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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Walsh, Anna Bell, bds 427 Railroad ave

Walsh, Emma, widow Michael, h r 608 E Third

Walsh, Harriet, widow William, bds 106 South ave

Walsh, James, polisher, h 217 W Third

Walsh, James W, emp bridge works, h 53 Keefe

Walsh, John J, sewer inspector, h 1209 Grand Central ave

Walsh, John T, conductor D L & W R R, h 707 Carpenter

Walsh, John W, emp bridge works, bds r 608 E Third

Walsh, Kate, domestic 410 W Gray

Walsh, Lewis S, emp tannery, bds r 608 E Third

Walsh, Margaret T, milliner 130 E Water, h do

Walsh, Martin A, conductor D L & W R R, h 915 Lake

Walsh, Mary, widow John, h 359 Railroad ave

Walsh, Mary A, dressmaker, h 655 ½ College ave

Walsh, Michael, h 130 E Water

Walsh, Michael J, sidewalk contractor, h 408 Fulton

Walsh, Patrick J, hotel 425 and 427 Railroad ave h do

Walsh, Richard F, emp bridge works, bds 608 E Third

Walsh, Robert F, com trav 201 E Water, bds 130 do

Walsh, Thomas, saloon 359 Railroad ave, h do

Walsh, Thomas, janitor A O Hospital, bds do

Walsh, William J, bookkeeper 201 E Water, bds 130 do

Walsh see Welch and Welsh

Walster, Conrad O, janitor First Baptist Church, h 951 Johnson

Walster, Elizabeth, widow Joseph, bds 951 Johnson

Walster, Frank W, clerk 301 E Water, bds 951 Johnson

Walster, George, clerk, bds 951 Johnson

WALTER, ALVIN A, mgr Elmira Paper Co 120 W Water, h 707 E Water

WALTER, KATE E, Elmira China Co 120 W Water, h 707 E Water

Walter, Samuel, baker Rathbun House, bds do

Walters, Ada D, bookkeeper 857 Magee, bds 259 Partridge

Walters, Daisy, domestic, bds 402 ½ Sullivan

Walters, William H, emp Erie shops, bds 350 W Fourth

WALTZ, ORMAN H, (Considine & Waltz) 323 Carroll, bds 316 W Gray

Walzer, Mary A, widow Peter N, bds 304 W Water

WALZER, PETER H, merchant trailor 302 E Water, h 518 William

Wanamaker, Jennie J, school teacher, bds 738 W First

WANAMAKER, LIZZIE N, agt "Our Native Herbs" 738 W First, h do (See adv next page)

Wanamaker, Manning F, cattle buyer, h 813 W Gray

Wanamaker, Simpson, carpenter, h 609 E Church

Wanamaker, W Lewis, student, bds 738 W First

Wands, Garnard, tobacco sorter, h 556 Coburn


Wandtcar, Ezra H, deliverman Standard Oil Co Elmira Oil works, h 960 Oak

Ward, Alice E, bds 446 W Clinton

Ward, Frederick, clerk 320 Carroll, h East ave bey limits

Ward, Frederick J, trav salesman, h 446 W Clinton

Ward, George A, shoemaker, bds 223 Gregg

Ward, George W, bookkeeper The Doane & Jones Lumber Co h 223 Gregg

WARD, JAMES N, lawyer, secy Chemung Valley Mutual loan Association 153 Lake, h 311 W Church

Ward, John J, carpenter D L & W R R, h 405 Crescent

Ward, Milton C, engineer N C Ry, h 625 Penna ave

Ward, Robert, check boy 301 E Water, bds 446 W Clinton

Ward, Sarah J Mrs, domestic 858 Lake

Ward, William, h 916 Grand Central ave

Ward, William A, stone dealer 108 W Church and 413 E Water, h East ave outside limits

Warde, Lina, bds 125 Horner

Warde, Mabel, bds 125 Horner

Ware, George, machinist, h 150 W LaFrance

Ware, John S, blacksmith, h 130 E Water

Ware, W Harry, iron worker, bds 905 Lake

Waring, George E, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1200 Lackawanna ave

Warlick, Reinhold I, music teacher, bds 406 Union pl

Warne, Cornelius, carpenter, h 630 Lewis

Warner, Adolphus, engineer rolling mill, h 669 Lake

WARNER, AUGUSTUS J, pres Warner’s Business and Shorthand School 219 W Gray, h 217 do (See adv inside front cover)

Warner, Blanche, dressmaker, bds 321 Division

Warner, E A & Son, (EJ) grocers, 642 W Water

Warner, Edwin A, (E A Warner & Son) 642 W Water, h do

Warner, Edwin J, (E A Warner & Son) 642 W Water, bds do

Warner, Frank, emp D L & W shops, h 321 Division

Warner, Fred L, machinist, h 801 W Water

Warner, Herbert E, h 811 W Water


Warner, Jacob, clerk, h 314 Roe ave

Warner, Mary, widow Reuben, bds 1022 Lake

Warner, Mary J, widow Robert M, bds 801 W Water

Warner, Nellie, domestic, 514 W Clinton

Warner, Ruth, bds 321 Division

WARNER, SHERRY A, principal business dept Warner’s Business and Shorthand School 219 W Gray, bds 376 W Water

Warner, William, brakeman Erie R R, h 625 Lake

WARNER’S BUSINESS AND SHORTHAND SCHOOL, A J Warner pres, 219 W Gray (See adv inside front cover)

