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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Shelton, Fay T, bds 629 W Water

Shelton, Lee, laborer, h 606 Baldwin

Shelton, Roland S, blacksmith LaFrance shops, h 463 Maple ave

Shepard, Augustine L, laborer, h 724 Hopkins

Shepard, Augstine L Jr, mason, h 705 Hopkins

Shepard, Edward B, emp Opera House, h 507 Gradwell

Shepard, Horace B, engineer, h 222 W Water

Shepard, John, cook, h 565 John

Shepard, Lee V, clerk, 354 Penna ave, h 309 South ave

Shepard, Lewis, laborer, bds 569 John

Shephard, George W, machinist, bds 106 W Market

Shepherd, Frank, mason, h 717 Hopkins

Shepherd, George S, teamster, h 721 Hopkins

Shepherd, Winifred, bds 721 Hopkins

Sheppard, John, waiter Palace Hotel, bds do

SHERIFF'S OFFICE, Johnson Little Sheriff, Lake n Court House

Sherman, Bennett M, letter carrier, bds 423 W Second

Sherman, Cyrus A, janitor school No 4, h 1205 Hall

Sherman, Darius E, watchmaker, 215 E Water, h 213 1/2 Lormore

Sherman, Ellen T, bds 1205 Hall

Sherman, Ephraim, teamster, bds 606 E Clinton

Sherman, John, h 326 E Water

Sherman, Joseph, laborer, h 721 Dickinson
Sherman, L G, emp bridge works, bds 302 Sylvester pl

Sherman, Maria, widow Lewis, h 326 E Water

Sherman, Samuel E, bridge builder, Erie R R, h 320 E LaFrance

Sherman, T Wilmot, brakeman N C Ry, h Smith

Sherman, William I, fireman D L & W R R, bds 1205 Hall

Sherry, Dennis B, fireman D L & W R R, bds 1201 Lake

Sherry, Edmond R, emp bridge works, h 210 W Henry

Sherry, Frank, plumber, bds 210 W Hudson

Sherry, Patrick J, fireman D L & W R R, h 1320 Baldwin

Sherry, Thomas H, galvanizer, h 1302 Pratt

Sherslawsky, John, laborer, h 755 Spaulding

Sherwood, Ida M, widow Cornelius S, teacher school No 4, bds 452 E Church

Shewezik, Michael, laborer, h r 851 Dickinson

SHIDLEN, EMMA, prop The Senate restaurant, 132 E Water, h do

Shidlen, Ernest, h 132 E Water

Shields, Agnes A, emp silk milll, bds 1327 Lackawanna ave

Shields, John J, machinist, bds 323 Norton

Shields, John J, machinist, h 1327 Lackawanna ave

Shields, Joseph F, painter, bds 1327 Lackawanna ave

Shields, Mary, domestic, 201 1/2 Sly

Shields, Peter D, machinist, h 323 Norton

Shields, Peter F, bricklayer, bds 508 Oak

Shields, William P, mason, bds 508 Oak

Shimonski, Clara, domestic, 511 W Gray

Shipley, Wallace E, boilermaker, h 359 W Third

Shipman, James T, carpenter, h 802 Holdridge

Shipman, William M, bds 220 Thurston

Shirley, Dura B, agent, bds 218 William

Shirts, Stella, nurse A O Hospital

Shivers, William M, auditor Elmira Steel Co, rooms 302 William

Shlom, Philip, peddler, h 153 High

Shoemaker, Andrew, clerk D L & W R R, bds 724 Benjamin

Shoemaker, Edward M, watchman, bds 415 Partridge

SHOEMAKER, FLOYD M, vice pres and gen mgr Hygeia Refrigerating Co, h 410 W Gray

Shoemaker, George S, engineer D L & W R R, h 1318 Grand Central ave

SHOEMAKER, GUY W, sec and treas Hygeia Refrigerating Co, h 367 W Church

Shoemaker, Harry A, trainman N C Ry, h 704 Delaware

SHOEMAKER, HARRY J, (E VanOrsdall & Co), h 1019 Grand Central ave

SHOEMAKER, J MONROE, mgr Standard Oil Co of New York, Elmira Oil Works, h 508 Lake

Shoemaker, L D, stenographer, 211 Railroad ave, h 207 Caldwell ave

Shoemaker, Lucy A, widow J Milroy, h 709 W Water

Shoemaker, Marcus, machinist, bds 416 Madison ave

Shoemaker, Mary A, widow Ira R, h 415 Partridge

Shoemaker, Susanna A, bds 1318 Grand Central ave

SHOEMAKER, W A & CO, (W A Shoemaker & F H Egbert), flour and feed mill, 101 Tuttle ave

SHOEMAKER, WILLIAM A, (W A Shoemaker & Co), h at Horseheads

Shoemaker, William W, fireman D L & W R R, h 1207 Hall

Sholes, Jennie, bds 320 Hathaway

Sholes, Margaret, widow William, h 320 Hathaway

SHOOK, ANNA E MRS, furnished rooms, 105 Main, h do

Shook, C Wilbur, bds 105 Main

Shook, Emma J, clerk, bds 105 Main

Shoots, James, printer, bds 504 E Third

Shorre, Charles, clerk, 829 Canal, bds do

Short, Anna, domestic, rooms 709 Benjamin

Short, Harry, laborer, h 751 E Second

Shrader, Lucy, widow Oren, nurse, h Cedar

Shreibman, Louis, jeweler, 159 Baldwin, h 106 Dewitt ave

Shriver, Lelia M, clerk N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds 512 Ivy

