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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Stedge, Amelia, widow Clark H, h 50 High

Stedge, Frederick, slater, h 52 Monroe

Stedge, Jacob, h 652 Dickinson

Stedge, James H, barber, h 860 East ave

Stedge, John, laborer, h 50 Monroe

Steele, Esther B, widow J. Dorman, h 352 W. Clinton

Steele, Fred F, machinist, bds 254 South ave

STEELE MEMORIAL LIBRARY, Mrs. Kate D. Andrew librarian, Steele Mem’l bldg, Lake cor Market

Steele, William M, clerk Erie R R, h 609 College ave

Steen, Arminius G, agt Met Life Ins Co, h 220 Caldwell ave

Steeples, Martha A, widow John, h 605 E Church

Steere, Charles S, h 110 Fulton

Steere, Fanny J, emp box factory, bds 110 Fulton

Stefanski, John, emp Erie R R shops, h 544 S Main

Stefanski, William, laborer, bds 719 Dickinson

Steigmeier, Charles, baker, bds 551 John

Steigmeier, Julia, bds 551 John

Steigmeier, Seigfried, baker, h 551 John

Steimen, Jacob, junk dealer, h 907 John

Steimen, Kolman, bds 907 John

Stein, Henry C, machinist bds 403 Tuttle ave

Stein, Henry F, contractor and builder, h 403 Tuttle ave

Steinberger, George, stationary engineer, h 407 Herrick

Steiner, F, collector, bds Hotel Smith

Steiner, John J, presseman The Facts, bds 750 John

Steinhauser, Carl F, salesman 100 E Gray, bds 372 W Water

Steinhauser, George H, tailor, h 218 Madison ave

Steinhauser, George W, merchant tailor 113 Baldwin, h 218 Madison ave

Steinhauser, Henry E, bookkeeper 100 E Gray, h 372 W Water

Steinhauser, Sophie, dressmaker 372 W Water, h do

Steinhauser, William J, musician, h 201 Sly

Stephens, Albert B, barber, bds 705 Lake

Stephens B W & Son, (William B) confectionery, cigars, etc, 903 Lake

Stephens, Brace W (B W Stephens & Son) h 903 Lake

Stephens, George O, hoseman steamer No 1 h 110 High

Stephens, Gertrude E, teacher Elmira Free Academy, bds 752 E Church

Stephens, Levi A, cabinetmaker, h 331 Irvine pl

Stephens, Lillian A, bds 331 Irvine pl

Stephens, Margaret E, h 230 Lake

Stephens, May A, bds 752 E Church

Stephens, May E, widow Charles, bds 157 Washington

Stephens, Sarah E, h 331 E Water

Stephens, William B (B W Stephens & Son) 903 Lake, h 839 E Second


Stephens, William H, clerk freight house D L & W R R, h 752 E Church

Stephenson, Helen I, widow John L, bds 417 E Market

Stephenson see Stevenson

Sterling, Bessie G, stenographer, bds 666 Park pl

STERLING, CHARLES H, dealer in fresh and salt meats, fish, game and poultry 324 W Fifth, h 436 W Fourth

Sterling, Emma, widow Henry H, h 666 Park pl

Sterling, Ethel, milliner, h 143 E Water

Sterling, John M, emp N C Ry shops, h 622 Lewis

Sterling, Margaret, widow John M, h 112 Fulton

Sterling, Ruth B, bds 666 Park pl

Sterling, William T, traveling salesman, h 750 Park pl

Stermer, Frank, laborer, h 732 W Third

Stern, Anna, domestic 313 High

Stern, John O, laborer, h 961 Sullivan

Stevens, Charles, car inspector, h 614 E Water

STEVENS, CHARLES F, chiropodist 135 E Water, rooms 416 W Gray

Stevens, Cyrene S, com trav, rooms 500 E Church

Stevens, Daniel B, store keeper D L & W R R, h 318 Division

Stevens, Fayette, musician, bds 416 W Gray

Stevens, Florence, bds 210 Dewitt ave

Stevens, James P, laborer, h 616 E Third

Stevens, Oscar L, janitor Kanaweola Club, h 210 Dewitt ave

STEVENS, ROBERT L, propr Maple Ave Club House Maple ave n Luce

Stevens, Warren W, elevator boy Realty bldg, bds 210 Dewitt ave

Stevens, William E, laborer, bds 608 Dickinson

Stevens, William H, emp Armstrong Mather & Wood, h 502 Perry

Stevenson, Joseph E, traveling salesman, bds 408 Union pl

Stevenson, Nett, nurse, bds 451 South ave

Stevenson, Thomas R, hostler, h 324 E Water

Stevenson see Stephenson

Steward, Cora A, bds 216 Perry

Steward, Emma M, domestic, bds 516 Perry

Steward, George W, ash collector, h 516 Perry

Stewart, Arthur J, emp D L & W R R, h 320 Orchard

Stewart, Edith, domestic 960 Lake

Stewart, Elizabeth A, widow James, h 469 W Gray

Stewart, Gregg J, com trav, rooms 113 W Second

Stewart, Jesse C, driver 109 E Church, h 510 W First

Stewart, John C, asst ticket agt L V depot, h 105 Rose pl

Stewart, John J, flagman Erie R R, h 353 Davis

Stewart, Mary, bds 469 W Gray


Stewart, Rebecca Mrs, h 712 Dickinson

Stewart, Samuel, coachman, bds 712 Dickinson

Stewart, Stella R, h 310 E Water

Stewart, Thomas H, sexton Trinity church, h 607 Dickinson

Stewart, W Ulenun, barber 666 Dickinson, h Horseheads

Stewart see Stuart

Stickler, Alfred D, laborer, h 218 Connelly ave

Stickney, Albert C, switchman, bds 223 Baldwin

Stiles, Burt, linotype opr Star, h 227 Brand

STILES, CHARLES B, physician & surgeon 311 Grove h do, office hours until 9 a m, 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 p m

Stiles, Frank, bds 606 Baldwin

Stiles, George S, canvasser, h 214 Pulford Lane

Stiles, Isaac P, bds 214 Pulford Lane

Stiles, Maria L, widow Isaac, dressmaker, bds 806 E Church

Stiles, Paul, clerk 140 W Water, bds 262 Partridge

Stiles, Richie M, laundryman, h 110 W Henry

Stiles, Robert, painter & paperhanger, h 262 Partridge

Stiles, Samuel S, grocer 509 E Market h do

Stillwell, Mary A, bds 813 W Gray

Stincom, Joseph, teamster N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Stinson, Mary A, emp silk mill, bds 1104 Walnut

