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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Metzger, Blanche S, bds 402 Spaulding

Metzger, Charles D, mgr bar Hotel Langwell, h 362 W Gray

Metzger, Emma K, bds 402 Spaulding

Metzger, Isidor, widow Theodore G, h 410 College ave

METZGER, JACOB, (Friend, Metzger & Co), 164 Lake, h 402 Spaulding

Metzger, Jeannia Palmer Mrs, music teacher, 362 W Gray

Metzger, Louise G W, bds 410 College ave

METZGER, S X & SON CO, incorporated, wholesale and retail meats, groceries and fish, 419 to 423 Main

METZGER, SETH X, (S X Metzger & Son Co), 419 Main, h 433 W Clinton

METZGER, WILLIAM C, mgr American Sales Book Co, 618 Magee cor W Fourth, h 118 W Market

Metzler, Harry C, musician, bds 117 Main

Metzler, Jennie F, widow George B, h 117 Main

Meuer, John J, druggist, h 456 E Clinton

Meyer, Carl, shoemaker, h 653 Robinson

Meyer, F William G, tailor, h 205 Dewitt ave

Meyer, George J, shoemaker, bds 859 E Water

Meyer, Henry J, driver, 100 E Gray, h 859 E Water

Meyer, Jacob, carpenter, h 207 Crete ave

Meyer, John J, miller, h 850 E Water

Meyer, Joseph Jr, druggist, 400 E Water, h 756 do

MEYER, MAX, meat market, 311-313 Carroll, h 224 Sullivan

Meyer, Peter E, barber, 108 1/2 Main, bds 2 Main St Bridge

Meyerfield, Bendix S, bookkeeper, 104 State, h 530 W Gray

Meyers, Frederick, florist, h 903 E Church

Michaelis, Harry F, cabinetmaker, bds 509 W Fourth

Michaelis, J Henry, carpenter, h 507 W Fourth

Michalka, Robert, laborer, h 757 1/2 Harper

Michel, Julia Mrs, cook Gleason Sanitarium, bds 1019 East ave

MICHIGAN FURNITURE CO, THE H C Silsbee sec and treas, furniture and undertakers, 101 Robinson

Mickel, Glenn L, bookkeeper, 400 Baldwin, bds 111 Main

Mickel, Helen, widow Nicholas, bds 600 Maple ave

Middaugh, Grace, bds 363 Elm

Middaugh, Orson W, h 102 Dewitt ave

Middaugh see Meddaugh

Middick, William, brakeman D L & W R R, h 1302 Lackawanna ave

Miedle, John, janitor, St John's church, h 115 E First

Miedle, Joseph J, baker, 107 College ave, bds 115 E First

Mielke, Carl, laborer, h 858 E Market

Mielke, Carl Jr, lamp trimmer, bds 858 E Market

Mielke, William, bds 858 E Market

Mijak, Frank, laborer, h 661 Dickinson

Mikolaszok, Jacob, laborer, h 658 Baldwin

Milan, Martin F, student, bds 1025 Lake

Milan, Thomas F, engineer D L & W R R, h 1025 Lake

Miles, Carl A, tel opr N C R R, bds 659 Grove

Miles, Samuel D, clerk trainmaster's office N C Ry, h 659 Grove

Miles, Sherman, porter N C Ry, bds 717 Dickinson

Milford, Henry A, ticket agent Erie depot, h 433 W Clinton

Millard, Edward T, painter, h 356 E Fourth

Millard, Jesse A, student, bds 112 Elm

Millard, Lewis C, meat market, 502 Walnut, h 112 Elm

Millard, Mary Mrs, collector, rooms 117 Main

Millard, William E, laborer, h 656 E Clinton

Millen, Almira K, domestic, bds 331 Thurston

Miller, A B, Supt Elmira Steel Co, bds Hotel Langwell

Miller, Adam, emp round house D L & W R R, bds 376 Norton

Miller, Addison, painter, h 415 W Fourth

Miller, Alanson B, h 331 Thurston

Miller, Albert, tobacco sorter, bds West End Hotel

Miller, Albert G, market gardner, h 750 Penna av

Miller, Albert P, photographer, 103 E Water, h 357 1/2 W Clinton

Miller, Alfred L, machinist, h 270 W Chemung pl

Miller, Alexander T, laborer, h 404 High

Miller, Alida, widow Judson, h 511 Columbia

Miller, Andrew, carpenter, h 368 Thurston
Miller, Anna M, dressmaker, bds 616 Jay

Miller, Archie B, bookkeeper, 109 Lake, bds 351 E Center

Miller, Arthur, emp N Y & Pa Tel Co, bds 270 W Chemung pl

Miller, Arthur J, brass polisher, h 736 Hopkins

Miller, Baltes, laborer, h 721 E Clinton

Miller, Belle, bds 808 W Gray

Miller, Benjamin, laborer, h 112 W LaFrance

MILLER BROS, (William D, Frank S, & Warren), farmers and market gardners, 750 Penna ave

Miller, Catharine J, widow Peter, bds 854 E Market

Miller, Charles, brakeman, D L & W R R, bds 1104 Lake

Miller, Charles, clerk cigar stand, Hotel Langwell, bds 218 W Henry

Miller, Charles M, shipping clerk, 616 Railroad ave, h 218 W Henry

Miller, Christiana F, widow Marcus, bds 130 S Main

Miller, Christopher, emp bridge works, h 421 Brady

Miller, Clara, emp knitting mills, bds 475 Millard

Miller, Curtis W, machinist, h 828 W Church

Miller, David S, bds 700 Perine

Miller, Deborah Mrs, bds Home for Aged

Miller, Eberhardt, cabinetmaker, h 903 Stowell

Miller, Edith L, stenographer, 212 E Water, bds 828 W Church

Miller, Edmund W, farmer, h Maple ave n limits

Miller, Edward, h 216 Maple ave

Miller, Edward, laborer, h r 404 High

Miller, Edward D, bds 715 Harper

Miller, Elizabeth, bds 616 Jay
Miller, Elmer T, brakeman, h 709 1/2 Kinyon

Miller, Fannie B, bds 661 College ave

Miller, Festus A, carpenter, bds 1010 Hoffman

Miller, Frank, grocer and meat market, 230 S Main, bds 218 W Horner

Miller, Frank S, (Miller Bros) and lawyer, 309 Realty bldg, h 750 Penna ave

Miller, Fred C, gardner, bds 131 W Henry

Miller, Fred J, switchman D L & W R R, h 917 Davis

Miller, George, laborer, bds 253 Warren

Miller, George B, bricklayer, h 58 Monroe
Miller, George M, grocer and feed store, 128-130 S Main, h 130 do

