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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Palmer, Minnie Mrs, bds 718 Columbia

Palmer, Orson W, insurance adjuster, 126 E Water, h 509 Lake

Palmer, Rebecca B, bds Kingsbury ave

Palmer, Sally J, widow Henry T, bds 302 W Clinton

Palmer, Sarah, widow William, nurse, bds 110 W Chemung pl

Palmer, Susan M, widow George N, bds 362 W Gray

Palmer, Stephen E, (Stephen E Palmer & Son), physician and druggist, 116 S Main, h do

Palmer, Stephen E & Son, (W A) furniture, 137 W Water

Palmer, William A, (Stephen E Palmer & Son), physician, 116 S Main, bds do

Palmiter, George, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co, h 405 Sullivan

Palmiter, James E, machinist, h 51 Harmon

Paltrowitz, Abraham, h 208 High

Paltrowitz, Celia, bds 208 High

Paltrowitz, Levi, clothier and broker, 107 W Water, h 459 E Second

Paluch, Joseph, laborer, h 200 E Washington ave

Panassa, Tony, laborer, h 3 Scott

Panimo, Lena, widow Joseph, h 711 E Market

Papa, Diks Pater, clerk, bds 210 Madison ave

Pardoe, Thomas, supt Eldridge Park, h Kingsbury ave in Park

PARK CHURCH, Rev Samuel E Eastman and Rev Annis Ford Eastman pastors, 213 W Church

PARK CHURCH FREE LIBRARY, Ella L Wolcott librarian, Wisner Park, 208 W Gray

PARK COAL YARD, G W & H E Frisbie props, College ave cor Reformatory


Park, Louise Mrs, musician, bds 605 Magee

Park, Lucy Mrs, housekeeper, 352 W Fourth

Park, Mary, bds 524 W Water

Park Place Preparatory School, junction of Park pl and College ave

Park, Walter W, asst supt Prudential Ins Co, h 205 Horner

Park, William, emp, 136 W Water, bds 127 E Hundson

Parke, Floyd B, physician and surgeon, 215 High, h do

Parke, Martha, stenographer The Bradstreet Co, bds 404 Baldwin

Parker, Addie, bds 109 W Gray

Parker, C Maude, dressmaker, bds 604 W Gray

Parker, Clarence L, com trav, h 165 Dewitt ave

Parker, DeLora N, widow Richard T, h 402 Hoffman

Parker, E Van Doren, com trav, h 604 W Gray

Parker, Elnora, waitress Patterson House, bds do

Parker, George E, flagman N C Ry, h 316 Baty

Parker, Harriet E, artist, bds 402 Hoffman

Parker, James H, emp bridge works, h 726 Spaulding

Parker, Leon, bookkeeper, bds 51 S Main

Parker, Mary Mrs, domestic, 351 Railroad ave

Parker, Phebe A, widow Horace J, bds Grant
Parker, Stephen H, painter and decorator, 10 Eldridge pl, h do

Parker, William B, musician, bds 503 Perry

Parkhurst, G Harrison, physician and surgeon, 358 Main, h Strathmont Hoffman

Parkinson, Thomas, watchman, h 407 W Third

Parkinson, Thomas W, switchman Erie yard, h 436 W Fifth

Parks, Sanford H, h 725 Benjamin

Parks, William J, jeweler, 136 W Water, bds 127 E Hudson

Parmelee, Bert B, buyer, 134 W Water, bds 214 College ave

Parmenter, Mary F, h 311 Penna ave

Parmenter, Robert N, sec Lovell Shirt Co, h 458 W First

Parry, Elizabeth, domestic, 722 Columbia

Parsons, Edwin F, emp Kertscher & Co, h 1317 Hall's lane

Parsons, Ely, h 607 Main

PARSONS, FLOYD G, tobacco & cigars, 661 1/2 Lake, bds 373 W Third

Parsons, Fred, laborer, h Hall's lane

Parsons, Fred K, engineer Erie R R, h 373 W Third

Parsons, Frederic W, h 300 Maple ave

Parsons, Granville D, assessor, h 169 Dewitt ave

PARSONS, JAMES F, collector, 118 E Water, h 506 Roe ave

PARSONS, JAMES U, agent livery, 103 W Church, h 403 Columbia

Parsons, Janett, widow George W, h 667 Park pl

PARSONS, JUDSON B, manager, 103 W Church, h 205 Railroad ave

Parsons, Mira A, widow Hiram, bds 611 W First

PARSONS, MIRANDA L, livery & boarding stable, h 103 W Church, h 403 Columbia

Partridge, Emily, widow Hardin, bds 426 W Fourth

Partridge, Mary P, widow Henry M, bds 311 Lake

PASSAGE, HARRY C, (Passage & Overton), h at Towanda Pa

PASSAGE & OVERTON, Geo Mowry mgr, boots & shoes, 110 W Water

Passmore, James B, emp bridge works, h Maple ave bey limits

Pattengill, Evan I, mgr Frostilla factory r 410 W Gray, h 309 Euclid ave

Pattengill see Pettingill

Patterson, Abe, teamster, h 1314 Pratt

Patterson, Burton I, emp J Richardson & Co, h 639 Winsor ave

Patterson, Charles E, emp bridge works, h 365 Fulton

Patterson, F Helen Mrs, h 101 Franklin
Patterson, Frederick J, plumber, bds 639 Winsor ave

Patterson, George W, instructor Reformatory, h 380 Fulton

Patterson, Grace mrs, bds 233 W Water

Patterson, Grace L, clerk, 100 E Water, bds 422 W Gray

Patterson, Helen M, widow Francis, h 709 Harper

PATTERSON, HENRY S, groceries, boots & shoes, dry goods, notions &c, 300-302 S Main, h 113 Brand

Patterson House, M Brink propr, Baldwin cor Market

Patterson, Isaac, engineer Doane & Jones, h 312 Reformatory

Patterson, James L, laborer, h 639 Winsor ave

Patterson, John H, driver, 208 State, h 714 1/2 Dickinson

Patterson, Kate G, teacher school No 8, bds 422 W Gray

Patterson, Leon L, painter, bds 358 Hoffman

Patterson, Lillie, widow Arthur, h 560 E Water

Patterson, Minnie T, teacher school No 2, bds 422 W Gray

Patterson, Nancy, emp knitting mill, bds 1314 Pratt

Patterson, Rose, emp knitting mill, bds 101 Franklin

Patterson, Thomas W, boots & shoes, 100 E Water, h 422 W Gray

Patterson, William, emp Payne shop, h 305 S Broadway

Patterson, William E, gate tender Erie R R, h 503 Columbia

Paul, Clinton M, engineer D L & W R R, h 1319 1/2 Lake

Paul, Henry C, carpenter, h 1025 Oak

Paul, Irwin G, fireman D L & W R R, h 1357 1/2 Lake

Paul, Lewis A, emp Reformatory, h 202 Madison ave

Paul, William, engineer, h 719 Columbia

Paulman, Anna M, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 415 Powell

Paulman, Charles, printer Telegram, h 415 Powell

Paulman, Christina, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 415 Powell