Shuart, Nery, h 117 W Hudson

Shuffern, Frances E, bookkeeper, 163 Lake, bds 118 College ave

Shulenburg, Charles, machinist, h 406 Fulton

Shulenburg, Charles N, bds 406 Fulton

Schultz, Emil, emp silk mill, bds 1331 College ave

Shumway, Belle, bds 323 Sullivan

Shumway, Frank, fireman L V R R, bds 1354 College ave

Shumway, Mary J, widow Charles N, h 323 Sullivan

Shunk, Mollie, presser, 319 Carroll, bds 609 E Second

Shurts, Bernice, dressmaker, bds 365 Elm

Shurts, Janet M, dressmaker, bds 365 Elm

Shurts, Charles H, laborer, bds 703 Penna ave

Shurts, George W, farmer, h 703 Penna ave

Shurts, Robert W, emp bridge works, bds 703 Penna ave

Sickels, Abbie M, widow Daniel, bds 124 Horner

Sickels, Charles, saloon, 810 Madison ave, h do

Sickels, George, h 408 Standish

Sidell, Augustus, emp silk mill, h 314 Woodlawn ave

Siegel, Jacob, peddler, h 111 1/2 Orchard

Siegelman, Sigmond (Salzman & Siegelman), res Brooklyn, NY

Siegfried, Charles A, engineer N C Ry, h 505 Penna ave

Sieroslawski, Andrew H, clerk, Commercial Hotel, 601 Railroad ave, bds do

Sieroslawski, Elizabesh M, widow Joseph, h 608 Howard

Sieroslawski, Martin, bartender, bds 76 Luce

Sieroslawski, Mary, bds 76 Luce

Sieroslawski, Regenia, widow Joseph, h 76 Luce

Sieroslawski, William, emp Elmira Bridge Co, bds 76 Luce

Sigison, Jacob R, lineman, bds 302 W Water

Sigison, Maria, widow William, bds 302 W Water

Sigison, Mary C, widow William R, h 216 W Second

Siglin, Emory, hostler, Elmira House, bds do

Silsbee, Eleanor, bds Lake above Warren

SILSBEE, HENRY C, sec and treas, The Michigan Furniture Co, 101 Robinson bldg, h Lake above Warren

Silver, Hyman J, peddler, bds 116 Sullivan

Silver, Kasel E, peddler, bds 116 Sullivan

Silver, Louis A, h 116 Sullivan

Silverman, Philip, peddler, h 115 High

Simcoe, William W, carriagemaker, 226 William, h 315 Orchard

Simenski, John, h 602 Beach

Simerson, Belle, emp silk mill, bds 223 Kingsbury ave

Simerson, Elizabeth Mrs, h 223 Kingsbury ave

Simmons, Arthur W, brakeman N C Ry, h 304 Baty

Simmons, Isaac L, watchmaker, jeweler and gent's furnishings, 651 Lake, h do

Simon, George S, barber, bds 221 Gregg

Simon, Morris, clothing, 375 Railroad ave, h 564 E Water

Simons, Augusta J, widow Webster, h 112 E Hudson

Simons, Simeon, cigarmaker, 118 Brand, h 562 E Water

Simpson, Albert, laborer, bds 166 Harriet

Simpson, Alice, bds 350 S Main

Simpson, Alison C, teacher, bds 121 Caldwell ave

Simpson, Amanda M Mrs, h 511 Magee

Simpson, Charles B, com trav, h 511 Lake

Simpson, Charles H, laborer, h 732 Hopkins

Simpson, Frances A, stenographer county clerk's office, bds 121 Caldwell ave

SIMPSON, HARRY W, (Griswold, Maloney & Co), 323 E Water, h 113 Lormore

Simpson, Henry, deputy internal revenue collector, Masonic Temple, h 121 Caldwell ave

SIMPSON, JOHN A, (Simpson & Grenier), 107 Main, h 906 W Church

Simpson, John E, bookkeeper Crystal Ice Co, bds 113 Lormore

Simpson, Robert, clerk, 112 State, bds r 101 E Henry

Simpson, Samuel, stone cutter, h 166 Harriet

Simpson, Susan A, teacher school No 9, bds 113 Lormore

Simpson, William, bookkeeper, h 113 Lormore

Simpson, William, clerk, 112 State, h r 101 E Henry

Simpson, Wilson H, fireman N C Ry, h 313 Baty

SIMPSON & GRENIER, (J A Simpson and Albert Grenier), prop Main street furniture store, 107 and 109 Main

Sims, Helen, tel opr, 205 E Gray, bds 270 W Chemung pl

Sims, Lewis C, emp Eclipse bicycle works, bds 310 Baldwin

Sinclair, S Seabury, clerk, 301 E Water, h 1024 Lake


Singerhoff, Amelia, widow William, h 459 E Water

Singerhoff, Charles, bottler, 437 E Water, h do

Singerhoff, Emma, bds 437 E Water

Singerhoff, Marie L, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 457 do

Singerhoff, William, barber, 437 E Water, h do

Sittenfield, Bertha, widow Solomon, bds 368 W Gray

Sittenfield, Joseph, hides, junk &c, 470 E Water, h 109 High

Sitzer, Arthur W, moulder, bds 1310 Grand Central ave

Sitzer, Charles, laborer, h 227 1/2 Mt Zoar

Sitzer, Dora A, stenographer, 204 Robinson bldg, bds 311 Mt Zoar

Sitzer, Sarah J, widow Seth, h 1310 Grand Central ave

Sitzer, Seth, agent, h 1310 Grand Central ave

Skaloorski, Joseph, laborer, 702 Dickinson

Skarwecki, Joseph, laborer, h 1119 Magee

Skaveski, Peter, laborer, h 723 Casey

Skeahan, Bridget, widow James, h 101 W Henry

Skeahan, Catharine E, bds 101 W Henry

Skeahan, Edward, laborer, h 852 Main

Skeahan, Ella J, teacher, bds 852 Main

Skeahan, Helen F, student, bds 101 W Henry

Skeahan, James H, clerk D L & W R R, bds 101 W Henry

Skeahan, John F, clerk D L & W R R freight office, bds 101 W Henry

Skeahan, Mary J, teacher school No 2, bds 101 W Henry

SKELLENGER, ELMA L MRS, livery, hack, boarding and exchange stable, 200 E Gray, h 328 Baldwin

