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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Davey, Martha, widow Usher H, h 707 Kenyon

Davey, Maud, shirt maker, bds 262 Baldwin

Davey, William, emp silk mill, bds 262 Baldwin

Davey, William, emp bridge works, h Thompson cor Laurel

David, Carl, butcher, h 105 Boardman

David, Henrietta O, clerk 411 Railroad ave, bds 105 Boardman
Davidson, Amanda M, widow John T, h 222 Penna ave

Davidson, Bessie L, bds 107 E Church

Davidson, Ezekiel, peddler, h 118 Washington

Davidson, George H, clerk Elmira Bridge Co, bds 215 South ave

Davidson, John H, buyer 301 E Water, h 850 Hoffman

Davidson, Lue, h 118 E Water

Davidson, Loren C, clerk, bds 500 Perry

Davidson see Davison

Davies, George A, clerk 116 Lake, h 321 South ave

Davies, Lucy, tel opr 205 E Gray, bds 321 South ave

Davies, Percy P, fireman N C Ry, h 314 Baty

Davis, Amelia, widow Charles B, h 217 Mt Zoar

Davis, Anna E, domestic 369 W Fourth

DAVIS, ARLOW A, drayman 227 W Miller, h do

Davis, Arthur W, h 626 Winsor ave

Davis, Betsey, widow George W, bds 724 Spaulding

Davis, Bridget, widow Thomas, bds 219 Thurston

Davis, Luther, stenographer H C Spaulding Co, h 314 Orchard

Davis, Charles, driver, bds 205 Boardman
Davis, Charles B, com trav, h 356 S Main

Davis, Charles E, brakeman D L & W R R, h 249 Crete ave

Davis, Charles E, engineer, h 869 Magee
Davis, Daniel, voting machines 115 E Henry, bds 212 Lormore

Davis, Della H Mrs, h rear 309 1/2 W Clinton

Davis, E Howe, physician and surgeon 109 W Water, h 306 1/2 do

Davis, Edith, domestic 532 W Gray

Davis, Elizabeth Mrs, bds 524 W First

Davis, Ella E, bds 1109 Abbott

Davis, Ellen, widow Herman C, dressmaker, h 812 Lincoln

Davis, Essie May, student, bds 125 Harriet

Davis, Esther L, bds 869 Magee

Davis, Etna H, mgr Queen City Printing Co, h 212 Lormore

Davis, Eva, widow Frederick, h 518 State

Davis, Francis B, bds 524 W First

Davis, Frank, com trav, h 211 W Gray

Davis, George, com trav, bds 118 Sullivan

Davis, George F, emp Kertscher & Co, bds 524 W First

Davis, George T, com trav, bds 903 Grand Central ave

Davis, Henry A, h 310 West ave

Davis, Howard S, electrician, bds 310 West ave

Davis, J Harry, gen agt American Service Union 127 W Market, bds 463 Falck

Davis, John, laborer, h 710 Linden pl

Davis, John F, agt Haberle Brewing Co, h 205 Boardman

Davis, Joseph, foreman D L & W R R, h 125 Harriet

Davis, Julia I, bds 1109 Abbott

Davis, Julia May, teacher Elmira Free Academy, bds 205 Boardman

Davis, Kate, bds 306 1/2 W Water

Davis, Louisa S, bds 728 W First

Davis, Madell, bds 869 Magee

Davis, Manfred H, special deputy county clerk, h 414 E Church

Davis, Mary, dressmaker, bds 524 W First

Davis, Mary A, bds 217 Mt Zoar

Davis, Mayadel, bds 869 Magee

Davis, Philip, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush, h 107 Washington

Davis, Robert, freight handler L V depot, h 524 W First

Davis, Samuel H, motorman W S R R, h 209 Crete ave

Davis, Sarah M, widow Benjamin C, h 1109 Abbott

Davis, Treva, bds 205 Boardman

Davis, William, teamster, bds 450 Oak

Davis, William D, carpenter, h 809 Davis

Davis, William N, night baggagemaster D L & W R R, h 516 Spaulding

Davis, William S, bookkeeper 165 Lake, h 404 S Main

Davis, William W, teamster, h 215 Horner

Davison, Alice L, student, bds 416 W Clinton

DAVISON, CHARLES S, supt T Briggs & Co 121 E Second, h 416 W Clinton

Davison, Cicero, laborer, 116 W Fifth

Davison, Evlyn L, bds 416 W Clinton

Davison, Ezekiel, peddler, h 118 Washington

Davison, Herbert F, engineer N C Ry, h 766 Southport

Davison, Philip N, student, bds 416 Clinton

Davison see Davidson

Davnay, Elsie, domestic 624 W Clinton

Dawes, Louie T, stenographer, bds 114 Spring

Dawes, William H, carriage painter, h 114 Spring

Day, Fred, clerk Exchange Hotel, bds do

Day, Herbert A, meat cutter, 123 Lake, bds 156 Madison ave

Day, John W, h 656 Lake

Day, Margaret E, bds 656 Lake

Day, Stephen H, laborer, h 608 Magee

Dayton, Cenclare, h 860 E Church

Deam, Minnie M, bookkeeper 101 LaFrance, bds 718 Spaulding

Dean, A Earl, advertising dept Gazette, bds at Horseheads
Dean, Charles M, blacksmith, h 721 Madison ave

Dean, David W, clerk 140 W Water, bds 371 W Fifth

Dean, Eliza Mrs, 354 E Washington ave

DEAN, ELMER, (Sheehan, Dean & Co) 140 and 142 W Water, h 709 Park pl

Dean, Harry M, emp bridge works, bds 208 1/2 Maple ave

Dean, Lewis, puddler, bds 713 Dickinson

Dean, Louis M, emp Sheehan, Dean & Co, h 371 W Fifth

Dean, Martha, widow Martin, h 208 1/2 Maple ave

Deane, Harry M, com trav 211 Baldwin, rooms 602 Robinson bldg

Deboice, George, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 400 Linden pl

DeCamp, Allen F Rev, h 410 1/2 Linden pl

DeCAMP, FRANK H, physician and surgeon 332 E Water, h at Horseheads. Diseases of women a specialty; office hours 1 to 6 pm

Decker, Agnes R Mrs, grocer 616 S Main h do

Decker, Alice, bds 1352 Lake

Decker, Amos, engineer D L & W R R, h 1352 Lake

Decker, Amos, laborer, h r 505 E Third

Decker, Belle Mrs, h 5 Falck

Decker, Bert H, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1302 Lackawanna ave

