clerk 338 E Water, bds 513 Main

Dunbar, Delia, widow Alpheus L, h 513 Main

Dunbar, Fred, stationary engineer, h 164 Dewitt ave

Dunbar, Merton E, printer Advertiser, h 1330 Pratt

Dunbar, Minard H, fireman N C R R, h 230 W Miller

Duncan, George, h 233 Mt Zoar

Duncan, Leroy W, clerk bds 233 Mt Zoar

Duncan, Mrry L, domestic, bds 1024 College ave

Duncan, Nellie, maid 106 Columbia

Duncan, Rhoda, millner, bds 233 Mt Zoar

Duncan, Thomas A, physician and surgeon 257 Baldwin, h do

Dunfee, Ellen, seamstress, h 418 Perry

Dunfee, Francis, waiter The Arbor bds do

Dunfee, James, laborer, bds 377 Railroad ave

Dunfee, Josephine, teacher bds 418 Perry

Dunham, Bridget, widow Asa, bds 104 Front

Dunham, Don A, brakeman N C R R, bds 481 South ave

Dunham, George H, h 481 South ave

Dunham, Marshall, hides & leather 103 W Water, h 360 Franklin

Dunham, Roger, laborer, h 711 Benjamin

Dunham, Thurston, com trav h 430 Herrick

Dunkel, Anna, bds 516 Oak

Dunkel, Clara L, housekeeper 404 Madison ave

Dunkel, Frank, laborer, h 52 Monroe

Dunlavey, Patrick, laborer, h 55 Keefe

Dunlavey, Thomas, laborer, h 719 Erie

Dunn, Amelia Mrs, bds 126 Gridley lane

Dunn, Bernhard, machinist, h 653 Davis

Dunn, Charles, rooms 400 S Main

Dunn, Charles M, machinist, h 735 E Second

Dunn, Edward J, asst cashier and teller Chemung Canal Bank, 415 E Water, h 507 E Second

