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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Jacot, Marianne, teacher of French, 324 W Gray, rooms do

Jacque, Elizabeth, widow William, h 224 Pleasant

Jacque, Ernest L, fireman Erie R R, h 107 1/2 W Hudson

Jacque, Horace F, printer, h 419 Pleasant

Jacque, John, emp Kertscher & Co, bds 424 Pleasant

Jacque, Lewis E, car repairer N C Ry shops, h 618 Lewis

Jacque, William D, laborer, bds 107 1/2 W Hudson

James, Anna E, widow Daniel, bds 302 Sylvester pl

James, Catharine, widow Richard, h 724 German

James, Elizabeth, h 803 E Market

James, E, waiter, Rathbun House

James, Ezra, laborer, rooms 715 Dickinson

James, John, emp knitting mill, h 724 German

James, John D, clerk, 311 E Water, bds 118 W Henry

James, Richard, patrolman, h 1019 Lake

James, William R, saloon, 429 Railroad ave, h 408 Magee

Jancoski, George, laborer, h 715 Benjamin

Janetski, Walter, laborer, bds 909 Magee

Jankowski, John, teamster, h 1018 Magee

Janosky, Augusta, nurse, bds 1 Symond pl

Janowski, Adolph, h Badger n East ave

Janowski, Anna Mrs, h 707 Railroad ave

Janowsky, Charles, clerk, h 167 Harriet

Janowsky, Charles L, laborer, h 603 Robinson

Janowsky, Daniel, teamster, h 1 Symond pl

Janowsky, Edward E, meat market, 671 Lake, h 1419 Sullivan

Janowsky, Frank, laborer, h 655 Dickinson

Janowsky, Frederick, driver, bds 814 E Market

Janowsky, Fred, tanner, h 217 Harriet

Janowsky, Gus, laborer, bds 1 Symonds pl

JANOWSKI, JULIUS F, grocer, 814 E Water, h do

Janowski, Margaret, domestic, 605 W Water

Janowski, Michael, laborer, h 106 Estey

Janowski, Otto, mason, h Badger

Janowski, Rinald, laborer, h 559 Beach

Janowski, Stella, emp silk mill, bds 655 Dickinson

Jarrett, Mary E, bds 701 Erie

Jarrett, Marietta, emp J Brand & Co, bds 701 Erie

Jarvis, Anna E, propr St Paula's Hospital, 112 College ave, h do

Jarvis, Frank A, machinist, bds 864 Main

Jarvis, Laura M, nurse, St Paula's Hospital, 112 College ave, bds do

Jarvis, Mary E, bookkeeper, 368 W Clinton, bds 1006 Lake

Jarvis, Sarah E, widow Joel, bds 1006 Lake

Jay, Charlotte A, widow Charles, h 101 W Chemung pl

Jay, Fred P, machinist, h 101 W Chemung pl

Jay, Mary, bds 101 W Chemung pl

Jaynes, Charles M, clerk, 244 W Water, rooms 118 College ave

Jaynes, John, bookkeeper, rooms 118 College ave

Jeffers, Bessie, widow William E, h 1313 Pratt

Jeffers, John, emp bicycle factory, bds 1313 Pratt

Jeffers, Louisa, widow William, bds 450 Riverside ave

Jeffers, Lulu, bds 1313 Pratt

Jeffers, William M, bds 1313 Pratt

Jeffery, George P, veterinary surgeon, West End Hotel, bds do

Jenk, Jacob, bicycle worker, bds 513 College ave

Jenkins, Alice, dressmaker, rooms 160 W Clinton

Jenkins, Carrie A, widow Archie W, h 619 W Church

Jenkins, Charles F, insurance, h 106 Brand

Jenkins, Charles R, stamp clerk post office, h 729 W First

Jenkins, Esther, widow Henry B, h 653 Grove

Jenkins, Etta, widow Harmon N, bds Grant

Jenkins, Fred, clerk, 340 E Market, bds 1121 Abbott

Jenkins, Harmon W, laborer, h 1001 Davis

Jenkins, Jennie, widow Davis, h 664 Lake

Jenkins, Jonathan H, city express, h 619 W Church

Jenkins, John T, boxmaker, bds 310 Harmon

Jenkins, L Elizabeth, bookbinder Advertiser, bds River road

Jenkins, Lyman F, driver, bds 310 Harmon

Jenkins, M Allice, dressmaker, bds 160 W Clinton

Jenkins, Marilla S, h 131 W Market

Jenkins, Martha, widow Charles, h 701 Tuttle ave

Jenkins, Reuben R, teamster, h 1121 Abbott

Jenkins, Thomas, h 310 Harmon

Jenkins, Vier, bookbinder Advertiser, bds 619 W Church

Jenkins, William H, laborer, h Grant

Jenks, Aletta B, bds 405 Maxwell pl

Jenks, Cecil B, teacher, bds 1208 Grand Central ave

Jenks, Charles W, wood worker, h 502 Roe ave

Jenks, Edwin B, student, bds 300 W Church

Jenks, George E, engineer D L & W R R, h 405 Maxwell pl

Jenks, Nellie, dressmaker, bds 405 Maxwell pl

Jenks, Robert B, physician and surgeon, 300 W Church, h do

Jenks, Samuel, upholsterer, bds 106 W Second

Jenks, William T, engineer D L & W R R, h 1208 Grand Central ave

Jenney, Charles E, laborer, h 167 E La France

Jennings, Charles G R, physician and surgeon, 304 E Church, h do

Jennings, Charles W, bds 1201 Hoffman

Jennings, Frederick L, commission merchant, 110 State, h 614 W Church

Jennings, Grace, domestic, 712 W Gray

Jennings, Isaac Rev, pastor First Presbyterian church, h 323 William

Jennings, James, bds 107 W Second

Jennings, Lizzie, cook, 412 E Water

Jennings, Minnie N, widow William, seamstress, bds 520 W First

Jennings, Sophia D, widow Isaac, bds 304 E Church

Jennison, Gertrude B, emp Frostilla factory, bds 709 Spaulding

Jennison, Leslie W, machinist La France shops, bds 709 Spaulding

Jennison, Nathan B, h 709 Spaulding

Jennison, Wesley L, tinsmith, bds 709 Spaulding

Jensen, Louis C, cabinetmaker, h 1408 Grand Central ave

Jentz, Ernest, tailor N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Jerram, Alice, dressmaker, bds 1007 1/2 Penna ave

