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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Herrington, Fred W, driver, h 213 Caldwell ave

Herrington, Frederick W, emp knitting mill, h 605 W Clinton

Herrington, Harry E, painter, h 413 Herrick

Herrington, Henry, switchman D L & W R R, h 955 1/2 Oak

Herrington, Maggie A, widow Chester, h 119 High

Herrington, Nellie K, clerk, 115 E Water, bds 302 W Water

Herrington, Sivilan, asst baggagemaster D L & W R R, h 955 Oak

Herrington, Walter, barber, bds 955 Oak

Herrington, William, cigar manufr, 959 Sullivan, h do

Herrington, William A, tel messenger, 150 Baldwin, bds 605 W Clinton

Herrington, Wilsey, lineman, bds 959 Sullivan

Herrington see Harrington

Hersey, Harry C, h 323 W Church

HERVEY, WILLIAM W, (Hamilton & Hervey), 104 Robinson bldg, h 303 S Main

Hess, Charles I, laborer, h 407 W Fourth

Hess, Elias D, brakeman D L & W R R, h 416 Standish

Hess, Hannah D Mrs, bds 235 Mt Zoar

Hess, Oscar E, laborer, h 706 Columbia

Hesselson, Barnet, peddler, h 124 Harriet

Hesser, Ernest J, telegrapher, bds 520 Fulton

Hesser, Thomas B, puddler, h 103 Stephens

Hessler, Madeleine J, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 373 E Center

Hetrick, Olden H, bookkeeper Elmira Lumber Co, rooms 625 Lake

Hevener, Carleton K, clerk, 314 E Water, h 109 Madison ave

Hevener, Jacob, grocer, 314 E Water, h 465 do

HEWITT, CHARLES F, supt The Elmira Illuminating Co, 620 Madison ave, h 310 E Church

Hewitt, Edward B, fireman N C Ry, bds 555 Franklin

Hewitt, Fay H, bds 555 Franklin

Hewitt, Michael, h 1404 Baldwin

Hewitt, Michael J, brakeman, h 1315 Grand Central ave

Hewitt, Thomas B, conductor N C Ry, h 555 Franklin

Hewitt, Thomas H, switchman D L & W R R, h 375 Thurston
Hibbard, Chester P, student, bds 660 Park pl

Hibbard, Edith, bds 1031 Hoffman

Hibbard, Elsa, bds 637 W Church

Hibbard, Flora V, domestic, 1053 Walnut

Hibbard, Gardner C, special Excise agt, h 497 Erie

Hibbard, Helen M, teacher Park Place school, bds 660 Park pl

HIBBARD, MILAN, vice pres Chase-Hibbard Milling Co, h 660 Park pl

Hibbard, Rachel B, widow Joseph, bds 719 Columbia

HIBBARD, THOMAS, County Clerk, County Clerk's Office, h at Horseheads

Hiby, Rogy, varieties, 369 Railroad ave, h 403 do

Hibye, Charles, peddler, bds 369 Railroad ave

Hickey, Hannah, widow Martin, h 103 W Henry

Hickey, John J, bartender, bds 302 High

Hickey, Margaret, stenographer, 323 Carroll, bds 103 W Henry

Hickey, Matthew W, emp The Telegram, h 652 Main

Hickey, Minnie E, bds 302 High

Hickey, Patrick, h 302 High

Hickok, Laura M, widow Daniel, boarding house, 310 Baldwin

Hickok, Nellie B, widow Stephen C, housekeeper, 620 Lewis

Hickok, Newton, painter, h 100 W Gray

Hicks, Jane A, widow John, bds 1201 Hall

Hicks, George W, agent, h 711 Casey

Hicks, Joseph S, painter, rooms 117 W Water

Hicks, Lillias, widow James, boarding house, 766 S Main

Hicks, William H, laborer, bds 713 Casey

Higgins, Ida, bds 718 Baldwin

Higgins, James E, com trav, h 501 Euclid ave

Higgins, John, h 366 Reformatory

Higgins, Julia, emp silk mill, h 718 Baldwin

Higgins, Kate, bds 718 Baldwin

Higgins, Margaret, seamstress, bds 718 Baldwin

Higgins, Mary, widow Patrick, h 215 Orchard

Higgins, Mary F, bds 215 Orchard

Higgins, Norman L, real estate, h 317 W First

Higgins, Philip, laborer, h 203 Crete ave

Higgins, William J, clerk, 111 E Water, bds 215 Orchard

Higgs, Caroline Mrs, bds 555 Coburn

Higgs, Ellen, dressmaker, bds 115 Harmon

Higgs, William, clerk C M & R Tompkins, h 555 Coburn

High Street Synagogue, 112 High

Hildreth, Casper D, templet maker, h Home cor Apple

Hildreth, Delos, laborer, h 513 High

Hildreth, Ellen C, dressmaker, rooms 215 Penna ave

Hildreth, George M, switchman N C Ry, h 751 S Main

Hildreth, F Judson, farmer, h 1187 Maple ave

Hildreth, L H, h 368 1/2 Diven ave

Hildreth, Nettie, emp knitting mill, h 753 Second

Hildreth, Paul R, switchman Erie yard, h 267 W Clinton

Hildreth, Theresa, teacher school No 7, bds 112 Catherine

Hildreth, Willard B, laborer, h 255 Tuttle ave

Hiler, John G, bds 904 Lake

Hilke, John W, clerk, 140 W Water, h 711 Grove

Hill, Alphonso A, carpenter, h 802 Copley

Hill, Amos T, clerk, 101 Robinson bldg, bds 119 Lake

Hill, Andrew J, conductor Maple ave R R, h 217 Lormore

Hill, Anna Laura, teacher, bds 403 W Water

Hill, Arnold B, ticket agent L V depot, h 115 Main

Hill, Charles A, veterinary surgeon, bds 807 East ave

Hill, Charles T, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1002 Hall

Hill, Clara D, widow George W, h 402 William

Hill, David, section foreman Erie R R, bds 425 Railroad ave
Hill, Emma E, emp Richardson shoe factory, bds 802 Copley ave