Decker, Benjamin, laborer, h 950 Sullivan

Decker, Bertha A, emp silk mill, bds 1128 1/2 Oak

Decker, Bessie I, bds 5 Falck

Decker, Casper G, pres Elmira Knitting Mills, bds 507 W Water

Decker, Casper S, physician, h 507 W Water

Decker, Charles, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1352 Lake

Decker, Charles E, clerk D L & W R R, h 365 1/2 Lake

Decker, Charles H, guard N Y S Reformatory, bds 1452 Lake

Decker, DeWitt C, h 159 Washington

Decker, Ella Mrs, emp Gleason Sanitarium, bds 1019 East ave

Decker, Ellen, dressmaker, h 163 Orchard

Decker, Elsie E, bds 1352 Lake

Decker, Emma, laundress 119 Lake, h 141 E Water

Decker, Eva, emp silk mill, bds 205 Reformatory

Decker, Fanny, h 312 E Water

Decker, Fred, emp L T Dick tobacco works, h 163 Orchard

Decker, George, laborer, bds 109 E Washington ave

Decker, George Mrs, seamstress, bds 1 Metzger bldg Main cor W Third

Decker, George J, teamster, h 219 Front

Decker, George W, painter Clipper Chilled Plow Co, bds 516 Sullivan

Decker, Harriet, widow Frank, bds 365 Davis

Decker, Harry A, bookkeeper 116 Railroad ave, h 110 W Chemung pl

Decker, Harry J, emp F M Howell & Co, h 209 Horner

Decker, Hiram, meat market 618 S Main, h 616 do

Decker, Hovey L, laborer, h 903 John

Decker, Howard, switchman N C Ry, h 724 S Main

Decker, Jacob, laborer, h 129 Penna ave

Decker, James H, lamplighter, bds r 505 E Third
Decker, James W, emp rolling mill, h 712 Oak

Decker, Jennie C, bds 308 W Clinton

Decker, Jennie E, bookbinder, bds 122 Caldwell ave

Decker, Jesse, bds r 505 E Third

Decker, John D, emp D L & W R R, bds 1352 Lake

Decker, John S, emp Howell's box factory, h 210 Orchard

Decker, Josephine, widow Samuel, h 753 Linden pl

Decker, L Mrs, agent, h 515 Main

Decker, Mame E, machine operator, bds 223 Front

Decker, Mary, ironer 428 E Market, bds 310 E Water

Decker, Mary S, dressmaker, h 468 W Second

Decker, Nicholas C, engineer rolling mill, h 371 E Center

Decker, Nettie, bds 270 W Hudson

Decker, Nicholas C, engineer rolling mill, h 1128 1/2 Oak

Decker, Phebe, widow Peter, h 802 W Gray

Decker, Phillip, h 928 Lackawanna ave

Decker, Phillip B, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 1128 1/2 Oak

Decker, Sanford, emp bridge works, bds 606 E Miller

Decker, Simon H, janitor No 1 school, h 400 Sullivan

Decker, William, teamster, h 223 Front

Decory, Archibald, painter, h 755 E Second

DeCoursey, Walker G, fireman N C Ry, bds 611 Lewis

DeCoursey, William D, fireman N C Ry, h 804 Herrick

Dee, James, blacksmith, h 456 W Third

Dee, John, telegraph operator, h 366 Norton

Deegan, Anna, operator, bds 602 Franklin

Deegan, Catharine, emp Richardson & Co, bds 602 Franklin

Deegan, Gertrude, clerk, bds 602 Franklin

Deegan, Leo, press feeder Gazette, bds 602 Franklin

Deegan, Michael, laborer, h 602 Franklin

Deering Harvester Co, John Riley mgr, 125 W Water

DeForest, Grace, h 141 W Water

DeGraw, Della, nurse Arnot-Ogden Hospital

DeGroff, Jennie, tel opr 205 E Gray, bds 378 Fulton

DeGroff, Thomas M, emp bridge works, h 378 Fulton

Deier, Albert L, flagman D L & W R R, h 915 E Church

Deister, Barbara, clerk 305 E Water, bds 212 Horner

Deister, Henry F, grocer 801 E Church, bds 803 do

Deister, Henry L, clerk 330 E Water, bds 817 do

Deister, Jacob, bds 410 Sullivan

Deister, Jacob J, butcher, h 161 Falck

Deister, Jennie, student, bds 212 Horner

Deister, John, grocer 801 E Church, bds 803 do

Deister, John H, watchmaker and engraver 330 E Water, h 817 do

Deister, Katherine, milliner 306 E Water, bds 817 do

Deister, Katherine, widow Michael, h 817 E Water

Deister, Marian C, bookkeeper 311 E Water, bds 817 do

Deister, Mary, widow John, grocer 801 E Church, h 803 do
Deister, Matthew, laborer, h 313 Sullivan

Deister, Nicholas, watchman bridge works, h 212 Horner

Deister, Sophia L, bookkeeper 312 Carroll, bds 817 E Water

Deister, Wilhelmina, teacher school No 11, bds 817 E Water

Dekell, Albert, emp Bundy Lamp Co, bds 405 Railroad ave

DeLam, Charles A, cabinet maker N C Ry, h 515 Balsam

Delamater, Emerson B, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 518 W First

Delemarter, Eugene, mail carrier, h 1317 Pratt

Delancey, Albert C, engineer Erie R R, h 501 Columbia

Delancey, Minnie, seamstress, rooms 353 Columbia

Delaney, Alphonso M, baker, bds 405 Penna ave

Delaney, Charles J, clerk, bds 58 Fulton

Delaney, Elizabeth, widow John, boarding, h 1327 College ave

Delaney, Elizabeth, emp knitting mill, bds 1327 College ave

Delaney, Elizabeth K, widow William, h 364 W Fourth

Delaney, Frank H, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 657 Magee

Delaney, James W, h 405 Penna ave

Delaney, John, h 58 Fulton

Delaney, John, laborer, h 660 Magee

Delaney, John Jr, shoemaker, bds 660 Magee

Delaney, Josephine, tobacco stripper, bds 660 Magee

Dalaney, Margaret, bds 405 Penna ave

Delaney, Mary, widow Thomas, bds 58 Fulton
Delaney, Mary C, milliner, bds 58 Fulton
Delaney, Michael J, trainman, h 657 Magee