Miller, George N, mgr Elmira Brewery Co, 112 Lake, bds Hotel Smith

Miller, George S, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co, bds 715 Harper

Miller, George W, master mechanic Erie R R, h 661 College ave

Miller, George, dressmaker, bds 55 S Main

Miller, Guy, door tender, bds 358 Alexander pl

Miller, Harry, cap mfr, 204-208 E Water, bds 116 1/2 Washington ave

Miller, Harry M, machinist Erie R R, bds 661 College ave

Miller, Henry C, linotype opr Telegram, h 206 Madison ave

Miller, Henry C, painter, h 808 W Gray

Miller, Horace T, bds 714 Oak

Miller, Jacob, grocer, 721 E Clinton cor Sullivan, h 450 Sullivan

Miller, Jacob, grocer, 126 Penna ave, h do

Miller, Jacob, emp John Brand, h 406 E Water

Miller, Jacob, machinist, h 616 Jay

Miller, Jacob Jr, meat and milk inspector, bds 616 Jay

Miller, James, emp Erie R R shops, bds 402 Magee

Miller, James A Rev, pastor Franklin St Presbyterian Church, h 209 Franklin

Miller, James C, engineer Erie R R, h 356 Euclid ave

Miller, James D, com trav, h 509 Euclid ave

Miller, James H, carpenter, h 351 E Center

Miller, Jane A, clerk, 104 Robinson bldg, bds 828 W Church

Miller, Jeanette C, bds 368 Thurston

Miller, Jennie B, clerk, 126 Lake, bds 401 Tuttle ave

Miller, Jennie E, clerk, bds 379 W Fifth

Miller, Jesse, emp Kertscher & Co, bds 331 Thurston

Miller, John, laborer, h 216 Maple ave

Miller, John, steam thresher, bds 714 Oak

Miller, John B, watchman, h 715 Harper

Miller, John C, cabinet maker, h Grant n College ave

Miller, John H, roller, Elmira rolling mill, h 379 W Fifth

Miller, Josephine, bds 218 W Henry

Miller, Jud, teamster, h 401 Tuttle ave

Miller, Katharine, widow Peter, bds 854 E Market

Miller, Lemuel, milk dealer, h 714 Oak

Miller, Louisa Mrs, milliner, h 618 E Third
Miller, Louise M, widow Christian, h 528 W Second

Miller, Louise M E, teacher school No 1, bds 618 E First

Miller, Margaret, bds 218 W Henry
Miller, Marie, bds 217 W Third
Miller, Martha, widow Edwin, bds 305 S Broadway
Miller, Mary, seamstress, bds 125 W Water

Miller, Mary, widow Robert, bds 378 Lyon

Miller, Mary A, widow John D, h 750 Penna ave

Miller, Mary C, widow John, h 323 W Church

MILLER, MARY F, h 372 Railroad ave

Miller, Max, laborer, h 718 Hopkins

Miller, Max, broker, 116 E Water, h 116 1/2 Washington

Miller, Melissa, widow William, bds 1106 Grand Central ave

Miller, Nellie, bds 218 W Henry

Miller, Olive Mrs, domestic, bds East ave

Miller, Philip, mgr, 204 E Water, h 106 High

Miller, Philip, paper hanger, bds 656 Lake

Miller, Ralph E, market gardner, bds 750 Penna ave

Miller, Robert, conductor D L & W R R, h 376 Norton

Miller, Rose A, bds Bancroft

Miller, Sarah, widow Philip, bds 1309 College ave

Miller, Sterling F, engineer Erie R R, h 512 W First

Miller, Thomas K, student, bds 356 Euclid ave

MILLER, V BENTON, meat market, 226 S Main, h 218 W Henry

Miller, Valentine, h 218 W Henry

Miller, Valentine B, wire worker, 527 E Fifth, bds 616 Jay

Miller, W Lee, laborer, bds 358 Alexander pl

MILLER, WARREN, (Miller Bros), bds 750 Penna ave

Miller, Wilks J, laborer, h 666 Dickinson

Miller, William, h 656 E Clinton

Miller, William B, machinist, h 260 W Chemung pl

MILLER, WILLIAM D, (Miller Bros), bds 750 Penna ave

Miller, William D, carpenter, h 809 Davis

Miller, William D, tent maker, 411 Carroll, h Elmira Heights

Miller, William H, (Miller & Glover), 561 E Church, h 616 Jay

Miller, William N, carpenter, h 309 1/2 Decker pl

Miller & Glover (W H M and C F G), meat market, 561 E Church

Miller's Hall, 228 S Main

Millian, Edward, painter, bds 417 Madison ave

Millian, Ellen, widow Patrick, h 417 Madison ave

Millian, James, com trav, bds 417 Madison ave

Millian, John, com trav, bds 417 Madison ave

Milliken, Dennis, janitor N C Ry office, h 311 Hibbard pl

Milliken, Edward, messenger, bds r 356 W Third

Milliken, Elizabeth, widow Patrick, h r 356 W Third

Milliken, John E, messenger Erie R R telegrapher office, bds American House

Mills, Anna, bds 417 E Market

Mills, Daniel, lather, h 1215 Grand Central ave

Mills, Edward B, milk dealer, bds 1215 Grand Central ave

Mills, Edmund M Rev, corresponding sec 20th century thank offering fund, h 408 W Clinton