Hill, Ephraim, h W Second cor Walnut

Hill, Fannie, emp 503 Railroad ave

Hill, Franc E, widow Jerome S, h 215 Lormore

Hill, Frank G, motorman E & H R R, h 213 Dewitt ave

Hill, Fred C, emp bridge works, h 211 Austin lane

Hill, George, brakeman L V R R, bds 664 Columbia

Hill, George M, printer Advertiser, bds 418 Carroll

Hill, Inez F, emp knitting mill, bds 802 Copley

Hill, J Stewart, physician, 171 Baldwin, bds do

Hill, Jackson D, bds 217 Lormore

Hill, James W, h 561 E Church

Hill, John, h 1002 Hall

Hill, Joseph W, carpenter, h 314 S Broadway

Hill, Julia A, widow Henry, h 1422 Caton ave

Hill, Julius E, brakeman D L & W R R, h 377 Warren

Hill, Marion L, laborer, bds 313 E Market

Hill, Mary A, widow James, h 406 Powell

Hill, Menzo C, motorman, bds 1350 College ave

Hill, Morlan R, mason, h 794 Sullivan

Hill, Myrtle L, emp Richardson shoe factory, bds 802 Copley

Hill, Randolph P, conductor W S R R, h 403 W Water

Hill, Robert, carpenter, h 619 Davis

Hill, Robert S, clerk D L & W freight house, h 619 Davis

Hill, Seba A, laborer, h 259 1/2 Partridge

Hill, Sherman H, clerk post office, bds 403 W Water

Hillabrant, Cora L, bds 513 W Fourth

Hillabrant, H Madelia, bds 652 Park pl

Hillabrant, Kate A, h 513 W Fourth

Hillabrant, Melissa J, h 513 W Fourth

Hillary, Thomas J, car inspector, h 211 Sutton

HILLIKER, THEODORE A, (F & G Rundle & Co), bds 402 William

Hillis, Annie, domestic, 107 Hoffman

Hillis, William, fireman county jail, h 600 Sullivan

Hillis, William Jr, laborer, bds 600 Sullivan

Hillman, August, emp rolling mill, h 805 Railroad ave

Hills, Ernest A, clerk, 206 E Water, bds 55 S Main

Hills, Francis M, laborer, h 427 Balsam

Hills, Hattie A Mrs, dressmaker, h 1305 College ave

Hills, Horton F, wood carver, bds 427 Balsam

HILLS, MARTIN A, treas and mgr Elmira Saddlery Co, h 206 E Water

Hills, Moses B, laborer, h 1305 College ave

Hills, Orrin T, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Co, h 404 High

Hilsinger, James C, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Co, h 52 Monroe

Hilstein, Hilda, domestic, 723 W First

Hilton, Willis N, h 403 W Gray

Hinds, David A, com trav, bds 410 Main

Hinds, George L, teamster, h 410 Main

Hinds, William M, plumber, 129 W Water, h 110 Main

Hines, Alfred E, emp Barker, Rose & Clinton, h 160 Washington

Hines, Anna M, bds 307 William

Hines, Edward J, h 307 William

Hines, Frances E, emp Zera Compton, bds 307 William

Hines, Minnie M, bds 307 William

Hinkelman, Charles E, brakeman N C Ry shops, h 715 Hopkins

Hinman, Eugene, tinner, h 117 Brand

Hinman, Jacob, conductor D L & W R R, h 204 Park ave

Hinman, William W, stationery engineer, h 315 Mt Zoar

Hisserich, George A, barber, h 706 W Gray

Hitchcock, Fannie S, bds 501 Columbia

Hitchcock, George B, clerk, 112 W Water, bds 501 Columbia

Hitchcock, George S, h 501 Columbia

Hitchcock, Milo, clerk, 120 W Water, bds 501 Columbia

Hitchcock, Susie A, organist Grace Church, bds 501 Columbia

Hite, George W, h 900 Lackawanna ave

Hitt, Valentine M, baker, bds 50 1/2 Orchard

Hoag, Helen Elizabeth, teacher Greek and History Elmira College, bds do

Hoag, William, plumber, bds 714 German

Hoagland, Anna Mrs, h 426 W First

Hoagland, George W, barber, 360 Davis, h 409 Perry

Hoagland, Harry C, conductor D L & W R R, h 156 W Clinton

Hoagland, James, flagman N C Ry, h 536 Penna ave

Hoagland, Lyman, carpenter N C Ry shops, h 537 S Main

Hoagland, Nettie P, widow William, bds 713 Casey

Hobbs, Emma L, music teacher, 366 1/2 W Gray, bds do

Hobbs, Grace E, stenographer, 201 Robinson bldg, bds 366 1/2 W Gray

Hobbs, Mabel G, bds 366 1/2 W Gray

Hobbs, Mahlan E, conductor, h 1314 Grand Central ave

Hobbs, Oakes P, bookkeeper, 209 E Church, h 366 1/2 W Gray

Hobler, Louis A, janitor Academy, h 315 South ave

Hochlander, Della Mrs, bds 507 Dewitt ave

Hodge, Charles E, emp N C Ry shops, h 216 South ave

Hodges, Leverne, switch tender Erie R R, h 810 Davis

Hodgkins, Abel, mason contractor, h Sly n Penna ave

Hodgkinson, Henry, brass bedstead maker, h 455 E Third

Hoenig, Julius, peddler, h 159 Sullivan

HOFFMAN, E M & H N, florists and seedsmen, 116 Baldwin and W Clinton cor Hoffman

HOFFMAN, EDWARD M, (E M and H N Hoffman), adjutant general S N Y, h 681 W Clinton

Hoffman, Eloise E, h 528 W Water

Hoffman, Ernest, cooper, h 314 West Side ave

Hoffman, Frank, laborer, h 718 Holdridge

Hoffman, George W, farmer, h 603 Hoffman

HOFFMAN, HARRY N, (E M & H N Hoffman), 116 Baldwin

Hoffman, James H, moulder, h 319 South ave

Hoffman, John H, fireman D L & W R R, h 1016 Lake

Hoffman, LaFayette, bookkeeper, h 1893 College ave

Hoffman, Samuel, peddler, h 126 Sullivan

Hoffman, Sarah C, bds 603 Hoffman

HOFFMAN, WILLIAM, mgr, 132 E Water, h 810 W Gray

Hoftrup, Celia, domestic, 368 W Clinton

Hogaboom, Charles E, switchman N C R R, h 519 Penna ave

Hogaboom, Lena M, bookkeeper, 306 Realty bldg, rooms 415 Grove

Hogan, Anna C, music teacher, 222 Baldwin, bds do

Hogan, Catherine, widow Lawrence, h 166 Dewitt ave

Hogan, Catherine, widow Dennis, h 813 Railroad ave

Hogan, Catherine, widow William, bds 655 Magee

Hogan, Delia, bds 706 E Church

Hogan, Elizabeth A, bds 813 Railroad ave

Hogan, Frances, widow James, h 222 Baldwin

Hogan, James, stonecutter, h 654 E Market

Hogan, James H, bds 813 Railroad ave

Hogan, Johanna, bds 305 W Clinton

Hogan, John, bds 222 Baldwin

Hogan, John, emp Eclipse bicycle works, bds 706 E Church

Hogan, John, tallyman Erie R R, h 358 W Third

Hogan, John F, switchman D L & W R R, h 1410 Grand Central ave

Hogan, John M, street car conductor, h 305 W Clinton

Hogan, John T, bookkeeper, bds 156 W Washington ave

Hogan, John T, cigarmaker, rooms 906 N Main
Hogan, Josie F, tailoress, h 305 W Clinton