WARNOCK, JOHN C, (Warnock & O’Shea) 137 E Water, h 310 ½ W First

Warnock, William H, com trav, h 357 Euclid ave

WARNOCK & O’SHEA, (J C Warnock and C W O’Shea) boots and shoes, 137 E Water

Warr, Thomas, silk weaver, bds 115 West side ave

Warren, Anna E, widow Archie J, h 367 W Clinton

Warren, Elizabeth Mrs, bds 204 High

Warren, Ellen R, widow Stephen N, h 204 High

Warren, Emily, widow Freeman, h 220 High

Warren, George, laborer, bds Hotel Klondike

Warren, George H, student, bds 554 Coburn

Warren, Inzie, bookkeeper 201 E Water, bds 204 High

Warren, John S, com trav, rooms 410 E Church

Warren, Lena F, clerk 132 W Water, bds 552 Coburn

Warren, Leon A, clerk 126 Lake, bds 367 W Clinton

Warren, Lillian, emp hosiery factory, bds 220 High

Warren, Orson, prin school No 1, h 308 W Fifth

Warren, Richard P, painter, h 207 Rathbun

Warwick, David A, laborer, bds 379 Diven ave

Washburn, Charles A, fireman N C Ry, h 738 Laurel

Washington, Esther, widow Hiram, bds 616 Dickinson

Washington, George, laborer, h 108 Partridge

Washington, Henry, barber, 129 S Main, h 658 Dickinson

Washington, Henry C Jr, barber, bds 658 Dickinson

Washington, Irene, domestic, 959 College ave

Wasson, Charles W, prin school No 9, h 480 South ave

Waterhouse, Jennie R, bds 660 Main

Waterhouse, Mary G, stenographer R G Dun & Co, bds 660 Main

Waterhouse, Mary J, widow John, h 660 Main

Waterman, George, inspector, bds 617 Lake

Waters, Charles, machinist, h 166 Boardman

Waters, Charles H, brakeman D L & W R R, h 450 Reformatory

Waters, Charles R, painter, h 705 Tuttle ave


Waters, George W, artist, 313 E Water, h 360 W First

Waters, George W Jr, bds 360 W First

Waters, Jean, artist, bds 360 W First

Waters, Joseph H, mattress maker, bds 565 John

Waters, Lizzie, domestic 902 W Water

Waters, Mabel, artist, bds 360 W First

Waters, Martin, emp rolling mill, h 758 Jay

Waters, Thomas, grocer 565 John, h do

Watkins, Albert F, laborer, bds 361 Norton

Watkins, Hattie, dressmaker, bds 361 Norton

Watkins, Jessie M M, student, bds 712 German

Watkins, Lillian B Mrs, dressmaker 623 Penna ave

Watkins, Samuel, laborer, h 756 Pattinson

Watkins, Seely D, teamster, bds 756 Pattinson

Watkins, Stephen, driver Truck No 1, h 361 Norton

Watkins, William B, emp bridge works, h 623 Penna ave

Watrous, Alice M, canvasser, bds 613 E Second

Watrous, John A, h 222 Baldwin

Watrous, Thomas A, inventor, h 613 E Second

Watrous, Thomas S, carriage trimmer, h 705 College ave

Watson, Andrew J, bds 216 Madison ave

Watson, Avilla F Mrs, h 802 Madison ave

Watson, Clara L, widow Henry, bds 220 W Gray

Watson, Edward, milk dealer, h 558 E Water

Watson, James, bartender 810 Madison ave, bds do

Watson, John J, teamster, h 118 W Seventh

Watson, Mary, bds 118 W Seventh

Watson, Ray, bds 614 Baldwin

Watts, Berton, laborer, h 220 W Third

Watts, Daniel, laborer, bds 105 E Market

Watts, James F, patrolman, h 868 Main

Watts, John, machinist, bds 406 Sullivan

Watts, John R, foreman composing room Gazette, h 116 Lormore

Watts, John R Jr, musician, bds 116 Lormore

Watts, John T, laborer, bds 406 Sullivan

Watts, Richard S, student, bds 116 Lormore

Watts, Stephen, night foreman N C Ry shops, h 115 W Henry

Watts, Stephen H, switchman D L & W R R, bds 923 Lake

Watts, William D, machinist, bds 106 Madison ave

Waugh, Elizabeth R, widow John, h 217 W Second

Waxman, Barney, pawnbroker 116 E Water, h 116 Washington

Way, Herbert C, bds 316 Lake

Weaver, Catherine, widow Jacob, bds 607 S Main

Weaver, Elvin D, car repairer, h 305 Tuttle ave

Weaver, Emily R, bds 103 S Main


Weaver, Emmett, emp Erie R R, h 907 E Church

Weaver, Fenton B, insurance agent 207 Robinson bldg, h 533 W Water

Weaver, Francis M, city express, h 550 ½ Spaulding

Weaver, Frank S, fireman D L & W R R, h 1311 Grand Central ave

Weaver, Franklin R, meat cutter 66 Penna ave, h r 119 Caldwell ave

Weaver, Fred W, bookkeeper, rooms 515 W Third

Weaver, George E, ladies’ tailor 163 Baldwin, h 118 College ave

Weaver, Harry L, weighmaster N C Ry yardmaster’s office, bds 521 Herrick

Weaver, Helen M, teacher school No 9 bds 521 Herrick

Weaver, Lloyd, student, bds 521 Herrick

Weaver, Margaret R, widow Peter C, bds 201 Sly

Weaver, Myrtie, bds 303 Tuttle ave

Weaver, Richard H, laborer, h 1263 Hoffman

Weaver, Samuel J, machinist N C Ry, h 521 Herrick

Weaver, Sidney J, emp N C Ry shops, h 607 S Main

Weaver, Stephen E, teamster, h 303 Tuttle ave

Weaver, William W, fireman D L & W R R, h 1501 Lake

Webb, Amelia S, widow William, h 323 W Clinton

Webb, Clarence C, carpenter, bds 358 Lyon

Webb, Frank, bartender 122 W Water, h 208 Dewitt ave

WEBB, G F MRS, restaurant 1 and 2 Main St bridge, h do

Webb, George F, farmer, h 2 Main St bridge

Webb, Henry A, restaurant 119 Lake, h do

Webb, Louise C, bds 323 W Clinton

Webb, Myra L, widow Mortimer T, h 501 William

Webb, Richard, machinist, h 1206 Davis

Webb, Sarah R, teacher school No 4, bds 321 Irvine pl

Webber, Glenn, carriage painter, bds 310 ½ W Fourth

Webber, Harriet M, widow Lucian, nurse, h 700 Perine

Webber, Harry K, solicitor N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, h 502 Columbia

Weber, Donat, laborer, 355 E Fourth

Weber, Peter, (Weber & Co) 435 E Water, h 753 E Market

Weber, William, fireman D L & W R, h 708 ½ Linden pl

Weber & Co, (P and V Weber and R Schuh) cigar manufs 435 E Water

Webster, Daniel, grocer 311 E Fifth, h 522 Baldwin

Webster, Della Mrs, dressmaker, 556 John

Webster, Hulbert B, canvasser, h 556 John

Webster, Martha, widow Francis, weaver, h 1216 Baldwin

Webster, Otis A, salesman 100 E Gray, h 628 William

Webster, Ralph D, purchasing agt Eclipse Bicycle Co, h 416 Grove


Weed, Amelia, widow Edward, dressmaker, bds 708 W Gray

Weed, David L, section hand D L & W R R, h 759 ½ E Fifth

Weed, William R, brakeman D L & W R R, h 968 Oak

Weeks, Albert C, drayman, bds 702 E Market

Weeks, Charles R, clerk 126 W Water, bds 702 E Market

Weeks, Ella Mrs, clerk, bds 308 S Main

Weeks, Ernest J, lunch wagon E Water cor Lake and 413 Railroad ave, rooms Frasier House

Weeks, Frank W, shipping clerk, h 704 E Market

Weeks, Lottie E, bds 702 E Market

Weeks, Mary, widow Chauncey, h 702 E Market

Wegner, Henry C, musician, h 50 Orchard

Wehnes, Catherine, groceries 356 E Washington ave, h do

Weick, Frederick, bds 152 ½ Madison ave

Weick, William F, reporter Star, bds 152 ½ Madison ave

Weider, Minnie, bds West End Hotel

Weigel, Arthur, painter, h 903 E Market

Weigester, Robert G, organist First Baptist church, h 725 W Water

Weiner, Moses, peddler, h 761 John

Weinstein, Morris, grocer 551 E Second, h do

Weir, John, gardner, h 112 Luce

Weisburg, Jacob, peddler, bds 166 Harriet

Weise, August, laborer, h 704 German

Weisleder, George, machinist, h 907 Lincoln

Weiss, Augustus, tel messenger 150 Baldwin, bds 615 E Third

Weiss, Frank Mrs, h 615 E Third

Welch, Addie Mrs, h 407 Railroad ave

Welch, Burt, liveryman, h 411 W Sixth

Welch, Catherine, widow Morris, h 301 W Henry

Welch, Ellen, cook W Water bey limits

Welch, George, telegrapher, bds 923 Lake

Welch, James, cigarmaker, bds 301 E Henry

Welch, James K, laborer, h 104 Front

Welch, John E, engineer, h 406 W First

Welch, Margaret, clerk, bds 406 W First

Welch, Mary E, emp Elmira knitting mill, bds 104 Front

WELCH, ROSS E, law student 307 Robinson bldg, bds 411 W Sixth

Welch, W George, telegrapher, bds 923 Lake

Welch see Walsh and Welsh

Weldner, Catharine, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 307 E Second

Weldner, Fred E, engineer N C Ry, h 453 South ave

Weldner, George, shoemaker, bds 55 Monroe

Weldner, Henry J, plumber, steam and gas fitter, 221 S Main h 104 W Chemung pl


Welhaf, Eva, bds 253 Warren

Welhaf, Lizzie, emp silk mill, bds 253 Warren

Welker, Frank H, engineer D L & W R R, bds 1201 Lake

Weller, Merilda, widow Jacob, bds 320 S Broadway

Weller, Jerome, laborer, bds 217 Judson

Welles, Mary, widow Matthias H, h 861 College ave

Welles, Sarah Mrs, h 217 Judson

Welles see Wells

Welling, Elizabeth W, bds 408 William

Welling, John L, clerk 119 E Water, h 214 W First

Wells, Alda M, bds 115 Sly

Wells, Antoinette, bds 510 William

Wells, Bert, stenographer John N Stearns & Co

Wells, Bertha O, clerk, bds 382 W Water

Wells, Catharine, tobacco sorter, bds 506 John

Wells, Charles E, laborer, h 358 E Fifth

Wells, Charles E, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 213 Caldwell ave

Wells, Escourt C, meat cutter 204 Penna ave, bds 608 E Miller

WELLS FARGO & CO’S EXPRESS, S D Germond agt, 121 Baldwin

Wells, Frederick M, foreman bridge works, h 115 Sly

WELLS, H D MRS, florist 382 W Water, h do

WELLS, H MARVIN, asst mgr Standard Oil Co, Elmira Oil Works, h 510 William

Wells, Harriet M, bds 510 William

Wells, Harry, check boy, bds 217 Judson

Wells, Henry A, com trav, bds 510 Grove

Wells, Horace D, h 382 W Water

Wells, Ira, clerk 139 E Water, h 510 Grove

WELLS, JAMES H, painter & paper hanger 224 William, h 509 Madison ave (see adv)

