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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Gallivan see Galavan see Gallavan

Galvin, John, car inspector N C Ry, h 551 S Main

Galvin, Michael, switchman Erie yard, h 711 Railroad ave

Gamer, William, meat market, 120 S Main, h 263 W Chemung pl

Gamewell, Edward B, clerk, bds W Water n city limits

Gamewell, John C, tailor, h W Water n city limits

Gamewell, Theodore, clerk, 315 E Water, h W Water bey city limits

Gamlin, Herman, laborer, h 767 E Fifth

Gamper, Madeleine, dressmaker, bds 156 1/2 Sullivan

Gannan, Michael J, conductor D L & W R R, h 703 Pattinson

Gannett, Charles E, brakeman L V R R, h 351 1/2 E Fifth

Gannon, Francis, clerk, h 221 W Miller

Gano, James W, bds 406 Madison ave

Ganoung, Austin C, agent Met Life Ins Co, h 833 E Second

Ganoung, Charlotte A, widow Charles C, h 453 W Water

Ganung, George V, foreman Telegram, h 421 W Third

Ganung, Lottie M, stenographer, 510 Robinson bldg, bds 453 W Water

Ganung see Genung

GARAHY, BARTHOLOMEW, coal and wood, 513 Park pl, h 806 Main

Garbarino, Charles, peddler, bds 907 Grand Central ave

Garbarino, Vincent, peddler, h 907 Grand Central ave

Garber, Samuel K, telegrapher, h 520 Fulton

Gardiner, Frank H, printer, h 358 Lyon

Gardiner, Susan G, widow Abram, bds 510 Park pl

Gardinier, Robert H, bookkeeper, 415 E Water, h 312 Baldwin

Gardner, Ai, teamster, h 801 W Church

Gardner, Carl, clerk, bds 715 W Water

Gardner, Charles, emp N C shops, h 717 Casey

Gardner, E B Mrs, furnished rooms, 413 E Church, h do

GARDNER, EDWARD B, mgr Eagle Bottling Works, 420 Carroll, h 416 E Church

Gardner, Edward S, trav salesman, bds 154 W Clinton

Gardner, Frank E, laborer, bds 717 Casey

Gardner, Fred H, barber, h 760 E Fifth

Gardner, Gertrude, h 452 W Church

Gardner, H Louise, student, bds 622 W Water

Gardner, Henry, coachman, 115 College ave, bds do

GARDNER, HENRY, (Gardner & McCann), 148 W Water, h 622 do

Gardner, Henry J, cigar maker, bds 374 S Main

GARDNER, HERSCHEL L, lawyer, acting city judge, 501 Robinson bldg, bds 660 N Main

Gardner, Horatio, emp Kertcher & Co, h 953 Lincoln

Gardner, James E, guard N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Gardner, Jane F, widow James L, bds 660 N Main

Gardner, Josephine H, bds 615 Penna ave

Gardner, Lillian, waitress, 119 Lake, bds do

Gardner, Lysander B, h 612 E Water

Gardner, Mary W Mrs, hair dresser, 434 E Water, h do

GARDNER & McCANN, (H Gardner and J McCann) meat market, 148 W Water and 104 Main

Gardner, Nelson W, fireman N C Ry, h 519 Balsam

Gardner, Otis H, lawyer, 405 Robinson bldg, h 712 E Church

Gardner, Wallace A, barber, 600 S Main, bds do

Gardner, Walter E, lunch wagon, bds 434 E Water

Gardner, William, farmer, bds 624 Mt Zoar

Gardner, William F, emp bridge works, h 469 Powell

Gardner see Gartner

Garey, Charles S, law student, bds Elmira Heights

Garland, Margaret C, emp knitting mill, bds 706 E Second

Garlock, Charles F, fireman N C Ry, bds 462 South ave

Garlock, Ella, h 139 W Water

Garner, John, emp rolling mill, bds Franklin Hotel

Garrett, Harry B, fireman Erie R R, bds 510 Columbia

Garrett, James T, clerk 107 E Water, bds 212 W Gray

Garritt, Annie Mrs, h 943 E Church

Garritt, Olive C, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 943 E Church

Garrison, A R Mrs, nurse, h 624 Penna ave

Garrison, Addison D, emp bridge works, h 105 W Miller

Garrison, Albert R, watchman J Richardson & Co, h 624 Penna ave

Garrison, Albert, engineer D L & W R R, h 410 Maxwell pl

Garrison, Everett F, flagman D L & W R R, h 708 Linden pl

Garrison, Almeran, engineer D L & W R R, h 410 Maxwell pl

Garrison, Charles B, carpenter N C Ry, h 415 Balsam

Garrison, Edward, flagman D L & W R R, h 708 Linden pl

Garrison, Elias, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 410 Maxwell pl

Garrison, Frank, brakeman Erie R R, rooms 459 E Church

Garrison, James, porter 425 Railroad ave, bds do

Garrison, Joel D, emp Hooven Mercantile Co, h 415 Grove

Garrison, Leila O, bds 624 Penna ave

Garrison, Roy H, clerk, 119 E Water, bds 131 W Henry

Garrison, Verne, student, bds 624 Penna ave

Gartenschlager, Charles, tailor, h 609 Dickinson

Gartenschlager, Charles J, bookbinder, 100 Lake, bds 609 Dickinson

Gartenschlager, William, meat cutter, 850 Lake, bds 609 Dickinson

Garthwait, Frank J, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush, h 224 Dewitt ave

Gartland, Alice N, bds 316 Madison ave

Gartland, Amelia J, student, bds 316 Madison ave

Gartland, Anna, widow James H, h 316 Madison ave

Gartland, Fanny L, bds 316 Madison ave

Gartland, Nellie M, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 316 Madison ave

Gartland, Thomas H, bds 316 Madison ave

Gartner, Edna V, emp knitting mill, bds 657 E Market

Gartner, Laura L, widow William H, h 657 E Market

Gartner see Gardner

Garvey, John, h 508 1/2 Park pl

Garvey, John P, blacksmith N C Ry shop, h 542 S Main

Garvey, Catherine I, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 542 S Main