Hogan, Katie, dressmaker, bds 706 E Church

Hogan, Katharine G, teacher school No 8, bds 813 Railroad ave

Hogan, Patrick J, laborer, bds 803 1/2 Oak

Hogan, Nellie, teacher school No 8, bds 813 Railroad ave

Hogan, Margaret, widow John, h 706 E Church

Hogan, Margaret, widow Michael, bds 433 W Fifth

Hogan, Margaret, laundress, bds 706 E Church

Hogan, Mary, widow James, h 401 Davis

Hogan, Matthew (Hogan & Sullivan), 101 E Church, h 906 Main

Hogan, Thomas H, clerk, 329 E Water, bds 706 E Church

Hogan, William, tanner, bds 222 Baldwin

Hogan & Sullivan, (Matthew H and P C Sullivan) cigar manuf, 101 E Church

Hogancamp, John T, driver, 101 E Market, h 374 1/2 W Second

Hogancamp, Josie M, student, bds 532 Penna ave

HOGE, WILLIAM H, collecting agent McCormick Harvesting Machine Co, 656 State, h 416 Union pl

Hogg, Charles, laborer, bds 120 Horner

Hogg, Elizabeth, domestic, 320 Lake

Hogg, Fred L, steam fitter, h 120 Horner

Hogg, John, laborer, h 456 High

Hogg, John, plumber, bds 58 Monroe

Hogg, Louise, dressmaker, bds 456 High

Hogg, Maria, widow John, bds 456 High

Hogue, Mark E, guard N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Holbert, Henry H, emp LaFrance Co, rooms 356 W Gray

Holbert, Thomas, h 375 W First

Holcombe, Adda A, widow Ferdinand, h 467 Franklin

Holden, Herbert W, trav salesman, bds 706 S Broadway

Holden, Horace W, drugs and groceries, 706 S Broadway, h do

Holden, Martha A, widow James, h 407 W First

Holden, Ralph K, paper hanger, h 528 Main

Holdridge, Harrison, land agent, h 311 West ave

Holdridge, Kittie, h 143 W Water

Holiday, Byron B, grocer, 330 W Fifth, h 712 Columbia

Holiday, Byron B Jr, clerk, 328 W Fifth

Holiday, James G, bridge worker L V R R, h 204 Brand

Holiday see Halliday

Holland, Elizabeth, h 711 Dickinson

HOLLAND, REGINALD R, prop Model Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing Co, 202 E Water, h do

HOLLATZ, HERMAN, fireman, h 119 1/2 Harriet

HOLLATZ, JOHN, mason contractor, 126 Harriet, h do

Hollenbeck, Charles R, prop Queen City Oil Co, h 905 Lincoln

Hollenbeck, Charles S, machinist, bds 203 Boardman

Hollenbeck, Emily, widow James, h 425 Standish

Holleran, Abbie, widow Michael, h 916 Stowell

Holleran, Anna L, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 301 S Broadway

Holleran, Annie, emp Bartlett's brush works, bds 710 John

Holleran, Bridget, widow James P, bds 412 Standish

Holleran, Bridget, widow John, rooms 654 E Market

Holleran, Delia, emp knitting mill, bds 301 S Broadway

Holleran, John, fireman, h 916 Stowell

Holleran, John, hack driver, h 158 Washington

Holleran, John, laborer, bds 115 W Miller

Holleran, John, laborer, h 541 S Main

Holleran, John J, bill clerk C M & R Tompkins, bds 608 Walnut

Holleran, John R, janitor Strathmont, h 807 Johnson

Holleran, Josie, domestic, bds 513 Balsam

Helleran, Kate, bds 916 Stowell

Holleran, Margaret, widow James, grocer, 424 E Washington ave, h do

Holleran, Margaret S, domestic, 400 Lake

Holleran, Marie, cook Elmira College

Holleran, Martin P, conductor D L & W R R, h 374 W Fourth

Holleran, Mary, widow Michael, bds 205 Railroad ave

Holleran, Mary, widow Patrick, h 115 W Miller

Holleran, Mary, dressmaker, bds 424 E Washington ave

Holleran, Mary Mrs, h 419 Davis

Holleran, Matthew, bds 710 Johnson

Holleran, Michael J, conductor D L & W R R, h 333 W Seventh

Holleran, Nellie M, stenographer, 411 Realty bldg, bds 710 Johnson

Holleran, Patrick, fireman silk mill, h 719 E Washington ave

Holleran, Patrick, laborer, h 710 Johnson

Holleran, Patrick J, cigar maker, bds 115 W Miller

Holleran, Sarah, emp silk mill, bds 719 E Washington ave

Holleran, Stephen M, postal clerk, bds 608 Walnut

Holleran, Susie, widow Thomas, h 608 Walnut

Holleran, Thomas H, brakeman D L & W R R, h 426 Standish

Holleran see Halleran see Holloran

Holley, Edward A, laborer, h 213 Mt Zoar

Holley, Martha, widow Henry, bds 132 E Chemung pl

Holley, William I, conductor W S R R, bds 213 Mt Zoar

Holley see Holly

Hollis, John C W, laborer, h 518 Perry

Hollister, George M, horseshoer, 107 W Church, h 803 do

Hollman, Fred W, teamster, h 602 W Second

Hollon, Ida A, emp skirt factory, bds 510 E Church

Holloran, John, saloon, 701 Lake, h do

Holloran see Holleran and Halloran

Holly, Edna M, teacher school No 9, bds 301 South ave

Holly, Frank M, lineman N C Ry, bds 301 South ave

Holly, Samuel M, brakeman N C Ry, bds 301 South ave

Holly, Seth D, driver, bds 301 South ave

Holly, Seth E, baggagemaster N C Ry, h 301 South ave

Holly, Robert F, real estate and furniture, 335 E Water, h do

Holly see Holley

Holmes, Charles, laborer, bds r 666 Dickinson

Holmes, Charles L, milkman, h 601 Flood

Holmes, Charles M, brakeman N C Ry, bds 54 S Main

HOLMES, CLAY W, pres Hygeia Refrigerating Co, manuf Frostilla r 410 W Gray, h 410 do

