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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Bassett, Joel A, printer Gazette, h 500 E Water

Bastian, Joseph, barkeeper 401 E Water, h 318 Penna ave

Bastilla, Frank, shoemaker, h 517 High

Bateman, Benjamin, laborer, bds 901 Railroad ave

Bateman, Ellen, widow Marcus, h 901 Railroad ave

Bateman, James, laborer, bds 901 Railroad ave

Bateman, John, brakeman N C Ry, bds 901 Railroad ave

Bateman, John J, brakeman N C Ry, bds 619 Lewis

Bates, Nathaniel, bds 112 Hoffman

Bates, Sarah N, widow James, h 112 Hoffman

Batt, Hyman, peddler, h 551 E Second

Battersby, Edith, emp silk mill, bds 219 Bloomer ave

Battersby, Eva M, teacher, bds 219 Bloomer ave

Battersby, Patrick, agent, h 219 Bloomer ave

Batterson, Anna L, widow Horace B, bds 311 Mt Zoar

Batterson, Edmond, mason, bds 210 W Henry

Batterson, Emerson J, clerk 101 E Chemung pl, h 311 Mt Zoar

Batterson, Fred, laborer, bds 210 W Henry

Batterson, George H, nurse, bds 311 Mt Zoar

BATTERSON, ROBERT D, (Batterson & McKean) 308 E Water

Batterson, William S, mason, h 210 W Henry

BATTERSON & McKEAN, (R D Batterson and J C McKean) merchant tailors 308 E Water

Battin, Henry, brakeman D L & W R R, h 363 Norton

Baty, James R, connuctor L V R R, bds 361 W Sixth

Bauer, Albert, with Elmira Brewing Co, h E Water outside city

Bauer, Charles, laborer, bds 121 Harriet

Bauer, Christian, tailor, h 121 Harriet

Bauer, Edward G, shipping clerk, h 127 Harriet

Bauer, John G, h 710 W Gray

Bauer, William, laborer, bds 121 Harriet

Bauerlein, Valentine, clerk 526 Lake, h 411 Dewitt ave

Bauman, Charles, shoemaker 556 E Clinton, h do

Bauman, David H, brakeman Erie R R, h 759 Harper

Bauman, Edward A, laborer, h 957 Sullivan

Bauman, William, laborer, h 763 E Fifth

Baush, William, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 259 Baldwin

Baxter, Anna M, bds 253 W Sixth

Baxter, Archie E, lawyer 301 Robinson bldg, h 253 W Sixth

Baxter, Charles, student, bds 253 W Sixth

Baxter, Frank S, com trav, bds Hotel Langwell

Baxter, George O, bds 269 Baldwin

Baxter, Louise W, bds 253 W Sixth

Baxter, William J, estimater Harris, McHendry & Baker h 255 Franklin

Beach, C Lewis, farmer, h 1112 Ovid

BEACH, FRANK A, (Viele & Beach) 116 Baldwin, h 500 Roe ave

Beach, J D, (Beach & Mettler) 209 S Main, h 240 Mt Zoar

Beach, J Lynne, student, bds 921 Lake

Beach, John S, conductor W S R R, h 1112 Ovid

Beach, Joseph H, real estate 410 Main, h 1003 Walnut

Beach, Merritt C, telegrapher, h 240 Mt Zoar

BEACH, WILBUR A, merchant tailor and furrier 309 E Water, h 467 W Water

Beach & Mettler, (J D B & J L M) blacksmiths 209 S Main

BEADLE, CHAUNCEY M, insurance 214 E Water, h 400 Lake

Beadle, Joseph B Rev, clergyman, h 852 Hoffman

Beakes, Mary A, widow Stacey, bds 715 College ave

Beam, Ada, emp knitting mill, bds 408 Mathews

Beam, Ira R, jeweler, h 408 Mathews

Beam, Albert L, emp bridge works, h 320 Baty

Beam, Edith, emp knitting mill, bds 408 Mathews

Bean, Fred A, civil engineer, bds 708 W Second

Bean, George W, janitor court house annex, bds 211 William

Bean, Ray C, photographer, bds 708 W Second

Bean, William H S, foreman Barker, Rose & Clinton Co, h 708 W Second

Beard, Susan C Mrs, bds 705 Davis

Beardsley, Aaron B, h 1406 Caton ave

Beardsley, Albert H, hay dealer 313 E Market, h 460 Riverside ave

Beardsley, Charles L, bridge builder, bds 917 Grand Central ave

Beardsley, Cora F, teacher school No. 8, bds 210 William

Beardsley, David E, bill clerk H C Spaulding Co, h 1241 Hoffman

Beardsley, Frederick, contractor, h 218 Washington

Beardsley, Harry, carpenter, h 702 Tuttle ave

Beardsley, Harry M, h 371 W First

Beardsley, Hazelitt J, laborer, h 310 High

Beardsley, Ivah J, widow Elias J, h 365 W First

Beardsley, Jessie M, student bds 218 Washington

Beardsley, Kathryn L, clerk 132 W Water, bds 960 East ave

Beardsley, Letitia, h 609 College ave

Beardsley, Norton L, lumber inspector, h 960 East ave

Beardsley, Robert D, bridge builder, bds 917 Grand Central ave

Beardsley, Roswell, printer, h 702 Tuttle ave

Beardsley, Sadie E, milliner 132 W Water, bds 960 East ave

Beardsley, Ursula, widow William, h 917 Grand Central ave

Beary, Eli, blacksmith 231 W Water, h 158 Bloomer ave

Bechle, Henry, tobacco packer, h 410 E Washington ave

Bechle, Paulina, widow Jacob, bds 410 E Washington ave

Bechtel, George T, machinist, h 378 S Main

Bechtol, Evan, blacksmith, h 508 John

Bechtol, Miles M, wood worker, h 366 Diven ave

Bechtol, William, moulder, bds 904 Oak

Beck, Charles G, machinist, bds 618 Dickinson

Beck, Frank C, laborer, bds 1201 College ave

Beck, Levi H, shipping clerk American Sales Book Co, bds 114 Catherine

Beck, Samuel, pattern maker, h 1201 College ave

BECK, URIAH G, dentist, operates only on natural teeth, crown and bridge work, 407 E Church, h do

Beck, Warren F, (American Sales Book Co) h 414 Catherine

Becker, Edwin S, bookkeeper, bds 455 W Gray

Becker, Stewart, deliveryman, h 101 Front

Beckhorn, George, laborer, h 450 Oak

Beckhorn, John, polisher, h 620 E Third

Beckhorn, Wesley S, com trav, h 140 E Chemung pl

Beckhorn, William D, engineer Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co, h 500 Oak

Beckhorn, William M, painter, h 128 W Henry

Beckwith, Abbie, widow John, bds 126 Penna ave

Beckwith, Charles S, store keeper N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Beckwith, Ella, widow Judd, dressmaker, h 217 1/2 Lormore

