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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Names in bold type are patrons. ABBREVIATIONS.---ab., above; adv., advertisement; agt., agent; al., alley; asst., assistant; ave., avenue; bel., below; bet., between; bey., beyond; bds., boards; bldg., building; com. trav., commercial traveler; cor., corner; Co., company; do., ditto; E., east; E. s., east side; ft., foot; h., house; ins., insurance; Jr., junior; la., lane; manuf., manufacturer; mfg., manufacturing; n., near; N. north; N. s., north side; Penna., Pennsylvania; pl., place; pres., president; r., rear; rd., road; R. R., railroad; Ry., railway; sq., square; S., south; S. s., south side; W., west; W. s., west side.


Abbot, Ann E., widow Aaron B., h 505 Park pl

Abbot, Maria, widow Francis H., bds 502 William

Abbott, Catharine, widow Charles, h 102 W Hudson

ABBOTT, CHARLES, sup't Woodlawn Cemetery, h Woodlawn Cottage, Davis street entrance

Abbott, Charles F., mason, h 1124 Abbott

Abbott, Charles W., brakeman Erie R. R, h 100 W Clinton

Abbott, Duane E., com trav, h 711 W Gray

Abbott, Edward H., book-keeper Woodlawn Cemetery, bds Woodlawn Cottage

Abbott, George T., teamster Woodlawn Cemetery, bds Woodlawn Cottage

Abbott, James M., conductor N C R R, h 731 Southport

Abbott, May G., bds 731 Southport

Abbott, Rhoda, widow John, bds 316 E Water

Abbott, Solomon, bds 510 Columbia

Aber, Lee W., expressman, h 571 Coburn

Abernathy, Catharine F Mrs, bds 272 Baldwin

Abernathy, Harry M., mgr Eclipse Bicycle Co, h 272 Baldwin

Abernathy, Samuel A, supt Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 272 Baldwin

Abrahamson, Jacob, confectioner 102 Main, bds 436 E Water

ABRAHAMSON, NATHAN, steam dye works, 434-436 E Water, h do

Abt, Joseph, shoemaker, 209 Gregg, h do

Academy of Our Lady of Angels, E Market cor High

Ace, John W, emp knitting mills, h r 116 S Main

Ackerman, Clara, domestic, 311 Mt Zoar

ACKLEY, ALFRED E., buyer W B Hallock & Bro 111 E Water, h 414 1/2 W Second

Ackley, Mabel, bds 414 1/2 W Second

Acton, William, gardener, bds 151 Baldwin

Adair, Lottie, widow Robert, h 375 W Clinton

Adam, Minnie Mrs, h 703 E Clinton

Adams, Alfred R, emp N C R R shops, bds 609 S Main

Adams, Alice, bds 534 W Church

Adams, Allen O, h 613 Grove

Adams, Asa A, hoslter, bds 418 Madison av

Adams, Austin D, laborer, bds 418 Madison av

Adams, Charles, check boy Hotel Rathbun, bds do

Adams, Dayton O, brakeman D L & W R R, h 311 Thurston

Adams, Edward F, keeper Reformatory, h 504 Ivy

Adams, Edward L, insurance 116 Railroad av, h 534 W Church

Adams, Edwin W, teamster, h r 505 Erie

Adams, Eli, h 769 Penna av

Adams, Emanuel G, machinist, rooms 122 E Water

ADAMS EXPRESS CO, W F Dent agent, 115 Baldwin

ADAMS EXPRESS CO, depot office 603 Railroad av

Adams, Frank J, laborer, bds r 505 Erie

Adams, George, emp rolling mill, bds 321 Norton

Adams, George E, laborer, h 1310 Lackawanna ave

Adams, George W, carpenter, h 364 Wallace

Adams, Harrison, keeper N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Adams, Hazel, bds 308 E Water

Adams, Herbert S, student, bds 613 Grove

Adams, James R, harnessmaker, h 1306 Pratt

ADAMS, JEANNETTE, bookseller and newsdealer post office Lake cor E Market, bds 325 Lake

Adams, John, h 907 W Water

Adams, Kate A, widow Foster L, rooms 517 W First
Adams, Katharine, bds 534 W Church

Adams, Katharine, stenographer 156 Baldwin, bds 527 W Gray

Adams, Lena B, clerk 132 W Water, bds 364 Wallace pl

Adams, Lucy A, widow Oscar, bds 636 W Water

Adams, Mary K, bds 907 W Water

Adams, Nancy Mrs, laundress, 418 Madison av

Adams, Robert W, janitor U S Ex Co, h 418 Madison ave

Adams, Sarah Mrs, h 907 W Water

ADAMS, WILLIAM, hotel 372 Railroad ave, h do

Adams, William, bell boy Rathbun House, bds do

Adams, William, laborer, h Thompson cor Spruce

Adamshok, John, laborer, h 806 E Washington av

Adamv, Hulda A, widow Daniel, bds Home cor Apple

ADMIRAL DEWEY HOTEL, James Aldous propr, 113 West Side ave

ADRIANCE, FRANK W, (Adriance & Howland), h 306 Lake, h do

ADRIANCE & HOWLAND, (Frank W A & Reeve B H), physicians and surgeons 306 Lake; office hours Dr Adriance 1:30 to 4 and 7 to 8 pm; Dr. Howland 11 to 12 am and 3 to 4 pm

Adriance, Platt & Co, (J A Blackburn manager) agricultural implements, 102 W Fourth

