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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Thomas, Minnie F, compositor The Defender, h 814 W Church

Thomas, N Spencer Co, George Pickering mgr, manuf dye stuffs 368 W Clinton

Thomas, Octavius, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1120 Oak

Thomas, Owen G, carpenter, h 321 Tuttle ave

Thomas, Percy, engineer, h 250 Sutton

Thomas, Raymond, puddler, h 657 Lake

Thomas, Rufus, laborer, h 170 Thurston

Thomas, W Galatea, widow Franklin, h 722 Benjamin

Thomas, William, carpenter emp N C Ry, bds 214 South ave

Thomas, William B, (Thomas Machine Co) 601 Baldwin h 515 William

Thomas, William E, janitor D L & W yard office h 1120 Oak

Thompson, Amanda, h 200 E Water

Thompson, Anna widow Samuel, h 404 Pleasant

Thompson, Belle, compositor, bds 404 Pleasant

Thompson, Caroline E, widow John W, h 711 College ave

Thompson, Charles, shoemaker, bds Buckbee House

Thompson, Charles E, laborer, bds 359 Railroad ave

Thompson, Charles F, saloon 212 Penna ave h do

Thompson, Cora L, emp Gleason Sanitarium, bds 1019 East ave

Thompson, Della, nurse, bds 428 W Fourth

Thompson, Delia, widow James H, h 351 ½ Columbia

Thompson, Don E, motorman E & H R R, bds 209 W Henry

Thompson, Edward, clerk, bds 111 W First

Thompson, Eliza, widow Ezra, bds 387 Warren

Thompson, Ellen, widow John, h 405 ½ Thurston

Thompson, Emma, bds 817 Canal

Thompson, Emmet, laborer, bds 817 Canal

Thompson, Eugene C, bookkeeper 121 Railroad ave, bds 624 Winsor ave

Thompson, Frank, bds 308 W Hudson

Thompson, Frank L, barkeeper 201 Railroad ave, bds 206 W Gray

Thompson, Frederick A, switchman Erie R R, h 501 Davis

Thompson, George E, gardener, bds 241 W Water

Thompson, George W, flagman Erie R R, h 209 W Henry

Thompson, Grace, emp knitting mill, bds 404 Pleasant

Thompson, Headley, h 531 W Clinton

Thompson, Henry W, emp American Sales Book Co, bds 531 W Clinton

Thompson, Howard S, confectioner 114 S Main, h do

Thompson, J Fred, shipping clerk 508 State, h 517 ½ Baldwin

Thompson, J Whitfield, clerk 214 W Water, bds 522 W First

Thompson, James, laborer, bds 817 Canal

Thompson, James H, artist, bds 711 College ave

Thompson, Jeffrey, laborer, bds 817 Canal

Thompson, Jessie M, bds 30 W Gray


Thompson, John, engineer D L & W R R, h 829 E Second

Thompson, John M, bds 380 W Gray

Thompson, John W, engineer D L & W R R, h 829 E Second

Thompson, Joseph, coachman, h 409 High

Thompson, Lillian E, bds 643 W Water

Thompson, Lovina J, widow Henry, bds Laurel n Penna ave

Thompson, Mary, domestic 1001 Lake

Thompson, Mary B, widow David L, grocer 214 W Water, h 522 W First

Thompson, Mary E, bds 817 Canal

Thompson, Merle D, bds 458 W Water

Thompson N J & Co, wholesale dry goods, notions, hats caps and trunks, 178-182 State

Thompson, Norman J, (N J Thompson & Co) 178-182 State, h 458 W Water

Thompson, Orpha W, teacher school No 4, bds 321 Irvine pl

Thompson, Oscar, supt building N Y S Reformatory, h 643 W Water

THOMSON, PARKER C, grocer 605 Erie, rooms 120 Brand

Thompson, Rollin S, cashier Erie freight office, h 135 E Hudson

Thompson, Susan A, principal school No 10, bds 351 ½ Columbia

Thompson, Thomas C, driver, h 624 Winsor ave

Thompson, Thomas M, emp D L & W R R freight house, h 107 ½ Spring

Thompson, Thomas W, bds 501 Euclid ave

Thompson, Walter D, clerk cor Dickinson and E Fifth, bds 309 E Fifth

Thompson, William, laborer, h 817 Canal

Thompson, Zebard, contractor, bds 308 W Hudson

Thorn, Celinda H, widow Thomas, h 104 E Hudson

Thorn, Frank B, officer N Y S Reformatory, h 103 Bancroft

Thorn, Mittie C, bds 500 William

Thorndill, Harriet, widow John, h 321 Roe ave

Thorne, Julia, widow Samuel, bds 711 College ave

THORNTON, ELLISON E, real estate 153 Lake, h 551 Franklin

Thornton, Frank, laborer, h 101 Partridge

Thornton, Harvey A, broom manuf 430 Pleasant, h do

Thornton, William, laborer, h 709 Dickinson

Thornton, William H Jr, laborer, h 608 Dickinson

Thorp, I Dell, clerk 305 E Water, bds 2 Main st bridge

Thorp, Raymond, emp 426 E Fifth, bds 319 Madison ave

THORP, SAMUEL, mgr The Read & Lovatt Co 426 E Fifth, h 319 Madison ave

Thorpe, Frank B, emp John Brand, h 415 E Market

Thorpe, Lottie C Mrs, furnished rooms 415 E Market, h do

Thrall, Lydia A, widow Corydon W, h 501 W Clinton

Thurber, Florence, housekeeper 412 E Water

Thurber, Gerry H, com trav, bds Frazier House

Thurber, Lewis E, com trav 146 W Water, h 451 W Gray


Thurber, Russell S, h 412 E Water

Thurston, Catharine J, widow William, bds 1053 Walnut

Thurston, Moses W, barber 301 Railroad ave, h 220 W Gray

THURSTON, REUBEN, (Thurston & Haskell) 208 College ave, h 1056 Walnut

THURSTON, RICHARD H, (Reynolds, Stanchfield & Collin) 415 E Water, h 243 Lake

THURSTON & HASKELL, (R Thurston and M C Haskell) contractors and builders 208 College ave (See adv)