Dunn, Eliza, h 402 E Second

Dunn, Elizabeth A, domestic 400 William

Dunn, Ellen, widow Daniel, h 425 W Fifth

Dunn, Fred J, ruler Advertiser bindery, bds 221 E LaFrance

Dunn, Harry L, weighmaster N C R R, yardmaster's office, h 706 Hopkins

Dunn, Helen L, teacher school No 11 bds 908 Magee

Dunn, Herbert A, night watchman N C R R, h 604 Penna ave

Dunn, James, machinist, LaFrance shops, h 221 E LaFrance

Dunn, James W, printer, h 411 Locust

Dunn, Jennie A Mrs, clerk, 140 W Water, h 815 Magee

Dunn, John, bartender, bds 539 Tuttle ave

Dunn, Margaret, widow John, h 908 Magee

Dunn, Margaret, housekeeper, h 615 Park pl

Dunn, Margaret C, bds 908 Magee

Dunn, Mary A, bds 507 E Second

Dunn, Mary A, widow Patrick, h 214 Franklin

Dunn, Mary E, dressmaker, bds 908 Magee

Dunn, Mercie, h 402 W Second

Dunn, Owen, laborer, h 539 Tuttle ave

Dunn, Thomas, bds 425 W Fifth

Dunne, John J, saloon, 209 W Miller

Dunning, Anna, bds 324 1/2 S Broadway

Dunning, George E, lumber inspector, h 910 Sullivan

Dunning, Lon B, laborer, h Grant

Dunning, Thomas, laborer, bds 723 Lake

Dunning, William M, emp N C Ry shops, h 324 1/2 S Broadway

Dunster, William, cabinetmaker, h 412 1/2 Elm

Dupre, Evangeline, school teacher, bds 218 Madison ave

Dupre, Josephine, bds 218 Madison ave

DURAND, FRANK W, florist 107 W Market, h 109 do

Durand, Sarah Y, widow Jabez, h 370 Diven ave

Durant, Thomas J, engineer L V R R, h 310 W First

Durbon, Augusta J, teacher school No 2, bds 607 1/2 College ave

Durbon, Julia C, h 607 1/2 College ave

Durfey, Harry L, contractor and builder 1206 Pratt, h do

Durfey, John L, conductor N C Ry, h 412 Pleasant

Durham, John, machinist, bds 254 South ave

Durkin, Michael T, cabinetmaker, h 361 Reformatory

Durland, Daniel T, lumberman, h 628 W Church

DURLAND, HARRY C, treas Bundy Lamp Co Advertiser bldg E Market, bds 628 W Church

Durland, Sarah E, widow Charles O, h 371 W Church

Durland, Louise, bds 628 W Church

Durland, Sarah Y, widow James C, h 370 Diven ave

Duryea, Emeline B, widow Virgil Y, h 410 Fulton

Duryea, Mills T, sidewalk inspector, bds 410 Fulton

Duryea, Walter J, clerk 323 E Water, h 306 Penna ave

Dusha, John, laborer, h 807 Canal

Duskinski, Albert, laborer, h 950 Johnson

Duskinski, Michael, laborer, h 950 Johnson

Dutton, Clarence J, supt Reformatory farm, h 1855 Davis

Dutton, Elwyn S, conductor N C Ry, h 213 Lormore

Dwight, Cornelia Porter, teacher mathematics Elmira College, bds do

DWIGHT, JOHN W, investment securities 406 E Market, h at New York City

Dwyer, John, engineer D L & W R R, h 1009 Grand Central ave

Dwyer, Julia A, domestic, 110 E Chemung pl

Dwyer, Margaret, student, bds 1009 Grand Central ave

Dwyer, May E, bds 1009 Grand Central ave

Dyer, Agnes M, milliner, bds 602 N Main

Dyer, LeVerne, barber Hotel Langwell, h 602 N Main

Dyer, Morgan, moulder, h 214 Pulford ave

Dyna, Sina, widow Christian, bds 163 Dewitt ave

Doytt, John C, h 701 Kinyon

DYOTT, JOHN C JR, lawyer, 301 Robinson bldg, bds 701 Kinyon


EACKER, CHARLES O, lawyer, 210 E Water, h 210 Gregg

Eacker, David G, grocer, 609 E Market, h 210 Gregg

Eagan, Elizabeth, clerk, bds 318 High

Eagan, Michael, actor, bds 763 E Washington ave

EAGLE BOTTLING WORKS, E B Gardner mgr, 420 Carroll

EAGLE HOTEL, F Redner prop, 315 Railroad ave

Eagle, Martha, widow Frederick, h 333 Railroad ave

EAGLE PRINTING HOUSE, T C Fraley prop, 116 and 118 E Water

Eagleson, John, janitor Father Mathew Hall, 206 E Gray, h do

Eames, Clarence F, teamster, bds 212 Miller

Eames, Zenas W, farmer, h 280 Home

Earl, Mary, widow Frank, nurse, 1201 Lake, bds do

Earle, Boardman B, liquor dealer, 204 W Water, h 308 College ave

Earle, Fredericia A, widow Madison, bds 122 W Hudson

Earls, George, laborer, bds 712 Carpenter

Eason, Gertrude M, emp knitting mill, bds 106 Orchard

Eason, Samuel H, driver, h 1324 Pratt

EAST CORNING SAND CO, Wynne Bros props, 865 Lake

Eastabrook, Alice I, bds 713 Main

EASTABROOK, WILLIAM N, vice prest and gen mgr N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, 513 Realty bldg, h 713 Main

Eastabrook see Etabrook

Easterday, Catharine Mrs, h 666 Dickinson

Eastgate, Iantha E, bds 418 Euclid ave

EASTGATE, JAMES H, (Innes, Danks & Co), 124 W Water, h 418 Euclid ave

EASTMAN, ANNIS FORD Rev, pastor Park Church, h at church, 208 W Gray

Eastman, Eliab F, stove mounter, 126 W Water, h 851 Oak

Eastman, Hattie, emp knitting mill, bds 851 Oak

Eastman, Nettie, bds 851 Oak

EASTMAN, SAMUEL E Rev, pastor Park Church, h at church, 208 W Gray

Easton, Albert J, junk dealer, h r 503 1/2 Sullivan

Easton, Charles N, junk dealer, h r 503 1/2 Sullivan

Easton, Frank L, student, bds 1006 Lake

Easton, James D, physician, 1006 Lake, h do

Easton, M Low, brakeman N C Ry, h 718 Kinyon

Easton, Percy P, messenger N C Ry, bds 1006 Lake

Eaton, Abel, bookkeeper, 200 E Water, h 657 E Market

Eaton, Alice, bds 514 Herrick

Eaton, Florence Mrs, nurse, bds 319 South ave

Eaton, Nathan P, painter, bds 700 E Market

Eaton, Lyman B, laborer, h 905 Grand Central ave

Eaton, Pamelia, widow Nathaniel, h 514 Herrick

Eaton, Stewart B, painter, rooms 110 Spring

Eckelman, Fred, clerk, 200 W Water, bds 905 E Church

Eckenberger, Haman, head miller Chase-Hibbard Milling Co, h 1040 Penna ave

Eckenberger, Susie, bds N s Penna ave n Bulkhead

Eckenberger, William H, bds 502 McDowell pl

EDDY, ERMINA C, physician 500 William, h do; office hours 8 to 9 am and 3 to 5 pm

Eddy, Henry, emp rolling mill, h 707 Casey

Eddy, Henry, laundry, bds 1009 Pratt

Eddy, W Elton, tinsmith, rooms 104 W Second

Eddy, William W, emp rolling mill, h 1009 Pratt

Eddy, Sula S, teacher, bds 500 William

Edgar, Hannah, widow William, boarding house, 204 Madison ave

Edgar, Mary L, dressmaker, bds 204 Madison ave

Edgecomb, Almira M, widow Orson, h 422 S Broadway

Edgecomb, Charles W, laborer, bds 422 S Broadway

Edger, Georgia M Mrs, housekeeper, 363 College ave

Edgerton, Elizabeth Mrs, bds 318 William

Edgerton, Theron S, emp N C Ry shops, h 211 Mechanic

Edminster, George W, lawyer, 216 E Water, h n Fitch's bridge

Edmond, Charles, milkman, h 362 1/2 Norton

Edner, John F, laborer, D L & W R R, bds 362 Diven ave

Edner, Orlin L, policeman, D L & W R R, bsd 362 Diven ave

Edson, Charles H, estimate clerk Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co, h 441 W Clinton