Paulman, Dennis, emp J Richardson & Co, h 231 Brand

Paulman, Eliza E, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 415 Powell

Paulman, Elvira, bds 415 Powell

Paulman, George P, student, bds 415 Powell

Paulman, Grace, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 415 Powell

Pautz, Albert B, electrician, bds 400 Fulton

Pautz, Albert J, tinner, bds 400 Fulton

Pautz, Augustus, agent Brewing Co, 400 Fulton, h do

Pautz, Clara A, emp knitting mill, bds 1126 Oak

Pautz, Lena L, milliner, bds 122 E Water

Pautz, Lewis, tinner, h 1126 Oak

Pautz, William, tinsmith, h 122 E Water

Paxson, Maxwell J, pressman, bds 304 Baldwin

Payne, Anna, domestic, 318 W Water

Payne, Anna, bds 831 Linden pl

PAYNE, BENJAMIN N, (Payne Co), S Main n limits, h 129 E Chemung pl

Payne, Carrie B, stenographer, 166 Lake, h at Wellsburg

Payne, Catherine, bds 831 Linden pl

Payne, Clara, bds 112 Dewitt ave

PAYNE CO (Incorporated) B N Payne pres, F E Baldwin treas, D W Payne supt, manufacturers and repairers, engines and boilers, S Main n limits

PAYNE, DAVID W, (Payne Co), S Main n limits, h 316 E Church

Payne, Emma, domestic, 316 W Washington ave

Payne, Esther R, bds 129 E Chemung pl

Payne, Fannie, tobacco sorter, bds 505 Mt Zoar

Payne, Frederick R, lieut U S Navy, bds 129 E Chemung pl

PAYNE, HARRY J, (Smith-Payne Co), 326 E Water, bds 113 W Second

Payne, Helen A, h 316 E Church

Payne, Henry, coachman, h 512 High
Payne, Henry E, laborer, bds 512 High

Payne, Henry W, tinner, h 112 Dewitt ave

Payne, John J, mason, h r 708 Linden pl

Payne, Joseph H, janitor Robinson bldg, bds 610 E Clinton

Payne, Josephine, bds 831 Linden pl

Payne, Kate, h 316 E Church

Payne, Mary T, widow Samuel, h 505 Mt Zoar

Payne, Matilda Mrs, h 612 E Clinton

Payne, S Henry, mechanical engineer, bds 129 E Chemung pl

Payne, S Kate, bds 316 E Church

Payne, Satterly, teamster, h 505 Mt Zoar

Payne, Thomas, laborer, h 831 Linden pl

Payne, Thomas, bartender, bds 831 Linden pl

Payne, Willard M, student, 129 E Chemung pl

Payne, William E, carpet layer, h 606 1/2 Dickinson

Payne see Paine

Paynton, Lillian M, bds 531 Penna ave

Peake, S Clarke, boarding house, 129 W Market

Pearsall, Ella B, widow George, dressmaker, 215 Baldwin, h do

Pease, Clayton, teamster, bds 723 W Third

Pease, George A, clerk, 122 S Main, bds 503 McDonald pl

Pease, Irving M, clerk, 122 S Main, bds 503 McDonald pl

Pease, Melvia I, bds 723 W Third

Pease, Minta L Mrs, dressmaker, bds 762 Jay

Pease, Solomon D, gardener, h 723 W Third

Pease, Willis A, clerk, 122 S Main, bds do

Pease, Williston, wall paper, 122 S Main, h 503 McDonald pl

Peaslee, Howard C, com trav, h 311 Columbia

Peck, Caid H, master mechanic, h 454 Riverside ave

Peck, Charles H, watchman Erie R R, h 724 Columbia

Peck, Edward Y, clerk, bds 112 Ferris

Peck, Elmer, laborer, bds 428 Pleasant

Peck, Frank H, h 463 Maple ave

Peck, Fred W, emp N C Ry, h Cedar cor Leland

Peck, Georgie, waitress American House

Peck, Harlan E, shipping clerk, 211 Railroad ave, h 214 W Hudson

Peck, Harlan P, h 214 W Water

Peck, Herdick P, machinist, bds 463 Maple ave

Peck, Horace B, emp N C Ry, h Cedar cor Leland

Peck, Jesse H, bds 463 Maple ave

Peck, Lucy, domestic, 428 Pleasant

Peck, Nellie M, widow George M, h 516 Park pl

PECK, WILLIAM H, bicycle manufr, dealer and repairer, 211 W Water, h 112 Ferris

Peckham, Cynthia, widow Aaron, housekeeper, 218 Gregg

Peckham, Edward W, engineer, 305 E Water, h 961 Oak

Peckham, Maggie, widow Willis, bds 710 Benjamin

Peckham, William E, emp knitting mill, bds 961 Oak

Pedrick, Catherine R, teacher, bds 1005 College ave

Pedrick, Fred, driver, bds 303 W Henry

Pedrick, Nathan, lumber manufr, h 1005 College ave

Peebles, Janet G, bds 406 Standish

Peebles, John A, emp bicycle works, bds 406 Standish

Peebles, Martha C, widow Corbett, bds 613 W Water

PEEBLES, W CLALMERS, mgr Elmira Harness and Collar factory, Madison ave cor E Fifth, h 406 Standish

PEEBLES, WILLIAM C, editor Gazette, h 613 W Water

Peel, Patrick H, conductor D L & W R R, h 1003 Lake

Pegram, Edmona A Mrs, h 709 Benjamin

Pelbrough, Gaymer S, saloon, 103 E Church, h do

Pelbrough, Thomas G, retired, h 309 Decker pl

Pelham, Frederick H, electrician, h 813 W Church

Pelham, Henry, carpenter, h 827 W Second

Pelham, Isaac, real estate, 606 Walnut, h do

Pell, Joseph, car inspector N C Ry shops, h 519 Fulton

Pellet, Grace, teacher school No 9, bds 462 1/2 South ave

Pendergast, Anna S, h 808 N Main

Pendleton, Wallace L, trav agent Standard Oil Co, Elmira Oil works, bds 661 Davis