Tice, Elizabeth, widow Joseph S, bds 307 ½ W Clinton

Tice, Florence, teacher school No 5, bds 518 Penna ave

Tickner, Harry B, emp rolling mill, h 411 W Fourth

Ticknor, Benjamin, baggageman Erie R R, rooms 217 W First

Tidd, Clara L, widow Charles, bds 217 W Henry

Tidd, Edward K, clerk N C Ry, h 412 Euclid ave

Tidd, Grant N, building mover 217 W Henry, h do

Tidd, Horton, bds 723 W First

Tierney, Catharine, widow Joseph, h 206 Sullivan

TIERNEY, EDWARD M, (Kennedy & Tierney) Hotel Rathbun, h do

Tierney, Honora, widow Daniel, h 706 Hatch

Tierney, James, grocer 400 W Washington ave, h do

Tierney, James W, engineer, h 1215 Lackawanna ave

Tierney, Mary J, candy maker, bds 206 Sullivan

Tierney, Nora, dressmaker, bds 706 Hatch

Tierney, William, clerk Lake cor E Market, bds 206 Sullivan

Tierney, William T, clerk, bds 206 Sullivan


Tiers, John W, bartender 135 W Water, h 117 do

Tilden, Henry A, barber 1199 Grand Central ave, h 361 Maxwell pl

Tillinghast, Herbert F, h 320 W Third

TILLINGHAST, J BUREN, (Bennett & Tillinghast) h 363 Fulton

Tillman, J Mont, harness, trunks and bags 214 E Water, h 519 W Clinton

Tillman, John M, mason contractor, bds 853 Grove

Tillman, Myron E, clerk 126 Lake, h 853 Grove

Tillson, Carrie E, h Prospect

Tincklepaugh, Levi G, h 909 ½ Grand Central ave

Tincklepaugh, Marie Mrs, h 720 Benjamin

Tindir, Andrew, laborer, h 706 Baldwin

Tinker, Grace, widow Lynn, bds 618 Lewis

Tinkham, Emily A, clerk 301 E Water, bds 401 Madison ave

Tinkler, John Jr, nurse, bds 218 W Church

Tinkler, William, stenographer Elmira Bridge Co, bds 800 Penna ave

Tisdale, Laverne, domestic 109 Madison ave

Tisdale, Lawrence B, table waiter, rooms 107 ½ Spring

Titus, Charles, tobacco, cigars and confectionery 220 S Main, h do

Titus, Charles A, bookkeeper 224 W Water, h 655 Grove

Titus, Emma, bds 408 ½ Standish

Titus, Helen C Mrs, billing clerk 557 E Clinton, h 655 Grove

Titus, Ira, health inspector, h 116 Ferris

Toaz, Robert, hostler, bds 107 High

Tobacco Fertilizer Co, J A Daily mgr, 7 Advertiser bldg E Market

Tobey, Aaron E, mason, h 436 S Broadway

Tobey, Alonzo J, fireman E F D, h 634 W Gray

Tobey, Anna M, widow Nathan, h 710 Holdridge

Tobey, Belle, nurse, h 326 E Water

Tobey, Guilford R, farmer, h 321 ½ W Clinton

Tobey, Joseph W, h 413 W Sixth

Tobey, Leonora E Mrs, h 321 ½ W Clinton

Tobey, Luddington M, baker, h 815 W Gray

Tobey, Martin A, milk dealer, h 708 S Broadway

Tobey, Ransford, laborer, h 603 Flood

Tobey, Sarah J, bds 603 Flood

Tobias, John, tailor, bds Mansion House

Tobias, Sol, dry goods 563 John, h do

Tobin, Anna B, manicurist 117 E Water, bds 502 ½ Columbia

Tobin, Daniel M, clerk 182 State, bds 516 Balsam

Tobin, James W, grocer 526 Main, bds 502 ½ Columbia

Tobin, John, draughtsman, bds 502 ½ Columbia

Tobin, Katharine H, bds 502 ½ Columbia

Tobin, Margaret I, dressmaker 117 E Water, bds 502 ½ Columbia

Tobin, Martin J, cooper, h 704 E Clinton


Tobin, Patrick M, carpenter, h 502 ½ Columbia

Todd, Emma C Mrs, h 404 William

Todd, Seager S, com trav, h 528 W Gray

Tolbert, Edward, carpenter, bds 812 W Gray

Tolbert, Grant, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Co, bds 953 Lincoln

Tolbert, Jennie, domestic 460 W Church

Tolbert, Lafayette, gardner, h 812 W Gray

Toles, Estella M Mrs, h 503 Baldwin

Tolosz, Michael, meat market 668 Baldwin, h do

Tomlinson, Charles J, machinist emp Payne shop, h 273 Baty

Tomlinson, Delinda P, widow Solomon B, bds 422 W First

TOMLINSON, FEDERICK C, special agent N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co 504 Realty bldg, bds 471 W Water

Tomlinson, Genie I, clerk N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds 513 Davis

Tomlinson, Orilla T, dressmaker, bds 513 Davis

Tomlinson, William, h 513 Davis

Tomowske, Frederick, laborer, h 964 E Clinton

Tompkins, Britania, widow Tamerlane B, h 124 W Second

TOMPKINS, C M & R, wholesale grocers and sole proprs Sancuta coffee 354-356-358 state

TOMPKINS, CHARLES M, (C M & R Tompkins) h 124 W Second

TOMPKINS, EBER L, agent New York Life Ins Co, 324 E Water, h 625 Lake

Tompkins, Edna S, emp silk mill, bds 211 Kingsbury ave

Tompkins, Peter S, teamster, h 211 Kingsbury ave

TOMPKINS, RAY, (C M & R Tompkins) vice-pres Elmira Building Co, h 408 Main

Tompkins, William W, com trav, h 360 W Church

Tong, Eli, laborer, h 204 Chestnut

Tong, Eli Jr, laborer, bds 418 Walnut

Tong, James R, emp water works, h 415 Walnut

Tong, Thomas W, carpenter 215 W Second, h 217 do

Toohey, Anna M, stenographer 119 Baldwin, bds 818 Walnut

Toohey, John, gas maker, h 818 Walnut

Toohey, John W, shoe cutter, bds 818 Walnut

Toohey see Touhey

Tooker, Clarissa J, widow Reuben, bds 404 W Third

Tooker, Hyman S, tailor 211 W Second, h do

Tooker, Jared Y, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 404 W Third