Edson, Lena, bds 441 W Clinton

Edson, May, bds 441 W Clinton

Edson, William B, bookkeeper, H C Spaulding Co, bds 441 W Clinton

Edson, William N, asst cashier, 508 State, h 361 W Third

Edwards, C Harry, brakeman, N C Ry, bds 469 South ave

Edwards, Ernest C, bookkeeper, 121 E Second, h 108 Sly

Edwards, Florence M, nurse, bds 1213 Grand Central ave

Edwards, Jeremiah E, driver, h 357 Riverside ave

Edwards, John, bds 357 Riverside ave

Edwards, Joseph, armorer, N Y S Armory, h 1213 Grand Central ave

Edwards, Roland L, bds 1213 Grand Central ave

Edwards, Thomas, emp rolling mill, bds 108 Sly

Edwards, Thomas P, carpenter, h 412 W Fourth

Edwards, William M, h 2 Lemon

Egbert, Almira, widow William M, h 358 Columbia

EGBERT, FRED H, (W A Shoemaker & Co), bds 1050 E Water

Egeleston, Melinda, bds 707 Laurel

Egerton, Sallie, widow Lebbeus, bds 318 William

Egerton, Mercy C, h 502 William

Egger, George E, switchman N C Ry, h 117 1/2 Miller

Eggert, George, carpenter, h 703 Sullivan

Eggleston, Charles J, tanner, h 807 E Water

Eggleston, James W, machinist, h 114 West Side ave

Eibing, Frank C, cigarmaker, h 53 S Main

Eichholz, Frank, carpenter, h 657 E Water

Eiges, Isaac, jeweler, 424 E Water, h 608 do

Eighmey, Harriet N, widow Thomas, bds 222 Caldwell ave

Eighmey, Lola M Mrs, h 502 Franklin

Eisenacher, Emma, dressmaker, bds 605 E Water

Eisenacher, Justus A, machinist, h 605 E Water

Ekelman, Alfred R T, clerk, bds 905 1/2 E Church

Ekelman, Bertha F A, bds 905 1/2 E Church

Ekelman, Frederick W, laborer, h 469 Riverside ave

Ekelman, Rudolph, teamster, h 905 1/2 E Church

Elder, Harry, brakeman N C Ry, h 707 Laurel

Elder, John S, foreman H C Spaulding Co, h 311 W Sixth

Eldred, Harriet C, widow John C, druggist, 210 S Main, h 212 do

Eldred, Jessie C, bds 210 S Main

Eldridge Lake Hotel, Michael L Sullivan prop, 115 West Side ave

Elkins, Frank W, machinist, h 523 Penna ave

Ellett, Fritz S, machinist, bds 523 William

Ellett, John D, emp telephone exchange, bds 523 William

Ellett, Henry E, student, bds 523 William

Ellett, Joseph H, jeweler, bds 523 William

Ellett, William Y, asst engineer and supt fire alarm E F D, h 523 William

Elliott, Eva, bds 751 E Market

Elliott, Fannie A, musician, bds 131 Lormore

Elliott, Frand D, lawyer Masonic Temple, bds 215 Dewitt ave

Elliott, Fred, teamster, bds 107 W Second

Elliott, Fred W, clerk, h 365 S Main

Elliott, George W, shipping clerk, 354 State, h 215 Dewitt ave

Elliott, H Ward, clerk, 122 W Water, bds 7 Eldridge pl

ELLIOTT, HENRY W, druggist, 432 Penna ave, h do

Elliott, James, decorator, h 131 Lormore

Elliott, James, sec Manattan Club, bds 106 W Market

Elliott, James, shipping clerk, Barton & Wheadon, bds 951 E Market

Elliott, John, h 214 High

Elliott, John J, clerk, 124 W Water, bds 214 High

Elliott, Margaret D, widow Isaac, h 859 E Market

Elliott, Sadie B, musician, bds 131 Lormore

Elliott, Sophia A, teacher, bds 131 Lormore

Elliott, Thomas D, h 901 Penna ave

Elliott, Walter V, dentist, 148 W Water, h 316 E Church

Elliott, Warren A, emp rolling mill, h 755 Linden pl

Ellis, Carrie H, dressmaker, 214 Vine, bds do

Ellis, Daniel J, brakeman D L & W R R, h 708 German

Ellis, Francis A, mgr The Facts Printing Co, h 313 High

Ellis, Harry W, toolmaker, bds 214 Vine

Ellis, Mabel F, clerk, 13 Advertiser bldg, E Market, bds 313 High

Ellis, Peter B, painter, h 119 Horner

Ellis, S Jane, widow Alonzo, h 214 Vine

Ellis, Stephen T, blacksmith, h 509 Dewitt ave

Ellis, Stephen W, horseshoer, 443 E Market, bds 509 Dewitt ave

Ellis, Willis S, emp LaFrance shops, h 721 Erie

Ellison, Charles, laborer, h Kingsbury ave

Ells, Catharine, emp Stearns silk mill, bds 660 Lake

Ells, Eliza A Mrs, h 660 Lake

Ells, Elizabeth, dressmaker, bds 818 Lincoln

Ells, George, bicycle repair shop, 712 Lake, h 660 1/2 Lake

Ells, George F, tinsmith, 712 Lake, h 660 1/2 do

Ells, James B, machine repair shop r 901 Lake, h 814 Lincoln

Ells, James P, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 660 Lake

Ells, Mary A, emp Stearns silk mill, bds 660 Lake

Ells, Morvaldian, emp Stearns silk mill, bds 660 Lake

Ellsworth, E Ralph, paper hanger, h 12 Eldridge pl

Ellsworth, Josephine Mrs, dressmaker, 12 Eldridge pl

Elmendorf, George, painter, h 450 Riverside ave

Elmendorf, Marietta, rooms 634 W Water

Elmendorf, Mary A Mrs, school supplies, 450 Riverside ave

Elmendorf, Mary E, widow Oliver, bds 504 Sullivan

Elmendorf, Milton M, painter and paper hanger, h 659 W Third

ELMENDORF, VITRUVIUS, wall papers, painter, paper hanger, paints, oils, varnish, &c, 320 Carroll, h 711 W Water

Elmendorf, William M, baggagemaster D L & W R R, h 504 Sullivan

Elmer, George W, h 403 Dewitt ave

Elmira Academy of Medicine, 152 Baldwin

ELMIRA ADVERTISER ASSOCIATION, Seymour Dexter pres, A B Sliter vice-pres, H S Thayer treas, J R Colburn sec and gen'l mgr, publishers Elmira Advertiser, job printers and book binders, 100 and 102 Lake

ELMIRA ADVERTISER BOOK BINDERY, Elmira Advertiser Association propr, 100-102 Lake

ELMIRA ARMS CO, J N Willys mgr, bicycles, sundries and sporting goods, 143 1/2 W Water

Elmira Base Ball Association, H C Smith treas, Realty bldg

ELMIRA BEEF CO, E G Crowell mgr, Railroad ave n Erie Depot

Elmira Boat Club, 315 W Water

Elmira Boiler Works, Campbell & Richards, 213 to 217 Railroad ave

ELMIRA BRASS AND IRON WORKS, I B Coleman prop, 210-215 Railroad ave

Elmira Brewing Co, R Allert prop, 112 Lake

ELMIRA BRIDGE CO, limited, Robert Grimes pres, Walter Hawxhurst vice-pres, W S McCord treas, E E Buchanan secy, E Miller

ELMIRA BUILDING COMPANY, Leon H Drake pres, Ray Tompkins vice-pres, Seymour Dexter treas, W T Campbell sec and mgr, 205 Robinson bldg