PEOPLE'S ICE CO THE, E B Sadler, mgr, Masonic Temple

Percival, Alexander W, blacksmith, h 662 N Main

PERFECT LAUNDRY CO, G W, L C and C H Slauson proprs, Realty bldg, 412 E Market

Perkins, Bessie, clerk, bds 223 Maple ave

Perkins, Jacob D, weaver, h 223 Maple ave

Perkins, Margaret Mrs, h r 408 Walnut

Perkins, Mary, emp box factory, bds 428 1/2 Balsam

Perkins, Stephen M, machinist, h 620 Lewis

Perkins, Susan, widow William, h 412 S Broadway

Perna, Gioacchino, tailor, h 103 W Fifth

Perrault, Blanche, clerk, 132 W Water, bds 129 W Henry

Perrault, M Gertrude, bds 129 W Henry

Perrault, Mitchell G, restaurant, 171 Baldwin, h 129 W Henry

Perrin, Alfred, emp bridge works, h 457 1/2 Mt Zoar

Perrin, Ira M, carpenter, h 416 Locust

Perrin, Robert W, clerk E Water cor Lake, room 310 E Water

Perrin, William J, painter, h 407 W Hudson

PERRY, CHARLES E, carpenter and builder, h 604 S Broadway

Perry, Cora B, h 106 E Water

Perry, David K, emp bridge works, h 710 Spaulding

Perry, Delilah, widow Simeon, bds 710 Spaulding

Perry, Dorr K, machinist, bds 463 Maple ave

Perry, Edward S, h 708 Spaulding

Perry, Floyd, blacksmith, bds 800 Copley

PERRY, GUY W, (Perry & Herrick), 164 Lake, h 364 W First

Perry, Hanson S, officer Reformatory, h 1887 1/2 College ave

Perry, Henry, engineer, h 714 Walnut

PERRY, IDA MAY, grocer, 604 S Broadway, h do

Perry, Laura, widow George, bds 720 Hopkins

Perry, Lena M, tel opr, 205 E Gray, bds 361 S Main

Perry, Merritt T, trainman N C R R, h 361 S Main

Perry, Shirley, emp bridge works, h 429 Standish

Perry, Vesta D, widow William H, h 959 College ave

Perry, William C, bds 119 Lake

PERRY & HERRICK, (G W Perry and F D Herrick) insurance and real estate, 164 and 166 Lake

Personius, E Watson, lawyer, 415 E Water, bds 112 Washington

Personius, Elnathan, hoseman steamer No 1, h 112 Washington

Personius, G Austin, photographer, 137 E Water, h do

Personius, Horace W, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 112 Washington

Personius, Judson B, bookkeeper, C M & R Tompkins, h 519 W Second

Personius, Sarah E, bds 112 Washington

Perticello, Michael, laborer, h 912 Magee

Peterman, Benjamin F, draughtsman, bds 408 S Main

Peterman, Hiram M, letter carrier, bds 408 S Main

Peterman, James C, h 408 S Main

Peterman, Minnie V, bds 408 S Main

Peterman, William W, jeweler, 335 E Water, h 408 S Main

Peters, Alice, boarding house, 223 W Water

Peters, Anna, domestic, 705 W Gray

Peters, Carrie B, widow William H, h 1001 Lake

Peters, Charles W, cigarmaker, bds 738 Harper

Peters, Electa, widow George, h 1209 Grand Central ave

Peters, Elizabeth, widow Shubel, h 738 Harper

Peters, Franc L, dressmaker, h 416 W Third

Peters, George Jr, engineer D L & W R R, h 369 Norton

Peters, Horace H, mason, h 406 Perry

Peters, Pauline R, widow Charles, bds Hoffman cor W Gray

Peterson, Albert, student, bds 214 Washington

Peterson, Augusta, domestic, 627 W Church

Peterson, Charles H, barber, h Dewitt ave cor E Water

Peterson, George, cigarmaker, h 102 W Henry

Peterson, George A, city express, h 514 W First

Peterson, Mary, domestic, 214 Washington

Peterson, Samuel, tobacco packer, h r 801 Lake

Peterson, Sarah E, h 1125 Davis

Peterson, William B, mechanic, h 519 Perine

Peterson, William E, laborer, bds 1114 Walnut

PETRIE, C A & CO, (H A Noyes) coal and wood, 191 E Washington ave

PETRIE, CHARLES A, (C A Petrie & Co), 191 E Washington ave, h 262 W Fourth

Petrie, Mary, clerk, 514 Dewitt ave, bds 510 do

Petrie, Robert, insurance, bds 510 Dewitt ave

Petrie, William S, h 510 Dewitt ave

Petrowski, Dora, widow Joseph, h 333 Webber pl

Petrowski, Frances I, bds 333 Webber pl

Pettengill, Catherine, widow John T, bds 413 High

Pettengill, John G, tel opr N C Ry yardmaster's office, h 465 South ave

Pettengill, Philander L, conductor N C Ry, h 458 South ave

Pettengill see Pattengill

Petti, Sisto, barber and jeweler, 101 W Fifth, h do

Pettibone, Maude, emp knitting mill, bds 405 1/2 Thurston

Petti, George M, machinist, bds 434 W Fifth

Petti, George W, harnessmaker, h 434 W Fifth

PETTIT, CHARLES P, druggist, 116 Main, h 371 W First

Pettit, Charles W, ticket clerk Erie station, bds 371 W First

Pettit, Henry J, student, bds 371 W First

Petty, James, emp D L & W R R, bds 311 Norton

Petty, Sylvester, emp rolling mill, bds 311 Norton

Petzke, Frederick, tobacco sorter, h 165 Harriet

Pfeffer, George, laborer, bds 623 Mt Zoar

PFIFFER, CHARLES W, mason contractor, 768 E Fifth, h do

Pfiffer, Ray, mason, bds 768 E Fifth

Phair, William, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1104 Lake

Phelps, Augustus T, tinner, bds 553 Coburn

Phelps, Cora E, bds 382 E Water

Phelps, Edward W, painter, h 553 Coburn

Phelps, Fred, sash and blind maker, h 418 Davis

Phelps, Minna B, teacher Elmira Free Academy, rooms 320 Lake

Phesay, James K, florist, h 706 Elm

Philbin, Onnie, domestic, 615 Columbia

Phillips, Amy B, emp silk mill, bds 556 E Third

Phillips, Arthur H, student, bds 562 Thompson

Phillips, Augustus H, bds 366 W Third

Phillips, Ben R, lineman, h 319 Sullivan

PHILLIPS, CASSIUS A, lawyer, atty for Chemung Valley Loan Assn, 403 Realty bldg, h 661 W Third