Tooker, Joseph Y, h 404 W Third

Tooker, Laura H, tailoress, bds 211 W Second

Toole Brothers, (EJ & C H) grocers 142 E Water

Toole, Charles H, (Toole Bros) 142 E Water, h 714 E Water

Toole, Edward J, (Toole Bros) 142 E Water, h 714 do


Toole, Mary, widow John B, h 714 E Water

Toole, William D, clerk New Brunswick Hotel, bds do

Toomey, Frank, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 414 Linden pl

Toomey, John, emp T Briggs & Co, h 1260 College ave

Toomey, John B, carpenter, h 423 Linden pl

Toomey see Twomey

Topping, Benjamin W, com trav, h 55 Hoffman

Topping, Benjamin W Jr, com trav, bds 55 Hoffman

Towart, David B, draughtsman, rooms 127 E Hudson

Towart, James, draughtsman, h 201 ½ Sly

Towner, Augustus P, driver, h 355 Hoffman

Towner, Carry F, clerk 132 W Water, bds 372 do

Towner, Eunice R, widow King J, bds 372 W Water

Towner, F Henrietta Mrs, dressmaker 355 Hoffman, h do

Towner, Frank O, conductor N C Ry, h S William

TOWNER, GEORGE S, baker, confectioner and ice cream Hoffman cor W Church, h do

Towner, Herbert E, barber, bds 220 W Gray

Towner, Jerome, laborer, bds 210 Madison ave

Townrow, Frederick W, Jr, draughtsman, h 625 ½ W Water

Towns, Edward, night clerk Palace Hotel, bds do

Townsend, Alexander, grocer 514 Dewitt ave, h 512 do

Townsend, Catharine M, widow John, h 127 W Market

Townsend, Cornelia E, agent, h 424 Herrick

Townsend, Eleanor B, teacher, bds 512 Dewitt ave

Townsend, Elizabeth, bds 424 Herrick

Townsend, Hezekiah, laborer 905 Grand Central ave

Townsend, James, com trav, h 2 Metzger bldg 205 W Third

Townsend, Jane, domestic 418 Fulton

Townsend, Martin, laborer, h 820 Linden pl

Townsend, Peter M, h 1008 Pratt

Townsend, Wilbur L, com trav, h 506 William

Toze, Robert, emp 103 E Second, bds do

Tracy, Dennis, laborer, bds 823 ½ Canal

Tracey, E Lysander, com trav, h 310 Penna ave

Tracy, Etta, seamstress, bds 373 Penna ave

Tracy, James E, insurance agt, bds 501 Baldwin

Tracy, Julia, widow Nathan, h 210 W Third

Tracy, Winifred Mrs, h 823 ½ Canal

Trahey, Lenora A, stenographer 216 Railroad ave, bds 381 Baty

Train Dispatcher’s Office Erie R R, Railroad ave cor W Third

Trainer, James B, letter carrier, h 417 Jefferson

Trainor, Catherine, widow James, h 1401 Baldwin

Trainor, James, h 604 Beach

Trainor, Owen, laborer, bds 1401 Baldwin


Trautlein, Francis J, rector St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church, h 300 E Second

Trautlein, Katharine, bds 306 E Second

TRAVELERS’ INSURANCE CO, P E Young dist agent 111 W Water, See adv front cover

Traver, Harry F, laborer, bds 409 Davis

Traver, John, brakeman D L & W R R, h 1122 ½ Oak

Traver, William E, laborer bds 409 Davis

Travis, Ambrose, flagman N C R R, h Southport cor Fred

Travis, Lena M, bds 853 E Church

Travis, Willard J, stone mason, h 853 E Church

Treat, Alonzo J, canvasser, rooms 314 E Water

Tremain, George W, milk dealer, h 1045 Walnut

Tremaine, Bessie A, bds 557 Columbia

TREMAINE, WARREN H, h 557 Columbia

Trench, Daniel, laborer, rooms r 666 Dickinson

Trent, Charles W, emp Lyceum Theatre, bds 113 E First

Trent, Daniel, bell boy Delevan House, bds do

Trescott, Ida L, teacher school No 2, bds 360 W Gray

Trescott, Lydia, widow Jonathan, h 360 W Gray

Trescott, Seth M, clerk 325 Carroll, bds 360 W Gray

Tress, Joseph, clerk 669 Lake, bds do

Tress, Tony, confectionery 669 Lake, h do

Trice, John, tanner, h 125 Tuttle ave

Trice, Katie, emp silk mill, bds 811 E Church

Trice, Lizzie, bds 811 E Church

Trice, Mary, emp silk mill, bds 811 E Church

Trice, Stephen, tanner, h 811 E Church

Trigs, Mary, widow Robert, h 271 W Hudson

Trimble, Kate, h 652 E Market

Trimble, Mildred, bds 571 Coburn

Trimble, Nellie, emp silk mills, bds 660 ½ Lake

TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Rev George H McKnight rector, 300-302 Main

Tripp, Edward C, engineer L V R R, h 419 Linden pl

Tripp, Louis E, bds 510 E Church

Trost, George, shoemaker 360 Davis, h Cleveland bey limits

Trout, Clyde, painter, bds 111 Harmon

Trout, George M, painter, h 111 Harmon

Trout, George W, livery 812 E Church, h do

Trout, Mary G Mrs, bds 211 W Hudson

TROUT, MILES M, carriage work and blacksmithing 450 E Water, bds 107 Madison ave

Trout, Stephen M, bookkeeper 450 E Water, bds 107 Madison ave

Trout, William H, livery, bds 812 E Church

Trowbridge, Clements, brakeman Erie R R, bds 425 Railroad ave


Troxell, Dow, clerk 353 Davis, bds 451 W Gray

TROXEL, H ROY, jeweler and baker 661 Lake, h do

TROXEL, J EDITH MRS, bakery confectionery 661 Lake h do

Troxel, Lottie E Mrs, widow Henry B, h 451 W Gray

True, Robert, housekeeper 219 W Church

Truesdell, Anna A, widow George L, bds 354 Grove

Trull, Ruth E, bds 654 Pearl pl

Trull, Samuel W, conductor Erie R R, h 654 Pearl pl

Truran, Ernest A, civil engineer, bds 156 Washington

Trybe, Edna, emp tobacco factory, bds 801 E Market

Tschan, Philip, saloon 605 Lake, h do

Tschan, Philip J, engineer, bds 605 Lake

Tubberty, Delia, domestic 113 E Chemung pl

Tubberty, Martin, laborer, bds 377 Railroad ave

Tubbs, Alta, dressmaker, rooms 611 W Water

Tubbs, Frances B, bookkeeper 170 Lake, bds 657 ½ Grove

Tubbs, Harriet R, widow Henry, h 628 Penna ave

TUBBS, HARRISON K, chief clerk supt’s office N C Ry 501 Railroad ave, h 207 W Hudson