Elmira Building Loan Association, (The) D R Pratt treas, 200 Robinson bldg

ELMIRA BUSINESS AND SHORT HAND SCHOOL, A J Warner pres, J W Roberts prin short hand department, S A Warner prin business depart, 219 W Gray

ELMIRA CHAIR CO, John B Keeler mgr, Southport

Elmira Cap Manufacturing Co, H Miller prop, 204-208 E Water

Elmira Carriage Works, George W Broas prop, 110 E Church

ELMIRA CHINA COMPANY, A Gregory and Kate E Walter proprs, 120 W Water

ELMIRA CITY CLUB, 320-322 E Church cor Lake

Elmira City Hospital, r Court House

Elmira City Morgue, r court house

Elmira College, N Main cor W Washington ave

Elmira & Cortland Branch Auburn Division L V R R, depot E Fifth cor Baldwin

ELMIRA CROCKERY STORE, Anna Van Buskirk and Fannie E Laney proprs, S H Laney mgr, crockery and glassware, 200 E Water and Market cor William

ELMIRA EVENING NEWS CO, publisher of the Evening News, 106 Lake

ELMIRA EVENING STAR, Copeland & Woodford publishers, Nicks cor Exchange pl

ELMIRA ELECTRIC WORKS, G H Young prop, 216 Railroad ave

Elmira Farmers Club, 1153 Hoffman

Elmira Free Academy, Charles W Evans prin, Lake cor E Clinton

Elmira Fire Brick and Stoneware Works, E Ward Farrington prop, 900 E Church

ELMIRA GAS AND ILLUMINATING CO, C G Rasmus pres, John M Diven sec and treas, Charles F Uebelacker gen'l mgr, Realty bldg

ELMIRA GAZETTE CO, Royal R Soper treas and mgr, publishers Elmira Gazette and job printers, 104-106 Lake

Elmira Glass Cutting Co, B F Levy sec, 158 Fox

ELMIRA HARNESS AND COLLAR FACTORY, manufrs of harness and horse collars, also sole manufrs of the Holden storm aprons, M H Arnot propr, W Chalmers Peebles mgr, Madison ave cor E Fifth

ELMIRA HEIGHTS WATER WORKS CO, J B Rathbone pres, John A Reynolds vice-pres, H H Hallock treas, W W Cole supt, 120 E Water


ELMIRA & HORSEHEADS RAILWAY CO, Carl G Rasmus pres, J M Diven sec and treas, C F Uebelacker gen mgr, Realty bldg

Elmira House, J W Brink & Son proprs, 105 State

ELMIRA ICE COMPANY, (limited) L Duhl mgr, 149 W Water

ELMIRA ICE CREAM CO, William Amberg mgr, 603 Lake

ELMIRA ILLUMINATING CO, C G Rasmus pres, John M Diven sec and treas, Charles F Uebelacker, gen'l mgr, Realty bldg

ELMIRA ILLUMINATING CO, The power station C F Hewitt Supt, 620 Madison ave

ELMIRA ILLUMINATING CO, gas stove department Geo. B Griffin mgr, 154-156 Baldwin

ELMIRA INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION, M H Arnot pres H H Hallock sec, 120 E Water

Elmira Loan and Security Association, The M J Gladke Sec and Treas, 101 E Water

ELMIRA LUMBER CO, M H Arnot prop, D F Stull Mgr lumber shingles lath &c, 199 E Washington ave

Elmira Mechanic's Society, J E Larkin treas, 323 Carroll

ELMIRA MESSINGER SERVICE, W H Owen mgr, Baldwin cor Carroll

Elmira Model Works, J R Smith and J T Young proprs, electrical and bicycle repairs, 122 and 124 Railroad ave

ELMIRA MONUMENT WORKS, Ed A Thomas prop Walnut cor Tompkins

ELMIRA MUNICIPAL IMPROVEMENT CO, C G Rasmus pres Frank R Ford vice-pres John M Diven sec and treas C F Uebelacker genl mgr 2nd floor Realty bldg Lake cor E Market

ELMIRA OIL WORKS, (Standard Oil Co of N Y) J Monroe Shoemaker mgr, head of Stowell

ELMIRA OXIDE PAINT CO, H O Chambers mgr manuf paints, varnish and dryers, 722 Baldwin

ELMIRA PAPER CO, A Gregory and Kate E Walter proprs, 120 W Water

ELMIRA PORTRAIT CO, THE S C Woodside prop, H M Daggett mgr, 603 W Fourth

ELMIRA REALTY CO, Edward L Smith Towanda, Pa pres J H Pierce sec U M Fell Towanda, Pa treas Realty bldg

ELMIRA SADDLERY CO, M A Hills treas and mgr harness trunks &c, 206 E Water

ELMIRA SAW WORKS, A H Volbrecht prop 114 to 120 E Church

Elmira Savings Bank The, Thomas S Flood pres Jesse L Cooley vice-pres John M Diven 2nd vice-pres, E L Wyckoff treas, Chas B Brooks, sec, 126 E Water

Elmira School of Commerce, S C Estey propr, 114, 117 and 119 W Water

ELMIRA SCHOOL OF ENGRAVING, F H Rees instructor, 335 E Water

ELMIRA SEWER PIPE AND FIRE BRICK CO, (Chas M Lee and William E Lee), William E Lee manager Railroad ave cor E First

Elmira Skirt Co, 150 Fox

ELMIRA STEAM CORPET CLEANER, Roach & Fishler proprs, 310 State, office, 305 Carroll

ELMIRA STEAM DYE WORKS, N Abrahamson prop, 434 436 E Water

ELMIRA STEAM MILLS, Leon H Drake prop, 623-625 Railroad ave

ELMIRA STEEL CO, C R Beard of Phila pres, H L Cheney sect and treas, John McFadden supt, 122 Hatch

ELMIRA SUNDAY TELEGRAM, The Telegram Printing Co publishers, E Market cor Exchange pl

ELMIRA TEA STORE, Thomas Carr prop 330 W Fifth

ELMIRA TELEPHONE CO, W Levis Burk mgr, 406 Realty bldg

Elmira Tennis Club, Hoffman bet W Third and W Clinton

ELMIRA WALL PAPER CO, O W Bumpus mgr, 325 E Water

ELMIRA WATER WORKS CO, Carl G Sasmus pres Frank R Ford vice-pres, John M Diven sec & treas C F Uebelacker gen'l mgr, Realty bldg