Wells, Jennie A Mrs, h 107 E Church

Wells, Jerome, emp Hotel Rathbun, bds 217 Judson

Wells, Maria, widow Henry F, rooms 415 Main

Wells, Sarah A, widow Jonas H, bds 509 Madison ave

Wells, Thomas B, clerk 301 E Water, bds 382 W Water

Wells, William O, clerk 110 State, h 206 Grove

Wells see Welles

Wellson, Francis J, machine opr, bds 511 College ave

Wellson, Georgia A, widow Henry B, h 511 College ave

Wellson, Maude, stenographer, bds 511 College ave

Welsh, Adriana M, housekeeper 101 Rose pl

Welsh, Agnes, clerk, h r 655 College ave

Welsh, Anna, bds 809 Johnson

Welsh, Frank B, mason, bds 103 Rose pl


Welsh, Honie h r 655 College ave

Welsh, James K, laborer, h 104 Front

Welsh, John E, mason, h 103 Rose pl

Welsh, Kate, domestic, h r 655 College ave

Welsh, Margaret, clerk 115 E Water, bds 406 W First

Welsh, Mary, emp knitting mill, bds 104 Front

Welsh, Mary, clerk 115 E Water, bds 655 ½ College ave

Welsh, Mary, cook 515 Railroad ave

Welsh, Mary E, dressmaker, bds 104 Front

Welsh, Thomas, barber, h 516 Dewitt ave

Welsh, William L, bds 706 Benjamin

Welsh see Walsh and Welch

WELTON, EUGENE E, dyer & cleaner 319 Carroll, h 207 E Gray

Wemple, Archie, candy maker, h 807 Lake

Wemple, Bertha, bds 807 Lake

Wemple, Edgar W, foreman Clipper Chilled Plow Co, h 651 Lake

Wemple, Elizabeth, bds 807 Lake

Wemple, Mary Mrs, boarding h 807 Lake

Wendling, Sarah E, widow John H, h 1010 Hoffman

Wentworth, John B, law clerk 502 Robinson bldg, bds 614 Park pl

Wentz, Christina, widow Peter, bds 619 Penna ave

Wentz, William F, emp bridge works, h 125 Horner

Wentz, William F, (Jacob & Wentz) h 1 Harmon

Wenzel, Catharine, widow Simon, bds 731 Winsor ave

Wenzel, Peter, florist, h 731 Winsor ave

Werdein, John A, carpenter, h 800 ½ Oak


WERDENBERG, ANDREW F, clothing, hats, caps and men’s furnishings 200 W Water cor Main, h 353 W Clinton

Were, George C, emp La France shops, h 150 W La France

Werner, George, painter, bds 724 Benjamin

Werner, Hirsh, teacher of languages, h 112 Sullivan

Wertman, Frank C, flagman N C Ry, h 403 S Main

Wescott, Alfred A, supt Bundy Lamp Co, h 355 ½ W Clinton

Wescott, Bailey S, machinist, bds Buckbee House

Wescott see Westcott

Wesley, Charles, musician, h 656 Baldwin

WEST, AA, druggist 867 Lake, h 409 Linden pl

West, Belle, h 315 Carroll

West, Calvin L, guard Reformatory, h 233 ½ Kingsbury ave

West, Charles H, bookbinder, bds 213 Sullivan

West, Charles H, teamster, h 112 E Chemung pl

West, Elbert F, undertaker, bds 360 Pomeroy pl

West, Emma, widow Charles, h 213 Sullivan

West End Hotel, W H Newell propr, 232-234 W Water

West, Frederic A, druggist 1134 Lake, bds 409 Linden pl

West, Harry, bookkeeper, h 102 Tuttle ave opp tannery

West, Ida L, widow Joseph, bds 356 E Fourth

West, Louise J, bds 213 Sullivan

West, Lula, emp silk mill, bds 102 Tuttle ave opp tannery

WEST SIDE CARPET CLEANER, W A Neish & Co proprs, 710 W Second (See adv page)

WEST SIDE RAILROAD COMPANY, C M Tompkins pres, H H Hallock treas, Platt V Bryan secy, W W Cole genl mgr 120 E Water

WEST WATER STREET RAILROAD CO, Carl G Rasmus pres, J M Diven secy and treas, Charles F Uebelacker genl mgr, 2d floor Realty bldg

Westbrook, Ann, dressmaker, h 215 Mt Zoar

Westbrook, Charles B, plumber, h 357 ½ W Second

Westbrook, John O, com trav 117 E Water, h 111 Magnolia

Westbrook, Louise, Widow Elmer, h 110 Ferris

Westbrook, Margaret J, widow Sanford, h 913 Grand Central ave

Westbrook, Mary, widow Jacob, bds 1201 Lake

Westbrook, Walter R, com trav, h 373 W Clinton

Westcott, Edith M, agent, bds 808 Holdridge

Westcott, Lila C, bds 959 College ave

Westcott see Wescott

WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH CO Wilmot H Owen mgr, 150 Baldwin

Westervelt, Edwin, brakeman N C Ry, h 410 ½ Jefferson

Westervelt, Eliza, widow James C, bds 553 Grove


Westervelt, James C, clerk 119 Hoffman, h 1006 Walnut

Westervelt, Reuben, switchboard man 160 Exchange pl, h 553 Grove

Westlake, Adella A, widow Arthur M, h 401 Columbia

Westlake, Frederick E, supt 121 Railroad ave, h 371 W Church

Westlake, Marguerite, student, bds 401 Columbia

Weston, Franklin F, mgr sales Eclipse Bicycle Co, h 510 W Gray

Weston, Katie, h 113 W Water

Wetherbee, Harry D, agent, h 762 Linden pl

WEY, HAMILTON D, physician and surgeon 359 Main, h do, office hours 1 to 3 and 7 to 9 pm

Weyer, Dora M, bds 517 William

WEYER, GEORGE P, grocer and postmaster Penna ave cor S Broadway, h do

WEYER, J PHILIP, (J Philip Weyer & Co) E Church, h 517 William

WEYER, J PHILIP & CO, brick manufrs E Church n D L & W R R

Weyer, Julia P, bds 517 William

Weyer, Laura E, bds 517 William

Weyman, Maud, h 301 E Market

Whalen, Frank, engineer D L & W R R, h 1024 ½ Oak

Whalen, Hannah Mrs, bds 459 W Third

Whalen, James, fireman D L & W R R, h 956 Oak

Whalen, Michael, engineer D L & W R R, h 415 Standish

Whalen, Rosina, widow John, domestic 311 Washington

Wheadon, Charles F, (Barton & Wheadon) 318 E Market, h 368 W First

Wheadon, Fannie, housekeeper 368 W First

Wheadon, Max H, bookkeeper 318 E Market, bds 368 W First

Wheat, Gabriel C, jeweler, h 114 Dewitt ave

Wheat, Grace M, emp shirt factory, bds 114 Dewitt ave

Wheat, Phebe M, widow Horton M, bds 9 Home

Wheatley, Helen J Mrs, h 757 E Market

Wheatley, Lillian A, bds 757 E Market

Wheatley, Merton D, laborer, bds 757 E Market

Wheaton, Damon D, com trav, h 702 ½ W Gray

Wheaton, Hattie H, widow Frank, housekeeper 550 E Water

Wheeland, Henry F, meat market 428 Penna ave, h 430 do

Wheeler, Abner D, machinist, h 404 E Washington ave

Wheeler, Ada, widow Frank, domestic 465 Mt Zoar

Wheeler, Anna M, widow Nathan S, bds 253 W Sixth

Wheeler, David P, mason, h 354 S Main

Wheeler, David R, engineer N C Ry, h Caton ave cor Penna ave

WHEELER, EARL S, freight agt D L & W R R, h 450 Maple ave

Wheeler, Elise, widow Charles, bds Caton ave cor Penna ave


Wheeler, Eva S, domestic 519 Perine

Wheeler, Floyd A, telegrapher, bds 354 S Main

Wheeler, Fred H, bookkeeper, 216 Baldwin, rooms 403 W Water

Wheeler, Harry E, laborer, h 628 Lewis

Wheeler, Ida M Mrs, h 121 Madison ave

Wheeler, Isabel, domestic 358 Euclid ave

Wheeler, Jane, widow Samuel, h 220 W Third

Wheeler, Joseph, horse clipper, bds 413 Baldwin

Wheeler, Lafayette M, machinist, h 768 S Main

Wheeler, Margaret, widow Peter, bds 528 W Hudson

Wheeler, Merritt T, foreman H C Spaulding Co, h 861 Grove

Wheeler, Orrin, laborer, h Thompson cor Southport

Wheeler, Sharlet, bds 861 Grove

Wheeler, Thomas B, bds 861 Grove

Wheeler, William, driver, h 413 Baldwin


Wherry, Elizabeth L Mrs, h 507 W Clinton

Whiffler, Jennie, clerk 201 E Water, bds 551 E Market

Whiffler, Rose, clerk 201 E Water, bds 551 E Market

Whipple, Albert G, carpenter, h 412 Locust

Whipple, Albert R, map publisher, h 550 E Market

Whipple, Charles, carpenter, bds 106 W Second

Whipple, Dana S, barber, bds 1007 College ave

Whipple, Henry M, carpenter, bds 426 Pleasant

Whipple, Perry J, carpenter, rooms 205 W Henry

Whippy, Sarah A, widow Davis W, bds 418 Jefferson

Whirt, Howard, engineer silk mill, h 204 Crete ave

Whitaker, Keitch, laborer, bds 153 E Washington ave

Whitaker, Sophia Mrs, h 153 E Washington ave

Whitcomb, Etta A, widow Owen, h 413 Davis

White, Alice, waitress Delevan House

White, Andrew, emp bicycle works, h 465 Powell

White, Anna B, cashier Prudential Ins Co of America, bds 503 Grove

White, Anna E, widow Abner, h 503 Grove

White, Bert, farmer, bds 907 Hoffman

White, Charles H, trainman D L & W R R, h 1411 Grand Central ave

White, Charles W, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, h 443 W Fifth