Tubbs, Rosamond B, widow Samuel W, h 657 ½ Grove

Tubbs, Sybil G, bds 628 Penna ave

Tubbs, William, bookkeeper Chase-Hibbard Milling Co, rooms 363 Elm

Tuch, Morris, h 550 E Second

Tuch, Sarah G, bds 550 E Second

Tucker, James M, planer, h 122 Brand

Tumporsky, Lena, dressmaker, bds 761 John

Tumporsky, Max, pedder, h 761 John

Tupper, Charles W, emp LaFrance shops, h 9 Home

Tupper, Eva L, student, bds 960 Walnut

Tupper, Helen M, music teacher, bds 960 Walnut

Tupper, Lydia M, widow John, bds 9 Home

Turck, Joseph H, physician 207 E Church, h do

Turk, Martin, laborer, bds Maple ave bey limits

Turnbull, Alexander Z, manuf boots and shoes, h 206 W Sixth

Turnbull, Jenny E, widow William, h 506 Walnut

Turnbull, Raymond A, student, bds 506 Walnut

Turner, Alexander S, h 611 Lake

Turner, Charles R, clerk 132 W Water, bds 415 W Sixth

Turner, David, laborer, h 621 E Third

TURNER, EDWIN B, extract manuf 636 W Water, h do (See adv next page

Turner, Elizabeth U, bds 419 W Church

Turner, Fannie, bookkeeper and stenographer 316 Hathaway, bds 422 W Fourth

Turner, George J, driver, h 230 Mt Zoar

Turner, Harry T, emp Eclipse bicycle works, bds 410 E Washington ave

Turner, Henry J, wood dealer, 905 Oak h do


Turner, Iona, domestic, bds 719 Dickinson

Turner, John, engineer D L & W R R, h 700 E Fifth

Turner, John H, emp H C Spaulding Co, h 415 ½ W Sixth

Turner, Julia A, widow Thomas, h 719 Dickinson

TURNER, ROBERT T, lawyer 218 E Water, h 419 W Church

Turner, S G Hathaway, lawyer 218 E Water, bds 419 W Church

Turner, Samuel, barber, 122 Penna ave, bds 111 LaFrance

Turner, Thomas W, engineer D L & W R R, h 410 E Washington ave

Turner, Welthea H, bds 419 W Church

Turner, William H, saloon 103 E Miller h do

Turner, William J, h 414 Standish

Tuthill, Fred A, clerk 323 E Water, bds 210 College ave

Tuton, William B, janitor First M E Church, h 805 Davis

Tuttle, Charles, clerk, bds 210 College ave

Tuttle, Charles J, laborer, h 106 W Church

Tuttle, Charles S, frame maker, h 622 Winsor ave

Tuttle, Ella Mrs, h 106 W Church

Tuttle, William, laborer, bds 426 Balsam


Tvrdik, Joseph, tailor 120 E Water, h 220 Orchard

Twiss, Charles J, machinist, h 356 E Center

Twiss, George W, baggage master D L & W depot, h 379 Diven ave

Twomey, John, police constable, h 450 W Second

Twomey, John J, salesman 121 E Second h 1260 College ave

Twomey, Margaret, bds 450 W Second

Twomey see Toomey

Tyler, Amelia C, h 129 Main

Tyler, Annie C, bds 464 E Water

Tyler, Jane A, h 129 Main

Tyler, Joseph A, h 129 Main

Tyler, Sallie S, widow Joseph P, h 464 E Water

Tyrrell, Eugene, clerk 301 E Water, bds 226 Caldwell ave

Tyrrell, Fred, painter, h 6 Falck

Tyrrell, James, clerk New Brunswick Hotel, h 304 E Clinton

Tyrrell, Miles O, carpenter, h 226 Caldwell ave

Tyrrell, Thomas, emp N C Ry shops, bds 206 South ave


UEBELACKER, CHARLES F, general manager Elmira Municipal Improvement Co Corporations Realty bldg, h 418 W Church

UFFORD, CHARLES W, (C E Morrell Co) 154 Baldwin, bds 378 W Church

UFFORD, WILLIAM M, agent Mrs J S Reynolds, 306 Carroll h 418 W Church

Ullman, Lewis, bds 202 Lormore

Ulrich, Margaret, widow George, boarding h 1007 Walnut

UNDERWOOD, EDWARD B, osteopath 202 Steele Mem’l bldg, h 107 W Gray

Underwood, John D, agent, h 975 Lincoln

Underwood, Kate, widow John, h 324 E Center

Underwood, M Rosalia, bds 107 W Gray

Underwood, Nelson F, h 107 W Gray

Underwood, Nettie F, h 107 W Gray

Union News Co, Frank P Robinson mgr, 523 Railroad ave

UNION WATER LIGHT & POWER CO, S N Blake treas executive office 501 Realty bldg

UNITED STATES BENEVOLENT SOCIETY, George E Keeler dist mgr 103 Robinson bldg

UNITED STATES EXPRESS CO, Judd Connelly agt 152 Baldwin and D L & W Depot

United States Internal Revenue Office, Masonic Temple

Universal Hatcher and Brooder The, 211 Railroad ave


Unterberger, Thomas, tailor 157 Lake, h 752 E Fifth

Up DeGraff, Ella A, widow Thad S, h 114 W Chemung pl

Up DeGraff, Fritz, bds 114 W Chemung pl

Up DeGraff, Henrietta, bds 311 William

Up DeGraff, Kathryn B, bds 114 W Chemung pl

Up DeGraff, Mary, widow Elbridge G, fur worker, h 161 Washington

Updike, Clark, creamery 465 Mt Zoar, h do

Updike, Edward D, bds 115 Horner

Updike, Elizabeth P, widow Lewis L, h 115 Horner

Updike, Ella, milliner 201 E Water, bds at Horseheads

Updike, Mabel L, bds 115 Horner

Updyke, Nettie Mrs, bds 410 Locust

Updyke, Samuel F, boiler maker N C Ry shops, h 613 Junction

Updyke, Satie M, domestic 708 Maple ave

Updyke, William M, storekeeper N C Ry, h 121 ½ W Hudson

Upham, Alfred E, school director N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Upham, Clara A, ladies furnishing 527 Union pl, h 403 do