Mills, Frank H, estimator F M Howell & Co, h 516 Ivy

Mills, Fred A, bookkeeper, 354 State, h 615 Grove

Mills, George, clerk, 1201 Grand Central ave, h 1207 do

MILLS, HOLLIS H, (Lattin & Mills), 310 Robinson bldg, h 105 Hoffman

Mills, Mollie, seamstress, bds 113 Dewitt ave

MILLS, RUFUS I, boots and shoes, 107 E Water, h 212 W Gray

Mills, William, clerk, bds 417 E Market

Millspaugh, Charles A, insurance solicitor, bds 853 E Water

Millspaugh, Emma, bds 853 E Water

Millspaugh, H Carlyle, clerk postoffice, bds 401 W Water

Millspaugh, Howard, clerk, 118 Main, bds 853 E Water

Millspaugh, Leander M, mgr hardware at Corning, NY, h 401 W Water

Millspaugh, Margaret, widow Leander, h 853 E Water

Millspaugh, Mertalene, auditor, 140 W Water, bds 707 Columbia

Millspaugh, Wallace W, gardener, h 707 Columbia

Minar, Mattie E, dressmaker, bds 1462 Caton ave

Minar, William A, h 1462 Caton ave

Minch, Charles J, laborer, bds 109 Liberty

Minch, Elizabeth T, bds 109 Liberty

Minch, John C, painter, h 108 E Henry

Minch, Mary A, widow Christian, h 109 Liberty

Minch, Nellie L, bds 109 Liberty

Minch, Zena, domestic, 465 E Water

Minier, Maxwell, clerk, h 208 Walnut

Minier, Samuel J, baggagemaster N C Ry, h 462 1/2 South ave

Minier, William H, bridge foreman N C Ry, h 112 Catharine

Minster, August, clerk, 110 Main, bds 502 Madison ave

Minster, Elizabeth, widow John, h 502 Madison ave

Minster, Gustave, baker, bds 502 Madison ave

Minster, John, clerk, 110 Main, bds 502 Madison ave

Minster, Joseph A, brakeman D L & W R R, h 900 Lackawanna ave

Misem, William, laborer, bds 603 Robinson

Mission Rooms, 510 Sullivan

Mitchell, Alfred, mason, h 517 Elizabeth

Mitchell, Alfred Jr, mason, bds 517 Elizabeth

Mitchell, Emma A, widow Mills, nurse, bds 711 Spaulding

Mitchell, Frederick C, laborer, h 62 Penna ave

Mitchell, George H, foreman D L & W R R, h 378 Norton

Mitchell, Gracie, emp Superior Knitting Mills Co, bds 540 Tuttle ave

Mitchell, Harriet, stenographer, 210 E Water, bds 517 Elizabeth

Mitchell, Harry B, dentist, 312 E Water, h 923 Lake

Mitchell, Helen G, widow Thomas, bds 310 1/2 W First

Mitchell, Henry, grafting, h 923 Lake

Mitchell, Jacob, bds 540 Tuttle ave

Mitchell, James, bds 371 1/2 W Gray
Mitchell, John, h 161 Orchard

Mitchell, John C, engineer L V R R, h 316 West Side ave

Mitchell, Julia, cook, bds 409 High
Mitchell, Lemuel B, emp Eclipse bicycle factory, bds 378 Norton

Mitchell, Sam, barber, 522 Lake, h 374 1/2 W Fifth

Mitchell, Senior, carpenter, h 522 Elizabeth

Mitchell, Susan B Mrs, boarding house, 923 Lake

Mitchell, Vincent, butcher, h 540 Tuttle ave

Mitchell, William, mason, bds 517 Elizabeth

Mitchell, William H, teamster, h 232 E LaFrance

Mitchell, William H, emp J Richardson & Co, h 163 Sullivan

Mitten, Robert, box maker, bds 111 W Chemung pl

Mix, H Gilbert, (Clipper Chilled Plow Co), h at Williamsport, Pa

Mochrie, Edward J, laborer, h 109 Spring

Mochrie, Edward J Jr, painter, h 201 E Gray

Mockler, Charles F, asst sec Board of Education, city hall, bds 412 Grove

Mockler, Edward N, clerk, 114 W Water, bds 412 Grove

Mockler, James M, supt, 211 Railroad ave, bds 412 Grove

Mockler, Jefferson V, janitor school No 2, h 412 Grove

Mockler, William J, bds 412 Grove


Moderhak, Amelia, domestic, bds 807 E Washington ave

Moderhak, August A, laborer, h 962 E Clinton

Moderhak, Edith, domestic, bds 807 E Washington ave

Moffe, Salvatore, laborer, bds 821 Hatch

Moffett, Benjamin F, wood carver, bds 814 W First

Moffett, James M, machine shop, 312 State, h 351 Columbia

Moffett, Mabel S, bds 814 W First

Moffett, Mary A, teacher school No 2, bds 351 Columbia

Moffett, Walter W, bds 814 W First

Moffett, William, h 109 College ave

Moffett, William jr, messenger Wells-Fargo & Co's Ex, h 814 W First

Mogenhan, Agatha, widow George, h 228 S Main

Mogenhan, Helena F, tailoress, 228 S Main, bds do

Mogenhan, Joseph, cutter, 106 W Water, h 711 John

Mogridge, William, h 560 E Water

Mohr, Fanny, bds 1019 East ave

Molanoski, Frank, laborer, h 1015 Davis

Molczan, Kuzma, laborer, h 153 E Washington ave

Mold, Edward, emp Doane & Jone's mill, h 1313 Grand Central ave

Mold, William B, carpenter, h 319 Division

MOLTER, JOHN D, (Ersly & Molter), 114 E Church, h 758 E Water

Molthaney, Mary, bds 355 Railroad ave

Molyneaux, Frank, boilermaker, bds 533 Harper

Molyneaux, Robert T, h 533 Harper

Molyneaux, Robert T jr, laborer, bds 533 Harper

Mamomee, Tony, emp rolling mill, bds Franklin Hotel

Monahan, James, telegraph foreman, Erie R R, bds Frazier House

Monahan, John, laborer, h 721 Railroad ave

Monahan, John, laborer, bds 352 Railroad ave

Monell, Charles A, laborer, bds 412 1/2 S Broadway

Monell, Elrude J, mason, h Mt Zoar bey limits

Monell, Frank G, laborer, bds 412 1/2 S Broadway

Monell, George I, mason, h 412 1/2 S Broadway

Monell, Samuel, carpenter, h Mt Zoar bey limits

Monks, Alice M, bds 413 Grove

Monks, Elizabeth, bds 104 College ave

Monks, Mary L, widow Thomas R, bds 413 Grove

Monks, Thomas R, baker, bds 413 Grove

Monnell, Arvid C, bds r 412 S Broadway

Monnell, Hattie B, bds r 412 S Broadway

Monroe, Delos, laborer, h 330 Soper

Monroe, Elias A, h 206 Gregg

Monroe, Eugene B, bds 206 Gregg

Monroe, Harry L, tobacco sorter, bds 51 Harmon

Monroe, L Mrs, h 505 E Water

Monroe, S Hector, traveling salesman, h 376 Thurston

Monroe, William O, traveling salesman, C M & R Tompkins, h Elmira Heights

Monroe see Munroe

Montague, Louise, widow Alfred L, bds 1063 Davis

MONTGOMERY, DELLA MRS, boarding house, 510 E Church

MONTGOMERY, HENRY S, painter, h 510 E Church

Montgomery, Mary, widow William, bds 505 E Third

Monumental Baptist Church, 708 Baldwin

Moody, Winfield S, harnessmaker, h 402 S Broadway

MOOERS, CHARLES W, anthracite, loyal sock and bituminus coal, E Second cor Baldwin and 354 Penna ave, h 459 Maple ave