Affelt, Albert, tanner, bds 317 Tuttle av

Agar, Alexander, laborer, bds 109 1/2 W LaFrance

Agar, Jane, widow Alexander, h 109 1/2 W LaFrance

Agar, John B, emp N C R R shops, bds 109 W LaFrance

Agar, Walter, laborer, bds 109 1/2 W LaFrance

Agard, Eaton J, carpenter, h 611 Grove

Agold, Roseena, widow William G, h 554 S Main

Ahern, Edward E, pressman Facts Printing Co, bds 701 W Second

Ahern, Elizabeth, widow James, h 701 W Second

Ahern, Ellen, bds 701 W Second

Ahern, John, clerk 148 W Water, bds 701 W Second

Aiken, Thomas H, canvasser, h 380 W Water

Ainley, Crystal, bds 968 Walnut

Ainley, Laura H, widow Charles H, h 968 Walnut

Alba, Augustus H, draughtsman Elmira Bridge Co, bds 538 Lyon

Alba, Fred B, ass't supt Mut Life Ins Co, h 538 Lyon

Albee, Ezra E, laborer, h 606 N Main

Albee, Frank F, ass't store keeper N C R R shops, h 507 Fulton

Albee, Fred H, machinist, bds 606 N Main

Albee, George E, machinist, h 606 N Main

Albee, Harry, portraits, h 608 John

Albertson, Eugene, janitor Railway Y M C A, h 704 Benjamin

Albertson, Daisy A, music teacher, bds 704 Benjamin

Albertson, Abbie, bds 102 W Hudson

Albertson, Charles W, fireman D L & W R R, h 1561 Lake

Albrecht, Gustav, motorman W S R R, h 1109 Davis

Albright, Cady S, supt street sprinkling 307 E Water, bds 321 W First

Albright, Joseph, harnessmaker, h 321 W First

Alcott, John, tinsmith, h 101 Rose pl

Alcott, Thomas F, glass cutter, bds 101 Rose pl

Alderman, Melvin S, emp bridge works, bds 157 High

Alderman, Thomas B, electrician, rooms 151 W Clinton

ALDOUS, JAMES, prop Admiral Dewey Hotel, 113 West Side ave Died since canvass

Aldrich, Alice C, director of drawing public schools, rooms 402 Union pl

ALDRICH, CHARLES D, (Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co), h 414 William

Aldrich, Ethan A, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co, h 509 E Second

Aldrich, Jennie M, clerk Gazette office, bds 705 E Church

Aldrich, Oscar E, contractor Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co, h 705 E Church

Aldrich, Vanderlyn V, sash maker, h 511 William

Aldrich, Verne E, bookkeeper, h 467 Riverside ave

ALDRIDGE, FRANKLIN F, district attorney county bldg, h 469 W Church

Alexander, Hugh T, clerk, bds 505 Baldwin

Alexander, John, mail carrier, h 1124 Davis

Alexander, John S, bookkeeper, bds 1124 Davis

Alexander, Levi, laborer, h 714 Baldwin

Alexander, Lewis, cooper 550 E Water, bds do

Alexander, Miner, h 152 High

Alexander, Robert, real estate, h 460 W Gray

Alexander, William M, polisher, bds 152 High

Allen, Alfred P, emp Decker Ayers, h 509 Fulton

Allen, Ann, dressmaker, h 110 South ave

Allen, Arthur G, mason, bds 727 Kinyon

ALLEN, CHARLES A, marble and granite works and stone yard 304-312 State, h 511 W Gray

Allen, Charles H, engineer N C Ry, h 411 Jefferson

Allen, Claude, painter, h 807 Laurel

Allen, Clyde E, brakeman N C Ry, h 514 Penna av

Allen, Esther Mrs, h 115 Main

Allen, Frank E, fireman D L & W R R, h 709 Lake

Allen, Fred, driver 201 W Water, h Jefferson

Allen, Frederick L, sash maker, h 867 Magee

Allen, George B, barber, bds 422 W Second

Allen, George E, com trav, h 127 W Water

Allen, George H, fireman N C R R, h 602 Herrick

Allen, George R, emp bridge works, bds 938 Penna ave

Allen, Grace, chambermaid 417 E Market

Allen, Ira D, emp bridge works, h 408 Locust

Allen, Isaac S, conductor N C R R and justice of the peace, 938 Penna ave, h do

Allen, Israel, peddler, h 106 Washington

ALLEN, J E MRS, clairvoyant 127 W Water, h 127 W Water, h do

Allen, John, conductor D L & W R R, h 1016 Hall

Allen, John C, clerk 308 Carroll, bds 511 W Gray

Allen, John Jr, conductor E & H R R, bds 656 Lake

Allen, John J, real estate 101 E Market, h 373 W Gray

Allen, John J, teamster, 108 W Fourth

Allen, John L, conductor, h 713 Kinyon

Allen, John R, laborer, h 933 E Church

Allen, Joseph, h 321 Orchard

Allen, Laverne E, tinner, bds 509 Fulton

Allen, Lottie L, bds 938 Penna ave

Allen, Lucy E, stenographer 403 Robinson bldg, bds 380 W Fourth

Allen, Martha L, laundress, bds 408 Locust

Allen, Mary Mrs, bds 554 E Church

Allen, Milo H, emp Brown Bros, bds 512 Perry

Allen, Noah D, laborer, h 818 W Church

Allen, Olive J, h 727 Kinyon

Allen, Palmer A, brakeman N C Ry, h Cedar n S Broadway

Allen, Robert, laborer, h 101 Clark

Allen, Samuel B, clerk 104 State, h 403 Brady

Allen, Spencer H, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1316 Lake

Allen, Stanley G, h 354 Euclid ave

Allen, William, fireman N C Ry, bds 613 S Main

Allen, William J, com trav, rooms 218 W Third

Allen, William W, bookkeeper 101 E Market, h 411 W First

Allen, Rudolf, propr Elmira Brewing Co 112 Lake, h 422 W Church

Allerton, Frank H, clerk 140 W Water, h 210 W Sixth

Allerton, Hannah H, widow George C, bds 210 W Sixth

Allgeier, William, carpenter, h 320 Orchard

Alliger, Grace M, clerk 112 Baldwin, bds 616 Columbia

Alliger, Mary A Mrs, h 616 Columbia

Alliger, Mary L, dressmaker, bds 616 Columbia

Alliger, Mabel L, dressmaker, bds 616 Columbia

Alliger, Newton R, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 616 Columbia