Beckwith, Ella E, bds 406 Fulton

Beckwith, Emma Mrs, bds 210 1/2 Maple ave

Beckwith, Frederick C, clerk N C Ry car dept, bds 406 South ave

BECKWITH, GEORGE, grocer 434 Penna ave, h do

Beckwith, George, tobacco sorter, bds 367 W Second

Beckwith, Gertrude A, music teacher, bds 740 Maple ave

Beckwith, Guy, clerk 126 Penna ave, h do

BECKWITH, HARRIET L, music teacher 434 Penna ave, bds do

Beckwith, Horace, freight handler Erie R R, h 367 W Second

Beckwith, Lena S, bds 466 South ave

Beckwith, Leroy L, conductor N C Ry, h 466 South ave

Beckwith, Marvin, cigars and tobacco 422 E Market, h 105 Penna ave

Beckwith, Milton H, farmer, h 740 Maple ave

Beckwith, Stella I, student, bds 434 Penna ave

Beckwith, Sylvester, bds 367 W Second

BEDFORD, BENJAMIN R, coal and wood 728 Baldwin, h 613 1/2 Lake

Beebe, Arthur Y, laborer, h 209 Harriet

Beebe, Charles F, clerk 329 E Water, h 655 E Church

Beebe, Charles F Mrs, hairdresser, bds 655 E Church

Beebe, Clara M, h 509 Walnut

Beebe, Mary A Mrs, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 714 Spaulding

Beebe, Oscar, boarding house 214 College ave

Beebe, William, laborer, bds 209 Harriet

Beebe, William N, emp Rathbun House, bds Patterson House

Beebe, William, clerk 131 W Water, bds 209 Harriet

Beecher, Susan M, widow Lyman G, h 217 Gregg

Beecher, Julia J, widow Rev Thomas K, h Hill opp Sanitarium

Beecher, Frank M, bookkeeper 112 State, h 604 John

Beeman, James T, emp bridge works, h 90 Keefe

Beeman, Marion I, bds 604 John

Beeman, Maude W, bookkeeper 601 E Water, bds 604 John

Beeman, William R, laborer, bds 1005 College ave

Beeman see Beman

Beers, Augusta, bds 1409 Grand Central ave

Beers, Benjamin, peddler, h 157 Harriet

Beers, Frank, h 211 Caldwell ave

Beers, Fred F, emp bridge works bds 701 Junction

Beers, George, h 410 Herrick

Beers, George A, stenographer 501 Realty bldg, rooms 307 Penna ave

Beers, Harry, h 713 E Washington ave

Beers, Ida M, dressmaker, bds 701 Junction

BEERS, J MAXWELL, sec. Southern Tier Masonic Relief Association 15 Masonic Temple, h 630 W Water

Beers, James, laborer, bds 766 S Main

Beers, Johnson, insurance agent, h 630 W Water

Beers, Joseph, carpenter, h 560 E Church

Beers, Joseph D, printer, h 519 Fitch

Beers, Linda P, foreman J R Lewis, bds 713 E Washington ave

Beers, Mary E, widow William H, bds 106 Elm

Beers, Maude B, bds 713 E Washington ave

Beers, Mary I, bds 713 E Washington ave

Beers, Uri, carpenter, h 701 Junction

Beesom, C H, bridge inspector Erie R R, bds 308 S Main

Beger, Lucy J, h 552 Coburn

Beidleman, Harriet, seamstress, bds 3 Metzger bldg 205 W Third

Belknap, Blanch, maid Orphan's Home

Belknap, Grant J, carpenter, h 518 Davis

Belknap, William E, engineer bridge works, h 102 W Miller

Bell, Christiana J, widow Austin N, h 308 W Church

Bell, Etta, bds 802 Madison ave

Bell, Flora M, bds 110 Lormore

Bell, Harry, plumber 165 Baldwin, h 110 Lormore

Bell, Harry A, clerk 404 E Water, 303 1/2 S Broadway

Bell, Robert, tailor 309 E Water, h 118 Estey

Bellucci, Giueseppe, laborer, h 925 1/2 Canal

Belton, Caroline, widow Willim J, bds 426 Herrick

Beman, Alice W, teacher, bds 113 W Gray

Beman, John B, supt 100 Lake, h 113 W Gray

Beman, Loa T, bds 113 W Gray

Beman see Beeman

Bement, Julia R, widow Edward P, h 305 William

Bement, William, emp LaFrance Engine Co, bds 305 William

Bemis, W Albert, clerk 140 W Water, bds 114 Hoffman

Benard, Joseph, bookkeeper, bds 2 Main st bridge

Benedict, Annie D, widow John L, nurse, bds 410 Perry

Benedict, Charles, butcher, h 307 Mt Zoar

Benedict, Charles Jr, butcher, bds 307 Mt Zoar

Benedict, Charles E, switchman N C Ry, h 101 W Miller

Benedict, Cora, bds 307 Mt Zoar

Benedict, Edwin S, milk dealer Maple ave bey limits

Benedict, Fred P, shipping clerk Elmira Knitting mill, bds 430 W Clinton

Benedict, Hobart E, policeman, h 311 William

Benedict, John, meat market 204 Penna ave, h 608 E Miller

Benedict, Joseph, meat cutter 204 Penna ave, bds 307 Mt Zoar

Benedict, Lyman L, pressman, 718 Linden pl

Benedict, Minnie A, dressmaker, bds 1003 Sullivan

Benedict, Stephen W, emp Elmira Knitting Mill, bds 430 W Clinton

Benedict, William A, doormaker, h 1003 Sullivan

Benedict, William H, principal school No. 8, h 508 W Third

Benedict, William J, laborer, bds 1003 Sullivan

Benedict, Zetta Mrs, h 701 Erie

Benham, Floy, bds 657 Main

Benham, Frank W, painter, h 410 Perry

Benjamin, Alvin, deliveryman, h 700 Perine

Benjamin, Earl L, bookkeeper, bds 700 Perine

Benjamin, Elmore, puddler, bds 104 W Sixth

Benjamin, Harriet, widow John S, bds 446 Reformatory

Benjamin, May A, student, bds Perine

Benjamin, Newton, contracting freight agt C R R of N J 513 RR ave, h 508 W Clinton

Benjamin, Simeon T, h 714 N Main

Benjamin, Stephen L, flagman N C Ry, h 419 Balsam

Benjamin, Tracy B, emp Howell's box factory, h 455 Sullivan

Benjamin, Walter W, student, bds 714 N Main

Bennett, A Judson, engineer D L & W R R, h 213 Thurston

BENNETT, A WARD, (Bennett & Tillinghast) 409 Fulton, h do

Bennett, Aaron F, laborer, h 558 Coburn

Bennett, Albert M, mgr glass factory, h 465 W Church

Bennett, Arthur, ins agt, bds 410 Main

Bennett, Barton L, carpenter N C Ry, h 460 Franklin

Bennett, Burris L, conductor D L & W R R, bds 411 Linden pl

Bennett, C Fitch, civil engineer 620 Madison ave, bds 111 Davis

Bennett, Catharine, widow Patrick, h 407 Elm

Bennett, Charles, conductor Erie R R, h 160 W Washington ave

Bennett, Clarence, stenographer Erie freight office, bds 12 Pine

Bennett, Clark E, emp Kertscher & Co, bds 410 W Fifth

Bennett, Comfort, supt water mains Elmira Water Works Co 156 Baldwin, h 111 Davis

