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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Kinley, Lottie, widow Andrew, h 123 Harriet

Kinnane, John, laborer, h 722 1/2 S Main

Kinner, Allen A, trainman D L & W R R, h 308 Norton

Kinner, Jesse, fireman Thomas Machine Co, 601 Baldwin, h 204 Dewitt ave

Kinner, John V, machinist, h 416 College ave

Kinner, Wilson D, trainman D L & W R R, h 1208 Hall

Kinney, Daniel H, officer N Y S Reformatory, h 631 Winsor ave

Kinney, Ellen, widow Thomas, h 400 Powell

Kinney, Grace, supt A O hospital, bds do

Kinney, John F, fireman D L & W R R, h 1120 N Main

Kinney, Joseph, conductor E & H R R, bds 302 E Washington ave

Kinney, Mary, bds 310 Sutton

Kinney, Martin, emp bridge works, bds 321 Soper

Kinney, Matthew, sexton St Patrick's Church, bds 615 Park pl

Kinney, Michael, laborer, bds 207 South ave

Kinney, Patrick, hostler N C shops, h 321 Soper

Kinney, Winifred, domestic, 734 W Water

Kinsman, Adelbert, laborer, bds 628 Maple ave

Kinsman, Agnes, emp box factory, bds 421 Partridge

Kinsman, Anna B, widow Ryland E, h 421 Partridge

Kinsman, Clarence, emp Harris McHenry & Baker, bds 7 Sylvester

Kinsman, David B, switchman N C R R, h 806 Holdridge

Kinsman, Elizabeth, operator, bds 421 Partridge

Kinsman, George H, conductor N C R R, h 556 Thompson

KINSMAN, HIRAM T, physician and surgeon, 454 Spaulding, h do

Kinsman, James M, cabinetmaker, h 103 E Hudson

Kinsman, Jennie, cook, 509 Railroad ave

Kinsman, Merritt J, teamster, h 413 Fulton

Kinsman, Porter H, mason, h 628 Maple ave

Kintz, Oliver C, painter, h 330 S Broadway

Kinyon, Clayton L, contractor, h 520 Balsam

Kinyon, Harrison A, gardener, 628 Penna ave

Kinzie, Wilber, lawyer, 112 Lake, h 410 1/2 Euclid ave

Kipp, Catharine, bds 503 Union pl

Kipson, Nora, domestic, Exchange Hotel

Kircher, George, barber and bath rooms, Delevan House, rooms 6, Metzger bldg

Kirk, William G, carpenter, h 933 E Church

Kirkland, Elmer, yardmaster D L & W R R, h 1201 Hall

Kirkham, Henry P, laborer, h 114 W Miller

Kirkham, Mary E Mrs, boarding house, 114 W Miller

Kirkland, Hugh, bds 718 Southport

Kirkland, Jane A, widow, bds 1201 Hall

Kirkpatrick, Aaron E, wood turner, h 114 E Hudson

Kirkpatrick, Harry C, clerk, 301 E Water, bds 114 E Hudson

Kirwan, James M, grocer, 801 John, h do

Kirwan, Katharine L, stenographer, 182 State, bds 801 John

Kirwan see Kerwin and Kirwin

Kiser, Eric, laborer, bds Sullivan cor Thurston

Kiser, Harry, farmer, h 1301 Sullivan

Kiser, James, laborer, h Sullivan cor Thurston

KISTLER, STEPHEN B, (Custard & Kistler), 312 Carroll, h 460 Maple ave

Kitchin, Edward C, clerk, 127 W Water, h 154 W Clinton

Kitchin, Harry, emp 158 W Third, bds 154 W Clinton

Kitchin, Minnie D, bds 154 W Clinton

Kittle, Hugh H, emp Elmira steel works, h 606 E Miller

Kivell, Margaret, bds 327 Norton

Klapp, Lizzie Mrs, h 214 Baldwin

KLAPPROTH, CHARLES, restaurant, 162 Lake, h 411 William

Klapproth, Emma M, bds 411 William

Klapproth, Katharine, widow August, bds 411 William

Klein, John, laborer, h South Side Dyke

Klein, Samuel, peddler, h 50 Orchard

Kleinfelter, Charles R, com trav, h 117 College ave

KLEJNA, IGNATIUS J, rector St Cassimer Roman Catholic Church (Polish), h 1000 Davis cor Roe ave