Delaney, Michael W, conductor N C Ry, h 405 Penna ave

Delaney, Thomas, office boy Dr Henry Flood, bds 657 Magee

Delaney, Thomas W, emp mattress factory, bds 660 Magee

Delaney, William H, keeper Reformatory, h 1327 College ave

Delaney, William J, bookkeeper 140 W Water, bds 657 Magee

Delaney, William T, engineer, h 152 W Fifth

De Lano, Alice D, stenographer, bds 501 E Church

Delant, Nellie, bds 210 Madison ave

DELANT, THOMAS, livery and hacks 210 Madison ave

De Lapp, Emma, h 137 W Water

De Lapp, Jacob, hay dealer, h 407 Railroad ave

De Lapp, Lottie, widow Walter, h 200 E Water

De Lapp, Susie, h 137 W Water

De Lapp, Thomas, laborer, bds 200 E Water

Delaura, James, asst foreman Erie R R, h 814 Hatch

DELAWARE, LACKAWANNA & WESTERN R R, DEPT YMCA, Frank P Browne gen sec, Lackawanna ave cor Division





DELAVAN HOUSE, M Crocker prop, 523 Railroad ave

Delo, J Moore, teacher of voice Mechanics bldg, Carroll, bds 120 Catherine

Delo, Roy B, bookkeeper Second Nat Bank, bds 120 Catherine

Delo, Thomas B, shop clerk N C Ry shops, h 120 Catherine

De Loff, H Augusta, trained nurse 236 Lake, rooms do

Del Papa, Charles, bds 827 Canal

Del Papa, Michael A, grocer and saloon 827-829 Canal, h 520 W Clinton

DEMAREST, MARK W, storekeeper N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, 160 Exchange pl, h 319 W Church

Demarest, Rebecca, widow James, housekeeper 408 Walnut

Demarest, William H, bookkeeper N Y S Reformatory, h 408 Walnut

Demarest, Woodman, farmer, h 514 W Church

De Maria, Joseph, tailor 350 Railroad ave, h do

De Maria, Thomas, tailor, h 350 Railroad ave

De Masi, Stefano, boot black, h 404 E Water

Deming, Daniel G, engineer N C Ry, h 414 Jefferson

Deming, Delia, widow William, bds 1316 Baldwin

Deming, S Albert, emp Bundy Lamp Co, bds 414 Jefferson

Demopoolo, Frank, clerk 129 E Water, bds 456 Caldwell ave

Dempsey, Agnes M, bds 160 Madison ave

Dempsey, Catherine, bds 709 Lake

Dempsey, Daniel, inspector electric lights, h 352 E Washington ave

Dempsey, Daniel, mason, bds 79 Liberty

Dempsey, Dennis, laborer, bds 459 W Hudson

Dempsey, Dennis, mason, h 265 W Hudson

Dempsey, Dennis Jr, machinist, bds 265 W Hudson

Dempsey, Dennis D, patrolman, h 757 Spaulding

Dempsey, Edward C, drug clerk 432 Penna ave, bds 159 Falck

Dempsey, Ellen, widow James, h 861 Railroad ave

Dempsey, James, laborer, bds 719 Casey

Dempsey, James M, machinist, h 368 Railroad ave

Dempsey, Jerry, bell boy Rathbun House

Dempsey, John E, contractor and builder, h 77 Liberty

Dempsey, John F, saloon 801 Walnut, h do

Dempsey, John W, plumber, bds 265 W Hudson

Dempsey, Joseph W, painter, h 219 W Miller

Dempsey, Julia, bds 265 W Hudson

Dempsey, Katherine, widow Dennis, h 79 Liberty

Dempsey, Maggie, domestic A O Hospital

Dempsey, Margaret, bds 79 Liberty

Dempsey, Margaret, bds 861 Railroad ave

Dempsey, Margaret, emp skirt factory, bds 709 Lake

Dempsey, Mary, widow Patrick, h 459 W Hudson

Dempsey, Michael J, plumber 129 W Water, h 144 E Chemung pl

Dempsey, Nellie E, bds 368 Railroad ave

Dempsey, Patrick, bds 459 W Hudson

Dempsey, Patrick H, mason, bds 265 W Hudson

Dempsey, Richard R, fireman E F D, bds 368 Railroad ave

Dempsey, Timothy, laborer, bds 906 E Market

DeMun, William H, painter, h 510 Erie

DeNeef, Peter, brakeman N C Ry, bds 613 S Main

Deneen, Bessie G, clerk 115 E Water, bds 206 Chestnut

Deneen, Betsey, widow John, h 206 Chestnut

Denen, John, law student, bds 206 Chestnut

Deneen, Josephine, dressmaker, bds 206 Chestnut

Deneen, Katharine, seamstress, bds 206 Chestnut

Deneen, Nora C, clerk 115 E Water, bds 206 Chestnut

Denio, Emery, engineer N C Ry, h 218 Franklin

DENMARK, CATHERINE E MRS, massage, nurse and vapor baths 376 W Gray, h do

Dennis, Charles, engineer, h 527 Mt Zoar

Dennis, Charles H, emp bridge works, bds 527 Mt Zoar

DENNIS, JOHN S, engineer D L & W R R, h 1505 Lake

Dennis, Norman S, mason, bds 515 Partridge

Dennis, Sidney, conductor D L & W R R, h 325 1/2 E Center

Dennis, William F, night watchman, h 759 Carpenter

Dennison, Alonzo H, laborer, h 520 Perine

Denny, Rebecca, widow Charles, bds 664 Dickinson

Dense, Albert, drayman, h 209 Mt Zoar

Dense, Alissa J, emp Superior Knitting Mill Co, bds 601 Tuttle ave

Dense, Carrie, dressmaker, bds 260 W Chemung pl

Dense, George L, laborer, bds 601 Tuttle ave

Dense, George W, milkman, h 601 Tuttle ave

Dense, Levi, bds 601 Tuttle ave

Dense, Reuben C, emp bridge works, h 756 Spaulding

Dense, Robert E, train dispatcher N C Ry, h 516 W Third

Dense, William E, carpenter, h 407 Brady

Denson, Claude S, clerk postoffice, bds 457 E Second

Denson, Emory, carpenter, h 208 Austin la

Denson, William L, painter, h 766 Linden pl

Denson, Worter T, emp bridge works, h 212 Mt Zoar

Dent, Edwin B, student, bds 452 W First

DENT, WILLIAM T, agent Adams and Southern Express Companies 115 Baldwin, h 452 W First

