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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Business Classified Directory
Huston, J W & Co, 102 W Water Dickinson, Harry, 222 W Water
Reynolds Brothers, 301 E Water Diehl, John, 510 Main
Sheehan, Dean & Co, 140 W Water Diehl, Margaret Mrs, 151 Washington
Garden Resorts Dillon, Edward W, 109 E Washington ave
Queen City Gardens, M L Sullivan
propr, 115 West Side ave Disney, Margaret Mrs, 423 W Third
Gas Machine Manufacturers Donahue, Nora D Mrs, 301 S Broadway
Pinckney Gas Machine Co, 6 Adver- Eacker, David G, 609 E Market
tiser bldg, E Market Elmore, Orville D, 1055 Walnut
Gas Stoves and Heaters Farr, John B, 472 W Second
Gas Stove Department Elmira Gas and Featherman, Hulda Mrs, 716 John
Illuminating Co, Realty bldg Fidelman, Rosa, 668 Dickinson
Gent’s Furnishings Fitzmartin, Michael F, 380 W First
(See Men’s Furnishings) Gallivan Bros, 374 S Main
German Rupture Cure Gallivan, Patrick H, 217 Fulton
Carey, Joshua M, 321 Madison ave Georgia, C M & Co, 1051 Walnut
Glass Cutters Gerber, Charles, 600 E Church
Gilbert, H T, 121 Lake
Elmira Glass Cutting Co, 158 Fox Gilson, George E, 429 W Fifth
Glove and Mitten Manufacturers Gold, Samuel, Grand Central ave, cor
Leather Glove Co, 121 E Church Diven ave
Grain Dealers Goodrich & McKean, 117 Main
Clark, S W, 139 Nicks Gorman, Thomas, 519 Oak
Grocers Greene, Frederick W, 422 W Fifth
Backer, Anna B Mrs, 508 Sullivan Griswold & Rockwell, 362 S Main
Baker, Hollis C, 901 Lake Haight, George H, Herrick cor South ave
Barry & Berry, 353 Davis
Bartholomew & Jewell, 950 Penna ave Hamilton Bros, 200 Penna ave
Beckwith, George, 434 Penna ave Harlow, Bertha J Mrs, 431 W Fourth
Berg, Fred W, 727 Sullivan Hevener, Jacob, 314 E Water
Berner, A & Son, 601-603 E Water Holden, Horace W, 706 S Broadway
Braun, Fred, 528 W Second Holiday, Byron B, 330 W Fifth
Brown, C F & Co, 700 German Holleran, Margaret, 424 E Washington ave
Bryant, Martha Mrs, 1867 Davis cor
Bancroft Hopson, George, 613 Dickinson
Bundy Brothers, 125-127 Lake Hough & Hennessy, 204 Dewitt ave
Burns, Joseph, 500 S Main Hurley, Timothy, 1003 N Main
Burns, Michael, 728 S Main Janowsky, Julius F, 814 E Market
Butler & Co, 309 W Fourth Kaier, Edward, 561 E Second
Cain, Michael T, 68 Penna ave Keefe J & Co, 610 S Main
Campbell, Arthur J, 665 Magee Kelly, John, 950 Oak
Cannovan, William, 562 E Church King, Martin, 101 E Henry
Carr, Thomas, 330 W Fifth Kirwan, James M, 801 John
Casey, Michael, 232 W Henry Kline, Charles, 627 Lake
Coffey, John J, 415 High Kniffen, Hamilton P, Penna ave cor
Cole, Webster J, 600 Penna ave Caton ave
Coleman, W T, 400 W Church Kuster, John 924 Sullivan
Conklin, M M, 110 Main Landers, Margaret Mrs, 256 W Hudson
Connelly, Thomas F, 176 State Lee, Ira H, 451 E Water
Connelly, Timothy J, 104-106 E Water Lee, Patrick J, 701 Railroad ave
Coykendall, William S, 57 S Main Levinson, Jacob, 659 E Water
Crowe, James H, 308 Fulton Lewis, Bert L, 603 W Fourth
Daly, Margaret Mrs, 604 E Second LITTLE, WILLIAM H, 351-351 ½ E
Decker, Agnes R Mrs, 616 S Main Fifth (See adv page 342)
Deister, Mary, (estate) 801 E Church Lobrist, Joseph, 363 Railroad ave