Klemtz, August, laborer, bds 710 Carpenter

Klemtz, Carl, laborer, h 710 Carpenter

Klemtz, Frank, laborer, bds 710 Carpenter

Klinaski, Joseph, bartender, 660 Baldwin, bds do

Kline, Adam, laborer, h 1843 Davis

Kline, Adam L, bds 1843 Davis

KLINE, CHARLES, grocer, 627 Lake, h 430 W Clinton

Kline, Charles, carpenter, bds Southport n Penna ave

Kline, Frederick J, engineer, h 606 N Main

Kline, Irving W, switchman D L & W R R, h 1021 1/2 Oak

Kline, John, clerk, 627 Lake, bds 430 W Clinton

Kline, John H, wood carver, h 255 Warren

Kline, Marie, stenographer, bds 255 Warren

Klock, Mary Mrs, housekeeper, 100 W Gray

Klock, Nelson V, clerk, h 956 Walnut

Klock, Susan J, widow Peter, tailoress, bds Estey n limits

Kluge, Emma, emp Gleason Sanitarium, 1019 East ave, bds do

Kluge, Frederick E, tailor, h 59 Orchard

Klugman, Mary, domestic, 521 W Water

Knapp, Charles E, clerk, 201 W Water, h 716 do

Knapp, Charles G, laborer, bds 222 Baldwin

Knapp, Elmira B, widow William B, bds 508 Walnut

Knapp, Floyd, flour and feed, 442 E Water, h 803 1/2 do

Knapp, Ford R, real estate, 119 College ave, h do

Knapp, Frank K, fireman N C Ry, bds 462 South ave

Knapp, Harriet, emp Elmira Skirt Co, bds 208 W Chemung pl

Knapp, Harry, clerk, 442 E Water, bds 803 1/2 do

Knapp, Katie, domestic, 370 S Main

Knapp, Lasker E, clerk Rathbun House, bds do

Knapp, Lee F, motorman E & H R R, bds 656 Lake

Knapp, Leon, laborer, bds 803 1/2 E Water

Knapp, Libbie, h 149 W Water

Knapp, Mary Mrs, dressmaker, 208 W Water, h do

Knapp, Max, laborer, bds 803 1/2 E Water

Knapp, Millicent H, teacher school of commerce, h 403 Grove

Knapp, Orley P, milk dealer, 333 S Broadway, h do

Knapp, Phebe A, h 403 Grove

Knapp, Rachel, widow Ananias, bds 716 W Water

Knapp, Sarah M, housekeeper, 210 W First

Knapp, William B, clerk, 133 E Water, bds 211 Brand

Knapp, William R, painter, h 211 Brand

Knapp, William W, draughtsman Bridge Co, h 373 W First

KNAPP, WILMOT E, (Knapp & O'Connell), 314 E Water, h 401 Grove

KNAPP & O'CONNELL, (W E Knapp and D O'Connell), 314 E Water

Kneale, John, teamster, h 436 1/2 W Fifth

Kneale, Robert, teamster, h 436 1/2 W Fifth

Kneale, Stephen T, laborer, bds 436 1/2 W Fifth

Kneale, William T, carpenter, h 438 W Fifth

Kneale, William T Jr, emp Eclipse bicycle works, bds 438 W Fifth

Knerr, Jacob, flagman N C Ry, h S William

Knerr, William G, boilermaker N C Ry shops, h 376 Lyon

Knibbs, James J, emp bridge works, h 157 W La France

Knickerbocker, Angevine T, meats, 333 Railroad ave, h do

Knickerbocker, Eva, bds 504 E Church

Knickerbocker, Frederick S, livery, 311 State, h 504 E Church

Knickerbocker, James H, second hand carriages, &c, h 519 William

Knickerbocker, Lewis, com trav, h 384 Warren

Knickerbocker, Sarah A Mrs, boarding, h 519 William

Kniffin, Arthur, check boy, bds 712 W Water

Kniffin, Doran J, clerk, 140 W Water, h 712 do

Kniffin, Fannie F, bds 712 W Water

Kniffin, Grace S, student, bds 712 W Water

Kniffin, Hamilton P, grocer and telegrapher Erie R R, Penna ave cor Caton, h do

Kniffin, Phoebe R, widow Dennis D, bds 712 W Water

Kniffin, Rose E Mrs, h Caton ave n Penna ave

Knight, Benjamin F, engineer L V R R, bds 419 Linden pl

Knight, Henry, general inspector The Elmira Illuminating Co, bds 463 Maple ave

KNIGHT, MILTON T, mgr Grand Union Tea Co, 146 W Water, h 212 College ave

Knight, Stella L, emp Stearns silk mill, bds 713 Lake

KNIPP, CHARLES H, member of assembly, lawyer, 309 Realty bldg, h 406 Lake

Knipp, John, supt Wisner Park, h 54 Hoffman

Knipp, Kate E, bds 54 Hoffman

Knipp, Minnie M, lawyer and notary public, 309 Realty bldg, h 54 Hoffman

Kniskern, Edward H, com trav, h 511 W Clinton

Knocks, John, emp Frazier House, bds do

Knopf, Albert, tinsmith, h 313 S Broadway

Knopf, Fred, emp Richardson & Co, bds 602 Baldwin

Knopf, Gottfried, stone cutter, bds 602 Baldwin

Knopf, John H, emp Erie car shop, h 602 Baldwin

Knopf, Siegfried, shoe cutter, bds 602 Baldwin

Knott, Edward F, porter Hotel Rathbun, bds 615 S Main

Knott, George E, carpenter, h 406 Matthew

Knott, John H, bds 615 S Main

Knott, John H, porter Frazier House, bds do

Knott, Mary Mrs, h 615 S Main

Knott, William, bell boy Rathbun House, bds do

Knott, William H, carpenter, h 615 S Main

Knouff, Jacob, laundryman, h 508 Park pl

Knowlan, Mary S, dressmaker, h 606 Dickinson

Knowlan, Stephen, barber, h 606 Dickinson

Knowles, Marcus M, capenter, h 412 College ave

Knowlson, Charles F, bds 618 Penna ave

Knowlton, George B, plumber, h 459 W Third

Knowlton, Leonard I, teacher, h 204 Chestnut

Knox, Charles, laborer, bds 132 W Henry

Knox, Edwin, emp Erie R R, h 342 W Seventh

Knox, Ellen, cook Elmira House, bds do

Knox, Morris H, teamster, h 132 W Henry

Knox, Morris H Jr, laborer, bds 132 W Henry

KNURR, FRED H, (Burt & Knurr), h 310 Baty

Knurr, John V, bds 621 Lewis

Knurr, John V Jr, emp N C Ry shops, h 621 Lewis

Knurr, Margaret A, bds 621 Lewis

Knurr, Michael F, coppersmith, h 310 Baty

Knurr, Phoebe K, bds 621 Lewis

Knurr, Raymond J, clerk N C Ry shop office, bds 310 Baty

Koch, Adam, boilermaker, h 761 S Main

Koch, Daniel, boilermaker, bds 761 S Main

Koch, George, plumber, bds 761 S Main

Koch, Jacob, boilermaker, bds 761 S Main

Koch, John, boilermaker, bds 761 S Main

Koch, William, boilermaker, bds 761 S Main

Kochane, John, shoemaker, 171 E Washington ave, h do

Kociss, Paul M, tailor, h 755 E Second

Koczorowski, J, laborer, h 154 W Center

Keonig, Richard G, florist, h 455 W Sixth

Koehler, Margaret B, teacher Elmira Academy, bds 311 Columbia

Kohler, Charles F, druggist, 117 W Water, rooms 383 S Main

Kohler, Cora, nurse, h 413 Locust

Kohler, Mary E, widow Frank, h 407 1/2 Brady