Allington, Calvin, city express, h 625 W Church

Allington, Eugene E, teamster, h 708 E Clinton

Allington, George, laborer, bds 120 Washington

Allington, Grace, bds 313 W Gray

Allington, Hannah, bds 313 W Gray

ALLINGTON, J & SON, (Jacob & John J) contractors and builders, 851 Railroad ave cor W Seventh

ALLINGTON, JACOB, (J Allington & Son) 851 Railroad ave, h 313 W Gray

Allington, John, laborer, h 915 John

ALLINGTON, JOHN J, (J Allington & Son) 851 Railroad ave, h 311 W Gray

Allington, Lou, laborer, bds 708 Washington ave

Allington, Sarah May, kindergarten teacher, bds 313 W Gray

ALLINGTON, W CASS, contractor and builder Grove cor Winsor ave, h 535 W Water

Allison, Burr D, musician, bds 322 W Gray

Allison, Oscar W, painter, h 516 W First

Allison, William B, box maker, h 322 W Gray

Alpert, Aaron, peddler, h 909 John

Alpert, Abram, peddler, bds 858 John

Alperty, Nathan, peddler, bds 858 John

Alpha Zeta Fraternity, Epsilon Chapter, room 309 Robinson bldg

Amann, Elizabeth, widow Jacob, h 217 Gregg

Amann, Emma T, bds 520 Jefferson

Amberg, Catharine, bds 650 Lake

Amberg, Charles G, clerk, 718 Oak

Amberg, Frederick, h 650 Lake

Amberg, John H, carpenter, h 52 Grove

Amberg, Lulu, bds 650 Lake

Amberg, Sophia, bds 650 Lake

AMBERG, WILLIAM, ice cream and confectionery 603 Lake, bds 650 do

Ambrose, Agnes S, bds 518 College av

Ambrose, David, switchman N C Ry, h 510 Balsam

Ambrose, Joseph J, tel opr, bds 518 College av

Ambrose, Julia A, candymaker, bds 518 College ave

Ambrose, Katie G, bookkeeper 205 W Clinton, bds 518 College ave

Ambrose, Michael, laborer, h 518 College ave

Amdur, Jacob, junk dealer, bds 154 High

AMDUR, MAX furniture 417 Carroll, h 154 High

Amdur, Samuel, junk dealer, bds 154 High

Amdur, Solomon, junk dealer, h 154 High

AMEIGH, RICHMOND D, bicycle dealer and repairer 222 S Main, h 115 Partridge

AMERICAN SALES BOOK CO, W C Metzger mgr, manufrs duplicating sales books 618 Magee cor W Fourth

American House, John J Riley prop, 113-115 W Third

American Union Life Ins Co, M J O'Hara agt, 127 W Market

Ames, Dewitt, carpenter D L & W R R, bds 710 Benjamin

Ames, Frankie, laborer, bds 432 W Fourth

Ames, Mary, widow Abel, h 432 W Fourth

Ames, Thomas, carpenter and farmer, h 330 Soper

Anchorage, The, 955 College ave

Anderso, Matthias, mason, h 214 Chestnut

Anderson, Emma, domestic, 651 College ave

Anderson, John A, painter and paper hanger, h 720 Delaware

Anderson, Julia, maid 318 W Gray

Anderson, Kate, domestic, 654 College ave

Anderson, Lottie, asst cook Strathmont, Hoffman

Anderson, Matilda, domestic, 631 W Church

Anderson, Minnie E, bookkeeper 305 E Market, bds 509 W Clinton

Anderson, Theodore, clerk 139 E Water, h 704 W Gray

Anderson, Washington, laborer, h 652 Dickinson

Andrew, Kate D, widow Sanford H, librarian Steele Memorial Library, bds 368 W Clinton

Andrews, Charles, wholesale coal, h 501 E Church

Andrews, Emma U, recording clerk county clerk's office, bds 463 W Water

Andrews, Edwin W, incubator manufr 463 W Water, h do

ANDREWS, E W INCUBATOR CO, THE, C A Pulford pres, W R Compton treas, H M Lovell attorney, 211 Railroad ave

Andrews, Jessie S, bds 501 E Church

Andrews, Louis C, bookkeeper, bds 501 E Church

Andrews, Martin D, pressman, bds 362 Diven ave

Andrews, Sarah E, clerk N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds 463 W Water

Andrews, Vieva, brush maker, bds 392 Diven ave

Andrews, William, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Co, h 362 Diven ave

Andrews, William H, laborer, bds 758 Linden pl

Andrews, William L, emp rolling mill, h 758 Linden pl

ANDRUS, D S & CO, M Doyle Marks manager, 326 E Water and 114 Baldwin

Andrus, Ella M, clerk 411 Railroad ave, bds 364 Wallace

Andrus, Ernest J, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co, bds 369 Penna ave

Andrus, Frank L, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co, bds 369 Penna ave