STOCKDALE, RICHARD R, agent N Y Life Ins Co 156 Sullivan, h do

Stoddard, Elwie F, music teacher, h 46 Grove

Stoddard, Emma M, dressmaker, h 609 E Church

Stoll, Abram, grocer 417 S Main, h do

Stoll, Anna, clerk 417 S Main, bds do

Stoll, Catharine, widow Andrew B, h 609 E Church

STOLL, DONLEVEY F, mgr Elmira Lumber Co, h 813 E Church

Stoll, Ermina L, student, bds 813 E Church

Stoll, Frank B, laborer, h 508 Erie

Stoll, Hannah, bds 417 S Main

Stoll, Harry A, machinist, bds 813 E Church

Stone, Anna, clerk 202 E Water, bds 368 W Gray

Stone, Bertha M, bds 357 Walnut

Stone, Bessie L, (Bessie L & Evelyn Stone) 558 Spaulding, bds 531 W First

Stone, Bessie L & Evelyn, kindergarten and primary school 558 Spaulding

Stone, Charles, boots and shoes 202 E Water, h 368 W Gray

Stone, Clinton F, prop Mansion House 400 Railroad ave cor E Second

Stone, Esther, clerk 202 E Water, bds 368 W Gray

Stone, Etta M, dressmaker, bds 709 E Church

Stone, Evelyn (Bessie L and Evelyn Stone) 558 Spaulding, bds 531 W First


Stone, Francis H, widow Solomon J, grocer 531 W First, h do

Stone, Franklin, cigar manuf S Broadway cor Penna ave, bds529 Perine

STONE, HENRY D, pres Chase-Hibbard Milling Co, h at Rochester, N Y

Stone, Lorin J, foreman Erie R R, h 369 W First

Stone, Myron C, draughtsman Erie shops, h 357 Walnut

Stone, Rollin L, engineer Elmira College, bds do

Stone, Russell O, janitor Park Church, h at church

Stone, Samuel F, fireman N C Ry, h 469 Franklin

Stone, Seymour H, barber Hotel Langwell, rooms 110 W Market

Stone, Simon A, junk dealer, h 752 E Water

Stone, Sylvia J Mrs, rooms 365 W First

Stooks, Carolina, widow Henry, bds 515 W Second

Stooks, Catherine Mrs, bds 623 W Gray

Stooks, George H, clerk, bds 459 Falck

Stooks, Gilbert, clerk 204 W Water, h 515 W Second

Stooks, Henry J, emp bridge works, h 459 Falck

Stop, Edward, laborer, bds 608 Magee

Storms, Ira C, yardman 101 E Market, h 105 do

Storms, Ira C Mrs, boarding house 105 E Market

Storms, Jesse, laundress, h 222 Baldwin

Storms, John C, laborer, h 109 South ave

Storms, William, emp rolling mill, h 916 Grand Central ave

Storrs, William H, farmer, bds 1250 Hoffman

Story, Sarah, h 650 State

Stout, William P. emp electric light works, bds 310 Baldwin

Stover, Festus W, tobacco stripper, bds 755 Jay

Stover, Francis, domestic 210 William

Stover, Fred W, lumber scaler, bds 200 West Side ave

Stover, John W, carpenter D L & W R R, bds Franklin Hotel

Stover, Lucius R, emp Clipper Chilled Plow Works, bds 755 Jay

Stover, Sarah B, widow William, h 755 Jay

Stover, William G B, barber, bds 755 Jay

Stowe, William J, clerk 215 E Water, h at Horseheads

Stowell, Adna H, bookkeeper 323 Carroll, bds 319 William

Stowell, Arthur, emp bicycle works, h 1016 Hoffman

Stowell, Calla B, bds 259 S Walnut

Stowell, Charles M, carpenter, bds 319 William

Stowell, Edgar S, musician, bds 553 E Church

Stowell, Guy E, emp bridge works, h 515 Fulton

Stowell, Guy M, emp bridge works, h 508 Ivy

Stowell, Harry C, bookkeeper Second Natl Bank, bds 553 E Church

Stowell, J Eugene, clerk 109 Lake, h 710 N Main

Stowell, James H, conductor, h 710 N Main


Stowell, Lorenzo H, carpenter, h 259 S Walnut

Stowell, M Elizabeth, bds 553 E Church

Stowell, Ralph C, student, bds 553 E Church

Stowell, Rufus R, com trav, h 553 E Church

Stowell, Ruth, bds 415 E Church

Stowell, W Stuart, bds 415 E Church

Stowell, William D, carpenter, h 407 Locust

Stowell, William H, h 415 E Church

Strachen, Bert, clerk, bds 603 Dickinson

Strachen, Esther, bds 603 Dickinson

Strachen, John, blacksmithing 700 Lake, h 1122 do

Strachen, Robert L, mason, h 603 Dickinson

Strachen, William R, plumber apprentice, bds 603 Dickinson

Strader, Alfred, milk route, bds 330 S Broadway

Strader, Francis E, widow John, bds 303 Norton

Strader, Rachael Mrs, bds 661 Lake

Straight, John R, clerk 121 Railroad ave, bds 364 W Gray

Strait, Clinton, bds 112 Ferris

Strait, David E, boards 465 E Market

Strait, Dora C, clerk N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co, bds 616 Winsor ave