Jerram, Frank, farmer, h 1007 1/2 Penna ave

Jerram, Mary, bds 1007 1/2 Penna ave

Jerzykowski, Joseph, tailor, h 156 Sullivan

JERZYKOWSKI, LOUIS, merchant tailor, 108 E Water, h 806 E Church

Jerzykowski, Stanislaus W, tailor, 108 E Water, bds 806 E Church

Jessen, Amanda, bds 425 W Fourth

JESSEN, CARL I, painter and paperhanger, 120 Railroad ave, h 725 W Church

Jessey, Catherine A Mrs, bds 414 W First

Jessey, Henry W, letter carrier, h 712 W Second

Jessey, William, clerk, h 414 W First

Jewel, Andrew C, h S s Penna ave n Bulkhead

Jewel, Effie M, stenographer, 306 E Water, bds Penna ave n Bulkhead

Jewel, Garven A, machinist, bds S s Penna ave n Bulkhead

JEWELL, EDWARD C, (Bartholomew & Jewell), 950 Penna ave, h Penna ave

Jewell, Hannah Mrs, bds 515 W Fourth

Jewell, J Spencer, bookkeeper, 333 E Water, h 365 E Center

Jewell, William H, bookkeeper, bds 365 E Center

JEWETT, FRED F, bookkeeper Gazette, bds 109 Columbia

JEWETT, W ANDREW, sales agent Penna Coal Co, 125 E Chemung pl, h do

Jewett, Mary Mrs, h 302 W Fifth

Jewish Synagogue, 124 Sullivan

Jewish Synagogue, Briai Israel, 110 High

Jewish Synagogue, Shomar Hadath, 158-160 Orchard

Jeziorski, John, tailor, h 516 Madison ave

JOHN HANCOCK MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO, of Boston, Mass, G L Graham dist mgr, 5 Advertiser bldg, E Market

Johnson, Alexander, laborer, h 303 E Clinton

Johnson, Alonzo G, shoemaker, h 218 Baldwin

Johnson, Alonzo R, clerk, 121 Railroad ave, bds 158 W Washington ave

Johnson, Amanda S, widow William W, nurse, 333 S Broadway

Johnson, Anna, domestic, 129 Main

Johnson, Anna L, music teacher, rooms 320 Lake

Johnson, Annie C, bds 210 W Fifth

Johnson, Ansel, machinist, bds 310 Baldwin

Johnson, Benjamin S, bds 209 Caldwell ave

Johnson, Boss S, boarding stable, h 413 Madison ave

Johnson, Burton R, driver Adams Express, h 406 Walnut

Johnson, Carrie, waitress, 503 Railroad ave

Johnson, Charles D, farmer, bds 1031 Hoffman

Johnson, Charles E, emp bridge works, h 505 Fulton

Johnson, Charles F, fireman E F D, h 653 E Water

Johnson, Charles L, emp bridge works, h 703 Herrick

Johnson, Charles W, city express, h 303 S Broadway

Johnson, Charley B, gardener, bds 1031 Hoffman

Johnson, Clark, painter, bds 111 W Chemung pl

Johnson, Delbert, laborer, bds 313 E Market

Johnson, Edgar T, switchman N C Ry, h 720 S Broadway

Johnson, Edward, car inspector N C Ry, h 707 Hopkins

Johnson, Edward E, student, bds 1031 Hoffman

Johnson, Edward E, emp Wells-Fargo Express Co, h 214 Harmon

Johnson, Elizabeth R, student, bds 511 W Water

Johnson, Ella, rooms 301 E Fourth

Johnson, Ella M, maid, 365 W Second

Johnson, Ella S, nurse, 710 W Water

Johnson, Emma J Mrs, nurse, h 736 W First

Johnson, Emma R, bds 457 South ave

Johnson, Eugene, bartender, 1132 Lake, bds 711 Mathews

Johnson, Eugene L, mgr Globe Theater, h 315 William

Johnson, Florence L, bds 511 W Water

Johnson, Franc E, widow Jasper, domestic, 670 Euclid ave

Johnson, Francis M, conductor N C Ry, h 519 Herrick

Johnson, Frank E, packer, 211 Baldwin, h 901 Lake

Johnson, Godfrey A, oiler N C Ry, h 718 Hopkins

Johnson, Grace, waitress Rathbun House, bds do

Johnson, Grace D, bds 123 Madison ave

Johnson, Hader, emp rolling mill, bds 380 W First

Johnson, Harry, fireman D L & W R R, bds 1201 Lake

Johnson, Harry, laborer Rathbun House, bds do

Johnson, Harry N, printer, bds 218 Connelly ave

Johnson, Harry S, emp N C Ry freight house, bds 315 W Fourth

Johnson, Henry O, insurance solicitor, h 413 W Third

Johnson, Henry S, hay dealer, 433 Carroll, h 1000 Penna ave

Johnson, Hilda, domestic, 302 W Clinton

Johnson, Homer, tobacco sorter, bds 407 Jefferson

Johnson, Ida, h 167 Baldwin

JOHNSON, J KIMBALL, (Darmstadt & Johnson), h 209 Caldwell ave

Johnson, James, saloon, 1130 Lake, h 711 Mathew

Johnson, James Jr, mason, h 1352 Lake

Johnson, James H, bookkeeper Standard Oil Co, Elmira Oil Works, h 956 East ave

Johnson, James R, flour & feed, 361 E Washington ave, h do

Johnson, Jane C, widow Edgar, bds 901 Lake

Johnson, Jennie, domestic, 243 Lake

Johnson, Jennie, domestic, 514 College ave

Johnson, Jennie M, bds 413 W Third

Johnson, John H, blacksmith, bds 716 S Main

Johnson, John T, shoemaker, 100 E Water, h 200 Chestnut

Johnson, Joseph H, laborer, h 411 Railroad ave

JOHNSON, JOSEPH S, druggist, 365 Davis, h 108 High

Johnson, Julius L, printer, bds 108 High

Johnson, Julius R, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 506 Fitch