Denton, Agnes, trained nurse, bds 411 W Sixth

DENTON, EDGAR, lawyer, notary public 335 E Water, h 116 W Chemung pl

DENTON, JULIUS S, station agent L V R R E Fifth cor State, h 377 W Fifth

Denton, Lewin, lineman, bds Badger

Denton, Lucretia, widow Seymour F, bds 377 W Clinton

Derby, Alden, carpenter 121 E Second, h 75 Walnut

Derby, Annie B, milliner, bds 75 Walnut

Derby, Charles E, night depot clerk W F & Co's Ex, h 459 W Second

Derby, Charles N, tinsmith, h 505 Erie

Derby, Charles S, carpenter, h 459 1/2 W Second

Derby, Cora A, clerk 112 Baldwin, bds 75 Walnut

DERBY, ELMER H Mrs, modiste 1 Metzger bldg Main cor W Third, h do

Derby, Eva N, bookkeeper 112 Baldwin, bds 75 Walnut

Derby, Marcia G, bookkeeper 87 Penna ave, bds 459 1/2 W Second

DERBY, SARAH N Mrs, mgr Banner Club employment bureau 637 Winsor ave, h 75 Walnut

Derr, Reba, bds 111 Columbia

Derr, Virginia, widow Jonas, rooms 408 Baldwin

Derr, William D, supt Susquehanna Div Erie R R Erie depot, h 311 Euclid ave

DeSchambeau, Noah, cabinetmaker, h 1302 Main

DesGranges, Catherine M, bds 220 High

DeNunzio, Vincent, h 350 Railroad ave

DeSimone, Fmaha, laborer, h 105 W Fifth

Desky, Herman I, bds 631 W Church

Desky, Isaac, diamonds, h 631 W Church

Demond, Cornelius, brakeman D L & W R R, h 316 Roe ave

Desmond, Patrick, ironworker, bds 372 W Fifth

De Soecie, Michael, laborer, h 227 E Seventh

Dethloff, Claude C, blacksmith helper, bds 904 Grand Central ave

Dethloff, Louis G, carpenter, h 904 Grand Central ave

Detrick, Charles N, emp bridge works, bds 766 Spaulding

Detrick, John M, emp bridge works, h 4 Sylvester pl

Detrick, William, emp bridge works, h 766 Spaulding

Dettra, H Bruce, tel opr 150 Baldwin, h 226 Lormore

Deuley, Lewis, clerk, bds 227 MtZoar

DeVed, Grant H, clerk Rathbun House, rooms 217 W Gray

DeVed, Sanford F, dep U S Marshall, bds 217 W Gray

Deven, Martin L, granite setter, bds 360 Wallace pl

DeVere, Gertrude, cook, bds 714 German

Devine, Anna, clerk, bds 415 Standish

Devine, Edward, laborer, bds 415 Standish

Devine, Edward, polisher, bds American House

Devine, Elizabeth G, clerk 301 E Water, bds 415 Standish

Devine, Gilbert P, bartender 160 Baldwin, h 241 W Water

Devine, John, conductor D L & W R R, h 713 Benjamin

Devine, Margaret L, widow Andrew, dressmaker, h 403 W Second

Devine, Mary, widow Edward, h 415 Standish

Devine, Mary E, bds 1025 Oak

Devine, Michael, brakeman D L & W R R, h 1025 Oak

Devine, Robert, puddler, h 913 Grand Central ave

Devlin, John, puddler, h 814 Hatch

Devore, Alice J, emp harness factory, bds 501 W Third

Devore, Hayes R, shoe cutter, bds 501 W Third

Devore, W Scott, laborer, h 502 Walnut

DeWATERS, FRANK E, (DeWaters & Mosher) 112 State, h 606 Maple ave

DeWaters, Fred, apprentice, bds 111 Penna ave

DeWATERS, LEWIS A, (DeWaters & Mosher) 112 State, h 111 Penna ave

DeWaters, Martha B, widow Wright, h 111 Penna ave

DeWaters, Wright, student, bds 111 Penna ave

DeWATERS & MOSHER, (L A DeWaters, F E DeWaters and G Mosher) farm implements, carriages, bicycles, wagons, sleighs, &c, 112 to 120 State

Dewey, Leona, dressmaker, bds 155 Madison ave

DeWitt, Charles R, insurance, h 515 Spaulding

DeWitt, Edgar L, physician, bds 2 Magnolia

DeWitt, Hannah E, widow Abram M, h 213 Washington

DeWitt, Hobart, bds 515 Spaudling

DeWitt, Julia E, h 2 Magnolia

DeWitt, Sutherland, h 608 W Water

DeWitt, Wyntye, bds 116 Lormore

Dexter, Adelaide, reporter Advertiser, bds 103 S Main

Dexter, Daniel W, bds 103 S Main

Dexter, Edward R, clerk 601 Lake, bds 609 William

Dexter, Elmer, clerk 140 W Water, bds 118 W Second

Dexter, Emily, bds 103 S Main

Dexter, Luin E, law student 301 Robinson bldg, bds 103 S Main

Dexter, Robert, student, bds 718 Oak

DEXTER, SEYMOUR, pres The Second Nat'l Bank, pres Elmira Advertiser Ass'n, treas Elmira Bldg Co, h 103 S Main

Dexter, William, bookkeeper, h 227 Franklin

Diagostein, Alphonso, switchman Erie R R, h 609 Hart

Dias, Sidney S, finisher, h 661 Main

Dibble, Ira Eugene, teamster, h 407 Roe ave

Dibble, Lizzie, bds 754 E Fifth

Dibble, Samuel M, carpenter, h 661 Magee

Dibble, Sidney J, emp H C Spaulding Co, bds 661 Magee

Dibble, Susie, bds 123 Judson

Dibble, V Jay, brakeman, 363 E Fifth

Dibble, William W, bookbinder N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Dibble, Winifred, dressmaker, bds 661 Magee