Andrus, Fred B, cigars &c, 313 W Water, h 308 do

Andrus, Harry E, trainman, bds 510 Columbia

Andrus, Nelson, bds 423 Partridge

Andrus, Seth C, carpenter h Laurel n Penna ave

Andrus, William B, carpenter, h 423 Partridge

Andrzgesak, Jacob, laborer, h 1116 N Main

Angell, Girard, motorman W S R R, h 1863 Davis

Angell, Lillian, bookkeeper 139 Nicks, rooms 305 William

Anhalt, Abraham, produce dealer 119 W Water, h 514 W Third

Anhalt, Charles, clerk 119 W Water, bds 514 W Third

Anhalt, Lawrence J, advertising solicitor Elmira Advertiser, bds 514 W Third

Ankner, Daniel, emp silk mill, bds 1327 College ave

Antes, Charles, blacksmith, bds 210 Partridge

Antes, George, laborer, h 210 Partridge

Antes, Harry D, hostler, h 1338 College ave

Antes, James M jr, emp Municipal Improvement Co, bds 306 Baty

Antes, Wilbur, emp Kertscher & Co, bds 1021 Oak

Annabel, Frederick C, physician 127 E Hudson, h do

Anthony, Henry J, clerk, 450 Spaulding, h 507 do

Anti Saloon League, A Bushnell supt, 308 Realty bldg

Antuzzi, Carlo, laborer, h 909 Stowell

Apenouvich, Anthony, emp rolling mill, h 520 State

Apgar, Frances F, emp box factory, bds r 422 Fulton

Apgar, Guy W, machinist, h 117 Hoffman

Apgar, Jacob, laborer, h r 422 Fulton

Appleton, John L, slater, h 565 E Water

Appleton, Mary Mrs, bds 1891 College ave

Arbor Hotel The, Snyder & Flynn props, 110 Lake

Archibald, Helen M, nurse 523 W Water

Arlington Hotel, John W Sullivan propr, Penna ave co S Broadway

Armitage, Charles H, city editor Elmira Telegram, h 316 E Church

Armitage, Frank, dep internal revenue collector Masonic Temple, h at Horseheads

Armitage, Lucy H, widow Richard, h 316 E Church

Armondi, E, nurse, 112 College ave, bds do

ARMOUR & COMPANY, John H Price mgr, dressed meats, 508 State

ARMSTRONG, HENRY L, (Armstrong, Mather & Wood) 116 Railroad ave, h 523 W Church

Armstrong, James, laborer, bds 353 E Fifth

Armstrong, John, laborer, h 353 E Fifth

Armstrong, Margaret, widow Byron, h 356 Pomeroy pl

ARMSTRONG, MATHER & WOOD, (H L Armstrong, C S Mather and G M Wood) leaf tobacco packers, 114 to 118 Railroad ave

Armstrong, Rose, proof reader Elmira Telegram, rooms 109 W Gray

Arnold, Grace O, bds 449 W Fifth

Arnold, Harry W, pressman Telegram, h 332 S Broadway

Arnold, James E, bicycle repairer, lock and gun smith 126 S Main, h Thompson n Southport

Arnold, Melissa D, widow Edwin P, h 449 W Fifth

Arnold, Thomas, laborer, h 109 E Second

Arnot, Augusta, bds 708 E Market

Arnot, Charlotte, widow Stephen T, h 211 Lake

Arnot, Elizabeth H, widow John, h 254 W Clinton

Arnot, Gussie, bds 708 E Market

ARNOT, MATTHIAS C, 1st vice-pres Chemung Canal Bank 415 E Water, bds 254 W Clinton cor Park pl

ARNOT, MATTHIAS H, pres Chemung Canal Bank; pres Elmira Industrial Association, Junction Canal Co, treas New Orange Industrial Association 415 E Water, h 235 Lake

Arnot, Mills, (William A Shoemaker & Co, props) flour and feed, 101 Tuttle ave

Arnot-Ogden Memorial Hospital, Grace Kinney sup, Roe ave

Arnot, Minnie bds 383 S Main

Arnot-Ogden Memorial Hospital Ambulance stand, 425 Carroll bet Grove and Tenienti

Arnot, Susan J, dressmaker 708 E Market, h do

Aronson, Aaron, peddler, bds 156 Orchard

Aronson, Lottie, bds 156 Orchard

Aronson, Myer, com trav 402 E Water, bds 156 Orchard

Aronson, Rachael, widow Jacob, h 156 Orchard

Artley, Charles E, fireman N C Ry, h 303 South ave

Artley, Hesten T, teamster, h 305 South ave

Ashton, Thomas C, clerk, bds 259 Baldwin

Atkins, Emma Mrs, h 457 Mt Zoar

Atkins, Eugene, rooms 151 W Clinton

Atkins, Samuel, driver, 518 Lake

Attridge, Catharine, widow Thomas, h 958 Main

Atwater, Charles A, clerk 109 Lake, h 111 Sly

Atwater, Charles M, piano tuner, rooms 505 Magee

ATWATER, FLOYD A. (W G Atwater & Sons) h 305 Crescent

ATWATER, FRANK D, (W G Atwater & Sons) h 1105 Grand Central ave

Atwater, Mary H, widow Dwight, bds 534 W Church

Atwater, Snyder P, emp Barker, Rose & Clinton Co, h 109 Sly

ATWATER, WILLIS G, (W G Atwater & Son) 1199 Grand Central ave, h do

ATWATER, W G & SONS, (W G, Frank D and Floyd A) creamery and milk dealers, 1199 Grand Central ave

Atwater, Zora B, emp knitting mill, bds 111 Sly

Atwood, Adam, blacksmith, h 713 Casey

Atwood, Alliston W, foreman The Read & Lovatt Co, h 406 1/2 Sullivan

Atwood, Anna E, widow William O, bds 406 1/2 Sullivan

Auble, U Grant, watchman N Y S Reformatory, h 205 Crete ave

Augustus, Charles, laborer, bds 514 High

AULLS, SAMUEL D, lawyer 216 E Water, h 360 W First

Ault, Eliza J Mrs, h 100 E Hudson

Ault, George, bds 100 E Hudson

Ault, George W, clerk L V freight office, 100 E Hudson

Aumiller, Appleton M, tobacco sorter, bds 267 W Chemung pl

Austin, Charles A, h 309 W Gray

Austin, Deborah, widow Augustus B, h 119 College ave

Austin, John T, contractor and builder, h 438 S Broadway

Austin, Peter, h 522 Penna ave

Austin, Stephen F, real estate, bds 119 College ave

Austin, William C, conductor N C Ry, h 508 Herrick

Autin, Charles, janitor 160 Baldwin, bds do

Avery, Edward, cook Hotel Langwell

Avery, Clarence L, emp Harris, McHenry & Baker, h 369 1/2 Penna ave

Avery, George, laborer, h 118 Sullivan

Awerdick, Ignatius, painter, h 400 Perry

Ayer, Frank W, clerk 121 Railroad ave, h 505 E Church

Ayer, Mabelle G, bds 505 E Church

Ayer, Sarah M, widow William, bds 410 Maple ave

Ayers, A W & Son estate, marble works 446 E Water

AYERS, ALBERT M, carriage ironer and bicycle repairer 503 College ave, h 501 do

Ayers, Alden W, engineer, h 170 Bancroft

Ayers, Casad, meat cutter, h 364 Fulton

AYERS, DECKER E, produce, seeds &c, 201 W Water, h 720 do

Ayers, James D, stenographer 124 Lake, bds 354 Fulton

Ayers, Jennie D Mrs, timekeeper 121 Railroad ave, h 425 W Fourth

AYERS, JOHN T, carriage manufr College ave cor W Third, h 408 College ave

Ayers, Mabel, widow Frederick C, h 410 Lake

Ayers, Maria C, widow Decker E, h 716 W Water

Ayers, Selaer E, driver 164 Lake, bds 354 Fulton

Ayers, William, hostler, h 106 W Church

Ayres, Ellison S, shipping clerk H C Spaulding Co, h 517 W Fourth

AYRES, FREDERICK S, (S Ayres & Son) jeweler and optician 136-138 W Water, h 320 Lake

