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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Mary, Lillian M, dressmaker, bds 152 W Fourth

Mason, Daniel J, bookkeeper, 301 E Water, h Lake bey limits

Mason, Edith, emp knitting mill, bds 414 Fulton

Mason, Elizabeth, widow George W, bds 114 Columbia

Mason, Fred, laborer, rooms 715 Dickinson

Mason, Furman, city express, h 414 Fulton

Mason, Grace, dressmaker, bds 414 Fulton

Mason, John, ins agt, h 314 W Clinton

Mason, Jud, emp N C Ry shops, h 516 Jefferson

Mason, Laura H, widow Marcus, h 349 W Sixth

Mason, Lillian, stenographer, bds 115 W Chemung pl

Mason, Walter C, supt Prudential Ins Co of America, h 115 W Chemung pl

Mason, William A, clerk Prud Ins Co, bds 115 W Chemung pl

Mason, William E, tel opr N C Ry, h 347 W Sixth

Masonic Hall, Masonic Temple, Lake cor E Market

Masso, John, laborer, h 816 Hatch

Masten, Herbert S, com trav C M & R Tompkins, h 363 College ave

Masten, Vincent M, military instructor Reformatory, h 406 Euclid ave

Masters, Claude R, clerk, 222 W Water, bds 107 College ave

Masterson, Eliza, dressmaker, 301 E Water, bds 209 Madison ave

Masterson, Walter, printer, bds 1010 1/2 Walnut

Masterson, William G, fireman E F D, h 701 E Church

MATHER, CHARLES S, (Armstrong, Mather & Wood), 114 R R ave, h 511 W Church

MATHER, CORNELIUS B, coal and wood, 117 E Church, h 520 W Gray

Mather, Dorothy DeF, bds 517 W Church

Mather, Henry L, baker, bds 214 Lormore

Mather, Joseph E, carpenter, h 214 Lormore

Mather, Lottie E, emp Elmira Skirt Co, bds 214 Lormore

Mather, Lulu N, dressmaker, bds 111 Hudson

Mather, Maud M, emp Elmira Skirt Co, bds 214 Lormore

Mathew, Carrie, stenographer, bds 118 Brand

MATHEW CIGAR CO, Peter Mathew mgr, cigar manufrs, 118 Brand

Mathew, Mary, widow William, bds 118 Brand

Mathew, Mary A, housekeeper, 416 W Water

MATHEW, PETER, mgr Mathew Cigar Co, 118 Brand, h do

Mathews, Abram D, laborer, h 216 W Henry

Mathews, Carrie L, stenographer, 408 E Market, bds 118 Brand

Mathews, Elizabeth, widow John, h 110 State

Mathews, Elizabeth D, music teacher, bds 122 W Hudson

Mathews, Elmer C, shoe cutter, h 210 Penna ave

Mathews, George, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 110 State

Mathews, Ida, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 110 State

Mathews, Joshua, sexton Grace church, h 610 Dickinson

MATHEWS, LOUIS N, (Cole & Mathews), 135 E Water, h 311 W Church

Mathews, Oscar W, (W R Carey & Co), h 212 Harriet

Mathews, Tracy B, clerk, 308 Carroll, bds 122 W Hudson

Mathews, William, laborer, h 122 W Hudson

Mathews see Matthews

Mathias, Frank, fireman D L & W R R, h 361 Diven ave

Mathus, John, laborer, h 913 John

Matson, Mary, widow James H, h 7 Aspen Ridge

Matson, Mildred B, music teacher, 7 Aspen Ridge, bds do

Matteson, Floyd, laborer, bds 806 Madison ave

Matteson, Eva, box maker, bds 806 Madison ave

Matteson see Mattison

Matthews, Andrew J, emp Howell's box factory, h 507 Frankln

Matthews, Cornelia F Mrs, dressmaker, 610 Dickinson

Matthews, Fletcher, bds 914 College ave

Matthews, Ida L, bds 408 Oak

Matthews, James S, polisher Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 251 Crete ave

Matthews, John I, cashier Standard Oil Co, h 605 E Church

Matthews, John L, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush, h 408 Oak