Skidmore, Kate M, bds 110 College ave

Skidmore, Margaret, widow George H, h 110 College ave

Skidmore, Minnie, widow H, dressmaker, rooms 357 Columbia

Skidmore, Henry H, adv agt, h 870 Davis

Skinner, Jerusha M, widow Platt H, bds 870 Davis

Skinner, Margaret A, widow Charles, h 425 E Market

Skinner, Margaret H, widow Frank N, bds 426 W First

Skinner, Nathan, real estate N s Penna ave n Bulkhead

Skinner, William, hostler, 311 State, rooms do

Skozynski, Wladyslaw, laborer, bds 1123 Magee

Slack, George W, bds 732 W Third

Slade, Matey, bds Madison ave

Slaamonds, James, polisher, bds American House

Slater, Austin, engineer, 121 E Second, h 366 W Sixth

Slater, Dorus M, jeweler, 210 E Water, h 308 Madison ave

Slater, Elizabeth, widow James, bds 753 Harper

Slater, Frank L, engineer, h 807 East ave

Slattery, Bridget, widow John, h 904 E Market

Slattery, Dennis J, cabinetmaker, bds 409 E Market

Slattery, Elnora, milliner, bds Stephens la n Lake

Slattery, John, blacksmith, h 313 W Hudson

Slattery, Louise, bds 306 1/2 Crescent

SLAUSON BROTHERS, (D T and S D), job printers and engravers, 122 E Water

SLAUSON, CLAUDE H, (Perfect Laundry Co), Realty bldg, 125 W Market

SLAUSON, DANIEL T, (Slauson Brothers), 122 E Water, h 534 Penn ave

Slauson, Don W, student, bds 125 W Market

SLAUSON, GEORGE W, (Perfect Laundry Co), Standard Sewing machines, 108 W Water, h 125 Market

SLAUSON, LEON C, (Perfect Laundry Co), Realty bldg, bds 125 W Market

Slauson, May, dressmaker, bds 468 W Second

SLAUSON, SEYMOUR D, (Slauson Bros), 122 E Water, h 534 Penna ave

Slauson, Susan F, widow Thomas D, bds 534 Penna ave

Slee, Clara M, bds 218 W First

Slee, Jay Fletcher, student, bds 218 W First

SLEE, JOHN D F, vice-pres J Langdon & Co, 110 Baldwin, h 218 W First

Slick, Fred, waiter, 109 E Water, bds 205 W Miller

SLINGERLAND, WALTER D, painter and paperhanger, Laurel cor Leland, h do

SLITER, ARTHUR B, vice-pres Elmira Advertiser Association and private secy, 406 E Market, h 461 W First

Sliter, Lucy M, widow William H, bds 527 William

Sloat, George W, carpenter, h 517 W Second

Sloat, P Eugene, switchman Erie R R depot, h 211 W Third

Slocum, Albert, mason, h McHenry

Slocum, Augustus F, printer Advertiser, rooms 306 E Water

Slocum, Guy B, laundryman, h 711 Johnson

Slocum, Ione A, music teacher, bds 716 W Water

Slosson, Abram D, grocer, 400 Baldwin, h 402 Union pl

Slosson, Augusta C, bds 402 Union pl

Slout, Emma, emp knitting mill, rooms 158 Boardman

Slusser, Harvey S, night watchman bridge works, h Grant

SLY, H B & CO, fire insurance, 126 E Water

SLY, H BELDEN, (H B Sly & Co), 126 E Water, h 468 W Gray

Sly, Katherine, bds 468 W Gray

Sly, Mary C, widow James M, h 468 W Gray

Small, Frank, laborer, bds 807 Lake

Small, Rowena, emp telephone exchange, bds 454 1/2 Spaulding

Small, William, emp N C Ry shops, h 218 Sutton

Smalley, Jeremiah J, h 705 W Water

Small, William E, optician, h 454 1/2 Spaulding

Smedes, Frank W, moulder, h 615 Lake

Smedes, Lucy M, dressmaker, bds 615 Lake

Smedes, Worden L, moulder, h 511 William

Smiler, William V, painter, h 703 E Fifth

Smith, Aaron K, (Kennedy & Smith), h 515 Railroad ave

Smith, Addison, h 615 Penna ave

Smith, Adelaide O, bds 911 Davis

Smith, Albert A, com trav, rooms 110 W Gray

Smith, Albert M, artist, 603 W Fourth, h 703 Grove

Smith, Alby M, emp bridge works, h 717 1/2 Casey

Smith, Alice Lavee, dressmaker, 224 W Water, h do

Smith, Alice P, widow Lewis M, h 350 W Church

Smith, Alice Pomeroy, bds 350 W Church
Smith, Alpheus, teamster, h 253 Warren

Smith, Amanda, widow Calvin W, bds 605 Partridge

Smith, Andrew L, painter, h 202 E Water

Smith, Ann, widow Patrick, bds 311 1/2 W Fifth

Smith, Anna T, bds 417 E Market

Smith, Anthony D, brakeman, h 722 Hopkins

Smith, Arthur, printer Advertiser, bds 515 Perine

Smith, Arthur H, clerk, 115 W Water, bds East Hill

Smith, Belle, waitress, 425 Railroad ave

Smith, Benjamin D, emp Woodlawn cemetery, h 723 Copley

Smith, Benjamin V, optician, bds 114 W Market

Smith, Betsey B, widow Jesse, h 112 Horner

Smith, Bouk, bds 1209 Lackawanna ave
Smith, Brandt, window dresser, 301 E Water, bds 605 Partridge

Smith, Burt G, bookkeeper, 318 E Market, h W Water outside limits

Smith, Burton L, blacksmith, 602 Madison ave, bds 402 William

Smith, Caroline, widow Simon, h 512 Ivy

Smith, Carrie H, h 650 Euclid ave

SMITH, CARROLL D, mgr John N Stearns Co, h 454 W Gray

Smith, Catharine, head nurse A O Hospital

Smith, Catharine M, bds 512 Ivy

Smith, Catharine M, widow Ezra J, bds 635 W Gray
Smith, Charles, hack driver, bds 425 Carroll
Smith, Charles B, rooms 403 Walnut

Smith, Charles E, clerk, 1055 Walnut, h 1120 Abbott

SMITH, CHARLES H, groceries, bailed hay, straw, feed &c, 119 Hoffman cor Gray, h do

