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Granville Township, Bradford County, PennsylvaniaGranville Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

Granville Township in

Bradford County, Pennsylvania


Granville Township Histories
Granville was named for a Massachusetts town which had been home to some of the early settlers. 
It was formed in 1831 from Burlington, Canton, Troy and Franklin
Granville Township History from Seven Counties Outline ...
Granville Township History by H. C. Bradsby
Granville Township History by D. C. Craft
Memories Along the North Branch:
History of Granville by Ruth Kinney 
Granville Township History by C. F. Heverly
1928 Playbill
Granville Township Articles
Poetry by Jerome B. Packard
1911 Granville Center News
Township Postcards & Photos
Granville Postcards
Oldest Frame House in Granville
Post Offices
Granville Summit PO
Granville Centre PO
Postmark Here
Villages Past & Present
Granville Township Census Records
1800 Wyalusing, Luzerne County Census
1820/1830/ - See Mother townships
1840 Granville Census
1850 Granville Township Census
1860 (Volunteer Needed)
1870 Granville Township Census
1880 Granville Township Census
1880 Granville Center Census
Granville Township Directories
1900 Granville Township Directory
Granville Township Tax Records
1806 Canton Taxables, Luzerne County 1812 Canton Taxables 1812 Burlington Taxables
Granville Township Cemetery Records
If You can Provide GOOD Driving Directions or GPS coordinates for any of our 700 cemeteries, please send to Joyce
Granville Center Cemetery (2000)
GPS North 41, 43, 128, West 76, 42, 512
Granville Center Cemetery New & Corrected 2002
GPS North 41, 43, 128, West 76, 42, 512
Granville Center Cemetery Obituaries
Windfall Cemetery Tombstone Reading Windfall Cemetery BurialRecords Windfall Cemetery Obituaries
Old Bailey farm, (Abraham Parkhurst) Vroman Hill Cemetery (See Burlington Page)
Township Schools
1907 Sayles School 1909 Windfall School
1908 Sayles School 1912 Sayles School
1908 Bunyan Hill School
1913 Windfall School 1914 Windfall School 1914 Grammar School
1915 Sayles School 1918 Center School 1919 Bailey's Corners School
1930 Granville School
1869 Granville School Districts
1. Barnes District 6.West Granville District
2. Granville Corners District 7. Spalding District
3. Granville Centre District 8. Bunyan District
4. Ross District 9. Lament District
5.Summit District 
Granville Township Business Histories & Photos
1907 Granville Businesses "Downtown" Windfall - Turn of Century
1932 First Bus to Granville School Granville Summit Creamery Company
Hotels in Granville Township
Hotel at Baileys Corners
Granville Township Organizations
Minutes of the Windfall W.C.T.U. 1898-1903 Granville Grange - Membership Photos
1940 Leon Evans Orchestra
Granville Township Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
B. A. Bower, early Granville Minister
Granville Township Family Bible Records
Bailey - Sayles Family Bible
Granville Township Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos
Elizabeth MORRIS - Oliver NELSON Family
Walborn - Case Family History
Granville Township Marriage Clippings
Township Resident Photo Album
Granville Township Diaries & Letters 
The Simpson - Parkhurst Letters 1854 Diary of Luman Putnam 
Granville Township Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
1860 Indenture Harry & Amanda Bailey & A. J. Drake
1862 Indenture John McKean & Andrew J. Drake
Will - Joseph Metteer of Granville (1851)
1884 - Will & Testament of Julius Bailey
1888 Will of John Coon
Granville Township Military Records
Caleb White, Revolution
Seth L. Norris - WW1
Allent Phinney GAR Certificate
Granville Township Sports 
A Baseball Team
Township Population Statisticss 
1887 Granville Township including Granville Center = 1302
1887 Granville Center village = 155