Bennett, Elizabeth, bds 444 W Fifth

Bennett, Ella L, dressmaker, bds 407 Elm

Bennett, Florence H, stenographer Corbin & Wiesmer, bds 108 College ave

Bennett, Frank J, brakeman D L & W R R, h 376 1/2 Diven ave

Bennett, Frank L, bookkeeper Deering Harvester Co, bds 106 W Market

Bennett, George S, patternmaker, h 711 College ave

Bennett, Harriet M, emp knitting mill, bds 1104 Walnut

Bennett, Harry E, emp Kertscher & Co, bds 410 W Fifth

Bennett, Harvey N, carpenter N C Ry shops, h 307 Franklin

Bennett, Hattie F, stenographer, rooms 108 College ave

Bennett, Henry P, bds 12 Pine

Bennett, Ira W, music teacher, bds 315 William

Bennett, J Albert, student, bds 465 W Church

Bennett, James, laborer, h 434 S Broadway

Bennett, James D, machinist bridge works, h 404 Baty

Bennett, James Jr, carpenter, bds 434 S Broadway

Bennett, Julia T, clerk N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds 711 College ave

Bennett, Lillie, bds 111 W First

Bennett, M Adelaide, bookkeeper E Second cor Baldwin, bds 326 Baldwin

Bennett, Mary, widow John, bds 707 W Gray

Bennett, Mary E, bds 407 Elm

Bennett, Mary E, widow Reading, h 711 Benjamin

Bennett, Maurice J, boilermaker, bds 711 Davis

Bennett, Nellie E, dressmaker, bds 711 Davis

Bennett, Peter, laborer, bds 1491 Caton ave

Bennett, Philip H, city express, h 12 Pine

Bennett, Raleigh H, draughtsman 323 Carroll, bds 111 Davis

Bennett, Thomas, stonecutter, h 711 Davis

Bennett, Warren C, helper rolling mill, bds 914 Main

Bennett, Warren C, laborer, bds 722 Benjamin

Bennett, William, conductor D L & W R R, h 411 Linden pl

Bennett, William D, drayman, h 705 Davis

Bennett, W Harrison (Wemple & Bennett) bds 711 College ave

BENNETT & TILLINGHAST, (H W B and J B T) mason contractors 409 Fulton

Bennitt, Lillian B, dressmaker 111 W First, bds do

Bennitt, William E, carpenter, h 328 S Broadway

Benson, Archibald E, clerk, bds Smith

Benson, Elmer D, clerk, h Smith n Penna ave

Benson, Frank A, clerk Erie R R, h 967 Walnut

Benson, Friend E, rodman roadmaster's office Erie R R, h 506 Columbia

Benson, Herman A, com trav, h 322 W Gray

Benson, John J, mechanic, bds 905 Lincoln

Benson, William H, city agent 201 Railroad ave, h 241 W Water

Bent, Samuel A, h 705 Main

Bentley, Fred R, clerk Elmira Steel Co, h 358 Franklin

Bentley, James R, conductor Erie R R, h 503 W Fourth

Bentley, Lewis J, laborer, h 412 Mathews

Bentley, Mae J, stenographer and bookkeeper 132 W Water, bds 1014 Oak

Bentley, Marion A, widow Fuller, bds 358 Franklin

Bentley, Mary, widow Charles, bds 118 Estey

Bentley, Robert E, bookkeeper 165 Baldwin, bds 118 Estey

Benton, Alice M Mrs, h 375 Diven ave

Benton, Henry, fireman D L & W R R, h 375 Diven ave

Benton, May, bds 157 Baldwin

Berg, Fred W, grocer 727 Sullivan, h do

Berg, Jennie, domestic 906 College ave

Bergan, Jerry, supervisor N C Ry, h 470 South ave

Bergan, Lucy, bds 470 South ave

Bergan, Percy R, fireman N C Ry, bds 470 South ave

Bergan, Robert F, emp N C Ry, bds 470 South ave

Bergan, Thomas M, machinist N C Ry shops, bds 470 South ave

Berger, Jacob C, h 808 John

Bergman, Louis, butcher, h 752 E Water

Berhalter, Jacob, tailor, bds 55 Sullivan

Berhalter, Matilda, domestic 110 Brand

Berie, Paul, shoemaker 421 Railroad ave, h do

Berigan, Daniel W, news agent, bds 160 E Washington ave

Berigan, William, lineman, bds American House W Third

Berlue, William R, emp bridge works, h 614 Coburn

Bermingham, Michael, blacksmith 418 E Market, h 310 Washington

Bermingham, Susan A, dressmaker, bds 310 Washington

Bermingham, Thomas F, horse shoer, bds 310 Washington

Bermingham see Birmingham

Bernard, Harry E, bartender, bds 521 Union pl

Bernard, Joseph P, clerk 204 Robinson bldg, bds 2 Main

Bernard, Harry E, clerk 524 Lake, bds 521 Union pl

Berner, A & Son, wholesale and retail grocers, wines and liquors, 601 and 603 E Water

Berner, Frank A, (A Berner & Son) 601 E Water, h do

Berner, Mary, widow Adam, h 601 E Water

Bernas, John, laborer, h 412 Taylor

Bernos, Simeon, emp rolling mill, bds 766 E Fifth

Bernstein, Abraham I, cigarmaker, bds 712 E Market

Bernstein, Bertha, stenographer Hygeia Refrigerating Co, bds 712 E Market

Bernstein, Fanny, widow Tobias, h 751 John

Bernstein, Hannah, widow Joseph, bds 712 E Market

Bernstein, Isadore, cigarmaker, bds 712 E Market

Bernstein, Joseph J, printer, bds 751 John

Bernstein, Lena, bds 712 E Market

Bernstein, Mary R, tin and agate ware 126 Sullivan, h do

Bernstein, Max, com trav, bds 712 E Market

Bernstein, Max A, grocer, 751 E Market, h do

Bernstein, Morris J, bookkeeper 105 W Water, h 712 E Market

Bernstein, Simon, peddler, h 126 Sullivan

Bernstein, Solomon, cigar manuf 712 E Market, h do

Berry, Anna, domestic 357 Maple ave

Berry, Cevilus S, h 547 S Main

Berry, Charles F, distributor, h 160 Sullivan

BERRY, CLINTON D, (Barry & Berry) bds 402 W First

BERRY, EVA G MRS, boarding house 614 Park pl

Berry, Frances A, widow Thomas, bds 614 Park pl

Berry, George, emp N C Ry shops, h 403 S Main

Berry, George W, clerk, h 720 Kinyon

Berry, Harriet M, bds 547 S Main

Berry, Isabella, widow Robert, bds 123 Partridge

Berry, Jane, widow James, bds 358 Elm

Berry, John, laborer, h 608 Baldwin

Berry, Leon E, emp Kertscher & Co, h 386 1/2 Warren

Berry, Marietta, widow David, h 160 Sullivan

Berry, Minnie B, dressmaker, bds 515 Mt Zoar

Berry, Rosseau, coachman 113 E Chemung pl, h r do

Berry, William, laborer, bds 427 R R ave

Berry, Minnie B, dressmaker, bds 404 W Hudson

Berry, William, painter, h 404 W Hudson

Berry see Barry

Berthold, John L, director physical culture Reformatory, h 808 Davis

Bertram, Carl W, clerk Palace Hotel, bds do

BERTRAM, JOHN, propr Palace Hotel, 115-117 Lake

Bessell, Frank, butcher 502 Walnut, rooms 421 W Third

Bessey, Elbridge G, painter, h 211 Sullivan

Bessey, Hiram G, h 714 Park pl

Bessey, Hortense, seamstress, bds 211 Sullivan

Bethany, Lutheran Church, S Walnut cor Partridge

Bethel African M E Church, 657 Dickinson

Betson, Elizabeth Mrs, bds 721 German

Beukenholz, Paul, laborer, bds 707 Sullivan

Bevan, Frederick J, laborer, h 209 James

BEVIER, DENNIS, grain and feed, baled hay and straw 433 Carroll, h 111 Caldwell ave