Holmes, Edith, bds 318 W Gray

Holmes, Emma O, bds 54 S Main

Holmes, Frederick M, musician, h 117 College ave

Holmes, George M, painter, h 54 S Main, bds do

Holmes, Horace H, spring bed manuf, 659 College ave, h do

Holmes, James, clerk, 152 Baldwin, rooms 625 Lake

Holmes, Jonathan H, bds 110 Walnut

Holmes, Lemuel 2d, civil engineer, bds 318 W Gray

Holmes, Lemuel T, wholesale dry goods, 308 Carroll, h 318 W Gray

Holmes, Lewis, h 54 S Main

Holmes, Lindsay D, bds 318 W Gray

Holmes, Luzerne A, horse dealer, bds 301 1/2 W Clinton

Holmes, Mary A Mrs, china decorator, 505 Park pl, bds do

Holmes, Reuben F, carriage hardware, wholesale, 456 E Church, h 110 Walnut

Holmes, Robert A, com trav, 308 Carroll, bds 318 W Gray

Holt, Anna M, bds 227 W Miller

Holt, Edward C, laborer, bds 1412 Baldwin

Holt, William C, bds 1412 Baldwin

Holton, James W, bds 163 Dewitt ave

Holtz, Carl, tanner, h 5 Hanover

Holtz, Charles, h 7 Hanover

Holtzapple, Adam G, blacksmith N C Ry shops, h 513 Penna ave

Holtzapple, Arthur, clerk, h 238 Mt Zoar

Holtzapple, Edward B, printer, bds 513 Penna ave

Holtzapple, George W, baker, bds 313 South ave

Holtzapple, John E, emp N C R R shops, bds 313 South ave

Haltzapple, Mary M, widow Samuel, bds 513 Penna ave

Holtzapple, Samuel, boiler maker, N C R R shops, h 313 South ave

Holzheimer, Helen J, bds 461 E Water

Holzheimer, Louis, clerk, 141 E Water, h 461 do

Holzheimer, Nathan, clerk, 141 E Water, h 461 do

Holzheimer, S Joseph, merchant tailor, clothier, 141 E Water, h 461 do

Home for Aged, Mrs May S Harrower, matron, Grand Central ave, opposite Eldridge park

Homer, Mary J, widow William H, bds 417 W Clinton

Homer, William J, money order clerk P O, h 417 W Clinton

Homestead Hotel, F R McCoy, propr, 425-427 E Water

Hommel, Fraligh P, brakeman, h 700 Holdridge

Hommel, Harriet, widow John, h 700 Holdridge

Honan, Anna, emp knitting mill, bds 1015 N Main

Honan, Bridget, cook Delavan House

Honan, Margaret, cook Delavan House

Honan, Mary, emp knitting mill, bds 1015 N Main

Honan, Norah, maid, 368 W First

Honer, Anthony, stone cutter, h 915 E Market

Honscheid, William, machinist, h 717 Benjamin

Hood, Bowman O, brakeman, 329 E Center

Hood, Orin D, brakeman D L & W R R, h 1003 Pratt

Hooker, Archie S, clerk yardmaster's office Erie R R, h 366 W Third

Hooker, Clarence L, engineer, bds 366 W Third

Hooker, Edson B, baggagemaster Erie R R Depot, h 150 W Third

HOOKER, FRANK R, (Hooker & Dorr), 500 Main, h 318 W Third

Hooker, Olive F, widow Edson, dressmaker, h 113 Fox

HOOKER & DORR, (Frank R H & Charles H D), druggists, 500 Main

Hoolihan, Mary, domestic, 353 W Church

Hoolihan see Houlihan

Hooper, Charles W, city express, h 403 Madison ave

Hooper, Charles W, clerk, h 467 W Second

HOOPER, ELIZABETH M, physician & surgeon, sec Chemung Co Medical Society, office hours 8 to 9 pm, 1 to 3 pm, 467 W Second, h do

Hooper, Frank L, laborer, h 605 Beach

HOOVEN MERCANTILE CO, THE cigar mfrs, importers and packers of leaf tobacco, W H Ralyea mgr, 207-209 Baldwin

Hoover, Cynthia E Mrs, h 505 Baldwin

Hoover, Frank, motorman, h Grant

Hoover, Frederick, mattress maker, h 458 Tompkins

Hoover, George W, laborer, Grant near Davis

Hoover see Hauver, Hawver

Hope, Frank, glass cutter, h 106 Fox

Hope, James C, brakeman D L & W R R, h 206 Thurston

Hopkins, Angie, bds 908 Penna ave

Hopkins, Arthur, emp Erie R R, bds 408 Standish

Hopkins, Elizabeth, widow Thomas, h 515 Harper

Hopkins, Ernest S, bds 908 Penna ave

Hopkins, Henry F, billing clerk, 318 E Market, h 222 Baldwin

Hopkins, Irvin, h 908 Penna ave

Hopkins, Isaac N, jeweler, 115 W Water, h 362 Hoffman

Hopkins, Richard, clerk, 205 W Clinton, h 355 W Fourth

Hoppe, Charles, h 138 E Water

Hoppe, Marcus, checkroom attendant Hotel Rathbun, bds 108 Sullivan

Hoppe, Minnie, bds 108 Sullivan

Hoppe, Moses, laborer, bds 108 Sullivan

Hoppe, Nathan, h 108 Sullivan

Hopson, George, grocer, 613 Dickinson, h do

Hopson, Margaret, clerk, 613 Dickinson, bds do

Hopwood, Charles H, shoemaker, 605 1/2 Erie, h 604 Howard

Hopwood, Louise E, bds 604 Howard

Horacki, Nicholas, laborer, h 722 Dickinson

Horan, Beezie, domestic, 116 W Chemung pl

Horgan, Anna G, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 609 John

Horgan, Edward D, chief clerk division freight agent's office, room 5 Erie R R, bds 609 John

Horgan, George V, stenographer division freight agent's office, room 5 Erie R R, bds 609 John

