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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice


Little, Charles R, emp J Richardson & Co, h 111 Keefe

Little, Edward, clerk, 158 Baldwin, h 131 W Water

Little, Eliza, emp tobacco factory, bds 408 Baty

Little, Elizabeth, widow Davis, bds 115 Madison ave

Little, Ellen, domestic, 413 W Water

Little, Enoch, propr Eldridge Park Casino, Eldridge Park, h do

Little, Grace, bds 310 W Hudson

Little, H F, engineer, Rathbun House, bds do

Little, Helen, widow Monroe, h 211 William

Little, J Grover, clerk, 513 Realty bldg, bds 631 Penna ave

LITTLE, JOHNSON, sheriff Chemung county Lake n Market, h 211 William

Little, Levi D, special officer N C Ry, h 115 Madison ave

Little, Mabel, teacher school No 8, bds 211 William

Little, Mary J, domestic, 316 Lake

Little, Mary J, bds 408 Baty

Little, Maude S, bds 211 William

Little, Robert, coachman, h 408 Baty

Little, William, clerk, 200 Penna ave, bds 267 W Henry

LITTLE, WILLIAM H, groceries and provisions, 351-351 1/2 E Fifth, h do

LIVENS, DANIEL H, city express, bds 364 S Main

LIVENS, JOHN, flour and feed, 364 S Main, h do

Livings, Charles, drayman, h 468 Franklin

Livings, Clarence H, farmer, 1050 E Water

Livingston, Clarence, laborer, h 800 John

Livingston, Harry, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, h 111 1/2 Orchard

Livingston, Theo, shoemaker, 897 Oak, h do

Llewellyn, John, emp bicycle works, bds 1008 Hoffman

Lloyd, John F, cigarmaker, bds 118 Lormore

Lloyd, Richard E, laborer, h 154 Judson

Lobdell, Philip F, meat market, 609 E Market, h 313 Orchard

Lobrist, Joseph, grocer, 363 Railroad ave, h do

Locke, Edward S, miller, h 369 W Second

Locke, John B, clerk D L & W R R, h 527 William

Lockner, George, clerk, 526 Lake, rooms E Chemung pl cor Penna ave

Locks, Judel, peddler, h 763 E Water

Lockwood, Abbie, seamstress, bds 630 William

Lockwood, Frona, forelady Sheehan, Dean & Co, bds 151 W Clinton

Lockwood, George A, flagman D L & W R R, h 367 Warren

Lockwood, George H, tinsmith, h 612 E Water

Lockwood, George N, flagman D L & W R R, h 367 Warren

Lockwood, Gideon, laborer, h 607 Jay

Lockwood, Jennie, dressmaker, bds 122 Horner

Lockwood, Jennie, cook Buckbee House

Lockwood, Jennie B, bds 630 William

Lockwood, John F, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush, bds 450 Oak

Lockwood, Louise W, clerk, 128 W Water, bds 122 Horner

LOCKWOOD, MATT, costumer, 23 Opera House block, h 630 William

Lockwood, Sarah J Mrs, bds 122 Horner

Lodine, Lizzie Mrs, domestic, 463 W Church

Logan, Isaac J, student, bds 420 Jefferson

Logan, James A, clerk, 244 W Water, bds 420 Jefferson

Logan, John S, engineer N C Ry, h 420 Jefferson

Loghry, Isaac, h 511 W First

Loghry, Robert, electrician, U S signal corps, bds 511 W First

Logue, Frank N, fireman N C Ry, h 651 Beecher

Logue, Harry O, fireman N C Ry, h 461 South ave

Logue, John T, flagman N C Ry, h N s Penna ave near school

Logue, Thomas, flagman N C Ry, h N s Penna ave n limits

Lohman, Albert, foreman Kertscher & Co, h 1329 College ave

Lohman, Philip, tanner, h 808 E Market

Lombard, Joseph, shoemaker, h 354 Railroad

Lombard, Pietro, laborer, h 863 Dickinson

Lombardi, Alexandro, tailor, bds 101 W Fifth

Lombardi, Frank, tailor, h 101 W Fifth

Lomonoco, Ciro, bds 404 Walnut

Lonergan, Anna, bds 1101 Lake

Lonergan, Annie Mrs, bds 324 E Water

Lonergan, Catharine, bds 1101 Lake

Lonergan, James, master mechanic D L & W R R, h 1101 Lake

Lonergan, James E, fireman D L & W R R, bds 1101 Lake

Lonergan, John, student, bds 1101 Lake

Lonergan, John F, engineer D L & W R R, bds 1101 Lake

Lonergan, John S, barber, bds 454 W Second

Lonergan, Mary, bds 454 W Second

Lonergan, Nora, bds 454 W Second

Lonergan, Patrick, laborer, h 454 W Second

Lonergan, Phillip T, student, bds 1101 Lake

Lonergan, Richard J, fireman D L & W R R, bds 1101 Lake

Lonergan, Thomas C, paper hanger, bds 324 E Water

LONERGAN, WILLIAM, (McInerney & Lonergan), h 435 W Fourth

Long, Albert D, (Eclipse Bicycle Co), h 201 Walnut

LONG, ANNA M, teacher stenography, Warner's Business and Shorthand School, 219 W Gray, h at Wellsburg

Long, Bertha L, bds 201 Walnut

Long, Charles R, druggist, bds 108 Washington

Long, Ebert M, bds 201 Walnut

LONG, JOHN C REV, rector SS Peter and Paul's Church, h 168 High

Long, Mary, h 708 Oak

Long, Mary, bds 110 South ave

Long, Mary A, widow Richard, h 108 Washington

Long, Walter, guard N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Longmate, Elon, watchmaker, 100 W Water, h 361 S Main

Longmate, Grace, dressmaker, bds 361 S Main

Longreen, Clara, domestic, 455 Maple ave

Longstreet, Josephine A, widow William H, h 112 Walnut

Longwell, William, laborer, bds 965 Penna ave

Loomis, Edgar C, com trav, h 607 Walnut

Loomis, Edward A, emp Elmira Bridge Co, h 5 Aspen Ridge

Loomis, William C, h 501 Grove

Looney, Frank H, switchman N C Ry, h 607 S Main

Looney, Jerry, grocer, 713 E Market, h 315 W Clinton

Looney, Thomas, switchman Erie R R, h 505 Madison ave

Loonie, Anna Mrs, h 515 W Gray

Loonie, Catharine V, bds 517 W Gray

Loonie, Helen C, h 517 W Gray

Loonie, Mary, bds 517 W Gray

Loop, Albert M, agent, h 120 S Main

Loop, George, nurse, h 316 High

Loop, George S, carpenter, h 426 W Clinton

Loop, Hannah, laundress, h 110 E Water

Loop, Harry O, printer, bds 120 S Main

Loop, Horace W, emp water works, h 750 E Church

Loop, James W, real estate, h 421 Jefferson

LOOP, ROSS G, physician, 379 S Main, h do, office hours 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 pm