Ayres, Henry, h 506 Ivy

AYRES, S & SON, (Frederick S) insurance 136-138 W Water


Babcock, Amelia M, bds 111 W Hudson

Babcock, Catharine, widow George, h 203 W Hudson

Babcock, Charlotte J, widow Henry L, h 53 Hoffman

Babcock, Helen, dressmaker, bds 634 Winsor ave

BABCOCK, HERBERT N, (Compton, Hurlbut & Babcock) lawyer, U S Commissioner, 309 Realty bldg, h 609 W Water

Babcock, Horace E, emp Municipal Improvement Co, h 111 Horner

Babcock, Lyman W, police constable, h 634 Winsor ave

Babcock, Morris E, emp bridge works, h 422 E Washington ave

Babcock, Samuel, bookkeeper, bds 203 W Hudson

Babcock, W Fay, buyer 301 E Water, bds 454 High

Babcock, Walter L, emp Standard Account Co, bds 364 Winsor ave

Babcock, William F, salesman, bds 454 High

Bach, Charles, asst supt Met Life Ins Co, h 505 Union pl

BACH, OTTO F, insurance 324 E Water, h do

Bachle, Henry, emp tobacco factory, bds 410 E Washington ave

Bachle, Pauline, widow Jacob, h 410 E Washington ave

Backer, Anna R, widow Frederick, grocer 208 Sullivan, and Star Carpet Cleaner 606 Oak, h 508 Sullivan

Backer, Daniel, car inspector N C Ry, h 513 Balsam

BACKER, ELMER R, pres Merchant's National Bank 109 W Water, h 429 W Clinton

Backer, George E, oil producer, bds 429 W Clinton

Backer, George W, greenhouse 428 W Fourth, h do

Backer, Jacob, florist, bds 428 W Fourth

Bacon, Augustus D, contractor E & H R R, bds 715 Lake

Bacon, Charles H, laborer, h 151 High

Bacon, Harriet E, h 1105 Davis

BACON, JAMES, lawyer 124 Lake, h 350 W Sixth

BACON, JOHN L, sec Bundy Lamp Co Advertiser bldg, h 402 W Church

Bacon, John L jr, shipping clerk, 101 E Chemung pl, h 402 W Church

Bacon, Lena, widow George E, h 718 German

Bacon, Louis Alex, student, bds 402 W Church

Bacon, Mary L, bds 406 Union pl

Bacon, Patience L Mrs, h 715 Lake

Bacorn, Ezra G, veterinary surgeon, h 407 W Sixth

Bacorn, Inez J, bds 407 W Sixth

Bacorn, Olive A, musical instruments, 407 W Sixth

Badger, Emily, emp Novelty Works, bds 223 Maple ave

Badger, H Ida, dressmaker 516 Euclid ave, h do

Badger, Jennie R, widow Herwood M, h 901 East ave

Bagley, William A, h 1314 Lake

Bahan, Thomas F, engineer D L & W R R, h 909 Lake

Bailey, Bertha E, bookkeeper, bds 208 Baldwin

Bailey, Edward J, laborer, h 207 Hoffman

Bailey, Elmer, mason, h 757 E Water

BAILEY, FREDERICK, restaurant 204 E Gray, h do

Bailey, Fred, emp rolling mill, bds 671 Sullivan

Bailey, James, mason, bds 757 E Water

Bailey, Jennie, widow John A, h 380 Baty

Bailey, John, laborer, bds 757 E Water

Bailey, Joseph D, conductor E R R, bds 103 W Water

Bailey, Joseph L, flour and feed, 208 Baldwin, h do

Bailey, Leah E, waitress, 204 E Gray

Bailey, Maggie M, emp Lovell's tobacco works, bds 705 Laurel

Bailey, Romanzo C, com trav, h 118 W Henry

Bailey, William E, teamster, h 705 Laurel

Bailey, William G, conductor N C Ry, h 318 South ave

Bailey, William O, laborer, h 150 W Fourth

Bailey, William T, supt American Sales Book Co, h 437 W Clinton

Bailey, Zenas Y, h 309 Mt Zoar

Baird, Anna B, dressmaker 15 Lyceum Theatre, h do

Baird, Catharine E, widow Samuel, bds 653 Dickinson

Baird, Clifford E, sawyer, bds 15 Lyceum Theatre

Baker, Alexander, (Baker Bros) 317 E Market, bds 114 Orchard

Baker, Alice, dressmaker 167 Baldwin, h do

Baker, Archie Fay, machinist, bds 261 W Clinton

BAKER, ASBURY H, physician and surgeon 313 Baldwin, h do; office hours 1 to 2:30 and 7 to 8 pm