Horgan, John D, trainman Erie R R, h 609 John

Horgan, Letitia, music student, bds 609 John

Horigan, Daniel, batteryman, 150 Baldwin, h 321 W Fourth

Horigan, Michael, lineman, h 505 College ave

Horigan, N Lizzie, maid, 361 W Clinton

Horigan, Nellie F, domestic, 213 College ave

Horigan, Thomas, driver, bds 417 Columbia

Horigan, Timothy J, saloon, 102 E Water, bds 417 Columbia

Horn, Andrew J, cooper, 121 E Second, h 562 Coburn

Horn, Anna M, milliner, bds 562 Coburn

Hornbeck, Annie, widow William, bds 1314 Lake

Horning, Mary L, widow Lewis, bds 954 East ave

HORROCKS, JOSHUA, (E L Mayo & Co), 202 Penna ave, bds 405 W Gray

Horsey, Hattie Mrs, bds 1122 Lake

Horton, A Jesse, clerk, 204 E Water, bds 264 Wallace

Horton, Alina E, bds 806 Holdridge

Horton, Alonzo P, laborer, h 712 Winsor ave

Horton Basket Machine Co, 210-212 Railroad ave

Horton, Blanche, bds 418 Carroll

Horton, Caroline, seamstress, rooms 105 Harmon

HORTON, CHARLES E, druggist, 151 Lake, h 615 W Church

Horton, Charles E, emp LaFrance shops, h 223 E LaFrance

Horton, Emmet, basket machine manufr, 210-212 Railroad ave, h 108 W Hudson

Horton, Fred E, laborer, bds 712 Winsor ave

Horton, George H, engineer Erie R R, h 359 Pomeroy pl

HORTON, GEORGE W, painter and paperhanger, 362 Fulton, h 360 Wallace

Horton, Georgia, sales agent, rooms 715 College ave

Horton, John T, clerk, 205 W Water, bds 702 1/2 W Gray

Horton, Joseph L, janitor Riverside Church, bds 122 Brand

Horton, Margaret B, widow Charles T, h 321 W Washington ave

Horton, Theodore, deliveryman, h 457 E Third

Hosley, Ann Mrs, h 920 Michigan

Hosley, David E, carpenter, h 634 W Water

Hostetter, Grace M, bds 716 S Main

Hostetter, Phianna C, widow William C, boarding house, 716 S Main

Hotaling, Hattie, widow Leroy, h 801 E Market

Hotchkin, Aurelia Gray, bds W Water bey limits

Hotchkins, Mary G, widow Samuel, bds W Water bey limits

Hotchkiss, Harry, laborer, h 1316 Pratt

Hotel Columbia, Daniel Burns propr, cor Diven and Grand Central ave

Hotel Grace, J A Theetge propr, 1893 Grand Central ave

HOTEL KLONDIKE, Timothy L Cronin propr, 673 Lake

HOTEL LANGWELL, J A & J H Causer props, State cor E Market

HOTEL RATHBUN, Kennedy & Tierney props, E Water cor Baldwin

HOTEL SMITH, C M Smith propr, 441 & 443 E Water

Hotel Snyder, H Snyder propr, 229 S Main

Hough, Francis J, (Hough & Hennessy), 204 Dewitt ave, h do

Hough, John A, (Hough & Landy), 103 Robinson bldg, h 113 Madison ave

Hough, Ulysses O, brakeman D L & W R R, h 373 Diven

Hough & Hennessy, (F J H and W D H), grocers, 204 Dewitt ave

Hough & Landy, (J A Hough and C A Landy), insurance, 103 Robinson bldg

Houghtaling, Albert P, insurance agt, h 129 E Hudson

Houghtaling, Eugene, teamster, h 53 George

Houghtaling, Gertrude R, bds 129 E Hudson

Houghtaling, Harry, bartender, bds 459 Falck

Houghtaling, Irving F, bookkeeper The Doane & Jones Lumber Co, bds 129 E Hudson

Houghtaling, John H, com trav, bds 366 Diven ave

Houlihan, Margaret, widow James, bds 266 W Henry

Houlihan, Timothy, iron moulder, h 315 Soper

HOULIHAN, TIMOTHY J, mgr The Chemung Coal Co, bds Frazier House

Houlihan see Hoolihan

Hourigan, Mary, domestic, 322 W Clinton

Hourihan, Cornelius, laborer, h 959 Davis

Hourihan, Nellie, domestic, 651 Euclid ave

Hourihan, Norah, cook, 360 W First

House, Oakley, tinner, 116 Lake, h 1323 do

Houts, Frank E, clerk, 121 Lake, h 309 1/2 West ave

Houts, Ophelia E, bds 309 1/2 West ave

Hovencamp, Esther A, widow Oliver P, h 703 Winsor ave

Hovencamp, John T, laborer, h 357 W Second

Hovencamp, William E, fireman pumping station Elmira Water Works, bds 703 Winsor ave

Hovey, C Arthur, carpenter, bds 718 College ave

Hovey, Minnie, laundress, Frazier House

Howard, Alice M, bds 815 Walnut

Howard, Amanda, widow Joseph, rooms 450 W Fifth

Howard, Catharine, widow William, h 216 Harmon

Howard, Charles H, coachman, h 423 Standish

Howard, Clarence, hostler, bds 423 Standish

Howard, Frank, deputy sheriff, sheriff's office Lake, bds 211 William

Howard, James E, clerk, 114 W Water, bds 704 E Clinton

Howard, John J, upholsterer, h 815 Walnut

Howard, Julia, widow Harry, h 658 Baldwin

Howard, Kate, widow William, h 216 Harmon

Howard, Lovisa, emp knitting mill, rooms 559 Grove

Howard, Mabel, h 143 W Water

Howard, Mary, dressmaker, bds 216 Harmon

Howard, Mary E Mrs, bds 704 E Clinton

Howard, May J, bookkeeper, 140 W Water, bds 815 Walnut

Howard, Phillip, laborer, h 212 Harmon

Howard, Rachael A, widow John, bds 711 Benjamin

Howard, Richard B, moulder, h 223 Mt Zoar

Howard, Robert, conductor N C Ry, h 206 W Henry

Howard, William, boiler maker, bds 108 W Washington ave

Howard, William P, clerk, 114 W Water, bds 380 1/2 W Clinton

Howe, Asa L, bds 641 Winsor ave

HOWE, CHARLES J, art goods, 144-146 E Water, h 456 Maple ave

Howe, Daisy M, emp brush factory, bds 508 E Clinton

Howe, Etta B, bookkeeper, 146 E Water, bds 119 Brand

Howe, Francis S, emp Rawson's greenhouse, h 641 Winsor ave

Howe, Frank J, com trav, 182 State, h 563 Grove

Howe, Harvey C, flour and feed mill, Penna ave n Bulkhead, h do

Howe, James G, roofer, bds 301 E Market

Howe, Jennie, seamstress, bds 510 Fitch
Howe, Jerome J, emp Perfect Laundry, h 827 E Second