JOHNSON, L HAMILTON, coal & wood also contracting mason, 411 Dewitt ave, h do

Johnson, Lewis, laborer, bds 411 Railroad ave

JOHNSON, LORENZO R, Supt U S Leather Co, h 511 W Water

Johnson, Lucinda, widow William, h 407 Jefferson

Johnson, Lyman A, fireman N C R R, h 215 1/2 Franklin

Johnson, Margery Mrs, h 110 State

Johnson, Martin, clerk, 241 W Water, bds 411 Railroad ave

Johnson, Mary C, widow Luther W, h 123 Madison ave

Johnson, Mary L, widow Thomas, h 315 William

Johnson, Maud, emp silk mills, bds 110 State

Johnson, Merton J, car inspector N C R R, h 503 Pleasant

Johnson, Myron C, tallyman N C R R, h 53 Harmon

Johnson, Myron S, laborer, h 356 Walnut

Johnson, Nathaniel, clerk, 118 Main, bds 114 W First

Johnson, Nellie E, bds 511 W Water

Johnson, Nina, widow Clarence H, meat market, 401 S Broadway, h do

Johnson, Orpha P, widow James, h 413 W Third

Johnson, Otis L, wood worker, bds 413 W Third

Johnson, Phay A, painter, bds 209 Caldwell ave

Johnson, Richard R, mason, h 608 E Clinton

Johnson, Rosalia, widow Samuel, h 108 High

Johnson, Samuel, emp bridge works, h 758 Jay

Johnson, Sarah, domestic, 508 Lake

Johnson, Sarah A Mrs, h 114 W First

Johnson, Selma, domestic, 351 Grove

Johnson, Theodore, teamster, h 313 E Market

Johnson, Thomas, mason, bds 711 Mathews

Johnson, William, teamster, h 55 George

Johnson, William, laborer, h 327 Railroad ave

Johnson, William, laborer, h 55 George

Johnson, William, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Co, bds 717 Dickinson

Johnson, William A, janitor Gazette bldg, h 665 Dickinson

Johnson, Winifred F, bds 1124 Walnut

Johnston, Ada, dressmaker, 214 Madison ave

Johnston, Vira, dressmaker, h 336 E Water

Johnston, W Grover, carpenter, h 214 Madison ave

Johnston, William B, bds 214 Madison ave

Joice, William, metal polisher, h 753 E Market

Jolley, Robert B, foreman Elmira bridge works, h 107 Home

Jolls, Cora A, housekeeper, 613 College ave

Jolls, Jeremiah, h 613 College ave

Jolls, John M, interchange clerk Erie R R, bds 609 Grove

Jolls, Marks, yardmaster Erie R R, h 609 Grove

Jones, Alice G Mrs, bds r 815 East ave

Jones, A Lillian, bds 202 High

Jones, Amasa A, bds 710 S Broadway

Jones, Caleb, emp bridge works, h 224 Lormore

Jones, Charles C, brakeman N C R R, h 565 Thompson

Jones, Charles E, carpenter, bds 714 1/2 Holdridge

JONES, CHARLES R, mgr Postal Telegraph Cable Co, 119 Baldwin, h 360 Euclid ave

Jones, Charles R, tobacco sorter, h 321 S Broadway

Jones, Charlotte M Mrs, matron Elmira College, h do

Jones, Christiana, widow Furman, bds 651 Baldwin

Jones, Clara, widow Charles S, h 551 E Second

Jones, Clarence J, emp bridge works, h 221 South ave

Jones, Clarence M, lumber inspector Doane & Jones, h 365 Diven ave

Jones, David, boilermaker, bds 910 Magee

Jones, David B, foreman mason rolling mill, bds Franklin Hotel

Jones, Edward C, N C train agent, bds 721 College ave

Jones, Egbert L, brakeman N C R R, bds 710 S Broadway

Jones, Elizabeth H, stenographer, 315 Realty bldg, bds 913 Stowell

Jones, Elmer, brakeman D L & W R R, h 311 Norton

Jones, Frank E, car repairer N C R R, bds 709 Holdridge

Jones, Frank O, painter, h 712 E Church

Jones, Frank S, com trav, h 362 E Fourth

Jones, Fred B, laundryman, bds 258 Partridge

JONES, FRED M, livery, hack and boarding stable, 425 Carroll, h 216 William

Jones, Frederick J, engineer N Y S Armory, h Elmira Heights

Jones, Furman W, brakeman D L & W R R, h 1128 Lake

Jones, George, photo engraver Telegram, bds 950 Walnut

Jones, George W, teamster, h 521 Penna ave

Jones, Harrison B, coachman, bds 714 1/2 Holdridge

Jones, Harrison J, carpenter, bds 714 1/2 Holdridge

Jones, Harry, bartender, 200 E Fifth, bds do

Jones, Henry B, billiards, 108 Lake, h 154 Washington

Jones, Hervey E, engineer, h 405 Davis

Jones, Hiram F, cigarmaker, h 209 Fulton

Jones, Hubert E, laborer, h 258 Partridge

Jones, Ida J, music teacher, bds 471 1/2 Roe avenue

Jones, J Clinton, driver U S Express Co, h 517 Madison ave

JONES, JAMES F, prop Valley house, 200 E Fifth

Jones, James S, emp bridge works, bds 224 Lormore

Jones, Jane, widow Simeon R, h 471 1/2 Roe ave

Jones, Jane C, widow Solomon, bds 721 College ave

Jones, Jennie M, milliner, bds 521 Penna ave

Jones, John, emp Eclipse Co, bds 1354 College ave

Jones, John D, laborer, h 913 Stowell

Jones, John W, farmer, h 1259 College ave
Jones, Kittie M, bds 521 Penna ave
Jones, Leah D, clerk, 201 E Water, bds 224 Lormore

Jones, Leroy, emp Eclipse Co, bds 1354 College ave

Jones, Lottie M, bds 551 E Second

Jones, Mary, bds 651 Baldwin

Jones, Mary A, widow William, h 108 E Second

Jones, Mary E B Mrs, bds 625 1/2 W Water

Jones, Mercy, bds 200 Connelly ave

Jones, Minnie M, widow Charles S, h 104 Hoffman

Jones, Moses, driver, 243 W Water, h 200 Connelly ave

Jones, Newton E, clerk, 304 S Main, h 258 Partridge

Jones, Olive, bds 108 E Second

JONES, RAYMOND T, (The Doane & Jones Lumber Co), h 1004 Hoffman
Jones, Rollo E, boilermaker, bds 710 S Broadway
Jones, Sarah Mrs, cook, Elmira College, bds do

Jones, Sarah H, widow Elmore E, h 357 W Second

Jones, Sarah M, cook, bds 110 Bloomer ave

Jones, Sylvanus Y, moulder, bds 508 Balsam

Jones, Thomas, emp rolling mill, h 823 Hatch

Jones, Thomas Jr, cigarmaker, bds 919 Stowell

Jones, Thomas B, barber, 138 E Water, h 202 High

Jones, Thomas D, engineer Erie R R, h 600 W Third

Jones, William, switchman Erie R R, h 606 Jay

Jones, William, laborer, bds 108 E Second

Jones, William E, emp rolling mill, bds Franklin Hotel
Jones, William E, conductor N C Ry, h 710 S Broadway