Matthews, Mary E, widow Horatio M, h 251 Crete ave

Matthews, Walter H, wood carver, h 452 Reformatory

Matthews see Mathew and Mathews

Mattice, George B, engineer D L & W R R, h 935 College ave

Mattison, Carrie B, bds 509 W First

MATTISON, DELILAH, meat market, 363 Davis, h 509 W First

Mattison, Franklin, meat cutter, 363 Davis, h 509 W First

Mattison see Matteson

Mattocks, Walter A, printer, 206-208 E Water, bds 107 College ave

Matulevis, Anthony, laborer, h 313 Hathaway

Matulevis, Maggie, waitress, 417 E Market

Maurer, William F, saloon, 140 E Water, h do

Maxcy, Johanna, domestic, 703 Park pl

Maxcy, John J, fireman N C Ry, h 123 W Miller

MAXCY, THOMAS C, grocer, 205 W Clinton, h 661 Park pl

Maxcy see Macksey

Maxwell, George P, clerk Elmira Ill Co, h 349 W Clinton

Maxwell, Gertrude, teacher, bds 209 E Gray

Maxwell, Jennie S, housekeeper, 150 W Clinton

Maxwell, John C, emp D L & W freight office, h 406 E Washington ave

Maxwell, Joseph F, saloon, 660 Baldwin, h do

Maxwell, Lizzie G, school teacher, bds 209 E Gray

Maxwell, Minnie E, bds 660 Baldwin

Maxwell, Robert J, fireman N C R R, h 255 South ave

Maxwell, William R, cabinetmaker, h 362 Norton

May, Frank P, milk dealer, h 702 Tuttle ave

Maycumber, Adelbert B, emp rolling mill, h 762 1/2 Linden pl

Maycumber, Barney, laborer, bds 1319 Grand Central ave

Maycumber, Charles H, laborer, bds 1319 Grand Central ave

Maycumber, John, laborer, h 765 E Washington ave

Mayhood, James, butcher, h 504 College ave

Maynard, Lucretia C, widow George, bds 347 W Seventh

Mayo, Benjamin L, baker, bds 320 Pratt

Mayo, Charles J, linotype opr Telegram, bds 520 Jefferson

MAYO, E L & CO, (E L Mayo and Joshua Horrocks) druggists, 202 Penna ave

MAYO, EDGAR L, (E L Mayo & Co), 202 Penna ave, h 520 Jefferson

Mayo, Eugene E, milk wagon, h 11 Sylvester pl

Mayo, Eva B, emp knitting mill, bds 1320 Pratt

Mayo, Lineus L, fireman D L & W R R, bds 1320 Pratt

Mayo, William H, engineer N C R R, h 520 Jefferson

MAYOR'S OFFICE, Frank H Flood mayor, City Hall

Mayon, Ida M, widow William, h 358 Main

Mayon see Mahon

Mazure, Nellie, bds 153 1/2 Washington

Mazure, Taube, widow Reuben, h 153 1/2 Washington

McAfee, Edith, dressmaker, bds 405 Union pl

McAllister, Edward F, tinsmith, h 714 Dickinson

McAllister, James N, shoemaker, 221 Sullivan, h 760 1/2 E Church

McALPINE, WILLIAM D, (McAlpine & Kendrick), h 155 W Third

McALPINE & KENDRICK, (William D McA and William K) cut rate ticket office, 501 Railroad ave

McArthur, Catherine, h 302 W Fifth

McAtee, Edward, emp Erie R R, bds 211 Judson

McAtee, John, teamster, bds 211 Judson

McAtee, Patrick, laborer, h 211 Judson

McBennett, James, laborer, h 434 S Broadway

McBennett, James Jr, carpenter, bds 434 S Broadway

McBennett, John, carpenter, bds 434 S Broadway
McBennett, Lizzie G, operator, bds 434 S Broadway

McBennett, Michael, emp bridge works, bds 434 S Broadway

McBradner, Charles H, emp bridge works, h 208 Vine

McBride, Charles, foreman silk mill, bds 1331 College ave

McBride, Fannie E, bds 124 1/2 E Chemung pl

McBride, Henry P, brakeman D L & W R R, h 803 Oak

McBride, James P, emp silk mill, bds 370 Reformatory

McBride, John, cigarmaker, bds 425 Railroad ave

McBride, Patrick, bds 659 Magee

McBride, William L, emp silk mill, h 370 Reformatory

McCabe, John, painter and paperhanger, bds 310 Baldwin

McCabe, Lester H, stenographer, 316 Carroll, bds 224 S Main

McCabe, Mary, domestic, bds 1359 Grand Central ave

McCaffrey, Celestia, widow Peter, h 358 S Main

McCaffrey, Edward G, shoecutter, bds 358 S Main

McCaffrey, George H, cigarmaker, h 705 Lake

McCaffrey, John, laborer, bds 708 Baldwin

McCaffrey, Margaret, bds 705 Lake

McCaffrey, Margaret Mrs, h 708 Baldwin

McCaffrey, Mary J, bds 705 Lake

McCaffrey, Robert S, engineer steamer No 1, h 204 Brand

McCaffrey, William, com trav, 413 Carroll, h 713 E Water

McCaffrey, William, laborer, bds 708 Baldwin

McCaffrey, William C, shoecutter, bds 358 S Main

McCall, John G, laborer, h 716 Columbia

McCann, Edward J, emp bridge works, h 10 Sylvester pl

McCann, Eliza, h 72 S Main

McCann, Elliott, emp bridge works, h 503 Sullivan

McCann, Francis J, saloon, 569 E Water, bds 853 East ave

McCann, Frank, meat cutter, 148 W Water, bds 107 College ave

McCANN, GEORGE, (Rockwell & McCann), Masonic Temple, h 452 W Church

McCann, George, conductor D L & W R R, bds 724 Benjamin

McCann, George, trainman D L & W R R, h 1317 Lake

McCann, George H, tanner, h 807 1/2 E Water

McCann, James 2d, farmer, h 1998 Davis

McCANN, JAMES D, county treasurer Court House Annex, h 2035 Oakwood ave, Elmira Heights