Howe, Joseph H, h 119 Brand

Howe, LeRoy C, musician, bds 563 Grove

Howe, Levi, h 508 E Clinton

Howe, Mary J, bds 510 Fitch

Howe, Smith, teacher, h 769 Penna ave

Howe, William H, emp bridge works, bds 508 E Clinton

Howell, Chester E, bookkeeper, h 520 Hart

Howell, Daniel E, farmer, h 507 West Hill

HOWELL, F M & CO, (F M H and John Brand), paper and cigar box mfrs and printers, 79-87 Penna ave

HOWELL, FRED M, (F M Howell & Co), 79 Penna ave, h 313 do

Howell, Isaac, carpenter and builder, h 511 Fitch

Howe, Claire M, bds 317 Madison ave

HOWES, LORENZO, vice pres, Merchants Natl Bank, 109 W Water, h 317 Madison ave

Howes, Lucie Mrs, housekeeper, 318 William

Howes, William H, insurance, bds 909 Hoffman

Howland, Anna A, bds 359 Elm

Howland, Belle, milliner, bds 428 1/2 Balsam

Howland, Cassie, candy maker, bds 108 E Hudson

Howland, Charles, baker, bds 108 E Hudson

Howland, Essie May, bds 359 Elm

Howland, Howard C, h 359 Elm

Howland, Mary, widow Gordon, h 428 1/2 Balsam

Howland, Nellie P, teacher school No 2, bds 359 Elm

HOWLAND, REEVE B, (Adriance & Howland), 306 Lake, h 359 Elm; office hours 11 to 12 am and 3 to 4 pm

Howland, William D, marble polisher, h 108 E Hudson

Hoyt, Andrew H, clerk, bds 106 W Market

Hoyt, Elizabeth W, bds 220 Maple ave

Hoya, Louise, domestic, bds 161 Judson

Hubbard, Byron, carpenter, h 1316 Lake

Hubbard, Cecil J, special agt Postal Tel Co, h 668 Park pl

Hubbard, Cyrus C, draughtsman, h 453 Spaulding

Hubbard, Elvira, dressmaker, bds 1316 Lake

Hubbell, Amelia F, bds 315 W First

Hubbell, Charles B, clerk, 129 E Water, h 103 W Water

Hubbell, Helen L, student, bds 313 W First

Hubbell, R Louise, widow Samuel B Jr, h 313 W First

HUBBELL, SAMUEL B, furniture and undertaking, 129 and 131 E Water cor State, h 315 W First

Huber, Anthony, sausage maker, 164 Lake, h 119 W Henry

HUBER, PAUL, emp John Brand Co, bds 119 Henry

Huckell, Rozilla Mrs, h 518 Davis

Huckell, Walter E, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 518 Davis

Hudson, Abelbert, h 410 Baldwin

Hudson, Alonzo J, clerk, 108 W Water, h 762 E Market

HUDSON, CHARLES C, (Hudson & Hudson), 329 E Water, h 410 Baldwin

Hudson, Emma L, widow Alonzo, bds 655 E Church

HUDSON, FREDERICK A, (Hudson & Hudson), 329 E Water, h 610 W Water

Hudson, James A, elevator boy Rathbun House, rooms 655 E Church

Hudson, Marvin T, cigar clerk, Hotel Rathbun, bds 655 E Church

Hudson, Mary E, teacher school No 7, bds 142 E Chemung pl

Hudson, Mattie, teacher school No 3, h 142 E Chemung pl

HUDSON & HUDSON, (C C and F A), boots and shoes, 329 E Water

Huegel, Edmund G, patrolman, h 636 Winsor ave

Huff, Charles P, chief's driver E F D, h 215 E Gray

HUFF, JOHN W, manufr Dr Huff's remedies and Huff's pure flavoring extracts, 816 W Gray, h do