Phillips, Edward H, clerk, 140 W Water, h 415 W Third
Phillips, Frank, carpenter, h 923 Davis

Phillips, George W, h 458 W Third
Phillips, Isaac, peddler, h 113 Orchard

Phillips, James H, h 523 W Clinton

Phillips, James L, bds 110 Brand

Phillips, John H, laborer, bds 319 Sullivan

Phillips, Julius A, foreman N C Ry, h 562 Thompson

Phillips, Leon R, bridgeman, bds 562 Thompson

Phillips, Luna, emp skirt factory, bds 510 E Church

Phillips, Mildred, emp silk mill, bds 556 E Third
Phillips, Samuel H, paper hanger, h 109 E Washington ave

Phillips, Shadrach R, emp N C Ry reading room, h 208 W Miller

Phillips, Solomon, peddler, h 113 Orchard

Phillips, Stephen, traveling salesman, h 966 Walnut

Phillman, Philip, blacksmith, bds 151 Baldwin

Phipps, Percival, (Rogers & Phipps), 110 E Water, h 523 W Fourth

Phoenix, Harry, janitor, bds 714 Tuttle ave

Phoenix Mutual Life Ins Co, D R Pratt, gen agt, 305 Robinson bldg

Phoenix, Mary, h 714 Tuttle ave

Pickel, George J, laborer, h 755 E Market

Pickering, Adele E, widow James W, bds 358 Columbia

Pickering, Annie R, widow George, bds 368 W Clinton

Pickering, Carrie, bds 500 E Church

Pickering, Daniel F, salesman, bds 600 E Clinton

Pickering, Edward B, carpenter, bds 500 E Church

Pickering, Frank, bds 260 Baldwin

Pickering, George, mgr N Spencer Thomas Co, 368 W Clinton, h do

Pickering, Mary, domestic, 600 E Clinton

Pienck, Philip, iron worker, bds 918 Stowell

Pierce, Crawford A, cigar maker, 118 Brand, h Glenwood ave, Elmira Heights

Pierce, Daniel F, hostler L V R R, h 408 E Fifth

Pierce, Eli, teamster, bds 752 Spaulding

Pierce, Floyd R, teamster, h 2 Lemon

Pierce, Harley, clerk, 112 W Water, bds at Horseheads

Pierce, Howard E, engineer electric light station, h 614 Howard

Pierce, James L, brakeman N C Ry, h 506 Pleasant

Pierce, Jay W, emp Eclipse Bicycle Works, bds 372 W Clinton

Pierce, John C, pension agent, 322 E Water, h 347 W Clinton

PIERCE, JOSEPH H, (Pierce & Bickford), 120 Lake, h 308 W Clinton

Pierce, Mabel M, student, bds 108 Spring

Pierce, Millie, emp knitting mill, bds 725 Benjamin

Pierce, Robert C, teamster, h 752 Spaulding

Pierce, Robert G L, h 752 Spaulding

Pierce, Samuel N, janitor city hall, h 108 Spring

Pierce, Sarah A, widow Milo, bds 510 Grove

Pierce, Susan B Mrs, bds 927 Penna ave

PIERCE & BICKFORD, (J H Pierce and H H Bickford) architects, 118 and 120 Lake

Pierson, Amanda, widow Cyrus, h 554 E Church

Pierson, Ellen Collins, teacher German and literature Elmira College, bds do

Pierson, George J, lineman, h 316 E Water

Pike, Nathaniel A, shoemaker, h 363 1/2 W Second

Pike, William R, machinist N C Ry shops, h 512 Balsam

Pilone, Francisco, laborer, h 223 E Seventh

Pinckney, Alfred A, h 220 Penna ave

Pinckney, Charles, emp Electric Light Co, bds 220 Penna ave

Pinckney Gas Light Machine Co, William E Pinckney mgr, 6 Advertiser bldg E Market

Pinckney, Nettie, bds 220 Penna ave

Pinckney, Wade, student, bds 402 Euclid ave

Pinckney, William E, mgr Pinckney Gas Machine Co, bds 220 Penna ave

Pines, Charles O, machinist, h 414 S Main

Pines, Libbie A Mrs, dressmaker, h 410 W Fifth

Pines, Squire, bds 414 S Main

Pinkham, Ralph H, rodman N C Ry, bds 110 W Second

Pinney, Franklin H, bds 53 Hoffman

Piper, Alice, domestic, 153 Madison ave

Piper, Ella, widow William, bds 518 State

Piper, George W, painter, h 553 1/2 E Second

Piper, John D, laborer, h 518 State

Piper, William C, laborer, bds 518 State

Pitcher, Frank, brakeman, h 371 Norton

Pitcher, Henry D, electrician, rooms 507 Baldwin

Pitcher, James, laborer, bds 358 Fulton

Pittman, Eli Rev, pastor Riverside M E Church, h 561 Spaulding

Pitts, Charles A, laborer, h 916 Penna ave

Pitts, Charles H, night yard clerk Erie R R, h 620 W Gray

Pitts, Glen I, guard N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Pitts, Lena, bds 916 Penna ave

Pitts, Myron M, mail messenger, bds 355 Hoffman

Pitts, Samuel, engineer Erie R R, bds 620 W Gray

Pittsley, Henry, laborer, h 669 Sullivan

Plate, Bertha, domestic, 760 John

Plate, Frank, carpenter, h 909 John

Plater, Samuel, laborer, bds 301 E Fourth

Platt, Hosea L, gardener, h Sullivan cor Thurston

Platt, Sally A, widow David, bds 411 Partridge

Platt, Willis, carpenter, h 411 Partridge

PLOWMAN HARDWARE STORE, Harry K Fuhrman propr, stoves and hardware, 206 S Main

Plowman, Sarah A, widow William, bds 101 Falck

Plum, Harry E, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 229 E LaFrance