Del Papa, Michael, 827-829 Canal Looney, Jerry, 713 E Market
Dickinson, George S & Son, 130 W Water Lowry, Jane, 1851 Davis
Lynch, Michael C, 716 Davis
Maloney, Catharine Mrs, 601 Erie Stiles, Samuel S, 509 E Market
Maxcy, Thomas C, 205 W Clinton Stoll, Abram, 417 S Main
McCarthy, Ann Mrs, 1115 Davis Stone, Frances H Mrs, 531 W First
McCarthy, Charles, 504 Main Suffren, Ruth C Mrs, 401 Fulton
McCarthy, & Barnett, 504 Main Sulinaer, Louis, 775 John
McCRONE BROS, 407 Railroad ave Sullivan, Patrick H, 501 S Broadway
(See adv page 369) Teed, Marvin E, 857 Magee
McGough, Patrick W, 763 E Market Thompson, Mary B Mrs, 214 W Water
Meddaugh, Frank W, 205 Reformatory Thompson, Parker C, 605 Erie
Menichelli Frank, 112 W Fifth Tierney, James, 400 W Washington ave
Metzger, S X & Son Co, 419-423 Main Tobin, James W, 526 Main
Miller, Frank, 230 S Main Toole Brothers, 142 E Water
Miller, George M, 130 S Main Townsend, Alexander, 514 Dewitt ave
Miller, Jacob, 126 Penna ave Utley, Milo, 1106 Lake
Miller, Jacob, 721 E Clinton Van Loon, C W & Co, 550 Spaulding
Moran, John Jr, 351 Norton Van Orsdall, E & Co, 1201 Grand Central ave
Morse, Ella L, 852 Lake
Murtaugh, Patrick, 400 S Broadway Vockeroth, Katherine Mrs, 416 Madison ave
Neish, S Libbie Mrs, 246 W Water
Newton, Jefferson S, 416 S Broadway Wadsworth, Henry J, 650 Dickinson
O’Brien, Catharine Mrs, 123 W Water Wader, George A, 500 S Broadway
O’Connor, Edward J, 410 E Water Warner, E A & Son, 642 W Water
O’Shea, John, 727 S Main Waters, Thomas, 565 John
Owen, Lucinda Mrs, 504 E Third Webster, Daniel, 311 E Fifth
Patterson, Henry S, 300-302 S Main Weinstein, Morris, 551 E Second
Perry, Ida M, 604 S Broadway Wennes, Catharine, 356 E Washington ave
Powell, William, 208 Harriet
Rabenowitch, Charles, 119 High cor John Weyer, George P, Penna �vec or S Broadway
Reardon, James J, 381 W Second Wilson, Charles E, 400 S Main
Reilly, Alice, 804 Lake Wineski, Michael, 1123 Magee
Reynolds, M D, 500 Walnut Grocers, Wholesale
Ribble, Eugene H, 356 Franklin Barton & Wheadon, 318-320 E Market
Rice, Lawrence J, 765 E Water
Ripley, Elmer E, 362 W Second Curtis, George L, 109 E Church
Roberts, Harriet A Mrs, 717 Walnut Sayles, Guy, 211-213 Baldwin
Rogers, George H, 410 Main Tompkins, C M & R, 354-356 State
Rogers, Sylvester B, 1130 Lake
Rohde, Christian, 650 Sullivan Gun and Locksmiths
Ross, Dominick, 812 Hatch Arnold, James A, 126 S Main
Ruttenberg, Eva Mrs, 701 E Water Brooks & Co, 157 Baldwin
Salvi, Joseph, 357 Railroad ave Colvin, M S, 150 Baldwin
Sawyer, Andrew J, 563 E Church Elmira Arms Co, 143 ½ W Water
Sawyer, Luther D, 1414 Grand Central ave Gymnasium
Schaple, Emil, 714 Linden pl Rogers, Harry, 12 Lyceum Theatre
Schornstheimer, Peter Jr, 601 Lake Hair Dressers
Schornstheimer & Stampp, 526 Lake Gardner, Mary W Mrs, 434 E Water
Sechler, Jacob E, 751 E Second Gleason,, Elizabeth C, 202 E Gray
Sergeant, Frances E Mrs, 450 Spaulding Haight, I & Co, 130 W Water
Ronan, Kate, 117 E Water
Shannon, Martin, 200 W Fifth Whitley, E M Mrs, 135 E Water
Sheehe, James W, 910 Oak Hardware, Carriage and Sadlery
Slosson, Abram D, 400 Baldwin Holmes, Reuben F, 456 E Church
Smith, Charles H, 119 Hoffman Hardware, Stoves, &c.