Huffman, William D, laborer, h 850 E Market

Hufford, Anna G, emp Elmira Telegram, bds 454 South ave

Hufford, Anna G, artist Telegram, bds 454 South ave

Hufford, Laura M, stenographer, bds 454 South ave

Hufford, Peter D, painter N C Ry shops, h 454 South ave

Hufford, Robert E, emp bicycle shop, bds 454 South ave

Huggler, Anna, domestic, 414 Baldwin

Hughes, Albert, laborer, bds 754 Linden pl

Hughes, Charles F, (Hughes & Sullivan), 418 Carroll, h 758 E Church

Hughes, Danniel C, piano repairer, 114 Baldwin, h 359 S Main

Hughes, Edith S, trained nurse, bds 411 W Sixth

Hughes, Edward J, blacksmith Erie shops, h 663 College ave

Hughes, Edward Jr, propr D L & W depot restaurant, h do

Hughes, Frank A, plumber, 165 Lake, bds 663 College ave

Hughes, Hattie F, maid, 208 Columbia

Hughes, Henry C, blacksmith, h 960 College ave

Hughes, John, bds 808 Oak

Hughes, John, emp tobacco factory, bds 823 Hatch

Hughes, John, laborer, bds 714 Baldwin

Hughes, Mary A, bds 663 College ave

Hughes, Michael H, brakeman, bds 823 Hatch

Hughes, Minnie A, bds 663 College ave

Hughes, Patrick, emp rolling mill, h 823 Hatch

Hughes, Sarah E, widow Thomas, h 716 Oak

Hughes, Spencer B, com trav, h 503 Franklin

Hughes, Thomas, laborer, h 754 Linden pl

Hughes, Thomas B, tinner, h 106 W Chemung pl

Hughes, William, emp tobacco factory, bds 823 Hatch

Hughes, William A, fireman Erie R R, h 418 W Second

Hughes & Sullivan, (C F Hughes and D Sullivan), undertakers, 418 Caroll

Hughson, Cora, widow William H, h 104 W Second

Hughson, Jessie, bds 258 W Hudson

Hughson, Frank W, tinner, 304 S Main, h 104 W Second

Hulbert, Burr, reporter Evening Star, h 704 Benjamin

Hulbert, Frank, emp Electric Light Co, bds 617 Lake

HULBERT, HENRY H, vice-pres La France Jewelry Co, 100 W Water, h 356 W Gray

Hulbert, Mary J, widow George, h 704 Benjamin

Hulbert see Hurlbut

Hulett, Mary E, widow Joseph, h 365 Davis

Hull, Byron O, flagman D L & W R R, h 428 Standish

Hull, Elmer E, switchman Erie R R, h 308 W Third

Hull, Frank W, steel worker, bds 202 W Gray

Hull, Grace, h 210 W Water

Hull, Mary A B, widow Andrew, h 310 W Church

Hulslander, Clarinda, widow David, h 712 Hopkins

Hulslander, Helena, silk weaver, bds 712 Hopkins

Hultz, Herman C, puddler, bds 103 Stephens

Humiston, Charles E, carriage painter, h 806 Madison ave

Humiston, Edward, carriage painter, bds 806 Madison ave

Humiston, Kittie L, maid, 358 Main

Humiston, Louise C, widow David W, housekeeper, 509 Perine

Humiston, Walter, barber, h 806 Madison ave

Hummell, Charles G, saloon, 309 Carroll, h 123 W Hudson

Hummell, Gottleib, h 718 Columbia

Humphrey, Fred B, clerk N C freight office, bds 217 W Henry

Humphrey, John, cabinetmaker, h 701 E Second

Hungerford, Benjamin J, lineman, bds 305 W Clinton

Hungerford, Charles E, motorman E & H R R, h 663 Lake

Hungerford, Harrison E, carpenter, h 718 W Third

Hungerford, Judson, engineer D L & W R R, h 1107 Lake

Hungerford, Oliver N, fireman D L & W R R, bds 1200 Lackawanna ave

Hungerford, Stephen, teamster, h 305 W Clinton

Hunn, Alice W, caterer, bds 404 Lake

Hunn, David L, h 404 Lake

Hunn, Herbert J, asst sec Y M C A, bds 404 Lake

Hunn, Jessie S, teacher, bds 404 Lake

Hunt, Alfred, rooms 117 W Water

Hunt, Charles W, roll turner, h 860 Main

Hunt, Charlott, widow James, bds 423 W Fourth

Hunt, Fannie, widow Norton, h 618 Penna ave

Hunt, Felicia N Mrs, h 705 E Market

Hunt, Frank M, (Hunt & Kelley), h 609 E Church

Hunt, Frank M, brakeman N C R R, bds 469 South ave

Hunt, Fred C, emp Chase-Hibbard Milling Co, h 203 Hoffman

Hunt, George M, blacksmith, h 372 Reformatory

Hunt, Ira J, clerk, 208 W Water, bds 203 Hoffman

HUNT, JOHN H, (Hunt & Brown), 117 Hoffman, h 726 W Gray

Hunt, Menton, harnessmaker, bds 219 Sullivan

Hunt, Samuel D, roll turner, h 423 W Fourth

HUNT & BROWN, (J H Hunt and O M Brown), meat market, 117 Hoffman

Hunt & Kelley, (F M H and E J K), extract manufrs Union pl cor E Second

Hunter, Charles, emp F M Howell & Co, h 266 Wallace

Hunter, Delmar M, machinist, h 42 Jefferson

Hunter, Frank S, foreman F M Howell & Co), h East ave

Hunter, Gertrude, bookkeeper, 87 Penna ave, bds Cleveland ave bey limits

Hunter, Harvey N, emp F M Howell & Co, h Cleveland ave bey limits

Hunter, John B, lumber scaler, h 225 Franklin

Hunter, Lewis F, draughtsman Elmira Bridge Co, bds 360 W Church

Hunter, Lida J, foreman F M Howell & Co, bds 313 Penna ave

Hunter, Lottie, widow Henry, h 333 Railroad ave

Hunter, Maria, widow Harvey, bds 313 Penna ave

Hunter, Mary L, widow Samuel, h 605 Beach

HUNTINGTON, CHARLES E, plumbing, heating and gas fitting, 127 W Water, h 374 W First

Huntington, Nathaniel, cigars and tobacco, 205 W Water, rooms 243 do

Huntley, Daniel L, blacksmith, h 216 Lormore

Huntley, Ella R, rooms 419 Grove

Huntley, George A, hotel clerk, bds Buckbee House

Huntley, Harriet C Mrs, h 356 S Main

Huntley, Hosea H, bds 356 S Main

Huntley, John E, machinist, h 5 Sylvester pl

Huntley, Marie E, housekeeper, 531 W Water

Hurd, Clara V, bds 355 Euclid ave

Hurd, Grace L, clerk, bds 518 Balsam

HURLBUT, CHARLES F, (Compton & Hurlbut) (Compton, Hurlbut & Babcock), 170 Lake, h 627 W Church

Hurlbut see Hulbert

Hurleman, G A, foreman bds 214 College ave

Hurley, Ann L, milliner, bds 323 Roe ave

Hurley, Bridget, bds 107 Connelly ave

Hurley, Daniel J, clerk, 117 Main, bds 323 Roe ave

Hurley, Dennis, peddler, h 1010 Magee

Hurley, Elizabeth, milliner, 128 W Water, bds 307 South ave

Hurley, Elizabeth, bookkeeper, bds 207 Connelly ave

Hurley, James, laborer, bds 107 Connelly ave

Hurley, Johanna S, widow John, h 207 Connelly ave

Hurley, John, emp rolling mill, h 706 E Fifth

Hurley, John, teamster, 121 E Second, h 859 Davis

Hurley, Jonn H, policeman, h 405 High

Hurley, John J, plumber, bds 207 Connelly ave

Hurley, John M, machinist, h 78 Penna ave

Hurley, Lawrence, h 107 Connelly ave

Hurley, Lawrence Jr, bricklayer, bds 107 Connelly ave

Hurley, Lottie Mrs, photographer, 220 W Water, h 553 Franklin

Hurley, Mary, domestic, 364 W First
Hurley, Mary E, dressmaker, bds 307 South ave

Hurley, Michael, emp rolling mill, h r 553 1/2 E Second

Hurley, Michael J, brakeman D L & W R R, h 1005 N Main

Hurley, Michael J, clerk, 143 E Water, bds 202 Connelly ave

Hurley, Nellie, bookkeeper Rathbun House, bds do

Hurley, Nora, widow Daniel, h 307 South ave

Hurley, Patrick, laborer, h 323 Roe ave

Hurley, Patrick F, mason, bds 207 Connelly ave

Hurley, Randall B, blacksmith, bds 107 Connelly ave

Hurley, S Lott, painter, h 523 Franklin

Hurley, Timothy, saloon & grocer, 1001-1003 N Main, h do

Hurley, Timothy, tel messenger, 150 Baldwin, bds 1010 Magee

Hurley, Timothy Jr, clerk, 1003 N Main, bds 1001 do

Hurley, William, musician, bds 1001 N Main

HURTH, ARMAND, stoves, furnaces, roofing and tinware, 120 Main cor W Market, h do