Bevins, A S, timekeeper Elmira Steel Co, h Wellsburg

Beynon, William, laborer, bds 118 W Fifth

Bice, Augustus G, h 114 Partridge

BICKFORD, HIRAM H, (Pierce & Bickford) 120 Lake, h 415 W Church

Biean, George, laborer, bds 211 William

Bieganski, Romy, plumber, bds 128 W Hudson

Bien, Anna E, milliner, bds 1130 Oak

Bien, Edward M, painter and decorator 158 Baldwin, h 419 E Washington ave

Bien, Martin, laborer, h 1130 Oak

Bien, Mary, dressmaker, bds 1130 Oak

Bien, Peter, laborer, bds 128 Estey

Bien, Peter L, machinist Erie round house, h 1003 Hall

Bien, Susanna L, bds 1130 Oak

Biener, George, laborer, h 404 Dewitt ave

Bierwieler, Altha, domestic, W Water bey limits

Bigelow, Minnie, domestic, bds 501 Madison ave

Bigg, Edward C, mason, bds 521 W First

Bigg, Edward H, gardener, h 521 W First

Bigg, Jennie, tel opr 205 E Gray, bds 521 W First

Bigg, Laura J, tel opr, bds 521 W First

Bigg, Ula G, emp knitting mill, bds 521 W First

Biggs, Christopher W, clerk 126 Lake, h 501 Union pl

Biggs, John, expressman Wells, Fargo & Co, h 304 E Clinton

Biggs, Joseph P, foreman composing room Telegram, h 317 High

Biggs, Peter, h 414 Baldwin

Bigley, John, guard Reformatory, h 1201 Lake

Bigley, Rose Mrs, boarding house 1201 Lake

BIJOU HOTEL, J C Clifford prop, 503 Railroad ave

BIJOU MUSIC PUBLISHING CO, J C Clifford prop, 503 Railroad ave

Biljie, Ira C, h 1018 Tenienti

Billette, James F, mason, bds 720 Walnut

Billette, Maria, widow Theodore, h 720 Walnut

Billings, Edward B, coal and wood 115 E Gray, h 207 W Gray

Billings, Florence, maid Orphans' Home

Billings, Helena S, widow Charles F, h 409 Main

BILLINGS, HOSMER H, bookseller, stationer and news dealer 112 Baldwin, h 302 E Second

Billings, John A, tel opr train dispatcher's office Erie R R, h 48 Grove

Billings, Lucy A, widow David, h 1118 Hoffman

Billings, Myra J, bds 1118 Hoffman

Bilz, Edward, bill poster Lyceum theatre bldg, h 107 W First

Bimberg, Joseph, packer of leaf tobacco 316 Hathaway, h 621 W Water

Bimberg, Martha, bds 621 W Water

Bimberg, Nathan, (National Cigar Leaf Co) h 200 Madison ave

Binkowski, John, laborer, h 852 East ave

Birchard, Anson D, insurance adjuster, h 513 Euclid ave

Birchard, Jane M, bds 513 Euclid ave

Birchard, Harry W, insurance adjuster, bds 513 Euclid ave

Bird, Isaac, cook, h 507 Madison ave

Birdsall, Ella H, bds 717 Park pl

Birdsall, Melissa, widow Oliver, h 717 Park pl

Birkholz, Adolph, emp brick yard, h 703 Sullivan

Birmingham, Bridget, emp Elmira knitting mill, bds 721 Kinyon

Birmingham, Daniel, emp N C shops, h 559 E Third

Birmingham, Edward, driver, bds 313 College ave

Birmingham, Julia, widow Michael, h 313 College ave

Birmingham, Mary, widow Frederick, h 103 Dewitt ave

Birmingham, Mary, widow Timothy, bds 559 E Third

Birmingham, Mary Mrs, bookkeeper 323 E Water, h 103 Dewitt ave

Birmingham, Michael, h 312 Dewitt ave

Birmingham, Nellie, bookkeeper 323 E Water, bds 103 Dewitt ave

Birmingham, Thomas F, fireman E F D, bds 312 Dewitt

Birmingham see Bermingham

Birney, Mahlon, emp bridge works, h 611 Penna ave

Bishop, Arthur J, brakeman N C Ry, h 517 1/2 Penna ave

BISHOP, CHARLES W, (Georgia & Bishop) 104 Exchange pl, h 620 Winsor ave

Bishop, Emily, widow James S, bds 620 Winsor ave

Bishop, Galen H, boat builder, bds 313 Orchard

Bishop, George W, engineer N C Ry, h 500 Balsam

Bishop, Georgia F, bookkeeper 104 Exchange pl, bds 500 Balsam

Bishop, Harry McD, bds 500 Balsam

BISHOP, LAUREN E, electrical and masage specialist, 114 Baldwin, h 312 S Broadway

Bishop, Robert H, collector, h 310 E Church

Bishop, Sparks, clerk supervisor's office N C Ry, bds 430 W Clinton

Bissell, William D, blacksmith, h 417 Davis

Black, Fred S, merchant tailor 128 W Water, h 204 Harmon

Black, J E, roller Elmira Rolling Mills, bds 444 W Fifth

Blackburn, Arthur, gardener, h Spruce

Blackburn, Jesse M, bds 503 Lake

Blackburn, John A, gen'l agt Adriance Platt & Co, bds 614 Park pl

Blackburn, Susan C, widow Thomas, h 503 Lake

Blackman, George H, emp N C Ry shops, h 512 Jefferson

BLACKWELL, EDEN H, contractor and builder 607 W Water, h do

Blackwell, William D, steward in A O hospital, h 327 Baldwin

Blades, Howard P, student, bds 465 W Gray

Blades, Isabella, widow James H, dressmaker, h 465 W Gray

Blades, James P, bookkeeper 243 W Water, h 220 Lormore

BLAIR, ADDISON D, lawyer 318 E Water, h 600 W Church

Blair, George F, fireman N C Ry, h 736 Laurel

Blair, Maude E, bds 600 W Church

Blake, Anna, laundress Rathbun House, bds do

Blake, Bessie, chambermaid Rathbun House, bds do

Blake, Elizabeth B, widow Elial B, bds 657 Park pl

Blake, Ellen D, widow J Allen, bds 657 Park pl

Blake, John P, emp Erie R R, h 1118 N Main

Blake, Joseph, fireman D L & W R R, bds 104 W Washington ave

Blake, Louis L, electrician 501 Realty bldg, bds 657 Park pl

Blake, Michael, h 204 Bloomer ave

Blake, Michael, emp wire works, bds 204 Bloomer ave

BLAKE, SELWYN N, electrical engineer, agent Eddy Electric Mfg Co, treas Union Water Light and Power Co, 501 and 503 Realty bldg, h 657 Park pl