Dick, Lewis T, wholesale tobacco, 160 Washington, h do

Dick, Maude B, emp knitting mill, bds 715 Harper

Dickens, William, laborer, bds 755 1/2 Harper

Dickerman, George W, fireman D L & W R R, h 519 Union pl

Dickerson, Fount F, emp bridge works, h 1354 College ave

Dickerson, Frank E, emp Kertscher & Co, h 321 Norton

Dickerson, Theodore, emp rolling mill, bds 321 Norton

Dickes, George G, spinner, h 811 E Second

Dickey, Frank W, tel opr train dispatcher's office Erie R R, h 706 Davis

Dickinson, Alexander B, bds 617 Jay

Dickinson, Alma H, dressmaker, h 358 E Fifth

Dickinson, Bruce J, emp bridge works, h 221 1/2 Franklin

Dickinson, Charles E, fireman D L & W R R, bds 1312 Grand Central ave

DICKINSON, CHARLES S, (George S Dickinson & Son) 130 W Water, h 209 College ave

Dickinson, Esther M, widow Henry B, furnished rooms, h 110 W Market

Dickinson, George B, truant officer, h 617 Jay

DICKINSON, GEORGE S, (George S Dickinson & Son 130 W Water, h 209 College ave

DICKINSON, GEORGE S & SON, (Charles S) grocers 130 W Water

Dickinson, George W, laborer, h 334 Kingsbury ave

DICKINSON, HARRY, grocer 122 W Water, h 605 College ave

Dickinson, Samuel E, bds 122 E Chemung pl

Dickinson, Sarah J, domestic 523 W Water

Dickson, Richard L, conductor D L & W R R, h 1359 Grand Central ave

Diehl, Charles E, barber 530 Main, h 357 W Fifth

Diehl, Jacob H, barber 102 State, h 502 W First

DIEHL, JOHN, bakery, grocer and ice cream 510 Main, h 508 do

Diehl, Margaret, widow Jacob, grocer 151 Washington, h do

Diehl, Mary F, dressmaker, bds 151 Washington

Diehl, Nicholas G, clerk 510 Main, bds 508 do

Diener, Harry, heater Elmira rolling mill, bds 444 W Fifth

Diester, Eliza, domestic 221 Lake

Diester, Jacob J, meat cutter 164 Lake, h 161 Falck

Dietzel, Adam, laborer, h 108 Estey

Dietzel, Frank, emp Jno Brand, bds 108 Estey

Dietzel, Henry, barber, bds 108 Estey

Digby, Ella B, clerk 200 E Water, bds 508 Madison ave

Digby, Emily, widow James, h 508 Madison ave

Digby, James B, com trav 211 Baldwin, h 503 1/2 Madison ave

Digby, William H, foreman gas works, bds 508 Madison ave

Dihlman, Bernard, meats 220 W Water, h Elmira Heights

Dildine, Alice, bds 57 George

Dildine, Amelia, domestic 206 W Chemung pl

Dildine, Fred, boilermaker, bds 609 Flood

Dildine, James, laborer, h 57 George

Dildine, James Jr, laborer, bds 57 George

Dildine, Katie V, maid 311 W Church

Dildine, Myrtle E, bookkeer 104 Lake, bds 105 Magnolia

Dildine, William, laborer, bds 57 George

Dill, Edward, laborer, h 216 W Henry

Dillistin, Edward E, h 315 Franklin

Dillon, Andrew, telegraphe lineman Erie R R, h 380 W Fifth

Dillon, Catharine, machine opr, bds 814 Hatch

Dillon, Daniel W, patrolman, h 509 E Market

Dillon, Edward W, grocer 109 E Washington ave, bds 814 Hatch

Dillon, Josie, domestic 350 W Sixth

DILLON, M J, genl agt Prudential Ins Co, 408 E Market, h 619 Lake

Dillon, Margaret, domestic 350 W Sixth

Dillon, Michael, emp rolling mill, bds W 356 Third

Dillon, Nellie, bds 814 Hatch

Dillon, Patrick, puddler, bds 814 Hatch

Dilmore, Althea, cashier 305 E Water, bds 203 Boardman

Dilmore, Ella A Mrs, dressmaker 203 Boardman, h do

Dilmore, John S, barber 248 South ave, bds 203 Boardman

Dilmore, William, gardener, h 203 Boardman

Dimick, Norman S, laborer, h 310 S Main

Dimmock, Henrietta, bds 312 William

Dimond, Reuben O, collector, h 516 W Second

Dingman, Eugene E, carpenter, h 506 Pine

Dininny, Ferral C, h 820 W Water

Direnzo, Valentine, laborer, h 827 1/2 Canal

Disbrow, Ella F, bds 419 Grove

Disbrow, Isabella S, teacher, bds 419 Grove

Disbrown, Noah, h 419 Grove

Dismore, James A, h 52 Harmon

Dismore, William A, clerk 313 E Water, h 124 Lormore

Disney, Estella M, stenographer 314 E Water, bds 157 Orchard

Disney, Francis X, lawyer 118 Lake, h 419 W Third

Disney, J Elma, stenographer, bds 423 W Third

Disney, Jennie B, stenographer, bds 157 Orchard

Disney, Margaret Mrs, grocer 423 W Third

Disney, Maud M, stenographer 415 E Water, bds 423 W Third

Disney, Sarah E, widow James, h 157 Orchard

Disney, Thomas S, painter, h 423 W Third

DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE, Franklin F Aldridge district attorney, Court House Annex

Diven, Alden, bds 957 Lake

DIVEN, ALEXANDER S, (Diven & Diven) 212 E Water, bds 957 Lake

Diven, Eleanor M, Willow Brook, Lake n limits

DIVEN, EUGENE, (Diven & Diven) 212 E Water, h 957 Lake

DIVEN, GEORGE M, (Diven & Diven) 212 E Water, h 957 Lake

DIVEN, GEORGE M 2nd, (J W Huston & Co) 102 W Water, h 505 William

DIVEN, JOHN M, (Diven & Copley) 307 E Water, sec and treas Elmira Municipal Improvement Co corporations, Realty bldg, h 506 W Water

Diven, Julia P, widow Eugene, h 502 W Church

Diven, Louis, bds 957 Lake

Diven, Martin, stonecutter, bds 360 Wallace

DIVEN & COPLEY, (J M Diven and H E Copley) hardware, stoves, &c, 307 E Water

DIVEN & DIVEN, (G M, Eugene and A S) lawyers 212 E Water

DIVISION FREIGHT AGENT'S OFFICE, Erie R R depot, Railroad ave cor W Third

Division Passenger Agent's Office, Erie R R depot, Railroad ave cor W Third

Dixon, Alice A, widow John, h 369 Fulton

Dixon, Arthur A, clerk, bds 369 Fulton

Dixon, Charles E, clerk 107 E Water, bds 369 Fulton

Dixon, Henry M, fireman D L & W R R, bds 403 Linden pl

Dixon, John G, produce dealer 127 W Water, h 416 W Gray

Dixon, Paul E, clerk N C freight office, bds 218 Penna ave

Dixon, William J, car agent N C Ry, h 218 Penna ave

D L & W House, Cornelius Sullivan prop, 851 Dickinson

Doane, Alice N, student, bds 404 Hoffman

Doane, Benjamin V, student, bds 404 Hoffman

DOANE, GEORGE, (The Doane & Jones Lumber Co) h 404 Hoffman

Doane, Georgia A, bds 404 Hoffman

Doane, John G, laborer, h 406 E Washington ave

Doane, Mary, domestic, 513 Euclid ave

Doane, Robinson, hackman, h 901 Grand Central ave

Doane, Royal, truss manufr 202 E Water, h 457 E Second

DOANE, WILLIAM C, physician and surgeon 507-509 Realty bldg, h 463 Maple ave, office hours 8 to 11 am, 1 to 4 and 7 to 8 pm