Garvey, Mary, waitress, 352 Main

Gary, Edward, emp N C Ry shops, bds 207 South ave

Gascoigne, Clarence E, clerk post office, h 512 Spaulding

Gaskill, Emma H, emp knitting mill, bds 317 Roe ave

Gaskill, Leonora A, emp knitting mill, bds 317 Roe ave

Gaskill, Lorentus J, carpenter, h 317 Roe ave

GATELY, EDWARD, (Gately & Gray), 244 W Water, h West Newton, Mass

GATELY & GRAY, (E Gately and R R Gray) furniture, carpets and installment dealers, 244 W Water

Gates, Bertha, bds 662 Columbia

Gates, Delia E, widow George M, h 399 W Water

Gates, Frank, emp Swift Lubricator Co, h 724 W First

Gates, George H, sale stables, 662 Columbia, h do

Gates, Guy P, wood turner, h 358 Norton

Gates, Harriet L, school teacher, bds 399 W Water

Gates, Henry P, com trav, bds 399 W Water

Gates, Lewis C, h 407 W Water

Gates, Margaret, laundress, h 206 W Hudson

Gates, Marcus A, bds 502 Franklin

Gates, Michael, fireman, h 813 Jay

Gates, Peter, laborer, h 811 Jay

Gates, Peter J, emp bridge work, h 206 W Hudson

Gates, Ruth S, student, bds 960 Walnut

Gates, Stuart S, horse dealer, h 309 W Fifth

Gates, Thomas S, instructor N Y S Reformatory, h 960 Walnut

Gaughan, Patrick, saloon, 508 Main, h do

Gavin, Mary, propr New England Kitchen Masonic Temple, bds 654 Main

Gaylord, Frederick W, machinist, bds 463 Falck

Gaylord, Katherine, widow Asher, h 413 1/2 W Water

Gaylord, Sarah, widow Sanford, 463 Flack

Gaynor, John E, engineer D L & W R R, h 1105 Lake

Geagan, Catherine, h 461 Powell

Geantz, Frederick J, florist, h 818 1/2 W Gray

Geary, Jessie, opr J Richardson & Co, bds 312 W Gray

Geary, Patrick J, foreman Richardson's, h 312 W Gray

Geary, Waldo E, shoecutter, bds 312 W Gray

Geary, William T, st car conductor, bds 312 W Gray

Gebbie, Margaret, widow James, bds 457 Sullivan

Geberear, Martin, h 948 1/2 Johnson

Gedder, Hartley H, laborer, h 503 Sullivan

Geer, Albert L, switchman D L & W R R, bds 600 E Church

Geer, Elmer E, emp bridge works, h 561 Thompson

Geer, Glen L, musician, h 243 W Water

Geer, Guy R, wood turner, h 264 W Chemung pl

Geer, Ida B Mrs, bookkeeper, 201 W Clinton, h 264 W Chemung pl

GEER, JOE H, city editor Advertiser, h 411 W Gray

Geer, Josephine, widow Stewart, bds 264 W Chemung pl

Geer, Marion M Mrs, dressmaker, h 105 College ave

Geer, Sarah Mrs, furnished rooms, 220 W Water

Geer see Gere

Geesa, Augusta A, emp silk mill, bds 710 Sullivan

Geib, Carl, carpenter, h 753 Harper

Geiger, Elizabeth, dressmaker, bds 653 1/2 Lake

Geiger, Frederick, tailor, h 653 1/2 Lake

Geiger, Katherine, candymaker, bds 653 1/2 Lake

Geiger, Louise, clerk, bds 653 1/2 Lake

Geisenhoff, Joseph, cigar mfr, 415 E Market, h 213 Home

Geisser, Camille, drughtsman, h 601 Mt Zoar

Geist, Edwin M, brakeman N C R R, bds 213 Vine

Geist, James H, painter N C R R shops, h 714 Delaware

Geist, Joseph, painter, bds 212 W Miller

Geist, Margaret J, bds 714 Delaware

Gekofkie, Jessie, domestic, 459 Maple ave

Genewicz, Joseph, emp bridge works, h 837 Canal

Genger, Carrie Mrs, bds 457 E Water

Genger, Francis, stone cutter, h 959 Oak

Genger, Frank J, pressman Gazette, bds 959 Oak

Genger, Henry, clerk Telegram, bds 959 Oak

Genger see Yenger

Germarelli, Antonio, laborer, h 715 Casey

Genung, Charles A, emp Elmira Water Works Co, h 456 Spaulding

Genung, Frank C, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush, h 522 High

Genung, Fred A, painter, h 1316 Hall

Genung, Josephine, widow Dewitt C, bds 522 High

Genung see Ganung

Geofrida, Santo, shoemaker, 402 Walnut, h 404 do

George, Arthur, teamster, bds 1314 Pratt

George, Hettie Mrs, bds 1117 Abbott

George, Jeremiah, shoe repairer, 715 Dickinson, h do

George, Louise, domestic, 200 Madison ave

George, Otto, teamster, h 1314 Pratt

George, Rebecca, bookkeeper Telegram, bds 356 W Gray

Georgia, Ada E, teacher school No 4, bds 409 Baldwin

GEORGIA, CARRIE W, (C M Georgia & Co), 1051 Walnut, 1051 1/2 do

GEORGIA, CHARLES A, (Georgia & Bishop), 104 Exchange pl, h 709 E Church

GEORGIA, CHARLES M, (C M Georgia & Co), 1051 Walnut, h do

GEORGIA, C M & CO, (Charles M and Carrie W Georgia), groceries and provisions and city sales agents for the Horseheads Creamery Co's products, 1051 Walnut, Telephone 218

GEORGIA, DAVID L, butter and cheese maker, h 1051 1/2 Walnut

Georgia, Harry D, student, bds 607 Tuttle ave

Georgia, Roswell S, machinist, h 607 Tuttle ave

GEORGIA & BISHOP, (C A Georgia and C W Bishop) electrical wiring and contracting, 104 Exchange pl

Gerard, Adam, bds 851 E Church

Gerald, Anna E, dressmaker, bds 851 E Church

Gerard, Anthony, laborer, h 716 German

Gerard, Charles, tanner, h 304 Sullivan

Gerard, George, laborer, bds 716 German

Gerard, Herman, printer, bds 716 German

Gerard, Jacob, saloon, 851 E Church, h do

Gerard, Jacob E, brickmaker, bds 304 Sullivan

Gerard, Kate, bds 716 German

Gerard, Kate, domestic, 608 Maple ave

Gerard, Mary, bds 851 E Church

Gerato, John, laborer, h 1136 1/2 Magee

GERBER, CHARLES, grocery and saloon, 600 E Church, h do

Gerber, Nellie K, student, bds 600 E Church

Gere, Fred C, laborer, bds 377 Norton

Gere, Frank L, brakeman D L & W R R, h 955 Pratt

Gere, William R, laborer, bds 377 Norton

Gere see Geer

GERITY BROTHERS, (W S and A C) wholesale and retail druggists, 126 Lake cor Caroll