Stankiewitz, Ludwig, 624 Baldwin Barker, Rose & Clinton Co, 109-113 Lake
Stannard, Augustus, 513 E Third
Booth, Irving D, (wholesale) 611-613 Hay, Straw, &c
Railroad ave Bevier, Dennis, 433 Carroll
Darmstadt & Johnson, 304 S Main Chapman, A F, 355 E Washington ave
DIVEN & COPLEY, 307 E Water Dann, Amos B, 550 E Water
(See adv front cover) Hathorn, John, 102 W Fourth
GRIDLEY, G A & SON, 118 and 119 E Water Moore, James, 155 Fox
(See adv page 4) Rohver, Henry F, Main cor Park pl
GRISWOLD, MALONEY & CO, 323 Smith, Charles H, 119 Hoffman
E Water (See adv page 261) Varian, Josiah B, 632 Lewis
Heller, M B & Co, 126 W Water Hides and Skins
HURTH, ARMAND, 120 Main (See Dunham, M, 103 W Water
Adv page 299) Schwartz, F, 141 W Water
Plowman Hardware Store, 206 S Main Sheely, E & J, 243 W Water
Sullivan, Cornelius, 524 Main Sittenfield, Joseph, 470 E Water
Sullivan, J & Co, 241 W Water Hitching Stables
Woolf, Orlando C, r 956 Lake CAUSER, JOSEPH, 429 E Water (See
YOUNG, CHARLES W, 116 Lake adv page 10)
(See adv center lines and page 568) Moore, James, 432 Carroll
Hardware Specialties, Manufacturers SANBORN, JOHN P, 305-307 W Second
Cronk Hanger Co, 206 Steele Mem bldg (See adv page 468)
Hardwood Finishers Horse Clothing
ALLINGTON, J & SON, Railroad ave Collins, John W, 212 W Water and 434 E Water
cor W Seventh (See adv back cover)
Kertscher & Co, Reformatory n Erie R R Freindly, Myer, 104 State
Freindly, Theodore, 251 W Water
Harness Manufacturers Mclean, Andrew H, 211 W Water
Elmira Harness & Collar Co, Madison Sheely, E & J, 243 W Water
ave cor E Fifth Tillman, J Mont, 214 E Water
Harness, Trunks and Horse Furnishings Thompson, N J & Co (wholesale), 178 State
Collins, John W, 112 W Water and 434 E Water Horseshoers
(See Blacksmiths)
Elmira Saddlery Co, 206 E Water Hotel Bills of Fare
Ensworth, Joseph W, 420 E Water Morell, C E & Co, 154 Baldwin
Fraleigh, James A, 454 E Water
McLean, Andrew H, 211 W Water Hotels
Tillman, J Mont, 214 E Water Adams, William, 372 Railroad ave
Hat and Cap Manufacturer Admiral Dewey Hotel, 113 West Side ave
Barnes, John, 118 W Water American House, John J Riley prop.
Hats, Caps, &c 113-115 W Third
(See also Clothiers) Arbor Hotel, Snyder & Flynn proprs, 110 Lake
Brophy & MacMahon, 101 E Water Arlington Hotel, John W Sullivan
Callahan, John, 106 W Water Prop, Penna �vec or S Broadway
Carroll, J W & Sons, 111 Railroad ave Bancher, B, 329 Carroll
Cushing, John, 309 E Water Bijou Hotel, J Clifford prop, 503 Railroad ave
Hallock, W B & Bro, 111-113 E Water
Huston, J W & Co, 102 W Water and BUCKBEE HOUSE, Joseph Causer
107 Railroad ave prop, 429 E Water (See any page 10)
Rogers & Phipps, 110 E Water Christen, J, 151 Baldwin
Thompson, N J & Co (wholesale), 178 State Comfort, Patrick, 1331 College ave
Commercial Hotel, T Mc Carthy Fon-
Werdenberg, Andrew F, 200 W Water nell prop, 601 Railroad ave
Hay Markets Connelly, Timothy, 64 Penna ave
Beardsley, A H, 313 E Market Connelly, Timothy J, 124 S Main
Crowley, Thomas, cor Diven & Grand Valley House, 200 E Fifth
Central ave Walsh, Patrick J 425 Railroad ave
D L & W House, 851 Dickinson West End Hotel, W H Newell prop
Delavan House, M Crocker prop, 523 232-234 W Water
Railroad ave Windsor Hotel, 509 Railroad ave
Donahue, Thomas, 377 Railroad ave Household Goods
Eagle Hotel, Frank Redner prop, 315 Railroad ave (See Furniture & Hardware)
Eastern Hotel, A D Fulcrod prop, 511 Railroad ave Human Hair Goods
Ronan, Kate M, 117 E Water
Eldridge Lake Hotel, M L Sullivan Whitley, E M Mrs, 135 E Water
prop, 115 West Side ave Ice Cream