Smith, Charles J, carpenter, h 7 Smith

Smith, Charles M, traveling salesman, 121 E Second, bds Frazier House

Smith, Charles R, clerk, bds 713 Lake

Smith, Charles S, bds 114 W Market

Smith, Clara, widow Ernest, teacher school No 2, bds 508 Walnut

SMITH, CLARK M, propr Hotel Smith and livery stable, 441 443 E Water

Smith, Clement H, meat cutter, 671 Lake, h 1330 Pratt

Smith, Clifford S, laborer, h 715 Dickinson

SMITH, D & SON, (T S), wholesale manufacturing confectioners, 327 Carroll

Smith, Dana L, stenographer, 211 Railroad ave, bds 124 E Hudson

SMITH, DANIEL, (D Smith & Son), 327 Carroll, h 723 W First

Smith, Daniel B, clerk, 322 Carroll, bds 723 W First

Smith, David F, bds r 656 Baldwin

Smith, Davis, brakeman D L & W R R, h 361 Warren

Smith, Dea, fireman N C Ry, h 812 Holdridge

Smith, Dell, brakeman N C Ry, h 402 Baty

Smith, Delphine, physician, 454 E Church, h do

SMITH, DIX W, lawyer, Advertiser bldg E Market, h 664 Park pl

Smith, Dudley E, clerk Frazier House, bds do
Smith, E Pauline, bds 622 Baldwin

Smith, Eber P, clerk, bds 923 Lincoln

Smith, Edgar, farmer, h 905 John

Smith, Edgar B, meat market, 1055 Walnut, h 1110 do

Smith, Edith M, student, bds 124 E Hudson

Smith, Edna E, dressmaker, bds 380 W Sixth

Smith, Edward, emp bridge works, bds 114 W Miller

Smith, Edward, emp bicycle works, h 114 W Second
Smith, Edward C, clerk, h Abbott

Smith, Edward H, carpenter, h 309 W Sixth

Smith, Edward N, emp Kertscher's, h 815 Johnson

Smith, Edwin L, laborer, h 442 W Fifth

Smith, Edwin P, brakeman D L & W R R, h 1209 Lackawanna ave

Smith, Electa R, widow Lewis B, h 113 W Chemung pl

Smith, Eli W, h 907 Pratt

Smith, Elias, h 1007 Lake

Smith, Elias jr, yard dispatcher D L & W R R, bds 1007 Lake

Smith, Elijah, farmer, h 50 1/2 Orchard

Smith, Eliza A, widow Gardiner H, bds 368 Norton

SMITH, ELIZA B, manuf flavoring extracts, 147 W Water, h do

Smith, Eliza J Mrs, dressmaker, h 380 W Sixth

Smith, Eliza J, widow Robert T, boarding, h 106 Madison ave

Smith, Elizabeth Mrs, cook, h 622 Baldwin
Smith, Elizabeth G, bds 224 Mt Zoar

Smith, Ella B, teacher, bds 124 E Hudson

Smith, Ella F, emp knitting mill, bds 112 Horner

Smith, Elmer, brakeman D L & W R R, h r 1319 Lake

Smith, Elmer G, tobacco sorter, h 103 E Hudson

Smith, Emeline, widow Asher, bds 106 W Chemung pl

Smith, Emma, widow Uri, housekeeper, 752 Park pl

Smith, Emma E Mrs, police matron city hall, h do

Smith, Emma T, bds 417 E Market

Smith, Emmett J, mattress maker, h 619 W Church

Smith, Emmett W, brakeman D L & W R R, h 1321 Lake

Smith, Ernest M, shipping clerk, bds 507 West Hill

Smith, Esther J, widow John T, h 905 John

Smith, Esther M, widow Daniel G, bds 516 William

Smith, Ethel Y, bds 313 W Fourth

Smith, Etta J, widow Arad T, h 222 W Water

Smith, Eugene J, emp 68 Sly, h 214 Caldwell ave

Smith, Eva Mrs, bds 309 S Main

Smith, Ezekiel, capt fire dept, h 715 W Water

SMITH, EUGENE, mgr N Y & Penna Tel & Tel Co, 205 E Gray n cor State, h 421 W Clinton

Smith, Fannie B, bds 664 Park pl

Smith, Floyd A, student, bds 715 W Water

Smith, Frances E, widow Orlando N, boarding house, 417 E Market

Smith, Frank, emp rolling mill, bds Franklin Hotel

Smith, Frank, carpenter, h 123 Horner

Smith, Frank, laborer, h 165 E Washington ave

Smith, Frank, cook, 109 E Water, h 211 W Third

Smith, Frank H, h 351 Grove

Smith, Frank H, watchman knitting mills, h 472 South ave

Smith, Frank K, com trav, h 410 Euclid ave

Smith, Frank M, h 224 W Water

Smith, Frank M, salesman, 508 State, bds 503 Lake

Smith, Frank T, farmer S s Penna ave n limits

SMITH, FRANK W, dentist, 328 E Water, h 124 E Hudson

Smith, Fred, bds 400 Penna ave

Smith, Fred E, funeral director, 101 Robinson bldg, h 310 W First

Smith, Fred H, bds 463 Maple ave

Smith, Fred V, emp rolling mill, h 600 Hart

Smith, Frederick, deliveryman, h 355 Davis

Smith, Frederic P, train dispatcher Erie R R, h 611 College ave

Smith, G F Mrs, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 400 Penna ave
Smith, G Ward, watchman Reformatory, h 1039 Walnut

SMITH, GABRIEL L, lawyer, 216 E Water, h 225 William

Smith, George B, teamster, h 962 East ave

SMITH, GEORGE F, dealer in real estate, life and accident insurance, office and residence, 507 College ave

Smith, George F, emp LaFrance shops, h 224 Mt Zoar

Smith, George F, engineer D L & W R R, bds 403 Linden pl

Smith, George H, buyer, 301 E Water, bds 224 Mt Zoar

Smith, George H, mason, h 459 1/2 Oak

Smith, George P, engineer D L & W R R, bds 405 Linden pl

Smith, Georgia M, student, bds 147 W Water

Smith, Gideon D, physician and surgeon, 505 E Water, h do

Smith, Grace, bds 655 Beecher

Smith, Grace, domestic, 514 W Water

Smith, Grant L, clerk, h 923 Lincoln

Smith, H Pomeroy, law student, 334 E Water, bds 350 W Church

Smith, Harriet E, stenographer city hall, h 118 E Hudson
Smith, Harry A, draughtsman, 711 W Water
Smith, Harry A, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 806 1/2 W Gray

Smith, Harry B, driver, 219 E Market, h 202 E Gray

Smith, Harry C, treas Elmira B B Association Realty bldg, bds 410 Maple ave

Smith, Harry F, foreman car dept N C Ry shops, h 506 Penna ave

Smith, Harry J, laborer, h 156 Cotton

Smith, Harry L, printer, bds 507 West Hill

Smith, Harry S, electrician, bds 312 W Third

Smith, Harvey, h 110 S Main

Smith, Helen, bds 710 Main

Smith, Helen, widow G Wallace, h 1209 Lackawanna ave

Smith, Henry B, h 323 1/2 W Clinton

Smith, Henry B, h r 1313 Hall

Smith, Henry E, laborer, bds 905 John

Smith, Henry N, fireman D L & W R R, h 384 Norton

Smith, Henry N Mrs, dressmaker, h 384 Norton
Smith, Henry W, engineer, h 959 Main