McCann, Jane, h 725 S Main

McCANN, JOSEPH, (Gardner & McCann), 148 W Water, h 622 do

McCann, Joseph R, agent, 114 S Main, h do

McCann, Margaret A, dressmaker, bds 853 East ave

McCann, Mary, domestic, bds 853 East ave

McCann, Michael M, conductor D L & W R R, bds 724 Benjamin

McCann, Nora Mrs, caterer, h 375 Penna ave

McCann, Peter J, hostler, bds 853 East ave

McCann, Sarah, milliner, 201 E Water, bds 853 East ave

McCann, Terrance, nightwatch Superior Knitting Mill Co, h 853 East ave

McCann, Thomas P, emp Superior Knitting Mill Co, bds 853 East ave

McCann, Wallace, brakeman D L & W R R, h 359 E Center

McCanna, Catharine, widow James, bds 561 E Third

McCanna, Ella B, dressmaker, bds 561 E Third

McCanna, James P, emp N Y S Reformatory, h 457 High

McCarrick, Glen, messenger, bds 116 Ferris

McCarrick, James, laborer, h 619 West Hill

McCarrick, John C, fireman L V R R, h 116 Ferris

McCarrick, Laura E, bds 619 West Hill

McCarrick see MacCarrick

McCarthy, Ann Mrs, grocer, 1115 Davis, h do

McCarthy, Anna F, dressmaker, bds 405 Crescent

McCarthy, Bridget, widow Daniel, h 862 Magee

McCarthy, Bridget, widow Michael, h 625 Lewis

McCarthy, Catharine F, clerk, bds 850 Main

McCarthy, Charles, shoemaker, bds 517 W Third

McCarthy, Charles, car repairer, h 509 W Hudson

McCarthy, Charles J, emp bridge works, bds 712 Erie

McCarthy, Charles J, (McCarthy & Barnett), 504 Main, h 850 do

McCarthy, Cornelius, laborer, h 908 N Main
McCarthy, Daniel, bds 1115 Davis

McCarthy, Daniel, tinsmith, h 367 W Third

McCarthy, Daniel, lineman, bds 377 Railroad ave

McCarthy, Delia, cook, 114 W Gray

McCarthy, Dennis, saloon, 551 E Third, h do

McCarthy, Dennis J, fireman D L & W R R, bds 405 Crescent

McCarthy, Dennis jr, foreman painter Erie shops, h 504 Dewitt ave

McCarthy, Eugene F, (Brooks & Co), 157 Baldwin, bds 625 E Washington ave

McCarthy, Florence, brakeman, bds 625 Lewis

McCarthy, Ella, widow George, bds 107 Fulton

McCarthy, Ellen, domestic, 51 S Main

McCarthy, George B, bds 625 Lewis

McCarthy, Harvey C, bds 1115 Davis

McCarthy, James, cigar maker, 118 S Main, h 504 Decker ave

McCarthy, James, hostler, 153 W Clinton, rooms do

McCarthy, Jeremiah J, emp bridge works, bds 712 Erie

McCarthy, Jerry, emp rolling mill, h 408 1/2 Standish

McCarthy, John, letter carrier, bds 159 E Washington ave

McCarthy, John, laborer, bds 862 Magee

McCarthy, John, barber, 167 Lake, h 1115 Davis

McCarthy, John, laborer, h 159 E Washington ave

McCarthy, John jr, fireman Erie R R, bds 159 E Washington ave

McCarthy, John J, laborer, h 949 Johnson

McCarthy, Julia, bds 551 E Third

McCarthy, Kate, domestic, 505 Park pl

McCarthy, Kate L, millner, bds 625 Lewis

McCarthy, Margaret, bds 1115 Davis

McCarthy, Maggie, domestic, 511 W Water

McCarthy, Margaret, domestic, 709 Park pl

McCarthy, Margaret E, teacher, bds 150 W LaFrance

McCarthy, Mary, student, bds 107 Fulton

McCarthy, Mary, widow John, bds 423 Linden pl

McCarthy, Matthew, foreman painter Erie shops, h 553 E Third

McCarthy, Michael, emp N C Ry, bds 52 Decker ave
McCarthy, Michael, stone cutter, h 1115 Davis

McCarthy, Minnie, waitress Erie depot restaurant, bds 515 Dewitt ave

McCarthy, Nellie, bds 908 N Main

McCarthy, Nora, widow Felix, h 517 W Third

McCarthy, Patrick J, bricklayer, h 828 Johnson

McCarthy, Patrick K, patrolman, h 850 Main

McCarthy, Peirce, h 711 Kinyon

McCarthy, Sarah, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 850 Main

McCarthy, Thomas, laborer, h 507 1/2 Dewitt ave

McCarthy, Thomas J, shoemaker, bds 159 E Washington ave

McCarthy, Thomas M, conductor Erie R R, h 404 W Fifth

McCarthy, William, fireman E F D, h 417 W Second

McCarthy, William L, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 850 Main

McCarthy, William W, gate tender Erie R R, h 515 Dewitt ave

McCarthy & Barnett, Charles J McC and John F B) grocers, 504 Main

McCarty, Anna, cook Elmira College, bds do

McCarty, John R, photographer, 126 Main, h 110 College ave

McCarty, William P, salesman, h 100 Fox

McCaslin, Clarence, mechanic, bds 124 E Water

McCauley, Frances, domestic, 318 William

McCauley, John R, trainman D L & W R R, h 504 Oak

McCeaigue, Albert K, plumber, bds 220 High

McCeaigue, Daniel, printer Telegram, bds 220 High

McCeaigue, Sophia M, widow Isaac, h 220 High

McClain, Jacob A, saloon, 107 E Washington ave, h do

McClain, John, bds 307 Mt Zoar

McCLAVE, CHARLES R, (Sanborne & McClave), h 1010 College ave

McClave, Michael H, h 1010 College ave

McClelland, Arthur W, student, bds 606 Beecher
McClelland, Cora M, cashier, 132 W Water, bds 117 do

McClelland, Florence N, nurse, 509 W Church

McClelland, Patience, matron, 117 W Water, bds do

McClelland, William P, mason, h 606 Beecher

McClintic, Edwin, emp D L & W R R, bds 302 Diven ave

McClintic, Edwin E, janitor Y M C A, h 302 Diven ave

McClintic, George M, laborer, h 1125 Davis

McClure, Adam, laborer D L & W R R, h 1107 Magee

McClure see MacClure

McCollum, Clarence A, stenographer, h 247 Crete ave

McCollum, Thomas F, carpenter, h 516 Park pl

McCollum, S Mrs, clerk, 115 E Water, h 209 Harmon

McCollum see MacCallum

McConnell, Anna, widow Francis, h 117 Catharine

McConnell, Celia, widow Neil, h 313 S Broadway

McConnell, Charles E, carpenter and builder, h 113 Magnolia

McConnell, Clara P, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 714 Spaulding

McConnell, Edward A, letter carrier, h 527 Harper

McConnell, Ella, nurse, 119 Lake, bds do

McConnell, Florence, elocutionist, bds 117 Catherine

McConnell, Frank W, saloon, 160 Baldwin, h 500 E Market

McConnell, George I, emp N C Ry, h 714 Spaulding

McConnell, Henry, tanner, h 915 John

McConnell, Mary, bds 313 S Broadway

McConnell, Mary, widow Patrick, h 706 E Fifth

McConnell, Stephen J, bds 160 Baldwin

McConnell, William H, carpenter, h 712 Carpenter

McCORD, WILLIAM S, treas Elmira Bridge Co, bds Rathbun House

McCord see MacCord

McCormick, Eliza J, dressmaker, bds 416 Madison ave

McCORMICK HARVESTING MACHINE CO, Erwin M Field, gen agt, 656-664 State

McCormick, John, laborer, h 309 Norton

McCormick, Mary A, dressmaker, 416 Madison ave, h do

McCormick, Patrick, bds 314 West Side ave

McCormick, Samuel S, emp N C Ry, bds 785 Penna ave

McCovey, Elizabeth Mrs, nurse, bds 1021 1/2 Oak

McCoy, Charles H, clerk, h Caton ave n Penna ave

McCoy, Chester A, blacksmith, h Caton ave n Penna ave

McCoy, Edith, waitress Hotel Langwell, bds do

McCoy, Frank R, prop Homestead Hotel, 425 E Water

McCoy, Laura J, widow A M, landlady Homestead Hotel

McCracken, John R, upholsterer, h 312 W Fifth

McCracken, Lula B, clerk, 201 E Water, bds 312 W Fifth

McCracken, Mary, widow John, h 709 Columbia

McCracken, William, marble works, 104 W Church, bds 709 Columbia

McCraney, Bertha A, clerk, 132 W Water, bds 205 Harmon

McCraney, Edith A, clerk, 132 W Water, bds 205 Harmon

McCreight, John, machinist, h 612 S Main

McCRONE BROS, (M J and J D), meat market, groceries, restaurant and bakery, 405-407 Railroad ave