White, Clara, domestic 664 Park pl

White, Clara A, widow Robert H, stenographer 415 E Water, h 119 E Henry

White, Delbert J, day opr D L & W depot, bds 411 Linden pl

White, Dora, domestic 103 S Main

White, E Theo, bds 119 E Henry

White, Eugene, emp H C Spaulding Co, h 655 W Washington ave

White, Frank W, machinist, h 506 W Third


White, Franklin G, canvasser, h 761 E Washington ave

White, Fred, laborer, bds 270 W Chemung pl

White, Frederick A, clerk 107 W Market, rooms 110 do

White, Frederick W, emp Advertiser, bds 612 E Clinton

White, George, clerk 107 W Market, bds 505 E Market

White, Hannah Mrs, domestic 502 W Water

White, Harriet A, stenographer, bds 503 Grove

White, Harry, hostler, D L & W R R, bds 1201 Lake

White, Helen Mrs, h 301 E Market

White, Henry L, milk peddler, bds 907 Hoffman

White, Herman F, laborer, h 521 Harper

White House Café, C M Brooks propr E Market cor Lake

White, Ina, widow Samuel J, bds 707 E Fifth

White, Isabella, bds 514 W Water

White, J Frank, propr Elmira Soap Works Madison ave cor E Fifth, h 414 Baldwin

White, John, laborer, h 100 E Washington ave

White, John T, route agt U S Express Co, bds 403 Baldwin

White, Josie, waitress Elmira College, bds do

White, Judson N, painter, bds 208 Mt Zoar

White, Laura M, emp tobacco factory, bds 360 E Fifth

White, Louis, laborer, h 610 Baldwin

White, Lewis, laborer, h 270 W Chemung pl

White, Lydia, domestic, bds 759 John

White, Lydia, emp Gleason Sanitarium, bds 1019 East ave

White, Lyman S, farmer, h 907 Hoffman

White, Margaret, cook, rooms 415 E Market

White, Margaret, waitress Hotel Rathbun

White, Marietta, bds 514 W Water

White, Mary, widow John, emp tobacco factory, h 360 E Fifth

White, Merritt P, h 371 W Gray

White, Nellie, waitress Hotel Langwell, bds do

White, Peter A, laborer, bds 617 E Clinton

White, Peter D, pressman Advertiser, h 612 E Clinton

White, Philip, ironworker, h 826 Johnson

White, Richard G, painter, h 268 Wallace pl

White, Robert M, civil engineer Erie R R, h 656 Main

White, Sarah A, widow Charles M, h 759 John

White, Walter, polisher, bds American House

White, William, laborer, h 303 Sutton

White, William, cigarmaker, bds 905 Michigan ave

White see Wight

Whitehead, Dorsey J, waiter 109 E Water, h 211 Dewitt ave

Whitehead, George W, emp Fitch Aldrich & Bush, h 519 Madison ave


Whitehead, Herman A, driver 514 Dewitt ave, bds 519 Madison

Whitehead, Julia A Mrs, bakery 519 Madison ave, h do

Whitehead, Robert E, painter, h 370 Penna ave

Whitford, Charles, laborer, bds 1120 Abbott

Whitford, James A, laborer, h 1120 Abbott

Whiting, William J, laborer, 1237 Pratt

Whitley, E M Mrs, millinry & hair goods 135 E Water, h W Water outside limits

Whitley, Eugene M, clerk 135 E Water, h W Water outside limits

Whitley, Sarah, widow Henry, h 708 E Washington ave

WHITLEY, WALTER, bookkeeper 109 W Water, bds 125 E Chemung pl

Whitley, William S, conductor N C Ry, bds 110 Horner

Whitlock, Albert, carpenter, h 659 College ave

Whitlock, Charles E, bookkeeper Second Nat Bank, bds 156 Washington

Whitlock, Charles F, foreman H C Spaulding Co, h 961 Lincoln

Whitlock, Cyrus, com trav, h 158 Washington

Whitlock, Emma E, widow Guy, h 1329 College ave

Whitman, R E & Co, publishers, 648 E Market

Whitman, Reuben E, (R E Whitman & Co) 648 E Market h do

Whitmore, Alice M, bookkeeper 123 Baldwin, bds 123 ½ W Hudson

Whitmore, George, clerk 311 E Water, h 100 W Gray

Whitmore, Guy H, laborer, bds 123 ½ W Hudson

Whitmore, John B, clerk 57 S Main, bds 123 ½ W Hudson

Whitmore, Keyes E, clerk 119 E Water, h 123 ½ W Hudson

Whitney, Daniel B, com trav, h 407 Elm

Whitney, Francis M, emp Bundy Lamp Co, bds 409 Baty

Whitney, Hannah, widow Leonard, h r 716 Baldwin

Whitney, Lucinda, widow Samuel A, bds 809 Davis

Whitney, Luther, car repairer N C Ry shops, h 409 Baty

Whitson, John J, fireman, h 505 E Third

Whitson, John T, driver, bds 505 E Third

Whitson, Mary F, emp knitting mill, bds 505 E Third

Whitson, Robert L, emp Gately & Gray, h 819 Linden pl

Whitston, Daniel, tobacco packer, bds 424 Standish

Whitston, Thomas, nightwatchman, h 424 Standish

Whittan, Mary E, furnished rooms, 105 College ave

Whittier, David L, (Eclipse Bicycle Co) h 117 Walnut

Whyde, Henry, laborer, h 658 Baldwin

Wiborn, Delbert L, polisher, bds 664 Lake

Wilbour, Harry, student, bds 416 Herrick

Wich, Henry, meat market 529 Lake, h 773 Harper


Wichterman, Jacob, tailor, h 220 Orchard

Wickham, Anna, clerk 140 W Water, bds 329 S Broadway

Wickham, Edward B, machinist apprentice, bds 329 S Broadway

Wickham, Franklin, painter, h 151 W Clinton

Wickham, James, machinist, h 329 S Broadway

Wickham, John, machinist, h 329 S Broadway

Wickham, John jr, machinist, bds 329 S Broadway

Wickham, Martha R Mrs, boarding h 151 W Clinton

Wickham, Maud Mrs, bds 151 W Clinton

Wickham, Thomas, carpenter, h 329 S Braodway

Wickham, William H, machinist, h 602 E Water

Wickman, Joseph, emp rolling mill, bds 852 Magee

Widenberg, Samuel, clerk, rooms 118 College ave

Widman, Frank A, foreman N C Ry shops, h 373 Baty

Widman, Frank J, lineman E & H R R bds 373 Baty

Widman, John A, machinist N C Ry shops, bds 373 Baty

Widman, Louise M, bds 373 Baty

Wiedmer, George, machinist, h 512 Mechanic

Wiegand, Arthur F, cashier Hotel Rathbun Café, bds 262 W Chemung pl

Wiegand, Ernest C, barber, bds 262 W Chemung pl

Wiegand, George C, barber 111 Baldwin, h 262 W Chemung pl

Wiegand, Louis A, barber, bds 262 W Chemung pl

Wiese, Frederick, laborer, bds 224 Harriet

Wiese, Gustave, laborer, h 704 German

Wiese, Lena, bds 224 Harriet

Wiese, William, farmer, h 224 Harriet

Wiesmer, John A, (Corbin & Wiesmer) rooms 404 Lake

Wiesmer, S Marguerite, rooms 404 Lake

Wiggins, James T, carpenter, h 360 W Third

Wight, Elizabeth, bds 305 High

Wight, Giles H, fireman E F D, h 305 High

Wight, Jessie R, tailoress, bds 730 W Third

Wight, Nellie D, bds 730 W Third

Wight, Thomas, carpenter, h 730 W Third

Wight see White

Wilbor, Carlton H, supt Realty bldg, h 307 Penna ave

Wilbor, George B, Mrs, stenographer, h 100 Fox

Wilbor, Harold B, engineer Realty bldg, h 100 Fox

Wilbur, Cora A, photographer 303 Railroad ave, rooms 110 W Market

Wilbur, Harrison N, keeper N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Wilbur, Katherine J, widow Judd L, h 521 Mt Zoar