Kohn, Herbert, clerk, 867 Lake, bds 213 Gregg

Kohn, John W, bds 213 Gregg

Kolb, Baldwin, h 118 College ave

Kolb, Caroline M, student, bds 616 N Main

KOLB, JACOB, propr Exchange Hotel, 513 Railroad ave, h 616 Main

Kolb, Louise S, bds 616 N Main

Kolb, Theodore B, chemist, bds 616 N Main

Kolberg, Eleanora M, clerk, 118 W Water, bds 120 Main

Kolenteo, George, clerk, bds 210 Madison ave

Kolln, Anna L, widow Jacob W, h 710 E Clinton

Komer, Peter, laborer, h 805 Canal

Konieczny, Joseph, tailor, 100 E Water, h 852 John

Konitzer, Albert, laborer, h 713 Sullivan

Konitzer, Joseph, emp N C Ry shops, h 215 Sutton

Konkelewski, John, laborer, h 952 Johnson

Konkle, John, laborer, h 952 Johnson

Konkolewski, Thomas, laborer, h 970 E Clinton

Koons, Frederick, laborer, bds 423 Pleasant

Koop, Charles C, shoemaker E Clinton cor Lake, h 963 East ave

Koop, Edward, tel messenger, 150 Baldwin, bds 654 Dickinson

Koop, Emma, bds 374 W Church

Koop, Fredericka, domestic, 414 William

Koop, Henry, emp Kertscher & Co, h 491 Crescent ave

Koop, Katie, dressmaker, bds 318 West Side ave

Koop, Lizzie, bds 491 Crescent ave

Koop, William H, laborer, bds 654 Dickinson

Koop, William J, laborer, h 654 Dickinson

Kopczynski, John, meat market, 671 Dickinson, h do

Kopf, John C, agt Fleischman & Co, h 458 Carroll

Kopf, Otto, painter, bds 458 Carroll

Korolowicz, Annie, emp silk mill, bds 609 Jay

Korolowicz, Anthony, emp rolling mill, h 609 Jay

Korolowicz, Frank, machinist, bds 609 Jay

Korolowicz, Mary G, dressmaker, bds 609 Jay

Kosko, Joseph, laborer, h 813 Canal

Kosloskie, John, laborer, h 1135 Magee

Kosloskie, Martin, emp rolling mill, h 1135 Magee

Kosmitski, John, laborer, h 909 Magee

Kosmitski, Julius, emp rolling mill, bds 707 Sullivan

Kosmitski, Margaret, domestic, 417 W Clinton

Kosmrek, Michael, laborer, h 152 W Center cor Magee

Kostecki, Floge, baker, bds 719 Dickinson

Kostecki, Frank, laborer, h 719 Dickinson

Kostecki, Mary, domestic, bds 719 Dickinson

Kostecki, Pauline, tobacco sorter, bds 719 Dickinson

Koumrovian, Joseph B, cook, rooms 105 College ave

Koush, George, merchant tailor, 155 W Clinton, h do

Kowaczek, Albert, laborer, h 654 Baldwin

Kowall, Joseph W, tailor, 102 E Water, h 316 S Broadway

Kowalski, August, laborer, h 961 Sullivan

Krackowizer, Emily, bds 118 W Second

Kraek, Julius, laborer, h 765 E Fifth

Kraft, William, merchant tailor, 324 E Water, h 210 Lormore

Krause, George, tailor, 760 John, h do

Krause, Margaret, widow Frank, boarding, 156 W Third

Krause, William E, fireman D L & W R R, h 111 Woodlawn ave

Kreger, Laura V Mrs, boarding, h 633 W Church

Krelie, Annie, domestic, 710 W Water

Krelie, John, tinner, h 701 Johnson

Krelie, Katie, domestic, 382 W Church

Kreot, Bertha, emp silk factory, bds 706 E Second

Kress, Grace Mrs, housekeeper, 309 1/2 W Clinton

Kress, Gradison A, shoemaker, 109 W Third, bds 399 1/2 W Clinton

Kress, Herman, sash and blind maker, bds 309 1/2 W Clinton

Kristof, Michael, cabinetmaker, h 1172 N Main

Krom, Lewis, painter, h 762 Jay

Kromer, Clinton M, barber, 362 E Washington ave, h 801 Railroad ave

Kromer, William, h 628 William

Krouse, Minnie, domestic, 726 Benjamin

Krowl, Charles E, plumber, bds 218 Orchard

Krowl, Clara L, student, bds 760 E Church

Krowl, Edgar E, plumber, h 219 Madison ave

Krowl, Frederick C, veterinarian, 418 E Market, h 853 E Church

Krowl, George W, plumber, 321 Carroll, h 760 E Church

Krowl, Jacob Abram, h 218 Orchard

Krowl, Jacob Abram Jr, plumber, h 218 Orchard

Krowski, Paul, emp bridge works, h 209 Home

Krtzmark, Andrew, laborer, h 707 Railroad ave

Kruckow, Charles, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co, h 854 East ave

Krug, Albert, violin teacher, 328 W First, h do

Kubinski, Michael, laborer, h 417 Standish

Kuhjard, Mary, cook, 132 E Water, bds do

Kuhn, Arthur, coachman, 118 College ave

Kuhn, Christian, bds 308 E Clinton

Kuhn, Gustave, steward Elmira City Club, h do

Kuhn, Lena, domestic, 351 Maple ave

Kuhn, Otto, coachman, 118 College ave, bds do

Kuivowier, Marion, laborer N C R R, h 1121 Magee

Kujath, William, laborer, h 607 E Third

Kumer, Sophia Mrs, h 215 E Seventh

Kurtz, A A, cabinetmaker, bds 158 West Side ave

Kurtz, Grace, dressmaker, bds 158 West Side ave

Kuster, Augustus, cigarmaker, bds 959 Sullivan

Kuster, Fred, foreman John Brand & Co, h 66 Penna ave

Kuster, John, grocer, 924 Sullivan, h do

Kurotovior, Mary, h 1125 Magee

Kyle, Andrew J, carpenter, h 526 Partridge


LaBar, Chester, brakeman D L & W R R, h 1021 Oak

LaBurt, Benjamin, (LaBurt Bros), h 805 1/2 E Water

LaBurt Brothers, (Benjamin and Hurlbut), barbers, 168 Lake

LaBurt, Hurlburt, (LaBurt Bros), h 805 1/2 E Water

Lacey, William, carpenter, h 608 Beecher

Lacey see Lacy

Lackawanna Hotel, Alfred Grover prop, 726 Benjamin

LaCreque, O William, engineer N C R R, h 604 Herrick

Laden, Michael, emp D L & W R round house, h 604 Herrick

LaDue, Edward W, deliveryman, h 714 E Clinton

LaDue, James F, cooper, h 505 Sullivan

LaFever, Eugene S, painter, h r 211 W Gray

LaFever, Fred E, clerk, 219 W Water, rooms r 211 W Gray

LaFever, Richard G, adv agt, bds r 211 W Gray

LaFever, Sophia, dressmaker, h 209 Madison ave

LaFever see LeFever

LaFrance, A Bert, cashier Rathbun House, bds 115 Catharine

LaFrance, Alice, widow Lemuel, h 115 Catharine

LaFrance, Asa W, (LaFrance Fire Engine Co), h 116 Caldwell ave

LaFrance, Coleman T, student, bds 116 Caldwell ave

LaFRANCE FIRE ENGINE CO THE, G M Diven pres, Eugene Diven vice-pres, Wm Falck treas and genl mgr, A B Diven secy, manufrs fire engines, aerial trucks and fire dept supplies, 100 E LFrance cor Erie