Blake, William, fireman D L & W R R, bds 204 Bloomer ave

Blampied, Benjamin, salesman C M & R Tompkins, h 109 Grove

Blampied, Mabel E, bds 109 Grove

Blampied, Roscoe C, bill clerk C M & R Tompkins, bds 109 Grove

Blampied, William T, com trav 309 E Water, h 709 W Water

Blanchard, Charles, butcher, h Caton ave n Penna ave

Blanchard, Edward, printer, bds 367 Diven ave

Blanchard, Edward S, switchman Erie R R, h 905 Lake

Blanchard, Flora, domestic 517 W Second

Blanchard, Peter, mason, bds 53 George

Blanchard, Phebe J, widow Samuel, h 367 Diven ave

Blanchard, Sarah, widow Ira, h 754 1/2 Pattinson

Blanchard, Vert A, agt Met Life Ins Co, h 367 Diven ave

Blanchard, Vert A, bicycles, sundries and repairs 814 Madison ave, h 754 1/2 Pattinson

Blandford, Alsie S, painter, h 226 Chestnut

Blank, Bert, cabinet maker, h 217 Caldwell ave

Blasinskey, Paul, tailor, h 120 E Water

Blanchard, Caroline, widow Henry, bds 367 Diven ave

Blanchard, Jennie M, bds 367 Diven ave

Blanchard, Lewis H, laborer, bds 718 Oak

Blatt, Harry, peddler, h 107 Washington

Blauvelt, Archie J, painter, h 317 W Fifth

Blauvelt, Fannie M, school teacher, h 317 W Fifth

Blight, William H, mine stores E Second cor Baldwin, h 156 Main

Bliss, Charles W, switchman Erie R R, h 109 W First

Bloch, Asher, peddler, h 811 E Market

Bloch, David F, clerk 107 W Water, bds 803 E Market

Bloch, John, junk dealer, h 117 Madison ave

Bloch, Max, clerk 118 Lake, h 117 Madison ave

Bloch, Michael, peddler, h 803 E Market

Bloch, Mollie R, bds 117 Madison ave

Blodgett, Bertha C, widow Charles G, bds 212 Vine

Blodgett, Dana W, bookkeeper and stenographer 207 Baldwin, bds 517 Harper

Blodgett, Gardner A, h 517 Harper

Blodgett, Ida, domestic 354 Grove

Blodgett, Myron C, clerk 314 Carroll, bds 2 Main st bridge

Blotstein, Samuel, peddler, h 119 Orchard

Bloomer, Erastus R, engineer N C Ry, h 659 Main

Bloomer, Helen H, bds 659 Main

Bloomer, James J Rev, rector St Patrick's Church, h 615 Park pl

Bloomer, Mary J, dressmaker 117 E Water, bds do

Bloss, George C, cabinet maker, bds 225 Thurston

Bloss, Louisa M, widow George, h 225 Thurston

Bloss, Wallace L, bookkeeper, bds 225 Thurston

Blossom, Emma, widow Frank, h 120 W Second

Blue, Charity s, bds 101 Rose pl

Blum, Emma C, bds 373 Baty

Blum, Joseph, tailor 331 Carroll, h 606 N Main

Bly, Patrick, brakeman D L & W R R, h 707 E Fifth

Blyley, Francis J, barber, h 612 W Gray

Blyley, Stephen J, bds 512 W First

Blystone, Forest M, mattresses, &c, 618-620 State, h 602 W Water

BOAK, JAMES L, real estate and tax agt D L & W R R 152 Baldwin, h 222 W Second

Boak, Mary E, widow James C, h 222 W Second

BOARD OF EDUCATION, Frederick Collin pres, R J Round secy, City Hall





BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS, T McCarty Fennell supt, City Hall

BOARD OF TRADE, R T Jones pres, Fred D. Herrick secy, 104 Robinson bldg

Boardman, Effie M, bds 804 John

Boardman, Florence B, bds 414 E Water

Boardman, John, filer, h 804 John

Boardman, Lena B, clerk 305 E Water, bds 804 John

Boardman, Martha D Mrs, nurse, bds 804 John

Boardman, William H, clerk Barker, Rose & Clinton, h 327 E Centre

Bobb, I Rosena, bds 118 W Market

Bocarde, Caroline H Mrs, h 718 W Church

Bochnewetch, Annie, widow Joseph, h 128 W Hudson

Bochnewetch, Anthony R, painter & paperhanger, h 716 Walnut

Bochnewetch, Mamie L, bookkeeper 111 E Water, bds 128 W Hudson

Bock, Charles, asst supt Metropolitan Life Ins Co, h 515 Union pl

Bock, Frank J, emp Eclipse bicycle factory, bds 307 Diven ave

Bock, George F, fireman D L & W R R, h 307 Diven ave

Bock, Rose, domestic 125 E Chemung pl

Bodder, Jacob S, h 214 S Main

Bodle, Byron B, chief clerk Erie freight house, bds 501 Baldwin

Bodle, Jay S, h 501 Baldwin

Bodle, Lydia I Mrs, boarding house 501 Baldwin

Boerem, Catharine, widow Townsend, bds 214 W Henry

Boerem, Nathaniel K, machinist, h 857 Grove

Bogardus, Alice, dressmaker 415 Main, rooms do

Bogardus, Belle, widow John C, h 217 Dewitt ave

Bogardus, Bert W, cutter J Richardson & Co, bds 513 W Second

Bogardus, Charles C, decorator and supt Rescue Mission, h 762 E Water

Bogardus, Charles J, clerk 115 East Water, bds 715 W Gray

Bogardus, DeWitt C, bds 703 S Main

Bogardus, Eva, tel opr 205 E Gray, bds 513 W Second

Bogardus, George H, cutter J Richardson & Co, bds 513 W Second

Bogardus, Jennie M, telph opr 205 E Gray, bds 715 W Gray

Bogardus, John, printer, bds 217 Dewitt ave

Bogardus, Lon E, sign painter 166 Exchange pl, bds 715 W Gray

Bogardus, Mamie, widow Norman, h N s Penna ave n Bulkhead

Bogardus, Mary, rooms 415 Main

Bogardus, William N, engineer, h 715 W Gray

Bogart, Clara, widow Hoyt, boarding, h 1200 Lackawanna ave

Bogart, George W, clerk 108 Lake, h 167 Dewitt ave

Bogart, Harry L, law student 405 Robinson bldg, city editor Gazette, bds 167 Dewitt ave