Wilbur, Louis H, clerk 130 W Water, h 325 River

WILBUR, ROBERT A, dentist 313 E Water, h 606 W Clinton


Wilbur, William M, clerk 556 Franklin, bds 325 River

Wilcox, Albert, farmer, h N s of S Broadway n Bulkhead

Wilcox, Benjamin S, h 417 Harriet

Wilcox, Bertha A, teacher school No l, bds 315 Washington

Wilcox, Charles, bds 910 Sullivan

Wilcox, Clark, clerk D L & W freight office, h Elmira Heights

Wilcox, DeWitt C, supt Grove park, h 859 Grove

Wilcox, Edward L, emp table factory, h 406 Thurston

Wilcox, Emma, domestic, 113 West Side ave

Wilcox, Frances E, stenographer 403 Robinson bldg, bds 220 Dewitt ave

Wilcox, Fred, brakeman N C Ry, h 232 W Miller

Wilcox, George L, insurance, h 210 Horner

Wilcox, George W, painter, h 604 E Water

Wilcox, Gordon J, carpenter, bds 315 Washington

Wilcox, Hezekiah D, lawyer 320 E Water, rooms 106 Columbia

Wilcox, Isaac B, fireman N C Ry, h 413 ½ Jefferson

Wilcox, J Gordon, carpenter, bds 315 Washington

Wilcox, J Ralph, artist 503 W Fourth, h 751 Grove

Wilcox, John A, carpenter, h 925 College ave

Wilcox, John E, bds 432 W Fourth

Wilcox, John G, printer, bds 315 Washington

Wilcox, John S, engineer Telegram, h 615 W Gray

WILCOX, L ARTHUR, cashier N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co 513 Realty bldg, bds 925 College ave

Wilcox, Martin B, carpenter, h 315 Washington

Wilcox, Mina D, bds 220 Dewitt ave

Wilcox, Nettie, emp knitting mills, bds 617 Lake

Wilcox, Perry O, student, bds 210 Horner

Wilcox, Sarah, widow James D, bds 615 W Gray

Wilcox, Sevelon H, agent, h 220 Dewitt ave

Wilcox, Susan C, widow John C, h 418 Walnut

Wilde, Leonard M, foreman N C Ry shops, h 812 Herrick

Wilder, Glenn C, clerk, h 618 Howard

Wilder, Mary R, widow H Fayette, h 507 Columbia

Wiles, George, brakeman, bds 378 Norton

Wilferth, Lillian, bookbinder Advertiser rooms 408 E Clinton

Wilhelm, Floyd C, mgr 434 E Water, h 131 W Water

Wilhelm, Sophia, h 414 W Second

Wilk, Joseph, laborer, h 803 Canal

Wilke, Mary, domestic 408 William

Wilkes, James, machinist, h 206 Brand

Wilkins, Hattie E, emp knitting mill, bds 468 Franklin

Wilkins, Henry E, mason, h 701 Holdridge

Wilkins, James E, carpenter, h 468 Franklin

Wilkins, Jennie A, h 309 Carroll


Wilkins, Martha J, widow Henry D, h 424 S Broadway

Wilkinson, William H, bridge builder, h 504 Lyon

Williams, Albert S, master carpenter Erie R R, h 378 ½ W Clinton

Williams, Amzie, engineer D L & W R R, h 617 Lake

Williams, Anna B, widow Henry, bds 411 Railroad ave

Williams, Ashel F, pattern-maker, h 308 Washington

Williams, Belle, emp book bindery, bds 246 Crete ave

Williams, Charles, tobacco grower, h Estey n limits

Williams, Charles, bell boy Delevan House, bds do

Williams, Charles, porter Delevan House, h 615 Dickinson

Williams, Charles, shoemaker, bds 556 E Clinton

Williams, Charles W, city freight agt L V R R, h 607 Euclid ave

Williams, Claude W, bds 410 Hoffman

Williams, Cora P, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 506 E Church

Williams, Cyrus, teamster, bds 961 Oak

Williams, Daniel F, laborer, h 506 E Church

Williams, David W, cashier D L & W freight office, h W First cor Wall

Williams, Della, domestic 756 Park pl

Williams, Della, domestic 653 State

Williams, Francis A, carpenter, h 701 Grove

Williams, Effie, bds 313 W Fourth

WILLIAMS, EMORY E, coal and wood 464 W Sixth cor Lincoln, h do

Williams, Eugene S, emp Kertscher & Co, bds 1306 Baldwin

Williams, Frank C, engineer D L & W R R, h 354 Diven ave

Williams, Frank W, brakeman N C Ry, bds 604 S Main

Williams, George H, slater, bds 215 Sullivan

Williams, Hall T, floorwalker, 301 E Water, h 112 Davis

Williams, Harry D, machinist Erie R R, bds 378 ½ W Clinton

Williams, Hattie, bds Estey n limits

Williams, Henry A, train dispatcher Erie R R, h 505 W Fourth

Williams, Irving, laundryman, bds 608 E Third

Williams, James P, laborer, bds 411 Railroad ave

Williams, Jefferson, laborer, bds 615 Dickinson

Williams, John, h 1306 Baldwin

Williams, John B, conductor E & H R R, rooms 115 ½ Horner

Williams, John D, h 307 E Clinton

Williams, John J, laborer, h 612 Dickinson

Williams, Joseph, h 653 State

Williams, Kittie M, laundress, bds 309 Carroll

Williams, Leon E, asst foreman Doane & Jones Lumber Co, h 1202 Davis

Williams, Lewis A, saloon 672 Baldwin, h do

Williams, Llewellyn, foreman rolling mill, h 410 Hoffman

Williams, Llewellyn Jr, civil engineer, bds 410 Hoffman

Williams, Margaret, widow David, h 653 Davis


Williams, Marian A, bds 378 ½ W Clinton

Williams, Mary J, widow Charles H, seamstress, h 413 High

Williams, Maude, dressmaker, bds 701 Grove

Williams, May, bds 157 Baldwin

Williams, May, domestic 308 William

Williams, Moses, photographer, h 608 E Third

Williams, Nettie, bds 653 State

Williams, Perry, coachman, h 411 Railroad ave

Williams, Peter W, janitor Century Club, bds 719 Dickinson

Williams, Robert, glass cutter, bds 111 Main

Williams, Robert, laborer, h 664 Dickinson

WILLIAMS, RODNEY P, supt job department Advertiser 100 Lake, h 110 Horner

Williams, Ruth, bds 112 E Chemung pl

Williams, Samuel, laborer, bds 705 Dickinson

Williams, Sarah, domestic 313 Baldwin

Williams, Sophia, widow Samuel, bds 653 State

WILLIAMS, THOMAS, saloon 301 E Fifth, h do

Williams, Thomas W, clerk Erie freight office, h 212 W Third

Williams, Whitney, (Chase-Hibbard Milling Co) h Rochester NY

Williams, William, farmer, h 606 Hart

Williams, William, conductor bds 724 W Gray

Williams, William, rooms 117 Hoffman

Williams, William H, fireman silk mill, h 310 West Side ave

Williams, Willis E, bicycle repairer 205 E Market, bds 410 Hoffman

Williamson, Alva H, emp bridge works, h 753 Spaulding

Williamson, Hattie M, maid Elmira College, bds 112 W Water

WILLIAMSON, JOHN C, contractor and builder 51-53-55 Sly, h 204 Lormore (See adv front cover)

Williamson, Justus B, com trav, bds 457 E Third

Williamson, Oscar S, physician and surgeon 228 S Main, h do

Williman, Alexander, cigar manuf 618 E Water, h 614 do

Willison, Frank C, letter carrier, h 605 Coburn

WILLISON, NEWLOVE, (Willison, Potter & Smith) 138 E Water, pension atty and claim agent, 601 h Coburn

WILLISON, POTTER & SMITH, (N Willison, C H Potter and L Smith) real estate, loans and conveyances 138 E Water

Wills, Asa, bus driver Hotel Langwell, bds 356 E Fifth

Wills, Duncan G, laborer, h 518 Madison ave

Wills, James L, carpenter, h 356 E Fifth

Wills, Martha A, bds 518 Madison ave


Wills, Martha L, tobacco sorter, bds 356 E Fifth

Wills, Thomas P, emp mattress factory, bds 356 E Fifth

Wills, Travis E, student, bds 402 Euclid ave

Wills, William H, hostler, bds 356 E Fifth

WILLYS, JOHN N, mgr Elmira Arms co, bicycles and bicycle sundries and sportsman’s goods 143 W Water, h 311 Grove