Loop, William A, emp J Richardson & Co, h 727 W First

Lorch, Anna, bookkeeper, bds 203 Caldwell ave

Lorch, Christina, teacher, bds 203 Caldwell ave

Lorch, David, machinist, h 203 Caldwell ave

Lorch, Margaret A, teacher school No 8, bds 203 Caldwell ave

LORD, E NORRIS, dentist, 117 Main, rooms do, office hours 9 to 12 m, 2 to 5 and 7 to 8 pm

Lord, William J, conductor D L & W R R, h 1553 Lake

Lord, William L, bookkeeper, 211 Baldwin, bds 904 W Church

Lorden, Anna, bds 102 Chestnut

Lorden, Hattie, domestic, 110 W Chemung pl

Lorden, John P, special delivery messenger, bds 102 Chestnut

Lorden, Julia E, bds 102 Chustnut

Lorden, Michael F, gardener, h 102 Chestnut

Lorden, Michael M, polisher, bds 102 Chestnut

Lorimer, Nora, domestic, 706 Delaware

Loring, Henry R, h 350 W Water

Lormore, William J, insurance, 104 Robinson bldg, h 366 W Gray

Losee, William H, carpenter, h 219 Maple ave

Losey, Abigail, widow Amos, bds 715 John

Losey, Isaac C, delivery clerk Erie freight house, bds 714 W Water

Losey, Myron, clerk, 642 W Water, h 714 do

LOSIE, ARTHUR T, (Losie Bros), 305 E Market, h 1013 Grand Central ave

LOSIE BROTHERS, (C B and A T) slate, tile, gravel, asphalt and composition roofing, slate blackboards, &c, 305 E Market

LOSIE, CHAUNCEY B, (Losie Bros), 305 E Market, h 608 Maple ave

Losie, Thomas M, h 1013 Grand Central ave

Losie, Thomas M Jr, lawyer district attorney's office, bds 1013 Grand Central ave

Lott, Agard, fireman N C Ry, bds 523 Balsam
Loughhead, Lewis B, mechanic N C Ry shops, h 378 Lyon

Lougher, David W, fresco painter, h 513 High

Lougher, Evan C, tinsmith, h 855 Magee

Lougher, Robert E, elevator boy Elmira College, bds 855 Magee

Lougher, William M, watchman Elmira College, bds 855 Magee

Loughridge, James H, barber, 362 1/2 S Main, h 328 S Broadway

LOUNSBERRY, ANDREW G, (VanTassel & Lounsberry, 205 E Market, h 217 1/2 Gregg

LOVATT, J WALTER, (The Read & Lovatt Co), E Fifth cor Madison ave, h Bethlehem, Pa

Love, Ann E, widow James, h 252 South ave

Love, Ida Lucile, student, bds 710 Park pl

Love, John W, clerk, 434 Penna ave, bds 252 South ave

Love, Marion E, widow C Edward, h 710 Park pl

LOVE, NATHANIEL, physician and surgeon, 120 W Hudson, h do, office hours 1 to 3 and 6 to 8 pm

LOVE, NETTIE S MRS, musical director city schools, h 120 W Hudson

Love, Newell A, bookkeeper, 611-613 Railroad ave, h 208 Partridge

Love, William S, special agt N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, 511 Realty bldg, h 823 W Second

Lovejoy, Frank, car inspector N C Ry, h 360 Lyon

Lovejoy, Freeman, brakeman D L & W R R, h 714 Linden pl

Lovejoy, George W, wood turner, h 760 E Second

Lovejoy, Lizzie, widow Andrew, bds 760 E Second

Loveless, Charles W, night watchman, h 218 Mt Zoar

Loveless, Fred D, machinist, h 262 Partridge

Loveless, Thomas J, laborer, bds 218 Mt Zoar

Lovell, Charles E, buyer 720-724 W Second, h 108 Hoffman

Lovell, Charles Ernest, telephone inspector, h 503 Columbia

Lovell, Charles W, drug clerk, 500 Main, h 305 E Clinton

Lovell, Elizabeth, widow Frank, h 501 W Fourth
Lovell, Harriet L Mrs, h 705 Tuttle ave

Lovell, Harrison T, engineer, h 307 1/2 E Clinton

LOVELL, HERBERT M, lawyer and city attorney, 405 Robinson bldg, h 354 Grove

LOVELL, HIRAM M, treas and mgr Lovell Shirt Co, 111-115 Railroad ave, h 455 W Gray

Lovell, Ida, nurse Orphan's Home, bds do

Lovell, John M, laborer, h 754 Pattinson

Lovell, Lillian, dressmaker, 114 S Main, h do

Lovell, Reuben, emp, 720 W Second, bds 501 W Fourth

LOVELL, ROSS M, (Reynolds, Stanchfield & Collin), 415 E Water, bds 322 W Church

LOVELL SHIRT CO THE, E H Colburn pres, W H Gibbons, vice-pres, R N Parmenter secy, H M Lovell, treas and business mgr, 111 to 115 Railroad ave

Lovell, William E, h 1312 Grand Central ave

LOVELL, WILLIAM H, wholesale leaf tobacco, 720-724 W Second, h 706 W Water

Lovell, William P, clerk, 114 Baldwin, bds 307 1/2 E Clinton

Lowe, Amelia M, widow F Rector, bds Maple ave n limits

Lowe, Eleanor, domestic, 501 W Water

Lowe, Lillian T, widow Lewis L, dressmaker, h 327 E Center

Lowe, Luther, hostler Patterson House, bds do

Lowenstein, Solomon, buyer, 310 E Water, bds 220 William

Lowery, Edward, brakeman N C Ry, bds 613 S Main

Lowery, Evlyn M, bds 418 Main

Lowman, Charity B, widow Lyman L, h 506 Fitch

Lowman, Charles, engineer N C Ry, h 857 Penna ave

Lowman, Jefferson S, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 506 Fitch