Moon, Margaret, housekeeper, r 713 Dickinson

Moon, Mary, h 704 Baldwin

Moon, Nellie E, clerk, bds 318 South ave

Moon, Russell, h r 713 Dickinson

Moonan, James, manuf insect exterminator, h 506 Baldwin

Moonan, James F Jr, clerk, 603 Lake, bds 506 Baldwin

Moonan, Kittie, bds 506 Baldwin

Mooney, Ann, widow James, h 410 Magee

Mooney, Eliza, widow Thomas, bds 328 Soper

Mooney, May C, dressmaker, 520 Lake, rooms 512 William

Mooney, Michael, bds 114 W Michael

Mooney, Nellie, clerk, 115 W Water, bds 410 S Magee

Mooney, Patrick H, coal and wood, 514 Baldwin and 153 W Third, h 151 W Third

Mooney, T Elmo, clerk, 514 Baldwin, bds 151 W First

Mooney, Thomas, mason, h 328 Soper

Moore, Agnes E, asst bookkeeper, 311 E Second, bds 244 E Miller

Moore, Alden, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 210 College ave

Moore, Andrew, porter American house, bds do

Moore, Andrew D, clerk, 219 W Water, bds do
Moore, Burt W, conductor W S R R, h 310 Woodlawn ave

Moore, Charles G, emp rolling mill, h 306 West Hill

Moore, Charles R, machinist, h 762 Spaulding

Moore, Daniel, conductor E & H R R, bds 244 E Miller

Moore, Edna, emp silk mill, bds 220 Thurston

Moore, Edwin, stationery engineer, h 1861 Davis

Moore, Elizabeth H, widow Charles, h 314 Baldwin

Moore, Ella J, widow Charles, dressmaker, rooms 359 W Second

Moore, Estella, teacher, bds 220 Thurston
Moore, Eunice H, widow John M, h 658 College ave

Moore, Francis, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 220 Thurston

Moore, Frank, farmer, h 1443 Caton ave

Moore, Frank A, trainman Erie R R, h 515 College ave

Moore, George C, patternmaker, h 221 Lormore

Moore, Grayson R, horse trainer, h 210 College ave

Moore, Harriet R, widow Elijah A, bds 616 Dickinson

MOORE, HENRY A, (Firman & Moore), 300 E Water, h 454 W Water

Moore, Horace, com trav, rooms 215 Penna ave

MOORE, JAMES, hay, feed, &c, 155 Fox, boarding and hitching stable, 432 Carroll, h 153 Fox

Moore, James G, painter, h 514 Madison ave

Moore, James J, conductor D L & W R R, h 1106 Grand Central ave

Moore, James J Mrs, dressmaker, h 1106 Grand Central ave

Moore, Jane, widow Hugh M, h 51 Fulton

Moore, Jesse O, janitor post office, bds 423 Partridge

Moore, Johanna, teacher school No 9, bds 605 Franklin

MOORE, JOHN, sec Telegram Printing Co and managing editor Elmira Telegram, h 413 Walnut

Moore, John, laborer, h 212 W Chemung pl

Moore, John C, cutter, bds 373 W Clinton

Moore, Judson W, latter carrier, h 667 Dickinson

Moore, Kittie Mrs, boarding house, 210 College ave

Moore, Linn, carpenter, h N s Penna ave n Bulkhead

Moore, Margaret, teacher school No 9, bds 605 Franklin

Moore, Margaret, clerk, 201 E Water, bds 708 Magee

Moore, Mary, widow James, bds 403 Linden pl

Moore, Mary A, clerk, 201 E Water, bds 708 Magee

Moore, Mary E, dressmaker, 515 College ave, h do
Moore, Mary F, bookkeeper, 311 E Second, bds 244 E Miller

Moore, Mary J, widow Harlow E, bds 514 Madison ave

Moore, Michael, h 605 Franklin

Moore, Miles M, laborer, bds 603 West Hill
Moore, Morris B, clerk, 124 W Water, h 411 1/2 Walnut
Moore, Nora, widow Morris, h 244 E Miller
Moore, Olive, widow Daniel L, bds 555 Franklin

Moore, Philip, laborer, Penna ave bey limits

Moore, Rory O, carpenter, h 550 Coburn

Moore, Sarah Mrs, dressmaker, h 128 Railroad ave

Moore, Sarah A, private secy, Clay W Holmes, h 314 Baldwin

Moore, Thomas H, emp E & H R R, bds 244 E Miller

Moore, Timothy, laborer, h 708 Magee

Moore, Walter, clerk, 118 W Water, bds 658 College ave
Moore, Warren C, h 220 Thurston
Moore, William, moulder, h 123 Partridge
Moore, William H Jr, laborer, h 518 High

Moore, William J, waiter Hotel Rathbun cafe, h 551 E Second

Moore see More

Moorhead, Thomas E, shipping clerk, h 466 W First

Moorhouse, Leslie W, solicitor, 306 Realty bldg, rooms 210 1/2 W Second

Moran, Alice, emp knitting mill, bds 813 Hatch

Moran, Anna, emp silk mill, bds 603 E Church

Moran, Edward, emp rolling mill, h 813 Hatch

Moran, Ellen, domestic, 315 Lake

Moran, James, engineer D L & W R R, h 306 1/2 Crescent
Moran, James, bartender, 200 E Fifth, bds do

Moran, James F, bridge builder D L & W R R, bds Franklin Hotel

Moran, Jennie, waitress Elmira College, bds do
Moran, John, laborer, h 1352 Grand Central ave

Moran, John Jr, h 351 Norton

Moran, John T, com trav, 201 E Water, h 660 Columbia

Moran, Joseph, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 564 E Water
Moran, Julia, waitress, 224 W First

Moran, Katherine, widow James, h 554 E Clinton

Moran, Margaret, bds 813 Hatch

Moran, Margaret, waitress Hotel Langwell, bds do

Moran, Mary, bds 1352 Grand Central ave

Moran, Mary A, machine operator, bds 813 Hatch

Moran, Nellie, waitress Hotel Langwell, bds do

Moran, Patrick, fireman D L & W R R, bds 1352 Grand Central ave

Moran, Peter, carriage maker, h 603 E Church

Moran, William, blacksmith LaFrance shops, h 434 Erie

More, Warren D Rev, pastor North Presbyterian Church, h 312 Irvine pl

More see Moore

Morehouse, James W, h 957 East ave

Morell, Mary, domestic, 726 Benjamin

Morey, Andrew B, gilder, h 758 John

Morey, John, shoemaker, 367 Railroad ave, h do

Morey, William A, trainman D L & W R R, h 1203 Hall

Morey, William P, plumber, bds 758 John

Morgan, Anna D Mrs, emp W H Lovell, bds 307 William

Morgan, Charles, engineer Erie R R, h 1509 Lake

Morgan, Charles H, emp bridge works, h 304 Penna ave

Morgan, Cora, bds 304 Penna ave

Morgan, Edward B, fireman D L & W R R, h 1312 Lackawanna ave

Morgan, Edward S, engineer Steele Memorial bldg, h 552 W Washington ave

Morgan, Enoch, emp rolling mill, bds Franklin Hotel

Morgan, Fanny E, widow Eber F, h 426 Herrick
Morgan, Fay, emp Advertiser, bds 426 Herrick