Wilmot, Bessie, bds 910 Magee

Wilmot, Emanuel P, conductor D L & W R R, h 452 E Clinton

Wilmot, Florence E, stenographer 354 State, bds 611 College ave

WIMOT, JAMES A, prop Wilmot creamery 73 Penna ave, h 124 ½ E Chemung pl

Wilmot, Thomas, patrolman, h 515 Logan

Wilmot, Thomas, meat cutter 850 Lake, h 910 Magee

Wilmot, Walter A, switchman D L & W R R, bds 452 E Clinton

Wilmot, William M, puddler, h 910 Magee

WILMOT CREAMERY, J A Wilmot prop, 73 Penna ave

Wilsey, Alvira, bds 1318 ½ Lake

Wilson, Adam, carpenter Erie shops, h 605 Magee

Wilson, Carrie R, widow Arthur, h 460 W Second

Wilson, Carrie M, bds 423 Standish

Wilson, Charles, insurance agt, h 476 South ave

Wilson, Charles, emp S X Metzger & Son Co, h 346 W Seventh

WILSON, CHARLES E, grocer 400 S Main, h do

Wilson, Claud S, asst undertaker 421 Carroll, bds 120 W Chemung pl

Wilson, David E, cashier N C freight office, bds 531 Penna ave

Wilson, Elizabeth E, widow Alexander, h 423 Standish

Wilson, Elmer, brakeman N C Ry, h 508 Franklin

Wilson, Elmer G, emp bridge works, bds 1887 ½ College ave

Wilson, Henry J, mgr Doane & Jones Lumber Co, Southport yard, h 120 W Chemung pl

Wilson, J Charles, mason, h 428 Balsam

Wilson, Jennie, bds 944 E Church

Wilson, John, janitor Elmira Steel Co, bds 423 Standish

Wilson, John A, emp Rolling mill, bds 423 Standish

Wilson, Libbie Mrs, h 191 E Washington ave

Wilson, Margaret, musician, bds 605 Magee

Wilson, Martha J, bds 317 W Second

Wilson, Mary A, widow James, h 317 W Second

Wilson, Minnie Mrs, bds 1887 ½ College ave

Wilson, Nathaniel, bridge man, h 521 Fulton

Wilson, Noble F, switchman N C Ry, h 476 South ave

Wilson, Paul F, farmer, h 944 E Church

Wilson, Ray J, com trav, bds 120 W Chemung pl


Wilson, Ruth, widow Abraham, bds Home for Aged

Wilson, Stephen L, conductor W S R R, bds 400 S Main

Wilson, Teresa, bds 605 Magee

Wilson, Thomas, machinist N C Ry shops, h 531 Penna ave

Wilson, Thomas, veterinary surgeon 264 W Henry, h do

Wilson, William F, machinist, bds 509 Dewitt ave

Winans, Bentley, emp rolling mill, bds 28 ½ High

WINDSOR LAUNDRY, James F Nelan prop, 351 E Washington ave

Windsor, Lloyd D, retired, h 723 College ave

Wineski, Enoch, laborer, h 1170 N Main

Wineski, Michael, grocer 1123 Magee, h do

Winfield, Albert S, com trav, h 636 W Gray

Winfield, Fanny, widow Stephen, bds 636 W Gray

Wing, Angie, milliner, bds 100 Fox

Wing, Edson, baggageman Erie R R depot, h 450 W Third

Wingrave, Ada M, teacher school No 3, bds 305 S Main

Wingrave, Frederick, h 305 S Main

Wingrave, Frederick Jr, motorman E & H R R, h 203 W Henry

Wingrave, Julia M, bds 305 S Main

Wingrave, Nellie, bds 305 S Main

Winkel, Carrie A, bds 408 High

Winkel, Charles, bottler, h 207 Judson

Winkel, Henry A, meat cutter 164 Lake, h 408 High

Winkel, Kate, widow John K, h 408 High

Winkel, Minnie M, milliner, bds 408 High

Winkelstein, Meyer, canvasser, bds 208 High

Winn, Patrick, clerk 429 Railroad ave, bds 408 Magee

Winn see Wynn

WINNER, SETH, (Reid & Winner) 104 W Water, h 523 do

Winner, Sylvanus L, driver 508 State, bds American House

Winslow, John T, h 213 W Third

Winslow, Ursula Mrs, h 213 W Third

Winston, Carl N, bds 421 Columbia

Winston, Lewis, bds 421 Columbia

Winston, Newell, h 421 Columbia

Winters, Nellie, dressmaker, bds 500 S Main

Wipfler, George, cigarmaker, h 750 E Market

Wipfler, George J, tobacco sorter, bds 750 E Market

Wipfler, Jennie L, clerk, bds 750 E Market

Wipfler, Michael W, clerk 415 E Market, bds 750 do

Wipfler, Rose, clerk, bds 750 E Market

Wise, Daniel W, h 112 W Hudson

Wise, Florence, bds 112 W Hudson

Wise, Fred H, h 610 E Second

Wise, James T, h 111 College ave


Wise, Mable, bds 112 W Hudson

Wisehart, C Lawrence, clerk 140 W Water, bds 456 W Gray

Wisehart, Charles H, insurance, h 456 W Gray

Wisehart, Claude H, clerk 116 E Water, bds 456 W Gray

Wiseman, Dwight S, student, bds 721 Columbia

Wiseman, Harriet B, widow Edward, h 721 Columbia

Wiseman, Margaret E, teacher piano music, bds 721 Columbia

Wiser, Henry, insurance agent 118 Lake, h 717 Walnut

Wisner, Vera, emp Jno N Stearns & Co, bds 341 W Seventh

Wisnieski, John, laborer, h 101 Bloomer ave

Wisniewski, John, laborer, h 1131 Magee

Wisniewski, Thomas, emp wire works, bds 1131 Magee

Wispert, William L, stereotyper Star, h 367 Fulton

Witcheivi, Rumen, laborer, h 1133 Magee

Witt, Daniel H, glass cutter, h 410 Elm

Wittenberg, Rosa, widow John, bds 112 Madison ave

Wittenberg, Samuel, asst ticket agent D L & W R R rooms 118 College ave

Wittman, Adam W, cigarmaker, bds 700 Jay

Wittman, Barbara A, tailoress, bds 700 Jay

Wittmann, Wenzel, laborer, h 700 Jay

Wixon, Amanda, student, bds 1001 Hoffman

Wixon, Harriet J, student, bds 1001 Hoffman

Wixon, Mary F, bookkeeper Telegram, bds 1001 Hoffman

Wixon, Onesimeus, farmer, 1001 Hoffman

Wixon, Albert T, laborer, h 610 Euclid ave

Wixon, Alice R, teacher school No 5, bds 610 Euclid ave

Wixon, Caroline, widow Martin, h 610 Euclid ave

Wixon, Deborah, bookkeeper 315 Realty bldg, bds 610 Euclid ave

Wixon F M & Co, (G B Wixon) coal dealers wholesale 315 Realty bldg

Wixon, F M, (F M Wixon) 315 Realty bldg, h 1024 College ave

Wixon, George B, (F M Wixon & Co) 315 Realty bldg h 610 Euclid ave

Waldis, Louis, peddler, h 155 Sullivan

Waldis, Moses D, emp Bimberg’s tobacco works, h 157 Sullivan

Wobusa, Herman, emp rolling mill, h 1319 Lackawanna ave

WOLCOTT, ELLA L, librarian Park Church library Wisner Park, h East Hill opp Sanitarium

Wolf, Aaron G, barber, h 559 E Second

Wolfe, Arthur M, emp N Y S Reformatory, bds 1305 College ave

Wolfe, Charles, boilermaker, h 202 E La France

Wolfe, Furman, emp N Y S Reformatory, h 448 Reformatory

Wolfe, J Walter, machinist h 357 Grove


Wolfe, Pauline, bds 2 West Side ave

Wolfe, S E Elizabeth, bookkeeper 117 E Church, bds 104 W Chemung pl

Wolfe, Thaddeus W, carpenter, h 104 W Chemung pl

Wolfe see Wolf and Woolf and Wulf

Wolfgram, Charles, laborer, bds 716 Sullivan

Wolfgram, Herman, laborer, h 716 Sullivan

Wolke, Pauline, emp knitting mill, bds 304 West Side ave

Wolschescka, Michaelina, domestic 411 E Church

Wolverton, Anson, clerk Homestead Hotel bds do

Wolverton, Betsey, widow William G, h 356 Pomeroy pl

WOLVERTON, BYRON C, engineer N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, 160 Exchange pl, h 124 E Water

Wolverton, Eunice H, bds 356 Pomeroy pl

Wong, Lee, laundryman, bds 209 W Water

Wood, A Eugene, clerk 140 W Water, h 401 Columbia

Wood, Alonzo W, baggage master N C Ry, h 507 Herrick

Wood, Amelia Mrs, bds 558 John

Wood, Burt, watchman, h 111 E Hudson

Wood, Charles H, foreman signals Erie R R, h 351 W Sixth

Wood, Clara M, bds 516 Elizabeth

Wood, Cora, cook 2 Main St bridge

Wood, Curtis A, conductor N C Ry, h S s Penna ave cor Wood

Wood, Edward N, draughtsman, h 119 ½ Caldwell ave

Wood, Edward T, machinist, bds 56 Hoffman

Wood, Edwin M, guard N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Wood, Esther, h 401 Columbia

Wood, Ezra Z, mgr fish dept 419 Main, h 5 Metzger bldg 205 W Third

Wood, Fannie M, widow William M, h 56 Hoffman

Wood, Frank L, clerk, h 507 Perine

Wood, Frank L, painter, h 531 W Church

Wood, Fred F, salesman Elmira Beef Co, bds 360 W Church

Wood, Freeman E, teamster, h 422 Tuttle ave

Wood, George A, patrolman, h 122 Horner

Wood, George L, linotype machinist Telegram, bds 56 Hoffman

WOOD, GEORGE M, (Armstrong, Mather and Wood) 114 to 118 Railroad ave, h 526 W Gray