LaFRANCE, FREDERICK L, florist, 310 E Miller, h 316 do

LaFrance, Harriet A, widow Truckson S, h 212 Caldwell ave

LaFrance, Hattie E, widow Olin, dressmaker, h 1322 Pratt

LaFRANCE JEWELRY CO, W R Compton pres, H H Hulbert vice-pres, George McCann secy, T E LaFrance treas, 100 W Water

LaFrance, Mabel A, student, bds 115 Catharine
LaFrance, Roy S, jeweler, 100 W Water, bds 115 Catharine

LaFrance, Samantha, widow Peter A, h 209 W Hudson

LaFRANCE, T EVERETT, treas LaFrance Jewelry Co, 100 W Water, h 212 Caldwell ave

Logonegro, Joseph, shoemaker, h 403 Railroad ave

Logonegro, Julius, shoemaker, h 401 Railroad ave

LaHatte, Antoinette, housekeeper, 1105 Davis

Laidlaw, John, bds 217 W Hudson

Laing, Eugene L, foreman painting dept N C Ry shops, h 383 Penna ave

Laing, William H, emp N C Ry shops, h 626 Penna ave

Laiton, Leon, stenographer, bds 210 College ave

Lake, Adeline, widow John, h 1325 Lake

Lake, Judson N, supt, 211 Railroad ave, h 728 W Gray

Lake, Lumina, bds 728 W Gray

Lake, Martha, domestic, 317 Madison ave

Lake Street Presbyterian Church, 300 Lake cor E Church

Lake View Hotel, Mrs Ann Sullivan propr, 1412 Baldwin

Lake, Walton E, carpenter, bds 1325 Lake

Lalley, Philip, laborer, h 702 Benjamin

LaLonde, Philemene, widow George, bds 803 Magee

Lamb, Arthur F, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1325 Lackawanna ave

Lamb, John H, trainman Erie R R, h 357 W Clinton

Lambda Sigma Fraternity, 418 Realty bldg

Lambert, Belle Mrs, clerk, 326 E Water, bds 111 Main

Lambert, C Walter, bookkeeper, 91 Penna ave, bds 111 Main

Lambert, Clarence, clerk, 314 E Water, h at Elmira Heights

Lambert, Clarence H, deliveryman, bds 246 Crete ave

Lambert, George W, emp Kertscher & Co, h 325 Lake

Lamouree, Jade J, laborer, h 734 W First

L'Amoureax, Lucy L, widow Albert T, h 414 College ave

Lamoreaux, James, keeper N Y S Reformatory, bds do

Lamoreaux, Maude, bds 112 Catharine

Lamoreaux, Ross C, clerk, 109 Lake, h 966 Oak

Lamphear, Mervil W, foreman bridge works, h 707 Kinyon

Lamphier, Helen I, emp silk mill, bds 968 Magee

Lamphier, Mary, bds 968 Magee

Lamphier, Ambrose S, engineer, h 968 Magee

Lamphier, Frederick, elevator operator, Hotel Rathbun

Lamphier, Thomas, barber, bds 968 Magee

Lamphier, William, emp silk mill, bds 968 Magee

Lamson, David, emp Superior Knitting Mills Co, h 952 East ave

Lamson, Elbert V, machinist, bds 952 East ave

Lande, Abel, student, bds 315 Madison ave

Lande, Charlotte, nurse A O Hospital

Lande, Joseph S, clerk, 118 Lake, bds 315 Madison ave

LANDE, THEODORE, (Freudenheim, Levy & Lande), h 315 Madison ave

Landers, Garrett, tailor, 256 W Hudson, h do

Landers, Margaret Mrs, grocer, 256 W Hudson, h do

Landers, Cecilia E, widow Warren, h 465 Franklin

Landers, Eldaah H, bookkeeper, 126 Lake, h 164 Boardman

Landon, Ellery M, barber, h 205 Harmon

Landon, Elsie J, student, bds 465 Franklin

Landon, F Loomis, h 606 W Gray

Landon, Harriet E, bds 465 Franklin

Landon, Joseph I, clerk, 206 S Main, h 465 Franklin

Landon, Robert B, meat cutter, 123 Lake, h 306 Columbia

Landon, Samuel, laborer, h 212 Partridge

Landus, Hessie F, rooms 408 1/2 High

Landrus, Nellie, domestic, 417 Euclid ave

Landy, C A Mrs, (Landy & Fitzgerald), 108 Main, h 612 John

Landy, Catharine M, widow Peter, h 102 E Hudson

Landy, Charles A, (Hough & Landy), 103 Robinson bldg, h 612 John

Landy & Fitzgerald, (Mrs C A Landy and Mrs T B Fitzgerald), milliners, 108 Main

Lane, Catharine Mrs, h 302 E Washington ave

Lane, Clara A, widow George, h r 217 Franklin

Lane, Edward W, bartender Palace Hotel, bds do

Lane, Frances J, student, bds 640 W Water

LANE, J RALPH, manager electrical dept N Y & Penna Tel & Tel Co, 160 Exchange pl, h 217 Franklin

Lane, Melville H, teamster, h 521 Harper

Lane, Michael M, agt brewing co, h 703 E Second

Lane, Patrick, conductor D L & W R R, h 317 Hathaway

Lane, Thomas, motorman, bds 302 E Washington ave

Lane, Thomas H, carpenter, h 640 W Water

Lane, William H, butcher, bds 521 Harper

LANEY, FANNY E, (Elmira Crockery Store), 200 E Water, h 522 William

LANEY, SAMUEL H, mgr Elmira Crockery Store, 200 E Water, also wholesale crockery, glassware, wrapping paper, &c, William cor E Market, h 522 William, died since canvass

LANGDON, CHARLES J, pres J Landgon & Co (Incorporated), 110 Baldwin, h 303 Main

Langdon, Ida, bds 303 Main

LANGDON, J & CO (Incorporated), C J Langdon pres, J D F Slee vice-pres, W L Sampson treas, Jervis Langdon secy, coal miners and shippers, 110 Baldwin