Baker, Bertha, student, bds 107 Sly

Baker Brothers, (A and W) newsdealers, 317 E Market

Baker, Carrie R, bds 753 Southport

Baker, Celia, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 400 Powell

Baker, David, machinist, h 107 Partridge

Baker, Dudley B, emp bridge works, h 751 Spaulding

Baker, Edmond C, carpenter, h 261 W Clinton

Baker, Ellen, weaver cotton mill, bds 309 E Center

Baker, Fred A, laborer, bds 1000 Main

Baker, Fred W, carpenter, bds Franklin Hotel

Baker, George H, mason, h 710 Hopkins

Baker, George W, carpenter, 457 Mt Zoar

Baker, Harris, peddler, h 704 John

Baker, Henry, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 162 Orchard

Baker, Harry C, machinist, bds 360 W Water

Baker, Henry G, lumberman, h 723 Lake

Baker, Herman J, emp Erie car shops, bds 162 Orchard

Baker, Hollis C, grocer 901 Lake, h 901 1/2 Lake

BAKER, HOWARD E, (Harris, McHenry & Baker) h 1004 Lake

Baker, Ida E, bds 1004 Lake

Baker, James A, laborer, h 309 E Center

Baker, James H, washing machines, bds 411 S Main

Baker, Jennie, widow Henry, h 400 Powell

Baker, Jesse M, emp steel works, h 316 High

Baker, John, laborer, h 151 High

Baker, John, tinsmith, bds 560 Beach

Baker, John A, h 162 Orchard

Baker, John K, teamster, h 706 German

Baker, Joshua, bds 1000 Main

Baker, Joshua J, drayman, h 1001 1/2 Oak

Baker, Judson, emp LaFrance shop, bds 114 W Miller

Baker, Levi, check boy 140 W Water, bds 704 John

Baker, Louis, peddler, bds 704 John

Baker, Lyman S, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, h 308 Harmon

Baker, Margaret, bds 560 Beach

Baker, Margaret C, dressmaker, bds 1003 Oak

Baker, Margaretta M Mrs, bds 464 E Water

Baker, Margaret S, widow John S, boarding house 360 W Water

Baker, Mary, widow Mahlon, h 411 Balsam

Baker, Mary, cook 303 Main

Baker, Mollie, cigarmaker, bds 704 John

Baker, Nicholas, laborer, h 560 Beach

Baker, Ora E, lineman, h 508 1/2 Park pl

Baker, Peter, foreman, bds 107 College ave

Baker, Rose, widow Richard, h 110 South ave

Baker, Solomon, junk dealer, h 114 Orchard

Baker, Sparrow, gardener, h 753 Southport

Baker, Susana, widow John, bds 1312 Baldwin

Baker, Thomas C, carpenter, h 1000 N Main

Baker, Thomas C Jr, student, bds 1000 N Main

Baker, William (Baker Brothers) 317 E Market, bds 114 Orchard

Baker, William R, foreman D L & W freight house, h 353 Columbia

Baker, William S, printer, bds 560 Beach

Baldwin, Carrie E, dressmaker, bds 115 1/2 Horner

Baldwin, Charles H, bookkeeper Advertiser Association, h 410 Maple ave

Baldwin, Edith M, stenographer, bds 115 1/2 Horner

Baldwin, Edward H, motorman, h 115 1/2 Horner

Baldwin, Ella, waitress 119 Lake, bds do

BALDWIN, ERWIN J, (Baldwin & Baldwin) h 462 Franklin

Baldwin, Frances E, student, bds 661 W Third

BALDWIN, FRANCIS E, (Baldwin & Baldwin) h 670 Euclid ave

BALDWIN, GEORGE E, carpenter and builder and manufr Ladies' Friend washing machine 212 Franklin, h 416 Herrick

Baldwin, Guy, emp Payne's shops, h 123 W Henry

Baldwin, Helen, widow Lathrop, bds 439 W Clinton

Baldwin, Henry, janitor school No. 10, h 302 W Third

Baldwin, Hettie, widow John, h 616 Baldwin

BALDWIN, ISAAC, real estate 330 E Water, h 214 W First

Baldwin, J Morgan, smoker 508 State, h 51 S Main

BALDWIN, J SCOTT, wholesale and retail coal 101 E Market cor Railroad ave, h 236 Lake

Baldwin, Jennie E, widow Eleazer, nurse, h 204 College ave

Baldwin, Josephine, widow William, h 401 Sullivan

Baldwin, Ralph C, bds 204 College ave

Baldwin, Sally M, widow John J, bds 661 W Third

Baldwin, W Rice, h 915 College ave

Baldwin, William, carpenter, h 416 Herrick

Baldwin, William A, civil engineer roadmaster's office Erie R R, bds 410 Maple ave

