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Community Genealogy & History

Explore Local History One Township at a TIme in Tioga & Bradford Counties  PA & Chemung County NY
Columbia Township & Sylvania Borough
in Bradford County,
Columbia Township Histories
Created in 1813 from Smithfield Pieces to and from Troy in 1843
Columbia Township History by H. C. Bradsby
Columbia Township History by D. C. Craft
Columbia Township History from Seven Counties Outline ..
Columbia Township History by C. F. Heverly
Aspinwall History
Columbia Township Articles
1884 Bradford Reporter Articles on Columbia
1893 - A Scandal at Sylvania
1970 Tom Byrne Article on Columbia Cross Roads
More Columbia Township Articles
West to Bradford County 1922 - Rev. Cameron Gets a New Car
1926 - Snedekerville  
Scrapbook Clippings
Sweet Scrapbook - Pages 146-149 of Clippings
Columbia Township Postcards & Photos
Snedekerville 1900 Postcard - Overview
1898 Train Station at Columbia Cross Roads
Sylvania Postcards & Photos
At the Castle
Post Offices
Old Hickory PO
Snedekerville PO
Austinville PO
Cross Roads PO
Sylvania PO
Villages Past & Present
Columbia Cross Roads
Columbia Flats
Yesterday's News From the Neighborhoods and Villages
Austinville 1903
Austinville 1911
Budd Corners 1911
Columbia Cross Roads 1885
Columbia Cross Roads 1903
Columbia Cross Roads 1911
Sylvania 1885
Sylvania 1903
Sylvania 1911
Sylvania 1912
Virtus 1903
Virtus 1911
Columbia Township Census Records
1800 Ulster, Luzerne County
1810 Smithfield, Lycoming County PA
1820 Census of Columbia Township
1830 Columbia Township Census
1840 Columbia Township Census
1850 Columbia Township Census
1860 Columbia Census (Al O)
1860 Sylvania Borough Census
1870 Columbia Township Census
1880 Columbia Township Census
1900 (Volunteer Needed)
1910 (Cheryl R.)
1920 Columbia (Volunteer Needed)
1920 Sylvania Census (CR)
1930 Columbia (Volunteer Needed)
1930 Sylvania Census
1850-1880 Columbia Township Mortality Schedules
1850-1880 Sylvania Borough Mortality Schedules
Columbia Township Directories
1900 Columbia Township Directory 1907 Columbia Township Directory
1900 Sylvania Borough Directory
Columbia Township Tax Records
1812 Taxables at County Formation 
(including part of present day Troy Township)
1814 Columbia Township Tax Assessment
1816-1835 Poor Children 1913 Columbia Township Financial Statement (TGR)
Columbia Township Cemetery Records
If You can Provide GOOD Driving Directions or GPS coordinates for any of our 700 cemeteries, please send to Joyce
Baptist Hill Cemetery Baptist Hill Cemetery Obituaries
Beaman Family Cemetery
located on a back road east of Soper Hollow - may be impassable
Besley Cemetery (1983)
located on Austinville Road west of Columbia Cross Roads Pa and west of Fries Cemetery. 
Also called Columbia Valley Cemetery
Besley Cemetery (2005)
Besley Cemetery Obituaries
Budd Family Cemetery
near Lodge Hill Road and Sopertown Road. Exact location unknown
Card Cemetery 1981
located on Porter Road near Sylvania
Card Cemetery 2001 with Annotation
Card Cemetery Obituaries
Gale Chamberlain Burial
Old Clark Burying Ground
located in Rutland Township Tioga Co Pa west of Columbia Township Bradford Co Pa
Cole Family Cemetery
Coryland Cemetery (V. 1)
located just north of Columbia Township at the Coryland Church in Wells Twp
Coryland Cemetery - Kelsey Jones
Coryland Cemetery (Version 2)
Coryland Cemetery Obituaries
Fries Cemetery
Just west of Columbia Cross Roads Pa on the Austinville Road on a rise in the field
Fries Cemetery Obituaries
Gladding Cemetery (Also Called Sylvan Hill)
located at Watkins Hill Road and Basket Street
Gladding Cemetery Obituaries
Haven Cemetery -
located on Lodge Hill Road
Hunt Cemetery  1970s
located at Porter Road and the dirt road to Columbia Cross Roads. Just into Troy Township
Hunt Cemetery 2001
McClelland Burials
Morgan Cemetery
located in Austinville
Parsons/Gernert Cemetery
located on Route 14 just north of Columbia Cross Roads Pa on a slope
Potter Family Cemetery
located near the old Snedekerville Post Office
Snedeckerville Cemetery
Northeast corner of Columbia Also called Comfort Cemetery
Soper Family Cemetery (destroyed)
was on Sopertown Road just east of Tioga Co Pa
Sylvania Cemetery 1985
located on the Old State Road (Bailey Hill Road) out of Sylvania - across a field