Ustick, Charles, clerk 124 W Water, bds 309 S Main

Utley, Merrit O, engineer D L & W R R, h 1359 Lake

Utley, Milo, grocer 1106 Lake, h do

Utley, Vera M, bds 1359 Lake

Utritus, Simon, laborer, bds 612 Baldwin

Utter, Fred, brakeman N C Ry, h 611 ½ S Main

Utter, Harry C, emp creamery, bds 713 Spaulding

Utter, Laura A, dressmaker, h 459 W Second

Utter, Stanley S, clerk W F & Co’s Ex, bds 713 Spaulding

Utter, Stephen C, brakeman N C Ry, h 713 Spaulding

Utrick, Earl G, printer Star, bds 973 Lincoln

Uttrick, Louis A, machinist, h 973 Lincoln


Vail, Amanda Mrs, h r 702 Dickinson

Vail, Fannie, bds 1414 Caton ave

Vail, Rufus C, h 903 W First

Valentine, Charles, coachman 218 W Church

Valentine, Talbert W, butler 410 W Gray, h 558 E Second

Vallard, Ira P, painter, h 612 Lewis

Vallely, John, machinist, h 211 O’Gorman

Vallely, Mary Mrs, saloon 211 O’Gorman, h do

VALLEY HOUSE, J F Jones prop, 200 E Fifth

Valois, August, barber 115 Lake, h 206 Columbia

Valois, Madeline M, milliner, bds 206 Columbia


VAN AKEN, CHARLES, cameras and photographic supplies 120 W Water, bds 529 W Gray

VAN AKEN, ELISHA M, photographer 120 W Water, h 529 W Gray

VAN ALLEN, DANIEL D, M A, teacher, h 312 W First

VAN ALLEN, WILLIAM, HARMAN REV, rector Grace Church, h 312 W First

Van Alstine, William J, collector, h 402 Tuttle ave

Van Arnam, Charles W, carriage trimmer, h 927 E Church

Van Auken, Adeline, widow George, bds 416 Union pl

Van Auken, Belle C, bds 520 W First

Van Auken, J Decker, teamster, h 520 W First

Van Benscoten, Loren, blacksmith, bds 405 Balsam

Van Buren, Amy L, dressmaker, bds 908 College ave

Van Buren, Cora B, stenographer, bds 908 College ave

Van Buren, M Lillian, teacher school No 5 bds 908 College ave

Van Buren, William H, printer, h 908 College ave

Van Buskirk, Andrew, laborer, h 816 E Church

VAN BUSKIRK, ANNA, (Elmira Crockery Store) 200 E Water, bds 522 William

Van Buskirk, Della M, clerk 305 E Water, bds 318 S Broadway

Van Buskirk, Eugene, keeper N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Van Buskirk, Harry, shoemaker, rooms 105 Main

Van Buskirk, Irvie, emp knitting mill, bds 816 E Church

Van Buskirk, Theodore, bds 816 E Church

Van Campen, John R, bookkeeper Second Natl Bank, h 612 W Water

VAN CAMPEN, SAMUEL R, lawyer 218 E Water, h 414 W Gray

Vance, Cynthia Mrs, boarding, h 656 Lake

Vance, Edward, laborer, h 356 Penna ave

Vance, Joseph, teamster, h 656 Lake

Vance, Lucinda M Mrs, h 410 Main

Van Cleft, Asa, tinner, bds 112 Dewitt ave

Van Cleft, Emmett, emp knitting mill, bds 112 Dewitt ave

Van DeBogart, Verna, clerk, bds 210 Mt Zoar

Van Demark, E Linn, roller, bds 440 E Water

Van Demark, Edith M, h 218 W Water

Van Demark, Nettie, domestic Hotel Smith, bds do

Van Demark, Stephen, helper kitchen Hotel Rathbun

Van Demark see Van Dermark and Ven Demark

Van Derlip, Fred B, night watchman H C Spaulding Co, h 821 Farnham n cor Grove and W Washington ave

Van Derlip, Phineas R, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush, h 753 E Second

Van Derlip, William, emp rolling mill, h 955 Sullivan

Van Dermark, Ernest L, laborer, bds 440 E Water


Van Dermark, John W, bds 370 W Fourth

Van Dermark, Stephen A, laborer, h 440 E Water

Van Dermark See Van Demark and Ven Demark

Van Doren, Mary Mrs, bds 528 Penna ave

Van Dusen, Minnie, h 330 E Water

Van Duzer, Harriet B, widow Edward C, h 510 Lake

Van Duzer, Henry B, engineer U S A, bds 510 Lake

Van Duzer, Louisa, asst librarian Steele Memorial Lib, bds 510 Lake

VAN DUZER, WILLIAM, county supt of poor, Court House h at county farm Breesport

Van Dyke, Caroline, emp silk mill, bds 406 Sullivan

Van Dyke, John D, laborer, h 730 Hopkins

Van Dyne, Mary E, widow James A, h 417 Grove

Van Dyne, Oliver, clerk 301 E Water, bds 417 Grove

Van Dyne, William M, linotype opr Gazette, h 415 Grove

Van Etten, ________laborer, rooms 664 Lake

Van Etten, Charles J, brakeman N C Ry, h S William

Van Etten, James C, prin school No 5, h 712 Park pl

Van Gelder, Clara, h 523 W Clinton

Van Gelder, Delbert, clerk 150 W Water, bds 635 W Gray

Van Gelder, James, laborer, bds 103 Partridge

Van Gorder, Belle Mrs, domestic 661 W Third

Van Gorder, Della clerk 132 W Water, bds 375 W Water

Van Gorder, Emma, h 141 E Water

Van Gorder, Frank M, salesman, bds 375 W Water

Van Gorder, Harry S, emp The Telegram, bds 407 Perry

Van Gorder, Jacob, farmer, h 375 W Water

Van Gorder, James O, teamster, h 1104 Walnut

Van Gorder, John, stone cutter, h 407 Perry

Van Gorder, John W, switchman, h 513 E Third

Van Gorder, Julia, chambermaid Hotel Smith, bds do

Van Gorder, Mabel, widow Fletcher M, dressmaker 221 S Main, h do

Van Gorder, Mary Mrs, clerk 513 E Third, h do

Van Gorder, Selah T, mason, h 401 W Clinton

Van Gorder, Warren H, emp Rolling mill, h 429 W Fifth

Van Horn, Cora B, bds 369 W First

Van Horn, Harriet M Mrs, rooms 511 Magee

Van Horn, William R, cashier 121 Railroad ave, h 712 W Gray

Van Houten, Betsey, widow Jacob, bds 116 W Hudson

Van Houten, Charles S, clerk N C freight office, bds 116 W Hudson

Van Houten, J Sanford, clerk 137 E Water, h 116 W Hudson

VAN KIRK, JOSEPH J, mgr Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine Co 104 Lake, h 105 Magnolia