Plum, John E, carpenter, h 229 E LaFrance

Plummer, Martha Mrs, nurse, 466 W Second

Plummer, Selah C, meat market, 419 Main, h 466 W Second

Plummer, Selah L G, meat cutter, bds 466 W Second

Poffal, William, laborer, h 830 Linden pl

Pohlman, Allie P, stenographer, bds 402 W Hudson

Pohlman, Augusta, tailoress, bds 402 W Hudson

Pohlman, Gustave J, teamster, h 402 W Hudson

Pohlman, Otto H, machinist, bds 402 W Hudson

Poineer, Melvina, widow William, h 456 W Second

Polhamus, Charles, trav salesman, h 908 Main

Polhamus, Cornelia Mrs, h 507 Harper

Polhamus, Elmer E, brakeman D L & W R R, h 1318 Baldwin

Polhamus, Eugene, brakeman D L & W R R, bds Hotel Klondike

Polhamus, Henry L, brakeman, h 372 Warren

Polhamus, Maynard S, brakeman D L & W R R, h 365 Warren

Polhamus, Nancy O, bookkeeper, bds 365 Warren

Polhamus, Nora, domestic, bds 374 Warren

Polhamus, Theodore, conductor D L & W R R, h 369 Diven ave

Polhamus, Theodore Jr, brakeman D L & W R R, h 374 Warren

Polhamus, Walter N, brakeman, h 380 Norton

Polhamus, William, emp rolling mill, bds 1318 Baldwin





Pollak, Ada H, clerk, bds 554 E Second

Pollak, Julius L, optician, h 554 E Second

Pollard, George A, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 55 S Main

Pollay, William, blacksmith, h 956 Main

Polley, Dell Mrs, tailoress, h 623 W Gray

Polley, Hannah, widow Lewis, bds 515 W Second

Polley, Noah D, clerk, 208 W Water, h 623 W Gray

Pollock, Joseph, laborer, h 200 E Washington ave

Pollock, William, bds 156 West Side ave

Pond, Ashley, train agent N C R R, bds 513 1/2 W First

Pond, Bert S, slater, h 413 High

Pond, Byron G, com trav, 146 W Water, h 513 1/2 W First

POND, EDWARD C, supt Elmira Gas & Illuminating Co, 620 Madison ave, h 518 Euclid ave

Pond, Edward W, bds 518 Euclid ave

Pond, George E, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Co, bds 413 High

Pond, Grace E, emp knitting mill, bds 413 High

Pond, Marvin H, meter reader Gas & Ill Co, bds 518 Euclid ave

Pool, Orline Mrs, bds 458 W First

Pope, Sarah Mrs, rooms 706 W Water

Popeck, Francis, (Volbrecht & Popeck), 321 Carroll, h 608 E Second

Poppino, Richard, bds 1006 Hoffman

POPULAR BANKING SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION THE, S A Manwaring sec & treas, 304-306 Realty bldg

Porter, Amy, widow Frank S, bds 1007 Lake

Porter, Catharine S, bds 510 Jefferson

Porter, Charles H, carpenter, bds 412 W Second

Porter, Daniel, engineer N C R R, h 510 Jefferson

Porter, Emma, widow Charles, housekeeper, 382 Norton

Porter, Fred, printer Gazette, bds 511 W First

Porter, Hollis J, brakeman N C R R, bsd 604 S Main

Porter, John E, emp bridge works, bds 86 Keefe

Porter, Katherine S, h 510 Jefferson

Porter, Miller G, emp bridge works, h 86 Keefe

Porter, Olive N, widow Milton, bds 86 Keefe

Porter, Theodore, com trav, 414 Carroll, h 162 Boardman

Porter, W Burton, h 511 W First

Porter, Walter B, moulder, h 369 1/2 Penna ave

Porter, Zeley W, gardener, h 109 Fulton

Post, Charles L, emp E & H R R, bds 914 College ave

Post, Elsie M, widow David, h 206 W Chemung pl

Post, James H, conductor N C R R, h 914 College ave

POST, MYRON G, (Cleveland & Post), 316 Carroll, h 206 W Chemung pl

Post, Sarah C, bds 914 College ave

POST OFFICE, M M Conklin postmaster, Lake cor E Market

POSTAL TELEGRAPH-CABLE CO, C L Jones mgr, 119 Baldwin

Potsiadto, Charles, emp bridge works, bds 105 Home

Potsiadto, Frank, emp bridge works, bds 105 Home

Potsiadto, Powell, emp bridge works, bds 105 Home

POTTER, CHARLES B, veterinarian, 103 W Church, h 508 William

POTTER, CHARLES H, (Willison, Potter & Smith) notary public, 138 E Water, h 516 Sullivan

Potter, Ella M Mrs, h 409 W Second

Potter, Elmer E, conductor N C Ry, h 110 Brand
Potter, Fred E, bookkeeper, 153 Lake, bds 110 Brand

Potter, Harriet M, bds 311 William

Potter, Henry W, h 651 E Market

Potter, John G, h 214 W Henry

Potter, Louisa C, widow Cranston T, h 311 William

Potter, Lydia S, bds 651 E Market

Potter, Mary A, teacher school No 8, bds 651 E Market

Potter, Myrtle M, teacher, bds 409 W Second

Potter, William T, coachman, 219 E Market

POTTS, MARY, physician, 616 Columbia, h do, office hours 1:30 to 3 and 7 to 8 pm

Pound, William H, carpenter, h 1219 Hall

Pound, William W, laborer, h 526 Main

Powell, Anna, teacher school No 1, bds 378 W Fourth

Powell, Anna N, bds 922 E Church

Powell, Bert N, clerk roadmaster's office Erie R R, h 503 Davis

Powell, Bridget, widow Martin, h 378 W Fourth

Powell, Catherine, seamstress, bds 936 E Church

Powell, Elizabeth S, student, bds 912 N Main

Powell, Ellen, widow Martin, h 936 E Church

Powell, Frederick, com trav, 211 Baldwin, bds 318 W Fourth

Powell, Harriet L, bds 318 W Fourth

Powell, James, postal clerk, h 324 W Fourth

Powell, James L, laborer, h 410 Main

Powell, John, laborer, h 214 Harriet

Powell, John, mason, bds 922 E Church

Powell, John G, h 922 E Church

Powell, Margaret, bds 378 W Fourth

Powell, Margaret J, widow John, h 313 W Fourth

Powell, Martin, salesman, 211 Baldwin, h 322 W Fourth

Powell, Mary E, domestic, 517 1/2 Elizabeth

Powell, Michael, laborer, h 428 W Fifth

Powell, Nelson A, clerk, 244 W Water, h 106 Rose pl

Powell, Patrick, roundsman, h 912 Main

Powell, Thomas, stereotyper Telegram, bds 916 E Church

Powell, William, emp rolling mill, bds Franklin Hotel
Powell, William, patrolman, bds 600 Sullivan