Jones, William G, florist, bds 725 W First

Jones, William H, laborer, h 565 Thompson

Jones, William H R, city express, h 715 Harper

Jones, William J, asst supt West Side R R, h 239 Kingsbury ave

Jones, Willis S, asst ticket agt N C Ry, h 711 Main

Joralemon, Fred L, asst yardmaster D L & W R R, h 1011 Grand Central ave

Joralemon, Louisa A, widow John, bds 627 W Water

Joralemon, Olin B, painter, h 213 Brand

Jordan, Catharine, dressmaker, h 314 Orchard

Jordan, Charles, trainman L V R R, h 470 W First

Jordan, Clara N, clerk, 433 E Water, bds 851 do

Jordan, Edward D, drug clerk, bds 851 E Water

Jordan, Jessie L, clerk, 331 E Water, bds 851 do

Jordan, Marcus M, warehouseman, 656 State, h 609 Main
Jordan, Margaret, dressmaker, bds 314 Orchard

Jordan, Mary A, teacher, bds 851 E Water

Jordan, N Belle, clerk, 430 E Water, bds 851 do

Jordan, Nancy, widow Albert, h 722 Dickinson

Jordan, William C, draughtsman, 120 Lake, bds 851 E Water

Jordan, William J, carpenter, h 851 E Water

Joseph, A & E, (Antony & Elias), department store, 411-413 Railroad ave

Joseph, Albert, emp Swift Lubricator Co, h 728 W First

Joseph, Antony, (A & E Joseph), h 411 Railroad ave

Joseph, Elias, (A & E Joseph), h 411 Railroad ave

Joseph, Emien, clerk, 411 Railroad ave, bds do

Joseph, John, clerk, 411 Railroad ave, bds do

Joslin, Almira E, widow Herman, bds 215 Lormore

Joslyn, Edward, fireman, h 102 W Water

JOSLYN, JOHN R, editorial writer Advertiser, h 311 Lake

Joslyn, Rosmond, bds 311 Lake

JOYAL, MARY A, widow John M, nurse, h 258 South ave

Judd, Estella W, widow William S, bds 510 E Church

Judd, Theodore S, bds 356 W Sixth
Judson, Fannie L, bds 815 E Second

Judson, Isadora, widow William, h 815 E Second

JUDSON, THOMAS H, (The Doane & Jones Lumber Co), h 654 College ave

Junard, U S, emp American Wringer Co, bds 219 William

June, Charles, fireman Telegram, h W Water, bey limits

June, Charlotte Mrs, seamstress, h 410 Penna ave

June, Frank D, brakeman N C Ry, h 321 Baty

June, Seely, mason, h 720 W Third

June, Sheridan E, motorman, h 406 Tompkins

June, Warren, motorman W S R R, bds 200 West Side ave

Justice, M Dorothy, bds 110 Main


Kaehlin, John, waiter N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Kahl, Oscar A, emp Howell's box factory, bds 104 High

Kahl, Oscar J, barkeeper, 603 E Water, h 104 High

Kahley, Nathaniel, ticket agent N C Ry, h 511 Walnut

Kahn, Bertha, bds 110 Madison ave

Kahn, Maurice, clerk, 139 E Water, bds 110 Madison ave

Kaier, Edward, grocer, 561 E Second, h do

Kain, Catharine, domestic, 314 Baldwin

Kain, Thomas, teamster, h 722 Davis

Kain see Kane and Cain

Karkritz, Amelia, domestic, 415 William

Kaler, Harry F, barber, 437 Railroad ave, h 218 W Water

Kaler, Rose, bds 213 High
Kalonsky, Alex, emp rolling mill, bds 766 E Fifth

Kanary, Bridget, widow Matthew, h 419 W Fifth

Kanary, Kathryn L, clerk, 124 W Water, bds 419 W Fifth

Kanary, Margaret, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 419 W Fifth