LANGDON, JERVIS, secy J Langdon & Co, 110 Baldwin, h 303 Main

Langdon, Julia O, bds 303 Main

Langford, James, carpenter, 358 W Water, h do

Langford, Sarah, widow Prentice, bds 358 W Water

Langstine, Charles H, drayman, bds 518 W First

Langstine, Jacob C, drayman, 518 W First, h do

Langstine, Rose, emp J Richardson & Co, bds 518 W First

Lansdale, Herbert P, gen'l sec Y M C A, h 603 W Church

Lansing, Willys, brakeman, h 1323 Lackawanna ave

Lantz, John S, harnessmaker, h 309 Fulton

Lapowski, Frank, laborer, h 813 Canal

Lapowski, John, laborer, bds 813 Canal

Lapowski, Richard, laborer, bds 813 Canal

Lapowski, Thomas, laborer, bds 813 Canal

Lappe, Eloise, widow Charles G, h 525 William

Lappe, Rosa L, teacher school No 8, bds 525 William

Lappe, Wilhemina C, cashier Reynolds Bros, bds 525 William

LARIEW, JOHN R, spring bed and mattress manufr and feather renovating, 1026 Lake, h 1024 do

Larkin, Alice C, bds 319 William

Larkin, John E, treas Elmira Mechanics Society, h 319 William

Larkin, John W, clerk Franklin Hotel
Larkin, M Belle, bds 319 William

Larkin, Martin, polisher, bds American House

Larkin, Michael H, brakeman D L & W R R, h 209 Thurston

Larkin, Silas, slater, h 1263 Hoffman

Larkin, William, polisher, bds American House

Larkins, John, clerk Franklin House, bds do

Larrison, Alfred W, laborer, bds 511 Harper

Larrison, Francis H, fireman D L & W R R, h 521 Union pl

Larrison, Levi, emp D L & W R R, h 511 Harper

Larson, Johanna, widow Carlson, h 380 W First

Larson, John C, plumber, h 207 Chestnut

LaRue, Elmer J, teamster, h 753 Grove

Larkaris, Pedro J, clerk, 131 E Water, bds 111 W Market

Laskaris, Peter, confectioner, 131 E Water, h 111 W Market

Laskaris, Peter J, confectioner, h 111 W Market

Latier, Floyd P, bookkeeper Standard Oil Co, Elmira oil works, h 551 E Church

Lattanzi, Joseph, decorator, h 105 W Fifth

Latten, Effie, emp silk mill, bds 556 E Third

Latterell, Charles, laborer, h 312 High

Latterell, Charles Jr, laborer, bds 312 High

Latterell, Edward H, laborer, bds 312 High

Latterman, Catherine, seamstress, h 420 W Third
Latterman, Edith, tobacco stripper, bds 507 E Third

Latterman, George W, barber, bds 420 W Third
Latterman, Katharine, dressmaker, bds 420 W Third

Latterman, William, cigarmaker, bds 420 W Third

Lattimer, John, car inspector D L & W R R, h 425 Standish

Lattin, Carmi, farmer, h 703 W Water

Lattin, Charles, teamster, bds 810 Madison ave

LATTIN, CHARLES S, (Lattin & Mills), 310 and 311 Robinson bldg, h 703 W Water

LATTIN & MILLS, (C S Lattin and H H Mills), lawyers, 310 and 311 Robinson bldg

Lauer, Carrie M, domestic, 423 W Water

Lauterborn, A John, bds 268 W Hudson

LAW LIBRARY, Court House Annex

Lawes, George W, laborer, h 621 W Church

Lawes, Harry, helper, bds 375 W Water

Lawes, John L, emp Fitch, Aldrich & Bush, h 404 High

Lawes, Matilda, widow John, housekeeper, 308 Washington ave

Lawes, Rhoda, domestic, 120 W Hudson

Lowes see Laws

Lawler, Leo T, electrician, bds 600 W Clinton

Lawler, Mary A, bds 600 W Clinton

Lawler, Mary A, dressmaker, 117 E Water, bds 408 Dewitt ave

Lawler, Thomas H, com trav, h 600 W Clinton

Lawler, Anna T, dressmaker, bds 408 Dewitt ave

Lawler, Bartholomew, foreman Erie R R yard, h 408 Dewitt ave

Lawler, Thomas, lineman, bds 408 Dewitt ave

Lawler, John, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1018 Hall

Lawn, John, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1018 Hall

Lawrence, Charles, coachman, 367 W Church

Lawrence, Frederick M, conductor D L & W R R, h 704 Main

Lawrence, Georgia, teacher school No 1, bds 311 Washington

Lawrence, Harry C, candy maker, h 425 W Second

Lawrence, Huldah A, widow Wynkoop, h 321 Irvine pl

Lawrence, Leroy A, com trav, 314 Carroll, bds 425 W Second

Lawrence, Louise M, teacher, bds 425 W Second

Lawrence, Margaret, widow Lewis, h 311 Washington

Lawrence, Mary B, bds 311 Washington

Lawrence, Stella M, teacher school No 4, bds 321 Irvine pl

Lawrence, Thomas, confectioner, h 425 W Second

Lawrence, William, laborer, bds 170 Thurston

Lawrence, William H, barber, 630 Herrick, h 718 Southport

Laws, George, h 621 W Church

Laws, Harry, coachman, 300 W Church

Laws, John B, laborer, h 711 Benjamin

Laws, Louis H, foreman, h 615 Hart

Laws, Matilda, widow John L, bds 308 Washington

Laws, Robert, fireman D L & W R R, h 375 1/2 Thurston

Laws see Lawes
Lawson, Augusta, cook Strathmont, Hoffman

Laycox, Charles, messenger, bds 204 Brand

Layden, Patrick J, emp D L & W R R, h 965 Railroad ave

Layton, Roscoe F, machinist N C Ry shops, h 215 South ave

Lazarus, Abraham, h 506 Dewitt ave

Lazarus, Bertha, bds 506 Dewitt ave

Lazarus, Elijah, fireman E F D, bds 506 Dewitt ave

Lazarus, Jacob, cigarmaker, bds 506 Dewitt ave

Lazarus, Julius, cigar manuf, 158 Exchange pl, h 402 1/2 Sullivan

Lazarus, Moses, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 506 Dewitt ave

Lazarus, Samuel, emp Telegram, bds 506 Dewitt ave

Lazenby, William L, patrolman, h 507 Fitch

Leach, Anna, lady principal Elmira College, h do

Leach, Arthur R, carpenter, bds 214 College ave

Leach, Burt, laborer, bds Mansion House

Leach, Charles J, barber, bds 158 Exchange pl

LEACH, FREDERIC, City Engineer City Hall, civil engineer, 408 Robinson bldg, h 106 E Chemung pl