Van Kirk, Willard K, student, bds 105 Magnolia

Van Kuren, Mollie Mrs, dressmaker 332 Water, h do

Van Kuren, William H, conductor N C Ry, h 509 Herrick

Van Loan, Sanford C, painter, h 728 Hopkins

VAN LOON, C W & CO, (C W and M F Van Loon) grocers 550 Spaulding

VAN LOON, CHAUNCEY W, (C W Van Loon & Co) 550 Spaulding, h 2 Home cor Spaulding

Van Loon, Lela B, bds 2 Home

VAN LOON, MILLARD F, (C W Van LOON & Co) carpenter 550 Spaulding, h 109 Home

Van Ness, Frank A, emp bridge works, bds 509 W Second

Van Ness, Harry, saloon 423 Railroad ave, h do

Van Nest, Cora, emp knitting mill, bds 206 Franklin

Van Nest, George U, flagman N C Ry, bds 206 Franklin

Van Nest, James H, h 206 Franklin

VAN NORT, JOHN F, druggist 144 W Water, h 466 do

Van Orden, Pearl, clerk 155 Lake, bds at Horseheads

Van Order, Edd S, driver, h r 132 E Chemung pl

Van Order, Nellie, forelady Elmira Skirt Co, bds 208 W Chemung pl

Van Orsdale, Bessie, dressmaker, bds 397 W Water

Van Orsdale, Charles H, carpenter, h 397 W Water

VAN ORSDALL, E & CO, (E Van O and H J Shoemaker) dry goods, boots and shoes, groceries and meat market 1201-1203 and 1206 Grand Central ave

VAN ORSDALL, EDWIN E, (E Van Orsdall & Co) h 1019 Grand Central ave

Van Over, Dorcas E, widow George, bds 331 E Center

Van Over, Elinda, widow George, bds 331 E Center

Van Over, James G, conductor D L & W R R, h 331 E Center

Van Scoy, Cornelius, fire escape manuf 421 ½ Railroad ave, h do

VAN’S INN, Ira J Vendemark propr, 401 E Water cor Lake

Van Tassel, Eva Mrs, nurse, rooms 515 Walnut

VAN TASSEL, JAMES H, (Van Tassel & Lounsberry) 205 E Market, h Lake outside limits

Van Tassel, Sarah A, widow William R, bds 718 College ave

Van Tassel, William H, machinist Erie R R, h 308 Sutton

VAN TASSEL & LOUNSBERRY, J H Van Tassel and A G Lounsberry) machinists, bicycle repairers and tool makers, 205 E Market; tel 99 K (See adv next page

Van Vleet, Cyrus W, com trav, rooms 323 W Church

Van Vleet, Mary H, widow Charles, h 323 W Church

Van Wagenen, Harry R, train dispatcher Erie R R, bds 510 W Third

Van Wagoner, Alvin A, laborer, bds 158 Baldwin

Van Wagoner, Charles, baggageman Erie R R Depot, h 378 W Clinton


Van Wagoner, Jane B, widow John P, bds 378 W Clinton

Van Wert, John, bds 117 W Hudson

Van Why, Joseph M, carpenter and builder 3 Smith, h do

Van Why, Lillian A, milliner 128 W Water, bds 3 Smith

Van Why, Mayme, bds 3 Smith

Van Wie, Charles J, carpenter, bds 457 Franklin

Van Wie, Clayton A, clerk 143 ½ W Water, bds 311 Grove

Van Wie, Joseph B, carpenter and builder 457 Franklin, h do

Van Wie, Julian A, clerk 143 ½ W Water, h 311 Grove

Van Wie, Melvin V, pressman, bds 457 Franklin

Van Wie, William H, clerk 160 Exchange pl, h Lake outside limits

Van Wormer, Anna, tobacco sorter, bds 104 E Water

Van Wormer, Archie A, meat cutter, bds 508 ½ Columbia

Van Wormer, Fanny, tobacco sorter, bds 561 E Water

Van Wormer, Floyd, tobacco sorter, bds 561 E Water

Van Wormer, Lottie, widow George, h 561 E Water

Van Wormer, Theodore F, engineer Erie R R, h 508 ½ Columbia

Varian, Allen C, ins agt, bds 632 Lewis

Varian, Ella M, clerk, bds 632 Lewis

VARIAN, JOSIAH B, provisions, flour and feed 632 Lewis, h do

Varian, Morris B, soldier in Co C, 19th Infantry, U S A, Phillipines, bds 632 Lewis

Varian see Verian

Vasbinder, Lida C, student, bds 808 Main

Vasbinder, Martha A, widow Lewis, h 808 Main

Vatuski, Peter, iron worker, bds 918 Stowell

Vaughn, Charles D, shoemaker 605 Railroad ave, h do

Vaughn, Elizabeth, bds 969 East ave

Vaughn, Festus, laborer, bds 1019 East ave

Vaughn, James A, h 969 East ave

Vaughn, Miles, laborer, bds 702 Tuttle ave

Vaughn, Sarah, widow Harmon P, bds 969 East ave

Veaux, George W, baggageman D L & W R R, h 246 Crete ave

Veaux, Leonard, bridge builder, bds 246 Crete ave

Veazie, Marion H, widow Arthur, bds 1422 Caton ave


VEAZIE, MARY J, cancer specialist, Sanitarium 143 ½ W Water, h do (See adv)