Strait, Emma G, teacher, bds Fred cor Southport

Strait, Floyd I, clerk 327 Carroll, h 702 W First

Strait, Fred, student, bds 355 Grove

Strait, Ida L, widow Churchill B, h 616 Winsor ave

Strait, James W, electrician, h 465 E Market

Strait, Joseph K, emp N C Ry, h S William

Strait, Lena M, bds 158 W Fourth

Strait, Orrie D, teamster, h 105 E Hudson

STRAIT, WILLIAM G, (Clipper Chilled Plow Co) h 158 W Fourth

Stratton, Andrew J, laborer, h 401 Baty

Strauss, Bernhard, cutter 205 E Water, bds 114 High

Strauss, Blanche, bds 112 Madison ave

Strauss, Charles W, bookkeeper 205 E Water, bds 112 Madison ave

Strauss, Harvey J, cigar manuf 136 E Chemung pl, h do

Strauss, Herman, merchant tailor and clothier 205 E Water, h 112 Madison ave

STRAUSS, HERMAN L, bookkeeper Sheehan, Dean & Co, bds 463 E Water

Strauss, Jacob, laborer, bds 604 Jay

Strauss, Julia, widow Hirsch, h 114 High

Strauss, Lena, bds 114 High

Strauss, Lillian R, bds E Water

Strauss, Max B, clerk 140 W Water, bds 463 E Water

Strauss, Rachel, widow Lewis, h 463 E Water

Strecker, Charles, laborer, h 809 East ave

Street Sprinkling Department Elmira Water Works Co, C S Albright mgr 307 E Water


Streeter, Mary A, widow Oscar D, bds 122 E Hudson

Streeter, Oscar, coachman 359 W Church, h 355 Davis

Streets, Jesse, janitor, h 301 E Fourth

Strickland, George W, engineer Hastings laundry, h 503 Perry

Strode, James, master mechanic N C Ry shops, h 451 Penna ave

Stroman, E Emery, motorman E & H R R, h 609 W Water

Stroman, Mary E, clairvoyant Nicks cor Exchange pl h do

Strong, Charles H, farmer, h 815 Holdridge

Strong, Clarence A, emp Payne’s shops, bds 400 S Main

Strong, Ida M, domestic 110 Madison ave

Strong, Sarah J, widow Dennis, h r 666 Dickinson

Stroud, Arthur, emp Tannery, bds 405 Jefferson

Stroud, Benjamin, emp bridge works, h 405 Jefferson

Strouse, Harriet V, bds 506 W First

Strouse, Harvey, laborer, h 521 West Hill

Strouse, Ida M, bds 231 Lormore

Strouse, John, farmer, h 1491 Caton ave

Strouse, Joseph V, laborer, bds 521 West Hill

Strouse, Lydia J Mrs, h 506 W First

Struble, Charles, cigarmaker 118 Brand, bds do

Struble, Fannie A, widow Richard, plain sewing, h 228 Chestnut

Struppler, George A, h 303 Norton

Struppler, George L C, restaurant 105 West Side ave, h do

Stryker, G S Mrs, dressmaking school 101 E Water, h Lake bey limits

Stryker, Kate J, dressmaker 203 State, bds Lake bey limits

STRYKER, SIMEON S, upholsterer 460 E Market, h 353 Hoffman (See adv page 508)

Stryker, William L, laborer, h 122 Estey

Strzyzynski, John, iron worker, bds 918 Stowell

STUART, ANNA M, physician 418 William, bds do, office hours 1 to 4 p m

Stuart, Charles B, h 418 William

Stuart, Charles H, mgr Stuart Medicine Co 373 Warren, h do

STUART, CHARLES W, tax atty N Y & Pa Tel & Tel Co 511 Realty bldg, bds 418 William