GERITY, EMMA C, (Gerity Brothers), 126 Lake, h 258 Baldwin

Gerity, George C, clerk, 126 Lake, bds 415 William

Gerity, Martin T, student, bds 415 William

Gerity, Thomas, contractor, h 511 Baldwin

Gerity, Thomas C, student, bds 258 Baldwin

GERITY, WILLIAM S, (Gerity Brothers), 126 Lake, h 415 William

German, Fannie, domestic, 510 W Gray

German, John R, machinist, bds Hotel Smith

Germond, Charles W, clerk, 121 Baldwin, bds 380 W Clinton

GERMOND, STEPHEN D, agent Wells, Fargo & Co's Express, 121 Baldwin, h 380 W Clinton

Gerould, Charles P, agt Prudential Ins, h 508 Perine

Gerould, Flora, artist, bds 354 1/2 S Main

Gerould, Grace, music teacher, bds 354 1/2 S Main

Gerow, A Denton, bookkeeper, 316 Carroll, bds 206 College ave

Gerow, Emma E, bds 503 Park pl

Gerow, Gardner A, master machinist E F D, h 503 Park pl

Gerow, Greene M, butcher, h 206 College ave

Gerow, Mary H, bds 503 Park pl

Gerow, Sanford M, clerk, 318 Carroll, bds 206 College ave

Gerwin, Martin G, clerk, 114 W Water, h 659 E Water

Gethins, Anna L, teacher school No 1, res Horseheads
Gethins, William S, switchman N C R R, h 105 Delaware

Geurry, Jeremiah, carpenter, bds 724 Benjamin

Gianetti, Trodoro, laborer, h 825 Canal

Gibbons, Frank P, emp Erie car shops, bds 861 Davis

Gibbons, John, emp rolling mill, bds 861 Davis

Gibbons, Nellie, bds 861 Davis

Gibbons, Thomas, h 861 Davis

Gibbons, William F, emp bicycle works, h 1314 Lackawanna ave

GIBBONS, WILLIAM H, pres Lovell Shirt Co, 111-115 Railroad ave, buyer 301 E Water, h 510 W Third

Gibbs, Anna E, domestic, bds 711 Benjamin

Gibbs, Anna M, bds 209 E Gray

Gibbs, Benjamin R, tar walk layer, h 220 Maple ave

Gibbs, Eber N, bds 734 Harper

Gibbs, Edith M, dressmaker, 202 Penna ave, h 734 Harper

Gibbs, Edward S, clerk, bds 220 Maple ave

Gibbs, Fannie L, stenographer, 519 Railroad ave, bds 220 Maple ave

Gibbs, George V, clerk, h 310 E Fifth

Gibbs, Holbert, caller D L & W R R, bds 220 Maple ave

Gibbs, James E, carpet layer, bds 710 Baldwin

Gibbs, James E, clerk, bds 734 Harper

Gibbs, Lucius S, printer, h 734 Harper

Gibbs, Martha, bds 220 Maple ave

Gibbs, Mary, widow Levi, h 316 W First

Gibbs, Simon, machinist, h r 116 S Main

Gibbs, Thomas M, street car conductor, bds 209 E Gray

Gibbs, Thomas O S, horseshoer, 209 E Gray, h do

Gibbs, William, emp Payne's shops, bds 114 W Miller

Gibbs, William H, bottler, h 232 Brand

Gibson, A Fowler, h 409 Baldwin

Gibson, Belle, waitress Buckbee House

Gibson, Edward, laborer, h 666 Dickinson

Gibson, Frank, student, bds 453 Franklin

Gibson, Fred, farm implements, 305 Carroll, rooms 117 W Second

GIBSON, JUDSON A, lawyer, 301 to 304 Robinson bldg, h 351 W Church

Gicker, Roy, emp soap factory, bds 308 E Clinton

Giesa, August F, laborer, h 710 Sullivan

Giesa, Herman A, laborer, bds 710 Sullivan

Gifford, Eugene, cigarmaker, h 361 1/2 W Second

Gilbert, Adelbert, bds 111 W Chemung pl

Gilbert, Anna L, domestic, rooms 357 Columbia

Gilbert, Charles B, emp H C Spaulding Co, bds r 659 College ave

Gilbert, Daniel D, painter, h 723 Hopkins

Gilbert, G Winifred, student, bds 403 W Church

Gilbert, George C, agt Met Life Ins Co, h 204 E Gray

Gilbert, Gerrit R, student, bds 403 W Church

Gilbert, Henry K, bookkeeper, 118 E Water, h 669 Park pl

Gilbert, Henry W, agt Met Life Ins Co, h 669 Park pl

GILBERT, HERMAN T, grocer, 121 Lake, h 403 W Church

Gilbert, James A, emp Erie shops, h r 659 College ave

Gilbert, John B, brakeman, h 352 E Fourth

Gilbert, Lucy C, widow Henry S, h 459 W Church

Gilbert, Nellie, stenographer, bds 354 Franklin

Gilbert, O Grace, dressmaker, bds 352 E Fourth

Gilbert, Willis E, laborer, h 104 W Sixth

Gilboy, James, brakeman D L & W R R, h 154 W Fourth

Giles, Charles, emp water works, h 503 Dewitt ave

Giles, Charles D, cabinetmaker, William cor Church, h 212 Vine

Giles, Harvey C, electrician, bds 212 Vine

Giles, William, emp J Richardson & Co, rooms 410 Lake

Giles, William E, com trav, h 349 W Clinton

Gill, Edith, dressmaker, bds 112 Columbia

Gill, Eliza, domestic, 243 Lake

Gill, Ellen, bds 133 E Hudson

Gill, Frank J, linotype opr Telegram, bds 207 Washington

Gill, Hannah, widow William, h 155 High

Cill, Hugh J, cigarmaker, bds 133 E Hudson

Gill, James, cigar manuf, r 112 Columbia, h 112 do

Gill, James, boilermaker, h 133 E Hudson

Gill, John, city express, h 207 Washington

Gill, Margaret, widow John, bds 311 1/2 W Fifth

Gill, Nancy Mrs, bds 407 W Third

GILL, WILLIAM C, city editor Star, h 309 Washington

Gillan, James, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1018 Hall

Gillan, Theodore F, depot clerk W F & Co's Ex, rooms 158 W Clinton

Gillard, Amy E, nurse, bds 361 Hoffman

Gillard, Arthur J L, clerk, 160 Exchange pl, bds 361 Hoffman

Gillard, John A, printer Advertiser, bds 361 Hoffman

Gillard, M Louise, bds 361 Hoffman

Gillard, Robert H, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, h 361 Hoffman