Wood, George P, painter, h 516 Elizabeth

Wood, Grace, bds S s Penna ave cor Wood

Wood, Henry A, laborer, h 237 W Water

Wood, Henry V, brakeman D L & W R R, h 502 Mathews

Wood, J Albert, telegrapher, h 516 Euclid ave

Wood, J Norton, h 415 Locust

Wood, Jennie M, bds 56 Hoffman

Wood, John L, machinist, bds 314 Harmon

Wood, John W, brakeman N C Ry, h S Division


Wood, John W, emp bridge works, h S William

Wood, Joseph, cabinet maker, h 370 Diven ave

Wood, James K, bicycle enameling 227 S Main, h 314 Harmon

Wood, Mary A Mrs, Salvation Army, bds 310 E Church

Wood, Nellie F, teacher, bds 107 Spring

Wood, Orrin A, clerk Delevan House, h 505 Magee

Wood, Patrick, caller N C Ry, h 536 S Broadway

Wood, Phoebe, maid 326 W First

Wood, Rosanna Mrs, bds 1250 Hoffman

Wood, Ruth, housekeeper 515 Perine

Wood, Ruth H, rooms 508 Perine

Wood, Seymour B, tinner, h 105 W Chemung pl

Wood, Thomas, bds 216 Chestnut

Wood, Walter, clerk 202 Baldwin, bds 237 W Water

Wood, William H, carriage repairer, h 755 E Church

Wood, William L, emp bridge works, h 711 Junction

Wood see Woods

Woodard, Laban D, teamster, h 602 E Church

Woodard, William E, laborer, h 703 Penna ave

Woodard, William H, blacksmith, h 1887 College ave

Woodburn, Mattie, tobacco sorter, bds 753 ½ Linden pl

Woodeca, Frank, laborer, bds 153 E Washington ave

Woodeca, Michael, laborer, bds 153 E Washington ave

Woodeca, Sophia Mrs, h 153 E Washington ave

Woodford, Caroline M, widow Joseph, bds 930 W Water

Woodford, Charles N, bds 459 W Church

Woodford, James F, (Copeland & Woodford) Nicks cor Exchange pl, h 601 W Water

Woodhouse, Charles, teamster, h 104 W First

WOODHOUSE, FLOYD E, physician and surgeon 315 Baldwin; office hours until 9 am, 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 pm

Woodhouse, Force D, janitor Court House, h r do

Woodhouse, Guy, clerk 362 S Main, bds 104 E Hudson

Woodhouse, Henry, laborer, h 1231 Pratt

Woodhouse, Mary M, widow William, h 104 E Hudson

Woodhouse, Orange, printer, bds 814 W Church

Woodhouse, Orson, emp Kertscher & Co, 317 E Clinton

Woodhouse, Wallace J, baker, h 317 E Clinton

Woodhouse, William, h 156 Dewitt ave

Woodhull, Fred, tobacco sorter, h 118 Washington

Woodhull, Lydia Mrs, h 106 Washington

Woodruff, Alice A, bds 664 Columbia

Woodruff, Cecil, emp 213 Baldwin, bds 224 Dewitt ave


Woodruff, Fred L, bookkeeper Harris, McHenry & Baker, h 229 ½ Lormore

Woodruff, Margaret A, widow William W, bds 664 Columbia

Woodruff, William E, brakeman L V R R, bds 664 Columbia

Woods, James L, lawyer 218 E Water, h 416 W Water

Woods, Patrick, caller N C Ry, h 537 S Broadway

Woods see Wood

WOODSIDE, SAMUEL C, propr Elmira Portrait Co, 603 W Fourth, h 606 Grove (See adv bottom lines)

Woodward, Amanda, widow Bonum, bds Grant

Woodward, Anna E, bds 217 W First

Woodward, Charles E, physician, h 370 W Water

Woodward, Harriet E, teacher, bds 721 W Water

Woodward, Susan, widow George, bds 715 E Clinton

Woodward, William S C, printer, bds 370 W Water

Woofter, Royal, messenger Wells-Fargo & Co’s Express, h 411 Walnut

Woolever, Ada B, milliner, h 136 E Water

Woolever, Adelia, widow Joseph, bds 406 Herrick

Woolever, Frank P, brakeman L V R R, h 715 Johnson

Woolever, Mabel C, bds 715 Johnson

Woolever, Wesley, laborer, h 813 East East ave

Woolf, Hiram, engineer 121 Railroad ave, h 51 Hoffman

Woolf, Joseph O, trav salesman 354 State, h 51 Hoffman

Woolf, Orlando C, hardware r 956 Lake, h 956 do

Woolf, Rena A, bds 51 Hoffman

Woolfe, John, laborer, h 224 Harriet

Woolfe see Wolf and Wolfe and Wulff

Woolgram, Bertha, domestic 213 Washington

Woolsey, Clara B, bds 306 Sullivan

Woolsey, Delphine, bds 306 Sullivan

Woolsey, Lorinda R, h 306 Sullivan

WOOLWORTH C S & CO, F A Hall mgr 5 and 10 cent store and house furnishing goods 134 W Water

Wooster, Flora, rooms 225 W Water

Wooster, George W, emp rolling mill, h 897 Oak

Wooster, Lewis, emp rolling mill, bds 897 Oak

Wootten, Mary L, widow Samuel G, h 307 W Clinton Died since canvass

Worden, Charles F, emp N C Ry shops, 411 Penna ave

Worden, Ella, bds 461 Powell

Worden, Lee, emp LaFrance shops, h 461 Powell

Worden, William E, emp rolling mill, bds 415 E

Wormley, Frances B, widow Henry T, teacher school No 3 bds 508 Walnut

Wormley, Frances M, teacher, bds 508 Walnut


Worth, Henry J, emp J Richardson & Co, h 108 ½ Caldwell ave

Wright, Albert, com trav 623 Railroad ave, bds 213 Roe ave

Wright, Albert, emp Elmira Steam Mills, bds 213 Roe ave

Wright, Alvin A, carpenter, h 702 ½ S Broadway

Wright, Andrew F, cook White House Café, h 408 Jefferson

Wright, Anna, widow Merritt E, h 718 Kinyon

Wright, Anna, widow Peter, h r 451 W Water

Wright, Arthur L, com trav 146 W Water, bds 506 Herrick

Wright, Charles, teamster, bds 411 S Main

Wright, Charles E, carpenter, h 408 Jefferson

Wright, Clarence L contractor and builder 506 Herrick h do

Wright, David M, clerk 165 Lake, bds 213 Roe ave

Wright, Eliza C, widow Luther, city missionary, h 316 E Church

Wright, Emma B, milliner, bds 227 Franklin

Wright, F Augusta, widow Ellis G, h 227 Franklin

Wright, Frances, widow Charles, bds 704 Delaware

Wright, Fred B, electrician, bds 321 W Fourth

Wright, George, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Co, bds 227 Franklin

Wright, George B, h 321 W Fourth

Wright, George B Jr, shipping clerk Bundy Lamp Co, h 123 E Hudson

Wright, George N, h 515 W Clinton

Wright, Hattie A, widow Henry H, nurse, bds 209 W Third

Wright, Henry C, machinist, h 504 Franklin

Wright, Herbert R, bds r 451 W Water

Wright, Jennie, domestic 502 W Church

Wright, John L, student, bds 1435 Caton ave

Wright, John S, gardener, h 520 Baldwin

Wright, Leon E, crayon artist, bds 1201 Lake

Wright, Leonard, emp bridge works, h 118 Partridge

Wright, Lester P, bookkeeper 618 State, bds 718 Kinyon

Wright, Lewis E, clerk 146 W Water, bds 506 Herrick

Wright, Lorena, bds 118 Partridge

Wright, Monroe E, moulder, h 209 W Third

Wright, Nannie, cook Orphans’ Home

Wright, Nellie M, bds r 451 W Water

Wright, Pauline, widow Augustus, h 202 College ave

Wright, Robert, h 213 Roe ave

Wright, Robert, photo-engraver Telegram, h 321 W Second

Wright, S Rilla, dressmaker, bds 389 W Water

Wright, Thomas T, conductor N C Ry, h 1435 Caton ave

Wright, William, emp LaFrance shops, h 409 Jefferson

Wrigley, Frederick, weaver, bds 719 German

Wrigley, Isaac E, gardener, h 719 Southport

Wrigley, John, div plumber Erie R R, h 719 Park pl

Wrigley, Maud, nurse Arnot-Ogden Hospital


Wrigley, Nellie Mrs, bds 719 German

Wrigley, Robert, gardener, h 717 Southport

Wronkowski, Anna, widow John, bds 722 Dickinson

Wronkowski, Jacob, laborer, h 722 Dickinson

Wronkowski, Vally, laborer, bds 722 Dickinson

Wulff, Diedrich, cabinet maker, h 1000 Oak

Wolf see Wulff and Woolf

Wulff, M Olga, dressmaker, emp 520 Lake, bds 1000 Oak

Wurster, Carrie R, bds 958 College ave

WYCKOFF, A & SON, (Ernest L) wood water pipe manufrs 101 E Chemung pl

Wyckoff, Carrie C, teacher Orphans Home, bds 256 W Chemung pl

Wyckoff, Carrie H, widow Archalous, h 115 E Chemung pl

Wyckoff, Charles W, machinist, h 255 W Hudson

WYCKOFF, ERNEST L, (A Wyckoff & Son) h 113 E Chemung pl

Wyckoff, Ferdinand B, student, bds 115 E Chemung pl

Wyckoff, George A, plumber, bds 255 W Hudson

WYCKOFF, GEORGE W, city clerk City Hall, h 115 E Chemung pl

Wyckoff, Sibyl, Widow George W, bds 115 E Chemung pl

Wyckoff, William H, carpenter, h 256 W Chemung pl

Wygant, Delphine V, widow Louis B, bds 367 W Gray

Wygant, William, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Co, h 524 Dewitt ave