Stuart, Cora P, cook Erie depot restaurant, h 515 Madison ave

Stuart Medicine Co, C H Stuart mgr, 373 Warren

Stuart see Stewart

Stuempfle, Barbara, widow John, bds 523 William

Stuempfle, Frederick, machinist, h 707 Benjamin

Stuempfle, John D, gas fitter, h 707 E Church

Stull, Austin J, brakeman N C Ry, h 478 South ave

Stull, Ella M, bds 478 South ave

Stump, Henry, emp rolling mill, bds Franklin Hotel


Sturdevant, Alvah B, carpenter, h 419 Herrick

Sturdevant, Charles P, teamster, bds 191 E Washington ave

Sturdevant, Franklin, carpenter, bds 454 Mt Zoar

Sturdevant, Jesse H, emp rolling mill, h 902 Grand Central ave

STURDEVANT, LEWIS J, insurance 214 E Water, h 454 W First

Sturdevant, Rex L, clerk 214 E Water, bds 454 W First

Sturdevant, Stephen W, brakeman, h 475 Millard

Stutzke, Frederick W, laborer, h 1019 Oak

Stutzke, Julius, mason, bds 1019 Oak

Stutzke, Rena, domestic 552 Maple ave

Stutzke, Tillie, domestic 753 E Church

Suckrau, August, laborer, h 771 Harper

Suess, Frank, student, bds 214 Orchard

Suess, Julia, bds 214 Orchard

Suess, Minnie, milliner, bds 214 Orchard

SUESS, PHILIP, barber 167 Lake, h 214 Orchrd

Suffern, Frances E, bookkeeper 163 Baldwin, rooms 118 College ave

Suffern, Garrie E, clerk 401 Fulton, bds do

Suffern, J Edward, salesman 100 E Gray, h 933 College ave

Suffern, John S, guard N Y S Reformatory, h 1052 Walnut

Suffern, Nellie G, bds 933 College ave

Suffern, Ruth C, widow Elliott W, grocer 401 Fulton, h do


Sugden, James, cabinet maker, bds 419 W Fourth

Sulinaer, Freida C, student, bds 775 John

Sulinaer, Louis, grocer 775 John, h do

Sullivan, Ann, widow Mark, propr Lake View Hotel 1412 Baldwin, h do

Sullivan, Annie, emp Rathbun House, bds 508 Elizabeth

Sullivan, Anna G, bds 370 W Third

Sullivan, Anna H, widow John, h 1014 Hall

Sullivan, Bessie, student, bds 710 E Church

Sullivan, Bridget, bds 729 Walnut

Sullivan, Bridget, dressmaker, bds 327 River

Sullivan, Catharine, bds 115 West Side ave

Sullivan, Catharine, milliner, bds 403 Partridge

Sullivan, Catherine, bds 111 Fulton

Sullivan, Catharine T, nurse, bds 370 W Third

Sullivan, Celia Mrs, bds 672 Baldwin

Sullivan, Charles, carpenter, h 855 Dickinson

Sullivan, Charles C, clerk 317 E Water, h 210 W Second

Sullivan, Cornelius, hardward 524 Main, h do

Sullivan, Cornelius, propr D L & W House, 851 Dickinson

Sullivan, Daniel, h 403 Prtridge

Sullivan, Daniel, clerk 140 W Water, bds 111 Fulton

Sullivan, Daniel J, clerk 317 E Water, bds 811 John

Sullivan, Daniel J, fireman Erie R R, bds 370 W Third

Sullivan, Daniel J, barber Delavan House, bds 508 Elizabeth

Sullivan, Daniel W, machinist N C shops, bds 719 Kinyon

Sullivan, Dennis, (Hughes & Sullivan) 418 Carroll, h 337 S Broadway

Sullivan, Dennis, clerk 419 Main, bds 863 Davis

Sullivan, Dennis cigar manufacturer 654 N Main h do

Sullivan, Dennis, laborer, h 913 E Market

Sullivan, Dennis, emp N C Ry shops, h 403 Baty

Sullivan, Dennis, bell boy Hotel Rathbun, bds do

Sullivan, Dennis, drayman, h 371 Fulton

Sullivan, Dennis jr, bookkeeper, bds 371 Fulton

SULLIVAN E L & M, Metropolitan Cloak Suit & Fur Parlors 300 E Water

Sullivan, E Maud, bds 811 John

Sullivan, Edward J, teamster, bds 424 W Third

Sullivan, Elizabeth, clerk 140 W Water, bds 156 W Washington ave

SULLIVAN, ELIZABETH L, (E L & M Sullivan) 300 E Water, h 719 Kinyon

Sullivan, Ella, awning maker, bds 463 W Fifth

Sullivan, Ellen, seamstress, bds 463 W Third

Sullivan, Ellen, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 1006 Oak

Sullivan, Ellen, domestic 561 E Water


Sullivan, Ellen, domestic 511 Baldwin

Sullivan, Ellen, widow John, h 463 W Third

Sullivan, Eugene, section foreman Erie R R, bds 130 W Henry

Sullivan, Florence, brakeman, h 214 Chestnut

Sullivan, Florence, books, stationery & newsdealer 321 E Water h 710 E Church

Sullivan, Florence jr, clerk 321 E Water, bds 710 E Church

Sullivan, George F, merchant tailor & men’s furnisher 317 E Water, bds 811 John

Sullivan, Hanora, bds 370 W Third

Sullivan, Humphrey, compositor, bds 156 W Washington ave

Sullivan, Ina, emp silk mills, bds 311 E Washington ave

SULLIVAN, J P & M, carpets & draperies 114 & 116 W Water

Sullivan J & Co, hardware, stoves &c, 241 W Water

Sullivan, James, clerk, bds 710 E Church

Sullivan, James, fireman, bds 403 Partridge

Sullivan, James J, machinist, bds 370 W Third

Sullivan, Jeremiah, emp bridge works, h r 101 W Miller

Sullivan, Jeremiah, butcher, bds 863 Davis

Sullivan, Jeremiah J, tel opr bds 370 W Third

Sullivan, Jeremiah S, driller, h 729 Walnut

Sullivan, Joanna J, tailoress, bds 370 W Third

Sullivan, Johanna, home bakery 405 Walnut h do

Sullivan, Johanna, widow Jeremiah, h 508 Elizabeth

Sullivan, John, fireman D L & W R R, h 1315 Grand Central ave

Sullivan, John, clerk 140 W Water, bds 371 Fulton

Sullivan, John, laborer, h 863 Davis

Sullivan, John, driver, bds W Washington avec or Johnson

Sullivan, John C, (J Sullivan & Co) 241 W Water, h 910 Main

Sullivan, John E, blacksmith, h 108 Connelly ave

Sullivan, John F, switchman Erie yard, bds 863 Davis

Sullivan, John F, fireman D L & W R R, h 1317 Grand Central ave

Sullivan, John H, cutter 317 E Water, h 108 Fulton

Sullivan, John H, machinist N C shops, h 719 Kinyon

Sullivan, John H, moulder, h 114 E Second

Sullivan, John J, com trav 201 E Water, h 403 Partridge

Sullivan, John J, bds 705 S Main

Sullivan, John J, machinist, bds 218 South ave

Sullivan, John L, mason, h 611 E Second

Sullivan, John M, night yardmaster Erie R R, h 670 Columbia

Sullivan, John O, bds 705 S Main

Sullivan, John T, fireman E F D, bds 217 E Seventh

Sullivan, John W, prop Arlington Hotel Penna ave cor S Broadway


Sullivan, Joseph J, driller, bds 729 Walnut

Sullivan, Joseph L, bartender 851 Dickinson, bds do

SULLIVAN, JOSEPH P, (J P & M Sullivan) 114 and 116 W Water, h 719 Kinyon

Sullivan, Josephine, bds 370 W Third

Sullivan, Julia, waitress Hotel Rathbun

Sullivan, Julia, widow Patrick, h 423 Linden pl

Sullivan, Julia F, bds W Washington ave cor Johnson

Sullivan, Julia H, bds 719 Kinyon

Sullivan, Kate Mrs, housekeeper 712 Davis

Sullivan, Katherine, widow Timothy, h 1006 Oak

Sullivan, Katherine M, school teacher, bds 1014 Hall

Sullivan, Lizzie, bds 371 Fulton

Sullivan, Margaret, domestic, 308 Madison ave

Sullivan, Margaret, h 156 W Washington

Sullivan, Margaret, bds 371 Fulton

Sullivan, Margaret, dressmaker, bds 403 Partridge

Sullivan, Margaret, domestic, 505 William

Sullivan, Margaret, domestic, 2 Main st bridge

Sullivan, Margaret, widow Bartholomew, bds 309 S Broadway

Sullivan, Margaret, widow Michael, h 311 E Washington ave

Sullivan, Marguerite R, milliner, bds r 101 W Miller

Sullivan, Marie A, dressmaker, bds 729 Walnut

SULLIVAN, MARK L, (J P & M Sullivan) engineer N C Ry, bds 719 Kinyon

Sullivan, Mark L, clerk 139 E Water, bds 371 Fulton

Sullivan, Mark M, propr Lake View Hotel 1412 Baldwin Died since canvass

Sullivan, Mary, bds 405 Walnut

Sullivan, Mary, dressmaker, bds 370 W Third

Sullivan, Mary, emp silk mill, bds 311 E Washington ave

Sullivan, Mary, domestic, 118 W Second

Sullivan, Mary, cook 312 Columbia

Sullivan, Mary, laundress Hotel Rathbun

Sullivan, Mary, housekeeper 337 S Broadway

Sullivan, Mary, widow Dennis, h W Washington ave cor Johnson

Sullivan, Mary, widow Michael, bds 758 E Water

Sullivan, Mary, widow Patrick, h 327 River

SULLIVAN, MARY A, (E L & M Sullivan) 300 E Water, h 719 Kinyon

Sullivan, Mary E, bookkeeper 120 E Water, bds 424 W Third

Sullivan, Mary E, bds W Washington ave cor Johnson

Sullivan, Mary E Mrs, bds 712 Davis

Sullivan, Mary K, bds 403 Partridge

Sullivan, Matthew, laborer, bds 1006 Oak

Sullivan, Maud E, student, bds 811 John


Sullivan, May, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 611 E Second

SULLIVAN, MICHAEL, mgr Crystal Ice Co 250 Pattinson, h 532 W Hudson

Sullivan, Michael, lineman, bds 705 S Main

Sullivan, Michael, brakeman, D L & W R R, bds 915 Lake

Sullivan, Michael, laborer, h 414 Linden pl

Sullivan, Michael L, prop Queen City Garden and Eldridge Lake Hotel 115 West Side ave