Gilldea, Irwin B W, bds 450 W Water

Gillen, Theodore, emp Wells, Fargo Ex Co, bds 150 W Clinton

Gillespie, George, brakeman N C Ry, h 258 Lyon

GILLESPIE, JAMES W, supt toll stations N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, 511 Realty bldg, h 405 Columbia

Gillespie, Lynn S, fireman D L & W R R, h 1007 College ave

Gillespie, Robert M, Supt cable dept N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds 405 Columbia

Gillespie, Zenus C, dist mgr N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds 405 Columbia

Gillett, Frances, maid 154 Main

Gillett, Joseph D, bds 654 Pearl pl

Gillett, Kate M, widow Solomon L, h 378 W Church

Gillett, Lewis M, jeweler, 150 W Water, h 381 do

Gillett, Lillian B, nurse, bds 301 1/2 W Clinton

Gillett, Louis E, mason, h 1127 Ovid

Gillett, Susan M, widow George, h 301 1/2 W Clinton

Gillette, Charles W, trav salesman, h 660 Main

Gilliland, Frank W, driver, bds 341 W Seventh

Gilman, Frederick, clerk, h 368 Diven ave

Gilman, Joseph, musician, h 355 Riverside ave

Gilmore, Celia Mrs, dressmaker, h 409 W Sixth

Gilmore, Eliza J, widow Norval, h 728 W First

Gilmore, Emma J, nurse, bds 114 E Water

Gilmore, Frank L, jeweler, 147 W Water, h at Elmira Heights

Gilmore, James H, conductor E & H R R, h 201 Brand

GILMORE, JOHN, saloon & insurance, 114 E Water, h do

Gilmore, John F, machinist, bds 114 E Water

Gilmore, John W, conductor E & H R R, h 716 Spaulding

Gilmore, Joseph V, clerk post office, h 263 W Clinton

Gilmore, Lewis, saloon, 437 E Water, h 516 Dewitt ave,

Gilmore, Nellie M, h 114 E Water

Gilmore, Norval, electrian, bds 463 Maple ave

Gilmore, Susan, widow William, h 438 S Broadway

Gilmore, Thomas B, shoe cutter, bds 114 E Water

Gilmore, William, brakeman, Erie R R, h 409 E 6th

Gilner, Fred, teamster, h 918 Lackawanna ave

Gilroy, James, switchman D L & W R R, bds 302 Diven ave

Gilsdorf, Anton, tailor, h 759 E Water

Gilsdorf, Anton F, clerk, 531 Lake, bds 759 E Water

Gilsdorf, Ellanore, clerk, bds 759 E Water

Gilsdorf, Emma J, millner, bds 759 E Water

Gilsdorf, Julia M, tailoress, bds 759 E Water

Gilsdorf, Mary D, tailoress, bds 759 E Water

Gilsdorf, Rosa L, clerk, bds 759 E Water

Gilson, George E, grocer, 429 W Fifth, h do

Gilson, John A, clerk, 153 Lake, h 109 Horner

Gilson, Joseph B, carpenter, h 455 E Third

Gilson, Josie E, bookkeeper, bds 455 E Third

Gilson, Maria E, widow James, h 109 Horner

Gilson, William L, bds 109 Horner

Gilstore, Fred, emp rolling mill, bds Franklin Hotel

Ging, John F, machinist, bds 603 S Main

Ging, Lawrence, h 603 S Main

Ging, William, ball player, bds 603 S Main

Ginnane, Michael, shoemaker, h 355 W Third

Giofrida, John, boots and shoes, 371 Railroad ave, h do

Gitchell, Earl L, teamster C M & W Tompkins, h 319 Baldwin

Gitchell, Frank A, policeman, h 405 Union pl

Githler, Fred M, salesman, Swift & Co, h 203 W Clinton

Gladke, Charles A, auctineer, 100 W Water, h do

GLADKE, HENRY J, broker, 136 E Water, h 710 W Water

Gladke, Morris J, sec and treas, The Elmira Loan & Security association, 101-103 E Water, h 382 W Church

Glankoskie, Frank, tailor, 112 S Main, h 106 Ferris

Glanton, Minnie, maid, 114 W Gray

Glasser, Barney, peddler, h 119 Sullivan

Glaze, Julia M, widow George, bds 369 Diven ave

Gleason, Ada May, bds 1019 East ave

GLEASON, EDWARD B, propr Gleason sanitarium, 1019 East ave, h do

Gleason, Elizabeth C, hair dresser, 202 E Gray, h do
Gleason, Margaret, cook, Pattinson house, bds do

Gleason, Margaret E, cook, bds 202 E Gray

Gleason, Marion E, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 217 W Hudson

Gleason, Mary, bds 217 W Hudson

Gleason, Rachael B, M D, Gleason Sanitarium, 1019 East ave

Gleason, Rufus B, com trav, h 217 W Hudson

GLEASON SANITARIUM, Edward B Gleason prop, 1019 East ave

Gleason, Sylvia A, clerk N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds 55 Harmon