Morgan, Frank H, fireman D L & W R R, h 1507 Lake

Morgan, Fred, machinist, bds 703 Lake

Morgan, George B, presser, 319 Carroll, bds 111 Main

Morgan, Goodwin H, engineer N C Ry, h 524 Jefferson

Morgan, Grace B, milliner, bds 308 College ave

Morgan, Guy B, linotype opr Advertiser, bds 426 Herrick

Morgan, Henry E, bds 552 W Washington ave

Morgan, Jacob H, engineer D L & W R R, h 156 West Side ave

Morgan, John H, h 622 Winsor ave

Morgan, Laura S, widow William T, bds 109 Harmon

Morgan, Milden, telegraph opr, h 104 Brand

Morgan, Walter W, photographer, bds 622 Winsor ave

Morgan, William, clerk, 110 Main, h 309 William

Morgan, William E, teamster, h 703 Lake

Morganstern, Lewis W, switchman Erie yard, h 662 Magee

MORIARTY, J J REV, asst rector St Mary's Church, bds 224 Franklin

Moriarty, James, clerk, 414 Carroll, h 156 W Third
Moriarty, Mary, cook, 511 Union pl

Moroney, Ella F, dressmaker, bds 864 Lake

Moroney, James C, carpenter, h 864 Lake

Moroney, Jennie, dressmaker, bds 864 Lake

Moroney see Maroney

Morell, Andrew, tailor, h 355 Railroad ave

MORELL, C E CO, hotel menus and stationery, 154 Baldwin

Morell, Louis, merchant tailor, 110 State, h 340 W Seventh
Morell, Mary, widow William, domestic D L & W Hotel

Morris, A Everett, laborer, h 13 Home

Morris, Alonzo E, shoemaker, 148 W Water, h 118 1/2 Ferris

Morris, David J, clerk rolling mill, bds 660 Main

Morris, Jerome G, laborer, h S s Penna ave n Bulkhead

Morris, John, shoemaker, 367 Railroad ave, h do

Morris, M Jane, dressmaker and boarding house, 309 1/2 W Clinton, h do

Morris, Maggie M, bds 309 1/2 W Clinton

Morris, Nelson & Co, wholesale meats, William Ruf mgr, 100 E Gray

Morris, Sarah A, emp silk mills, bds 510 E Church

Morris, Seward B, engineer, N C R R, h 539 S Main

Morris, Thomas F, mail clerk, bds Exchange Hotel

Morris, Urial, shoemaker, h 210 1/2 Maple ave

Morrison, Chester L, Rev pastor West Side Church of Christ (Disciple), h 105 Bancroft

Morrison, Eleanor C, nurse, bds 418 William

Morrison, Frank, laborer, bds 562 Beach

Morrison, Lydia, widow John, bds 112 High

Morrison, Maggie, cook, 119 Lake, bds do

Morrison, Robert J, janitor city hall, h 112 High

Morrison, Thomas J, foreman silk mill, h 316 Woodlawn ave

Morrison, William H, laborer, bds 112 High

Morrison, Bridget, bds 325 Soper
Morrissey, Delia, domestic, 129 E Chemung pl

Morrissey, John, laborer, h 325 Soper

Morrissey, John jr, emp N C R R shops, h 615 Lewis

Morrissey, Kate, bds 325 Soper

Morrissey, Katharine, domestic, bds 705 Maple ave

Morrissey, Margaret F, bds 325 Soper

Morrissey, Martin, emp Erie shops, bds 325 Soper

Morrissey, Nora, clerk, 115 E Water, bds 325 Soper

Morrissey, Patrick J, puddler, bds 325 Soper

Morrissey, Thomas J, bds 325 Soper

Morrow, Alexander P, supt Eclipse Bicycle Co, h 461 W Church

Morrow, James Edwin, student, bds 461 W Church

Morrow, Mabel F, student, bds 461 W Church

Morrow, Thomas H, Ry postal clerk, h 459 W Third

Morse, Anna M Mrs, dressmaker, rooms 319 Washington

MORSE, ELLA L, grocer, 852 Lake, h do

Morse, Frank, emp Peoples Ice Co, h 737 W First

Morse, Frank P, clerk, 852 Lake, bds do

Morse, George B, mason, h 957 E Clinton

MORSE, IDA MRS, (Morse & Co), boarding house, 107 College ave, h do

Morse, John, mason, h 665 Sullivan

Morse, John R, laundryman, h 208 Washington

Morse, Lee, brakeman D L & W R R, h 1113 Magee

Morse, Lee H, student, bds 852 Lake

Morse, Maud M, emp knitting mill, bds 1113 Magee

Morse, Nellie, student, bds 412 Tompkins

MORSE, ROSCIUS, books, stationery, &c, 313 E Water, h 210 W First

Morse, Roscius Jr, lawyer, 401 Robinson bldg, bds 210 W First

MORSE & CO, (Mrs Ida Morse and John L Sutphen) bakery, confectionery and canned goods, 107 College ave

Morse see Moss

Mortimer, John P, laborer, h 55 George

Mortimer, Robert, laborer, rooms 64 Penna ave

Moseley, George E, tinner, h 260 W Henry

Moseley, John, painter, bds Patterson House

Moseley, Maggie, bds 260 W Henry

Moses, Abram H, clerk, 402 E Water, bds 751 do

Moses, Jacob, peddler, h 751 E Water

MOSES, JOSEPH, tel opr, 150 Baldwin, bds 751 E Water
Moses, Lucina W, bds 510 Herrick