Sullivan, Michael M. laborer, bds 1006 Oak

Sullivan, Michael P, machinist, bds 370 W Third

Sullivan, Michael T, machinist N C Ry shops, h 218 South ave

Sullivan, Michael W, law student, bds 371 Fulton

Sullivan, Minnie, nurse 222 W Church

Sullivan, Minnie, domestic 530 W Water

Sullivan, Mortimer, check boy 140 W Water, bds 503 E Market

Sullivan, Mortimer L, managing law clerk 415 E Water, bds 719 Kinyon

Sullivan, Nellie G, dressmaker, bds 370 W Third

Sullivan, Nellie J, domestic 506 W Water

Sullivan, Nellie L, dressmaker, bds W Washington ave cor Johnson

Sullivan, Nora, widow Michael, h 111 Fulton

Sullivan, Nora M, dressmaker, bds 371 Fulton

Sullivan, Patrick, coachman, bds 705 S Main

Sullivan, Patrick, emp D L & W R R, bds 311 E Washington ave

Sullivan, Patrick, laborer, h 652 Main

Sullivan, Patrick C, (Hogan & Sullivan) h 964 Walnut

Sullivan, Patrick H, grocer 501 S Broadway, h do

Sullivan, Patrick J, telegrapher, bds 751 Dickinson

Sullivan, Patrick K, mason, h 408 Mt Zoar

Sullivan, Patrick M, track supervisor Erie R R, h 370 W Third

Sullivan, Patrick R, laborer, h 657 Columbia

Sullivan, Rose, bds 115 West Side ave

Sullivan, Sarah, widow Thomas, h 411 High

Sullivan Street Synagogue, 124 Sullivan

Sullivan, Teresa, dressmaker, bds 403 Partridge

Sullivan, Thomas, laborer, h 717 Erie

Sullivan, Thomas A, emp Erie R R, bds 101 W Miller

Sullivan, Thomas J, clerk Queen City Gardens, bds do

Sullivan, Thomas J, emp N C Ry shops, h 208 South ave

Sullivan, Thomas M, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 218 South ave

Sullivan, Timothy, laborer, bds 863 Davis

Sullivan, Timothy D, freight handler, h 514 College ave

Sullivan, Timothy O, laborer, bds 507 Oak

Sullivan, William, carriage maker, h 811 John

Sullivan, William, moulder, bds 705 S Main


Sullivan, William A, barber 853 Dickinson, bds 851 do

Sullivan, William B, bookkeeper, bds 532 W Hudson

Sullivan, William H, clerk 317 E Water, bds 811 John

Sumberg, Joseph, laborer, bds 159 Harriet

Sumberg, Sarah, widow Louis, h 159 Harriet

Sumberg, Wolf H, laborer, bds 159 Harriet

Sunderlin, Addie M, dressmaker, h r 357 Elm

Sunderlin, Charles D, carpenter, bds 225 Brand

Sunderlin, Frank, lineman, h 225 Brand

Sunderlin, Leroy, deliveryman, h 357 Elm


Superior Knitting Mills Co The, C E Bruce pres and treas, J E Stevenson sec, J W S Clark supt, Fourth ave cor Clark

Supple, John, laborer, bds 712 Tuttle ave

Supple, Margaret A, dressmaker, bds 702 Tuttle ave

Supple, William, clerk 200 Baldwin, bds 702 Tuttle ave

Supple, William, laborer, h 712 Tuttle ave


SUPREME COURT LIBRARY, Fannie E McHenry Librarian, Court House Annex

Surdam, Edward E, conductor D L & W R R, h 354 E Center

Surganty, Frederick C, painter, h 209 Brand

Surganty, George A, hardwood finisher, h 355 Walnut

Surganty, Theresa H, widow Joseph, bds 434 Erie

Surganty, William Jr, student, bds 1021 Oak

SURGANTY, WILLIAM J, barber 707 Lake, h 1021 Oak

Susemihl, Herman, barber 102 E Water, bds r 258 W Hudson

Susemihl, Herman, bottler, r 258 W Hudson, h do

Susemihl, Herman R, clerk 105 W Water, bds 218 Caldwell ave

Susemihl, Robert, barber 145 W Water, h 218 Caldwell ave

Suski, Ellen, domestic 425 W Clinton

Suter, Mary Mrs, tobacco sorter, h 209 Gregg

Sutfin, James H, emp N C Ry shops, h 213 South ave

Sutfin, Marian H, bookkeeper, bds 77 Liberty

Sutphen, George H, clerk 107 College ave, bds do

SUTPHEN, JOHN L, (Morse & Co) 107 College ave, (Sutphen & Cunningham) 210 W Water, bds 107 College ave

Sutphen & Cunningham, (J L Sutphen and J L Cunningham) flour and feed 210 W Water

Sutton, Arnold, engineer N C Ry, h 302 Sutton

Sutton, Bertha, emp John N Stearns & Co, bds 409 W Sixth

Sutton, Caroline M Mrs, bds 706 W Gray

Sutton, Celia, emp John N Stearns & Co, bds 409 W Sixth

Sutton, Henry, boiler inspector, h 408 W Fourth


Sutton, John, engineer N C Ry, h 715 S Division

Sutton, John J, student, bds 302 Sutton

Sutton, Lottie Mrs, plain sewing, bds 409 W Sixth

Sutton, Maria L, widow Theodore, bds 208 Columbia

Sutton, Susan C, widow Cyrus J, bds 323 W Church

Sutton, William J, machinist, bds 302 Sutton

Swain, Charles, painter, h 301 Broadway

Swain, Elizabeth J, domestic 618 Penna ave

Swan, Bertha E, student, bds 463 W Church

Swan, Cecil J, student, bds 370 W Gray

SWAN, CHARLES, (Swan & Sons) 335 E Water, h 463 W Church

SWAN, CHARLES JR, (Swan & Sons) 335 E Water, bds 463 W Church

SWAN, CHARLES C, cashier Merchants’ National Bank 109 W Water, h 370 W Gray

Swan, Della, h 608 Dickinson

Swan, Erastus A, (Swan & Murray) h 913 W Water

Swan, Erastus F, carpenter, bds 913 W Water

Swan, Florence R, bds 463 W Church

SWAN, FREDERICK W, (Swan & Sons) 335 E Water, bds 463 W Church

Swan, George B, emp bridge works, h 509 Madison ave

Swan, Ida, widow George, h 653 Baldwin

Swan, Lucretia A, bds 463 W Church

Swan, M Donna, bds 370 W Gray

Swan, Margaret J Mrs, boarding, h 309 S Main

Swan, Mathew V, bds 309 Main

Swan, Noah, coachman, h 604 Dickinson

Swan, S Maude, bds 463 W Church

Swan & Murray (E A S and P M) contractors and builders 613 Baldwin

SWAN & SONS, (Charles, Charles Jr and Frederick W) fire insurance and real estate 335 E water (See adv front cover)