Bogart, Ida M, bookkeeper, bds 167 Dewitt ave

Bogart, William, laborer, h 407 Tuttle ave

Boget, Edward, emp silk mill, bds 1331 College ave

Boggs, William B, laborer, h 666 Dickinson

Bohlke, Amme, driver, bds 857 John

Bohlke, August, tobacco sorter, h 857 John

Bohlke, Emil G, driver 164 Lake, h 859 John

Bohlke, Ferdinand, bds 803 John

Bohlke, John, emp John Brand & Co, bds 307 W Fifth

Bohlke, John, laborer, bds 857 John

Bohlke, Wilhelmine, widow John, bds 803 John

Bohlke, William H, laborer, h 803 John

Bois, Eugene, emp Doane & Jones Lumber Co, h 422 Tuttle ave

Bois, Patty, widow Harmon, bds 422 Tuttle ave

Bolan, John, porter American House

Bolden, Elizabeth, bds 616 Baldwin

Bolden, Ellen, bds 616 Baldwin

Bolden, Elnora, domestic, bds 616 Baldwin

Bolden, Hettie T, widow John, h 616 Baldwin

Bolden, Sarah E, domestic, bds 616 Baldwin

Bolger, John H, news agt L V R R, bds Hotel Klondike

Bolognese, Anthony, laborer, 829 1/2 Canal

Bolt, Lilllian, stenographer N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds 135 E Hudson

Bolt, Marlin S, h 209 Gregg

Bolton, James H, tel opr 119 Baldwin, bds 326 Webber pl

Bolton, John J, laborer, h 121 W Miller

Bolton, Margaret F, bookkeeper 75 Penna ave, h 326 Webber pl

Bolton, Patrick, laborer, h 326 Webber pl

Bond, Fred, waiter Hotel Rathbun Cafe, bds do

Bond, Raymond, emp Bundy Lamp Co, bds 319 Tuttle ave

Bond, Thomas, laborer, h 319 Tuttle ave

Bond, Washington B, gardener, h 470 W First

Bond, Welles, laborer, h 4 Symonds pl

Bonham, Lanie A, widow William, notary public, h 211 Gregg

Bonham, Perry T, painter, bds 211 Gregg

Bonneford, John B, stone cutter, h 701 Southport

Bonnell, Harry L, car repairer, h 314 W Third

Boone, George, painter, h 206 Baldwin

Boone, Clara Mrs, cook 169 Baldwin, h 206 do

BOOTH, ARTHUR W, physician and surgeon 150 Main, h do, office hours 2 to 3 and 7 and 8 pm

Booth, Albert, hostler, h 358 Fulton

Booth, Elijah S, driver hose co No 2, h 708 W Gray

Booth, Elizabeth E, clerk 114 Main, bds 708 W Gray

Booth, Hibbard W, upholsterer 228 William, h 620 E Third

BOOTH, IRVING D, wholesale heavy hardware 611 and 613 Railroad ave, h 463 W Gray

Booth, Katherine S, student, bds 708 W Gray

Booth, Mabel, bds 463 W Gray

BOOTH, WILFRID I, manufr and wholesale dealer in confectionery 314 Carroll, h 651 Euclid ave

Boothe, Fred A, boiler maker, h 319 1/2 Division

Boothe, Oliver E, emp D L & W freight house, h 310 1/2 W Hudson

Borck, Minnie, domestic, 501 Euclid ave

Bornes, Charles, laborer, h 971 E Clinton

Bornt, Peter, fireman Erie R R, h r 663 College ave

Borst, Carrie, domestic West End Hotel

Borst, Minnie, domestic West End Hotel

Borthwick, Alexander H, cashier 109 Lake, h 334 Irvine pl

Bosard, Eleanor C, emp knitting mill, bds 1043 Walnut

Bosard, Jennie C, widow John M, h 1043 Walnut

Bosard, Mary E, emp knitting mill, bds 1043 Walnut

Bosek, Joseph, laborer, h 178 E Washington ave

Bosenbark, William F, brakeman D L & W R R, h 352 Diven ave

Bosh, William, shoe cutter, bds 259 Baldwin

Bosworth, Effie B Mrs, teacher Warner's Business College, h 205 Hoffman

Bosworth, Evelyn H, h 500 Franklin

Bosworth, Frederick H, machinist, bds 205 Hoffman

Bosworth, W Ford, clerk D L & W R R, rooms 527 William

Bothick, Orrin H, watchman N C Ry supts office, h 870 Magee

Botsford, Charles, clerk, h 8 McHenry

Botsford, William J, mgr 227 W Water, h 8 McHenry

Boughton, Lewis, h 339 S Broadway

Boughton, Sally P, bds Home for Aged

Bouille, Andrew, stonecutter, h 901 E Market

Bouille, Henry, carpenter, h r 408 Walnut

Bourgeois, Dolphis, restaurant 135 W Water, h 121 Catharine

BOVIER, ARCHIE M, clerk Chemung Canal Bank, bds 122 N Main

Bovier, Asa P, civil engineer, h 308 Spaulding

Bowen, Anna D, teacher, bds 512 Grove

Bowen, Anna Mrs, nurse, bds 379 1/2 S Main

Bowen, Ezra R, bds 512 Grove

Bowen, Frances M, bds 602 Yale

Bowen, George C, com trav, h 512 Grove

Bowen, Glen, emp Payne shops, bds 400 S Main

Bowen, Horace W, filing and grinding 352 Spaulding, h 379 1/2 S Main

Bowen, James H, laborer, h 706 Pattinson

Bowen, Mary S, widow Rev George, bds 361 Maxwell pl

BOWEN, NELSON P, buyer John Brand & Co, h 602 Yale

Bower, Edward, clerk, h 127 Harriet

Bower, Eugene, foreman G A Goff, h 55 Monroe

BOWER, FRANK L, drayman, h 108 Lormore

Bower, Frederick, bds 763 E Second

Bower, Fred R, farmer, h S s Penna ave n Bulkhead

Bower, George, h 763 E Second

Bower, George Jr, carpenter, bds 763 E Second

Bower, George B, tobacco grower, 708 Maple ave

Bower, Lillian, clerk 201 E Water, bds 751 Spaulding

Bower, Marcia A, widow William, bds 751 Spaulding

Bower, Mary A, widow William, h 4 Home

Bower, Mary K, teacher school No 1, bds 763 E Second

Bowes, Peter J, laborer, bds 454 E Market

BOWLBY, FREDERICK E, physician and surgeon 201 Baldwin, h 513 William, office hours 9 to 10 am, 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 pm, telephone 192