McCRONE, EVA MRS, bookkeeper, 407 Railroad ave, h 302 1/2 E Second

McCrone, Francis J Rev, asst rector, St Patrick's Church, h 615 Park pl

McCRONE, JAMES D, (McCrone Bros), h 212 W Second

McCRONE, MICHAEL J, (McCrone Bros), h 302 1/2 E Second

McCullough, George, emp rolling mill, bds Franklin Hotel

McCullough, Mary Mrs, rooms 418 Main

McCurdy, Mary A, widow David, bds 357 Spaulding

McDade, James, tanner, bds 807 1/2 E Water

McDaniel, Charles W, emp Eclipse bicycle works, bds 971 Lincoln

McDaniel, William E, emp Eclipse works, h 971 Lincoln

McDermott, Catherine, widow Timothy, h 817 Hatch

McDermott, Mark, bartender, 503 Railroad ave, rooms 817 Hatch

McDermott, Thomas, teamster, h 802 Linden pl

McDonald, Belle, dressmaker, bds 432 Herrick

McDonald, Catherine, widow Charles, housekeeper, 622 S Main

McDonald, Charles, h 801 Railroad ave

McDonald, Edward, com trav, h 704 W First

McDonald, G Louis, messenger W U Tel Co, bds 356 Alexander pl

McDonald, James, stone cutter, bds 425 Railroad ave

McDonald, James R, conductor L V R R, h 1012 Oak

McDonald, Jeremiah, machinist, bds 310 Diven ave

McDonald, John, engineer D L & W R R, bds 1018 Hall

McDonald, John, laborer, bds 55 George

McDonald, Maggie, domestic, 217 W Second
McDonald, Margaret, emp knitting mill, bds 310 Diven ave

McDonald, Mary Mrs, h 55 George

McDonald, Mary C, widow Edward, bds 310 Diven ave

McDonald, Peter, lineman, h 356 Alexander pl

McDonald, Rosetta, silk weaver, bds 447 South ave

McDonald, Thomas, machinist, h 310 Diven ave

McDonough, John, boxer, bds 807 John

McDonough, Thomas, patrolman, h 120 W Miller

McDougal, William, plumber, bds 153 Fox

McDOWELL, BOYD, lawyer, 335 E Water, h 605 W Water

McDowell, Charles, tinsmith, bds 426 W Fourth

McDowell, Elizabeth, music teacher, bds 426 W Fourth

McDowell, Emma R, widow Clayton, dressmaker, h 426 W Fourth

McDOWELL, J LOWMAN, (McDowell & Fitch), 323 Carroll, h 408 W Water

McDOWELL, JOHN G, city judge, City Hall, h 315 Lake

McDowell, John M, emp Elmira Illuminating Co, h 328 Irvine

McDowell, Laura, tel opr, 205 E Gray, bds 426 W Fourth

McDowell, Robert M, h 315 Lake

McDOWELL & FITCH, (J L McDowell and A S Fitch), insurance, 323 Carroll

McDowell see MacDowell

McDuffee, Charles F, painter and paper hanger, h 354 W Fourth

McElevey, Anna L, music teacher, bds 635 W Water

McElevey, Elizabeth, widow John, h 635 W Water

McElevey, S Belle, milliner, bds 635 W Water

McElligott, Anna T, student, bds 715 Davis

McElligott, Edward, emp Erie R R, h 715 Davis

McElligott, Kate L, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 715 Davis