Lowman, L Grace, emp knitting mill, bds 506 Fitch

Lowman, May A, bds 785 Penna ave

LOWMAN, SEYMOUR, (Lowman & Byrne), 301 Realty bldg, city chamberlain City Hall, h 614 Euclid ave

LOWMAN & BYRNE, (S Lowman and F J Byrne) lawyers, 301 to 305 Realty bldg

Lown, Alice, bds 225 Mt Zoar

Lown, Eugene A, letter carrier, h 611 W Water

Lown, John, shoemaker, 108 W Water, h Thompson

Lown, Joseph E, jeweler and engraver, 118 Lake, h 242 Mt Zoar

Lown, Phebe, widow William, h 225 Mt Zoar

Lown, William, printer, bds 225 Mt Zoar

Lownsbery, Clara A, bds 500 Euclid ave

Lownsbery, Letson, engineer Erie R R, h 500 Euclid ave

Lowrey, Frank V D, road foreman engines N C Ry, h 205 W Fifth

Lowry, Jane, grocer, 1851 Davis, h do

Lowry, Matilda, widow Edwin, bds 160 W Clinton

Loxley, Joseph, h 401 W Clinton

Lucas, Dora, widow Edwin, dressmaker, h 210 Maple ave

Lucas, Eva, domestic, 400 S Main

Lucas, Frank, emp bridge works, h 508 E Clinton

Lucas, Hattie Mrs, h 116 Main

Lucas, Henry H, clerk N C Ry yardmaster's office, h 309 Baty

Lucey, Denis, resident physician N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Luchko, Max, cigarmaker, h 210 Washington

Luciel, James, com trav, h 413 Jefferson

LUCKEY, EUGENE L, mgr The Singer Sewing Machine Co, 113 W Water, h 113 Mt Zoar

Luckey, Frank H, shoemaker, h 133 W Water

Lucy, Daniel J, mason, h 713 E Market

Lucy, Emma Mrs, dressmaker, 215 Mt Zoar, bds do

Lucy, John D, electrician, bds 713 E Market

Lucy, John M, mgr Pratt's quarry East Hill, h 1555 Lake

Lucy, Julia, dressmaker, h 327 S Broadway

Lucy, Julia C, clerk, bds 807 John

Lucy, Julia E, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 417 W Fourth

Lucy, Mary, widow John, h 417 W Fourth

Lucy, Mary, widow Timothy F, h 807 John

Lucy, Mary A, housekeeper, 224 Franklin

Lucy, Rose H, teacher, bds 327 S Broadway

Lucy, Susan R, student, bds 327 S Broadway

Lucy, Thomas F, physician, 215 Mt Zoar, h do

Ludlow, Harry E, bookkeeper C M & R Tompkins, h 110 W Church

Ludtkie, Augusta, domestic, 61 George

Ludtke, Marie, maid, 356 W Water

Lumbard, Azro C, pressman Telegram, h 363 W Second

Lumbard, Edna, emp knitting mill, bds 212 Sullivan

Lumbard, Elmer, laborer, bds 212 Sullivan

Lumbard, Grace, emp knitting mill, bds 212 Sullivan

Lumbard, James M, compositor Gazette, h 212 Sullivan

Lundergan, Edward N, brushmaker, bds 217 Front

Lundergan, Garret, fireman city hall, h 963 Main

Lundergan, Jeremiah, emp D L & W R R freight house, bds 963 Main

Lundergan, John, carpenter, bds 963 Main

Lundergan, John, h 217 Front

Lundergan, John Jr, boilermaker, bds 217 Front

Lundergan, Joseph, freight handler, bds 963 Main

Lundergan, Mary D, student, bds 217 Front

Lundergan, Nellie L, bds 217 Front

Lundergan, William H, iron moulder, bds 217 Front

Lundgren, John E, hostler, bds 363 College ave

Lundy, Harry F, clerk N C Ry shop office, bds 618 Howard

Lung, Catharine, widow Louis, bds 521 Union pl

Lunger, Reuben H, laborer, h 910 Grand Central ave

Lunn, Caroline E, bds 355 W Gray

Lunn, John W, com trav, h 355 W Gray

Lunn, Phebe J Mrs, h 315 W Clinton

Lupton, Henry, carpenter, h 447 W Fifth

Lupton, Wilbur, carpenter, h 660 W Washington ave

Lurcock, Maggie, emp Rathbun House, bds 101 Clark

Lurcock, Margaret, domestic Rathbun House, bds do

Lush, Arthur, silk weaver, bds 316 Woodlawn ave

Lush, Louisa, widow Thomas H, bds 269 W Henry

Lutes, Ada, clerk, bds 324 1/2 S Broadway

Luttenauer, Charles, blacksmith, h 11 Home

Lutz, Jacob, polisher LaFrance shops, h 213 Home

Lutz, John, ins agt, bds 506 John

Lutz, Joseph J, clerk, 111 E Water, h 262 Baldwin

Lutz, Louis, bartender, 132 E Water, bds do

LUTZ, PETER J, druggist, 531 Lake, h 408 E Clinton

Lutz, William, ins agt, bds 506 John

Lux, Dora, bds 757 E Water

Lux, George D, bds 757 E Water

Lux, Lena, h 757 E Water

LYCEUM THEATER, M Reis mgr, W C Smith, business mgr, 154 Lake

Lydon, Anna B, stenographer, bds 403 Walnut

Lydon, Margaret M, widow Daniel, h 403 Walnut

Lynch, Agnes, bds 709 Railroad ave

Lynch, Andrew, blacksmith, 903 Grand Central ave, h 555 W Washington ave

Lynch, Anna B, bds 607 Grove

Lynch, Anna L, milliner, bds 606 John

Lynch, Bartholomew, clerk Erie freight office, h 253 W Hudson

Lynch, Bridget, widow Jerry, h 1015 N Main

Lynch, Bridget, widow Michael, h 252 E Miller

Lynch, Bridget D, widow Jeremiah, h 1401 Baldwin

Lynch, Catherine, widow John, h 812 Magee

Lynch, Charles P, clerk, 329 E Water, bds 606 John

Lynch, Clara, clerk, 120 Penna ave

Lynch, Daniel, lineman, bds 130 W Water

Lynch, Daniel, fireman D L & W R R, bds 863 Lake

Lynch, Delia, domestic, 812 N Main

Lynch, Dennis, puddler, h 709 Railroad ave

LYNCH, DENNIS P, lawyer Masonic Temple, bds 454 W Clinton

Lynch, Edward, h 612 John

Lynch, Edward, saloon, 714 Davis, bds 712 do

Lynch, Frances L, bds 454 W Clinton

Lynch, Fred, emp rolling mill, h 861 East ave

Lynch, Ida, emp silk mill, bds 861 East ave

Lynch, James, emp rolling mill, h 857 Railroad ave

Lynch, John, laborer, bds 812 Magee

Lynch, John, shoemaker, 605 E Third, h do

Lynch, John B, liquor dealer, 200 Baldwin, h at Horseheads

Lynch, John F, train dispatcher N C Ry, h 550 S Main

Lynch, John M, fireman rolling mill, bds 1015 N Main

Lynch, John M, h 454 W Clinton
Lynch, John R, cutter, 317 E Water, h 114 W Second