Kanaweola Cycle Club, Realty bldg, E Market

Kane, Albert, laborer, h 516 Madison ave

Kane, Anna, maid, 240 Lake

Kane, Bessie, cook Frazier House

Kane, Bridget, widow Patrick, h 1217 Lackawanna ave

Kane, Catherine, dressmaker, bds 106 Spring

Kane, Catharine E, clerk, 300 E Water, bds 411 Sullivan

Kane, Cornelius W, car inspector, h 518 S Broadway

Kane, Daniel, fireman E F D, h 405 Franklin

Kane, Daniel, boilermaker, h 520 S Broadway

Kane, Delia, domestic, 415 E Church

Kane, Dennis P, laborer, h 53 Monroe

Kane, Ella, dressmaker, bds 106 Spring

Kane, Ellen, domestic, 414 Lake

Kane, James, lineman, bds 106 Spring

Kane, James, emp Erie R R shops, bds 156 W Third

Kane, James H, clerk, h 457 Penna ave
Kane, Jeremiah, fireman E F D, h 63 Monroe

Kane, Josephine, domestic, 109 W Second

Kane, Julia, domestic, 628 W Church

Kane, Julia, domestic, 209 W Hudson

Kane, Lizzie, bds 411 Elm

Kane, Maggie, emp silk mill, bds 529 Harper

Kane, Margaret, bds 715 Linden pl

Kane, Margaret, cook, 150 Main

Kane, Margaret, widow James, bds 457 Penna ave

Kane, Margaret, widow Morris, bds 63 Monroe

Kane, Martin, clerk, 141 E Water, bds 1217 Lackawanna ave

Kane, Mary, cook, The Arbour, bds do

Kane, Mary, waitress, bds 529 Harper
Kane, Mary, widow Cornelius, h 106 Spring

Kane, Matthew, laborer, h 411 Elm

Kane, Matthew, laborer, h 529 Harper

Kane, Michael, laborer, h 600 Jay

Kane, Michael, telegrapher lineman, bds 411 Elm

Kane, Michael, fireman D L & W R R, h 1217 Lackawanna ave

Kane, Nellie, dressmaker, bds 106 Spring

Kane, Patrick, car inspector D L & W R R, h 1242 Main

Kane, Patrick B, car inspector L V R R, h 712 1/2 Oak

Kane, Patrick J, laborer, bds 529 Harper

Kane, Peter, hostler D L & W R R, h 1210 Baldwin

Kane, Simon, laborer, h 1011 N Main

Kane, Thomas, laborer, h 715 Linden pl

Kane see Kain and Cain

Kantz, Max, peddler, h 152 Orchard

Karagousian, Aznev A, shoemaker, 440 E Water, rooms 105 College ave

Karas, Frank, laborer, h 171 E Washington ave

Karl, Joseph, laborer, h 774 S Main

Karnes, Harriet, widow Thomas, h 111 W Hudson

Karnes, Sarah F, bds 111 W Hudson

Karowski, Mary Mrs, h 707 Sullivan

Karski, John, laborer, h 406 Taylor

Katmowski, Joseph, bartender, 660 Baldwin, bds do

Katzmaier, William C, stenographer N C freight office, rooms 123 Madison ave

Katzmaier, Frederick, barber, bds 509 Penna ave

Katzmaier, John, machinist N C Ry shops, h 509 Penna ave

Kaufelt, Helen A, stenographer, 104 Robinson bldg, bds 830 W Church

Kaufelt, May, widow Philip, h 830 W Church

Kaufman, Herman D, com trav, rooms 105 Main

Kavanaugh, Andrew, laborer, h Park ave cor College ave

Kavanaugh, Andrew, student, bds Park ave cor College ave

Kavanaugh, Henry M, student, bds 722 Oak

Kavanaugh, Mary, bds Park ave cor College ave

Kavanaugh, Mary, dressmaker, bds 77 Liberty

Kavanaugh, Michael, saloon, 722 1/2 Oak, h 722 do

Kavanaugh, Patrick P, clerk, 140 W Water, bds Park ave cor College ave

Kavanaugh see Cavanaugh

Keagle, Clarence, brakeman N C Ry, bds 421 Pleasant

Keane, John E, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 715 Linden pl

Keane, Margaret, student, bds 214 W Second

Keane, Michael, engineer D L & W R R, h 406 Maxwell pl

Keane, Michael D, section foreman D L & W R R, h 717 Harper

Keane, Thomas, janitor, 413 E Water, h 715 Linden pl

Kearney, James D, fireman electric light station, h 224 E Miller

Kearney, Mary, dressmaker, bds 257 W Henry

Kearney, Martin, laborer, h 257 W Henry

Kearns, Emma Mrs, cigars &c, 327 Railroad ave, h do

Kearns, Harriet, widow Thomas, h 111 E Hudson

Kearns, Sarah F, clerk, 128 W Water, bds 111 E Hudson

Keating, Catherine, dressmaker, h 719 S Main

Keating, George H, machinist, h 214 W Second

Keating, Margaret, dressmaker, bds 719 S Main

Keating, Mary, widow Thomas, h 709 Junction

Keating, Mary T, bds 709 Junction

Keating, Patrick, bds 719 S Main

Keating, Stephen B, draughtsman bridge works, bds 709 Junction

Keating, Thomas F, clerk bridge works, bds 718 Junction

Keavin, Anna, dressmaker, bds 255 W Henry

Keavin, Helena M Mrs, domestic, 211 Lake

Keavin, John, patrolman, h 255 W Henry

Keavin, John A, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 317 Soper

Keavin, Martin, car inspector, h 317 Soper

Keavin, Mary, clerk, 114 W Water, bds 235 W Henry

Keck, Emily L, bds 528 Penna ave

Keck, Jacob S, emp LaFrance shops, h 108 W Chemung pl

Keck, Solomon, foreman N C Ry shops, h 528 Penna ave

Kedge, Elizabeth, widow Walter, h 524 State

Kedge, Mary, dressmaker, bds 524 State

Kee, Sing, laundry, 111 W Third, h do

Keefe, Anna, bds 105 W LaFrance

Keefe, Daniel, janitor No 9 school, h 515 Penna ave

Keefe, Elizabeth, widow Michael, h 916 Lackawanna ave

Keefe, Ella, domestic, 714 N Main

Keefe, Ellen Mrs, cook, 118 W Fifth

Keefe, Frances R, teacher, bds 515 Penna ave

Keefe, Fred, emp cigar factory, bds 916 Lackawanna ave

Keefe, Helen M, teacher school No 7, bds 515 Penna ave

KEEFE, J & CO, (Jeremiah and Thomas), grocery and saloon, 610 S Main

KEEFE, JEREMIAH, (J Keefe & Co), 610 S Main, h 369 Baty

Keefe, John, fireman, bds 100 W Miller

Keefe, John, laborer, h 115 Keefe

Keefe, John B, laborer, h 716 Delaware

Keefe, Michael, iron roller, bds 814 Hatch

Keefe, Nora, widow Thomas S, saloon, 440 S Broadway

Keefe, Patrick H, h 105 W La France

Keefe, Susan L, bds 515 Penna ave

KEEFE, THOMAS, (J Keefe & Co), 610 S Main, h 100 W Miller

Keefe, Thomas O, h 100 W Miller

Keefer, Charles, bds 221 Thurston

Keefer, Fred C, cabinet maker, h 221 Thurston

Keeffe, Annie, housekeeper, 360 W Fifth

Keeffe, Arthur J, fireman D L & W R R, bds 360 W Fifth

Keeffe, Daniel, engineer D L & W R R, h 360 W Fifth

KEEFFE, JOHN, sec and treas Kelly-Keeffe Shoe Co, 108 W Water, h 379 W Fourth

KEELER, GEORGE E, sec and dist manager United States Benevolent Society, 103 Robinson bldg, h 363 W Fourth

KEELER, JOHN B, propr South Side Livery, 405 S Main, h 8 Aspen Ridge

KEENAN, JAMES T, pianos and organs, 403 W Second, contractor and builder, 375 W Clinton, h do