McElligott, Margaret, student, bds 652 E Clinton

McElligott, Michael E, com trav, 414 Carroll, h 715 Davis

McElligott, Thomas, tel messenger, 150 Baldwin, bds 652 E Clinton

McElligott, Timothy, car inspector, h 652 E Clinton

McEllwe, Samuel, student, bds 375 W Water

McElroy, Carrie G, emp box factory, bds 302 High

McElroy, Cora A, dressmaker, bds 233 Kingsbury ave

McElroy, Grace D, stenographer, 309 Robinson bldg, bds 220 Maple ave

McElroy, James C, machinist, h 243 W Water

McElroy, John, h 722 German

McElroy, Lydia A, widow John, h 302 High

McElroy, William H, h 233 Kingsbury ave

McElroy, William H jr, brakeman D L & W R R, h 233 Kingsbury ave

McFadden, J, Supt Elmira Steel Works, bds Hotel Langwell

McFarland, Andrew H, saloon, 450 E Market, h 805 E Water

McFarlane, James, machinist, bds 360 Euclid ave

McFARLIN, ABRAM, photographer, 126 Main, h do

McFeiggan, David M, moulder, h 411 Baty

McFeiggan, David R, bds 411 Baty

McFerran, Edward, cabinetmaker, h 310 Elm

McGlenn, Mary, domestic, 1998 Davis

McGlinchey, Sarah C, h 418 Carroll

McGough, Patrick W, saloon & grocer, 763 E Market, h do

McGovern, Daniel, laborer, bds 920 Lackawanna ave

McGovern, Fred W, bicycle maker, bds 319 W Second

McGovern, Hattie L, dressmaker emp, 520 Lake, bds 319 W Second

McGovern, Hugh, shoemaker, h 309 E Washington ave

McGovern, James, laborer, h 920 Lackawanna ave

McGovern, James jr, emp J Richardson & Co, h 910 Lackawanna ave

McGovern, John, lineman, h 713 German

McGovern, Michael, carpenter, h 319 W Second

McGovern, Phillip, car inspector D L & W R R, bds 920 Lackawanna ave

McGowen, Samuel, bartender, 422 E Water, bds do

McGrady, Michael, emp bridge works, h r 611 S Main

McGrath, Dennis, carpenter, h 359 Roe ave

McGrath, Dennis jr, tinsmith, bds 359 Roe ave

McGrath, Emily A, h 634 W Gray

McGrath, Frank, polisher, bds American House

McGrath, James, messenger, bds 369 Roe ave

McGrath, John, laborer, bds 359 Roe ave

McGrath, John H, letter carrier, bds 605 John

McGrath, Lucinda A, widow Michael H, bds 634 W Gray

McGrath, Mary C, millner, bds 605 John

McGrath, Patrick, expressman, h 605 John

McGRATH, PETER, Supt Advertiser bindery dept, 100 Lake, bds 605 John

McGrath, Thomas, laborer, h 348 W Seventh

McGrath, Thomas F, saloon, 703 Railroad ave, h do

McGraw, Edward, hostler, h 143 E Water

McGraw, Helen, dressmaker, 363 1/2 W Second, rooms do

McGraw, John, road foreman L V R R, h 609 W Church

McGraw, Kate, domestic, 323 William

McGraw, Margaret, cook, 316 W Gray

McGreevy, Anna T, bds 308 Orchard

McGreevy, Eugene O, contractor, bds 308 Orchard

McGreevy, John, contractor, h 308 Orchard

McGreevy, John Jr, plumber, bds 308 Orchard

McGreevy, Julia C, dressmaker, 117 E Water, bds 308 Orchard

McGreevy, Leo, clerk, 142 E Water, h 308 Orchard

McGreevy, Sarah A, widow Owen, h 654 E Market

McGreevy, William M, bookkeeper, bds 308 Orchard

McGrene, Matilda F, domestic, 210 Lormore

McGuigan, Frances J, widow Arthur, laundress, h 1216 Baldwin

McGuigan, James, agt Bartel Brewing Co, 745 Baldwin, h 902 Lake

McGuinness, Arthur, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, rooms 459 E Church

McGuire, Beatrice, domestic, 401 Grove

McGuire, Bridget, widow John, bds 925 E Church

McGuire, Elizabeth C, widow James, h r 111 W LaFrance

McGuire, Frances, tobacco packer, bds 921 Railroad ave

McGuire, James, stereotyper Telegram, h 925 E Church

McGuire, Julia A, waitress Webb's dining hall, bds r 111 W Fourth

McGuire, Katherine, h 262 W Fourth

McGuire, Michael, h 907 Railroad ave

McGuire, Nellie, emp tobacco factory, bds 921 Railroad ave

McGuire, Rose, bds 925 E Church

McGuire, Rose, widow John, h 1450 Grand Central ave

McGuire, Richard J, laborer, bds r 111 W LaFrance

McGuire, Simon, puddler, bds 921 Railroad ave

McGuire, Teresa R, emp Call Mfg Co, bds 1450 Grand Central ave

McGuire, Thomas F, laborer, bds 111 W LaFrance

McGurk, Kate, widow Frank, h r 363 W Fifth

McHENRY, ABRAM, (Harris, McHenry & Baker), h 408 Maple ave

McHenry, Abram M, draughtsman, 323 Carroll, bds 408 Maple ave

McHenry, Albert W, emp Harris, McHenry & Baker, bds 408 Maple ave

McHENRY, FANNIE E, librarian Supreme Court Library, bds at Horseheads

McHenry, Guy P, farmer, h 965 Penna ave

McHenry, Harriet, bds 965 Penna ave

McHenry, Julia, bds 965 Penna ave

McHenry, Miller, h N s Penna ave n Bulkhead

McHenry, Nathaniel, salesman, bds 408 Maple ave

McHenry, Sarah F, bds N s Penna ave n Bulkhead

McHenry see MacHenry

McHose, Benjamin F, brakeman, h 1319 Grand Central ave

McHose, B F Mrs, boarding house, 1319 Grand Central ave

McInerney, Agnes M, emp Elmira knitting mill, bds 306 Sutton

McInerney, Annie E, bds 330 W Seventh

McInerny, Bridget, widow John, h 208 Orchard

McInerney, Bridget, widow Michael, h 117 Washington

McInerney, Catharine, dressmaker, bds 311 W Fifth

McInerney, Charles, blacksmith, 1420 Caton ave

McInerney, Cornelius, freight handler L V R R, bds 326 W Seventh

McInerney, Elizabeth M, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 208 Orchard

McInerney, Ellen, housekeeper, 326 W Seventh

McInerney, Henry, clerk, 400 W Church, bds 422 W Fifth

McInerney, James, bds 422 W Fifth

McInerney, James P, clerk, 121 Lake, bds 422 W Fifth

McInerney, James P, steel worker, bds 1018 Hall

McInerney, James S, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1018 Hall

McInerney, Jennie, stenographer, 140 W Water, bds 422 W Fifth

McINERNEY, JOHN, (McInerney & Lonergan), h 215 W Third

McInerney, John, carriage mfr, 448 E Water, h 206 Sullivan

McInerney, John, flagman N C R R, h 306 Sullivan

McInerney, John, mason, bds 531 W Church

McInerney, John, tinsmith, bds 710 S Main

McInerney, John, h 326 W Seventh

McInerney, John Jr, freight handler L V R R, bds 326 W Seventh

McInerney, John C, clerk, 182 State, bds 256 W Henry

McInerney, John E, lineman, bds 422 W Fifth

McInerney, John S, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1018 Hall

McInerney, Julia, widow James, h 916 Magee

McInerney, Julia, widow Michael, h 335 W Seventh

McInerney, Katherine, clerk, bds 335 W Seventh

McInerney, Lizzie M, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 208 Orchard

McInerney, Margaret, bds 117 Washington

McInerney, Margaret, housekeeper, 215 W Third
McInerney, Margaret, bds 208 Orchard

McInerney, Margaret, dressmaker, bds 326 W Seventh

McInerney, Margaret, widow Thomas, h 1018 Hall
McInerney, Margaret L, dressmaker, bds 330 W Seventh

McInerney, Mary, boarding house, 1018 Hall

McInerney, Mary, candymaker, bds 206 Sullivan

McInerney, Mary, domestic, 109 Catharine

McInerney, Mary, cook City Club

McInerney, Mary, widow Patrick, h 422 W Fifth

McInerney, Mary A, tailoress, bds 916 Magee

McInerney, Mary E, waitress, 407 Railroad ave, bds 302 1/2 E Second

McInerney, Michael, car inspector, h 710 S Main

McInerney, Michael, horseshoer, 448 E Water, bds 117 Washington

McInerney, Michael J, bds 710 S Main

McInerney, Michael J, machinist, h 916 Magee

McInerney, Nellie E, tailoress, bds 916 Magee

McInerney, P Henry, laborer, bds 710 S Main

McInerney, Susan, dressmaker, h 311 W Fifth

McInerney, Susan, bds 310 Washington

McInerney, Thaddeus C, fireman D L & W R R, bds 335 W Seventh

McInerney, Thomas, bds 710 S Main

McInerney, Thomas, laborer, h 330 W Seventh

McInerney, Thomas F, guard N Y S Reformatory, bds 330 W Seventh

McInerney, Thomas J, clerk, 101 E Water, h 256 W Henry

McInerney, Thomas P, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1018 Hall