ELMIRA WATER WORKS CO, filter plant, reservoir n Hoffman

ELMIRA WATER WORKS CO, pumping station, Winsor ave opp Hoffman

ELMIRA WIRE WORKS, C Bantley prop, 527 E Fifth

Elmore, Florence L, bds 507 Ivy

Elmore, Henry T, clerk N C freight office, bds 109 W Chemung pl

Elmore, LaVerne, bds 507 Ivy

Elmore, May T, school teacher, bds 109 W Chemung pl

Elmore, Orville T, grocer, 1055 Walnut, h 507 Ivy

Elmore, Thaddeus W, h 109 W Chemung pl

Elston, Anna, widow Jasper, h 255 Lyon

Elston, Charles C, carpenter and builder, 504 Spaulding, h do

Elston, D Wallace, driver Elmira Brewing Co, h 602 E Church

Elston, Elizabeth A Mrs, h 117 Caldwell ave

Elston, Elva A, teacher No 1 school, bds 258 Baldwin

Elston, Emily G, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 456 Oak

Elston, Fred M, clerk, 242 W Water, bds 529 do

Elston, Freeman A, butcher, rooms 258 Baldwin

Elston, Harvey, emp Electric Light Co, bds 410 Mathews

Elston, Herbert K, emp Kertscher & Co, h 410 Mathews

Elston, James C, h 456 Oak

Elston, Jonas S, engineer Erie R R, h 356 W Fifth

Elston, Margaret M, emp mattress factory, bds 556 E Third

Elston, Marenus S, creamery, 242 W Water, h 529 do

Elston, Mary E Mrs, bds 1201 Lake

Elston, Samuel V, farmer, h 556 E Third

Elston, Sara A, bds 556 E Third

Elston, Stephen V R, popcorn Lake n Market, h 703 Columbia

Emanuel Protestant Episcopal Church, Rev Lawrence B Thomas, pastor, Aspen Ridge cor Penna ave

Emanuel, Louise, widow Edward, h 105 E First

Emanuel, Promise L, clerk, 144 W Water, bds 105 E First

Emblen, Charles P, paperhanger, bds 357 Norton

Emblen, Jasper W, carpenter, h 357 Norton

Emblen, Lewis H, painter and paperhanger, h 1153 College ave

Emblen, Thaddeus W, bookkeeper, bds 357 Norton

Emerson, Charles N, engineer N C Ry, h 122 W Henry

Emerson, Frederick N, fireman N C Ry, h 126 W Henry

Emerson, Lois E, bds 122 W Henry

Emerson, Mary J, bds 122 W Henry

Emerson, Sarah H, bds 122 W Henry

Emily, Mary, student, bds 1001 Lake

Emke, Pauline, bds 304 West Side ave

Emke, William, cabinetmaker, h 304 West Side ave

Emmert, Charles, emp Bridge Co, h 56 Luce

Empey, James R, motorman Maple ave R R, h 111 E Hudson

EMPIRE LAUNDRY, F M Barnum propr, 110 W Water

EMPIRE SPRING BED WORKS, Charles F Lilley mgr, 112 1/2 W First

Emptage, Hanna Mrs, domestic, 605 W Clinton

Enck, Augustus H, carpenter, h 361 W Second

Enck, Charles H, barber, bds 361 W Second

Engel, William, barber, 210 W Hudson, h do

Engell, Wilhelmina B, widow Otto C, bds 456 Maple ave

Engle, J Harold, com trav, bds 675 W Clinton

Engle, John, com trav, h 675 W Clinton

Englebreck, Helen G, student, bds 114 E Chemung pl

Englebreck, John C, harnessmaker, h 114 E Chemung pl

English, Judson B, emp bridge works, bds 131 1/2 W Hudson

English, William J, laborer, h 705 S Broadway

Ennis, Belle, widow Chester C, dressmaker, 6 Metzger bldg, h do

Ennis, John J, painter, h 558 Magee

Ennis, Laura A, clerk, 201 E Water, bds Metzger block

ENNIS, LLEWELLYN L, bookkeeper, 206 Steele Memorial bldg, h 629 Winsor ave

Ennis, Oscar, emp bridge works, h 111 W Miller

Ennis, W Benjamin, bds 111 W Miller

Ennis, William, emp bridge works, bds 111 W Miller

Enright, James J, saloon, 160 Lake, h 413 Partridge

Enright, Michael, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 705 E Second

ENSIGN, FREDERICK V, manuf display hooks, hair pins and metal novelties, 68 Sly, h 138 E Chemung pl

Ensley, Frank L, fireman N C Ry, h 361 Lyon

Ensworth, George B, bookkeeper, 109 Lake, h 109 Magnolia

Ensworth, Hariph A, engineer N C Ry, h 516 Balsam

Ensworth, Joseph W, harness manuf, 420 E Water, h 509 do

Eppler, Hannah Mrs, h 104 W Fifth

Epps, Melinda, bds 519 Gradwell

Epstein, Dora, widow David, bds 115 Harriet

Epstein, Israel C, merchant tailor and clothier, 1132 Lackawanna ave, h 157 Dewitt ave

EPSTEIN, JACOB, clothier and jeweler, 402 E Water, h 110 Sullivan


Erhart, William, emp Doane & Jones Lumber Co, h 1107 Magee

Erickson, Andrew, laborer, h 902 Grand Central ave

Erie R R passenger depot, Railroad ave cor W Third

ERIE RAILROAD FREIGHT OFFICE, E Fifth bet Railroad ave and State

Ersly, Aurilla, widow Warren, bds 609 Flood

Ersly, Charles M, emp N Y S Armory, h 609 Flood

Ersly, Ella, bds 571 Coburn

ERSLY, FRED, (Ersly & Molter), 114 E Church, h 607 Flood

ERSLY & MOLTER, (Fred Ersly and J D Molter) bicycle sundries and repairers, 114 E Church