Elmira House, J W Brink & Son Diehl, John, 510 Main
proprs, 105 State Elmira Ice Cream Co, 603 Lake
Exchange Hotel, J Kolb prop, 513 Elston, Marenus S, 242 W Water
Railroad ave Laskaras, Peter, 131 E Water
Fay, James, 219 W Water Lewis, California F, 155 Lake
Fifth Ward Hotel, G W Hazelett Morse & Co, 107 College ave
prop, 210 W Hudson Towner, George S, Hoffman cor W Church
Franklin Hotel, Bryan Moylan prop,
360 E Washington ave Waldo, Lewis T, 308 S Main
Frazier House, W T Chadbourne prop, Ice Dealers
439-441 Railroad ave Crystal Ice Co, P J Neagle prop, 250 Pattinson
Homestead Hotel, 425 E Water
Hotel Columbia, Daniel Burns prop, Elmira Ice Co, limited, 149 W Water
Diven ave cor Grand Central ave Hygeia Regrigerating Co, (wholesale) 100 Ferris
Hotel Grace, 1893 Grand Central ave
Hotel Klondike, Timothy L Cronin prop, 673 Lake People’s Ice Co, E B Sadler mgr, Masonic Temple
HOTEL LANGWELL, J A & J H Snyder Bros, Snyder’s lane off Mt Zoar
Causer proprs, State cor Market Incubator Manufacturers
(See adv page 12)
HOTEL RATHBUN, Kennedy & Andrews, E W Incubator Co The, 211
Tierney proprs, E Water cor Baldwin Railroad ave
(See adv page 8) Andrews, Edwin W, 463 W Water
Hotel Smith, C M Smith prop, 441-443 E Water Industrial Association
Elmira Industrial Association, 120 E Water
Hotel Snyder, H Snyder prop, 229 S Main Installment Dealers
Hotel Wellington, Henry J Brickwidde prop, Gately & Gray, 244 W Water
S Main cor South ave Insurance Agents
Lackawanna Hotel, A Grover prop, 726 Benjamin Adams, E L 116 Railroad ave
Ayres, S & Son, 136-138 W Water
Mansion House, C F Stone, prop 400 Bache, O J, 324 E Water
Railroad ave Beadle, Chauncey M, 214 E Water
Maple Avenue Club House, Robert L BULLARD & Co, 112 Main (See adv page 131)
Stevens prop, Maple ave n Luce
MEN’S SHELTER AND LODGING Campbell, A E, 202 E Water
HOUSE, 153 Baldwin (See adv page 154) COMPTON, HURLBUT & BABCOCK,
New Brunswick Hotel, M G Ollivetti 170 Lake (See adv back cover and page 160)
prop, 220 E Water COMPTON & HURLBUT, 170 Lake
Olympic Hotel, P J Lenan prop, 219 W Water (See adv back cover and page 160)
Conroy, Peter P, 322 E Water
Palace Hotel, J Bertram prop, 115-117 Lake Coykendall, J B, 203-204 Robinson bldg
Patterson House, Baldwin cor E Market Drew, William S, 107 W Water
Gilmore, John, 114 E Water
Grady, E E, 111 W Water OF HARTFORD, CONN, P E
Graham, George L, 5 Advertiser bldg, Young dist agt, 111 W Water (See
E Market adv front cover)
Hall, Robert A, 323 Carroll United States Benevolent Society, 103
Hamilton & Hervey, 104 Robinson bldg Robinson bldg
Intelligence Office
Hough & Landy, 103 Robinson bldg Banner Club, Mrs S N Derby mgr, 637
Keeton, C C, 305 Carroll Winsor ave
Lormore, W J, 104 Robinson bldg Investment Securities
McDowell & Fitch, 323 Carroll Dwight, J W, 406 E Market
McLaughlin, T J, 306 Robinson bldg
Merchant, Charles W, 434 E Water Iron Founders and Machinists
Myer, T E, 405 Robinson bldg Coleman, Isaiah B, 210 Railroad ave
O’Hara, Michael J, 127 W Market Moffett, James M, 312 State
Perry & Herrick, 164-166 Lake Payne Co, S Main n limits
Pratt, D T, 305 Robinson bldg Jewelers
ROACH & FISHLER, 305 Carroll Ayres, Frederick S, 136-138 W Water
(See adv page 452) Bally, John & Son, 330 E Water
Shappee, Jacob V, 516 Sullivan Drake, H E, 136 E Water
Sly, H B & Co, 126 E Water Eiges, Isaac, 424 E Water
Smith, George F, 507 College ave Epstein, Jacob, 402 E Water
SPRING, GEORGE H, 206-208 Robinson bldg Fisher, Isaac, 107 W Water
(See adv page 499) Freudenheim, Levy & Lande, 118 Lake
Stockdale, R R, 156 ½ Sullivan Frost, William H, 335 E Water