Swanson, Anna domestic 507 W Church

Swanson, Bengt Hokens, tailor 225 W Water, h 216 do

Swanson, Minnie, domestic 119 College ave

Swarthout, Jabez B, engineer B R & P R R, h 527 W Water

SWARTHOUT, James E (J E Swarthout & Co) 215 E Water, h 200 Caldwell ave

SWARTHOUT, JAMES E & CO (W T Brooks) jewelers 215 E Water

Swarthout, Helen M, student, bds 527 W Water

Swartout, Charles, foreman Kertscher & Co, h 257 Warren

Swartout, Eva, nurse, bds 1019 East ave

Swartout, Mary, nurse Gleason Sanitarium

Swartout, Sylvester, milk peddler, h 223 S Main

Swarts, Harry, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1013 Lake


SWARTS, WILLIAM B, mgr Merchants Oil Co 101 LaFrance, h 516 Penna ave

Swarts see Swartz and Schwartz

Swartwood, Anna B, stenographer 415 E Water, bds 200 High

Swartwood, Charles B, lawyer 415 E Water, h 200 High

Swartwood, Elizabeth W, teacher school No 7, bds 200 High

Swartwood, Erastus D, carpenter, h 50 Grove

Swartwood, Frank L, carpenter, h 406 Herrick

Swartwood, James E, carpenter, bds 2 Main st bridge

Swartwood, Sadie M, widow Ben L, h 200 High

Swartwood, Willis J, clerk Erie freight office, h 706 W First

Swartz, Benjamin M, engineer D L & W R R, h 1015 Lake

Swartz, Etta M, music teacher, bds 1015 Lake

Swartz, Geraldine, emp silk mill, bds 1313 Grand Central ave

Swartz, Harry M, cigars and furnishings 305 Division, bds 1015 Lake

Swartz, Horton, brakeman L V R R, h 1014 Oak

Swartz, Frank, engineer h 1313 Grand Central ave

SWARTZ, WILLIAM E, shoemaker, tobacco and cigars, 404 Division, h do

Swartz see Swarts and Schwartz

Swayze, Blanche, dressmaker, bds 619 Lake

Swayze, Edna, emp knitting mill, bds 409 S Main

Swayze, Emma, dressmaker, bds 1011 Oak

Swayze, Gersham H, yardmaster L V R R, 1011 Oak

Swayze, Grant, emp Kertscher & Co, h 1172 Main

Swayze, Herbert L, student, bds 1011 Oak

Swayze, Schuyler, com trav, h 409 S Main

Sweatland, Almira K, widow George W, h 703 W Second

Sweatland, Mollie L, bookkeeper 318 E Market, bds 703 W Second

Sweeney, Arthur W, bookkeeper 125 W Water, rooms 322 W Church

Sweeney, Catherine, bds 753 S Main

Sweeney, Daniel, car inspector, h 962 Main

Sweeney, Daniel J, carpet layer 301 E Water, bds 154 W Third

Sweeney, Dennis Mrs cook Elmira College

Sweeney, Dennis D, laborer, h 109 Washington

Sweeney, Dennis M, shoemaker 213 Front, h do

Sweeney, Edward laborer, h 708 E Church

Sweeney, Ellen, h 152 W Washington ave

Sweeney George P, com trav, bds 317 Dewitt ave

Sweeney, Jeremiah, machinist, bds 753 S Main

Sweeney, Jeremiah, car inspector, bds 960 Main

Sweeney, Margaret, dressmaker, bds 753 S Main

Sweeney, Margaret, bds Home for Aged


Sweeney, Owen S, h 759 Jay

Sweeney, Owen S Jr, mason, bds 759 Jay

Sweeney, Patrick, laborer D L & W R R, h 154 W Center

Sweeney, Patrick, laborer, h 753 S Main

Sweeney, Patrick Jr, laborer, bds 753 S Main

Sweeney, Patrick W, conductor E & H R R, bds Elmira House

Sweet, Burtt E, collector 205 E Gray, bds 638 Winsor ave

Sweet, Clarence, cigarmaker, h 108 Washington

SWEET, EDWARD, foreman cabinet maker 208 College ave h 638 Winsor ave

Sweet, Effie, bds 734 Hopkins

Sweet, Eva, domestic 153 Fox

Sweet, George, laborer h 734 Hopkins

Sweet, Glenn, motorman E & H Ry, bds 323 Irvin pl

Sweet, Temperance, widow George, h 734 Hopkins

Sweet, Wilfred, brakeman D L & W R R, h 415 E Washington ave

Sweinsick, Jennie, domestic 612 John

Swift, Alice D, bds 742 W First

SWIFT, ALLEN W, mgr Swift Lubricator Co, h 742 W First

Swift, Edwin A, bookkeeper Swift Lubricator Co, bds 742 W First

Swift, Flora, bds 742 W First

Swift, Frank G, machinist Swift Lubricator Co, bds 742 W First

Swift, George W, laster, h 171 Baldwin

Swift, George W Mrs, dressmaker 171 Baldwin h do

SWIFT LUBRICATOR CO, Allen W Swift mgr, 730 W First (see adv front colored page)