Glenkoski, Frank, tailor, h 106 Ferris

Glines, H Edith, bds 317 Madison ave

Glines, Julia, teacher school No 5, rooms 355 W Gray

Glines, Merritt, creameryman, h 656 N Main

Globe Theater, E L Johnson mgr, 412 and 414 E Market

Glover, Charles F, (Miller & Glover), 561 E Church, h 509 do

Goade, John P, carpenter, 416 College ave, h do

Goble, Anna, emp cotton factory, bds 405 Thurston

Goble, Guy, clerk, 1130 Lake, bds 405 Thurston

Goble, John H, laborer, h 405 Thurston

GODDARD, EDWARD, (Goddard & Chapman), 310 E Water, h 662 College ave

GODDARD & CHAPMAN, (E Goddard and B O Chapman, dentists, 310 E Water

Godfrey, Harriet A, widow John H, h 452 E Church

Godfrey, Hattie B, teacher school No 1, bds 452 E Church

Godfrey, M Louise, teacher Elmira Academy, bds 452 E Church

Goebel, Joseph, painter, h 260 Partridge

Goetchius, James, bds 410 Jefferson

Goetz, Andrew, cabinetmaker, h 1341 College ave

Goff, Anna T, domestic, 160 W Clinton

Goff, Emery W, carpenter, h 716 Holdridge

Goff, Florence, music teacher, bds 112 Catharine

Goff, Gustavus A, wholesale leaf tobacco, Sly n river, h 452 Maple ave

Goff, Madeline E, bds 452 Maple ave

Goff, Mary, waitress Rathbun House, bds do

Goff, Roswell, insurance agt, h 203 S Main

Gogel, Emil, jeweler, 118 Lake, h 813 E Second

Gohring, George H, tailor, h 112 E Chemung pl

Gold, Samuel, grocer cor Grand Central and Diven ave, h do

Goldberg, Hyman, peddler, h 759 John

Goldberg, Louis, law student, bds 759 John

Golden, Allie, waitress, 2 Main St bridge

Golden, Catherine, widow Edward, h 380 W Third

Golden, Maggie, domestic, 429 W Clinton

Golden, Mary, domestic, 367 W Church

Goldeh, Mary Mrs, bds 717 German

Golden, Nellie, domestic Delavan House

Goldsberg, Harriet Mrs, bds 712 German

Goldsmith, Archie D, (Graves & Goldsmith), 820 1/2 Gray, h do

Goldsmith, Arthur C, carpenter, h 714 1/2 Delaware

Goldsmith, Basil W, machinist, bds 103 E Henry

Goldsmith, Franklin, carpenter N C Ry, h 372 S Main

Goldsmith, John J, h 702 E Water

Goldsmith, Mary A, widow Benjamin M, h 612 Columiba

Goldsmith, Mary H, bds 612 Columbia

Goldsmith, Max H, tobacco sorter, bds 125 Judson

Goldsmith, Richard H, emp N C Ry shops, h 103 E Henry

Goldsmith, Susie, widow Charles H, h 125 Judson

Goldsmith, Thomas J, boilermaker, bds 103 E Henry
Goldstein, Hyman, clothier and jeweler, 332 E Water, h 754 E Market

Goldstein, Moses, bds 456 W Water

Golorta, Lawrence, emp D L & W R R, h 811 E Washington ave
Golos, Abraham, shoemaker, h 765 John

Gonser, Charles, clerk, 162 Lake, bds 110 Orchard

Gonser, John, carpenter, h 110 Orchard

Gonser, Rose, emp cigar shop, bds 110 Orchard

Gonware, Harry T, engineer D L & W R R, h 368 Thurston

Goppe, Adam, laborer, bds 920 Johnson

Goppe, Martin, h 920 Johnson

Gonzales, Frankie Mrs, actress, bds 304 Baty

Good, Mary, domestic, 309 Franklin

Goodall, John, polisher, bds American House

Goodhue, Maurice P, musician, rooms 505 Magee

Gooding, Lucien F, conductor N C Ry, h 516 Herrick

Goodman, Millie A, h r 560 E Clinton

Goodman, Myer, peddler, h 123 Harriet

Goodno, Sherman, postal clerk, h 332 Irvine pl

Goodrich, Alvin, driver, h 709 W Gray

GOODRICH, CHARLES P, mgr Richardson shoe store, 105 W Water, h 387 do

Goodrich, Chauncey S, tool maker, h 374 W Gray, h do

Goodrich, Eliza A, widow Dwight, bds 522 W First

Goodrich, Helen A, clerk, 105 W Water, bds 387 do

GOODRICH, O'MEARA D, (Goodrich & McKean Co), 117 Main, h 119 do

GOODRICH & McKEAN CO, grocers, 117 Main

Goodspeed, Fanny H, dressmaker, bds 701 E Church

Goodspeed, Newton H, deliveryman, h 701 E Church

Goodwin, Archibald E, farmer, h S s plank road n Bulkhead

Goodwin, Clarence B, clerk, 433 Carroll, h 203 Horner

Goodwin, Ernest G, asst supt E & H R R, bds 604 E Miller

Goodwin, Gertrude H, emp Frostilla factory, bds 604 E Miller

Goodwin, Granville B, emp bridge works, h 604 E Miller

Goodwin, Hattie E, bds 203 Horner

Goodwin, Hovey H, clerk, 433 Carroll, bds 203 Horner

Goodwin, John R, patternmaker, h 308 E Miller

Goodwin, Lida I, milliner, 129 Penna ave, bds 604 E Miller

Goodwin, William B, emp Municipal Improvement Co, h 379 1/2 S Main

Goodwin, William C, carpenter, h 610 Coburn

GORDON, F M W MRS, dressmaker, 518 Penna ave, h do

Gordon, Helen, bds 1505 Lake

Gordon, Jennie, bds 811 E Market

Gordon, Levi J, emp mattress factory, bds 1116 Ovid

Gordon, Myer, clerk, bds 811 E Market

Gordon, Samuel J, driver, h 1116 Ovid

Gordon, Solomon, hide dealer, h 811 E Market

Gordon, Thomas H, emp bridge works, h 518 Penna ave

Gorman, Adelaide, waitress Hotel Langwell, bds do

Gorman, Charles A, emp rolling mill, h 722 German

Gorman, Elizabeth, teacher school No 1, bds 371 E Center

Gorman, Frank J Mrs, agent, h 209 W Hudson

Gorman, James, iron worker, h 221 Front

Gorman, John, fireman Erie R R, bds 451 W Sixth

Gorman, John, gate tender, h 371 E Center

Gorman, John Jr, bds 371 E Center

Gorman, John P, clerk, bds 519 Oak

Gorman, Kate E, machine opr, bds 221 Front

Gorman, Katie, bds 371 E Center

Gorman, Lizzie, teacher school No 1, bds 371 E Center

Gorman, Mary L, widow Simon, h 207 E Miller

Gorman, Michael, clerk, bds 519 Oak

Gorman, Nora, milliner, bds 371 E Center

Gorman, Patrick, stationary engineer, h 451 W Sixth

Gorman, Patrick, rodman, bds 371 E Center

GORMAN, THOMAS, grocer, 519 Oak, h do

Gorman, Thomas, clerk supt office Erie R R, bds 451 W Sixth

Gornee, Caroline Mrs, h 112 Main

Gornee, Elliott, mason, h 208 Franklin

Gornee, Laura, emp knitting mill, bds 208 Franklin

Gornee, Samuel, fireman Erie R R, bds 208 Franklin

Gorr, Charles F, laborer, h 714 Sullivan

Goryzyski, Martin, laborer D L & W R R, h 1110 N Main

Gospel Tabernacle, 224 Franklin

Gosper, Alonzo W, laborer, bds 730 Maple ave

Gosper, Burt J, clerk, 110 W Water, bds 107 E Hudson

Gosper, Fannie L, teacher school No 5, bds 107 E Hudson

Gosper, Francis, widow Clark W, h 107 E Hudson

Gosper, Harry C, repairer N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds 107 E Hudson