Doane, William H, livery 315 E Washington ave, h do

DOANE & JONES LUMBER CO, THE, (George Doane, Raymond T Jones, Charles F Bullard and Thomas H Judson) manufrs of and wholesale and retail dealers in lumber, coal, wood carpets &c, planing mill and main office Eldridge Park, retail yards Partridge cor Harmon

Dobbs, Benjamin, h 55 George

Dobbs, Helen B Mrs, h 212 Maple ave

Dobbs, Isaac E, blacksmith N C Ry shops, h 514 Balsam

Dobbs, Thomas F, collector, h 212 Maple ave

Dobell, Arthur, clerk 650 Dickinson, bds 1024 Oak

Dobell, Stephen V, h 1024 Oak

Dobell, William H, machinist, h 1839 Davis

Dobberstein, August F, carpenter, h 611 Robinson

Dobberstein, Helena, dressmaker, bds 611 Robinson

Dobberstein, John C, salesman, bds 611 Robinson

Dobberstein, William F, barber, bds 611 Robinson

Doberstein, Gustave A, barber 122 W Miller, h 128 Estey

Dobson, Margaret, widow Thomas W, h 517 Ivy

Dobson, Reuben J, emp rolling mill, bds 709 Bullards ave

Dobson, Thomas W, laborer, h 709 Bullards ave

Dodd, Alfred E, cigarmaker, h 214 Sullivan

Dodd, Jennie, clerk 305 E Water, bds 214 Sullivan

Dodd, Leonard, machinist, h 115 Lormore

Dodd, Louis J, com trav, bds 214 Sullivan

Dodd, Nina M, bds 115 Lormore

Dodd, Sarah A, widow Edward, h 403 Dewitt ave

Dodge, Alfred G, painter, h 559 Grove

Dodge, Emily, widow Ithamer, h 718 Dickinson

Dodge, Samantha M Mrs, vitapathic specialist, h 559 Grove

Dodge, Wilfred D, painter, h 518 Elizabeth

Dodson, Alexander, clerk chamberlain's office, bds 805 W Water

Dodson, W Arthur, bds 805 W Water

Doedema, Carrie, h 233 W Water

Doedema, John G, saloon 233 W Water, h do

Doherty, Elizabeth M, bookkeeper 419 Main, bds 206 W Washington ave

Doherty, Frank, shoemaker, h 206 W Washington ave

Doherty, Maggie, cook 304 Main

Doherty, Rosella F, trained nurse, bds 206 W Washington ave

Doherty see Dougherty and Daugherty

Dohlstrom, Johanna Mrs, h 504 Roe ave

Dohlstrom, Oscar, emp bridge works, h 504 Roe ave

Dohoney, Frank R, com trav, bds 714 E Water

Dohoney, George E, emp N C Ry shops, bds 523 Jefferson

Dohoney, Gertrude C, bds 523 Jefferson

Dohoney, John E, foreman N C Ry, h 523 Jefferson

Dohoney, Mae E, milliner, bds 523 Jefferson

Dohoney, Margaret M, bds 714 E Water

Dairer, Joseph, laborer, h 915 Railroad ave

Dolan, Catherine A, emp knitting mill, bds 800 Oak

Dolan, Charles, tanner, bds Buckbee House

Dolan, David R, laborer, h r 319 Railroad ave

Doland, Ellen, widow Patrick, bds 600 E Clinton

Dolan, Ethel B, bds 116 W LaFrance

Dolan, James F, showman, bds 600 E Clinton

Doland, Samuel B, emp Harris, McHenry & Baker, h 116 W LaFrance

Dolan, Samuel E, emp Howell's box factory, bds 116 W LaFrance

Dolan, Thomas, saloon 600 E Clinton, h do

Dolaway, Fred J, cigarmaker, h 110 Dewitt ave

Dolaway, George S, bds 261 S Walnut

Dolley, Charles F, chair seater 509 Main, h do

Dolmetsch, Henrietta, bds 505 Penna ave

Dometsch, William H, h 505 Penna ave

Domailla, Jennie, widow Thomas, h 160 Fox

Dombrowski, August, shoemaker, bds 556 John

Dombrowski, Charles H, shoemaker, h 164 Orchard

Dombrowski, John, shoemaker, bds 556 John

Dombrowski, Julius, shoemaker, bds 556 John

Dombrowski, Mattie A, housekeeper 556 John

Dombrowski, Rudolph, shoemaker, h 556 John

DOMESTIC LAUNDRY, Litch & Campbell, proprs, 144 and 146 W Water

Donahue, Catherine, milliner, bds 104 Dewitt ave

Donahue, Cornelius, laborer, h 210 Bloomer ave

Donahue, D Henry, clerk 301 S Broadway, bds do

Donahue, Delia, laundress, bds 204 Bloomer ave

Donahue, Dennis, emp N C Ry shops, h 718 Erie

Donahue, Elizabeth, widow James, h 104 Dewitt ave

Donahue, Ellen, bds 377 Railroad ave

Donahue, James Jr, barber, bds 104 Dewitt ave

Donahue, James, laborer, h 81 Keefe

Donahue, John, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1191 Grand Central ave

Donahue, John, watchman, bds 556 E Market

Donahue, John C, stenographer, bds 301 S Broadway

Donahue, Joseph, driver 201 W Clinton, bds 210 Bloomer ave

Donahue, Maggie, bds 104 Dewitt ave

Donahue, Maggie, domestic 516 W Clinton

Donahue, Margaret, bds 555 E Market

Donahue, Margaret, widow Cornelius, h 1191 Grand Central ave

DONAHUE, MARY, boarding house 513 College ave

Donahue, Mary C, dressmaker, bds 556 E Market

Donahue, Mary E, bds 210 Bloomer ave

Donahue, Mary L, bds 104 Dewitt ave

Donahue, Michael, emp Gas Co, h 556 E Market

Donahue, Michael, fireman D L & W R R, bds 1191 Grand Central ave

Donahue, Nellie, emp tobacco factory, bds 204 Bloomer ave

Donahue, Nora D, widow Dennis, grocer 301 S Broadway, h do
Donahue, Patrick J, iron worker, bds 219 Thurston