Ervay, Fred, emp Erie freight house, bds 1319 Pratt

ERVIN, JOHN, mgr S X Metzger & Son Co, 419 to 423 Main, h 419 Walnut

Ervin, John C, brakeman Tioga div Erie R R, bds 729 S Main

Ervin, Lucy Mrs, domestic, 508 W Clinton

Ervin, Mary E, dressmaker, bds 729 S Main

Ervin, Patrick, laborer, h 720 S Main

Ervin, Robert J, driver, 419 Main, bds 419 Walnut

Eschenburg, Dora, widow Frank, bds 903 Oak

Eschenburg, Henry D, painter, 908 Oak, h do

Eskey, Tony, brakeman, bds 658 Baldwin

Espey, Daniel M, night officer Reformatory, h 420 W Fifth

Espey, D Clarence, clerk, 204 E Water, h 651 Lake

Espey, Eliza, widow Daniel, h 716 Benjamin

Espey, Harry, bds 657 Lake

Espey, John H, dept plumber E F D, h 212 Brand

Espey, John M, plumber, bds 657 Lake

Espey, Lizzie, domestic, 414 Lake

Espey, Thomas, fireman, h 657 Lake

Espey, William T, instructor Reformatory, bds 757 Lake

Esselstine, Alvira, widow Benjamin, h 1114 Walnut

Esselstine, Josephine, bds 1114 Walnut

Esselstine, Lida, bds 1114 Walnut

ESTABROOK, FRED T, dealer in high grade pianos, teacher piano and harmony and tuner, 519 W Gray, h do, telephone 812

Estabrook see Eastabrook

Estey, Clarence J, salesman Chase-Hibbard Milling Co, h 424 W Gray

Estey, Sherman C, prin School of Commerce, 115-119 W Water, h 424 W Gray

Ettleson, Asher, bootblack, h 118 Sullivan

Ettelson, Dorothy, dressmaker, bds 502 E Clinton

Ettelson, Louis, second hand furniture, 502 E Clinton, h do

Ettelson, Marie, bds 502 E Clinton

Ettelson, Rose, bds 502 E Clinton

Ettenberger, Frank, h 1004 Sullivan

Ettenberger, George, moulder, h 1000 1/2 Sullivan

Ettenberger, John, iron moulder, bds 716 S Main

Etz, Jennie B, widow Fred C, dressmaker, 309 W Clinton

Etz, Mary M, widow Charles C, h 309 1/2 W Clinton

EUSTACE, A C & J P, lawyers, 334 E Water

EUSTACE, ALEXANDER C, (A C & J P Eustace), 334 E Water, h 401 Maple ave

Eustace, Christopher, h 401 Maple ave

Eustace, Jennie A, actress, h 401 Maple ave

EUSTACE, JOSEPH P, (A C & J P Eustace), 334 E Water, h 401 Maple ave

Eustick, Charles, clerk, bds 309 S Main

Evans, Anna C, stenographer, 7 Advertiser bldg, bds 463 W Second
Evans, Arthur J, carpenter, h 346 Irvine pl

Evans, Burt, emp rolling mill, bds Franklin Hotel

Evans, Charles G, wagon maker S s Penna ave n Bulkhead, bds do

Evans, Charles W, fireman, h S s Penna ave n Bulkhead

Evans, Charles W, prin Elmira Free Academy, h 501 1/2 Grove

Evans, Clark, fireman D L & W R R, h 307 Crescent

Evans, David R, emp rolling mill, bds Franklin Hotel

Evans, Darby S, emp bridge works, h r 100 E Hudson

Evans, E Leroy, laborer, bds S s Penna ave n Bulkhead

EVANS, EDGAR F, contractor and builder, 365 Wallace, h 369 do

Evans, Evan J, engineer, h 463 W Second

Evans, Evangeline J, bds 103 Bloomer ave

Evans, Ezra J, emp bridge works, h 513 Erie

Evans, Fred, cigarmaker, h 313 E Market

Evans, George D, city assessor and carriage maker, 450 E Water, h 111 Catharine

Evans, Hiram, laborer, h r 955 Oak

Evans, J Newton, blindmaker, bds 103 Bloomer ave

Evans, James T, emp rolling mill, h 103 Bloomer ave

Evans, Jennie L, stenographer City Court, bds 463 W Second

Evans, John H, engineer D L & W R R, h 404 Crescent ave

Evans, Joshua W, tel opr, 150 Baldwin, bds 103 Bloomer ave

Evans, Lloyd B, painter, 452 E Water, h 110 Dewitt ave

Evans, Nathan, carpenter, h Kingsbury ave

Evans, Nelson H, switchman E & H R R, h 216 Caldwell ave

Evans, Richard H, brakeman Erie R R, h 108 Harmon

Evans, Sarah M, bds 111 Catharine

Evans, Thomas, emp rolling mill, bds Franklin Hotel
Evans, Thomas A, emp Payne shops, h 13 Home

Evans, Thomas J, tinner, bds 103 Bloomer ave

Evans, William, emp rolling mill, bds Franklin Hotel
Evans, William H, cigarmaker, h S s Penna ave n Bulkhead