Baldwin, William D, fireman D L & W R R, h 1318 Grand Central ave

Baldwin, William H, laborer, h S s Penna ave n Bulkhead

BALDWIN & BALDWIN, (E J and F C) lawyers 401 to 407 Realty bldg

Baldwyn, Florence B, bds 502 William

Baley, Fred, h 204 E Gray

Ball, Albert, laborer, 723 Dickinson

Ball, Alice J, widow Joseph, 149 W Water

Ball, Charles, laborer, E Fifth cor State

Ball, Henry K, trav freight agt Pennsylvania R R, h 318 W Washington ave

Ball, James, chef Delavan House, bds do

Ballard, Alina G, widow Walter, h 519 W Fourth

Ballard, Anna L, student, bds 111 Main

BALLARD, CLARA G MRS, boarding house, 111 Main

Ballard, Flossie E, bds 111 Main

Ballard, Hiram R, h 113 1/2 West Side ave

Ballard, Ira, painter, bds Buckbee House

Ballard, J Hudson, pastor Gospel Tabernacle, bds 227 Franklin

Ballard, Louisa J Mrs, rooms 353 Columbia

Ballard, Margaret A (Mrs H R), confectionery, 113 West Side ave

Ballard, Maria G, clerk 115 E Water, bds 529 W Water

Ballard, Will G, mgr, 200 E Gray, h 111 Main

BALLARD, WILLIAM W, propr C E Morrell Co, 154 Baldwin, h 402 W Church

Ballis, Peter, plumber, rooms 457 E Water

BALLY, JOHN (J Bally & Son) 330 E Water, h 311 Columbia

BALLY, JOHN & SON, (Louis F) jewelers 330 E Water

BALLY, LOUIS F, (J Bally & Son) 330 E Water, h 709 W Church

Baltimore, Dora, widow Harris, second hand store 400 High, h do

Baltimore, Jacob, clothier 400 High, h do

Baltz, George W, linotype opr Telegram, h 307 Dewitt ave

Baltz, Harry, circulating mgr Telegram, bds 323 Baldwin

Baltz, Richard, emp Bundy Lamp Co, h 323 Baldwin

Bambury, Edward, fireman Erie R R, h 714 College ave

Bambury, Edward Jr, emp Eclipse Bicycle works, bds 714 College ave

Bambury, Elizabeth L, bds 714 College ave

Bambury, George, emp Eclipse Bicycle works, bds 714 College ave

Bambury, Mary A, bds 714 College ave

Banaventure, Sister M, superioress Convent of Mercy 519 Park pl

Bancher, Barnet, propr Bancher's Cafe 329 Carroll, h do

Bancher's Cafe, B Bancher propr, 229 Carroll

Banfield, Addison E, conductor W S R R, bds 243 Crete ave

Banfield, Arthur W, com trav, bds 213 Washington

Banfield, Oscar F, lumberman, bds 243 Crete ave

Banker, Walter, brakeman D L & W R R, h 720 Oak

Banks, Alonzo, farmer, bds 400 W Clinton

Banks, Arthur E, trainman D L & W R R, h 360 Norton

Banks, Clayton H, clerk P O, h at Horseheads

Banks, David F, emp N C Ry shops, h 611 Lewis

Banks, Elizabeth C, artist, bds 451 W First

Banks, Frances, widow John M, h 825 E Second

Banks, Harry, mechanic, bds 825 E Second

Banks, Isabelle B, student, bds 611 Lewis

Banks, James W, emp Bell Telephone Co, bds 611 Lewis

Banks, John B, train dispatcher N C Ry, h 513 Walnut

Banks, Mary, clerk, bds 825 E Second

Banks, Myrtle, stenographer, bds 825 E Second

Banks, Samuel, sign painter, Lyceum Theatre bldg, h 451 W First

BANNER CLUB, 637 Winsor ave


Bannon, Laura J, dressmaker, 512 College ave

BANTLEY, CONSTANTINE, wire goods manufr 427 E Fifth cor Madison ave, h 500 Sullivan

Banzhaf, Fred, baker 507 E Church, bds do

Bannon, William, stone mason, bds 703 S Main

Barber, Belle, domestic, bds 815 Linden pl

Barber, Bert S, clerk, bds 225 E LaFrance

Barber, Catherine, widow Fred A, dressmaker, bds 221 1/2 Franklin

Barber, Catharine Mrs, cook Palace Hotel

Barber, C Leona, teacher No 8 school, rooms 419 W Second

Barber, Eliza C Mrs, h 557 Falck

Barber, Elizabeth, bds Home for Aged

Barber, Herbert, tinner, h 806 Madison ave

Barber, James W, mason, h 225 E LaFrance

Barber, Levi S, convasser, h 221 1/2 Franklin

Barber, Mary J, bds 259 Baldwin

Barber, Nathaniel, h 815 Linden pl

Barber, Oliver A Mrs, boarding house 259 Baldwin

Barber, Oliver A, mason, h 259 Baldwin

Barber, Stella Mrs, h 514 Dewitt ave

Barber, Van R, mason, h 520 Elizabeth

BARBER, VIOLA FISHLER, (Roach & Fishler) 305 Carroll, h 117 W Second

Barber, Willard E, paymaster N C Ry, h 721 College ave

Barber, William H, tinsmith, h 806 Madison ave

Barchet, Emma, domestic, 610 W Water

Bardeen, Bessie V, bookkeeper 201 E Market, bds 217 W Chemung pl

BARDEEN, THOMAS J, well driller and dealer in pumps, windmills, &c, 201 E Market cor State, tel 98 F, h 217 W Chemung pl

Barden, William, harness maker, bds 502 E Water

Bardin, Rebecca Mrs, nurse, 402 W Water

Bardwell, Ransom P, emp LaFrance Engine Co, h 408 Spaulding

Bardwell, Willis H, machinist, h 204 Caldwell ave

Barker, Charles J, engineer D L & W R R, h 415 1/2 Linden pl

BARKER, FREDERICK, (Barker, Rose & Clinton Co) 109 Lake, h 514 W Water

Barker, Frederick H, printer, bds 404 W Third

Barker, George A, telegrapher, h 356 E Washington ave

Barker, Jane, bds 514 W Water

Barker, Jesse O, fireman D L & W R R, bds 421 Linden pl

Barker, Mina C, widow Charles L, h 404 W Third

Barker, Sarah, widow Eggler, h 421 Linden pl

BARKER, ROSE & CLINTON CO, (F Barker pres, A Clinton vice-pres, S Rose sec and treas) hardware, bicycles wholesale and retail, paints, oils, mechanics' tools, &c, 109-113 Lake