Hurlimann, Gustave A, emp silk mills, bds 214 College ave

Huslander, Margaret, widow John, h 425 Partridge

Hussard, John, puddler, bds 807 Lake

Husted, Burt, buttermaker, bds 1199 Grand Central ave

Hustedd, Francis L, clerk, 1119 Grand Central ave, bds do

HUSTED, J W & CO, (G M Diven 2d) hats, furs and furnishing goods, 102 W Water and 107 Railroad ave

HUSTON, JOHN W, (John W Huston & Co), 102 W Water, h 614 Park pl

Hutchinson, Arthur C, emp Erie freight house, h 370 W Fourth

Hutchinson, Charles E, supt letter carriers P O, h 623 Lake

Hutchinson, Frederick J, tinsmith, h 137 E Hudson

Hutchinson, Gasper C, blacksmith, h 370 W Fourth

Hutchinson, Margaret, emp skirt factory, bds 506 John

Hutchinson, Margaret, weaver, bds 418 W Second

Hutchinson, Mary C, widow Edwin, bds 623 Lake

Hutchinson, Ralph F, student, bds 623 Lake

Hutchinson, Weller V, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, h 423 W Third

Hyatt, George L, carriage maker State near E Gray, h 709 E Market

Hyde, Bertha Mrs, 710 Benjamin

Hyde, Frank A, cashier Barker, Rose & Clinton Co, bds 310 Webber pl

HYDE, FRANK H, Wholesale lumber and coal, 605 Railroad ave, h 310 Webber pl, telephone 303 X

Hyde, Harriet L, bds 310 Webber pl

Hyde, John W, mail agent Tioga Division Erie R R, h 715 E Church

Hyder, Sylvia, domestic, 402 W Water

HYGEIA REFRIGERATING CO, Clay W Holmes pres, G W Shoemaker sec and treas, Floyd M Shoemaker vice pres and gen'l mgr, cold storage warehouse and artificial ice, 100-104 Ferris

Hyland, Daniel, emp rolling mill, h 106 W Sixth

Hyland, May, bds 106 W Sixth

Hylen, William L, h 304 Baldwin

Hynes, Bertha, domestic, 456 E Clinton

Hynes, E James, shoemaker, 964 Oak, h do


Ilott, Eliza Mrs, housekeeper, Hotel Langwell

Ilot, William, foreman Hotel Langwell, bds do

Imperial Wine Co, F M Fletcher propr, 218 W Water

Impson, Betsey, widow John, bds 1016 Tenienti

Impson, Elijah, mason, h at Carr's Corners

Impson, Elisha C, mason, h 1016 Tenienti

Impson, Elizabeth, widow John, bds 1016 Tenienti

Industrial School and Free Kindergarten, 463 E Church

Ingersoll, Lucius E, clerk, 135 E Water, bds 108 Fox

Ingersoll, William D, h 313 Washington

Ingham, Adelaide E, widow George, h 205 Caldwell ave

Ingham, Helen B, bds 207 W Sixth

Ingham, Jean V, bds 207 W Sixth

INGHAM, JOHN Q, architect, 112 Lake, h 207 W Sixth

Ingmire, Thomas L, gilder, h 260 W Chemung pl

Ingraham, Clark S, druggist, 105 E Water, h 374 1/2 W Gray

Ingraham, George O, student, bds 374 1/2 W Gray

Ingraham, Howard M, clerk, 104 W Water, bds 374 1/2 W Gray

Ingraham, William M Jr, com trav, h 1002 Lake

INKSATER, FRANK, (John Brand & Co), h 110 Catharine

Inman, Sarah, bds 7 Symonds pl

INNES, CHARLES A, (Innes, Danks & Co), 124 W Water, h 451 do

Innes, Helen J, bds 607 W Church

INNES, DANKS & CO, (C A Innes and J H Eastgate) dry goods, 124 W Water

Inscho, Abel, bds 1302 Lackawanna ave

Inscho, Ada L, teacher school No 1, bds 713 E Water

Inscho, Darius, hostler, bds 504 E Church

Inscho, Obadiah, bds 713 E Water

Insco, Martin, engineer N C Ry, h 62 Franklin

Internal Revenue Office, Masonic Temple

Irlanborn, Gertrude, widow Casper, bds 717 Benjamin

Irvin, Emery O, h 704 W Third

Irvin, Ira I, brakeman L V R R, bds 621 Penna ave

Irvine, Elizabeth, widow Robert, domestic, 454 W Clinton

Irvine, Lena H, bds 301 Irving pl

Irvine, Orville G, trav salesman, h 301 Irvine pl

Irvine, Phoebe J, widow William, bds 915 College ave

Irwin, Emory, bds 404 W Third

Irwin, Fred M, fireman N C Ry, h 519 Jefferson

Irwin, Israel M, laborer, h 702 1/2 S Broadway


Jack, William H, car repairer N C Ry, h 606 Yale

Jackson, Charles L, laborer, h 622 Baldwin

Jackson, David R, fireman N C Ry, Yale cor Southport

Jackson, Douglas, laborer, h 1316 Baldwin

Jackson, Emma, h 1316 Baldwin

Jackson, Frank L, clerk C M & R Tompkins, h Horseheads

Jackson, George W, clerk, 110 Main, h 7 Metzger bldg, 205 W Third

Jackson, Ida, domestic, 500 Union pl

Jackson, J Harvey, druggist, 328 E Water, bds Buckbee House

JACKSON, JAMES L REV, pastor Bethel A M E Church, h 653 Dickinson

Jackson, James N, laborer, h 1113 Ovid

Jackson, Jay J, deliveryman, h 640 W Gray

Jackson, Lewis, driver, h 622 Baldwin

Jackson, Lorenzo D, carpenter, h 602 E Church

Jackson, M, servant, 302 W Fifth

Jackson, Mary E, bds Mt Zoar bey limits

Jackson, Octavius H, farmer, h Mt Zoar bey limits

Jackson, Sarah E, widow John, h 606 Baldwin

Jackson, William, bookkeeper, bds 109 E First

Jacob, Adam, (Jacob & Wenz), 538 Penna ave, h 619 do

Jacob & Wenz, (Adam J and William F W) meat market, 538 Penna ave

Jacobs, Catharine M E, widow Henry, h 621 Baldwin

Jacobs, Cecilia M, bds 521 Baldwin

Jacobs, Edgar, teamster, h 521 Baldwin

Jacobs, John W, janitor, h 508 Dewitt ave

JACOBS, JONAS, physician and surgeon, physician to the actor's fund, office and residence, 251-253 Baldwin, hours until 9 am, 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 pm, tel 277

Jacobus, John H, foreman Armstrong, Mather & Wood, h Wall bey limits

Jacobus, William D, watchmaker, 136 W Water, rooms 413 N Main