Sylvania Cemetery 2001
This listing both updates and corrects the 1985 listing
Sylvania Cemetery Obituaries
Taylor Family Cemetery
Wolf Settlement Cemetery
located just off Coryland Park Road near Wolf Hollow Road. On Voltus Hollow Road
Columbia Township Schools
1905 Benton School 1907 Sylvania Graded School Postcard
1909 & 1912 Taylor School 1909 Bailey Hill School
1923 Taylor School 1908-09 Sylvania School Students
1893 Sylvania Class List & Physical Training Agenda 1959 - End of the One Room School in Sylvania
1900 Sylvania School Sayings from the Notebook of Florence BURRITT Card
The NEW Sylvania School Built 1912 Sylvania School 1912 - 1913 1915
Sylvania School Teachers 1889 - 1921 & Attendance Records
1869 Columbia Township School Districts
1. Taylor District
2. Austinville District
3. Bradford District
4. Herrington District
5. Peckham District
6. Furman District (Cross Roads)
7. Bailey District
8. Joint District (Armenia Twp.)
8. Welles District
9. Gernert District
10. Havens District
11. Beaman District
12. Wolf Hollow District
13. Snedekerville
Joint District (at north - Corey in Wells)
Columbia Township Business Histories & Photos
Waldo & Soper Store E. H. Dewey Store
1907 Columbia Businesses Dr. Gustin
Snedekerville Saw Mill F. E. Sand of Sylvania 1889
1886 Incorporation of Austinville Creamery Vickery & Henry Purina Chow Farm Supply
C. Bernice Dann's Ice Cutting Machine
1869 Business Subscribers
Hotels in Columbia Township
Columbia Cross Roads Hotel
Sylvania Hotel
Columbia Township Organizations
Silver Link Rebekah Lodge # 374 - Dues Ledger Austinville I.O.O.F. Certificate 1913
Columbia Township Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
148 Year Old Church Burns Presbyterian Church of Wells & Columbia
Presbyterian Church of Sylvania 1937 Sylvania Presbyterian Church
Universalist Church - Sylvania Presbyterian Church at Columbia Cross Roads
The Gladding Choir 1892 Disciples Church Photo 1940 Mother';s Day Program Sylvania Presbyterian Church
1891-1991 Austinville Church Centennial
1883 - 1886 East Troy and Columbia M. E. Churches - Pastor's Memorial
Columbia Township Family Bible Records
Charles Havens Bible Brown-VanHorn Family of Austinville
Ruggles-Beardsley-Lay Bible McClure - Wright Bible
Joralemon - David Bibles Oldroyd-Beckwith Bible
Burritt - Strait Bible Ballard - Bowman Bible Pierce - Burgess Family Bible
Burritt - Shattuck Bible Ballard - Taylor Bible Kiff - Case Bible
Bullock - Sweet Bible Soper - Purvis Bible Lee - Williams Bible
Cory Family Bible  Merritt-Cummings Bible
Columbia Township Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos
The Kennedy Family
Burritt-Shattuck Family 1902
Columbia Township- Sylvania Marriages
John LILLEY /Nancy SMITH Family
Sally WEBBER & Colburn PRESTON
Rev. Joel Jewell Biography
Lois PRESTON & Clem SMEAD Jemima Collins - Nathaniel Seeley Descendants
kj -Baker to Goodrich
kj-  Hagerman to McClelland
kj - McClure to Taylor
kj - Watkins to Wright
Dillon-Braithwaite Descendants Shattuck Name Line 1622 - 1920
Columbia Township Resident Photo Album
Michael Wolfe 1768 - 1865 Lavinia Pettibone and Peter Monro
Ed Hagar in Sylvania 1946 - May Flood at Sylvania
Some Sylvania Women Sylvania'a Quints 1938 & 2001 More Sylvania People - Tintypes
Columbia Township Diaries & Letters 
1830 Sally MONRO Letter 1859-1860 Maryett Howland Diary
1859-1873 Jane E. Bradford Autograph Book 1850s/60s Nancy PETTIBONE (Davis) Letters
1865 Edwin Benedict 19th Century Letters from our Emigrants
1869 Vial Bullock Journal 1864 Joel A. Calkins Diary
1901 Burt Strange Diary Excerpts 1902 Burt Strange Diary Excerpts 1903 Burt Strange Diary Excerpts
1904 Burt Strange Diary Excerpts 1905 Burt Strange Diary Excerpts
Columbia Township Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
Barton Edsall 1830 Will
Obaidah Brown Pension Papers 1833
Obadiah Brown Will 1836
Henry Card Will 1876
Robert Potter 1854 Will George Wilson 1856 Will Jesse Edsall 1861 Will David Andrus - Letters of Admin., 1865
John Canedy Will 1875 Will of A. S. Parsons 1888 Andrew Kiff Papers 1899 David Andrus -Deed 1860
Columbia Township Military Records
Russell J. Parmenter - WW1
Columbia Township Sports 
Sylvania BaseBall Team - Turn of Century (DS)
Township Population Statisticss 
1887 Columbia Township = 1304