Swift, Mary E, bds 742 W First

Swigert, Frank W, asst sec D L & W R, Y MC A, bds 962 College ave

Swing, Julius, cigarmaker, bds 318 E Water

Switolski, Tillie, widow John, h 809 E Washington ave

Sydney, Mary C, widow George, h 970 East ave

Sygan, Harry, laborer, h 150 E Washington ave

Sykes, Anna, domestic 360 Walnut

Sykes, Braxton, teamster, h 505 Gradwell

Sykes, Jesse F, harnessmaker, h 209 Orchard

Sykes, Jesse H, baker 210 E Water, h 163 Harriet

Sykes, Lillian, domestic 417 W Water

Sykes, O V Mrs, dressmaker 212 Dewitt ave, h do

Sykes, Orion V, emp J Richardson & Co, h 212 Dewitt ave

Sykes, Susie, domestic 600 W Church

Sykes, William, mason, h 709 Benjamin

Sykes see Sikes

Sylvester, Charles H, mgr New York Photo Co 110 Water, h do

Sylvester, May L, photographer 110 E Water, h do


Taber, Alfred B, magnetic healer 376 W Water, h do

Taber, Dorman A, brakeman L V R R, h 950 Oak

Taber, LeRoy, machinist, bds 315 Mt Zoar

TABER, SAMUEL C, Deputy Sheriff and clerk Sheriff’s office h at Horseheads

Tabor, James R, buyer 301 E Water, h 411 E Church

Tackman, Anna D, widow Louis A, cook hospital, h 517 Ivy

Tackman, Caroline Mrs, h 129 S Main

Tackman, Charles W, U S Army, h 517 Ivy

Tackman, Jesse A, pressman Star bds 517 Ivy

Tackman, Lula M, emp knitting mill, bds 517 Ivy

Taft, Elvira L, rooms 324 W Gray

Taft, Emma, domestic, bds 316 Washington

Tager, Charles, brakeman, D L & W R R, bds 1018 Hall

Taggart, Eliza, widow Christopher, bds 460 Riverside ave

Talbot, E Rexford, student, bds 408 W Clinton

Talbot, Maud E, bds 408 W Clinton

Tallman, Edson C, clerk 201 E Water, bds 1 Lemon

TALLMAN, EDWIN W, Domestic Sewing Machines, 131 S Main, h 807 Laurel

Tallman, George F, sewing machine agent, h 1 Lemon

Tallman, Willard G, painter and paperhanger, bds 1 Lemon

Tamer, Ameen, stone mason, h 401 Railroad ave

Tanicki, Frank, laborer, bds 960 Stowell

Tanner, Anna M, boards 112 E Hudson

Tanner, Beack S, fireman E F D, bds 106 Madison ave

Tanner, Belle V Mrs, housekeeper 316 W First

Tanner, Charles, driver, rooms 105 Main

Tanner, Lydia, bds 207 Boardman

TAR RIVER LUMBER CO, (Harris, McHenry & Baker) producers of and wholesale dealers in southern pine and poplar mills at Rock Mount N C office Penna ave cor Erie

Tash, Lizzie, domestic 725 W Water

Tashjian, William B, janitor Y M C A and First Presbyterian Church, h 827 Lincoln

Tate, Harriet B, widow John, h 1004 Walnut

Tate, J Edward, music teacher, bds 651 E Church

Tate, James E, music teacher, bds 651 E Church

Tate, Joshua, bookkeeper, bds 651 E Church

Tate, Mary, widow Richard, h 651 E Church

Taylor, _______rooms 853 Magee

Taylor, Anna, stenographer, bds 713 Magee


Taylor, Augusta R, managers clerk 205 E Gray, h 55 Harmon

Taylor, Benjamin, carpenter, bds 800 John

Taylor, Benjamin S, fireman N C Ry, h 260 Lyon

Taylor, Burton E, mgr 361 Railroad ave, h do

Taylor, Catharine I Mrs, h 1320 Grand Central ave

Taylor, Charles, carpenter, h 551 E Church

Taylor, Elias W, h 320 W Fifth

Taylor, Eliza, widow Otho, bds 657 Dickinson

Taylor, Ella J, dressmaker 509 Coloumbia, bds do

Taylor, Eugene, seeds, &c 430 E Water, h outside city

Taylor, Frank M, com trav, h 460 W Third

Taylor, George, emp Griswold, Maloney & Co, h r 406 Dewitt ave

Taylor, George J, asst storekeeper 160 Exchange pl, bds 551 E Church

Taylor, George W, h 361 Railroad ave

Taylor, Harry, gardener, bds River road

TAYLOR, HELLER & O’CONNOR, (S S Taylor, D N Heller and M O’Connor) lawyers 203 to 205 Steele Mem bldg

TAYLOR, HENRY L, (Taylor & Wade) 315 E Water, h 421 W Water

Taylor, Henry S, emp 611-613 Railroad ave, h 505 Fitch

Taylor, I Rood, steam dredge, bds 320 W Fifth

Taylor, J Welles, auctioneer, bds Hotel Smith

Taylor, J Wesley, h 509 Columbia

Taylor, James A, flagman Erie R R, h 506 Franklin

Taylor, Jesse E, letter carrier, bds 404 W Hudson

Taylor, John R, harnessmaker, rooms 260 Baldwin

Taylor, Kate, teacher Elmira Free Academy, bds 311 Columbia

Taylor, Louis W, switchman, h 615 Magee

Taylor, Mansel, gardener, h River road bey limits

Taylor, Margaret, widow Louis h 713 Magee

Taylor, Mary, widow Abram, emp knitting mill, h 211 Gregg

Taylor, Mary B, clerk 430 E Water, h River road

Taylor, Mary B, widow Alfred, bds 905 John

Taylor, Max, peddler, h 107 Sullivan

Taylor, Russell T, tinsmith 116 Lake, h 355 Warren

Taylor, Samuel O, barkeeper 422 E Water, bds do

Taylor, Sarah, domestic 506 Dewitt ave

TAYLOR, SYLVESTER S, (Taylor, Heller & O’Connor) 203 Steele Mem bldg, h 425 E Market

Taylor, Thomas, laborer, h 1007 Penna ave

Taylor, William D, h 1320 Grand Central ave

Taylor, William F Jr, circulation mgr Gazette, bds 453 W Water

Taylor, William H, laborer, h 104 Tuttle ave

Taylor, William L, foreman Doane & Jones, h 1001 Oak


TAYLOR & WADE, (H L Taylor and W G Wade) wall papers 315 E Water

Taynton, Bertha A, bds 168 Boardman

Taynton, Frances E, widow John A, h 105 Harmon

Taynton, James W, night yardmaster N C Ry, h 456 South ave

Taynton, Jennie, widow James, bds 415 Jefferson

Taynton, Jesse, clerk N C Ry yardmaster’s office, bds 456 South ave

Taynton, Mary, widow William F, bds 456 South ave

Taynton, Sabina W, emp Elmira knitting mills, bds 456 South

Teal, Martha L, widow William, h 505 Fulton

Teasdale, Hattie J, dressmaker, bds 363 Norton

Teebo F Frances, emp cotton mill, bds 670 Magee

Teebo, Louise, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 670 Magee

Teebo, Thomas F, harnessmaker, h 670 Magee

Teed, Benton L, clerk 857 Magee, bds W Water bey limits

Teed, Etta, widow Colby F, h 508 Roe ave

Teed, Frank D, cutter, bds 508 Roe ave

TEED, MARVIN E, grocer 857 Magee, h W Water bey limits

Teed, Walter I, clerk 857 Magee, bds W Water, bey limits

Teehan, Peter H, stenographer 314 Carroll, bds 406 Elm

Teeter, Henry, laborer, h 511 Logan

Teeter, Jerome B, emp N C Ry shops, h 507 Pleasant

Teeter, Mary Mrs, bds 511 Logan

TELEGRAM PRINTING CO, THE, H S Brooks pres and gen mgr. A F Richardson vice pres and advertising mgr, J Moore sec and managing editor, job printers, photo engravers and publishers Elmira Telegram, E Market cor Exchange pl