Barlow, Bahama, widow Samuel A, bds 1402 College ave

Barlow, James E, conductor W S R R, h 1402 College ave

Barlow, Martha, widow Lorenzo, h 402 Pleasant

Barlow, W LeGrand, brakeman N C Ry, bds 402 Pleasant

Barnard, Octavia, domestic 406 Lake

Barnard, Robert, bds 227 Mt Zoar

Barnes, Aaron P, conductor N C Ry, h 455 Franklin

Barnes, Charles E, painter, h 601 S Main

Barnes, Charles W, brakeman D L & W R R, h 410 Mathews

Barnes, Clarence P, foreman D L & W R R, h 358 Diven ave

Barnes, Clyde E, clerk N C freight office, h 509 Balsam

Barnes, Emma T, bds 307 1/2 W Clinton

Barnes, Eugene B, engineer N C Ry, h 601 S Main

Barnes, Floyd A, carpenter, h 307 1/2 Clinton

Barnes, John, mfg hatter and furnisher 118 W Water, h 120 Main

Barnes, John J, emp bridge works, h 613 Junction

Barnes, Susan A, emp knitting mill, bds 307 Division

Barnes, Thomas, fireman D L & W R R, h 307 Division

Barnes, Thomas, steward Elmira College, h 862 N Main

Barnes, Verna M, emp F N Ensign, bds 654 Pearl pl

Barnett, Catharine, bds 820 Hatch

Barnett, Hannah M, bds 106 Fulton

Barnett, Jeremiah J, laborer, h 106 Fulton

Barnett, John, h 820 Hatch

Barnett, John F, h 106 Fulton

Barnett, Mary F, bds 106 Fulton

Barney, Benjamin, carpenter, bds 106 Madison ave

Barney, George W, carpenter, h 511 Main

Barney, Harry, carpenter, bds 106 Madison ave

Barnhart, Erla M, dressmaker, bds 415 Perry

Barnhart, Gilbert C, watchman, h 1008 Hoffman

Barnhart, Gus M, clerk P O, bds 415 Perry

Barnhart, Joseph L, carpenter, bds 415 Perry

Barnhart, Melissa A, widow Alvin G, h 415 Perry

Barnhart, Orr, emp bridge works, bds 318 S Broadway

Barnhart, Samantha Mrs, h 318 S Broadway

Barnsteadt, Albert, tinner, h 759 E Fifth

Barnum, Arthur L, bds 205 W Henry

Barnum, Arthur L, clerk 301 E Water, bds 603 W Second

BARNUM, FRANK M, propr Empire Laundry 110 W Water, h 205 W Henry

Barnum, Milo D, barber, bds 603 W Second

Barnum, W Burdett, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, h 603 W Second

Barone, Annie N, h 454 E Market

Barr, Fred, carpenter, h 1003 Oak

Barrett, Anna, emp knitting mill, bds 505 1/2 Sullivan

Barrett, Catherine, emp knitting mill, bds 505 1/2 Sullivan

Barrett, Daniel, railroad contractor, h 505 1/2 Sullivan

Barrett, Jennie M, widow Owen, h 560 Coburn

Barrett, Joseph, emp Eclipse Bicycle works, h 505 1/2 Sullivan

Barrett, Maggie, domestic, 608 W Water

Barrett, Susie A, emp knitting mill, bds 505 1/2 Sullivan

Barrigan, William, lineman D L & W R R, bds American House

Barron, John, laborer, h 213 E Seventh

Barron, Joseph H, shoemaker, h 205 E Miller

Barron, May L Mrs, dressmaker, 312 S Main, h do

Barron, Thompson O, laborer, bds 205 E Miller

Barry, Bridget, domestic, 216 William

Barry, Catharine, widow Robert, h 817 E Church

Barry, Catherine Mrs, bds 301 W Henry

BARRY, EZRA D, (Barry & Berry) h 402 W First

Barry, John, baker 107 College ave, h 256 W Hudson

Barry, Kate, asst storekeeper Rathbun House

Barry, Kate S, dressmaker, bds 817 E Church

Barry, Mary, dressmaker, h 256 W Hudson

Barry, Patrick, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1018 Hall

Barry, Robert J, plumber, h 817 E Church

Barry, William, laborer, bds 425 Railroad ave

BARRY & BERRY, (E D B and C D B) groceries, provisions and coal 353 Davis

Bartel Brewing Co, James McGuigan agt, 735 Baldwin n D L & W depot

Bartell, George, barber 322 W Fifth, h 515 Railroad ave

Bartell, Gertrude Mrs, rooms 105 Columbia

Bartell, Gertrudge E, tel opr 205 E Gray, bds 105 Columbia

Barter, Anna E, bds 522 Herrick

Barter, Richard H, emp N C Ry, h 522 Herrick

Barter, Harris, peddler, h 159 1/2 Sullivan

Barth, Jennie, emp silk mill, bds 909 John

Bartholf, Ella, widow William, h 356 W Second

Bartholf, Fannie A, bds 356 W Second

Bartholf, Henrietta, housekeeper, bds 379 W Gray

Bartholf, Rachel, widow Henry F, h 379 W Gray

BARTHOLOMEW, ABRAM L, (Bartholomew & Jewell) 950 Penna ave, h 1001 Penna ave

Bartholomew, Boyd J, stenographer, rooms 202 Baldwin

Bartholomew, Helen, bds 801 Main

Bartholomew, John, clerk 144 W Water, h 801 Main

Bartholomew, John H, engineer, h 115 Columbia

Bartholomew, Rhoda, bds 1001 Penna ave

BARTHOLOMEW & JEWELL, (A Bartholomew and E C Jewell) grocers, 950 Penna ave

Bartlett, Charlotte, nurse, bds 520 Lake

Bartlett, Edward K, conductor N C Ry, bds 320 South ave

Bartlett, Franc I, widow George, bds 357 Spaulding

Bartlett, George H, mgr brush works 742 Baldwin, h 520 Lake

Bartlett, Jane S, student, bds 154 W Clinton

Bartlett, Loring C, clerk 124 W Water, h 357 Spaulding

Bartlett, Nancy Mrs, bds 520 Lake

Bartlett, William J, corporal U S A, bds 520 Lake

Barto, Albert W, flagman N C Ry, h 418 Baty

Barton, Francis A, carpenter, h 422 Fulton

Barton, George F, civil engineer, h 614 W Gray

Barton, James T, engineer Elmira knitting mill, h 1007 Lincoln

Barton, Mary A, bds 422 Fulton

Barton, Mary A, bds 209 College ave

Barton, Robert W, (Barton & Wheadon) 318 E Market, h 374 W Church

Barton, Sara F, widow George H, bds 614 W Gray

Barton & Wheadon, (R W Barton and C F Wheadon) wholesale grocers, 318 and 320 E Market

Bascome, George D, insurance, h 413 Main

Bascome, George L, emp LaFrance Engine Co, bds 413 Main

Baskin, Edward J, emp Elmira Table Factory, bds 376 Diven ave

Baskin, Katherine C, bds 376 Diven ave

Baskin, Thomas A, round house D L & W R R, bds 376 Diven ave

Bassett, Andrew B, carpenter, h 419 1/2 Balsam

Bassett, Charles A, laborer, h 957 Oak