Vehling, Fred, polisher, bds 154 W Third

Velie, George M, law student Dist Attys office, bds 104 Fox

Vendemark, Emmett, emp bridge works, bds 5 lemon

Vendemark, Grace, emp Howell’s box factory, bds 5 Lemon

VEN DEMARK, IRA J, propr Van’s Inn 401 E Water cor Lake, h 111 Madison ave

Vendemark, Sabin H, sawyer, h 5 Lemon

Ven Demark see Van Demark and Van Dermark

Verbeck, Meena E, stenographer, bds 328 Baldwin

Verian, Richard, tel opr Erie R R depot, h 213 Chestnut

Verian see Varian

Vermilya, Clara M, teacher school No 4, bds 106 Columbia

Vermilya, John J, tinsmith, h 108 Columbia

Vermilya, John L, h 106 Columbia

Vernooy, Eunice C, widow Epenetus, bds 1003 Oak

Vernooy, J Edward, carpenter, h 1297 Sullivan

Vernooy, Minnie R, clerk 124 W Water, bds 1297 Sullivan

Vernooy, Nettie G, clerk 132 W Water, bds 1297 Sullivan

Vernooy, Amelia C, widow Samuel, h 208 Gregg

Vernooy, Charles W, stone cutter, bds 208 Gregg

Vernooy, Clara E, dressmaker, bds 208 Gregg

Vernooy, John C, carpenter D L & W R R, h 373 E Center

Vernooy, William M, janitor D L & W, Y M C A, h 1307 Hall

Verrill, Emma S, widow Charles H, bds 464 W Gray

Verrill, Sara Shattuck, teacher piano Elmira College, bds do

Vester, Herman, laborer, bds 1018 Tenienti

Vester, John F, butcher, h 1018 Tenienti

Vetter, Anna, clerk 721 E Clinton, bds 450 Sullivan

Vetter, Anna, clerk, bds 814 E Church

Vetter, Anna, cigarmaker, bds r 123 W Hudson

Vetter, Anna, widow George, h 51 Dewitt ave

Vetter, Christopher, emp J Brand & Co, h r 123 W Hudson

Vetter, George J, bookkeeper G A Goff, h 814 E Church


Vetter, Jacob, emp Brand tobacco works, h 814 E Church

Vetter, Margaret, bds 814 E Church

Vetter, Miles, laborer, h 700 E Church

Vicario, Charley, laborer, h 709 Casey

Vickery, Albert J, sec’y Columbia Gold Mining & Milling Co 415 Realty bldg, h 208 Columbia

Vickery, Carrie, domestic 379 Baty

Vickery, Emma C, housekeeper 1325 Lackawanna ave

VICKERY, JULIA MRS, variety store 713 Lake, h do

Vickery, William H, delivery clerk, h 401 W First

Viele, Albert, laborer, bds 525 Harper

Viele, Frederick O, clerk Erie freight office, rooms 110 W Market

Viele, John H, machinist, h 519 Harper

Viele, Laura B, widow Harmon K, bds 374 ½ W Gray

Viele, Nicholas V, carpet weaver, h 525 Harper

VIELE, VICTOR V, (Viele & Beach) 116 Baldwin, h 112 W First

VIELE & BEACH, (V V Viele and F A Beach) job printers 116 Baldwin (See adv)

Vilke, August, bds 859 E Church

Vincent, Frances J, widow Clayton L, h 438 W Clinton

Vincent, James K, paper hanger, h 1321 Lackawanna ave

Vincent, James R, fruit grower, h West Hill bey limits

Vincent, Julia, widow Gillett J, h 658 E Clinton

VINTON, CHARLES E, wholesale wines and liquors 102 E Market cor Railroad ave, h 210 William

Vinton, Harrison W, trav salesman 102 E Market, h 709 ½ Main

Vivian, Joseph, laborer, h r 101 W La France

Vockroth, Edward H, clerk 416 Madison ave, bds do

Vockroth, George, clerk 416 Madison ave, bds do

Vockroth, Katharine, widow Frederick, grocer 416 Madison ave, h do

Vogel, Herman E, stone cutter, h 661 Magee

Vogt, Andrew W, cabinetmaker, h 1343 College ave

Voigt, Cora J, boarding house 106 W Market

Voight, Samuel W, shoemaker 663 Columbia, h do

Vogues, Otto, cabinetmaker, h 308 West Side ave

Volker, Annie, domestic, bds 902 Sullivan

Volker, Anna, domestic 410 Baldwin

Volker, Charles, laborer, h 902 Sullivan

Volker, Charles, laborer, bds 764 ½ Linden pl

Volker, Henry, laborer, bds 764 Linden pl

Volker, Herman R, milkman, bds 902 Sullivan

Volker, William, laborer, h 764 Linden pl

VOLBRECHT, ARTHUR H, prop Elmira Saw Works, h 107 Holdridge (See adv page 221)

Volbrecht, Barbara S, bookkeeper 305 Carroll, bds 708 E Water


Volbrecht, Grace T, dressmaker, bds 708 E Water

Volbrecht, Herman J, (Volbrecht & Popeck) 321 Carroll, h 708 E Water

Volbrecht & Popeck, (H J Volbrecht and F Popeck) shoemakers 321 Carroll

Volunteers of America, 213 S Main

Von Hoeffen, Albrecht, emp knitting mill, bds 1013 Lincoln

Von Hoeffen, August, instructor N Y S reformatory, h 1013 Lincoln

Von Hoeffen, Augusta, bookkeeper 315 E Water, bds 1013 Lincoln

Von Spiegel, James C, physician 117 Main, rooms do

Voorhees, Augustus, employment agency and insurance 114 Main, h 126 E Chemung pl

Voorhees, Catherine, widow Henry, nurse, h 417 Madison ave

Voorhees, Curtis, clerk 126 Penna ave, bds do

Voorhees, Fred E, electrician, bds 126 E Chemung pl

Voorhees, George S, cigar manuf 706 Kinyon, h 629 Penna ave

Voorhees, James H, mgr cigar factory, bds 629 Penna ave

Voorhees, Jeannette, h 115 Partridge

VOORHEES, SHERMAN, physician, specialist eye, ear, nose and throat 414 Main, h do

Vosburgh, A Howard, insurance, bds 207 Horner

Vosburgh, Emily, bds 500 Franklin

Vosburgh, Frank E, emp bridge works, h 521 Perine

Vosburgh, Orlando, h 508 Balsam


Waddell, James, machinist N C Ry shops, h 540 S Main

Wade, Charles, shoemaker, bds 208 College ave

Wade, Joseph, laborer, h 50 High

Wade, Mary E, bds 50 High

WADE, WILLIS G, (Taylor & Wade) 315 E Water, h 355 W Sixth)