Keene, Fred G, printer, bds 916 Walnut

Keene, Henry L, guard N Y S Reformatory, h 916 Walnut

Keener, Daniel H, emp Kertscher & Co, h 1316 Grand Central ave

Keeney, Eben H, driver U S Express Co, bds 125 Sly

Keeney, Wesley J, carpenter, h S William

Keeton, Carroll C, life ins agt, 305 Carroll, bds 424 W Clinton

Keeton, Frank A, fruits, 123 Baldwin, h 424 W Clinton

Keeton, Frank M, clerk, bds 424 W Clinton

Keeton, Walter T, com trav, bds 424 W Clinton

Keiffer, Leon, carpenter and cooper, h 709 John

Keigler, Charley, h 125 Tuttle ave

Keigler, Conrad, laborer, h 125 Tuttle ave

Keigler, John, laborer, bds 125 Tuttle ave

Kellea, Patrick J, engineer D L & W R R, h 1213 Hall

Kellea, John J, fireman D L & W R R, h 867 1/2 Lake

Keller, William, saloon, 408 E Water, h do

Kelley, Carrie, bds 139 W Water

Kelley, Edgar J, telegraph operator, rooms 537 S Main

Kelley, Enoch J, (Hunt & Kelley), rooms 551 E Water

Kelley, George D, gardener, h 517 Perine

KELLEY, JAMES, saloon, 361 Railroad ave, h do

Kelley, James J, laborer, h 111 E First

KELLEY, JOHN, grocer, 950 Oak, h do

Kelley, John, h 306 Norton
Kelley, John, laborer, h 315 Hathaway

Kelley, John A, janitor Steele Memorial bldg, h 408 E Washington ave

Kelley, John H, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 306 Norton

Kelley, John J, shipping clerk, bds 908 Michigan

Kelley, Joseph B, conductor E & H R R, bds 408 E Washington ave

Kelley, Katharine A, bookkeeper, 201 W Water, bds 114 Washington

Kelley, Martin M, bricklayer, bds 908 Michigan

Kelley, Mary C, student, bds 908 Michigan

Kelley, Mortimer S, shipping clerk, bds 908 Michigan

Kelley, Nellie, domestic Mansion House

Kelley, Simon, iron worker, h 908 Michigan

Kelley, Stephen, laborer, bds 315 Hathaway

Kelley, Thomas, engineer D L & W R R, h 413 Linden pl

Kelley, William E, bds 408 E Washington ave

Kelley, William J, conductor E & H R R, rooms 78 Penna ave

Kelley see Kelly

Kellner, Lena, domestic, 463 W Gray

Kellogg, Charles E, emp bridge works, bds 8 Sylvester pl

Kellogg, E Algernon, h 515 Walnut

Kellogg, Elizabeth A, bookkeeper, 124 W Water, bds 515 Walnut

Kellogg, Erastus W, supt boiler works, h 118 W Second

Kellogg, Fannie S Mrs, boarding house, 118 W Second

Kellogg, Harriet N, teacher, bds 515 Walnut

Kellogg, James W, watchman, h 1008 Walnut

Kellogg, Jason S, farmer, h 400 W Clinton

Kellogg, Lizzie A, bookkeeper Innes, Danks & Co, bds 515 Walnut

Kellogg, Lanah B Mrs, bds 1003 Oak

Kellogg, May L, teacher, bds 515 Walnut

Kellogg, Maybelle I, school teacher, bds 359 College ave

Kellogg, Reuben, emp Erie shops, h 508 Ivy

Kelly, Bartholomew, tel opr, bds 806 Magee

Kelly, Catharine, bds 315 Hathaway

Kelly, Charles E, emp bridge works, h 455 Penna ave

Kelly, Daniel J, tinner, 124 W Water, h 413 W Fifth

Kelly, Dehlia, domestic, bds 809 E Market

Kelly, Delia, domestic, 117 W Market

Kelly, Dennis, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 665 Columbia

Kelly, Edmond, fireman N C Ry, bds 311 S Broadway

Kelly, Edward M, laster, h 371 W Water

Kelly, Fannie, widow John J, laundress, h 605 Perine

Kelly, George H, h 500 E Church

Kelly, James, patrolman, h 751 Walnut

Kelly, James H, emp bridge works, h 605 Perine

Kelly, Janettee, nurse, 129 E Chemung pl

Kelly, Jennie, emp Jno N Stearns Co, bds 665 Columbia

Kelly, Johanna, emp box factory, h 311 S Broadway

Kelly, John, brakeman D L & W R R, h 306 Norton

Kelly, John, student, bds 751 Walnut

Kelly, John, laborer, h 665 Columbia

Kelly, John, boltcutter, Yale n Southport

Kelly, John, emp rolling mill, bds 311 S Broadway

Kelly, John J, shipping clerk, 121 E Second, bds 908 Michigan

Kelly, John J, laborer, bds 809 E Market

Kelly, John J, laborer, bds 665 Columbia

KELLY, JOHN P, druggist, 438 Penna ave, h do

Kelly, John T, teamster, bds 605 Perine

Kelly, John W, clerk, 108 W Water, h 111 W Gray

Kelly, Josie M, housekeeper, 806 Magee

Kelly, Katherine A, bookkeeper, bds 114 Washington

KELLY-KEEFFE SHOE COMPANY, M A Kelly pres, M H Murphy vice-pres, John Keeffe secy and treas, 108 W Water

Kelly, Margaret, bds 605 Perine

Kelly, Margaret, emp Novelty Works, bds 478 S Broadway

Kelly, Maria, widow Edmond, h 311 S Broadway

Kelly, Martin F, brakeman D L & W R R, h 706 Linden pl

Kelly, Martin M, mason, bds 908 Michigan

Kelly, Mary, bds 315 Hathaway

Kelly, Mary, bds 918 Grand Central ave

Kelly, Mary, emp box factory, bds 311 S Broadway

Kelly, Mary, widow John, h 809 E Market

Kelly, Mary A, bds 114 Washington

Kelly, Michael, h 114 Washington

Kelly, Michael, laborer, bds 809 E Market

Kelly, Michael, emp Armstrong, Mather & Wood, bds 665 Columbia

KELLY, MICHAEL A, pres Kelly-Keeffe Shoe Co, h 405 Linden pl

Kelly, Michael F, laborer, bds 656 Lake

Kelly, Michael J, letter carrier, h 856 Main

Kelly, Minnie S, bds 500 E Church

Kelly, Moraih, widow Edmund, h 311 S Broadway

Kelly, Mortimer M, clerk N C freight office, bds 806 Magee

Kelly, Mortimer S, clerk, 419 Main, bds 908 Michigan

Kelly, Myles G, clerk, 200 W Water, bds 806 Magee

Kelly, Patrick, laborer, h 312 E Washington ave

Kelly, Patrick, helper, 121 E Second, bds 806 Magee

Kelly, Simon, laborer, h 908 Michigan

Kelly, Stephen, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 315 Hathaway