Moses, Reuben, clerk, bds 751 E Water

Moseson, Hyman, junk dealer, h 909 John

Moseson, Michael, peddler, h 122 Sullivan

Moseson, Solomon, peddler, h 815 1/2 John

Mosher, Albert J, printer, bds 377 Fulton

Mosher, Charles, laborer, h 663 Sullivan

Mosher, Charles, laborer, bds 556 Coburn

Mosher, Daniel, emp bridge works, h 569 Coburn

Mosher, Edwin A, driver Wells, Fargo & Co's Express, bds 517 Madison ave

Mosher, Frank, clerk, 300 S Main, bds 377 Fulton

Mosher, Frank E, painter and paper hanger, h 710 Davis

Mosher, Frank R, h 367 W Water

Mosher, Fred, emp Harris, McHenry & Bakery, h 108 South ave

Mosher, Fred B, driver, 244 W Water, bds 369 do

MOSHER, GEORGE, (DeWaters & Mosher), 112 State, h 471 W Water

Mosher, George E, meat market, 1206 Grand Central ave, bds 377 Fulton

Mosher, H Elizabeth, dressmaker, bds 377 Fulton

MOSHER, HUMPHREY J, (Mosher & Chapman), 208 W Water, h 624 W Water

Mosher, James E, laborer, h 535 W Hudson

Mosher, Judd W, foreman A Wyckoff & Son, h 505 W Hudson

Mosher, Katharine A, bds 377 Fulton

MOSHER, LEWIS E, lawyer Masonic Temple, h at Horseheads

Mosher, Luke, bicycle repairer, h 409 Locust

Mosher, Myron, gate tender Erie R R, h 100 W Chemung pl

Mosher, Susan C, bds 624 W Water

Mosher, William E, stenographer, 244 W Water, bds 369 do

Mosher, William H, carpenter, h 521 Balsam

MOSHER & CHAPMAN, (H J Mosher and C E Chapman), meat market, 208 W Water

Moshier, Elizabeth, widow David, bds 723 S Main

Moshier, George N, mechanic emp Eclipse bicycle works, h 723 S Main

Moss, Bertha, bds 114 Columbia

Moss, Eugene, laborer, bds 604 Jay

Moss, Frank, laborer, h 809 Railroad ave

Moss, Giles S, laborer, h 508 Perry

Moss, Harriet E, bds 114 Columbia

Moss, Harriet N, widow Reuben E, h 1149 Hoffman

Moss, Lizzie, bds 508 Perry

Moff, Nora E, bds 1149 Hoffman

Moss, R Llewellyn, farmer, bds 1149 Hoffman

MOSS, ROSWELL R, lawyer referee in bankruptcy, 210 E Water, h 114 Columbia

Moss see Morse

Moton, Myrtie B, domestic, rooms 109 W First

Moton, Sena Mrs, h 109 W First

Mott, George W, wood turner, h 383 Norton

Mourhess, Charles D, painter, h 804 Holdridge

Mowry, Delos C, driver, bds 557 E Church

Mowry, Francis C, h 108 Brand

Mowry, Fred J, lunch wagon, 338 E Water, h 428 Pleasant

MOWRY, GEORGE H, mgr Passage & Overton, 110 W Water, h 414 W Second

Mowry, Minnie, tel opr, 205 E Gray, bds 142 E Chemung pl

Mowry, Miriam, clerk, N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds 142 E Chemung pl

Mowry, Thirzah G, widow David, h 557 E Church

Moxley, James, gardener, h 302 W First

Moxley, James T, conductor, bds 302 W First

Moxley, Mary B, bds 302 W First

Moxley, Richard J, clerk, 205 W Clinton, bds 302 W First

Moxley, William F, student, bds 302 W First

MOYLAN, BRYAN, prop Franklin Hotel, 360 E Washington ave

Moylan, James P, student, bds Franklin Hotel

Moylan, William B, student, bds Franklin Hotel

Muccigrosso, Daniel, laborer, bds 352 Railroad ave

Muccigrosso, Frank, tailor, 110 W Fifth, h do

Muccigrosso, Louis D, barber, bds 110 W Fifth

Muccigrosso, Salvatore, laborer, h 907 Magee

Muccise, Razio, h 221 E Seventh

Muchler, Jeannette Mrs, bds Home for Aged

Mudge, Rollet A, driver, 306 Lake, bds do

Mudrack, August, barber, bds 652 Oak

Mudrack, Johanna, widow August, bds 652 Oak

Mueller, Robert O, teacher, h 312 Madison ave

Mueller see Miller

Mulahey, Delia A, domestic, bds 718 Benjamin

Mulcahy, Daniel, engineer N C R R, h 215 Franklin

Mulcahy, Margaret, teacher school No 3, bds 711 Southport

Mulcahy, Michael, laborer, h 711 Southport

Mulcare, Ralph R, mail carrier and leader Mulcare's orchestra, h 156 Madison ave

Muldoon, Anna, domestic, 300 W Church

Muldoon, Frank, emp La France shops, bds 114 W Miller

Muldoon, Josephine, bds 137 E Hudson

Mulford, Sarah J Mrs, bds 364 W Clinton

Mulhall, Margaret, widow William, h 554 S Main

Mulinare, Michael, laborer, bds 912 Magee

Mullaley, Mary, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 367 W Sixth

Mullaney, Anastatia, teacher school No 8, bds 409 Grove

Mullaney, Catharine J, dressmaker, bds 409 Grove

Mullaney, David, trav salesman, 121 E Second, h 409 Grove

Mullaney, Elizabeth A, dressmaker, bds 409 Grove

MULLIGAN CYCLONE LINIMENT CO, E H Mulligan pres, J B Stanchfield vice-pres, G W Buck secy and treas, 633 W Church

MULLIGAN, EDWARD H, pres Mulligan Cyclone Liniment Co, 633 W Church, h 613 do

Mulligan, Michael, switchman D L & W R R, bds 724 Benjamin

Mullins, Katie, domestic, 957 Lake

Mullins, Mary, housekeeper, 804 Johnson

Mullins, Patrick J, carpenter, h 804 Johnson

Mullock, Theodore, com trav, h 1010 Oak

Mulready, James, tanner, bds 110 E Hudson

Mulready, Mary, bds 110 E Hudson

Mulready, Patrick, laborer, h 110 E Hudson

Mulvihill, Mary, domestic, 109 W Market

Munder, Harry, baker, 210 E Water, bds 117 W Water

MUNGER, R DeWITT REV A M. D D, presiding elder Elmira district M E Church, h 213 Columbia

Mungovan, Hanora, widow Anthony, h 380 W Third

Mungovan, James, h 422 W Second

Mungovan, Katherine, teacher school No 1, bds 380 W Third

Munn, Augusta, widow Horace, bds 456 Franklin

Munn, Jessie G, domestic, 718 Dickinson

Munn, John L, moulder, h 613 Hart

Munroe, John T, foreman Erie car shops, h 617 Magee

Munroe see Monroe

Munsell, Charles C, engineer N C Ry, h 513 Jefferson

Munsey, Nellie, chambermaid Elmira House

Munson, J Amelia, h 308 Columbia

Munson, Lydia, h 112 W First

Murdoch, Elizabeth, widow John, h 306 W Gray

Murdock, Bertha, emp silk mill, bds 372 Reformatory

Murdock, Herbert L, stenographer Court House Annex, h 700 W First

Murdock, Milton L, emp N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, h 518 Roe ave