Evening Star The, Copeland & Woodford proprietors, Nicks cor Exchange pl

Evens, Jacob L, cabinet maker, 244 W Water, bds 361 W Gray

Everhart, Bessie, bds 416 Carroll

Everard, Mary, bds 555 Grove

Everett, Abram P, carpenter, h 726 Kinyon

Everett, Anna M Mrs, emp Lovell's shirt factory, h 611 Magee

Everett, Charles E, laborer, 611 Magee

Everett, Hattie, domestic, bds 1451 Caton ave

Everett, Jacob L, real estate, 308 E Water, h 653 Euclid ave

Everett, Myrtle L, bds 611 Magee

Everett, Samuel E, farmer, bds 653 Grove

Everitt, Josiah D, deliveryman, h 114 Spring

Everts, Harry C, com trav, 211 Baldwin, bds 326 W Fifth

Everts, William L, carpenter, h 902 W Gray

Evertts, Charles, sashmaker, h West Hill

Evertts, Floyd L, bds West Hill

Evertts, Joseph J, foreman Fitch, Aldrich & Bush, h 518 Ivy

Evertts, Willet, foreman Fitch, Aldrich & Bush, h 503 Oak

Ewald, John, barber, 414 E Water, h 622 1/2 Winsor ave

Ewald, Katie E, bds 622 1/2 Winsor ave

Ewing, Alexander L, com trav, h 206 William

Ewing, De Fay, fireman N C Ry, bds 616 Penna ave

Ewing, Effie P, bds 616 Penna ave

Ewing, Harry C, com trav, bds 206 William

Ewing, Jacob L, student, bds 206 William

Ewing, Lorenzo D, foreman bridge dept N C Ry, h 616 Penna ave

Ewing, Mattie A, bds 206 William

Ewing, Stephen C, clerk N C Ry shop office, h 215 W Hudson

Ewing, Thomas H, fireman N C Ry, bds 616 Penna ave

Excelsior Bottling Works, J J Fitzmartin prop, 209 1/2 W Water

EXCHANGE HOTEL, Jacob Kolb prop, 513 Railroad ave

Eyres, John B, harnessmaker, h 955 Walnut


Fabian, Sebastian, gardener, h 209 Horner

Fabinski, August C, machinist, h 18 Home

Fabinski, Frank, laborer, h 706 1/2 Benjamin

Fabinski, Frank Jr, harnessmaker, bds 706 1/2 Benjamin

Fabinski, John M, cigarmaker, bds 706 1/2 Benjamin

Fabinski, Mary, candy maker, bds 706 1/2 Benjamin

Fabinski, Nora, emp brush factory, bds 706 1/2 Benjamin

Fachner, Martin, laborer, h 308 E Fifth

Facts Printing Co (The), S C Estey sec and treas, F A Ellis mgr, publishers of The Defender and job printers, 13 Advertiser bldg, E Market

Fagan, John J, emp silk mill, bds West Side ave

Fahey, Edward H, train dispatcher Erie R R, h 501 W Clinton

Fahey see Fay

Fahr, Peter W, mailing clerk P O, bds 312 W Water

Fahr see Farr

Fairbanks, Charles R, clerk, h 712 Spaulding

Fairbanks, Loren P, conductor D L & W R R, h 1204 Lackawanna ave


Falck, Alexander D, student, bds 514 Lake

Falck, Frederic M, bds 514 Lake

FALCK, WILLIAM, treas and gen'l mgr LaFrance Fire Engine Co, h 514 Lake

Falsey, James M, bartender, 158 Lake, bds 316 W Seventh

Falsey, John S, clerk, 201 E Water, bds 316 W Seventh

Falsey, Joseph P, clerk, 200 W Fifth, bds 316 W Seventh

Falsey, Katharine C, domestic, 308 W Clinton

Falsey, Patrick, laborer, h 316 W Seventh

Fancher, Barney S, plumber, bds 705 E Market

Fanning, Bernard, laborer, bds 400 S Broadway

Faringer, Frank C, emp bridge works, h 720 Winsor ave

Farley, Anna, widow James, h 800 Madison ave

Farley, Bridget Mrs, dressmaker, h 854 Magee, h do

Farley, Bridget A, widow Matthew, h 416 Standish

Farley, Jerome B, h 854 Magee

Farley, John J, barber, 62 Penna ave, h 800 Madison ave

Farley, John, tinner, bds 416 Standish

Farley, Mary A, cook Homestead Hotel

Farley, Mary E, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 416 Standish

Farley, Mathew, laborer, bds 800 Madison ave

Farnam, Alanson E, brakeman D L & W R R, h 912 Lackawanna ave

Farnsworth, Ann M, widow Williard, bds 756 Spaulding

Farnum, Earl V, law student, 320 E Water, bds 357 W Second

Farr, Cyrus F, teamster, h 7 Sylvester

FARR, FREDERICK H, lawyer, 301 & 304 Robinson bldg, rooms 708 W Water

Farr, Ida, widow Abram, h 514 Perry

FARR, JOHN B, groceries, 472 W Second, h 452 W Third

Farr, Joseph, h 703 S Main

Farr, Mary, widow John, bds 656 Baldwin

Farr, Sarah, h 130 W Water

Farr, William M, emp bridgeworks, h 323 Division

Farr see Fahr

Farrar, Clara T, bds East ave

Farrar, Julia B, bds East ave

Farrar see Farrer

Farrell, Eleanor A, bds 661 Davis

Farrell, Francis, cigarmaker, bds 726 S Main

Farrell, Francis, emp hosiery mill, bds 519 William

Farrell, John, farmer, bds 735 Hopkins

Farrell, Marie, chambermaid Rathbun House

Farrell, Mathew, emp bridgeworks, h 735 Hopkins

Farrell, Thomas C, baggagemaster, h 309 Division

Farrer, Mary, widow John, housekeeper, 415 Euclid ave

Farrer see Farrar

Farrington, E Ward, fire brick &c, 900 E Church, h 511 Baldwin

Farrington, Susan M, widow James B, bds 455 W Water

Fasce, Fortunato, laborer, 105 E Washington ave

Fash, Andrew, bds 224 Caldwell ave

FASH, GEORGE W, Supt Metropolitan Life Ins Co, 305 Steele Mem'l bldg, h 224 Caldwell ave