Lynch, John T, mason, bds 606 John

Lynch, Joseph C, lawyer Masonic Temple, bds 454 W Clinton

Lynch, Julia Ann, domestic, 311 Lake

Lynch, Kate, dressmaker, bds 355 Diven ave

Lynch, Katie, dressmaker, bds 406 W Sixth

Lynch, Lewis, laborer, h 809 Railroad ave

Lynch, M A & N T, bakery and confectionery, 120 Penna ave

Lynch, Margaret, bds 252 E Miller

Lynch, Margaret, music teacher, bds 550 S Main

Lynch, Margaret, widow Thomas, h 550 S Main

Lynch, Margaret A, h 217 Vine

Lynch, Martin, h 712 Davis

Lynch, Martin, bds 120 Penna ave

Lynch, Mary, h 325 Norton

Lynch, Mary, dressmaker, bds 812 Magee

Lynch, Mary, emp woolen mill, bds 1204 Baldwin

Lynch, Mary, widow Patrick, laundress, h 1204 Baldwin

Lynch, Mary A, (M A & N T Lynch), 120 Penna ave, h do

Lynch, Mary A, bds 607 Grove

Lynch, Mary A, bds 612 John

Lynch, Mary E, bds 550 S Main

Lynch, Mary E, widow Pierce J, bds 352 Euclid ave

Lynch, Michael C, grocer, 716 Davis, bds 712 do

Lynch, Nora T, (M A & N T), 120 Penna ave, h do

Lynch, Patrick, emp Erie R R, h 406 W Sixth

Lynch, Patrick, laborer, bds 107 South ave

Lynch, Patrick, policeman, Erie depot, h 410 W Third

Lynch, Patrick, emp bridge works, bds 750 S Main

Lynch, Stephen C, night watchman, h 602 Sullivan

Lynch, Thomas, clerk, bds 406 W Sixth

Lynch, Thomas, conductor L V R R, h 607 Grove

Lynch, Thomas, laborer, bds 316 West Side ave

Lynch, Thomas, emp Erie R R, bds 217 Vine

Lynch, Thomas B, stone cutter, bds 712 Davis

Lynch, Thomas F, contractor, h 606 John

Lynch, Thomas P, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 406 W Sixth

Lynch, Timothy, laborer, h 316 E Washington ave

Lynch, Walter, laborer, bds 316 West Side ave

Lynett, Thomas, engineer D L & W R R, h 1006 Hall

Lynn, Charles C, emp round house, D L & W R R, bds 355 E Center

Lynn, Emma, emp knitting mill, bds 355 E Center

Lynn, George, emp Elmira steel works, h 355 E Center

Lynn, George W, polisher, bds 355 E Center

Lynn, Lottie L, teacher school No 10, bds 355 E Center

Lynn, William J, plumber, h 906 N Main

Lynott, Elizabeth Mrs, domestic, 652 Park pl

Lyon, Albert M, emp bridge works, h 704 S Broadway

Lyon, C Guy, emp Eclipse bicycle works, bds 410 Walnut

Lyon, C Harlan, clerk, 600 Penna ave, bds 438 Herrick

Lyon, Edward, bds 557 E Church

LYON, EDWARD E, D & H coal, 109 E Second, rooms 117 W Second

Lyon, Elizabeth, clerk, 319 Carroll, bds 207 E Gray

Lyon, Festus W, h 410 Walnut

Lyon, Frank E, gardner, h 604 Perine
Lyon, Fred C, expressman, 206 W Water, h 418 Herrick

Lyon, Harlan C, clerk, bds 432 Herrick

Lyon, Harriet E, vestmaker, bds 118 E Hudson

Lyon, Joseph J, machinist, h 415 Fulton

Lyon, Lucy L, 602 Perine

Lyon, Louise L, bds 602 Perine

Lyon, M Frances, emp J Richardson & Co, h 118 E Hudson

Lyon, Nellie E, bookbinder Advertiser, bds 410 Walnut

Lyon, Willis E, wood moulder, h 715 Southport

Lyons, Edward P, clerk N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Lyons, Fred E, city express, h 418 Herrick

Lyons, Fred S, brakeman D L & W R R, h 386 Warren

Lyons, Jennie C, bds 713 Erie
Lyons, John, plumber, bds 663 Magee

Lyons, John C, clerk, bds 713 Erie

Lyons, John M, clerk, bds 713 Erie

Lyons, Mary, widow John, h 713 Erie

Lyons, Michael, motorman, bds 220 Lake

Lyons, Ned, emp bridge works, bds 1315 Pratt

LYONS, PETER, saloon, 523 Baldwin, h do

Lyons, Thomas, conductor Erie R R, bds 220 Lake

Lytle, Esther, widow Thomas, bds 558 E Water

Lytle, Gertrude D, bookkeeper, 322 Carroll, bds 216 W Third
Lytle, Jennie, widow Henry B, nurse, 216 W Third, h do


Mabee, George H, electrician, h 389 Warren
Mabee, Harley G, emp Electric Light Co, bds 1201 Lake

Mabery, Emma Mrs, h 319 Hathaway

MacCallum, Thomas, h 512 W Second

MacCallum see McCollum

MacCarrick, Franklin P, conductor N C R R, h 304 South ave

MacCarrick, M Louise, bds 304 South ave

MacCarrick see McCarrick

MacCord, Mary E, matron Orphan's Home, h do

MacCord see McCord

MacDougal, Phoebe, dressmaker, bds 405 W First

MacDowell, Eugene K, com trav, h 625 W Water

MacDowell, Frances M, teacher, bds 625 W Water

MacDowell see McDowell

MacEdward, William G, div passenger agt Erie R R Erie depot, h 307 South ave

MacFie, Jean, nurse, St Paula's Hospital, 112 College ave, bds do

Machelka, Robert, emp rolling mill, h 759 Harper
MacHenry, W Preston, h rear, 402 W Church