Smith, Herbert B, switchman, h 712 Sullivan

Smith, Hesler H, laundryman, h 205 Brand

Smith, Hiram, engineer D L & W R R, bds 1007 Lake

SMITH, HIRAM E, (Smith-Payne Co), 326 E Water, h 142 E Chemung pl

Smith, Hollis W, emp Cleveland & Post, h 307 William

Smith, Howard M, advertising agent, bds 211 W Third

Smith, Ira M, city express, h 605 Erie

Smith, Ithamar A, driver, h 552 Spaulding

Smith, J Barker, mgr Cafe Hotel Rathbun, bds do

Smith, James N, carpenter, h 380 W Sixth

Smith, Jane P Mrs, h r 656 Baldwin

Smith, Jerome, laborer, h 552 Thompson

Smith, Jerome H, h 351 Grove

Smith, Jessie R, bds 309 W Sixth

Smith, John, h 1216 Baldwin

Smith, John, coachman, 517 W Church

Smith, John, emp rolling mill, h 705 Sullivan

Smith, John C, mason, bds 404 W Hudson

Smith, John, laborer, h 251 W Water

Smith, John, laborer, h 954 Johnson

Smith, John G, carpenter, h 951 Walnut

Smith, John W, clerk, 251 W Water, h do

Smith, Joseph, emp rolling mill, bds Franklin Hotel

Smith, Joseph R, (Elmira Model Works), h 621 W Gray

Smith, Josephine Mrs, nurse, 464 W Church

Smith, Julia Mrs, h 309 W Sixth

Smith, Julia E, bds 304 W Sixth

Smith, Kittie Mae, bds 512 Ivy

SMITH, LAFAYETTE, (Willison, Potter & Smith), notary public, 138 E Water, h W First outside limits

Smith, Lavina A, widow James, bds 228 Chestnut

Smith, Leda, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 7 Smith

Smith, Lela M, bookkeeper, 120 W Water, bds 112 Horner

Smith, Lena, clerk N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds 927 W Water

Smith, Lena, bds 336 E Water

Smith, Lena A, emp silk Mill, bds 459 1/2 Oak

Smith, Lewis H, paper hanger, h Fred cor Southport

Smith, Lewis K, laborer, h 469 South ave
Smith, Lillian M, school teacher, bds 507 College ave

Smith, Lillie M Mrs, emp knitting mills, h 116 E Second

Smith, Lorenzo D, emp Erie Freight house, h 800 Main

Smith, Lotta M, student, bds 911 Davis

Smith, Louis M, salesman, h 913 Lincoln
Smith, Lucinda M, h 664 Dickinson

Smith, Lyda B, waitress Elmira House, bds do

Smith, Lydia, widow Everett, h 853 Magee

Smith, Lydia J, widow Benjamin, bds 511 W Clinton

Smith, Margaret M, dressmaker, bds 1215 Hall

Smith, Martha Mrs, h 722 Dickinson

Smith, Martha M, widow Joseph T, bds 100 West ave

Smith, May, bds 723 Copley

Smith, Mary, waitress American House

Smith, Mary, widow John W, h 203 Brand

Smith, Mary A, bookkeeper Elmira knitting mill, bds 507 College ave

Smith, Mary E, bds 106 Madison ave

Smith, Mary E, bds 311 1/2 W Fifth

Smith, Mary K, teacher Elmira Free Academy, bds 723 W First
Smith, Matilda, h 655 Beecher

Smith, Matilda, widow Michael, bds Southport cor Fred

SMITH, MILTON Y, asst cashier Second National Bank, 150 Lake, h 113 Horner

Smith, Minnie, bds 121 W Water

Smith, Minnie A, clerk, bds 106 Madison ave

Smith, Myron J, clerk, 1130 Lake, bds 1016 Oak

Smith, Myron S, com trav, bds 613 Grove

Smith, Nellie Mrs, h 202 E Gray

Smith, Oliver, teamster, h 530 Main

Smith, Owen G, laborer, bds 167 E LaFrance

SMITH, PAYNE CO, (The) (H E Smith and H J Payne), job printers, 326 E Water

Smith, Percis E, widow Elijah B, bds 360 W Church

Smith, Perry W, laborer, h 513 Perine

Smith, Philip, laborer, h 1215 Hall

Smith, Robert, laborer, h 415 W Second

Smith, Rosa Mrs, cook, 169 Baldwin, h 109 E First

Smith, Rose, cook, 171 Baldwin, h 121 W Water

Smith, Roy S, reporter Gazette, bds 410 Euclid ave

Smith, Ruth, laundress, 112 E Water, h do

Smith, Samuel D, laborer, h 1415 Sullivan

Smith, Samuel F, emp Kertscher & Co, h 1363 College ave

Smith, Sarah, widow William, bds 109 E First

Smith, Sarah A Mrs, home bakery, 415 W Second

Smith, Sarah J, widow Henry A, bds 212 Dewitt ave

Smith, Sarah M, widow John F, h 212 Perine

Smith, Sidney E, laundry, 560 John, h do

Smith, Simeon B, farmer, bds 723 Copley

Smith, Solomon P, cooper, 312 W Third, h do

Smith, Sophia, widow Elkanah, bds 506 Fitch

Smith, Stanley, shoemaker, bds 705 Sullivan
Smith, Susan Z, widow Ansel S, bds 610 Euclid ave

Smith, Susie M, student, bds 309 W Sixth

Smith, Theodore B, emp knitting mill, bds 116 E Second

Smith, Theodore G, search clerk county clerk's office, h 124 E Hudson

Smith, Thomas, laborer, bds 151 Baldwin

Smith, Thomas H, laborer, h 109 E First

Smith, Thomas J, engineer Erie R R, h 311 1/2 W Fifth

SMITH, THOMAS S, (D Smith & Son), 327 Carroll, h 720 W Church

Smith, Van B, fancy poultry, h 911 Davis

Smith, Verne G, carriage painter, bds 1 Lemon

Smith, Viola Mrs, h 605 E Second

SMITH, W CHARLES, mgr Lyceum Theater, 154 Lake, h 114 W Market

Smith, Edward, polisher, h 309 1/2 W Clinton
Smith, Waldo R, clerk, bds 621 W Gray