Gospodorak, Agnes, domestic, 709 E Water

Goucher, Mamie, dressmaker, 127 S Main, h do

Goucher, William, laborer, h 127 S Main

Gough, Patrick F, fireman D L & W R R, h 967 Magee

Gould, Albert H, transfer clerk Adams Express, 603 Railroad ave, h 658 W Washington ave

Gould, Edward, stenographer, John Stearns & Co

Gould, Orange P, wringer manuf, 510 W Second, h do

Gould, Stella S, bds 510 W Second

Goulden, Joseph, cabinet maker, h 408 Baldwin

Grace, Aaron C, laborer, h 416 Carroll

GRACE EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Rev William Harman van Allen rector, 121 Main

Gracie, Archibald M, carpenter N C Ry, h 810 Herrick

Gradwell, Bridget, widow Thomas, h 606 E Third

Gradwell, Catherine, student, bds 510 Perine

Gradwell, Charles F, detective City Hall, h 458 High

Gradwell, James, (Gradwell & Fitzgerald), h 606 E Third

Gradwell, Robert, salesman, h 715 Walnut

Gradwell, Thomas D, emp N C Ry shops, h 510 Perine

Gradwell & Fitzgerald, (James G and Thomas F), cigar manuf, h 107 E Church

Grady, A Frances, dressmaker, bds 604 Beach

GRADY, EDWIN E, life, accident, liability and fire insurance, 111 W Water, h 310 Maple ave

Grady, Harry, mason, bds 413 Fulton

Grady, Joseph, mail carrier, bds American House

Grady, L Rose, widow Thomas, bds 310 Maple ave

Grady, Margaret A, bds 604 Beach

Grady, Mary C, bds 604 Beach

Grady, Mary K, bds 604 Beach

Grady, Michael, emp rolling mill, h r 611 S Main

Grady, Michael, saloon, 319 Railroad ave, h do

Grady, Michael J, brakeman D L & W R R, h 364 Norton
Grady, Nellie L, bds 604 Beach

Grady, Thomas J, cigarmaker, h 604 Beach

Graham, Anna E, clerk, 201 E Water, bds 222 Caldwell ave

Graham, Arthur W, tinner, 323 E Water, bds 710 Elm

Graham, Catherine L, bds 559 E Church

Graham, Clara E, stenographer, Clipper Chilled Plow Co, bds 360 Diven ave

Graham, Edward, Candymaker, 327 Carroll, h 710 Elm

Graham, Frank, bds 559 E Church

Graham, George, bds 559 E Church

GRAHAM, GEORGE L, dist mgr John Hancock Life Ins Co, room 5 Advertiser bldg, E Market, h 222 Caldwell ave

Graham, George P, bds 569 E Church

Graham, John D, h 360 Diven ave

Graham, John H, mason, bds 518 Perry

Graham, Joseph T, saloon, 556 E Church, h do

Graham, L Maud, emp knitting mill, bds 360 Diven ave

Graham, Louis L, bds 360 Diven ave

Graham, Marian A, bds 360 Diven ave

Graham, Mary E, widow Thomas, bds 221 W Church

Graham, Prudence, dressmaker, bds 403 Union pl

Graham, Stella, chambermaid, 2 Main st bridge

Graham, Thomas W, h 221 W Church

Graham, William E, brakeman N C Ry, bds 904 Penna ave

Grand Jury Room, Court House Annex

GRAND UNION TEA CO, M T Knight mgr, 146 W Water

Graner, Arnold, upholsterer, bds 815 E Market

Graner, Bertha, tel opr, 205 E Gray, bds 815 E Market

Graner, Caroline, bookkeeper, bds 815 E Market

GRANER, CHARLES, (C H Graner & Son) Advertiser bldg, E Market, h at Brooklyn

GRANER, CHARLES H, (C H Graner & Son), Advertiser bldg, E Market, h 815 E Market

GRANER, CHARLES H & SON, (Charles), furniture, 1 Advertiser bldg, E Market, h 815 E Market

Graner, Lena, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Co, bds 815 E Market
Graner, Louise, dressmaker, bds 815 E Market

Granice, Jacob, emp box factory, bds 111 E Hudson

Grant, Henry, carpenter, h 320 Railroad ave

Grant, Israel P, h 218 Washington

Grant, Lewis, yardman Frazier House

Grantier, George W, conductor N C Ry, h 460 South ave

Grantier, L Verne, student, bds 460 South ave

Grantier, Mariette, widow Jacob, bds 303 S Main

Graser, Edward W, clerk, bds 501 Walnut

Graser, Hallie M, dressmaker, bds 501 Walnut

Graser, Rosetta A, widow Edward, bds 501 Walnut

GRAVES, CHARLES W, (Graves & Goldsmith), 820 W Gray, h do

Graves, Claude, laborer, bds 1052 Walnut

Graves, Frederick A, bookkeeper, bds 463 E Church

Graves, George, houseman Rathbun House, bds do

Graves, Hiram P, engineer H C Spaulding Co, h 221 Birchwood ave Elmira Heights

Graves, Mary A, bookkeeper, 820-820 1/2 W Gray, bds 820 do

Graves, Phebe A, widow Charles G, matron Industrial School, 463 E Church, h do

Graves, William, apprentice Telegram, bds at Elmira Heights

GRAVES & GOLDSMITH, (C W Graves and A D Goldsmith), props, Queen City Portrait Co, 820-820 1/2 W Gray