Leach, Lewis, laborer, h 816 Hatch

Leach, Mary Mrs, boarding, h 158 Exchange pl

Leach, Ray B, barber, 437 Railroad ave, bds 158 Exchange pl

Leader, John R, polisher, La France shops, h 206 Rathbun

Leahmann, John S, carpenter and builder, 730 Harper, h do

Leahy, Daniel, shoemaker, h 664 Magee

Leahy, John J, machinist, bds 664 Magee

Leahy, Mary C, machine opr, bds 664 Magee

Leahy, William, cook Rathbun House, bds do

Leahy, William B, concuctor W S R R, bds 302 West Side ave

Leakoski, Jacob, laborer, h 811 Canal

Leary, Allen, agt Singer Sewing Machine Co, bds 626 Lewis

Leary, Arthur, agt, saloon, 210 Penna ave, h 221 do

Leary, Catherine, teacher, bds 625 Lewis

Leary, Catherine F, emp candy factory, bds 703 Jay

Leary, Catherine H, widow Jeremiah, h 625 Lewis

Leary, Charles A, oil keeper D L & W R R, bds 221 Penna ave

Leary, Dennis, lineman, bds 377 Railroad ave

Leary, Dennis, fireman N C R R, bds 631 Penna ave

Leary, Florance, emp rolling mill, bds 156 W Third

Leary, John, cigarmaker, bds 703 Jay

Leary, John, driver, bds 303 Tuttle ave

Leary, Julia V, dressmaker, 140 W Water, bds 505 College ave

Leary, Julia A, domestic, 616 N Main

Leary, Kate, dressmaker, bds 103 Connelly ave

Leary, Katharine W, widow Dennis, saloon, 200 Fulton, h do
Leary, Kittie, candymaker, bds 703 Jay

Leary, Lizzie, domestic, 311 Madison ave

Leary, Loretto, candymaker, bds 703 Jay

Leary, Margaret, dressmaker, 505 College ave, h do

Leary, Mary, waitress, 303 Main

Leary, Mary E, widow Daniel, h 418 Walnut

Leary, Michael J, teamster, bds Hotel Klondike

Leary, Mattie, teacher school No 9, bds 631 Penna ave

Leary, Patrick, cigarmaker, h 703 Jay

Leary, Rebecca, weaver, bds 505 College ave

Leary, Theresa, domestic, 401 W Gray

Leary, Theresa, emp box factory, bds 703 Jay

Leary, Timothy O, galvanizer, h 319 Roe ave

LEASK, JOHN, (Leask and Brown), 115 E Water, h 205 Walnut

LEASK & BROWN, (J Leask & A G Brown), dry goods, cloaks and millnery, 115 E Water

Leasner, Charles, bds 727 Sullivan

LEATHER GLOVE CO, F B Northrop manager, manufacturers of gloves and mittens, 121 E Church

Leavitt, Alvin H, engineer, h 857 E Church

Leavitt, Charles, clerk, 152 Baldwin, h 212 Lormore

Leavitt, Fanny D, bds 351 Spaulding

Leavitt, Jeanette T, bds 615 Euclid ave

Leavitt, Lottie M, clerk, 132 W Water, bds 857 E Church

Leavitt, Louise B, bds 615 Euclid ave

Leavitt, Martha M, widow Milton T, bds 615 Euclid ave

Leavitt, Mary B, clerk, 321 E Water, bds 351 Spaulding

Leavitt, Robert M, clerk, 116 Baldwin, bds 351 Spaulding
LeChien, Leona, emp knitting mill, bds 1043 Walnut

Leddy, Mary M, dressmaker, bds 214 Fulton

Lee, Ada Mrs, domestic, 312 W Washington ave

Lee, Alice E, bds 623 Baldwin

Lee Brothers, (F H and L G), meat market, 123 Lake

Lee, Carrie E, nurse, bds 361 Baldwin

LEE, CHARLES M, (Elmira Sewer Pipe and Fire Brick Co), h 963 Davis

Lee, Eva, bds 623 Baldwin

Lee, Fred H, (Lee Brothers), h 501 William

Lee, Harry, laborer, h 623 Baldwin

Lee, Helen H, widow John, h 501 William

Lee, Ira H, grocer, 451 E Water, h 459 do

Lee, Loren G, (Lee Brothers), bds 501 William

Lee, Luvenia, widow Harry, bds 623 Baldwin

LEE, PATRICK J, groceries and provisions, 701 Railroad ave, h 206 W Fifth

Lee, Sam, laundry, 665 Lake

Lee, Samuel, butler, 703 Park pl

LEE, THOMAS F, clerk, 701 Railroad ave, bds 206 W Fifth

Lee, Wah, laundry, 155 Baldwin, h do

LEE, WILLIAM E, (Elmira Sewer Pipe and Fire Brick Co), h 963 Davis

Lee, William F, driver, 150 Main, h 550 E Clinton

Lee, Ambrose J, car inspector N C Ry, h 655 Robinson

LEESE, CARL L, cigar manufr, 655 Robinson, bds do

Leese, Henry O, flagman D L & W R R, h 1357 Lake

Leese, Johanna V, emp Howell's box factory, bds 655 Robinson

Leese, Josephine T, bds 655 Robinson

LeFevre, Emma C, physician, 558 E Church, h do

LeFevre, Sophia, seamstress, 209 Madison ave

LeFevre see LaFever

LEFFAK, SOEL, merchant tailor, 112 E Water, h do

Lefler, Catherine D, widow Larison, h 552 Thompson

Lefler, Jacob M, laborer, h 378 W Fifth

Lefler, Larison, carpenter and builder, h Smith

Lefler, William D, paperhanger, h 378 W Fifth

Lehigh Valley Freight and Passenger Depot, E Fifth cor Baldwin

Lehmann, Harry P, emp Elmira Illuminating Co, h 465 W Third

Lehmann, John L, builder, h 730 Harper

Leibenstein, Abraham, bds 107 Washington

Leibenstein, Harry L, machinist, h 113 Orchard

Leibenstein, Nancy, widow Lewis, h 107 Washington

Leiby, Ella Mrs, saloon, 315 Carroll, h do

Leighton, Sarah, teacher school No 8, rooms 511 E Church

Leishear, F Myron, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, bds 517 Logan