Wader, Edward A, artist Telegram, h 327 Baldwin

Wadis, Joseph, junk dealer, h 755 John

Wadsworth, Catharine J, widow Joseph H, h 618 Dickinson

Wadsworth, Emmanuel, laborer, h 717 German

Wadsworth, Frank B, coachman, h 515 Gradwell

Wadsworth, Henry J, grocer 650 Dickinson, h 613 William

Wager, George A, meat market and grocer 500 S Broadway, h 611 Flood

Wager, Joshua, h 611 Flood

Wager, Stella P, domestic, bds Mt Zoar n limits

Wager, Stephen P, farmer, h Mt Zoar n limits

Wagner, E Helena, widow Samuel H, h 637 W Church

Wagner, Henry S, broom maker, h 563 E Water

Wagner, Robert C, physical director Y M C A, bds 204 Madison ave


Wagno, Daniel, laborer, bds 109 W Fifth

Wagoner, Charles, emp steel mill, bds 425 Railroad ave

Wagoner, John, emp steel mill, bds 425 Railroad ave

Wah, Charles, laundry 110 S Main, h do

Wah, Sam, laundry 299 W Water, h do

Wainwright, David S, foreman 207 Baldwin, h 81 Liberty

Wakefield, Martha, domestic, bds N s S Broadway n Bulkhead

Wakefield, Mary B Mrs, shirt maker, bds 110 Fox

Walburn, Flora B, widow Charles, bds 202 E Gray

Walden, Albert M, emp bridge works, bds 212 Austin’s lane

Walden, Julia, widow Charles, h 212 Austin lane

Waldo, Louis T, ice cream 308 S Main, h do

Waldorf, George H, carpenter, bds 7 Falck

Waldron, Edward, emp rolling mill, bds Franklin Hotel

Wales, Charlotte B, widow Theron, bds 403 William

Wales, Frank G, cabinet maker, h 114 W LaFrance

Wales, Ralph A, bds 403 William

WALES, THERON A, physician and surgeon 403 William, h do, office hours 7 to 9 am and 1 to 3 pm, telephone 86

WALES, ZIPPIE BROOKS, physician and surgeon 403 William, h do, office hours 7 to 9 am and 2 to 5 pm, telephone 86

Walk, Samuel G, emp McCormich Machine Co, h 348 W Fourth

Walker, Alice, widow Ora, bds 426 Balsam

Walker, Belle D, h 416 E Water

Walker, Charles F, prin school No 3, h 113 Caldwell ave

Walker, Christina, emp tobacco factory, bds 412 Powell

Walker, Emmon T, registry clerk post-office, h 211 High

Walker, George, merchant tailor 365 S Main, h do

Walker, Harry B, clerk 104 W Water, bds 211 High

Walker, Horace K, paymaster Elmira Bridge Co, h 372 Home

Walker, Isabel C, h 220 Brand

WALKER, JAMES, plumber, steam and gas fitter 334 E Water, h 121 E Chemung pl

Walker, Jesse W, train dispatcher Erie R R, h 421 ½ W Second

WALKER, JOB, fresh and salt meats, fish oysters & poultry 712 Walnut, h do

WALKER, JOHN, plumbing, steam and gas fitting 126 S Main, h 206 W Hudson

Walker, John, emp Swift Lubricator Co, h 827 W Second

WALKER, JOHN A, plumber, steam and gas fitter 334 E Water, h 118 W Chemung pl

Walker, John W, emp knitting mill, bds 512 Logan

Walker, John W, mason, h 964 Johnson

Walker, Nathaniel G, emp bridge works, bds 412 Powell


Walker, Ola, widow John, domestic 602 Penna ave

Walker, Rhoda, widow Sherman, bds 421 ½ W Second

Walker, Robert H, plumber, steam and gas fitter 112 Lake, h 132 E Chemung pl

Walker, Thomas, steam fitter, h 412 Powell

Walker, William, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 229 Brand

Walker, William S, bookkeeper 334 E Water, bds 121 E Chemung pl

Walkowiak, Stella, domestic 510 W Church

Wall, Anna M, stenographer, bds 210 College ave

Wall, Bridget, widow John, bds 505 Madison ave

Wall, Edward T, emp Maple Ave R R, bds 206 W Miller

Wall, Elizabeth A, clerk 112 W Water, bds 338 W Seventh

Wall, James, laborer, h 209 South ave

Wall, James J, timekeeper Elmira Bridge Co, bds 206 W Miller

Wall, Jennie V, bds 209 South ave

Wall, John, telegrapher, bds 206 W Miller

Wall, M Gertrude, emp Frostilla factory, bds 338 W Seventh

Wall, Margaret, bds 209 South ave

Wall, Mary A, bds 206 W Miller

Wall, Michael W, city expressman, h 338 W Seventh

Wall, Susie, student, bds 206 W Miller

Wall, Thomas, watchman N C Ry shops, h 206 W Miller

Wall, Thomas, polisher, bds American House

Wallace, Charles E, emp LaFrance shops, h 4 Falck

Wallace, George J, h 667 Baldwin

Wallace, Hannah L, widow Henry M, h 409 S Main

Wallace, James, polisher, bds 228 Chestnut

Wallace, Lucy M, widow George, bds 667 Baldwin

Wallace, Margaret E, dressmaker 520 Lake, bds 409 S Main

Wallace, Mary, nurse A O Hospital

Wallace, Maude L, bds 4 Falck

Wallis, Cuylon, emp Swift Lubricator Co, bds 313 Grove

Wallis, Della F, student, bds 313 Grove

Wallis, Emily S, widow Thomas G, bds 412 W Gray

Wallis, Fannie M, widow George W, bds 313 Grove

Wallis, George D, carpenter, h 313 Grove

Wallis, Margaret E, dressmaker, bds 409 S Main

Wallis, Welby C, glazier, blds 755 ½ Linden pl

Wallitt, Baltasar, carpenter, h 815 Jay

Wallitt, George, mason, h 509 Sullivan

Walls, Walter S, chief inspector Elmira Bridge Works h 455 Spaulding

Walsh, Agnes, clerk 140 W Water, bds 665 ½ College ave

Walsh, Agnes M, housekeeper 217 W Third

Walsh, Anna, bds 655 ½ College ave