Gray, Adelle W, widow Stephen C, h 615 Columbia

Gray, Alfred E, carpenter, bds 803 E Water

Gray, Alice R, seamstress, bds 803 E Water

Gray, Amelia C, widow Hiram, h W Water bey limits

Gray, Bertha E, clerk, The Bradstreet Co, bds 400 Penna ave

Gray, Bradley W, carriage maker, h 711 Lake

Gray, Carrie, laundress, h 133 W Water

Gray, Clifford A, brakeman N C Ry, bds 453 Franklin

Gray, Edith E, operator, bds 111 Chestnut

Gray, Eleanor E, stenographer, 154 Baldwin, rooms 324 W Gray
Gray, Elmer F, carpenter, h 803 E Water

Gray, Emma, clerk, 301 E Water, h 400 Penna ave

Gray, Emma, widow John C, h 400 Penna ave

Gray, Frank B, clerk, U S Ex Co, bds 321 Madison ave

Gray, George L, coppersmith, h 216 Horner

Gray, Herbert C, clerk, bds 711 Lake

Gray, John B, marble polisher, h 111 Chestnut

Gray, John H, bds W Water bey limits

Gray, John M, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 111 Chestnut

Gray, Katherine, operator, bds 111 Chestnut

Gray, Leona I, domestic, 719 Kinyon

Gray, Mabel, seamstress, bds 133 W Water

Gray, Margaret, bds W Water bey limits

GRAY MINERAL WATER, E H Mead agt, 114 W Hudson

GRAY, RICHARD R, (Gately & Gray), 244 W Water, h 127 Madison ave

Gray, Sarah E, bds 864 Main

Gray, Seymour S, fireman N C Ry, bds 410 Penna ave

Gray, Truman D, master carpenter N C Ry, h 864 Main

Gray, Warren C, clerk, bds 400 Penna ave

Gray, William L, agent, bds 122 Partridge

Gray see Grey

GREAT ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC TEA CO, Daniel J O'Neill, mgr, 117 E Water

Greatsinger, Christian M, clerk, h 930 Penna ave

Greatsinger, John G, conductor N C Ry, h 800 Penna ave

Greatsinger, Louisa Mrs, h 418 Balsam

Greek, Charles L, laborer, h r 319 Railroad ave

Greek, Martha H, domestic, 611 William

Greek, William, laborer, bds 561 E Water

Green, Adelbert, teamster, bds 605 E Second

Green, Amelia, widow Isaac S, h College ave cor Bloomer ave

Green, Burk E, emp rolling mill, h 862 Magee

Green, Charles, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1122 Lake

Green, Charles C, emp rolling mill, bds 907 1/2 Lake

Green, Clara B, widow Herbert B, bds 517 Penna ave

Green, Daisy, nurse, bds 118 W Second

Green, Ellen, dressmaker, bds 150 W Fifth

Green, Ellis, peddler, bds 118 Washington

Green, Frances, bds 150 W Fifth

Green, Francilla L, laborer, h 635 W Church

Green, Frank, clerk, 216 W Water, bds 625 W Church

GREEN, FREDERIC B, physician and surgeon, 921 Lake, h do, Office hours 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 pm

Green, George G, carpenter, h 150 W Fifth

Green, George H, machinist, h 752 1/2 Park pl

Green, George W, emp Clipper Chilled Plow works, bds 605 Second

Green, Hannah, widow Jerry, h 907 1/2 Grand Central ave

Green, Jane A, bds 150 W Fifth

Green, John C, (Clipper Chilled Plow Co), res Williamsport, Pa.

Green, Lottie, h 135 W Water

Green, Mary Mrs, laundress, h 625 W Church

Green, Mary A, widow Daniel, bds 514 Euclid ave

Green, Mary A, bds 814 N Main

Green, Michael, teamster, bds 702 E Market

Green, Nellie, laundress, bds 307 W Second

Green, Peter, laborer, rooms 604 Dickinson

Green, Thomas A, fireman rolling mill, h 605 E Second

Grenagle, William, switchman N C R R, bds 554 S Main

Greene, Amos, h 860 Dewitt ave

Greene, Emma J, widow Evert, h 507 W Clinton

Greene, Fannie B, bds 507 Magee

Greene, Frank J, clerk, 124 W Water, h 215 W Hudson

Greene, Fred A, mechanic La France shops, h 527 S Broadway

Greene, Frederick W, grocer, 422 W Fifth, h 507 W Clinton

Greene, George H, bds 507 Gradwell

Greene, Ira S, janitor Robinson bldg, h 164 Sullivan

Greene, Lucinda, bds 164 Sullivan

Greene, Patrick J, emp J Richardson & Co, h 430 W Fourth

Greene, Theodore G, emp Erie freight house, h 507 Magee

Greener, Augustus, piano tuner, 207 E Church, bds 209 do

Greener, Charles, piano salesman, bds 209 E Church

GREENER, JACOB, piano manuf and dealer in musical instruments, 207-209 E Church, h do

Greener, Jacob Jr, piano maker, 207 E Church, bds 209 do

Greener, Sophia, saleslady, 207 E Church, bds 209 do

Greenman, Lewis, laborer, h 307 1/2 W Fourth

Greenwood, J R Mrs, dressmaker, 124 W Water, h Lake outside limits

Gregg, A Eugene, machinist bridge works, h 722 Spaulding

Gregg, John H, emp bridge works, h 107 E Miller

Gregg, Mary E, widow J Leslie, bds 318 William

Gregg, Peter, laborer, h Dubois n Collin

Gregg, T Clyde, clerk, bds 722 Spaulding

GREGG, WILLIAM W, lawyer, 401 Robinson bldg, bds 318 William

GREGORY, ALFRED, Elmira China Co, 120 W Water, h 103 Hoffman

Gregory, Edith A, emp Novelty works, bds 610 E Water

Gregory, Edward L, brakeman D L & W R R, h 387 Warren

Gregory, Frederick N, bookkeeper, William cor E Market, h 454 E Clinton

Gregory, George H, shipping clerk, h 610 E Water

GREGORY, GEORGE W, physician and surgeon, 370 W Church, h do, office hours before 9:30 am, 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 pm, Tel 260