MacHenry see McHenry

Macher, Lula, dressmaker, rooms 111 W Hudson

Mack, Anna, widow Frank, h 211 Fulton

Mack, Bridget, widow Peter, h 427 Standish

Mack, Catharine, widow Michael, h 412 Elm

Mack, Catharine E, tailoress, bds 211 Fulton

Mack, Daniel, clerk, bds 714 S Main

Mack, Daniel, saloon and restaurant, 617 S Main, h do

Mack, Daniel, teamster, h 220 W Third

Mack, Edward, engineer D L & W R R, h 313 E Washington ave

Mack, Helen E, h 500 Perry

Mack, James, emp N C Ry shops, h 810 S Main

Mack, James, emp J Richardson & Co, h 605 W First

Mack, James, helper, 121 E Second, h 378 W First

Mack, James, tinsmith, bds 714 S Main

Mack, James P, com trav, bds 378 W First

Mack, Jeremiah, emp N C Ry shops, bds 207 South ave

Mack, John, conductor E & H R R, rooms 115 1/2 Horner

Mack, John, emp bridge works, h 714 S Main

Mack, John, laborer, bds 762 S Main

Mack, John Jr, machinist, bds 714 S Main

Mack, John P, clerk, 117 E Water, bds 108 W Henry

Mack, Joseph, tel opr, 112 Baldwin, bds 714 S Main

Mack, Lucinda, widow Robert, h 664 Dickinson

Mack, M B, electrician, bds 2 Main St bridge

Mack, Mame L, milliner, bds 378 W First

Mack, Margaret, teacher school No 3, bds 108 W Henry

Mack, Margaret, widow Patrick, bds 201 W Miller

Mack, Margaret, widow Timothy, h 755 S Main

Mack, Mary V, tailoress, bds 211 Fulton

Mack, Martin, hoseman, h 311 Webber pl

Mack, Mary, bds 108 W Henry

Mack, Mary, bds 911 Lake

Mack, Mary, domestic, 452 W Water

Mack, Mary E, dressmaker, bds 714 S Main

Mack, Mary L, milliner, bds 378 W First

Mack, Matt, candymaker, h 378 W First

Mack, Michael, h 108 W Henry

Mack, Michael H, switchman Erie yard, bds 108 W Henry

Mack, Patrick H, bookkeeper, 140 W Water, bds 714 S Main

Mack, Robert, laborer, bds 664 Dickinson

Mack, Thomas, stone mason, h 911 Lake

Mack, Thomas Jr, fireman D L & W R R, bds 911 Lake

Mack, Thomas W, clerk, 205 E Water, bds 611 S Main

Mack, Tony, clerk, bds 1015 N Main

Mack, William H, clerk, 141 E Water, bds 911 Lake

MacKay, Mrs, cook Hotel Rathbun

MacKenzie, A Cameron, Rev D D, Pres Elmira College, h 855 College ave

Mackenzie, Christina, bds 855 College ave

Mackenzie, George C, student, bds 855 College ave

Mackey, Daniel M, city overseer of the poor, City Hall, h 318 S Broadway

Macksey, Kate, widow William, h 57 Sullivan

Macksey, Robert F, clerk, 102 W Water, bds 57 Sullivan

Macksey see Maxcy

MacLafferty, J William, com trav, h 703 W Gray

MacLafferty, Mrs, bds 703 W Gray

MacLafferty see McLafferty

MacLean, Archibald, bookkeeper, bds 956 Lake

MacLean, Edward, mason, h Caton ave n Penna ave

MacLean see McLean and McLain

MacMahon, John E, (Brophy & MacMahon), 101-103 E Water, h 200 High cor E Market

MacMahon see McMahon

MacMartin, Millie, bds 1004 Oak

MacMartin, Peter F, conductor L V R R, h 1004 Oak

MacMartin, Silas d, conductor E & H R R, bds 1004 Oak

MacMartin see McMartin

MacMillan, Edgar, meat dealer, h 414 S Broadway

MacMillan see McMillan

McNamee, Andrew, laborer, h 204 Franklin

MacNeil, Charles, engineer D L & W R R, h 404 Sullivan

MacNeil, Fannie S, bds 368 W Fourth

MacNeil, Nellie L, h 901 W Water

MacNeil, Rufus R, h 368 W Fourth

MacNEVIN, LAWRENCE A, (MacNevin & Danaher), 617 Railroad ave, bds 218 Front

MacNEVIN & DANAHER, (L A MacN & J E D), proprs, Superior Laundry, 617 Railroad ave