Leishear, Frank N, bricklayer, h 517 Logan

Leisnar, Edward, laborer, h 953 Sullivan

Leljedal, John, puddler, h 858 Magee

LeMunyan, Arthur M, stonecutter, h 609 Holdridge

LeMunyan, Edward F, clerk, 318 Carroll, h 213 Madison ave

LeMunyan, Henry J, motorman, bds 511 Partridge

LeMunyan, Louise, housekeeper, 1 Metzger bldg, 205 W Third

Lenan, Patrick J, barkeeper, 219 W Water, bds do

Lengle, John W, florist, h r 663 Lake

Lenhart, Frank, bicycle maker, h 309 W Clinton

Lennon, Catharine, widow Thomas, h 478 S Broadway

Lennon, Catharine F, bds 478 S Broadway

Lennon, Frank B, machinist N C Ry shops, bds 511 Penna ave

Lennon, James, h 511 Penna ave

Lennon, James T, emp bridge works, bds 478 S Broadway

Lennom, John D, machinist N C Ry, bds 511 Penna ave

Lennon, John F, clerk, bds 478 S Broadway

Lennon, Margaret A, emp box factory, bds 478 S Broadway

Lennon, Margaret M, bds 511 Penna ave

Lennon, William H, meat cutter, bds 478 S Broadway

Lennon, Winifred, emp Novelty Works, bds 478 S Broadway

Lenox, John T, bartender, h 518 Baldwin

Lentz, Edith, emp silk mill, bds 861 East ave

Lentz, Fred, laborer, h 861 East ave

Lentz, Herman, iron worker, h 722 Dickinson

Lentz, William, laborer, bds 861 East ave

Leonard, Charles F, laborer, h Holdridge pl

Leonard, Elmer, laborer, bds Holdridge pl

Leonard, Elihue C, rivet worker, h 605 Yale

Leonard, Frank S, teamster, bds Holdridge pl

Leonard, Frederick, brakeman D L & W R R, h 354 1/2 E Center

Leonard, Grace W, widow Orville R, h 325 Lake

Leonard, Ira E Rev, pastor South Presbyterian Church, h 1408 Caton ave

Leonard, Otis A, clerk, County Clerk's Office, rooms 555 E Church

Leonard, Willis B, com trav, h 513 W First

Leonard, William F, peddler, h 157 Grchard

Leonard, Wilmot B, blacksmith LaFrance shops, h 221 Brand

Leone, Sabato, laborer, h 831 Canal

Lepak, Peter, laborer, h 155 E Washington ave

Lepke, Frank, machinist, h 762 E Fifth

Lepkoski, Joseph, clerk, 167 Baldwin, h do

Lepkowski, Frank, emp rolling mill, bds 948 Johnson

Lepkowski, John, emp rolling mill, bds 948 Johnson

Lepkowski, Joseph, cigar maker, bds 948 Johnson

Lepkowski, Martin, laborer, h 948 Johnson

Lepr, Angelo, saloon, 417 Railroad ave, h do

Lesihik, John, laborer, h 167 E Washington ave
Lesley, George W, photographer, h 241 Certe ave

LeVALLEY, FRED, (LeValley, McLeod & Co), 165 Lake, h 412 W Second

LeVALLEY, McLEOD & CO, (Fred LeValley, A B McLeod & S J Hall), plumbers, gas & steamfitters & bicycle dealers, 165 Lake

Levegood, Jennie M, stenographer, Gleason Sanitarium, bds do

Levegood, Melva G, salesman, 508 State, h 2 Falck

Levenberg, Herman, glazier, h 111 1/2 Orchard

Levenstein, Esah, peddler, bds 909 John

Leverich, E Miller, clerk, 126 W Miller, h 1189 Maple ave

Levine, Barney Rev, Rabbi Orchard St Synagogue, h 117 Orchard

Levine, Barney, peddler, h 763 John

Levine, Bessie, bds 911 John

Levine, H & Co, (Harris & Jacob), junk dealers, 911 John

Levine, Harris, (H Levine & Co), h 911 John

Levine, Jacob, (H Levine & Co), h 911 John

Levine, Lena, bds 117 Orchard

Levine, Louis, peddler, bds 763 John

Levine, Louis V, vocalist, bds 117 Orchard

Levine, M Carl, bds 117 Orchard

Levine, Max, cigarmaker, bds 763 John

Levine, Solomon, peddler, h 858 John

Levinson, Anna, bds 659 E Water

LEVINSON, CHARLES I, coke dealer, 510 E Fifth, bds 659 E Water

Levinson, Jacob, grocer, 659 E Water, h do

Levinson, Morris, peddler, bds 208 High

Levinson, Rebecca, student, bds 659 E Water

LEVY, A & J, (Alex & John), cigar manufrs, 72 Penna ave

LEVY, ALEX, (A & J Levy), h 468 E Church

Levy, B G Mrs, dressmaker, 106 Main, h 214 Fulton

LEVY, BENJAMIN F, lawyer, 124 Lake, bds 759 E Second

Levy, Benjamin H, wrapper, 140 W Water, bds 124 Harriet

Levy, Harriet M, student, bds 759 E Second

Levy, Harry B, clerk, 152 Baldwin, bds 124 Harriet

Levy, Isaac, traveling salesman, h 124 Harriet

LEVY, JOHN, (A & J Levy), 72 Penna ave, h 106 do

LEVY, MARKS G, (Freudenheim, Levy & Lande), h at New York City

Levy, Rachel Mrs, h 765 John

Levy, Simon H, h 759 E Second

Levy, Susie, dressmaker, bds 124 Harriet

Lewis, Abraham B, clerk, 110 W Water, h 428 E Water

Lewis, Adelaide, domestic, 454 W Gray

Lewis, Albert M, emp Erie shop, h 1320 Hall

Lewis, Alfred, teamster, h 757 Harper

Lewis, Andrew C, drayman, h 237 Mt Zoar

Lewis, Arnold, clerk, 353 Davis, bds 402 W First

Lewis, Arthur A, emp lamp factory, bds 237 Mt Zoar

Lewis, Bert L, grocer, 603 W Fourth, h 518 Elizabeth

Lewis, California F, fruits confections, ice cream and lunch parlors, 155 Lake, h 411 Balsam

Lewis, Charles V, com trav, h 358 Euclid ave

Lewis, David E, carpenter, h 365 Norton

LEWIS, DAVID W, contractor & builder, 600 Maple ave, h do
Lewis, Edith M, bds 509 W Third