Fasoro, Frank, laborer, h 109 W Fifth

Fassett, Benjamin, h 460 Franklin

Fassett, Bryant S, student, bds Strathmont, Hoffman

Fassett, Henry L, deputy U S marshal Steele Memorial bldg, h 460 W Church

FASSETT, J SLOAT, lawyer and banker, 406 E Market, h Strathmont, Hoffman

Fassett, Martha E, widow Newton P, h 460 W Church

Fassett, William, railroad carpenter, bds 656 Lake

Fassett see Faussett

Father Mathew Society, 206 E Gray

Faul, Catherine, teacher school No 8, bds 817 Johnson

Faul, David P, emp Eclipse bicycle works, bds 817 Johnson

Faul, Patrick, emp Erie roundhouse, h 817 Johnson

Faulkner, Stephen, laborer, h 612 Dickinson

Fausnaught, John H, tar walks, h 523 Harper

Fausnaught, John H Jr, motorman E & H R R, h 726 Lake

Fausnaught, Joseph E, laborer, bds 523 Harper

Faussett, James M, printer Advertiser, h 720 W First

Faussett see Fassett

Fay, Ann, dressmaker, bds 106 W Second

Fay, Clara, widow Cyrus W, h 104 Elm

FAY, EDWIN M, teller Merchants Natl Bank, bds 104 Elm

Fay, James, hotel 218 and 221 W Water, h 160 W Fifth

Fay, Jennie W, bds Palace Hotel

Fay, John E, h 315 Orchard

Fay, Laura E, bds 104 Elm

Fay see Fahey

Fean, Annie, widow Edward, h 712 Columbia

Fean, George F, agt Union News Co Erie depot, bds 812 Walnut

Fean, John R, clerk Union News Co Erie depot, bds 812 Walnut

FEAN, PATRICK, constable and collector, 106 Main, bds W Water bey limits

Fean, Robert T, blacksmith helper, h 812 Walnut

Fean, Thomas F, car repairer, h 615 Jay

Featherman, Barney, peddler, h 716 John

Featherman, Dora, emp tobacco factory, bds 115 Harriet

Featherman, Edgar G, clerk, 216 Baldwin, bds 459 Franklin

Featherman, Elwood L, brakeman, bds 459 Franklin

Featherman, Harriet E, bds 459 Franklin

Featherman, Hulda Mrs, grocer, 716 John, h do

Featherman, Isaac, peddler, h 115 Harriet

Featherman, Jacob, engineer N C Ry, h 459 Franklin

Featherman, Jennie, stenographer, bds 716 John

Featherman, Lillian, bookkeeper, bds 716 John

Feehan, Patrick H, emp Richardson shoe factory, h 406 Elm

Feehan, Peter H, stenographer, 406 Elm

Feeney, Catharine E, bds 412 Standish

Feeney, Johanna, widow Michael, h 412 Standish

Feeney, John, bds 813 Hathaway

Feeney, John, laborer, h 315 Hathaway

Feeney, Mary, widow John, bds 315 Hathaway

Feeney, Michael J, laborer, bds 412 Standish

Feeny, John J, cigarmaker, bds 912 Grand Central ave

Feeny, John W, cigars and tobacco, 173 Lake, h 313 Hathaway

Feeny, Luke, laborer, h 912 Grand Central ave

Feeny, Thomas, engineer D L & W R R, bds 317 Hathaway

Feeny, Thomas H, laborer, h 709 German

Felker, Robert, brakeman N C Ry, h 421 Herrick

Felter, Charles B, carpenter, Erie shops, h 1023 College ave

Felter, Erskine W, laborer, bds 1023 College ave

Felter, James E, fireman Elmira steel mills, bds 1023 College ave

Fennell, Bridget, bds Commercial Hotel

Fennell, Daniel L, train porter Hotel Rathbun, bds do

Fennell, George H Mrs, bds 325 Lake

Fennell, James, h 1174 Main

Fennell, James M, emp rolling mill, bds r 103 E Miller

Fennell, John, emp bridge works, bds r 103 E Miller

Fennell, Margaret, bds 1174 N Main

Fennell, Mary, widow Thomas, h r 103 E Miller

Fennell, Mary, domestic, bds r 103 E Miller

Fennell, Mary, student, Elmira College, bds Commercial Hotel

Fennell, Mary, waitress, 150 Main

Fennell, Mary E, laundress A O M Hospital

Fennell, Matthias F, student, bds Commercial Hotel

Fennell, Michael, emp bridge works, bds r 103 E Miller

Fennell, Simon, coachman, bds r 103 E Miller

Fennell, Stephen V, clerk, 108 W Water, bds 64 Franklin

FENNELL, T McCARTHY, prop Commercial Hotel, 601 Railroad ave and supt Public Works, City Hall.

Fennell, Theresa, clerk, 124 W Water, bds 64 Franklin

Fennell, Thomas F, lawyer, 334 E Water, bds 601 Railroad ave

Fennell, Thomas J, engineer La France shops, h 64 Franklin

Fennell see Finnell

Fenner, Charles, laborer, bds 945 E Church

Fenner, Edward B, barnman, bds 400 E Water

Fenner, Wilbur N, butcher, h 307 Tuttle ave

Fenstermacher, Alexander, prof Latin Elmira College, bds 756 Park pl

Fenstermacher, William A, prof language Elmira College, bds 756 Park pl
Fenton, Roger P, emp tannery, bds Buckbee House

Fenton, Thomas, foreman Sheeley's tannery, bds Hotel Smith

Ferenbaugh, Fydeles, carpenter, bds 722 W Third

Ferenbaugh, George C, laborer, bds 722 W Third

Ferenbaugh, Joseph C, carpenter, h 722 W Third

Ferguson, Bert, foreman N C Ry shops, h 404 Jefferson

Ferguson, Charles, trainman N C R R, bds 509 Jefferson

Ferguson, Charles P, laborer, bds 10 Pine

Ferguson, Christopher J, emp N C Ry shops, h 411 Herrick

FERGUSON, CLARENCE W, (W H Ferguson & Son) 131-133 W Water, h 524 W Gray

Ferguson, Eber B, clerk, 244 W Water, h 404 1/2 Sullivan

Ferguson, Edgar, emp Harris, McHenry & Baker, h 411 Powell

Ferguson, Effie M, student, bds 411 Powell

Ferguson, Florence W, bds 600 W Gray
Ferguson, Frank E, clerk, h 352 Euclid ave

Ferguson, Fred E, foreman Standard Account Co, bds 357 W Sixth

Ferguson, Harry A, bds 600 W Gray

Ferguson, Harry G, laborer, bds 411 Herrick

Ferguson, Heny H, variety store, 322 S Main, h do

Ferguson, Hettie, dressmaker, bds 357 W Sixth

Ferguson, Horton M, clerk, h 320 S Main