Temple Children of Israel, High bet E Water and John

TEMPLE, MARY A, bds 375 W Gray

Templer, Marshall E, engineer D L & W R R, h 359 Norton

Templer, Victor J, fireman, bds 359 Norton

Templer, Wayne C, interchange clerk D L & W R R, bds 359 Norton

Ten Broeck, Alonzo P, White House Café, E Clinton cor Lake, h 520 Lake

Ten Broeck, Harriet L, teacher at Elmira Heights, h 223 Gregg

Ten Broeck, Mary L Mrs, dressmaker 520 Lake, h do

Ten Broeck, William R, emp N Y S Armory, h 119 Caldwell ave

Ten Eyck, George F, carpenter, h 519 Penna ave

Tenezowiez, John, laborer, h r 851 Dickinson

Tero, Frank, laborer, h 150 E Washington ave

Terrell, Thomas, machinist N C Ry shops, bds 206 South ave

Terrill, James, cook New Brunswick, bds 304 E Clinton


Terrill, James S, bartender, h 504 E Clinton

Terrill, T Grant, janitor Advertiser bldg, h 508 Dewitt ave

Terry, Elizabeth, widow John J, bds 356 Columbia

Terry, Ezra C, dentist 109 W Water, h 959 Walnut

Terry, Frank L, driver, bds 801 W Church

Terry, William E, laundry 75-77 Penna ave, h 24 Newhall

Terry, William H, engineer N C Ry, h 523 Balsam

Terwilliger, Ann, widow John, h 212 W Water

Terwilliger, Arthur B, conductor D L & W R R, h 1327 College ave

Terwilliger, Belle, boat livery, bds 212 W Water

Terwilliger, Cass F, engineer, bds 1019 East ave

Terwilliger, Fred A, emp Elmira Illuminating Co, h 970 East ave

Terwilliger, Mary J Mrs, h 1319 Lake

Tesch, Ellen T, domestic 405 Maple ave

Tesch, Sidonia, domestic 722 W Water

Thacher, Charles C, printer, h 631 W Water

Thacher, Nellie M, bds 631 W Water

Thatcher, Olive J, h 512 Perry

Thayer, Catharine A, widow James, h 1559 Pratt

Thayer, Charles E, car repairer N C Ry, h 703 Hopkins

Thayer, Charles H, emp N C Ry shops, bds 219 South ave

Thayer, Flora L, clerk, bds 703 Hopkins

Thayer, George N, mechanic, h 902 East ave

Thayer, Guy V, fireman, bds 703 Hopkins

THAYER, HARRYS’ treas Elmira Advertiser Association, lawyer 406 E Market, h 740 W First

Thayer, Orson B, emp N C Ry shops, bds 219 South ave

Thayer, James W, laborer, bds 1559 Pratt

Thayer, Pearl E, clerk, bds 703 Hopkins

The Anchorage, Linda E Osborne supt, 955 College ave

Theetge, bertha I, bds 223 Baldwin

Theetge, Frederick, deliveryman Standard Oil Works, h 102 Stowell pl

Theetge, Grace G, bds 1893 Grand Central ave

Theetge, John H, propr Hotel Grace 1893 Grand Central ave

Theetge, Mary Mrs, laundress, h 155 Lake

Thias, John, laborer, h 664 Baldwin

Thiele, Gottfried, tailor, h 109 Washington

Thomas, Adelaide L Mrs, dressmaker 520 Lake, h 529 do

Thomas, Alonzo, clerk D L & W R R, bds 1120 Oak

Thomas, Archibald J, coppersmith, h 1027 Oak

Thomas, Catherine, waitress 304 Main

Thomas, Charles, machinest 601 Baldwin, h 211 Horner

Thomas, Clara C, widow Lauren G, h 713 Park pl

Thomas, David, gardener, bds 814 W Church

Thomas, Della S Mrs, matron Gleason, Sanitarium, bds 1019 East ave


THOMAS, ED A, propr Elmira Monument Works 1100 Walnut cor Tompkins, bds 1007 Walnut (See avd)

Thomas, Edgar A, caller D L & W R R, bds 1120 Oak

Thomas, Ellsworth, carpenter, emp N C ry, h 214 South ave

Thomas, Frank, carpenter, h 609 S Main

Thomas, Frank P, student 106 Main, rooms do

Thomas, Fred S, painter, h 758 S Main

Thomas, Frederick A, puddler, h 914 Main

Thomas, George H, machinist N C Ry shops, bds 320 South ave

Thomas, Hannah A, widow N Spencer, h 358 W Clinton

Thomas, Henry E, tree trimmer, bds Patterson House

Thomas, Horace S, (Thomas Machine Co) 601 Baldwin, h 122 Caldwell ave

Thomas, Howard C, machinist 601 Baldwin, bds 122 Caldwell ave

Thomas, Ira A, foreman The Facts Printing Co, h 814 W Church

Thomas, Jacob S, bds 853 Magee

Thomas, Jane, widow David, bds 515 William

Thomas, John C, bds 713 Park pl

Thomas, Lawrence Buckley, Rev D D, Pastor Emanuel Episcopal Church, bds 6 Aspen Ridge

Thomas, Leigh F, helper rolling mill, bds 914 Main

THOMAS, LUELLA A, stenographer & bookkeeper 305 Steele Mem’l bldg, bds 116 Catharine

Thomas, Luke, butcher 409 W Fifth

Thomas, M Lillian, bds 914 N Main

Thomas Machine Co, (H S Thomas & W B Thomas) manfrs of bicycle pedals, 601 Baldwin

Thomas, Maria, widow Joseph, h 320 South ave

Thomas, Mary E, widow Danridge, laundress, h 503 Perry

Thomas, Mary F, teacher Elmira Free Acdemy, bds 713 Park pl

Thomas, Mary L, bds 722 Benjamin