Bowles, Claude D, student, bds 629 W Church

Bowles, Frederick T, com trav, h 629 W Church

Bowman, Charles A, bookkeeper Chemung Canal Bank, h 128 E Chemung pl

Bowman, Charles M, conductor N C Ry, h 228 Caldwell ave

Bowman, Cordelia, widow David, bakery 521 1/2 Union pl, bds 521 do

Bowman, Edward, laborer, h 957 Sullivan

Bowman, Emily L, widow Henry, h Wall opp W First

Bowman, Frank C, blacksmith, h 710 E Water

Bowman, Fred A, guard Reformatory, h 219 Kingsbury ave

Bowman, George H, farmer, bds Wall opp W First

Bowman, George R, shoemaker 365 E Fifth, h 507 Park pl

Bowman, Hannah N, bds Wall opp W First

BOWMAN, JOSEPH W, vice pres and mgr Bundy Lamp Co, h 502 W Water

Bowman, Launcelot F, clerk, bds 502 W Water

Bowman, Lillian N, emp knitting mill, bds 357 W Gray

Bowman, Louie W, shipping clerk, h 377 W Clinton

Bowman, M Herberta, bds 502 W Water

Bowman, Mark, bds 357 W Gray

Bowman, Mary, bds 502 W Water

Bowman, Mary, widow John, bds 722 Dickinson

Bowman, Mary E, stenographer 243 W Water, bds Wall opp W First

Bowman, Morris S, weighmaster N C Ry yardmaster's office, h 468 South ave

Bowman, Nathan, laborer, h 909 Grand Central ave

Bowman, Norma, bookkeeper 166 Lake, bds 502 W Water

Bowman, Osee A, horse trainer, rooms 512 College ave

Bowman, Rosa A, widow Alfred B, dressmaker 357 W Gray, h do

Bowman, Walter, laborer, bds r Court House

Bowman, William, h 502 W Water

Bowne, Frank C, policeman, h 451 Sullivan

Bowne, Mary A, widow Isaac, bds 451 Sullivan

Boyce, George N, painter, h 703 Holdridge

Boyd, Charles S, asst baggagemaster D L & W depot, bds 807 Lake

Boyd, Elizabeth R, bds 315 Lake

Boyer, Joseph H, engineer N C Ry, h 411 1/2 Jefferson

Boyle, George F, printer, bds 504 E Market

Boyle, Lizzie, domestic, 303 Main

Boyle, Richard F, tailor, h 504 E Market

Boylen, George C, barber 428 1/2 Penna ave, h 463 Franklin

Boynton, Austin C, railroad postal clerk, rooms 335 E Water

Boynton, Charles, butcher, h 458 Mt Zoar

Boynton, Harry L, butcher, rooms 105 Main

Boynton, Orr, tinner, bds 458 Mt Zoar

Brace, Charles M, blacksmith, h 1134 Lake

Brace, Edward E, piano tuner 209 E Church, h 417 Euclid ave

Brace, Mary Mrs, h 1216 Baldwin

Bracken, John, cabinetmaker, h 554 W Washington ave

Bracken, William, cabinetmaker, h 550 W Washington ave

Braddock, John W, yardmaster N C Ry yards, h 322 South ave

Braddock, Sarah J, housekeeper 360 Lyon

Bradford, Louisa M, shirt maker, rooms 304 Washington

Bradley, Alfred D, porter Buckbee House

Bradley, Annie, bds 1015 1/2 Oak

Bradley, Charles, barber, bds 653 Baldwin

Bradley, Charles, laborer, h 714 Baldwin

Bradley, Dennis E, laborer, h 1015 1/2 Oak

Bradley, Edwin W, market gardner 623 Mt Zoar, h do

Bradley, Ella A, bds 623 Mt Zoar

Bradley, John J, lineman, h 961 Davis

Bradley, John J Mrs, saloon 961 Davis, h do

Bradley, Katie, dressmaker, bds 1015 1/2 Oak

Bradley, Margaret, widow Dennis, h 1015 1/2 Oak

Bradley, Naomi, widow Franklin C, h 508 College ave

Bradley, Thomas W, laborer, bds 1015 1/2 Oak

Bradley, William B, porter Homestead Hotel

Bradley, William N, carpenter, h 611 Mt Zoar

Bradshaw, Albert, laborer, h 559 E Water

Bradshaw, Ella M, teacher school No 1, rooms 511 E Church

Bradshaw, Emiel, widow Henry, bds 531 Penna ave

Bradshaw, Floyd M, machinist N C Ry shops, h 529 Penna ave

Bradshaw, George, h over 101 E Chemung pl

Bradshaw, George E, laborer, h 206 Tuttle ave

Bradshaw, John W, laborer, h 116 Sullivan

BRADSTREET CO, THE, H M Sheive supt 406 and 407 Robinson bldg

Brady, Bridget M, widow Peter, h 411 Brady

Brady, James E, clerk 205 E Water, h 202 Franklin

Brady, John R, emp bridge works, h 206 O'Gorman

Brady, Mary A, widow James, bds 118 W Hudson

Brady, Mary C, teacher school No 3, bds 411 Brady

Brady, Rodney, laborer, h 206 O'Gorman

Brady, Rose, chambermaid Hotel Langwell

Brady, Rose, milliner 208 S Main, h 118 W Hudson

Brady, William H, machinist D L & W R R shops, h 1008 Hall

Bragg, Darius D, switchman N C Ry, h 207 Austin's lane

Brainard, George H Rev, pastor Christian Church, h 378 W Water

Brainard, Helen, bds 107 E Church

Braman, Bert C, clerk engineer's office N C Ry, bds 393 W Water

Brand, Anthony, farmer, h 1451 Caton ave

Brand, Charles G, student, bds 351 Maple ave

Brand, J Herbert, cashier John Brand & Co, bds 351 Maple ave

BRAND, JOHN, (John Brand & Co) h 351 Maple ave

BRAND, JOHN & CO (John Brand and F Inksater) packers of leaf tobacco, 50-54 Penna ave