MacNevin see McNevin

Macrae, Margaret L, widow Thomas, bds 154 Washington

Madden, Catharine, bds 125 Madison ave

Mader, George M, bartender, h 136 E Water

Madell, James, telegrapher, bds 1316 Lake

Madigan, Edward F, switchman D L & W R R, h 369 Thurston

Madigan, John, laborer, bds 111 E Miller

Magee, Herbert J, nickel plater, h 1000 Hall

Magee, Jennie, dressmaker, bds 353 Riverside ave

Magee, John F, emp John Brand & Co, bds 353 Riverside ave

Magee, Minnie B, bookkeeper, bds 353 Riverside ave

Magee, Theodore, carpenter, h 353 Riverside ave

Magnison, John E, plumber, bds 380 W First

Magowan, Horatio W, tinsmith, h 59 Sullivan

Magowan, Thaddeus H, emp brush factory, bds 59 Sullivan

Mahaney, Mary, widow Matthew, h r 218 1/2 W Third

Mahaney, Nora, dressmaker, bds r 218 1/2 W Third

Mahar, James P, puddler, h 913 Grand Central ave

Maher, Charles H, brakeman Erie R R, bds 656 Walnut

Maher, E May, bds 502 Euclid ave

Maher, Hannah E, cook Homestead Hotel

Maher, James, h 214 W Miller

Maher, James J, (Brown & Maher), h 1025 Oak

Maher, James J, piano tuner, rooms 410 Main

Maher, James W, conductor Erie R R, h 502 Euclid ave

Maher, Mary, widow John, bds 1023 Oak

Maher, Mary, waitress, 221 Lake

Mahon, Thomas, saloon, 365 Railroad ave, h do

Mahon see Mayhon

Mahoney, Anna, seamstress, bds 121 Horner

Mahoney, Alice L, bds 209 Bloomer ave

Mahoney, Catharine, widow Daniel, grocer, 601 Erie, h do

Mahoney, Cornelius J, cigarmaker, bds 601 Erie

Mahoney, Daniel, emp N C Ry shops, bds 425 Railroad ave

Mahoney, Daniel R, clerk, bds 601 Erie

Mahoney, Ella J, dressmaker, bds 601 Erie

Mahoney, John, laborer, h 209 Bloomer ave

Mahoney, John, tel messenger, 150 Baldwin, bds 601 Erie

Mahoney, John H, clerk, 319 E Water, h 121 Horner

Mahoney, Josephine L, laundress, bds 209 Bloomer ave

Mahoney, Julia, domestic, 156 Main

Mahoney, Mary, widow John, domestic, r 857 Railroad ave

Mahoney, Mary, widow Patrick, h 121 Horner

Mahoney, Mary A, dressmaker, bds 601 Erie

Mahoney, Mary E, clerk, bds 121 Horner

Mahoney, Mary G, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 373 W Fifth

Mahoney, Michael J, h 208 Connelly ave

Mahoney, Thomas A, clerk, 106 W Water, bds 209 Bloomer ave

Mahoney, Elizabeth, housekeeper, 217 W Gray

Mahoney, Mary G, clerk Sheehan, Dean & Co, bds 373 W Fifth

Mahoney, Minnie, clerk, 305 E Water, bds 121 Horner

Mahoney, William, laborer N C freight house, bds 601 Erie

Mahoney, William J, lineman, bds 209 Bloomer ave

Mailey, Patrick, emp N C shops, h 710 Delaware

Mailey, Thomas, machinist N C shops, h 710 Delaware

Main, Anna, housekeeper, 214 W Third

Main, Charles, h 214 W Third

Main, Dennis F, U S soldier, bds 214 W Third

Main, John J, machinist, bds 214 W Third

Main, Patrick H, watchman, bds 214 W Third

MAIN STREET FURNITURE STORE, Simpson & Grenier props, 107 and 109 Main

Maine, Catharine Mrs, bds Home for Aged

Mainey, Nellie E, clerk, 111 E Water, bds 711 Magee

Makinson, Sabra E Mrs, forewoman Lovell Shirt Co, bds 213 High

Malanoski, Frank, car inspector Erie R R depot, h 1005 Davis

Malanoski see Malinoski

Malcolm, Andrew, tinner and furnace setter, h 118 Harriet

Malett, Olen A, carpenter, h 4 Home

Malette, Frederica, music teacher, 207 Boardman, bds do

Malette, W Smith, music dealer, 372 S Main, h 207 Boardman

Maley, Jeremiah J Rev, asst rector SS Peter and Paul's Church, h 168 High

Malinoski, Michael, laborer, h 163 E Washington ave

Malinoski, William J, carpenter, h 915 Davis

Malinoski see Malanoski

Mallory, Carrie B, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 358 Grove

Mallory, Charles, clerk, 206 E Water, bds 358 Grove

Mallory, Jessie G, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 358 Grove

Mallory, Merritt, emp Erie freight house, h 1319 Pratt

Mallory, Susan, widow Harrison, bds 358 Grove

Mallory, William W, janitor school No 11, h 358 Grove

Malloy, Margaret E, clerk, 210 E Water, h at Horseheads

Malone, Anna M, clerk, bds 329 Soper

Malone, Catharine, emp knitting mill, bds 708 Benjamin

Malone, Ellen, widow John, h 411 Locust

Malone, John, emp N C shops, h 329 Soper

Malone, John Jr, clerk Elmira Bridge Co, h 304 Fulton

Malone, Margaret, widow John, h 911 Main

Malone, Martin, iron worker, bds 708 Benjamin

Malone, Nellie, clerk, bds 911 N Main

Malone, Patrick, laborer, h 708 Benjamin

Malone, Thomas, plumber, h 911 N Main

Malone, Thomas A, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 329 Soper

Maloney, Anna, bds 516 Oak

Maloney, Anna J, boarding house, 726 S Main

Maloney, Bridget, domestic, 524 W Water

Maloney, Catharine, dressmaker, bds 311 Dewitt ave

Maloney, Clara L, dressmaker, bds 315 High

Maloney, Cornelius R, draughtsman, bds 385 Penna ave

Maloney, Delia, domestic, 118 E Chemung pl

Maloney, Dennis, machinist, LaFrance shops, h 385 Penna ave

Maloney, Dennis K, clerk Elmira Bridge Co, bds 408 Madison ave

Maloney, Edward B, draughtsman, bds 385 Penna ave

Maloney, Elizabeth, milliner, bds 311 Dewitt ave

Maloney, Ella, ironer, 412 E Market, bds 354 Franklin

Maloney, Ella H, emp silk mill, h 516 Oak

Maloney, Ellen, h 150 W LaFrance

MALONEY, FRANCIS G, supt Maple Ave R R, Realty bldg, bds 315 High

Maloney, James, laborer, bds r 108 W First

Maloney, Johanna, h 806 Walnut

Maloney, John, clerk, 201 E Water, bds 418 College ave

Maloney, John, coachman, h 315 High

Maloney, John, expressman, 323 E Water, bds 311 Dewitt ave

Maloney, John, express messenger, h 500 E Water

Maloney, John, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 385 Penna ave

Maloney, John W, emp express Co, bds 500 E Water

Maloney, Laura E, bds 315 High

Maloney, Lawrence, lineman, bds 354 Franklin

Maloney, Margaret, domestic, 653 Euclid ave

Maloney, Maria, domestic, 603 Hoffman

Maloney, Mary, bds 311 Dewitt ave

Maloney, Mary, h 711 S Main

Maloney, Mary E, bds 408 Madison ave

Maloney, Mary M, widow Peter, h 608 E Third

Maloney, Michael, fireman Erie R R, h 418 College ave

Maloney, Michael, laborer, h 808 Magee

Maloney, Patrick, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co, bds 608 E Third

Maloney, Patrick, polisher, h r 108 W First

MALONEY, THOMAS, (Griswold, Maloney & Co), 323 E Water, h 311 Dewitt ave
Maloney, William, laborer, h 113 Liberty