Sturdevant, L J, 214 E Water Gillett, L M, 150 W Water
SWAN & SONS, 335 E Water (See Gilmore, F L, 147 W Water
adv front cover) Goldstein, Hyman, 32 E Market
Tompkins, E L, 324 E Water Hopkins, I M, 115 W Water
Weaver, F B, 207 Robinson bldg La France Jewelry Co, 100 W Water
Wiser, H, 118 Lake Lewis, John D, 131 S Main
YOUNG, P E, 111 W Water (See adv front cover) Lown, Joseph E, 118 Lake
Petti, Sisto, 101 W Fifth
Insurance Companies Roseman, Jacob, 105 W Water
Equitable Life Assurance Society, 107 W Water Rothschild, M 128 E Water
Routledge, Thomas J, 1134 Lake
John Hancock Life Ins Co of Boston, Ruger, M A, 144 E Water
Mass, G L Graham dist mgr, 5 Advertiser bldg Shreibman, Louis, 159 Baldwin
E Market Simmons, Isaac L, 651 Lake
Metropolitan Life Ins Co, 305-306 Slater, D M, 210 E Water
Steele Mem bldg Swarthout, James E & Co, 215 E Water
New York Life Ins Co, 104 Robinson bldg Joveite Manufacturer
Phoenix Mutual Life Ins Co, 305 Robinson bldg Pratt, William Beach, 124 Lake
Junk Dealers
Prudential Ins Co of America, 301-304 Amdur, Samuel and Solomon, 154 High
Steele Mem bldg Bloch, John, 117 Madison ave
Prudential Insurance Co, ordinary CHAMBERLAIN, C E, 154 Exchange pl
dept, M J Dillon gen agt, 408 E Market (See adv back cover)
Dann, A B, 550 E Water
Security Mutual Life Ins Co, T J McLaughlin Fisher, Hyman M, 119 Judson
gen agt, 306 Robinson bldg Havens, Marshal, 156 Judson
Levine H & Co, 911 John
Southern Tier Masonic Relief Association,  Sittenfield, Joseph, 470 E Water
15 Masonic Temple Spiegel, Wolf M, 219 High
George H Spring mgr, 206 Robinson bldg Hart, Esther H, 306 E Church
(See adv page 499) Norton, M E & F K, 226 W Second
Stone, Bessie L & Evelyn, 558 Spaulding Buchanan, L, 415 E Water
Buck, George W, 409 Realty bldg
Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer Bull, John Jr, 114 Lake
NEILY, GEORGE W, 116 Partridge Clarke, H M, 309 Robinson bldg
(See adv page 5) Danaher, Michael, City Hall
Knitting Mills Denton, Edgar, 335 E Water
Superior Knitting Mills Co, 104 Clark Disney, F X, 118 Lake
Ladder Trucks, Fire Diven & Diven, 212 E Water
LaFrance Fire Engine Co, 100 E LaFrance cor Erie Dyott, John C, 301 Robinson bldg
Eacker, Charles O, 210 E Water
Edminster, G W, 216 E Water
Ladies’ Furnishings Elliott, F O, Masonic Temple
(See Dry Goods, Fancy Goods and Millinery) Eustace, A C & J P, 334 E Water
Farr, F H, 301-304 Robinson bldg
Ladies’s Tailors Fassett, J Sloat, 406 E Market
LEFFAK, SOEL, 112 E Water (See adv page 336) Fennell, Thomas F, 334 E Water
Gardner, H L, 501 Robinson bldg
Linker, Albert, 104 E Water Gardner, Otis H, 405 Robinson bldg
Stryker, Kate J, 203 State Gibson, Judson A, 301-304 Robinson bldg
Weaver, George E, 163 Baldwin
Lamps Gregg, William W, 401 Robinson bldg
(See Crockery and Glassware) Hardy, James H, 305 West ave
Lamp Manufacturers, Bicycle Hassett, J John, 301-304 Robinson bldg
The Frank E Bundy Lamp Co, Advertiser bldg Herendeen & Mandeville, 401-404
Laundries Robinson bldg
Conklin, Frank S, 103 E Second King & Chamberlin, 306 E Water
Cotton, William, 323 River Kinzie, Wilber, 112 Lake
Domestic Laundry, 144-146 W Water Knapp & O’Connell, 314 E Water
EMPIRE LAUNDRY, F M Barnum Knipp, Charles H, 309 Realty bldg
propr, 110 W Water (See adv center lines) Knipp, Minnie M, 309 Realty bldg
Lattin & Mills, 310-311 Robinson bldg
Hastings’ Laundry, Custard & Kistler Levy, Benjamin F, 124 Lake
proprs, 312 Carroll Losie, Thomas, M Jr, Court House Annex
Kee, Sing, 111 W Third
Lee, Sam, 654 Lake Lovell, H M, 405 Robinson bldg
Lee, Wah, 155 Baldwin Lovell, Ross M, 415 E Water