McInerney, William, waiter City Club, rooms 422 W Fifth

McInerney, William L, marble cutter, bds 330 W Seventh

McINERNEY & LONERGAN, (John McI and William L), wholesale wines and liquors and agents for Sheboygan mineral waters, 532 Main

McInroy, James E, switchman N C Ry, h 112 W Miller

McIntosh, Hobart W, bartender Maple Avenue Club House, bds 515 Spaulding

McIntyre, Edna, emp Superior Knitting Mill Co, bds 907 E Church

McIntyre, Henry, laborer, h Kingsbury ave

McIntyre, Ira, laborer, h Kingsbury ave

McIntyre, James, laborer, bds Kingsbury ave

McIntyre, John, janitor, bds Home for Aged

McIntyre, John H, bds 411 W Fourth

McIntyre, Josephine, bds Wall bey limits

McIntyre, Lewis L, painter, h 317 W Fifth

McIntyre, Sophia, widow Hiram, bds 404 W Third
McIntyre, William, bds 317 W Fifth

McKay, John C, engineer N C Ry, h 401 Franklin

McKay, John E, printer, bds 401 Franklin

McKay, Lulu B, bds 401 Franklin

McKean, Daniel T, teamster, h 140 E Chemung pl

McKean, David T, driver, 404 E Water, h 140 E Chemung pl

McKean, Ernest W, agt Met Life Ins Co, h 600 1/2 S Broadway

McKEAN, JAMES C, (Batterson and McKean), 308 E Water, h 108 Caldwell ave

McKee, David C, h 375 W Clinton

McKee, William, iron moulder, bds 207 W Miller

McKeon, Frank, engineer D L & W R R, h 403 Linden pl

McKibbin, E Wesley, clerk, 329 E Water, bds 514 Euclid ave

McKibbin, Edna M, stenographer, notary public, 303 Robinson bldg, bds 514 Euclid ave

McKibbin, Harriet J, widow George A, h 514 Euclid ave

McKinley, Marion T, com trav, h 3 Metzger bldg, 205 W Third

McKinney, Frances H, bds 651 Lake

McKinney, Rose E Mrs, bds 156 Main

McKNIGHT, GEORGE H REV D D, rector Trinity Church, h 304 Main

McKnight, George Morgan, musical director Elmira College, bds 304 Main

McKnight, Kate B, bds 304 Main

McKnight, Theodore M, prop Queen City Sewer Pipe Co cor Baldwin and Second, bds 304 Main

McLafferty, Alonzo, barber D L & W Y M C A bldg, h 1112 Lake

McLafferty, Crandall A, bds 1112 Lake

McLafferty, William, com trav, bds Hotel Langwell

McLafferty see MacLafferty

McLain, Clark, restaurant, 412 E Water, h do

McLain see MacLean and McLean

McLaughlin, John T, plumber, bds 462 Riverside ave

McLaughlin, Philena, widow Silas H, h 402 W Second

McLaughlin, Thomas F, emp N Y S Reformatory, h 373 W Fifth

McLAUGHLIN, THOMAS J, gen agt Security Mutual Life Ins Co, 306 Robinson bldg, rooms 459 W Church

McLaughlin, William F, cigar manuf, 200 Baldwin, h 462 Riverside ave

McLaughlin, William H, emp, 101 E Chemung pl, bds 653 Grove
McLaughlin see McLoughlin

McLean, Andrew H, harness, 213 W Water, h 366 Diven ave

McLean, Ethel M, teacher, bds 366 Diven ave

McLean, Thomas O, collector P F Collier, h 414 Diven ave

McLean see McLain and MacLean

McLEOD, ARTHUR B, (LeValley, McLeod & Co), 165 Lake, h 304 Penna ave

McLeod, Ellen Mrs, bds 925 E Church

McLin, Daniel, baggageman Hotel Langwell, bds do

McLoughlin, James G, city agent, 414 Carroll, bds 315 W Fifth

McLoughlin, Joseph P, clerk N C freight office, bds 315 W Fifth

McLoughlin, Patrick J, emp N Y S Reformatory, h 315 W Fifth

McLoughlin see McLaughlin

McMahon, Alice M, bds 412 W Clinton

McMahon, Ann M, student, bds 439 W Fourth

McMahon, Anna, teacher school No 5, bds 439 W Fourth

McMahon, Anna, widow Thomas, bds 613 E Third

McMahon, Annie B, operator J Richardson & Co, bds 336 W Seventh

McMahon, Bridget, widow Martin, h 806 Hatch

McMahon, Bridget E, housekeeper, 336 W Seventh

McMahon, Catherine, widow Michael, h 820 Jay

McMahon, David, bridge builder, bds 820 Jay

McMahon, Edward M, tinner Erie R R, bds 314 W Fourth

McMahon, Ella, dressmaker, bds 561 Beach

McMahon, Francis S, solderer, bds 374 W Third

McMahon, Gretta P, emp knitting mill, bds 503 Welles

McMahon, Hannah, widow Thomas J, dressmaker, bds 613 E Third

McMahon, James, laborer, bds 722 Oak

McMahon, John, emp H C Spaulding Co, h 808 Hatch
McMahon, John, tobacco cutter, bds 806 Hatch

McMahon, John, emp bridge works, bds 611 Junction

McMahon, John, emp N C shops, h 213 Sutton

McMahon, John, polisher, bds American House

McMahon, John H, foreman Erie shops, h 655 Magee

McMahon, John J, laborer, h 113 Keefe

McMahon, Katharine, tercher school No 7, bds 408 W Second

McMahon, Katharine V, emp knitting mill, bds 503 Welles

McMahon, Lizzie, emp knitting mill, bds 503 Welles

McMahon, Margaret, dressmaker, bds 808 Hatch

McMahon, Margaret, dressmaker, bds 561 Beach

McMahon, Margaret, widow Michael, h 755 E Market

McMahon, Margaret A, stenographer, bds 374 W Third

McMahon, Martin, puddler, bds 806 Hatch

McMahon, Martin, painter, bds 820 Jay

McMahon, Martin J, glass worker, bds 611 Junction

McMahon, Mary, dressmaker, bds 503 Welles

McMahon, Mary, dressmaker, bds 258 W Henry

McMahon, Mary, widow Patrick, h 258 W Henry

McMahon, Mary C, stenographer R G Dun & Co, bds 374 W Third

McMahon, Mary C, bds 665 Magee

McMahon, J, em J Richardson & Co, bds 336 W Seventh

McMahon, Mary L, bds 408 W Second

McMahon, Matthias H, salesman, h 408 W Second

McMahon, Michael F, fireman Erie R R, bds 439 W Fourth
McMahon, Michael J, hotel, 419 Railroad ave, h 371 W Clinton