Donahue, Patrick M, laborer, bds 104 Dewitt ave

Donahue, Thomas, hotel 377 Railroad ave, h do

Donahue, Thomas, laborer, h 219 Thurston

Donahue, Thomas Jr, laborer D L & W R R, bds 219 Thurston

Donahue, Timothy, laborer, h 309 W Henry

Donahue, Timothy J, bicycle worker, bds 210 Bloomer

Donahue, William J, clerk, bds 556 E Market

Donahue see Donohue

Donald, Archibald, bds 502 Baldwin

Donald, Mary E, widow George, dressmaker, bds 222 Sullivan

Donald, Samuel F, officer, h 1841 Davis

Donaldson, Arthur L, emp bridge works, bds 113 W Miller

Donaldson, John W, flagman Erie R R, h 113 W Miller

Donnelly, Alleyne M, student, bds 213 Franklin

Donnelly, Catherine, h 413 Locust

Donnelly, Clara M, bds 413 Locust

Donnelly, Edward J, engineer D L & W R R, h 1002 Oak

Donnelly, George B, brakeman N C Ry, bds 521 Penna ae

Donnelly, Josephine, bds 413 Locust

Donnelly, Luke, engineer N C Ry, h 213 Franklin

Donnelly, Thomas, conductor L V R R, bds 425 Railroad ave

Donohue, Daniel J, saloon 622 S Main, h do

Donohue, John, laborer N C Ry, h 118 Luce

Donohue, John H, fireman N C Ry, bds 118 Luce

Donohue, John J, barber 122 Penna ave, h 111 W LaFrance

Donohue see Donahue


Donovan, Daniel, laborer, bds 1014 Magee

Donovan, Delia, stenographer Realty bldg, bds Horseheads

Donovan, Edward, laborer, h 209 E Miller

Donovan, Ellen, widow Patrick, h 719 Casey

Donovan, Helen J, housekeeper 364 W Sixth

Donovan, James H, night foreman D L & W R R round house, h 400 Crescent ave

Donovan, John, driver, bds 528 W Hudson

Donevan, John D, engine preparer, h 312 Partridge

Donovan, Josephine, tailoress, bds 410 Grove

DONOVAN, MAME, saloon 118 W Fifth, h do

Donovan, Mary A Mrs, h 506 W Church

Donovan, Mary V, musician, bds 506 W Church

Donovan, Michael, h 364 W Sixth

Donovan, Patrick G, physician and surgeon 54 S Main, h do

Donovan, Richard, laborer, bds 351 Railroad ave

Donovan, Thomas, hostler D L & W R R, bds 313 Division

Dooley, Francis S, roller, h 372 W Fifth

Doolittle, Albert L, fireman D L & W R R, h 368 Norton

Doolittle, Amos, emp Reformatory, h 104 W Hudson

Doolittle, Benjamin F, engineer D L & W R R, h 1019 Lake

Doolittle, Charles, horseshoer 357 E Fifth, h 430 Standish

Doolittle, Elmer, trainman D L & W R R, h 158 West Side ave

DOOLITTLE, FRANK E, millinery and fancy goods 132 W Water, h W Water outside limits

Doolittle, George A, teamster, bds 207 Kingsbury ave

Doolittle, Isaiah, milk dealer, h 452 Reformatory

Doolittle, John T, electrician, h 420 W Gray

Doolittle, Myrtle, bds 158 West Side ave

Doran, Anthony J, emp Eclipse bicycle works, 664 1/2 Columbia

Doran, Florence, waitress Rathbun House

Doran, Jennie R, emp Elmira knitting mill, bds 664 1/2 Columbia

Doran, Josephine, waitress Delavan House

Doran, Josephine M, dressmaker, bds 664 1/2 Columbia

Doran, Mary A, dressmaker, bds 664 1/2 Columbia

Doran, Patrick, laborer, bds 920 Michigan

Doran, Theodore A, emp Elmira knitting mill, bds 664 1/2 Columbia

Dorance, Michael, laborer, h 915 Railroad ave

Dorcas, Augusta, waitress 2 Main st bridge

Doretta, William R, asst engineer pumping station, h 701 Winsor ave

Dorler, Anthony, shoemaker, h 152 1/2 Madison ave

Dorler, Joseph A, shoemaker 406 E Market, h 152 1/2 Madison ave

Dorn, Charles, student, bds 308 W Water

Dorn, William, laborer, h W Water bey limits

DORR, CHARLES H, (Hooker & Dorr) 500 Main, res Newburgh, NY

Dorsey, Arthur S, coachman, bds 606 Dickinson

Dorsey, Charles W, servant 714 N Main

Dorsey, Grafton, laborer, bds 353 E Fifth

Dorsey, William H, laborer, h 717 Dickinson

Doty, Esther A, widow Daniel, boarding house 111 W Chemung pl

Doty, S Louise, bookkeeper 301 E Water, bds 111 W Chemung pl

Doty, William A, bds S William

Douglass, Henry, barkeeper, bds 160 Dewitt ave

Douglass Memorial Zion M E Church, Rev Sylvester L Corrothers pastor, 619 Dickinson

Dougherty, Charles E, h 319 Washington

Dougherty, Charles H, ladderman H & L Co No 1, bds 319 Washington

Dougherty, Edward, laborer, bds 752 S Main

Dougherty, James, bartender 160 Baldwin, bds do

Dougherty, Jennie, waitress Rathbun House

Dougherty, John, emp bridge works, bds 752 S Main

Dougherty, Margaret, widow John, h 752 S Main

Dougherty, Thomas E, h 823 E Second

Dougherty see Daugherty and Doherty

Dounce, E Alletta, bookkeeper 202 E Second, bds 380 W Fourth

DOUNCE, FRED N, coal and wood 202 E Second, h 380 W Fourth

Dounce, Helen L, widow O Henry, bds 415 William

Dounce, Jay W, student, bds 202 W Washington ave

Dounce, Will D, bookkeeper 299 E Washington ave, h 202 W Washington ave

Dove, Asa E, winder, bds 371 1/2 W Water

Dove, Fred C, carpenter, h 112 Partridge

Dove, James E, carpenter, h 374 W Fifth

Dove, Mary, widow George, h 1124 Walnut

Dove, Willis, foreman Hygeia Refrigerating Co, h 371 1/2 W Water

Dowling, Arthur, porter Hotel Rathbun, bds do

Dowling, James, h 916 College ave

Dowling, John G, iron worker, bds 916 College ave

Dowling, John J, cigarmaker, bds American House

Dowling, Patrick A, linotype opr Telegram, h 415 Madison ave

Down, William, tinsmith 211 Railroad ave, h 360 Grove

Downey, Cornelius, conductor E & H R R, bds 863 Lake

Downey, Daniel J, clerk, bds Stephens n Lake

Downey, John L, guard N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Downey, Margaret, emp silk mill, bds Stephens n Lake