Powell, William H, grocer, 208 Harriet, h do

Powers, Catherine M, bd 717 S Division

Powers, John, horse trainer, h 157 High

Powers, Katherine Mrs, h 756 S Main

Powers, Mary J, bds 717 S Division

Powers, Michael, hostler N C shops, h 756 S Main

Powers, Michael Jr, switchman, bds 756 S Main

Powers, Nellie A, stenographer, 114 Lake, bds 717 S Division

Powers, Patrick, foreman N C Ry, h 717 S Division

Powers, Patrick, barber, 202 S Main, bds W Hudson

Powers, Richard J, tobacco sorter, bds 756 S Main

Powers, Robert J, motorman E & H R R, h 759 Erie

Powers, Spencer J, engineer D L & W R R, bds 313 E Center

Poyneer, George H, com trav, h 216 W Third

Prall, Benjamin F, messenger U S Ex Co, h 717 W Water

Prall, Justus H R, bds 717 W Water

Pratt, Agnes M, widow Harden DeValson Jr, h 150 Main

Pratt, Alvord, bds 318 William

Pratt, Anna B, bds 308 William

Pratt, Anna P, widow Horace B, bds 367 W Third

PRATT, ARTHUR, bookkeeper City Club, h 514 W Clinton

Pratt, Charles, teamster, h 220 Mt Zoar

Pratt, Charles M, cigarmaker, h 367 W Third

PRATT, CHARLES R, county judge and surrogate, Court House, h 318 William

Pratt, Daniel R, pres The Elmira Mut Bldg Loan Association, 209 Robinson bldg, h 415 Lake

Pratt, Daniel T, insurance, 305 Robinson bldg, h 318 W Water

PRATT, DAVID M, cashier Second Nat Bank, 150 Lake, h 414 Union pl

PRATT, FRANK C, treas Chemung Co Loan Association, 160 Lake, h 321 Madison ave

Pratt, Frank D, clerk Erie freight office, h 431 W Clinton

Pratt, Gaylord A, clerk, 126 Lake, bds 378 W Clinton

Pratt, Irene, bds 326 W First

Pratt, James B, student, bds 415 Lake

Pratt, Lavina M, widow George E, h 326 W First

Pratt, Lycurgus D, real estate, 752 Park pl, h do

PRATT, MANLEY D, dealer in coal and wood, 504 Erie, h 410 Spaulding

Pratt, Mary C, widow Harden D V, h 652 Park pl

Pratt, Merton L, flagman N C R R, h 464 South ave

Pratt, Ocianna T, widow W Henry, bds 321 Madison ave

Pratt, R B, physician and surgeon, 201 State cor E Market, h 367 W Gray

Pratt, Ransom, bds 318 William

Pratt, Sarah E Mrs, physician, 367 W Gray, h do

PRATT, TIMOTHY S, carpets, window shades, draperies, &c, 311 E Water, h 308 William

Pratt, Vashti, widow William, bds 410 Spaulding

PRATT, WILLIAM BEACH, manuf of joveite, 124 Lake, h W Water bey limits

Prawley, Patrick, clerk Exchange Hotel, bds do

Pray, Lillian A, nurse, 308 Columbia, h do

Pray, William H, emp Erie car shops, h 820 Lincoln

Prechtl, Bartholomew, h 1400 Sullivan

Prechtl, Henry A, milk dealer, h 1351 Lake

Prechtl, Jacob J, (M J Roemmelt & Co), h 707 1/2 Linden pl

Prechtl, Minnie G, emp silk mill, bds 1400 Sullivan

Prechtl, Peter W, milk dealer, bds 1351 Lake

Prechtl, Susan M, emp silk mill, bds 1400 Sullivan

Prechtl, William B, clerk, 700 German, bds 1400 Sullivan

Prendergast, William, guard N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Prentice, Annie M Mrs, h 315 W Fourth

Prentice, Edward A Jr, bookkeeper, 211 Railroad ave, h at Horseheads

Prentice, Malcolm U, furniture, 206 W Water, bds 383 do

Prentice, William A, furniture, 227 and 229 W Water, h Binghamton NY

Prentice, William E, mason, h 123 W Water

Prescott, Frank W, undertaker, bds 113 Dewitt ave

Prescott, Fred S, bds 307 Madison ave

Prescott, H Louise, widow Joseph S, h 307 Madison ave

Prescott, J Maud, bds 307 Madison ave

Prescott, William H, h 113 Dewitt ave

Presnal, Frank, laborer, h 200 E Washington ave

Presnal, John, emp rolling mill, h 103 Bloomer ave

Preston, Ernest, emp Elmira Glass Co, h 606 Hart

Preston, Frank E, brakeman D L & W R R, h 357 E Center

Preston, May M, widow Alanson, bds 609 E Church

Preston, Perrion S, brakeman D L & W R R, h 327 Center

Preston, S Eveline, tailoress, bds 357 E Center

Preswick, Evelyn H, widow Christopher, h 102 S Main

Prethero, Mary E, compositor Gazette, bds 510 E Church

Preybet, Michael, laborer, bds 150 E Washington ave

Price, Charles H, engineer D L & W R R, h 1355 1/2 Lake

Price, Clara H, widow Briton, clerk, h 219 Maple ave

Price, Dorcas, widow John, h 320 E Fourth

PRICE, JOHN H, mgr Armour & Co, 508 State, rooms 406 Lake

Priest, Carlton, gardener, h 510 Fitch

Priest, Frederick O, clerk, 115 E Water, bds 510 Fitch

Priest, William B, patrolman, h 510 Fitch

Prime, Lizzie, emp Hastings laundry, rooms 402 W Gray

Primmer, Catherine, widow Judson, bds 527 Harper

Prince, Byron A, bookkeeper, John N Stearns & Co, bds 1242 Main

Prochnow, Walter, brewer, h 119 Madison ave

Proctor, Samuel L, hostler L V R R, h 420 1/2 W Fifth

Propre, Emma, widow Nicholas, h 509 Fulton

Pruden, Avery S, machinist, bds 623 W Gray

Pruden, Jennie, widow Horace, h 623 W Gray

Pruden, Myra B, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 623 W Gray

Prudential Insurance Co of America, W C Mason supt, 301 to 304 Steele Memorial bldg

PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE CO, THE, ordinary dept, M J Dillon, gen agent, 408 E Market