Maloney, William, motorman E & H R R, bds 853 East ave

Maloney, William, laundryman, bds 105 E Second

Maloney, William A, conductor E & H R R, bds 408 Madison ave

Maloney, William K, bookkeeper, bds 311 Dewitt ave

Maloney, Winifred, widow John, h 408 Madison ave

Maltby, Adelaide B, widow Silas B, bds 629 W Church

Maltz, Louis, peddler, h 901 John

Mance, Charles, emp D L & W shops, h 655 1/2 Lake

Mance, M Ellen, housekeeper, 1306 Hall

Mance, Mortimer N, machinist, 116 Lake, bds 655 1/2 do

Mance, William, fireman D L & W R R, h 1306 Hall

Manchester, Alfred M, machinist, h 559 Taylor

Manchester, Floyd, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Co, h 562 Beach

Manchester, Herbert, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Co, bds 562 Beach

Mander, Adam, (C A & F Mander), h 1020 E Church

Mander, C A & F, props Mander's Brewery Tuttle ave foot E Church

Mander, Carrie, (C A & F Mander), h 1020 E Church

Mander, Carrie, widow Fred W, h 410 Sullivan

Mander, Charles, (C A & F Mander), h 1020 E Church

Mander, Henry, brewer, bds 1020 E Church

Mander, J George, brewer, h 457 Sullivan

Mander's Brewery, (C A & F Mander proprs) Tuttle ave foot E Church

Mandeville, Carrie E, widow Edgar W, h 353 1/2 Euclid ave

Mandeville, Edgar W, h 353 1/2 Euclid ave

MANDEVILLE, HUBERT C, (Herendeen & Madeville), 401 Robinson bldg, h 509 W Church

Mandeville, Ira E, brakeman N C Ry, h 802 Penna ave

Mandeville, John D, teamster, h 706 E Fifth

Mandeville, Mary, widow Calvin, domestic, 218 Dewitt ave

Maney, Ellen, widow Andrew, h 711 Magee

Maney, Nellie, clerk, bds 711 Magee

Mangan, Daniel, laborer, bds 407 Elm

Mangan, James, printer Telegram, bds 409 W Third

Mangan, John, depot agt W F & Co's Express, h 871 Magee

Mangan, John J, clerk yardmaster's office Erie R R, bds 409 W Third

Mangan, Margaret L, stenographer, 209 Robinson bldg, bds 409 W Third

Mangan, Martin, conductor D L & W R R, h 337 W Seventh

Mangan, Mary, clerk, 201 E Water, bds 409 W Second

Mangan, Morris, gatetender, h 409 W Third

Manhattan Club, James Elliott, sec, 103 State

Manier, Anna Mrs, h 468 E Water

Manion, Joseph, carpenter, h 509 1/2 Madison ave

Manley, Arthur L, clerk, h 400 W Church

Manley, Belle, entry clerk, 244 W Water, bds 523 1/2 W Fourth

Manley, Betsey A, widow Charles G, bds 468 W Second

Manley, Dolson J, com trav C M & R Tompkins, h 418 W First

Manley, Laura C, teacher, bds 652 W First

Manley, Lynn S, law student, bds 652 W First

Manley, Rosamond, bds 652 W First

Manley, Sylvester A, h 652 W First

Manley, Walter S, shipping clerk, 603 W Fourth, h 523 1/2 W Fourth

Mann, Anna Mrs, domestic Orphans Home

Mann, Charles, moulder, bds 723 Lake

Mann, George W, coachman, 350 W Church

Mann, James, machinist, h 663 Magee

Mann, Jerome B, emp Swift's lubricator works, h 670 Columbia

Mann, Jessie F, teacher No 8 school, bds 314 Baldwin

Mann, Mabel E, teacher, bds 817 W Church

Mann, Margaret Ann, cook, 350 W Church

Mann, Mary C, widow John, h 714 Tuttle ave

Mann, Michael, laborer, bds 106 W Second

Mann, William G, conductor D L & W R R, h 307 William

Mann, William J, emp Swift Lubricator Co, h 817 W Church

Manning, Anna, domestic, bds 104 W Fifth

Manning, Chapin S, asst engineer water works, h 711 W Church

Manning, Clinton, clerk, 311 E Water, h 724 W Gray

Manning, D Leland, insurance, bds 711 W Church

Manning, Edgar, laborer, h 104 Fox

Manning, Frank T, clerk, 311 E Water, h 516 William

Manning, Hattie, bds 1006 East ave

Manning, Honora Mrs, h 104 W Fifth

Manning, Lauretta, bds 1006 East ave

Manning, Lee T, engineer Clipper Chilled Plow Co, h 1318 Lake

Manning, Mary A, widow Theron, bds 350 E Center

Manning, Samuel, guard N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Manning, Wayne D, bds 1006 East ave

Manning, William D, expressman, h 1006 East ave

Manning, William H, baggageman L V R R, h 711 Columbia

Manning, W E Mrs, dressmaker, 104 Fox, h do

Manning, William J, laborer, h 105 E Washington ave

Mannix, Mary, domestic, 158 Washington

Manor, Samuel D, candymaker, bds Hotel Smith

Mansion House, C F Stone prop, 400 Railroad ave

Mansfield, Effie L, bds 160 W Clinton

Manske, John, meat market, 706 E Water, h 116 Spring

Mantell, Henry J, emp E & H R R, bds 100 Front

Mantell, Jennie, operator J Richardson & Co, bds 100 Front

Mantell, Nellie, operator J Richardson & Co, bds 100 Front

Mantell, Paul, emp E & H R R, h 100 Front

Mantell, Thomas, blacksmith N C Ry shops, h 87 Keefe

Manwaring, Ina, nurse, 373 W Gray, bds do

MANWARING, SIDNEY A, sec and treas The Popular Banking Savings and Loan Assn, 306 Realty bldg, h 973 Walnut

Mapes, Fred M, showman, h 937 E Church

Mapes, George, laborer, bds Homestead Hotel

Mapes, George P, brakeman D L & W R R, h 1308 Hall

Mapes, Jud C, baggagemaster D L & W R R, bds 505 Baldwin

Mapes, Theodore, switchman D L & W R R yard, bds 604 S Main

Mapes, Theresa, widow Henry, bds 937 E Church

MAPLE AVENUE CLUB HOUSE, Robert L Stevens prop, Maple ave n Luce

MAPLE AVENUE RAILWAY CO, Carl G Rasmus pres, John M Diven sec and treas, Charles F Uebelacker gen mgr, F G Maloney supt, Realty bldg