Brand, Margaret, widow John, h 405 Maple ave

Brandt, Lena, tobacco sorter, bds 711 Harper

Brass, Simon, peddler, h 155 Sullivan

Braun, Albert, carpenter, h 1123 Ovid

Braun, Albert W, emp tobacco factory, bds 1123 Ovid

Braun, August, shoemaker 171 Lake, h 306 Orchard

Braun, Eugene E, bds 1123 Ovid

BRAUN, FRED, grocer 528 W Second, h do; telephone 95 x

Braun see Brown

Bray, James, emp Rolling Mill, bds Franklin Hotel

Braxton, Moses, laborer, h 709 Benjamin

Breatwaite, Jacob J, driver, bds West End Hotel

Breen, Katie M, laundress City Club

Brees, Elizabeth, widow Stephen, bds 764 Carpenter

Breese, Caroline E, widow William H, bds 702 W Gray

Breese, Carrie E, teacher school No 1, bds 421 E Washington ave

Breese, Catharine J, widow Amos, bds 1001 Davis

Breese, Clarence D, laborer, h 608 E Third

Breese, Clifford, musician, bds 160 Baldwin

Breese, Fidello, laborer, h 421 E Washington ave

Breese, Frank M, laborer, h 402 Hoffman

Breese, Fred A, clerk Erie freight house, h 621 Lake

Breese, Manfred L, clerk 110 State, bds 702 W Gray

Breese, Matilda A, widow Theron A, h 459 E Church

Breese, Miles, clerk 140 W Water, bds 702 W Gray

Breese, Milton F, clerk 301 E Water, bds 421 E Washington ave

Breese, Ophelia Mrs, dressmaker, bds 1001 Davis

Breese, Otis C, baggageman Erie R R depot, h 402 Euclid ave

Breese, Pearl G, milliner, bds 1001 Davis

Breese, Sarah B Mrs, bakery 209 Reformatory, h do

Breese, Silas B, h 209 Reformatory

Breese, Thomas, laborer, bds 608 E Third

Breese, Wallace W, clerk 472 W Second, h 702 W Gray

Breese, William, laborer, bds 421 E Washington ave

Breitting, Emil, cabinet maker, h 408 Tompkins

Breitting, Jennie, bds 408 Tompkins

Breitting, William, polisher, bds 408 Tompkins

Brennan, Mary, domestic 205 Walnut

Brennan, William, wood carver, bds 253 Warren

Brenner, Kittie, h 300 E Water

Bresnahan, Bridget G, bds 118 Lormore

Bresnahan, Catharine A, bds 118 Lormore

Bresnahan, Hanora, widow Timothy, h 118 Lormore

Bresnahan, James, car inspector Erie R R depot, bds 524 Elizabeth

Bresnahan, John, h 524 Elizabeth

Bresnahan, John Jr, laborer, bds 524 Elizabeth

Bresnahan, Margaret T, bds 118 Lormore

Bresnahan, Nora C, bds 118 Lormore

Bresnahan, Timothy M, bds 118 Lormore

Bresnan, Thomas, bell man Hotel Langwell

Bressler, James W, brakeman N C Ry, bd 716 S Nain

Bretstein, Esther, bds 812 John

Bretstein, Ezekiel, Hebrew teacher, h 812 John

Bretstein, Harry, traveling salesman, bds 812 John

Bretstein, Louis, bookkeeper, bds 812 John

Bretstein, Ray, bds 812 John

Brett, Michael, mail carrier, bds 156 W Third

Brew, Jane E, widow Frank, h 966 Magee

Brew, Katherine, rooms 400 S Main

Brew, Mary J, emp silk mill, bds 966 Magee

Brewer, Anna E, bookkeeper 110 State, bds 104 Hoffman

Brewer, B French, machinist, bds 150 W Clinton

Brewer, Franklin D, emp bicycle works, bds 452 Herrick

Brewer, Frederick N, emp N C Ry, bds 770 Southport

Brewer, George W, laborer, h 505 Broadway

Brewer, Harry M, clerk 105 E Water, bds 150 W Clinton

Brewer, Herbert B, bookkeeper, bds 150 W Clinton

Brewer, Louis M, electrician, bds 150 W Clinton

Brewer, Nathan, teamster, h 452 Herrick

Brewer, Pearl, bds 770 Southport

Brewer, Walter C, clerk, bds 150 W Clinton

Brewer, Willdeen, laborer, bds 505 Broadway

Brewer, William M, teamster, h 770 Southport

Brewer, Willis, carpenter, h 406 Locust

Brewster, Emma, widow Joseph W, boarding 227 Mt Zoar

Brewster, Ezella C, bookkeeper 418 E Market, bds 78 Penna ave

Brewster, Newton C, teacher, h 206 Dewitt ave

Brewster, Walter S, teacher, h 1410 Caton ave

Bricker, Charles W, foreman 121 Railroad ave, h 373 W Water

Bricker, Harry H, trainman, bds 371 W Water

Bricker, Herbert F, emp J Richardson & Co, h 415 1/2 Madison ave

Brickwedde, Charles P, clerk, bds 600 S Main

Brickwedde, Eugene F, salesman Gately & Gray, bds 600 S Main

Brickwedde, George, agent, h 404 W Second

Brickwedde, George H, clerk Erie freight office, bds 416 W Fourth

Brickwedde, Henry J, prop Hotel Wellington 600 S Main, h do

BRICKWEDDE, JOSEPH J, tin, sheet iron and furnace work 201 E Church, h 416 W Fourth

BRICKWEDDE, JOSEPH J Jr, telegrapher, h 432 W Fourth

Brickwedde, Peter, bds S Main cor South ave

Bridenbecker, Jacob, laborer, h Clinton cor Lake

BRIDGE DINING HALL, Mrs G F Webb prop, 2 Main st bridge

Bridleman, Addie, cook Hotel Smith

Bridgman, Angelia, widow Lewis H, h 615 W Water

Bridgman, Charles F, h 641 W Water

Bridgman, Ella A, forewoman 215 W Water, bds 615 do

Bridgman, Guy W, bds 615 W Water

Bridgman, Herbert S, emp N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds 641 W Water

Bridgman, John, farmer, h 909 Hoffman

Bridgman, Joseph, laborer, h 605 Tuttle ave

Bridgman, Louise M, children dress manuf 215 W Water, bds 615 do

Briggs, Charles T, painter and decorator 507 W Third, h do

Briggs, Edward W, student, bds 507 W Third

Briggs, George W, train dispatcher N C Ry, h 508 Columbia

Briggs, Hannah R, widow Isaac P, bds 308 W Water

BRIGGS, T. & CO, malsters and brewers, Charle S Davison supt 117-121 E Second and 112-116 do

Brigham, Fred R, h 117 High

Bright, Frederick, draughtsman, h 309 Elm

Bright, Mary, seamstress, bds 1 Metzger bldg, 205 W Third

Brighton, James F, druggist 224 W Water, bds 417 do

Brindisi, Marcile, laborer, h 833 1/2 Canal

Brink, Alfred C, com trav, h 514 W Gray

BRINK, ANDREW, engineer N C Ry, h 406 Jefferson

Brink, Augusta M, widow Andrew, bds 113 Brand

Brink, Bigler W (J W Brink & Son) h 105 State

Brink, Burt, clerk Elmira House, bds do

Brink, Cora, tel opr 205 E Gray, bds 406 Jefferson

Brink, H Franklin, janitor 107 W Water, h do

Brink, J W & Son (B W Brink) props Elmira House, 105 State

Brink, Jay B, laborer, h 738 Hopkins

Brink, Jerome W (J W Brink & Son) 105 State

Brink, John, laborer, h 310 High

Brink, Lanson, laborer, h 411 Standish

Brink, Manley, prop Patterson House, Baldwin cor E Market

Brink, Minnie A, cashier 308 Carroll, bds 514 W Gray

Brinkman, Henry, tailor 156 Lake, rooms 372 W Water

Brinkowski, Johann, laborer, h 852 East ave

Brinthaupt, Jacob H, watchman Kertscher & Co, h 243 Crete ave

Brion, Arthur A, mechanic, bds 632 Winsor ave

Brion, Edward, emp knitting mill, bds 632 Winsor ave

Brion, Quintilles, carpenter, h 632 Winsor ave

Brion, Sarah M Mrs, dressmaker, h 632 Winsor ave

Brion, William O, brakeman Erie R R, h 513 College ave

Brion, William P, carpenter, h 818 W Gray

Brisco, Ira L, painter, h 613 Flood

Brister, Jane M, widow Linus, bds 505 Lake

Bristol, Carrie, bds 219 South ave

Bristol, John C, emp N C Ry shops, bds 219 South ave

Bristol, Nathan S, laborer, h 307 1/2 W Fourth

Bristol, Sylvester M, h 219 South ave

Brisso, Stephen, emp Elmira Brewing Co, h 856 E Market

Britenbaker, Frank D, laborer, h West Hill bey limits