MacNevin & Danaher, 617 Railroad ave Lowman & Byrne, 301-305 Realty bldg
Nelan, James F, 251 E Washington ave Lynch, Dennis P, Masonic Temple
Oims, Jim, 204 Baldwin Lynch, Joseph C, Masonic Temple
PERFECT LAUNDRY CO, Realty bldg, Marvin, Charles, 502-504 Robinson bldg
E Market (See adv center lines) McDowell, Boyd, 335 E Water
Smith, Ruth, 112 E Water McDowell, John G, City Hall
Smith, Sidney E, 560 John McNamara, Michael F, 112 Lake
Terry, William E, 75-77 Penna ave Melville, J C, 762 E Market
Wah, Charlie, 210 S Main Miller, Frank S, 309 Realty bldg
Wah, Sam, 209 W Water Morse, R Jr, 401 Robinson bldg
Mosher, Lewis E, Masonic Temple
Lawyers Moss, Roswell, R, 210 E Water
Aulls, S D, 216 E Water Murray, John, 93 Liberty
Babcock, Herbert N, 309 Realty bldg Murtaugh, John F, 334 E Water
Bacon, James, 124 Lake O’Connor, James J, 334 E Water
Baldwin & Baldwin, 403 Realty bldg Ogden, Frank C, 120 Lake
Baxter, Archie E, 301 Robinson bldg Personius, E W, 415 E Water
Blair, Addison D, 318 E Water Phillips, Casius A, 403 Realty bldg
Brooks, Edward A U, 517 Gradwell Pratt, Charles R, Court House
Reynolds, George G, 415 E Water Linotype Machinists
Reynolds, Stanchfield & Collin, 415 E Water Richards, F H, 123 Lormore
Richards, J H, 123 Lormore
Robinson, David C, 201-202 Robinson bldg Liquor Dealers
(See Wines and Liquors)
Rockwell & McCann, Masonic Temple Livery, Hack and Boarding Stables
Ronan, William H, 569 E Water CARPENTER BROS, 219 E Market
ROPER, E K, 320 E Water (See and 153 W Clinton (See adv page 9)
adv back cover) Coykendall, Andrew J, 109 S Main
Sadler, H J, 164 Lake Cromer, August, 413 E Market
Seeley, W W, Court House DELANT, THOMAS, 210 Madison
Smith, Dix W, Advertiser bldg, E Market ave (See adv page 187)
Doane, William H, 315 E Washington ave
Smith, Gabriel, 216 E Water
Smith, Walter Lloyd, Court House Annex Jones, Fred M, 425 Carroll
KEELER, JOHN B, 405 S Main (See
Sullivan, Mortimer L, 415 E Water adv page 313)
Swartwood, Charles B, 415 E Water Knickerbocker, F S, 311 State
Taylor, Heller & O’Connor, 203-205 PARSONS, M L, 103 W Church (See
Steele Memorial bldg adv page 423)
Thayer, H S, 406 E Market Root, Eugene, 210 Mt Zoar
Turner, Robert T, 218 E Water ROUPP, WARREN G, 360 W Church
Turner, S G H, 218 E Water (See adv page 461)
Van Campen, Samuel R, 218 E Water SANBORNE, JOHN P, 305-307 W
Ward, J N, 153 Lake Second (See adv page 468)
Wilcox, H D, 320 E Water SKELLENGER, ELMA L MRS, 200
Woods, James L, 218 E Water E Gray (See adv page 468)
Leaf Tobacco Smith, Clark M, 441-443 E Water
Armstrong, Mather & Wood, 114-118 Trout, George W, 812 E Church
Railroad ave Loans
Bimberg, Joseph, 316 Hathaway Chemung County Loan Association
Brand, John & Co, 50-54 Penna ave 160 Lake
Goff, Gustavus A, Sly n river Chemung Valley Mutual Loan Association
Hooven Mercantile Co The, 207-209 Baldwin 153 Lake
Lovell, William H, 720-724 W Second (See adv back cover and page 160)
Mercereau, H C Co, 91-95 Penna ave Dwight, John W, 108 E Market
National Cigar Leaf Co, 316 Hathaway Elmira Building Loan Association
The, 200 Robinson bldg
Leather and Findings GALATIAN, A B, 520 Lake (See adv page 8)
Copley, John W, 466 E Water
Dunham, M, 103 W Water Gladke, M J, 101 E Water
Sheeley, E & J, 243-249 W Water Hamilton & Hervey, 104 Robinson bldg
Ledger Manufacturers King & Chamberlin, 306 E Water
American Sales Book Co, 618 Magee The Popular Banking, Savings & Loan
ELMIRA ADVERTISER ASSOCIATION, Association, 306 Realty bldg
100-101 Lake Willison, Potter & Smith, 138 E Water
Lime, Cement, Plaster, &c.
