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Sunday School Class 1937 Sylvania Presbyterian Church
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Photos Submited by Don Stanton
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Interior View of Sylvania Presbyterian Church
Secondary Sunday School Class, Sylvania Presbyterian Church about 1937.
Third row: Jim Fields, Edmund Stanton, Glenn Havens, Marie Card
Second row: Dale Hoffman, Janice Hager, Harold Warner, Eldon Smith, Gerald Estep
First row: Clarence Burbank, Barbara Hoose, Betty Jean Stanton, Alice 
Smith, Bill Card (on end with flowers).
Joyce - Just thought it might be interesting to include that in this class Glenn Havens and Betty Jean Stanton married [each other] as did Gerald Estep and Janice Hager.  Glenn has passed away, but Gerald and Janice are still going strong!


Primary Sunday School Class, Sylvania Presbyterian Church about 1937.
L to R: John Cease, Annis Smith, Janice Hoffman, Lorraine Rolison, Joan 
Hoose, Jeanine Estep, Peggy Hoose, Bill Whitlock, Ann Hager, Harry Card, 
Donald Stanton and Pansy KRATZER Stanton, teacher.
The Gladding Choir 1892
Note from Don Stanton who sent in the photo: I have two lists of names and there is a discrepency in the 2nd row.  One gives the first woman from the left as Lydia Burritt and the other says it is Phoebe Ballard (and vice versa) They were sisters and Florence Burritt Card was their neice.  The one on the picture says Lydia is first and Florence was still alive at the time.
Disciples Church - Sylvania
Disciples Church in Sylvania
Photo submitted by Don Stanton
A much older photo of same church from same angle. Horse Sheds in rear
1940 Mother's Day Program - Sylvania Presybterian Church
Sylvania Presbyterian Church
May 12, 1940

Conductor’s Statement – Glen Havens
The Opening Song –The Rainbow Class
Scripture Reading – Eldon Smith
Prayer – Edmund Stanton
Offering – Billy Card and Vernon Rolison
Poem – Marie Card

FIRST STOP – Beginnersville
Peggy Hoose
Joan Hoose
Jacky Hoose
Doris Duart
Norma Root

SECOND STOP – Primarytown
Jeannine Estep
Janice Hoffman
Donnie Stanton
Barbara Duart
Doris Robbins
Lorraine Rolison
Annis Smith

NEXT STOP – Juniorville
A Song – Alice Lorraine Smith, Mary Lou Duart

Distribution of Flowers to Mothers – Betty Jean Stanton, Janet Taylor, Janice Hager, Barbara Hoose

NEXT STOP – Seniorburg
Duet – Mrs. Pansy Stanton, Millicent Packard
Poem – Mrs. Marion Sweet

TERMINAL STOP – Superintendentown
Now we’ll all stand up and sing together the final hymn before the brakes go on and we stop in Sylvania Town.

Church Organization and Membership by J. Kelsey Jones
The Presbyterian Church
Sylvania, Columbia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Church Organization and Membership

In pursuance of public notice on the Sabbath, a meeting was held at the house of Peleg Peck, in the Burrough [sic] of Sylvania, on the 18th day of March, 1858, "to take into consideration the propriety of organizing a Church of Jesus Christ. Opened with prayer. The Rev. Joel Jewell was chosen to act as Moderator of the meeting, and Peleg Peck, Esq., Clerk. After mature deliberation, it was thought to be advisable, by all present, that a church should be formed, to be called The Independent Church of Sylvania; and that Rev. Sidney Mills, of Lawrenceville, and Rev. Joel Jewell, of Wells, be invited to assist in affecting such an organization."

Adjourned, to meet at the Union Church on Thursday, March 25th at 2 o'clock P. M. At this meeting, Rev. Sidney Mills being detained by sickness, Rev. Joel Jewell was chosen Moderator & Dr. E. G. Tracey, Clerk. The Church was constituted, consisting of the following fifteen members, viz: Jonathan Peck, Fanny Peck, Wm. Peck, Lucy Peck, Charles J. Bradford, Elizabeth Bradford, John H. Kilgore, Lydia Kilgore, Lovinia Compton, James H. Nash, Frances Jane Nash, Philander Stevens, Harriet A. Kilgore, Abby M. Bradford, & Sarah Miller (The last was soon after excommunicated.)

Jonathan Peck & William Peck were elected deacons on the 27th of March, and ordained to their office April 11, 1858. The church continued independent of other religious bodies for 16 years. A Presbyterian form of Government was unanimously adopted at a church meeting, held September 11, 1874.

No Presbyterian or congregational ministers have labored statedly here, save Mr. Jewell.


Jewell, Rev. Joel. History of the Presbyterian Church of Wells, The North Church of Wells, the Presbyterian Church of Wells and Columbia, the Presbyterian Church of Columbia Crossroads, the Presbyterian Church of Sylvania. 1876. Manuscript in possession of Presbyterian Historical Society.

J. Kelsey Jones


This transcription submitted by and printed with permission of J. Kelsey Jones of Owego NY. First published on Tri-Counties site 28 NOV 1997

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