Prudhomme, Edward M, shoemaker, h 752 John

Prudhomme, Henry M, emp Lubricating Co, bds 752 John

Prudhomme, Lillian T, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 752 John

Prutsman, Clyde J, emp W H Lovell, bds 630 W Gray

Prutsman, Frank C, emp W H Lovell, h 630 W Gray

Prutsman, Jason A, carpenter, h 205 Hoffman

Prutsman, Lynn, dental student, bds 630 W Gray

Prutsman, May, restaurant, 169 Baldwin, rooms Main cor Market

Pryor, John B, coachman, h 650 Baldwin

Pugh, Daniel E, com trav, h 410 W First

PULFORD, CHARLES A, contractor and builder, Erie cor Falck, receiver Northcott Warming and Ventilating Co, pres E W Andrews Incubator Co, h 128 E Hudson

Pulford, Charles Reed, student, bds 128 E Hudson

Pulford, Florence V, bds 402 W Second

Pulford, Samuel R, student, bds 128 E Hudson

Pulver, Bertha J, bds 313 Columbia

Punzo, Peter, laborer, bds 863 Dickinson

Purcell, Charles S, emp Eclipse bicycle works, bds 718 Walnut

Purcell, Elizabeth R, widow Thomas, dressmaker, bds 718 Walnut

Purcell, H Libbie, music teacher, bds 718 Walnut

Purcell, Harry V, restaurant, bds 615 William

Purcell, Laura V, student, bds 654 N Main

Purcell, May Mrs, stenographer, bds 438 1/2 W Clinton

Purcell, Stephen T, h 615 William

Purdy, Henry L, ticket agent, h 203 Baldwin

Purdy, Kate S, bds 203 Baldwin

Purdy, William, h 505 Ivy

Purple, Julia, widow Jared C, h 700 Penna ave

Purple, William W, engineer C N Ry, h 700 Penna ave

Pursey, Will J, coachman, h 16 Pine

Purtell, John R, furniture, 216 W Water, h 207 Walnut

Purtell, M Fannie, music teacher, bds 207 Walnut

Purtell, Martin, car inspector, h 914 Magee

Purtell, Michael, laborer, h 912 Magee

Purtell, Robert L, clerk, 216 W Water, h 207 Walnut

Purtell, Sarah, bds 912 Magee

Purtle, Trix, domestic, 503 Railroad ave

Putnam, Emmett E, cornet teacher, 323 W First, rooms do

Putney, William W, ins agt, h 212 W Hudson

Puwatowski, Kaznir, laborer, h 954 Johnson

Pvzyunczike, Anthony, laborer Spaulding's mill, h 1136 Magee

Pyursky, Moses, peddler, h 153 Dewitt


Qua, W H Mrs, music teacher, h 511 E Church

Qua, William, piano tuner, 114 Baldwin, h 511 E Church

Quackenbush, Ira, mason, h 611 Coburn

Quackenbush, Samuel L, mason, h 611 Coburn
Quain, Thomas, emp rolling mill, bds Franklin Hotel

Qualey, Augustus, emp rolling mill, bds 654 1/2 E Clinton

Qualey, Charles T, barber, 116 W Fifth, bds 454 1/2 E Clinton

Qualey, John, laborer, h 160 E Washington ave

Qualey, Stephen, brakeman D L & W R R, h 913 Stowell

Qualey, Susan, widow James, h 654 1/2 E Clinton

Quandt, Fred, laborer, h 968 E Clinton

Quandt, Fred, laborer, bds 103 Clark

Quandt, Gottlieb, painter, h 103 Clark

Quantic, Gertrude E, nurse, bds 313 E Center

Quattrocoki, Cesino, laborer, h 831 Canal

Queen City Gardens, M L Sullivan propr, 115 West Side ave

QUEEN CITY PORTRAIT CO, Graves & Goldsmith proprs, 820-820 1/2 W Gray

Queen City Printing Co, Etna H Davis, mgr, labels and menus, 115 E Henry

Queen City Rope Carpet Cleaning Co, P B Russell mgr, 526 Main, works r 221 S Main

Queen City Sewer Pipe Co, T M McKnight propr, Baldwin cor E Second

Quick, Charles N, emp bridge works, h 768 Spaulding

Quigley, John, engineer D L & W R R, h 400 Linden pl

Quigley, Patrick, engineer N C Ry, bds 619 Lewis

Quigley, Wilfred G, emp bridge works, bds 455 Penna ave

Quimby, Elmer, conductor D L & W R R, h 417 Linden pl

Quinlan, Bridget, emp silk mill, bds 407 Oak

Quinlan, Daniel M, actor, h 206 W Washington ave

Quinlan, John, bds 407 Oak

Quinlan, Kate, domestic, bds 407 Oak

Quinlan, Katie, chambermaid Hotel Langwell, bds do

Quinlan, Margaret, emp tobacco factory, bds 407 Oak

Quinlan, Mary, emp knitting mill, bds 407 Oak

Quinlan, Mary, widow Philip, h 407 Oak

Quinlan, Michael, laborer, h 713 Railroad ave

Quinlan, Michael, emp rolling mill, bds 156 W Third

Quinlan, Susie, waitress, bds 407 Oak

Quinlan, Susie, chambermaid Hotel Langwell, bds do

Quinn, Ellen, widow William, h 221 W Third

Quinn, Mary, widow John, h 507 Erie

Quinn, Maurice, trainman Erie R R, h 221 W Third

Quinn, Michael, emp Erie R R shops, h 507 Erie

Quinn, Minnie, weaver, bds 221 W Third


Raatz, William, laborer, h 703 E Clinton

Raatz, William K, laborer, bds 703 E Clinton

Rabenowitch, Charles, grocer, 119 High, h do

Race, Emma, domestic, 516 Penna ave

Rachel, Adolph, painter, h 109 Dewitt ave

Rachford, Thomas, conductor D L & W R R, h 151 Bloomer ave

Rackett, Merritt, laborer, h 764 Carpenter

Racklyeft, George, cutter, h 130 S Main

Rader, Charles W, carpet weaver, 213 Vine, h do

Rader, Charles W Jr, foreman Elmira Saw Works, bds 213 Vine

Rader, Clara E, bds 213 Vine

Rader, James B F, fireman N C Ry, h 518 Jefferson

Radiger, John, laborer, h 504 Elizabeth

Radin, Joseph, mgr, 118 W Market, h 814 John

Radin, Joseph L, cigar manuf, Advertiser bldg, E Market, h 607 John

Radin, Martin N, student, bds 607 John

Radin, Nellie G, clerk, bds 607 John

Rae, James H, buyer, 301 E Water, h 417 W Water

Rae, James M, clerk, h 367 Penna ave

Rae, James N, solicitor, bds 367 Penna ave

Rafter, Mary M, nurse, bds 311 Division

Rafter, Thomas A, laborer, h 311 Division

Rafter, William, fireman, bds 311 Division

Ragan, Anna, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 423 W Fifth

Ragan, James, driver, bds 423 W Fifth

Ragan, Jeremiah J, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 423 W Fifth