Murdock, Nathan N, bds 319 Railroad ave

Murdock, Sarah N, widow Luther N, bds 713 Main

Murgatroyd, Ole J, butcher, h 613 Mt Zoar

Murnane, Daniel, emp N C Ry shops, h 711 Delaware

Murphey, Thomas, cigars, tobacco and news, Hotel Lanwell, h 204 W Henry

Murphy, Agnes, bds 519 Logan

Murphy, Albert H, emp N C Ry, 467 1/2 Franklin

Murphy, Anna, domestic, 612 W Water

Murphy, Bridget, widow Thomas, h 103 E Miller

Murphy, Catharine, bds 857 Lake

Murphy, Catharine, bds 419 Logan

Murphy, Catharine, domestic, 523 W Church

Murphy, Charles A, drayman, h 315 Sullivan

Murphy, Charles F, brakeman D L & W R R, h 801 Lake

MURPHY, CHARLES W, mgr Murphy coal yard, 104 Partridge, bds 313 West ave
Murphy, Daniel, com trav, h 522 W Clinton

Murphy, Daniel, conductor E & H R R, bds 507 E Water

Murphy, Daniel F, h 418 S Main

Murphy, Daniel P, student, bds 160 W Clinton

Murphy, Dennis, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 825 Lincoln

Murphy, Eleanor, widow Patrick, h 805 Davis

Murphy, Eliza A, caterer, bds 215 E Miller

Murphy, Elizabeth Mrs, saloon, 105 E Miller, h do

Murphy, Ellen, widow Daniel, h 960 Main

Murphy, Ellen, widow Michael, h 857 Lake

Murphy, Emma C, bds 315 Sullivan

Murphy, Florilla H Mrs, h 609 Davis

Murphy, Frances, dressmaker, bds 507 E Water

Murphy, Francis D, student, bds 511 Davis

Murphy, Frank P, cutter J W Carroll & Sons, h 323 W Clinton

Murphy, Fred W, driver, bds 609 Davis

Murphy, Frederick A, drayman, h 701 E Church

Murphy, George H, asst foreman round house N C Ry, h 113 W LaFrance

Murphy, Harley G, clerk, 125 Lake, bds 110 Fox

Murphy, Harry, broom maker, 860 Main, h do

MURPHY, HARRY, clerk, 104 Partridge, bds 313 West ave

Murphy, Henry F, clerk Erie freight office, bds 160 W Clinton

MURPHY, HENRY T, (Murphy & McNally), 110 Main, h 557 E Second

Murphy, Hugh F, emp D L & W R R, bds 306 Crescent

Murphy, James, emp N C Ry shops, bds 207 South ave

Murphy, James, emp bridge works, bds 103 E Miller

Murphy, James, signal corps U S army, bds 519 Logan

Murphy, James, emp West Side R R, h 1110 Magee
Murphy, James E, sexton Centenary M E Church, h 410 Locust

Murphy, James H, gardener, h 602 W Hudson

Murphy, Jeremiah, barber, bds 416 Dewitt ave

Murphy, Jeremiah, barber, 362 E Washington ave, bds Third cor High

Murphy, Jeremiah J, carpenter, h 215 E Miller

Murphy, Jeremiah P, carpenter, h 511 Davis

Murphy, John, bds 268 W Hudson

Murphy, John, tel messenger, 150 Baldwin, bds 105 E Miller

Murphy, John D, fireman Erie R R, bds 160 W Clinton

Murphy, John H, shoemaker, 763 E Washington ave, h do

Murphy, John J, boilermaker, h 915 Magee

Murphy, John P, laborer, h Grant

Murphy, John W, pressman Gazette, bds 519 Logan

Murphy, Julia S, music teacher, bds 215 E Miller

Murphy, Kate, domestic, 111 College ave

Murphy, Louise, stenographer, 510 Robinson bldg, bds 522 1/2 W Clinton

Murphy, Luella, emp Lovell's shirt factory, bds 965 E Clinton

Murphy, Lydia A, widow Frank, h 965 E Clinton

Murphy, M Agnes, music teacher, bds 522 W Clinton

Murphy, Margaret, cook Rathbun House

Murphy, Margaret, bds 519 Logan

Murphy, Margaret, dressmaker, h 507 E Water

Murphy, Margaret J, dressmaker, bds 459 Sullivan

Murphy, Marie E, domestic, 711 W Gray

Murphy, Martin, yardman, 352 Main

MURPHY, MARTIN H, vice-pres Kelly-Keeffee Shoe Co, 108 W Water, also real estate, 118 Lake, h 664 College ave

Murphy, Mary, bds 716 Johnson

Murphy, Mary, h 416 Carroll

Murphy, Mary, domestic, 400 Lake

Murphy, Mary, bds 857 Lake

Murphy, Mary, widow Dennis, h 160 W Clinton

Murphy, Mary A, bds 519 Logan

Murphy, Mary E, dressmaker, bds 215 E Miller

Murphy, Mary E, stenographer, 118 E Water, bds 810 Johnson

Murphy, Mary F, h 459 Sullivan

Murphy, Mary J, widow James, h 705 E Second

Murphy, Michael, teamster, h 323 Webber place

Murphy, Michael, florist, bds 519 Logan

Murphy, Michael, carpenter, h 401 Sullivan

Murphy, Michael, moulder, bds 716 Johnson

Murphy, Michael D, carpenter, h 825 Lincoln

Murphy, Michael H, night opr & ticket clerk, h 857 Lake

Murphy, Miles, stonecutter, h 519 Logan

Murphy, Minnie A, teacher school No 5, bds 511 Davis

Murphy, Nellie, waitress, bds 103 E Miller

Murphy, Nellie M, dressmaker, bds 609 Davis

Murphy, Nickolas, polisher, bds American House

Murphy, Patrick, emp N C Ry, bds 230 O'Gorman

Murphy, Peter, bookkeeper, h 416 Carroll

Murphy, Peter C, painter, h 810 Johnson

Murphy, Phillip G, tel opr N C R R, bds 860 Main

Murphy, Ralph, laborer, bds 211 Dewitt ave

Murphy, Rose M, emp Elmira Knitting Mill, bds 805 Davis

Murphy, Simon F, laborer, h 105 E Miller

Murphy, Susan C, bds 965 E Clinton

Murphy, Thomas, emp Bundy Lamp Co, bds 716 Johnson

Murphy, Thomas F, keeper N Y S Reformatory, bds 324 W Seventh

Murphy, Timothy, laborer, h 716 Johnson

Murphy, Timothy, watchman, h 416 Dewitt ave

Murphy, Timothy, emp N C R R freight house, bds 619 Lewis

Murphy, Truman J, trav pass agt, P R R, h 502 W Clinton

Murphy, William, linotype opr, bds 507 E Water

Murphy, William, asst yardmaster Erie R R, h 318 W Seventh

Murphy, William, emp N C R R shops, bds 619 Lewis

Murphy, William, clerk, 101 E Water, bds 519 Logan

Murphy, William, cigarmaker, bds 716 Johnson

MURPHY, WILLIAM J, coal and wood, 104 Partridge, conductor N C Ry, h 313 West ave