Kelly, Thomas, laborer, bds 315 Hathaway

Kelly, Thomas, engineer D L & W R R, h 413 Linden pl

Kelly, Thomas, laborer, bds 809 E Market

Kelly, Thomas, conductor Erie R R, bds 100 W Miller

Kelly, Thomas, laborer, bds 311 S Broadway

Kelly, Thomas, tinner, 124 W Water, bds 114 Washington av

Kelly, William K, cigarmaker, rooms 78 Penna ave

Kelly see Kelley

Kelsey, Charles M, farmer, bds 703 Penna ave

Kemp, Christopher G, shoemaker, 317 E Water, h 217 High

Kemp, Mary E, widow Samuel, h 138 E Chemung pl

Kemp, Thomas C G, clerk Erie R R, h 101 Falck

Kenally, Mary J, widow John, h 363 W Clinton

Kendall, Bell, waitress, bds 511 Main

Kendall, Clara D, widow Porter, h 511 Main

Kendall, George K, emp rolling mill, bds 511 Main

Kendall, G Fay, fireman Erie R R, h 511 Main

Kendall, Horace S, conductor N C R R, h 450 South ave

Kendrick, John, puddler, h 809 Johnson

Kendrick, John J, puddler, bds 152 W Washington ave

Kendrick, Michael, laborer, h 152 W Washington ave

Kendrick, Michael jr, fireman D L & W R R, bds 152 W Washington ave

KENDRICK, WILLIAM, (McAlpine & Kendrick), bds 511 Railroad ave

Kenfield, Lorenzo D, h 610 N Main

Kennedy, Albert J, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co, h 312 Washington

Kennedy, Andrew B, laborer, h 702 S Broadway

Kennedy, Bridget Mrs, bds 320 Hathaway

Kennedy, Catharine A, maid, 267 Baldwin

Kennedy, Edith, bds 139 W Water

Kennedy, Edward, police inspector City Hall, h 723 W Water

Kennedy, Edward, cigar manuf, 706 Jay, h do

Kennedy, Edward Jr, tel messenger, 150 Baldwin, bds 706 Jay

Kennedy, Helen A, clerk, bds 706 Jay

Kennedy, James, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1013 Lake

Kennedy, Johanna, domestic, bds 605 Jay

Kennedy, John, upholsterer, h 404 W Second

KENNEDY, JOHN W, (Kennedy & Tierney), Hotel Rathbun, h at Binghamton

Kennedy, Mary, widow James J, h 605 Jay
Kennedy, Matthew, emp bridge works, h 767 Erie

Kennedy, Michael A, (Kennedy & Smith), h 158 Washington

Kennedy, Nellie F, tailoress, bds 605 Jay

Kennedy, Patrick, laborer, bds 713 Railroad ave

Kennedy, Stephen D, painter, h 713 Railroad ave

Kennedy, Thomas, emp Swift's Lubricator Works, bds 313 W Fourth

Kennedy, William H, machinist, h 9 Sylvester pl

Kennedy & Smith, (M A K & A K S), hotel 515 Railroad ave

KENNEDY & TIERNEY, (J W Kennedy and E M Tierney), proprs Hotel Rathbun, E Water cor Baldwin

Kennelly, Dennis M, com trav, h 663 Davis

Kenney, Delia, domestic, 604 W Clinton

Kenney, Mary, widow John, bds 1317 1/2 Lake

Kenney, Michael, emp N C R R, bds 207 South ave

Kenning, Elizabeth, widow Charles, bds 600 S Main

Kensey, Catharine, emp knitting mill, bds 617 Lake

Kent, Almon, laborer, h 805 E Market

Kent, Ambrose L, trav salesman, bds 106 E Hudson

Kent, Arthur, bookkeeper, rooms 262 Baldwin

Kent, Della A, widow W Jason, bds 212 Caldwell ave

Kent, Emeline, widow Timothy, h 367 W Second

Kent, Harriet Mrs, dressmaker, bds 375 W Water

Kent, Harry, coachman, 300 W Church

Kent, Hattie A Mrs, dressmaker, 105 W Water, h do

Kent, Henrietta, widow George J, h 218 Baldwin

Kent, Ina, bds 106 E Hudson

Kent, John B, real estate, h 106 E Hudson

Kenyon, Harrison A, h 628 Penna ave

Keough, Charles G, restaurant, 505 Railroad ave, h do

Keough, Charles P, clerk, 505 Railroad ave, bds do

Keough, Maggie, housekeeper, 315 Railroad ave

Keough, Patrick, laborer, h 315 Railroad ave

Keough, Thomas F, clerk Rathbun House, bds do

Keppel, David Rev, pastor First M E Church, h 322 Baldwin

Ker, Edward R, student, bds Metzger bldg, 203 Main

KER, RICHARD, dentist and local treas Mutual Reserve Fund Life Association, Metzger bldg cor W Third, h do

Ker, Richard A, clerk Reformatory, bds Metzger bldg, 205 Main

Kermonn, Bridget, domestic, 703 Park pl

Kerns, Morris J, billing clerk N C R R, bds 111 W Hudson

Kerrick, Claude, laborer, h 108 Ferris

Kerrick, Frank N, cashier Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co, bds 311 Columbia

KERTSCHER & CO, (Herman Kertscher, T H Markthaler and T H Kertscher), cabinet makers and interior hard wood trim doors, mantels, wainscoating & c, 104 Reformatory n Erie R R