Lewis, Edna G, nurse, bds 613 Walnut

Lewis, Edward L, machinist, bds 515 Logan

Lewis, Edwin P, h 105 W Gray

Lewis, Ella F, stenographer Chase-Hibbard Milling Co, bds 517 W First

Lewis, Evan J, mason, bds 514 Elizabeth

Lewis, Frank A, gardener, h 624 Mt Zoar

Lewis, Fred, bds 417 Balsam

Lewis, Fred, teamster, bds 960 Sullivan

Lewis, H & Bro, (Jacob), clothiers, 208 E Water

Lewis, Harris, (H Lewis & Bro), 208 E Water, h 714 John

Lewis, Harry R, carpenter, bds 509 W Third

Lewis, Hattie E, housekeeper, 170 Bancroft

Lewis, Hiram, bds 228 Caldwell ave

Lewis, Hiram, moulder, bds 212 Harmon

Lewis, Horace, teamster, h 960 Sullivan

Lewis, Horace S, h 411 Balsam

Lewis, Horace S Jr, bds 411 Balsam

Lewis, Ida M, bds 1402 College ave

Lewis, Jacob, (H Lewis & Co), 208 E Water, h 814 John

Lewis, Jesse H, emp bridge works, h 420 Balsam

Lewis, John D, jeweler, 131 S Main, h 209 Chestnut

Lewis, John L, h 713 Walnut

Lewis, Kelsey B, city express, h 417 Balsam

Lewis, Lorenzo D, carpenter, h 509 W Third

Lewis, Lorenzo D Jr, carpenter, bds 509 W Third

Lewis, Margaret, widow Nelson, bds 509 Balsam

Lewis, Mary I, widow Obadiah, bds 404 1/2 Sullivan

LEWIS, MARY J MRS, dyer, 428 E Water, h do

Lewis, Max, peddler, bds 769 John

Lewis, May, bds 713 Walnut

Lewis, Minnie, h 157 Baldwin

Lewis, Minnie, bds 960 Sullivan

Lewis, Nelson, carpenter, bds 757 Harper

Lewis, Oliver A S, wagonmaker, bds 518 Davis

Lewis, Rachael, widow Joseph, h 769 John

Lewis, Ralph A, emp Eclipse bicycle factory, bds 411 Powell

Lewis, Ransom T, civil engineer, bds 119 Caldwell ave

Lewis, Ruth, bds 713 Walnut

Lewis, T Eugene, florist, 509 W Third, bds do

Lewis, Thomas, com trav, bds 369 Fulton

Lewis, Thomas, student, bds 713 Walnut

Lewis, Thomas C, carpenter, h 652 Lake

Lewis, Valentine A, salesman, h 404 Pine
Lewis, William, emp rolling mill, bds Franklin hotel

Lewis, William, carpenter, h 350 S Main

Layden, Kate E, clerk, 140 W Water, bds 807 Magee

Layden, Margaret F, stenographer, bds 807 Magee

Layden, Michael, patrolman, h 807 Magee

Leyden, Michael, emp D L & W R R, bds 1212 Baldwin

Leyden, Thomas J, reporter Advertiser, bds 807 Magee

Leydon, Patrick J, fireman D L & W R R, h 965 Railroad ave

Libolt, Abram M, cabinetmaker, h 855 E Market

Libolt, George H, ins agent, h 257 Partridge

Libolt, William S, cabinetmaker, h 207 Horner

Lichtman, Anna, clerk, 430 Penna ave, bds 113 High

Lichtman, Rebecca, bds 113 High

Lichtman, Samuel, peddler, h 113 High

Lichtman, Susie Mrs, variety store, 430 Penna ave, h 113 High

Liddy, Catharine, bds 214 Fulton

Liddy, Harry, brakeman D L & W R R, h 1008 Pratt

Liddy, Martin, bartender, 671 Baldwin, h 426 W Fourth

Liddy, Mary M, dressmaker, bds 214 Fulton

Liddy, Michael, inspector E & H railroad, h 422 Standish

Liddy, Michael, bartender, bds 214 Fulton

Liddy, Michael J, saloon, 671 Baldwin, h 214 Fulton

Liddy, Michael J Jr, bartender, 671 Baldwin, bds 214 Fulton

Lief, Alma, domestic, 636 W Gray

Ligouri, Mary Sister, teacher St Patrick's Parochial school, Park pl cor W First

LILLEY, CHARLES F, mgr Empire Spring Bed Works, 112 1/2 W First, h 217 do

Lilley, Cora L, stenographer Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Co, bds 210 College ave

Lilley, Ernest A, fireman N C R R, h 406 Baty

Lilley, Lucy E, student, bds 217 W First

Lillis, Elizabeth A, bds 851 Magee

Lillis, John, laborer, h 851 Magee

Lillis, Lizzie, waitress Hotel Langwell, bds do

Lillis, Mary, housekeeper, 420 W Clinton

Lilly, Charles S, emp N C R R shops, h 548 S Main

Lilly, Cora, stenographer, bds 208 College ave

Lilly, Frank D, brakeman N C R R, bds 548 S Main

Limner, Edward, barber, 167 Lake, h 264 W Hudson

Linberger, Augusta, maid, 257 Baldwin

Linberger, Frederick A, meat cutter, Main cor W Third, h 421 W Fourth

Lincoln, Ellen E, widow Robert, housekeeper, 716 Spaulding

Lincoln, Fred B, supt Tioga Div Erie R R, bds 611 College ave

Lincoln, Fred J, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, h 359 E Fourth

Lindsay, Edward C, engineer, h 400 E Water

Lindsay, Mame D, clerk, bds 375 W Water

Lindsey, Edward C, laborer, h 95 Penna ave

Lindsey, Elizabeth Mrs, h 663 Baldwin

Lindsey, William P, laborer, h 663 Baldwin

Lindsey, Robert A, carpenter, bds 219 Sullivan

Lingenfelter, Adonijah, saloon, 422 E Water, h do

Lingle, Joseph T, emp N C Ry shops, bds 468 Franklin

Linhart, Frank, emp Eclipse Bicycle Co, h 309 W Clinton

Link, Grace, forelady knitting mill, bds 617 Lake

Linker, Albert, ladies tailor, 104 E Water, h do

Linneen, Katherine, teacher school No 10, bds 439 W Fourth

Linneen, Margaret, bds 440 W Fourth

Linneen, Mary, teacher school No 5, bds 439 W Fourth

LINNEEN, MICHAEL F, mason contractor, h 439 W Fourth

Linneen, Patrick C, mason, h 439 W Fourth

Linneen, Peter P, clerk N C freight house, bds 439 W Fourth

Lipcot, Ludwig R, shoemaker, 75 Penna ave, h do

Lippincott, Charles, conductor D L & W R R, h 408 Main

Lipps, John C, brakeman, h 1325 Lackawanna ave

Lipski, Anthony, shoemaker, 127 S Main, h do

LITCH, BENJAMIN, (Litch & Campbell), 144 and 146 W Water, h do

LITCH & CAMPBELL, proprs Domestic Laundry, 146 W Water

Litchard, Martin K, picture frames, 161 Baldwin, h 359 Davis

Little, Anna C, widow Smith G, h 310 W Hudson

Little, Anna M, bds 310 W Hudson

Little, Carlton B, laborer, bds 267 W Hudson