Murphy, William M, blacksmith D L & W R R, h 808 Lincoln

Murphy, William P, laborer, bds 459 Sullivan

Murphy, William T, motorman E & H R R, bds 103 E Miller

MURPHY & McNALLY, (H T Murphy and J R McNally), bakers, 110-112 Main

Murray, Alfred, machinist, h 415 Jefferson

Murray, Anna M, h 308 Columbia

Murray, Annie E, tailoress, bds 223 W Miller

Murray, Catherine, emp cigar shop, bds 314 High

Murray, Charles S, engraver, 215 E Water, bds 730 Copley

Murray, Dennis, patrolman, h 426 Erie

Murray, Edward B, carpenter, h 420 Fulton

Murray, Ella T, bds 217 Orchard

Murray, Frank, upholsterer, bds 415 Jefferson

Murray, George, laborer, h 125 W Water

Murray, George B, clerk Erie R R shops, bds 1217 Hall

Murray, George R, emp bridge works, bds 1314 Lake

Murray, Henry, saloon, 600 Baldwin, h do

Murray, Henry T, laborer, h 710 German

Murray, Horace, boilermaker, bds 418 Fulton

Murray, Hyland B, patrolman, h 1318 1/2 Lake

Murray, James, h 223 W Miller

Murray, James, cigarmaker, bds 751 Linden pl

Murray, James P, machinist, bds 217 Orchard

Murray, Jennie, bds 751 Linden pl

Murray, Jennie, bds 223 W Miller

Murray, John, lawyer, bds 93 Liberty

Murray, John, fireman, h 1410 Baldwin

Murray, John J, emp N C Ry shops, h 211 W Miller

Murray, John L, emp rolling mill, bds 655 Lake

Murray, Kate T, nurse, bds 655 Lake
Murray, Katharine, tailoress, bds 93 Liberty

Murray, Laurence, collector, h 217 Orchard

Murray, Laurence E, conductor West Side R R, bds 217 Orchard

Murray, Lawrence J, barber, 200 E Fifth, bds 655 Lake

Murray, Libbie G, bds 1217 Hall

Murray, Maggie, domestic, 300 Maple ave

Murray, Margaret C, housekeeper, 655 Lake

Murray, Mary, 414 W Church

Murray, Mary, domestic, 600 E Church

Murray, Mary, widow Thomas, bds 600 Baldwin

Murray, Mary A Mrs, bds 415 Jefferson

Murray, Mary A, widow Patrick, h 304 High

Murray, Mary F, cigarmaker, bds 223 W Miller

Murray, Matilda, widow Alexander, h 418 Fulton

Murray, Michael, h 93 Liberty

Murray, Michael Jr, mason, bds 93 Liberty

Murray, Mildred, bds 1314 Lake

Murray, Patrick, (Swan & Murray), h 864 Magee

Murray, Patrick, switchtender Erie R R, bds 513 College ave

Murray, Patrick L, emp N C Ry shops, h 5 Burdick

Murray, Sarah, widow Theodore J, h 1314 Lake

Murray, Silas H F, cigarmaker, bds 217 Orchard

Murray, Theron L, machinist, h 1217 Hall

Murray, Thomas, mason, h 364 W Third

Murray, Thomas, clerk, 117 E Water, bds 217 Orchard

Murray, Thomas H, bricklayer, bds 864 Magee

Murray, Walter, laborer, h 751 Linden pl

Murray, Walter G, butcher, bds 415 Jefferson

Murray, Walter S, moulder, h 228 W Miller

Murray, William, laborer, bds 609 Lake

Murray, William (Murray & Flannery), h 507 Railroad ave

Murray, William H, fireman, bds 111 E Hudson

Murray, William H, templet maker, h 730 Copley

Murray & Flannery, (William M & Martin J F), saloon, 507 Railroad ave

Murtagh, Mary, domestic, 235 Lake

Murtaugh, James J, clerk, bds 400 S Broadway

Murtaugh, John F, lawyer, 334 E Water, bds 400 S Broadway

Murtaugh, Julia G, student, bds 400 S Broadway

Murtaugh, Maria, widow Michael, h 400 S Broadway

Murtaugh, Mary A, student, bds 400 S Broadway

MURTAUGH, PATRICK, grocer and liquor dealer, 400 S Broadway, h do

Murthy, Harry S, broom maker, h 860 Magee

Murthy, Philip G, telegraph operator, bds 860 Magee

Musanta, Lazarus, confectionery, 433 Railroad ave, h 611 Magee

Musante, Bartholomew, fruit store, bds 602 Magee

Mutschler, Joseph N, carpenter, h 359 Riverside ave

Mutschler, Louis A, buyer for John Brand & Co, h 450 Riverside ave

Mutschler, William, buyer for John Brand & Co, h Riverside ave

MUTUAL MERCANTILE AGENCY, O C Buck mgr, 510 Robinson bldg

Myer, Thomas E, agent The Provident Life & Trust Co, 405 Robinson bldg, h 900 1/2 W Gray bey limits

Myer see Meyer

Myers, Anna L, bds 806 E Market

Myers, Charles, furniture finisher, bds 806 E Market

Myers, Charley, emp silk mill, bds 1331 College ave

Myers, Fred, laborer, h 905 E Church

Myers, Henry E, carpenter, h 111 Sullivan

Myers, Ida M, widow Frank, shoe cutter, h 508 College ave

Myers, Jane, widow George, bds 161 Washington

Myers, John, engineer, 413 E Water, h 806 E Market

Myers, John H, conductor E & H R R, bds 806 E Market

Myers, Josephine, laundress, 112 E Water

Myers, Martin B, emp bridge works, h 211 Home

Myers, Peter E, barber, bds 2 Main st bridge

Myers, Thaddeus W, furniture finisher, h 316 Orchard