KERTSCHER, HERMAN, (Kertscher & Co), res New York City

Kertscher, Ludwig, cabinetmaker, bds 304 West Side ave

KERTSCHER, THEODORE H, (Kertscher & Co), h 702 Park pl

Kerwin, Katie, domestic, 404 Hoffman

Kerwin, Maggie, domestic, 509 Euclid ave

Kerwin see Kirwan

Kesser, Caroline Mrs, h 716 German

Ketchum, Carolyn C, bds 375 W Gray

KETCHUM, EDWARD C, carpenter, h 375 W Gray

Ketchum, Herman T, clerk, 400 Baldwin, bds 375 W Gray

Ketchum, Lawrence T, student, bds 375 W Gray

Ketchum, John, farmer, h S Main n limits

Ketchum, Jonas S, carpenter, h 806 W Gray

Ketley, Charles H, asst supt Met Life Ins Co, bds 417 E Market

Ketter, John, emp Erie R R, h 505 Dickinson

Ketter, Joseph W, machinist, h 717 Benjamin

Keyes, Elmer E, painter, bds 125 S Main

Keyes, Erwan L, flour, feed, hay &c, 125 S Main, h do

Keystone Fence Co, Charles Marvin sec, 503 Robinson bldg

Kidder, Louise C, widow Alonzo, housekeeper 57 Orchard

Kidder, William H, shipping clerk, h 57 Orchard

Kiefer, John H, switchman N C Ry, h 904 Penna ave

Kieffer, Emma, tailoress, bds 221 Thurston

Kieffer, Fred C, wood turner, bds 221 Thurston

Kieffer, Frederick, cabinet maker, h 221 Thurston

Kieffer, George, draughtsman, bds 221 Thurton

Kielack, Charles, bds 509 Oak

Kielack, Minnie Mrs, bds 509 Oak

Kienle, Antonio, emp foundry, bds 123 Harriet

Kienle, Charlotte, widow Andrew, h 123 Harriet

Kiehl, John, laborer, bds 535 W Hudson

Kiernan, Patrick H, conductor L V R R, h 523 Logan

Kies, Cornelia Mrs, bds 600 W Gray

Kies, Eugene A, machinist, h 505 Pleasant

KIES, FRED W, book binder and blank book maker, 104-106 Lake, h at Chicago

Kies, George W, mason, h 411 Pleasant

Kies, Jennie L, bds 650 E Church

KIES, LOUIS, mgr Kies bindery 104-106 Lake, h 650 E Church

Kilgore, Floyd, clerk, 353 Davis, h 404 W Second

Kilian, Vincent, laborer, h 809 Canal

Kilkelly, James, conductor N C Ry, h 103 W LaFrance

Killea, John, fireman D L & W R R, h 867 Lake

Killea, Patrick J, engineer D L & W R R, h 1213 Hall

Killen, Barney, laborer, bds 418 S Main

Killen, John, laborer D L & W R R, h 1104 N Main

Kilmer, Charles H, brazer, h 521 Union pl

Kilmer, John F, blacksmith, bds 521 Union pl

Kilmer, Joseph S, h 717 Linden pl

Kilmer, Laura, rooms 521 Union pl

Kilmer, Pearl M, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 521 Union pl

Kilmer, Sarah E, widow John F, h 307 High

Kimball, David, city express, h 1210 Lackawanna ave

Kimball, Elmira, bds Home for Aged

Kimball, Frederick A, com trav, bds 411 W First

Kimball, Helen S, widow John H, h 411 W First

Kimball, Henry G, clerk, 101 E Water, bds 411 W First

Kimball, Howard D, saddlemaker, bds 1210 Lackawanna ave

Kimball, Howard H, clerk, 108 W Water, bds 858 Lake

Kimball, Catherine, bds 1210 Lackawanna ave

Kimball, Lord A, contortionist, bds 1210 Lackawanna ave

Kimball, M VanAuken, student, bds 511 Spaulding

Kimball, Mary L, bds 1210 Lackawanna ave

Kimball, Noah H, clerk S B Hubbell, h 511 Spaulding

Kimball, William K, teamster, h 370 Hopkins

Kimmich, Eva, waitress Elmira College, bds do

Kimmich, Robert J, emp F M Howard & Co, bds 405 Perry

KIMMICH STUDIO, W S Kimmich prpr, 110-112 W Water

KIMMICH, WESLEY S, photographer, 110 W Water, h 112 do

Kindergarten and Primary School, Mary E and Frances K Norton, teachers, 226 W Second

Kindergarten and Primary School, Evelyn and Bessie Stone, teachers, 558 Spaulding

King, A William, stenographer, 87 Penna ave, h 1063 Davis

King, Charles H, boilermaker N C Ry shops, bds 306 Baty

King, Clarence E, teamster, bds 107 W Second

King, E Howell, stenographer, bds 210 College ave

King, Elizabeth, widow John, h 664 Dickinson

King, Ellen, widow Joseph, h 52 Monroe

King, Ellery F, conductor N C Ry, h 716 Southport

King, Frank L, engineer D L & W R R, h 1022 Lake

King, Grant P, trav fireman N C Ry, h 372 Baty

King, Jennie C, bds 208 Columbia ave

King, John R, com trav, bds 107 W Second

King, Margaret S, bds 208 College ave

King, Marie, widow Joseph, bds 306 South ave

King, Martin, grocer, 101 E Henry, h do

King, Mary, bds 318 William

King, Mary Mrs, bds Home for Aged

King, Mary Mary M Mrs, h 802 W Gray

KING, RUFUS, (King & Chamberlin), 306 E Water, bds 318 William

King, Theron, h 107 W Second

King, Thomas R, emp Bundy Lamp Co, bds 59 Liberty

King, Wallace E, tel opr, bds 200 West side ave

King, William, organ builder, h 208 College ave

King, William, porter Patterson House, bds do

King, William B, h 208 College ave

King, William H, carpenter, h 410 W Fifth

KING & CHAMBERLIN, (R King and B S Chamberlin), lawyers, 306 E Water

Kingsbury, Ella L, artist, bds 406 W Gray

Kingsbury, Emily, widow George W, bds 814 W Third

Kingsbury, Fred E, student, bds 643 Winsor ave

Kingsbury, George A, laborer, h 237 Kingsbury ave

Kingsbury, George W, tinsmith, h 502 Baldwin

Kingsbury, Harriet G, stenographer American Sales Book Co, bds 512 Falck

Kingsbury, John J, engineer pumping station, h 643 Winsor ave

Kingsbury, Jonathan L, h 512 Falck

Kingsbury, Joseph J, h 643 Winsor ave

Kingsbury, Lucius, h 500 William

Kingsbury, Lucius S, sec and treas Nicks Tobacco Co, h 465 W Water

Kingsbury, Margaret S, (Kingsbury & Squires), h 221 W Chemung pl

Kingsbury, Oliver C, produce dealer at Watkins, NY, h 406 W Gray

Kingsbury & Squires, (M S K & A E S), art needle work, 410 Main

Kingsland, Clara, emp knitting mill, bds 320 S Main

Kingsley, Andrew J, h 321 Washington

Kingsley, Carrie M, dressmaker, 108 E Chemung pl, bds 105 Magnolia

Kingsley, Ellen B, teacher school No 4, bds 321 Washington

Kingsley, Floyd B, clerk, bds 105 Magnolia

Kingston, Anna, domestic, 458 W Water

Kingston, George, laborer, h 826 Lincoln

Kingston, John, coachman, h 910 Walnut

Kingston, Kathryn A, teacher school No 1, bds 826 Lincoln

Kingston, Paul B, clerk Chemung Canal Bank, bds 826 Lincoln

Kingston, Richard, rooms 653 Baldwin

Kingston, Samuel, car inspector N C R R, h 319 River

Kingston, William R, tallymn N C freight house, bds 826 Lincoln

Kinkade, Claude L, emp Swift Lubricator Co, bds 407 Grove

Kinkade, M Ella, widow Angelo, h 407 Grove

Kinley, Edward A, bookkeeper, h 708 College ave