WYLIE, ORMAN J, emp N C Ry shops, h 261 Partridge

Wyman, John M, shoemaker, h 102 W Hudson

Wynnings, Fred, laborer, bds 711 Casey

Wynn, Etta, housekeeper 409 Pleasant

Wynn, James, bds 920 Lackawanna ave

WYNNE BROS, (Wm P and John H) clothing, shoes, hats and men’s furnishing goods, also proprs Scranton and East Corning Sand Co’s 865 Lake and 366 E Washington ave

Wynne, George E, lineman D L & W R R, bds 863 Lake

Wynne, James, roadmaster D L & W R R, bds 863 Lake

WYNNE, JOHN H, (Wynne Bros) conductor D L & W R R, h 1012 Hall

WYNNE, WILLIAM P, (Wynne Bros) bds 863 Lake

Wynne see Wynn


Yager, Charles, laborer, h 905 Stowell

Yaple, Albert W, iron worker, bds 316 Webber pl

Yaple, Esther, widow Jacob, h 316 Webber pl

Yard, Adelaide F, bds 405 ½ Davis

Yard, Benjamin R, floor walker 140 W Water, h 405 ½ Davis

Yarnall, Frank H, draughtsman, h 207 Spaulding


Yates, Alice, widow Horace G, h 117 W Market

Yates, Ann, bds 250 W Hudson

Yeisley, Adelia O, widow William W, h 12 Woodlawn ave

Yeisley, Gertrude, emp silk mill, bds 312 Woodlawn ave

Yeisley, John, foreman Standard Oil Co Elmira Oil works, h 920 Stowell

Yeisley, Samuel, driver, bds 540 Tuttle ave

Yeisley, Walter C, emp Eclipse Co, bds 312 Woodlawn ave

YENGER, BERTRAM, cut stone contractor, dealer in coal and wood E Church n D L & W R R, h 917 Lake (See adv bottom line)

Yenger, Bertram J, stone cutter, bds 209 Gregg

Yenger, Catharine, bookkeeper William cor Market, bds 917 Lake

Yenger, William C, student, bds 917 Lake

Yenn, Charles X, motorman, h 614 Robinson

Yerke, Frank, laborer, h 963 Johnson

Yerkes, Frank N, clerk 318 Carroll, h 55 Harmon

Yerke, Charles, laborer, h 709 Carpenter

Yerke, Charles F, laborer, bds 709 Carpenter

York, M Belle, dressmaker 604 W Gray, bds 611 W First

York, Minnie E, teacher school No 3, bds 811 Davis

York, Olivia P Mrs, h 611 W First

York, Robert A, clerk 222 W Water, h 611 W First

Youmans, Elizabeth, bds 220 William

Youmans, Grace, bds 220 William

Youmans, Katherine E, teacher Elmira Free Academy, bds 216 W Chemung pl

Youmans, Louise T, widow Edward B, h 220 William

Youmans, Milton, agent, h 216 W Chemung pl

Young, Adelaide T, teacher Elmira College, bds do

Young, Augusta, dressmaker, h 327 Baldwin

Young, Buell J, engineer 121 E Second, h 7 Falck

YOUNG, CHARLES W, stoves, furnaces and bicycles 116 Lake, h 406 Powell (See adv center lines and page 568)

Young, Clara A, tailoress, h 122 Esty

Young, Clara B, clerk 313 E Water, bds 1009 Oak

Young, Edwin J, clerk County Treasurer’s Office

YOUNG, GEORGE H, prop Elmira Electric works 216 Railroad ave, h 354 Walnut

Young, Gertrude A, bookkeeper Clipper Chilled Plow Co, bds 327 Baldwin

Young, Jessie, domestic 123 Caldwell ave

Young, John, h 552 Maple ave

Young, John, h 556 John

Young, John B, shipping clerk 611-613 Railroad ave h 461 W Sixth

Young, John T, Elmira Model works, h 416 W Fifth

Young, Lena B, toll clerk 205 E Gray, bds 406 Powell


Young, Margaret, bookkeeper, bds 1009 Oak

YOUNG MEN’S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION, Herbert P Lansdale gen sec, 201 State, cor E Market

Young Men’s Christian Association, (colored) 659 Dickinson

Young, Nettie, bds 1009 Oak

YOUNG, PHILIP E, district agent The Travelers Ins Co of Hartford, Conn, 111 W Water, h 457 Maple ave (See adv front cover

Young, Samuel, train porter and ticket broker Hotel Langwell, bds do

Young, Sarah, furnished rooms 324 W Gray

Young, Stewart, mason 1009 Oak, h do

Young, William, janitor N C Ry shops, h 517 Penna ave

YOUNG, WILLIAM E, bookkeeper 116 Lake, bds 406 Powell

Youngerman, Charles, foreman, h 1010 Walnut

Yudelman, Jennie, bds 121 Sullivan

Yudelman, Katherine, bds 121 Sullivan

Yudelman, Morris B Rev, Rabbi Sullivan St Synagoge, h 121 Sullivan

Yudelman, Samuel I, cigar manuf 808 John, h do


Zaback, Frank, emp bridge works, h 603 Tuttle ave

Zaback, John, laborer, h 969 E Clinton

Zaback, John Jr, bds 969 E Clinton

Zaffke, Charles, carpenter D L & W R R, h 713 Lake

Zaler, Grant, laborer, bds W s S Broadway, n Bulkhead

Zbowski, Felix, emp Elmira steel mill, h 1128 N Main

Zeigler, Ludwig, laborer, h 728 Kinyon

Zepp, Alice M, clerk 528 W Second, bds do


Zepp, Anna S, dressmaker 528 W Second, bds do

Zepp, Julia, domestic, 114 Elm

Ziff, Isadore, meat market 121 Orchard, h do

Zimdahl, August, laborer, h 161 Judson

Zimdahl, Frank A, lineman, h 452 High

Zimdahl, Frederick J, h 4 Symonds pl

Zimdahl, Fred, door maker, h 901 E Market

Zimdahl, Henry, laborer, bds 452 High

Zimmer, Ernest J, door finisher, h 202 Chestnut

Zimmer, Floyd T, fireman L V R R, h 311 Hibbard pl

Zimmer, Harriet B, clerk 301 E Water, bds 561 E Church

Zimmer, Jacob, blacksmith, h 425 Balsam

Zimmerman, Catharine Mrs, tailoress, bds 852 Main

Zimmerman, Frank J, piano maker 209 E Church, h 216 Harriet

Zimmerman, George B, switchman D L & W R R, h 1322 Baldwin

ZIMMERMAN, JOHN C, piano tuner and dealer in pianos, h 117 Lormore, telephone 197

Zimmerman, Joseph T, tailor, bds 852 Main

Zimmerman, Louise A Mrs, bds 112 E Chemung pl

Zinberg, Alexander, upholsterer, h 801 E Water

Zinberg, Charles, clerk, bds 801 E Water

Zinberg, Marcus, bds 763 John

Zinburg, Samuel, clerk Hotel Langwell, bds do

Zinburg, Solomon, clerk news stand Hotel Langwell, bds E Water cor Sullivan

Zink, Anna, emp Howell box factory, bds 602 Sullivan

Zink, Joseph, emp bridge works, h 609 Sullivan

Zink, Joseph Jr, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 602 Sullivan

Zink, Julia, domestic, 325 Lake

Zink, Rose, emp silk mill, bds 602 Sullivan

Zittenger, Kate J, dressmaker 520 Lake, bds 52 Orchard

Zittenger, Louis, tailor, h 52 Orchard

Zittenger, William J, shoe cutter, bds 52 Orchard

Zoebisch, C Albert, bds 312 Madison ave

Zoller, C Grant, laborer, h 823 Mt Zoar

Zuris, Charles, laborer, h 612 Baldwin

Zuris, Peter, laborer, h 666 Baldwin

Zywicki, Joseph, saloon 712 Baldwin, h do