McMahon, Mortimer, bricklayer, bds 806 Hatch

McMahon, Nellie, dressmaker, bds 561 Beach

McMahon, Patrick, emp rolling mill, bds 806 Hatch

McMahon, Patrick, laborer, h 374 W Third

McMahon, Patrick, emp N C R R shops, h 624 Lewis

McMahon, Patrick C, blacksmith, h 336 W Seventh

McMahon, Patrick C, carpenter, h 439 W Fourth

McMahon, Patrick J, carpenter, h 503 Welles

McMahon, Richard, barber, bds 820 Jay

McMahon, Simon, teamster, h 561 Beach

McMahon, Thomas P, carpenter, h 818 Jay

McMahon, Timothy, mason, h 611 Junction

McMahon, William S, agent, bds 503 Welles

McMahon see MacMahon

McManus, Catharine E, tobacco stripper, bds 123 Sullivan

McManus, John, h 123 Sullivan

McManus, John T, cigarmaker, bds 123 Sullivan

McManus, William, iron worker, bds 123 Sullivan

McMillan, Elizabeth, dressmaker, bds 318 West ave

McMillan, Giles, stone cutter, h 503 1/2 Sullivan

McMillan, James B, carpenter, h 318 West ave

McMillan, Joseph, furnace tender, bds 513 College ave

McMillan, Mary A, widow William, bds 1008 Hoffman

McMillan, Stephen H, carpenter N C shops, h 712 S Broadway

McMillan see MacMillan

McNally, Frederick B, clerk, 110 Main bds 507 W Second

McNALLY, JAMES A, (Murphy & McNally), 110 Main, h 507 W Second

McNally, Richard J, baker, bds 507 W Second

McNally, Robert F, electrician, bds 507 W Second

McNamara, Anthony, shipping clerk, 114 W Water, bds 1015 N Main

McNamara, Elizabeth, widow Michael, bds 109 Caldwell ave

McNamara, James P, ins agt, h 412 Elm

McNamara, Jeremiah, emp N C Ry shops, bds 207 South ave

McNamara, John, fireman L V R R, h 921 Stowell

McNamara, John H, emp N C Ry shops, bds 726 S Main

McNamara, Margaret, teacher school No 3, bds 108 W Henry

McNamara, Margaret, widow Patrick, bds 201 W Miller

McNamara, Matthew M, car inspector, h 913 Main

McNamara, Michael F, lawyer, 112 Lake, h 109 Caldwell ave

McNamara, Michael M, emp N C Ry shops, bds 207 South ave

McNaney, Anna, emp tobacco factory, bds 204 Home

McNaney, Edgar J, carpenter, bds 906 Penna ave

McNaney, Ella M, emp skirt factory, bds 906 Penna ave

McNaney, Eva, bds 906 Penna ave

McNaney, Frank, laborer, bds 204 Home

McNaney, Harriet, clerk, bds 806 Madison ave

McNaney, Howard F, laborer, bds 906 Penna ave

McNaney, John, h 906 Penna ave

McNaney, John H, flour and feed, h 740 Harper
McNaney, Owen B, laborer, bds 906 Penna ave

McNaney, Patrick, teamster, h 1 Grand Central ave

McNaney, Rose, widow George, h 958 Oak

McNaney, Thomas, teamster, h 204 Home

McNear, Ralph, painter, h 207 S Broadway

McNeilly, Jane, emp knitting mill, bds 1319 Grand Central ave

McNeilly, Jessie, emp knitting mill, bds 507 Harper

McNeilly, John W, laborer, h 1307 Lackawanna ave

McNevin, Anna, housekeeper, 218 Front

McNevin, John, h 218 Front

McNevin, John J, patrolman, h 958 College ave

McNevin, William H, fireman Erie R R, h 356 W Third

McNevin see MacNevin

McNichol, Anna, nurse A O Hospital

McNulty, Charles, blacksmith, h 216 Sutton

McNulty, Louise, bds 708 W Water

McNulty, Margaret, widow D LaGrand, h 708 W Water

McPherson, Charles H, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, h 803 Davis

McPherson, Charles W, clerk N Y & Pa Tel and Tel Co, 513 Realty bldg, bds 110 Bloomer ave