BRICK Co, Railroad ave cor E First (See Gun & Locksmiths)
(See adv front cover) Lubricators
Fisk, H A & Co, E Clinton and State SWIFT LUBRICATOR CO, 730 W First
Queen City Sewer Pipe Co, Baldwin (See adv page 9)
cor E Second Lumber Dealers
THURSTON & HASKELL, 208 College ave ALLINGTON, J & SON, Railroad ave
(See adv page 524) cor W Seventh (See adv back cover)
Clark, J Henry, 308 E Water HARRINGTON, BERT H, 1015 Main
DOANE & JONES LUMBER CO (See adv page 271)
THE, Eldridge Park & Partridge Hayes, Floyd J, 720 W Gray
cor Harmon (See adv back cover) Heller, Horatio, 811 ½ W Gray
Elmira Lumber Co, 199 E Washington ave Hodgkins, Abel, Sly n Penna ave
Hollatz, John, 126 Harriet
Fitch Aldrich & Bush Co, (The) 557 Johnson, James Jr, 1352 Lake
E Clinton Johnson, L Hamilton, 411 Dewitt ave
Harris, McHenry & Baker, Penna ave cor Erie Linneen, Michael F, 439 W Fourth
Mitchell, Alfred, 517 Elizabeth
Hyde, Frank H, 605 Railroad ave Murray, Thomas, 364 W Third
Spaulding, H C Co (The), 157 E Fifth cor State Newcomer, Daniel S, 400 Baty
Pfiffer, Charles W, 768 E Fifth
Tar River Lumber Co, Penna ave cor Erie Ring, Fred, 911 E Market
Ring, John, 163 Harriet
Lunch Parlors Rook, Andrew & Son, 1117 Abbott
(See Restaurants) Slocum, Albert, McHenry
Lunch Wagons Tillman, John M, 853 Grove
Mowrey, F J, 338 E Water Young, Stewart, 1009 Oak
Weeks, E J, E Water cor Lake and Mason’s Supplies
White House Café, E Market cor Lake BRICK CO, Railroad ave cor E First
Machinists (See adv front cover)
(See also Founders & Machinists) Fisk, H A & Co, E Clinton and State
Coleman, Isaiah B, 210-214 Railroad ave Queen City Sewer Pipe Co, Baldwin
cor E Second
Moffett, James M, 312 State THURSTON & HASKELL, 208 College ave
Thomas, Charles, 601 Baldwin (See adv page 524)
205 E Market (See adv page 536) BISHOP, L E, 114 Baldwin (See adv page 113)
Mantles & Grates
Ayres, A W & Son Estate, 446 E Water Denmark, Catherine E Mrs, 376 W Gray
Hayes, Henry O, 720 W Gray
Marble & Granite Works Mattress Manufacturers
ALLEN, CHARLES A, 304-312 State Blystone, Forest M, 618 State
(See adv back bone and page 3) EMPIRE SPRING BED WORKS,
Ayres, A W & Son Estate, 446 E Water 112 ½ W First (See adv page 213)
ELMIRA MONUMENT WORKS, Ed Lariew, John R, 1026 Lake
A Thomas prop, Walnut cor Tompkins Meat Markets
(See adv page 521) Benedict, John, 204 Penna ave
McCracken, William, 104 W Church Burbage, C Edward, Lewis cor South ave
O’Brien, John, 432 E Water
Market Gardner Crowe, James H, 308 Fulton
Bradley, Edwin W, 623 Mt Zoar Decker, Hiram, 618 S Main
Clark, Squire, 1031 Hoffman Dihlman, Bernard, 220 W Water
Coolbaugh, Lyman R, 1028 S Main Duhl Bros, 201 W Clinton
Hagen, Frederick, 1017 College ave Freedman, Lawrence H, 162 Washington
Jones, John W, 1259 College ave
Miller Bros, 750 Penna ave Friend, Metzger & Co, 164-166 Lake
Orvis, Emerson, 602 Perine Gamer, William, 120 S Main
Taylor, Mansel, River road Gardner & McCann, 148 W Water
Wrigley, Robert, 717 Southport and 104 Main
Mason Contractors Gronski, Stanislaus, 318 E Washington ave