Mapley, Morgan, cabinetmaker, h 517 Fitch

Marcus, Jacob Rev, Rabbi Jewish synagogue, Children of Israel, h 108 High

Marcy, William M, emp A Wyckoff & Son, bds 213 Brand

Margeson, Eber J, carpenter, h 811 W Gray

Margeson, Harry J, brakeman, bds 711 W Gray

Margeson, Ira, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Co, bds 811 W Water

Margeson, Martin, patternmaker, h 311 Fulton

Maricle, Adelbert W, watchman, h 211 Roe ave

Maricle, Henry, painter, bds 101 Front

Maricle, Lewis, junk buyer, h 520 Dewitt ave

Maricle, Mabel, bds 562 E Church

Maricle, Simeon F, stone cutter, h 562 E Church

Marinan, James H, engineer D L & W R R, h 420 E Washington ave

Marinan, James H Jr, clerk, bds 420 E Washington ave

Marinan, John M, bartender, 503 Railroad ave, rooms 1104 Grand Central ave

Marinan, Mary, widow John, bakery, 861 Lake, h do

Marinan, William I, conductor E & H R R, bds 420 E Washington ave

Marion, Albert, machinist, bds 319 Hathaway

Marion, Carrie A, millner, bds 319 Hathaway

Marion, Charles, painter, bds 319 Hathaway

Marion, Edgar J, painter, h 319 Hathaway

Markham, Daniel, emp N C R R, h 515 Perine

Markham, Johanna Mrs, caterer, h 710 Magee

Markham, John, laborer, h 710 Magee

Markham, Patrick E, emp N C R R, bds 515 Perine

Markoe, Daisie, actress, bds 304 Baty

Marks, Abraham, bookkeeper, bds 163 Washington

Marks, Anna H, stenographer The Bradstreet Co, bds 163 Washington

Marks, Frank B, linotype opr, h 457 Falck

Marks, Isaac, wholesale jeweler, h 112 Sullivan

Marks, Louis, peddler, h 122 Sullivan

MARKS, M DOYLE, mgr D S Andrus & Co, 326 E Water & 114 Baldwin, h 506 Penna ave

Marks, Solomon, trav salesman, h 163 Washington

Markson, Abraham, clerk, 147 W Water, h 151 High

Markson, Benjamin, clothier, 147 W Water, h 616 E Water

MARKTHALER, THEODORE H, (Kertscher & Co), 561 Grove

Marlatt, Addie T, widow Hamilton, bds 759 Carpenter

Marlatt, George, fireman L V R R, bds 1011 Oak

Maroney, Delia, emp silk mill, bds 1319 Grand Central ave

Maroney, Ella, dressmaker, 358 Davis, bds do

Maroney, Mary, widow Michael, h 358 Davis

Maroney, Thomas, keeper Reformatory, bds 358 Davis

Maroney see Moroney

Marot, Mary Louise, A B., teacher Elmira College, bds do

Marsh, Floyd L, laborer, h 406 Dewitt ave

Marsh, Frank, engineer Erie R R, bds 425 Railroad ave

Marsh, Fred C, chief clerk yardmaster's office Erie R R, h 1006 Hoffman

Marsh, Fred F, mgr South Side Livery, bds 405 S Main

Marsh, Fred E, bds 8 Aspen Ridge

Marsh, Harry L, draughtsman, h 600 E Miller

Marsh, Hugh, laborer, bds 805 E Market

Marsh, Howard H, emp bridge works, h 121 W Miller

Marsh, John, engineer Erie R R, bds 425 Railroad ave

Marsh, Joseph C, engineer D L & W R R, h 313 E Center

Marsh, Linda, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 360 do

Marsh, Mabel M, bds 364 W Fifth

Marsh, Michael H, machinist, h 364 W Fifth

Marsh, Sevellin S, laborer, h 721 Erie

Marsh, Willis J, clerk Erie R R, h 507 Roe ave

Marshall, Agnes E Mrs, housekeeper, 1893 Grand Central ave

Marshall, Amelia, widow David, bds 761 E Market

Marshall, Carl N, painter, bds 369 E Fifth

Marshall, Edith E, major, district officer Salvation Army, h 310 E Church

Marshall, Isaac S, h 507 W Church

Marshall, Jessie W, widow Joseph, nurse, bds 369 W Fifth

Marshall, Wilbur N, messenger N C Ry, bds 369 W Fifth

Marshall, William, motorman E & H R R, bds 106 Madison ave

Marshall, William, waiter, rooms 53 George

Martin, Abby L, clerk, bds Badger n East ave

Martin, Addie E, widow J Reeve, h 301 E Church

Martin, Adelia C, widow Charles W, h 919 Grand Central ave

Martin, Burton E, mgr, 206 S Main, h 372 do

Martin, Ebenezer L, carpenter Payne's shop, h 407 Penna ave

Martin, Ebenezer L Jr, manchinist Payne's shop, bds 407 Penna ave

Martin, Etta, bds 919 Grand Central ave

Martin, Frederick T, photographer, h Badger n East ave

Martin, John D, com trav, 117 E Water, h 120 Lormore

Martin, Mary J, housekeeper, 805 W Water

Martin, May, dressmaker, 202 Penna ave, bds 403 Union pl

Martin, Raymond D, tel opr, bd 301 W Church

Martin, Myron D, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 253 Warren

Martin, Myron M, bds 301 E Church

Martin, Michael, bds 513 College ave

Martin, William A, carpenter, bds 919 Grand Central ave

Martin, William F, clerk, 182 State, bds Badger n East ave

Martinson, Sophia, domestic, 243 Lake

Marvin, Albert E, student, bds 409 Dewitt ave

Marvin, Bertha G, bds 409 Dewitt ave

MARVIN, CHARLES, lawyer, 502, 503 and 504 Robinson bldg, h 218 W Gray

Marvin, Frank, emp Eagle bottling works, bds 168 Orchard

Marvin, Henry A, clerk Adams Express Co, 603 Railroad ave, h 210 1/2 W Second

Marvin, Jane C, widow Lyman G, h 158 Orchard

Marvin, John C, emp Eclipse bicycle works, bds 168 Orchard

Marvin, Lile E, widow Isaac, bds 339 W Seventh

Marvin, Martha, h 356 Walnut

Marvin, Mary J, widow Edward, h 409 Dewitt ave

Marvin, Ross G, student, bds 409 Dewitt ave

Marvin, William S, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 409 Dewitt ave

Marx, August, agent, h 407 Fulton

Mary, John J, driver Adams Express Co, h 152 W Fourth