Smith, Walter, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, h 806 1/2 W Gray

Smith, Walter L, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 621 W Gray

Smith, Walter Lloyd, justice supreme court, Court House Annex, h 222 W Church

Smith, Walter O, emp D L & W R R, bds 1209 Lackawanna ave

Smith, Wells R, clerk, 132 W Water, h 415 W Sixth

Smith, Willard E, emp bridge works, bds 104 E Hudson
Smith, William, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1018 Hall

Smith, William C, barber, h 410 Elm

Smith, William G, motorman, h 107 Spring

Smith, William H, h 353 Hoffman

Smith, William O, fireman D L & W R R, h 906 Oak

Smith, William P, bds 350 W Church

Smith, Willis J, com trav, h 402 Madison ave

Smith, Zachariah, bds 103 Connelly ave

Smith, Zoe M, emp knitting mill, bds 116 E Second

Smith, Zopher B, carpenter, h 716 Winsor ave

Smith see Schmidt and Smythe

Smitherman, John, florist, h 310 E Miller

Smythe, Edd L, (F L Smythe & Son), 110 E Church, bds 31 1/2 W Fourth

Smythe, F L & Son, (E L), painters, 110 E Church

Smythe, Frank L (F L Smythe & Son), 110 E Church, h 310 1/2 W Fourth

Smythe, Harry L, laborer, bds 310 1/2 W Fourth

Snell, John H, inspector Elmira Bridge Co, h 623 Lake

Snell, Ward H, emp Erie freight house, bds 419 W Second

Snell, William A, boilermaker, h 1312 Pratt

Snell, William C, emp D L & W R R, h 419 W Second

Snover, Charles, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Co, bds 401 Crescent

Snover, Fremont, engineer D L & W R R, h 401 Crescent

Snowden, Edward D, janitor, 301 E Water, bds 621 Baldwin

Snowden, William R, hostler, h 110 E Second

Snyder, Albert J, baker, bds Hotel Snyder

Snyder, Aloyse, carriage painter, 228 William, h 754 E Water

Snyder, Amanda J, widow George W, h 210 Dewitt ave

SNYDER, BENJAMIN M, (Snyder Bros), engineer N C Ry, h 381 S Main

SNYDER BROTHERS, (E W & B M), ice dealers, Snyder's lane off Mt Zoar bey limits

SNYDER BROTHERS, (W H and C R), book and job printers, 100 to 104 W Water

Snyder, Charles, (Snyder & Flynn), 110 Lake, h do

SNYDER, CLAUDE R, (Snyder Brothers), 100 W Water, h 357 1/2 Elm

SNYDER, EDWARD W, (Snyder Brothers), 823 Mt Zoar, h 381 S Main

Snyder, Elias, junk dealer, h 212 Harmon

Snyder, Elijah M, carpenter, h 209 Madison ave

Snyder, Eugene, barber, 363 E Fifth, bds American hotel

Snyder, Eugene L, barber, bds 360 Alexander pl

Snyder, Eunice M, widow Henry S, bds 351 Columbia

Snyder, Florence A, dressmaker, bds 722 Columbia

Snyder, Frank D, h 307 High

Snyder, Fred W, asst engineer power house, bds 261 Kingsbury ave

Snyder, George, tanner, bds 224 Harriet

Snyder, George M, canvasser, bds 719 College ave

Snyder, George W, carriage blacksmith, 226 William, h 203 Dewitt ave

Snyder, Grace M, bds 357 1/2 Elm

Snyder, Harriet M, teacher school No 5, bds 722 Columbia

Snyder, Harry B, foreman F M Howell & Co, h 414 Euclid ave

Snyder, Hattie, prop Hotel Snyder, h 229 S Main

Snyder, Herbert E, clerk, 311 E Water, bds 722 Columbia

Snyder, Jacob L, com trav, bds 916 College ave

Snyder, John, carpenter, h 722 Columbia

Snyder, John, bartender Hotel Snyder, bds do

Snyder, John H, laborer, bds 651 Robinson

Snyder, Katherine B, clerk, 132 W Water, bds 651 Robinson

Snyder, Lena I, bds 722 Columbia

Snyder, Louis A, painter, bds 754 E Water

Snyder, Mabel A, bookkeeper, 121 Railroad ave, bds 754 E Water

Snyder, Magdalene, widow Frederick, h 224 Harriet

Snyder, Maggie H, widow William, h 357 1/2 Elm

Snyder, Marie, emp Armstrong, Mather & Wood, bds 651 Robinson

Snyder, Mary, bookkeeper, rooms 413 Main

Snyder, Peter, laborer, h 651 Robinson

Snyder, Robert, emp bridge works, bds 231 E LaFrance

Snyder, William, laborer, bds 727 Kinyon

Snyder, William C, driver U S Exp Co, bds 310 Baldwin

SNYDER, WILLIAM H, (Snyder Brothers), 100 W Water, h 357 1/2 Elm

Snyder & Flynn, (C Snyder and D J Flynn), proprs, The Arbour, 110 Lake

Sobieski, Peter, bds 544 S Main

Sobkoski, John, laborer, bds 1119 Magee

Sobkoski, Lena, widow Valentine, bds 1119 Magee

Sobkoski, Vincent, laborer, h 1119 Magee

Soble, Naman, physician, 468 E Church, h do

SOELKEY, MARGRETTA E, physician, 133 W Water, h do

Solomon, Jacob, junk dealer, h 153 Sullivan

Somers, Nellie F, domestic, 610 W Church

Soper, Alva E, machinist, h McHenry

Soper, Bessie E, clerk, 132 W Water, bds 208 Mt Zoar

Soper, C Frank, flagman N C R R, h 379 Baty

Soper, Charles E, emp N C R R, bds Caton ave n Penna ave

Soper, Charles J, carpenter, h 208 Mt Zoar

Soper, Christopher C, laborer, h Caton ave n Penna ave

Soper, Darius, bds 913 S Main

Soper, David M, emp bridge works, h 567 Coburn

Soper, Frances M, clerk, 120 W Water, bds 208 Mt Zoar

Soper, Fred F, Brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1201 Lake

Soper, I Val, conductor N C R R, h 913 S Main

Soper, Ivan M, flagman D L & W R R, h 322 E Center

Soper, James W, traveling agent, h 612 N Main
Soper, Judson R, fireman N C R R, h 463 South ave