Austin, John T, 438 S Broadway
Baker, George H, 710 Hopkins Hadlock & Clark, 850 Lake
BENNETT & TILLINGHAST, 409 Hamilton Bros, 66 Penna ave
Fulton (See adv page 106) Hunt & Brown, 117 Hoffman
Jacob & Wenz, 538 Penna ave Carroll, J W & Sons, 111-115 Railroad ave
Janowske, Edward, 671 Lake
Johnson, Nina Mrs, 401 S Broadway CROWELL, EDGAR G, 133 E Water
Knickerbocker, Angevine T, 333 Railroad ave (See adv top lines)
Cushing, John, 309 E Water
Kopczynski, John, 671 Dickinson Epstein, Jacob, 402 E Water
Lee Brothers, 123 Lake Hallock, W B & Bro, 111-113 E Water
Lobdell, Philip F, 609 E Market Huston, J W & Co, 102 W Water and
Manske, John, 706 E Water 107 Railroad ave
Mattison, D, 363 Davis Reynolds Brothers, 301-303 E Water
McCRONE BROS, 407 Railroad ave Sheehan, Dean & Co, 140-142 W Water
(See adv page 369)
Metzger, S X & Son Co, 419-423 Main Swarts, Harry M, 305 Division
Meyer, Max, 311-313 Carroll Werdenberg, Andrew F, 200 W Water
Millard, Lewis C, 502 Walnut Wynne Bros, 865 Lake
Miller, Frank, 230 S Main
Miller, V Benton, 226 S Main Mercantile Agencies
Miller & Grover, 561 E Church Bradstreet Co, The, H M Sheive supt,
Mosher & Chapman, 208 W Water
Owen, Lucinda Mrs, 504 E Third 406-407 Robinson bldg
Roemmelt, M J & Co, 901 ½ Lake Dun, R G & Co, C F Friedholdt mgr,
Rosinski, John, 620 Baldwin 204-206 E Water
Sayres, David, 750 E Water Mutual Mercantile Agency, O C Buck
Smith, Edgar B, 1055 Walnut mgr, 510 Robinson bldg
Sterling, Charles H, 324 W Fifth
Tolosz, Michael, 668 Baldwin Merchant Tailors
Van Orsdale E & Co, 1206 Grand Central ave Batterson & McKean, 308 E Water
Beach, Wilbur A, 309 E Water
Wager, George A, 500 S Broadway Black, F S, 128 W Water
Walker, Job, 712 Walnut Callahan, John, 106 W Water
Wheeland, Henry F, 428 Penna ave Carroll, J W & Sons, 111-115 Railroad ave
Wich, Henry, 529 Lake
Ziff, Isadore, 121 Orchard Conroy, J, 202 E Water
Meats, Wholesale CROWELL, EDGAR G, 133 E Water
Armour & Co, J H Price mgr, 508 State (See adv top lines)
Epstein, Israel C, 1332 Lackawanna ave
Elmira Beef Co, 616 Railroad ave n Erie Depot Hallock, W B & Bro, 111-113 E Water
Morris, Nelson & Co, 100 E Gray Holzheimer, S Jos, 141 E Water
Jerzykowski, Louis, 108 E Water
Medical Electrician Koush, George, 155 W Clinton
Ross, Frank W, 106-108 Main Kraft, William, 324 E Water
Medicines, Proprietary LEFFAK, SOEL, 112 E Water (See
Brown, Salyciline Co, 519 Railroad ave adv page 336)
Crum, G H, 123 W Water Lewis, H & Bro, 208 E Water
DR HUFF’S REMEDIES, J W Huff Morrell, Louis, 110 State
propr, 816 W Gray (See adv top lines Richford & Shaffer, 101 W Water
Romer & Haas, 216 E Water
Mulligan Cyclone Liniment Co, 633 W Church Steinhauser, G W, 113 Baldwin
Strauss, Herman, 205 E Water
Stuart Medicine Co, 373 Warren Sullivan, G F, 317 E Water
Walzer, P H, 302 E Water
Men’s Furnishings
(See also Clothiers and Merchant Tailors) Messenger Service
Elmira Messenger Service Baldwin cor Carroll
Brophy & Mac Mahon, 101-103 E Water Postal Telegraph Cable Co, 119 Baldwin
Callahan, John, 106 W Water