Ragan, Joseph, emp Erie telegraph office, bds 423 W Fifth

Ragan, Kate E, bds 423 W Fifth

Ragan, Katharyn, bds 324 W Fifth

Ragan, Katie, bds 220 W Water

Ragan, Mame, teacher, bds 423 W Fifth

Ragan, Mary, widow Richard, h 200 Front

Ragan, Michael J, emp Erie car shops, h 423 W Fifth

Ragan, Nellie, teacher, bds 423 W Fifth

Ragan see Reagan see Regan

Rahilly, Catherine, bookkeeper, 168 High

Rahilly, Ellen, domestic, 458 Spaulding

Rahilly, Michael, salesman, 121 E Second, bds 851 Lake

Railway Y M C A, C L Shattuck gen sec, 301 Railroad ave

Ralph, Simon G, teamster, h 118 E Second

Ralyea, Barbara S, widow William B, bds 303 Penna ave

RALYEA, WILLIAM H, mgr Hooven Mercantile Co, h 303 Penna ave

Ramsdell, Ambrose M, painter, h 507 Penna ave

Ramsdell, Leon E, brazier, bds Laurel n Penna ave

Ranck, James C, printer Advertiser, h 108 Dewitt ave

Randall, Albert F, carpenter, h 955 Lincoln

Randall, Charles A, machinist, bds 612 E Water

Randall, Cynthia J, widow William, h 1046 Walnut

Randall, David, bds 207 Brand

Randall, George H, foreman H C Spaulding Co, h 113 Catharine

Randall, George H, h 373 W Clinton

Randall, Herbert E, emp knitting mill, bds 612 E Water

Randall, James M, bookkeeper, 317 Carroll, h 515 Union pl

Randall, John B, carpenter, h 612 Coburn

Randall, Joseph, carpenter, h 612 E Water

Randall, Josephine S, widow Truman H, h 414 College ave

Randall, Seneca, shoemaker, 436 Penna ave, bds 370 S Main

Raniewioy, Vincent, laborer, h 816 East ave

Ransdorf, Anna, bds 361 W Gray

Ransom, Charles F, clerk, 112 Main, h 314 Orchard

Ransom, George P, laborer, bds 122 W Chemung pl

Ransom, Nellie, teacher school No 3, bds 122 W Chemung pl

Ransom, Sarah, widow Reuben H, h 459 W Water

Rapelyea, Charles, peddler, bds 454 E Water

RAPELYEA, CHARLES E, vice-pres and general mgr, H C Spaulding Co, h 322 W Clinton

REPELYEA, EDWARD P, treas, H C Spaulding Co, bds 322 W Clinton

RASMUS, CARL G, pres Elmira Municipal Improvement Co corporations, Realty bldg, h at New York City

RATHBONE, JAMES B, 2d vice-pres Chemung Canal Bank, 415 E Water, h 221 Lake

Rathbun, Eugene A, laborer, h 104 Connelly ave

RATHBUN HOUSE, Kennedy & Tierney proprs, E Water cor Baldwin

Rathbun, Louis G, h 500 Lake

Rathbun, M Antoinette, modiste, 397 W Water, bds do

Rathbun, Mollie, h 128 S Main

Rathbun, Orlando L, carpenter, h 102 Connelly ave

Rathbun, Peter R, laborer, bds 924 Penna ave

Rathbun, Robert C, emp Payne Co, h 404 Locust

Rathbun, William R, real estate, 155 Lake, h 414 do

Rathbun, William T, bds 414 Lake

Raub, Robert J, guard N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Rauch, Tillman T, clerk car dept N C R R shops, h 514 Penna ave

Rauscher, George, carpenter, h Smith

RAWLINS, JOHN E, civil engineer, 414 Realty bldg, h 306 Spaulding

Rawson, Eva J, bds 705 Winsor ave

RAWSON, GROVE P, florist, 107-109 W Market, h 705 Winsor ave

Ray, Julia Mrs, 53 George

Raymond, Abraham, bds 204 Chestnut

Raymond, Frank, laborer, h 402 Magee

Raymond, John H, machinist, bds 415 Madison ave

Raymond, Leah, domestic, 129 W Water

Raymond, Mabel, bds 233 W Water

Raymond, Mary, 402 Magee

Raymond, Robert H, laborer, bds 153 Fox

Raynor, Edward, com trav, bds Patterson House

READ, JEROME C, (The Read & Lovatt Co), E Fifth cor Madison ave, h 180 Carroll, Patterson, NJ

READ & LOVATT CO, THE Samuel Thorp mgr, silk throwsters, 426 E Fifth, cor Madison ave

Reade, Nellie C, widow Jesse H, bds 527 W Gray

Read see Reed see Reid

Readle, William H, machinist, h 413 W Third

Ready, Ellen, widow Michael, h 702 Linden pl

Ready, Harry, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 702 Linden pl

Ready, Kate, emp knitting mill, bds 702 Linden pl

Ready, Maggie, dressmaker, bds 702 Linden pl

Ready, Patrick, laborer, h 605 E Church

Ready see Reedy see Reidy

Reagan, Anna, clerk, 201 E Water, bds Walnut

Reagan, Dennis J, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 213 Chestnut

Reagan, Ellen, bds 473 South ave

Reagan, Ellen, widow Patrick, h 473 South ave

Reagan, Fanny, dressmaker, 208 1/2 W Water, bds 721 Kinyon
Reagan, Hannah, domestic, 112 W Church

Reagan, Jeremiah, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 423 W Fifth

Reagan, Jeremiah J, painter, 215 W Water, h 379 S Main

Reagan, Jeremiah J, painter, h 363 Fulton

Reagan, Joseph W, messenger Erie telegraph office, bds 423 W Fifth

Reagan, Margaret, bds 473 South ave

Reagan, Margaret, widow Thomas, h 213 Chestnut

Reagan, Margaret M, dressmaker, h 523 S Broadway