Soper, Leonard D, laborer, h 120 Ferris

SOPER, ROYAL R, treas and mgr Elmira Gazette Co, h 109 Columbia

SOPER, WHEELER N, telegraph editor Gazette, bds 109 Columbia

Soules, LeRoy E, watchman, h 504 Fitch

Southard, Horace, laborer, bds 1406 Sullivan

SOUTHERN EXPRESS CO, W F Dent agent, 115 Baldwin and 603 Railroad ave

SOUTHERN TIER MASONIC RELIEF ASSOCIATION, J Maxwell Beers, secy, 15 Masonic Temple

Southern Tier Orphans' Home, Miss M E MacCord, matron, Franklin cor Fulton

Southport station, Erie R R, E Henry

South Presbyterian Church, Rev Ira E Leonard, pastor, Penna ave cor Southport

South Side Baptist Church, Rev F W Reynolds, pastor, Penna ave cor Lewis

SOUTH SIDE LIVERY, John B Keeler, propr, 405 S Main

SOUTH SIDE PLUMBER, John Walker, 126 S Main

Space, Thomas, confectioner, 207 E Water

SPAULDING, CHARLES T, carpenter, h 600 S Broadway

Spalding, Edwin S, linotype opr Telegram, h 627 Winsor ave

Spalding, Volney H, telegrapher N C R R, h 1428 Caton ave

Spalding see Spaulding

Spallon, Joseph, bds 221 E Seventh

Spaulding, Charles C, painter, h 304 Orchard

Spaulding, Charles F, clerk, h 416 Mathews

Spaulding, Frank M, carpenter, h 355 Norton

Spaulding, Fred, emp Fitch & Aldrich, h 407 Thurston

SPAULDING, H C CO, THE, H C Spaulding pres, C E Rapelyea, vice-pres and mgr, wholesale dealers in lumber and coal, manufrs of sash, blinds, doors, mouldings, etc, 157 E Fifth cor State

Spaulding, Harriet B, clerk, 305 E Water, bds 304 Orchard

Spaulding, Harriet S, widow John, bds 709 1/2 Magee

Spaulding, Harry B, operator, h 709 1/2 Magee

SPAULDING, HENRY C, pres the H C Spaulding Co, h 357 Main

Spaulding, Horton P, printer, bds 355 Norton

Spaulding, J Fayette, carpenter, h 505 Franklin

Spaulding, Kate, nurse, bds 457 High

Spaulding, Maria A, widow Charles H, h 805 W Water

Spaulding, Mary C, widow Charles, h 300 Maple ave

Spaulding, Rosa Mrs, nurse, bds 61 George

Spaulding, William W, carpenter, h 331 Norton

Spaulding see Spalding

Spear, Henry M, emp bridge works, h 621 Penna ave

Spear, Maria, widow Barney, bds 118 E Second

Speh, Frederick L, bookkeeper, 112 Lake, bds 132 E Chemung pl

Speine, Frank, laborer, bds 150 E Washington ave

Spellane, Joseph, h 811 Hatch

Spellon, Charles, laborer, h 127 E Seventh

Spence, David, shoemaker, 605 W Gray, h 117 Grove

Spence, Nathaniel B, bookkeeper, 2d floor Realty building, bds 357 Euclid ave

Spencer, Dael, bds 421 S Broadway

Spencer, Adelia, widow Janson C, h 206 Mt Zoar

Spencer, Burdette, officer N Y S Reformatory, h 459 Roe ave

Spencer, Charles, cabinet maker, rooms 166 Dewitt ave

Spencer, Charles D, sash maker, h 410 Standish

Spencer, Charles W, painter, bds 206 Mt Zoar

Spencer, Clarence E, emp Harris, McHenry & Baker, bds 417 Powell

Spencer, Electa J, widow George S, h 422 W Fourth

Spencer, Emma G, artist, 603 W Fourth, bds 900 Oak

Spencer, Frank A, carpenter, bds 422 W Fourth

Spencer, Fred R, emp Harris, McHenry & Baker, bds 417 Powell

Spencer, George N, brakeman N C R R, bds 613 S Main

Spencer, Guy R, clerk Erie yard office, h 422 W Fourth

Spencer, Harry J, emp bridge works, bds 206 Mt Zoar

Spencer, Henry M, carpenter, h 116 W Seventh

Spencer, Joseph, laborer, h Sullivan n Mathews

SPENCER, N ERNEST, (Collson & Spencer), mail carrier, h 900 Oak

Spencer, Newell H, grainer, h 900 Oak

Spencer, Theodore C, carpenter, h 1307 Pratt
Spencer, Wallace, emp Harris, McHenry & Baker, h 417 Powell

Spencer, William F, laborer, bds 751 E Second

Sperl, William M, saloon, 158 Lake, h 435 W Clinton

Spethene, Peter, laborer, bds 915 Railroad ave

Spickerman, Levi B, h 223 Dewitt ave

Spiegel, Saluo, bookkeeper, bds 219 High

SPIEGEL, WOLF M, junk dealer, 219 High, h do

Spike, Joseph, laborer, h 150 E Washington ave

Spillan, James R, druggist, 559 1/2 E Church, bds 206 Madison ave

Spillane, David, clerk, 354 State, h 501 W Hudson

Spillane, Emma, bds 206 Madison ave

Spillane, Jeremiah, laborer, bds 256 W Hudson

Spillane, Jeremiah jr, emp N C R R, h 252 W Hudson

Spillane, John, shoemaker, bds 411 S Main

Spillane, Margaret A, bds 68 Penna ave

Spillane, Mary, maid, 203 Baldwin

Spindler, Max H, inspector Elmira Bridge Co, bds 463 Maple ave

Spink, George C, slater, h 54 Grove

Spitz, Mary A, bds 213 Columbia

Splain, John T, puddler, h 1010 Main

Splain, Margaret E, bds 1010 Main

Splain, Robert A, emp silk mill, bds 1010 Main

Splain, William E, helper rolling mill, bds 1010 Main

Sprague, Albert A, laborer, h 664 Lake

Sprague, Charles, carpenter, h 156 Cotton

Sprague, Israel, emp rolling mill, bds 916 Grand Central ave

Sprague, Jonas E, deliveryman, 164 Lake, bds 156 Cotton

Sprigg, Julia, widow Charles B, h 600 Jay

SPRING, GEORGE H, mgr The Fidelity Mutual Life Ins Co, 206, 207 and 208 Robinson bldg, h 125 Caldwell ave