Gregory, Herbert, bds 103 Hoffman

Gregory, Josiah S, h 213 W Hudson

Gregory, Leander L, bds 561 Coburn

Gregory, Lillian, dressmaker, bds 610 E Water

Gregory, Martha A, bookkeeper, 134 W Water, bds 358 Main

Gregory, Mary E, h 103 Hoffman

Gregory, Mattie, cashier, 134 W Water, bds 358 W Water

Gregory, Oscar A, carpenter, h 326 Baldwin

Gregory, Theodore M, carpenter, h 555 S Main

Greim, George, foreman Eclipse Bicycle Co, h 752 1/2 Park pl

GRENIER, ALBERT, (Simpson & Grenier), 107 Main, h 707 W Grey

Grey, Catherine, bds 111 Chestnut

Grey, Edith E, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 111 Chestnut

Grey, John B, marble polisher, h 111 Chestnut

Grey see Gray

GRIDLEY, CHARLES H, (G A Gridley & Son), 118 and 119 E Water, h 113 Walnut

GRIDLEY, G A & SON, (Charles H) hardware, wholesale and retail, furnaces, stoves and ranges, seedsmen, paints, oils and glass, 118 and 119 E Water

GRIDLEY, GRANDISON A, (G A Gridley & Son), 118 and 119 E Water Died since canvass

Gridley, Haines, student, bds 113 Walnut

Gridley, Helen M, widow Harrison, h 373 1/2 W First

Gridley, Leonard C, clerk, 119 E Water, h 104 E Chemung pl

Gridley, Louise D, widow William D, h 106 E Chemung pl

Griemsman, Anna M, clerk, bds 310 W Fourth

Griemsman, Henry P, boilermaker, h 310 W Fourth

Grier, Romaine O, brakeman N C Ry, bds 469 South ave

Griff, Gertrude, widow George, h 310 Cottage pl

Griff, Margaret E, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 319 Orchard

Griff, Mary E, bookkeeper, 306 Lake, bds 319 Orchard

Griff, Susan, widow John, h 319 Orchard

Griffes, Catherine, music teacher, bds 422 W First

Griffes, Florence B, bds 422 W First

Griffes, Katharine Clara, teacher piano Elmira College

Griffes, Wilber G, cutter, 309 E Water, h 422 W First

Griffin, Anthony M, lineman N C Ry, h Horseheads

Griffin, Floyd, machinist, bds 715 John

GRIFFIN, G BREWER, mgr, 154 Baldwin, h 211 1/2 W Hudson

Griffin, John, blacksmith D L & W R R, bds 1242 N Main

Griffin, John M, carpenter, h 715 John

Griffin, Josephine, h 313 E Market

Griffin, Josephine, domestic, 629 W Church
Griffin, Margaret, bds 435 W Fourth

Griffin, Michael, laborer, h 130 W Henry

Griffin, Sarah, h 322 E Water

Griffis, George E, fireman Electric Light Co, bds 6 Lemon

Griffis, John W, blacksmith, h 6 Lemon

Griffis, Margaret J, bds 6 Lemon

Griffith, Albert, cigarmaker, bds 425 Railroad ave

Griffith, Anna M, stenographer, 401 Realty bldg, bds 810 Walnut

Griffith, David H, blacksmith, h 810 Walnut

Griffith, George, baggagemaster L V R R, h 704 Pattinson

Griffith, Henry W, baggagemaster L V R R, h 665 Davis

Griffith, Margaret J, stenographer and bookkeeper, 120 Lake, bds 810 Walnut

Griffith, Robert P, cigarmaker, bds 425 Railroad ave

Griggs, Alice M, widow John W, h 412 W 5th

Griggs, Elliott, painter, h 1057 Walnut

Griggs, Maud A, millner, bds 412 W 5th

GRIMES, ROBERT, pres Elmira Bridge Co, h 218 W Church

Grimm, C Robert, bridge engineer, h 500 Union pl

Griswold, Albert T, clerk Erie R R, h 344 Irvine pl

Griswold, Arthur, emp bridge works, bds 410 Walnut

Griswold, Belle S, nurse, bds 603 W Second

Griswold, Carrie Mrs, bds 658 College ave

Griswold, Carrie, widow Judd, bds 124 E Chemung pl

Griswold, Edgar L, motorman W S R R, bds 217 1/2 Lormore

Griswold, Edmond, laborer, h 506 John

Griswold, Erastus L, car inspector N C R R, h 714 S Broadway

Griswold, Eva, housekeeper, 215 High

Griswold, Fletcher M, clerk, bds 217 1/2 Lormore

Griswold, Guy S, bookkeeper, 109 Lake, h 123 Brand

Griswold, Horace G, laborer, h 328 W Center

Griswold, Harvey H, (Griswold & Rockwell), bds 370 S Main

Griswold, Howard N, emp bicycle works, h 124 E Chemung pl

Griswold, Julia A, widow Joshua C, bds 603 W Second

Griswold, Kate, tobacco sorter, bds 506 John

Griswold, Louis A, clerk D L & W freight office, bds 317 W Gray

Griswold, Mabel R, bds 123 Brand

Griswold, Mary N, widow Horace, h 217 1/2 Lormore

Grsswold, Sarah, emp skirt factory, bds 506 John

Griswold, Timothy J, barkeeper Hotel Rathbun, h 216 Madison ave

GRISWOLD, MALONEY & CO, (T M Maloney and H W Simpson), general hardware, 323 E Water

Griswold & Rockwell, (H H G & W B R), grocers, 362 S Main

Groesbeck, Cornelius V, watchman, h 218 W Water

Grouski, Antony, bds 167 E Washington ave

Grouski, Stanislaus, meat market, 318 E Washington ave, h do

Groom, Bradley, carpenter, h 700 S Broadway

Grove, Harry E, coffee roaster C M & R Tompkins, h 753 1/2 Linden pl

Grove Park between Walnut and Grove

Grover, Alfred, propr Lackawanna hotel, 726 Benjamin

Grover, Anna, h 207 E Church

Grover, Cleveland, bartender, 726 Benjamin

Grover, Edmund D, emp Elmira Ill Co, h 461 Riverside ave

Grube, August, tailor, 7 Opera House bldg, h 119 E Hudson

Grube, Max A, tailor, bds 119 E Hudson

Grube, Nettie B, bds 119 E Hudson

Grube, William F, tailor, bds 119 E Hudson

Gruber, Anna C, bds 514 W Second

Gruber, Edward E P, emp J Richardson & Co, h 656 W Washington ave

Gruber, Luther E, drug clerk, 365 Davis, bds 514 W Second