McPherson, John, h 110 Bloomer ave

McPherson, John B, tinner, bds 110 Bloomer ave

McQuinn, John, laborer, bds 318 W Seventh

McQuinn, Katie, cook, 352 Main

McSweeney, Dennis, shoemaker, h 213 Front

McWhorter, Margaret, dressmaker, bds 460 W Gray

McWhorter, Minnie B, stenographer, 101 E Chemung pl, bds 312 South ave

Mead, Albert L, car sealer, h 656 Dickinson

Mead, Charles, laborer, h 716 Hopkins

Mead, Charles F, laborer, h 751 E Washington ave

Mead, Charles H, clerk, bds 114 W Hudson

MEAD, EDWARD H, clerk, 118 E Water, agent Gray Mineral Water, 114 W Hudson, h do

Mead, Eza S, doormaker, bds 155 E Fifth

Mead, Frank C, laborer, h Grand Central ave opp Home for Aged

Mead, Julia, widow John, bds 897 Oak

Mead, Seymour H, laborer, h 351 E Fourth

Meade, Albert A, machinist, h 515 W Third

Meade, Carrie V, widow Peter, h 416 W Third

Meade, Charles W, com trav, h 108 E Chemung pl

Meade, Charles W Mrs, artist, 108 E Chemung pl

Meade, F Belle, bookkeeper, 316 E Church, bds 327 Baldwin

Meade, Florence, bds 703 Park pl

Meade, George P, sashmaker, bds 950 Main

Meade, Henry T, wood finisher, bds 950 Main

Meade, John J, shipping clerk, bds 950 Main

Meade, Martin, h 950 Main

Meade, Martin M, driver, 201 W Clinton, bds 950 Main

Meade, Sabra L, bds 108 E Chemung pl

MEADE, SPENCER, supt Northern Central Railway, 501 Railroad ave, h 703 Park pl

Meade, William J, messenger The Bradstreet Co, bds 950 N Main

Meade, William L, cashier U S Express Co, h 804 W Gray

Meadowcroft, Leah, dressmaker, bds 406 Matthew

Meadowcroft, Thomas, cabinetmaker, h 406 Mathews

Meagher, Elizabeth, emp cotton mill, bds 309 Diven ave

Meagher, Jefferson, emp Bundy Lamp Co, bds 309 Diven ave

Meagher, William, car inspector D L & W R R, h 309 Diven ave

Mealus, Clara, domestic, 463 Maple ave

Meaney, Ann, widow James, bds 716 Benjamin

Meaney, John W, emp Eclipse bicycle works, h 718 Benjamin

Meaney, Michael J, bartender, 701 Lake, bds 716 Benjamin

Mear, Alice, bds 155 W La France

Mear, Harriet E, bookkeeper, h 155 W La France

Mear, Joseph H, shipping clerk, bds 155 W La France

Mechalke, August J, emp brick yard, h 854 East ave

Mechalke, Elbert E, emp brick yard, bds 854 East ave

Meddaugh, Andrew, bds 504 Sullivan

Meddaugh, Chauncey G, h 709 Kinyon
Meddaugh, Frank W, grocer, 205 Reformatory, h 1325 College ave

Meddaugh see Middaugh

Meddick, George L, insurance agent, h 365 W Clinton

Meddick, J Connelly, bds 365 W Clinton

Meehan, Delia, waitress Elmira College, bds do

Meehan, Lizzie, waitress, 219 W Water

Meehan, Thomas, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 306 Crescent

Meeker, Burton C, h 315 Baldwin

Meeker, George E, clerk, bds 308 South ave

Meeker, Julia A, widow Charles H, h 308 South ave

Meeker, Osburn K, machinist, h 311 South ave

Meeker, Peter B, teamster, h 321 S Main

Meeker, William H, drayman, 214 E Water, h 1124 Oak

Meier, Rosa, domestic, 1331 College ave

Meissner, Emma, domestic, bds 111 Sullivan

Meissner, Minnie M, domestic, 410 1/2 Linden pl

Meissner, Paul H, emp rolling mill, bds 111 Sullivan

Mellon, Edward, painter, bds 417 Madison ave

Mellon, Ellen E, widow Patrick, h 417 Madison ave

Mellon, James P, painter, bds 417 Madison ave

Mellon, John F, com trav, bds 417 Madison ave

Mellon, Robert, wire weaver, bds 539 Tuttle ave

Meltzner, Israel, peddler, h 901 John

Melville, Hannah, widow Martin, h 762 E Market

Melville, John C, lawyer, bds 762 E Market

Mencing, Fred, emp Erie R R shops, h 817 E Second

Mencing, Lena L, stenographer, bds 817 E Second

Mencing, Mary M, tailoress, bds 817 E Second

Mendelson, Abraham, tailor, 159 Sullivan

Mengler, Charles, laborer, bds 219 E Seventh

Mengler, Frank J, laborer, bds 219 E Seventh

Mengler, Margaret Mrs, h 219 E Seventh

Menichelli, Frank, grocer and shoemaker, 112 W Fifth, h do

MEN'S SHELTER AND LODGING HOUSE, Salvation Army proprs, 153 Baldwin

Mercer, Samuel, engineer Erie R R, h 265 W Clinton

Mercereau, Carrie, teacher, bds 110 E Chemung pl

Mercereau, H C Co, H C Mercereau mgr, cigar mfrs and leaf tobacco, 91-95 Penna ave

Mercereau, Henry C, (H C Mercereau Co), h 110 E Chemung pl

Mercereau, LaMont, foreman H C Mercereau Co, bds 110 E Chemung pl

Merchant, Charles W, insurance and books, 434 E Water, h do

Merchant, Louis H, physician and surgeon, 523 Union pl, h do

MERCHANTS' NATIONAL BANK, E R Backer pres, L Howes vice-pres, C C Swan cashier, 109 W Water

MERCHANTS' OIL CO, W B Swarts mgr, 101 E LaFrance

MERCHANTS' PARCEL DELIVERY CO, C E Chamberlain mgr, 154 Exchange pl

Mercy Convent of, Park pl cor W Clinton

Mericle, Simeon S, stone cutter, h 562 E Church

Merithew, Grant, laborer, 218 Baldwin

Merithew, James S, switchman N C Ry, h 914 Penna ave

Merithew, Mary C, dressmaker, 218 Baldwin h do

Merriam, Edwin S, driver C M & R Tompkins, h 751 1/2 E Second

Merriam, Fletcher, emp N C Ry, h Leland cor Southport

Merrill, Albin L, nurse, 820 W Water, h 476 South ave

Merrill, Athel D, clerk, 200 W Water, rooms 110 W Gray

Merrill, Eleazer E, carpenter, h 307 E Second

MERRILL, GEORGE V R, physician and surgeon, 126 E Water, h 458 Spaulding, office hours 2 to 4 pm except Sundays and Wednesdays

Merrill, Leland Leslie, clerk, 116 Main, bds 373 W Third

Merrill, Leon A, clerk Elmira bridge works, h 106 Elm

Merritt, Adelbert E Mrs, h 210 W Third

Merritt, Charles T, potter, h 931 E Church

Merritt, Charles T Jr, potter, bds 931 E Church

MERRITT, D PRESCOTT, physician and surgeon, 313 W Clinton, h do, office hours 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 pm, tel 1343

Merritt, Daniel F, h 335 S Broadway

Merritt, Erastus, laborer, h 12 Home

Merritt, Henry W, carpenter, 215 W Second, h do

Merritt, Joseph, laborer, h 208 Harriet

Merritt, Marion, widow Andrew J, h 468 W Second

Merritt, Peter A, farmer, bds 210 W Third

Merritt, Zenas, blacksmith, 357 E Washington ave, h 402 do

Merwin, John W, clerk Erie freight office, h 708 Main

Mescal, Catherine, domestic, 206 W Sixth

Messenger, N Sanford, physician, 555 E Church, h do

Messing, A Henrietta, emp silk mill, bds 221 Gregg

Messing, Carrie L, widow Sebastian, h 221 Gregg

Messing, Fred G C, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 221 Gregg

Messing, George S, barber, bds 221 Gregg

Messing, Horace, machinist, h 429 W Fifth

Messing, Thilemann J, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co, bds 221 Gregg

METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO, George W Fash supt, 305 and 306 Steele Mem bldg

Mettler, James L, (Beach & Mettler), 209 S Main, h 357 do