Downey, Patrick, gate tender, h Stephens n Lake

Downing, Lee, laborer, bds 129 Penna ave

Downs, Abbie Mrs, rooms 53 George

Downs, John, emp rolling mill, bds 410 Magee

Downs, Mary Mrs, bds 410 Magee

Doxey, Bertha L, bds 153 Bloomer ave

Doxey, Herbert H, iron roller, h 153 Bloomer ave

Doxey, Jennie O, student, bds 655 Main

Doxey, Millicent E, widow Augustus, bds 153 Bloomer ave

Doxey, N D & Co, (N D D & C S Davenport) iron, steel and coal, 199 E Washington ave

Doxey, Nicholas D, (N D Doxey & Co) 199 E Washington ave, h 655 N Main

Doyle, Ellen, widow Michael, h 660 Columbia

DOYLE, GEORGE W, umbrella maker and repairer, 119 E Church, h do

Doyle, Gertrude C, milliner, bds 660 Columbia

Doyle, John G, reporter, bds 660 Columbia

Doyle, Mary E, housekeeper 213 W First

Doyle, Michael, coachman, h 213 W First

Doyle, Michael H, fireman D L & W R R, bds 660 Columbia

Draiss, Adam, cigar maker, bds 317 W Fourth

Draiss, Elizabeth M, widow Adam, h 317 W Fourth

Draiss, Frederick, baker, bds 317 W Fourth

Draiss, Wenieslaus C, baker, bds 317 W Fourth

Drake, Anna L, bds 312 Webber pl

Drake, Charles E, brakeman D L & W R R, h 1317 Hall

Drake, Claude L, com trav, h 208 W Chemung pl

Drake, Charles W, brakeman Erie R R, h 868 Magee

Drake, Claude E, deliveryman, bds 850 John

Drake, Elizabeth R, widow Samuel, h 312 Webber pl

Drake, Elizabeth H, bds 410 Herrick

DRAKE, EMORY G, physician and surgeon 312 W Church, h do, office hours 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 pm

Drake, George E, conductor N C Ry, h 216 Penna ave

DRAKE, HENRY E, jeweler 136 E Water, bds Elmira House

Drake, J Rodman, coachman, 722 W Water

Drake, John W, jeweler 100 W Water, h 416 Euclid ave

Drake, John W, laborer, bds 850 John

Drake, Julia, bds Home for Aged

Drake, Katharine S, bds 216 Penna ave

DRAKE, LEON H, propr Elmira Steam Mills, pres Elmira Bldg Co, 623-624 Railroad ave, h 902 College ave

Drake, Leon H jr, bookkeeper 623 Railroad ave, bds 902 College ave

Drake, Lida M, widow Laurin B, bds 706 W Gray

Drake, Louise Mrs, cook 414 W Church

Drake, Lydia J Mrs, milliner 201 E Water, h 706 W Gray

Drake, Mabel E, bds 602 N Main

Drake, Myer C, conductor E & H R R, rooms 115 1/2 Horner

Drake, Oakley E, tinsmith 211 Railroad ave, h 508 Spaulding

Drake, Otis T, brakeman D L & W R R, h 805 Oak

Drake, Sarah, widow Andrew, h 410 Herrick

Drake, Susie M, bds 508 Spaulding

Drake, Theresia, widow Job J, bds 805 1/2 E Water

Drake, Vida, domestic, 200 E Fifth

Drake, Wilford S, baker, bds 105 W Hudson

Drake, William S, driver 75 Penna ave, bds 105 W Hudson

Drake, William H, teamster, h 850 John
Drake, William I, engineer Elmira rolling mill, h 312 Webber pl

Drake, William J, emp Erie car shops, bds 307 W Fourth

Drake, Winifred B, tel opr 205 E Gray, bds 216 Penna ave

Draper, George, clerk Patterson House, bds do

Draper, H Seymour, gate tender Erie R R, h 500 Columbia

Draper, James H, ins agt, h 218 Dewitt ave

Drath, Albert, laborer, h 965 1/2 E Clinton

Dreier, Charles L, iron moulder, h 915 S Main

DREW, EBENEZER D, millinery and fancy goods 128 W Water, h 533 W Gray

Drew, George T, glass cutter, h 409 High

DREW, WILLIAM S, gen'l agt Equitable Life Assurance Society 107 W Water, h 356 Columbia

Driscoll, Delia, cook, bds 415 1/2 Madison ave

Driscoll, Florance, puddler, bds 1013 Lake

Driscoll, John, messenger U S Ex Co, bds 859 Grove

Driscoll, Margaret D, widow John, h 506 McDowell pl

Driscoll, Mary, domestic American House

Driscoll, Mary E, bds 313 Division

Driscoll, Nellie, domestic, 410 Lake

Driscoll, Nora E, h 506 McDowell pl

Driscoll, Peter, engineer D L & W R R, h 313 Division
Driscoll, T Albert, finisher, bds 313 Division

Droleskey, Anna, domestic, 806 N Main

Droleskey, Enoch, emp bridge works, bds 522 State

Droleskey, John, emp bridge works, h 522 State

Droleskey, Joseph, driver, h 953 Johnson

Droleskey, Winnie, emp Elmira knitting mill, bds 953 Johnson

Drumma, Katie, chambermaid Homestead Hotel

Dubert, William C, blacksmith helper, h 3 Falck

Du Bois, Chloe O Mrs, nurse, bds 354 1/2 Grove

Du Bois, George, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 400 Linden pl

Dudley, Fred E, carpenter, h 561 Coburn

Duerlein, Lydia, emp knitting mill, bds 724 Harper

Duffy, John, messenger, bds 446 E Water

Dugan, David T, bookkeeper D L & W R R, bds 152 W Washington ave

Duggan, Jennie, waitress Hotel Klondike

DUHL BROS, (Jacob and John) meat market 201 W Clinton, 517 Main and 514 Park pl

DUHL, ELMO L, bookkeeper 149 W Water, bds 209 W Chemung pl

Duhl, Emmett M, driver, bds 206 W Chemung pl

DUHL, JACOB, (Duhl Bros) 201 W Clinton, h 452 Carroll

DUHL, JOHN, (Duhl Bros) 201 W Clinton, h 708 E Second

DUHL, LOUIS, mgr Elmira Ice Co 149 W Water, h 209 W Chemung pl

Dullin, Amelia T, bookkeeper 209 E Church, bds 304 Washington

Dullin, Laura, widow George, h 304 Washington