Spring, T Dwight, cashier, 206 to 208 Robinson bldg, bds 125 Caldwell ave

Springer, Abbie, widow Sylver, h 414 Standish

Springer, Henry M S, student, bds 414 Standish

Springer, Lydia, candy maker, bds 414 Standish

Springer, Rosa, bds 414 Standish

Springstead, Edward R, cutter Lovell Shirt Co, h 314 Madison ave

SQUIRE, CHARLES L, physician and surgeon, 409 E Church, h do, office hours 1 to 3 and 7 to 9 pm

Squire, Eveline M, widow Reuben F, bds 519 1/2 W Second

Squire, William E, depot policeman Erie R R, h 519 1/2 W Second

Squire, Wilmot M, emp bridge works, h 448 Congdon

Squires, Alice E, (Kingsbury & Squires), bds 221 W Chemung pl

Squires, Robert, coachman, 218 W Church

Squires, Robert, laborer, bds 153 Fox

Stacey, William H, engineer D L & W R R, h 309 Hathaway

Stack, Edward E, veterinary surgeon, 114 Fox, h do

STADELMAIER, FRANK, mgr rendering works, h S Broadway n Bulkhead

Stafford, Harry G, conductor D L & W R R, h 918 College ave

Stafford, L Helena, compositor, bds 106 W Market

Stafford, William, laborer, bds 501 E Water

Stage, Charles, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Co, h 14 Pine

Stage, Converse, blacksmith, h 800 Copley

Stage, Isaac, emp bridge works, h 1055 Lincoln

Stage, J Elmer, shipping clerk, h 859 Magee

Stage, Otis S, laborer, bds 562 Beach

Stage, Reuben, painter, h 1110 Abbott

Stage, Zina, bds 429 W Water

Stager, Michael, laborer, h 1013 Oak

Stager, Mathias, laborer, h 1013 Oak

Stager, Sarah L, dressmaker, bds 1013 Oak
Stager, Susan M, bds 1013 Oak

Stager, William A, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1013 Oak

Stagg, Charles E, publishers press opr Gazette, h 213 W Chemung pl

Stagg, Charles T, student, bds 213 W Chemung pl

Stagg, Cornelia, widow William E, bds 904 Linden pl

Stagg, Jennie S, bds 904 Linden pl

Stalter, Elizabeth Mrs, h 413 Baldwin

Stalter, Irving, laborer, bds 416 E Water

Stalter, Lewis D, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush, h 518 Perry

Stalter, Mary, bds 416 E Water

Stalter, Sarah J Mrs, h 416 E Water

STAMP, DeFOREST, photographer, 116 Baldwin, h do

Stamp, Peter P, barber, 230 W Water, h do

STAMPP, ADAM, (Schornstheimer & Stampp), 524-526 Lake, h 526 do

STANCHFIELD, JOHN B, (Reynolds, Stanchfield & Collin), 415 E Water, h 351 Main

STANCLIFF, EDWIN E, clerk, 305 Carroll, h 240 Lake

Stancliff Hall, Baldwin cor Carroll

STANDARD OIL CO OF NEW YORK, Elmira Oil works, J Monroe Shoemaker, mgr, head of Stowell

Stankiewitz, Ludwig, grocer, 624 Baldwin, h do

Stanley, C Rufus, gardener N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Stanley, James, student, bds 327 Penna ave

Stanley, Mary E, widow George E, bds 605 College ave

STANNARD, AUGUSTUS, grocer and milk dealer, 513 E Third, h do

Stannard, Lydia, widow Giles, bds 804 John

Stanton, Charles, laborer, bds 167 Baldwin

Stanton, Della, domestic, bds 320 Railroad ave

Stanton, Frank E, emp bridge works, h 3 Cottage pl

Stanton, George B, carpenter, h 1061 Davis

Stanton, Seth E, brakeman D L & W R R, h r 1207 Hall

Stanton, William T, emp bridge works, h 518 Fulton

Staples, Howard, conductor D L & W R R, h 1023 1/2 Oak

Stapleton, Arthur, emp Bundy Lamp Co, bds 463 Powell

Stapleton, Esther, widow Patrick, h 463 Powell

Stapleton, Henry, meat cutter, bds 463 Powell

Stapleton, John, h 102 W LaFrance

Stapleton, Patrick H, nickel plater, bds 102 W LaFrance

Stapleton, William E, engineer N C Ry, h 104 W LaFrance

Stapleton, William W, printer, bds 463 Powell

Star Carpet Cleaner, Mrs Anna Backer, propr, 606 Oak

Starbird, William F, bookkeeper Chemung Canal Bank, bds 614 Park pl

Starick, Edward C, mason, h 906 Lake

Stark, Caroline, widow Hiram, bds 703 Hopkins

Stark, Clifford, prin Morrisville, NY schools, bds 306 W Water

Stark, Dana F, accountant, bds 306 W Water

Stark, Laura, student, bds 306 W Water

Stark, Mary, bds 306 W Water

Stark, Myrtie, bds 306 W Water

Stark, Somers J, com trav, bds 306 W Water

Starr, Elmer, fireman, bds 2 Main st bridge

States, Leslie, clerk, bds 109 W Second

States, Mary E, widow Sylvester, bds 833 E Second

States, Minor M, teamster, 121 E Second, h 109 W Second

Staub, Catherine Mrs, h 418 E Water

Staub, John J, painter, bds American House

Staub, John Jr, barkeeper, 603 E Water, bds 418 E Water

Staub, Joseph, bds 418 E Water

Stauch, George H, clerk, bds 554 Coburn

Stauch, Lewis E, teamster, bds 554 Coburn

Stauch, Marguerette E, music teacher, bds 554 Coburn

Stauch, Ruth, widow Lewis, h 554 Coburn

STEARNS, JOHN & CO, C D Smith, mgr, silk manufacturers, 116 Reformatory

Stearns, Joseph A, flagman D L & W R R, h 305 Diven ave